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12th-century Song dynasty Chinese general

Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 January 28, 1142),[1] courtesy name Pengju (), was a Chinese military general who lived during the Southern Song dynasty, known for leading Southern Song forces in the wars in the 12th century between Southern Song and the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty in northern China. Because of his warlike-stance, he was put to death by the Southern Song government in 1142 under a concocted charge, after a negotiated peace was achieved with the Jurchens.[2] Yue Fei is depicted in the Wu Shuang Pu (, Table of Peerless Heroes) by Jin Guliang.

Yue Fei's ancestral home was in Xiaoti, Yonghe Village, Tangyin, Xiangzhou, Henan (in present-day Tangyin County, Anyang, Henan). He was granted the posthumous name Wumu () by Emperor Xiaozong in 1169, and later granted the noble title King of () posthumously by the Emperor Ningzong in 1211. Widely seen as a patriot and national folk hero in China, since his death Yue Fei has evolved into a paragon of loyalty in Chinese culture.

A biography of Yue Fei, the Eguo Jintuo Zubian (), was written 60 years after his death by his grandson, the poet and historian Yue Ke () (1183post 1240).[3][4][5] In 1346 it was incorporated into the History of Song, a 496-chapter record of historical events and biographies of noted Song dynasty individuals, compiled by Yuan dynasty prime minister Toqto'a and others.[6] Yue Fei's biography is found in the 365th chapter of the book and is numbered biography 124.[7] Some later historians including Deng Guangming (19071998) now doubt the veracity of many of Yue Ke's claims about his grandfather.[8]

According to the History of Song, Yue Fei was named "Fei", meaning to fly, because at the time he was born, "a large bird like a swan landed on the roof of his house".[9]

The Chronicle of Yue, Prince of E of Song (; ; Sng Yu Wng Ninp) was written by Qian Ruwen () in 1924.[10]

Several sources state that Yue was born into a poor tenant farmer's family in Tangyin County, Anyang prefecture, Henan province.[7][11][12][13] According to the Shuo Yue Quanzhuan, the immortal Chen Tuan, disguised as a wandering priest, warned Yue Fei's father, Yue He (), to put his wife and child inside a clay jar if the infant Yue Fei began to cry. A few days later, a young child squeezed Yue Fei's hand too hard and he began to cry. Soon, it began to rain and the Yellow River flooded, wiping out the village. Yue Fei's father held onto the clay jar as it was swept down the river, but eventually drowned. Although the much older Biography of Yue Fei also mentions the flood, it states Yue Huo survived. It reads,

After [the death of his teacher Zhou Tong], [Yue Fei] would offer sacrifices at his tomb. His father praised him for his faithfulness and asked him, "When you are employed to cope with the affairs of the time, will you then not have to sacrifice yourself for the empire and die for your duty?" (")[6][7]

Yue Fei's father used his family's plot of land for humanitarian efforts, but after it was destroyed in the flood, the young Yue Fei was forced to help his father toil in the fields to survive. Yue received most of his primary education from his father. In 1122 Yue joined the army, but had to return home later that year after the death of his father.[6] In ancient China, a person was required by law to temporarily resign from their job when their parents died so they could observe the customary period of mourning.[14] For instance, Yue would have had to mourn his father's death for three years, but in all actually only 27 months. During this time, he would wear coarse mourning robes, caps, and slippers, while abstaining from silken garments.[15] When his mother died in 1136, he retired from a decisive battle against the Jin dynasty for the mourning period, but he was forced to cut the bereavement short because his generals begged him to come back.[6]

Shuo Yue Quanzhuan gives a very detailed fictional account of Yue's early life. The novel states after being swept from Henan to Hubei, Yue and his mother are saved by the country squire Wang Ming () and are permitted to stay in Wang's manor as domestic helpers. The young Yue Fei later becomes the adopted son and student of the Wang family's teacher, Zhou Tong, a famous master of military skills. (Zhou Tong is not to be confused with the similarly named "Little Tyrant" in Water Margin.) Zhou teaches Yue and his three sworn brothers Wang Gui (), Tang Huai () and Zhang Xian () literary lessons on odd days and military lessons, involving archery and the eighteen weapons of war, on even days.[citation needed]

After years of practice, Zhou Tong enters his students into the Tangyin County military examination, in which Yue Fei wins first place by shooting a succession of nine arrows through the bullseye of a target 240 paces away. After this display of archery, Yue is asked to marry the daughter of Li Chun (), an old friend of Zhou and the county magistrate who presided over the military examination. However, Zhou soon dies of an illness and Yue lives by his grave through the winter until the second month of the new year when his sworn brothers come and tear it down, forcing him to return home and take care of his mother.[citation needed]

Yue eventually marries and later participates in the imperial military examination in the Song capital of Kaifeng. There, he defeats all competitors and even turns down an offer from Cai Gui (), the Prince of Liang, to be richly rewarded if he forfeits his chance for the military degree. This angers the prince and both agree to fight a private duel in which Yue kills the prince and is forced to flee the city for fear of being executed. Shortly thereafter, he joins the Song army to fight the invading armies of the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty.[11]

The Yue Fei Biography states,

When [Yue] was born, a Peng flew crowing over the house, so his father named the child Fei [( "flight")]. Before [Yue] was even a month old, the Yellow River flooded, so his mother got inside of the center of a clay jar and held on to baby Yue. The violent waves pushed the jar down river, where they landed ashore ... Despite his family's poverty, [Yue Fei] was studious, and particularly favored the Zuo Zhuan edition of the Spring and Autumn Annals and the strategies of Sun Tzu and Wu Qi. (-- )[7]

According to a book by martial arts master Liang Shouyu, "[A] Dapeng is a great bird that lived in ancient China. Legend has it, that Dapeng Jinchi Mingwang was the guardian that stayed above the head of Gautama Buddha. Dapeng could get rid of all evil in any area. Even the Monkey King was no match for it. During the Song dynasty the government was corrupt and foreigners were constantly invading China. Sakyamuni sent Dapeng down to earth to protect China. Dapeng descended to Earth and was born as Yue Fei."[16]

The Biography of Yue Fei states, "Yue Fei possessed supernatural power and before his adulthood, he was able to draw a bow of 300 catties (400 pounds (180kg)) and a crossbow of eight stone (960 catties, 1,280 pounds (580kg)). Yue Fei learned archery from Zhou Tong. He learned everything and could shoot with his left and right hands."[7][17][10][16][18] Shuo Yue Quanzhuan states Zhou teaches Yue and his sworn brothers archery and all of the eighteen weapons of war. This novel also says Yue was Zhou's third student after Lin Chong and Lu Junyi of the 108 outlaws in Water Margin. The E Wang Shi records, "When Yue Fei reached adulthood, his maternal grandfather, Yao Daweng (), hired a spear expert, Chen Guang, to teach Yue Fei spear fighting."[19][20]

Both the Biography of Yue Fei and E Wang Shi mention Yue learning from Zhou and Chen at or before his adulthood. The Chinese character representing "adulthood" in these sources is ji guan (Chinese: ; pinyin: j gun; lit. 'conferring headdress'), an ancient Chinese term that means "20 years old" where a young man was able to wear a formal headdress as a social status of adulthood.[21][22] So he gained all of his martial arts knowledge by the time he joined the army at the age of 19.[7][18]

These chronicles do not mention Yue's masters teaching him martial arts style; just archery, spearplay and military tactics. However non-historical or scholarly sources state, in addition to those already mentioned, Zhou Tong taught Yue other skills such as hand-to-hand combat and horseback riding. Yet again, these do not mention any specific martial arts style. One legend says Zhou took young Yue to an unspecified place to meet a Buddhist hermit who taught him the Emei Dapeng qigong () style. This is supposedly the source of his legendary strength and martial arts abilities.[12][16] According to thirteenth generation lineage Tai He ("Great Harmony") Wudangquan master Fan Keping (), Zhou Tong was a master of various "hard qigong" exercises.[23][24]

According to historical records and legend, Yue had the four Chinese characters jin zhong bao guo (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: jn zhng bo gu; lit. 'serve the country with the utmost loyalty') tattooed across his back. The Biography of Yue Fei says after Qin Hui sent agents to arrest Yue and his son, he was taken before the court and charged with treason, but

Yue ripped his jacket to reveal the four tattooed characters of "serve the country with the utmost loyalty" on his back. This proved that he was clearly innocent of the charges.[7]

Later fictionalizations of Yue's biography would build upon the tattoo. For instance, one of his earliest Ming era novels titled The Story of King Yue Who Restored the Song dynasty () states that after the Jurchen armies invaded China, young heroes in Yue's village suggest that they join the bandits in the mountains. However, Yue objects and has one of them tattoo the aforementioned characters on his back. Whenever others want to join the bandits, he flashes them the tattoo to change their minds.[25]

The common legend of Yue receiving the tattoo from his mother first appeared in Shuo Yue Quanzhuan. In chapter 21 titled "By a pretext Wang Zuo swore brotherhood, by tattoos Lady Yue instructed her son", Yue denounces the pirate chief Yang Yao () and passes on a chance to become a general in his army. Yue Fei's mother then tells her son, "I, your mother, saw that you did not accept recruitment of the rebellious traitor, and that you willingly endure poverty and are not tempted by wealth and status ... But I fear that after my death, there may be some unworthy creature who will entice you ... For these reason ... I want to tattoo on your back the four characters 'Utmost', 'Loyalty', 'Serve' and 'Nation' ... The Lady picked up the brush and wrote out on his spine the four characters for 'serving the nation with the utmost loyalty' ... [So] she bit her teeth, and started pricking. Having finished, she painted the characters with ink mixed with vinegar so that the colour would never fade."[11]

The Kaifeng Jews, one of many pockets of Chinese Jews living in ancient China, refer to this tattoo in two of their three stele monuments created in 1489, 1512, and 1663. The first mention appeared in a section of the 1489 stele referring to the Jews' "Boundless loyalty to the country and Prince".[26] The second appeared in a section of the 1512 stele about how Jewish soldiers and officers in the Chinese armies were "boundlessly loyal to the country".[27]

Southern Song era artist Liu Songnian () (11741224), who was best known for his realistic works, painted a picture, "Four Generals of Zhongxing" ().[28] The group portrait shows eight people four generals and four attendants. Starting from the left: attendant, Yue Fei, attendant, Zhang Jun (), Han Shizhong (), attendant, Liu Guangshi (), and attendant.[29]

According to history professor He Zongli of Zhejiang University, the painting shows Yue was more of a scholarly-looking general with a shorter stature and chubbier build than the statue of him currently displayed in his tomb in Hangzhou, which portrays him as being tall and skinny. Shen Lixin, an official with the Yue Fei Temple Administration, holds the portrait of Yue Fei from the "Four Generals of Zhongxing" to be the most accurate likeness of the general in existence.[30]

In his From Myth to Myth: The Case of Yeh Fei's Biography, noted Sinologist Hellmut Wilhelm[31] concluded that Yue Fei purposely patterned his life after famous Chinese heroes from dynasties past and that this ultimately led to his martyrdom.[6] Apart from studying literature under his father Yue He (), Yue Fei loved to read military classics. He favored the Zuo Zhuan commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals and the strategies of Sun Tzu and Wu Qi. Although his literacy afforded him the chance to become a scholar, which was a position held in much higher regard than the common soldiery during the Song dynasty, Yue chose the military path because there had never been any tradition of civil service in his family. Therefore he had no reason to study Confucian classics in order to surpass the accomplishments of his ancestors or to raise his family's social status to the next level. His fourth generation ancestor, Yue Huan (), had served as a lingshi () (essentially a low-level functionary),[32] but he was never a full-fledged member of the civil service rank.[33] A second theory is that he joined the military in the hopes of emulating his favorite heroes.[6]

Scholars were always welcome in Yue Fei's camp. He allowed them to come and tell stories and deeds of past heroes to bolster the resolve of his men. This way he was able to teach them about the warriors that he had constructed his own life after. He also hoped that one of these scholars would record his own deeds so he would become a peer amongst his idols. He is recorded in saying that he wished to be considered the equal of Guan Yu and other such famous men from the Three Kingdoms period. Yue succeeded in this endeavor since later "official mythology" placed him on the same level as Guan Yu.[6]

Yue was careful to conduct himself as the ideal Confucian gentleman at all times for fear that any misconduct would be recorded and criticized by people of later dynasties. However he had his faults. He had a problem with alcohol during the early part of his military career. Yue drank in great excess because he believed it fitted the image of heroes of old. However once he nearly killed a colleague in a drunken rage, the emperor made him promise not to drink any more until the Jurchen invaders had been driven away.[6]

According to Shuo Yue Quanzhuan, Yue had five sons and one daughter. The History of Song records that Yue Yun (; 11191142) was adopted by Yue Fei at the age of 12[34] whilst others claim he was his biological son;[20] Yue Lei (), the second, succeeded to his father's post; Yue Ting () was the third; Yue Lin () was the fourth; and Yue Zhen (), the fifth, was still young at the time of his father's death. Yue Yinping was Yue Fei's daughter. The novel states she committed suicide after her father's death and became a fairy in heaven. However, history books do not mention her name and therefore she should be considered a fictional character.[20] Yue Fei married the daughter of Magistrate Li in 1119 when he was 16 years old.[11] However, the account of his marriage is fictional.[20]

The Biography of Yue Fei states that Yue left his ailing mother with his first wife while he went to fight the Jin armies. However she "left him (and his mother) and remarried".[6] He later took a second wife and even discussed "affairs" pertaining to his military career with her. He truly loved her, but his affection for her was second to his desire to rid China of the Jurchen invaders. Her faithfulness to him and his mother was strengthened by the fear that any infidelity or lacking in her care of Lady Yue would result in reprisal.[6]

Yue forbade his sons from having concubines, although he almost took one himself. Even though she was presented by a friend, he did not accept her because she laughed when he asked her if she could "share the hardships of camp life" with him.[6] He knew she was liberal and would have sex with the other soldiers.[6]

Though not mentioned in the memoir written by Yue Fei's grandson, some scholarly sources claim Yue had a younger brother named Yue Fan (). He later served in the army under his brother and died in battle in 1132.[20]

The son of an impoverished farmer from northern China, Yue Fei joined the Song military in 1122. Yue briefly left the army when his father died in 1123, but returned in 1126. After reenlisting, he fought to suppress rebellions by local Chinese warlords responsible for looting in northern China. Local uprisings had diverted needed resources away from the Song's war against the Jin. Yue participated in defending Kaifeng during the second siege of the city by the Jin in 1127. After Kaifeng fell, he joined an army in Jiankang tasked with defending the Yangtze. This army prevented the Jurchens from advancing to the river in 1129. His rising reputation as a military leader attracted the attention of the Song court. In 1133, he was made the general of the largest army near the Central Yangtze. Between 1134 and 1135, he led a counteroffensive against Qi, a puppet state supported by the Jin, and secured territories that had been conquered by the Jurchens. He continued to advance in rank, and to increase the size of his army as he repeatedly led successful offensives into northern China. Several other generals were also successful against the Jin dynasty, and their combined efforts secured the survival of the Song dynasty. Yue, like most of them, was committed to recapturing northern China.[citation needed]

Stone Lake: The Poetry of Fan Chengda 11261193 states, "...Yue Fei ([1103]-1141)...repelled the enemy assaults in 1133 and 1134, until in 1135 the now confident Song army was in a position to recover all of north China from the Jin dynasty ... [In 1140,] Yue Fei initiated a general counterattack against the Jin armies, defeating one enemy after another until he set up camp within range of the Northern Song dynasty's old capital city, Kaifeng, in preparation for the final assault against the enemy. Yet in the same year Qin [Hui] ordered Yue Fei to abandon his campaign, and in 1141 Yue Fei was summoned back to the Southern Song capital. It is believed that the emperor then ordered Yue Fei to be hanged."[41]

Yue Ke () states his grandfather had six special methods for deploying an army effectively:

In 1126, several years before Yue became a general, the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty invaded northern China, forcing the Song dynasty out of its capital Kaifeng and capturing Emperor Qinzong of Song, who was sent into captivity in Huining Prefecture. This marked the end of the Northern Song dynasty, and the beginning of the Southern Song dynasty under Emperor Gaozong.

Yue fought a long campaign against the invading Jurchen in an effort to retake northern China. Just as he was threatening to attack and retake Kaifeng, officials advised Emperor Gaozong to recall Yue to the capital and sue for peace with the Jurchen. Fearing that a defeat at Kaifeng might cause the Jurchen to release Emperor Qinzong, threatening his claim to the throne, Emperor Gaozong followed their advice, sending 12 orders in the form of 12 gold plaques to Yue Fei, recalling him back to the capital. Knowing that a success at Kaifeng could lead to internal strife, Yue submitted to the emperor's orders and returned to the capital, where he was imprisoned and where Qin Hui would eventually arrange for him to be executed on false charges.[11]

There are conflicting views on how Yue died. According to The History of China: (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) and other sources, Yue died in prison.[12][42] The Chronicle of Yue, Prince of E of Song says he was killed in prison.[7] Shuo Yue Quanzhuan states he was strangled to death. It reads, "...[Yue Fei] strode in long steps to the Pavilion of Winds and Waves ... The warders on both sides picked up the ropes and strangled the three men [Yue Fei, Yue Yun, and Zhang Xian (), Yue's subordinate] without further ado ... At the time Lord Yue was 39 years of age and the young lord Yue Yun 23. When the three men returned to Heaven, suddenly a fierce wind rose up wildly and all the fires and lights were extinguished. Black mists filled the sky and sand and pebbles were blown about."[11]

The Secrets of Eagle Claw Kung Fu: Ying Jow Pai comments, "Finally, [Yue Fei] received the 'Twelfth Golden Edict' [from the emperor calling him back to the capital], which if ignored meant banishment. Patriotism demanded that he obey. On his way back to the capital he stopped to rest at a pavilion. Qin Hui anticipated Yue Fei's route and sent some men to lie in wait. When Yue Fei arrived, Qin's men ambushed and murdered him. Just 39 years old, Yue Fei like many good men in history, had a swift, brilliant career, then died brutally while still young."[43]

According to A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, "[Father and son] had not been two months in confinement when Qin Hui resolved to rid himself of his enemy. He wrote out with his own hand an order for the execution of Yue Fei, which was forthwith carried into effect; whereupon he immediate reported that Yue Fei had died in prison",[13] which meant that Qin Hui had Yue and his son executed but reported they both died in captivity.

Other sources say he was poisoned to death.[44][45] Still, a great number simply say he was executed, murdered, or "treacherously assassinated".[46][47][48]

After Yue's execution, a prison officer, Wei Shun (), who admired Yue's character, stole his body and secretly buried it at the Nine Song Cong Temple () located outside the Song capital.[49]

Shuo Yue Quanzhuan states after having Yue Fei, Yue Yun, Zhang Xian arrested under false charges, Qin Hui and his wife, Lady Wang (), were sitting by the "eastern window", warming themselves by the fire, when he received a letter from the people calling for the release of Yue Fei. Qin was worried because after nearly two months of torture, he could not get Yue to admit to treason and would eventually have to let him go. However, after a servant girl brought fresh oranges into the room, Lady Wang devised a plan to execute Yue. She told Qin to slip an execution notice inside the skin of an orange and send it to the judge presiding over Yue's case. This way, Yue and his companions would be put to death before the emperor or Qin himself would have to rescind an open order of execution.[11] This conspiracy became known as the "East Window Plot".[50] A novel about this incident, titled Dong Chuang Ji (; "Tale of the Eastern Window"), was written during the Ming dynasty by an anonymous writer.[51]

When confronted by Han Shizhong on what crime Yue had committed, Qin Hui replied, "Though it isn't sure whether there is something that he did to betray the dynasty, maybe there is." The phrase "perhaps there is", "no reason needed", "groundless", or "baseless" (Chinese: ; pinyin: m x yu) has entered Chinese language as a proverb to refer to fabricated charges,[52] which also means 'trumped-up charge', 'setup', 'frameup', or 'concocted charge', in English language. There is a poem hanging on the gate surrounding the statues that reads, "The green hill is fortunate to be the burial ground of a loyal general, the white iron was innocent to be cast into the statues of traitors."[53]

Decades later, his grandson, Yue Ke (), had retrieved documentary evidence of his grandfather's achievements, and published an adulatory biography of him. In 1162 Emperor Xiaozong of Song posthumously pardoned and rehabilitated his honours. For their part in Yue's death, iron statues of Qin Hui, Lady Wang, and two of Qin's subordinates, Moqi Xie () and Zhang Jun (), were made to kneel before Yue Fei's tomb (located by the West Lake, Hangzhou). For centuries, these statues have been cursed, spat and urinated upon by people. The original castings in bronze were damaged, but later were replaced by images cast in iron, but these were similarly damaged. However now, in modern times, these statues are protected as historical relics.[54] Emperor Xiaozong's court gave proper burial to his remains after Wei Shun's family revealed its location;[49] Wei Shun was then posthumously honored at Yue Fei's hometown at Tangyin County, and a statue of him was made standing at its Yue Fei Temple. A [tomb] was put up in his memory, and he was designated Wumu (; "Martial and Stern"). In 1179 he was canonized as Zhongwu (; "Loyal and Martial").[13][55]

According to the novel Xi You Bu, a satire of Journey to the West, written in 1641 by the scholar Dong Ruoyu (also known as Dong Yue, 16201686), the Monkey King enthusiastically serves in hell as the trial prosecutor of Qin Hui, while Yue Fei becomes the Monkey King's third master (by teaching the latter Confucian methods). At one point, the Monkey King asks the spirit of Yue Fei if he would like to drink Qin's blood, but he politely declined.[51]

Map of the West Lake with the location of the Temple of Yue Fei

The two styles most associated with Yue are Eagle Claw and Xingyi boxing. One book states Yue created Eagle Claw for his enlisted soldiers and Xingyi for his officers.[56] Legend has it that Yue studied in the Shaolin Monastery with a monk named Zhou Tong and learned the "elephant" style of boxing, a set of hand techniques with great emphasis on qinna (joint-locking).[43][57][58] Other tales say he learned this style elsewhere outside the temple under the same master.[12] Yue eventually expanded elephant style to create the Yibai Lingba Qinna (; "108 Locking Hand Techniques") of the Ying Sao (Eagle Hands) or Ying Kuen (Eagle Fist).[43] After becoming a general in the imperial army, Yue taught this style to his men and they were very successful in battle against the armies of the Jin dynasty.[12] Following his wrongful execution and the disbandment of his armies, Yue's men supposedly traveled all over China spreading the style, which eventually ended right back in Shaolin where it began. Later, a monk named Li Quan () combined this style with Fanziquan, another style attributed to Yue, to create the modern day form of Northern Ying Jow Pai boxing.[43][59]

According to legend, Yue combined his knowledge of internal martial arts and spearplay learned from Zhou Tong (in Shaolin) to create the linear fist attacks of Xingyi boxing.[12][60] One book claims he studied and synthesized Buddhism's Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing qigong systems to create Xingyi.[61] On the contrary, proponents of Wudangquan believe it is possible that Yue learned the style in the Wudang Mountains that border his home province of Henan. The reasons they cite for this conclusion are that he supposedly lived around the same time and place as Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of t'ai chi; Xingyi's five fist attacks, which are based on the Five Chinese Elements theory, are similar to tai-chi's "Yin-yang theory"; and both theories are Taoist-based and not Buddhist.[62] The book Henan Orthodox Xingyi Quan, written by Pei Xirong () and Li Ying'ang (), states Xingyi master Dai Longbang

... wrote the 'Preface to Six Harmonies Boxing' in the 15th reign year of the Qianlong Emperor [1750]. Inside it says, '... when [Yue Fei] was a child, he received special instructions from Zhou Tong. He became extremely skilled in the spear method. He used the spear to create methods for the fist. He established a method called Yi Quan []. Mysterious and unfathomable, followers of old did not have these skills. Throughout the Jin, Yuan and Ming dynasties few had his art. Only Ji Gong had it. (""")[63][64]

The Ji Gong mentioned above, better known as Ji Jike () or Ji Longfeng (), is said to have trained in Shaolin Monastery for ten years as a young man and was matchless with the spear.[60] As the story goes, he later traveled to Xongju Cave on Mount Zhongnan to receive a boxing manual written by Yue Fei, from which he learned Xingyi. However, some believe Ji actually created the style himself and attributed it to Yue Fei because he was fighting the Manchus, descendants of the Jurchens who Yue had struggled against.[65] Ji supposedly created it after watching a battle between an eagle and a bear during the Ming dynasty.[66] Other sources say he created it while training in Shaolin. He was reading a book and looked up to see two roosters fighting, which inspired him to imitate the fighting styles of animals.[60][67][68] Both versions of the story (eagle / bear and roosters) state he continued to study the actions of animals and eventually increased the cadre of animal forms.[60]

Several other martial arts have been attributed to Yue Fei, including Yuejiaquan (Yue Family Boxing), Fanziquan (Tumbling Boxing), and Chujio quan (Feet-Poking Boxing), among others.[69][70][71] The "Fanzi Boxing Ballad" says: "Wumu has passed down the Fanziquan which has mystery in its straightforward movements." Wumu () was a posthumous name given to Yue after his death.[13] One Chuojiao legend states Zhou Tong learned the style from its creator, a wandering Taoist named Deng Liang (), and later passed it onto Yue Fei, who is considered to be the progenitor of the style.[69][72]

Besides martial arts, Yue is also said to have studied traditional Chinese medicine. He understood the essence of Hua Tuo's Wu Qin Xi (; "Five Animal Frolics") and created his own form of "medical qigong" known as the Ba Duan Jin (; "Eight Pieces of Brocade"). It is considered a form of Waidan (; "External Elixir") medical qigong.[73]He taught this qigong to his soldiers to help keep their bodies strong and well-prepared for battle.[74][75] One legend states that Zhou Tong took young Yue to meet a Buddhist hermit who taught him Emei Dapeng Qigong (). His training in Dapeng Qigong was the source of his great strength and martial arts abilities. Modern practitioners of this style say it was passed down by Yue.[16]

According to Shuo Yue Quanzhuan, Lin Chong and Lu Junyi of the 108 outlaws in Water Margin were former students of Yue's teacher Zhou Tong.[76] One legend states Zhou learned Chujio boxing from its originator Deng Liang () and then passed it onto Yue Fei, who is sometimes considered the progenitor of the style.[69] Chuojiao is also known as the "Water Margin Outlaw style" and Yuanyang Tui (; "Mandarin Duck Leg").[77] In chapter 29 of Water Margin, titled "Wu Song beats Jiang the Door God in a drunken stupor", it mentions Wu Song, another of Zhou's fictional students, using the "Jade Circle-Steps with Duck and Drake feet".[78] A famous folklore Praying Mantis manuscript, which describes the fictional gathering of eighteen martial arts masters in Shaolin, lists Lin Chong (#13) as a master of "Mandarin ducks kicking technique".[69] This creates a folklore connection between Yue and Mantis boxing.

Lineage Mantis master Yuen Man Kai openly claims Zhou Tong taught Lin Chong and Lu Junyi the "same school" of martial arts that was later combined with the aforementioned seventeen other schools to create Mantis fist.[79] However, he believes Mantis fist was created during the Ming dynasty, and was therefore influenced by these eighteen schools from the Song dynasty. He also says Lu Junyi taught Yan Qing the same martial arts as he learned from Zhou Tong.[80] Yuen further comments that Zhou Tong later taught Yue Fei the same martial art and that Yue was the originator of the mantis move "Black Tiger Stealing [sic] Heart".[80]

At the age of 30, Yue supposedly wrote his most celebrated poem, "Man Jiang Hong" ("Entirely Red River") with a subtitle of "Xie Huai" ("Writing about What I Thought"). This poem reflects the raw hatred he felt towards the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty, as well as the sorrow he felt when his efforts to recoup northern lands lost to Jin were halted by Southern Song officials of the "Peace Faction". However, several modern historians, including the late Princeton University Prof. James T. C. Liu, believe certain phrasing in the poem dates its creation to the early 16th century, meaning Yue did not write it.[81]

Yue Fei is also the author of at least two other poems, "Xiao Chong Shan" ("Small Hills") and another "Man Jiang Hong" with a subtitle of "Deng Huang He Lou You Gan" ("My Feelings When I Was Climbing the Yellow Crane Pavilion").

Among Yue Fei's descendants was Yue Shenglong () and his son the Qing dynasty official Yue Zhongqi,[82] who served as Minister of Defence and Governor-General of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor. Yue Zhongqi conquered Tibet for the Qing during the DzungarQing War and attacked the Dzungars at rmqi in Xinjiang.[83][84] The Oirats were battled against by Yue Zhongqi.[85] Yue Zhongqi lived at the Ji Xiaolan Residence.

Another notable descendant of Yue Fei was Yue Yiqin, a flying ace of the Republic of China during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

In 2011, two Yue descendants, Yue Jun and Yue Haijun, with six members of their clan, protested Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum's Qin Hui statue, which indicates that even after centuries, the Yue family still hates Qin Hui and his conspirators for their ancestors' plights. It is also reportedly that the Yue family members were not allowed to marry anyone whose surname was also Qin until 1949, and hardly anyone break this rule prior to it being nulled.[87] By 2017, it is reported that Yue Fei's descendants are 1.81million people in China, and only Yue Fei's descendants in Anhui Province have grown to more than 1.003million.[88]

Yue Fei's stature in Chinese history rose to that of a national folk hero after his execution. Qin Hui, and in some cases Emperor Gaozong, were blamed by later historians for their supposed role in Yue Fei's execution and conciliatory stance with the Jin dynasty. The allegations that Qin Hui conspired with the Jin to execute Yue Fei are popular in Chinese literature, but have never been proven. The real Yue Fei differed from the later myths that grew from his exploits. The portrayal of Yue as a scholar-general is only partially true. He was a skilled general, and may have been partially literate in Classical Chinese, but he was not an erudite Confucian scholar. Contrary to traditional legends, Yue was not the sole Chinese general engaged in the offensive against the Jurchens. He was one of many generals that fought against the Jin in northern China, and unlike Yue Fei, some of his peers were genuine members of the scholarly elite. Many of the exaggerations of Yue Fei's life can be traced to a biography written by his grandson, Yue Ke. Yue Fei's status as a folk hero strengthened in the Yuan dynasty and had a large impact on Chinese culture. Temples and shrines devoted to Yue Fei were constructed in the Ming dynasty. A Chinese World War II anthem alludes to lyrics said to have been written by Yue Fei.

He also sometimes appears as a door god in partnership with the deity Wen Taibao.[citation needed]

At certain points in time, Yue Fei ceased to be a national hero, such as in 2002, when the official guidelines for history teachers said that he could no longer carry the title. This was because Yue Fei had defended China from the Jurchen people, who are presently considered to be a part of the Chinese nation. Therefore, concern for the "unity of nationalities" in China prevailed, as Yue Fei was seen as representing only one subgroup within China, and not the "entire Chinese nation as presently defined".[95] However, both the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Minister of Defence deny such claims and still clearly address Yue Fei as a national hero of China.[96][97] The Chinese Communist Party also continues to treat Yue Fei as a national hero of China.[98]

The ROCS Yueh Fei (FFG-1106), a Cheng Kung-class guided-missile frigate of the Republic of China Navy, is named after Yue.

The author Guy Gavriel Kay cites Yue Fei as having inspired the character Ren Daiyan in his novel River of Stars (ISBN978-0-670-06840-1), which is set in a fantasy world based on Song Dynasty China.

Yue Fei is one of the 32 historical figures who appear as special characters in the video game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI by Koei.[citation needed]

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Yue Fei - Wikipedia

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Laser Tattoo Removal Services | LaserAway10.08.21


You'll start your tattoo removal experience by coming in for a free consultation with one of our specialists. There, they will assess your tattoo's location, depth, density and color to predict approximately how many treatments are expected for your tattoo to fade or be removed.


At the beginning of your appointment, your clinician will apply an anesthetic cream to the area of your tattoo. You'll also be given protective eye gear and a cooling device. Once the anesthetic cream starts doing its thing, your clinician will get to work, using the laser to deliver pulses to the tattoo's pigment. Is it painful? It can be a bit uncomfortable but most people find it totally tolerableit's often described as a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin. The amount of laser pulses depends on the tattoo's size, but most treatment sessions only last a few minutes.

Once your treatment is over, youll need to begin the after-care process right away. Click ahead for what you'll need to do before and after your treatment.

What To Do Before Your Appointment What To Do After Your Appointment

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Laser Tattoo Removal Services | LaserAway

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Strictly Come Dancing’s John Whaite getting tattoo tribute to the show – Digital Spy10.08.21

Strictly Come Dancing's John Whaite is still riding high on his weekend performance with Johannes Radebe so much so, he's getting a tattoo.

John, who brought joy to the dancefloor with his Cha Cha on Saturday night (October 2), confirmed his sweet tribute to the competition while chatting to Janette Manrara on It Takes Two.

Reflecting on his and Johannes' dance to 'Starstruck' by Years & Years, John admitted that he had "the best night".

Recalling a joke he made after the performance about getting a tattoo, he added: "Even though we did our little gag, I am definitely going to get one of those planets tattooed on me, because that night I felt like I'd been born. Honestly!"

Related: Strictly Come Dancing announces first celebrity elimination

John went on to reveal that the Cha Cha had given him renewed self-confidence. "All my life I've had that voice saying, 'Don't be too flamboyant, don't be too camp'," he said.

"And then we went and we were camp and we were flamboyant. So I have to get a tattoo."

Next up for John and Johannes is a Paso Doble to Pirates of the Caribbean track 'He's a Pirate', which is perhaps less likely to inspire a new inking.

Meanwhile, in other Strictly news, Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden have confirmed their return to training after previously testing positive for COVID-19.

Related: Strictly Come Dancing reveals song choices and dances for Movies Week

After isolating for 10 days, the McFly star and his professional partner are now back in the studio ahead of Saturday night's show.

The pair will make their dancefloor comeback as part of the series' Movies Week, where they'll perform the Jive to ''Johnny B Goode' from Back to the Future. How fitting.

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 continues on Saturday (October 9) on BBC One.

Strictly Come Dancing: Shirley and Craig's Perfect 10 [DVD]

Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Fit: Dance Fit [DVD]


Dance with Oti by Oti Mabuse, with illustrations by Samara Hardy


Request a Cameo video message from one of Strictly's stars

Behind the Sequins: My Life by Shirley Ballas

Quite by Claudia Winkleman

Dances and Dreams on Diamond Street by Craig Revel Horwood


Strictly Come Dancing: The Board Game


Official Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2021

Strictly Come Dancing: Anton's Truly Madly Strictly [DVD] [2019]

In Strictest Confidence by Craig Revel Horwood


Darcey Bussell: Evolved


Moonlight Over Mayfair by Anton Du Beke

Strictly Come Dancing - Bruno's Bellissimo Blackpool [DVD] [2018]

Strictly Ola: My Story by Ola Jordan

My Story by Bruno Tonioli

Dancing Out of Darkness: My Story by Kristina Rihanoff


Pasha - My Story by Pasha Kovalev


Better Late Than Never: From Barrow Boy to Ballroom by Len Goodman


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The tattoo artist helping breast cancer survivors to reclaim their sexuality and process their trauma – Independent.ie10.08.21

Ive had a lot of clients compare this place to a spa, Aisling Mahon says of her Newbridge tattoo parlour, and theyre definitely not wrong. With its muted pastel tones, array of houseplants and ornate mirrors, Mahon has created a welcoming, calming and private environment thats a far cry from a typical tattoo shop.

ahon originally did an apprenticeship in one of those traditional tattoo parlours in north Dublin. She greatly enjoyed the experience, but knew that if she ever went out on her own, as was always her dream, things would be different. It was your typical studio: male-orientated, cluttered art works on the wall, and it could be a little intimidating. It wasnt what I wanted to do with my space, she says.

A serene atmosphere is important to Mahon for a number of reasons. A growing number of her clients have never had a tattoo done before; some think of themselves as people who wouldnt ordinarily get tattoos. Mahon specialises in working with women who have undergone breast cancer treatment and mastectomies. They request areola restorative tattooing and/or decorative mastectomy tattooing. Mahon does around two mastectomy or areola tattoos a week. Demand for the service is high Mahon is already booked up until the end of the year (she has a private room to do the mastectomy and restorative tattooing, separate to the floor where the general tattooing takes place).

Its a specialism that almost came about by accident. Some years ago, Mahon remembers a number of clients requesting bodywork to cover up self-harm scars. The process was more gratifying than she could have ever anticipated. I wanted to give a little something back and do something good with my work, so every month, I would do a free scar cover-up tattoo for free, Mahon recalls. It gained a lot of attention, which was overwhelming, and I soon became known for the scar cover work.

One client asked Mahon whether she could work on a mastectomy scar, something that the artist notes was a light-bulb moment. She loved how purposeful and healing the work was, both for her and the client.

By the end of the session, [the first client] had a glimmer in her eye, and I remember thinking, wow, Im really impacting someones life here, Mahon recalls.

Duly inspired, Mahon found a specialist course in Calgary, Canada. Stacie-Rae Weir created the worlds first system for tattoo practitioners to achieve artful, 3D nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors. Participants on the course must have a minimum of five years scar tattoo experience. Creating hyper-realistic areola is a large part of this particular type of training. Since 2018, after completing the training, Aisling has been a member of a global collective of tattoo artists who specialise in ART (Artistic & Areola Restorative Tattooing).

We got pictures of our own breasts, and from our families, and we replicated them on paper and pencil, recalls Mahon. When we got good enough, we replicated on fake skin in the shape of a breast. Working with clients, I can match the tattoo to an existing nipple so that theres a nice, natural look of balance. For the ladies who have had a double mastectomy, they might have some pictures from before the procedure, which we can work off. Occasionally I work with the client to design a piece where the shape, size and colour are customised.

Others prefer to get a decorative tattoo to either hide or celebrate their mastectomy scars. Some clients want to have input on this, and might have a specific flower or design in mind, Mahon explains.

There are so many elements to consider, Mahon reflects. This is scar tissue, and skin has often been subjected to radiation, so you can only spend about 20 minutes working on the skin. Any longer and youre overworking the skin, and you dont want to cause further damage.

Creating a realistic areola/nipple and working on scar tissue is one thing; quite another is working alongside clients who have undergone a significant trauma. Its a twofold process whereby women reclaim their bodies and their femininity, but also process the trauma of their diagnosis.

Its a huge part of the job, and it was very intimidating, Mahon admits. I havent been through [cancer] personally, so I felt a bit inexperienced and didnt know how to speak about it, but its not my story. You have to be really careful; you dont want to upset someone more. I did further training in trauma coaching, which means that I can help a client and coach them through the trauma.

I just make sure to listen, thats the most important thing, Mahon adds. Their emotions are held in a safe space here. Some women wont talk about the experience at all, but I let them have that space. We talk through breathwork, and that can help to release emotions. If they just want the tattoo, thats fine; they can go home and process everything. I always tell them that weve been doing work on an area that holds genuine trauma, and that they might get home and feel a bit teary. I tell them to try and let that happen. Have a glass of wine if needs be.

Theres a lot of crying in this room this is often pretty transformative stuff for them, Mahon notes. Some are reclaiming their sexuality. Others are excited about going back into dating. For the first time in a while, they are looking at something beautiful on their body.

Cork native Jennifer Foran-Smyth was diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ, which means the cells that line the milk ducts of the breast have become cancerous, but they have not spread into surrounding breast tissue) in 2019, and underwent a full mastectomy in November of that year.

Without sounding soppy, the tattoo which covers the scarring turns a painful memory into something beautiful, Foran-Smyth notes of her lily tattoo. Aisling was covering something I had negative connotations with, and moves you on into a more positive place.

Once her cancer team removed Foran-Smyths breast, they then found a 1.2cm tumour, which changed the scenario entirely. She underwent chemo, finishing her 12-week course four days before the first Covid lockdown started.

For the first few weeks, youre just going through the motion, to the next test, the next scan, the next round of chemo, she reflects. The healing definitely happens afterwards. It all only hits you afterwards. Oddly, people tend to drift away, thinking that once youve finished the chemo, its all grand. But youre living with it still. Im in a hormone treatment to prevent recurrence. You end up living in a situation where youre trying to keep it away.

Mahons bodywork has been integral to Foran-Smyths healing. You still go through the fear of the cancer coming back. But I love the way that it looks. If someone asks to see my tattoo, I show it to them. If someone had asked if they could see my scarring, it would have been a very different scenario.

This complex relationship with the post-surgery body is certainly something that Cork native Ciara McKenna (42) can also relate to. After two lumpectomies and a mastectomy, McKennas radiation treatment course meant that she couldnt have reconstructive surgery straight away.

If I ever caught my reflection in the mirror, I would turn away, she recalls. I hated it. It was like that for years.

Breast cancer affects more than 3,000 women and around 25 men each year in Ireland, according to the Irish Cancer Society. According to the HSE, its the most common type of cancer in women, after skin cancer. Most women diagnosed are over 50, but it can also be diagnosed at a younger age (Mahons client base ranges in age from thirty-somethings to septuagenarians).

At 37, and when her son Ross was only eight months old, she went to the GP to investigate what she thought might be a breastfeeding-related duct issue.

Fortunately [the team there] were very proactive and sent me in for a mammogram, she recalls. I was told it was probably nothing on the day, so when I got a call to say the doctor wanted to see me in the hospital, my world came crashing down around me. I had a tiny baby at home at that stage and didnt know what was in store for me.

After McKennas diagnosis, her initial reaction to the prospect of surgery was what her doctor described as a normal one. I was just like, get them both off. I wanted to get rid of both breasts, she recalls. As it turned out, when they took it all off [via the mastectomy], the pre-cancerous cells were in my whole breast.

I suppose, to this day, I will never forget seeing the scar for the first time, McKenna continues. Very naively, I didnt think I would be left with that kind of scar. When I got the bandages removed, the nurse told me to prepare myself, and I remember thinking, wow, why would I? I got a turn in my stomach seeing how extensive the scarring was.

After her mastectomy, McKenna underwent further procedures two years later. Firstly, a tissue expander primed the breast for reconstructive surgery, and then a latissimus dorsi flap procedure was undertaken, whereby a muscle in the back called the latissimus dorsi, along with skin, fat, and blood vessels, is moved from the back to the chest to form a new breast mound or to form a pocket for a breast implant.

McKenna heard about Aislings specialism on the radio, and after researching her options, opted to get a delicate lotus tattoo on her reconstructed breast.

Her tattoos are not the harsher, dark ones; theyre very delicate, McKenna explains. There was something about the opening up of a lotus flower that I liked visually.

Ive shown it to so many people I never showed my mastectomy scar to anyone. I remember going back into the hospital recently for a minor surgery and the doctor asked if he could have a look. He was amazed by it and asked some of his team to have a look at it too. For the first time in a long time, I didnt mind them all there looking at me.

Myra Hanrahan (58), from Rathfarnham, had a similarly transformative experience after she decided to get a decorative fuchsia tattoo alongside areola restoration.

When Im getting dressed and I see myself, I just feel whole again, she says. It really is just me. One of my sons was out with me one night and he told me, Im so happy you did this. Your paddlers (Plurabelle Paddlers, a breast cancer dragon boat club based in Grand Canal Wharf) did wonders for you, but your tattoo artist did magic.

Hanrahan got her diagnosis in December 2015 after a BreastCheck appointment. I think I knew the minute I was told I was getting a biopsy [that I would be diagnosed with breast cancer], she recalls. I just knew by their expressions, although they were absolutely lovely on the team at BreastCheck in St Vincents. And once it happened, I fell apart.

Cancer, alas, runs in Hanrahan family: two of her four children survived Hodgkins lymphoma as youngsters. My first thought was that I cannot hurt my children. All I thought was, I cant be sick. I have to support these children. But then, being my family, they have a horrendous sense of humour. That Christmas, there were plenty of jokes and laughing and slagging. Sitting around the dinner table, we mentioned that we had the cancer club at one end. Then, when it came to surgery, we also had a goodbye boob party.

Hanrahan underwent reconstructive surgery at the same time as her mastectomy. I had something there, so psychologically, that was amazing, she recalls. There was a scar going across the middle of the breast, and it was only when I went to Aislings studio that I realised Id never really looked at it. For all my joking and being blas, I had avoided looking at it. Id hidden it from myself, and I have actually treated my body very differently because of all this.

The experience of getting the tattoo itself wasnt as she expected, not least the coaching session that she did alongside Mahon.

I tend to avoid letting things get to me, she admits. If I do, I have this idea that Ill fall through the cracks in the floorboards. But coming up to the five-year mark [of being cancer-free], I could allow myself to move forward and not stay stuck in that time warp. One evening, Aisling asked me to write all about the time of diagnosis. And as I was writing it, I was getting emotional. I finally had to face things. But I realised I hadnt fallen through the cracks in the floorboards.

Follow Aisling Mahon on Instagram at @aislingmahontattoo, or contact her for a consultation via her website

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Adele on Her New Album, Anxiety & Workout Routine: Vogue’s November 2021 Cover Issue – Vogue10.08.21

She also started going to the studio. She wrote a song for Angelo the day after he told her he couldnt see her. Over time, the album became a way of explaining things to himsomething for him to listen to when hes older. He has so many simple questions for me that I cant answer, because I dont know the answer. Like, Why cant we still live together? Thats just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? Im like, I dont fucking know. Thats not what society does. And: Why dont you love my dad anymore? And Id be like, I do love your dad. Im just not in love. I cant make that make sense to a nine-year-old.

For this and other reasons, the new album is different from her previous albums. I realized that I was the problem, Adele says. Cause all the other albums are like, You did this! You did that! Fuck you! Why cant you arrive for me? Then I was like: Oh, shit, Im the running theme, actually. Maybe its me!

I ask if she revisited any iconic divorce albums in the process of writing hersI am thinking of Sinad OConnors I Do Not Want What I Havent Gotand Adele responds that she didnt know she was making a divorce album. Shes not sure it is one, in fact. Hes not one of my exes. Hes the dad of my child. If the new album is a divorce album, its a different kind of divorce album. It was more me divorcing myself, she says, exploding into a laugh that sounds like a balloon buzzing around a room as it deflates. Just being like, Bitch, fuckin hot mess, get your fuckin shit together!

Its sensitive for me, this record, just in how much I love it, Adele adds. I always say that 21 doesnt belong to me anymore. Everyone else took it into their hearts so much. Im not letting go of this one. This is my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I dont think Ill ever let this one go.

To be around civilian Adele is to forget that she is also that other Adele, the singer of soul-baring torch songs. Civilian Adele is a cutup, relentlessly self-effacing, and always taking the piss out of herself. We know from her music that the other Adele swims below the photiczone.

I catch a glimpse of the other one when her new songs are playing aloud in her sea-green kitchen. Seated on a stool, she leans back, her chest retreats inward, her head hangs down, and her whole torso rocks while her eyelids flutter, as though she is in a trance. It is difficult to describe the emotional intensity of this body language, but the words rolling in the deep come to mind.

The first song she plays is the first song on the album, a gut-wrenching plea of a piano ballad, the chorus of which goes: Go easy on me baby / I was still a child / Didnt get the chance to / Feel the world around me. Her voice does different impossible Adele-ish things with the refrain go easy, and although it starts to take on a euphoric tone, by the end, I feel pummeled. So thats that one, she says quietly. Do you like it? (Perhaps the only thing more surreal than having Adele play you her new music in her kitchen is the revelation that she feels nervous and vulnerable doing so.)

Its sensitive for me, this record, just in how much I love it. I always say that 21 doesnt belong to me anymore. Everyone else took it into their hearts so much. Im not letting go of this one

She queues up another one. The next song is the one I wrote when I went to the studio the day after Angelo said I cant see you. A certain combination of elementssexy 70s groove, heavy strings, heavier lyricsimmediately calls to mind Marvin Gaye. (Whats Going On was a very big reference on the album, turns out.) My little love, Adele sings in a low, smoky register. I see your eyes / Widen like an ocean / When you look at me / So full of my emotions. Between verses are snippets of conversations she had with Angelo during the Year of Anxiety, recorded at her therapists suggestion. The song ends with bits of a raw, teary voicemail she left for a friend. She was inspired to incorporate voice notes by Tyler, the Creator and the British rapper Skepta, she explains. I thought it might be a nice touch, seeing as everyones been at my door for the last 10 years, as a fan, to be like, Would you like to come in?

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Nupur Shikhare celebrates first anniversary of tattoo inked by Ira Khan – India Today10.08.21

Nupur Shikhare celebrates first anniversary of tattoo. It was inked by Ira Khan.

Exactly one year ago, Ira Khan drew her first tattoo on boyfriend Nupur Shikhare's arm. The couple has now taken to Instagram to celebrate one year of Nupur's anchor tattoo.

Nupur Shikhare is a fitness trainer. He has been training Ira Khan for a while now. Today, he shared an adorable video of Ira Khan drawing an anchor tattoo on his arm. He wrote, "Coz I can't help... One year to this day when you gave me my Tattoo. Thank you for this Bubs @khan.ira how amazing are you, who will say this is your first tattoo ever ? #tattoo #anchor #love #thankyou (sic)."

Ira Khan wrote loved-up comments on Nupur's post. She wrote, "I love you to bits now come give me my anchor (sic)." She added, "Awwlie! So that's what you were doing the whole time? Taking videos of me? (sic)."

Ira is Aamir Khan's daughter with ex-wife Reena Dutta. She made her directorial debut in 2019 with a theatrical adaptation of Euripides' Medea.

ALSO READ | Ira Khan's first post since Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao divorce announcement

ALSO READ | Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao get together to talk about divorce in latest video. Trending now

Click here for IndiaToday.ins complete coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

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PPD welcoming tasteful tattoos, beards – The Southwest Times – Southwest Times10.08.21

Courtesy photoPulaski Police Chief Jill Neice, from left, Sgt. Anthony Thompson and Lt. Sarah Grim show their tattoos and beards in a photo on the departments new recruiting flyer, Inked, Bearded, Employed, Interested?


You cant look like you just walked off the set of Duck Dynasty or be sporting gang symbols on your body, but tattoos and beards are no longer disqualifiers for employment with Pulaski Police Department.

Tasteful tattoos, including sleeve tattoos, received the okay for employment before Chief Gary Roche retired from the department earlier this year. But the ability to have a beard year-round is a change that has come about under the leadership of new Chief Jill Neice.

Chief Roche had his standards and theres absolutely nothing wrong with any of his standards. But there have been some recruitment issues with some of the younger generation, she said. Being tattooed just doesnt have the stigma that it used to have many, many, many years ago.

After attending training sessions addressing recruitment and retention in law enforcement, Neice and Sgt. M.D. Parmelee approached Roche about a change in the tattoo policy.

So he agreed we could hire and recruit people who had sleeve tattoos as long as they were tasteful. Thats a standard, as far as I know, all police departments, Neice noted. We dont want to be off putting, but we do want to represent our community. Were not letting those be something that prevents a good candidate from coming here.

She added, I know a lot of people with a lot of ink and theyre great people, they can do a good job. So I knew that was something we could change because everyone else here agreed that just because you have a tattoo or have facial hair doesnt mean you cant do this job and do it well.

Before the beard policy was changed the only time a police officer could sport a beard was during No Shave November. The annual fundraiser allowed officers to pay a fee for the ability to grow a beard for the month. Proceeds, which were matched by the departments community policing funds, benefitted T.G. Howard Center.

Now that beards are permitted year-round, Neice said the department will come up with another form of fundraiser to replace No Shave November.

To Neice, allowing officers to grow beards is a way of allowing them to be their own person.

Were all in uniform and you can all identify us as police officers, but were people with individual tastes. So, we just decided going forward that no matter who the new chief was the town manager and town council felt like it was the right thing to do so we changed that in the rules and regulations manual, Neice said.

She pointed out many people interested in becoming police officers are former military, who often have beards and tattoos.

Weve had military folks in the past who didnt even apply with us they just didnt even look at us because they knew for a long time we had a policy against tattoos and full sleeves, she said. We want people to know we dont really care if you have a beard now, but youve got to keep it trimmed to look good.

Besides the aesthetics of a trimmed beard, Neice points out there are practical reasons for not letting a beard get out of control. For example, a gas mask wouldnt fit properly.

To get the word out that the policy has changed, Lt. Sarah Grim created a Inked, Bearded, Employed, Interested? flyer that is being posted throughout the area. The flyer includes a photograph of Neice and Grim showing their tattoos and Sgt. Anthony Thompson with his nicely trimmed beard.

This hopefully opens up some new avenues for us to recruit people who thought that we didnt want to look at them because they didnt look like us. We dont really care if you dont look like us, we dont need you to look a certain way. We just need you to be able to serve the community, and I dont think that matters whether you have a beard or a tattoo, Neice said.

In fact, Neice said a tattoo or beard could even serve as a conversation starter with members of the community.

Asked whether the national atmosphere surrounding law enforcement is another reason for recruitment and retention issues, Neice said thats part of it.

First of all, its not like youre going to make a million dollars. I mean maybe over the course of your entire career, but it doesnt pay great. It really doesnt, Neice said. People have been trying to work on that even across our region. She said area departments are realizing theyre going to have to improve pay or theyll lose talent to higher paying departments with better benefits.

But the national atmosphere is taking its toll.

A lot of folks arent fans of us right now. I will say though, that Ive not seen anything but support from our community. Im sure some people have complaints, and if weve done something that we need to address well address it. But for the most part, we havent suffered here in this community and thats a blessing.

Having been in law enforcement 23 years (all at Pulaski Police Department), Neice does see the job as being 100% more dangerous than a decade ago because law enforcement is frequently getting targeted.

Theres a lot of folks that are retiring at the same time, and some of the legislative changes in Virginia, and then talk of [doing away with] qualified immunity, has really been the deciding factor for folks, she said. And Im talking about people with 20 years experience. People who you cant replace that have gone out in droves. Thats nothing new to us or unique to our community, you see that across the nation. So, yes, its very difficult for recruitment and retention.

In general, she said, I feel like theres a lack of respect, across the board, for people, not even just in law enforcement. Theres just a lack of respect for your fellow human being.

Although Neice wasnt really interested in being chief when Town Manager Darlene Burcham appointed her in an interim capacity this summer, she had a change of heart after being in the position for a while.

So, I just wasnt sure that that was something that I needed to be involved in, I just didnt know. But when Ms. Burcham asked me to be the interim, I thought, heres a few things that we can do: beards and tattoos, just a couple of things that we can do, and I can help do that.

Being here for those few months. I just kind of realized we can do this I realized that it really isnt all on my shoulders. Its the whole department and the whole town, and there was a lot of support from people within the town, and the rest of the community was supportive.

I really didnt allow myself to think about that before. I just felt my moment had come and gone and it was time to look to someone else; but just being here I felt like we were doing okay, she added.

So, will Neice still be responding to calls in the field?


Were understaffed and were busy, so sometimes it takes the entire department to get up and go handle a situation, she said, adding there are many times the county assists as well.

I think everybodys kind of like that right now. Yeah, Ill go out here and answer a call. Im actually a little bit more comfortable doing that than the [administrative functions], she added. She says shes still learning what being chief looks like.

Chief Roche was involved in so much, with the academies and the civic organizations and we want to make sure we continue to maintain that connection, she said.

Asked about being the towns first female chief, Neice said it wasnt something she thought about until people started pointing it out to her.

Weve got a female lieutenant and several females within the department so it wasnt an issue for me. I guess if there were ever any female officers out there thinking that there was no line of progression within our department thats clearly not the case. And I dont think thats really the case in other departments, but its not the case here at ours, she said.

Those interested in applying for a position with the police department are encouraged to visit the towns website ( and fill out the application under the jobs tab.

Hopefully people will want to check out us and our beautiful town, Neice added.


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PPD welcoming tasteful tattoos, beards - The Southwest Times - Southwest Times

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Here are all the winners in the 2021 Best of the Best contest – SouthCoastToday.com10.08.21

By USA TODAYNETWORKVentures| Standard-Times

Looking for somethingnewto dowith the family? Perhaps something new to eat? How about some self-care options?

Thislist of2021 Best ofthe Bestwinnersishere to help.

These local businesseswere chosen by readers who voted in the annual contest in categoriesincludingbest bakery, best gym, best dentistand more. The full list is below.

Best ofthe Bestcelebratesand recognizesthe best our community has to offer, and readers getto nominate and then vote on the finalists in each category. The contest will be held in 2022, too, so stay tuned.

Thank you to all the readers whoparticipated in thisyears contest.

Andthe winnersare:

Beauty & Health

Best Barber Shop: New Bedford Barber Co.

BestChiropractor: Crabbe Chiropractic

Best Dentist: Hawthorn Family Dental

Best Dermatologist: Dartmouth Dermatology

Best Eye Care Center: Eye Health Vision Centers

Best Hair Salon: Roots + Daisies Beauty Parlor

Best Hearing Aid Salon: Southcoast Health Ear, Nose & Throat

Best Hospital: St. Lukes Hospital Southcoast Health

Best Manicurist: Jessica Tieu Cuticles Nail Salon

Best Massage Therapist: Mary Joe Cuddy Rituals Salon & Day Spa

Best Nail Salon: Cuticles Nail Salon

Best Orthodontist: Souza Family Orthodontics

Best Pediatrician: Southcoast Health Pediatrics

Best PlasticSurgeon: Albert Fox, MD Southcoast Health

Best Rehabilitation Services: Southcoast Health Rehabilitation Services

Best Spa: Golden Hour Glow

Best Tanning Salon: Sun Kissed Tanning

Best Urgent Care: Southcoast Health Urgent Care

Best Weight Loss Center: F.I.T.T. By K


Best Consignment Store: Hewn

Best Local Childrens Clothing: Old Navy

Best Local Mens Clothing: Carters Clothing and Footwear

Best Local Shoe Store: Harves Shoe Box

Best Local Womens Clothing: Hewn


Best Bakery: The Baker New Bedford

Best Breakfast/Brunch: Tia Marias European Caf

Best Burger: DNB Craft Burgers & Fries

Best Catering: Riccardis Italian Restaurant

Best Chicken Wings: Rose Alley Ale House

Best Chinese Restaurant: Wah May Restaurant

Best Chowder: Mikes Restaurant

Best Clam Cakes: Genes Famous Seafood

Best Coffee Shop: Mirasols Caf

Best Dessert: Sunrise Bakery

Best Dinner: The Pasta House

Best Donuts: Mas Donut Shop

Best Family Dining: 99 Restaurants

Best Ice Cream: Acushnet Creamery

Best Italian Restaurant: The Pasta House

Best Lunch: NoProblemo

Best Other Ethnic: Frontera Grill Mexican Restaurant

Best Pizza: Brick Pizzeria Napoletana

Best Portuguese: Antonios Restaurant

Best Seafood: Turks Seafood

Best Steak: Mikes Restaurant

Best Sushi: Turks Seafood

Best Take Out/Delivery: Bayside Lounge

Best Waterfront Dining: The Black Whale

Entertainment & Leisure

Best Entertainment Venue:ZeiterionPerforming Arts Center

Best Festival/Fair: Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

Best Bank: BayCoast Bank

Best Credit Union: St. AnnesCreditUnion

Best Electrical Company: Eversource

Best Financial Planner: Christopher Resendes New York Life

Best Home Care Agency: Southcoast Health VNA

Best Home Cleaning Services: Clean Queens

Best Home Improvement Contractor: Couto Construction

Best Home Security Company: Fairhaven Alarm Systems

Best Insurance Agency: Neto Insurance Agency

Best Landscaping Company: Lawn & Order Land Design

Best Mortgage Company: BayCoast Bank

Best Mortgage Specialist: Milestone Mortgage Solutions

Best Real Estate Agency: Anne Whiting Real Estate

Best Realtor: Andrew Romano Anne Whiting Real Estate

Best Tax Consultant: The Tax Consultants

Kids & Education

Best Charter School: Argosy Collegiate Charter School

Best College: UMass Dartmouth

Best Dance School: Erin Raes School of Dance

Best Day Care: Little Peoples College

Best Martial Arts: Soares Martial Arts

Best Museums: New Bedford Whaling Museum

Best Pre-School: Little Peoples College

Best Private School: Holy Trinity School

People & Places

Best Campground: Myles Standish State Forest

Best Place to Work: Southcoast Health


BestAssistedLiving: Autumn Glen at Dartmouth

Best Attorney General Practice: Carlin J. PhillipsPhillipsGarcia Law

Best Carpet Cleaning: SERVPRO of Dartmouth/New Bedford

Best Clean-Up/RestorationServices: ACE Junk Removal

Best Dog Trainer: Eric Letendres Dog Training School

Best Driving School: Lunds Corner Driving School

Best Dry Cleaner:Delken

Best Elder Law: Suprenant & Beneski, PC

Best Family Law: Andrew J. Garcia Phillips Garcia Law

Best Flooring Company: Picard Tiling Co

Best Laundromat:Delken

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Here are all the winners in the 2021 Best of the Best contest -

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7 shocking photos before and after medical rejuvenation treatments | Curated – Daily Hive10.08.21

Last year, the pandemic brought with it an endless cycle of video calls, Zoom meetings, and a general increase in the time we spend in front of a screen each day.

If anything, the challenges of these times have reminded us of the importance of feeling like the best version of ourselves. While this looks different for everyone, medical aesthetic treatments are favoured by many to enhance their natural beauty and evoke rejuvenation of the skin.

I feel rewarded every day, Dr. Robert Morrell, the founder of downtown Vancouvers Medical Rejuvenation Centre (MRC), tells Daily Hive. Whether its Botox, fillers, or people being able to control their acne, Im able to help patients feel confident about themselves on a daily basis.

Dr. Morrell and his team of skilled medical physicians and technical staff have over 25 years of experience in helping patients enhance their lives through results-oriented medical aesthetic treatment programs. Now, as the clinic adds new experienced physicians to its roster, were taking a look at some of the results its team has achieved over the years.

Did you know Botox can be used to help treat patients who have more of their gumline visible in their smile than they would prefer? This treatment works by strategically injecting Botox into the muscles that raise the upper lip, which then weakens the muscle strength of the lip. The result, when carried out carefully and correctly, is that theres a reduced lift of the upper lip when smiling.

Another approach is MesoBotox; this is used to help improve skin impacted by breakouts or acne. The protein botulinum toxin is naturally derived and helps control excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Because of that, it can be used to help reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin. When performed by an expert, Botox injections can block the neurotransmitter released by the nerves to trigger sweat glands and, in turn, lower perspiration so the skin is less prone to breakouts.

As a cutting-edge new laser technology, Enlighten is suitable for patients who wish to get rid of unwanted pigment or tattoo ink while also brightening the skin and creating a more even skin tone. Its the first laser on the market with longer (nanosecond) and shorter (picosecond) pulse durations, rendering it an effective option for addressing pigment concerns. In addition to targeting lighter brown spots and acne scars, it gives the skin a youthful glow.

Ultherapy, the MRC tells us, is FDA- and Health Canada-approved for non-invasive skin lifting. Its an effective technique for patients who want to see the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and other age-related concerns. By stimulating collagen production using powerful ultrasonic waves, Ultherapy treatments help patients achieve more elasticity in their skin, tightening and lifting the skin to offer long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Patients who wish to remove unwanted fat from their body without surgery have the option of getting CoolSculpting treatments at the MRC. This FDA-approved, non-invasive technology freezes away stubborn fat by using controlled cooling to target unwanted cells in a selected area and induce a natural-looking reduction in fat bulges. Theres no downtime involved with CoolSculpting, and patients can start to see results as quickly as four to six weeks post-treatment, with the most dramatic results after two months.

The lip fillers administered at the MRC are hyaluronic acid-based soft injectable gels used to replenish and refresh a patients appearance. Did you know that hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body? It combines with the water in our skin to restore lost volume, reduce lines, and reduce wrinkles. As such, dermal fillers injected directly into the lips help lift and fill by creating volume.

Dermal fillers can be used to achieve multiple outcomes for patients beyond lip plumping, and one of these is the non-surgical nose job. When injected by an expert into an area of the nose, the filler is absorbed slowly and stimulates natural collagen production, helping add volume to the nose and smoothen out bumps. This non-surgical treatment delivers instant, natural-looking results with no downtime required.

Patients who are interested in visiting the MRC can make an appointment with Dr. Robert Morrell or one of the clinics newest hires, Dr. Joshua Song or Dr. Andrew Dargie.

Dr. Song received his certification for Korean advanced non-surgical face lifting with Dr. Han Jin Kwon, the founder of the Ultra V PCL technique used in thread lifting. As a result, the MRC is now one of the few Vancouver clinics to offer Instalift (thread lifting): the only FDA-cleared, dual-action device for a non-surgical facelift targeting jowls and aging skin.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dargie is the founder and lead educator for Canadas gold standard aesthetics training programs, The Botox Course and The Filler Course. And for those interested in medical-grade skincare that works to extend the benefits of treatments, Di Morelli a collection by Dr. Morrell offers a range of products that are made in Canada, safe for sensitive skin, and not tested on animals.

To book a consultation with one of the MRCs physicians, visit You can also see more before and after treatment photos on the clinics Facebook and Instagram pages.

Address: 1281 West Georgia Street, #701Phone: 604-763-7546

Facebook | Instagram

Visit link:
7 shocking photos before and after medical rejuvenation treatments | Curated - Daily Hive

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9 Good News Stories: Boy, 7, Pitches To White Sox; Ink The Prez – Patch.com10.08.21

ACROSS AMERICA It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and when a 7-year-old Tinley Park, Illinois, mimicked the Chicago White Sox again and again, the club took notice.

Brooks Johnson is "obsessed" with the White Sox and has mimicked almost every member of the team in one way or another, his mother says. The second-grader got so good at mimicking pitcher Liam Hendriks that his mom thinks it improved his game.

"Mommy," he told her, "I throw a bunch of strikes when I imitate Liam Hendricks when I pitch, so I'm gonna kept doing it.' "

Brooks did his best Liam Hendriks for a video posted o social media, and the Australia-born pitcher saw it and commented. It didn't end with the social media exchange, though. Before he knew it, Brooks was on the home turf of the White Sox pitcher, asking a question of Hendriks that puzzled him "Why do you scream like crazy when you pitch?" as they played catch in the Major League Baseball stadium. By Yasmeen Sheikah for Tinley Park, Illinois, Patch

Theresa Maughan, New Jersey's 2021 "teacher of the year," has never forgotten what it was like to almost be deported. Her parents' visas expired when Maughan was in seventh grade. Her social studies teacher stepped in to prevent her from being sent back to Belize, providing a real-life civics lesson that inspired her own career as a history teacher. By Eric Kiefer for West Orange, New Jersey, Patch

For his Eagle Scout project, Vikram Ravi is setting out to correct a grave injustice at the Alamo-Lafayette Veterans Cemetery. Many of the 200 graves lack markers, "and the ones who do only have tiny and improper pointers not fit to represent those who died for our country," he said. He's raising money for proper grave markers, and also is building an interactive online map so visitors can easily find the veterans who are buried there. By Bea Karnes for Lamorinda, California, Patch

This year's Boston Marathon is intensely personal for Lisa Raeke. She plans to run for her friend's son, Greyson Beauregard, who was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident last fall two weeks before his 13th birthday. But she abandoned the official Boston Marathon course and created her own through her town of Walpole, where she aims to raise awareness of the Goals for Greyson charity. "We really want to encourage the community to participate in any way that they can," she said. "If you would like to walk or jog a bit of the way for me, that's great. To me, this is not about a race. It's about a community effort." By Mary Ellen Gambon for Walpole, Massachusetts, Patch

Slippery Rock University President William Behre wants nothing more than to get a tattoo though it's hardly been his lifelong desire. Whether he gets inked depends on students at the Pennsylvania: If 75 percent of them get their COVID-19 vaccinations by Dec. 1, Behre will get a Slippery Rock-themed tattoo on his bicep in a campus event. By Eric Heyl for Pittsburgh Patch

Well, who doesn't want a wedding with dolphins whistling and leaping nearby? Catarina Salvador Esprito Santo Cristovo Neto, 31, and Zeal Barclay Levin, 30, exchanged wedding vows while sitting atop their surf boards and a pod of dolphins just happened to be swimming in the area. By Alexis Tarrazi for Bridgewater, New Jersey, Patch

The run-up to his wedding was fraught with worry for Joseph McCloud. He was fretting about how to pay for the wedding, postponed by COVID-19, while also worrying about his fiancee, Emilia Gonzalez, a nurse working on the front lines of the pandemic. He won a $30,000 wedding at a Napa, California, resort in a contest for front-line workers. "I swear, I swear," he said, "this is the most touching thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life." By Jeff Arnold for Castro Valley, California, Patch

Blair Watts has had a rough go of it. He's the man behind Birdie's Kitchen, known around Spring City, Pennsylvania, for making the best wings, collard greens and soul food in the borough. The pandemic put him in arrears on his utility bill, but he figured to make what he owed and more at a weekend festival. The utility shut off power to his restaurant when he missed a payment, putting the future of his entire operation on the line. But backed by the power of his community, a crowdfunding campaign raised enough money to pay the bill in full. By Marlene Lang for Limerick-Royersford-Spring City, Pennsylvania, Patch

A Frankfort, Illinois, woman has come up with a way to help her neighbors cope with the loss of a pet before the animal crosses what's commonly known as "the rainbow bridge." Victoria Vazquez is offering free "Rainbow Sessions" end-of-life photography shoots. "My whole life is about dogs," Vazquez said. "So, I figured why not help out the community and people in need, especially with something so tough." By TJ Kremer III for Frankfort, Illinois, Patch

Patch is in more than 1,000 communities across America. Find your community and see what's happening outside your front door.

Read the rest here:

9 Good News Stories: Boy, 7, Pitches To White Sox; Ink The Prez -

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