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Putting new meaning to the phrase ‘2-in-1’ – University at Buffalo The Spectrum11.19.19

Oak and Iron is breaking boundaries in Buffalos tattoo community as the first tattoo shop with a full-service salon, priding itself on being one of the most inclusive studios in the area.

The shops slogan is keep Buffalo beautiful, and the owners do just that. Married owners Ashley and Jessica Fox created the shop in response to the male-dominated tattoo community, hoping to create a safe space for patrons and employees. They prioritize hiring artists and estheticians from marginalized communities and support the community through charity efforts.

The shop is split in half, offering tattoo services in the front and salon services in the back. Staff specialize in multiple tattoo styles, haircuts and color, nail care, waxing, eyelash extensions and makeup. The location encourages patrons to book appointments in multiple areas to get the most out of the one-stop shop.

Patrons are welcomed in the shop by a sign stating, We welcome all religions, all races, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders. We stand with you. You are safe here!

The Foxes hope this highlights their passion for uplifting Buffalos women and the LGBTQ+ community. They teamed up with Period the Menstrual Movements Buffalo chapter to provide Aunt Flow menstrual products in Oak and Iron.

Although [Buffalo] is kind of behind nearby cities like Toronto or New York City, I think we have the potential to grow and educate the community, Jessica Fox, also Oak and Irons head tattoo artist, said. The tattoo community is tough. Its always been male-dominated. We wanted to create a space that was non-intimidating and comfortable.

Courtesy of Jessica Fox

The salon offers lunch break and happy hour specials for patrons on-the-go.

The owners are hyper-aware when choosing their staff to stay true to their inclusive goals. They even hired employees who are less experienced but share the shops values.

When we were searching for staff, we looked for people that were skilled but also had a social awareness, Jessica Fox said. People should know that they arent going to have an average experience at [our shop]. I want to see more women, more queer and unorthodox artists in Buffalo.

Brianna Nickerson, a Buffalo resident, has been a client of the Foxes for years. Shes gotten 17 tattoos from them and regularly goes for salon treatments from the owners.

For any service, they make sure Im as comfortable as possible and happy, said Nickerson. The knowledge both Jessica and Ashley have for their trades is what keeps me coming back.

Oak and Irons hairdressers are also trained to perform non-gendered haircuts and dont use gender-based styling products.

Tattoo artists specialize in traditional Americana, neo-traditional, geometric, dotwork and realistic portraits. The shop also invites guest artists throughout the year to offer something new. The shop minimum is $80, but it also offers a $60 get-what-you-get vending machine filled with small flash designs that cant be customized.

Located at 176 Franklin St., the shop has cornered the market as the only tattoo studio in downtown Buffalo. It is surrounded by the city courts and convention center, adding a new flair to the downtown area.

And the owners have big goals for the shops future.

We want to always stay fresh and bring education and youth services to the community, Jessica Fox said. But Im still learning, too. Ive been told Im too young and havent done it long enough to get as far as I wanted. But here we are, doing it.

Samantha Vargas is the senior features editor and can be reached on Twitter at @SamMarieVargas and

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Putting new meaning to the phrase '2-in-1' - University at Buffalo The Spectrum


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Highly Rated Piercing Spots In Aurora – CBS Denver11.19.19

(HOODLINE) Searching for the best piercing options near you? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top piercing spots around Aurora, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time youre in the market for piercing.

Consumers in the Aurora area historically spend more in fall at health and beauty businesses than any other season of the year, according to data on local business transactions fromWomply, a provider ofCRM for small businessandbusiness analyticsfor small businesses. The average amount spent per customer transaction at Aurora-area health and beauty businesses grew to $51 for the metro area in the fall of last year, 3% higher than the average for the rest of the year.

First on the list isHarbour Lights Social Club. Located at 13990 E. Mississippi Ave. in SableRidge, it is the highest-rated piercing spot in Aurora, boasting five stars out of 29 reviews on Yelp.

Next up is East Ridge Ptarmigan ParksElectric Crayon TattooCo., situated at 13692 B E. Iliff Ave., Unit B. With 4.5 stars out of 61 reviews on Yelp, it has proven to be a local favorite.

Bonaroo Tattoo, located at 15464 E. Mississippi Ave., is another top choice, with Yelpers giving the tattoo and piercing spot four stars out of 33 reviews.

Epiphany Tattooin Meadow Hills is another go-to, with four stars out of 33 Yelp reviews. Head over to 15254 E. Hampden Ave. to see for yourself.

Over in Dam East-West, check outPlanet X Tattoo and Supply, which has earned four stars out of 34 reviews on Yelp. You can find the shop at 3095 S. Peoria St., Unit C.

Article provided by Hoodline.

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Highly Rated Piercing Spots In Aurora - CBS Denver


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Springdale Shell station robbed again in Stamford – The Advocate11.19.19

Photo: Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media

Springdale Shell station robbed again in Stamford

STAMFORD Police are looking for two men who used a gun to rob the Springdale Shell station early Sunday morning.

Lt. Tom Scanlon said two men wearing masks walked into the 24-hour convenience store at the gas station at about 5:30 a.m. One of the men then pointed a pistol at the clerk and ordered the man to give him money.

The men, one white and one black, took an undetermined amount of money and other items from the store before fleeing on foot, Scanlon said. The clerk was not injured during the robbery and no one else was inside the Hope Street store at the time.

The store was last robbed on Aug. 28, when a man walked into the business with a hammer and threatened the clerk. Tattoos on the mans hands helped police find out who he was.

In the video of the robbery, tattoos on the mans fingers on his left hand spelled V-I-E-W. When police found the robbery suspect, Keith Conklin, he had the letters H-I-G-H spelled on his right hand and V-I-E-W on his left. The words spelled Highview, the avenue that he grew up on near the location of the gas station.

Conklin remains in jail unable to come up with a $400,000 court-appearance bond for his robbery charge.

Scanlon declined to discuss what other items were stolen by the two men on Sunday.

Anyone with information on who the suspects are is asked to call 203-977-4417 and ask for investigator Luis Serna.

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Springdale Shell station robbed again in Stamford - The Advocate


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Im A Celebs Declan Donnelly takes baby Isla for a stroll in the Aussie sunshine after revealing burn from da – The Sun11.19.19


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The rise of jobstoppers: should face tattoos be banned? – The Guardian11.19.19

Name: Face tattoos.

Age: They were outlawed by the Roman emperor Constantine in AD316, so older than that.

Appearance: extremely noticeable.

Obviously. You wouldnt get a tattoo on your face if you didnt want people noticing it. No. Or if you ever desired gainful employment.

Why is that? They are known in the tattoo trade as jobstoppers. A 2018 survey found that six in 10 employers would be substantially less likely to hire someone with a face tattoo.

That was then. This is now. In the meantime, face tattoos have become more popular, thanks to Instagram and inked celebrities including Justin Bieber and Little Mixs Jesy Nelson. I cant go a week without a young person coming into our studio asking for a tattoo on their neck, face, or hands, says Lee Clements of the British Tattoo Artist Federation (BTAF).

Thats because face tattoos are cool. You know they dont come off, right?

Of course. So what? So what happens when you grow up and apply for a job in public relations?

It will never happen. Anyway, by then having flames tattooed above each eyebrow will probably be completely socially acceptable. But what if it isnt?

Dunno. This is precisely why the BTAF is proposing to change the legal age for face tattoos.

What is it now? If you are 18, you can legally get a tattoo anywhere on your body. They want to raise it to 21 for anything on the face, neck or hands.

Thats so unfair. Having tats is my right! But why on earth would anyone want tattoos on their face?

Because Lil Xan has them! If Lil Xan robbed a bank, would you do that, too?

I think so. Thats why we need the law changed.

I dont care about your laws, mate, or what the average Daily Mail reader thinks. They think people with face tattoos should be denied benefit payments.

Really? If you intentionally make yourself unemployable by doing this no benefits for you, said one, commenting on the news.

Well. That is slightly concerning. Anyone that gets a tattoo on their face which does prevent them from working should have all benefits permanently stopped, said another.

I dont see that sentiment gaining wider currency, do you? Ink on faces should be instant disqualification from access to benefits, said a third.

Huh. Im just going to text my mum. OK.

Do say: It says LIB DEMS, but I was only getting tattooed tactically.

Dont say: Thats my CV, right there on my left cheek. Ignore the MySpace address.

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The rise of jobstoppers: should face tattoos be banned? - The Guardian


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Check Out New Broadway Production Photos of The Rose Tattoo, Starring Marisa Tomei – Playbill.com11.19.19

New production photos have been released from Roundabouts Broadway revival of The Rose Tattoo, starring Oscar winner Marisa Tomei as Serafina and Game of Thrones Emun Elliott as Alvaro Mangiacavallo. The production, directed by Trip Cullman, is scheduled to run through December 8 at the American Airlines Theatre.

Williams The Rose Tattoo, which won the Tony for Best Play in 1951, tells the story of a widow who finds passion in the arms of a new suitor in New Orleans. Following its Tony-winning Broadway premiere, the play was subsequently seen on the Main Stem in 1966 and 1995.

Flip through photos from the production below:

The rest is here:
Check Out New Broadway Production Photos of The Rose Tattoo, Starring Marisa Tomei -


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Lots of NFL fans thought Carson Wentz got an arm sleeve tattoo. He did not. – Overwatch Wire11.19.19

U.S. Womens National Team stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are calling for their male counterparts to get behind their push for equal pay.

The USWNT received class status on Nov. 8 in its gender discrimination lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation, which opens the door for any athlete who was a part of the womens team national team camp or a game since Feb. 14, 2014, can now join the class-action suit.

But Harris and Krieger believe that in order for the equal pay fight to succeed, the members of the U.S. Mens National Team need to be a part...

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Lots of NFL fans thought Carson Wentz got an arm sleeve tattoo. He did not. - Overwatch Wire


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Camila Cabello Reveals Her New Tattoo Is Inspired by the 1998 Film, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ – Cosmopolitan11.19.19

Christian VierigGetty Images

Remember when Kim Kardashian said, Would you ever put a bumper sticker on a Bentley? to reference her tattoo-free status? Of course you do, how could you not? Welp, it looks like Camila Cabello literally couldnt give less of a f*ck about what Kim thinks, because she just got her very first tattoo everyay! And if that werent already super exciting, she got the tattoo with her boyfriend, Shawn (Bae) Mendes, by her side. Have you heard of anything more adorable? Nope, I think not.

Camila and Shawn went to Los Angelesbased tattoo artist Kane Navasard the day after they engaged in that steamy basketball game PDA. So given that info, people thought Shawn and Camila pulled the trigger and got matching tattoos. Unfortunately, that was not the case! They both got very unique inkings that dayShawn the letter A behind the back of his ear and Camila script lettering of the words its a mystery on the inside of her pinkie.

Now, Camila is giving us the deeper meaning behind the tattoo, and as it turns out, its a direct quote from 1998 film Shakespeare in Love! On Instagram, Camila reposted the original picture Kane posted to his tattoo page and shared with fans how she settled on the design.

Camila wrote:

Never thought Id get a tattoo before but I asked my mom to write to me a promise shed want me to make to her that she thought I would need for the rest of my life, long story short, its a pinky swear to her to remember, no matter what happens, everything is gonna turn out well. Theres no telling how, but it always does.

Need a little more context? Dont worryI gotchu! Heres the actual scene from the movie that Camilas ink is taken from:

Sooo does this have anything at all to do with Shawn? Mmm, its a possibility, but in addition to the tattoo being about her mother, it likely has its roots in her upcoming album, Romance. Shakespeare is the father of romantic poetry, after all!

Read the rest here:
Camila Cabello Reveals Her New Tattoo Is Inspired by the 1998 Film, 'Shakespeare in Love' - Cosmopolitan


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Ant McPartlins tattoos explained after he shows off new ink on Im A Celebrity – The Sun11.19.19

I'M A Celebrity host Ant McPartlin left fans gobsmacked as he showed off two arm tattoos on Sunday's opening show.

The Geordie, 43, revealed the fresh inkings which detailed an arrow on his right forearm, and a floral design on the left.


Viewers were bemused by the new look as Ant returned to the show after stepping aside last year to battle his personal demons.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "That tattoo on Ant's arm says clean 1 year"

Another posted: Ant on I'm A Celeb has a mental health awareness tattoo on his arm."

An intrigued fan quizzed: "Ant, are they new tattoos on your arms? What do they mean?"


Website thestyleup suggests a single arrow "stands for power and direction" and can also signal moving forward, as "arrows point the way".

With regard to the rose flower design on his left forearm, website states it "expresses promise, hope and new beginnings.

"It is contrasted by thorns symbolising defence, loss and thoughtlessness."

Last year, Ant also revealed he's also had the Alcoholics Anonymous symbol tattooed onto his wrist.



The telly fave showed off the meaningful inking during a date night with girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett.

His tattoo represents the group which aims to help its members stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

The star also has an 'S' for sober on his right wrist.

Fans celebrated Ant's return to the ITV series after This Morning host Holly Willoughby stood in for him in 2018.

The witty TV duo made numerous references to Ant's series-long absence which had fans giggling throughout.

NO MORE-FFATT Scarlett Moffatt axed from 'dream job' on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

A TAY-FUL GOODBYE What will happen to EastEnders' Keanu Taylor as actor quits soap?

STROP STARS I'm A Celeb's Ant reveals stars were furious behind the scenes after swim task

FAB-U-LOSS John Barrowman shocks I'm a Celeb: Extra Camp viewers with super short grey hair

BLANK SCREEN Jac Jossa's husband complains ITV went down & he missed I'm A Celeb meltdown

REX APPEAL Michelle Keegan looks totally different in a leather corset for sexy selfie

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Ant McPartlins tattoos explained after he shows off new ink on Im A Celebrity - The Sun


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A Day in the Life: Tattoo artist inks a path to reinvention for clients – Tallahassee Democrat11.19.19

Buy Photo

Monument Tattoos Owner Craig Beasley tattoos his client Tim Young at the shop Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.(Photo: Tori Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat)

If Beauty is only Skin Deep, that may be just fine with Craig Beasley. In fact, it might be the truth that drives him every day.

Craig Beasley is a tattoo artist. And yes, one could say he wears his profession on his sleeve. Both of his arms are tattooed. Back, check. Legs, yes. And probably other places the Democrat didnt ask about. But one thing is clear, Beasley feels that what he does is more than simple body art.

More than a primitive obsession every culture has had for drawing on their own skin. Instead, Beasley comes to work every day believing that he is in fact changing peoples lives for the betterand doing it tangibly.

Craig Beasley is the owner of Monument Tattoos on Monroe Street. Far from a grimy storefront where only inebriated sailors would feel comfortable, Beasleys establishment is spacious, elegant in an alternatively artistic way, and very, very clean.

The lobby walls, like all the walls here, are covered in tattoo designs. That means finely detailed, colored drawings that sweep and coil into dragons, flowers, peacocks, fish, and gorgeous mandalas that have the potential to become the outer covering of Monuments patrons. A double set of hand-carved lacquered wood benches serve as seating for those awaiting their turn. Beasley says that on Saturdays, the benches will be full somewhat like a railroad waiting room.

Beyond lies an intimate alcove with a cozy booth where Beasley consults with clients before even thinking about touching them with ink. And filling the entire rear of the 3,000-foot building, lies a sprawling studio where all seven of the permanent artists can work on clients at the same time.

Monument Tattoos Owner Craig Beasley tattoos his client Tim Young at the shop Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.(Photo: Tori Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat)

Beasley has been at the shop since 10 a.m.Clients wont arrive until around 11. But the preparation for their procedures will take nearly an hour. Beasley and an assistant have laid out the implements for their work like surgeons preparing for a patient.

On the artists station a wooden work area something like a dining room breakfront a metal tray is covered with a disposable cover. Another paper covering lies along the front edge making for a clean shoot from the tray which holds the skin inks in tiny containers. The plastic alcohol and soap bottles are also covered in wrap; even the electric cord which runs from a tiny motor on a vertical stand to the inking needle is covered in clean wrapping.

Cleanliness and proper care and disposal of everything we work with is paramount, says Beasley. He points to red sharps containers at each station for used inking needles. And the selection of just the right needles, like artists brushes, is important.

Beasley leads back to a large and carefully organized supply room like the ones found in hospitals or clinics. In covered plastic bins are disposable grips into which a needle and on the other end, a tiny pulsating motor and the power wire, will be inserted. The grips are like elongated rubber balls that will help to cushion the vibrations and steady the grip of the artist who may be at one procedure for upwards of five or six hours.

The needles, in their sterile wrappers, come in a dozen sizes and with tips ranging from one hollow needle to five or six that are tightly grouped to form a kind of brush. Depending on the effect he wants, Beasley can outline or shade, or even create watercolor-like flows of color.

He picks several needles and chooses blacks for the job today from bins of inks. Made from a variety of organic sources from flowers to roots, Beasley says that no artificial inks are ever used. Often, he will blend colors, sometimes lay one color over another to achieve different effects. Sometimes he uses color to completely change a no longer wanted tattoo into something new and beautiful. He could also obliterate the name of a Suzy to prepare the backdrop for the Megan or Becky to come.

Monument Tattoos Owner Craig Beasley tattoos his client Tim Young at the shop Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.(Photo: Tori Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat)

Indeed, Craig Beasley sees what he does not only as art, but as a social service a physical manifestation of a psychological change he can offer a client. He experienced the same thing himself.

He settles in for a moment in the consultation booth beneath a full-size plaster cast of a Greek frieze. I was born with a cleft palate. I spoke differently and I looked different, says Beasley, who was born in Columbus, Georgia. As a military brat however, he didnt feel he had a permanent home.

In middle school, I was lonely, always the new kid with few friends, and would just sit at home, stare into a mirror with self-loathing and draw self-portraits. It was a dark time. And then slowly, a kind of salvation came in the form of an alternative lifestyle. I found musicpunk rock skateboarding. I kind of found a home with friends.

After high school, Beasley immediately joined the military. I got my first tattoo just after boot camp. But the life of a Marine wasnt really for him, and after two years he was honorably released. One thing the military had provided however, was the opportunity to combine his artistic talents with what the enlisted men wanted elaborate and custom-made designs for tattoos.

Here was something Beasley could love. And by the time he was 19, he had apprenticed himself to a tattoo mentor in Valdosta married and become the father of a baby girl. He has never looked back.

Monument Tattoos Owner Craig Beasley tattoos his client Tim Young at the shop Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019.(Photo: Tori Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat)

In the early years, with a devotedand tattooedwife at his side, Beasley traveled extensively to learn from other masters. California, Atlanta, biker shopswherever there was someone with talent to learn from. From cleaning the floors to absorbing new techniques and always drawing, Beasley began to accumulate his own devotees.

He often created designs for musicians, and soon was invited to accompany them on their tours, tattooing band members and roadies with tour memories. Fall Out Boys, Train, Lil Wayne, Boys Like Girls, have been Beasley-inked.Other times, a rock cruise where upwards of 150 attendees who want to commemorate their music-infused sail will come home with permanent Beasley-memories.

But he says, even though going on the road for a month with a band is fun, he is at heart a family man. Now the father of four children 16, 13, 11, 7 and an entrepreneur, he loves the life he has here. Now, people fly in from out-of-town to be worked on by me, he smiles.

Still, he cant conceal his pleasure with a birthday gift his wife gave him recently. She made an appointment with a tattoo artist I admire in Sweden. So, I flew there to get it in a 17-hour session. Then he came here! Now our families are friends. Thats what this community is like.

But now client,Tim Young has arrived. Tim, in sales for Georgia Pacific, already has a number of tattoos. Its become much more acceptable over the years, he says. My bosses see them and are fine with them. The one hes having worked on today, they probably wont be having a look at though.

Young is having a large design of a sea creature tattooed along his right buttock and thigh. I just like to look at it, says Young. It has taken hours of consultation with Beasley to choose the right style and placement and more hours for Beasley to actually draw the work before a needle is slipped into the grip. And thus, a tattoo is not inexpensive. A full-back tattoo likely a 40-60 hour process, costing thousands of dollars. The shop minimum is $60.

Beneath two 135 watt filtered lamps, Young reclines on the table and exposes the work-in-progress. Todays session will take Beasleys minimum four hours. He works four hours in the morning and two in the afternoon, with time for a light lunch and what he calls a stretch session in between. Beginning the process of enhancing the outline he has created on Youngs thigh earlier using a transfer stencil of his drawing, Beasley wipes off the canvas with alcohol.

Sometimes a topical anesthetic like Lidocaine is applied first, because as Young attests, It does hurt. Beasley pulls on his gloves, makes sure the background music is at the right level and with just the right color ink pulled into the tattoo needle, he hunches next to Young and begins to shade in the scales of a serpent.

It is during these long sessions that a special communication between artist and subject tends to develop, Beasley says. People often cry when they talk about why theyre here. Many people come here when they dont feel beautiful, when there are scars on the outside that hide the ones inside. When they have no confidence in themselves.

He recalls one large woman who was too ashamed of her body to take off her clothes at a beach. Yet, he says after receiving a large tattoo on her back, now people constantly admire her body art, and fail to notice what size she is or isnt. From acne scars to surgeries, to earlier tattoo mistakes, Beasley says he can see peoples confidence change and their self-acceptance grow. Much as his own did so many years ago.

Beasley will be home with his family for dinner tonight. Theyll do homework, play some Uno, and maybe do a little drawing together. His daughter has recently become interested in body art creating it on herself and drawing a slight eye-roll from her professional father.

And his mother has ventured as far as to have a tiny peanut tattoo. For Craig Beasley, its all goodwhat he calls a dream lifedoing what he loves with the people he loves and feeling all of it is not just skin-deep.

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The Tallahassee Democrat's A Day in the Life is a periodic series that looks at everyday occupations as well as jobs that are obscure. Have a suggestion?Contact Marina Brown at

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A Day in the Life: Tattoo artist inks a path to reinvention for clients - Tallahassee Democrat


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