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At 74, this Kentucky woman finally fulfilled her dream of getting a tattoo – The Week Magazine11.13.21

When Rita Hopkins turned 70, she decided to get a tattoo. Four years later, with the assistance of a program at her senior living community called Living the Dream, she wasable to make it happen.

Living the Dream helps residents at the Lexington, Kentucky, facility fulfill items on their bucket lists it might be something like seeing a sporting event or taking a trip to a new place. In Hopkins' case, she told organizers her dream was to get a tattoo, and earlier this month she went to Tattoo Charlies with her daughter, Meg Phillips, to get inked.

Phillips told LEX 18 it was "surreal" being at a tattoo parlor with her mom, who declared getting a tattoo "not nearly as bad as going to the dentist." She chose to get an infinity sign with three small hearts to represent her grandchildren now living in Michigan. "I don't get to see them nearly as much as we did when they lived close by," Hopkins said. "So I'll always have this right here with me."

Phillips also got a tattoo the word "love" five times, each one traced from the signature of a family member and Hopkins told LEX 18 when she looks at her tattoo,"it'll be something I can always remember this moment with her and look at that and just think about the special relationship and bond that we do have."

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At 74, this Kentucky woman finally fulfilled her dream of getting a tattoo - The Week Magazine

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30 things to know about The Pyramid as the Memphis landmark turns 30 – Commercial Appeal11.13.21

With apologies to ESPN, here are 30 for 30: Thirty Pyramid facts to mark the 30th birthday of Memphis' Egyptian-shaped arena turned Bass Pro superstore,The Pyramid.

1. In a case of trying-too-hard, The Pyramid originally was going to be called "The Great American Pyramid." T-shirts featuringthat name above a drawing of the planned pyramid were distributed to members of the media. Some people made comparisons to the Great American Soup, a short-lived brand of canned condensed soup introduced by Heinz in 1970 in a failed attempt to compete with Campbell's.

2. At 321 feet in height, The Pyramid is said to be 32 stories tall. The slanted sides measure 591 feet.

3.The base is the size of 5.5 football fields.

4.The installation of 8,384 stainless steel panels that function as The Pyramid's "skin" began on Oct. 30, 1990. The panels cover 6.9 acres.

MEMPHIS TRIVIA QUIZ: Think you know everything about Memphis pop culture? Try to answer these questions

5. The cost: $65.5 million in public funds, and about $4.5 million in private funds.

6. Among the attractions planned for but never in fact developed forThe Pyramid: A Hard Rock Cafe. A College Football Hall of Fame. A Grammy museum. A Dick Clark American Music Awards Hall of Fame. A radio station to play Memphis music 14 hours a day. An aquarium ("AquariuMemphis"). A slanted elevator known as an"inclinator," to take visitors on a slow ascent up the exterior of the building to an observation point at the summit. Many of these ideas were promoted by Denver Nuggets owner turned Bluff City transplant and Pyramid manager, Sidney Shlenker.

7. Shlenker was ousted as Pyramid manager on June 17, 1991, just a few months after the ultimately unreliable native Louisiananhad been touted as "Memphian of the Year" on the cover of Memphis magazine. Shlenker's company filed bankruptcy in July, the same month most of The Pyramid was completed. Under terms of a court order, Shlenker was barred from entering the structure.

8. Astatue of the pharaoh Ramesses the Great stood in front of The Pyramid for some 20 years, untilit was moved to the Central Avenue side of the University of Memphis campus in 2012. The statue isfiberglass replica of a3,200-year-oldsculpturediscovered in 1820 in the ruins of ancient Memphis in Egypt.

9. The first public viewing of the Pyramid was held on Sept. 6, 1991. Visitors were restricted to the main floor.

10. The Pyramid opened more or less officially on Nov. 9, 1991, with a concert by mother-and-daughter country artists Naomi and WynonnaJudd.

UPCOMING CONCERTS IN MEMPHIS: What Memphis concerts are planned in November? Luke Combs, Millennium Tour and more

11. The Judds probably sounded fine, but The Pyramid's debut was less than auspicious: Before the country duotook the stage, an "announcement came over the public address system," reported a writer covering the opening forthe South Florida Sun Sentinel."It asked us all to refrain, for the time being, from using the restrooms because of flooding on the east side of The Pyramid... I could see firefighters in waterproof boots and coveralls pushing back small tides with wooden-handled squeegees." Or, as The Commercial Appeal headline reported: "Pyramid Visitors Gush; So Do Drains." Years later, a construction superintendentsaid that "atest to see if the Pyramid's plumbing could handle high-volume flushing was not done, but it should have been."

12. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played The Pyramid on their so-called "Reunion" tour on March 18, 2000. According to the concert website, the pre-sound check included a Memphicentric Springsteen original titled "I'm Turning into Elvis" that the Boss did not perform during the actual show. Too bad: To date, the last time Springsteen has played that song for the public was during his Nov. 19, 1996, solo show inMemphis, at the Auditorium North Hall. Also, to date, the last time Springsteen played Memphis was that Pyramid show.

13. The "World's Greatest Rap Show Ever" tour lived up its name: Thelineup that rolled into The Pyramid on Dec. 30, 1991, included Public Enemy, the Geto Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Kid 'n Play, Oaktown 3-5-7, the Leaders of the New School and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (the "Fresh Prince," of course, being TV star and future blockbuster movie actor Will Smith). However, only about 5,000 fans attended, making it"by far the smallest Pyramid concert to date," according to The Commercial Appeal, which blamed the low turnout on high prices: Tickets were $23 each.

ELVIS IN MEMPHIS: Elvis Costello returns to deliver a new record and launch a tour at Graceland

14.Prince played The Pyramid in 1997, 2000 and 2004. During that last show, he injected some Memphis Stax soul into his Minneapolis Paisley Park funk with a cover of the 1966 Eddie Floyd classic "Knock on Wood."

15. Making its first Memphis appearance since a Mid-South Coliseum show in 1970, the Grateful Dead occupied The Pyramid for two nights, April 1 and 2, 1995. Meanwhile, an itinerant caravan of "Deadhead" fans and vendors occupied much of the adjacent Pinch District for the weekend, selling tie-dyed wares andrainbow "dancing bear" stickers, or hoisting a finger in the air to signify the need for a "miracle" (a ticket to the show).

16. The starin the private boxwasbigger than the stars on the stage when Michael Jackson joined his then-spouse Lisa Marie Presley and Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla Presley, for an Oct. 10, 1994, musical extravaganza titled"Elvis Aaron Presley: The Tribute."According to The Commercial Appeal, "a sellout crowd of 17,000 watched performers such as Aaron Neville, Tony Bennett, Iggy Pop, Marty Stuart, Sammy Hagar, Dwight Yoakam, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis sing their favorite Elvis songs. The show also was broadcast on a pay-per-view basis on cable television."

ELVIS WEEK 2021: Priscilla Presley returns to Elvis Week, discusses Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic, animated Netflix series

17. Not every Pyramid entertainment act featured an electric guitar or scratch turntable. On Sept. 25, 1999, Moscow's two-century-oldBolshoi Ballet came to the arena, accompanied by an 11-piece chamber orchestra. Complaining about "craning my neck," The Commercial Appeal's reviewer carpedthat The Pyramid felt more like a sportsarenathan an arts venue, "particularly when some folks clomped up past me with their snacks and drinks."

18. The Vancouver-no-more Grizzlies occupied The Pyramid for their first three seasons in Memphis. The team played its first game here on Nov. 1, 2001, in a 90-80 lossto the Detroit Pistons. The Grizzlies starting lineup consisted of Shane Battier, Michael Dickerson, Stromile Swift, Jason Williams and former University of Memphis standout Lorenzen Wright.

19. In that game, rookie Pau Gasol scored four points and collected four rebounds. He went on to be named that season's NBA Rookie of the Year.

20. The University of Memphis Tigers played men's basketball at The Pyramid from 1991 to 2004. The tenure marked the conclusion of Larry Finch's coaching career, the entirety of Penny Hardaway's career as a college player, and the start of John Calipari's run as Tigers coach.

SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: At Larry Finch Plaza, Memphis basketball's past glory embraces the potential of the present | Giannotto

21. "Bob Huggins" and "Cincinnati": Words often synonymous with "misery" for Tigers fans. In 1993, the (now defunct) Great Midwest Conference held its men's basketball tournament at The Pyramid, and Huggins' Bearcats defeated Finch's Tigers 77-72 in the final. It was the second of three years in a row when the conference final would pit Memphis against Cincinnati, with Cincy coming out on top each time.

22.In a coup for the arena, the 1994 and 1997 SEC men's basketball tournaments were held at The Pyramid. The winning team both years was the Rick Pitino-coached Kentucky Wildcats.

23.Locally, at least, the June 8, 2002, heavyweight boxing match between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson is remembered more for itsaccompanying celebrity-studded circus atmosphere than its outcome. So what did happen? This: Lewis was declared the winner by a knockout,after Tyson did not attempt to regain his feet after being slugged to the canvas for the second time in the eighth round.

24. A "National Affairs Briefing" hosted by Memphis-based "religious right" leader Ed McAteer brought what The Commercial Appeal described as a "lower-than-expected turnout" of about 4,000 conservative Christians to The Pyramid in January 1996. Among the speakers were Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell and Republican presidential candidates Pat Buchanan andPhil Gramm.

25. Among the uses for The Pyramid in the interregnum between entertainment arena and outdoors store: a movie facility. In 2005, director Craig Brewer converted the arena into a makeshift casting office for his feature film "Black Snake Moan"; some 1,400 hopefuls stood in long lines to apply for a role in the film. Production also took place in The Pyramid; on the arena floor, Brewer constructed a cabin set, complete with soon to be infamousradiator (the radiator to which blues singer Samuel L. Jackson would chain "nympho" Christina Ricci).

MEMPHIS IN MAY 2022: Memphis in May announces 2022 site for Beale Street Music Festival, barbecue contest

26. In the mid-1990s, the Memphis in May International Festival tried to broaden its slate of events beyond barbecue and "Beale Street" by organizing an annual "Tattoo," a variety show extravaganza of militarybands, bagpipers dancers and more, showcasing the culture of the year's "honored" country. For example, in 1994, when Memphis in May's honored country was the Ivory Coast, elephants were marched through The Pyramid, accompanied by stilt-walkers, African dancers and "more than 300 Memphis school children... wearing African-style clothing." An expensive and time-consuming endeavor, theTattoo was droppedafter its secondyear.

BEST VIEWS IN MEMPHIS: A bar with a view: 5 Memphis spots to enjoy a cocktail and the Mighty Mississippi

27. The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid hostedits grand opening on April 29, 2015.

28. The Bass Pro Pyramid is home to Big Cypress Lodge, which contains 105 rooms "unique spaces," according to Bass Pro, that "offer the rustic elegance of a charming mountain resort but are perched inside one of the most well-known structures in the U.S."

29. Also inside Bass Pro: the second-floor Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, a 4,600-square-footspace that functions as history lesson and folk art gallery, showcasing hand-carvedduck decoys and other "waterfowling" items, from the colonial era to the present.

30.The last big show at The Pyramid took place on Feb. 3, 2007: Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band. Appropriately, Seger ended his encore with "Rock & Roll Never Forgets."

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30 things to know about The Pyramid as the Memphis landmark turns 30 - Commercial Appeal

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Kind gestures to stay warm, an unlikely flat tire angel, and one cool grandma: It’s All Good News – WKYC.com11.13.21

CLEVELAND We're here to put a smile on your face, a pep in your step, and a reason for you to have a positive outlook for the week! Welcome to It's All Good News- the show where we only share your good news!

We start this week with a story sure to warm your heart- as it warms hundreds across Northeast Ohio! A local non-profit is handing out "winter necessity" bags to the homeless. Not only did they keep people warm- they surpassed their goal of total bags to pass out.

Now- who else hates getting a flat tire? It's quite possibly one of the biggest headaches to deal with on the fly. But one family's sorrow quickly turned to smiles when an unlikely flat-tire angel saved the day! None other than country star Luke Bryant showed up just in time to change their tire. You have to see how this all went down.

The World Series certainly made you happy if you were an Atlanta Braves fan last week. But lets take that to the next level. We have two stories of how two families scored tickets to watch the history unfold! Find out how the power of social media helped a father-daughter and mom-and-son duo get free tickets!

And lastly- when a Kentucky nursing home introduced a program to allow its residents to cross things off their bucket lists- one grandma took everyone by surprise! Instead of taking a trip, or going to a sporting event, Rita Hopkins went under the pen! That's right- Rita got a tattoo at the age of 74-years-old. And you'll have to hear from her on why this may not be the last one!

We want you to share your good news with us, so that we can share it with the world! It can be something major -- like being reunited with a family member you haven't seen in a long time, or something small, like a random act of kindness. Whatever it is, we want to hear it. Email us at, post it on social media using #GoodNewsCLE, or watch the video below to see how to upload it with pictures and video using the 3News app.

Follow this link:

Kind gestures to stay warm, an unlikely flat tire angel, and one cool grandma: It's All Good News -

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The Winners Of The 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards Are Here – Louisville Eccentric Observer10.20.21

Its back. The highlight of awards season. The most cutthroat competition in the land. The most anticipated listicle of the year. No, were just joking around Readers Choice is just about fun and highlighting local people, places and businesses. And, in a time where theres been a lot of struggle and setbacks, we hope that this issue helps drive spending to new places, pumping money into the local economy. So, scan through how your fellow readers voted, but mostly use this list to make plans. Find a new favorite spot, artist, album or dozens of other possibilities. Then open up your wallet and spend some money.

Best Body Piercing1. Tattoo Charlies2. Twisted Images3. Artfully Insane

Best Brow/Lashes Studio1. Dollface2. Clique3. Body & Brow Boutique

Best Barbershop1. Derby City Chop Shop2. Handsome Fellows3. Gentlemans Cut

Best Day Spa1. CaloSpa2. Weightless Float Center3. Lou Well Spa

Best Hair Salon1. Under the Dryer2. Trim NuLu3. Teaz Salon

Best Nail Salon1. American Nails2. Nail Box3. Majestic Nails

Best Tanning Studio1. Sun Tan City2. Clique3. The Glow Mother

Best Tattoo Studio1. Tattoo Charlies2. Mama Tried3. Hornets Nest

Best Tattoo Artist1. Boomer Johnston, Hornets Nest2. Lyndi Lou, Mama Tried3. Travis King, Prophecy Ink

Best Waxing Studio1. Clique2. European Wax Center3. Jeeka Does It

Best Art Gallery (That Is Not A Museum)1. Tim Faulkner Gallery2. B. Deemer3. Revelry Boutique Gallery

Best Local Album in 20201. Carly Johnson Carly Johnson2. Prodigy Tha Kid 100503. Dystorchestra Dues Ex Machina, Pt. 1

Best Local Song in 20201. Prodigy Tha Kid Modelo2. Faif Fallen Tears3. Jameron Venture

Best Band/Musician Performing Original Music1. Piper Madison 2. Electric Garden3. Prodigy Tha Kid

Best Cover Band1. Most Wanted 2. The Rumors3. The Juice Box Heroes

Best Local Comedian1. Austin Baker 2. Mandee McKelvey3. Mack Dryden

Best Place to See Comedy1. Planet of the Tapes2. The Caravan Comedy Club3. The Bards Town

Best Drag Performer1. Aubrey Jae 2. Umi Naughty3. Gilda Wabbit

Best Karaoke Bar1. NoraeBar2. Akikos Karaoke Club3. The Merryweather

Best Live Music Venue1. Headliners Music Hall2. The Louisville Palace3. Zanzabar

Best Live Theater Venue1. Actors Theatre of Louisville2. Kentucky Performing Arts3. Derby Dinner

Best Improv Troupe1. Louisville Improvisors 2. The Indicators3. The Hystericals

Best Movie Theater1. Baxter Avenue Theatres Filmworks2. Xscape Theatres 3. Cinemark Tinseltown

Best Museum (That Is Not A Gallery)1. Speed Art Museum2. Frazier History Museum3. KMAC Museum

Best Outdoor Art Show1. St. James Court Art Show2. Cherokee Triangle Art Fair3. UnFair

Best Performing Arts Group1. Kentucky Shakespeare2. Louisville Orchestra3. Chicken Coop Theatre Co.

Best Photographer1. Jon Cherry2. Andrew Kung3. Destiny Robb

Best Theater Production (between September and March 2020)1. The Wizard of Oz Act Louisville2. Grey Gardens Chicken Coop Theatre Co.3. Shakespeare in the Park

Best Videographer1. Kyle Gordon, Best Dad Media2. Jesse See Tai3. Louisville Bluegrass Photography

Best Visual Artist1. John Brooks2. Guinever Smith3. Teri Dryden

Best Cycling Studio1. CycleBar Middletown2. The Jewish Community Center3. CycleBar St. Matthews

Best Dentist1. Mortenson Family Dental2. Davis Dental3. Anthony M. Zangari

Best Doctor1. Dr. Clayton Smith UofL Physicians2. Dr. Katherine Dotson Norton Health3. Dr. Terry Weiss Baptist Health

Best Gym/Fitness Club1. Derby City Crossfit2. Title Boxing Club3. Orangetheory

Best Massage1. Massage on Mellwood2. Derby City Massage3. Sea of Tranquility

Best Mental Health Provider1. Bridge Counseling and Wellness2. Behavioral Wellness Clinic3. Kevin Snellen

Best Personal Trainers1. Orangetheory Highlands2. Title Boxing Club3. Body Sculptors

Best Pilates Studio1. Lowber Pilates2. Studio Pilates3. Wild & Woolly Pilates

Best Place To Buy CBD Products1. 502 Hemp2. One Love Hemp Dispensary3. 7 Leaf

Best Place To Buy Edibles1. One Love Hemp Dispensary2. 502 Hemp3. 7 Leaf

Best CDB Oil1. Bickett and Boone Cornbread Mafia2. 502 Hemp3. Essentially Hemp

Best Yoga Studio1. Bend and Zen Hot Yoga2. YogaSt83. 502 Power Yoga

Best Yoga Teacher1. Meredith Conroy Bend and Zen Hot Yoga2. Abica Dubay Yogast83. Carrie Irwin Bwnd and Zen Hot Yoga

Best Apartment Complex1. Amp Apartments2. Germantown Mill Lofts3. Main & Clay

Best Place For An Event/Party1. Mellwood Art Center2. PG&Js Dog Park Bar3. Speed Art Museum

Best Farmers Market1. Douglass Loop2. St. Matthews3. Bardstown Road

Best Flea Market1. Fleur de Flea2. Flea Off Market3. Birdie & Vis Fleatique

Best Reuse Of A Historic Building1. Angels Envy2. Noche Mexican BBQ3. Colonial Gardens

Best Place For Free Entertainment1. Waterfront Park/Waterfront Wednesdays2. Kentucky Shakespeare at Central Park3. Planet of the Tapes

Best Neighborhood1. The Highlands2. Clifton3. Germantown

Best Park1. Cherokee Park2. The Parklands of Floyds Fork3. Iroquois Park

Best Place To Take your Dog1. PG&Js Dog Park Bar2. Cherokee Park3. The Parklands Dog Park

Best Place To Take Kids In The Summer1. Louisville Zoo2. The Jewish Community Center3. Kentucky Kingdom

Best Place To Swim1. Lakeside Swim Club2. The Jewish Community Center3. Turners

Best Place To Play Soccer1. Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex2. Lynn Family Stadium3. Seneca Park

Best Senior Living Community1. Masonic Home2. Atria3. Episcopal Church Home

Best Adult/Erotic Store1. Cirillas2. Love Boutique3. Adam & Eve

Best Antique Store1. Middletown Peddlers Mall2. Fleur de Flea3. Mellwood Antiques & Interiors

Best Bicycle Shop1. Parkside Bikes2. Schellers Fitness & Cycling3. Middletown Cycling

Best Chocolate/Candy Shop1. Muths Candies2. Sweet Spot3. Art Eatables

Best Car Dealer1. Neil Huffman Automotive Group2. Oxmoor Auto Group3. Bob Hook

Best Womens Clothing Boutique1. Dot Fox Clothing Culture2. Electric Indigo3. Work the Metal

Best Mens Clothing Boutique1. Him Gentlemans Boutique2. The Capsule3. Evolve

Best Comic Book Shop1. Pops2. The Great Escape3. Heroes Comics and Gaming

Best Consignment Shop1. Sassy Fox2. Fat Rabbit3. Margarets Fine Consignments

Best Furniture Store1. Bliss Home2. Molly Monkey Kids3. Green Collar Studio

Best Instrument Shop1. Doo Wop Shop2. Guitar Emporium3. Moms Music

Best Jewelry Story1. Koerbers Fine Jewelry2. Davis Jewelers3. Lackadazee

Best Liquor Store1. Old Town Wine & Spirits2. Total Wine & More3. Westport Whiskey & Wine

Best Store for Bourbon1. Westport Whiskey & Wine2. Old Town Wine & Spirits3. Total Wine & More

Best Local Bookstore1. Carmichaels Bookstore2. Half Price Books3. Barnes & Noble

Best Local Hardware Store1. Oscars Hardware2. Keiths Hardware3. Brownsboro Hardware

Best Local Health Food Store1. Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets2. Whole Foods3. Seeds & Greens

Best Local Record Store1. Guestroom Records2. Better Days Records3. Matt Anthonys Record Shop

Best Local Wine Shop1. The Wine Rack2. Total Wine & More3. Old Town Wine & Spirits

Best New Store/Business1. Birdie & Vis Fleatique2. The Capsule3. Petals

Best Outdoor Sporting Goods Store1. Quest Outdoors2. Dicks Sporting Goods3. Cabelas

Best Pet Shop1. Feeders Supply2. Sandys Pet Shop3. Bourbon City Barkery

Best Skate Shop1. Home Skateshop2. Tiny Sk8Shop Riot Skate Park3. Asylum Xtreme

Best Head Shop1. Electric Ladyland2. Puff Puff Pass3. Trippys Smoke Shop

Best Tobacco Store1. Coxs Smokers Outlet2. J Shepherd3. Kremers Smoke Shop

Best Place To Buy A Plant1. Forage2. Mahonia3. Petals

Best Place To Buy Vape Products1. One Love Hemp Dispensary2. 502 Hemp3. Vapor Lab

Best Vintage Clothing Store1. The Nitty Gritty2. The Capsule3. Fat Rabbit

Best Place To Buy A Unique Gift1. Work the Metal2. LOUaBULL3. Revelry

Best Advertising Agency1. An Agency2. Mightily3. Think Tank

Best Local Bank1. Republic Bank2. Citizens Union Bank3. Stock Yards Bank And Trust

Best Credit Union1. Park Community Credit Union2. L&N Federal Credit Union3. Commonwealth Credit Union

Best Dry Cleaner1. Highland Cleaners2. Nu-Yale Cleaners3. Evergreen

Best Grocery Store1. Kroger2. Trader Joes3. ValuMarket

Best Hotel1. 21c Museum Hotel2. Omni Louisville Hotel3. Hotel Distil

Best Interior Designer1. Barry Wooley2. Reflections of You By Amy3. Leslie Lewis & Assoc.

Best Lawyer1. Hessig & Pohl2. Nick Neumann3. Reczek Law Office

Best Local Pet Grooming1. Bark Avenue2. The Groom Room3. Pawsitively Dogs Grooming

Best Mechanic1. Gates Automotive Service2. Tachyon Performance3. Reece Service Center

Best Place To Take Music Lessons1. Kentucky Arts Academy2. Moms3. Doo Wop Shop

Best PR Firm1. Debra Locker Group2. Pro Communications3. C2 Communications

Best Travel Agency1. Mint Julep Tours2. Vacation Experts3. My World Travel

Best Roofer1. Highland Roofing2. Ray Nolan3. Bone Dry

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The Winners Of The 2021 Readers' Choice Awards Are Here - Louisville Eccentric Observer

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Tattoo Charlie’s of Kentucky10.08.21

Each year in the fall we host our Tattoos Against Cancer benefit. Over the last 9 years of events we have raised over $73,000 for Meghan's Mountain, a local charity that supports quality of life issues for children dealing with cancer. Over the last few years Camp Quality, Indian Summer Camp, and the children at Norton Children's Hospital going through cancer treatment.

Sadly, In January of 2016 Meghan lost her battle with cancer. Her legacy of helping others will live on through her foundation and all of those whose lives she touched.

It takes a lot of work and effort to put this event on each year and we love every minute of it. The artists here all donate their time and skill for the day, the business donates all of the supplies, and you all donate your money all for a wonderful cause. It is an honor to be able to give back to our community in such a meaningful way.

Each year we work to make our event better than the previous one, keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details as fall rolls around each year!

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Tattoo Charlie's of Kentucky

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Exchanging their vows in permanent ink – The Philadelphia Inquirer08.09.21

Katharine Katie Walston & Matthew Fred Frederick

June 19, 2021, in Norristown

Katies head and heart were firmly in her rugby match, but that didnt keep her eyes from noticing the handsome, tattooed man standing next to her assistant coach on the sidelines. Oh. My. God! That is my kinda man! she told her teammate between plays. Then the fly half returned to her role in the West Chester Golden Rams 2013 defeat of the Kutztown Golden Bears.

Fred, the tattooed man on the sideline, had noticed Katie, too begrudgingly. He was a flanker for the Kutztown mens team. Katies assistant coach, Jamie, had been his teammate and roommate until heading to West Chester for grad school and this coaching gig. Fred and some other Kutztown guys had hoped to revel in their friends defeat, so this standout West Chester player did not please him.

After their victory, Katie and some teammates invited Coach Jamie and his Kutztown friends over for pizza and beer, which is when Fred noticed Katie in the same way she had noticed him. We got to talking, and there was definitely a connection, he said. There was also smooching.

Neither expected to see the other again but they exchanged contact information anyway. One text led to another, and then to a couple of visits at her school or his. They kept it casual. We were one and a half hours apart, and we both wanted to live the college life, Katie explained.

In early 2014, she invited Fred to her teams annual fancy date party. He got to be around the whole team, and the fact that he didnt run after that, I thought this could be something, Katie said.

That March, Fred asked her to be his girlfriend. We work really well together, he said. Shes extremely high strung and very nervous about everything, where Im extremely laid-back and casual. She takes care of a lot of detail-oriented stuff, and I keep her grounded.

After graduating with a history degree in June, Fred moved home to Allentown, and took a job with a shipping company. Katie, who grew up in Kennett Square, graduated with her ecology degree a year later and became a limnologist a scientist who studies inland fresh water systems for Princeton Hydro. The couple got an apartment together midway, in Easton, where they lived until 2019, when Fred became a union pile driver with Local 474 in Philadelphia, and they and dog Molson moved to Souderton.

Both Katie, who is now 28, and Fred, now 30, play for the Doylestown Rugby Club, which fields mens and womens teams. Playing such a high-contact sport, it is really nice having someone who understands what you go through and why, said Katie. They head to practice together during the week, then we have Saturday games and so on Sunday, we are dead tired and so sore and just need to chill.

When not on the field, they usually hang out with friends, grill on their deck, or watch TV. They love occasional travel, especially when rugby is involved, as was the plan in October 2019 when they scheduled a trip to Japan centered around the Rugby World Cup.

We had been planning this vacation for a year and a half. Then, days before we are supposed to go, we find out there is going to be a typhoon. Im now, of course, panicking, said Katie. To be clear: She was panicking that their flight would be canceled.

Fred remained calm. Theres nothing you can do about the weather, he said. Their flight was a go, but the first game they planned to see was canceled. From our hotel, you could see these huge waves on the bay, but then it passed, and we got to see Japan and Scotland play the next day, said Katie. Japan won, making it into the playoffs for the first time. In that jubilant atmosphere, the couple embarked on a weeklong bus tour of the country.

Our tour guide had mentioned that a lot of times, you are not able to see the top of Mount Fuji, but when we went up there, it was perfectly clear and gorgeous, Fred said. He had been carrying a ring everywhere, waiting for the right time, and this was sure hard to beat: Not only could they see the top of the mountain, but they were mostly alone even the usual crowd of curious Japanese schoolkids who gathered to take photos of the big American guy with all the tattoos had dissipated.

Fred knelt and asked Katie to spend the rest of her life with him.

Katie loves tattoos as much Fred does. Their life stories are written in the ink, and they now have several matching or complementary images: Both have the Doylestown Rugby logo, both have tattoos of Mount Fuji marking their engagement, and both decided to forgo a metal wedding band for a ring finger tattoo instead. Several months before the wedding, they visited a tattoo artist who penned a nautical star matching Freds first tattoo on Katies finger, and a rose matching a tattoo of Katies on Freds.

On June 19, 2021, the couple exchanged vows on the observation deck in front of the bald eagles at the Elmwood Park Zoo. The ceremony, personalized with the couples love story, was led by Freds best friend, Alex, who was ordained online and flew in from California to do the honors. He killed it, said Fred. He was dead set on making us cry, and the whole place was crying, said Katie.

After the ceremony, the bride, groom, and their 72 guests got a chance to feed the giraffes. They shared cocktail hour with the jaguars. The couple wanted an outdoor wedding, but neither one of us are country club people, said Fred. This had an entirely different feeling, and plus, it was very quickly apparent that it was going to make Katie really happy.

Happy she was, especially when the days rain dried up. If there had been any thunder, we would have had to move inside, and we would not have been able to feed the giraffes, for their safety, she said. As the couple walked into their indoor reception, the skies opened in a downpour.

The day-of wondering about the weather was not nearly as stressful as wondering what COVID-19 might mean for their wedding plans, the couple said. One of my oldest friends, who I grew up next to, now lives in Germany, said Katie. One and a half or two months before the wedding, she called and said, I dont think we can do it. But then three weeks before at 6 a.m. she called and said, Were vaccinated and we can come!

It was nice to be able to have all of our family and friends including those from California, Germany, and Kentucky in the same spot, said Fred. It had been a long, long time.

Katie and Fred are planning and saving for a 2023 honeymoon coinciding with the next Rugby World Cup. We have our tickets already for the semifinal in Paris, Katie said.

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Exchanging their vows in permanent ink - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Suspect considered armed and dangerous could be headed to Kentucky – ABC 36 News – WTVQ08.09.21

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (WTVQ) A man wanted in connection to a string of armed robberies in Ohio is on the run from police and could be headed to Kentucky or Tennessee, according to West Chester Police in Ohio.

Investigators say based on numerous tips, 20-year old Corey Bates is likely driving south on I-75. He has a felony warrant for aggravated robbery, according to police. They say the string of armed robberies occurred at gas stations on and around July 30, 2021.

Police say Bates is believed to be carrying a black handgun. He is 61 and 200-pounds with a neck tattoo of a broken heart stitched together.

Police say hes traveling with 23-year old Thomas Walters, who is 510 and 120-pounds.

Investigators say anyone who comes in contact with Bates should use extreme caution and contact 911 immediately.

Tips can also be given to the West Chester Police Department at 513-777-2231.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously online through the WCPD anonymous tipline

Tom Kenny joined ABC 36 News in June of 2001 as a General Assignment Reporter. A native of Peoria, Illinois, he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Western Illinois University. He currently anchors ABC 36 News at 5pm, 6pm and 11pm.Tom has more than three decades of experience in broadcast journalism. He is the only broadcast journalist in Lexington television history to be honored with a national Edward R. Murrow Award. Tom was recognized for reporting on a story that gave a rare glimpse inside the secretive world of the Federal Witness Protection Program. He has won an Emmy Award for anchoring and another for investigative reporting, exposing the deceit and potential danger of online diploma mills.Tom has ten other Emmy nominations to his credit for investigative and feature reporting. He has won Associated Press Awards for reporting and anchoring. He has won two Addy Awards for excellence in promotional writing. Tom was the first broadcast journalist in Lexington TV history to be awarded the Silver Circle Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. It is one of the highest honors given by NATAS. It recognizes television professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry for 25-years or more. Tom was honored for more than his longevity, he was recognized for making an enduring contribution to the vitality of the television industry and for setting high standards of achievement. He was also recognized for giving back to the community as a mentor, educator and volunteer. Tom also has network broadcast experience in radio and television having worked as a sports reporter for ESPN, Sportschannel, NBC Sports and the Breeders Cup. He was also the studio host and halftime producer for CBS Radio Sports College Football Game of the Week and covered the NFL for One-On-One Radio Sports.Prior to joining WTVQ-TV, Tom was Vice-President of the Houston Astros Minor League baseball team in Lexington. He was part of the original management team that brought professional baseball back to the Bluegrass after a nearly 50-year absence.Tom has lived in Lexington since 1984. In that time, he has been heavily involved with dozens of charity and civic groups, with a special emphasis on helping Veterans. He can be reached at You can also follow Tom on Facebook and Twitter @TomKennyNews. Just click on the links at the top of the page.


Suspect considered armed and dangerous could be headed to Kentucky - ABC 36 News - WTVQ

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Leslie Jordan Dishes on His Drug Years, Getting Shot with a Crossbow, and the One Person He Hated Working With – LA Magazine06.29.21

When the inevitable COVID-19 nostalgia begins, right atop of the list of plague silver linings will be Leslie Jordans star turn, how he went into 2020 as 65-year-old veteran TV character actor and emerged as a bona fide Instagram star, amassing over 5 million followers who tuned in for his quarantine kvetching, singing, dancing, and occasional breakfast time porn watching. The year 2021 is shaping up to be a similarly auspicious with the release of his new memoir How YAll Doing and the recent second season pickup of his Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat, in which he stars alongside Mayim Bialik as a sprightly barista in a Louisville, Kentucky, cat caf.

Here, in this excerpt from a special Pride Month episode of Los Angeless podcast The Originals, Jordan reveals to host Andrew Goldman why he hates Star Trek but loves William Shatner, admits his lifelong battle with homophobia, and explains why Joan Collins wants him to just please shut up.

In your new book, How YAll Doing, you recount how you went from being a middle-aged, somewhat anonymous working actor to an Instagram celebrity during COVID. I wonder, becoming famous at the age that youre at, do you feel like you are more well-adjusted and ready for the adulation. Or is it possible that you could become a huge diva?

No, I dont think that could happen. First of all, Ive got a wonderful support system in my family, mama and the twins, my twin sisters, and they have this amazing life in Tennessee. I go home and I want to tell them about things that are going on in Hollywood, and they could care less. I couldnt possibly become a diva. The minute I start acting like a diva theyd just go, Shut up.

Your dad was in the military and died in a plane crash when you were only 11. Your father certainly knew you were a little effeminate, but do you think he knew you were gay?

This was the 60s so I mean, I think it was more along the lines of, Is he going to be like Liberace? Is he going to end up like Paul Lynde? What a terrible time to lose your dad. I was haunted with the feeling that perhaps Id been somewhat of a disappointment, because I wasnt good at sports. I mentioned that many years later to my mother and you wouldve thought Id slapped her. She was absolutely flabbergasted. She said, I dont know what youre talking about, I dont know what you based that upon. Your daddy adored you and supported you. I [came out] to my mother when I was about 12 and she didnt pull her Bible out, which I thought was what she would do normally, because were a pretty devout family, but she said, Im so afraid youll be subject to ridicule, and I dont think I could bear that, and just, why dont you just live your life quietly? So here I am!

Truman Capote comes up for a couple of reasons in your new book. I mean, you talk about your height. Youre four-foot-eleven. Youre from the South. Youre a gay man. Theres a lot of similarities to Capote. What was your reaction when you first saw him on Johnny Carson?

I threw up. Isnt that crazy? I saw him walk on stage on Johnny and I thought, Adult men dont act like that. He had that scarf, and that little lisp. Because of the way I was raised, I thought there was something shameful about it. Id never seen anybody act like that, but I was just fascinated. So, I went in the bathroom and threw up, but the next day I went to the Chattanooga Public Library and I checked out everything I could check out. Other Voices, Other Rooms. The Grass Harp. Everything Truman had ever written. And he led me to Tennessee Williams who was a master at the veiled references. You knew what Skipper and Brick were up to [in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.] I did. I knew exactly what was going on here, and it gave me kind of a sense of belonging somehow, even though I was so isolated in Tennessee.

So when you would saw a Paul Lynde or a Wally Cox on TV, did you recognize something that you didnt see around you at home?

Oh, absolutely. You see it, but you dont know what that is. What is an effeminate man? What is that about? What does that entail? Is that what Im to become? And I was just fascinated and repulsed by it. Its so hard to explain, but its just internal homophobia and its what every gay man on the planet has dealt withthis internal thing that we were raised with. It took me getting sober 22 years ago, for me to have someone look at me, one of these sorts of spiritual advisors within my recovery program, he said, Youre a fag hating fag. I thought, Thats a horrible thing to say. But it was true. Im a fag hating fag.

I have a southern accent, absolutely, but Ive also got that gay accent. You know, I open my mouth and 50 yards of purple chiffon come flying out.

Ive encountered this. I know a lot of gay men who are really turned off by effeminate men. I guess it could be a self-loathing kind of thing.

I remember when I first got to L.A. in 82, you could go to speech centers to rid yourself of that accent. I have a southern accent, absolutely, but Ive also got that gay accent. You know, I open my mouth and 50 yards of purple chiffon come flying out.

I watched your autobiographical 2000 film, Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel, about your life in Atlanta after coming out. I think if people only knew you from Instagram, they would get a sanitized sense of your life. You were doing a lot of drugs, engaged in quite a bit of petty crime. Youve said were legendary in Atlanta. What do you mean by that?

When I got high, there were no holds barred. I mean, Ive been in jailed. My mother used to tell me, Youre going to end up dead in a ditch. Ive never seen anybody with such a fascination with the underbelly of life. Just strippers, con artistsI just ran with the roughest crowd. It kind of started in school where there were people that I just loved that wore those black motorcycle jackets. Once again, back to Truman Capote, he used to say that he sat on a bar stool to get material. No, you didnt sit on that bar stool to get material! You sat on that bar stool to get drunk! And I ran with those people to get the drugs. It was Quaaludes, which we would take that with these biphetamine-220s, which was these diet pills that the truckers took. Wed mix it all together. Its just a wonder Im alive.

I dont think if Ive ever known anybody who has dated a guy with a teardrop tattoo, but you dated a guy who not only had a teardrop tattoo but a swastika tattoo too.

Yes. And I loved him. He was so misguided, bless his heart, and I just loved him. Here wed go to Hollywood parties, and wed put a Band Aid on the swastika. I mean, was he a white supremacist? I dont know. He was only 20-something years old.

And a teardrop tattoo means he murdered someone in prison, right?

He didnt even know that. I said, The teardrop means you murdered somebody! I even took him home to meet mother. They were just appalled. I knew his family. Hed had a rough go. I think, the problem was I was always bringing strays home. Stray dogs, stray cats, stray boys.

Youre also the only person Ive ever interviewed whos been shot with a crossbow in a lovers quarrel.

That same boy with the teardrop tattoo shot me! And I bought it for him! We were up in Big Bear Lake, and he said, Can I get a gun? I said, No, you cant get a gun. Well get in a fight and youll shoot me. We were big drinkers back then. And he said, Well, can I get a crossbow? I said, I dont even know what that is. And he showed it to me and I said, Oh my god, thats lethal looking. He said, Im just going to shoot at cans and things. And I bought it for him, and then we got in a fight and I found myself staring down the crossbow. But the arrow just winged me. It didnt stick in.

In 2006 you won an Emmy for playing Debra Messings characters nemesis Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace. Is it true that you were not actually the first choice for that role?

They wrote it for Joan Collins. Well, I got in trouble for explaining it so much. I put it in my [one man] show, and her husband Percy wrote me a letter and said, This is diminishing Joans chances for employment, and I said, Shes 87! But anyway, the character was going to steal Rosario the maid away from Karen Walker, and they wanted a Dynasty cat fight and the two of them to wrestle around and pull each others wigs off. Apparently, Ms. Collins just said, No, Im not going to have my wig pulled off. And they said, Well, thats the joke. So, they re-wrote it, and thats how it started.

Its so interesting. How does a casting person go, OK, were not going to get Joan Collins. Lets get Leslie Jordan in here.

Well, they didnt want Leslie Jordan. They didnt know me apparently, because I went in to the audition andits a crazy story. My mother had just called me and this woman in my church had had a baby out of wedlock, and it looked like a pig, and mother was telling me this funny story, and I walked in the door of this audition and I said, You know, listen, Im so sorry Im late, but this woman in my church had a baby and it looked like a pig, and my mama and I was just talking. And one of them said, Youre it.

You got your first guest starring role in 1986 on The Fall Guy and since then, you did a ton of guest roles on shows like Night Court, Murphy Brown, Newhart, and Ally McBeal. Youve written that at a certain point you decided you were neither going to try to play straight or lose your Southern accent. You played a Ferengi on Star Trek Voyager. Can a Ferengi have a Southern accent?

No. And that was the big problem. When I delivered my line everybody laughed, and they had to get a woman to do the voiceover with me after, and she was kind of mean to me. She said, Mr. Jordan, feather doesnt have four syllables. I said, Ill never, and then they called and they said, listen, they want you back. And they said, Leslie, Whoopi Goldberg is going to be on it. I said, I dont care if Jesus Christ is going to be on it. I dont want to do it again.

Youve written wonderful things about so many people that youve appeared with and metBeverly DAngelo, Billy Bob Thornton, Mark Harmon, Dolly Parton. Anyone you didnt especially enjoy working with?

There was only one and shes no longer with us.

Great, lets talk about her.

It was the Bob Newhart show, not the one with Suzanne Pleshette.

Oh, Newhart? The Vermont inn one?

Yes, and his wife was played by an actress named Mary Frann. Miss Mary Frann. Now, I was not privy to anything, but I was warned [about her]. But then, the set was so loose and relaxed, and we were having such a good time, but then door opened and she came in.

And so I went that afternoon to my agency, Cunningham, Escott, and Depine, who handled me for commercials. And Mr. Escott, T.J. Escott, unbeknownst to me, had been married to Mary Frann. I didnt know that, and I walked in there and said, What a bitch! and everybody in the office was going Shhhh! And then from the office, T.J. said, I agree with everything hes saying!

You had a recurring role on Boston Legal. What was working with William Shatner like?

I love Mr. Shatner. We share a love of saddlebred horses, the high-stepping show horses. He breeds them on a farm in Kentucky and Mr. Shatner and I would talk about that a lot. I adored him because he would say funny things. We adored James Spader but James wants to do the work. Like, wed do 14 takes, and he would say, I just feel like I have one more. Mr. Shatner said the me, Aye, aye, aye. Hes always going for the envelope. Id rather go for the parking lot. Lets get out of here. I dont want anyone to think that I dont love Jimmy Spader. I really do and I enjoyed every minute working with him.

I dont know what Lady Gaga was up to in the Roanoke season of American Horror Story, but in one scene it looked like she was sort of riding you. What happened?

That pretty much describes it. We had worked all day. She was supposed to jump out and blow fairy dust in my eyes. I was supposed to hit the ground and then try to crawl away. Shed poke me with a stick, and then she was supposed to kick me and then straddle me. Right before we were ready to go she said, Can I talk to you just for a second? She said, I tend sometimes in my acting to sexualize things. I dont want to do that with this character, but And I thought, God, wheres this headed? I didnt know what she was going to do. They said, Action, and she rode me like she was in the rodeo, rubbing her hoo-ha on me and throwing her hair. It was thee oclock in the morning, and I remember just lying there thinking, How do I get myself into these situations?

You arrived in L.A. in 1982, the year after AIDS officially declared an epidemic and volunteered with a program called Project Nightlight. What was the program?

I went and volunteered, as we all did. Around 1981, this wonderful Cassandra Christensen started Project Nightlight. The idea was that everybody is ready to get people to live. There has to be a time in which people can die with dignity. People that had AIDS, their families turned their backs, sometimes their lovers walked away. So we were given training on how to basically be there for someone at the end, and I did that for years, and people say, How did you do that? It had to be done and I could sit with anybody. I was still having a little struggle with drugs, so I was up all night anyway. They said, Hes just a martyr. Well, no, Im strung out on crystal meth, but anyway, I would sit with people.

So you were there when many people died?

I was there at the very end. I think maybe I held 14 when they died. I get teary eyed even thinking about it. And it isnt always like the movies where theres someone just lying there going, Just let go, just let go. It can be pretty gruesome. There really is like a death rattle when a person takes that last gasp. I dont know what your beliefs are, but Im going to tell you something. When someone is near the end, they became bathed in some kind of Godly light. The telephone lines go up. Something happens, you know?

Do you think at this point in your life youre completely cured of your homophobia?

Oh no! It can go like that, just walking down the street. I can go there in a minute, but I think, Oh, I know what that is. Thats that fear of being a sissy or whatever. Let go of that one. Ive gotten to the point where I know to register, Oh, I know what that is. But I dont particularly like to hear myself because I think I sound very effete. I dont particularly like to watch myself and Im always trying not to move my hands too much. But you know, the good news is that theres nothing wrong with being somewhat effeminate. Thats just how I am.

Its kind of your moneymaker, right?

Exactly. And Ive tried before in different roles to butch it up. And they go, Honey, it aint working.

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Leslie Jordan Dishes on His Drug Years, Getting Shot with a Crossbow, and the One Person He Hated Working With - LA Magazine

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Kentucky tattoo artists cover racist tattoos for free: Our calling to extend the grace we have received – Denison Forum05.31.21

ViDi Studio/

When Kentucky tattoo artists Ryun King and his colleagues watched the protests, inequality, and people standing up for racial rights last summer, they felt compelled to try and help. So when Covid restrictions eased and they were able to reopen their shop, they posted on Instagram If you have a racist tattoo and you want it gone, Ill cover it for free. No questions asked.

As Daniella Genovese writes, the response was beyond anything they could have imagined.

As their post began to make the rounds, people started reaching out from California to New York and even overseas from places like Ireland and South Africa. Now King and the other artists at the Gallery X Art Collective spend every Thursday turning swastikas, Confederate flags, SS bolts, and other racist tattoos into something that can be displayed with pride.

Often, the only things more impressive than the final product are the stories that go along with them.

As King notes, Ive had a father that told me that he didnt take [his] shirt off in front of his kids ever . . . because of some mistake he made when he was in his early 20s in prison and got in with the wrong crowd . . . I dont think Ive ever heard anyone go . . . I generally hated this race. It was always like I felt pressured into this . . . or I thought I was going to die in prison.'

While their ability to transform racist images into something else is a big part of the endeavors success, its the promise of No questions asked that drives most of the response.

Normally, those who are ashamed of these tattoos are pretty much at the whim of whoever is going to be able to cover that for you, if you feel brave enough to even enter the establishment to say, yes, this was me, no, this isnt who I am.' By creating an environment in which people can feel comfortable owning their past and then move on from it, they have transformed the lives of countless individuals.

As Christians, we are called to do much the same.

One of our key callings as followers of Christ is to Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you (Ephesians 4:32).

While we may know and recognize that we are called to exhibit that kind of forgiveness, actually doing so is often much more difficult. And God knew it would be. Thats why our forgiveness of others is meant to be an extension of our gratitude for and understanding of the forgiveness that we have received from him.

When we remember all that he has done for us, it enables us to better extend the same grace to others. That step is crucial, especially when trying to minister to people who look at their past with shame and regret.

However, as Ryun King and his colleagues can attest, creating a safe space where people are not defined by their worst mistakes but rather are free to accept and embrace a new life can enable them to do just that.

That should be a defining characteristic of every Christian community.

What can you do to help it define yours?

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Kentucky tattoo artists cover racist tattoos for free: Our calling to extend the grace we have received - Denison Forum

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Walter Suza: A city along the Mississippi seeks to defeat hate – Ames Tribune02.11.21

Walter Suza| Guest opinion contributor

Theres hate in Dubuque, Iowa.

The hate in Dubuque has manifested as cross burnings, denigrating graffiti and racial profiling of Black people. Ultimately, the question Why do we hate? was posted on billboards to try to get to the heart of hate.

The hate has left emotional scars in its victims.

My parents taught me to get an education and follow the rules and you can have whatever life has to offer. Then I came to Dubuque and was treated like garbage," lamentedJason Greer in the LA Times."What did we ever do to you?" he askedin the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

There are no simple answers.

Over the years, there has been an amalgam of attempts to hire more minorities, preach against racism in church and promote the value of multiculturalism in schools. In spite of these efforts, hate continues to thrive in Dubuque.

Hate cant be defeated by external forces alone.

We cant defeat hate by forcing people to live and work together. Our attempts to force integration can create resentment from the perception of favoring racial minoritiesover the white majority.

To defeat hate we need to know why people hate.

People hate what they fear. But we might argue that we arent afraid. We might argue that we dont fear because admitting fear can be seen as being wrong can be seen as being weak or less than.

But we all have fears.

Even though were born unafraid of other people, our fears can increase from our lifes experiences.

We were at a playground in Lexington, Kentucky. My daughter was eight years old. With the curiosity and grace of a child, she walked toward a white kid about her age. I guess, to find a way to play with the white kid.

Get away from her honey! yelled the white woman as she rushed forward and yanked her daughter away from my daughter.

My daughter looked puzzled.

I wondered, did the white woman fear or hate me and my daughter? Did the white womans action teach her daughter it was wrong to play with Black kids?

Hate is learned.

After enslaved Black people were freed, the negative labels placed on them stayed with them. From using skull circumference as an indicator of intelligence to depicting them in films as criminals, the black labels created a negative image of Black people. The black labels were created to justify the treatment of Black people as less than.

Racism also led to the birth of the ghetto where poverty and despair resulted in justification for excessive policing. These unfortunate outcomes of racial segregation became fodder for the medias portrayal of Black people as inherently dangerous, deserving increased law and order.

What we fear causes discomfort in us so we attempt to relieve the discomfort by actions to minimize the threat. But those actions have frequently been lethal for Black people.

To defeat hate we must use love. This is what Greg Howell did.

Howell had a rough childhood in the flats of the north side of Dubuque, which had a huge rate of poverty and also a larger population of Black people.

Howells parents divorced before he was 10 years old, but he grew up to find solace from skinheads. Ultimately, Howells body was decorated with tattoos symbolizing hate.

Howell was only able to find freedom from hate after the birth of his son. He left the hate group and became a tattoo artist who used his skill to cover racist and gang-related tattoos at no cost. Love is power.

But we will need to learn how to love.

Learning how to love is a journey and it starts with our admission that we have a role in perpetuating hate, followed by our action to use love to defeat hate.

Lets think of actions we can take to fight hate in America.

We start by owning the truth that we have a role in the suffering of Black people. We dont dismiss their resentment for the wrongs done to them. We avoid blaming or shaming them for speaking about their suffering. We strive to right the wrongs.

The ultimate remedy to defeat hate is finding forgiveness.

But the journey to forgiveness is also long and hard. Unrelenting inner work to find love in our hearts helps us arrive at a place where we can forgive each other. This is what Jason Greer did.

Seventeen years after departing Dubuque, Jason wrote letters of forgiveness to the city of Dubuque and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

"I wish you well Dubuque and I hope that one day our family can return to a racially diverse/racially accepting Dubuque," wrote Jason.

"You are forgiven Klan. I hope that you can forgive me for my past hatred of you."

Walter Suza of Ames, Iowa writes frequently on the intersections of spirituality, anti-racism and social justice. He can be contacted

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Walter Suza: A city along the Mississippi seeks to defeat hate - Ames Tribune

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