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Legal status of tattooing in the United States – Wikipedia10.08.21

StateMinimum Age (with parent/guardian consent)Form of Parent/Guardian ConsentNotes & ExceptionsIntoxicated/Impaired IndividualsArea of Law/Type of PenaltyLicensing & RegulationRelevant Statute(s) and RulesAlabamanone specified[1]informed written consent, signed in presence of the artist/service provider or their agent[1][2]Ear piercing exempt from Alabama body art laws & rules.[2][3]cannot be tattooed, branded, or pierced[1][2]Violations of Alabama Tattoo & Body Piercing laws are a class c misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $100 and/or up to 90 days imprisonment for each violation.[4]Alabama's Department of Public Health licenses Tattoo, body piercing, & body art facilities, and sets standards for their operation.[5]

Individual tattoo artists, piercers, etc. require a permit.[2]

State Board of Health rules on Body Art Practices and Facilities.[2]

Cal. Penal Code 653[13]

Tattooing may only be performed by physicians, or by registered nurses & technicians working under the supervision of a physician.[19]

Conn. Gen. Stat. 19a-92g[6][18]

Del. Code Ann. Title 16, Ch 2 122(3)(w)[6]

Fla. Stat. 381.0775 et seq.[6]Fla. Stat. 381.075[6]

Minors may be body pierced with written parental consent[24]

Physicians and Osteopaths or technicians working under their direct supervision can give minors tattoos or produce scars for "medical or cosmetic purposes."[23]

No one can be tattooed within an inch of their eye socket.[25]

Ga. Code 16-12-5[6]

Ga. Code 16-5-71.1[6]

Hawaii Rev. Stat. 321-379[6]

Piercing for medical procedures exempt.[6]

Minors can have their ears pierced without parent/guardian consent.[28]

Ill. Stat. 410 54/1 t0 54/999[6]

Ind. Code Ann. 16-19-3-4.1[6][30]

Iowa Code 135.37[6]

Kan. Stat. Ann. 65-1940 to 65-1954[6]

Ky. Rev. Stat. 194A.050; 211.760[6]902 KAR 45.065

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 40:2831 et seq.[6]

Other violations of Montana body art laws are a misdemeanor, with punishments ranging from a fine of $50100 for a first offense to $300 and/or 90 days in county jail for third and subsequent offense.[51]

Mont. Code Ann. 50-48-101 to 110[54]

Mont. Code Ann. 50-48-201 to 209[55]

N.J.A.C. 8:27-1 et seq.

N.J. Stat. Ann. 26-1A-7[6]

N.Y. Public Health Law 460-466[6]

N.Y. Penal Law 260.21[6]

N.C. Gen. Stat. 14-400[70]

N.D. Code 12.1-31-13[6][71]

Scleral tattooing is illegal.[75]

Scarification and dermal implants are prohibited[76]

Persons with sunburns or skin diseases or disorders cannot be tattooed or pierced.[76]

Minors cannot be pierced on the genitals or nipples, even with parent/guardian consent.[76]

Piercing on testes, deep shaft (corpus cavernosa), uvula, eyelids and sub-clavicle are all prohibited.[76]

Violations of Health Licensing Office rules are fined (various amounts).[76]

Or. Rev. Stat. 690.401 to 410

Or. Rev. Stat. 679.500[6]

Health Licensing Office Rules, especially Divisions 900, 905, 915 & 920[76]

RI Gen L 11-9-15[80]

S.C. Code 44-34-10 to 44-34-110[87]

S.D. Laws 9-34-17[91]

For piercings: Parent/Guardian must give written consent, be present during the procedure.[94]

Tattooing a minor is a class a misdemeanor,[93] breach of body piercing law is a class b misdemeanor.[95]

Minors may, with parent/guardian consent, be tattooed to cover up an existing tattoo that has offensive, gang-related, or drug-related content, or "other words, symbols, or markings that the person's parent or guardian considers would be in the best interest of the person to cover"[99]

Tongue splitting prohibited.[102]

Violations of Texas tattooing & body piercing statute are a Class A misdemeanor, with each day of violation counting as a separate offense.[104]

Health Commissioner can impose a fine of up to $5000 on artists & shops for each violation[105]

Civic/local governments are empowered to regulate tattoo and body piercing establishments.[115]

Va. Code 15.2-912

Va. Code 18.2-371.3.[6]

Wash. Code 18.300[118]

Wash. Code 246-145-001 to 060[119]

Wash. Code 70.54[120]

W. Va. Code 16-38[125]

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Legal status of tattooing in the United States - Wikipedia

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reacts To Police Officer Doppelgnger – Rock 92.909.04.21

Dwayne Johnson arrives at the world premiere for JUNGLE CRUISE, held at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on July 24, 2021.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has a doppelgnger and the resemblance is uncanny; the guy looks practically identical to his Hobbs & Shaw character.

Photos of Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields from Morgan County, Alabama went viral recently, catching the attention of the 49-year-old Jungle Cruise star, who took to Twitter yesterday (August 30) to offer his hilarious response. Johnson retweeted a Bleacher Report post that paired a photo of Fields on the left to one of himself on the right.

Oh s! Wow, the actor wrote. Guy on the left is way cooler. Stay safe brother and thank you for your service. He continued by giving a shout-out to his own tequila brand adding, One day well drink @Teremana and I need to hear all your Rock stories because I KNOW you got em.

One Twitter user commented, First black John Cena now this?

Another user showed a side-by-side comparing the police officer donning a matching tattoo to The Rocks.

Per E!, Fields, 37, said hes been called The Rock and Vin Diesels love child earlier this month, explaining that he finds the comparisons humorous and flattering, but admitted the similarities bring a certain amount of pressure.

I dont want to disappoint anybody, Fields admitted. I walk up one day and at a different angle, I dont know. Its flattering, but its also a little nerve-racking as far as what others expect.

A local TikToker from Morgan County posted photos of the officer. I really dont think yall are ready for this because this is insane, she said, Look at him! You cannot tell me thats not Mr. Dwayne.

One TikToker commented, Thats Dwayne The Cop Johnson.

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reacts To Police Officer Doppelgnger - Rock 92.9

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Atomic, the nationally acclaimed cocktail bar in downtown Birmingham, will close its doors in the fall – AL.com08.09.21

Atomic Bar & Lounge, the award-winning cocktail bar in downtown Birmingham, will close its doors in October.

Feizal Valli, who owns Atomic with his wife Rachael Roberts, made the announcement Thursday evening in a Facebook post on his personal profile.

As some of you may have already heard, the Atomic Lounge will be closing its doors soon. Its been a tumultuous year, both for this industry and for us personally. Its been our pleasure to have had so many of you here, to make so many new and lifelong friends. From the first day the Atomic has exceeded our expectations; Best in Birmingham, Best in the state, 3 (!) James Beard nominations. All from a little bar that dressed you up as a squirrel, slapped a Sex Panther tattoo on you and every now and then, made a decent cocktail. We still have some time together, the last day will be October 9. So lets have a few more of those Panthers, shoot some questionable whiskey and put on a costume one last time in the next few weeks. Thank you Birmingham, for everything.

Valli and Roberts opened the Atomic in 2017, and the bar quickly became famous for its mid-century modern decor and signature cocktails. The pair, who met while working at the Collins on second avenue, wanted the bar to feel like home. They outfitted the interior with cozy nods to their lives, from a wall lined with 1960s-style photographs of their relatives, to a mantel filled with trophies from the sports Roberts and her brother played growing up. But above all, Atomic was meant to be their love letter to Birmingham. The bar would illustrate the next step of their lives. Valli moved to the city after Hurricane Katrina forced him to leave New Orleans. He took a job at the Collins, where he met Roberts who was working there as a waitress. They started dating soon after he walked her home one night. In 2017 Valli and Roberts got married in Las Vegas. The day before their honeymoon, they announced they were opening a bar in downtown Birmingham

At the Collins, Valli designed the bars interior pice de rsistance-- a periodic table that, in lieu of chemical elements, represented significant people and places in Birmingham.

While Valli and Roberts loved the Collins, they wanted the Atomics brand to be their own. They set out to create a new tribute to Birmingham with nods to the citys culture throughout the interior. One room would be named after political activist, scholar, and Birmingham native, Angela Davis. The wall behind the bar would house the Atomics artistic center point-- a recreation of the front cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the 1967 album from the Beatles. The mural featured cutouts of Alabamas cultural icons-- from Birminghams native son and legendary bandleader SunRa to University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

As alumni of the Collins, the bar that would usher in much of Birminghams modern cocktail culture, Valli and Roberts wanted to continue driving the momentum for the citys emerging appreciation of craft cocktails, and they crafted a beverage program that was playful and unique. Theyd name the bars signature drink the Sex Panther-- a more aggressive play on the old fashioned, served with a panther temporary tattoo.

The Atomic quickly rose to prominence as a city favorite, garnering attention not only for its cocktail menu, but also its selection of costumes for patrons to wear inside. It wouldnt be long before the Atomic started receiving national acclaim. Over the years, the accolades would keep rolling in, from multiple semifinalist nominations for the James Beard Foundation Awards Outstanding Bar Program, to nominations for the Spirited Awards from Tales of the Cocktail, the nations longest running cocktail conference recognizing the craft of the best bars, bartenders, and industry luminaries around the world.

Last April was a particular crowning moment for the Atomic. Tales of the Cocktail named the Atomic to its list of regional nominees for Best American Cocktail Bar, an award honoring a bar for setting the highest standards in the industry and influencing cocktail trends with its menu, staff, and atmosphere. The honor came during a tumultuous time as the culinary and bar industry reeled from shutdowns and job losses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nomination was welcome news for Valli and Roberts, who considered the honor a sign of hope during a period of uncertainty and decreased morale in both the city and national restaurant and bar scene. While many drinking and dining establishments in the city had to lay off staff during the mandated shutdowns, Valli and Roberts were able to keep paying their small team of employees from an emergency savings account. And while the state Alcohol Control Board issued an emergency authorization allowing bars to sell bottles of alcohol through curbside service while their interiors were shuttered, Valli and Roberts opted not to pursue that model. For Valli, not only did offering curbside alcohol during the mandatory shutdowns defeat the statewide health orders, the service also felt impersonal.

To me, the bar has always been more than just about the spirits. Not to sound silly, but its more about the spirit of the bar, Valli told last year. The bubbles rain from the ceiling. The music. The cocktails. The costumes. The vibe of the bar.

Despite opting out of curbside bottle service, Valli, like many other professionals in the culinary industry, saw the emergency order as proof that rigid laws and regulations in the state and around the country can be adapted, especially to help bars and restaurants survive.

When the Atomic reopened its doors to guests after Alabamas Safer at Home order allowed restaurants and bars to resume on-premise dining, the bar added a number of features to navigate health and social distancing guidelines, including an expanded patio. For New Years Eve, the Atomic offered regular service for five hours before hosting a reservations-only, limited seating party.

Early this year, the bar advertised an open server position. In a February interview with USA TODAY, Valli recounted the difficulties of running a bar in 2020. One of the biggest challenges, he said, was ensuring customers wore their masks while inside of the bar. He also expressed hopes that the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines would eventually allow patrons to enjoy their favorite watering holes the way they did before the pandemic.

If the vaccine allows us to be social again, thats the most important thing, said Valli. Because at the end of the day, a bar is about being social.

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Atomic, the nationally acclaimed cocktail bar in downtown Birmingham, will close its doors in the fall -

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Everything the Kardashians Have Said About Kourtney Kardashians Relationship With Travis Barker – Us Weekly06.12.21

Kar-Jenner approved! Since Kourtney Kardashian started dating Travis Barkerin January 2021, her family has offered their stamp of approval many times over.

They have big modern families [and they] both are dedicated to their kids. They come from these modern families with modern relationships, a source told Us Weekly exclusively in February 2021. Both of their families are supportive.

Us confirmed thepairs romanceone month prior.

Kourtney and Travis are officially a couple, a separate source shared at the time. They have been close friends for years and have been dating for a couple months. Travis is very smitten with Kourtney and has been for a while.

News that the duos longtime bond had turned romantic came shortly after the rocker got up close and personal with the reality stars family while hanging out at Kris Jenners house in Palm Springs, California. In the months that followed, the momager only grew to appreciate hereldest daughters boyfriend more.

Isnt [their love] great? Jenner gushed during anOn-Air With Ryan Seacrestappearance in June 2021.

Barkers ex-wife,Shanna Moakler, with whom he shares children Landon and Alabama, shared her support as well.

As long as shes great to my kids and theyre both happy, Im happy for them, the model told Us in February2021. I absolutely am super happy for them.

The couples friends are also big fans of seeing their love blossom.

Im obsessed, Kardashians BFF Addison Rae toldEntertainment Tonightin May 2021. I love Kourtney and I love Travis. Theyre both amazing people and I wish them the best. Theyre so cute.

Tracy Romulus, a close friend of the Kardashian sisters, also shared her blessings on a PDA-heavy Instagram post.

Can we start wedding planning yet? You guys are the cutest, she wrote.

While vows havent been exchanged,the pairs relationship has been made permanent in another way.In April 2021, Kardashian shared a glimpse of her boyfriendsnewest tattoo, which featured her name written in delicate script right above his left nipple.

Kourtney and Travis are so happy together, a source told Us exclusively soon after. And friends think theyabsolutely will be getting engagedsooner rather than later.

Scroll to see the Kardashian-Jenner familys best quotes about the pairs relationship:

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Everything the Kardashians Have Said About Kourtney Kardashians Relationship With Travis Barker - Us Weekly

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Whats Going On With Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, and the Kardashians? – Vulture05.31.21

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have had as normal of a relationship as youd expect from those two so far, between the finger-sucking and the tattoos. And Barkers ex-wife Shanna Moakler, in case you were wondering, hasnt been too happy about that. After a series of shady comments to the press and mocking photos on Instagram, the former Miss USA told People last week that she thought Barker and Kardashians PDA was weird. Im very much over my ex. Its been a long time, added Moakler, who was married to Barker from 200408 and starred alongside the blink-182 rocker in MTVs Meet the Barkers. (They split in 2006 before later finalizing their divorce.) Even so, the drama between her and Barker has only grown in the days since. Below is a journey through the social-media comments and tabloid exclusives, featuring drama over everything from tattoos to multiple cheating allegations, along with appearances by Barker children Alabama and Landon, Kourtneys younger sister Kim Kardashian, former Danity Kane member Aubrey ODay, and even Perez Hilton.

The drama really picked up on May 15, when Alabama, Moaklers 15-year-old daughter with Travis, posted text messages allegedly from her mother to her Instagram Stories. In the messages, Moakler appears to claim she divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim, along with that he was emotionally abusive and controls his daughters social media. My mom has never completely been in my life, Alabama wrote with the screengrab. (In a poetic twist, Moakler posted video to Instagram earlier that day of her getting a tattoo of Barkers name removed. Moakler criticized Barker in a comment for allegedly getting a skull tattooed over her initials with Kourtney. Once again weird! she wrote.)

Barker has had a long friendship with Kim back in 2015, he told Us Weekly the star once came to him for advice on whether to start Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And while he told Us that he couldnt keep my eyes off Kim! while she was assistant to his then-fling Paris Hilton, he insisted theyve stayed just friends. A Kim K. source later confirmed to Page Six on May 17, days after the messages leaked, that the star and Barker have never had a romantic relationship. A separate source added of Moakler, Its a shame that she continues to spread lies because she is clearly bitter her ex is happy and has moved on.

In fact, Moakler is currently dating fellow model Matthew Rondeau. And in that May 15 Instagram Story, Alabama claimed, Matthew is nothing but awful to her not only that but he cheats on her. Rondeau disputed the claim on May 17, telling Life & Style magazine our love is real in an exclusive statement. We had our ups and downs in the past but never have we cheated on one another, Rondeau said. (Entertainment Tonight previously reported the two had broken up in early April.)

Amid all this, Perez Hilton dug up an Instagram Story on May 18 posted by Aubrey ODay last July, reminiscing on past Fourth of July celebrations. I was BFFs with Kim Kardashian during a Fourth. She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house he was really dope, ODay wrote, according to screenshots. Shanna his ex (who I love) supposedly was threatening to slash her tires (sorry girl but that was funny s**t, I would have too) so they asked her to park her car somewhere else. Notably, she didnt include what year this happened, but referred to Moakler as Barkers ex and, of course, posted the story months before Barker and Kourtney Kardashian would begin dating.

Hours after ODays story resurfaced, Moakler confirmed her allegations to Us Weekly on May 18. I divorced my ex because I saw them I caught them having an affair, she said, referring to Barker and Kim Kardashian. She claimed the affair happened before Keeping Up With the Kardashians 2007 premiere. Someone sent me all their [text] conversations and Im also close friends with people who were there, while things were happening, Moakler added, claiming Barker is 100 percent lying about his relationship with Kim. He is dating her sister now, so I think that would be really weird, she continued.

In a separate May 18 exclusive statement to People, Moakler also countered Alabamas statement on her parenting. The claims of being absent from my childrens lives are false and incredibly hurtful, she said. Moakler also shares 17-year-old Landon Barker with Travis, and has one daughter from a previous relationship with boxer Oscar De La Hoya, 22-year-old Atiana. Landon has also criticized Moaklers parenting on TikTok. I refuse to involve them in a vindictive parenting competition where feelings are bound to get hurt, Moakler continued. However, she added, I know one day my children will see through the fame and money machine they have been thrust into and realize their mother loves and will always be there for them.

Later on May 18, in an exclusive statement to In Touch Weekly magazine, Moakler further mused about Barkers relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. I dont have any feelings towards either one of them, she said. Im not jealous of them. I dont think about them. I dont care about them. She went on to add, If they want to run off into the sunset, like by all means, but you know, dont alienate my children in the process.

Moakler elaborated about her children in her most recent exclusive statement, to Life & Style on May 19, where she dished on their animosity toward Rondeau. Theyd been really not nice to him, as well, and he hasnt done anything except be really supportive to me, she said. I dont really understand why Kourtney is queen, Moakler added, claiming Alabama and Landon are getting Prada from the Kardashian. She went on to further address claims made by Alabama, who wrote in a May 18 TikTok caption that she cut off family too. They do you the dirtiest. Theyre being influenced by numerous people, who are very calculating, very manipulative, and theres nothing I can do except just be there for them [and]love them, Moakler said of her children, while noting that her daughter has a much bigger fan base than I do.

While Moakler has yet to stop publicly commenting on the situation, Barker, Kourtney, and Kim all have yet to comment. And if youre wondering about Kourtneys ex, Scott Disick? A source told People in April that hes struggling too.

Update, May 25: TMZ caught up with Shanna Moakler and boyfriend Matthew Rondeau at a restaurant in Los Angeles on May 22, where she accused the Kardashians and Barker of pulling her children away from her. This has all started since my ex started dating a certain person, Moakler told the outlet, before Rondeau chimed in that she meant Kourtney, if you somehow havent been keeping up. My familys broken because of this family, Moakler said of the Kardashians, and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me. When asked if she had a message for the Kardashians, Moakler added, Thanks for destroying my family. Twice. Kim and Kourtney continue to stay quiet on everything, but Travis Barker appeared to subtweet his ex-wife after her TMZ comments. Only talking thru my drums all 2021, he wrote on May 23. The following day, May 24, he added, Silence is also an answer. Guess well be waiting for a new blink-182 album, then.

Update, May 27: Kim Kardashian has waded into the drama herself, denying that she ever hooked up with Travis Barker, her sister Kourtneys current boyfriend. When a fan asked her during a May 26 Instagram Q&A, Kim replied, NO! False narrative! Weve been friends for years and Im so happy for him and Kourt. Meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly on May 26 that Kourtney had been aware of her boyfriends past crush on Kim. Ultimately Kourtney loves Travis and is pushing it aside, the source said.

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Whats Going On With Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler, and the Kardashians? - Vulture

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Arrest warrant issued in theft of $500,000 Alabama Confederate chair – AL.com05.19.21

Police in Alabama have issued an arrest warrant for a man in connection with the bizarre theft of a Confederate monument that was taken from an Alabama cemetery and found in Louisiana.

Selma police charged Jason Warnick with theft in connection with the mysterious disappearance of the chair-shaped monument, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said Monday.

Warnick was already facing charges of possession of stolen property after police said the monument ended up in his New Orleans tattoo shop.

An attorney for Warnick said he denied being involved with the theft, which sparked national news stories before the monument was recovered.

This knowledge is very new, but we are in contact with the Selma Police Department and will be making plans over the next few days, attorney Michael Kennedy wrote in an email. That being said, Mr. Warnick categorically denies any involvement with the theft of this memorial art installation and intends to defend himself and his reputation vigorously.

Warnick and two other people were previously charged with possession of the chair after it went missing.

The strange saga began March 20 when a representative of the United Daughters of the Confederacy reported to police that the Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair had gone missing from Live Oak Cemetery, located in a riverside city known worldwide for its links to the civil rights movement.

The chair has no direct connection to Davis, the president of the Confederacy, but it was a monument to him located near other rebel monuments in a private section of the city-owned cemetery.

Someone sent an email signed White Lies Matter to news outlets claiming responsibility and saying the chair would be returned only if the United Daughters of the Confederacy agreed to display a banner at their Virginia headquarters bearing a quote from a Black Liberation Army activist.

A later email included photos of someone wearing Union soldier garb posing on a chair that looked like the missing one but with a hole cut out of the seat. A final email said those photos were fake and the real chair was being returned unscathed.

The chair-shaped monument, which the United Daughters of the Confederacy valued at $500,000, was recovered in New Orleans.

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Arrest warrant issued in theft of $500,000 Alabama Confederate chair -

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Landon Barker Gushes Over Kourtney K.’s ‘Fire’ Tattoo on Travis – In Touch Weekly05.19.21

He approves! Landon Barker reacted toKourtney Kardashiantattooing dadTravis Barkers arm on Wednesday, May 12.

I tattoo, theKeeping Up With the Kardashiansstar, 42, captioned a video that showed her wearing black gloves as she used a tattooing needle on the Blink-182 drummers forearm. Kourt inked, I love you, in cute cursive letters on theCan I Sayauthor, 45.

So dope! Landon, 17, commented on the series of photos and videos showing the process. Looks so fire! he added in a separate comment.

Travis also seemed to love his new ink. Woman of many talents, he wrote in response to the post with a black heart emoji.

Its no secret the musician and Poosh founders relationship has been heating up fast since they went Instagram official in February. The pair arent afraid to post PDA-packed photos and videos flaunting their love while on vacation in Utah, snuggling in bed and anywhere in-between.

This isnt the first time Landon expressed his approval of his dads romance with theKourtney & Kim Take Miamialum. True love, the California teen commented on PDA-packed photos of the couple from their desert getaway in Utah.

Kourtney has not only gotten closer with Landon but also with Travis daughter Alabama and her half-sister,Atiana De La Hoya, who is the child of Travis ex-wifeShanna MoaklerandOscar De La Hoya. The girls love hanging out with Kourtney and have even done a Pilates class at the reality stars home.

Travis kids think Kourtney is super cool, especially Alabama. They talk about dating boys and makeup, an insider previously gushed toLife & Style. But what really matters to them is that their dad is happy.

The insider noted Landon and Alabama,15, are all for the musician marrying Kourtney if thats what they want. Luckily, the two arent bothered by their dads extreme PDA with his girlfriend. Of course, they roll their eyes, but theyre hip kids, they get it, the insider said.

The teens are content with the way everything is right now, added the insider. Its such a clich, but they really are just one, big happy family. Kourtney also has three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign, whom she shares withScott Disick.

Kourtneys family is also supportive of her sweet relationship. Her sisters say theyve never seen Kourtney this crazy in love, a second insider said. Kris [Jenner]is ecstatic that her oldest daughter is this happy Its an exciting time for Kourtney, and no one deserves it more than her.

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Landon Barker Gushes Over Kourtney K.'s 'Fire' Tattoo on Travis - In Touch Weekly

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of Cherokee County | Local & Area News, Sports, & Weather DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Extremely Busy During Last Two Weeks of April -…05.06.21

From the Office of DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden:

FORT PAYNE, Ala. April has been one of the busiest months in a while for our local Law Enforcement and Narcotics Unit. Just in the month of April alone, 68 have been arrested on drug related charges.

On Thursday, April 15th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents, along with, DeKalb County Deputies went to a residence on County Road 1001 in Valley Head, after receiving a tip from law enforcement in Floyd County on a subject they had warrants on. Upon arrival, agents identified and made contact with the subject. A search of the residence yielded methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Fabian Ray Burrage (40 of Valley Head), Billy-Joe Bradley Kelly (22 of Rome, Ga), Chelsi Rena Nation (26 of Rome, Ga), James Colby Ray (25 of Forsyth, Ga) and Lacee Danielle Howard (23 of Rome, Ga) were charged with Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance.

On Friday, April 16th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents along with DeKalb County Deputies conducted a traffic stop on County Road 683 and County Road 1023 in Sylvania finding methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Gregory Scott Blansit (29 of Ider) and Shawn Blake Hartline (39 of Ider) were both charged with Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance.

On the same day, DeKalb County Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Hall Street and Woodrow Terrance in Collinsville, finding the driver to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Barry Scott McClellan (41 of Collinsville) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Narcotics Agents were called to assist.

Also, on Friday, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents were in the area of Gregory Avenue in Collinsville when they noticed John Junior Orr (54 of Collinsville) in a drug transaction. When agents approached Orr, he attempted to fight with the agents.Orrwas charged withUnlawful Possession of Controlled Substance (x2), Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest and Assault 2nd. Danny Lane Hill (62 of Collinsville) was charged with Theft of Property 4th, Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance (x2), Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

On Sunday, April 18th, DeKalb County Deputies, along with Crossville Police Officers, Geraldine Police Officers, Boaz Police Officers and Marshall County Deputies, executed a search warrant at a location on County Road 104 in the Crossville area finding a chicken fighting operation in progress. Oscary Bautista-Gascia (42 of Clarksville, Ga) was charged with Cockfighting, Cruelty to Animals and Unlawful Possession of Prohibited Beverage.

On Tuesday, April 20th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents, Geraldine Officers and DeKalb County Deputies attempted to stop a vehicle on County Road 482 in Geraldine. The driver of the vehicle led the officers on a short pursuit, but was eventually stopped. Michael Totherow (30 of Boaz) was charged with Reckless Endangerment and Attempt to Elude Police.

On Wednesday, April 21st, Dylan Ray ODell (20 of Crossville) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 1st, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Attempt to Elude Police. DeKalb County Deputies along with Geraldine Officers and Fyffe Officers were led on a brief pursuit by ODell after they had attempted to pull him over on County Road 482 in Geraldine. In the vehicle with ODell were two juveniles, aged 16 and 17. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle. Juvenile officers were called and both juveniles were charged accordingly.

Again, on Wednesday, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents were called to the DeKalb County Detention Center as Corrections Officers were booking an inmate in, they found her to be in possession of marijuana. Whitney Ann Ussery (33 of Collinsville) was charged with Promoting Prison Contraband 2nd.

On Thursday, April 22nd, DeKalb County Deputies conducted a traffic stop on County Road 169 in the Kilpatrick area. During the stop, deputies identified the driver, Calvin Leeroy Welden, Jr (50 of Trenton, Ga), to have outstanding warrants. Deputies also found Welden to be in possession of methamphetamine. Welden was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Narcotics Agents were called in to assist.

On Friday, April 23rd, DeKalb County Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Al Hwy 75. Zaza Red and Kratom was found in the vehicle. Alan Christopher Jones (36 of Cartersville) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance.

Also, on Friday, the National Park Service called requesting assistance from the DeKalb County Narcotics Unit after stopping a vehicle and finding around two pounds of synthetic marijuana. Nicholas Lydon Orr (21 of Gadsden), fled the scene on foot but returning a short time later. Orr was charged with Trafficking in Any Illegal Drug, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Attempt to Elude Police.

On Saturday, April 24th, Alabama State Troopers were conducting a safety check point on County Road 97. When ALEA ran a check on Landon Cole Frazier (38 of Henagar) they discovered he had outstanding warrants with the DeKalb County Sheriffs Office. During the arrest, Frazier was found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Frazier was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Narcotics Agents were called to assist.

Also, on Saturday, Henagar Police Officers conducted a traffic stop and found the driver of the vehicle to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Christie Bethune Wood (47 of Henagar) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Narcotics Agents were called to assist.

On Monday, April 26th, DeKalb County Sheriffs Deputies conducted a traffic stop on US Hwy 11 South in the Collinsville area. After stopping the subject, they discovered he had outstanding warrants with the DeKalb County Sheriffs Office. The driver was also found to be in possession of Synthetic marijuana. Daniel Leon Cruz (36 of Collinsville) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On Tuesday, April 27th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents conducted a traffic stop on Chavies Road in Rainsville. During the stop, agents detected the smell of alcohol. During a search of the vehicle, agents found methamphetamine, ZaZa Reds and marijuana. Charles David Campbell (41 of Trinity) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance (x2) and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Michael Robert Kennedy (36 of Moulton) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 1st and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On the same day, the National Park Service called the DeKalb County Narcotics Agents to assist them with a subject they had pulled over on Hwy 35 at the DeKalb/Cherokee Country Line. Park Rangers found Elijah Micah Vaught (25 of Woodstock, Ga) to be in possession of edibles and 50 grams of marijuana. Vaught was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On Thursday, April 29th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents went to a residence on 15th Street SW in Fort Payne to serve a warrant. While there, agents found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the residence. Mary Jane Biddle (53 of Fort Payne) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On Friday, April 30th, DeKalb County Narcotics Agents received information that a local Tattoo Parlor on Gault Ave North in Fort Payne may be involved in either selling or smoking marijuana at the business. During the search, agents found marijuana. Due to a child being present, DHR was called to assist. Desarae Marie Chavvin (38 of Fort Payne) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Also on Friday, DeKalb County Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 35 in Fort Payne, finding the driver to have multiple warrants with DCSO. James Douglas Craft III (44 of Fort Payne) was charged with Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 1st and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. During the arrest, Craft was found to be in possession of Tramadol, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Narcotics Agents were called to assist.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said of the incident: This only goes to show just how big of a drug problem we have, not only in DeKalb County, but everywhere you look. Working together and staying vigilant is the only way we will ever win this war on drugs and by the looks of it, we have a good start.

God Bless! Concluded Sheriff Welden.

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of Cherokee County | Local & Area News, Sports, & Weather DeKalb County Sheriff's Office Extremely Busy During Last Two Weeks of April -...

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Travis Barker: who is Kourtney Kardashians new boyfriend, how long have they been dating and does he have kids? – The Scotsman02.19.21

NewsPeopleThe Blink 182 drummer is covered in tattoos and survived a plane crash

Wednesday, 17th February 2021, 12:15 pm

The latest update for anyone keeping up with the Kardashians, is that eldest sister Kourtney has confirmed she is now romantically involved with Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker.

The news may be bittersweet for fans of Kourtney and Scott Disicks decade long will they wont they get back together saga, but in a post on Instagram the star made it clear she was now Barkers girlfriend.

So, who is he and does he have children too? This is what you need to know.

Travis Landon Barker is an American musician, songwriter and producer best known as the drummer in rock band Blink-182, though he is also a member of rap rock band Transplants.

Barker was raised in California with his two siblings and parents. His mother Gloria passed away on his first day of high school after suffering from Sjgren syndrome.

He began taking drumming lessons aged six and he continued to refine his musical talents throughout school while also describing himself as a stoner during his time at high school.

The drummer left school and became a binman, while performing with several local punk bands. He then replaced the original drummer for Blink in 1997 and soon became an international star.

Barker has enjoyed a successful drumming career, named by Rolling Stones magazine as one of the top 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time, as well as Punk's first superstar drummer.

As well as his successful career as a drummer, the 45-year-old founded clothing company Famous Stars and Straps in 1999 and LaSalle Records in 2004.

Barker was involved in a plane crash in 2008 when the plane wheel went on fire during takeoff, he was treated for his burns in hospital for 11 weeks, and ABC News later reported he was in so much pain he offered to pay friends $1M to end his life.

He released a memoir titled Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums, in 2015, where he talks about his lifelong fear of flying and now refuses to fly, choosing to take a boat to Europe and a tour bus everywhere else.

He also became a vegan in 2008, having been a vegetarian since the 1990s.

Has he been married and does he have kids?

Barker has been married twice and has two children.

In 2001, he married Melissa Kennedy but the two divorced only nine months later.

He then began dating former Miss USA Shanna Moakler and in October 2003, she gave birth to his first child, a son named Landon Asher.

One year later, in October 2004 the couple married in a wedding inspired by dark animated film Nightmare before Christmas.

They then starred in reality TV show, Meet the Barkers, which followed them as Barker released his final tour with Blink and the production of Transplants album.

Moakler welcomed their second child, a daughter named Alabama Luella Barker, on 24 December 2005.

Barker and Moakler split in August 2006, announcing it on their MySpace pages. The divorce was heavily publicised and Barker subsequently became addicted to consuming excessive amounts of prescription medication, marijuana and alcohol.

He credits the life-changing plane crash in 2008 as saving him from further addiction, as this was when he decided to completely give up pain medication, alcohol and illicit drugs. At this point he took up running and swimming and became vegan.

How did he meet Kourtney Kardashian?

Barker and Kourtney have known each other for some years, but only recently officially started dating.

He has previously dated Kim Kardashians friend Paris Hilton, who Kim also worked for in the early noughties.

The drummer had commented on his attraction to Kim in 2015, saying How could you not stare at Kim?

Mind you, I enjoyed hanging out with Paris, but I love curvy girls. Kim was eye candy.

I was [in] no way disrespectful to Paris, but I couldnt keep my eyes off Kim.

However, he has never been romantically involved with Kim and in 2018 he collaborated with her husband, Kanye West on the track "One Minute".

At the time, Kourtney was dating Younes Bendjima but the couple went their separate ways later in 2018

In March 2019, Barker denied rumours he was dating Kourtney Kardashian, stating: Kourtneys like a dear friend. Thats it.

I mean, I love her to death. I love her family to death. But yeah, just friends.

The pair lived in the same gated community in Calabasas, California for years and his two children are thought to be friendly with the eldest two of Kourtneys brood - Mason and Penelope.

She also has son Reign, all of whom are with her ex-partner and long term friend, Scott Disick.

Kourtney and Travis were spotted together at the Palm Springs home of her mum - momager Kris Jenner - in January 2021.

Reports at the time stated sources close to the couple said they were smitten with one another.

However, it was not until 16 February that Kardashian revealed they are official. In a post on her Instagram to her 111 million followers, she shared a picture of their two hands clasped together.

The picture has already been liked over 2 million times.

What do Barkers tattoos mean?

Barker has over 100 tattoos, which are almost as famous as his music.

Some of the most notable are the portrait of his daughter on his back, as well as the words Landon and Alabama on each wrist, the name of his two children.

The SELF MADE tattoo on his knuckles is in honour of his success as an artist, he explained the tattoo was inked in 2000 because: Ive worked for everything I have. I dont really have anyone to thank for my hand through it all, and making me what I am.

Barker has One Life One Chance scribed on the top of his head, One Life One Chance is the name of a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 by Toby Morse, the lead singer of the band H2O.

Barker is a member of the organisation and in 2012, he said: I support what Toby is doing for the youth. Its good that these kids can see that not every rockstar is a drug addict and he is such a positive, all-around role model for them.

The drummer has a love for Cadillacs, which could be the reason behind the huge Cadillac scribe up the right-hand-side of his torso, alongside a 1947 Cadillac emblem.

The Can I Say tattoo on his neck is in tribute to the first album of band Dag Nasty, an American punk rock band from Washington D.C. Barker has spoken of his love for the band, as a young man growing up.The boombox and angel wings on his stomach are a tribute to his love for music, he has said of the tattoo: I grew up loving to break-dance and I collected ghetto blasters. I had like 20 of them.

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Travis Barker: who is Kourtney Kardashians new boyfriend, how long have they been dating and does he have kids? - The Scotsman

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Najee gave Bay Area every reason to root for him forever – NBC Sports Bay Area01.15.21

Before Najee Harris played in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship, he joked that his Alabama teammate Tua Tagovailoa would have more fans in the stands at Levi's Stadium than he would, despite Harris playing in front of his hometown fans in the Bay Area.

"Never more than Tua," Harris said with a laugh. "Never."

Now two years after that heartbreaking loss to the Clemson Tigers, Harris was back in the national championship for the third time in his four-year career at Alabama. Days prior to Monday's title game, a digital billboard was seen of Harris in Antioch that read #AntiochStrong. Truth be told, Antioch and the rest of the Bay Area have always kept its eyes on Harris. From overcoming years of adversity with his single mother and four siblings in the East Bay to becoming a star on and off the field for the Crimson Tide, Najee has given his home fans every reason to always watch over him.

Harris, 22, capped off his historic college career Monday night in Alabama's 52-24 blowout win over Ohio State with 158 total yards (79 rushing and 79 receiving) and three total touchdowns (two rushing and one receiving). His 30 TDsare the most in a single season in both Alabama and SEC history. He holds the Alabama record formost career rushing yards (3,843) andrushing touchdowns (46) in school history. Harris also holds the school record for yards from scrimmage (4,624) and total TDs (57).

As a two-time national champion and Alabama record book staple, Harris compiled the greatest college career by an Alabama running back ever. Better than Derrick Henry, Shaun Alexander, Mark Ingram and so many others. But it wasn't always easy. Not as a youth, and not in Tuscaloosa.

Harris spent time in homeless shelters and hotels as a child before moving to Antioch when he was 13 years old. He admitted frustration insharing a backfield withfuture NFL running backs in Josh Jacobs (Raiders) and Damien Harris (New England Patriots) his first two years of college. There even have been reports he thought about transferring after his freshman year. But Harris stuck with the plan, and he's extremely thankful he did so.

Im different in a lot of ways, Harrissaid to the San Francisco Chronicle's Ron Kroichick days before the championship game. I guess you could say Ive matured a lot, just in going about life and school. Im growing into a man, I guess just being more responsible. I approached school differently (this year), 100 percent."

Harris has been vocal about his preference for his homeover Alabama. He even got a "Bay Area" tattoo last year. Really, he took the best part of the Bay with him to the South. Harris graduated with adegree in consumer sciences and earned a minor in social welfare. He recently went viral for remembering Kroichick's voice over a Zoom press conference. Harris even imitated fellow Northern California legend Megan Rapinoe and explained how he has been inspired by the USWNT star.

"Megan, she go crazy," Harris said before beating Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl. "She's from California, first of all. And she listen to Nipsey [Hussle]. Nipsey Hussle's like one of my favorite rappers, too. She gave a shoutout to him.

"But really, just all the stuff she stands up for. She's a feminist in how women in the world get treated unfairly and how they get paid different than men. So she really stands up for all that, I like how she does all that. Obviously all the social injustice, she plays a part in all that. And for her to be a woman and saying all that stuff, it could be scary for her for being a woman in what they would say is a man's world. And her just playing a part, standing up, not listening to all the naysayers out there and standing up for what she believes in, it's motivating and it's inspirational.

"Me as a male, I guess you could say ... not too many males would say that they look up to a woman. But I really look up to her, just for what she does outside of sports."

Harris himself helped lead a walk in Tuscaloosa during the summer to protest racial injustice. He wore a shirt that read "Defend Black Lives; racial solidarity against this corrupt system" while walking next to coach Nick Saban. Harris, who was seen as reserved growing up, even gave a speech at the event.

This is not a problem that will simply come and go in a news cycle, Harris said, according to It is not a problem that will eventually dissipate without action. Being here today is a huge step, but I ask you, whats next? For certain, we cant let this momentum die. This has to be an ongoing movement until change happens. We must do more as a team and as individuals to keep this movement going.

This call for change cannot end here today. We walk to this schoolhouse door intentionally because, while much has changed in the last 57 years, too many things have not. So in the present moment, we as student-athletes need to play our part in bringing out positive change. ... We need change in our system of law enforcement, we need change in our communities and we need change in our hearts.

The star running back is a culture changer. Antioch High School won one game his freshman year when he rushed for165 yards on the varsity team in 2013. They then won seven games his sophomore year and reached the second round of the playoffs when he rushed for 2,263 yards and 23 touchdowns. Antioch won the Bay Valley League his junior year when they went 11-1 as Harris rushed for 2,744 yards and 36 touchdowns, and they reached the second round of the playoffs his senior year when he gained 2,776 yards rushing and scored another 34 rushing TDs. He finished his high school career with 7,948 rushing yards, which is a Bay Area prep record and the fourth-most in California history.

Now, Harris is ready for the next step, one that any Bay Area high school football fan saw coming. He returned to Alabama for his senior season and went from a late-second or early-third-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to the top running back in the draft class and a likely first-round pick. It seems unlikely he lands with the 49ers, the team he grew up rooting for, or the Raiders, the team that took his former teammate(Jacobs) in the first round two years ago. Both teams have to hope Harris isn't in their division for years to come, though.

From his days bouncing between homes as a child to cementing his legacy in college, Harris grew in every sense of the word. He grew as an imposing force on the football field and a better student in the classroom. Most importantly, he grew as a person, understanding just how important his voice can be.

No matter where Harris winds up next, he'll always know where home is and he'll never have to search for fans. The Bay will always look out for one of its very best.

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Najee gave Bay Area every reason to root for him forever - NBC Sports Bay Area

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