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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 – California News Times07.25.21

If it bloomed in Tween Hood in the 1990s and you wanted to pierce your ears, you probably had a boring college student in your local Kureazu pierce you. Until recently, old-fashioned mall chains seemed to be the default location for services. Thankfully, the piercing scene is evolving and you dont have to ride an escalator or go through Auntie Annes to get a devilish cartilage ring. There are options!

One of them Rowan, Home and in-store piercing services. Rowan promises licensed nurse pierced ears, premium hypoallergenic earrings, and a thoughtfully written mindfulness card. We also offer new earrings, accessories, and a monthly subscription box filled with mindfulness content. According to their website, Rowan encourages you to take some time to celebrate thenowby taking advantage of your self-expression psychic powers.

This month, Rowan will open 57 studios in Target throughout California. Rowan also offers home piercing services in eight states, although California isnt one yet. Founder Louise Schneider quickly realized that there was a gap in the market for services where registered and experienced people provide safe and festive earrings. [nurses].. To celebrate their launch, the company offers limited edition Gold California earrings.

Another new arrival in the LA piercing scene is the famous studio stud, Opened the door on Melrose Avenue in June. Born in New York, Stud has earned a reputation for its hilarious neon interiors and celebrity clients. Unlike Rowan and Claire, which use the Studex ear piercing gun, Studs uses sterile disposable needles for piercing. This method may bring back horrific memories to some of us. An overconfident 12-year-old kid might accuse you with his mothers needle, icing his earlobe and turning over with an apple behind him, but Stud is clearly dialing it in. .. .. Later this year, another location will open in the elegant Westfield Century City Mall. The company donated $ 20,000 to the Los Angeles LGBT Center to commemorate the Open and Pride Month.

Interested in helping a local SME? Leo West Is a women-owned and operated piercing concierge service in Pico, West LA. It was opened in 2020 by registered nurses Gillian Katz and Arnold Rothstein. The small studio offers a cozy and classy atmosphere. If youre looking for a place to put your lower lip or navel piercing, Leo West isnt for you. They provide cartilage and leaf piercings and appear to have special tips for dealing with children-many of their testimonies feature mothers who are reassured and grateful. Here, clients can avoid the feel of Claires factory livestock and the intimate energy of tattoo parlors. Email for consultation Its not a whimsical place to enter, as only two people are running the show.

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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 Source link Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021

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Where to Get Your Ears Pierced in Los Angeles 2021 - California News Times

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Halsey and Alev Aydin’s Relationship Timeline – msnNOW07.25.21

Halsey surprised fans with their pregnancy announcement in January 2021, but it wasnt just the baby that caught people off guard. The singer also unveiled their low-key romance with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

The Bad at Love singer shared the baby news via Instagram, posting a series of pics sporting a knit bikini top with their baby bump exposed. Halsey tagged their beau in the sweet snap and wrote, Surprise!

Aydin, for his part, commented, Heart is so full. Love you, sweetness. The pop star responded with, I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!

Five years before the pregnancy announcement, Halsey suffered a miscarriage ahead of a performance. The singer detailed the experience in a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone: Its the angriest performance Ive ever done in my life. This was the moment of my life where I thought to myself, I dont feel like a fking human being anymore.'

Some fans thought the relationship between Halsey and Aydin was new, but it appears the Grammy nominee and the producer have history. In March 2021, the musician revealed to fans that their pregnancy was 100 percent planned. Months before their baby news, the couple also got matching tattoos at a California tattoo shop. Artist Amanda Owley shared photos of the pairs ink in June 2020.

The New Jersey native and their beau got the word Seeds tattooed on their feet. Halseys is near the heel while Aydins is across the top of his foot. The tattoo artist gushed about meeting the duo, revealing that they were the sweetest throughout the experience.

As if matching tattoos werent enough of a show of serious commitment, a source told Us Weekly in February that the couple had spoken about marriage.

[Halsey] wasnt necessarily hoping to get married before getting pregnant, the insider said, noting that they are focusing on [Halseys] pregnancy before anything else.

The source added, Marriage is not the sole focus whatsoever. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the baby is healthy and that [Halsey] has a loving relationship with the father of her baby, and right now, [Halsey] for sure loves and adores Alev. They are very much in love.

Keep scrolling for more on Halsey and Aydins relationship and a full timeline of their romance.

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Halsey and Alev Aydin's Relationship Timeline - msnNOW

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Husband of Maya Millete is named a ‘person of interest’ in the mom-of-three’s disappearance – Californianewstimes.com07.25.21

Mayamiretes husband California The disappearance of three mothers more than six months after she was last seen.

Chula Vista police released a statement on Thursday confirming Larry Milete as a person of interest, stating that no further information will be released at this time to protect the confidentiality of the case and the integrity of the investigation. It was.

Maya, 39, disappeared from her husbands house in Chula Vista, shared with her three children aged 4, 10, and 11. She was reported missing three days later.

Speculation about her husband Larry soon began to rise after it was revealed that Maya had set up a meeting with a divorce lawyer on the day she was last seen.

Mayas family also claimed that she confessed to them a few days ago, If something happens to me, it will be a rally.

Larry was ordered to curb gun violence in May after police found an arsenal of illegal weapons in one of the family home searches.

Mayamiretes husband was nominated as an interested person for the disappearance of three California mothers more than six months after she was last seen.Larry Milete and Maya Milete take pictures together

The latest developments in the case were revealed at a court hearing on Wednesday in connection with the opening of records regarding detention orders.

Jeff Brooker, a deputy city lawyer in San Diego, first nominated Larry as a person interested in the disappearance of his wife in a public court in San Diego.

We agreed that there was no dispute over the fact that the information about his missing wife, Mr. Milete, was being investigated and that he was an interested person, he said. ..

The hearing came later News8 Requested the opening of the gun violence suppression order record.

Judge Catherine A. Bakar of the San Diego County Superior Court also ordered the release of records, except for a photo of the couples 4-year-old son, which was heavily edited.

The photo shows a boy standing at a kitchen table surrounded by 16 guns, hundreds of ammunition, four US passports, and a government ID.

It was filmed in January 2020 and was emailed to police officers in the case of the missing person.

The photo led police officers to issue a rally with a gun violence control order.

There is nothing to be gained by showing and looking at the child himself, the body, the T-shirt, or the shirt the child is wearing. I agree with you, Bakar said.

The court also heard that there is an ongoing investigation into the safety of Miletes children by the San Diego County Child Welfare Service, News8 reported.

Maya (39 years old) (pictured) disappeared from her home in Chula Vista on January 7. She shares with her husband three children aged 4, 10 and 11.

It was revealed that Maya had set up a meeting with a divorce lawyer on the day she was last seen.Maya, Larry and her three children

Records were temporarily sealed when law enforcement slapd the rally on May 5 with a temporary gun violence restraint order.

According to officials, Larry possessed a total of 22 weapons, including seven AR-15s and three shotguns, only eight of which were legally registered with him.

When police searched Miletes residence in January in connection with Mayas disappearance, her husband told police officers that they knew they would come for his guns and gave a friend multiple guns. I was told.

Then he refused to name the people who had his guns.

By the time the detention order was issued, police had recovered only two semi-automatic firearms belonging to the rally.

In the months following Mayas disappearance, her relatives talked several times about how her marriage to Larry was revealed and she was preparing to apply for a divorce.

Maya shared a post on a Facebook group for her mother the same day she disappeared in April, claiming she was seeking advice from a local family law office on behalf of her friend. It became clear.

In May, police officers searched this area. Closed in 2018, this golf course is about a mile from Mayas home.

Dozens of searches have been made in the months since Maya disappeared.

Seeking a Friend-Have You Used or Experienced San Diegos Joint Practice Services for Divorce? Looking for Insight? Positive / Negative Aspects? She wrote. When Fox news..

She finally made an appointment with divorce lawyer Marisa Nahale the following week, but went missing before they met.

In May, Mayas sister Maricris told Fox News that her brother was considering leaving her husband last year.

I think she was ready in December, and then she finally decided to apply for the divorce that day, she said.

Maricris husband Richard had previously said that Maya and his wife were on a camping trip just before Maya disappeared. Meanwhile, she warned them.

In a new interview with Fox newsRichard explained that the marriage between Larry and Maya began to collapse a few months ago, claiming that Larry repeatedly contacted his wifes family about their problems.

He was a more invader and was trying to get us involved, Richard said of the rally.

When we felt that he was telling us a lot of lies, he was trying to take us to his side.

Richard remembered how Larry called him last summer for advice on his marriage.

He just sounded desperate, you know, you need to listen to me. Its her fault, its her fault, Richard said.

Miletes house (pictured) was searched several times during the investigation

January 7, 2020: Maya Milete is last seen at her home in Chula Vista the same day she was scheduled to meet a divorce lawyer.

January 10: Mayas family visits her home and talks to her husband Larry before reporting her missing.

January 23: Police execute the first search warrant at Miletes house.

April 1st: Police searched Larrys aunt and uncles home in San Diego and seized several evidence boxes, including six rifles.

April 21: The FBI, San Diego County District Attorneys Office, and Naval Criminal Investigative Service have joined the Chula Vista Police Departments investigation.

May 5: After the police discover the weapon of his weapon, Larry receives a temporary gun violence suppression order. Many of them are illegally owned.

May 7: Police search Milletes house again.

May 19: Police have announced a new search for an abandoned golf course one mile away from Miletes home.

July 22: Police confirmed that Larry Milete was interested in the disappearance of his wife

He said Larry began sending increasingly strange messages to his step-in-law in the months that followed.

In September, he allegedly sent Mayas relatives a photo of a couple covered with blood drops and what looked like four candles.

He did some extreme things, Richard said.

Mayas relatives also told Fox News that they were cautious about speaking because they were afraid of the rally.

Anonymous sources Fox news In April, Larry suspected that his wife was having an affair and offered to kill the hit man last summer by paying $ 20,000.

Larry was still talking about it in January, before Maya went missing, and he said he looked quite serious about it, sources said.

Investigators have searched family homes many times since Maya disappeared and dozens of searches were conducted.

In May, investigators spent a week scrutinizing the location of a golf course, which was closed in 2018 and is about a mile away from Mayas home.

Police did not identify why they began searching for golf courses. Aerial photographs show that the area contains small bodies of water, old course sand traps, and large empty parking lots.

There are hiking trails to the north, neighborhoods to the south, and hills with vacant lots on either side.

Police executed the first search warrant at Miletes house on January 23, 13 days after Mayas family visited her house, spoke to her husband, and reported that she was missing.

All Maya cars were outside her home, but they said she hadnt responded to the text since January 7.

Maya is described as having brown hair and weighs 52and 105 pounds. Her collarbone has a musical note tattoo and her back has a hummingbird tattoo.

If you have information about her whereabouts, please call the Chula Vista Police Station (619-691-5151) or Crime Stopper (888-580-847).

Husband of Maya Millete is named a person of interest in the mom-of-threes disappearance Source link Husband of Maya Millete is named a person of interest in the mom-of-threes disappearance

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Husband of Maya Millete is named a 'person of interest' in the mom-of-three's disappearance -

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Fury over Instagram SWASTIKA filter that brands Nazi symbol on body like tattoo… – The US Sun07.09.21

INSTAGRAM has come under fire over a filter that users have branded anti-Semitic.

"Old School", which is available in the app's Effects Gallery, gives the impression that the user is covered in tattoos, the New York Post reports.


However, one of the dozens of symbols virtually branded onto the user's skin was a swastika.

After a number of people filed complaints to Instagram, the swastika was removed from the filter.

The Nazi emblem was spotted by Sabrina Zohar, a California clothing designerwho tried out the filter in recent a Instagram post.

The 31-year-old said she was left "speechless" after one of her 17,000 followers drew her attention to the hate symbol on her arm.


"This s**t has to end, not just for Jews but for everyone," Sabrina wrote to her followers.

"Hitler and then nazis is not a joke or passive topic so lets stop pretending its okay."

Sabrina reported the filter to Instagram and urged her followers to do the same.

Anyone can submit a filter to be added to the Instagram Effect Gallery.

Each filter is reviewed to ensure it doesnt violate the app's guidelines, including support of hate organisations.

A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, said that the filter "does not violate our policies."


The company said that it does not plan on removing the filter as the imagery "can be used in cultural context that predates Nazism".

The swastika might today most commonly be associated with the Nazis, but it is historically a religious emblem of peace.

Dating back thousands of years, the icon is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

According to Anastasia Truita Tkachenko, the Russian creator of the filter, the icon "symbolises good, the sun and life" and is a Slavic symbol.

She told the Post that the symbols arms tilt counter clockwise a different direction to the Nazi swastika.

However, Sabrina pointed out that the symbol is offensive regardless of its other meanings.

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"I understand what the symbol stands for and the multiple meanings, Sabrina, who owns her own loungewear brand, told The Post.

"But as someone that is Jewish, its hard to be reminded of the symbol that is so in your face."

After Sophia and her fans reported the filter, it appears that the swastika has been removed.

In a post to her Instagram story on Sunday, the influencer shared a picture of her trying the filter out - and the symbol no longer appears on her arm.

"Y'all we did it!! They changed the symbol," she wrote to her followers.

In other news, Instagram is working on adding a Super Follow style feature that gets you exclusive photos.

Microsoft has revealed its highlyanticipated Windows 11 software.

Instagram is making it easier for you to publiclydisplay your pronounson your profile.

And, Facebook isfacing backlash in the USover plans to create a version of Instagram for children under 13.

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Fury over Instagram SWASTIKA filter that brands Nazi symbol on body like tattoo... - The US Sun

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Saginaw man with psychopathic face tattoo pleads to trying to kill ex-coworker – MLive.com06.12.21

SAGINAW, MI A Saginaw man with a lengthy criminal record across several states and Psychopathic tattooed on his forehead has pleaded to trying to kill an ex-coworker.

Timothy J. Wachowski, 37, on June 2 appeared before Saginaw County Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes and pleaded no contest as charged to both charges he faced assault with intent to murder and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent. The former is a life offense, while the latter is a five-year felony.

In a Cobbs hearing, Boes indicated she will sentence Wachowski toward the bottom end of his advisory sentencing guidelines. Those guidelines are from 11.25 to 28.08 years.

By pleading no contest as opposed to guilty, Wachowski did not orally admit to having committed any crimes. Boes relied on police reports to enter convictions on the record.

The convictions stem from an incident that occurred about 8:50 p.m. on April 27, 2020, at American Auto Group, 2936 Bay Road in Saginaw Township. Police Chief Donald F. Pussehl Jr. previously said Wachowski had been employed at the business but had recently been fired.

On the night in question, Wachowski arrived at the dealership and was approached by a 49-year-old male employee. Wachowski pulled a knife and slashed or stabbed the older man several times, inflicting wounds to his back, arm, and hand, Pussehl previously said.

Another employee intervened and Wachowski fled on foot into a nearby wooded area, Pussehl has said. Responding police set up a perimeter around Bay and Shattuck roads. A Michigan State Police K-9 unit arrived to assist and ended up tracking the suspects trail to a field behind the Walgreens at 2990 Bay Road, Pussehl has said.

Within 15 minutes of the initial incident, police found Wachowski hiding in the field and arrested him.

At Wachowskis arraignment, Saginaw County District Judge M. Randall Jurrens said, If this is not the longest criminal history Ive seen in my 18 years, its certainly one of the longest.

Wachowski has a criminal record with convictions in Michigan, Indiana, Florida and California, prosecutors said.

Most recently, Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran in April 2016 sentenced Wachowski to 14 months to five years in prison and ordered he pay $4,216.50 in restitution on a conviction of third-offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Wachowski had pleaded guilty to the charge.

That conviction stems from Wachowski on Dec. 29, 2015, having crashed a 2003 Dodge Neon into another vehicle on a Bay City street, then running from the scene. Police found him sitting in some snow nearby and arrested him.

Blood samples taken from Wachowski showed his blood alcohol content was 0.361. In Michigan, a person is legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol level hits 0.08.

The Michigan Department of Corrections paroled Wachowski on Feb. 28, 2017. The agency then discharged Wachowski from parole on May 28, 2018.

Loved ones of Wachowski previously told MLive that his psychopathic tattoo was inspired by his affinity for the Detroit-based Psychopathic Records label, most famous for being the home of Insane Clown Posse.

The date of Wachowskis sentencing is pending.

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Saginaw man with psychopathic tattooed on forehead charged with assault with intent to murder

Former Saginaw Township auto dealership worker cuts ex-colleague with knife, police allege

Man with face tattoo heads to prison for ultra high blood alcohol level

Bay City man with Psycho X Pathic tattoo charged with drunken driving

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Saginaw man with psychopathic face tattoo pleads to trying to kill ex-coworker -

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Developments In Development: A New Cafecito Spot, La Muerte In The Mission, And Affordable Housing Waitlist – Patch.com05.31.21

May 28, 2021

Abanico Coffee Roasters opens in the Mission

It's hardly surprising that with all the business permitting hoops to jump through, plus a global pandemic, Ana Valle took two years to open Abanico Coffee Roasters on 2121 Mission St. The soft opening happened two weeks ago. "I didn't make a big deal, because what if things shut down again?"

But as you'd expect, the whisperings of a Salvadoran-owned coffee shop in a proud Latino neighborhood have been positive. Just a few days ago an elderly Salvadoran woman stopped in, saying she saw a Telemundo broadcast of Abanico right after her nightly telenovela. As the manager bore witness, the woman clasped hands with Valle and blessed the establishment in Spanish. "She said she lived here for 30 years, and how happy she was that I was here," Valle said.

Ironically, the idea for a coffee shop also involved an old Salvadoran woman, Valle's grandmother. "I had so many brothers, but my grandmother fed me the coffee. It was our thing." Even after fleeing the country with her family during the Civil War, Valle recalled her grandmother's cafecito as a way of saying "I love you."

Once her family moved to the States, they settled in Daly City. It was the Mission, though, where they frequently dined and shopped. "We'd just hop on the freeway and go. It was the neighborhood that had welcomed us at the time," she recalled. Ever since, Valle knew if she opened a business, it had to be in the Mission.

Since 2019, Valle had her eyes on the former furniture space across from Clarion Alley, but then, she experienced the planning process. Amendments were required. Zoning changes needed. And once things were squared up, the pandemic hit. Luckily, the property owner didn't have Valle on the hook for rent until she officially moved in around Feb. 2021.

Once prepped to open, Valle said nailing the drink recipes has been important forsomeone who grew with the coffee plantations "in my backyard." Valle learned roasting, coffee-making, and tasting. Each signature drink gives a nod to classic Latin recipes and Valle's added twist ice to the Mexican cafe de olla is one. (I ordered one it lives up to the hype.)

Valle feels that the Latino community deserves the finest ingredients (she proudly arranged the morro seeds and piloncillo sugar by the register) and the best quality and not from a commercially-owned coffee giant, but from someone who truly cares about the love and culture in each cup. Thinking about her self-anointed mission, Valle dabs her eyes. "I get teary-eyed just thinking about it," she said.

La Muerte de la Misin

And while Valle transitions to a new life, a few streets down there's rumblings of death both literally and figuratively.

The saga of 2588 Mission St., known by activists as "La Muerte de la Misin" (or the Death of the Mission) continues. If that rings a bell, it's because in 2015 the former building gained notoriety for literally going down in flames. The brutal blaze killed one person, and displaced some 60 residents and scores of businesses, with Mission Local among them.

In the past week, a petition opposing the proposed building was circulated by Our Mission No Eviction, a group that opposes evictions and was co-founded by the neighborhood's "unofficial mayor," Roberto Hernandez. The petition, supported by tens of other neighborhood groups, rehashed the damage and named Mauricio Orellana, who died in the fire.

Community members want Hawk Ling Lou, the property owner, to give the site up to an affordable housing developer and to build 100 percent affordable housing. That way, mostly low-income immigrant tenants that were displaced could return to the neighborhood, they argued. (Lou hasn't returned an email by press time. An architect on the project declined to speak, citing policy to not discuss projects without clients' permission.)

So when a permit was filed for a nine-story building that advertised 148 units, of which only 28 of which would be affordable, that sparked anger in the community. That was referenced again in the recent petition, which said, "'this development has been named "La Muerte" because it will continue the death of the Mission."

"What does that mean?" Hernandez said about the project plans. "It means [Lou's] not going to put these tenants back in there, he's not going to build the mercado back. So what happens to the businesses that were there?"

He said, "Again, this is gentrification."

So far, a potential barbershop makes the cut

It's time for a new look.

At present, 4374 Mission St. in the Outer Mission/Excelsior is home to a 600-square-foot tenant space, according to public records. And according to the internet and a real-estate developer, that address used to be the home of JC Tattoos SF, a tattoo studio advertising seven-day-a-week service and talented artists who are exclusively named Mike. (You could have your pick at "Mike b" or Mike Pickle.)

But it turns out they haven't been there for months, and the Planning Commission decided at its May 27 meeting to unanimously approve a zoning makeover for the space. This means it will switch from conditional use to "personal services use," a necessary step to get the barber shop up and running.

Ray Scarabasio, who represents the real-estate development company overseeing the project, told me it's a family-owned and minority business. Though thrilled for the project, Scarabasio felt compelled to warn them that starting a business in the city and applying for all the right permits is no easy task. Still, the family agreed to "do it the legitimate way, which I find commendable," he chuckled. "I said, 'We'll wait for you.'"

Seniority affordable housing on Valencia

A recent tweet from District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman had me thinking of a few age-old adages: the best things in life are free, and good things come to those who wait. The supe announced that affordable housing units, Alcantara Court apartments on 670-672 Valencia St., have opened its waitlist to San Francisco seniors over 62. Okay, okay, these apartments aren't free, but these do cater to the elderly who don't make much. For example, to qualify one individual must earn less than $5,400 a month; a couple must make less than $6,100 a month.

Don't get me wrong, getting off a waitlist for affordable housing in this city won't be easy; at Alcantara alone, there are 300 waitlist slots and about 49 units up for grabs via a lottery. And that's just the waitlist. There aren't units available right now. But this makes me think of another wise saying, parlayed by television character Michael Scott and pro-hockey player Wayne Gretzky: "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."

Because of Covid-19, only online applications are being accepted. Apply here or call a housing counselor at 415-928-5910 to help you file one. Applications are due on June 15 at 5:00 p.m.

Housekeeping: what you missed, and what I'm reading

From us:

It's worth noting that Supervisor Dean Preston introduced legislation to extend San Francisco's local eviction moratorium, which means if you can pay 25 percent of rent you can stave off nonpayment eviction. As Mission residents told me, eviction and homelessness are huge concerns but 25 percent rent may be easier said than done. Fortunately, $90 million was announced for San Franciscans seeking up to six months of rent relief and are taking applications now, though tenants' organizers say attaining it is a different story. In the meantime, other groups say thousands of low-income San Franciscans missed opportunities to unlock money via tax-credits. See if you qualify.

What I'm reading: "Just Four SF Households Have Received Rent Relief Funds"

In Noah Arroyo's piece for SF Public Press, he parsed numbers and didn't mince words: yup, only four San Francisco households received state rent relief as of May 26 (or, two days ago). How many applied? Just about 2,650 households, he said, the vast majority low-income. While it's a straightforward piece, the data speaks for itself. Now, what is the city and state going to do about it?

Will California lawmakers boost Black homeownership?

Manuela Tobias of CalMatters lays out the complicated and nuanced approaches to achieving housing "equity" among Black, brown, and low-income communities in California. Not only does she deliver much-need context, which happens to highlight a Black resident in East Oakland, but she has organizers, realtors and government officials propose their solutions. Did you know an Oakland organization buys the land of a property and then leases it out to make it easier on clients to eventually buy that house? Because before this, I sure didn't.

Mission Local covers San Francisco from the vantage point of the Mission, a neighborhood with all of the promise and problems of a major city. You can support Mission Local here.

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Developments In Development: A New Cafecito Spot, La Muerte In The Mission, And Affordable Housing Waitlist -

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Landon Barker Reacts to Kourtney Kardashians Tattoo Skills on Dad Travis Barkers Arm: So Fire – Life&Style Weekly05.19.21

He approves! Landon Barker reacted toKourtney Kardashiantattooing dadTravis Barkers arm on Wednesday, May 12.

I tattoo, theKeeping Up With the Kardashiansstar, 42, captioned a video that showed her wearing black gloves as she used a tattooing needle on the Blink-182 drummers forearm. Kourt inked, I love you, in cute cursive letters on theCan I Sayauthor, 45.

So dope! Landon, 17, commented on the series of photos and videos showing the process. Looks so fire! he added in a separate comment.

Travis also seemed to love his new ink. Woman of many talents, he wrote in response to the post with a black heart emoji.

Its no secret the musician and Poosh founders relationship has been heating up fast since they went Instagram official in February. The pair arent afraid to post PDA-packed photos and videos flaunting their love while on vacation in Utah, snuggling in bed and anywhere in-between.

This isnt the first time Landon expressed his approval of his dads romance with theKourtney & Kim Take Miamialum. True love, the California teen commented on PDA-packed photos of the couple from their desert getaway in Utah.

Kourtney has not only gotten closer with Landon but also with Travis daughter Alabama and her half-sister,Atiana De La Hoya, who is the child of Travis ex-wifeShanna MoaklerandOscar De La Hoya. The girls love hanging out with Kourtney and have even done a Pilates class at the reality stars home.

Travis kids think Kourtney is super cool, especially Alabama. They talk about dating boys and makeup, an insider previously gushed toLife & Style. But what really matters to them is that their dad is happy.

The insider noted Landon and Alabama,15, are all for the musician marrying Kourtney if thats what they want. Luckily, the two arent bothered by their dads extreme PDA with his girlfriend. Of course, they roll their eyes, but theyre hip kids, they get it, the insider said.

The teens are content with the way everything is right now, added the insider. Its such a clich, but they really are just one, big happy family. Kourtney also has three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign, whom she shares withScott Disick.

Kourtneys family is also supportive of her sweet relationship. Her sisters say theyve never seen Kourtney this crazy in love, a second insider said. Kris [Jenner]is ecstatic that her oldest daughter is this happy Its an exciting time for Kourtney, and no one deserves it more than her.

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Landon Barker Reacts to Kourtney Kardashians Tattoo Skills on Dad Travis Barkers Arm: So Fire - Life&Style Weekly

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Why is this Fayetteville tattoo artist getting so much attention on TikTok? – The Fayetteville Observer05.06.21

Eight months ago, Colorado native Donte Hall started following the TikTok account of Fayetteville tattoo artist Jonathan Dump. Hall was so captivated by Dump's skill, he decided he wanted to get tattooed by him, even if that meant flying to Fayetteville.

Hall got a tattoo of two scenes from the anime "Black Clover" on his bicep. He said last week that he plans to come back in July for more artwork.

Related: Photos from last year's All American Tattoo Convention

Dump, 27, isn't a stranger to people coming from different parts of the country to be tattooed by him.

"I get a couple from California every now and then, people from New York," he said last week. "The day after (Donte) got tattooed, a girl drove like almost 11 hours from the other side of Tennessee."

Even though his TikTok has more than 600,000 followers, Dump said, people have traveled before to get work done by him after seeing his art on his Instagram account, which has more than 80,000 followers.

Dump created his TikTok account, artofjondump, around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We gotshut down and everything, were quarantined and figured this was a better way to show my brand, get out there more, and I started producing content," he said. "I think my first week on TikTok, I grew it up to like 6,000 followers or something like that."

Some of his portrait tattoos have gained social media attention from hip-hop artists such as Lil Nas X and Megan TheeStallion.

Dump said he likes to be well-rounded, but when it comes to specializing in something, he would say portraits and color work. His portraits are striking for their vivid detail and strong lines.

Are tattoos becoming mainstream?

Fatty's Tattoos & Piercings in Washington D.C. is one of many shops in the industry showing growth.

Michelle Kim, for USA TODAY

Dump, a Fayetteville native and Douglas Byrd High School graduate, said he's always been artistic.

"Even as a kid, I would always doodle on my notes, doodle on tests and stuff like that," he said. "I was probably 14 or 15 when I started being interested in tattoos.

"When I brought it up to my mom that I wanted to be a tattoo artist and she was really against it. So, the rebellious part of me was like, I'm going to do it, and I just gained a love for it."

Dump has been at Best of Ink Fayetteville on Skibo Road since October 2019.Before that he worked at New Addiction on Raeford Road.

As demand for Dump grows, his books are closed until June.

"If I don't close my books, I'll probably be booked out one to two years," he said. "I know when I opened my books last time, I had a line (of clients) going from the front of the shop wrapped around the sidewalk out to the road."

In addition to his artwork, Dump also posts on his TikTok account about positivity.

"I am a firm believer of what goes around, comes around," he said. "I worry about myself, I stick to what I believe in, I try not spread negativity. I hope that everybody else follows suit."

Staff writer Akira Kyles can be reached at

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Why is this Fayetteville tattoo artist getting so much attention on TikTok? - The Fayetteville Observer

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Billie Eilish Tattoos: Guide to Ink Designs and Their Meanings – J-1405.06.21

Baring it all! Billie Eilish has a tattoo, and fans finally know where its been hiding.

The Bad Guy songstress unveiled her giant ink design in May 2021, while posing in a nude bodysuit and trench coat forBritish Vogue. Although shes yet to share a clear picture of whats inked on her hip, the small glimpse was enough to send fans into a frenzy. Months prior to her stripping down for the sultry shoot, Billie revealed that she got her first tattoo during an October 2020 interview withVanity Fair.

Since 2016, shes teamed up with the publication to do the same interview one year apart to see how much has changed. After three years of saying no, Billie finally answered yes to the question of whether or not she has tattoos. I did get a tattoo, the California native admitted in the video, which was released in November 2020. But you wont ever see it.

During a previous installment of the interview, when the topic of tattoos came up, Billie said, The only tattoos I want to get are the ones that barely anyone can see.

From the sound of it, Billie changed her mind, because her leg tat made major headlines in May 2021!

Ilove these pictures, and I loved doing this shoot, she wrote on Instagram alongside images from the British Vogue shoot.Do whatever you want whenever you want. Fk everything else.

Throughout the magazine article, Billie shares that although it was her idea to do the photo shoot, it was literally something shes never done before. Yknow, besides when Im alone and st, she added. As for the reasoning behind sharing her body, something thats been a point of conversation since her claim to fame in 2016, Billie told the publication its because I can do whatever I want.

Its all about what makes you feel good. If you want to get surgery, go get surgery, she added. If you want to wear a dress that somebody thinks that you look too big wearing, fk it if you feel like you look good, you look good.

As fans step into the new world of Billie, one where she takes body confidence to the next level, the question arises of whether or not the Therefore I Am musician has more plans to unveil any other surprise tattoos. Only time will tell it seems. Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the singers ink designs.

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Billie Eilish Tattoos: Guide to Ink Designs and Their Meanings - J-14

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Kris Jenner Has An Awkwardly Placed Tattoo Honoring Kylie and Kendall – Showbiz Cheat Sheet04.22.21

Kris Jenner might just be the worlds most famous momager, a woman who has helped her entire family become famous reality television stars not to mention helped launch multiple successful businesses. Kris Jenner has risen from working-class beginnings to the pinnacle of fortune and fame.

These days, even with the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians currently airing on television, Kris Jenner is in the public eye more than ever. As public a manner as she lives her life, however, she does have a few secrets and recently, she opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about a tattoo that very few of her fans know she has.

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Kris Jenner was born Kris Houghton in California in 1955. Raised primarily by her mother, she became a flight attendant when she was a young woman, which was around the time that she met lawyer, Robert Kardashian.

The two got married and welcomed four children together before getting a divorce in 1991. The same year that she divorced Robert Kardashian, she married Caitlyn Jenner.

Kris Jenner had two more daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. As she worked hard to raise her six children, Kris Jenner embarked on her business career, which included managing her husbands motivational speaking gigs, and opening a series of childrens clothing boutiques.

In 2007, Kris Jenner rose to fame when the familys reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, debuted on the E! network. The show made Kris Jenner a household name and catapulted her to incredible success.

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For more than a decade, Kris Jenner has allowed the cameras into her home, detailing the inner workings of her personal life including the failing of her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner, a multitude of family struggles, and the way she embarked on her new relationship with boyfriend Corey Gamble. However, in early 2021, the family announced that they would be closing the door on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, with the final season airing in the spring of 2021.

It isnt yet certain how Kris Jenner will spend her time after the familys long-running reality show ends forever. Still, it seems likely that she will remain in the public eye in at least some capacity. The momager has been spending some time in recent days doing the rounds on talk shows, reassuring fans that shes not really going anywhere and in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she talked about how she has a secret tattoo.

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In a game of Never Have My Kids Ever, Kris Jenner admitted that she once got a matching tattoo with her daughter, Khlo Kardashian. Me and Khlo its a cross, Jenner said.

DeGeneres asked exactly where Kris Jenner got her tattoo, and the reality star admitted that the tattoo is located on my booty. Back there. Its way back there.

Kris Jenner rarely shows off the tattoo or even discusses it, but the ink has been featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians before, allowing fans to see that the cross tattoo actually features her two youngest daughters names, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, on either side of the cross.

While Kris Jenner obviously still has her tattoo, Khlo Kardashian has since had her cross tattoo removed detailing on Instagram how I shouldve listened to Kim when she told me you dont put a bumper sticker on a Bentley. Bye-bye bumper sticker!!!


Kris Jenner Has An Awkwardly Placed Tattoo Honoring Kylie and Kendall - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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