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A man covered his face with tattoos and turned his eyes black. He says it cost him his kindergarten teaching job – CNN09.29.20

But the teacher, Sylvain Helaine, 35, still teaches children from the age of six up, and said that, after an initial shock when they see him for the first time, his pupils see past his appearance.

"All of my students and their parents were always cool with me because basically they knew me," said Helaine, who estimated he has spent around 460 hours under the tattooists' needle.

"It's only when people see me from far away that they can assume the worst."

He said last year he was teaching kindergarten at the Docteur Morere Elementary School in Palaiseau, a suburb of Paris, when the parents of a three-year-old child complained to educational authorities. They said their son, who was not taught by Helaine, had nightmares after seeing him.

A couple of months later the school authorities informed him he would no longer teach kindergarten children, he said. "I think the decision they took was quite sad," said Helaine.

A spokesman for the local education authority said an agreement was reached with Helaine to move him away from teaching kindergarten. Pupils under six "could be frightened by his appearance", the spokesman said.

Despite the setbacks, Helaine said he would stick with his chosen career. "I'm a primary school teacher ... I love my job."

He said he started getting tattoos at the age of 27 when, while teaching at a private school in London, he had an "existential crisis". Since then, he said, "Getting tattoos is my passion."

He said he hoped to show his pupils that they should accept people who are different from the norm. "Maybe when they are adults they will be less racist and less homophobic and more open-minded," he said.

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A man covered his face with tattoos and turned his eyes black. He says it cost him his kindergarten teaching job - CNN


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Tattoos negatively affect the body’s thermoregulation – The Times Hub09.29.20

Tattoos disrupt the body's thermoregulation. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from Southern Methodist University, conducting the world's first experiment of this kind.

Image taken from: To participate in the experiment, 10 volunteers were invited who had tattoos measuring at least 5.6 square centimeters, located on the shoulder or forearm. They wore a specially designed suit with a lining in the form of tubes, after which they pumped hot water through the vessels for about 30 minutes to induce active perspiration in the subjects. At the same time, experts evaluated the amount of sweat and the temperature of skin areas with and without drawings.

In both areas, sweat began to be released simultaneously. This suggests that the tattoo equipment does not affect the transmission of neural signals that trigger the process of thermoregulation. At the same time, the intensity of secretion in the area of the drawings was much lower, and the sweat itself was saltier. Experts concluded that the sweat glands are damaged when the needles are applied under the skin. The degree of sweating disorder depends on the area of the body covered with tattoos. The larger it is, the more dangerous the consequences for the body can be.

Earlier, a girl from Australia spent 1.5 million rubles on tattooed eyes and bodies.

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See Post Malone give tattooing a try by inking his initials on someone – Alternative Press09.29.20

It looks like Post Malone is taking his love for tattoos to the next level.

A new video has surfaced online which shows the Better Now rapper tattooing his initials on someone.

Posty is obviously a big fan of tattoos. In fact, if youre counting, he has over 65 already inked on his body. Over the past few years, he has shown off his ever-growing collection which includes aLil Peeptribute tattoo, matching inkwith his Tommy Lee collaboratorTyla Yawehand abuzzsaw.

More recently, he got a Kansas City Chiefs tattoo after losing a game of beer pong to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. As well, he even turned his dentists office into a tattoo studio to get some more work inked shortly after getting a new skull tattoo.

Now, Posty is trying his hand at being a tattoo artist. In a new video, the rapper is seen giving someone a tattoo of his initials with little hearts. The new ink is right next to a tattoo of Drakes initials.

Post Malone previously shared that he started getting tattoos due to his insecurities with his appearance. In an interview earlier this year, he called himself an ugly-ass motherfucker and approached the topic with a bit of self-deprecating humor.

It does maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I dont like how I look, so Im going to put something cool on there so I can look at myself and say, You look cool, kid, and have a modicum of self-confidence when it comes to my appearance.

Various musicians including KISSfrontmanPaul Stanley and Ozzy Osbourne have spoken out about their distaste for face tattoos, something Posty is known for. More recently, the Black Sabbath frontman said that the tattoo trend makes individuals look dirty.

I would never do that, he said. Anything above the collar should be stopped. To be honest, it makes you look dirty.

However, it looks like Posty isnt fussed by the comments. As he continues to forge a career in tattooing, he is also making history in the music industry. Earlier this month, his hit rockstar with 21 Savage surpassed two billion streams on Spotify.

Ed Sheerans Shape Of You is the only other song to reach this milestone with over 2.5 billion streams. Following rockstar and Shape Of You isDrakes One Dance with 1.9 billion streams.

As well, Posty leads the 2020 Billboard Music Awards nominations. Last week, he earned a staggering 16nominations in 15 different categories including Top Artist, Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Tour.

Would you get a tattoo from Post Malone? Let us know in the comments below.

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See Post Malone give tattooing a try by inking his initials on someone - Alternative Press


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Local beauty shops excited to be working at 100 percent capacity – WMBB – mypanhandle.com09.29.20

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) With Governor Desantiss order of Phase Three reopening, this means operating at 100 percent capacity for many local businesses, including those in the beauty industry.

Revolution Tattoo and Body Piercing in Panama City Beach was used to operating at 25 percent to 50 percent capacity for the past several months and was only able to serve some of the customers wanting their services.

It was manageable, it was pretty much more or less picking out the people that are serious, and I hate to do it like that because everybodys really serious about their tattoo, just the ones that were really wanting to get something, said Manager, Johnnie Rico Cordle.

Exotic Exposure Tanning Salon was in the same boat. They are used to serving 80 to 90 people each day, a task that can be difficult with certain restrictions.

It was rough, being able to only operate at 25 percent was really tough because you could only have so many people in the lobby. Its not really an issue with the beds itself because theyre 15 minutes, but trying to space everybody else out, said Owner, Vicky Gregor.

But now with the opportunity to serve 100 percent of their customers with no restrictions, the staff at both spots said it was a very beneficial weekend for them financially.

At 100 this weekend, we were slammed busy, just moving through everything man. The fellas were making great money, said Cordle.

A hundred percent feels awesome because we dont really have to try to finagle everybody else around and try to make room and only have two or three people in the lobby at a time, said Gregor.

Not only are they happy to serve everyone coming in, but they are able to get back on their feet financially.

Everythings just been great, the customers come in or able to sit down with them for longer periods of time because were not worried about trying to keep capacity and everything, its just been so much more peaceful, said Cordle.

It is so good to not have anybody calling anymore and saying can you fit us in, they can just walk in and they are so happy that everything is back to normal, said Gregor.

Their plan is to still keep everything as safe and sanitary for customers and staff as it has been.

Local beauty shops excited to be working at 100 percent capacity - WMBB -


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Disney Must Disclose Information Related to "Secret" Pay Equity Study – Hollywood Reporter09.29.20

In 2017, consultants were hired to study pay equity at the Mickey Mouse giant. Disney asserts attorney-client privilege, but a judge says, "Not so fast."

Last November, a group of suing Disney employees demanded the opportunity toconduct a statistical analysis of pay data to prove gender disparities that they allege occur throughout the studio's workforce. It turns out that Disney had already hired consultants in 2017 to study the issue. On Friday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that as part of the ongoing lawsuit, Disney would have to disclose more information on the communications and documents related to this pay equity study.

According to the judge's decision, the decision to hire the outside consulting firm of Willis Towers Watson was made byShawna Swanson, an associate general counsel at Disney. The consultant's study then kicked off a discussion among 33 Disney employees, most of whom worked in the Human Resources and Compensation departments.

The plaintiffs in the case a number of women who say they arepaid less than men who perform similar work have been attempting to compel documents related to the study. In a motion, they asserted that these documents "would tend to show that Disney systematically discriminates against femaleemployees, and that the discrimination is knowing and willful."

Disney responded that it wasn't trying to keep "secret" any information and that the underlying pay data was discoverable, but that the analysis was covered by attorney-client privilege. Disney added that there was no evidence that any of this was disseminated widely or prepared for any purpose other than legal advice. For example, the defendant said the consultants weren't engaged to advise on an internal investigation, PR strategy, business product or day-to-day operations.

In an order, L.A. Superior Court Judge Daniel Buckley appears skeptical of Disney's arguments.

While he hasn't yet decided whether these documents are privileged or not, Buckley does note that Swanson spontaneously requested the study "without any prompting or direction from her 'client,'Disney" and then failed "to provide any legal advice to her corporate 'client.'"

The judge then goes through chapter and verse on when there's no presumption of confidentiality before deeming Disney's privilege logs to be insufficient.

"While Defendants adequately explain that their in-house counsel enlisted the aid of Compensation and HR personnel for purposes of obtaining the data and information necessary for WTW to conduct its analysis (that the in-house attorneys used to provide legal advice), that explanation holds little water with respect to communications that occurred only between non-attorneys after Defendants received WTWs final deliverable," writes the judge. "Moreover, that the after-the-fact communications occurred only between non-attorney personnel and executives, including sometimes exclusively between individuals that were not privy to initial receipt of the analysis from WTW, further indicates the potential non-privileged business purpose of those communications."

Meaning, even if the 2017 pay equity study itself is off limits to the women suing Disney, there could very well be communications within Disney triggered by the study that could become evidence in the case. What's more, even when Disney's in-house lawyers were on the email chain, if the communications don't include legal opinions, the judge appears to be open to the possibility that these emails could become non-secret too. For now, Disney must at least outline each of the documents being withheld. A further decision on whether these documents are truly privileged figures to come later.

Finally, Buckley also rules that Disney must give up its agreement with the consulting firm. States the judge in his order, "Even assuming a retention agreement between an attorney and client is privileged under California law, it does not follow that an attorneys (or even a clients) agreement with an outside consultant or analyst is similarly privileged."

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Disney Must Disclose Information Related to "Secret" Pay Equity Study - Hollywood Reporter


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Body modification fan turns ‘monster’ by tattooing 95% of body including penis – Daily Star09.29.20

A man who calls himself a "beautiful monster" has lifted the lid on his body modification craze.

Victor Hugo Peralta Rodriguez, 50, has been working as tattoo artist for 26 years in Argentina where he lives.

His first ever tattoo was at the age of 13 where he inked the words "f***" in bold letters on his knuckles.

Since then Victor, who is originally from Uruguay, has tattooed around 95% of his body, including his tongue and genitals.

The artist and his wife Gaby even broke the Guinness World Record for being the "most modified married couple on the planet".

He has undergone 11 subdermal implants, including eyeball tattoos, tongue splits, scarifications, piercings and micro-dermal piercings.

Victor also has metal teeth, a tongue tattoo, ear incisions and a lobe expansion.

Out of all his tattoos, the artist claims his favourite are the ones on his face.

And his most painful experience was the pigmentation of his tongue.

The body modification fan, who has 13,400 followers on Instagram, said: "I tattooed the whole of my face.

"Today I do not have so many piercings, I had around 40 on the face a long time ago, but my favourite is the septum."

He continued: "The most painful tattoos were on the head of my penis but they don't compare with the pigmentation of the tongue.

"It was very painful and difficult to breathe for a few hours."

Even with his out-of-this-world appearance, Victor's friends and family are supportive of his appearance.

He added: "They are even aware of my evolutions and they encourage me.

"Logically, there are many people who do not agree with this style of life and criticise me for not understanding the taste of others."

Victor concluded: "But I don't pay attention to them.

"I am unique, I do not want to look like anyone, they are my ideas and designs executed by friends.

"Today, I am a beautiful monster."

The tattoo artist and his wife have travelled to over 20 countries performing body suspension shows with hooks and ropes.

They have also been featured in National Geographic's "Modified Bodies" for their incredible and unique appearances.

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Body modification fan turns 'monster' by tattooing 95% of body including penis - Daily Star


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Serious Strength: Inside Vanessa Bryant’s World Since the Deaths of Kobe and Gianna – E! NEWS09.29.20

On Kobe Bryant Day, Ciara also posted the shot of her with Vanessa, BB and Koko, writing, "Seeing you and the girls smile makes my heart smile. You'rethe toughest mama I know. Seeing you put one foot forward each day is admirable. It ain't easy, but if I know one thing, Mamba Queen's capable of it all." She added, "Love you V.@VanessaBryant.#MambaDay."

WNBA rookieSabrina Ionescu, whoconsidered Kobe a mentor and Gigi a protge while she climbed the national ranks at the University of Oregon, hasbeen overfor movie nightKill Bill, starringUma Thurman as the other "Black Mamba," naturally. Also last month, Kobe's sister Shaya Bryant-Tabb andher kidsAutumn and Logancuddled up on the couchfor a sweet snap with Capri, who's now old enough for swimming lessons, and Vanessa recently spent time with her other sister-in-law, Sharia Washington, as well.

Monicatold Entertainment Tonightin August thatshe and Vanessa's other close friends were quick to rally for her.

"Each day is a struggle and I think one of the greatest aspects of our friendship, which has spanned now for almost 11 years, almost 12, it's been really, really important to just simply be there," the singer said. "Whatever she is feeling each day is something we will never understand, that level of pain, that level of heartache, also respecting her privacy. People have been reaching out for a very long time, but she's always been a private person."

Capri is "the happiest baby I have ever come in contact with," Monica continued."BB, the dancing machine, is just pure joy," she shares. "And you can see, even in the heartache, they are the greatest blessing. They are the greatest gift that they left. But as a mom, I have never seen the pain of losing a child. We try to keep her covered. She has an amazing village, her sister is amazing, LaLa's always been there. She has a great group of friends, the Gasol family. People have really stepped up and really been giving an outpouring of love."

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Serious Strength: Inside Vanessa Bryant's World Since the Deaths of Kobe and Gianna - E! NEWS


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Tattoos a unique form of therapy for Oct. 1 shooting survivors – Las Vegas Sun09.29.20

Courtesy of Dean McAuley

Dean McAuley, firefighter from Washington State, is one of many One October shooting survivors who will receive a tattoo September 30 at Seven Tattoo Studio on Polaris Ave. for Healing Ink, an event in which 21 survivors and first responders will each receive a free tattoo as a form of therapy from one of 21 famous tattooartists.

By Sara MacNeil (contact)

Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 | 2 a.m.

The terrifying moment a gunman opened fire on a crowd of Las Vegas concertgoers is painfully etched into survivor Dean McAuleys memory.

Now he and others who escaped the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting on the Strip are having healing images etched on their skin, something McAuley calls a reminder of survival and a badge of honor.

On Wednesday, 21 shooting survivors and first responders will receive free tattoos as a form of therapy at the Seven Tattoo Studio on Polaris Avenue.

The event, Healing Ink, is being organized by Artists 4 Israel, a nonprofit group that has provided therapy tattoos for survivors of terrorist attacks and mass shootings.

Artists 4 Israel perfected this unique trauma therapy. They can incorporate existing scars into works of art or create meaningful images that draw the eye away from wounds. This allows victims to reclaim their bodies and the stories they tell, the organization said in a statement.

McAuley, a Washington state firefighter, was among more than 20,000 people at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival when the gunman opened fire from a hotel tower across the street.

McAuley was about 25 feet from the stage where Jason Aldean was performing when the shooting started. He tried to pull people to cover and watched as victims dropped to the ground as they tried to scramble over a fence.

When the shooting finally stopped 10 minutes later, 58 people were dead and more than 800 injured. In the subsequent months and years, two more people died as a result of their injuries.

McAuley, who used his medical training to try to save lives that night, said hes never fully recovered from the trauma. He still has flashbacks.

At the scene of an accident where a girl was ejected from a car, he looked at her and it took me right back to Vegas, he said.

I worked on two girls who died in my arms, he said. You start questioning if you did everything right.

McAuley plans to get a tattoo of a guitar accompanied by the lyrics from a Jason Aldean song: When I got what I got, I dont miss what I had.

The tattoo is a reminder of survival. It becomes a badge of honor when you get on the other side of it, McAuley said, though he acknowledged, Ill probably never be completely on the other side.

Dylan Rosage, an artist based in North Carolina, will be tattooing a survivor who was shielded by a man who was shot at the concert.

Rosage said the way she described struggling with anger reminded him of a person losing a loved one.

The world keeps going and youre just walking around like, Do you guys know whats happened to me? he said.

Another survivor getting a tattoo is Natalia Baca, a 17-year-old concertgoer McAuley helped treat at the scene and get to a hospital after she was shot in the back.

Recounting the events in writing, Baca said McAuley put her into a random car and drove with her to the hospital. "He was watching my pulse, telling the driver to drive faster," she said.

After they arrived at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Baca asked McAuley not to leave. "He says, 'I will see you again. I promise,'" she recalled.

And he kept his word.

Baca said she has little memory of what happened next, but when she came to in a hospital room, McAuley walked in and greeted her with a huge smile and a hug. "It was a very magical feeling," she said.

After Baca recovered, McAuley became a virtual part of her family.

"He got to watch me graduate high school and (we) always meet up and talk on the phone," she said. " I love Dean so much. He is in my heart and my hero forever."

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Tattoos a unique form of therapy for Oct. 1 shooting survivors - Las Vegas Sun


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Beau Travail Finds the Rhythm of Life (and Dances Away the Pain) – The New York Times09.29.20

Is it a dance of death? A fantasy to become someone else? The solo that ends Claire Deniss film Beau Travail spotlights the repressed, tightly wound Sergeant Galoup in ways we have never seen him before: loose, relaxed, carefree.

His dance twists things up: Who is this Galoup? At this point in the film, about a group of French Foreign Legion soldiers, Galoup has been dismissed from military service and just moments ago he did not seem to be dealing well. He was lying on his neatly made bed with a gun in his hand as the camera panned over his tattoo: Serve the good cause and die.

While Galoups solo is the films most obvious dance moment, a singular choreographic consciousness runs throughout Beau Travail (1999), recently restored by the Criterion Collection. Throughout the movie, loosely modeled on Melvilles Billy Budd, bodies, more than words, tell the story.

Galoups downfall is brought on by his jealousy and obsession with and a beautiful young man in his unit; his suicide seems imminent. But in the dance, Galoup, played by Denis Lavant, transforms into a new body, one overflowing with life. As louche as Serge Gainsbourg but with the daredevil precision of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Mr. Lavant uses his primal, low-to-the-ground physicality as a way to release Galoups pent-up emotions, which seep out of his skin through movement.

The dance begins on his bed with a close-up of his pulsing biceps and the faint, opening beat of Coronas The Rhythm of the Night; a moment later, he is transported to a nightclub. With one arm stretched up the side of a mirror twinkling with magenta lights, he takes a drag on his cigarette and edges his way toward the center of the dance floor where he walks in small circular steps as if marking his territory.

He spins suddenly and kneels, taking his time. He sways his arms and spins again, but this time in the air. His limbs loosen in gangly, euphoric freedom. Even after a brief interruption by credits, Mr. Lavant returns to spring up like a fish popping out of the sea before crashing to the floor with a splash and then rebounding.

For nearly 90 minutes in the film, Galoups body has been fixed and hard. Who is this untamed person, seemingly drunk on life, we see in the dance? Mr. Lavant, in a Criterion interview, said he viewed his dancing self as a projection of who Galoup might wish to be.

The decision to place the sequence at the end of the film came during the editing process. In the script, it was because he was leaving for good, Ms. Denis said in another interview. He wanted to go to the bar for the last time. He starts dancing like the last dance of his life.

Mr. Lavant told Criterion that he improvised the dance, which was shot in only two takes. (His rolling-off-the-floor exit came in the second take, Just to get off camera quickly!, he said.) But this extended solo wasnt his only dancing moment in the film; what made the role fun for him, he said, was the way he used his physicality to shift from realism to fantasy.

We see Galoup walking at night among the barracks, and Id take a little step or something, he said, adding that it was almost like dancing. That wasnt in character.

Mr. Lavant, who trained in the circus, is a natural mover: Remember his sprinting dance in Leos Caraxs Mauvais Sang, in which he runs to David Bowies Modern Love? (Frances Ha enjoys a dash down the street to the same song, too.) In Beau Travail, he isnt alone. The actors playing legionnaires include the films choreographer, Bernardo Montet, as well as a boxer, an opera singer and dancers. In an email interview, Mr. Montet said his job was to release the poetic power of their bodies.

With the dancer, as with the legionnaire, there is this idea of sacrifice, he added. Also this relation with the death: For one, its real and for the other one, its symbolic.

Neither, in other words, belongs in ordinary society. Mr. Montet sees the dancer in Galoup as a shaman who has nothing to do with the show world, dance as an entertainment.

The choreography of the group is as important as the landscape Djibouti, in East Africa which frames the men with the turquoise blue of the sea, the azure sky and the dusty earth. Military drills in which the men climb over walls or crawl under wires flash by with speed and efficiency; but even those moments of action seemingly everyday or pedestrian can be deceiving, changing meaning the longer we watch. In one moment, the men stretch on the ground, one leg forward and the other bent behind its as easy to see them as dancers limbering up as soldiers in training. But when they recline all the way with their arms raised overhead, the image takes a tragic turn; their bodies, limp and sprawled out, are lifeless.

Theres a purposeful double-sidedness, as if whats living within their muscular prowess is as unpredictable as Galoups nightclub dance. In one striking scene, dry grass blows in the wind and silhouettes give way to actual men, standing bare chested with their arms raised and eyes closed. They are still as the breeze moves them; they meld with nature, they become it.

Mr. Montet said that when Ms. Denis was looking for locations to shoot in the desert, she was inspired by the movement of the grass and asked him to create what he calls the grass dance.

Its a way to show their vulnerability, their fragility in these killer bodies, Mr. Montet said. They give their body to nature, to death, and they do it with full consciousness.

There are duets, too, like when the soldiers embrace and retreat their chests smack hard yet their eye contact and the quick squeeze, a millisecond, just before parting reveals something about their faith in their profession and in each other. In a hug, you can give all your being, Mr. Montet said. To love is to surrender.

But surrender is not a part of a legionnaires mentality. The circling duet, this one more predatory and ominous, is a face-off between Galoup and Gilles Sentain (Grgoire Colin), the young legionnaire he is both repelled by and attracted to.

They start standing apart on a cliff overlooking the sea and eventually take careful steps, moving clockwise as the gap shrinks between them; the wide shot switches to a close-up, first of Galoup, then of Sentain, who radiates innocence even in aggression. The shorter, stockier Galoup peers up at him, his lips grim and downturned.

Their relationship is told through choreography, but instead of using their fists, this battle builds through tension. They never touch. What I didnt notice the first time I saw the film is that in his final dance, Galoup though alone and lost in his own world actually dances as if someone were standing before him, and he reacts to every move of that phantom partner: Sentain.

There are reverberations from their duet, from the methodical opening steps to the circling pattern. But in the solo, Galoups gaze, while intent, isnt hard; his lips part, softening his mouth. He is more animal than human as he goes from being the watcher which hes been through much of the film to the watched.

How powerful can a dance be? Galoup spent most of the movie obsessing over someone else, but his dance flips that story. Through his wild metamorphosis, he becomes an object of obsession ours. It was just the right dance at just the right time.

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Beau Travail Finds the Rhythm of Life (and Dances Away the Pain) - The New York Times


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The Office: 10 Most Viewed Scenes (According To YouTube) – Screen Rant09.29.20

Sometimes, you don't want to re-watch the whole episode, but these scenes are the best, and most re-watched, from The Office.

The Office might have aired its last episode seven years ago but the series still has a very strong presence all over the internet especially for its dialogue and storylines. Despite the show referencing real events and pop culture elements of that time, most scenes are still relatable and a great source of laughter and happiness. That is why fans never get bored even after watching it multiple times.

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However, when there is not enough time to binge the entire series, luckily The Office's official youtube page has scenes from the series that capture the essence of the show. Below are ten of the most viewed ones among them.

When Martin Nash (Wayne Wilderson) an ex-convict who joined the Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch during the merger talks about his time in the prison, everyone comes to the conclusion that prison is better than their office. Obviously appalled by this, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) puts on one of his famous alter-egos Prison Mike to prove them wrong.

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His decision to just put on a bandana, change his voice a bit, and expect everyone to believe he is a different person who has been to prison before is by itself hilarious. On top of that, the others play along by asking him questions, escalating the humor. Michael's dialogue, "The worst thing about prison is the Dementors." is definitelyan unforgettable line from the series.

Following Robert California's (James Spader) instruction to Andrew Bernard (Ed Helms) to double the company's sale, Andy comes up with a point-based rewarding system. Although everyone initially finds the gifts not to be worth their work, Andy's rule that they can combine all their pointsand use 5000 points to tattoo anything they want on his butt gets them excited. What follows is the office bustling with work like never before as Andy gets nervous at how fast everyone is working towards their 5000-points-goal that they end up scoring in a single day. This scene surely is one of Andy's best moments as a manager.

After the server goes down, everyone in the office tries to figure out the password to continue their work. The only thing they remember is that the password made Michael laugh and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) angry. Following some guesses, they finally find out that their password is 'bigboobz.' This scene highlights the way Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branchdoes things quite different from a lot of other companies that would have had a professional password. Besides, the opening for this scene is also iconic as it perfectly demonstrates the way Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) exaggerates a situation. This time he tries to prepare everyone for an apocalypse after thepower goes out for only a few seconds.

With Michael realizing that he is not happy in his relationship with Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin), he takes the advice of his female staff and breaks up with Jan. When Jan comes to the office to get back together with Michael. Michael calls for his female staff to the meeting room for their help where he is confident that his relationship with Jan is over.

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However, when he sees that Jan got a boob job, he tells her that they should continue dating again. The way Michael quickly changes his mind and argues that it is not because of the boob job is the hilarity of this scene.

Although Michael is the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, he is definitely the last person one would choose as the person to give sensitivity training to the office staff. When the entire office makes fun of him for falling into a koi pond, he calls them for sensitivity training. There, he writes down the things that each person, including himself, wishes that others would not make fun of.The scene's irony adds so much humor to itas they all joke about the things mentioned. For instance, with Dwight telling them he doesn't want people making fun of his tiny nose, Michael asks him if he sneezed it off.

Copying an internet trend called Parkour, Michael, Dwight, and Andyare seen jumping around the office, opening random doors, and walking on tables. As Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) rightly describes it, "Technically, they are doing parkour as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital." This is one of the best cold-opensthat captures the absurdity of the three aforementioned characters through both dialogues and actions.It also subtly touches on the way some people, in general, try to take part in pop-culture and internet sensations despite not being able to do it.

Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) enters the office, clearly pissed off at everyone especially Jim and Dwight for forgetting her birthday that was the day before. What follows is both Jim and Dwight trying to plan a birthday partyfor Kelly.

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From Dwight's 'It is your birthday." sign to Jim getting a plain white cake,the two's least interest in throwing the party and their interactions with each other as they argue are some of the things that make this scene fun to watch multiple times. The other memorable moments from the scene include Dwight describing his birth as his favorite birthday and Kelly becoming happy when she hears the theme one hour of television or nap.

As the title of the video mentions, this cold open has to be one of the best introductions. With the members from the office taking part in a lip dub challenge, the characters are seen performing to Nobody but me by The Human Beinz. Be it Michael breaking out somemagic tricks, Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) not willing to participate, or Dwight performing with a knife, the scene can be seen as fragments that seize the individuality of each character. Besides, the musical quality of the scene is yet another aspect that makes it exciting.

In an attempt to prepare everyone in the office for a fire accident, Dwight creates stimulation of it. Following it, everyone is panicking and trying to escape as Dwight continues to give safety instructions that no one is paying attention to. With Dwight starting a real fire for the sake of training and the staff running around, the audience can envision the adrenaline rush of the characters. Kevin Malone breaking the vending machine for snacks is a notable moment from the scene. The scene's recent comparison to the year 2020 is also a reason for its high number of views.

The scene is packed with humor even breaking from the seriousness one would expect from CPR training especially witheveryone getting carried away byStayin' Alive by Bee Gees a song that the instructor suggests to help them keep track of timing. When the trainer declares that the person would have died by then, Dwight steps in asking to check for an organ donor card, for which Creed Bratton replies that the person does not have a purse. Dwight then cuts the face off the doll and puts it on his face. When called to interrogate, Michael defends him by saying that is why there is training so that Dwight knows not to cut the face of a real person.

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