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Astros, Red Sox sign-stealing timeline: Everything we know about MLB scandals – CBS Sports11.25.20

In late 2019 and early 2020, revelations of sign-stealing in both Houston and Boston have cast genuine doubt upon two of the last three World Series outcomes and scandalized baseball. Along the way, outrage has bubbled over, and dozens of reputations -- some of them mostly sterling before any of this happened -- have been sullied forever.

The pilfering of a catcher's signs to his pitcher has been a part of baseball since time immemorial and is sanctioned so long as it's achieved by dint of the intelligence and savvy of uniformed personnel. What the Astros and Red Sox (and possibly other teams) did, though, was expressly against the rules because it leaned so heavily upon technology -- the use of replay monitors, specifically, and even decoding algorithms built by front office quants. For most observers, that pushes it beyond the pale.

To be sure, none of it is unprecedented. The 1951 Giants -- authors of the Shot Heard 'Round the World -- according to contemporaneous reporting used spies and buzzers to steal signs throughout that storied season. Bill Veeck's 1948 Indians, who won the World Series, intercepted signs from the opposing battery with a telescope positioned inside the scoreboard at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium. That's not an exhaustive listing of such pre-Astros-Red Sox behavior, but it's enough to make the point. So if you want to add nuance to the current discussion, there it is.

That current discussion, though, owns the moment in baseball, and it may not even be over yet. Think about what we know thanks to the official channels. We know some objective facts, and we know how MLB preferred to have those objective facts rendered. Most of what we know, however, comes from the reporting of writers like Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic and Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal. Without their work, we'd have carefully selected fragments of the story and not all these particulars and constituent moments that make up the timeline you're about to read.

This, as it stands so far, is the chronological story of the sign-stealing scandals of 2017-2019.

Jan. 16, 2014

MLB under then-commissioner Bud Selig announces expansion of the replay review system. Managers will now be able to challenge certain calls they believe to be incorrect. In order to determine whether a call merits a challenge, managers are allowed to speak with a video specialist stationed in the clubhouse who will have access to the same video available to MLB's replay command center in New York. An unintended consequence of this change is that the clubhouse replay room will come to serve as a locus for electronic sign-stealing thanks to camera views of the catcher.

September 2016

According to the reporting of Jared Diamond in the Wall Street Journal, Astros front office intern Derek Vigoa, who would later become director of team operations, delivers a PowerPoint presentation to GM Jeff Luhnow. In it, Vigoa lays out the basics on the sign-stealing system that will come to be known internally as "Codebreaker." The system was also referred to internally as the team's "dark arts."

The Astros used Codebreaker to decode signs during home and road games, according to Diamond, and the information was passed on to the dugout. As commissioner Rob Manfred would eventually detail in his 2020 report, the information was initially used by runners at second base. Eventually, though, the Astros started banging on garbage cans in order to relay signs even with the bases empty, which allowed for much more frequent use of the system. The revelations in Diamond's story countervail Manfred's later claims in his report that the scheme was "player-driven."

Early 2017

After spending parts of the prior three seasons with the Yankees, veteran Carlos Beltran signs a one-year deal with the Astros for his age-40 season. Early in his tenure, he reportedly tells the Astros that their approach to stealing signs is "behind the times."

May 24, 2017

Diamond reports that Astros Manager of Major League Advance Information Tom Koch-Weser sends an email to Luhnow, among others, that reads in part:

"I don't want to electronically correspond too much about 'the system' but Cora/Cintron/Beltran have been driving a culture initiated by Bregman/Vigoa last year and I think it's working," Koch-Weser wrote. "I have no proof that it has worked, but we get real good dope on pitchers tipping and being lazy. That information, if it's not already, will eventually yield major results in our favor once players get used to the implementation."

Cora is Alex Cora, then the Asros' bench coach and later to become manager of the Red Sox. Cintron is Alex Cintron, who was an Astros assistant coach at the time of the email and is now the team's hitting coach.

Koch-Weser will later tell MLB investigators that he was unaware of the scheme until September of 2017.

June 2017

What will come to be known as the Astros' "banging scheme" begins in earnest.

August 2017

An unnamed Astros exec sends an email to the team's scouting staff that in part reads:

"One thing in specific we are looking for is picking up signs coming out of the dugout. What we are looking for is how much we can see, how we would log things, if we need cameras/binoculars, etc. So go to game, see what you can (or can't) do and report back your findings."

ESPN's Jeff Passan will later report that the unnamed executive is special assistant Kevin Goldstein.

Aug. 18-20, 2017

During a series against the Yankees, a member of the Red Sox training staff is seen using an Apple Watch to aid in relaying decoded pitch signs to batters from the dugout. The Yankees file a complaint with the commissioner's office, and the Red Sox counter-complain that the Yankees used the YES Network broadcast to decipher catcher-pitcher signs.

Aug. 26, 2017

Koch-Weser in an email to other members of the Astros front office refers to Beltran as "the godfather" of the sign-stealing scheme.

Sept. 15, 2017

Manfred rules that the Red Sox violated MLB rules by "sending electronic communications from their video replay room to an athletic trainer in the dugout." Manfred further rules that his investigation found insufficient evidence that the Yankees stole signs via use of electronic equipment. He does, however, determine that the Yankees had improperly used the dugout telephone during a prior season. Manfred notes in his report that he "received absolute assurances from the Red Sox that there will be no future violations of this type."

He concludes:

"Taking all of these factors as well as past precedent into account, I have decided to fine the Red Sox an undisclosed amount which in turn will be donated by my office to hurricane relief efforts in Florida. Moreover, all 30 Clubs have been notified that future violations of this type will be subject to more serious sanctions, including the possible loss of draft picks."

Both the Red Sox and Yankees are fined, with the Red Sox being penalized the higher amount. Manfred communicates the Yankees' penalties in a letter that a judge will later order unsealed as part of a lawsuit brought against the league by daily fantasy players. The Yankees and MLB will appeal that order. In his ruling, Judge Jed Rakoff writes:

"Plaintiffs alleged that the 2017 Press Release falsely suggested that the investigation found that the Yankees had only engaged in a minor technical infraction, whereas, according to plaintiffs, the investigation had in fact found that the Yankees engaged in a more serious, sign-stealing scheme."

Following appeal of the order to unseal, Judge Rakoff suspends his ruling. In doing so, he writes:

"Ultimately, the court ruled that the Yankees Letter, with minor redactions to protect individual identities, should be unsealed. Although the MLB defendants had earlier argued that the letter was wholly in accord with the Commissioner's public statement, and now argued that release of the letter would harm the Yankees's reputation, these mutually inconsistent arguments, as well as other arguments offered by the MLB defendants in the Yankees, were unpersuasive. Indeed, one might be tempted to conclude there is no justification for keeping the letter sealed. Nevertheless, the Court stayed its order so that the Yankees and the MLB defendants could present to the Court of Appeals their contention that the letter should continue to be suppressed, in derogation of the public's right to know."

On the same day he announces his decision, Manfred distributes a memo to all 30 MLB teams reminding them that stealing opposing signs with the aid of technology is strictly and expressly against the rules. The memo specifically mentions that the use of replay rooms for purposes of sign-stealing is forbidden.

Diamond of the Wall Street Journal will later report that Luhnow and the rest of the front office failed to distribute this memo or communicate it to Astros players or field staff. According to Diamond's sources, because of this failure on the part of Astros upper management, Manfred comes to believe he would lose a grievance in the event that he disciplines any Houston players. Indeed, no active players will be punished or mentioned by name in Manfred's eventual ruling.

Oct. 21, 2017

The Astros defeat the Yankees in Game 7 of the ALCS and advance to the World Series to face the Dodgers.

Oct. 22, 2017

The Red Sox name Cora as their next manager.

Oct. 29, 2017

The Astros win Game 5 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park by a score of 13-12 over the Dodgers in 10 innings. After dominating the Astros at home in Game 1, Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw is battered for six runs in 4 2/3 innings, and for the first time since 2010 he departed a start with more walks than strikeouts. Kershaw throws 51 breaking balls on the night and doesn't record a single swing and miss. More than two years later, Kershaw will have the following exchange with Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated:

"If you don't change your signs up every few pitches with a guy on second base, it's on you," he said. "I just don't want to have multiple signs with a guy on first base, you know? That slows the game down. Slows the rhythm down.

"And I didn't do that in Houston. I used one sign. And I should have known. They were using multiple signs all the time."

"In 2017 the Astros were using multiple signs even without a runner at second?"

"Yes. I just didn't do it."

Nov. 1, 2017

The Astros defeat the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7 of the World Series and in doing so win the first championship in franchise history.

March 27, 2018

MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre sends a memo to top executives of every club that reiterates and emphasizes the ban on using replay or video rooms to decode signs.

May 2018

Astros assistant GM Brandon Taubman during a series at Yankee Stadium confronts a Yankees employee about use of a camera in center field. It's later reported that the Yankees had permission from MLB to install and use the camera.

September 2018

The Athletics complain to MLB about the Astros' use of electronics to steal signs.

October 2018

MLB begins monitoring replay rooms to ensure against improper use. During the postseason, the Indians and Red Sox raise concerns about an Astros employee with a camera near their dugouts. A subsequent MLB investigation determines that the employee was monitoring the field.

Prior to the ALCS between the Red Sox and Astros, Torre warns Astros manager A.J. Hinch, Luhnow, Cora, and Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski that any activities in violation of MLB rules need to stop before details are leaked to the media. ESPN's Karl Ravech will report this in late February of 2020.

Oct. 18, 2018

Robert Murray of The Athletic reports that the Brewers suspect the Dodgers of using video to steal signs during the NLCS. Murray writes:

"There is concern among some Brewers that the Dodgers are using video to pick up their signs, multiple sources tell The Athletic. One person inside the organization said that on videos of the games, a coach could be seen running from the hallway into the Dodgers' dugout whenever a runner reached second base, possibly a sign that L.A. was relaying a pitchers' sequences to the runner during those at-bats."

Oct. 28, 2018

The Red Sox beat the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 of the World Series and take the series four games to one.

June 30, 2019

Following a two-game sweep at the hands of the Yankees in London, in which the Yankees scored 29 runs in those two games, Red Sox manager Cora makes cryptic comments about Beltran, who at that time served as a special assistant for New York. "Their attention to detail is phenomenal. I was joking with somebody that the biggest free agent acquisition is Carlos Beltran," Cora says with a wink. "He I know how it works, you know; he's helping a lot. They're paying attention to details and we have to clean our details.

"I'm not saying, you know, devices and all that stuff. Just stuff that the game will dictate, and will scream at people. And he's right there. Throughout the evening I was looking, and I saw it."

Oct. 19, 2019

Jose Altuve of the Astros jumps on an Aroldis Chapman high-and-away slider and yanks it for a walk-off home run against the Yankees in Game 6 of the ALCS. The win sends Houston to the World Series. As Altuve nears home plate, he tells his teammates not to tear off his jersey in celebration. Subsequent events and related rumors will give rise to speculation that Altuve didn't want his shirt torn off because he was concealing a buzzer, which would be used to alert him when something other than a fastball was on the way. Altuve initially explained his actions by saying he was modest and that his wife was upset with him the last time his jersey was ripped off.

Nov. 12, 2019

Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic drop a bombshell report that alleges the Astros electronically stole signs throughout the 2017 season. Veteran Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers, who had been a member of the Astros at the time, served as the whistleblower source for the report. According to Fiers, the Astros had a center-field camera fixed on the catcher, someone decoded the signs in real time on a monitor in the hallway between the dugout and clubhouse, and banged a garbage can to relay incoming pitches to the hitter.

Former MLB pitcher Danny Farquhar also goes on record with The Athletic. Farquhar, who pitched for the White Sox in 2017, recalls he noticed a banging in the Astros dugout when his catcher called for a changeup. Video from the September 2017 game in question confirms Farquhar's recollections. Before that Sept. 22 game ends, a group of Astros players remove the monitor from the wall in the tunnel and hide it. For the playoffs, the Astros set up a portable monitor on a table.

In a statement in response to the report, the Astros announce the launch of "an investigation in cooperation with Major League Baseball," and add that "it would not be appropriate to comment further on this matter at this time."

MLB launches that investigation despite the fact that the A's more than a year prior had complained to the commissioner's office about the Astros' tactics.

Nov. 13, 2019

New Mets manager Beltran, who played for the 2017 Astros, denies knowledge of the electronic sign-stealing scandal.

Jan. 2, 2020

As revealed by the reporting of Diamond of the Wall Street Journal, Manfred sends a letter to Luhnow saying, "there is more than sufficient evidence to support a conclusion that you knew -- and overwhelming evidence that you should have known -- that the Astros maintained a sign-stealing program that violated MLB's rules."

Later this same month, Luhow will deny having knowledge of the scheme, even though he received multiple emails discussing it. He later claims he did not fully read the relevant emails. Even so, Manfred in his report will write that his "investigation revealed no evidence to suggest that Luhnow was aware of the banging scheme."

Manfred's Jan. 2 letter also says, "Most or all Astros players were active participants in the Banging Scheme by the conclusion of the 2017 World Series."

Jan. 7, 2020

Rosenthal and Drellich report that the Red Sox illegally stole signs during the 2018 season, when they eventually won the World Series in five games over the Dodgers. They write that "at least some [Red Sox] players visited the video replay room during games to learn the sign sequence opponents were using." The deciphered pitch was relayed to a baserunner, who then signaled the batter.

Reached for comment about the allegations, MLB announces that it will "commence an investigation into this matter."

Multiple sources also tell Rosenthal and Drellich that the Yankees had been using the replay room to decode signs since 2015 and the Red Sox since 2016. Sources also tell Rosenthal and Drellich that the Red Sox continued to use the replay room to decode signs despite the presence of MLB personnel as monitors, at least early in the 2019 season.

Jan. 13, 2020

Manfred rules on the Astros' sign-stealing and releases his findings. MLB's investigation confirms the reported details of the "banging scheme" and also finds that the Astros used the system to steal signs during the 2017 regular season and postseason and into the 2018 season.

Manfred levies five punishments against Houston:

Manager Hinch is suspended for the 2020 season. Hinch is shortly thereafter fired by the Astros. GM Luhnow suspended for the 2020 season. Luhnow is also fired by the Astros. Former assistant Astros GM Taubman is suspended one year for his behavior during the 2019 postseason. Taubman had been fired by the Astros the previous October. The Astros forfeit their first- and second- round draft picks the next two years. The Astros are fined $5 million, the maximum allowed under MLB's constitution.

The report notes that "Hinch attempted to signal his disapproval of the scheme by physically damaging the monitor on two occasions, necessitating its replacement" but otherwise took no steps to stop the sign-stealing. Manfred also criticizes the culture of the Astros' baseball operations department under Luhnow.

Cora, bench coach for the Astros in 2017 and then manager of the Red Sox, is cited by name in the report as one of the instigators of the scheme. Beltran, who was in his final season as a player in 2017, is also named as being central to the scheme.

Notably, Manfred does not name or discipline any Astros players. He explains this decision by pointing to three considerations: that MLB promised players immunity in exchange for their cooperation during the investigation; that Manfred released a memo in 2017 warning teams the general manager and manager would be held responsible for any such sign-stealing allegations; and that disciplining players was "impractical" because it would be difficult to assign proper blame. Manfred also determines that team owner Jim Crane was not aware of the sign-stealing and declines to force the Astros to vacate their 2017 World Series title.

Luhnow releases a statement in which he says he accepts responsibility for the rule-breaking but also declares, "I am not a cheater." Luhnow also writes in his statement that he "did not know rules were being broken" and that if he had known he "would have stopped it."

Jan. 14, 2020

Cora steps down as Red Sox manager as fallout from his role in the Astros scandal. He guided them to a franchise-record 108 wins and the World Series title in 2018.

Jan. 16, 2020

Beltran resigns as Mets manager less than three months after being named to the post and before he manages a single game.

Jan. 21, 2020

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approves a measure requesting that MLB award the 2017 and 2018 World Series titles to the Dodgers.

Jan. 22, 2020

Manfred appears on Fox Business and in response to the L.A. City Council vote dismisses the idea of forcing teams to vacate titles.

Luis Rojas is named manager of the Mets.

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Astros, Red Sox sign-stealing timeline: Everything we know about MLB scandals - CBS Sports

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Crunch Fitness in Las Cruces served with citation for violating public health order – Las Cruces Sun-News11.25.20

Leah Romero, Las Cruces Sun-News Published 3:21 p.m. MT Nov. 23, 2020 | Updated 5:21 p.m. MT Nov. 23, 2020

Crunch Fitness in Las Cruces on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020.(Photo: Nathan J Fish/Sun-News)

Updated at 5:20 p.m. Nov. 23 with comment from Crunch Fitness' district manager.

LAS CRUCES - Crunch Fitness was served with a notice Saturday of the states intent to fine them $5,000 for remaining open despite the COVID-19 public health order requiring gyms and other nonessential businesses to halt in-person services.

The health order went into effect Nov. 16 and describes gyms as a close-contact business, similar to salons, barbershops, spas and tattoo shops. The state requires these businesses to close to the public and reduce their staff by 100% through Nov. 30 to help halt the spread of the novel coronavirus in the state.

However, the gym, near El Paseo Road and Wyatt Drive, was still operating Monday, Nov. 23, with customers going about their exercising as usual. A sign on the door notified those entering that the occupancy limit is 75 people and masks are required.

Grocery Stores: Walmart, Albertsons, Texas Roadhouse in Las Cruces ordered closed

Customers inside were spaced out while using the machines and were wearing masks a few incorrectly wearing their masks below their noses.

A notice of citation was served on the gym Nov. 21 from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety detailing the states intention to fine the gym for failing to comply with the health order. The citation explained that the fine was for violations on Nov. 20, and that the fine could increase if additional violations by the gym were demonstrated.

The citation also notes that the gym has received a cease and desist and a notice of closure. Crunch Fitness has the option of contesting the proposed $5,000 fine.

Keith Smith, district manager, said they have submitted paperwork contesting the fine. He added that the gym was open last week on Monday, was told to close at about 2 p.m. Tuesday, closed Wednesday and Thursday, reopened Friday and has been open since then. Their location in Albuquerque is also remaining open.

Smith said he has no plans to close for the foreseeable futurebecause he said he believes gyms are essential businesses.He explained that their service is about wellbeing and getting through these uncertain times.

"We are anessential business because we're providing people with the opportunity to do their own physical and mental therapy with the equipment we have readily available at hand at all of our facilities," Smith said.

He also explained a$10 charge that went into effect Nov. 20is for a semi-supervised personal training agreement which allows members the opportunity to talk with trainers before performing exercises. Smith said the service is in place to protect members, staff and himself and is not an effort to price-gouge.

The gym's contest to the notice of citationwill likely be considered before a citation is officially served.

Leah Romero is a fellow with the New Mexico Local News Fund andcan be reached atlromero@lcsun-news.comor@rromero_leahon Twitter.

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Crunch Fitness in Las Cruces served with citation for violating public health order - Las Cruces Sun-News

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Upcoming Events On The Salem NH Patch Calendar – Patch.com11.25.20

Posting an event is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Here's how to do it:

You can share your event for free in your home Patch community, or if you really want to get your neighbors' attention, you can pay to feature your event. It only costs $1 per day per area. When an event is featured, it receives priority placement on the local calendar, the homepage, and it is included in the daily newsletter, weekly calendar email, and social media.

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Travis Barker got a new face tattoo, and it might look familiar – Alternative Press11.25.20

Travis Barker has had quite the year so far. Along with teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly for the no.1 album Tickets To My Downfall, he has also been working on blink-182s follow-up to NINE.

Now, it looks like the blink-182 drummer has taken a break from his busy recording schedule to add another tattoo to his ever-growing collection.

Obviously, Barker is no stranger to tattoos. The legendary musician is pretty much inked from head to toe and has been expanding his collection long before his blink-182 days. Lately, Barker has been getting plenty of new ink. Earlier this year, he shared some painful videos of getting both of his knees tattooed with a spiderweb and skull.

Now, it looks like Barker is adding another new tattoo to his collection this year. On Tuesday, he shared a video of him getting inked by the legendary tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Barker added the latest tattoo of a rose on the side of his face, just below a cross tattoo.

Although he has not shared what the true meaning of the rose tattoo is, the flower often symbolizes both love and passion. As well, the new tattoo may look familiar because he already has a few other rose tattoos inked on his body.

Back in 2015, he told Vice some of the meanings behind his other head tattoos.

Theres my Transplants gas mask at the back. Theres a script that says one life, one chance,' he said. Theres praying hands from [tattoo artist] Mr Cartoon I got done when I was 19. Theres a rose from Chouey. On the top theres the Virgin Mary.

Barkers latest tattoo arrives just 48 hours after his American Music Awards performance. He teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly to perform bloody valentine and my exs best friend, both off of Tickets To My Downfall.

Earlier this month, Barker also confirmed that he and MGK are back in the studio working on even more new music alongside Jxdn. Shortly after the news, Barkers nostalgic collaboration with KennyHoopla ESTELLA// was released.

Barker is also one of the narrators in MGK and Mod Suns co-directed musical Downfalls High. Over the weekend, the official teaser for the Tickets To My Downfall-inspired film starring TikTok star Chase Hudson and Euphorias Sydney Sweeney was shared. Although Machine Gun Kelly originally said the film is arriving in December, Downfalls High is officially set to premiere sometime in January 2021.

On top of all of this, blink-182 are also working on their follow-up to NINE. The EP was originally set to arrive this summer after the debut of Quarantine. However, those plans quickly changed.

Earlier this month, Mark Hoppus confirmed that the new EP is set to arrive in late 2020 or early 2021. As well, the trio has been working so hard on the release that they may have enough material to make it into a full-length album. Matt Skiba also hinted that blink-182s new batch of songs remind him of the Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket eras.

What are your reactions to Travis Barkers latest tattoo? Do you think it has a significant meaning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Travis Barker got a new face tattoo, and it might look familiar - Alternative Press

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Justin Thomas’ tattoo: What is it and what does it mean? – Golf News Net11.25.20

Justin Thomas has a tattoo on his left arm, and you probably saw it at the Masters or any of other PGA Tour events where JT is threatening the top of the leaderboard.

Thomas' tattoo is in honor of his family. The tattoo is of three Roman numerals for 1, the letter I, and then a capping line over top of the middle I to create a T, for Thomas.

As the 2017 PGA Championship winner explained on Instagram, Justin Thomas' tattoo pays homage to his family. Each I is for a member of his immediate family: his dad, his mom and himself.

PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players have grown increasingly comfortable in recent memory getting visible tattoos. Rickie Fowler has several tattoos, including honoring his grandfather and remembering his Olympic experience in 2016. Lexi Thompson also has a tattoo to remember her playing in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Matt Every has a tattoo of an Oasis song. European Ryder Cup captain Thomas Bjorn got a tattoo on his butt of the Ryder Cup winning score from his captaincy in 2018 in Paris.

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Justin Thomas' tattoo: What is it and what does it mean? - Golf News Net

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WWE News: The Undertaker Tells the Story of His First Tattoo, Tyler Breeze Shows Off His Rare Pokemon Card on UUDD, Stock Price Update – 411mania.com11.25.20

WWE released the latest episode of The Broken Skull Sessions on Sunday, where WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin talks to The Undertaker. In a new clip from the show released today, The Undertaker tells the story of his first tattoo. That clip is available below. You can also check out 411s recap of the Broken Skull Sessions interview RIGHT HERE.

UpUpDownDown has released a new video where Tyler Breeze showcases the super rare Pokemon card he pulled from an original pack on a charity stream that was hosted by Steve Aoki. That video is available below:

WWEs stock price opened up at $41.56 per share today. Since that time, its gone up slightly to $41.63, where its currently sitting as of writing this.

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WWE News: The Undertaker Tells the Story of His First Tattoo, Tyler Breeze Shows Off His Rare Pokemon Card on UUDD, Stock Price Update -

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Once Upon a Time There Were 15 Magical Tattoos – INKED11.25.20

For centuries, parents have helped their children fall asleep through telling fairy tales before bed. And many of these fairy tales are stories that we still know and love today. Originating throughout England, Denmark, Germany and other nations, these stories have stood the tests of time and many of them have been re-imagined into feature films (or at least animated shorts). Take a look at 15 tattoos inspired by 15 of the most popular fairy tales from around the world in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.

Date: 1812

Origin: Germany

Author(s): Brother's Grimm

Date: 1841

Origin: Norway

Authors: Peter Christen Asbjrnsen and Jrgen Moe

Tattoo by @tomstrom

Date: 17th Century

Origin: France

Author(s): Charles Perrault

Date: 1812

Origin: Germany

Author(s): Brother's Grimm

Date: 1807

Origin: England

Author(s): Benjamin Tabart, rewritten by Joseph Jacobs in 1890

Date: 1837

Origin: England

Author(s): Robert Southey

Date: 1812

Origin: Germany

Author(s): Brother's Grimm

Date: 1812

Origin: Germany

Author(s): Brother's Grimm

Tattoo by Kelly Doty

Date: 1890

Origin: England

Author(s): Joseph Jacobs

Date: 1843

Origin: Denmark

Author(s): Hans Christian Andersen

Date: 1697

Origin: Italy

Author(s): Giovanni Francesco Straparola

Date: 1875

Origin: United States

Author(s): St. Nicholas Magazine

Date: 1902

Origin: England

Author(s): W.W. Jacobs

Date, Origin and Author(s): Unknown

Date: 1936

Origin: Russia

Author(s): Sergei Prokofiev

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Once Upon a Time There Were 15 Magical Tattoos - INKED

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Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Any Tattoos – Showbiz Cheat Sheet11.25.20

Keeping the energy of her track with Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion is in Dont Stop mode. The rapper just dropped her official debut studio album Good News on Nov. 20, nearly capping off whats been a heck of a year for her.

She landed a movie soundtrack. Shes had two hit recordsone with Beyonc and the other with Cardi Bthat went to number one. Shes also launched a couple fashion collaborations, secured a Revlon contract, graced magazine covers, and endured being shot in her feet.

And still, there is much to learn about Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston native recently sat down for a Q&A session and dished on why shes avoided tattoos.

Tattoos are somewhat commonplace in musicin hip-hop and beyondwith some artists opting for small pieces to commemorate special people or moments and others choosing to go big. Beyonc and Jay-Z have matching IV tattoos, Rihanna has an Egyptian goddess on her chest, and others such as Post Malone, 21 Savage, and Jhene Aiko have a variety.

Megan Thee Stallion joined GQ to go undercover on the internet to answer random fan questions, and touched on the topic. One curious person wanted to know why she doesnt have any ink, and she gave a very candid response.

Ive always been scared to get a tattoo because my mom was always like, Dont you get a f*cking tattoo. Ima whoop your a*s. So its always been in the back of my head tattoos equal whooping, she replied.

Megan Thee Stallion often cites her late mother, Holly Thomas, as one of her biggest influences and inspirations as well as the other women in her family. As many fans know, Megans mom was a rapper too and as a kid, she used to watch her mom write rhymes.

When Thomas was still in the game, she managed herself as an artist and later transitioned to becoming Megans momager. The tattoo advice is probably one of many nuggets she dropped for her daughter.

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In addition to Megan Thee Stallion, there are a few other hip-hop artists who arent tatted, including Big Sean, T.I., Common, J. Cole, Ice-T, and Lil Baby.

Lil Baby went into detail about his choice to not get any tattoos during his interview with the New York Times earlier this year. For him, its about the image he wants to project.

Thats why I aint got no tattoos, because I always knew I was going to run my money up, and I was going to have to go sit in front of some people to do something with my money. And I didnt want them to look at me like a dope boy, he said.

I had to keep my appearance straight. I literally said, When I sit down in front of these white folks, I dont want to have no tattoos. In a way, its still that today. Because when Im sitting in these meetings, I dont have tattoos on my face. I know theyd have to think something if Ive got tattoos on my face.

Megan Thee Stallion didnt elaborate on whether shed ever consider getting one in the future, but for now, shes expressing herself through her music, fashion, and anime-inspired style.

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Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Why She Doesn't Have Any Tattoos - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Tattoo Kits Market Analysis By Application, Types, Region And Business Growth Drivers By 2026 – The Market Feed11.25.20

Global Tattoo Kits Market Insights, Forecast To 2026

The report presents an in-depth assessment of the Tattoo Kits including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies. The report also presents forecasts for Tattoo Kits investments from 2020 till 2026

This report also covers the impact of COVID-19 on the global market. The pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected every aspect of life globally, including the business sector. This has brought along several changes in market conditions

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This report segments the global Tattoo Kits market on the basis ofTypesare:



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Tattoo Gun

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For comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, the global Tattoo Kits market is analyzed across key geographies namely:United States, China, Europe, Japan, South-east Asia, India and others.Each of these regions is analyzed on basis of market findings across major countries in these regions for a macro-level understanding of the market.

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Tattoo Kits market recent innovations and major events.

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The report has 150 tables and figures browse the report description and TOC:

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-Key Market Features:The report evaluated key market features, including revenue, price, capacity, capacity utilization rate, gross, production, production rate, consumption, import/export, supply/demand, cost, market share, CAGR, and gross margin. In addition, the study offers a comprehensive study of the key market dynamics and their latest trends, along with pertinent market segments and sub-segments.

-Analytical Tools:The Global Tattoo Kits Market report includes the accurately studied and assessed data of the key industry players and their scope in the market by means of a number of analytical tools. The analytical tools such as Porters five forces analysis, SWOT analysis, feasibility study, and investment return analysis have been used to analyze the growth of the key players operating in the market.

The research includes historic data from 2015 to 2020 and forecasts until 2026 which makes the reports an invaluable resource for industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers, consultants, analysts, and other people looking for key industry data in readily accessible documents with clearly presented tables and graphs.

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Tattoo Kits Market Analysis By Application, Types, Region And Business Growth Drivers By 2026 - The Market Feed

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AIRSHOW NEWS: Air Tattoo 50th Anniversary Book set to fly off the shelves | Airshow Dates, News and Reviews for the UK & Europe – Flightline UK11.25.20

Air Tattoo 50 The Story of the Worlds Greatest Airshow

Over the past 50 years, millions of people from across the globe have marvelled at the incredible aviation spectacles that have seen the Royal International Air Tattoo grow to become the worlds greatest airshow.

For the first time ever, the complete history of the Air Tattoo, from its birth in 1971 to the present day, has been captured in a beautifully illustrated book written by renowned aviation journalist Ben Dunnell and features hundreds of dramatic photos, many taken by some of the worlds leading aircraft photographers.

Charting the growth of the Air Tattoo from its modest beginnings at North Weald airfield, the book describes how a small band of volunteers with a shared passion for aviation and encouraged by legendary aviators including Battle of Britain ace Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader and Concorde test pilot Brian Trubshaw went on to create one of the most loved and respected airshows in the world.

Split into decades, the book describes how special links forged in the 1970s with the Royal Air Force, NATO and the US Air Force (USAF) paid dividends and helped attract a mouth-watering array of international military aircraft to the airshows second home, RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire. The fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980s further cemented the Air Tattoos reputation as it enabled a number of special debuts by Eastern Bloc aircraft rarely, if ever, seen in the West.

By then, hundreds of volunteers were helping stage the event, a number which grew to around 1,500 following the switch to a new home at RAF Fairford in 1985. This move, combined with the enduring support of the RAF and USAF, helped open the door to a wealth of exciting aircraft including the stealthy B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk, F-14 Tomcat carrier-borne fighters, B-52 and B-1 bombers, V-22 Osprey tilt-rotors and the latest Typhoon, F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II combat fast jets among many others.

Air Tattoo 50 The Story of the Worlds Greatest Airshow

Author Ben Dunnell said: The Air Tattoo has always been the place to be and that goes right back to its earliest days. As a meeting-place for the worlds air arms, united in friendship, this show is unrivalled. Whats more, it has actively helped foster new alliances . . . as well as being a very exciting event, of course. In writing this book, that side of the Air Tattoos history has been as important as all the great personal memories.

Insightful, fascinating and at times humorous, Air Tattoo 50 The Story of the Worlds Greatest Airshow (RRP 30+p&p), is being published to mark the airshows 50th anniversary in 2021 and is available from As well as extensive coverage of the dazzling array of international aircraft that have taken part in the airshow, the book charts some of the challenges it has had to overcome, such as losing its home at RAF Greenham Common in 1983, the death of co-founder and creative driving force Paul Bowen in 2004, establishing a new parent charity, the RAF Charitable Trust in 2005, and the airshow cancellations in 2008 and 2020.

Air Tattoo founder member and former airshow director Tim Prince said: So many people from across the globe have been involved in the building of this remarkable gathering of international aviators and their aircraft into a highly respected and valued annual event. This wonderful book gives an insight into this impressive Royal International Air Tattoo family which, over some 50 years, has worked tirelessly to uphold its reputation as the best, whilst at times, with its motto of it can be done, overcoming some pretty daunting challenges.

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AIRSHOW NEWS: Air Tattoo 50th Anniversary Book set to fly off the shelves | Airshow Dates, News and Reviews for the UK & Europe - Flightline UK

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