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Woman searching for lost necklace that contains her mother’s ashes – California News Times10.08.21

A woman looking for a lost necklace containing her mothers ashes

Updated: October 6, 2021 2:51 pm PDT

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She just fascinated each and every person she met because she just loved everyone. She made everyone feel like a family and it was certainly very hard for Gemini Stark to lose her mom. After a fierce battle with Covid, her mom left the hospital and everyone thought she had won the battle until she unexpectedly took her a few weeks after losing her. Gemini has come up with different ways to honor his beloved mom. Like this tribute tattoo, the mother-daughter duo also glued it onto the jewelery, giving Gemini a wish that he could pay homage. He was actually telling me that she wished she had been turned into jewelry. She wore a lot of jewelry. Well, Ive been searching for a long time until I find something that I really feel is part of both of us. This necklace made a lot of sense for Gemini, and when she found the perfect piece, when she found the particular piece I found, it was as if her mom was talking to her. .. But this is more than just a necklace. The necklace contains my mothers ashes. And the only ashes I left for her, the jewelery she wears only on special occasions. I wore it mainly when I wanted her blessings and luck to be behind me. Well, yeah, it was very, very meaningful to me. But over the weekend, Gemini had another experience of losing part of his mother. She may have accidentally put her necklace in a makeup bag and dropped it in this parking lot at Albertsons. Thats the only thing Ive ever wanted to lose. You know, Ive never cared about that necklace, an object as material as I do about it. Currently, Gemini is doing everything he can to find and retrieve the necklace. That would mean everything to me, she tells us that the bag is a big neon pink bag filled with makeup and jewelry, but she cares about her in the bag He says its just his moms ashes necklace.

A woman looking for a lost necklace containing her mothers ashes

Updated: October 6, 2021 2:51 pm PDT

A Washington woman is looking for an important necklace with her mothers ashes. Gemini Stark told KEPR-TV that the necklace was a great way to commemorate her because her mother loved to wear jewelry. She died of COVID-19. In fact, she told me she wanted to be jewelry, Stark told the television station. And Ive been looking for a long time until I find something that really feels part of both of us. Its a necklace she wears only on special occasions, but she recently lost it and someone Hopes to be able to return it to her. Watch the video above to learn more about this story.

A Washington woman is looking for an important necklace with her mothers ashes.

Gemini Stark told KEPR-TV that the necklace was a great way to commemorate her because her mother loved to wear jewelry.

She died of COVID-19.

She actually said she wanted to turn it into jewelry, Stark told the television station. And I searched for a long time until I found something that I really felt was part of both of us.

Its a necklace that I wear only on special occasions, but Ive lost it recently and want someone to return it.

Watch the video above to learn more about this story.

Woman searching for lost necklace that contains her mothers ashes Source link Woman searching for lost necklace that contains her mothers ashes

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Woman searching for lost necklace that contains her mother's ashes - California News Times

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Junya Watanabe Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection – Vogue.com10.08.21

From Tokyo, Junya Watanabe treated the internet to gilded draping, filmy fabrics, disrupted tailoringand to printed collaborations with Japanese, Chinese, Nepalese, and Thai contemporary artists in Asia and around the world. He called it Eastern Reminiscence, his term for his reminiscences of pre-pandemic travel. Looking through a collection of photojournalism that Jamie Hawkesworth, the British photographer captured in 2019 in Bhutan, India, and Kashmir, Watanabe became nostalgic for Asia and the pure heart of people he saw there.

One of the positive effects of working from home has been the enhanced appreciation of everything and everybody nearest to us. Watanabes collection seemed to spring from his emotional response to that. While completely true to the inimitable modernist-street-romantic style that the West has embraced for so long, this was a subtle refocusing of Watanabes perspective on the consciousness of cross-cultural arts and traditions that belong to Asia in camaraderie with like-minded people who work in the same way.

It was all there to read in the intersections of his gently-elegant folds, layers of glimmering asymmetric drapery, brocades and the fragments of biker jackets, kilts, and mens tailored jackets. First up: a white dress printed with a skull artworkpart punk, part Chinese porcelainby the Chinese artist Jacky Tsai, based in London. Watanabe had Japanese heroes working with him too: black-on-flesh-colored patterns in semi-translucent dresses almost as fine as second-skins were by the tattoo artist Nissaco, renowned for his geometric work. A dress with a psychedelic artwork of goldfish and stylized womens heads came from a 1975 animation by Keiichi Tanaami, the legendary pop artist who has been working his hallucinatory visions since the 60s.

Powerful hand-drawn black calligraphy by Wang Dongling, director of the Modern Calligraphy Study Center at the China National Academy of Arts, scrolled a Tang Dynasty poem over white dresses. Ang Tsherin Sherpa, a Tibetan artist based in California, creator of modern artworks based on traditional Tibetan thangka iconography, collaborated in orange-blue-green grid patterns sliding sideways over a draped dress. A vivid orange smock emblazoned with flowers and a painted dragon is a Thai fantasia dreamed up for Watanabe by the Bangkok-based illustrator Phannapast Taychamaythakool.

Its obvious how much mutual respect Watanabe enjoys with his creative peers who are all exploring traditions and crafts in free-wheeling, sometimes surreal parallel. In the end, did his whole fantastically textured metallic series of evening pieces relate to Jamie Hawkesworths photographs of golden female temple deities? Not literally. Maybe not at all. But, even with the limitations of digital imagery to go on, it all looked like Junya Watanabes most inspired collection for a long time.

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Junya Watanabe Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection -

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Anderson .Paak Gets His Dying Wish in the Form of an Explicit Tattoo Regarding His Music – Atlanta Black Star08.23.21

Singer Anderson .Paak recently revealed his posthumous wish, and its in the form of a massive tattoo. As the trend of releasing albums in the aftermath of an artists death continues to grow,.Paak has officially chimed in on the trends subsequent debate regarding how artists legacies should be kept up years after theyve passed.

Earlier this week, the Leave The Door Open songster shared a photo of his new artwork on his Instagram story, which featured explicit instructions on how hed like his legacy to be carried on following his death. It read: When Im Gone Please Dont Release Any Posthumous Albums Or Songs With My Name Attached Those Were Just Demos And Never Intended To Be Heard By The Public.

Many fans found themselves in agreement with the California native, including one Twitter user who wrote, This should be the standard for all rappers but people are greedy af.

I have never supported posthumous music or project. Am glad Anderson Paak came out and stood against it, even made a tattoo warning, another person commented. What a LEGEND.

Anderson Paak literally took the meaning of tattoo it so I know its real love that, wrote a third.

However, one critic believed that the music industry would be too greedy to respect his wishes. Anderson Paak recently got a tattoo to state that he doesnt want his music released posthumously, they wrote. The sad thing about it is that execs will look at this and come up with a reason to do otherwise. Greed is the most powerful thing in the music industry.

He told the truth on the tattoo itself; dont make no album after he good and gone! yall aint gon milk tf out his good name and ruin his legacy, wrote a fifth.I mean look at the way they milked Pop Smokes posthumous album.

As fans have seen in the past with acts such as Pop Smoke and Mac Miller, artists have often seen tremendous success following the release of a posthumous project.

In February 2020, the 20-year-old Brooklyn native, whose real name is Bashar Barakah Jackson, was shot and killed during a home invasion at a residence he was renting in Hollywood, California. Pop made history by becoming the first artist to posthumously debut his first two studio albums, Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon and Faith, respectively, at the top of the Billboard chart.

However, his second project, released on July 16, garnered criticism after it was revealed that the late rapper had little to do with its production.

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Anderson .Paak Gets His Dying Wish in the Form of an Explicit Tattoo Regarding His Music - Atlanta Black Star

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start time, how to watch, fight rules and everything to know – Californianewstimes.com08.23.21

Jake Paul and future opponent Tyron Woodley at a recent press conference.

Caitlin Marchay / Getty Images

this month Jake Paul Play against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. This can be a significant step up in competition. The battle will take place on August 29th and will be available for viewing on Showtime PPV.

Recently released by Showtime First episode of all access, Focused on the fight. If youre looking for a battle introduction, the fighter itself, and behind-the-scenes footage of the preparation, you could do even worse.

2021 was a big year for the Paul brothers. Back in June, Logan Paul fought boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.What was it There are few battles of the century.. now, Jake Paul will fight the mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley. And if you need a strange reason to see, the loser Need to get a tattoo Declare love for the winner of the battle. Whats happening here in the name of Mike Tysons face tattoo?

Entertain your brain with the coolest news, from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games.

Mark the calendar for 8 pm (Pacific Standard Time) / 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on August 29th... The big event will take place at Pauls hometown of Clevelands Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

The battle is Showtime pay-per-view broadcastThat is, you dont have to be a regular Showtime subscriber to pay and watch the fight.

Showtime Sports President Stephen Espinosa I told MMA Fighting on August 2nd The fight will cost viewers $ 59.99. Not cheap.

It reflects a few things, Espinoza said of the price. Its in the stadium where there was a similar fight. Its at the point under many other higher priced PPVs, but especially in this regard, you have a full boxing card for an exciting young fighter. I think it was the key.

Showtime Battle Page Now updated on how to buy a fight. For $ 60, you can livestream the battle on a number of supported devices. Watch on computers, mobile phones or tablets, or on TV and streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV (4th generation and above), Android TV, and Xbox One.

You can also order pay-per-view battles through providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, Contour, Verizon Fios, Optimum, Vubiquity, DirecTV, U-Verse TV, and Dish. Canadians can order through Rogers, Bell, Shaw, SaskTel, and Telus. It can also be streamed via Sling, Sonys PlayStation Store, and FiteTV in the US and Canada.

An exclusive UK broadcast partner will be announced shortly, according to a statement from the event organizer. Fox Sports will carry it in Australia and Sky Sports will carry it in New Zealand.

The Cleveland Arena also has a live audience. Tickets start at $ 10 Released It will be open to the public on July 22nd.

Both the Paul brothers Logan and Jake have turned from YouTuber to boxers. This looks like a weird career path, and thats exactly what it is. For one thing, they are young. Jake Paul is 24 and Logan Paul is 26, so they can enjoy their youth. Plus, with YouTube cash, you can do whatever you want in your free time. And what they want is clearly to hit people and be beaten in return. These battles are not necessarily for record books, but for bank books. (Logan Pauls June match against 44-year-old Mayweather was just an exhibition.) Jake Paul fought three professional matches and won all, but his opponent was their prime. I wasnt a professional boxer. Paul defeated YouTuber AnEson Gib, former professional basketball player Nate Robinson, and retired MMA fighter Ben Askren. (Or The last one was fast.. And all the battles of Brother Paul draw headlines and chatter, balancing their fame and banking.

Woodley talked about some trash about Jake Paul at the Battle of Asklen, which led to the planned Paul-Woody battle.

The easiest fight of my career and the biggest purse of my career are all overnight, Woodley said of Pauls match. According to ESPN.. Basically, they brought me to get rid of the trash.

The fighter weighs 190 pounds. This is the weight when Paul managed to defeat Ben Askren in April. Two minutes fight. Woodley fought at the UFC for 170.

Paul stands 6 feet -1 and Woodley stands 5 feet -9. Paul is listed Woodleys 74-inch reach with 76-inch reach.

Fighters wear 10 ounce gloves and fight in 2020 rings, ESPN reports. The battle is scheduled for 8 rounds.

The two fighters Creepy bet Riding on the result. If Paul loses, he must have a tattoo of I love Tyron Woodley somewhere, and if Woodley loses, he must have a tattoo of I love Jake Paul. Hmm. (Both fighters are already tattooed, so the other isnt a whole new concept.)

Anyone who has a tattoo knows that there is a lot of publicity about the actual tattoo itself, not to mention the final embarrassing product photo. (Paul-Woodley Circle smart tattoo artists are probably already thinking about ways to ultimately hide or disguise their messages.)

Whatever the outcome, Woodley already believes that one fight is not enough.

To be honest, Im probably going to fight twice. He said..

Paul is not very sure about the second battle.

Im not going to fight Woodley after defeating Woodley, Paul said. According to the LA Times.. It doesnt make sense, you know. There are no two fights because Im going to end him hard.

Jake Paul is the youngest of two Paul brothers, and in addition to his internet video, he is known to play Darkman at the Disney Channel show. Bizaardvark.. He started his boxing career in 2018 and won all three professional matches.

Like his brother, he is controversial. In July 2020, he Throw a huge party It is in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic in Calabasas, California.Asked about the party, he I told The Daily Beast reporter that COVID-19 is a hoax, see you later Denied to say that, Leaded to a reporter posting a voice proving that Paul made a hoax comment.In that same interview, Paul also insisted 98% of the news is fake, misleadingly claiming that medical professionals do nothing to protect the mask from the virus.

He doesnt just make headlines at his events. Jake Pauls brother, Logan, fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June, and in May, at a promotional event for the fight, Jake Paul spoke to fighters. Snatch Mayweathers hat..He then Sales start A black baseball cap with the words Gotcha hat printed on it.

Woodley, 39, started at MMA in 2009, became the UFC Welterweight Champion in 2016, lost four titles in 2019 and defended the title.

Like Paul, he also has an entertainment career. He has appeared in many films in a small role and Host a podcast When TMZ web show..

Woodley says this may be his first boxing match, but its not his last.

At the end of the day, Im boxing now, he said. According to ESPN.. My first opponent (of Paul). This is your first and the first chance everyone else sees my box.

That nights Showtime card has another big battle and three small battles. Featherweight World Champion Amanda Serrano (40-1-1) will face 18-2-0 Super Bantamweight World Champion Yamileth Mercado.

Not many people want to fight me. It will be a great fight, Serrano said. According to World Boxing News..

Mercado said he was excited to start his career in featherweight before turning to bantamweight and fight again in the old weight class.

Well leave it all in the ring and women will steal the show, she said, according to a World Boxing News report.

The Serrano-Mercado battle is billed as a joint main event, but there are also three battles on the undercard. Ivan Barancyhk fights Montana Love, Daniel Dubois fights Juiseppe Cusumano, Tommy Fury fights Anthony Taylor.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start time, how to watch, fight rules and everything to know Source link Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start time, how to watch, fight rules and everything to know

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start time, how to watch, fight rules and everything to know -

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Daily Edition for Tuesday, August 3, 2021 – California Healthline08.09.21

Masks Now Required Indoors In 7 Bay Area Counties: Starting today, residents of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Sonoma counties must wear masks indoors in public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. The news prompted relief, confusion and anger. Read more from the Bay Area News Group, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times.

In related news San Francisco Chronicle: Thrown groceries and broken glass: Oakland market staff 'verbally and physically assaulted' after reinstating mask policy

All Kaiser Permanente Employees Must Get A Covid Shot: Kaiser Permanente said it now will require all doctors, nurses and staff to get vaccinated. About 78% of its employees and 95% of its group physicians are vaccinated, the health system said Monday. The goal is to become fully vaccinated by Sept. 30. Read more from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Francisco Chronicle and Sacramento Bee.

Below, check out the roundup of California Healthlines coverage. For today's national health news, read KHN'sMorning Briefing.

LA Daily News:LA County Coronavirus Hospitalizations Log Four-Fold Increase In Just One MonthThe troubling Delta variant sent more coronavirus-infected Los Angeles County residents to hospitals on Monday, Aug. 2. Nonetheless, a new month brought new hope that more people were heeding recent messaging from public health officials to get vaccinated. The state reported 1,138 people were hospitalized with COVID-19, a jump of 42 from Sunday; 248 patients were intensive care, a jump of 12 from the day before. The statistics reflect a nearly four-fold increase just one months time on July 2, only 280 people were hospitalized the virus. (Carter, 8/2)

Orange County Register:L.A. County Reported 2,361 New Cases And Five New Deaths, Aug. 2Los Angeles County public health officials reported 2,361 new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 1,305,704 as of Monday, Aug. 2. This represents 12.9% of the total population of Los Angeles County having been infected with the coronavirus. Officials reported five new deaths linked to the coronavirus, for a total 24,690 deaths since tracking began, or .25% of the total population of the county having died from the virus. (Goertzen, 8/2)

Modesto Bee:Stanislaus Countys Deaths To COVID-19 Reach 1,097Stanislaus County announced two more deaths to covid-19 on Monday, for a total of 1,097 residents since the pandemic emerged. The county Health Services Agency added 410 new cases since Friday, for a total of 59,636 since March 2020. Stanislaus also has 709,093 negative test results and 57,458 people who are presumed recovered. (Holland, 8/3)

The Bakersfield Californian:Kern Public Health Reports 1 New Coronavirus Death, 594 New Cases MondayKern County Public Health Services reported one new coronavirus death and 594 confirmed cases Monday. That brings the count of deaths to 1,426 and the confirmed cases since the pandemic began to 113,810. Thirty-nine delta variant cases have been identified, and there have been 70 alpha variant cases. (8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:Bay Area Coronavirus Cases Surpass Last Summer's PeakThe Bay Area has been averaging more than 1,400 coronavirus cases a day over the past several days, surpassing the peak of last years summer surge in mid-August. Regional hospitalizations have not yet reached last summers peak, but despite high vaccination rates in much of the Bay Area they are not far off: 815 people were in the hospital with covid-19 on July 28 last year, compared with 713 on Sunday. (Allday and Vaziri, 8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:These Charts Show Just How Fast COVID Cases Are Rising In California And The Bay AreaCoronavirus data for the Bay Area and California from July shows just how severely cases have spiked due to the highly contagious delta variant. The average case rates for July in both the region and state rose to double digits for the first time since February, when coronavirus cases were beginning to decline after the winter surge. (Hwang, 8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:Bay Area To Add Staff, Hours For Coronavirus Testing In Face Of Surge In DemandWith demand for coronavirus testing once again surging in the Bay Area, local health officials are gearing up to add staff and hours at testing sites and labs reversing course on what had been a gradual wind-down of many testing operations. The renewed demand for testing comes as new cases, mostly among unvaccinated residents, continue their steep climb in the region and nation. Statewide and in several Bay Area counties, daily testing plummeted between January and late June, but began ticking back up in early July. The rise started around the time new cases began increasing after the June 15 reopening of Californias economy, and the highly transmissible delta variant took hold as the dominant strain. (Ho, 8/2)

San Diego Union-Tribune:County, Providers Boost Testing Capacity As Delta-Driven Demand Surges Across RegionLong lines for testing at many locations in San Diego County, driven by a more contagious coronavirus variant surging through the community, are prompting a return to the kind of high-volume centers that largely went away as vaccination campaigns significantly slowed the pace of the pandemic this spring. (Sisson, 8/2)

USA Today:McDonald's Mask Policy: Customers And Workers To Wear Masks AgainMcDonald's is requiring customers and employees to wear masks again at U.S. restaurants located in areas with high or substantial transmission of the coronavirus. The fast-food giant is the largest national chain to add the requirement back for both employees and customers following updated masking guidelines fromtheCenters forDisease Control and Prevention. (Tyko, 8/3)

CNBC:Facebook To Require All U.S. On-Campus Employees To Wear MasksFacebook on Monday announced it will begin requiring all of its employees to wear masks when on its campuses in the U.S., regardless of an employees vaccination status. The health and safety of our employees and neighbors in the community remains our top priority, a spokeswoman for the company said in a statement. Given the rising numbers of COVID cases, the newest data on COVID variants, and an increasing number of local requirements, we are reinstating our mask requirement in all of Facebooks U.S. offices, regardless of an employees vaccination status. (Rodriguez, 8/2)

Axios:Target Reinstates Mask Mandate For Employees In High-Risk Counties After CDC GuidanceTarget will start to require masks for employees in high-risk counties across the United States starting Tuesday, the company announced Monday. The new policy comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued updated guidance recommending vaccinated people wear masks in indoor, public settings if they are in parts of the country with substantial to high transmission. (Frazier, 8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:Marin Is The Most Vaccinated County In California, But Cases Are Surging In One Community. Here's WhyWhile Marin Countys vaccination rates are among the highest in the nation, with 86.5% of eligible residents fully vaccinated, the rate is far lower in Marin City, at 59.5%, according to county data. County officials and health experts, now racing against the rampant delta variant, are working to change that backing grassroots efforts to counter vaccine hesitancy, as well as widespread misinformation about covid-19 vaccines. (Hwang, 8/2)

Mosaic 2021:South Bay Health Care Workers Divided On Whether To Be VaccinatedAs COVID-19 cases rise and employers wrestle with whether to require vaccinations, South Bay health care workers are split on the issue, even as they acknowledge the dangers of the coronavirus. Honestly, I am more scared of getting the vaccine than being worried about getting COVID, said 28-year-old medical assistant Itzel Zamora, who works in Palo Alto. She has not gotten vaccinated. However, Laura Sanchez, a COVID-19 tester in Silicon Valley, is vaccinated, and she thinks others should get the vaccine as well. (Diaz, 8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:Yes, It's Legal For Restaurants And Bars To Require Proof Of Vaccination For Customers. Here's WhyA growing number of Bay Area restaurants and bars are asking patrons to show their vaccine cards before entering, leading to some online backlash and confusion about the practices legality. Can restaurants legally require their employees and customers to be vaccinated? The short and simple answer is yes, but there are a few caveats. And no, they arent related to the false notion that businesses requiring customers to show proof of vaccination constitutes a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violation. (Bitker, 8/2)

Los Angeles Times:Covid Vaccine Proof Amid Delta Spread In L.A.: What To KnowWith the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreading, an increasing number of institutions are requiring proof of vaccination in hopes of protecting both workers and the public. The current surge in cases is hitting the unvaccinated community hard. People who are vaccinated enjoy strong protections. (Wigglesworth and Shalby, 8/2)

Bay Area News Group:Brentwood District Schools Reporting COVID-19 Cases Days After They ReopenWith in-person classes open less than a week, dozens of students and staff at two Brentwood school districts are being quarantined after being exposed to 13 peers in elementary schools and 10 in high schools who apparently have covid-19, authorities confirmed Monday.Brentwood Union School District Superintendent Dana Eaton said that through contact tracing, its been determined that none of the 13 elementary school students caught the virus on campus. (Prieve, 8/2)

Orange County Register:Face Mask Mandate In Schools Raises Ire, Praise And Confusion In Orange CountyWith schools about to re-open and face-to-face instruction set to resume, school officials throughout Orange County are hearing from parents who hold opposing views about a state mandate that requires most students, teachers and staff to wear masks when indoors at a California public school. On one side are parents who welcome the safety of masks, especially with covid-19 spiking again in Southern California and around the country. These parents argue that the driver of the new surge, the Delta variant, is more transmissible than previous versions of the sometimes fatal disease and the masks-for-all rule helps protect kids and figures to slow community spread. (Kopetman, 8/2)

Los Angeles Times:California School Mask Mandate Doesn't Faze StudentsSome high school students take mask breaks and go outside for gulps of unfiltered air. They are irked by the beads of sweat on their upper lip in the heat, but nothing that a quick swipe cant handle. They have learned to talk louder in class. A student sitting at her desk plans for a drink of water mask down, sip, mask up. And sports conditioning while masked? Exhausting yet better than sitting at home. As California begins to return to fully reopened campuses this month for in-person learning, the states mandatory mask rule will continue to be part of the new normal for all K-12 schools, which join a growing list of counties and public places that require indoor masking amid the covid-19 surge fueled by the highly transmissible Delta variant. (Gomez, 8/3)

San Francisco Chronicle:S.F.'s New Drug Crisis Response: Teams To Offer Care Following OverdosesAs San Francisco struggles with an exploding drug epidemic that killed more than 700 people last year, a new city-run response team hit the streets Monday to try to help people who survive an overdose. The hope is to prevent a future, potentially fatal overdose by directing people to resources and treatment. The influx of fentanyl, a powerful opioid, has exacerbated the citys drug crisis over the past few years, with fatal overdoses rising from 441 in 2019 and 259 in 2018. (Shaikh Rashad, 8/2)

The Bakersfield Californian:Bakersfield City Council To Vote On Placing Mental Health Clinician In 911 Dispatch CenterMental health crises result in the highest number of calls to the Bakersfield Police Department dispatch center. Now, the city hopes to have an expert in place to field those calls before police must respond. On Wednesday, the Bakersfield City Council will vote on staffing the citys law enforcement communication center with a behavioral health clinician to handle non-emergency mental health calls. According to Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, which would supply the clinician, the arrangement is among the first in the country. (Morgen, 8/2)

San Francisco Chronicle:BART Service Returns To Near-Normal Levels, But The Post-Pandemic Future Could Be 'Something Different'In some ways, it looked like pre-pandemic BART on the first day the service returned to near-normal, a milestone of sorts for the Bay Areas struggling public transit system that lags the nation in its recovery. But a BART commute Monday morning also showed signs of the systems uncertain road back as it works to restore service to near pre-pandemic levels. (Cano, 8/2)

AP:Some Areas Of South Tahoe Closed Due To Animals With PlagueOfficials are closing some areas on the south shore of Lake Tahoe after some chipmunks tested positive for plague. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that the Taylor Creek Visitor Center, Kiva Beach and their parking areas will be off limits through Friday.During that time, the National Forest Service will be conducting vector control treatments to those areas. El Dorado County spokeswoman Carla Hass said the chipmunks that were tested had no contact with any people. (8/2)

Los Angeles Times:L.A.'s New Homeless Encampment Law: Humane Or Cruel?A sweeping ordinance outlawing camping around parks, libraries and other facilities was approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council. Mayor Eric Garcetti quickly signed the ordinance, which is expected to go into effect next month. The ordinance marks the citys latest attempt to address homeless camping at a time when business leaders, neighborhood groups and others are voicing alarm over reduced access to sidewalks, parks and other public spaces. (Zahniser and Oreskes, 8/2)

Los Angeles Times:How L.A. Finally Cleared Most Venice Beach Homeless CampsAfter a month of intensive outreach, persuasion by police and park rangers, and painstaking separation of valuables from the jerry-built structures and furnishings, Robles and Moore were two of the roughly 200 campers who were removed from the famed half-mile stretch. All were offered someplace else to live a few in apartments, many in private but temporary rooms in hotels, and a few in congregate shelters. Most took up the offer. The beach and the boardwalk, with its clothing stores, henna tattoo stalls and restaurants, among other attractions, had few tents left Friday after an intense six-week infusion of resources to help the unhoused sleeping there find new places to stay. (Oreskes and Molina, 8/2)

Bay Area News Group:Bay Area's COVID-19 Rents Plummeted But Not For EveryoneAlthough Bay Area rents fell through the early months of the covid-19 pandemic, one group benefited less than others low-income tenants. The cost of older, cheaper apartments, usually rented by low-wage workers and others on fixed government incomes, dropped far less than newer properties. And in Alameda County, rents for low-cost apartments by May had risen rose above pre-pandemic levels. (Hansen, 8/2)

CalMatters:California Eviction: A Hidden Crisis In Long BeachUndocumented families, aging homes, high unemployment: The root causes for a cluster of evictions in this Southern California blue-collar port city. (Duara, 8/2)

KQED:Immigration Advocates Go Back To Court In Bid To End Trump COVID Measure Blocking Asylum-SeekersImmigration advocates who had been negotiating with the Biden administration to end a Trump-era rule that blocks most migrants from entering the United States have given up waiting. The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are going back to court. They plan to file a preliminary injunction to stop the continued use of the Title 42 public health law that has allowed border agents to swiftly remove tens of thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers arriving at the southern border. (Ordoez, 8/2)

The New York Times:Biden Administration Will Keep Using Covid Rule To Limit Border ImmigrationWith the number of migrants crossing the southern border surging and the pandemic proving to be far from over, the Biden administration has decided to leave in place for now the public health rule that has allowed it to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants, officials said. The decision, confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday, amounted to a shift by the administration, which had been working on plans to begin lifting the rule this summer, more than a year after it was imposed by the Trump administration. The C.D.C. said allowing noncitizens to come over the border from either Mexico or Canada creates a serious danger of further spread of the coronavirus. (Sullivan and Kanno-Youngs, 8/2)

NPR:Title 42 Back In Court To Try To End COVID Measure Blocking Asylum-SeekersImmigration advocates who had been negotiating with the Biden administration to end a Trump-era rule that blocks most migrants from entering the United States have given up waiting. The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are going back to court. They plan to file a preliminary injunction to stop the continued use of the Title 42 public health law that has allowed border agents to swiftly remove tens of thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers arriving at the southern border. (Ordoez, 8/2)

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Who is Joel Kinnaman’s ex-wife Cleo Wattenstrm? Actor’s wedding to tattoo artist cost $435 – MEAWW08.09.21

The personal life of actor Joel Kinnaman, famous for roles in movies like 'Suicide Squad' and 'Robocop', was thrust into the limelight on Friday, August 6, after Swedish model Gabriella Magnusson posted screenshots of chats with him on Instagram, accusing him of rape. While Kinnaman is currently engaged to Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale, he was once married to a Belgian tattoo artist.

In 2019, Us Weekly reported that the then-39-year-old actor and 26-year-old Cleo Wattenstrm had amicably separated the previous year. The pair had tied the knot in a private ceremony, which Kinnaman only made public on The Talk in 2016, a year after the wedding had taken place. However, even after splitting up, the duo remained friends. The two even shared photos of hanging out with mutual friends at a UFC fight on Instagram after they were no longer spouses. Wattenstrm also wished her former husband happy birthday on the social media platform in November of that year. JOEL!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!, she wrote alongside a series of photos of the pair.


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Cleo Wattenstrm, who still maintains 'Kinnaman' as her surname on her Instagram page, is a body artist whose business is based out of Venice, California. Wattenstrm was born on June 20, 1992, in Belgium.

While living in Stockholm, Sweden, she dropped out of school at the age of 14 to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Wattenstrm began discovering her own tattoo style after an apprenticeship with a local artist and presently uses exclusively black and white ink to pay homage to her love of black and white movies. In her own words, her favorite style of tattooing is something with a realistic element in it. The style that she has come to be known for is realistic ladies, pictures of girls. Portrait-like but not necessarily of someone particular.

She currently owns her private studio, Shanti Tattoo, located in Venice. She also works out of a southern-based studio. In the past, she has worked as a model, posing for a number of glamour magazines in a variety of genres. Wattenstrm has also appeared on the front covers of Inked Magazine and Tattoo Life.

Kinnaman and Wattenstrm started dating each other in 2014. In April 2016, during an appearance on 'The Talk,' the Swedish-American actor revealed that he and Wattenstrm had secretly gotten married. When then-host Aisha Tyler asked him how his girlfriend felt about him getting matching tattoos with the cast of 'Suicide Squad,' the actor corrected her saying, "My wife." He then added, She was laughing at it. A lot of tattoo artists are not so precious about their tattoos... [Tattoo artists are] all friends, they get drunk and do tattoos on each other. Theyre actually the ones that are the least precious about it. She was like, His line work needs some work!'

In August of the same year, he appeared on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' and revealed that his nuptials had actually taken place "like a year and a half ago." Dishing details about the ceremony, he said that he and Wattenstrm got married at a place "called Same Day Marriage" in Los Angeles, where "this little Russian lady sitting inside there" charged them $435 to wed them.

Then a "Dracula-looking creature" with "two upside-down Vs painted over her eyes" instead of brows asked them to enter a chapel that resembled "a torture contraption." The officiant who married them asked, "Marriage, rest of your life, you say yes?" and after they both affirmed their stance, she said festively, "Marriage!"

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Who is Joel Kinnaman's ex-wife Cleo Wattenstrm? Actor's wedding to tattoo artist cost $435 - MEAWW

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Michigan man with Psychopathic tattooed on forehead heads back to prison for attacking ex-coworker – MLive.com08.09.21

SAGINAW, MI A Saginaw man with Psychopathic tattooed across his forehead is heading back to prison for trying to kill an ex-coworker at an auto dealership.

Saginaw County Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes on Tuesday, Aug. 3, sentenced 37-year-old Timothy J. Wachowski to terms of 135 months to 30 years and 40 months to 10 years in prison. Wachowski is to serve the two terms concurrently.

Obviously, this is a difficult time for my client, said defense attorney Alan A. Crawford, standing beside Wachowski. Hes emotional at the moment. Of course, no one likes the prospect of going to prison, but my client has come to terms with that.

Crawford added his client is apologetic for his most recent crimes.

Boes asked Wachowski if he had anything he would like to say.

Not at the moment, maam, he replied.

Wachowskis victim was not present to deliver an oral impact statement. He had previously submitted one in writing, according to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Shellbe A. Sanborn.

Boes also gave Wachowski credit for 462 days already served in jail. She further ordered him to pay $266 in court costs and fines.

Wachowski in June pleaded no contest to both charges he faced assault with intent to murder and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

The convictions stem from an incident that occurred about 8:50 p.m. on April 27, 2020, at American Auto Group, 2936 Bay Road in Saginaw Township. Police Chief Donald F. Pussehl Jr. previously said Wachowski had been employed at the business but had recently been fired.

On the night in question, Wachowski arrived at the dealership and was approached by a 49-year-old male employee. Wachowski pulled a knife and slashed or stabbed the older man several times, inflicting wounds to his back, arm, and hand, Pussehl previously said.

Another employee intervened and Wachowski fled on foot into a nearby wooded area, Pussehl has said. Responding police set up a perimeter around Bay and Shattuck roads. A Michigan State Police K-9 unit arrived to assist and ended up tracking the suspects trail to a field behind the Walgreens at 2990 Bay Road, Pussehl has said.

Within 15 minutes of the initial incident, police found Wachowski hiding in the field and arrested him.

At Wachowskis arraignment, Saginaw County District Judge M. Randall Jurrens said, If this is not the longest criminal history Ive seen in my 18 years, its certainly one of the longest.

Assistant Prosecutor Sanborn on Tuesday described Wachowskis criminal record as pretty horrific.

Wachowskis record includes convictions in Michigan, Indiana, Florida, and California, prosecutors have said.

More recently, Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran in April 2016 sentenced Wachowski to 14 months to five years in prison and ordered he pay $4,216.50 in restitution on a conviction of third-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Wachowski had pleaded guilty to the charge.

That conviction stems from Wachowski on Dec. 29, 2015, having crashed a 2003 Dodge Neon into another vehicle on a Bay City street, then running from the scene. Police found him sitting in some snow nearby and arrested him.

Blood samples taken from Wachowski showed his blood alcohol content was 0.361. In Michigan, a person is legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol level hits 0.08.

The Michigan Department of Corrections paroled Wachowski on Feb. 28, 2017. The agency then discharged Wachowski from parole on May 28, 2018.

Loved ones of Wachowski previously told MLive that his psychopathic tattoo was inspired by his affinity for the Detroit-based Psychopathic Records label, most famous for being the home of Insane Clown Posse.

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Saginaw man with psychopathic tattooed on forehead charged with assault with intent to murder

Former Saginaw Township auto dealership worker cuts ex-colleague with knife, police allege

Man with face tattoo heads to prison for ultra high blood alcohol level

Bay City man with Psycho X Pathic tattoo charged with drunken driving

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Michigan man with Psychopathic tattooed on forehead heads back to prison for attacking ex-coworker -

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What it means and why the IOC is investigating KION546 – California News Times08.09.21

Ben Morse, CNN

We Shot put Raven Saunders described his gestures after winning the silver medal. Tokyo 2020 Olympics Meaning.

The 25-year-old tells NBC that she raises her hand and crosses at X when taking pictures with her medal-winning companion, representing the crossroads where all the oppressed people meet. I did.

Sanders a black LGBTQ athlete first put her in a bag Olympic Win a medal on Saturday and finish at a distance of 19.79 meters.

Chinas Gong Lijiao won the gold medal and New Zealands Valerie Adams won the bronze medal.

And after winning the medal, she says she wants to be a role model for someone else like her.

For me, what I always wanted, be me, dont apologize (and) to the younger generation, no matter what they say to you, no matter how many boxes try to fit you, You can be you, she told the media.

People tell me not to tattoo or pierce, but look at me now, I pop out.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Said It is investigating possible violations of the rules prohibiting Sanders gestures on the podium and protests on the medal podium.

We are in contact with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the World Athletics Committee, IOC spokesman Mark Adams said on Monday. I dont want to say what these next steps will be until I fully understand whats going on. I dont want to anticipate anything.

We are trying to respect the opinions of all athletes. We have given them more opportunities to express themselves. Press conferences, social media, freedom of expression in mixed zones. Sports We created the potential before we started protesting.

But one thing we pointed out was that we surveyed all athletes who responded to 3,500 athletes (and), hoping that everyone could respect their opinions. think.

Saunders as a reply to a tweet about her gesture Tweet: Let them try this medal. Im running across the border even if I cant swim.

Read: Depression brought her closer to suicide.Now, Olympic Raven Saunders wants to blame mental health

With an eye-catching mask and celebration after winning the medal she twisted and followed it up another Dancing for the camera Sanders is one of the biggest characters in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

But she had previously faced a tough personal battle.

2016 Sanders between Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo Faced Difficult personal challenges suffering from depression and suicidal ideation. She talked with CNN earlier this year about when everything boiled and how she found support through therapy, meditation, and contacting close friends.

Now she wants to encourage others suffering from mental health to get the support they need.

My message is to keep fighting, pushing, and finding value in yourself in everything you do, she said after winning the silver medal.

I represent so many people that being able to leave with a silver medal means a lot. Someone who respects me, someone who sends me a message. , I know there are many people praying for me.

Im happy to bring this back for them, not just me.

The topic of athletes mental health has been a hot topic at the Tokyo Olympics after US gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from many competitions because of her mental health.

The Sanders nickname Hulk, named after Marvels superhero, derives from the similarity between her mental health journey and the journey of a large green superhero.

For more news, features and videos, visit

When I first became the Hulk, I didnt know how to distinguish between the Hulk and the Raven. It was a little hard to fight between the two, but as my life progressed, I dealt with a few things. I was forced to learn how to partition, control the hulk, and use the hulk in the right way.

I save it for the competition so that Raven can enjoy, reach out, seek therapy, do yoga, and meditate, all of which creates a strong heart. You cannot have a strong body without a strong heart.

The-CNN-Wire & 2021 Cable News Network, Inc., Warner Media Company. all rights reserved.

George Ramsay contributed to this report.

What it means and why the IOC is investigating KION546 Source link What it means and why the IOC is investigating KION546

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What it means and why the IOC is investigating KION546 - California News Times

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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 – California News Times07.25.21

If it bloomed in Tween Hood in the 1990s and you wanted to pierce your ears, you probably had a boring college student in your local Kureazu pierce you. Until recently, old-fashioned mall chains seemed to be the default location for services. Thankfully, the piercing scene is evolving and you dont have to ride an escalator or go through Auntie Annes to get a devilish cartilage ring. There are options!

One of them Rowan, Home and in-store piercing services. Rowan promises licensed nurse pierced ears, premium hypoallergenic earrings, and a thoughtfully written mindfulness card. We also offer new earrings, accessories, and a monthly subscription box filled with mindfulness content. According to their website, Rowan encourages you to take some time to celebrate thenowby taking advantage of your self-expression psychic powers.

This month, Rowan will open 57 studios in Target throughout California. Rowan also offers home piercing services in eight states, although California isnt one yet. Founder Louise Schneider quickly realized that there was a gap in the market for services where registered and experienced people provide safe and festive earrings. [nurses].. To celebrate their launch, the company offers limited edition Gold California earrings.

Another new arrival in the LA piercing scene is the famous studio stud, Opened the door on Melrose Avenue in June. Born in New York, Stud has earned a reputation for its hilarious neon interiors and celebrity clients. Unlike Rowan and Claire, which use the Studex ear piercing gun, Studs uses sterile disposable needles for piercing. This method may bring back horrific memories to some of us. An overconfident 12-year-old kid might accuse you with his mothers needle, icing his earlobe and turning over with an apple behind him, but Stud is clearly dialing it in. .. .. Later this year, another location will open in the elegant Westfield Century City Mall. The company donated $ 20,000 to the Los Angeles LGBT Center to commemorate the Open and Pride Month.

Interested in helping a local SME? Leo West Is a women-owned and operated piercing concierge service in Pico, West LA. It was opened in 2020 by registered nurses Gillian Katz and Arnold Rothstein. The small studio offers a cozy and classy atmosphere. If youre looking for a place to put your lower lip or navel piercing, Leo West isnt for you. They provide cartilage and leaf piercings and appear to have special tips for dealing with children-many of their testimonies feature mothers who are reassured and grateful. Here, clients can avoid the feel of Claires factory livestock and the intimate energy of tattoo parlors. Email for consultation Its not a whimsical place to enter, as only two people are running the show.

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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 Source link Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021

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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 - California News Times

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Halsey and Alev Aydin’s Relationship Timeline – msnNOW07.25.21

Halsey surprised fans with their pregnancy announcement in January 2021, but it wasnt just the baby that caught people off guard. The singer also unveiled their low-key romance with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

The Bad at Love singer shared the baby news via Instagram, posting a series of pics sporting a knit bikini top with their baby bump exposed. Halsey tagged their beau in the sweet snap and wrote, Surprise!

Aydin, for his part, commented, Heart is so full. Love you, sweetness. The pop star responded with, I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!

Five years before the pregnancy announcement, Halsey suffered a miscarriage ahead of a performance. The singer detailed the experience in a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone: Its the angriest performance Ive ever done in my life. This was the moment of my life where I thought to myself, I dont feel like a fking human being anymore.'

Some fans thought the relationship between Halsey and Aydin was new, but it appears the Grammy nominee and the producer have history. In March 2021, the musician revealed to fans that their pregnancy was 100 percent planned. Months before their baby news, the couple also got matching tattoos at a California tattoo shop. Artist Amanda Owley shared photos of the pairs ink in June 2020.

The New Jersey native and their beau got the word Seeds tattooed on their feet. Halseys is near the heel while Aydins is across the top of his foot. The tattoo artist gushed about meeting the duo, revealing that they were the sweetest throughout the experience.

As if matching tattoos werent enough of a show of serious commitment, a source told Us Weekly in February that the couple had spoken about marriage.

[Halsey] wasnt necessarily hoping to get married before getting pregnant, the insider said, noting that they are focusing on [Halseys] pregnancy before anything else.

The source added, Marriage is not the sole focus whatsoever. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the baby is healthy and that [Halsey] has a loving relationship with the father of her baby, and right now, [Halsey] for sure loves and adores Alev. They are very much in love.

Keep scrolling for more on Halsey and Aydins relationship and a full timeline of their romance.

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Halsey and Alev Aydin's Relationship Timeline - msnNOW

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