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‘Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist & Chyler Leigh Look Back on the Danvers Sisters and Ahead to the Finale – Idaho County Free Press04.22.21

When it comes to TV sisterhood, Supergirls Kara and Alex Danvers played affectionately by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh fly a little higher than the rest. Whether fighting side by side or drinking wine on Karas cozy couch, these two women are the heart of the CW hit. Now the action drama is kicking off a two-parter that explores the roots of their bond even more.

In Prom Night on April 27 and Prom Again! on May 4 (the second half was directed by Leigh), heroic Nia Nal/Dreamer (Nicole Maines) and the data-crunching Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) travel back in time to prom circa 2009. Their plan? To see if the teenage Danvers siblings (Izabela Vidovic as young Kara; Olivia Nikkanenas young Alex) hold the key to locating present-day Kara aka National Citys savior Supergirl within the Phantom Zone. Shes been trapped in that parallel dimension since the first episode of the sixth and final season, a storyline that fortuitously accommodated Benoists maternity leave. Leigh calls the throwback episodes an origin story of the Danvers sisters.

Here, the fan favorites behind the adopted alien from Krypton and her warrior sis prove that family is all just relative.

At what point during shooting the series did you begin to feel like sisters?

Chyler Leigh: It was pretty instantaneous. And it was a surprise, I think, for both of us to look at each other and go, Wait a minute. Im made for you!

Melissa Benoist: Our first couch scene [Season 1, Episode 3, Fight or Flight]. I threw a pillow at Chyler and thought she was going to catch it. It smacked her in the face and we couldnt stop laughing.

Leigh: The [couch scenes] are such special moments. It brings a reprieve from all the actionand theres so much of Mel and Chyler in there, I think that makes it even more special. I would say the vast majority of those scenes that we have done,its all improv by the end.

The CW

Alex has officially taken on her own super moniker, Sentinel, after a long journey as a lesbian field agent turned director of the secret agency the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) and, later, a vigilante. Melissa, how was it knowing Chyler would be joining the Arrowverses heroes to pick up the slack while you were on maternity leave?

Benoist: To me, Alex was always a superhero, so it only made sense that she got her suit and her Hand of the Soldier gauntlet [which transforms into any weapon she desires]. Like, its about time. And with David Harewood [Martian Manhunter] the three of us are the OGs from the very get-go its so solid that any of us can step out and the show is in good hands.

Leigh: Khakis and an Under Armour shirt [Alexs DEO uniform] will only help you survive for so long, you know?

Chyler, you were a mom first, and Melissa, you directed the show first. Did you two trade notes on either?

Benoist: Ive gotten to see what a wonderful mom Chyler isshes such a mama bear to us on the show. I learned by watching her.

Dean Buscher/The CW

Leigh: To see Mels eyes twinkle, I have no doubt shes going to be a phenomenal mom. From a directing standpoint, I had a much different experience [from Benoist]. Im not in [Prom Again!]. But I think we can both say we did a pretty damn good job.

The midseason finale airs May 11, and then youre on hiatus until summer. Whats in store for the Danvers sisters in the remaining 13 episodes?

Benoist: Oh, good question! [Laughs]

Leigh: Well, eventually Supergirl has to come out of the Phantom Zone, so maybe another Danvers couch scene is in order!

Is there a Danvers sisters tattoo yet?

Leigh: [Laughs] No, but weve talked about it!

Dean Buscher/The CW

Do you hear from fans or sisters who see themselves reflected in Kara and Alexs relationship?

Leigh: Oh, yeah. [Fans are excited to see] that you dont have to have sisters that are catty. These girls have each others back, and they fight to the death for each other, which has happened pretty much every season.

Have there been discussions about Kara flying off into the sunset as the show wraps up?

Benoist: The ending that was pitched I was really happy with. Of course, Im not going to give anything away, but I am very happy with the strength and the empowerment that comes with the way were ending the series for Kara.

Supergirl,Tuesdays, 9/8c, The CW

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'Supergirl's Melissa Benoist & Chyler Leigh Look Back on the Danvers Sisters and Ahead to the Finale - Idaho County Free Press

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Scientists Found the Oldest Known Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone – Gizmodo01.31.21

A grizzly bear roams near Yellowstone National Park.Photo: Jim Urquhart, File (AP)

Scientists found a 34-year-old grizzly bear in southwest Wyoming, identifying him by a mark on his lip made by biologists in 1989. Thats the oldest grizzly ever known in the Yellowstone region that includes parts of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Respect your elders.

Theres no telling if there are older grizzly bears currently roaming Yellowstone, since hundreds of the creatures are completely unmarked by scientists. But this one is by far the oldest one on whom there is scientific documentation.

Sadly, though, biologists had to put the bear down. He was captured last summer after he got caught preying on calves on nearby ranches. After euthanizing the creature last July, biologists found an identifying tattoo on its lip that read 168a mark given to the creature in 1989.

The bear was a male, which is notable, as female grizzlies generally live longer than males by a few years. One of the best known grizzlies in Yellowstone is bear 399, a 24-year-old female (who has her own Wikipedia page), while the oldest known grizzly mom reached 27.

G/O Media may get a commission

When caught, 168 had just three teeth left, and they were ground down to nubsa sure sign of old age, and an explanation for why the animal was going after easy prey like calves. He was also quite emaciated, weighing in at just 170 pounds (77 kilograms), which is nothing for a grizzly. When he was captured in the Shoshone National Forest in August 1991, records show he weighed 450 pounds (204 kilograms).

Yellowstone biologists consider grizzlies bodily health based on a 1-to-5 scale, with 1 being in the worst shape and 5 being the worst. When he was captured, 168 was rated a zero. Because of his failing physical condition, Fish and Wildlife Service biologists made the call to euthanize the animal last July instead of relocating him to a more remote part of Yellowstone.

It was sad that we had to put him down, but ethically there was nothing else that could be done, Dan Thompson, a biologist with Wyoming Game and Fish told the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Pour one out.

Researchers know quite a bit about the bear from past records. Grizzly 168 was first captured when he was three years oldthats when scientists gave him his identifying tattooand then captured again in Fremont County, Wyoming in spring 1996. Over the next year, he lost his radio collar, so scientists arent totally sure what he was up to, but DNA tests show that he likely fathered three kids in the mid-2000s, and may have had some more kids in later years when he was 23 and again when he was 31.

Conditions are hard for grizzlies, which makes 168's life all the more remarkable. There are only 1,800 grizzlies left in the contiguous U.S., including roughly 700 in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Thats just a small fraction of the 50,000 who roamed the land before Anglo-Americans colonized the West in the 1800s. The bears have faced pressure due to threats including hunting and habitat degradation. Climate change has increasingly played a role since the bears rely on seeds and berries for nutrition and fattening up for winter hibernation as well as reproduction season. Rising temperatures have increased the likelihood of droughts that can curtail fall seed crops. Research on Alberta grizzlies also found that certain berry crops could pop up earlier in the year, creating a whats called a phenological mismatch for bears need the nutrients the most.

Despite the risks, its not all bad news for grizzlies. The creatures numbers have been increasing since they were given federal protection in the 1970s, with the Yellowstone population rebounding from just over 100 in the 1970s. Fish and Wildlife Service removed Yellowstone grizzlies from the Endangered Species List in 2017, but they were placed back under the federal protections after a court ruling last year. So hopefully, 168's kids will have a shot at a bright future.

Correction, 1/26/21, 8:45a.m. ET: This post misidentified bear 399 as the previous oldest grizzly in the region and also said that she had passed away. Bear 399 is still around and kicking. In addition, she is 24 years old, not 27 years old. Apologies to bear 399's fans and bear 399, who doesnt look a day over 20.

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Scientists Found the Oldest Known Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone - Gizmodo

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Sing Along Forever: The Bouncing Souls Enter Their Fifties And FatherhoodTogether – Forbes12.14.20

The Bouncing Souls, 2020COURTESY OF THE ARTIST

Bryan Kienlen and his wife, Nicole, have a new routine. When they first wake up, they give bottles to their babies, Cora and Layla. And before taking on their daily tasks, they dedicate quality time for cuddling, crawling and playing.

All four of us have this really beautiful morning, 51-year-old Kienlen says. Its how I start every day. Its the coolest thing.

Twenty years ago, The Bouncing Souls bassist often spent his golden hour stumbling home from a night of partying in New York City, groggy and regretful as commuters drank coffee and made their way to work.

Bryan Kienlen walks on the boardwalk with his family. New Jersey, November, 2020

But decades removed from his period of downtown debauchery, the domesticated punk has found stability and serenity through his 30-year musical journey, as a successful tattoo shop owner and as a family man. He says being a father and giver is the greatest thing hes ever done.

You find how rewarding it is, Kienlen explains. Theres such a stark difference from being a band guy. When I was a young, single maniac writing songs and touringI didnt realize until I could see things from my current perspectivebut I was more self-centered. Everything revolved around me. Now, that stage of my life is over and Im here to serve and take care of my kids and my wife. And Im so happy with that. Its not all about me anymore, in a good way.

A lot has changed for The Bouncing Souls, the cult-followed New Jersey punk band which formed when Kienlen, vocalist Greg Attonito and guitarist Pete Steinkopf were high schoolers in Basking Ridge, NJ.

In the 90s, the band lived in chaos at a series of punk houses, each complete with a revolving door of ill-behaved 20-somethings, drunks and miscreants.

The Bouncing Souls, 2001 (Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns)

Today, Kienlen and Steinkopf have settled down in New Jersey, whereas Attonito set up shop in small-town Idaho. And miraculouslyas all three musicians have entered their fiftiestheyve all, almost simultaneously, become fathers.

But much has stayed the same, too. Last year, the band celebrated its 30th anniversary by touring North America and England, performing songs from the guys 10 full-length albums and newest EP Crucial Moments. Three of the four original members remain, save for the role of drummer. George Rebelo, from popular Florida rock band Hot Water Music, joined in 2013.

And 2020, with its own unique set of circumstances, has encouraged the Souls to appreciate the past while embracing the new in both their musical and personal lives.

In October, the band released Volume 2, a record of reimagined songs ranging from the groups newest single, appropriately titled World on Fire, back to fan-favorite Gone, from the 2001 album How I Spent My Summer Vacation. And on Saturday, December 12, the band will be hosting a livestream performance of the album in a digital concert called Live at Studio 4.

While the group didnt expect an internet broadcast to replace its annual Asbury Park Home For The Holidays residency, Volume 2 itself was born under precarious timing.

Bouncing Souls, Live At Studio 4, Saturday December 12, 8PM ET

Recorded in March during two one-week sessions in Philadelphia, the band completed the record just as America was blindsided by COVID-19. As time passed in the studio, the threat of the oncoming pandemic quickly went from negligible to worrisome.

When we first went in the studio, Id just heard the murmurings of coronavirus, 50-year-old Steinkopf says. I was like, What the f*** is that?

The second week was more intense, 50-year-old Attonito adds. The restaurant above the studio closed on our last day. The crazy thing about it was, we were having such a positive experience. We were joking about how we were spontaneously creating from our old songs that we love and the world simultaneously was cinching in with dark gloom. Those last couple of days, we didnt want to leave our bubble of happiness. We knew we were walking into this chaos of the unknown.

The Bouncing Souls with producer Will Yip, March 2020, Philadelphia

Even the week that things were getting really weird, we were hyper-focused and trying to stay off our phones, Steinkopf says. But every now and then, someone would be like, Did you see this!? What the f*** is happening?!

Despite the impending doom, the Souls found the studio sessions to be fruitful. The band was able to recompose classic tracks, breathing new and unexpected life into staples and providing previously underappreciated songs with a second chance.

Attonito was able to sing from a more mature and controlled vocal perspectiveleaving the guttural belting for the next fast-paced punk recordallowing him to put a new spin on songs hes chanted thousands of times.

Steinkopf was able to give a nod to the 80s tunes that inspire him, drawing energy from bands like The Cure, rather than focusing on a checklist of sing-a-longs and woah-oh-ohs.

The band was even able to squeeze in some silly instrumentation, using a cheesy 80s Casio keyboard and toy instruments on the song Hopeless Romantic. At Kienlens burning request, they even incorporated a french horn into Favorite Everything.

But as the recording sessions wrapped up, the band scrambled to make travel arrangements to get home to their families.

Everybody said goodbye, Kienlen says. And the world was never the same.

The guys returned to their homes in New Jersey, Idaho and Florida. They kept in touch, but were just as anxious as the rest of the country.

Steinkopf and Kienlen, Anchors Aweigh Tattoo Studio

Kienlen, like many other Americans, was forced to close his tattoo shop in Bradley Beach, NJ, Anchors Aweigh Tattoo Studio, for three months as the battle against COVID-19 took a stranglehold of the Northeast.

In the mountains 100 miles north of Boise, Attonitos small resort town felt seemingly unchanged at the onset of the pandemic. But in the red state of Idaho, many remained resistant to masks, even as a surge of tourists in RVs flooded the area and caused a spike of positive cases.

Early on, Attonito felt depressed that band-life was on hold. Eventually, he started becoming conscious of mask-wearing in his dreams. And Steinkopf began to realize how much he missed the things he used to take for granted.

Someone sent me a Souls show from a long time ago, Steinkopf says. I was watching it and I got real emo about it. Theres a lot of stuff I dont go out and do as much these days, and now Im like, Man, Im gonna go do everything when I can again!

But, in the meantime, the band adapted and found creative outlets to keep the spirit of the Souls alive. They started holding weekly Zoom meetings to catch up and launched the Can You Remember? podcast via Patreon, an endeavor they wouldnthave pursued otherwise.

And along with their new projects, the guys are beginning to see a tentative semblance of new normalcy. Steinkopf is back producing in the studio again and Kienlen is booked up with tattoo appointments well into 2021.

While the band is glad to feel productive and are eager to return to live music, they recognize what a unique opportunity the pandemic has offered them as new fathers.

Kienlen and his wife adopted their first baby, Cora, as a newborn in December of last year.

Bryan Kienlen with his wife, Nicole, and daughter, Cora December 2019

At the time, I had one new baby, whom I hadnt had the chance to bond with because we adopted, Kienlen explains. One day, you go from no baby to baby in your house, real fast. I still had touring through the end of the year and was booked out with [tattoo] appointments every other day that I wasnt on tour. We never had a paternal leave or hardly a maternal leave, either. It was pretty difficult. When the lockdown happened it was a blessing for us because we got to stay home with her and truly bond every day.

Then Kienlen went from having one baby to two babies just as quickly. In October, less than a year from Coras adoption, the couple was contacted with the opportunity to adopt a second child: a seven-month-old who they named Layla.

Kienlen and his daughter, Layla October 2020

We got that call on a Wednesday afternoon out of the blue, he explains. We picked her up that Friday. Talk about no time to plan! We scrambled to play catch-up a little. But I think were finally settling into a groove.

While the couple were definitely hoping to adopt a second child so Cora would have a sibling, they were pleasantly surprised by the timing.

We expected to wait a year or two, Kienlen says. Thats generally how long it takes. But Im glad that it happened this way because theyre gonna be in the same grade. It couldnt be better.

Attonito and Steinkopf have also enjoyed their time home with their children. At the end of their conference call interview with Forbes, Attonito was adorably approached by his son, asking to say hello to Uncie Pete.

If youre gonna be locked down in a pandemic, Attonito says. You may as well be in a period where your child is under two or three years old, the most valuable moments to be with them all the time. In that sense, the timing is pretty good for all of us.

Uncle Bryan & Lux 2019

Fortuitous timing is just one example of the kindred connection between the members of The Bouncing Souls. Not only did they all enter their fifties togetherAttonito and Steinkopf just days apartbut fatherhood, too.

Around three years ago, Attonito and his wife, Shanti, welcomed their baby boy, Ever. A few months later, Steinkopf and his wife, Keira, birthed their son, Lux.

Serendipitous is a good word, Kienlen says. It describes the entire existence of our band. None of us had brothers growing up. Maybe on some deep level we found each other and bonded into a family and stayed together for life as brothers.

Theyre already growing together as parents, too, both in their capacity to love and overcome their fears.

You could say a million things about having a child, Attonito says. But it pushes your capacity to look outside yourself and take care of someone. It pushes you to those limits in a way that, I dont think, you can possibly experience without having a child.

Greg Attonito with his wife, Shanti, and son, Ever

He continues: Im so glad I waited until I was in my late forties. The idea of having a child terrified me to no end. I felt like I would never be there for them. Id be on tour all the time, that would be the worst. I wouldnt be able to enjoy one or the other. Im so glad it worked out the way it did. The fact that were all sharing this at the same time has been super special.

I was always the most terrified to have a child, Steinkopf agrees. I dont know if it was the people I was with, my relationships or just being a selfish young guy. I wouldve been a s*** dad [laughs]. At this point in my life it just felt totally right. You spend your whole life being introspective and learning about yourself, but as soon as you have a kid, thats magnified by a thousand. You think about your past, how you dont want to impose stuff on your kid. Its heady, but your heart is so f***ing full all the time. The most frustrating day now is like the best day Ive ever had.

Shanti, Ever & Greg Attonito Pete, Lux & Keira Steinkopf

And the punks are embracing full-blown adulthood with sarcastic charm. Steinkopf insists hes never felt better, as he and the singer offer a collective tongue-in-cheek, F*** you, Im 50!

Its the same self-assured confidence that the band tapped into while reconstructing classic Souls songs. While many were picked fairly arbitrarily, the group did make an effort to develop tracks on the basis of lyrics they felt were overlooked.

Take Argyle, off the 1996 album Maniacal Laughter, which was written by Attonito, but admired by Kienlen for its words. While the singer calls it a personal song that was definitely written from the perspective of a mid-20s-year-old person, hes glad his bassist pushed to include it.

Another throwback featured on Volume 2, Say Anything, dates back to the bands 1997 self-titled record. The Bouncing Souls was released just as the bands collective lifestyle of punk house squalor came to a close.

Attonito, 1995 (Photo Steve Eichner)

Its well romanticized because it had moments of glory and moments of pure annoyance, Attonito says laughing. Theres a motivation there thats sortve unexplainable. Once you hit your forties, youre like, How did I hold up?

Steinkopf adds: Its just like chaos, but it was chaos in a way that we were so f***ing motivated to do everything. We were gonna print shirts. Do this, do thatall together. It was intoxicating.

Looking back, Attonito sees the era as a wave of energy and focus that propelled the band into a lifetime of performing. The first decade of insanity and perseverance allowed for an actual career in music.

Bryan Kienlen (L), Greg Attonito (R) of The Bouncing Souls, 1995, Wetlands in New York City (Photo ... [+] by Steve Eichner)

While most of The Bouncing Souls may have taken a step back from the craziness in 1997, it took Kienlen a few more years. As all the members moved to New York, then moved on, their bassist remained and kept the party going the longest.

While recording Volume 2, he was able to revisit three songs he wrote during a tumultuous time, a rough patch that served as the blueprint to the bands beloved 2003 release, Anchors Aweigh.

Highway Kings, Kids and Heroes, and Simple Man, all made the new recordand reignited feelings in the studio. They were also given a second chance musically.

Simple Man was written in a pretty dark place for me, Kienlen says. It was a prayer to the universe for simplicity back in the middle of what was a bit of a storm in my personal life. To revisit some of those lyrics, I felt more like the returning conqueror. Id survived. Now I can face these songs from a happier place.

But when Kienlen first penned many of the songs to Anchors Aweigh, he wasnt just experiencing love-life woes, but a major life turn.

A whole reality was ending basically, he says. It wasnt just a relationship, it was an entire reality that I had built around the relationship. It all just ended instantly and I was set free. But it was just me and my demons all of a sudden and no governing force.

The bassist describes it as the perfect storm of a single guy whos going through changes with nothing but time and cash in Manhattans Lower East Side. He went out and partied every night until the following day. Hed get going around 10:00PM, then leave bars and afterparties as the sun came up, feeling like a ghoul.

It was the darkest Ive ever felt, Kienlen explains. I was the most depressed Ive ever felt in my life. Then, the following night it would just start again. Any happiness was produced by substances and all the other shallow crap that goes with that life. Night after night. Youd get so high and so happy, but not really. Not real happiness. When you heard that first bird chirping, thats when you realized you f***ed up again.

Bryan Kienlen of The Bouncing Souls plays before several thousand at the Vans Warped Tour, 2001, ... [+] Ventura, CA (Photo by Carlos Chavez/Los Angeles Times)

He continues: And the things I was doing were definitely gonna get me killed. I was riding my motorcycle up the FDR [Parkway] going 120 miles per hourthat f***ing highin the middle of the night with whoever on the back that I couldve killed. It was just insane.

Kienlen frequently hosted afterparties at his own apartment, too. As clich as it sounds, he usually felt alone in a room full of people.

All the good stuff was gone, he explains. All my friends were just fellow ghoulsnightlife people. I felt pretty alone. Being apart from Greg and Pete during this was also part of the despair that I was feeling. Thats when I wrote Simple Manprobably about six in the morning on a park bench. Just one of those nights.

Bryan Kienlen, 2006 (Photo by John Shearer)

After 15 years of living in New York City, from squatting to a city-subsidized apartment in Alphabet City, Kienlen decided to abandon the F Train and return to New Jersey living.

Hed fallen out of love with his gentrifying neighborhood and was sick of his own behavior. He also mourned the loss of the Old New York punk scene he once so enjoyed. The days of brown-bagging beer on his BMX bike and bouncing from CBGBs to Coney Island High to The Continental were over.

For years, the Jersey-born transplant never imagined leaving New York City, but his Anchors Aweigh turning point was critical to an end-game he never imagined: a house, a wife, two kids, a dog and his own business. The albums cover, as always designed by Kienlen, is symbolic: a ship sailing off into the dark distance, marking the end of a chapter.

In that regard, its suitable that so many tracks from the album populate the ranks of Volume 2. The bands following release, The Gold Record, marked a new golden age for the Souls. The 2006 record also established that after years of noodling across the Hudson River, the bands homebase would forever be the Jersey Shore.

Greg Attonito crowd surfs at Bamboozle Left, 2008, Irvine, CA (Photo by Noel Vasquez)

Despite Attonitos choice to commute from the sticksand a drummer change or twothe rest, as they say, is Jersey history. It may be generational, but there are few acts that evoke an association to New Jersey quite like The Bouncing Souls.

Bruce Springsteen requires no explanation. Bon Jovi isnt far behind. The Misfits are, for some reason, inextricably connected to their hometown of Lodi. The New Brunswick boys in The Gaslight Anthem (with a co-sign from The Boss) have become hometown heroes. My Chemical Romance has immeasurably left its mark on the world, but somehow holds down its Garden State credibility.

But, for Gen X and Millennials, only The Bouncing Soulswith tracks as indicative as East Coast, F*** You! and the aptly-titled So Jerseycan conjure the feeling of the boardwalk under your feet, the smell of the Atlantic Ocean and the buzz of The Stone Pony.

The Bouncing Souls performs at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI, 2013 (Photo by Scott Legato)

In a year as uncertain as 2020, at least fans have the consistency and renewed spirit of The Bouncing Souls31 years into distract them, if only for a few minutes.

Call it nave, but we committed to doing this for our whole lives, Kienlen says. I guess we took that commitment seriously. But we didnt know what this meant, we didnt have a picture in our head. Im glad we made every decision from our hearts.

Luckily, his bandmates are equally as enthused.

It just gets better all the time, Steinkopf says. We have more fun as we get older. Were in such a cool place. Turning 50 and feeling that way, Im pretty f***ing stoked.

Attonito adds: Once you make it to 50, you can see the world and understand the value in having relationships that lasted this longwith each other and the audience. This is so incredible that we can do this. We love it. And because of the pandemic, when we get back, were all gonna appreciate things even more.

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