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Brand New Cherry Flavor: Netflix Unleashes Horror Series This August – Bleeding Cool News07.25.21


Brand New Cherry Flavor is a new horror series coming to Netflix next month from Channel Zero masterminds Nick AntoscaandLenore Zion. The series is an adaptation of Todd Grimson's novel of the same name, and will star Rosa Salazar of Alita: Battle Angel fame, as well asCatherine Keener(Get Out),Eric Lange(Escape at Dannemora),Jeff Ward("Agents of Shield") andManny Jacinto("The Good Place"), along withHannah Levien(The Magicians, Siren),Leland Orser(I Am The Night, Berlin Station) andPatrick Fischler(The Right Stuff, Defending Jacob).

Here's a look at the official teaser for Brand New Cherry Flavor, set to hit Netflix on August 13:

Lisa N. Nova (Rosa Salazar) comes to LA dead set on directing her first movie. But when she trusts the wrong person and gets stabbed in the back, everything goes sideways and a dream project turns into a nightmare. This particular nightmare has zombies, hit men, supernatural kittens, and a mysterious tattoo artist who likes to put curses on people. And Lisa's going to have to figure out some secrets from her own past in order to get out alive.

This looks like someone trying to be American Horror Story, and I mean that as a compliment. I loved Channel Zero, and the weirder it got, the stronger the seasons were, and this certainly looks like it may get pretty weird. Also kudos to Netflix for recognizing that horror is having a moment right now, and jumping on that wave to give creators another avenue to get their projects out there. Brand New Cherry Flavor will debut on Netflix on August 13th, which of course is a Friday.

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Brand New Cherry Flavor: Netflix Unleashes Horror Series This August - Bleeding Cool News

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Amy Winehouse family reveal two destructive events which led to deep decline and death – The Mirror07.25.21

Amy Winehouse tragically died at the age of just 27 a decade ago - and her grieving family are still coming to terms with how it happened.

The much-loved Back to Black singer, who became the first British woman to win five Grammy Awards, was plagued by alcohol and drug addiction during her final years.

In powerful new documentary Reclaiming Amy, which airs tonight on BBC Two, mum Janis explains she wants to show there is more to her daughter than "the drugs, addiction and destructive relationships".

Janis and her ex-husband Mitch went through every parents' worst nightmare back in September 1983 when their beloved daughter died from alcohol poisoning.

Speaking in Reclaiming Amy, the singing sensation's family and close friends reveal the exact moment when things started to "unravel".

"There were massive huge events coming together, which at the same time were every difficult to deal with," says Mitch, who admits he wishes he could have done things differently.

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Amy was devastated when her grandmother Cynthia, who had also been a singer and was incredibly close to her, sadly passed away in 2006.

It was Cynthia who encouraged son Mitch and daughter-in-law Janis to send Amy to the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School, where she got vocal education and learned to tap dance.

When Amy's parents divorced when she was 10, Janis found it difficult to put limits on her and she herself confessed to going through long periods of being "horrible to her mum".

But Cynthia was there to keep Amy on the straight and narrow, with Mitch explaining: "Amy was an incredible strong personality and Janice kind of struggled.

"I was pretty strong with her, not like my mum was. My mum was like the nuclear option."

Amy's family and friends believe Cynthia's death was a major factor in Amy going off the rails and turning to booze and drugs.

As a tribute to her grandmother, Amy got a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her right shoulder, with mum Janis explaining that her daughter was "devastated because her nan had gone".

Dad Mitch believes certain "mistakes" involving Amy would not have been made had Cynthia been alive.

"My mother and I were very close. And of course when Amy was ill my mother wasn't there to help and guide me," he adds.

"Thats why mistakes were made because the wise one of the family had gone."

Best friend Catriona Gourlay says Cynthia's death "lit the fuse" and that's when "things started to unravel".

"Her drinking definitely increased, yes. I think at the time I was more worried about her eating. After that point she was making herself sick all the time," says Catriona, who realised Amy was bulimic.

Devastatingly, close pal and stylist Naomi Parry says she thinks Amy was trying to hide her bulimia from those around her.

"It's something you feel deep shame other and its not as simple as wanting to control your bodyweight theres much more mentally going on with it," she explains.

"She knew we all of us knew but back then they were still really taboos subjects still. She was trying to hide it. I think she felt guilty about putting her issues onto other people."

Another event that shaped Amy's final years was her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil.

The singer tied the knot with the former video production assistant Blake in Miami on 18 May 2007 after an on/off romance, but their tumultuous marriage was filled with drug abuse.

"Amy loved him, there's no question about it," says Mitch. "It was one extremely caustic, hopeless and destructive relationship."

Blake went to prison in the summer of 2008 after being convicted of perverting the course of justice and grievous bodily harm with intent over an attack on a pub landlord.

Amy was left devastated after Blake was torn away from her - with friend Naomi claiming she went into a "deep decline".

Her friends and family admit they could only watch as Amy went into a downward spiral.

"Seeing your friend slowly kill themselves is as bad as it sounds - terrifying," admits close friend Chantelle Dusette.

"I mean youd see someone that thin that looks that unwell, I cant even express show dark it was. It was frightening for her and everybody."

Janis, who struggled to help her daughter because her multiple sclerosis declined, heartbreakingly adds: "It's horrible to watch your child disappearing and dying. I could only watch and wait."

Dad Mitch became more involved in Amy's day to day life as her addiction got worse - and strongly denies claims he put pressure on his daughter to carry on performing when she was unwell.

The documentary looks at the 'misconception' that Amy's parents were not supervising her after Mitch especially was heavily criticised in 2015 Oscar-winning documentary 'Amy'.

Mitch, who reveals he had a nervous breakdown over the film, says: "There were times with Amy when she was performing and she wasnt well and i told her not to go on.

"You couldnt tell her to do something or not, if she was going to do it shed do it. There's all this talk about her manager made her do this and I did that. Nobody controlled Amy, she was the governor."

Feeling he had no other options, Mitch even tried to get Amy sectioned after a particularly bad episode but says she was smart enough to tell the doctors what they needed to hear.

Everyone thought the worst was behind them when Amy stopped taking drugs and won five Grammys in 2008, but she "switched from one addiction to another".

Janis, who got up on stage with Amy to collect one of her Grammys, says: "She was prone to addiction. She couldnt stop herself. It's a very cruel beast."

While friend and stylist Naomi explains her belief that Amy struggled to open up on her mental health issues because of the stigma at the time.

"She basically switched done addiction for another. She went from drugs to alcohol," says Naomi.

"That was the problem, the alcoholism was a biproduct of something much deeper that needed addressing. It was mental health issues.

"She didnt want to admit she had mental health issues because it was at a time that it was still like, 'theyre going to lock me up if I say I'm struggling with my mental health'. People didn't understand it."

In her final few months, Amy would have long stints of sobriety dispersed with large periods of binge drinking.

On this day in 2011, the singer was found unconscious in her Camden home by her bodyguard - with paramedics later confirming she was dead at the scene.

Mitch and Janis, who were distraught, describe their daughter as looking like she was asleep when they had the heartbreaking task of identifying her body.

"What I now know abut addiction, she didn't let anybody down. She was the victim of the addiction.," explains Mitch.

"There has always got to be a culprit. There isnt a culprit. The addiction is the culprit. That addiction is more powerful than any love anyone can give."

This is the first time that Janis has spoken about her daughter in depth, with the documentary looking to reclaim her legacy.

With access to never-before-seen family archives and rare musical performances, this highly personal and powerful account of the life and death of one of Britains best-loved musicians offers a new interpretation of her life, her loves and her legacy.

*Frank offers confidential advice about drugs and addiction (email, message 82111 or call 0300 123 6600) or the NHS has information about getting help.

*For help and support on eating disorders contact Beat Eating Disorders on 0808 801 0677.

*Reclaiming Amy airs tonight on BBC Two at 9pm

Do you have a story to share? Email

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Amy Winehouse family reveal two destructive events which led to deep decline and death - The Mirror

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Michael Winship: Republicans Believe Lying Will Make It SoAnd They May Be Right – YubaNet07.25.21

I had a friendwho was a pathological liar. I do not use that term lightly; he really was. We met in college and then through an odd set of circumstances wound up working for the same television station in New Yorkin fact, our offices were right next door to each other.

As the widowed Caitlin Thomas said of her poet husband Dylan, Hed lie about what he had for breakfast. My friend was the same wayit didnt matter what. Small example: hed tell you all the incredible things that he read in a new book and when you read it for yourself, you discovered that he had made everything up. None of it was there.

From time to time, his serial dishonesty caught up with him and there was trouble. And once it even caught up with meat his funeral. Speaking with his motherand for the life of me, I dont remember why I said anything but there must have been a reasonI mentioned that he told me he was adopted and that they had been excellent parents. He often spoke of it. She looked at me in horror. It was completely untrue, of course, one last gotcha from the grave.

While alive, he usually got away with all of this because he was funny, smart, entertaining, charming, tall, and good-looking. He had the charisma one sometimes experiences with the truly psychotic.

Which brings one, as it must, to one Donald J. Trump. Not charming, funny or smart, but sufficiently charismatic to the many who continue to find appealing the brute, bludgeoning force of his bullying character and the entertainment value of his obnoxious reality television persona. He speaks for me, they claim, not realizing that hes simply leading them astray while lining his pockets with their hard-earned cash. They feel a need to be led, and he leads them, right by the nose.

In his new book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,The Wall Street JournalsMichael C. Bender writes about the Front Row Joes, the fanatics who even today slavishly attend Trump rallies in the manner of Deadheads following the remnants of The Grateful Dead on tour after tour.He writes:

They were mostly older White men and women who lived paycheck to paycheck with plenty of time on their handsretired or close to it, estranged from their families or otherwise without childrenand Trump had, in a surprising way, made their lives richer. The president himself almost always spent the night in his own bed and kept few close friends. But his rallies gave the Joes a reason to travel the country, staying at one anothers homes, sharing hotel rooms and carpooling. Two had marriedand later divorcedby Trumps second year in office.

He tells a story about one of the Joes:

When Randal Thom, a 60-year-old ex-Marine with a long gray mustache, fell severely ill with a high fever and debilitating congestion, he refused to go to the hospital. He was a heavy smoker who was significantly overweight and knew he faced an increased risk of severe effects from covid-19. Still, he refused to take a coronavirus test and potentially increase the caseload on Trumps watch: Im not going to add to the numbers, he told me. Thom survived the scare, but died months later in a car accident while returning home to Minnesota from a Trump boat parade in Florida.

Yet, Bender notes, such cult-like devotion wasnt reciprocated. Trump was careless with his supporters innocence, as he turnedcoronavirustests into political scorecards and painted civil rights protests as a breeding ground for antifa. His last campaign-style event as president,the Save America rally on Jan. 6 in Washington, helped fuel a deadly riot at the Capitol that has resulted in the arrests of more than 500 Americans.

Trumps disdain for his own supporters is backed up by another in the flurry of new books just released about the 2020 campaign and its aftermath. In Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,Michael Wolff claimsthat a little more than three weeks before January 6, watching a crowd gathering in Washington for yet another Stop the Steal rally, Trump said, Seems like quite a lot of crazies. He compared them to contestants on Lets Make a Deal dressing up in goofy outfits to gain the emcees attention:

The president often expressed puzzlement over who these people were with their low-rent trailer camp bearing and their get-ups, once joking that he should have invested in a chain of tattoo parlors and shaking his head about the great unwashed.

And yet their fierce devotion appears undiminished. Curiously, it extends to the belief of many of themegged on by politicians and right-wing mediathat COVID inoculations are a government plot, even though their Fearless Leader persists in taking credit for the development of the vaccines, received the most advanced medicine available for his own bout with the virus and had himself and wife Melania vaccinated, albeit behind closed doors. Same goes for Trump toolTucker Carlson at Fox News, who refuses to admit having had his shots while simultaneously giving airtime to every crackpot conspiracy theory about the disease and its cure.

They think theyre invulnerable to COVID. Virtually no one or nothing has been able to convince them otherwise. Nor do they seem to understand that from the beginning if masks had been worn and social distancing rules observed, wed probably be past this pandemic by now and there would have been many fewer deaths and less chance for mutations to take chargeas they have now with the Delta variant burning through the unvaccinated.

I admit that Im struggling to come up with an analogy that would shed some light on the sheer insanity of this moment, conservative commentator and Never TrumperCharlie Sykes wrote atThe Bulwark:

Try to imagine, for example, a campaign to mock attempts to improve airline safety in the wake of a crash that killed hundreds. Or try to envision a political class that would ridicule and undermine engineers who were trying to shore up the foundations of condominiums in Florida in the days after a horrific building collapse there.

None of that, however, even comes close to the genuine depravity of the current burst of performative anti-vax demagoguery we are seeing right now Faced with all of this, much of the rights reaction has ranged from the puerile to the criminally reckless.

Sykes describes it using the legal term depraved indifference to human life and so it is. Yet, Republican leadership in Congress falls in lockstep with the former guy and his followers mass hysteria (although you can bet most of the legislators jumped the line to get their own COVID jabs). They continue to promote the Big Lie that the election was stolen and have added to that massive con job their claims that the January 6 insurrection was peacefuldespite the massive video evidence and thefirst criminal sentencingon Monday of one of those arrested for the assault on the Capitol.

Look, too, at their defeat of a bipartisan commission to investigate that day and their opposition to Nancy Pelosis select committee, which shortly will begin hearings. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy named his five members of the committee on Mondaythree of whom voted in January to overturn the election results and one of whom is Jim Jordan, the notorious Trump troll who lives to roil cauldrons of anger and distrust.

(UPDATE: On Wednesday, House Speaker Pelosivetoed McCarthys choice of Jordanfor the committee and also gave thumbs down to Republican Jim Banks of Indiana. McCarthy responded by pulling all five of his recommendations for committee membership.)

Not only do GOP honchos fear for their job securitythat Trumps motley crew of voters will do whatever Trump tells them to do, accepting every one of his tens of thousands of pathological liesthey also think his grip on those devotees increases the power of the Republican Partys attempts at a de facto minority government pledged to obstruction. Their deluded devotion to Trump allows Republicans to continue pushing their decades-old agenda of tax cuts, conservative judges, and culture wars.

This in the face of President Joe Biden and the Democratic Partys substantive if imperfect proposals that actually would help peoplemassive infrastructure funding and voting rights, among others. But show the Trump gang streets destroyed by floods, arteries clogged with mudtheyll insist theres no climate change. Immigration reform? The so-called browning of America sends them into paroxysms of panic. Progress is anathema.

They play on the racist fears and economic anxieties of uninformed, conspiracy-driven, and easily manipulated white voters. It works far more effectively than it should, allowing Trump and his Republican cronies to further consolidate control from the state level up and fill their personal and party coffers with the graft and grift of campaign contributions andother illicit payoffs.

I know this sounds as if I still think Donald Trump is president. Believe me, I light candles on the half hour giving thanks that hes not. But far too many of the mob really think that he is, that the election was fake and that January 6 was the Lexington and Concord of a new civil war.

Every attempt at bipartisanship is undermined at every turn. Heres minority leader Mitch McConnell,speaking at an eventin Kentucky earlier this month:

The era of bipartisanship on this stuff is over This is not going to be done on a bipartisan basis. This is going to be a hell of a fight over what this country ought to look like in the future and its going to unfold here in the next few weeks. I dont think weve had a bigger difference of opinion between the two parties.

They will not play by the rules. Democratic leadership should wake up. Drop the filibusterits a tradition not a statute and foolish at a time when our democracy is being doused in gasoline, a lit match at the ready. Work harder than ever toward next years midterms and taking more seats in the House and Senateforget the popular wisdom that the party in the White House loses seats during the midterms.

Whats more, refute every single one of their falsehoods every single time. Let none pass unchallenged seeDr. Anthony Fauci confrontKentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul on Tuesday and learn. As perThe Washington Posts Greg Sargent, Frame everything around the basic goal of ensuring thatRepublicans are the ones on the defensive.

This might include asking anti-critical race theory Republicanswhy they think our cadets are such snowflakesthat they must be shielded from hard truths about their countrys past. Or asking why Republicans are doingfar too little to encourage GOP votersto endure a little pinprick to protect their friends, relatives and neighbors from dying of a deadly disease. Or why theyre trying tobury the truth about their own partys complicityin an effort to sack the U.S. government with mob violence.

Nothing gets done otherwise. Nothing. Worse, the mob takes back control. Trump officially returns with all his pathological lies, scorn, ineptitude, prejudice, rage, and yearnings for revenge intact and made worse. The authoritarian nightmare becomes reality. And thats no lie.

Michael Winshipis the Schumann Senior Writing Fellow for Common Dreams. Previously, he was the Emmy Award-winning senior writer forMoyers &, a past senior writing fellow at the policy and advocacy group Demos, and former president of the Writers Guild of America East.

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Michael Winship: Republicans Believe Lying Will Make It SoAnd They May Be Right - YubaNet

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Best movies to binge at this weekend – TechnoSports07.25.21

All the OTT Platforms are geared up to launch some summer-filled blockbuster movies, and it will provide a kick-off with their incredible film lineup of July. In addition, it is expected that in the coming days, all the OTT platforms will be filled with many original release films and shows.

This June, all the OTT platforms will release all film categories, whether it is a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror. In this week of July, there are several films on which audience have shown their more love by watching mostly.

Here is a list of the top 10 films in this weekend of July 2021:

10.Fear Street: 1666

This Fear Street trilogy is based on the year 1666, while a merciless witch-hunt has gripped a small colonial town that has been damning some consequences to that town for tears.

The main thing is that in 1994, a group of the teenager has found out the history and try to destroy the curse of the town forever before it becomes so late.

9.Fear Street:1994

It is based on the bestselling horror book of R.L. Stine that follows the nightmare through the history of Shadysides sinister. The story was set in 1994; a team of teenagers has discovered that all the terrible events that have haunted their town continuously for generations are connected. Now the next target may be them.

8.Gunpowder Milkshake

In this, we will see the story of a woman who is Sam. At the age of 12, her mother, Scarlet, an elite assassin, was forced to abandon her. After The Firm brought Sam up, it depicts a ruthless syndicate of crime that her mother works for. After that, 15 years have passed away, and she also followed her mothers footsteps and grown into a fierce assassin. She also utilizes her talents to clean up The Firms most terrible messes. She is both efficient and loyal.

7.Cosmic Sin

It is a story of seven soldiers that has launched a preemptive that has a strike against the latest discovered alien civilization with the hopes of ending the war of the interstellar before it has started.

6.Haseen Dillruba

In this film, we will see Rani Kashyap (Taapsee Pannu), who is very proud of her sexuality. This woman is a big fan of Dinesh Pandit, a pulpy fiction writer in Hindi. This terrible woman becomes married to Rishu. Rishu has lost his heart at his first glance at Rani. He is doing crazy things like tattooing her name on his wrist; Rishu is trying his best to keep his newly married bride happy at any cost.

The world of Rani become clash down after her husband become dead at a blast, and she is suspected as a victim by the police. The investigation started, and as the investigation going deep, Ranis personality layers have got off after finding her to be attracted towards her neighbour (Rane). It leaves some hint about more to Rishu than eye contact.

5. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

In this, all the heroes will team up to battle the arcane Order to control the magic that will bind them together.

4.Blood Red Sky

In this film of vampire, we will get the vibe of Die Hard 2. The trailer reveals Nadja, who has reunited with her 10 years old son at the German airport. At the airport, her son expressed that Nadja has needed medicine to provide herself with some fresh blood before the two board the transatlantic flight overnight. The plane becomes hijacked by the terrorists, attacks many passengers, and shoots Nadja seemingly dead. Still, it does not end. She becomes wake up and depicts that the blood disorder is mainly vampirism.


The story of this exciting sci-fi is based on four university students who are suffering from insomnia and lured for the neuroscience experiment that can spiral out of control very soon. They become stuck within their own minds; now, they have to find out how to escape before it becomes too late.

2. Toofan

In this film, we will see Farhan Akhtar playing the lead role of Aziz Ali, a thug usually known by Ajju Bhai. He also has faced brawls, bullies, and also intimidates people but eventually learns that the people are cowering in fear at his sight that does not equate to respect. After that, the man eventually finds his passion for boxing. Nana Prabhu coached him; Ali becomes a very famous boxer in the athletic world. He is in love with Pooja with his romantic interest to lead an honest life.

1.The Tomorrow War

In this film, we will see the present world become wondered while a group of time travellers comes from 2051 to give some important message. After thirty years, they will say that humanity is losing a global war against some terrible alien species. They will see that the only hope of them will be the soldiers and the civilians from the present time if the civilians will transport to the future and fight together with them. In the team, there is a high school teacher and family man Dan Forester. They are very determined to protect the world for his little daughter Dan collaborates with some intelligent scientists and his father to write the fate of the Earth in a new way. Here are a lot of shots of Chris Pratt holding a gun.

Best movies to binge at this weekend - TechnoSports

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Thinking of a tattoo? Here are the most and least painful spots to get inked – Insider07.25.21

Getting a tattoo involves an ink-filled needle repeatedly puncturing your skin. Consequently, it's not unusual to wonder how much pain you should expect when considering a tattoo.

As it turns out, pain is a highly subjective experience, and how much discomfort you feel while getting tattoed can depend on a couple of factors including your biological sex, pain tolerance, and most importantly the area of your body getting tattooed.

Most of the data on tattoos and pain is anecdotal, but some general rules apply. The most painful places to get tattooed are typically bony and have very little fat covering them, says Gianna Caranfa, a New York-based tattoo artist.

Quick tip: Caranfa says a simple "pinch test" can help you understand how pain can vary based on where you're getting tattooed: "Imagine the areas that hurt when you are pinched. The inner biceps would hurt more from a pinch versus the top of your forearm, this relates to tattooing too."

The most painful areas for all people include the:

Less painful areas to get tattooed include parts of the body with thicker skin and more fat, including the:

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much pain you'll feel when getting tattooed. But if you're wondering what type of pain to expect, Caranfa says the experience is comparable to the feeling of a cat scratch or a sunburn.

"Long periods of irritation and tenderness are what make you feel any discomfort," Caranfa says. "The sensation of a tattoo needle is very dull compared to a syringe [and needle], it isn't the needle that causes discomfort as much as it is prolonged tenderness of being tattooed."

Importantly, different people will report varying experiences of pain based on their individual nervous systems and pain thresholds, says Channelle Charest, a California-based tattoo artist and Co-founder of tattoo scheduling platform Tatstat.

Other factors that could affect pain during tattooing include:

Important: People might experience increased sensitivity to pain during menstruation.

Fortunately, most of the discomfort you feel while getting tattooed will end when your tattoo artist puts down the tattoo gun.

"The sensation is only when the needle is in you," Caranfa says, adding that while it's typical to experience some soreness, swelling, and itchiness in the days after getting tattooed, it's "not debilitating."

It's natural to feel nervous about pain when getting tattooed, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself and make the process a more pleasant experience.

"Make sure you eat an hour before you go, drink plenty of water, and wear comfortable clothes," Charest says, and always be communicative and honest with your artist if you need to take a break while getting tattooed.

If you're really worried about pain, you might opt to use a numbing cream. Remember to avoid NSAIDS or drink alcohol prior to being tattooed as they can thin your blood and cause excess bleeding, making it harder for the tattoo artist to do their job.

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Thinking of a tattoo? Here are the most and least painful spots to get inked - Insider

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Here’s how the pandemic inspired a fresh wave of new ink – KUOW News and Information07.25.21

The pandemic has been brutal, the loss staggering. Family members, neighbors, beloved community members everyone has a story. Some people are telling theirs with a new tattoo as Covid has spurred a fresh wave of ink.

Nikki Stoops is a Seattle-based tattoo artist who had the opportunity to observe the pandemic through the people that sought out her art.

"I have had a lot of clients come in for tattoos, whether it be good tattoos because of [a] big change that they've realized during the pandemic, but also quite a handful of memorial tattoos due to Covid," Stoops said.

One of the aspects of tattooing Stoops loves the most is the connection she gets to share with her clients. Her customers can come in with an idea, and Stoops turns it into a piece of art that they'll have on their body forever.

"Being able to be the one that got to give that to them was pretty awesome. But also, of course, it was heartbreaking."

Stoops found herself crying with some of her clients. She also lost a loved one to Covid.

She remembers one customer in particular who reached out for a memorial tattoo of his father.

"His father was working on a 1970 Chevy, I believe, just like his whole life, but never quite finished it," Stoops said. "And it was kind of an illustrated version of his dad, chillin in the car with like, Cubs hat on and some palm trees behind him, just like a super beautiful tattoo."

While the pandemic may have fueled the demand for more tattoos, the artform has been around for at least 5,000 years. Scientists have even found tattoos on Egyptian mummies.

Dr. Deborah Davidson is a tattooed sociologist at York University in Toronto. She says the permanence of a tattoo gives people the opportunity to have a physical reminder of the human experience.

"A 20 year old might get a tattoo related to the pandemic and then 60 years later, be able to share that living history with their grandchildren," Davidson said.

And Davidson says there is a relationship between tattoos and traumatic events, like a pandemic. Survivors of Hurricane Katrina got memorial tattoos of hurricane swirls and the names of loved ones who died; semicolon tattoos have become a popular symbol for awareness and de-stigmatization of suicide and mental health issues.

Brittany Rios is a registered nurse at Virginia Mason. Before the start of the pandemic, Rios was working on a general surgery floor. Most of the patients she cared for were recovering from surgeries that were planned in advance, and not urgent.

But as coronavirus cases jumped, Rios found herself becoming a pandemic first responder.

"We changed our entire patient population from you know, the things that I was used to and knew and saw, to wearing masks, getting fit tested for N95s and having to work with that," Rios said.

None of the places Rios normally went felt safe. What if she got sick at the store? What if she got sick at work?

"You know, we took a lot of precautions, and we still have those in place, and they've only gotten better and stronger with time. But it was terrifying. You know, you didn't know what was going to happen," Rios said.

Rios says she didn't intentionally plan on getting a pandemic tattoo. But while scrolling through Instagram, she saw a design from a tattoo artist who had tattooed her before.

It was a woman, dressed like a Puritan settler. She says the image spoke to her.

"She's got like long skirts and a bonnet on and she's carrying a woven basket. And the basket is full of skulls and bones," Rios said. "I saw it and I was like 'this is it.' I call her my Covid death nurse, her name is Adelaide."

Adelaide became a meaningful and therapeutic way for Rios to process the challenges and trauma that came with working as a nurse during the pandemic.

"It's kind of a grounding reminder that I'm still here," Rios said.

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Here's how the pandemic inspired a fresh wave of new ink - KUOW News and Information

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Destination Salem: Explore Salem Like The Real Housewives Of New York – Patch.com07.25.21

July 23, 2021

Did you tune in to watch Leah, Luann, Ramona, Sonja and Eboni travel to Salem? If you missed it, The Real Housewives of New York City spent several days exploring Salem for three episodes of the popular Bravo series.

Here's your guide to what they did and how you can create your own RHONY Salem experience.

The Hawthorne Hotel was home base for the Housewives. General Manager Claire pulled out all the stops for the women, and Catering Manager June Jennings cast a spell upon their arrival. (June also does readings at the new Maison Vampyre, Salem's first vampyre parlour!) The group gathered in Nathaniel's Restaurant for their welcome champagne, and we saw frequent clips of the beautiful hotel lobby. After their dinner in the second episode, the women gathered (for cocktails, of course) in The Library of the hotel, which is a lower-level function room.

The RHONY cast stepped across Essex Street to have dinner at Bella Verona. This snug Italian restaurant has been a local favorite for decades. They currently have expanded outdoor dining, which increases their capacity. Indoors or out, we don't recommend dancing on the tables at Bella Verona!

The sance was held outside of Salem at the 1640 Hart House in Ipswich. This historic restaurant was a perfect setting for the sance, which was organized by Omen Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium on Essex Street in Salem. You don't have to be a Real Housewife to participate in an Omen sance, they host them nightly in their Sance parlor in Salem.The awkward 40-minute drive in the third episode took the Housewives to Newburyport where they dined at The Black Cow.

On their first night in Salem, the Housewives had a catered dinner at Black Veil Tattoo. A couple of the women did get tattoos to remember their grandmothers. This unique space is located on Boston Street, a short drive from the Hawthorne Hotel.

The women got their Puritan on at Pioneer Village: Salem in 1630. The oldest living history museum in the country, we watched the women explore the Governor's house and the wooded property. Pioneer Village is a popular location for filming and Hocus Pocus fans may have recognized Thackery Binx's house in the background!

Visitors don't usually get to wear Puritan clothes as they explore Pioneer Village. If you want to dress up for a portrait session, take your lipstick over to Witch Pix on Essex Street! The Housewives stopped by Witch Pix during their visit. It didn't make the final cut, but it made their Instagram!

We didn't see our RHONY gals shopping in the episodes, but we noticed gift bags in their hotel rooms from local shops Hex and VampFangs.

We think the RHONY cast would have enjoyed the fashion exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, shopping at Die with Your Boots On, dining at Sea Level, and soaking in some of Salem's history at the Salem Witch Museum and on a historic walking tour.

To learn more about the locations RHONY visited outside of Salem, visit

You can learn more by clicking through this site or our app, but if you've visited Salem, you know there's always more to do on your next visit!

This press release was produced by Destination Salem. The views expressed here are the author's own.

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Destination Salem: Explore Salem Like The Real Housewives Of New York -

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First Thing: Human rights activists, dissidents and journalists targeted by Pegasus spyware – The Guardian07.25.21

Good morning.

Human rights lawyers, activists and dissidents across the globe were selected as possible candidates for invasive surveillance via their phones, leaked phone data suggests.

The Guardians Pegasus project reveals that their mobile phone numbers appeared in leaked records, indicating they were selected prior to possible surveillance targeting by governmental clients of the Israeli company NSO Group, which developed the Pegasus spyware.

NSO has repeatedly insisted that Pegasus is meant to be used only to spy on terrorists and serious criminals. The tool can extract messages, photos and emails, record calls and secretly activate microphones.

Loujain al-Hathloul, the most prominent womens rights activist in Saudi Arabia, was one of those selected for possible targeting, just weeks before her 2018 abduction in the United Arab Emirates and forced return to Saudi Arabia, where she was imprisoned for three years and allegedly tortured. It is believed Hathloul was selected by the UAE, a known client of NSO and close ally of Saudi Arabia.

Check out this handy explainer about Pegasus, and what this spyware is capable of.

NSO has claimed it will cut off clients if they misuse Pegasus. In a response to the consortium, it denied the leaked records were evidence of targeting with Pegasus and said it will continue to investigate all credible claims of misuse and take appropriate action based on the result of these investigations.

Joe Biden may have promised to use his presidency to restore the soul of America and to unite the nation, defuse anger, resentment and hatred and lead Americans back to a world where they treated each other with dignity and respect.

But six months on, Bidens assurances are at risk of appearing overly romantic. About 1,400 miles west from the White House, in Dallas, Texas, people who had been hoping for change are witnessing an explosion of regressive, extreme rightwing laws pushed through by the states Republicans, Ed Pilkington writes.

Of particular concern is the Republican bill to make it even more difficult to vote in a state that already makes it harder to vote than any other in the country.

Another new law expected to come into effect in September effectively tries to turn ordinary citizens into anti-abortion bounty hunters, offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who successfully sues a fellow Texan for helping a woman seek an abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy.

The Bootleg Fire, the largest wildfire in the US, torched more dry forest landscape in Oregon on Sunday, one of at least 70 major blazes burning across the west and nearby states.

The wildfire, which is raging just north of the California border, grew to more than 476 sq miles (1,210 sq km), an area about the size of Los Angeles.

Erratic winds fed the Bootleg Fire, creating dangerous conditions for firefighters and hampering their efforts.

Two thousand residents have been evacuated from a largely rural area of lakes and wildlife refuges.

The blaze, which is 22% contained, has burned at least 67 homes and 100 outbuildings while threatening thousands more.

The British far-right commentator Katie Hopkins is facing imminent deportation from Australia, after her visa was cancelled because she boasted about breaching hotel quarantine rules. Hopkins, 46, broadcast a live video from what she claimed was a Sydney hotel room on Saturday morning, describing Covid-19 lockdowns as the greatest hoax in human history.

A US father and son have been imprisoned in Tokyo for helping the former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn flee to Lebanon. A Tokyo court has handed down the first sentences related to Ghosns arrest and escape from Japan, ruling that the US army special forces veteran Michael Taylor will be jailed for two years and his son, Peter, for one year and eight months.

The billionaire space race could be one giant leap for pollution, as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and co are hoping to vastly expand the number of people travelling to space.

Spectators cheered as a stone statue of a Confederate general was hoisted by a crane and removed from a pedestal where it stood for 99 years in front of a city hall in south Louisiana on Saturday.

A joint investigation by the Guardian and Food and Water Watch shows that a handful of mega firms dominate every link of the food supply chain: from seeds and fertilizers to slaughterhouses and supermarkets to cereals and beers, US consumers are almost entirely at the mercy of a few huge companies when buying food.

Workers at Hufcor, a family-owned company founded in Janesville, Wisconsin, 120 years ago, are fighting the closure of the plant and the moving of operations to Monterrey, Mexico, which is wiping out the jobs of 166 workers. Their opponent? The private-equity firm OpenGate Capital, which acquired the company four years ago and which, according to the Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin, has a history of shutting down businesses and giving workers pink slips in Wisconsin.

Covering the climate crisis is one of the most important things we do at the Guardian. So today were introducing Climate Check, a new First Thing section to help you stay on top of the environmental stories that matter the most. Today, we thought wed bring to your attention that the American Petroleum Institute, a powerful US lobby group, receives millions from oil companies to help big oil block climate action. My colleague Chris McGreal reports.

Once a symbol of individualism, many tattoos are now far from unique. What happens when you walk into a tattoo parlour and come out with someone elses inky ornament on your arm after a quick Google of cool tattoos men? James Shackell knows.

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First Thing: Human rights activists, dissidents and journalists targeted by Pegasus spyware - The Guardian

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90-Year-Old Will Walk 3,600 Miles for Children With Cancer, KISS and Cinderella Keyboardist Dies From Cancer and More – Curetoday.com07.25.21

Mark Hoppus shared that he has the same cancer type his mother survived.

Mark Hoppus, singer and bassist of Blink-182, recently announced his cancer diagnosis on social media. He shared that he had been undergoing chemotherapy for the past three months, but did not disclose the cancer type.

Recently, in a livestream question and answer session with fans, Hoppus explained that he was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma stage 4a.

Oddly enough, I have the exact same form of cancer that she had, and she beat it so Ive been able to talk with her and bond with her quite a bit," he said, according to iHeart Radio.

He explained that he was scheduled to undergo a CT scan that week to determine the effectiveness of his treatments. If the chemotherapy is not yielding results, he may look into receiving a bone marrow transplant. If the current treatment is working, he said, he must go through at least three more rounds of it.

Were beating the cancer, its only a matter of time," said Hoppus, who also shared that he plans to get a tattoo to celebrate being cancer-free when the day comes.

Dean Troutman, 90, has been traveling on foot to raise money for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, through a fundraiser called Troutman Trek.

Ive gone only a little over 100 miles. Im just getting started, he told WGN9.

In 2014, Troutman walked more than 700 miles around Illinois to raise money in memory of his late wife, Dorothy (Peggy) Troutman. He was able to fundraise $70,000, which was used to build a playground and complete other projects in his local area. The following year, he walked again, raising over $10,000 for children and families of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

This year, his goal is to walk for a full year, completing 3,600 miles across the central and southern parts of the U.S.

My goal now is to get out of Illinois, he said. And once I get into Indiana, my goal is to hit Ohio then Kentucky and West Virginia, then Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and I hope to be out in Florida by Christmas.

So far, he has raised more than $9,600 during this trek.

I like to walk, and Ive got to have a reason to do it, Troutman said. And St. Jude is a charity I think deserves it as much or more than anyone I can think of.

Gary Corbett, a keyboardist who toured with the bands KISS and Cinderella, died from lung cancer last week.

The news was confirmed by his sister in a Facebook post.

Those who knew Gary know that we and the world of music have all lost a very talented, funny, kind and gentle soul. The pain cuts so deeply that our hearts are bleeding, she wrote.

Former bandmembers of Cinderella also released a joint statement about Corbetts death, writing, Gary was a talented musician and good-hearted friend. He toured with Cinderella on and off for many years. Our deepest condolences go out to Garys wife Lenore and his family and loved ones. RIP Gary.

KISS released an official statement on Corbetts death as well, sharing that they were shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Gary Corbett to cancer.

Miranda McKeon, a 19-year-old actress known for her role in Anne with an E, was diagnosed with breast cancer after she found an odd lump on her breast during a weekend at the beach with friends.

After going down a little Google rabbit hole, my mind was at ease because I didnt think anything could be wrong because of my age, McKeon told Entertainment Weekly.

Unfortunately for McKeon, a biopsy revealed that she had stage 3 breast cancer. The cancer had also spread to her lymph nodes. Her doctors told her that she was one in a million due to the rarity of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis as a teenager.

"My doctor was like, 'Your stage doesn't define you. And your cancer is your cancer.' she said. Which I appreciate because when you hear someone's stage, your mind goes straight to one place or another and I don't think that's necessarily representative of what I'm going through.

McKeon started treatment right away, which will be four months of chemotherapy with infusions every other week, followed by radiation and a potential surgery.

For more news on cancer updates, research and education, dont forget tosubscribe to CUREs newsletters here.

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90-Year-Old Will Walk 3,600 Miles for Children With Cancer, KISS and Cinderella Keyboardist Dies From Cancer and More -

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Kate Moss Might Be Training to Become a Tattoo Artist: Details07.25.21

Kate Moss. Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/Shutterstock

Kate Moss has certainly mastered the art of walking down the catwalk and knows how to dress for success, but her expertise doesnt extend into the tattoo arena yet!

While the 47-year-old models skills have yet to be fine tuned, her tattoo artist and friend Daniel Casone (@danielcasone) exclusive told Us Weekly that shes intent on learning how to tattoo so that the duo can go to Glastonbury Festival and just tattoo everybody else.

Covid has certainly interfered with her training, but Casone, who Moss trusts to touch up her ink from the late Lucian Freud, said that shes already had a crash course.

I taught her all the basics that you need to know to be able to do very basic tattoos, he shared, noting that a fully qualified artist needs anywhere from three to five months of training.

Still, hes hoping to squeeze in a few more lessons before they hit the festival as her technique could use a little more work.

When asked to rate her skill set, the tattoo artist gave her a solid 5, explaining that its a very hard talent to master. I know people who do drawings and theyre a very good artist, but when you tattoo, its very different, he told Stylish. Its something very new and its out of peoples comfort zone as well so people start shaking and they dont know what to do or how to do it.

For her initial stab at tattoo artistry, Moss actually gave Casone a tribute tattoo of her name and a love heart. She got an A+ for effort, but Casone shared that it wasnt necessarily a pleasant experience. Its not the best, but it was her first time she ever tattooed and it was very painful, he said.

The actress, who recently got inked with a very small smily face, isnt the only star to give Casone some ink Rita Ora has also made her mark, engraving her signature on his arm.

Other celebs have found themselves trying out the trade in recent weeks. Kourtney Kardashian gave it a go, inking boyfriend Travis Barker with an I love you tattoo in her handwriting.

She showed off her handy work last month, taking to Instagram to demonstrate her creative process, from sketching to inking.

I tattoo, she captioned her post. Barker responded, Woman of many talents.

With reporting by Diana Cooper.

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Kate Moss Might Be Training to Become a Tattoo Artist: Details

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