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Dwayne Johnson Shares The Emotional Inspiration Behind Iconic Bull Tattoo – ETCanada.com10.08.21

By Aynslee Darmon.1 Oct 2021 2:15 PM

Dwayne Johnson is showing off his killer tattoos.

In a mini-documentary, starring the Rock and tattoo artist Yomico Moreno, the pair discuss how they evolved a simple bull tattoo into the piece of artwork it is today.

Johnson and Moreno worked together for over a year to come up with a refined design to transform the simple bull into a new tattoo. Johnson first worked with artist Nikko Hurtado for the original design.

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What immediately drew me to Yomis work was his vivid detail and his very hyperrealistic skill that he had, Johnson says in the piece. He has this unique ability to not only draw you in with the optics of what his work is, but also Yomis tattoo work creates an emotion.

Johnson also pulled inspiration from his Polynesian heritage.

I wanted to bring the babies back there to Hawaii and have them feel the culture, and get that culture and our Polynesian spirit seeped into their DNA and into their little bodies. I got up every morning and spent time looking at the ocean, he said. The waves are powerful, they are perpetual, and thats when it inspired me that thats what the tattoo needed it needed the anchoring element that was really gonna give it the power and the protection.

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He added, The skull of the bull, which represents so much DNA, constitution and my makeup and it is anchored and given life by the ocean underneath it.

The clip also shows Johnson and Moreno crafting drafts of the ink before coming up with the final design.

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Dwayne Johnson Shares The Emotional Inspiration Behind Iconic Bull Tattoo -

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Local entrepreneur brings healthy aai bowls and smoothies to Casper – Oil City News09.04.21

Darbi Westman poses in what will be the new Crave-A-Bowl downtown location on Thursday afternoon in Casper. The acai bowl shop is setting up where Sandwich Bar once called home on the corner of Second and Wolcott Streets. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. When Darbi Westman and her husband Andy visited Hawaii on their honeymoon 12 years ago, the couple not only fell in love with the islands natural beauty but also a healthy food item theyd never tried before.

Ever since then, the aai bowl has been a big staple for us, she said. Anywhere wed go, wed get aai because it had never been here.

After years of preparation, Darbi launched her Crave-A-Bowl aai bowl mobile food trailer this summer. Word of mouth about the unique and healthy treat started to spread almost as soon as she started hitting events and festivals.

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In the next month or so, Darbi plans on opening a permanent Crave-A-Bowl location in downtown Casper. She recently secured a lease in the Sandwich Bars old location on the corner of Second and Wolcott Streets in the Wyoming National Bank Building, and is currently rehabbing the space.

Aai is a small berry found in palm trees that grow mainly in Central and South America and contain high levels of antioxidants and other vitamins.

Darbi says the aai on its own has notes of very dark chocolate and blackberry, as well as an earthiness flavor. So thats why we mix in the blueberries and strawberries and then the banana base to make it very creamy, she said.

Darbi experimented for months in her kitchen, using what she remembered in Hawaii and asking her husband and kids to help taste test and dial in the recipes before launching her new enterprise.

Depending on whats ordered, the bowls come mixed with various fruits, fruit juices and non-dairy milks, and are topped with fruit, granola, nuts, honey and in some cases peanut butter. Vegan protein powders and bee pollen can also be added, among other things.

I want it to be healthy. Were 100 percent vegan, 100 percent organic, and we plan to make our own granola, she said.

In the downtown location, she plans on adding a savory bowl using fresh ahi tuna flown in from Honolulu.

Her vision for the downtown locations vibe is something of a mix between a relaxed coffee bar and a restaurant, with comfy couches and chairs available for lounging alone or with company.

Darbi will operate Crave-A-Bowl in addition to the other businesses she runs with her husband Andy, Black Sunday Tattoo and Oil City Axe Company, an axe throwing venue, both located at 801 North Center St.

He helps me out. If I didnt have him, I dont know what Id do, she said.

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Local entrepreneur brings healthy aai bowls and smoothies to Casper - Oil City News

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Theres a link between indigenous tattoos and agriculture – Manila Bulletin08.23.21

What does agriculture have to do with traditional Filipino tattooing? A lot more than most people think.

But first, a digression:

Tattoos are very personal markings. In modern Western societies, an individual chooses what tattoo they get and where it is placed, imposing their own meanings onto the image. In societies that have a tradition of tattooing, such as in Hawaii and Samoa, tattoos are bestowed as marks of honor on a person. The marks are sacred, and it is up to the tattoo practitioner, who is believed to be divinely guided, which marks the recipient gets and where on their body it will be placed.

The Philippines was one such country once. When the Spanish first arrived, they called what was later known as the Philippines Los Islas de los Pintados, or The Island of the Painted Ones, in reference to the cultural tattoos its inhabitants wore that made them look like they had been painted on.

400 years of Christianity under Spanish rule has eradicated this practice in all but a few pockets in the country, the most famous one being the Butbut tribe of Buscalan in Kalinga, where Whang Od, the oldest living mambabatok, or indigenous tattoo practitioner, hails from.

Sacred markings

For the members of these groups, a tattoo isnt just decoration. It marks them as a member of the community and communicates their status within it. It reminds them of their roots, wherever they may be.

Indigenous tattooing may have disappeared from most of the Philippines, but some folks of Filipino descent have been studying it, not just in an academic way, but also using it to connect with their ancestry.

One such person is Lane Wilcken, a cultural tattoo practitioner based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. Known as Manong Lane to his students and clients, Wilcken has been studying Filipino indigenous tattoo practices since 1989 and has been practicing cultural tattooing since 2012. His hand tapped tattoos use the same method as practiced by the Butbot tribe.

Indigenous tattoo scholar

Wilcken explains that though hes referred to as a mambabatok in the US, its not a title that he has given himself, nor is it an honorific that he uses. When asked, he always refers to himself as a cultural tattooist or cultural tattoo practitioner, so that is how he will be referred to in this article. He also explains that his practice is a diasporic one, and that he does not come from a line of mambabatok and is self-taught, though he apprenticed under two different tattoo masters from cultures with living traditions, one from Samoa and one from Hawaii.

He is a second generation Filipino American with British and Scandinavian blood on his dads side and Ilocano, Abra, Bontoc, Bicolano, and Tagalog heritage from his moms. Though he was raised in the USA, he grew up surrounded by the Ilocano folk beliefs practiced by his mother and grandmother. He is also his familys mangatang, which he explains is in Ilocano terms, the person who makes offerings to the spirits and does the prayers for them.

Because indigenous tattooing traditions have become extinct in many places in the Philippines, Wilckens extensive research comes from tracking down often obscure historical texts, as well as [looking] at how rituals are done among the different ethnic groups in the Philippines that still have a living practice or have a living practice within recent recorded history, as well as other academic and field research techniques. As a scholar, he is considered an authority on the subject.

The link between ink and agriculture

Culture is attached to agriculture for a reason. Historically, a groups crops and livestock depended on the climate, landscape, and water sources available to them, and all of these in turn influenced the culture, traditions, and beliefs practiced. The same is true with tattooing.

Not only are the tools used in hand-tapped tattooing come directly from nature, there are designs that are inspired by crops as well.

Tattooing materials. First, everything used in hand-tapped tattooing is a product of either cultivation, livestock raising, hunting, or foraging. The tools for example. We use a lot of kawayan (bamboo) for that, we use boars tusks for the teeth or the needles, Wilcken says.

Wilcken says that in the Philippines and Pacific island nations, tattoo ink is traditionally made from soot mixed with water or sugarcane juice. The ink is left to rest and if using sugarcane juice, the mixture begins to ferment and the resulting alcohol acts as a fixative. Unfortunately, this ink has a short shelf life because if the fermentation continues, the alcohol in the ink turns into vinegar.

The wood used to make the soot is important, as it is often chosen for its spiritual properties. The type of wood differs from group to group and will depend on their local beliefs and practices.

Food offerings. Then there is the alay, or offering. Batok symbolizes the relationship that you have or want to have with those that have passed on the other side of the veil of death, Wilcken says.

Offering food to honor ones ancestors is part of the spiritual side of the cultural tattooing process. Youll have people [who], instead of providing a generous alay or atang (food offering) for their ancestors, theyll bring day old siopao. They just dont know, he says. Other times, we have people put out all this food because they really respect and want that relationship with their ancestors again.

This lack of respect is seen when people approach traditional tattoo practitioners with modern Western mindsets. Instead of respecting the practitioner and seeking their guidance, not only do potential clients disrespect traditional practitioners by demanding certain designs and telling them where they should be placed, they also disrespect the practitioner and the tradition by haggling for lower payment.

In cultures that still practice traditional tattooing, it is the opposite. People bend over backwards to honor them Because they understand how important this is culturally. In the other parts of the Pacific among our cousins, sometimes the cultural tattooist holds a higher position than the chief because they can spill the chiefs blood. Whereas if anyone else did it, theyd be put to death. So that gives you context of how important the cultural tattooist is. They can spill the blood of royalty. They can spill the blood of priests. Of holy people. Because they have that position. Unfortunately, again, for us, especially in the diaspora, we dont have that context anymore, Wilcken explains.

What counts as a traditional offering will differ according to region. Visayans, for example, will offer food without salt, because they believe that salt repels spirits. They will also tend to offer an all-white rooster. Ilocanos, meanwhile, will offer a white rooster with yellow legs.

Space clearing. Cultural tattooing is considered a spiritual practice, with the tattooist in communication with the spirit world. As with many spiritual practices, its important to energetically clear ones space first before practicing any rituals.

Wilcken plants Tungkod ng Pari (Cordyline fruticosa), an ornamental plant used in herbal medicine that is also traditionally planted around rice fields to ward off evil spirits, by the entrance of his home to keep negative elements at bay. Its leaves can also be burned and the smoke used to clear a space of negative energy.

Guava leaves can be used to clear a space the same way. Sometimes, garlic is used as well. The latter is well-known in popular culture as a repellent for supernatural creatures, particularly aswangs, and lives up to its reputation. We dont think about garlic as being a spiritual protectant. We dont think about ginger or salt for its spiritual properties, Wilcken says. But all that is still there. Its still there in the foods that we grow, its still there in the recipes that we use.

Tattoo designs. A lot of indigenous tattoo designs have to do with crops, which usually signify fertility and abundance. Wilcken offers three examples.

First is the panyat, a rice bundle found in designs from Kalinga. When you tie the bundes together, it forms a rough hourglass shape. That represents abundance, but you have to think about, too, is why do you have rice? Why did you have an abundance of rice? It is because youve pacifed or appeased all the deities for the rice, he says.

Next is the pang tii from Bontoc. The pang tii just looks like a bent chevron attached to a line. It represents the rice plant when its heavy with grain. Some of the connotation there is to receive the blessing, you must be humble, bent down like the rice plant, willing to submit to the heavy grain that is put upon you, he explains.

Last is the falatong, a bean design from Bontoc, which is derived from the story of how the god Lumawig found a wife. It shows that men and women must share the burden, Wilcken says. It goes back to this oral tradition of who these progenitors were that the story came from and where the concept originates. And again, it revolves around agriculture.

Modern living, particularly urban living, has made many people forget the link between agriculture and virtually everything that has allowed human communities to flourish. The importance of agriculture, however, remains strong in traditional practices such as cultural tattooing.

As Wilcken says, Those industries of farming, fishing, animal husbandry were very big parts of our lives in the past and of course its represented in our batok.

Photos courtesy of Natalia Roxas


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Which one of Jason Momoa’s Ethnicities does he Identify With the Most? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet08.23.21

If you follow Jason Momoa on social media, youll notice that he likes to say Aloha. He loves rock n roll, playing instruments, acting in blockbuster films like Aquaman, and record-busting TV shows like Game of Thrones, and the color pink. Most importantly, though, he loves his wife Lisa Bonet and their children Lola and Nakoa-Wolf.

Besides his family, Momoa has a deep love for his heritage. He has many different ethnicities, but he only identifies with one.

Momoa was born in Nnkuli, Honolulu, Hawaii, but that doesnt mean hes a hundred percent Hawaiian. While his father has native Hawaiian roots, his mother, who hails from Iowa, where Momoa spent his childhood following his parents split, is of German,Irish, andNative Americandescent.

Momoa spent his summers in Hawaii starting at age 12 and moved back to the state full-time when he attended the University of Hawaii. Even though he didnt really spend a lot of time in Hawaii when he was growing up, he identifies more with his Hawaiian roots than any of the other ethnicities he has from his mothers side.

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Momoa has a tattoo on his arm representing his familys aumakuea, a spirit or animal that dies and protects its ancestors in various forms.

The Momoa lineage goes back nine generations in Hawaii, but we actually found out we came from Aotearoawhich means we left Hawaii, went down to Aotearoa, and then back. Thats my line, Momoa told Newshub of his lineage. Oprah Daily writes, Aotearoa is what the indigenous people of New Zealandthe Moricall their country.

When I was a baby, I saw pictures of New Zealand. Ive been just pulled there, and the moment I set foot there, it was the only place on earth Ive felt that this is exactly where Im from not even Hawaii has done that for me Im so connected to Aotearoa, on a higher level. I know Im from there.

Momoas father told him Hawaii is his home and that he could return whenever he wished. In 2019, Momoa returned to his home amidst a busy shooting schedule to join his family of islanders in protest against the construction of a giant telescope. Builders wanted to drill into Hawaiis sacred dormant volcano, Mauna Kea, or as Momoa calls it, the belly button or the umbilical cord of the Earth.

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Thats like our birthplace. You can imagine that in the middle of the ocean. Thats how our islands were formed. So how can that not be sacred? Momoa told CNN.

It started in 2015, heard the news about it, and you know, its, its my home, Momoa said of the controversial construction. Im Hawaiian. Its my nationality. Whats happening over there was just not right, Momoa says. And I wanted to bring awareness to it. And I went over there to meet with everyone, and from then on, its just been this constant as a devotion to bringing awareness to the world.

Momoa doesnt just advocate for his community, he brings awareness to it, and by being cast as Aquaman, a role he was born to play, hes paving the way for other Hawaiians to breakthrough as well.

Growing up and spending his summers in Hawaii, you can imagine all the swimming Momoa did. His swimming abilities came in handy for Aquaman.

James Wan, Aquamans director, told BET that they couldnt have cast anyone as perfect as Momoa. I really wanted to lean into the sort of biracial nature of Aquaman, right? Wan said. He is a superhero character who actually is biracial in that hes half Atlantian, half surface dweller. Its great for someone like Jason Mamoa, with his background, he could really kind of understand that growing up and really sort of play it up.

That was Zack Snyder [director ofJustice League], Momoa said. It was his dream, and when I walked into the office, he said, I want you to play Aquaman. That made no sense to me until he said, Youre half white, youre half Polynesian. Obviously, the Polynesians have their own water gods. Why wouldnt you take this [points to arm with tattoos] and put it all over. And so he put it together that way. And I just think its kind of a neat perspective to go from two different worldshe is the bridge that can gap land and sea together.

Momoa will always have his Hawaiian lineage. Being Hawaiian is in his soul.

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Which one of Jason Momoa's Ethnicities does he Identify With the Most? - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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She Used Her Friend To Catfish A Boy She’s Not Interested In | Catfish | MTV UK – The Global Herald – The Global Herald08.23.21

MTV UK published this video item, entitled She Used Her Friend To Catfish A Boy Shes Not Interested In | Catfish | MTV UK below is their description.

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Kaden thought there could be more to this summer romance but is the girl hes been messaging the same girl he met in Hawaii?

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She Used Her Friend To Catfish A Boy She's Not Interested In | Catfish | MTV UK - The Global Herald - The Global Herald

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240+ Tribal Hawaiian Symbols and Meanings (2021 …06.12.21

Tribal Hawaiian tattoo holds a special place among Polynesian people. Those who have seen the hit Disney movie Moana understand that how much the Polynesian people give importance to their tattoos. Among the vast variety of tattoo cultures in the Pacific, the Hawaiians are the most popular designs.

The traditional tattoo art from the Hawaii islands saw mainstream exposure in the late 70s and ever since then it is only expanding globally. The symbols from the Hawaiian culture sit perfectly well on the skin and these designs also have deep cultural meanings that make them even more popular choice.

The most popular Hawaiian designs are Gecko This extremely beautiful lizard species is native to the pacific islands. Like all other Polynesians designs, the gecko is considered to be sacred and pure. The aboriginals of Hawaiian island used this symbol to ward off evil spirits.

Turtle Turtle can live on both land and water. Therefore it symbolizes struggle and also long lie.Tiki He is considered the first Human being. The tattoo symbolizes that you can smell danger from far away due to your strong senses.Shark This tattoo symbolize danger, power and storm.Shell This tattoo was usually tried by the head of the tribe only. It represents unlimited wealth.Orchids The flowers represent love and sacred beauty.Hawaiian Hibiscus This tattoo has deep meaning. It represents that life is short so one should live it fully.Here are 240+ Hawaiian tribal tattoo ideas for you to consider

traditional hawaiian tattoos meaningshawaiian tribal tattoo meanings hawaiian tribal tattoos meaningshawaiian symbols and meanings

hawaiian symbol for familyhawaiian tattoo meanings and symbols hawaiian tattoos and meaningshawaiian symbol for strength

ancient hawaiian symbols and meaningshawaiian symbol for love hawaiian symbols and meaningpolynesian symbols for family

hawaiian tattoo designs and meaningstraditional hawaiian tattoo meanings hawaii symbols and their meaningshawaiian tribal tattoos meaning

hawaiian tribal tattoos meaning familyhawaiian designs and meanings polynesian symbols for strengthhawaiian symbols for family

hawaiian tattoo meaning familymeaning of hawaiian tattoos hawaiian symbol for peacehawaiian tattoo symbol meanings

hawaiian tribal tattoo designs and meaningshawaiian tribal designs and meanings hawaiian tribal tattoos and their meaningshawaiian tribal symbols and meanings

hawaiian tattoos meaning strengthtraditional hawaiian tattoo designs polynesian symbol for lovetribal meanings and symbols

hawaiian shark tattoo meaninghawaiian tribal tattoos female hawaiian island chain tattoohawaiian tribal tattoo designs

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240+ Tribal Hawaiian Symbols and Meanings (2021 ...

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A Hotel Worker is Rating Celebrities Based on How Rude They Are – Best Life05.31.21

You have a better shot of running into a celebrity at a fancy resort than a moderately priced hotel. And your odds are even better if you're on the staff of one of those expensive places. One woman who worked at a Hawaii hotel has made a series of TikTok videos about the several stars she served there and rated each one of them based on her interactions. To find out which celebrities she met and how they measured up, read on.

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Rating: 10/10

"Every interaction with her was super great," TikToker Sarah Moose said about The Office star Jenna Fischer. And it's a good thing that the actor lived up to expectations, because the hotel employee also said that she was "in the bathroom crying" because she was so excited to Fischer.

"I loved her so much, she was so sweet," Moose explained. "I gave her kids some M&Ms and they loved it."

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Rating: 10/10

While Moose had "no idea" who former The Daily Show hostJon Stewart was at the time, she still thought he was "amazing" and enjoyed talking to him.

"Him and his son were super great," she added. "And I helped sign them up for eagle ray feeding."

Rating: 10/10

Moose thought that Savannah Brinson, Lebron James' wife, was "great." Brinson even gave her some adviceabout her nails.

"She was telling me that if I ever get acrylics, that I should make them the same color as my skin, so when it grows out, nobody can tell," the TikToker explained.

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Rating: 9/10

While Moose thought that comedian Kevin Hart was really nice, she noted that she was surprised by what he looks like in person.

"The one thing that shook me was [that] he's a lot shorter than I thought he would be," she said of the 5'2" actor.

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Rating: 7/10

Lebron James seemed "kind of stressed out," since so many people were "trying to take pictures with him," the TikToker said. Moose also recalled that other guests kept trying to talk to the NBA star and his family as well. Despite all of that, she had a nice interaction with the basketball star.

"He asked me for a green popsicle and I cut the top off the plastic for him, and he said, 'Thank you,'" the hotel worker said. So there you have it: James prefers green popsicles.

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Rating: 7/10

Moose didn't recognize The Dark Knight star Christian Bale. One of her coworkers had to tell her who she'd been talking to after she'd already walked away from him. Their interaction wasn't particularly memorable for her either.

"He didn't really leave a huge impact on me," the TikToker said. "I didn't recognize him at all, I just thought he was another white guy."

Rating: 6/10

Moose said Pretty Little Liarsstar Lucy Hale didn't speak to the staff much; she only talked to the actor when she asked for some water. And the hotel employee didn't recognize her right away either.

"I didn't know it was her until I looked up later in our guest book. Also, I saw that she had her tattoo on her side," Moose said. (Hale has 14 tattoos, including two on her side: one that says "light" and another that says "catch the foxes for us.")

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Rating: 3/10

Moose told her followers that Ivanka Trump, daughter of former president Donald Trump, was surrounded by her bodyguards during her stay at the hotel. Trump "didn't even talk to [her]," which is why she got a low ranking.

"Her bodyguards talked to me," the TikTok creator added. "They were all in Aloha shirts, that was the only cool thing."

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A Hotel Worker is Rating Celebrities Based on How Rude They Are - Best Life

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Who is Walter from Black Ink Crew? Instagram and wife explored! – Reality Titbit – Celebrity TV News04.22.21

Walter is one of the main cast members on VH1s Black Ink Crew, which follows the everyday reality of a New York-based tattoo empire.

The shop, which sees celebrities including hip-hop stars and pro athletes come through the door, is filled with a close-knit group of staff.

Walter Miller, known as Walt, is one of those staff members who currently appears on season 19, under the management of owner Caeser.

So, who is Walt? Where is he now? Lets explore his Instagram, where we can find out more about his personal and love life

Walter Miller is a 39-year-old comedian and photographer.

He has worked as an assistant manager forBlack Ink 113th, where he has been a long-term employee and friend of shop owner Caeser Emanuel.

The Black Ink Crew cast member became a series regular in season 6.

He recently admitted to co-star Ted that he stole $5,000 out of the register, but denied that he was behind a Black Ink shop robbery.

It looks like Walter may no longer be working at the tattoo firm, after Caesar found footage evidence of the robbery.

Did they say Walter was the only one working at 125th that day ?!? Say it aint so Walt!!! #BlackInkCrew

Walt and Jessica were newly-engaged to each other in February 2020, several years after they first met in 2013.

Jess had been in a club with her girlfriends, when Walt walked by and told her she was beautiful and to enjoy her night, before walking away.

They then spoke to each other on Instagram and exchanged numbers.

It wasnt long before he was officially married to Jessica who works for Energy Consulting Inc in Hawaii, after falling in love with her.

Of course, they invited the TV crew to the ceremony to celebrate with them!

Walt appears to be pretty busy when it comes to his professional life, as he usually promotes his comedy gigs on his Instagram page.

Other posts include the occasional selfie, pictures of Jessica, and photos taken by him during professional photography shoots.

He has another Instagram profile directly focused on his art and fashion photography work, as well as another artist-based page.

In his artist Instagram bio, he has written: Just a kid from the Bronx shooting what he thinks is dope with his iPhone.



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Celine is a journalist with over five years of experience in the media industry and the chief staff writer on Reality Titbit. After graduating with a degree in Multimedia Journalism degree she became a radio newsreader and reporter, before moving into her current role as a reality TV writer.

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Who is Walter from Black Ink Crew? Instagram and wife explored! - Reality Titbit - Celebrity TV News

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Padres bring Musgrove home in 3-team trade with Bucs, Mets – West Hawaii Today01.22.21

SAN DIEGO It turns out that Joe Musgrove was prescient when, at 18, he got a tattoo of a baseball with the San Diego Padres logo in it, along with his last name and the year he was born.

His grandmother chewed him out, telling the teenager he had no idea if the Padres would draft him out of Grossmont High in suburban El Cajon. They didnt. A decade later, though, its all good.

The big right-hander finally is a member of his hometown Padres, who obtained him Tuesday from the rebuilding Pittsburgh Pirates in a seven-player, three-team trade that also included the New York Mets.

Musgrove had some fun with his grandmother Tuesday via FaceTime.

I said, Remember how stupid you made me feel when I got this at 18? I told you it would play out, the right-hander said in a videoconference with reporters. We had a cool little moment with that.

Three teams and six seasons into his big league career, Musgrove will toe the rubber at Petco Park wearing the brown and gold of a Padres team that in less than a month has remade itself into a squad that perhaps can end the Los Angeles Dodgers run of eight straight NL West titles and maybe even reach the World Series.

Musgrove knew the Pirates would likely trade him. But after the Padres obtained Yu Darvish and Blake Snell in blockbuster trades after Christmas, he figured his chances of coming home were slim.

It turns out Musgrove had been a focus of the Padres front office ever since their first playoff run in 14 seasons ended when they were swept by the Dodgers in the NL Division Series.

The memories and the place where my dream of being a professional baseball player really started was in San Diego, at Qualcomm and then at Petco, he said. To be back in my hometown representing the city I grew up in and where all my dreams started, its extremely special.

The Padres sent major league reliever David Bednar and three prospects outfielder Hudson Head, left-hander Omar Cruz and right-hander Drake Fellows to the rebuilding Pirates. The Padres sent left-hander Joey Lucchesi to New York, and the Pirates got catcher Endy Rodrguez from the Mets.

Musgrove joins a rotation that includes Darvish, Snell, Dinelson Lamet and Chris Paddack. The Padres are considering using a six-man rotation if the 2021 season returns to the normal 162 games.

Anchored by a star-studded infield with Fernando Tatis Jr. at shortstop and Manny Machado at third base, San Diego won a wild-card series against St. Louis before being swept by the Dodgers, who went on to win the World Series.

If you grew up in San Diego, Beat LA was a chant that was ingrained in you as a kid. Im excited to be a part of that rivalry, Musgrove said. His family once had season tickets and his favorite pitcher was Jake Peavy, who won the NL Cy Young Award in 2007.

The Padres needed to beef up their rotation after running out of starters in the playoffs and then losing Mike Clevinger to Tommy John surgery in mid-November. Clevinger and Lamet both came out of their final regular-season starts with arm injuries. Clevinger came back for the NLDS opener, but his injury forced him out in the second inning of a 5-1 loss. Lamet missed the playoffs entirely but the Padres say his offseason throwing program is progressing well.

Its all about getting pieces that fit and the right guys from a talent and makeup standpoint, general manager A.J. Preller said. I think with Joe being from San Diego, theres a motivation there, a guy that knows the city. Hes a Padres fan, he grew up here. From his standpoint, wanting to win for his hometown club, we viewed that as a positive.

Even after the three big trades, the Padres still have seven players listed on Baseball Americas top 100 prospects list, the most in the majors. They were able to hold on to top prospects MacKenzie Gore, a left-hander who could make his big league debut in 2021, and shortstop C.J. Abrams.

Musgrove, Pittsburghs opening day starter in 2020, went 1-5 with a 3.86 ERA in eight starts last season, striking out 55 in 39 2/3 innings. He avoided arbitration last week when he and the Pirates who had the worst record in the majors in the pandemic-shortened 2020 season agreed to a $4.45 million salary for 2021. He can become a free agent after the 2022 season.

Musgrove won a World Series ring with Houston in 2017 before being sent to the Pirates in the trade that sent Gerrit Cole to the Astros in January 2018. Musgrove was the winning pitcher in Game 5 of the World Series against the Dodgers.

He knows how high expectations are for the Padres, and said his expectations are even higher.

No championship would mean more than one for my own city, he said.

Besides the three big trades, the Padres also signed South Korean slugger Kim Ha-seong.

The team last year really vibed and had a great feel so I think when we made these moves we wanted to make sure we maintained that and add some guys who would complement and help that group and have a similar vibe, Preller said. Hopefully we have a team that can play deeper into October this year.

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Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in Alberta on Sunday, Jan. 3 – CBC.ca01.03.21

The latest:

Dr. Deena Hinshawtweetedthe latest estimated COVID-19 numbers on Sunday, saying there are roughly 400new cases of the virus in the province, based on 8,100tests, for a positivity rate of five per cent.

However, Hinshaw noted that fewer people were tested on New Year's Day, which means that fewer tests were processed and reported on Jan. 2.

Hinshaw's next live update is scheduled for Jan.5.

More than 100,000 Albertans have tested positive for COVID-19 over the course of the pandemic.

Hinshaw said earlier in the week that declining case numbers are in part due to fewer tests, and hospitalizations and the positivity rate have remained high.

As of Wednesday, there were921 people in hospital, including 152 in intensive care, and another 18 people haddied for a total of 1,046 deaths.

Click on the map below to zoom in or out on specific local geographic areas in Alberta and find out more about COVID-19 there:

Here isthedetailed regional breakdown of active cases as per the latest update on Wednesday.

Find out which neighbourhoods or communities have the most cases, how hard people of different ages have been hit, the ages of people in hospital, how Alberta compares to other provinces and more in: Here are the latest COVID-19 statistics for Alberta and what they mean

The total number of UCP MLAs confirmed to have left Canada for holiday vacations abroad increased to fiveon Saturday.

On Friday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney held a press conference and ordered MLAs not to leave the country unless it's for government business after news that Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard had travelled to Hawaii for vacation.

Allard apologized, calling the trip a "lapse in judgment."

CBC News then confirmed that Calgary-Klein MLA Jeremy Nixon was also in Hawaii over the holidays. It is not clear when he left or whether he has returned.

Calgary-Peigan MLA Tanya Fir said on social media Friday night that she had recently been to the United States visiting her sister. In a Facebook post, she said that she has since returned and will abide by the new travel directive.

Pat Rehn, the MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, posted a statement on Facebook Saturday confirming he is on his way back to Alberta from a trip to Mexico.

Jason Stephan, MLA for Red Deer-South, is also returning from a trip abroad, Kenney's press secretary Christine Myatt confirmed by email Saturday.

"MLA Stephan travelled to the United States and has indicated that he is returning to Alberta in line with the Premier's directive," she said.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Alberta government advises against non-essential travel on itstravel restrictions page.

Calgary-Signal Hill Conservative MP Ron Liepert travelled twice to Palm Desert, Calif.,since March, his office confirmed Saturday, so he could deal with "essential house maintenance issues."

Liepert, who was Alberta's health and wellness minister under Premier Ed Stelmach, owns a home in the city, which is located in the Coachella Valley.

A spokesperson in Liepert's office said Liepert has travelled twice since March, including during the current parliamentary recess.

"There has been no non-essential travel, and he has complied with all public health guidance, including the Alberta border testing program, each time he has travelled," the spokesperson said in an email.

The spokesperson did not immediately return a request from CBC News inquiring what specific maintenance Lieperthad to resolve at his Palm Desert home.

The first immunizations were distributed at Siksika First Nation on Friday after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrived on the reserve on Dec. 31.

The nation'sfirst dose went to its oldest resident, Virginia Medicine Traveller, 94, Siksika Health Services said on Facebook.

Health workers on the First Nation, which is about 100 kilometres east of Calgary, announced on New Year's Eve thatthey would beginimmunizing residents and staff at the Siksika Elders Lodge on Friday at 1 p.m.

The care facility for Siksika elderswas among those prioritized by the province to receive the vaccine as it provides continuing care for seniors.

"We are pleased to see that a safe and effective vaccine has been developed soquickly and made available to our most vulnerable nation members and their careproviders," Nioksskaistamik Ouray Crowfoot, chief of Siksika First Nation, was quoted as saying in a press release.

"Our health services continue to plan for a staged roll-out of additional vaccine to other priority groups in the near future."

Entrepreneurs in Edmonton have found a way to open new businessesduring the COVID-19 pandemic thousands ofthem despite the toll the pandemic has had on the economy and the restrictions faced in many industries.

A range of new businesses have opened since February, from tattoo studios to online marketing companies, as well as cafes and restaurants.

The City of Edmonton said it gave out 4,736 new business licenses between March 1 and Nov. 30 in 2020.

It's difficult to say whether all of these were first-time applicants, as the city doesn't collect that information, a spokesperson told CBC News in an email.

A totalof 23,462 business licensesin Edmonton, including renewals, were approved in the same timeframe.

Although food establishments make up a large number ofvisible new businesses in Edmonton, a range of industries had new startups.

How did things go so wrong, so quickly in Alberta? It's all aboutexponential growth, notes CBCinvestigative journalist Robson Fletcher.

Early on in 2020, Alberta was gettingaccustomed to looking across the country and feeling pride in itssuccessful pandemic response, but now the province finds itself in uncharted territory. After keeping the disease relatively at bay for months, deferred decisions late in the year led to an unprecedented amount of illness and death.

In the spring, the province boasted about itslow hospitalization rate, itsnation-leading testingand how it hadquadrupled its ranks of contact tracers.

Come winter, Albertahad thehighest hospitalization ratein the country andtest-positivity rates that were nearing 10 per cent. Thousands of people were told todo their own contact tracingafter the provincial system was overwhelmed.

Medical experts and mathematicianstried to sound the alarm nearlytwo months agoabout the trajectory the province was on. But the government was reluctant to impose new restrictions on Albertans' liberties and economic activity. It rebuffed repeated calls for stricter public-health measures for a time.

Meanwhile, the exponential growth continued unabated, with the number of new daily cases doubling every two to three weeks. Whether in response to the physicians' warnings, or the fact that new case numbers were approaching the psychological barrier of 2,000 per day, the government eventually did act.

But by that time, the hospitalizations and deaths the province is now experiencing had been essentially baked in. Daily case counts have mercifully started to ebb, but the glut of disease that built up weeks ago is still filling more hospital beds and claiming more lives than Alberta has seen at any other point in the pandemic.

Remembering some of the Albertanswho have been identified as killed by COVID-19:

More Canadian politicians travelling over the holidays have come under scrutiny for ignoring public health guidelines against COVID-19 that discourage non-essential travel, and oneToronto-based epidemiologist says they should be held to a higher standard.

Dr. Maria Sundaram, with the health-care research agency ICES, said while she normally doesn't endorse shaming people as a public health strategy, she believes politicians must be held to a higher standard, because their actions set an example for the public they serve.

"There are some leaders out there who are really practicing what they preach and that is really reassuring and really motivating," Sundaramtold The Canadian Press.

"Unfortunately, there are others who haven't quite adhered to the policies that they've espoused for others and that really damages trust and it really damages our ability to keep going."

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Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in Alberta on Sunday, Jan. 3 -

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