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These Indigenous artists are working to keep traditional tattooing alive – CBC.ca11.30.21

Dion Kaszas and Jerry Evans are cultural tattoo practitioners. While Kaszas works to revive the Nlaka'pamux tattoo tradition, Evans focuses on Mi'kmaq motifs. (Paula Gale/CBC)

For Dion Kaszas, reviving tattoo traditions almost lost over the course of colonization is an important tribute to his ancestors' resilience.

"There were so many times where our ancestors could have been extinguished," said Kaszas.

"Our tattoo designs are proof and evidence of those ancestors who prayed, cried and survived so that we could be here today."

Since 2012, Kaszas has worked as a cultural tattoo practitioner and teacher, reviving the tattooing tradition of his ancestors the Nlaka'pamux, an Indigenous First Nation based in southern British Columbia.

He has since been passing on his knowledge, giving talks and teaching the art of traditional tattooing. Kaszas spoke at the Spirit Song Festivallastweekend, organized by the First Light Friendship Centre in St. John's.

"For us, a way that you share your wealth or show your wealth is by giving it away," says Kaszas. "This is a gift that the creator has given me, and so it's my responsibility to pass it on and to share it with others.

"And the reality is that I wouldn't want to come to a place where this practice has to be revived again."

One of the students Kaszas shares his gift with is Mi'kmawartist Jerry Evans.

The St. John's artist, originally from Grand Falls-Windsor in central Newfoundland, first met Kaszasin2016 at the Indigenous Earthline Tattoo School held by Kaszas and another tattoo artist, Jordan Bennett, in Kelowna, B.C.

There, Evans learned the art of tattooing and also received his first tattoo.

For Evans, it is important that tattoos are meaningful, especially when they includeMi'kmawmotifs.

"It's a great opportunity to gift people these marks so that they can wear proudly these symbols that represent their ancestry and they wear with pride as permanent regalia," said Evans.

"When I look in the mirror or see my own skin it just reminds me of who I am and where I come from."

Traditional tattoos, Evans said,are a part of Mi'kmawmaterial culture. "They are marks of our people," said Evans. "So much has been lost here. But everybody who lived around us had a tattooing practice. So chances are we did as well."

Evans's tattoos also show traditional motifs that matter to Mi'kmaq. A circle around his arm represents waves, a symbol for the encompassing role water plays in Newfoundland. Another tattoo shows caribou tracks to represent the importance of the animal.

Growing up, Kaszas didn't know that tattoos had once been an integral part of Nlaka'pamux culture. Hebecame aware of the practice with a discovery in a tattoo parlour in 1996 a 1930 publicationby anthropologist James Teit titled Tattooing and Face and Body Painting of the Thompson Indians, the archaic term for Nlaka'pamux.

When he found it, Kaszas couldn't believe his eyes.

"I was like, what? My ancestors tattooed? I had no idea," said Kaszas.

More than 10 years later, in 2009, Kaszas started researching Nlaka'pamux tattooing traditions which started going out of use around the mid-nineteenth century.

Shortly after, he started practising them himself usinghand tattooing methods called hand poke and skin stitching.

Hand poke is the tattoo practice of using a sharp instrument, such as a sharpened bone, fish spine or, more recently, metal needles, to press ink into the skin.

A multitude of designs is used in Nlaka'pamux tattoos but Kaszas says they often represent the people's connection to the land but also their spirituality and worldview are commonly expressed.

Kaszas says, for him, thetattoo designs areNlaka'pamux visual language.

"The reality is that the tattoo patterns, designs and motifs are related to basketry designs, painted, rock art, pictographs, petroglyphs, also painted clothing," said Kaszas.

"It's really a language that is evident all across our whole visual and material culture."

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These Indigenous artists are working to keep traditional tattooing alive -

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The special meaning behind the art of tattooing – KGUN11.30.21

TUCSON, ARIZ.(KGUN) All it takes is an idea and a call to Trinity Art Collective at 7455 W Twin Peaks Rd. in Tucson. Owner Tony Stannard makes it a point to work with precision and patience to make tattoo dreams come true.

There are a couple of reasons why people get tattoos is to memorialize someone that's passed, an event that they cherish or simply just art, Stannard said

Tony's client Eddie Lorge made his way to the tattoo chair because he wanted to honor his mother with a series of tattoos.

I've always been fascinated with it. I lost her in 2018 so, I just look at it every day I take a little bit of her with me wherever I go. Theres a cross, she always went on cruises so theres a cruise ship," Lorge said.

KGUN 9 wanted to know more about what defines body modification and according to Tony there are alot of sides to it.

"Body modification is anything you do to adjust the way your body is. From dying your hair to getting a tattoo to piercing theres scarification, Stannard said.

Stannard says it takes time to perfect your craft, he has artists of all levels at his shop who use their talents to create works of art. Clients also have emotional attachments to their tattoos and for some it can be for cultural reasons or it can just simply a means of personal expression.

"Sometimes it's very tragic, I was part of a TV show "Hero Ink" where we got to tattoo first responders from the military to police to fire, Stannard said.

There are also misconceptions about body modification and its impact on society.

There are a few misconceptions about tattooing, it's more of a taboo to some people. Theres a stigma sometimes with the bad side of society with tattooing but in today's age with TV shows and everything else to showcase that were more than just that, Stannard said.

According to the group Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work or STAPAW around 42% of American adults have at least one tattoo. Meanwhile experts say tattoos can also be addictive.

"Tattoos can be addicting, other times it can be therapy. Sometimes people come in here and spill their guts to their tattoo artist because we're not judgmental. It doesn't matter what the design is it has a significance to you," Stannard said.

Trinity Art Collective

Stannard also uses his skills to help survivors of cancer and other traumas deal with processing their experience and healing process.

"One of the ways that I do that is that I do breast tattoos on areolas for breast cancer awareness for free for women who have had the procedure done." Stannard said.

Whether you think its taboo or an every day thing body modification is a part of American life filled with colors and creative designs that will continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.

"I work on people anywhere from 18 and up . Weve tattooed 85 and 87-year-old's that just decided to get their first tattoo, why not, Stannard said.



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The special meaning behind the art of tattooing - KGUN

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Afghan refugees and military families celebrate Thanksgiving together – The Fayetteville Observer11.30.21

Danielle Dreilinger| USA Today Network

Shirrahman Siddiqi was starting over. The Afghan military interpreter had lived for five years in Houston and become a U.S. citizen, then redeployed to Dubai. Visiting his parents in Kabul for the first time in seven years, he decided to get married and resettle at home. In early August, Shir met his fiance Safain person for the first time and was delighted to find I like her Im in love with her, he said. They shopped the dowry list it was expensive, $35,000, but thats the tradition. That night they held the wedding ceremony as the Taliban began sweeping the nation.

They left it all behind. Before the couple could even pick up the wedding photos, Kabul fell.

Shir knew he and his family would be targeted. So he picked up his phone and contacted his American brother, the soldier he worked with in Afghanistan, John Rester.

In September, John and his family picked up the Siddiqis at the Philadelphia airport and took them home not just Shir and his wife but his parents, five of his siblings, his sister-in-law and three of his nieces and nephews, with just the clothes on their backs. Theyre among the almost 21,000 Afghan refugees currently finding new homes in the U.S., 660 of them in North Carolina, with 44,000 at camps and bases waiting, a State Department spokesman said.

This week, the Resters and Siddiqis will celebrate Thanksgiving together that most American holiday, with its togetherness and traditions and cornucopia of plenty as a new family divided by language but connected by love.

More: Afghan interpreter for 82nd Airborne Division settles in North Carolina

Its been crazy, Amy Rester said Nov.14 as kids in T-shirts and sequins ran around holding cupcakes. Task Force Pineapple was hosting a meal at Afghan Kabob in Fayetteville to bring together new refugees, longstanding Afghan immigrants, resettlement groups and veterans.

Task Force Pineapple is one of the groups that formed this summer as U.S. veterans of the Afghanistan conflict worked around the clock to get their colleagues out. Mike Adams, a Fort Bragg veteran who is now chief of staff for Task Force Pineapple, described phone calls, texts, security codes, coordinating with other organizations, making sure every seat on every plane was full. They called it Digital Dunkirk.

For John Rester, the mission felt doubly personal. His Vietnamese grandparents died after Saigon fell, taken to camps when they were unable to escape. Its never stopped haunting his mother, he said her guilt about who you left behind.

He decided, Itd be great if the government wants to help but were going to do it anyway.

The Resters tried the State Department repatriation hotline, but the family got turned away at the airport gates, Amy said. They made effort after effort until a Texas representative finally succeeded, she said.

Amy took a month off from work. She bought sleeping mats and 14 sleeping bags. She moved her daughter into her own bedroom and put her two boys in bunkbeds. Her mother, who lives with the Resters, temporarily moved in with her other daughter and bought a sewing machine so the women could make the Afghan clothing that felt comfortable and appropriate to them. For the month, 22 people lived together. It was immediate immersion, she said.

More: Opinion: How we can help the Afghan refugees

This kind of transition isnt easy. At Afghan Kabob, standing before tables loaded with rice, stewed spinach, cardamom pudding and the restaurants signature dish, harried owners Helal Dur and Homa Mohammad urged everyone to eat. As the most prominent Afghan-Americans in town, of course they got pulled in to the resettlement initiatives. Were trying to help them. But right now its so chaotic. And this is nothing! This is Fayetteville! Go to Virginia! Dur said. We should have had a plan.

But the grown women in Shirs family were fasting until sundown for religious reasons. They sat themselves together at a table in the back, the only people wearing traditional Afghan dress and the only ones in COVID-19 face masks.

Matriarch Bibi Nazo evinced optimism. Shes really happy to make her life here, Shir translated for her from Dari. But after being pressed, she admitted that only her body was at the Fayetteville table. Her mind and heart were back in Afghanistan with her four other daughters and their children, including a newborn. (Shir's mother and wife asked to use nicknames in this story, not the first names they went by in Afghanistan.)

As for Safa Siddiqi, when asked what it was like for her to evacuate as a newlywed, she traced a finger down her cheek, mimicking a tear. This is so hard for me, she said, in English, then turned to her husband for language help. Her family is missing me a lot and asking when we can meet again, Shir translated.

One relationship was flourishing with barely any translation. Outside, Shokofa Siddiqi, 4, hopped up on a picnic table and patted the seat to get Olivia Rester, 6, to sit next to her. They couldnt speak the same language, but their mouths were a matching lollipop-blue.

She speaks Dari and I speak English, Olivia explained. I tell Uncle Shir what is Shokofa saying, but sometimes I dont tell my uncle, she giggled. He speaks Dari and English.

Yes! Shokofa said, giving a thumbs-up.

We like to play with toys, Olivia said. Its fun to be around Shokofa.

Shokofa got impatient. MamOlivia, she said, pointing around the corner. It meant "come on." The girls got up and ran away.

More: Fort Bragg paratroopers talk to four-star general about Afghanistan exit mission

Shir, the U.S. citizen, sounded ready to grab the brass ring in America. Its a land of opportunity for those who work, he said. The newcomers need to stand up on their own feet and start their own business, opportunity, job, whatever, he said. Theyll be safe. Hes going to make sure his younger sisters finish school and go to college. The women in his family are going to learn to speak English, and to drive so they can take themselves to work.

Though the Siddiqis have moved into the house across the street, the immersion continues.John is currently stationed in Florida, and he makes it home only about twice a month. Moreover, the women in Shirs family, they cook amazing food and they dont know how to cook small, Amy said. So every night she and her three children cross the street and eat dinner and hang out, play games they watched the international cricket championships on TV. When Amy has to work through lunch, the Siddiqis bring her a plate. Sewing clothing for themselves, they paused to make her the skirt she wore.

Theyre taking care of me and were taking care of them, Amy said.

The three Rester children have started kicking their shoes off at their own door, and sitting to eat on the living room floor.

On Thanksgiving, the Resters and Siddiqis will gather for dinner. As usual, the women will serve, and everyone will wait for Shirs parents to take the first bite. But unusually, it will be Amy who does the cooking.The Siddiqi women areOK with that, they said. Well let her work on one day, Shir translated as the women laughed.

It fits with Amys brand-new tattoo, which she got after the Siddiqis came to stay. It's a line from Psalm 23, on her forearm in Hebrew: You set a table for me in the face of my enemies.

More: See a list of agencies helping Afghan refugees in N.C.

Danielle Dreilinger is a North Carolina storytelling reporter and author of the book The Secret History of Home Economics. Contact her at 919-236-3141 or

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Afghan refugees and military families celebrate Thanksgiving together - The Fayetteville Observer

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Navy Tattoo Policy For 2021: What IS and ISN’T Allowed11.30.21

Body art like tattoos are a way to represent yourself.

Unfortunately, certain organizations still frown upon tattoos and other types of body art.

Despite the military having strict standards for personal grooming it has actually relaxed many of its previous rules on tattoos.

What is the Navy tattoo policy for 2021?

The Navy has one of the most relaxed tattoo policies of any military branch yet there are still certain restrictions.

The main takeaways regarding the policies are:

Heres a more detailed discussion on the policies.

Tattoos in the United States actually have origins in the Navy.

Sailors were some of the first to start getting body ink after touring Southeast Asia where the tradition was already common.

As a result, the U.S. Navy has observed looser rules and standards when it comes to tattoos compared to other military branches.

The Navy recently changed some of its grooming standards in 2016, including far fewer rules regarding tattoos.

The policy has also been updated in 2020 to allow a single tattoo on the neck (as long as its less than one inch in diameter).

Additionally, tattoos below the knee and elbow are now allowed regardless of the quantity or size.

Therefore, sailors are no longer regulated by a number of tattoos on the arms or legs, meaning service members can have full sleeves.

This is good news for Navy SEALs, as they tend to have an affinity to full sleeve tattoos.

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Hand tattoos, including ring tattoos, are also permitted under the new guidelines of the U.S. Navy.

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The U.S. Navy, like the other branches of the military, operated for decades without changing tattoo policies.

However, as tattoos have become much more a social norm (40% of Millennials have at least one tattoo) the U.S. Armed Forces has begun to relax its standards.

Regardless, there are still certain standards you need to follow in order to qualify for the Navy.

While neck tattoos were once not permitted, the ink needs to remain small and under one inch in diameter.

Secondly, tattoos are still not allowed on the head, face, ears, or scalp.

Since body art is such a diverse subject with an endless list of images one can ink to their body, it is difficult for the U.S. military to create a list of everything the organization does not allow.

Consequently, the Navy grants permission to a commanding officer to determine what is acceptable and what is not allowed.

The U.S. Navy has zero tolerance when it comes to body ink that is considered offensive, racist, sexist, extremist, or discredit America.

Tattoos may also not discriminate against national origin or religion, even if the ink is covered under a uniform.

Any body art that suggests gang affiliation or the use of illegal substances is also not permitted.

Lastly, body mutilation is not allowed in any regard in the U.S. Navy.

It includes tongue forking, skin modification (including intentional scarring), intentional burns to create designs on the skin, or any type of dental ornamentation.

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There are several questions that are asked frequently by people interested in joining the Navy:

Hand and neck tattoos are allowed in the Navy.

Neck tattoos were recently added to the acceptable list of Navy tattoos so long as they are below one inch in diameter.

Tattoos behind the ear are also permitted as long as the ink is not touching the ear directly.

There are some circumstances where a Navy recruiting commander may grant a waiver for having a neck tattoo that exceeds the maximum 1 inch x 1 inch dimensions.

However, face tattoos are still NOT permitted in the United States Navy.

The same is true of the head, scalp, and ears.

Yes, the new Navy tattoo policy grants the same privileges to officers as enlisted personnel.

Therefore, Navy officers are allowed to have tattoos that extend below the elbow or knee, places on the body that were previously restricted prior to the updated policy.

Commanding officers also have discretion when it comes to allowing or prohibiting body art on other sailors that go against the Navy tattoo policy for 2021.

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Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

In the past a soldier could get funding from the military branch he or she was serving in order to remove a tattoo that was not allowed for service.

However, in 2006 the Department of Defense released a new policy that requires active duty military personnel to pay for their own tattoo removals.

There was hope along with the new Navy tattoo policy that the decision would get reversed, however, the DOD policy still remains in place.

Sailors that are ordered to have a tattoo removed by a commanding officer can get financial support yet a command-directed tattoo removal in the Navy is rare.

The good news is that since the Navy is more loose with its tattoo policy the chances of needing to remove a tattoo in order to serve the country are far less.

The Naval Academy is located in Annapolis and prepares some of the brightest young minds for officer positions in the military branch.

In the past, the restrictions against having tattoos in the Naval academy were fairly intense.

The academy has loosened some of its standards in support of the new Navy tattoo policy for 2021.

While it is still fairly frowned upon to join the Naval academy with a tattoo, there are exceptions.

The official academy policy on tattoos states body art is prohibited anywhere on the body that is prejudicial to good order, discipline, and morale, or are of a nature to bring discredit on the Naval Service.

Though you may get away with a few tattoos on the arms or legs, the academy does not allow any body art on the head, face, neck, or hands.

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Yes, you can receive permission for a tattoo that is otherwise not allowed under the terms of the Navy tattoo policy.

Though waivers are not handed out liberally, you may receive a pass for a neck tattoo that is larger than one inch in diameter.

In order to qualify for a neck tattoo waiver, the ink may not touch the hairline or reach behind the ears.

Additionally, the Navy may grant a waiver for cosmetic tattoos that were performed by a licensed medical professional.

Sometimes cosmetic tattoos are performed in order to correct certain medical conditions and therefore the Navy may grant a waiver.

Military waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis with no guarantees.

Sailors that are discovered to have tattoos with prohibited content may face disciplinary action.

The disciplinary action could include involuntary discharge in the most extreme situations.

The U.S. Navy presents commanding officers with the discretion to decide which tattoos are acceptable under its tattoo policy.

Unless it is an extreme case most sailors are given the option of removing or modifying the tattoo in order to conform to current rules and regulations.

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Body art is not the only grooming standards that the U.S. Navy regulates.

The Navy also enforces rules regarding haircuts, facial hair (beards, mustaches, etc), and body piercings.

The U.S. Navy currently prohibits men from having body piercings yet women are allowed to wear one ball-studded earring per ear.

Navy hair standards require men and women to keep it neat, clean, and well-groomed with specific requirements regarding length.

Certain hairstyles are not allowed, and you can find a full listing of permitted and prohibited hair styles in the link below.

The Navy requires sailors to have a clean-shaven face with the exception of tightly regulated mustaches and sideburns.

Beards are not permitted in the U.S. Navy.

Get more details about Navy grooming standards by clicking here.

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The Navy tattoo policy is adapting to a changing society where body art is becoming much more socially acceptable.

New standards allow small neck tattoos, as well as larger tattoos that extend below the elbow or knee.

The new policies for 2021 are a slight change from massive body art reform across various branches of the military that began in 2016.

We will do our best to keep the article updated with any new changes to the Navy tattoo policy.

Army Tattoo Policy

Air Force Tattoo Policy

Marine Corps Tattoo Policy

Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

National Guard Tattoo Policy

Nick Anderson has been serving on Active Duty in the U.S. Navy for the last 10 years. He graduated from Saint Leo University with his B.A. in Accounting and is a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, pursuing an M.B.A. in Finance. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Nick enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17. During his deployments onboard the USS Fort McHenry, he traveled to 23 countries on four continents, sailing roughly 42,000 nautical miles across 30 seas and five oceans. He currently resides in Meridian, Mississippi.

The Navy has a long history of being favorable and lenient towards sailors having a wide variety of tattoos. With that said, they do have some rules and regulations that you need to follow.

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Navy Tattoo Policy For 2021: What IS and ISN'T Allowed

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Bret Stephens: Democrats are weighed down by their soft-on-crime tattoo – Salt Lake Tribune11.30.21

(Mary Mathis | The New York Times)Mourners gather at a candlelight vigil for the victims of Sunday's parade attack, at Cutler Park in Waukesha, Wis., on Monday, Nov. 22, 2021. The police had a person of interest in custody on Monday after the driver of a red SUV barreled through the parade, killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 others.

By Bret Stephens | The New York Times

| Nov. 29, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

Its been nearly 30 years since then-Gov. Bill Clinton took a break from the campaign trail to oversee the execution of death-row inmate Ricky Ray Rector. Morally, it may have been repugnant to kill a man so mentally handicapped by a failed suicide attempt that he set aside the pecan pie of his last meal because he was saving it for later.

Politically, it was essential.

By the early 1990s the American left had spent a generation earning a soft-on-crime image in an era of growing lawlessness. In 1988, Mike Dukakis secured the Democrats third landslide loss thanks in no small part to his stalwart opposition to the death penalty. Four years later, it was difficult to imagine any Democrat reaching the White House without a literal blood sacrifice to the gods of law and order.

Now Democrats seem intent on reviving that reputation. In Waukesha, Wisconsin, six people were killed and at least 60 injured when Darrell Brooks drove his Ford Escape through a Christmas parade, according to the police. Brooks already had a lengthy rap sheet and had reportedly run over a woman with the same SUV early this month. But, as The Times reported, he had been quickly freed from jail on bond after prosecutors requested what they now say was an inappropriately low bail.

What happened in Waukesha on Sunday is among the consequences of easy bail. And bail reform that is, reducing or eliminating cash bail for a variety of offenses has been a cause of the left for years.

Then there is California, which in 2014 classified possession of hard drugs for personal use and the theft of up to $950 of goods as misdemeanor offenses. In the Bay Area, the results have been stark: San Franciscos overdose deaths rose to 81 per 100,000 people in 2020 from 19 per 100,000 people in 2014.

In the meantime, shoplifting has become endemic, brazen and increasingly well organized, culminating in mobs of looters ransacking stores and terrifying customers in the Bay Area last week. Local shops are closing, neighborhoods are decaying, encampments of drug addicts have proliferated, and streets are befouled by human excrement a set of failures Michael Shellenberger calls in his thoroughly researched and convincing new book, San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, the breakdown of civilization on Americas West Coast.

As for the rest of the country: Can anyone seriously say that Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, or New York has been improved in recent years under progressive leadership? Why did rates of homelessness register their biggest jumps between 2007 and 2020 in left-leaning states like New York, California and Massachusetts and their biggest decreases in right-leaning ones like Florida, Texas and Georgia?

Some readers might object that none of these trends take place in a vacuum. The jump in overdose deaths has surely been influenced by the effects of the pandemic, and theyve also gone up heavily in red states. The rise in lawlessness is in some ways a product of last years social upheavals and a reckoning over how the police do their jobs. And murder rates have also gone up in Republican-led cities like Jacksonville, Florida, just as they have elsewhere.

True. But nowhere are dysfunctions more concentrated than in the very places that were supposed to have become beacons of progressive sunshine. And nowhere are the reasons more obvious, too.

If you permit petty vices and crimes to flourish, greater ones will usually follow. If you refuse to police quality-of-life infractions like public drug use or aggressive panhandling, the quality of life will decline. If you increase the incentives for bad behavior, and reduce the ones for good, you will inevitably achieve catastrophic results.

This is not social science. Its common sense. Its the basis on which the United States was able to make its streets far safer from around 1995 to 2015, when crime rates kept going down above all to the benefit of the very minority communities that progressives claim to champion.

The Democratic Party has since thrown that legacy away. Joe Biden disavowed his 1994 crime bill. Last years protests often devolved into naked criminality, to which many progressives, including those in the news media, closed their eyes, notoriously including those fiery but mostly peaceful protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Opportunities for thoughtful police and justice-system reform were squandered in the rush to defame, defund, diminish or abolish.

It may be that serious urban leaders like incoming mayor Eric Adams of New York can reverse the trend. Even the ultra-lefties in California DA offices, faced with recall votes, seem to have gotten the message that things are out of hand. But progressive misgovernance has now tattooed the words soft on crime on Democratic necks, and the country has noticed. It will take years to erase.

And who has been helped the most by all this, politically speaking? Donald Trump and his mini-mes. The country wont be safe from them until a more serious Democratic Party can set itself free from ideas that embarrass it and endanger us all.

Bret Stephens | The New York Times, (Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

Bret Stephens is a columnist for The New York Times.

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Bret Stephens: Democrats are weighed down by their soft-on-crime tattoo - Salt Lake Tribune

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Father seeking information on missing son who lived in Atlanta, Texas – Texarkana Gazette11.30.21

ATLANTA, Texas --The father of a man missing for three years is not giving up hope on finding information that will give him answers.

Eric Alvarado, 32, has been missing since Nov. 20, 2018. He left his home in Atlanta to go to the store and has not been seen since.

Shortly after he went missing, his Jeep was located in Ogden, Arkansas. Eric's two Pit Bulls were also found dead nearby.

"Somebody out there has to know something," said Eric's father Lorenzo Alvarado.

"My son would give the shirt off his back to anybody and he would help people out with money. He was just a great kid. I don't know why anybody would harm him. I know my son had a heart bigger than Texas, bigger than the world," Lorenzo Alvarado said.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction.

Eric had lived in Atlanta for about eight years and worked as a tattoo artist.

His father lives in Indianapolis, but is working from a distance to try and find out what happened to Eric.

"I'm not going to give up on my son. I keep putting the poster out there and trying to find out what happened. But I can't do it all on my own," he said.

Eric is 6 foot 7 inches tall and weighs between 250 and 300 pounds. He has dark hair and hazel eyes.

He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, a gray zip-up sweater and camouflage pajama pants.

He has multiple tattoos, including ones on his lower neck, both arms, chest and back.

Anyone with information about his location or the case, should call Atlanta Police Department at 903-796-7973, The Texas Rangers at 903-255-5727 or the Little River County Sheriff's Department at 870-898-5115.


Father seeking information on missing son who lived in Atlanta, Texas - Texarkana Gazette

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Queer-Owned Tattoo Shops Are Making Ink More Accessible – 5280 – 5280 | The Denver Magazine11.30.21

Disruptive Ink interpreter MateoLuis signs to Ashley Greene as she gets a tattoo. Photo by Sarah BanksCulture

Three Denver-area tattoo shops are pushing for inclusivity with trauma-informed practices, American Sign Language interpreters, and LGBTQ-friendly services.

Tattoo shops in the United Stateswhich are largely run by straight, white menhave a reputation for upholding intimidating, macho ambiences. Since 2020, however, the Denver area has seen a new wave of tattoo shops that go beyond ink and instead focus on how they impact clients and the community around them.

Weve had multiple experiences where a trans client will come in, and theyll feel very comfortable to where, if they are getting a chest piece or theyre getting scars covered up, they feel OK taking their shirt off, says Sandra Lin, co-owner of Disruptive Ink in Lakewood. She feels that permanently marking your skin is an inherently intimate experience that can be an especially sensitive event for people who have complicated relationships with their bodies. We joke because we call it ink therapy, she says. Theres a lot of tears that happen in our shop.

Lin and other queer trailblazers in the Denver area are paving the way for a more inclusive and comfortable tattooing experience, regardless of clients abilities or identities. Welcome to the new wave of Denver tattoo shops delivering judgment-free settings.

Lins shop is designed with accessibility in mind. Since opening in September 2020, Disruptive Inks entire staff has received formal training on effective communication with the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind communities. The shop goes even further by providing American Sign Language interpreters at no charge, so no one misses out on the friendly shop banter. It was like night and day, says Ashley Greene, one of the shops deaf patrons. As a testament to the importance (and rarity) of accessibility in the tattoo world, Greene flew 700 miles from her home in Texas to be inked by Lin.

The cozy space has impressive spatial orientation, suitable for deaf people who are visually inclined. Most notably, a large, central-facing mirror that allows clients to have even greater awareness of their surroundings and their tattoo artist at work.

Located in North Capitol Hill, Two Thunders Tattoo is a tribute to the two owners Native American heritages. As an Indigenous- and queer-owned shop, Two Thunders draws its clientele from a diverse range of backgrounds, many of whom trek to this spot to be tatted by Cante Eagle Horse and Tanner Minock.

Two Thunders, which opened in November 2020, runs as a by-appointment-only business to ensure privacy and proper attention is given to each client. As a tattoo artist with nearly a decade of experience, Minock knows firsthand what its like to feel unwelcome in a tattoo space, which is why a pillar of his shop is inclusivity and what he calls homey vibes.

As a queer person, and as a biracial person, going into a tattoo shop thats a pretty hyper-masculine environment [has] always been a little bit threatening, Minock says.

Prior to opening Two Thunders, when he worked at a walk-in tattoo shop in downtown Denver, Minock recalls certain clients who would come in and show visible discomfort with his identity as a queer artist. In general, there is a good amount of homophobia and racism within the tattoo community, so thats something were trying to bring attention to, hesays. We get a lot of recognition for that from our clients. Similar to me, a lot of people have had unfavorable experiences at other tattoo shops.

Founder Lora Bird built Nest Art Collective upon similar pillars of inclusivity, adding that the entire eight-person staff belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. Theres so many voices that need to be introduced into this industry to change the way that it is, Bird says. She hopes she can help with that introduction with her Wheat Ridge tattoo shop, which opened this July.

Rather than occupying a large and open space like a beauty salon, each Nest artist takes clients to private rooms adorned with their own personal touches. Bird specializes in trauma-informed tattooing, which could involve providing a squeeze ball to clients, taking multiple breaks throughout a session, or offering a shoulder to cry on. Whether its inking scars from past sexual abuse or commemorating a sobriety milestone, Bird lets clients know they can take a break from the pain of the needle at any time.

Although Nest opened only five months ago, Birds bookings are waitlisted. You can be who you want to be at this shop, says Nest patron Rosy Cobb. Shes been recommending Nest to her transgender friends because she knows their chosen pronouns will be respected. No deadnaming here. Its promoting a great, new kind of space and a new, hopefully broader idea that other shops will start to follow.

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Queer-Owned Tattoo Shops Are Making Ink More Accessible - 5280 - 5280 | The Denver Magazine

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Skin Wars – Wikipedia11.30.21

Television series

Skin Wars is a body painting reality competition hosted by Rebecca Romijn that premiered on the American pay-television channel Game Show Network on August 6, 2014.[1] Contestants on the series perform challenges containing body painting each episode. At the end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated and told "It's time to wash off your canvas."[2]

On September 12, 2013, GSN ordered eight episodes of the series,[1][2] making it GSN's first television show devoted to body art.[2] On February 4, 2014, GSN announced Rebecca Romijn as host of Skin Wars, with RuPaul Charles, Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina serving as judges.[3]

The series premiered on GSN August 6, 2014.[4] That same night, the network also began airing an online series entitled Skin Wars: The Naked Truth with Kandee Johnson airing immediately after Skin Wars on DOOR3, GSN's YouTube channel targeted toward 18- to 25-year-olds. The series features commentary from Johnson as well as highlights from that night's episode and a "Skinterview" with one of the contestants.[5]

On September 30, 2014, GSN announced plans to air a ten-episode second season of Skin Wars with Romijn and all three judges returning to reprise their respective roles.[6] The second season premiered June 10, 2015.[7]

A spinoff called Skin Wars: Fresh Paint hosted by RuPaul aired as a special on August 26, 2015. It featured six highly accomplished artists, each at the top of their game, as they leave their comfort zones to compete in body painting for the first time. The artists must conquer three difficult challenges as they are mentored by three top artists from the first season, Dutch Bihary, Lawrence "Gear" Duran and Season One champion, Natalie Fletcher. As the artists work closely with their body painting mentors they try to quickly master the craft and win the $10,000 prize and become champion. It premiered to 456,000 viewers.[8] Later, it became a series itself, premiering on June 15, 2016.[9]

On August 27, 2015, GSN renewed the series for a third season.[10]

The winners of the program in chronological order are as follows: Natalie Fletcher, Lana Chronium and Rick Uribe.

The 10 body painters competing in the first season were:[11]

The 12 body painters competing in the second season were:[12]

The 12 body painters competing in the third season were:[13]

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Skin Wars - Wikipedia

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12 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin | The Art of Living India11.30.21

We are made up of both, matter and spirit. This means that our skin, more than just being the visible outer layer, is full of life and activity. It is an organ, like any other part of our body, and needs to be kept healthy and nourished.

However, beauty is an inner phenomenon. As said popularly, beauty lies in the heart of every person and it reflects naturally as radiance on a persons face. The definition of beauty goes beyond the skin yet, our skin is one of the most visible expressions of this beauty.

The modern-day beauty treatments address the physical needs but do not reveal the secrets of how you can make each cell of your skin glow from within and pulsate with energy and radiance.

Common causes of skin problem are age, stress, unhealthy lifestyle practices such as smoking, alcohol, drug addiction, wrong food habits, hormonal changes in the body and improper digestion. There are many natural beauty tips for glowing skin which also help in cleansing and rejuvenating the skin.

Here, we list top tips for you to get that radiant skin.

Ayurveda has many secrets for preserving beauty. Ayurvedic scrubs or ubtans gently nourish the skin and help it breathe better. Whats even better is that you can find the ingredients in your kitchen.

Running, jogging, and a few fast-paced rounds of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskars) will give your body the necessary blood circulation. Sweating is considered as good for health and skin. Be sure to shower post the exercise with cold water as it will clean your skin too.

Do you know a secret that will give you a forever glow? Meditation. Meditation helps to resolve your inner stresses and opens up another dimension to living. Discover deep inner peace, rest, and joy. Discover the power of meditation, and breathing techniques. Find out more >>

If you have practiced the downward dog pose, then you must have noticed that the attention shifts gently on the breath. The beauty of yoga practice is that there is attention on the body (as it stretches) and on the breath. Every time you exhale, you get rid of toxins from your body. Yoga and the process of conscious breathing accelerate cleansing in the body, leaving the skin refreshed and energized. This aids in maintaining the glow.

Are there some days when no matter what lotions you apply your skin is still dry? Sometimes you and your friend could use the same product yet, the effect is different for you? This happens due to the role of unique body constitution. According to Ayurveda, every individual is a combination of two or three elements: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Interestingly, each of these constitutions has specific qualities that define your body and personality type as well as determine the make-up of your skin. If you have dry skin, chances are that vata is dominant in you. A pitta body type tends to have normal skin while oily skin is usually attributed to those with kapha. Knowing what body type you are will help you understand what kind of food you should eat and avoid.

We are made up of the food we eat. So, obviously eating fresh, clean, and juicy foods enliven our skin as well. A balanced diet with sufficient proteins, vitamins, fruits, and leafy vegetables, eaten at the right time in the right quantity is advisable.

A gentle facial massage with oils could work wonders. Depending on your skin type, you could choose from Kshirabala or Narayana taila. Oils from mustard, coconut, almond or kumkadi are excellent nourishing agents which help in getting the glowing skin.

Do you think breathing right could rid you of spots and pimples? Yes, its sure can. When we are relaxed, outer manifestations of stress like pimples and rashes reduce. The Sudarshan Kriyabreathing technique releases accumulated stresses from both the body and the mind making us relaxed, restoring harmony and balance in our constitution.

A candle cannot but radiate light.Meditation greatly influences how bright your inner candle is. The more you meditate, the more you radiate. We often see artists depicting meditators with an aura. This is not just a figment of the imagination. This is quite true. Meditators shine from within and without often with riddance to make-up.

How do you feel when you keep talking for a very long time and a lot? Often drained? Incessant talking can be fun yet can bombard our body and mind with an overdose of frivolity. Silence conserves an incredible amount of energy. If youd like to try something out give the Art of Living Part 2 program a shot. The effects of silence combined with deep meditations will amaze you. Not to forget, it will also leave you with glowing skin.

If you are unhappy, angry, frustrated or sad, your face simply cannot look great. So, make sure that you get yourself some peace of mind and happiness that is unshakeable. For this, meditation is the only way. It is not a luxury anymore. It is a simple necessity.

We have to embrace the journey of life with all its inevitable wrinkles and grays. Looking beautiful normally also means looking young and having a fresh approach to things. But the true secret is that if you feel young, you simply look young. Meditation slows this aging process naturally and retains the youthfulness and freshness in us. So, go ahead, dream away and remain 18 at heart.

Join a Free workshop on Yoga, Meditation and Breath

No matter how much you spend on looking glamorous, what truly does the trick at getting the look right is your smile. While we spend much time, energy, and money on honing our bodies and looks, we forget to express our inner joy and happiness. And this is from a simple stretch of the lips. Smile more and add beauty to yourself as well as the world.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Based on inputs from Bharathy Harish, Faculty, Meditation; and Dr. Nisha Manikantan, Ayurvedic expert.

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12 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin | The Art of Living India

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Teri Hatcher on Skin Care, Stand-Up Comedy and the Art of Reinvention – NewBeauty Magazine11.30.21

While everyone else might be collectively throwing the turkey into the oven and planning the place settings, Teri Hatcher is having a banner of a busy week, reuniting with her Desperate Housewives costar James Denton on Hallmarks A Kiss Before Christmas this past Sunday and prepping for herfirst-ever stand-up comedy special, Even More Funny Women of A Certain Age, premiering tonight on Showtime. Im excited to see it for the first time with everyone else! the 56-year-old actress shares over the phone as shes chopping celery and onions. Its kind of crazy how everything ended up airing at the same time, and this one is completely different for me. Its an entirely different muscle. Ive been dipping my toe into writing more comedy, but Ive never performed it on a stage like this. I think its the right time.

I suppose the challenge. Under the umbrella of the title of the show, funny women of a certain age, I felt like it allowed me to explore saying things about aging, dating and life that I hope help other women feel less alone. I hope they can laugh at me and with me as I admit to and shine a light on the ridiculousness of how we ourselves and our society view women aging. I adored the women I shared the stage withbeing backstage with them, feeling their support, witnessing their craft and skill close-up. It was inspiring. Ive always loved live audiences, the immediacy of that response. There is nothing better than spending days, weeks, crafting a single joke and having it land in a huge way.

Im not sure what order to put these in but, one, a Desperate Housewives reunion of Susan and Mike with the happy ending fans may have wished forwe always felt like they kind of got cheated out of their happily ever after. Two, a charming, warm, heartfelt classic Christmas story and, three, a little bit of comedy, a little magic and just the right amount of Christmas decorations.

I do watch the Beverly Hills versionIt has definitely been my guilty pleasure since it started. Its like being at a restaurant overhearing a conversation you shouldnt be listening to but instead of walking away, you order another glass of wine and sink a little lower in your seat.

With my characters Ive always strived to make them real, not necessarily glamorous. My makeup artist on Desperate Housewives always wanted me to wear more makeup. In real life, during the day-to-day, I dont wear much more than mascara.

Lately Im into this Joovv infrared light panel. Im still on the fence about actual surgeries or fillers and such, but they say if you are consistent with this light, it can tighten skin and help produce collagen, so Im giving that a try.

Daily, I use different brands of retinol creams; I use Strivectin Day Moisturizer With SPF 30, I use Yon-kas Time Resist Nuit cream, I use Orveda Healing Sap, and Im kind of obsessed with Tatchas Water Cream and their Face Cleanser. For makeup, I usually throw on Charlotte Tilbury Mascara or Pixi by PetraI love botha little Pixi On-the-Glow Cream Blush, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and Cl dePeauBeautConcealer. At a minimum, I feel like paparazzi could jump out of a bush and I wouldnt look too bad [with those products], or I mightwho cares!

In terms of quick-feel goods, I try to walk or work out in some way each day, and I do yoga and meditate in the morning; I do a thing called morning words. I also have an old vintage typewriter that I bought years ago at a yard sale and each morning the first thing I do is type a poem of thoughts, intentions and feelings that help lead me into the day with the mindfulness I need to make it a good one.

I learned to be easier on myselfespecially when it comes to ups and downs. I would go through periods where I would be very productive, and then I would go through periods where I would eat an entire bag of popcorn and binge on Netflix. I also live alone, so that adds another dimension. But that is what life isbe grateful that youre here, be grateful that youre healthy, be grateful for what you have, but also, sometimes, you just have to say, Shit happens. And thats OK. Tomorrow is a new day.

The big thing I did during the pandemic was rescue a dog. Hes an older dog, about ten years old. When I got him, he was a very sickly, skinny dogand when I got him all healthy, we found out hes a full-bred Cocker Spaniel with the most amazing temperament. We went through the training process at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles to be a dog-therapy team. And we passed! And only about seven percent of teams pass. Im super excited about thatI love giving back in such an incredible way and seeing the effect we have on people who are in difficult times. It is really rewarding. No one pays attention to me there, the dog is so much cuter.

Man, enjoy it all more! I tell my daughter all the time that, one day, youll be old. One day, a guy will flirt with you at a club, and ask to sit on the bar stool next to you and buy you a drinkand the next hell ask you if anyone is sitting there and then hell pick up the chair and move it down the bar to the younger girls. You wont see it coming! Youth will just one day be over, so enjoy it. Take care of yourself, love yourself the way you are, strive, be ambitious, but dont get bogged down in self-doubt and criticism. And dont beat yourself up for what you are not. Treasure what you have, while you continue to grow, instead of always feeling less than. You are enoughknow that.

Seeing people again. Still getting tested to be safe but having vaccinated people over for cookies and cocktails for Christmas. Just seeing people, hugging, laughing eatinggrateful for all of that.

Im not going to do a new years resolution, because the last time I did that, a pandemic happened. Im a big fan of one day at a time. But I do think Im in a little bit of a period of reinventing myself, and Id like to keep that momentum going.

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