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Beaumont man sentenced to 18 years in July 4th DWI wreck that killed 3-year-old boy in 2018 – KBMT-KJAC01.26.21

Orlando Morris was sentenced to 18 years for a DWI wreck that killed a 3-year-old boy and injured his 2-year-old sister. He was on probation for family violence.

BEAUMONT, Texas A Beaumont man was sentenced to 18 years Monday for a July 4, 2018 drunk-driving wreck that killed a 3-year-old boy and injured a 2-year-old girl.

Orlando Morris, 33, appeared before Jefferson County Criminal District Judge John Stevens the morning of Jan. 25 via Zoom. He had already pleaded guilty to manslaughter at an earlier court date.

His 18-year-sentence was for intoxication manslaughter. The state dismissed an intoxication assault charge and the previous assault family violence charged as part of his plea agreement.

Morris was also ordered in court to pay at least $48,280 in medical bills for the 2-year-old who was injured, before any other civil proceedings seeking additional damages.

In court, Judge Stevens said Morris was already serving 10 years of probation for an assault family violence at the time of the accident. His defense attorney Chukwudi Egbuonu asked that his client be sentenced to probation.

Morris' probation officer said in court he did not think probation should be considered since Morris was already on probation when the fatal wreck happened. The officer also said Morris was on a "high risk" probation at the time, meaning there would be no tolerance for violating probation.

Landon Slaughter, 3, was killed in the accident and Amari Slaughter, 2, was seriously injured. Their mother said Amari was in ICU, had to wear a neck collar and needed physical and speech therapy after the accident.

The regional crime lab found 0.132 grams in Morris' blood, and .08 grams is considered intoxication.

"You destroyed my life with your actions," Landon's father said in court. "I don't care about your excuses. I want you to know I don't like you, I never will. I hope Karma comes to you fast, strong and stays with you forever.

I dreamed of coming here and did not know what to say," Landon's mother Sierra Neville said in court. "There is nothing that will replace my son.

"It is heartbreaking to see that you will post things about driving while you are drinking," she said. "You already made up your mind about what you were going to do. There is no excuse. You made a choice, you will have to deal with this the rest of your life. My son, my daughter are dealing without a sibling.

"I hope you change and you really think about what you did. One moment that you chose to drink and drive, you changed everyones life, not just yours.

"I apologize to the family," Morris said in court. "I am deeply sorry. I did not mean for this to happen."

Morris was originally indicted on Nov. 7, 2018 for intoxication assault and second-degree felony intoxication manslaughter. His court docket records also show he is facing punishment for a 2016 charge of assault family violence.

Witnesses told police that at about 9:45 p.m. July 4, 2018, a southbound Buick passenger car ran a stop sign and struck the side of a Nissan SUV headed west on Franklin Street at a intersection with Avenue E, Beaumont Police said.

The children were passengers in a 2017 Gray Nissan Pathfinder. Morris was driving a 1985 Pontiac sedan.

The force of the wreck left the SUV sitting off the roadway near a church.

Neither driver was injured according to the spokesperson who stressed the importance of obeying all traffic laws such as stopping at stop signs.

Morris originally refused transport from EMS, but he was later found to have internal injuries. He failed a field sobriety test. Investigators did a blood test at Baptist Hospital.

Victim impact statement from Landon's mother:

My name is Sierra Neville, the mother of Landon Slaughter. On July 4th, 2018, my only desire was to make memories with my children by taking them to watch the fireworks. I would have never imagined going to do something fun and returning with the loss of my child.

The crash that Orlando Morris caused impacted my life in more ways than the imaginable. Due to his irresponsible actions, I lost my son Landon, my daughter Amari fought for her life while in ICU. She needed to wear a neck collar for 6 weeks and was not able to be without 24 hr care. Amari had to attend physical, occupational, and speech therapy to ensure that she could get back to her normal self. Not only taking care of my daughter, I lost my job because she needed me more and my employer could not hold my job.

Prior to me finding out the name of the suspect, I prayed for him and I forgave him, because I tried to imagine how he felt. Later, I found out that it was Orlando Morris. Not only was he someone I went to high school with, but he was also my Facebook friend. After going through his page, I found that one of his friends tagged him in a post that emphasized getting drunk and doing donuts in the parking lot. This behavior infuriated me, because he and his friends took drinking and driving as a joke. Now, I am left without a child and he is facing time in prison. Following this search on social media, Orlando contacted me via Facebook messenger. I did not respond. I was contacted by Orlando a second time, but only this time, he was asking for my permission to have a tattoo of my son's name, again, no response to him. What kind of person would do that?

It's been 2 and a half years since the crash occurred, and I hurt every day for my son Landon. I am over anxious and over-protective over my other children now because all I want is to protect them. This situation has also affected my oldest son, Regginald, who was robbed of having a brother to grow and bond with. I feel that Orlando should serve his entire term of justice and probation. Letting him be free sooner will not only hurt me, but will allow this man to do this again, but to another family.

I ask that you all consider my life's challenges and consider how it would feel to lose a child by someone's inconsiderate actions.

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Beaumont man sentenced to 18 years in July 4th DWI wreck that killed 3-year-old boy in 2018 - KBMT-KJAC

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Musician tattoos | Tats inspired by their own music – Alternative Press01.26.21

Despite the complaints from our parents, it seems like tattoos really will never go out of style.

Having tattoos is the norm now, with everyone from teenagers with stick-and-pokes to A-list celebrities sporting their own unique ink.

And musicians are no different either, sometimes even getting tattoos to represent their own music.

We decided to round up 10 artists who got tattoos inspired by their own bands to give you some inspiration for your next pieceor to at least give you a fun trivia fact about these musicians.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of My Chemical Romances legendary return show, Frank Iero got a tattoo that reads California 2019 to commemorate the gig. And while the band didnt get to embark on their massive comeback tour in 2020, its cool to see that the return meant as much to the band as it did to the fans.

While Travis Barker doesnt appear to have any overt blink-182 tattoos, he does have a massive gas mask piece to represent Transplants on the back of his head. The mask was one of the bands logos, and Barker has released music with them for about two decades.

Machine Gun Kelly has a few tattoos that represent his music and his hometown Cleveland roots, with the biggest one being a large MGK back piece in graffiti font. He also got the words Hotel Diablo on the back of his head when he was releasing the studio album in 2019.

Post Malone is probably the rapper most synonymous with tattoos, and he has plenty on his body that represent his music career. He has Patient and Stoney inked on him to commemorate his 2016 studio album and a self-portrait of himself riding a horse.

Halsey has several tattoos to represent her music. In fact, she typically gets a new tattoo every time she introduces a new era to her fans. She has hopeless on her butt and nightmare on her upper back to represent her albums hopeless fountain kingdom and Manic, along with a few others.

blackbear has the letters for BEARTRAP across his fingers to represent a record label. His body is covered with dozens of tattoos, once acquiring 23 in a single day, so he might have a few more we dont even know about hidden somewhere.

The Panic! At The Disco frontman has a burning gospel tattoo to represent the band reinventing themselves and burning the Panic! gospel, he revealed during a livestream. Brendon Urie also showed off his killer Every Time I Die tattoo, which we have to shout out.

Roots Picnic 2018 from r/liluzivert

In case Lil Uzi Verts face wasnt recognizable enough for you, the rapper tattooed his name across his torso so you never forget who he is.

While the twenty one pilots duo are known for having tattoos with a lot of meaning behind them, their tattoos that are an ode to each other are a bit simpler. Each of them has the other persons first name tatted across their leg in a simple font after they tied in a Twitter poll, where people voted on which band member had to get some ink of the others name. It basically solidifies that they are the cutest bromance of all time.

The All Time Low frontman, like his three other band members, has the groups skull-and-crossbones logo tatted on his body. For Alex Gaskarth, its right behind his ear. Its the perfect symbol that physically labels them as members of the veteran scene band.

Do you want one of these musician tattoos for yourself? Sound off in the comments below!

My Chemical Romance - "Welcome To The Black Parade"

Musician tattoos | Tats inspired by their own music - Alternative Press

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Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch’s positive Instagram post as she prepares to undergo radiotherapy in breast cancer fight – Kent Online01.26.21

Kent MP Tracey Crouch is preparing to undergo radiotherapy - the next step in her fight against breast cancer.

The Chatham and Aylesford representative channelled "positive vibes" as she shared the news in a characteristically upbeat post on Instagram this evening.

The 45-year-old mum has already undergone a lumpectomy and gruelling chemotherapy since she was diagnosed with cancer in June, and has regularly kept well-wishers up-to-date with her treatment on social media.

This evening, she took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie of herself in a yellow hospital gown, writing: "Pre radiotherapy measure up and tattooing today.

"The whole appointment was super efficient & painless. My oncologist tells me compared to chemo it will be a breeze! Zapping starts next month.

"I rather liked the gown which coincidentally matched the yellow jumper I wore to the appointment.

"A sunny colour for positive vibes."

The Conservative MP, who lives in Aylesford, first noticed a lump measuring 33mm in her right breast in June, and had gone to the doctors the following day.

She paid to go to Kims private hospital near Maidstone and was given a mammogram, ultrasound scan and biopsy the same day which confirmed her worst nightmare.

Speaking previously to KentOnline, Ms Crouch said: "I was lucky because I paid, but I firmly believe this should be standard to everyone.

"Otherwise, I would have to wait six weeks for results and it's the waiting that is the terrifying bit."

Since then, she has been under the NHS care of Maidstone Hospital's top-class oncology department.

She had the lump removed on July 24, her birthday, and has since undergone chemotherapy, with radiotherapy set to begin next month. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation, usually x-rays, to treat cancer cells.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Ms Crouch spoke out about her experience with the disease which claims the lives of 11,500 a year in the UK - and urged women to regularly check their breasts and not put off seeking medical attention.

She is calling for the breast screening age to be lowered from 50 to 40, and for more medical professionals to be aware of the increasing number of younger women developing the disease.

Read more: All the latest news from Medway

Read more: All the latest news from Maidstone

Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch's positive Instagram post as she prepares to undergo radiotherapy in breast cancer fight - Kent Online

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Denver tattoo artist goes viral for her take on the wildly popular Bernie Sanders meme – The Denver Channel01.26.21

DENVER Bernie Sanders is popping up just about everywhere memes show him on a chairlift in Aspen and on the patio of local restaurants.

Memes might be fleeting, but a tattoo is forever.

"I just dont think all tattoos need to be the most significant profound deep thing youve ever thought of. Lets be silly. I like to be silly, why not? Especially in todays world, you find your happiness where you can," said Sam Kuhn, the artist behind a now viral tattoo of the meme.

The tattoo is instantly recognizable, depicting the Vermont senator wearing that blue surgical mask and mittens made out of a recycled sweater.

Its a good, silly, little tattoo," Kuhn said. "You cant hate it. You can not like Bernie, and thats fine. Its just fun."

What ended up as a viral tattoo started off as a joke. Kuhn works at Copperhead Tattoo Parlor, which is located next to a barbecue restaurant.

"My neighbors at Owlbear Barbecue asked me to print out a meme for them to put into the window," Kuhn said. "I made the joke that, 'one of yall should get this.'"

James McFaul took a break from his job running the smoker at the barbecue joint, and in less than an hour, he had a brand new tattoo. Kuhn was so pleased with the work that she posted a picture on her Instagram account, and it took off almost immediately.

"Im almost at 10,000 likes, which is about eight times the likes that Ive received on any other picture," said Kuhn.

McFaul has been friends with Kuhn for about three years. She has done other tattoos for him in the past, but they continue to be surprised by the reaction of his latest tattoo.

"Yeah, that doesnt make any sense," McFaul said. "I mean, I figured people would like it, and people would hate it, but I didnt think it would get as much attention as it has."

When asked if he was a Bernie fan, McFaul said, " I mean, it would be a weird thing to get otherwise."

Kuhn said it's not at all political for her, but, then again, she's not one to take things too seriously.

"Its an old guy in some mittens. Everybody is arguing in the comments in my Instagram, and its hilarious 'cause its just silly," Kuhn said. "Im still able to draw silly stuff for a living, so I couldnt be more stoked."

She said most of the comments have been positive, and she's already received a few requests from others who want the Bernie meme to live on with their own tattoos.

Oh, its a great tattoo," McFaul said.

Although, you could say he's feeling the 'Bern,' McFaul wonders what Sanders himself would think of the new ink.

"What did he say? He was like, 'Im happy that we know they make good mittens in Vermont,' or something like that thats pretty cool," McFaul said. "Well now they know we make good tattoos in Denver."

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Denver tattoo artist goes viral for her take on the wildly popular Bernie Sanders meme - The Denver Channel

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Tattoo artist Les Bowen reflects on 61 years inking bodies and change from underground to art form – ABC News01.26.21

A few sewing needles tied to a cork, a bottle of Indian ink and plenty of ego gave Les Bowen his start as a tattoo artist.

It was 1959 and the then 17-year-old was practising tattooing skulls and letters on his friends.

"You go around and graffiti all of your friends and get banished by their parents," he laughed.

Sixty-two years later, Mr Bowen is one of Australia's most well respected and awarded tattoo artists with honorary membership to international tattoo associations including the exclusive Japan Tattoo Club.

Despite six decades in the business, his passion for tattooing has not faded and his skill is unwavering.

"I'm still fascinated by tattooing.

"I always wondered whether I would, as I got older, have shaky hands, but it has gone the opposite way I think, I'm more steady in the hands than I have ever been.

"I have been in control of the movement of my hands for so many years that I can keep them very still indeed."

In 1960, the tattoo industry had a pretty seedy reputation, tattoo artists were very secretive and parents warned their children job prospects would dry up if they got a tattoo.

It was in 1960 when Mr Bowen ordered his first proper tattoo equipment from an American mail-order catalogue.

He had no knowledge of how to use it and tattooists were tight-lipped about the trade but Mr Bowen used his skill as an illustrator as a bargaining chip.

"I ran into another tattoo artist who started talking to me about the actual process of tattooing which was a thing that tattoo artists didn't do at the time.

"I used to draw designs for him, because I was one of the few tattooists that could draw and he used to impart little snippets of information to me."

Mr Bowen was living in a house next to the Brisbane showgrounds, and the day before show day he put a sign out advertising tattoos.

"The sign hadn't even been out there an hour when there was a knock at the door and there were about 100 people at the door every sideshow and ride operator from the showgrounds had seen the sign and passed the message on.

"And there I was, with no knowledge or skill but plenty of ego so that's really how it started."

When Mr Bowen opened his Second Skin Tattoo shop in Townsville in 1980, tattoo studios outside capital cities were rare.

He said he had seen tattoos change from the realm of "gangsters and knockabouts" to an accepted art form.

Despite many positive changes, he laments the loss of the underground mystique of the industry.

"I sort of miss the bad boy thing, I miss the design sheets on the wall, I miss the simplicity of it, it has become a very complicated business.

"At the time when I started really artistic ability wasn't a pre-requisite, now it is pretty much a pre-requisite to be a good or at least a reasonable artist because demands are so high for the quality of the artwork."

Mr Bowen has worked on many famous bodies including Australia's most well-known tattooed woman Cindy Ray.

He has several pieces on Tom Waits and does not deny the rumour he has tattooed former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott.

"I pick and choose what I do now, I only do the jobs that I want to do and I pick the people that I want to tattoo on.

"I feel I am semi-retired but I could never walk away from it completely."

See the article here:
Tattoo artist Les Bowen reflects on 61 years inking bodies and change from underground to art form - ABC News

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Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression – CBC.ca01.26.21

Tattoos are popular for people of all ages and genders even on the face but for Indigenous women, it's not about being trendy. It's about reclaiming atraditional form of self-expression.

A few years ago, Stacey Fayant, a Regina artist, decided to explore the art of traditional tattooing because it piqued her interest.

"All my art is centred around my identity and culture and exploring how trauma from colonization has affected our identities," said Fayant. "I never knew that my people tattooed, so when I found out, there was a real strong pull to find out more about it and I knew I had to be involved in reawakening it here in Saskatchewan."

Fayant, who is of Cree, Saulteaux and Mtis descent, was professionally trained in the stick-and-poke and skin-stitch methods. These two forms of tattooing existed on this continent prior to contact, which is why she wanted to learn these specific techniques.

Initially, Fayant thought she would share her knowledge with just her family, but has been overwhelmed by the response from the Indigenous community. Waiting lists for her tattoos, prior to the pandemic, were at least six months long.

"People seem to know that they need this and it's for the right reasons," she said. "They are coming to me specifically for a traditional tattoo that connects them to their identity and their culture."

Fayant said face tattoos such as chin and temple tattoos are not viewed as taboo among Indigenous cultures around the globe, so she's not surprised Indigenous women are choosing to get such markings.

For Nina Wilson, a Saskatoon resident and co-founder of Idle No More, the decision to get her forehead tattoo seemed natural.

"I was always a part of [Indigenous ceremonies]for at least 25 or 30 years and we always had paint," she said. "Indian paint was always used to mark us for certain things we were about to do, certain things we did, certain things we were known for."

Traditional paints are extracted from the minerals in rocks, soil and plants and are mixed to createhues.

"What I chose to do was permanently mark my face, so I wouldn't have to keep putting it on and taking it off and putting it on," said Wilson.

She has recently added a chin tattoo.

Wilson realizes such markings are considered unconventional in today's society, but says they are rooted in a history older than Canada.

"They are not your average tattoo.They make people stop and stare," she said.

Wilson believes these ancient markings serve a purpose and has no regrets about getting them. Most times she forgets she has them because they are a part of her now,until she notices the stares or when someone stops her and asks about them.

Wilson saidthe tattoos are there to remind people of the old customs and rituals, which were deliberately erased through colonialism, so they shouldn't be feared.

"The way it was explained to me by different ceremonial people, it's almost like a protection that you wear different," she said.

Kat Worm, wholives inPunichy,north of Regina,had her own reasons for deciding to get a chin tattoo, and like Wilson, she felt like it was meant to be there.

She waited almost two decades before getting her tattoo last year. Initially, she wanted to get the tattoo after she graduated from university, but at that timeface tattoos were rare. Worm did some research, but said there was limited information available.

"I found out that some Cree women did have face tattoos and always below the chin," said Worm. "I was brought up on the reserve so I was raisedalways looking at my Indigenous side. So I started looking at my Celtic side and [found out]they would use face paint that also went below the chin."

Born to a Cree father and Irish mother, she embraces both bloodlines equally, so when she did get her tattoo, she wanted it to symbolize that identity and chose to get two parallel lines down her chin.

"Physical appearance is the first thing you notice about somebody, I've never been a big makeup person so I think I needed this type of statement for my own individuality," said Worm.

Although her family supported her decision, the reaction she receives from strangers varies. While many Indigenous women admire her tattoo, strangers in the small town where she lives are more apprehensive towardher now, she said.

Worm takes both reactions in stride because she knows face tattoos can carry a negative stigma for some people.

However, she believes this is not a trend and it will become more common among Indigenous women.

For TashaBeeds, the decision to get a traditional temple tattoo is complex because ofwhat it symbolizes for her.

Beeds is a university professor at two Ontario institutions the University of Sudbury and the University of Windsor college of law.Sheis also a water walker.She takes both roles seriously, and they are interwoven in her decision to get a face tattoo.

Water walkers, who are also known as water protectors, are a group of primarily Indigenous women who prayfor the health and preservation of water, embarking on walks to do that and celebrate the resource.

Prior to a walk a round Lake Superior in 2017, Beedshad a dream of impending doom. Although frightened, Beeds said, the water spirit she heard in her dream told her she would be helped. "In my dream, she gave me a marking."

Once the walkers crossed the Canada-U.S., border Beeds fell severely ill and sought medical attention.After a series oftests at hospital in Baraja, Mich.,doctors discovered a tumour in the middle of her chest.

Although she was both shocked and worried, she remembered her dream. Against thedoctors'advice to go home and seek treatment, she continued the walk.

While on the walk,Beedsand the otherwomen were joined by Indigenous artists ChristiBelcourtand IsaacMurdock.

"They were just starting to do the ceremonial tattoos and Isaac was going to have one done and I said, 'I want one, too, and I shared with them my dream.' "

BelcourtandMurdockimmediately agreed to do the tattoo.

Although it was a painful experience, Beedssaid sheknows it was meant to be.

Today, she said,her face tattoos spark curious questions from students and she uses those conversations to educate others about the importance of protecting the water.

Fayant has also recently added a temple tattoo and like other women with facial markings, she believes they are powerful because they provide a connection to the past.

Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression -

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Integrity Ink Provides Fast, Effective, and Affordable Full-Spectrum Laser Tattoo Removal in Crosby, TX with the Astanza Trinity Laser – GlobeNewswire01.26.21

Crosby, Texas, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integrity Ink, Crosby, Texas newest laser provider, delivers advanced laser treatment for removing unwanted tattoos. The up-and-coming clinic has invested in the Astanza Trinity laser to perform full-spectrum tattoo removal on tattoos of all colors, including stubborn green and blue pigments. Integrity Ink also uses the Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling machine for premium skin numbing and maximum patient comfort. In addition to laser tattoo removal, Integrity Ink also offers aesthetic laser services including pigmented lesion removal and vascular lesion removal.

Before I founded Integrity Ink, I worked as a tattoo artist and encountered many individuals looking to cover-up their unwanted tattoos. One experience in particular impacted me greatly and showed me how life-changing removing or modifying an unwanted or regretful tattoo can be, said Andy Cordell, woner. That moment led to the creation of Integrity Ink. Our mission is to change lives through complete tattoo removal, selective tattoo removal, fading for cover-ups, and even skin blemish removal for spider veins and age spots.

The Astanza Trinity used at Integrity Ink consists of two full-powered systems, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and Q-switched Ruby laser. Together, these technologies produce three versatile wavelengths for removal of the widest spectrum of tattoo ink colors. The Trinity is widely regarded as the most powerful triple-wavelength tattoo removal system on the market thanks to its removal capabilities, ultra-fast pulse duration, and high peak power. Furthermore, the Trinity can safely treat all skin types, including darker skin types IV-VI.

Andy and the Integrity Ink team are dedicated to great results and genuinely care about their customers removal journey, said Garrett Rossero, Astanza Sales Representative. We are excited for Crosby residents to experience the Trinitys unparalleled results and have no doubt that Integrity Ink will become a top laser provider in their area.

About Integrity Ink

Integrity Ink is a laser studio located in Crosby, Texas that specializes in laser tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, and vascular lesion removal. They are a judgment-free practice that aims to change lives by transforming the skin. All laser technicians received expert training from New Look Laser College, the worlds leading tattoo removal training program, and are skilled in performing safe laser treatments and operating advanced Q-switched lasers.

To schedule a free consultation, call (832) 992-1300 or visit Integrity Ink is located at 14026 FM 2100 Suite A, Crosby, TX 77532.

About Astanza Laser

Astanza is the leader in lasers for tattoo removal, hair removal, and additional aesthetic procedures. In addition to delivering cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Trinity, MeDioStar, and DermaBlate systems, Astanza offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services to achieve success in this growing field.

Astanza Laser is headquartered inDallas, TX,with customers throughoutNorth AmericaandEurope. For product, investor, or press information, call (800) 364-9010, or visit

Integrity Ink Provides Fast, Effective, and Affordable Full-Spectrum Laser Tattoo Removal in Crosby, TX with the Astanza Trinity Laser - GlobeNewswire

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Cowboys Fans Have Fewer Tattoos Than Fans Of A Super Bowl Team – mix931fm.com01.26.21

Is your newest tat a Cowboys star? You've really got to be a fan to be inked with your team's logo or colors, and some NFL fans have gone all out this season. Cowboys fans are in the top half for having the most tattooed fans in the NFL.

Getting a tattoo in honor of your favorite NFL team takes fandom to a whole new level. You can throw a Cowboys jersey into the washing machine and blue andsilver facepaint washes off, but a tattoo is a commitment. There will be no switching to cheering for theGiants once you ink yourself with a Cowboys star. And which body part gets it? The hip is a popular spot, but then no one sees it at the game (at least as far as we know). There's so much to think about.

Pickwiselooked at Instagram to come up with its list of the most inked fans in the NFL, and it wasn't a Super Bowl team that came out on top.

The Philadelphia Eagles have 5764 posts by dedicated fans showing off team tattoos, and there are two main reasons for it. The things that move a fan to get a team tattoo, according to Pickwise, are recent and historic success, along with a general following.

Team Name, followed by Number of Posts showing tattoos

Philadelphia Eagles -5764

Chicago Bears -5638

Las Vegas Raiders -4797

New England Patriots -4343

Denver Broncos -4268

Buffalo Bills -3671

San Francisco 49ers -3634

Kansas City Chiefs -2300

Minnesota Vikings -1921

Dallas Cowboys -1791

Pittsburgh Steelers -1236

Green Bay Packers -1075

Cleveland Browns -724

Seattle Seahawks -611

Houston Texans -377

Washington Football Team -367

Los Angeles Chargers -265

Los Angeles Rams -233

Arizona Cardinals -205

Carolina Panthers -186

Jacksonville Jaguars -92

Atlanta Falcons -90

New York Giants -74

Miami Dolphins -63

Cincinnati Bengals -44

Indianapolis Colts -43

Detroit Lions -32

Baltimore Ravens -26

New York Jets -17

New Orleans Saints -15

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9

Tennessee Titans -7

It's surprising that Buccaneers fans don't have more team ink, but after a season like this, give them time and new fans might logo up. And February 8th -- the day after the Super Bowl -- might be a big day for tattoo artists in the winning team's city.

Would ya? Maybe you've already done it andhaven't hashtagged yet. That thought puts a whole new twist on the list! Maybe theCowboys are actually number 1.

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Cowboys Fans Have Fewer Tattoos Than Fans Of A Super Bowl Team -

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Nevada’s illegal sex industry is the nation’s largest and a hub for sex trafficking – The Sierra Nevada Ally01.26.21

A patchwork of municipalities in seven of Nevadas 17 counties are the only places in the nation where selling sex for money is legal. Nevada has a total of 19 brothels as of this writing. But the states legal brothels are tiny by contrast to a much larger illegal sex industry, by one estimate, the nations largest.

Brothels are not legal in Washoe and Clark counties, home to the states largest population centers, Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas respectively.

When she was 17, Bekah Charleston ran away from home in Texas. A trafficker sold her into servitude in a Nevada brothel.

Charleston said she was held in virtual captivity in a legal Nevada brothel, regularly raped, and forced, through violence and other abuse, to perform sex acts for money.

Theres this idea that somehow by legalizing it and kind of quarantining it within these brothels, that it makes it safe and healthy, Charleston said during a webinar in November 2020 sponsored by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE). Well, I was actually trafficked through the legal system. My trafficker would use the brothels as a form of punishment.

If you werent making enough money, if you were getting arrested too often, he would send you to the brothels. Because then he had other pimps watching over you, and he knew that youd be forced to get off your butt and make money because the brothels arent going to let you sit around and say no all the time.

Angela Delgado-Williams was trafficked from Texas to work for a Las Vegas escort bureau. Delgado-Williams said sex consumers usually dont know the difference between a legal and illegal business.

The irony is, theres so many similarities from the legal prostitution and the illegal pimp-and-ho subculture, or what theyve normalized in the City of Las Vegas, Delgado-Williams said during an online webinar in November 2020. Theres so many similarities to the legal, licensed, owned and operated escort services to the legal brothels.

So theyre making loopholes and allowing escort services to pay taxes and get licenses and buy a business license to sell women. And its understood, when the women go to get hired into these escort services that theyre going to go to a hotel room and service a sex buyer.

An interactive map of Nevadas active brothels:

Legal Brothels

Much of the justification for the legal sex industry in Nevada is that state and local laws protect sex workers. Brothel employees must register with local police and submit to weekly tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and once a month for HIV and syphilis. Condoms are mandatory for all sexual contact. Legal sex workers have emergency buttons that summon security if needed. Access to legal brothels is highly restricted.

Jennifer Barnes is a madam at the Mustang Ranch in Storey County and has worked in Nevadas legal sex industry for 27 years. Barnes says that because brothels are closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the state is forcing sex workers out of the legal setting and into an unregulated, illegal industry. Few dispute that the illegal sex trade is inherently dangerous.

For Barnes, the closure of legal brothels affords a glimpse of what a brothel ban would look like. She told the stories of women who worked at the Mustang Ranch but left Nevada to work as escorts in other states when the brothel closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

They make a ton of money. Theyre not going to go work at Walmart. Out on a date, she knew something wasnt right. She was able to call 911, Barnes said of a former Mustang Ranch worker now in Los Angeles. But this guy bit her face off. He bit her nose off all the way to the right of her face, bit her cheek on the right side and ripped it all the way to the left.

And then in Arizona, I have two other ladies that thought, Oh, well do the buddy system and well be safe.

Hell, no. They were raped. They were robbed. They were pistol whipped, tied with the cords. I mean were really doing a disservice to our ladies that choose to do this industry legally.

Barnes is angry that massage parlors and other high-contact businesses like tattoo parlors and hair salons are allowed to operate, and brothels remain closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Barnes said she has never encountered a trafficked person working in the legal setting. She said that every worker must submit to an FBI background check and scoffed at the notion of a trafficked person being hidden in a legal brothel.

Why dont they go to the massage parlors where they know women are being trafficked? I mean, that pisses me off, Barnes said with some exasperation. It makes me so angry, because the government is fixated on our legal industry, rather than going out and helping the women that are being trafficked, that are being abused, that are working in underground massage parlors.

What About the Police?

In an effort to stymie the sex trade doing business as massage parlors, on Feb. 26, 2020, the Reno City Council passed an ordinance that changed the business licensing requirements for massage parlors within city limits.

The terms massage parlor and massage therapist are not the same. Massage therapists are trained and licensed therapists who provide a service with no sexual component.

A massage parlor will likely not have a certified massage therapist. They may offer table showers and other potentially sexual services that lead to a happy-ending massage.

Renos new licensing requirements include a federal background check for massage parlor owners. Around-the-clock operations are prohibited. No tinted exterior windows are allowed, and no ATM machines can be on site.

The cities of Reno and Las Vegas grant licenses to escort and outcall services. Both cities have licensing stipulations that prohibit sexual commerce as part of companionship or massage services. Business owners must pass a background check.

Right now, companionship customers in Las Vegas or Reno can choose among body types, hair colors, bust sizes, and ethnicity. Many of the images are explicitly sexual in implication. Using sexually suggestive advertising to market escort services is prohibited in Las Vegas.

In a brief email response, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they are not ignoring the problem and are working to enforce the law and thwart traffickers.

Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and the LVMPD VICE section investigates all prostitution and pandering related crimes, wrote an unidentified Metro spokesperson. These investigations include sex trafficking/ human trafficking. Vice detectives work 7 days a week in both investigative and enforcement capacities. LVMPD Vice operations occur within the tourist corridors and other problem areas throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Vice Detectives conduct various proactive operations to combat prostitution and the crime associated with it.

The Human Exploitation and Trafficking Team

In January 2020, the Reno Police Chief, Sparks Police Chief and the Washoe County Sheriff formed the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Team.

Sergeant Scott Smith supervises the team of four detectives, and according to Smith, they take a victim-centered approach. Their top priority is to find victims and, with the assistance of community service providers, help the them get out from under what amounts to modern-day slavery.

These guys that are trafficking these girls, theyre controlling every aspect of their life, Smith said by phone. Theyre very manipulative. Theyre controlling when they eat, when they sleep. And they have their quotas where they are sending these girls out to do these dates with these Johns. If they dont provide that quota, then theyre beating them and mistreating them and everything else. And we have to prove that.

To truly combat the problem, traffickers must not only be arrested but successfully prosecuted. Detectives gather evidence and then work with the Washoe County District Attorneys Office throughout the prosecution and on into sentencing.

The unit launched in January 2020. The pandemic slowed early activity, but since fully organizing, the team has arrested 66 individuals for sex trafficking, and with those arrests came over 200 felony charges.

During the same timeframe, the unit provided services for 55 victims. That includes temporary housing, food, clothing, vocational training, and job placement.

At the intersection of US 395 and I 80, Reno is a city on the sex-trafficking circuit of Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Los Angeles, Smith explained. With four detectives in the year-old group, the problem is ongoing.

Were a small unit trying to solve a big problem, Smith said.

All but unseen to the public, human trafficking is a reality in Nevada. Smith said community education and involvement is essential.

Weve gone out and talked to the principals and vice principals at the high schools. Were trying to get word out to our educators. Were teaching our law enforcement agencies. Were going out to the hospitals and talking with the nurses because they will run across victims themselves coming into the ER, Smith said.


Sergeant Smith said many trafficked people are runaways, though they come from both stable and unstable families. He emphasized that traffickers are highly manipulative and controlling.

Theyll give the juvenile that attention that theyre not getting somewhere else. And thats how they kind of lure them in. Ill buy you nice things. Ill take care of you, and then it kind of lures them in.

And once they have them on the hook, it turns into, Well, if you do this date for me, we just need some money, and it keeps kind of spiraling from there.

Lisa Thompson is director of the Research Institute of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Thompson said that the illegal sex trade focuses on those who are vulnerable immigrants, people in poverty, young people in the foster care system, and people with disabilities.

The people who are operating, maintaining, profiting off the sex industry are all too ready to take advantage of that vulnerability, she said.

The Foster Care System

Based on interviews with those who have been rescued from sexual slavery by advocates and law enforcement, the foster care system is a major pipeline that supplies vulnerable young people to the sex trade.

We think its incredibly important that we focus efforts on foster care reform, Thompson said. That would be a really important change.

They get exploited in the sex trade. Theyre victims. They age out of foster care. And they continue in the sex trade, and then you know, its like, Oh, youre just a sex worker. Thats the attitude that society has Its been a well known pipeline of foster care being a major supplier, a major conduit of those who make up folks in the sex trades.

Sugar Dating

Seeking Arrangement is a site that entices college-aged women to date for money. Thompson says so-called sugar dating is an ugly symptom of misplaced societal priorities.

More and more young people are, especially like young women in their early or their late teens, early 20s are getting caught up in the sex trade, particularly through these websites like Seeking Arrangement, which make it seem like this is a great way to make some money and pay for college.

But to me, this is a real indictment on our country, if were telling young girls, Were not going to invest in you. We dont believe in you. The way for you to just get through college is to prostitute yourself.

Is that really the best America can offer its young women is prostitute your way through college? This is the message thats become so normalized. And I think people would be really staggered if they talk to the young people in their lives who are in college and just ask them, How many friends do you have who are engaging in online prostitution, and I think they would be blown away by the answers that they get.

The Lawsuit

Do Nevadas legal brothels help create the context for the nations largest illegal sex industry?

Bekah Charleston and Angela Delgado-Williams were plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought against the State of Nevada, the Governor, and the Nevada Legislature. The Governor is named in his official capacity only.

The complaint, filed in March 2019 in the US District Court of Nevada, requested that the state declare the laws that legalize brothels be deemed null and void, along with the county codes that enable legal prostitution in Elko, Lander, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Storey, and White Pine counties.

The complaint claimed that the plaintiffs were directly impacted and harmed by virtue of the existence of the legal sex industry. Having a legal system creates a context for a much larger and totally unregulated sex industry that is rife with trafficked people.

Wherever prostitution has been legalized, the illegal prostitution industry has exploded, said Benjamin Bull, chief legal counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. There are a variety of reasons why, and sociologists can explain why, but in Nevada, for example, prostitution is legal in a few relatively small counties.

As a result of that, prostitution is illegal everywhere else, but its de facto permitted everywhere. Again, with a wink and a nod, and they basically license escort services. And they require escorts to get some sort of physical examination or health examination once a year. But everybody knows that the crime of prostitution is not enforced. In Las Vegas, I mean, good grief. The motto of the city is What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

The district court dismissed the case. The plaintiffs appealed. On Dec. 10, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in Charleston v. Nevada, affirming the district courts decision. Benjamin Bull said he doesnt see the ruling as a loss.

They could have said Dismissed with prejudice. Dont come back, Bull said. All they did was say, You sued the Legislature and you sued the State, and they have immunity. So you dont have standing to sue them.

Bull said he views the decision as the beginning of the beginning and contends that the context for Nevadas legal brothel system has changed.

This is not the 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s, Bull said. This is the era of the #MeToo movement. The era of Jeffrey Epstein. Its the era of Harvey Weinstein.

Melissa Holland serves as the founder and director of Awaken, based in Reno. Since 2010, according to Holland, Awaken has helped roughly 600 women get out of sexual slavery. Holland says having a legal sex trade sets a context that creates a massive illegal sex trade.

You have been born and raised in a state that has legitimized the commodification of, saying these women are allowed to be for sale for the use of sex. We get to look at women as that potential. As a result, our whole state has become a sex-tourism state.

Jennifer Barnes disagrees and says legal brothels are not responsible for the illegal sex trade in Nevada.

The legal and illegal industries dont go hand in hand, Barnes said. Its either youre going to protect the ladies and the clients that choose to do this industry in a safe, legal, regulated environment or not. And now, the ones that are choosing to do the legal side are being pushed to be on the illegal side [by being closed to prevent the transfer of the coronavirus]. So theyre making our legal ladies criminals.

Nevada lawmakers rejected an effort to ban brothels in the state during the 2019 Legislative Session. Senate Bill 413 died without a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The 2019 Legislature approved a concurrent resolution that directs the Legislative Commission to create an interim committee to study the working conditions at licensed brothels, but no meetings have occurred to date.

For Sergeant Smith and the detectives in his unit, some have kids the same age as many trafficked juveniles, so his team is motivated. Whether brothels remain legal or not, a big challenge moving forward is to prevent those who have been trafficked from returning.

Big picture as far as how to deal with the juveniles to get them the better resources, resources they need to get their independence back and kind of get them back on track so they can enjoy their childhood because no child should bethis isnt how they should remember their childhood years.

For Benjamin Bull and NCOSE, working to fight trafficking isnt a moral crusade but a human rights campaign. Another lawsuit challenging Nevadas system of legal brothels will be filed in 2021. This is the beginning of the beginning, said Bull.

We want to be a spokesman for the victims who dont have a voice. Those women who run away from a bad foster situation when they are 12 or 13, have nowhere to live. Theyre caught up in sex trafficking. Theyre controlled. Theyre used. Theyre commoditized. They have videos made of them that are uploaded to Pornhub that last forever, and they come out of it later. And most of them, frankly, have a very early death and theyre forgotten. Lets look at that and prevent it from happening.

Brian Bahouth is the editor of the Sierra Nevada Ally and a career public media journalist. Support his work.

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Nevada's illegal sex industry is the nation's largest and a hub for sex trafficking - The Sierra Nevada Ally

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What lessons can the new batch of first-year NFL head coaches learn from Kevin Stefanskis 2020 season? – cleveland.com01.26.21

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Imagine if a Browns head coach ever said this at their introductory press conference.

Were going to kick you in the teeth, all right, and when you punch us back, were going to smile at you and when you knock us down, were going to get up, and on the way up, were going to bite a knee cap off. And were going to stand up and then its going to take two more shots to knock us down. And on the way up, were going to take your other knee cap. And were going to get up and then its going to take three shots to get us down. And when we do, were going to (get up and) take another hunk out of you. Before long, were going to be the last one standing. Thats going to be the mentality.

Whoa. I respect the fire of new Lions coach Dan Campbell, but did that even make sense?

Biting someones leg seems like a good way to get kneed in the face, again. For as much flak as Campbell earned this week, part of me thinks hell do all right. He served as Miamis interim head coach in 2015 and was successful. His five seasons under Saints coach Sean Payton certainly help.

But Kevin Stefanski is the new bar for a first-year head coach.

Will Campbell transform the Lions into a double-digit-win team and help them win their first playoff game in over a decade? Probably not right away. However, considering this is a copycat league, Campbell would be wise to mimic as much of Stefanskis blueprint as he can.

In fact, Arthur Smith (Falcons), Brandon Staley (Rams), Robert Saleh (Jets), Nick Sirianni (Eagles) and hopefully Eric Bieniemy would be smart to seek advice from the 2020 coach of the year.

Here are the top three lessons this years first-time NFL head coaches can learn from Stefanski.

1. Hire the very best assistant coaches

As obvious as the above subhead reads, head coaches and GMs filling out their staffs with the most qualified assistants isnt commonplace. More often than not, top NFL decision-makers hire their friends (often recycles) rather than the best option.

Take the Dallas Cowboys for example this season. Head coach Mike McCarthy named Mike Nolan his defensive coordinator despite Nolan being out of the NFL since 2014. Dallas had one of the worst defenses and Nolan was fired.

Meanwhile in Berea, Stefanski placed top priority on hiring what I consider are the five most important coaching positions under a head coach. All three coordinators and both front-line coaches. Alex Van Pelt did excellent work in Green Bay and Cincinnati. Joe Woods is near the top of a long list of minority coaches in line for future head coaching jobs. Mike Priefer won a playoff game this season. Defensive line coach Chris Kiffin succeeded as the 49ers pass rush specialist a year ago and Bill Callahan is the best offensive line coach in football.

Cleveland Browns interim head coach Mike Priefer walks the sidelines against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the Wild Card Playoff game in Pittsburgh. Joshua Gunter,

Often Stefanski passes his praise to his coaching staff and for good reason. He is the man at the top. But by delegating work to five excellent coaches under him, the Browns functioned smoothly and won games as a result.

2. Build a bounce-back mindset

So much of what Stefanski and the Browns accomplished this season was rooted in changing the culture. Culture can mean many things and often does. Something as simple as using specific buzz words around the facility can contribute to changing a culture.

For example, University of Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck has all his coaches and players say their day is elite when asked how theyre doing. Basically, if they experience anything positive while at the facility, that experience can only be described as elite.

However, thats a college gimmick and often not sustainable. Rather than cling to such tropes, Stefanski developed an organic and result-driven culture changer by never allowing the Browns to lose back-to-back games.

En route to 11 regular-season wins, Cleveland didnt make losing a habit, literally. By not dropping consecutive games, the Browns naturally built a bounce-back mindset that leaned heavily into Stefanskis embrace the suck mantra.

Its impressive because though every coach plans on ending a losing streak, losing back-to-back NFL games happens often. Like any coach, Stefanski likely tried speaking a bounce-back into existence after a loss. But for him, it worked. The last time a coach of the year winner didnt lose consecutive games was in 2017 when Sean McVay and the Rams went 11-5.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, right, said hes not going to reveal his starting quarterback for the Wild Card playoff game during the week leading up to the game.AP

3. Be about the work

If the Browns ever win a Super Bowl under Stefanski, Im confident a fan will tattoo be about the work or something regarding work on them. It quickly became Stefanskis favorite word during interviews or locker room speeches.

Thus far, it seems he means it. The Browns became one of the more disciplined teams in football this season. Cleveland committed 20 fewer penalties than in 2019 while offensively being asked to do a lot more.

Think back to the Browns offense a year ago. Do you recall much pre-snap motion or multiple players shifting before the play? It wasnt happening.

Mastering motion and not jumping at hard counts takes immense focus. Honing such mental sharpness starts at practice, which by definition is work.

It goes deeper than just penalties. The Browns finished fourth in red-zone efficiency. Red-zone football is chess, not battleship. As passing windows shrink closer to paydirt, offenses must deploy sophisticated attacks to counter. And any detailed plan takes work to develop.

Think about this: Baker Mayfield threw 26 touchdowns, and 21 of them came from 20 yards or closer. Of his eight interceptions, zero were thrown in the red zone.

The Browns and Mayfield were about their work.

What we learned

Studying precisely how Stefanski accomplished all he did during the most complicated season in NFL history would largely expand the above list. By being about his work, hiring great assistants and building an organic culture, Stefanski changed football in Cleveland.

I bet Lions, Jets, Jaguars, Falcons, Eagles and Texans fans all hope their new guy took notes.


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What lessons can the new batch of first-year NFL head coaches learn from Kevin Stefanskis 2020 season? -

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