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Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute to Her Dad Steve With a Stunning New Tattoo – Country Living01.12.22

Ever seen a tattoo and wonder the meaning behind it? Bindi Irwin took to Instagram to share her new ink in a photo with her daughter, Grace. Let's just say that the meaning behind it is more than meets the eye and will have you reaching for the tissues.

Ever since welcoming baby Grace into the world on March 25, 2021 (which also happens to be her and Chandler Powell's wedding anniversary), the 10-month-old has been the star of Bindi's Instagram.

To pay tribute to the two people she loves, Bindi decided to make things permanent with a delicate tattoo that reads "My graceful warrior."

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Baby Grace steals the show with her adorable chubby cheeks and itsy bitsy hands, but it's Bindi's caption that has fans in their feels. Bindi's tattoo symbolizes the first words she spoke to Grace which eventually inspired her name. The phrase is written in her father Steve Irwin's handwriting to always have a piece of him wherever she may go. "This is my dads handwriting to keep him with me, always. Our dear alligator, Daisy, is next to these words to represent our conservation work as Wildlife Warriors."

Her second photo shows a dainty tattoo around her ring finger. She writes "And my beautiful wedding ring in bloom. Validation every day of the three most important things in my life: family, purpose and unconditional love."

Fans immediately ran to the comments to share their thoughts. "Looks amazing! Love it! ," "Congratulations for making it so far, YOU'RE the warrior here! " and "A beautiful message to honor your dad. " were a few of the sweet messages fans left for Bindi. Even her husband, Chandler, took the time to leave a sweet comment: "Such gorgeous artwork You amaze me every day. Each one is meaningful to mark this special time in our life together. Also, the Florida in me loves the alligator. Love you so much."

Like her father, Bindi is passionate about conservation so it's only fitting that part of her tattoo involves wildlife and represents her family's work as Wildlife Warriors.

We can't wait to see more snapshots of Bindi with Grace as we're sure tons of adventure comes with those Irwin genes!

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Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute to Her Dad Steve With a Stunning New Tattoo - Country Living

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What the Florida: Top 9 Florida man stories of 2021 – WFTV Orlando12.28.21

ORLANDO, Fla. Its been another eventful year for Florida man. He has wrestled with alligators and attempted unusual solutions to bypassing face mask requirements.

To commemorate his antics, Channel 9 compiled the top nine Florida man stories of the year below:

A Florida man is accused of jumping on a neighbors trampoline while naked and later breaking into her home while still unclothed, authorities said.

Adrian Lee Gonzalez-Bradway, 21, was arrested Wednesday and charged with burglary and criminal mischief with property damage of more than $200, according to the Lee County Sheriffs Offices online booking records.

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A man climbed the side of a Bass Pro Shops fish tank in South Florida, then jumped in before quickly running off, video shows.

The man is seen climbing an artificial rock formation before performing a cannonball into the large fish tank at a store at the Dolphin Mall, WPLG reported.

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A Florida man left no doubt where he was from. A 22-year-old man from Hudson, who sports a state of Florida tattoo on his forehead, is accused of misusing 911, authorities said.

Matthew Kyle Leatham, 22, of New Port Richey, was charged with misuse of the 911 system and possession of marijuana not more than 20 grams, according to Pasco County online booking records.

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Some sports fans in South Florida were forced to find another way to watch the Super Bowl when the power inexplicably went out to their neighborhood.

A neighbor said a man randomly started operating an excavator that was parked on the street for a project and accidentally knocked down a power line, WPLG reported. The man then hopped out and rode off on a bicycle. Police are investigating.

The power was restored for the games second half. Click here for the full story.

A Florida man said he was kicked off a United Airlines flight for using womens underwear as a face mask.

Adam Jenne, of Cape Coral, told WFTX he believes the rule requiring to wear face masks on a plane is silly, so he opted to follow the rule in a silly way. A passenger took a video of the incident on the plane and shared it with WFTX.

In the video, you can see a flight attendant tell Jenne, Youre going to have to come off the airplane. Were not going to let you travel. She goes on to explain that he has to leave the plane because he is not in compliance with the airlines mask policy.

Click here for the full story.

In Florida, capturing an alligator is apparently as easy as taking out the trash.

But honestly, dont try this at home. Alligators are fast, testy and unpredictable. An Army veteran in Central Florida, however, was able to use a trash bin to corral the alligator, who had wandered onto his yard in Mount Dora.

See the video here.

A Florida man who was driving with a clown mannequin is accused of having a live grenade in the back of his pickup, authorities said.

Louis Wyatt Branson, 65, of Palatka, was charged with driving with an expired license for more than six months, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm, weapon, or ammo by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine, in addition to the original charges, according to Flagler County Sheriffs Office booking records.

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Fishermen constantly lament about the one that got away, but a Florida anglers frustration this week was understandable.

After waiting all day for a nibble, Chad Rissman and his uncle, Darrin Vick, were finally able to reel in a catch from the Dunedin Causeway, WTVT reported. Their elation at reeling in a shark was tempered when a bald eagle swooped in and snagged the catch for its own meal.

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A Florida man had a short fuse about the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

An unidentified man, protesting the loud noises caused by fireworks, was caught screaming on a Cape Coral security camera last week, WBBH reported.

At about 3 a.m. EDT on June 25, the man could be heard screaming, Firecracker, firecracker, boom, the television station reported.

The dogs were barking and we go outside and this guy was screaming, I mean so loud, Sara Warnecke, whose security camera captured the mans noisy tirade, told WBBH. He seemed to be upset that people were celebrating early.

Click here to read more.

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What the Florida: Top 9 Florida man stories of 2021 - WFTV Orlando

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Bret Stephens: Democrats are weighed down by their soft-on-crime tattoo – Salt Lake Tribune11.30.21

(Mary Mathis | The New York Times)Mourners gather at a candlelight vigil for the victims of Sunday's parade attack, at Cutler Park in Waukesha, Wis., on Monday, Nov. 22, 2021. The police had a person of interest in custody on Monday after the driver of a red SUV barreled through the parade, killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 others.

By Bret Stephens | The New York Times

| Nov. 29, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

Its been nearly 30 years since then-Gov. Bill Clinton took a break from the campaign trail to oversee the execution of death-row inmate Ricky Ray Rector. Morally, it may have been repugnant to kill a man so mentally handicapped by a failed suicide attempt that he set aside the pecan pie of his last meal because he was saving it for later.

Politically, it was essential.

By the early 1990s the American left had spent a generation earning a soft-on-crime image in an era of growing lawlessness. In 1988, Mike Dukakis secured the Democrats third landslide loss thanks in no small part to his stalwart opposition to the death penalty. Four years later, it was difficult to imagine any Democrat reaching the White House without a literal blood sacrifice to the gods of law and order.

Now Democrats seem intent on reviving that reputation. In Waukesha, Wisconsin, six people were killed and at least 60 injured when Darrell Brooks drove his Ford Escape through a Christmas parade, according to the police. Brooks already had a lengthy rap sheet and had reportedly run over a woman with the same SUV early this month. But, as The Times reported, he had been quickly freed from jail on bond after prosecutors requested what they now say was an inappropriately low bail.

What happened in Waukesha on Sunday is among the consequences of easy bail. And bail reform that is, reducing or eliminating cash bail for a variety of offenses has been a cause of the left for years.

Then there is California, which in 2014 classified possession of hard drugs for personal use and the theft of up to $950 of goods as misdemeanor offenses. In the Bay Area, the results have been stark: San Franciscos overdose deaths rose to 81 per 100,000 people in 2020 from 19 per 100,000 people in 2014.

In the meantime, shoplifting has become endemic, brazen and increasingly well organized, culminating in mobs of looters ransacking stores and terrifying customers in the Bay Area last week. Local shops are closing, neighborhoods are decaying, encampments of drug addicts have proliferated, and streets are befouled by human excrement a set of failures Michael Shellenberger calls in his thoroughly researched and convincing new book, San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, the breakdown of civilization on Americas West Coast.

As for the rest of the country: Can anyone seriously say that Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, or New York has been improved in recent years under progressive leadership? Why did rates of homelessness register their biggest jumps between 2007 and 2020 in left-leaning states like New York, California and Massachusetts and their biggest decreases in right-leaning ones like Florida, Texas and Georgia?

Some readers might object that none of these trends take place in a vacuum. The jump in overdose deaths has surely been influenced by the effects of the pandemic, and theyve also gone up heavily in red states. The rise in lawlessness is in some ways a product of last years social upheavals and a reckoning over how the police do their jobs. And murder rates have also gone up in Republican-led cities like Jacksonville, Florida, just as they have elsewhere.

True. But nowhere are dysfunctions more concentrated than in the very places that were supposed to have become beacons of progressive sunshine. And nowhere are the reasons more obvious, too.

If you permit petty vices and crimes to flourish, greater ones will usually follow. If you refuse to police quality-of-life infractions like public drug use or aggressive panhandling, the quality of life will decline. If you increase the incentives for bad behavior, and reduce the ones for good, you will inevitably achieve catastrophic results.

This is not social science. Its common sense. Its the basis on which the United States was able to make its streets far safer from around 1995 to 2015, when crime rates kept going down above all to the benefit of the very minority communities that progressives claim to champion.

The Democratic Party has since thrown that legacy away. Joe Biden disavowed his 1994 crime bill. Last years protests often devolved into naked criminality, to which many progressives, including those in the news media, closed their eyes, notoriously including those fiery but mostly peaceful protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Opportunities for thoughtful police and justice-system reform were squandered in the rush to defame, defund, diminish or abolish.

It may be that serious urban leaders like incoming mayor Eric Adams of New York can reverse the trend. Even the ultra-lefties in California DA offices, faced with recall votes, seem to have gotten the message that things are out of hand. But progressive misgovernance has now tattooed the words soft on crime on Democratic necks, and the country has noticed. It will take years to erase.

And who has been helped the most by all this, politically speaking? Donald Trump and his mini-mes. The country wont be safe from them until a more serious Democratic Party can set itself free from ideas that embarrass it and endanger us all.

Bret Stephens | The New York Times, (Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

Bret Stephens is a columnist for The New York Times.

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Bret Stephens: Democrats are weighed down by their soft-on-crime tattoo - Salt Lake Tribune

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When It Comes To Patient Care, How Worthy Is Your Brand? – Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report – South Florida Hospital News11.02.21

By Jay Juffre

When it comes to brand loyalty, there are a few which clearly rise above the others. When it comes to cars, its Tesla. Cell phones and tablets, Apple. Fast food, Chick-fil-A. Quick cup of coffee, Starbucks. No matter if you like, love or never have used the examples above, one common trait they all have in common is very strong brand and customer loyalty. There is, however, one company which has their customers taking it to an even higher level. Harley-Davidson. This companys customers travel from all over the country to attend rallies, get tattoos of the company logo on their bodies and would never think about owning or riding on a different product. Now that is brand loyalty. You can be sure when those two inventors in Wisconsin were messing with small motors and bicycles a hundred plus years ago, they had no idea the cult-like following they would eventually create a tattoo worthy brand. Before you start thinking, that could never happen with our organization, think again. What would it take to have a local, regional, or national brand so good that people simply could not live without it? Like Chick Fil A or Starbucks, people would be willing to drive a little further and wait a little longer just to experience the best. How deep does your teams loyalty run? How loyal are your customers / patients to your brand You may not have staff and visitors running out and getting tattoos on their biceps right away, but what might it take to come close. Sit down with your leadership team and simply ask, what would it take to be the brand that people simply could not live without and what can we start doing today to help get us there? After they figure out you are serious, it will be worth a discussion or two.

Jay Juffre is Executive Vice President, ImageFIRST. For more information on ImageFIRST, call 1-800-932-7472 or visit

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When It Comes To Patient Care, How Worthy Is Your Brand? - Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report - South Florida Hospital News

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Georgia football: Paul Finebaum makes the right choice in the Dawgs – Dawn of the Dawg11.02.21

Throughout the SEC Nation show on Saturday ahead of the Georgia football game, it was hard to decipher if Paul Finebaum would pick the Dawgs or the Gators.

The SEC Network star has gotten a lot more laid back in recent years, but its helping his image, as he seems way less of an Alabama homer and gives the Dawgs more credit.

However, no one expected him to unveil what he did during the Georgia-Florida show. Last week at Ole Miss, he said he would get a tattoo before the end of the season, and well, he kept his promise.

Finebaum got Tim Tebows signature on his forearm, and its not tiny. Kudos to him for sticking with his word, but bless Pawwwls heart.

When he unveiled the former Gators signature on his arm, a thought went through that he would pick Florida for the upset, isnt he?

However, he didnt. Instead, Finebaum picked the Dawgs with everyone outside Tebow of course, he decided to be a homer, but hey, good for him sticking with his team.

At the same time, the way he acted showed the world he picked because of allegiances only, and not because he genuinely thought it was a good pick.

Finebaum didnt just say his pick. Instead, he topped Lee Corsos headgear trick and hired a plane with a banner that consisted of a giant photo of his face and Pauls Pick: Georgia.

It was epic, especially after teasing that he wanted to pick the Gators and be different from everyone else. Leave it up to Finebaum to go that big ahead of this rivalry game.

Even his goddaughter, Reese Rutledge, Lauras daughter, picked the Dawgs. Her tiny segment each week is the sweetest and most genuine moment of the show. She is growing up to be just like her mother, and even though Rutledge is a Gator, its acceptable because shes just that good.

Even all of the ESPN College GameDay crew picked the Dawgs, so everyone is on the same page that the Dawgs should handle the Gators. While Georgia should come out on top, this one could be close, as history shows no one ever knows how the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party will go.

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Georgia football: Paul Finebaum makes the right choice in the Dawgs - Dawn of the Dawg

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Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie got tattoos to represent ‘their love’: report – Insider10.08.21

Gabby Petito and her fianc Brian Laundrie got matching vine tattoos on their fingers one year ago "to represent them and their love," said the artist who inked the couple, according to a new report.

Petito, who was found dead last month, and Laundrie, who remains missing and is the subject of an FBI-led manhunt, "came in super excited about getting new tattoos," Florida tattoo artist Danny Nostrom told The Daily Mail.

Nostrom said the pair got the matching tattoos of vines on October 8, 2020 at his Venice, Florida, shop about eight months before they set out on their doomed cross-country road trip to national parks out west.

"They knew exactly what they wanted," Nostrom said, according to the Daily Mail. "They said they wanted a couple of vines around each one of their fingers to represent them and their love and the fact they were planning this big trip together. They said they had been together two years."

"I said, 'okay, easy enough,'" Nostrom recalled, explaining that Petito added "a couple" other tattoos she wanted "a ghost riding a skateboard, a little Pisces zodiac sign and a little scorpion on her other fingers."

While he inked the couple, Nostrom said, "All they talked about was their relationship and how they planned on traveling."

"They were super excited, very eager about their trip," he said. "They didn't specify where they were going or when. They just said they were planning this trip to go live out of a van for a little while."

Laundrie, 23, and Petito, 22, set out on their "van life" road trip on July 2. Laundrie later returned home to Florida on September 1 with the van and without Petito, police have said.

Petito's family reported her missing 10 days later, and she was found dead at a remote campsite in Wyoming on September 19. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

Nostrom told The Daily Mail that he assumes Petito and Laundrie had told him about their plans for "the same trip that Gabby never returned from."

"I remember them saying they didn't even have the van yet, they were working in a Publix supermarket and saving up for it," Nostrom said.

Nostrom said Petito "came across with a very bubbly personality, very happy. She didn't seem like she was troubled at all, or anything out of the ordinary. She seemed happy to be in the shop, she seemed super, super friendly."

However, Laundrie, he said, "was a little more standoffish, but we had a nice conversation anyway. He wasn't totally socially awkward or anything. He was just a little more quiet."

Laundrie has been named the sole person of interest in connection to Petito's disappearance and death.

His family reported Laundrie missing to authorities in Florida on September 17, claiming that he went out for a hike three days earlier and never returned home.

Laundrie has been missing ever since and is wanted by authorities on a bank fraud-related charge.

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Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie got tattoos to represent 'their love': report - Insider

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Business Beat: Tattoos, Crystals and McD’s – Gulfport Gabber08.23.21

August 17, 2021 by Abby Baker

The gothic glow of Gulfport Boulevards only private tattoo studio raises more questions than answers for those passing the shop at 5125 22nd Ave. S.

The sole signage for Nocturnal Studio and Gallery is a neon purple that glows in the shape of Nocturnal. The LED doesnt offer much information and according to artist and owner Ande Spade, its not supposed to.

We dont have people coming in and out of the door; its strictly a private space, thats why we dont have an open sign in the window, Spade said. Most of my clients dont like the regular environment of shops. Quite frankly, it can be annoying.

Spade, a Philadelphia-native whos been behind the tattoo gun for 25 years was most recently inking at Fredo Ink & Co. on 4th St. S. before opening his space in April of this year.

Hes lived and tatted in Florida for the better part of 13 years.

I worked in street shops for years, and this is the way to go, Spade said.

With a vintage church pew, skeletons, and tarot cards propped amongst the purple-and-black lounge, its clear Spade is gearing up for more than just tattoo sessions.

Eventually, the space will be a pop-up gallery for local artists to exhibit for events. In the meantime, Spades shop is a functioning photography gallery, paint studio and space for the dark arts.

Because the doors are never open, they are always open, Spade, who is a self-proclaimed insomniac, said. Ill work with people; were pretty unorthodox as you can see.

Interested in the local ink? Visit

With no roof and no walls, Cosmic Eye Creations is an open-air jewelry booth next to Red Hot Tiki that sells hand-crafted jewelry and crystals from its tiny spot at 2904 Beach Blvd. S.

Since April, owner and artist Jessica Steele has been selling metaphysical creations and gifts from Thursday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

People seem to love it, Steele said. Its a good feeling.

Before she came to Beach Boulevard, Steele was selling her work while she drove for Uber.

I couldnt open my own shop because of COVID-19 complications and I didnt want to sit around feeling helpless, Steele said. I eventually want my own store, but Im in a better place than I was.

More at

Locals watched Gulfports McDonads at 5111 Gulfport Blvd. undergo a five-month renovation from the ground up, completed in July.

A grand opening was scheduled for Sunday, August 8, however the potentially crowd-heavy event was canceled amid rising COVID-19 concerns.

Due to current COVID infectious rates in Tampa, we have decided to cancel our Gulfport Grand Reopening, Scott Etter wrote on Facebook.

The chain is open for business, however.

While we are sad that we wont be able to share one of our favorite events with the community, Etter wrote, We know weve taken the proper safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of our people and community.

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Business Beat: Tattoos, Crystals and McD's - Gulfport Gabber

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This Woman Covered Her Face and Body Tattoos to See if Her Family Would Recognize Her – menshealth.com08.23.21

Michelle DiDonato, a 34-year-old tattoo artist from Boca Raton, Florida, has over 90 percent of her body covered in tattoosincluding her eyeballs, which are bright pink. And the way she sees it, that's a pretty accurate reflection of the way she lives her life: "I would describe myself as not only a tattoo addict, but just an addict for everything that I like," she says. "Every single thing that I like, I just completely overdo it."

In a recent episode of Truly's YouTube series Transformed, Michelle agrees to have all of her face and body tattoos covered in makeup, so she and her family can see what she would look like without all of the ink and body modifications. "The last time I saw myself with no tattoos was probably around 10 years ago," says Michelle. "It's hard for me to see myself the way other people see me, because I see myself every day."

The first step is for Michelle to remove her numerous piercings. Then, makeup artist Jill uses an airbrushing machine to apply an even layer of makeup over Michelle's body, masking all of the tattoos, before finally adding some finishing touches which help to match the makeup to her natural skin tone.

"That is so weird," she says, after seeing herself in the mirror. "Wow. I definitely miss my tattoos. But I like it though... It's like I went back in time." She jokingly adds: "I think I look fatter... It's like I'm older and younger at the same time."

She then invites her sister Nicole, husband Chris, daughter Mercy and nephew Braden to her tattoo studio to see the "new" her, and the verdict is pretty unanimous: they would all rather see her with the tattoos.

"I'm surprised that they like the tattoos better," she says. "It made me feel really good, like, loved. I love my family. This experience has made me understand that I don't need my tattoos to make me feel better. Appearances don't matter, it's who you are on the inside, and it doesn't matter what people think of you."

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This Woman Covered Her Face and Body Tattoos to See if Her Family Would Recognize Her -

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Briana DeJesus’ Ex-Fiance Responds to Their Breakup – Heavy.com08.23.21

MTV"Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus confirmed she and her fiance, Javi Gonzalez, are no longer together.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus confirmed she and her fiance, Javi Gonzalez, are no longer together. While both parties said things didnt work out, Gonzalez shared a message via Instagram stories on August 20 that seemed like he was throwing subtle shade at his former partner, according to the fan page Teen Mom Chatter.

Your man ate today? Hows he feeling? What did his day consist of? Anything new? Oh, you dont know? the post said, per screenshots from the Teen Mom fan account. But you know whose pics he liked and followed.

The post included hashtags that said things like, oh you childish, smh, social media has brainwashed some and difference between girls and women.

The Florida tattoo artist also answered questions from fans who were curious about what happened with the Teen Mom 2 star. Different frequencies, different principles, he said. No hard feelings just not for me.

When someone asked why he lowered his frequency, Gonzalez said, We do some wild s*** sometimes.

DeJesus also confirmed her split from Gonzalez on Instagram stories.

Nothing crazy [happened], the 27-year-old wrote, per In Touch. I came to the conclusion that I thought I wanted to be in a relationship but in reality, the thought of it sounded nice but I am just not ready for it.

Had a great year with him but [right now], I have other plans, she added on August 19. Maybe in the future, we will meet again I love him and hes a great guy.

DeJesus the mother of 9-year-old Nova and 4-year-old Stella is an alum of 16 and Pregnant. She and Gonzalez met through mutual friends and started dating officially in September 2020, In Touch reported.

In tweets that have since been deleted, DeJesus said she talked to her therapist and realized she probably was never truly in love with the tattoo artist.

My therapist told me that non of yall matter. Even my supporters. [Because] yall not gonna drop what yall are doing to come to help me in a situation. And no disrespect to anyone, I love yall, but my therapist has the tea! DeJesus tweeted, according to screenshots obtained by Heavy. That made me realize the internet is fake!

Also, she told me I wasnt in love, I was just in love with the thought, the mother-of-two continued. And looking for acceptance may feel like love but its just a trigger response and I was like ok u didnt have to read me like that.

Three months before ending their relationship, DeJesus said she was elated over the engagement.

Im so in love and so excited to start a new chapter with Javi, she toldMTV Newsin May. He is an incredible man and I cant want to marry him. The ring is beautiful and Ive never been this happy!

DeJesus previously told E! News she was going to take the relationship very slow.

I hope hes the one. Hes so nice, she toldE! News Ive never met a man this sincere and genuine and that respects me so much.

The MTV star shared Gonzalez who appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion with DeJesus didnt like being around the cameras.

He didnt really know how popular the show was until people started finding stuff out about him, she told the outlet. He kind of got a little scared.

READ NEXT:Briana DeJesus Sued by Kailyn Lowry in New Legal Drama

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Briana DeJesus' Ex-Fiance Responds to Their Breakup -

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Stephanie Hayes: If Youve Done These Things, Its Time To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine – Noozhawk08.09.21

Well, here we are.

Its like asking a kid to empty the dishwasher. The kid stalls and whines, and you say, You could have been done already, but you spent so much time complaining that now were fighting, and the dishes are still in there.

Willfully unvaccinated people have hastened the spread of the mutated, more contagious Delta variant, like when Steve Urkel became Stefan Urquelle on Family Matters.

As infections remain high, it will continue to evolve. Rather than getting back to literally anything else, we are still talking about mandates to un-mandate the mandates, mandated we have a mandate.

In America, vaccines are free and often as easy to get as Pringles at CVS. Still, some vaccine opponents are digging in on principle.

Some are not moved by stories of unvaccinated people on deathbeds begging for help. Some dont believe research that shows the vaccine is safe, that the benefits far outweigh the risks. Some are not willing to accept any risk, except the risk of COVID-19.

Tangled in disinformation, some have lost all trust.

But life is one big morass of risk and trust, isnt it? We believe in the greater good every time we get on the road. We trust that traffic lights will function, that people will stay in their lanes and follow the speed limit.

We believe because we have to. And the truth is, we choose to participate in scary stuff all the time, willing to cast aside misgivings in the name of life.

Lets examine some of those behaviors. Its time for real soul-searching about the COVID-19 vaccine if you've ever:

Said the words, Its probably fine, while smelling expired mayo in the fridge.

Used one of those apps to become a Disney cartoon, uploading your image to God-knows-where.

Given your phone number and email to every cashier at a retail store within a 15-mile radius.

Played that game where you spread your hand on a table and quickly moved a butter knife between your fingers.

Enjoyed a five-a-day Diet Coke habit. Please do not hold up that mirror, I know what I did.

Texted, Almost there, while driving, even though you were 27 minutes away.

Been on a bike without a helmet, because looking cool was more important than having a head.

Jumped out of an airplane, or any moving vehicle, for leisure.

Decided to get bangs.

Taken a mix of medications out of a Monday through Sunday plastic case and been unable to remember which pill is which.

Graciously accepted your first cocktail at 10 a.m.

Let a friend with a needle and an ice cube pierce or tattoo anything on your person.

Stuck a cotton swab in your ear, even though the package suggests they are for applying eyeshadow to a miniature doll.

Shot off a box of fireworks called DIVORCE COURT from a residential driveway after several Coors Lights.

Purposely got into a dysfunctional relationship because you are reliving a fractured childhood.

Allowed your kids to do basically anything.

Received vaccines for chickenpox, diphtheria, flu, hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, polio, rotavirus, rubella, shingles, tetanus or whooping cough, and enjoy not having those things thanks to the miracle of science.

Stephanie Hayes is a columnist at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida. Follow her on Twitter: @StephHayes and Instagram: @StephHayes. Click here for previous columns. The opinions expressed are her own.

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Stephanie Hayes: If Youve Done These Things, Its Time To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine - Noozhawk

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