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Removery Grows Presence in Southern California and Announces Open Call for INK-nitiative Community Outreach Program – PR Web01.12.22

Removery expands in Southern California

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) January 06, 2022

Removery, the world leader in laser tattoo removal services, announced today it has expanded in Southern California, adding a new studio in Santa Ana and totaling Removerys presence in the area to 3 locations. Additionally, Removery has acquired San Diego Laser Tattoo Removal (SDLR), which has moved into Removerys current San Diego location on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

We are thrilled to expand Removerys presence in Southern California, one of the most vibrant tattoo scenes in the world, said Tom Weber, CEO of Removery. We are excited to open up a new location in Santa Ana, and build upon the foundation San Diego Laser Tattoo Removal has already established in the community. Its our goal to empower people to become who they want to be, by giving them choices over their tattoos while providing the highest quality service and care at every stage of their tattoo removal journey.

The Santa Ana studio, located at 3605 S Bristol Street, Suite B, is now open. The relocation of SDLR, to Removerys current San Diego location at 7309-B Clairemont Mesa Blvd. is also complete, and the studio is now open.

The tattoo removal specialists at Removery are highly trained in the most advanced laser tattoo removal equipment and procedures. Removery uses PicoWay laser technology that makes their work as fast, effective and comfortable as possible while minimizing the number of treatment sessions. The laser also enables Removery specialists to target any tattoo, no matter the ink colors used or skin type.

INK-nitiative ProgramIn alignment with the new locations, Removery is inviting the SoCal community to visit to nominate individuals for the INK-nitiative program. A global community outreach initiative, Removerys INK-nitiative program is designed to provide safe, effective and free tattoo removal on the hands, neck and face to those who were formerly incarcerated, gang members, survivors of human trafficking and those who wish to remove hate symbols or racist tattoos. For every paying person who completes their tattoo removal journey, Removery will provide a removal service to someone in need.

In conjunction with our expansion in San Diego and Santa Ana, we are encouraging the community to apply for our INK-nitiative program, added Weber. Old tattoos can be a painful reminder of a life left behind. We want to empower people whove had the courage to change and help them feel confident in their new path.

About RemoveryRemovery is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal services in the world with more than 80 locations across the U.S., Australia and Canada. Its laser specialists are highly trained in Candelas state-of-the-art PicoWay lasers. Removery is clinically driven and the only tattoo removal brand with an Advisory Board that consists of leaders in the medical, dermatology, aesthetic, plastic surgery and laser industries. To learn more about Removery and tattoo removal, see before and after photos or schedule an in-person or virtual consultation, visit

Media Contact:Amber ValeroPhone: 713.303.9104Email:

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Removery Grows Presence in Southern California and Announces Open Call for INK-nitiative Community Outreach Program - PR Web

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Cover your tattoos, remove piercing or find another job | H. Dennis Beaver – Hanford Sentinel01.12.22

May an employer require employees to cover up visible tattoos or remove piercings while on the job?

That was the question from Sal who manages a health and fitness spa in the Pacific Northwest. Frazzled, he called my office, explaining:

After conducting several Zoom sessions for a receptionist, Bonnie stood out as professional, personable and competent. During the in-person interview she was a home-run, with one of the most pleasant appearances and demeanor weve seen among applicants.

She got the job, but needed one week to wrap up a number of personal matters, which we agreed to on the condition that she spend one day meeting our staff and being shown her duties.

But when arriving for work for that one day, we could not believe our eyes!

Her short-sleeved shirt revealed large, vulgar, ugly tattoos! She had piercings in her lips and nose! It was as if a different person showed up! No one said a word; Bonnie left happy, saying she would be back in a week, ready to work.

Her appearance is scary and completely out of character with our spa. Can we require that she cover up the tattoos and remove the piercings, and if she refuses, terminate her on the spot?

I ran my readers question by friends of this column, Southern California-based employment attorney Jay Rosenlieb and Human Resources Consultant, Marinor Ifurung. Could Sal legally tell Bonnie, You cant come here dressed that way.

Grooming and Appearance Policy - Available Before the Interview

Jay: In order to properly run your workplace and manage your risks, employers need to have a grooming and appearance policy. The latitude given an employee what they can wear and their general appearance is directly related to the type of business and specifically, if they are the face of that company to the public.

Marinor: Wellness spas, law firms, financial services, insurance, banking, health care - where that employee is the first-person customers and clients meet, you need someone who presents a professional appearance that fits the nature of the business. While tattoos are fine if you work at a tattoo shop, an employer can require that they be completely covered in many other settings, especially if they are contrary to a reasonably developed business image.

One way to address this often-confusing area is for employers to provide an appearance guide to applicants before the person arrives for an interview. This should also be on the companys website and job postings.

Avoid Dealing with the Issue See You in Court!

I asked Jay and Marinor, There are a lot of employers who will run from confrontation. They just hate it so what if they do, hoping that patience and giving employees, such as Bonnie, time to conform their appearance to that of co-workers does the trick, but it doesnt and weeks have gone by?

Jay: Time is your greatest enemy, for the longer employers permit unacceptable behaviors to continue, they are digging a hole for themselves, creating what we call an estoppel.

By not objecting to improper attire or other unacceptable behavior promptly -when you could have terminated them - instead, by letting it slide, your inaction action makes it acceptable in the employees mind, relying on your silence. Then, one day you blow up and fire that person. In so doing the employee has been handed the basis for a wrongful termination suit, which goes like this:

You worked me off the clock and didnt pay me overtime. I complained but you did nothing. So, they are able to cloud the real issue saying that the appearance issues were a mere pretext all due to your silence.

Recommendations - Before and After Trouble

Marinor: (a) For jobs where the employee is the public face of the company that has a professional image to preserve, you need to have an appearance and grooming policy in your handbook, on your website, on job postings and talk about it during the interview. Be sure applicants are informed of what is expected of them and attire that is not acceptable. Setting expectations early will avoid confusion and help prevent a more uncomfortable conversation in the future.

(b) With attire or any other issue that comes up, dont delay! Go through the front door. Be direct. Tell the person that their appearance does not fit our professional environment. Do not beat around the bushes!

(c) Be aware that in some states and cities hair style based on ethnicity or race cannot be prohibited in the workplace. The Crown Act introduced in 2019, where passed into law, prohibits race-based discrimination against natural hair in the workplace and in public schools.

Both Jay and Marinor offered this final bit of advice for any employer facing an appearance issue:

After setting out what about their appearance is not appropriate, ask for a promise to come back to work wearing clothing and groomed in a way that gives a similar kind of professional appearance as other employees.

And make it clear that if they wont comply, they need to find employment elsewhere. This way, the employee has been given an opportunity to improve.

Dennis Beaver Practices law in Bakersfield and welcomes comments and questions from readers, which may be faxed to (661) 323-7993, or e-mailed, visit

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Cover your tattoos, remove piercing or find another job | H. Dennis Beaver - Hanford Sentinel

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When there is a military death, this California woman honors the fallen – Stars and Stripes12.28.21

Laura Herzog, founder of Honor Our Fallen, shows her tattoo for Justin Swanson, at the memorial wall in Rosie the Riveter Park in Long Beach, Calif., on Dec. 15, 2021. Swansons family was the first helped by Herzogs organization. Since 2011, she has helped more than 1,000 families who have lost a service member loved one in combat, a training accident or suicide. (Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register, SCNG/TNS)

(Tribune News Service) At midnight,Laura Herzoggot a text.

The group ofMarinesshe was with wanted to go to Waffle House. In advance of a fallen Marine sergeants funeral, she and theMarinesfrom the base inTwentynine Palmshad traveled toFloridaand were staying at a hotel inTampa.

They ordered food and joked around a bit, but mainly they spoke about their friend.

Herzog listened. She offered advice and compassion and counseled the group on what to expect at the funeral the next day.

Its been very emotional, Herzog said, reached by phone that night. We laughed, we cried. I sat up with them. They open up to me and Im honored to be here for them.

For 12 years, Herzog, 49, ofGarden Grove, Calif., has been there when a military service member has died, offering support and assistance to those left behind. She calls them hero missions.

She founded Honor Our Fallen, which aids bothGold Starfamilies and the military casualty assistance officers assigned when there has been a death.That includes helping with transportation, working with local police and fire departments to coordinate procession routes and connecting with funeral homes and cemeteries to ensure service members are treated honorably. She also ensures the public knows about the procession to line the streets in tribute and Patriot Guard escorts are in place.

In some cases, such as Herzogs recent trip toFlorida, it includes accompanying the casket aboard a commercial flight and assisting the Marine escorts whose job is to safeguard the service member.

In all, Herzog said shes served 1,000 families.And, it doesnt matter if the service member died in combat, a civilian accident, a training accident or by suicide, shes there for each family.

In May, whenWallace Gregory Mitchell, a seaman first class in theU.S. Navy, finally returned home after almost 80 years, Herzog made sure he received the recognition a fallen hero deserves. Through advancements in DNA technology, Mitchell had finally been identified among the dead of the USS Oklahoma following the attack onPearl Harborand his family in southOrange Countywas laying him to rest. Herzog arranged for law enforcement and firefighters to salute Mitchell from overpasses on the route fromJohn Wayne Airportto aLaguna Hillsmortuary and for an honor motorcade to accompany him.

Earlier this year, when 13 Americans died while providing security at theKabul airportasU.S.forces withdrew fromAfghanistan, 10 of those came from aCamp Pendletonbattalion, including three who were raised inSouthern California. Herzog helped arrange processions and was there for the grieving, including their commanding officer.

Just 12 months earlier, she worked with Marine casualty officers and families when nine men died after their amphibious assault vehicle sank during a training exercise offSan Clemente Island. Three of theMarinescame fromSouthern California.

First Sgt.Anthony Charetteserved as a casualty officer for the family of Cpl.Ceasar Villanueva, ofRiverside. Casualty officers notify families of the death of their loved one and help with mortuary affairs and funeral honors, along with military benefits and entitlements.

She is nothing short of amazing, Charette said of Herzog. Her experience and expertise turned tasks into amazing results.

When the remains of the nine men were recovered from the sunken AAV and taken toDover Air Force Base, Herzog helped with the logistics in returning theCaliforniaboys home.

We are grateful for all that she has done for us when our beloved son passed away last July 30, saidEvelyn Baltierraof Corona, mother of Pfc.Bryan Baltierra, 18. Her dedication and commitment to help ease our pain and be by our side when our sons casket arrived from Dover is greatly appreciated. She has used her life in a way that blesses so many others.

Herzog said she recognized a gap in what the military provided through its casualty officers and what was needed by the families following a death. Before starting her group, she was a public affairs officer for the Joint Forces Training Base inLos Alamitos but lost her job during cutbacks.

Herzog said that the casualty officers sometimes come from out of state and may not be familiar with getting aroundSouthern Californiaor have the necessary civilian contacts.

They have so much on their plate, there is so much on the civilian side to help, she said.

When I started Honoring Our Fallen, I knew I found what God wanted me to do, Herzog said. I bring calm to their chaos.

What it takes

Herzog said she formulates her process as she sees the need. She knows when to reach out, when to step back, when to console and when to be blunt.

In the case of the 20-something-year-oldMarinesshe traveled toFloridawith, she resorted to her own experience as a mother and grandmother. She has four children and three grandchildren.

I explain Ive been doing this a long time, she said. I salt and pepper and do it slow and steady. They end up calling meMama Bear. Im not their boss or family. Im their safeguard.

Herzog admits the constant grief takes its toll and she talks with a therapist for her own self care. But she doesnt consider her efforts often coming back-to-back a sacrifice, especially in the wake of the sacrifices the families and service members she serves have made.

And, her family helps make her work easy because they embrace what she does.

I get asked at least once a day, sometimes even more, How do you do this, she said. I dont do it. God does it. I just show up. I do what I can to support them on the darkest day of their lives. I do what I hope theyd do for me.

On the recentFloridatrip, that help included letting theMarinesplay spades in her hotel room and watching a UFC fight with them and getting them to journal stories about their friend, Marine Sgt.Anthony Muhlstadt, 23.

I dont think a lot of people would have been able to be there for those types of guys, Lance Cpl.Devyn Dockerysaid. Muhlstadt, a machine gunner, was Dockerys vehicle commander; both were stationed atTwentynine Palms. I feel like I could call her tomorrow at1 a.m.and talk, and I just met her last week.

Herzog made the tragedy bearable for the eightMarineswho flew toFloridato make sure their brother made it home safely, he said.

Everything leads up to the funeral and the honors, Herzog said. They had to stay hard and strong. Same thing with the families.

ForTanya Mort, mother of Sgt. Muhlstadt, Herzog removed her burdens, Mort said.

Talk about a blessing! Mort said. She was making sure they were following procedure and that everything went the way it was supposed to go. She handled all the details, and she loved on me. It allowed me to grieve without worrying about all the other people.

She has a tattoo on her foot that says Mama Bear, Mort added. Wow, if thats not the truth.

But Herzogs assistance reaches beyond the immediate family and friends.

Capt.Geoff Ball, the commanding officer of the company ofMarinesfrom the2nd Battalion/1st Marine Regimentkilled inKabul, met Herzog while attending funerals of his fallenMarinesinSouthern California she was a shoulder even he could lean on as he navigated through the devastating loss and met with the families.

Theres this woman with all this compassion and energy, Ball said. She isnt about talking but doing. She underpromises and overachieves. She is like the fairy godmother of the company.

What you see is what you get, and what you get is a lot, he added. Its just this endless compassion. When you see people like that, its very inspiring.

Herzog also sets up retreats forGold Star mothersand wives and said she plans to expand her charity across all 50 states.

Aleta Bath, whose son, Pfc.Evan Bathwas killed in the AAV sinking, hadnt meet Herzog until she went to Catalina in March on one of the retreats.

Among the activities that weekend was parasailing. At first, Bath said, it was difficult, but Herzog helped her through it.

To stand there with angel wings on my back and hold the flag over the same ocean Evan died in was so hard, but she didnt let me back out of it, Bath said.

Bath said she was in a boat with two other mothers whose sons had died in different ways, but who understood the symbolism.

When I got down, one of the mothers just held me, she said. She didnt say a word and held on tight.

Because of the retreat, Bath said she now has a community of support from others who understand.

She purposefully put different people together because she wants to build a community for you, Bath said. It doesnt matter how your child died; if it was by suicide, an accident, or a training accident, were all the same because it was military.

Her heart is bigger than she is; I dont know how it fits inside her body, Bath said. There is truly no one like her.

(c)2021 The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Calif.)

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Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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When there is a military death, this California woman honors the fallen - Stars and Stripes

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Who Is Amy Schneider? 6 Things to Know About Jeopardy! Champion – TV Insider12.28.21

Season 38 of Jeopardy! has made for some really impressive champions so far as Amy Schneider continues to dominate the game playing field.

Following in the footsteps of the shows other recent champion, Matt Amodio, Amy is keeping calm, cool, and collected as she answers clues with ease among her competitors. As she continues to break records and make Jeopardy! history, were rounding up some things viewers should know about this impressive player.

Upon her 14th victory, Amy became the fourth biggest winner from non-tournament games behind Matt Amodio ($1,518,601), James Holzhauer ($2,462,216), and current guest host Ken Jennings ($2,520,700). As of December 22, 2021, Amy . Will she keep it up? It certainly seems possible.

(Credit: Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

Amy hails from the San Francisco Bay Area as she currently resides in Oakland, California.

According to Amys Jeopardy! profile, shes currently working as an engineer manager.

Amy is the first woman to break the top earnings spots and is Jeopardy!s biggest-winning trans champion to date. Shes also the first out transgender contestant who will compete in Jeopardy!s Tournament of Champions.

In one of Amys most recent episodes, she explained the origin of her tattoo which is covered during tapings. The image depicts a character from L. Frank Baums Wizard of Oz books, that Amy connected with when transitioning. As Amy further explained on Twitter, her tattoo is of Princess Ozma. She had been the rightful heir, but was kidnapped as a baby by a sorceress, who enchanted her to become a boy. Eventually, the enchantment is lifted, and she is revealed to be the beautiful princess she always was. So it seemed like the perfect image to commemorate my transition!

During Amys introductory episode, she revealed she was the second person in her family to compete on the game show after her former brother-in-law played. Clearly, shes surpassed him by a wide margin as shes become one of the shows top competitors.

See how Amy continues to fare as Jeopardy!s 38th season continues.

Jeopardy!, Weeknights, Check your local listings

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Who Is Amy Schneider? 6 Things to Know About Jeopardy! Champion - TV Insider

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End 2021 On A Good Note By Giving To These California Charities – Patch.com12.28.21

CALIFORNIA, CA Many charities across the world are struggling to stay afloat amid the pandemic.

Charitable donations from individuals are a vital part of an organization's survival, now more than ever.

Californians who want to end 2021 on a strong note and do a little bit of good should check out our list of charities from across the state to consider helping.

A lot of people think of the American Red Cross as a place to donate blood. But the group also provides disaster relief services and CPR and first-aid training and has teamed up with fire departments across the country to install smoke alarms.

The California Farmworker Foundation helps the state's farmworker community by providing a variety of services, including English-language classes, parenting classes, job training, immigration clinics and health screenings.

The Community Outreach Ministry's mission is to help at-risk kids "break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, drugs, violence, delinquency, gangs and incarceration." The Riverside-based organization does so by providing mentoring and scholarships to children of incarcerated parents.

Feeding America is a nonprofit organization made up of more than 200 food banks across the country. More than 40 million Americans went hungry in 2021, and Feeding America partnered with Patch to raise awareness of the growing hunger epidemic.

FixNation advocates for the humane treatment of stray cats and to control their population through a "trap-neuter-return" strategy. The strategy involves trapping a cat and having it spayed or neutered. Feral cats are then returned to where they were trapped. If a trapped cat is socialized, FixNation will work with animal welfare groups to get it adopted.

Homeboy Industries bills itself as the "largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world." The East Los Angeles-based organization offers former gang members a second shot at life through its employment and re-entry program. It will also connect individuals with substance abuse and tattoo removal services.

This Los Angeles-based nonprofit seeks to end the "exploitation of animals for food" and encourages a vegan lifestyle. The organization conducts investigations into the treatment of animals at factory farms and slaughterhouses and urges corporations such as Walmart and Perdue Farms to adopt animal welfare policies.

Mutual aid groups aren't traditional charities. They are a grassroots support network that helps out a particular community. Mutual aid groups have risen in prominence during the pandemic to help traditionally underserved communities such as the unhoused, LGBTQ people and older adults, according to The Cut. Mutual Aid Hub has a list of groups across the U.S., including Mutual Aid Network Los Angeles and SF Mutual Aid in California.

PATH, formerly People Assisting The Homeless, is a nonprofit organization that provides services to California's unhoused population and helps them find permanent housing. Services provided by PATH include job training, benefits advocacy and medical and mental health care.

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End 2021 On A Good Note By Giving To These California Charities -

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Wholesale Body Jewelry & Tattoo Supply | ShiningLight …12.15.21

Since 1999 Shining Light Body Jewelry (San Diego, California) has been a world leader in wholesale piercing supply, providing the highest quality body jewelry. Over the years we have expanded to include a full lineup of tattoo and medical supplies. Shining Light has strived to become a one-stop-shop for all of your wholesale body jewelry and tattoo supply needs. Our wholesale body jewelry is made in-house at our expansive manufacturing facility. We pledge the highest standards of workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on all of our jewelry. Shining Light has complete control at every stage in the process, from the material supply chain and testing, to packaging and delivery. Our wholesale body jewelry designs are created on-site, which means we are constantly updating our collection. This gives our customers an unprecedented variety and a selection that will keep body-piercing jewelry fans happy no matter the season or trend. Our wholesale tattoo supplies and the medical collection has been constructed based on industry demand. The entire line, from cartridge needles to dental bibs has been developed with our customers to provide exactly what they desire. If you are looking for reliable wholesale body jewelry & tattoo supplies, with no minimum to order, you can find it all right here at Shining Light Body Jewelry.

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Wholesale Body Jewelry & Tattoo Supply | ShiningLight ...

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Kat Von D moving to Vevay, Indiana, will close tattoo shop …12.15.21

Schenck Mansion bought by tattoo artist Kat Von D

The Schenck Mansion in Vevay, Indiana was bought by tattoo artist Kat Von D. It sits on 10.6 acres and has 35 rooms. The list price was $1.8M.


VEVAY, Ind. Kat Von D really is putting her money where her mouth is.

Almost a year after buying a historical home in southern Indiana, the 39-year-old tattoo artist, entrepreneur and pin-up girl announcedplans Monday to close her famous Hollywood tattoo shop andmove here permanently.

Kat Von D,whose real name Katherine Von Drachenberg, said she plans to reopen the shop in Indiana, where she bought the historic Benjamin Schenk Mansion last December. Vevay is in Switzerland County on the Indiana-Kentuckyborder and about an hour from both Cincinnati and Louisville.

More Kat Von D: Tired of 'getting a ton of hate,' says in video she's not a neo-Nazi nor anti-vax

She announced the move with an Instagram post Monday, accompanied by a photo graphic emblazoned with the message "Goodbye California!" in big red letters.

Story continues below the gallery.

"... The more time we spend out there we realize we feel more at home there than we do here in LA," she said in the Instagram post. "After much thought, we have decided we will permanently be moving to Indiana at the end of this year. We plan on selling our beautiful home here, and I will most likely open a private studio in Indiana once we are done with the house remodel there."

Trending now: Private company ABK profits from no-bid deal with Vanderburgh County judge

Last year, she cited California's "terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more corruption" as her motivations for moving to moving to rural southern Indiana, as well as a desire to live in a small town and be closer to nature.

More here:

Kat Von D moving to Vevay, Indiana, will close tattoo shop ...

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For the love of God, stop showing photos of vaccine needles – Los Angeles Times11.13.21

To the editor: Why, oh why, does it seem that nearly every piece written about the urgency of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 features a picture of someone getting jabbed? Particularly now when we want children, who fear needles the most, to get protected, why were there two such pictures in the Nov. 9 paper?

One was in the first section showing a child clearly scared as the needle approaches his arm; the other on the front page of the California section showed someone holding onto the hand of her brother as she was being vaccinated. Even grown-up people like me, an 81-year-old grandma, still cringe at the word shot.

So how about showing a picture of the lollipop or tattoo sticker prize after the needle has been withdrawn? While those bribes didnt quite fool my sons, at least they knew they had something to look forward to when it was over.

It might work for reluctant adults too.

Pat Holmes, San Pedro


To the editor: Ive always questioned the intelligence of the patriots who deny science, refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine and protest about their rights.

Well, I recently got my answer looking at a photo in the Nov. 9 Times showing a protester holding a sign stating that mandates without exemptions are a violation of our 14th Contitutional Amendment.

I wrote that correctly. If this person cannot spell Constitution, the fundamental legal document for our great nation, how can he have any understanding of the rights provided in it?

Kathi Weiner, Dana Point

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For the love of God, stop showing photos of vaccine needles - Los Angeles Times

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Visitors to Joshua Tree are bringing the desert home on their bodies – SFGate11.13.21

A photo grid app shows different angles of this Joshua tree and flowers tattoo, inked by Instagram user @doctah_jones.

When coming or going from Joshua Tree National Park, you may notice a tattoo shop on the side of the road in Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms. Then another one. Then several more. As it turns out, Southern Californias high desert is a heavily tattooed area.

The clientele varies, with plenty of locals and people from the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base. Then there are those who come to visit Joshua Tree, fall under the spell of the desert and decide that theyd like to bring some part of it home on their bodies.

Tattoo artists have a lot to say about these customers.


Two days with a legendary actor hunting for a legendary creature. Meet the Bigfoot experts who took Jeff Goldblum Sasquatch hunting on Mount Shasta. Read more.

She had never hiked or camped. Then she became a large carnivore ecologist. Californian Rae Wynn-Grant is the host of an inspiring new PBS Nature podcast. Read more.

Hiking fatality adds more tragedy to Death Valley National Park. A missing hiker was found dead not far from a popular scenic area in the park, adding to its unusually high death toll this year. Read more.

Last week's top story:

SF app AllTrails lists dangerous shortcut to Bay Areas best waterfall. SFGATE editor-in-chief Grant Marek set out to write a feature story about Alamere Falls, the Bay Areas most incredible waterfall. But then the AllTrails hiking app suggested that he take a treacherous shortcut. Marek wondered, how responsible is the largest hiking app in the world for the safety of hikers? Read our story here.

California Parklands is curated by California Parks editor Ashley Harrell. Contact her at

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Visitors to Joshua Tree are bringing the desert home on their bodies - SFGate

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Two California Men Charged In Phony PAC Robocall Scheme That Targeted Both Trump and Clinton Voters In 2016 – SFist11.13.21

Three men, two from California and one from Texas, were indicted by the federal government last week in an alleged $3.5 million fraud scheme in which they collected small donations via robocalls targeting American voters in 2016.

The trio, Matthew Nelson Tunstall, 34, of Los Angeles; Robert Reyes Jr., 38, of Hollister; and Kyle George Davies, 29, of Austin, allegedly solicited contributions to two scam political action committees or PACs, Liberty Action Group PAC and Progressive Priorities PAC. According to an announcement from the DOJ, the three men were indicted on November 2, and the indictment was unsealed on Tuesday.

According to the indictment, the three used the scam PACs to "enrich themselves directly," and comically, there was just a pittance that was donated to a legitimate candidate's committee.

"Of the approximately $3.5 million raised by Liberty Action Group and Progressive Priorities, only approximately $19 were distributed to any candidates authorized campaign committee or to any political cause," the indictment states.

Tunstall and Reyes "are also alleged to have laundered more than $350,000 in illegal proceeds from the scheme through a third-party vendor to conceal the use of those funds for their own benefit," the feds say.

Tunstall is an LA-based, self-styled influencer, as the New York Times reports, whose Instagram handle is Matte Nox he lists himself there as an "executive producer" and "award-winning writer." Hilariously and ironically, one of Tunstall/Nox's handful of photos shows him naked and thirst-trapping, with a tattoo across his chest that says "God Will Give Me Justice." Either God or the DOJ will, my friend!

CNN reported on Tunstall/Nox back in July, noting his lavish lifestyle and how two other scam PACs that he apparently started in 2018 and 2019, Support American Leaders and Campaign to Support the President, together raised $3.4 million it's not clear if that's on top of the $3.5 million mentioned in the indictment relating to the 2016 PACs, or what. The majority of the PACs income, CNN reported via their filings, came from retirees and some of that was reaped from robocalls in which someone impersonated Donald Trump. CNN had been on to Tunstall back in early 2019, which led to the Trump campaign issuing a disavowal notice that was attached to the Support American Leaders official public record.

And the scam wasn't just on small donors Tunstall allegedly scammed the feds too! The Daily Beast reports that Support American Leaders also got itself a Paycheck Protection Program loan last year.

The 2016 PACs, Liberty Action Group PAC and Progressive Priorities PAC, used audio clips of Trump and Clinton, respectively, on robocalls seeking small "emergency" donations, according to the indictment. The calls also promised signed photos of the candidate "suitable for framing" for donations of $1,000 or more.

Tunstall and Reyes now face charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to make a false statement to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as well as multiple counts of wire fraud, and multiple counts of money laundering. Davies is charged with conspiracy commit wire and to make a false statement to the FEC, and multiple counts of wire fraud.

Tunstall made his initial federal court appearance on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Reyes made his first appearance in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California today (possibly at the courthouse at the Philip Burton Federal Building in SF), and Davies appeared in court in the Western District of Texas. If convicted of all counts, the DOJ says, Tunstall and Reyes both face a maximum total penalty of 125 years in prison, and Davies faces a maximum total penalty of 65 years in prison.

Top image: A view of the Phillip Burton Federal Building on August 23, 2021 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Two California Men Charged In Phony PAC Robocall Scheme That Targeted Both Trump and Clinton Voters In 2016 - SFist

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