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Jan. 6 wasn’t an insurrection, GOP says – Arkansas Online01.12.22

The attack on the nation's Capitol one year ago today was not an insurrection, local Republicans say.

"Donald Trump was not trying to overthrow the government," Michael Adam explained Wednesday, stressing that he was commenting independently of his position as Jefferson County Election Commission chairman. "Donald Trump was trying to get a vote to not accept the election results from [Georgia], Wisconsin and Arizona."

Oxford Languages defines "insurrection" as "a violent uprising against an authority or government." David Singer, the Jefferson County Republican Committee chairman, said those who stormed the Capitol were uprising against the election process but not the government.

"People like buzzwords," Singer said. "Some people call it a riot. Other people call it an insurrection."

Adam pointed out that Trump was "nowhere near the Capitol" when about 800 members of a mob, according to early media reports on the incident, stormed the building in hopes Congress would not certify the results of the presidential election, which incumbent Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

The attack occurred after Trump spoke at a rally near the White House, 2.3 miles west of the Capitol. Trump was impeached on suspicion of inciting an insurrection but was acquitted by the Senate on Feb. 13.

Five people died as a result of the attack, according to multiple reports: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 42; Ashli Babbitt, 35; Benjamin Phillips, 50; Kevin Greeson, 55; and Rosanne Boyland, 34. About 140 Capitol Police officers were injured.

Adam said there was "no reason" for the Capitol to come under siege.

"I think it was terrible," he said. "I think it was wrong. It was no reason to attack it. I think it was wrong. I think it was another party other than the Republicans that started it. I think good American citizens got conned into going into the building.

"Then again, I think it made the whole situation where they could not dispute the votes, so I think it was bad for everybody."

In refuting claims of an insurrection, Adam cited media reports that an extremist group and Guardsmen allowed the attackers to go inside the Capitol. A report on the damage to the Capitol two days later indicated broken glass, broken doors and graffiti, according to The New York Times.

He also questioned why Babbitt was shot to death, adding she was not armed.

"Even that guy who wore a funny-looking hat didn't do anything wrong," Adam said, referring to Jacob Chansley, who sported a horned viking helmet, carried a 6-foot spear and was shirtless with a tattoo on his chest. "He was told by the cops to 'come here' [through a door]."

Chansley was sentenced to 41 months in prison for criminal conduct, according to the U.S. attorney's office in D.C.

Adam also took issue with votes that he believes should not have been counted based on media reports that he heard or read.

Biden won by narrow margins in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, giving him enough votes in the Electoral College to defeat Trump, 306-232.

While Singer denounced the attack, he pointed out that his committee focuses on state and local issues rather than national issues, adding that he took the election numbers at face value.

"I believe we have fair and free elections in Arkansas," Singer said. "Can I give a valid opinion on Michigan and Arizona based on press reports? No. I didn't dispute anything. There were people raising questions. Nobody is advocating any sort of violence. Violent riots are unacceptable under any circumstances."

Adam said he doesn't know for sure whether the votes in key states were legitimate, but he gave an idea of alleged voter fraud in his own county from the 2020 general election as an example of what may or may not have happened in swing states.

"We had people who voted the same day they registered, and that's illegal," Adam said. "You have to wait 30 days after you register. Some people who voted in Arkansas voted with a Texas ID. Some people who voted in Arkansas voted with a Tennessee ID."

Those voters could have been referred to prosecutors on suspicion of voter fraud, but commissioners declined, Adam said. He declined to say why for the record.

Instead, they were given provisional ballots, and about 10 of about 200 suspect ballots were actually good, Adam said.

Asked whether Trump should have been reelected, Adam said there's no way that could happen once the Electoral College certified Biden's victory.

"If you read the Constitution, you know that can't happen," he said. "There's no way Donald Trump can be president," he said. "Maybe he should be president, and maybe he shouldn't be president, but there's no legal way."

Trump would do a better job as president, however, Adam assumes, adding that Trump would have handled the military exit from Afghanistan better than Biden, controlled inflation and continued to build a wall on the southern border to control illegal immigration.

But whatever came under attack on Jan. 6, 2021 -- be it a building, elected officials inside it, the Constitution or democracy itself -- Singer did not lose confidence that America or its foundations were protected.

"I can honestly tell you I did not think, 'Oh, my God. Democracy is under attack,'" he said. "To me, it looked like a riot run amok. I watched it unfold as any other riot that went amok in the last 1 years. The people were wrong. They were disorderly."

U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Ark., whose district covers Jefferson County, condemned the events of last Jan. 6.

"The attack on the U.S. Capitol one year ago today was wholly un-American and a national disgrace that resulted in the tragic loss of life," Westerman said in an email to The Commercial. "In the face of that adversity, our democratic process prevailed. Those events did not stop the peaceful transition of power or the continued exercise of democracy. One year later, our nation has proven, once again, that liberty is stronger than fear and violence. I am confident in our country's resolve to never allow such reprehensible events to occur again."

Commercial Editor Byron Tate contributed to this story.

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Jan. 6 wasn't an insurrection, GOP says - Arkansas Online

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What’s with millennials’ obsession with tattoos? – The Gateway11.13.21

Carl Casedo loves his ink. The 20-year-old has nearly two armfuls of it: his left shoulder features a roaring Chinese guardian lion, and his right a black-and-white portrait of a young woman encircled by gentle barn swallows. Casedo speaks measuredly and passionately when talking about their meaning. Among the images are tributes to his mother, a favourite band, and his culture.

I love them, he smiles, even though he doesnt have a definitive reason as to why he decided to decorate himself in the first place. It was just my decision (to get tattoos). And I do get some people questioning that, but in the end, my body is my body.

Casedo is one of millions of young people who are choosing, increasingly, to opt into permanent body art.Tattoos are an ancient art form, but lately experts have been pointing to a specific, intriguing group of patrons who are causing a notable swell in the industry: the notorious post-1982 demographic known as millennials.

It does seem that millennials, more than any other group of mainstream consumers, are obsessed with tattoos. Once reserved for indigenous tribes, soldiers, sailors, punks, and ex-convicts, tattoos have skyrocketed in popularity. Health food supermarket chain Whole Foods seriously considered installing tattoo parlours in its format 365 stores in an effort to entice millennial shoppers. The United States Navy has changed its body art policies to allow for more and larger tattoos in the hopes of drawing in more millennial recruits. In 2010 about 40 per cent of millennials had at least one tattoo and that number has increased in the last six years. Young Instagram and high fashion runway models are often spattered with tiny, artsy tattoos. What could have caused the tattoo business to become one of the fastest-growing industries in North America with an enormous client base of young people?

According to famed American tattoo artist Megan Massacre, a shift in the way tattoos were perceived occurred around the same time reality shows like TLCs 2005 hitMiami Inkthat normalized and dramatized the once-subversive experience of tattooing and being tattooed hit airwaves. The exposure of tattooing to mainstream media channels marked a change instead of being the mark of social degenerates, tattoos were suddenly desirable, cool, and sexy. And, Massacre notes, the increasing number of inked musiciansand sports players certainly helped: think Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Ed Sheeran.

The trickle-down effects of the change in perspective jump-started by these factors resulted in a widespread increase in tattoo acceptance, which can be seen in localities the world overEdmonton included. But there are more factors at play than TV and simple celebrity influence. Tattoos have been deeply meaningful for millennia, but their value hasnt diminished over time. Instead, younger generations are finding ways to adopt tattoos and reshape the connotations of inked skin in the process. There are many reasons why millennials are flocking to tattoo shops seeminglyen masse. Turns out tattoos arent really just skin deep.


Onestudyconducted by the professors at the University of Arkansas found that tattoos may be important because, at their core, they signify a means of cementing the permanence of identity. Co-author Dr. Jeff Murray said at the time that tattoos do more than merely showcase facets of an individuals identity: rather, they anchor, cement, and stand for the entirety of that identity. Even when everything else about the world right down to the body changes, tattoos are constants. They assure a link to the past.

The need for that kind of anchor has been exacerbated by the overload of constant changes in the environment that millennials in particular are challenged with facing on the daily. Since millennials are more wired in that any other generation before them, their world is the one changing the most frequently. Millennials are constantly bombarded with the newest social media platform, the latest trends, and the newest films via phones, laptops, tablets, and various other screens day in and day out, moulding the demographic to adapt quickly to rapid change. That said, all those changes can take a toll on the mind, and Murray seems to suggest that it can be comforting for a millennial tattoo wearer to know that the design etched in their skin will remain with them forever.

Murrays theory is widely echoed by tattoo enthusiasts like Casedo. Its an expression of oneself, he explains. It doesnt reflect the whole person, but it says something about them for sure.


Technological advances in tattooing has also contributed to its booming popularity. Stringent health regulations and inspections have made it safer to pop into a clean, sterilized shop for a session; developments in tattoo ink and techniques have managed to dissuade the fears of some would-be collectors. If you shirk away from permanence, you can get a bloodline tattoo. If youre worried about whether or not youd like a visible tattoo, consider blacklight (invisible) or white tattoos. Now, there are designs and artists and styles of tattoos for everyone who wants one, which leads to more people per year opting to get inked. Since younger people are generally more willing to take risks, it stands to reason that millennials are more receptive to these new techniques than their parents.

Though tattoo techniques and designs are always coming into and out of fashion, certain trends seem to have more popularity among millennials in particular. The new trends Ive seen become popular in the last few years are single needle and fine line tattoos, geometric, watercolour, and micro (small) tattoos. I absolutely love the look of them and Im very eager to learn and master those styles of tattooing, says Shaena Bunce, a 22-year-old Edmonton-based tattoo apprentice.

Another thing to consider is the increased availability and visibility of tattoos. When I first started tattooing, I remember the only way you could see other tattoos and trends was the either go into a shop and look around, or look at magazines, says Erin Storm of Edmontons own Bombshell Tattoo. Now, with Facebook, Instagram, and social media, its so much easier to find tattoos. You can get an idea of the trends coming and going in tattooing little Pinterest tattoos and things like that from social media and the internet much more quickly than in the past.

The Pinterest tattoos Storm mentions dont seem to be going anywhere, either. Mac Plant of Little Buddha Tattoo says hes noticed simple white girl tattoos dream catchers, flying birds, and the like have become the most popular requests in the shop lately. And compasses, he says. Compasses are a big one lately.

Bunce has seen the effects of tattoo availability on social media on the demographics of her own clientele. She runs an active tattoo-focused Instagram account, where she posts photos of newly drawn designs and freshly inked clients, which acts as free advertising to anyone looking for an #edmontontattoo. (My clients) are mostly people around my age because theyre my friends and acquaintances and they follow me on social media. I also get a lot of female clients, I guess because my drawing style is a bit more feminine, she says.

Plant agrees. Id say we see mostly clients in their mid-twenties, early thirties though we see some young, some old, so it probably averages out to about (people in their thirties), Plant says. We do tend to see more millennials in general, though.

But even though tattoos are experiencing a serious surge in popularity, there are some signs the tattoo frenzy may not quite have everlasting staying power with the younger set.

With more tattoos, after all, theres more potential for tattoo regret. And for every person who comes away from the chair ecstatic with their new ink, theres someone who immediately begins questioning their judgement after seeing their freshPewDiePie Brofist tattoo. Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few prominent celebrities who have voiced regret about certain designs on their bodies. And theyre not alone: the frequency of tattoo removal procedures has increased by almost 46 per cent in the last few years. According to a survey conducted by the British Association of Dermatologists, close to one-third of the people who get tattoos regret at least one in their collection. On top of that, theres a pronounced glut of people who regret the tattoos they got when they were 18 to 25 years old: 45 per cent of survey respondents said the ink they wanted to get rid of most was art they got in the period of their life most characterized by youth and impulsivity.

Its harder to find data on millennials who regret their tattoos, since the majority of the generation is still living through that period. But among the older set, its significantly easier to find tales of those who wish they hadnt gotten that Sagittarius tattoo when they were 19.

A 42-year-old mother of three confided that she had grown to dislike the sorority ankle tattoo she had received with her sisters as a 20-something University of Alberta student many years ago. Though its small, she wishes she had never gotten it in the first place: It just doesnt fit with who I am anymore.


Tattoos are inherently expensive: clients pay not only for art generated by a human artist, but also the cost and time of applying that art to a living canvas. Often clients like to have custom art as opposed to flash, or pre-done art already drawn by the artist created just for them to add to the specialness of the tattoo, so that adds additional time to an artists bill. Art aint cheap, and you get what you pay for. These sentiments apply to tattoos, too.

An hourly session in Edmonton may cost around $100, but an hour of a celebrity tattoo artists time can cost up to $700 CAD, according to a quote from NYC-based shop Bang Bang, an establishment thats been graced by the likes of Miley Cyrus and LeBron James. Given that full sleeves, large back pieces, or expansive leg designs can take many hours to complete, its not hard to imagine tattoos are investment pieces with investment price tags. Add to that the cost of aftercare products and ongoing shielding against sun and fading, and the true cost of tattoos become apparent.

Good tattoos may be expensive, but they are not nearly as costly as the price of having bad art removed. Tattoo removal and the complications that come with it are not to be taken lightly. While it can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a clean, well-crafted tattoo, it costs way, way,waymore sometimes four or five times the cost of the original tattoo to have an intricate design lasered off for good.

Laser removals arent easy procedures either. Second Skin Tattoo Removal, a laser removal firm in Edmonton, notes that while every tattoo is different since the number of sessions depends on the age, colours, and volume of ink deposited inside the skin for the tattoo, multiple sessions are almost always needed. These are spaced about two months apart from one another to break up tattoo ink sufficiently enough for the design to be permanently erased. The whole process can be painless for those with access to tattoo removal performed by trained medical professionals, but more often than not those looking to have their tattoos lasered off go to spas for the service. If the procedure isnt done by a doctor with access to anesthetic, the removal process can be painful: with concentrated laser pulses searching for and breaking up tattoo ink, discomfort is inevitable. Second Skin describes the feeling of undergoing laser tattoo removal as a burning sensation, which is none too inviting. Combine that with the risk of scarring and its understandable why the prospect of going through this ordeal might dissuade some from getting inked.


Pain is an unavoidable part of the tattooing process. Its also a powerful turn-off for many when it comes to tattoos. Even if someone is in love with the design theyve chosen, the fear of pain might dissuade some from getting inked. Having tiny needles drilled two layers deep into your skin hundreds or even thousands of times per minute isnt a painless experience, and for some people, having whats sometimes described as a long, slow cat scratch for hours on end just isnt worth having a permanent design etched into their skin.

Although skin can be numbed with specialized gels and creams, the shock to the skin when the product wears off and the additional time delays such processes introduce to the tattooing procedure (think of the time it takes to apply the product, have it take effect, get tattooed, have to reapply when it wears off, wait again for the product to numb the skin, et cetera) means many tattoo artists discourage their use and reconsider getting tattoos if the pain will be an issue.

Numbing agents work all right on smaller tattoos, but since they wear off after about 30 minutes, they really dont do much for larger pieces, Storm says. They also change the consistency of the skin, so that can make things heal a bit oddly.

Its a well-established sentiment among tattoo artists. According to local tattoo shop Atomic Zombie, the issue with topical numbing agents is that the distortion they induce in the skin confuses the lines of stencils the temporary copy of the tattoo design placed on the skin and used as a guide for the artists. A distorted stencil can result in a warped tattoo, and that means trouble for both the client and the artist. In other words, theres a reason why artists urge people who want tattoos but cant take the pain to pursue other forms of self-expression.


And then theres the highly debated career factor: having visible tattoos is still often seen as undesirable, particularly for white collar jobs, so while millennials are certainly getting more tattoos than the generations before them, theyre still conscious of the risks. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center back in 2010, 70 per cent of tattooed millennials at the time made sure their tattoos could be hidden with the right clothing for that very reason lest they would have had to endure the troublesome removal process. Despite the increasing popularity of tattoos and the gradual dissolution of their negative stigma, a lot of jobs that involve client-customer interaction still require that tattoos be covered up on the clock. The reason? Unlike clothes, hair, jewelry, and other forms of self-expression, tattoos cannot be adjusted: its either covered up or visible.

What it really depends on is the profession, the industry, and the philosophy and culture of the company, says Dale McNeely, the Director of the Business Career Services and Cooperative Education Program at the University of Alberta. Thats what has the most impact on the acceptance or concern a company has with tattoos. But when someone is going to be hired to be a representative of that company being the face of the company, meeting client and customers the company has a legitimate concern thinking, Does this tattoo image accurately represent my company to clients? Would we put that on our website, our letterhead? Sometimes theyll decide that certain tattoos are not suitable.

Some workplaces are slower to jump aboard the tattoo acceptance mindset than others. Overall, theres been a general shift toward more acceptance of self-expression in the workplace, but placement still matters: tattoos on the hands, neck, and face are complete no-no zones in certain professions and firms, McNeely notes. Hes right: tattoos in these areas known colloquially as job-stoppers among tattoo artists, who will often refuse to tattoo those areas on clients who arent already sporting a considerable amount of body art. But, McNeely says, there are other places in which such expressions of self are accepted and even celebrated: in the arts, for instance, or in music.

Ultimately, the employee is a reflection of their firm and the values of the company where they work, McNeely explains. In industries where employees have a lot of face-to-face interaction with clients banking, financial institutions, and those sorts of fields tattoos are less likely to be accepted as easily as they are in more creative fields. But even in those traditional, conservative, suit-and-tie five days a week kinds of workplaces, theres been a shifting (toward tattoo acceptance) as well.

It all boils down to the way the individual in charge of hiring at a firm perceives or dismisses traditional historical connotations of inked skin. Regardless of changing opinions millennials themselves may have of tattoos, subsets of older generations remember a time when having a tattoo meant being a societal reject. And for now, that unfortunately impacts where youll work and who will employ you if youve got some ink and have certain career aspirations. As McNeely puts it, You have imagine: if you work in a bank, one customer could be a young millennial whos totally accepting of (tattoos), the next could be an 80-year-old grandmother whos got very different concerns. You have be aware of the variety of customers thats a big determining factor, too.

But even if there were no possible issues with the administration and potential removal of tattoos, some millennials will never be convinced to buy into tattoos.

Im just not a tattoo person, says engineering student Maram Yousef. And yeah, its definitely something that a lot of employers consider when theyre interviewing possible job candidates, so if I ever did get (a tattoo), itd have to be something small and easy to hide.

So, are millennials just experiencing a temporary tattoo high or will the mania die down to a dull roar? Will the next wave of young people known as Generation Z be as into the tattoo craze as their predecessors? Right now, with workplace attitudes toward tattoos changing to become more acceptable and more and more stars choosing to get tattooed, it seems that the pros of getting inked far outweigh the cons in the minds of four in 10 millennials a statistic that might just keep going up if the current forecast holds. Its enough to make skeptical old timers shake their fists at the way the worlds gone. But if the so-called obsession millennials seem to have with tattoos means more people who are connected to their identities, thats more than a good enough reason for the trend to continue.

Trendy or not, tattoos will always be in style for the meaning they hold. Im still working on (my second sleeve), Casedo laughs. Definitely looking to get more in thefuture.

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What's with millennials' obsession with tattoos? - The Gateway

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Arkansas artist creates 3-D nipple tattoos for cancer …11.13.21

One local tattoo artist is trying to help heal one woman's breast cancer wounds with her ink and a needle.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Editor's note: This story contains some content that may be considered sensitive.

Surviving breast cancer is a battle. Doctors often suggest a mastectomy as the best treatment option.

While it can be life saving, it leaves behind scars that run deep both physically and emotionally. That's why one tattoo artist is trying to help heal those wounds with her ink and a needle.

Although there was no family history with breast cancer, 20 years ago, Julie Austin received the news that no woman wants to hear.

"I did chemo, radiation and I had seven surgeries in two years," Austin said.

Austin made the decision to have a prophylactic mastectomy, which is a surgery to remove one or both breasts, ultimately leading her to breast reconstruction.

Although she was breast cancer free, Austin said she never took the final step in her recovery journey.

"I think I was just over it at that point," Austin said, referring to also no longer having areolas on her breasts. "Having a small child at the time, I was like, 'We just won't mess with this right now.'"

The universe had a different plan as Austin was placed in the path of Karen Alford, owner of Artistic Permanent Cosmetics.

"I have been doing this about a year and a half," Alford said, "doing specifically areolas for about a year, but I have been painting for 20. I'm basically taking those skills and am able to do something so meaningful."

In cases where woman lose their nipples because of breast cancer, Alford is able to recreate a nipple and the areola.

"The actual tattooing is about an hour," Alford said. "I have you come in for two hours because we visit, we relax, we do paperwork, we pick out colors. It should be pain free, and so far my ladies have had no pain."

Alford said to be able to do art and to be able to have it being meaningful, it changes lives.

"We all love looking at art," Alford said, "but to have somebody going through the journey they're going through, and for me to be able to give them that final step, and they're healing.. it means a lot to them but boy it means so, so much to me."

Austin said when she catches her reflection in the mirror now, she's happy.

"I'm just like, 'This is amazing,'" Austin said. "How realistic they look is mind bottling."

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Arkansas artist creates 3-D nipple tattoos for cancer ...

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How movie buff RB Chez Mellusi is helping rewrite the Badgers’ script this season – The University Daily Kansan10.20.21

State Journal beat reporter Colten Bartholomew and columnist Jim Polzin discuss Jalen Berger's dismissal and UW's matchup with Army

If Chez Mellusi wasnt playing or watching sports as a kid, its a good bet he was watching a movie.

Mellusi, the University of Wisconsin junior running back, is one of those movie buffs who gets sucked in quickly and enjoys rewatching the same films multiple times. Hell pick up new details or relive favorite moments with each viewing. One of his childhood favorites was Space Jam, so much so he has a tattoo on his left leg inspired by it.

The artwork is of Bugs Bunny holding out a water bottle with the words, Chezs secret stuff, written on the label. In the movie, Bugs tricks the Tune Squad into thinking Michael Jordan had a concoction in that bottle that would make them play better, but it was just water.

I got that my senior year of high school, Mellusi said about his tattoo. I was like, I think thatd be cool if I gave it a little play and made it Chezs secret stuff.

The motif of believing in yourself, present in so many of Mellusis favorite movies, is central to his path to UW. Mellusi even may have had a few swigs of his secret stuff last week before the best performance of his college career against Illinois.

UW (2-3) hopes hes saved some for this weeks home test against Army (4-1) and for the homestretch of the season that features six consecutive games against Big Ten Conference opponents. Mellusi leads the team in rushing attempts (96), yards (477) and touchdowns (3) after posting a line of 21-145-1 in Champaign. He told reporters thats the standard hes holding himself to the rest of the season.

A look back at Wisconsin Badgers football's limited history against service academies

Mellusi has become a de facto leader of the Badgers running backs after a tumultuous six weeks that has seen the group lose three scholarship players, including last seasons leading rusher Jalen Berger.

Mellusi was focused on finding his role on the team and learning a new offense after transferring from Clemson this summer. Now that hes proven how he can contribute on the field, the Badgers are looking for him to continue adding to the group outside the lines to climb out of the 2-3 hole the team dug for itself.

Hes been himself, UW coach Paul Chryst said about his starting tailback.

I dont feel like hes trying to be someone that hes not. And then I think where being himself has been a positive is when a guy goes through and makes a decision that he made. ... My gut tells me that theres another driven purpose behind it. And so someone with purposeful actions is good to follow, and good to see. He brings that.

Mellusi isnt used to losing.

He spent four years at a powerhouse high school program in Naples, Florida, then two years competing for national championships at Clemson. Starting 1-3 matching the number of collegiate losses hed experienced before joining the Badgers wore on him. Worse yet, it showed.

His body language on the sideline during the loss to Michigan was poor, and he realized he was dragging down his teammates with him.

This past week, he really wanted to focus on his body language, and I thought that he did a tremendous job and you could totally feel it in the game, junior running back Brady Schipper said. When hes doing that and leading by example, it really brings along everybody else. That gives a spark and then that spark catches and everyone on the offense kind of feeds off of that and kind of gets us rolling.

Jim Leonhard, UWs defensive coordinator, also noted the change in Mellusis body language of late.

To me, the biggest flip that Ive seen the last few weeks is just that confidence, Leonhard said. You see him walk in and youre like, I like that kid. I like the look in his eye and just how hes attacking everything.

Open Jim: Is the check-engine light on for the Badgers football program?

Consider the misstep a growing pain in becoming a leader.

Mellusi arrived at UW in June after coaching changes among Clemsons assistants made Mellusi believe he wouldnt get much opportunity to play had he stayed for another season. He needed a change of scenery and scheme to show how he can help a team win. His talent and experience were key factors in the Badgers interest in bringing Mellusi on board UW needed to deepen its stable of backs who could contribute this season.

But it took some time for Mellusi to feel comfortable enough in his new environment to share his thoughts. He felt like he had to get his play in order first before he could make suggestions or share ideas.

UWs tailbacks needed someone to take ownership of the group. The group had enough quiet voices even when it had all of its scholarship players. It needed a jolt and someone to push the rest of the room. Now that hes more settled, teammates such as senior safety Collin Wilder, who transferred earlier in his career and has been in Mellusis shoes, are starting to see Mellusi take that role.

Obviously leadership is needed in that unit, Wilder said. Its open for who wants it, like who wants to take it, who wants to take on that leadership role? I think I can see Chez slowly starting to, you know, take that on. Its tough when you transfer and you dont know if youre stepping on any toes. You dont know who really is the leader of that group until you get here. I can tell hes starting to figure out he can be that guy.

5 things to know about Army football before it plays Wisconsin for the first time

Freshman Braelon Allen emerged as the other half of a 1-2 punch in the backfield with Mellusi last week. The two have been working together since they arrived on campus and Mellusi knows firsthand the rare situation Allen is in. Like Allen, Mellusi was a 17-year-old freshman at Clemson. Mellusi has been guiding Allen in how to study a defenses tendencies and the details of pass protection, a key factor to earning playing time at the position.

Hes been a huge leader for us, Allen said about Mellusi.

While Mellusi isnt in a movie of his own yet, he already has a stage name. Chez is a shortened version of his actual name, Cesare (pronounced Chez-uh-ray), a name he shares with his paternal grandfather.

The nickname came when he moved to Naples in middle school and has stuck.

Mellusis mother, Thyrza Mathis, said you can learn a lot about her son from the movies he goes back to time and again.

If you see Chez and you see the movie Rocky, all of them, theres a part of him ... that competition is who he is, Mathis said. Its not giving up. Rocky doesnt give up in any of those movies. His whole balance has always been, If they can do that in the movies, I can make that happen.

Another favorite, one that Mathis says explains where Mellusi got his love of running, was the 2004 hit The Incredibles.

When he was younger, this was even before he knew anything about football, he loved The Incredibles and he thought he was Dash, Mathis said, referencing the young boy with super speed whos part of the Incredibles family in the movie. He had pajamas Dash, underwear Dash, everything you knew, he was Dash. He was like, Mom, one day Im going to be like Dash and Im going to run so fast. That really should be his nickname.

How the Badgers will rely on offseason prep, eye discipline and knee braces to slow Army's option

As hes gotten older, 80s classics such as Scarface and Rambo have ascended his list, a product of the movie marathons hed pull off with his late uncle, Ray Ray.

Mellusi grew up in Washington, D.C., and was on the couch watching every Washington Football Team game with his dad, Mario. Those hours watching games were also history lessons, and Mellusi has an array of stored trivia about old lineups and results. He always had a ball in his hands as a child, Mathis said, but football took hold in middle school and became his focus.

The family moved to Florida as Mellusis football talents started to show, but he has a tattoo of the Washington Nationals logo on his left arm to commemorate his hometown.

Mathis said it was difficult to watch her son go through the transfer process, but she believed him when he said he would find a place willing to give him an opportunity. UW has been that and more, she said.

I dont even call it luck, this is a blessing, Mathis said. I know that Clemson prepared him in a way to understand theres something about patience that you have to learn. I really, truly believe that my son learned that word patience at Clemson.

I have to say, I thought Clemson this is just facts I thought Clemson had a huge fan base. Oh, my God, Wisconsin (fans) beat Clemson. I felt like we were at home and its just like, this is our child living his dream, finally. God forbid, even if he doesnt make it to the NFL, at least he got to show and play and enjoy his college life.

A lot of attention will be paid this week to the availability of quarterback Graham Mertz, who is questionable after suffering a chest injury on a sack last week against Michigan. Mertz said hell try everything he can to practice and play this week.

If Mertz cant go, junior Chase Wolf would start for the Badgers against an Illinois defense that has recorded 85 pressures in six games. UW needs more from its offensive line in both pass protection and run blocking. Multiple linemen and Mertz said that the game plan this week features more elements to help the line, but they didnt divulge what those will look like.

Illinois edge rusher Owen Carney, who has 4 sacks over his last three games, will challenge UWs senior tackles to protect the quarterback better than they have early this season.

UW could be down to its third and fourth tight ends because both Jake Ferguson and Jack Eschenbach are questionable.

Dont be surprised to see more tailbacks getting involved. UW isnt getting enough from its rushing attack just more than 100 yards per game against Power Five opponents and may try to get freshman Braelon Allen more touches because he has the ability to push a pile at 6 foot 2, 238 pounds.

Also look for receiver Chimere Dike to continue getting more looks after making two big catches, including a touchdown, against Michigan.



Illinois' Chase Brown ran for 257 yards against visiting Charlotte last Saturday.

Illinois touts one of the most experienced rosters in college football and its offense is littered with players with more than 15 games of experience under their belts. Center Doug Kramer and fellow offensive linemen Verderian Lowe and Alex Palczewski power a unit that resembles what coach Bret Bielema ran at UW in form, but not always in function.

Running back Chase Brown just posted 257 yardsrushing against Charlotte, but Illinois, much like the Badgers other Power Five opponents this season, uses its run game to set up deep passes. Quarterback Brandon Peters missed time with a shoulder injury this season and hes only thrown one touchdown in 3 games.

Illinois protects the ball well, giving away just four turnovers, but it shares a problem with the Badgers offense ineffective play in the red zone. Illinois has scored on 10 of 16 red-zone drives this season; UW has scored on 10 of 15 in two fewer games.

UWs defense will need to find ways to get into the backfield and bring down Peters after not recording a sack last week. Peters has decent mobility and picked up rushing gains of 30 and 31 yards against the Badgers last season.

UWs toughest matchup on the outside might be Isaiah Williams. The wide receiver who converted from quarterback is averaging nearly five catches per game and runs a lot of short routes that can be difficult for cornerbacks to combat if theyre not in press coverage.


Both punters could be active in this game, an under-the-radar matchup between two of the best in the Big Ten. UWs Andy Vujnovich is fourth in the conference with an average try of 47.7 yards. Illinois Blake Hayes is averaging 45.8 yards per punt, but 19 of his 38 punts have pinned the opponent inside its 20-yard line and 11 have traveled 50-plus yards, tied for the most in the league.

Neither team has had much return game to speak of, but Illinois advantage with kicker James McCourt (11 of 16 on field goals this season) has been diminished by the solid play of UWs Collin Larsh (6 of 8).


UW is trying to avoid a 1-4 start for the first time since 1990 and going back-to-back season with a three-game losing streak for the first time since 2003-04. UW coach Paul Chryst is 5-1 against Illinois as the Badgers coach. The Badgers are 10-point favorites but are 1-3 against the spread this season.

Illinois hasnt won a Power Five game since its Week 0 upset against Nebraska. Bret Bielema went 37-19 in conference play as UWs coach, but he was 11-29 in SEC games as the coach at Arkansas. Hes off to a 1-2 start in Big Ten play at Illinois.

1. Avoid turnovers:This is trite, but its worth mentioning until the Badgers actually do it on Saturdays. UW has 12 turnovers this season, an average of three per game, and is facing an Illinois defense that has 10 takeaways (1.7 per game) this season. Illinois linebacker Jake Hansen has two forced fumbles in four games this season and 12 forced fumbles in his career. Hes one away from tying defensive end Simeon Rices program record for career fumbles forced. Thirty of the 74 points the UW defense has allowed have come on possessions following a UW turnover.


Badgers wide receiver Chimere Dike catches a touchdown pass while covered by Wolverines defensive back Daxton Hill during their game last week at Camp Randall Stadium.

2. Get Dike involved again:Sophomore receiver Chimere Dike caught his first two targets of last weeks game for a combined 54 yards and a touchdown. He was targeted just one more time a catch broken up on a nice play by Michigans Daxton Hill. UW had myriad issues protecting the quarterback against Michigan, but it could help out the line by using Dike on some shallow crossing routes and getting the ball out fast. Dike is one of the teams best receivers and has just seven touches in four games. That should change quickly.

3. Change the tone:The Badgers too oftenhave looked like a team that is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Then a positive mood never is recovered when a mistake happens or the opponent takes a lead. Junior inside linebacker Leo Chenal spoke this week about the importance of maintaining good body language and a better attitude. Do that this week. Illinois isnt one of the best teams in college football like the teams the Badgers lost to are.

1. Feed Williams:Isaiah Williams is a supremely talented player for Illinois, one UW hasnt seen much of this season. His quickness and agility on the edge allow him to make plays that dont appear to be there on first glance. UW is strongest in its front and will slow the Illini rushing attack, so getting Williams the ball in the flats and letting him try to create yards after the catch may be the smartest plan of attack.

Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press

Illinois linebacker Owen Carney Jr. rests on the bench during a game earlier this season in Champaign, Ill.

2. Blitz heavily:Owen Carney Jr. is a handful for the Badgers to deal with as an edge rusher, but Michigan was able to grind the UW offense to a halt with well-timed blitzes last week. The Wolverines blitzed on 10 of 30 dropbacks, according to Pro Football Focus, and tallied six sacks. Illinois should consider using its defensive backs as blitzers as well. UW had trouble identifying them and getting them blocked against Michigan.

3. Win the special teams battle:UWs special teams have hurt the cause over the past two weeks, and Illinois would be wise not to return the favor. While field-goal kicking and punting used to be where the Badgers settled for less than average, they have been executing kickoffs correctly and fielding punts this season. Illinois must not give up possessions or field position with errors on special teamsto pull off the mini upset. Remember, Illinois downed a then-undefeated UW team in 2019 with a pressure-packed 39-yard field goal.

Series:UW leads 43-37-7

First meeting:Teams tied 10-10 in 1895

Last meeting:UW won 45-7 at Camp Randall last season

UW's longest winning streak:Nine games (2008, 2011-2018)

UW's longest losing streak:Six games (1987-1992)

UWs defense should be stout enough not to allow much to the Illini, but its hard to expect much from the Badgers with the uncertainty at quarterback for the Badgers. Perhaps this is the week the offensive line and run game get it going and take the pressure off whomever is under center. Both defenses are hunting turnovers, and I think this is the week that UW gets the edge in that category and it decides the game.

Badgers 24, Illinois 14

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How movie buff RB Chez Mellusi is helping rewrite the Badgers' script this season - The University Daily Kansan

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These 9 Children Have Gone Missing In Arkansas Since June – kkyr.com09.04.21

There are currently nine kids missing in the state of Arkansas since June the first. Please look over these kids and see if you have seen any of them and help bring them back home.

Sydnye Edwards

Missing Since August 27, 2021Missing FromWhite Hall, ARDate Of Birth September 14, 2005Age Now 15Sex FemaleRace BlackHair Color BlackEye Color BrownHeight 5'10"Weight 145 lbsSydnye may travel to Brinkley, Arkansas or Forrest City, Arkansas.

Litze Rivera

Missing Since August 22, 2021Missing From Little Rock, ARDate Of Birth Jan 4, 2005Age Now 16Sex FemaleRace HispanicHair Color BrownEye Color BrownHeight 5'2"Weight 156 lbsLitzi may travel to Ulm, Arkansas; Stuttgart, Arkansas or Dallas, Texas.

Abrianna Mosley

Missing Since August 18, 2021Missing From Waldron, ARDate Of Birth Apr 4, 2007Age Now 14Sex FemaleRace BiracialHair Color BrownEye Color BrownHeight5'10"Weight 230 lbsAbrianna was last seen on August 18, 2021. Abrianna is Biracial. She is Black and White.

Megan Berkheimer

Missing Since August 15, 2021Missing From Royal, ARDate Of Birth Oct 29, 2003Age Now 17Sex FemaleRace WhiteHair Color BrownEye Color BlueHeight 5'6"Weight 140 lbs

Senna Saucier

Missing Since July 28, 2021Missing From Waldron, ARDate Of Birth Dec 9, 2003Age Now 17Sex FemaleRace WhiteHair Color RedEye Color HazelHeight 5'4"Weight 135 lbs

Cody Tims

Missing since July 7, 2021Missing From Trumann, ARDate Of Birth Jun 14, 2004Age Now 17Sex MaleRace WhiteHair Color BrownEye Color BrownHeigh t5'9"Weight 143 lbs

Allie Smith

Missing Since July 3, 2021Missing From Hot Springs, ARDate Of Birth Jul 25, 2004Age Now 17Sex FemaleRace WhiteHair Color BlondeEye Color BrownHeight5'7"Weight110 lbsAllie may still be in the local area or she may travel to Garland County, Perryville, Pulaski County or Saline County, Arkansas. Allie has a tattoo of a heart on her right wrist and a tattoo on her ankle.

Jacaya Young-Scott

Missing Since July 1, 2021Missing From Little Rock, ARDate Of Birth Mar 29, 2006Age Now 15Sex FemaleRace BlackHair Color BrownEye Color BrownHeight 5'1"Weight 120 lbs

Jada McClanahan

Missing since June 4, 2021Missing From Greenwood, ARDate Of Birth Jun 16, 2004Age Now 17Sex FemaleRace WhiteHair Color BrownEye Color BlueHeight 5'4"Weight 150 lbs

Jada'snose is pierced and she has a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Data for this list was acquired from trusted online sources and news outlets. Read on to discover what major law was passed the year you were born and learn its name, the vote count (where relevant), and its impact and significance.

Read on to learn the average life expectancy in each state.

Follow this link:

These 9 Children Have Gone Missing In Arkansas Since June -

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Here for the Wrong Reasons: Episodes 4 and 5 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 – The Vanderbilt Hustler09.04.21

Welcome to Here for the Wrong Reasons, where each week Ill be recapping all of the champagne-guzzling and petty Can I steal you for a second?s of Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. Nothing boosts your confidence about your own love life like watching a bunch of desperate 20-somethings competing for a strangers affection! Check in every Tuesday (or Wednesday, because this season is wilding) for episode recaps and updates on your favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects journeys to become Instagram influencers find love.

Were back with another double-header, and this one was a doozy. This week was full of breakups, love triangles and several trips to the Boom Boom Room (Yes, they call it that. And yes, its what it sounds like.) I daresay its the most dramatic week (of this season) ever. So, lets discuss.

Double date

Chasenof smokeshow fameand Chrisof no fame whatsoeverarrive on the beach arm-in-arm, because apparently they have a bromance going on. They ask Deandra and Jessenia, respectively, out on a double date, sending Karl and sweetie cutie Ivan straight into their respective bags. The date takes place on a triple XL bed with an intimacy guru present, so yes, they return to the beach with a copy of the Kama Sutra in hand. Jessenia reveals that she gets turned on by a guy breathing on her dcolletage, in case anyone was wondering. Jessenia and Mr. Nobody Chris make out with fruit in their mouths, which, as a professional fruit hater, makes me want to vomit.

Mari-Kenny-Demi love triangle

You all know my stance on Demi by now, and she somehow out-Demis herself in this episode. Kennythe 40-year-old not-virginand Mari have been an item for awhile, so obviously Demi has to homewreck. She pulls Kenny aside and they start making out, while Maris eyes bug right out of her head. In Kennys defense, Mari had just told him that shed be open to going on a date with another guy, should he ask her, which seemed to come as a shock to our resident boy band manager. Clearly, he needed a rebound.

Later in the episode, though, the triangle comes to a, well, 60-degree point? Demi throws Kenny a belated 40th birthday party because she needs to stay relevant, and Kenny eats that sh*t upmetaphorically speaking, because Mari throws his birthday cake in the fire. Demi says, Mari wants to have her cake and eat it too, so she threw mine in the fire, which is a good sign that shes finally figured out her cake analogies. Demi gives Kenny a ~birthday treat~ in the Boom Boom Room, then petty Kenny announces that he and Mari are officially over right before the rose ceremony, which is so out of pocket.

Connor-Maurissa-Riley love triangle

Weve got another love triangle here as well, although this one is for sure scalene. Connor is head-over-heels for Maurissa, but homegirl only has eyes for Riley. This is fair, because Maurissa and Riley spent the previous night in the Boom Boom Room, and lets just say they were the last ones up and at em on the beach in the morning. She also notes that Riley is a good kisser, which is undoubtedly a dig at Connor. Connor asks her to hang out that night, to which she responds, I dont know, well see how the day goes. Just play it out. While I, too, would have chosen Riley over troubadour Connor, lets just go ahead and rip off the break-up bandaid already, Maurissa!

Aaron-Tammy-Thomas love triangle

Ah, yet another complicated situation. Im not even going to attempt a triangle pun on this one, because Im fairly certain none of them passed high school geometry. Tammy, who thus far has been coupled up with hot-but-very-bothered Aaron, takes Aarons sworn enemy, Thomas, to the daybed to make out with, without so much as glancing at Aaron. Aaron is unwell, and even more so than usual. Tre comforts him by saying that she definitely displayed human trash bag behavior, because he has a real way with words.

Grocery Store Joe (GSJ) and Serena P.s wrestling date

Next up are our two unproblematic faves (please dont prove me wrong, guys). At dinner, GSJ tells Serena that if hes not meeting or dating anyone promising, he doesnt need to be here. Correct me if Im wrong, but I believe this is how contestants on this show were supposed to act once upon a time, before it became all about Instagram #ads. GSJ is scarred by his last BIP experience, which he left in a relationship with Kendall Long, but tells Serena that the reason for their split was simple geography. I dont know if I buy this, but weve seen promos teasing Kendalls appearance on the beach, so I assume well get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later. Then, GSJ and Serena don ridiculous wrestling costumes and head into a ring, because why not, and Serena easily beats him like the queen she is.

Other memorable moments

Brendan and Natashas massage

Natasha is in her head about the fact that she and Brendan havent kissed yet, so she gives him a massage, obviously hoping for a happy ending. (I meant a kiss, you pervs!) Brendan declares that he is the sweatiest man in America, while he is, in fact, in Mexico, but Natasha gets the kiss she was gunning for, so good for her. I loved Brendan on Tayshias season, but something about him on BIP is just so douchey.

Tahzjuans breakdown

This one hurts my heart. I dont think anyone on this franchise has ever been as entertaining as Tahz, but shes pulling a Week 1 GSJ and really going through it. We see her on the beach saying, Tahz cant pee, Tahz cant poop, Tahz cant do anything, which sounds unpleasant? She then orders spaghetti to deal with her feelings like the relatable queen she is. Keep fighting, girl, we need you.

Jessenia and Ivan

In a plot twist that no one saw coming, Jessenia returns from her date with Chris and promptly breaks Ivans spirit. She tells him that he checks her boxes, but theres no spark, while with Chris, theres a spark. [Insert: sound of my shattering heart.]

Karl and Chasens pissing match around Deandra

Theres nothing we love more here on HFTWR than toxic masculinity! Luckily, we get a big fat dose of it in this episode. Karl tries to ~reclaim~ Deandra after her date with Chasen, because obviously, women are property who can be bribed with tacky Pandora bracelets from Florida. Good job, Karl! Chasen is none too pleased, probably because he thinks Deandra is the best smokeshow hell ever get.

The biggest reveal

You didnt think Id forget the highly important campfire discussion, did you? Prior to Mari throwing Kennys cake in the fire, the contestants discussed the craziest places theyve ever had sex, which included: James, on a trampoline (bouncy!); Abigail, on a golf course (dont make a hole-in-one joke dont make a hole-in-one joke); Tre, in a cemetery (#DahmerVibes); and Kenny, on a Ferris wheel (I told you he wasnt a 40-year-old virgin).

Its the second day of our double-header, and Lil Jons season promo voiceovers are making me ill. This is the only time Ill say this, but bring back Chris Harrison for this purpose and this purpose only, ABC. Im begging.

Pre-rose ceremony jitters

So, Aaron needs anger management! Hes still livid that Tammy chose Thomas over himwhich, frankly, is valid, because just look at Thomas faceand he does not have a healthy outlet for his emotions. He does call Thomas a corny little b*tch boy, which I am adding to my own vocabulary ASAP.

Chasen decides to one-up Karl by giving Deandra a necklace, and she promptly returns the bracelet Karl gave her the previous night, which has got to hurt. The most egregious part of this jewelry fiasco is that the guys gave her silver jewelry to go with the rest of her gold collection. Ew.

Then, out of the blue, Tre ends things with Tahz. I mean, I guess its kind of awkward when your girlfriend used to date your uncle, but still. I guess you dont know what youve got until its gone, Tre.

Lance Bass bids the contestants adieu, but not before introducing THE entrance of the seasonour season 14 Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin! I dont say this a lot, but Becca is one of the few people on this franchise that I think Id actually get along with IRL, and shes just as approachable and normal as I remember her. She is the first former Bachelorette to ever grace this beach (we wont mention her problematic ex-fianc here), since Bachelorettes historically have had more permanent success than Bachelors do, because duh.

In the most heart-wrenching twist of the season, Tahz self-eliminates, so be prepared for the rest of the season to be significantly less funny. Feel free to take a reading break to grab a tissue.

Rose ceremony

The women have the power this week, meaning theyre handing out the roses. After the ceremony, here are the duos: Natasha and Brendan; Maurissa and Riley; Serena P. and Joe; Abigail and Noah; Jessenia and Chris; Tammy and Thomas; Demi and Kenny; Mari and James; Deandra and Ivan; and Becca and Aaron. This means that creepy Karl, frat boy Chasen and whiny boy Connor go home.

There is SO much to unpack here, so lets dive in. First of all, Deandra pulls the *ultimate* power move by choosing Ivanwho wholeheartedly deserves another chance in Paradiseover Karl and Chasen, who were treating her more like a prize (or dare I say a rose?) to be won, rather than the badass woman she is. Then, weve got Tammy choosing Thomas over Aaron, even though he looks like the mouse from Flushed Away; Demi choosing Kenny, undoubtedly to Maris chagrin; and Becca choosing Aaron, a relationship which cannot last because I will throw hands.

Tia and Kennys date

Our next arrival is Tia Booth from Arie Luyendyk Jr.s season of The Bacheloryoull remember shes from the iconic town of Weiner, Arkansas. Tias been in Paradise before, when she dated Colton Underwood on season 5 of BIP prior to him coming out. She pulls Kenny aside to chat, and they discuss Nashville, where Kenny has apparently managed his boy band at Tin Roof. Gotta love a 615 shoutout! Tia then asks him on a date, and Im really not sure when he became such a hot commodity, but okay?

Anyway, they get super lucky and get to play nude beach volleyball with strangers! My only question is, did it hurt? You know, when they got UTIs from playing nude beach volleyball? Then, Tia calls vaginas china pots, which is brand-new slang in my book, and declares, Now were seeing full freaking labiaI read my Bible this morning! (Im praying for her church group watching this.). Kenny cant stop looking at the tree tattoo in his opponents crotch region, for what its worth. When she learns that Kenny has been talking to Demi, Tia is rightfully scared, especially because today, Demi is sporting some wack eyeliner that belongs in 2016. Major Hot Topic vibes.

Abigail and Noah

Speaking of wack eyeliner, were finally reminded that Abigail and Noah are still here, and, apparently, still together. The mood is really weird during their conversation, though, and I have a bad feeling that a breakup is looming next week.

Just when you thought that the drama had died down, Kendall Longour beloved GSJs ex-girlfriendarrives in Paradise. If theres one thing I know about this show, its that it escalates quickly, so buckle up for next week, Bachelor Nation!

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Here for the Wrong Reasons: Episodes 4 and 5 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 7 - The Vanderbilt Hustler

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Listen to unheard Rolling Stones song ‘Living In The Heart Of Love’ – Free Radio08.23.21

Its lifted from the 40th anniversary reissue of Tattoo You

The Rolling Stones are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 16th studio album Tattoo You with a very special expanded reissue this autumn.

The newly remastered album is released on Friday 22nd October 2021, and the deluxe versions come complete with nine previously unreleased Rolling Stones songs from the era on a disc entitled Lost & Found: Rarities.

The songs on Lost & Found: Rarities have been newly completed and enhanced with additional vocals and guitar by the rock legends.

The Rolling Stones exclusively premiered the first of these tracks, a rip-roaring rocker called Living In The Heart Of Love, at 2pm on Planet Rock this afternoon. Cast your ears on it below.

Other standout moments on Lost & Found include a storming version of 'Shame, Shame, Shame, first recorded in 1963 by Jimmy Reed, their version of Dobie Gray's soul gem 'Drift Away'; and a fascinating reggae-tinged version of 'Start Me Up.

The third and fourth disc on the 4CD Super Deluxe Boxset version of Tattoo You is the 26-track live collection Still Life: Wembley Stadium 1982.

Still Life immortalises The Rolling Stones epic concert at Londons Wembley Stadium on 26th June 1982 and features Stones classics like 'Let's Spend The Night Together, 'Honky Tonk Women' and 'Brown Sugar together with covers of The Temptations' 'Just My Imagination,' Eddie Cochran's 'Twenty Flight Rock,' the Miracles' 'Going To A Go Go' and Big Bopper's 'Chantilly Lace.

Originally released on 24th August 1981, Tattoo You was produced by The Glimmer Twins aka Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and it spawned the singles Hang Fire, Waiting on a Friend and the seminal Rolling Stones classic Start Me Up.

Tattoo You was a huge commercial success, selling more than four million copies in the US alone and topping the charts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America and multiple countries across Europe.

The Rolling Stones Tattoo You (40th Anniversary) is available on CD, Deluxe 2CD, 4CD Super Deluxe Boxset, 1LP Vinyl, 2LP Deluxe Black Vinyl and 5LP Super Deluxe Boxset formats. Its available to pre-order RIGHT HERE.

CD 1 - Tattoo You (2021 Remaster)

1) Start Me Up Remastered 2021

2) Hang Fire Remastered 2021

3) Slave Remastered 2021

4) Little T&A Remastered 2021

5) Black Limousine Remastered 2021

6) Neighbours Remastered 2021

7) Worried About You Remastered 2021

8) Tops Remastered 2021

9) Heaven Remastered 2021

10) No Use In Crying Remastered 2021

11) Waiting On A Friend Remastered 2021

CD 2 Lost & Found: Rarities

1) Living In The Heart Of Love

2) Fiji Jim

3) Troubles A Comin

4) Shame Shame Shame

5) Drift Away

6) Its A Lie

7) Come To The Ball

8) Fast Talking Slow Walking

9) Start Me Up (Early Version)

CD 3 & CD 4 Still Life (Wembley Stadium Concert 1982)

1) Under My Thumb

2) When The Whip Comes Down

3) Lets Spend The Night Together

4) Shattered

5) Neighbours

6) Black Limousine

7) Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

8) Twenty Flight Rock

9) Going To A Go Go

10) Chantilly Lace

11) Let Me Go

12) Time Is On My Side

13) Beast Of Burden

14) Let It Bleed

1) You Cant Always Get What You Want

2) Band Introductions

3) Little T&A

4) Tumbling Dice

5) Shes So Cold

6) Hang Fire

7) Miss You

8) Honky Tonk Women

9) Brown Sugar

10) Start Me Up

11) Jumpin Jack Flash

12) (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction

Now a lovingly restored Grade II listed building preserved by the National Trust, John Lennon lived at 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool with his Aunt Mimi from 1945 to 1963. It featured on the cover to Oasis single 'Live Forever' in 1994 and in 2000 it was adorned with an English Heritage blue plaque.

Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home at 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, south Liverpool. It became a listed building in 2012 and is owned by the National Trust. The Trust markets the house as "the birthplace of the Beatles" as it was where McCartney and Lennon penned the earliest Beatles songs.

Ringo Starr (aka Richard Starkey) spent his very early childhood years at a terraced house on Madryn Street in Liverpool but moved to at two-up, two-down house 10 Admiral Grove in Dingle when he was 3 with mum Elsie when his parents separated. He lived there for the next 20 years. Pictured is 10 Admiral Grove in 1964.

40 Stansfield Road in Brixton where a young David Jones - aka David Bowie lived until he was six years old. The house became a shrine for Bowie when the music legend died in January 2016.

Kurt Cobain's childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington. Nirvana fan Lee Bacon bought the house in 2018 for $225,000 (around 170,000) and told Rolling Stone: "My goal is to preserve and restore it for my generation and for my kids."

Kurt Cobain's Led Zeppelin graffiti is still on the walls in his attic bedroom.

The late rock and roll pioneer was brought up alongside his eleven siblings in this detached home in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood of Macon, Georgia in the 1930s and 40s. Now named The Little Richard Resource Center, the home is now open to the public and hosts a number of community events.

Bruce Springsteen grew up in this home at 39 1/2 Institute Street in Freehold, New Jersey from the years 1955 to 1962. It was while living at this house aged 7 in 1956 that Springsteen witnessed Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show and decided he wanted to be a musician himself.

Meticulously restored in 2014 thanks to funds from Arkansas State University, Johnny Cash's boyhood home is in the tiny town of Dyess, Arkansas.

Jim Morrison's home in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he lived in his teens while his dad worked at the nearby Kirtland Air Force Base.

Paul 'Bono' Hewson's parents bought this house on Cedarwood Road, Dublin seven weeks after his birth in 1960 and he spent his entire childhood here. The U2 song 'Cedarwood Road' on their 2014 album 'Songs of Innocence' is a nostalgic musical celebration of Bono's boyhood abode.

Aged 17, Freddie Mercury and his family fled the Zanzibar revolution to live at 22 Gladstone Avenue in Feltham, West London. Pictured is Queen's Brian May and Freddie's younger sister Kashmira Cooke at the unveiling of a Blue Plaque at the house in September 2016.

One of six children, Ozzy Osbourne spent his formative years in this small two-bedroom terraced house on Lodge Road in Aston. Ozzy told Huffington Post in 2014: "I've been back to that house a few times over the years and I can't believe there were eight of us living in a two-and-a-half-bedroom house. It is tiny! I have wardrobes bigger in my house."

Lars Ulrich lived in this uniquely designed property in Hellerup, Denmark with his family until he moved to America aged 17.

Sir Mick Jagger was brought up in this semi-detached house in Dartford, Kent. His future bandmate Keith Richards lived just around the corner.

Keith Richards spent the first six years of his life living in this two-bedroom flat above a florists in Dartford, Kent.

Axl Rose lived at this humble Lafayette, Indiana house from 1962 to 1982 before moving to Los Angeles in his early twenties.

The young Mark Field (Marc Bolan) lived at this terraced property on Stoke Newington Common, London from his birth in 1947 to aged 15 in 1962. In 2005, the London Borough of Hackney honoured Bolan with a plaque outside the property.

Listen to Planet Rock on DAB nationwide, on our free app, online, via your smart speaker (Play Planet Rock) and on Freesat, Sky, and Virgin Media TV.

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Listen to unheard Rolling Stones song 'Living In The Heart Of Love' - Free Radio

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A conversation with Tony Collida of Chatawa and the Grand Pied – St. Louis Magazine08.23.21

Editor's Note: This article appeared in the August 2021 issue of SLM.Chatawa and the Grand Pied opened August 18.

One might expect a chef with 20 notches on his restaurant belt to be enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Hardly, jokes Tony Collida. His latest project, Chatawa and the Grand Pied (3137 Morganford), is named after two legendary swamp creatures (grand pied translates to big foot in French).The restaurant and bar honors the cuisine and cocktails of St. Louis and points south, where the beasts supposedly roamed.

Your parents owned the Piccadilly at Manhattan. How long had they owned it before you started there? They actually bought into it later in life. My dad was a retired grocery store manager, and my mom had several jobs. My great-grandfather started the restaurant in about 1900, and it passed down to different relatives, but it was my mom and dad who were the first family members to actually want to run the restaurant. My sister Molly, who runs it now, has always wanted to be part of it, too. She and I were the fourth generation to get involved. My second cousin works there nowhes the fifthand he just had a daughter, so well see.

What was it like in those days? Even though it was called the Piccadilly Buffet back then, it was more like a neighborhood dive bar. I remember seeing my grandmother in back flipping burgers. I remember the older regulars sitting at the bar with their quarters; theyd stack up 15 of them, which means they intended to drink 15 glasses of beer.

When did the renovation into The Piccadilly at Manhattan begin and end?My parents bought the building in 2002, lived upstairs, and took five years to renovate and reopen the restaurant, along with several uncles, and myself. I was in my early twenties. When we reopened as The Piccadilly at Manhattan, I was working full-time at Red Moon at night and Balabans full-time during the day. I had to quit both in order to do it.

Any crazy stories from your early days? When we upgraded to one of the large, charcoal-fired rotisserie smokers, we loaded it wrong one dayyou had to balance the load, or the shelves would catch each other, which they did. To save what at the time was a fortunes worth of pork, I got in there to rebalance the loadpast my hipswith my dad holding onto my feet to keep me from tumbling in. It was a classic save the meat or else move.One other time, I was cooking a whole Berkshire hog for a partybut didnt think how Id get that 110-pound hunk of hot meat out of the smoker. A buddy and I managed to hug that thing out, covering ourselves in pork fat, and all we could do was laugh.

How long did you work at The Piccadilly?Two separate stints, three and a half years total, the second time waiting tables. Having family running the front and back of the house is difficult. We all certainly knew it and sometimes the customer ended up hearing a little too much, too. At one point, I decided to leave. I was 31 at the time.

What recipes were you responsible for at The Piccadilly?I learned to smoke and grill from my dad, but I did introduce a rib rub thats still the one they use.

At one time, you took issue with someone calling you a chef.I thought I wanted to be a chef, but once you learn all that actually entailsmanaging schedules, crunching numbers, managing others personal problemsyou look at it differently. The cooking aspect is a minor part of being a chef, and that was the part that appealed to me.

Are your parents retired?They have a place in Florida, so yes. But they still live upstairs, so the complete answer is yes and no. Over the years, they took the time to get to know everyone who came through the doors. They are the reason that The Piccadilly became as successful as it was.

Your rsum is quite long, extending both before and after the Piccadilly. I wrote down every place once and came up with, like, 20. Id been in the industry seven years before I started at the Piccadilly. My first job, I think, was at a Jewish deli, where I was the prep cook, busser, and dishwasherand I stayed in the industry after that!

What are a few of the places you worked and notable takeaways?

Duffs: A collection of uniquely weird peopleand I mean that with all due respectthat really knew how to operate a restaurant. Karen Duffy, Brendan Kirby, Jimmy Voss, all of them. Right out of high school, it was a transformative experience for me.

Ronnies Ice Cream: I delivered to all of Ron Ryans restaurant accounts, which is what spurred me to get back into the industry. Good thing, too, since I was late to work almost every single day.

The Crossings Grill: The former Two Nice Guys in Webster is where I met Chris Lee, which was another turning point in my life.

Mlange: I was handed my first chef coat by Chris Lee, who co-owned the corner restaurant in the CWE [now Evangelines Bistro]. Chris was classically trained. We bonded, and I became connected to all that tradition.

I have a feeling were just getting started In a four-year period, I worked at Red Moon, Balabans, Johns Town Hall, came to the Piccadilly to run the kitchen, Mangia Italianothe Block and Ces & Judys were in there somewhereand then I worked with Chris Lee again when he ran the kitchens in Dr. [Gurpreet] Paddas restaurants: Caf Ventana, Sanctuaria, Chuys, Hendricks After that, I came back to the Piccadilly, to work the floor this time, and stayed several years. Then I quit the industryI thought for goodwhich is when Andy Kohn approached me to run WildSmoke in Creve Coeur.

WildSmoke was a more upscale barbecueexperiencefast-casual service butserved on china plates, at regular tables, with decent flatware. Why didnt that catch on?What was pitched as a 60-seat concept ended up being 160, which changed everything. On a Saturday, at lunch and dinner, wed sell 600 plates of food, and managing that big machine was difficult. That was not my style and was never going to be. And they had good managers thereall except me.

Then it was on to the Civil Life? Their chef, my friend Brendan Kirby, called me to ask if he could hire my ex-wife, who had applied for a job. I said, No problem, and in talking to her about it decided that I should take the job instead. It ended up being the best of all the places I worked. Jake [Hafner], Brendan, Chris Valier, Joe Mooneythe best people Ive ever worked with in the industry. To be invited into that group was an honor. I felt like I had arrived.

Talk about the food there.The sandwiches were great,but it was Soup Sunday that had a cult following. We had two induction burners and a big pot, so wed prep stocks and soups all week just to be able to handle the hundreds of bowls wed sell on that one day. I stayed five years there and I was happy. But I was also at the top of what Jake could pay, so I moved on.

Then where? Brendanwho was now at Seed, Sprout, Spoonwas planning a catering expansion, and we did well for a year until the pandemic furloughed me. I was able to decompress and to take the sabbatical I didnt know I needed.Cooking at home polished my skills. It made me more confident to try things Id never tried.

Which brings us up to Chatawa, which I understand is pronounced CHAT-uh-wuh. Thomas Crone, who has extensive experience writing about and running bars, came up with the idea. Chatawa is a city in Mississippi where a creature allegedly roamed the nearby woods and swamps. Chatawa is the bar component. I came along and called the kitchen part Grand Pied, French for big foot. So yes, I am the monster in the kitchen.

How big is Chatawa/Grand Pied? Forty seats inside and 30 outside on a former driveway that well convert into a patio with a street-facing bar. Hours will be 311 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and, keeping with the brunch tradition at that address, 9:30 a.m.3p.m. Sunday.

What does the interior look like? Thomas picked up some regional artwork on his trip down south. Joe Allhoff of Trader Bobs Tattoo Shop will paint signage in the two front windows. When I saw this sculpture of a bigfoot at Tamm Avenue Bar, I told owner Bob Brazell, I sure wish I owned that. Knowing what we were planning, he smiled and said, Take it.

Whats on the menu? A big part is what I call modular charcuterie, where people pick and choose different options from a large selection: cheese and crackers or a warm olive salad, pita, and pickles, if thats what theyre in the mood for. Well have small plates and different beignets, including a special St. Louisstyle sweet beignet that Ive been working on, finished with a honeysuckle rock candy. Theres a nod to St. Louis and NOLA that Im calling the St. Paul Prudhomme sandwich, with thin-sliced crispy andouille, sweet pickles, flavored mayo, and an egg patty with the trinity [onions, green bell pepper, celery]. I put the St. Louisstyle tag on a lot of the things I do, because I can. Well, Im from St. Louis, and Ive been making chili this way for 20 years, so

Do you read cookbooks?In my twenties, I was engrossed in food literature, of all kinds, high-end and low-end cookbooks. I love the vintage Better Homes & Gardens, Betty Crocker, Joy of Cooking stuff. My recipe for pancakes that people go crazy over closely resembles one in one of those books.

Can you pigeonhole the cuisine at Chatawa/Grand Pied? If I had to, Id call it food for the people, but its basically a collection of the items Ive had success with over the years. I might do a fried soft-shell crab with coleslaw, a cobbler, and savory beignets, which might become a signature dish. The first will be served with a Prairie Breeze cheese sauce. Sodium citrate can be used to convert any cheeseeven the hard onesinto a sauce, so youll see more variations on that theme.The menu will be fluid and flexible, depending on what proteins, fruits, and vegetables are available fresh that week.

Did the menu change as the pandemic changed the industry? Going into this, I envisioned a couple spending $30 on food, and wrote a menu and set up a kitchen staff based on that. With food and labor costs increasing, I had to rework all the numbers. Now I see that same couple spending $40 or $45. On the backside of the pandemic, restaurants prices are going to have to rise, industry wide. We just dont know yet by how much.

What beverages will be offered? Several house cocktails, batched punches, spirits, beers, and natural wines, a lot of it based on what Thomas discovered on a trip along the I-55 corridor south, from St. Louis to New Orleans. He found a boutique hard seltzer in New Orleans, for example, and a sweet potato vodka from Delta Dirt, a new distiller in Arkansas.

Will the emphasis be on cocktails, wine, or beer?Thats for the customers to decide. At The Civil Life, we sold way more wine than we ever thought, for example, and that was at one of the best craft breweries in the area.

Do you have plans beyond Chatawa/Grand Pied? To give Chatawa some additional recognition, Id like to sell beignetsand maybe boozy coffee drinksnext year at Tower Grove Farmers Market.

Do you have plans for the future? Id like to run something like a wholesale commissary, not just to supply a single restaurant but several. I already know of several things I could produce that many restaurants and chefs would be interested in. And I dream about buying some land with room for some rescue dogs and a few chickens. Maybe buy a few goats to keep the grass cut low

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A conversation with Tony Collida of Chatawa and the Grand Pied - St. Louis Magazine

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Consider all the things that go with your bold new look – Arkansas Online06.12.21

After spending a year inside her apartment with her two children, Danielle Campoamor, 34, was ready for a new look. The freelance writer and editor in New York wanted to cut her waist-length dark brown hair to her shoulders and bleach her locks white.

At her salon, called [salon]718 in Brooklyn, her hairdresser asked Campoamor if anything traumatic had recently happened in her life, like a divorce.

"No, just the pandemic," Campoamor recalled saying. The hairdresser didn't miss a beat. "She said, 'Oh, I get that.' Then she was like, 'All right, let's do it.'"

Campoamor was thrilled with the result, calling her slick, snow-colored bob "one of the best, albeit expensive, decisions I've ever made."

If you're feeling the itch to overhaul your hair or finally get that tattoo or nose piercing, the timing makes perfect sense.

"I think what you see now is people coming out of the pandemic saying: 'I feel changed, but I want to look like I have changed. I want an outward symbol of that,'" said Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern University and author of the book "Beauty Sick."

However, as excited as you are to see a new reflection in the mirror, you might want to pump the brakes before you break out the bleach.


If you plan a significant change, Brent Ericsson, a hairdresser at the Philadelphia salon American Mortals, emphasizes the importance of first consulting your hairdresser.

"Always do a consultation because they'll be able to tell you how long it's going to take, what the maintenance is, how much it's going to cost you and if it's going to look good," he said.

If you're booking your appointment online, Ericsson recommends alerting the salon to your plans. If there's space to add a note, he suggests writing that you want a dramatic change. Including this information, he said, "is really going to help to make sure that your first time with a drastic change is going to have a better outcome."

Colored hair requires specialized shampoos, tinted conditioners and hair masks to maintain the color and nourish the hair. Shorter cuts could require more frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups. Budget accordingly.

Sophie C'est la Vie, a tattoo artist in Brooklyn and co-owner of the tattoo studio This Time Tmrw, recommends thinking through how your new body art will influence how you are perceived at work. If the tattoo or piercing is highly visible, be prepared for stares and questions, even when you may not feel like dealing with the attention.

There are also financial considerations to large-scale tattoo projects. Some studios require a deposit and may charge you by the hour, the day or the session, C'est la Vie said. The time it takes to complete a tattoo depends on the size and detail of the piece.

"A very tiny, minimal outline tattoo could take less than five minutes, where a sleeve could take more than a year, depending on how often a client books for," she said.

You also need to factor in costs like tipping.


"Getting tattooed is such a personal, and I would say intimate, experience," C'est la Vie said, so clients should feel welcome, safe and respected.

Consult online portfolios when looking for a reputable salon, piercing studio or tattoo parlor. Approach friends who are happy with their salon experience or have body art you admire and seek recommendations.


When consulting with your hairdresser, take a few pictures of your desired cut or color.

Ericsson encourages his clients to find pictures of a model, actress or online personality whose face shape is similar to theirs. And most importantly, he said, look for people who have a similar hair density and curl pattern to yours. This will give you the best chance of a good result.

"My hairdresser was so grateful that I didn't just bring one picture," Campoamor said. "I had a few that varied a little slightly, so we could work on what was best for me, my complexion, the shape of my face, all those kinds of factors."


"We can fix it," Ericsson said. "Especially if it's just a shape thing. You just have to be willing to let go of a little bit more length" to get the desired cut.

C'est la Vie recommends telling your tattoo artist if you don't like the finished work.

"Give them an opportunity to address and fix the situation for you," she said. "Sometimes people feel self-conscious or uncomfortable to do this, but it's the best policy, the most fair, as well as respectful to allow the original artist the chance to rectify the situation."


Keep in mind that these experiences, while fun, are not designed to have staying power.

"We are sold a bill of goods by the beauty industry that making these kinds of superficial changes to our appearance will change our lives," Engeln said. "It's not going to change your life. It might be fun for a while. It might be interesting, but the way human brains work is we get used to new things and they're no longer new."

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Consider all the things that go with your bold new look - Arkansas Online

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Red River Ramble: An ode to the delights of Shreveport, Louisiana – Arkansas Times05.31.21

Homemade bread, backyard chickens, allllllll the Netflix. The forced domesticity over the last year had its high points. But somewhere between Tiger King and Lovecraft Country, the walls started to close in, and one thing became abundantly clear: We gotta get outta this state. So we took out for Arkansass borderlands to help you plan your next road trip.

Shreveports historic downtown was first built out of wood, and boy, did it burn, baby, burn. Kerosene and wood stoves and bar fights were not a good mix. Thats the Downtown Development Authority on Shreveports fiery architectural history, and though the skyline today is formed of less flammable stuff, the feeling that the citys been through the wringer lingers.Before the oil and gas industry chewed it up and spat it out, Shreveport was once home to the biggest Red Light District in the state of Louisiana. Decriminalization of sex work in the early 1900s allowed bordellos to flourish in the low-lying St. Pauls bottoms along the banks of the Red River, and madams like Annie McCune gave New Orleans bawdy Storyville a run for its money until outcry from the church contingent eventually squelched the enterprise in 1917.These days, an outpost of Larry Flynts Hustler strip club chain is the most visible offshoot of Shreveports brothel heyday, and the vice business belongs mostly to another cornerstone of riverboat culture: gambling. Blinking marquees cast a glittery reflection on the salty river water that divides Shreveport from Bossier City, announcing valet-attended casinos like Margaritaville and Sams Town and the Eldorado all of which, by the way, are next-door neighbors to Shreveports more G-rated attractions, an aquarium, a riverwalk trail, farmers market pavilions, the Robinson Film Center and the SciPort Discovery Centers planetarium and IMAX theater among them.

West of the river district, old neighborhoods mingle with new endeavors. A barbecue spot doubles as an auto detail business, or maybe the other way around. A sign announces that the vacant building behind it once housed the Shreveport Macaroni Company. Down the street is a Baptist church, the grand dome at the Strand Theater and the legendary Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, where the Louisiana Hayride show launched the careers of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and where promoter Horace Logan coined the phrase Elvis has left the building. Not far away, theres the man-made Cross Lake, where old growth cypress trees bulge at the base of their trunks, frogs hold sway over the nighttime soundtrack, blue-collar crowds fish from lawnchairs after work on Friday and lakeside estates might be anything from modest 1970s budget digs to souped-up mansions with mulched palm trees and manicured lawns.

Some parts of Shreveport share hallmarks with Greater Little Rock. Both areas are bisected by a river. Both are stubbornly car-centric in their transportation infrastructure. Both are gentrified in patches. Both punch above their weight in their food scenes. Both have been scrutinized at a national level for their crime rates. And both have an old school psychic/fortune teller whos occupied prime real estate downtown through good economic times and bad, even as restaurants and bars on the same block have come and gone. But Shreveport is a hybrid of ArkLaTex elements and therefore its own thing entirely too Cajun to resemble its geographical neighbors in East Texas, too landlocked to feel like New Orleans, too libertine to feel like the Bible belt. Here are a few ways to take it in.

Ask for the Baby Shrimp Buster at Herby-KsA quick left turn off of Texas Avenue lands you at a Shreveport culinary institution and one of the last businesses left standing in an economically ravaged part of town. Herby Ks is named after its late gregarious owner, Herbert J. Busi Jr. In the 1920s and 30s, it was a package store called Flying Crow, where you could buy tobacco, candy and 15-cent fried oyster sandwiches, and its been owned by the same family since 1936, when Busi took it over and christened it with his college nickname. Today, youre likely to be ushered into the canopied patio as I was, with a How many you got? Getchoo a seat! and then directed to a chain of long wooden picnic tables underneath a Believe Dat! flag and beside an antique clawfoot bathtub crowded with bus tubs. Go for the Baby Shrimp Buster ($9.95), the miniature version of Herby Ks butterfly shrimp signature ($14.95), two shrimp butterflied and smashed flat until theyre the size of your palm, then fried crisp and laid atop hunks of crusty French bread, with cole slaw, Herby-K sauce and some seriously delectable onion rings.

Grab a seat and a saison at Great Raft BreweryTaking its name from the Red River logjam that created Shreveport in the first place, Great Rafts brews are ubiquitous on taps all over town at Shreveport staples like Marilynns, Orlandeauxs and Ki Mexico (see below), and for good reason. Open only four days a week, this spacious brewery boasts its offerings with a grid of colorful rotating signs along its back wall, which range from the easy drinking 318 Golden Ale, to the fruity Walker Melon Texas Ranger, to the funky, mayhaw-infused Future Self wild ale. Meanwhile, a painting of Jeff Bridges as Lebowski against a silhouette of Louisiana hangs on the wall, inviting patrons to abide likewise. Theres no patio, per se, but if the place is too crowded for your comfort, grab a growler or some cold ones to take home; the canned and bottled offerings are different than whats on tap, so check both the wall signs and the cooler up front for options.

Feed a stingray at the Shreveport AquariumBuilt in 2017, this aquarium manages to straddle the fence between its dual roles as novel amusement and ecological steward. Dwarfed by the Riverside casinos that flank it on most sides and lit solely by eco-conscious LED lighting, the aquarium is home to sharks, lionfish, seahorses, a mesmerizing group of diaphanous sea nettles, and to Sunshine, an adorable rescue albino red-ear slider turtle. Especially kid-friendly are the newer interactive exhibits where, after a mandatory hand rinse, you can feed a snack to a stingray or use a gentle two-finger touch to pet an anemone or a starfish.

Get a glass of Malbec and a duck-scallion pancake at Lucky PalaceLucky Palace isnt the secret it once was; word tends to get out when your beloved owners life story appears in The New York Times, or when the James Beard Foundation takes note of your wine program, or when ESPNs TrueSouth features you on an episode. Maybe more of a secret, though, is how to find the front door. Lucky Palace, bizarrely, occupies a sequestered portion of a budget motel in Bossier City called Bossier Inn & Suites. Likely, youll do what I did, which was follow my phones GPS to 750 Diamond Jack Blvd. and become immediately disoriented by mixed messages on a building next to an Oyo gas station, which bears both a vintage neon Lucky Palace sign on the top and vinyl wrap on its windows printed with the words Rack 2 Rack Billiards. You might then wander into a dark, smoky pool joint, turning every head at the bar. The jukebox may grind to a halt. Dont worry. Someone will eventually take pity on you and yell out, You looking for the restaurant? Youll make your way through the haze to an exit behind the pool tables, then through a dim corridor to the hotel lobby, at the back corner of which you might manage to spot the big black sign on the wall indicating that Lucky Palace does indeed exist. Finally, youll step in. When the server comes, utter these magic words: Wed like the duck and scallion pancake. Out will come a platter ($22) with chili crisp at its center, the perimeter lined with wedges of warm, doughy scallion pancake topped with long shards of green onion, duck sauce and generous hunks of uncommonly succulent Peking duck breast. The wine list clocks in at 24 pages, dwarfing the tiny food menu and offering after a formal letter of introduction by Lucky Palace patriarch Kuan Lim an enormous list of wines Lim has selected from all over the world. You cant go wrong here, so just follow the mandates of your palate and your pocketbook; youll find everything from a $5 glass of Malbec to a $1,400 bottle of 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon from Rutherford Harlan Estate.

Give a nod to Lead BellyDowntown in front of the Shreve Memorial Library an impressive feat of architecture itself stands a monument to folk music godfather Huddie William Ledbetter, better known as Lead Belly. Though he was a multi-instrumentalist, hes best known for developing a signature style on the 12-string guitar, and is responsible for recording (and preserving, probably) bedrock blues tunes like Midnight Special, Goodnight, Irene, Black Betty, The Gallows Pole and Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Hes also cited by the likes of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger and Kurt Cobain and Odetta as a catalyst for much of the rock music that sprung from the blues in its formative days. Here at the corner of Texas and Marshall streets his likeness stands, created by artist Jessie Pitts and installed in 1996.

Eat a bowl of Tonkotsu ramen at Noble Savage TavernAcross the street from the Lead Belly statue, youll find a shotgun tavern called Noble Savage, where a painting of Frank Zappa reigns over the beautiful bar, and theyre likely to be cranking Esperanza Spalding or the like if its too early for the nightly live music to have started. And why would you want to visit a late-night bar before late-night hours? Its the ramen. Made daily from scratch under the name Ghost Ramen, Noble Savages head chef John Ortiz and crew send out tediously rolled wheat noodles crowned with chili oil, soft-boiled egg, bean sprouts, roasted artichoke or Kobe steak well into the evening, sought out for the slow-simmered broths that bolster each bowl. Ramen is served until 10 p.m., but my AirBnB host, who recommended the spot, said they often sell out well before that hour.

Hit the penny slots at Sams TownIf you can stand the smoke (and maybe the desperation) in the air at Shreveports riverboat casinos, the glittering marquee lights at Sams Town beckon until the wee hours of the morning, offering blackjack, Mississippi Stud and three floors of slots and table games. Though the laws that restricted Louisiana casino operations to the water and required casinos to keep a mariner on staff as well as an operating paddle wheel went by the wayside in 2018, the district remains river-centric, and is the chief contributor to the states tax revenue.

Grab beignets and coffee at Marilynns PlaceSituated in an old gas station in a residential area of town, Marilynns is your fix for a piping-hot beignet sitting under a mountain of powdered sugar, or for a punchy Bloody Mary. Or grab a styrofoam cup and fill up on locally roasted Rhino Coffee at the bar. With its open-air layout and predominantly outdoor seating, its a great place for those of us who are vaccinated but not yet ready to cram into a crowded dining room. Other than the pillowy beignets, youll find one of the most impressive lists of po boy fillings (Cochon de Lait! Curry fried catfish! Brisket! Bell pepper and eggplant!), any of which can be shoved into beignets for the Bill Weiner Experience ($13.95). Brunch seekers: Sundays your chance. Otherwise, youll have to go down the street to Marilynns sister (brother?) restaurant, Ralphs Place, where breakfast is served all day.

Shop for art at Agora BorealisAcross from the offices of the Shreveport Times in an industrial area downtown sits Agora Borealis, a storefront art market for local and state talent, with a few regional artists thrown into the mix. Hand-carved wooden canes, homemade soaps, metal sculpture, laptop stickers, pewter earrings and a variety of prints await, and this is absolutely your best bet for toting home a functional and/or delightful souvenir.

Eat tacos and elote at Ki MexicoKi Mexico is what happens when a family business ethos blends a flash tattoo aesthetic with a breezy tent patio and killer diller tacos stuffed with fresh inventive stuff like cactus and redfish. Dont skip the elote ($4.81), served with a monster knife and fork in a Ki-branded metal tin so you can slide the cotija-coated kernels off and eat em with a fork. This is not Tex-Mex, so dont expect chips and salsa to materialize upon entry, but do go for the Guacamole Show ($10.77), which offers a flight of four of the spots six house-made salsas. When it comes to a taco, everything is laid bare, and thats great for Ki Mexico, which has absolutely nothing to hide and everything to boast about. If you love The Fold in Little Rock, youll love Ki Mexico. (Also, do as the sign instructs and wear your pinche mask, yall.)

Saunter through the botanical garden at R.W. Norton Art GalleryThis is Shreveports Central Park, nestled between retail strips and residences and home to lazy picnics, outdoor classrooms for local schools and late-morning joggers in athletic wear. Here, Japanese maple and ferns and camellia hover close to the ground, under a canopy of towering pines and oaks and around a babbling stream, and the sloping hills make for a scenic way to spend a morning. The shady path around the 40-acre garden, dotted with sago palm and azalea and jessamine, is laid out in brick and flat enough to be accessible to slower walkers or to wheelchairs, but has enough of an incline that if you want to kick your heart rate up a little after those beignets, you can. Take a good book along with you, and maybe a Claritin, and note the hours at; the garden is currently only open for daytime walks on Thursday through Saturday.

Nibble a bouchon at Whisk Dessert BarWhen a place does only desserts, best believe they do them well. Sharing a space off of Line Avenue thoroughfare with a gentlemens clothing store and a construction firm is Whisk Dessert Bar, a tiny treasure that we suspect is on speed dial for Shreveport wedding planners. Theres gelato and sorbet, and the pastry case is loaded with kitschy cookies and delicate French-informed confections like the impossibly dense, fudgy bouchons, sporting a powdered-sugar stencil of the bars signature whisk design on their tiny tops. You can also grab heftier stuff; on our visit, they were slicing up a lemon pound cake cheesecake while the kitchen buzzed with orders for custom graduation cakes.

Score some stuffed shrimp at Orlandeauxs CafeThis standalone eatery off of Louisiana Highway 20 is a historic staple of Shreveport and one of the oldest continuously operated Black family restaurants in the nation. I visited at 1 p.m on a sunny Friday and found the place nearly obscured by the sea of cars crammed into its parking lot, with a wait for dine-in seating, music pumping and business hopping. No patio seating here; our suggestion is to grab three stuffed shrimp to go, or to sit at the bar and pair the gumbeaux with a Louisiana-brewed pilsner from Cane River in Natchitoches with a wedge of lime. $12.50 gets you three enormous shrimp, sturdy and boldly spiced and hot as hell from the fryer. Primed by a lifetime of mildly spiced menu items masquerading as spicy, I requested a side of hot sauce and was sent on my way with several packets of Louisiana pepper sauce tucked into my to-go box; it was superfluous.

Fill your Instagram feed with beauty at the American Rose CenterJust outside of Shreveport in the suburbs of Greenwood sit 118 acres of lush forest with a massive, sunny rose garden at its core, and its gorgeous labyrinthian paths seem to feature sensory balms at every turn, with a reflecting pool, an Asian teahouse, tinkling wind chimes and a series of metal sculptures. The American Rose Centers mission is all roses, all the time, with a visitors center that boasts a library full of rose reference books and walls lined with prints of bygone USPS postage stamps that featured the beloved flower. (Oh, and big, clean bathrooms; always a plus.) Bring a hat and sunscreen, as only a portion of the garden is shaded, and watch for poison ivy seedlings when you venture off of the paved paths; the landscaping team here is dogged, but so is Mother Nature. Bring $5 per person to drop into the donation box, or donate at

Sit a spell for social hour at the Fat CalfThis neighborhood brasserie in the Highlands can be a pricey dinner if youre on a budget, but their social hour from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday is a perfect way to dabble. With ample patio space and a thoughtful cocktail menu, you can sit outside for a spritzy aperitif and munch on $6 appetizers a heaping bowl of fried cauliflower florets, for one, tossed in garlic and chili oil and topped with Parmesan and lemon zest, or the equally decadent Crispy Brussels Sprouts, flash-fried and coated with Korean vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds and golden raisins. Reservations are recommended, but if youre there ahead of dinner hour, you can probably nab a patio seat or a spot at the bar.

Eat a slice of strawberry pie at StrawnsThis old school breakfast and burger diner has become so adored for its icebox pies that the strawberry has become a sort of Strawns logo. With a crispy, crackly graham cracker crust that lends a perfect hint of salt to the otherwise syrupy setup, the pies famous filling is a bed of cold strawberries and a thick blanket of house whipped cream. If you dont grab one of the handful of parking spots in front, dont fret; swing around back, where parking is plentiful and a not-so-secret staircase entrance leads you right into the main dining room. We had a slice on a Saturday morning in lieu of eggs and bacon, and regret nothing.

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Red River Ramble: An ode to the delights of Shreveport, Louisiana - Arkansas Times

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