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Calderon: Love at First Buzz – The Whit Online10.08.21

The cool chair hit my skin, feeling as if I just laid in a pile of snow. Except, I was sweating. The anticipation of what was to come spiked my adrenaline.

The man asked me, Are you sure youre ready? I nodded and closed my eyes, and the noise of the tattoo gun filled the air. Suddenly, I was hooked.

Im from a small town in Minnesota and my birthday is in the beginning of December. This meant that finally getting my first tattoo was a bit of an obstacle (youll understand if youve experienced a winter there before). My mom had rescheduled my appointment three times before I forced her to take me, resulting in us driving in a horrendous snowstorm. It was worth it.

Of course, my mom gave me the typical talk beforehand.

Make sure its something meaningful, said the woman with the tramp stamp tattoo of her own name.

At the time, I had all the basic ideas picked out the infinity sign with a feather, the words forever young, and even the word ohana from Lilo and Stitch. None of those made it onto my skin, however. Thank God.

What stuck was a small outline of a record player. Music has always played an important part in my family and Is lives. I could go on for hours about my love for music. Which is why I chose the design. That, and it wasnt some basic music note.

After making it through the snowstorm, we were in the waiting room. I was sweating. I wanted to keep waiting. What if I pass out? How bad is the pain going to be? Maybe this is a mistake.

You can come back now, the tattoo artist said. This was it.

The artist placed the stencil on my left upper rib. I laid down on the ice-cold chair. I squeezed my moms hand much tighter than Id like to admit. My heart was pounding, and I was hoping the artist wouldnt notice the sweat hitting the chair.

I took a deep breath and tried to keep my breathing steady, that way the tattoo would be as straight as possible. He pressed his hand firmly on my ribcage and the buzzing noise ripped through the air.

The noise, the anticipation and even the pain was the perfect combination. The confidence boost that came with it was also addicting, however brief.

Within two years I got another. This tattoo was dedicated to the people most important to me: my mom, grandma and two sisters. I got flowers for all of them that corresponded to the month they were born and a flower for myself. In one pedal of each flower, I included their first and middle initials in their own handwriting to make it more unique.

The feeling was the same, maybe better because this session took longer. The confidence boost was different this time. People could see this tattoo and I got compliments on it almost daily, making me love it more.

I wasnt done. My next tattoo came out of boredom a year later. I missed that feeling, the sound of the gun and the pain of the needles. The idea of the tattoo didnt have much meaning, I just wanted something scandalous. It was probably how my mom felt getting her tramp stamp, so I got the word honey in red ink on my left hip.

About four months later, I was itching for another one. A whopping $160 later, I had my fourth tattoo, placed on my outer left forearm. The pain was so bad that my arm kept twitching. Still, the feeling was euphoric.

Ialso got two butterflies for my mom and grandma, who also have butterfly tattoos. I couldnt leave it at that, so I added a dragonfly for my step-grandpa.

One more wont hurt, right?

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Calderon: Love at First Buzz - The Whit Online

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Peter Schrager’s Cheat Sheet: These Chargers have a new feel, and that’s good – FOXSports.com10.08.21

By Peter SchragerFOX Sports NFL Analyst

Welcome to the Week 5 edition of the Schrager Cheat Sheet.

Each week, I take a look at several things you need to know heading into the NFL weekend. This week, we tackle the rising Chargers, a new Cowboys star, the Browns' defense and more!

Lets get to it.

Are the Chargers legit? Is there a new star in Dallas? Peter Schrager gives his Cheat Sheet on the five things you need to know heading into Week 5.

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1. Not the same old Chargers

I don't blame you if you're resisting "believing" in the L.A. Chargers after their impressive 3-1 start. Ask a Chargers fan with a Natrone Means jersey or a Ron Mix tattoo, and they'll probably nod their head in agreement. Fans of this team whether in San Diego, Los Angeles or parts unknown have been through too much and seen too many inexplicable defeats over the years to simply "buy in."

Chargers fans have real scar tissue. There have been not only years but also decades' worth of fast starts to a game, to a season, to a coaching regime followed by befuddling collapses, missed kicks and questionableclock management. Browns, Lions and Jets fans often claim they're snakebitten. Bolts fans have a case, too.

But the 2021 Chargers seem to be different. Hell, forget "seem." They are different.

And that's by design. When Brandon Staley took the job back in January, the first-year NFL head coach knew it was more than merely taking over a squad with a losing record. Staley, whom I've spoken to about this many times, knew he was going to have to change the perception around this franchise and kill some ghosts of yesteryear along the way.

He has done that, not only with a positive, steely demeanor but also with in-game decisions that scream, "We aren't the same Chargers you're used to!"

A case in point came Week 3 at Arrowhead against the Chiefs. The Chargers had the ball late in the fourth quarter, fourth-and-4, on the Chiefs' 30-yard line. Rookie lineman Rashawn Slater was flagged for a false start, making it fourth-and-9 at the Chiefs' 35.

I don't know what the analytics say, but it's probably something other than "go for it." But Staley went for it, the Chargers drew a pass-interference flag, and they scored the go-ahead touchdown seconds later. The call itself, in a vacuum? Probably nothing. But within the context of how the Chargers have lost games over the past decade and how they opted to punt on a crucial fourth-and-2 against the Chiefs in Week 2 last season? It was symbolic of what they want to be.

Fast-forward to eight days later against the Raiders, and it's a crucial third-and-2 in the fourth quarter, with the Chargers up only seven points after leading by 21 earlier in the half. Incomplete pass. Fourth-and-2 around the 50-yard line. What's the call? Field goal? Punt? Staley didn't hesitate. Justin Herbert went right to the line of scrimmage and completed a pass to Jared Cook to move the chains. Six plays later, Austin Ekeler ran one for six, and the game was over 28-14.

This stuff matters. Staley isn't here to merely not lose. He's here to win games. And the players are taking notice.

Here's what Joey Bosa when he wasn't speaking on Derek Carr had to say after the win Monday: "In years past, you come into halftime with a lead, and I'm like, Oh God. What are we gonna do this time to screw it up? I'm sorry, but it's how my mind works because it's just happened so many times ... I think we're coming together as a team. We believe in each other, and we believe in the coaching."

The Chargers take on another 3-1 team in the Browns this weekend. It'll be another test. Brandon Staley, I assure you, is not worried. And for the first time in what feels like forever, it sounds like his players aren't, either.

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2. A new star in Big D

After the Cowboys' victory over the Panthers on Sunday, NFL Network cameras caught Dez Bryant in the bowels of AT&T Stadium complaining that they weren't selling No. 7 jerseys in the Pro Shop yet. Don't worry, 88, that will change soon.

Trevon Diggs has been more than merely a sensation. The dude might be the best cornerback to play for the Cowboys since Deion wore No. 21. What he's doing right now can't be undersold. On consecutive drives Sunday, Diggs picked off Sam Darnold to put the game on ice. He was the closer in a game that was getting oddly tighter than it should have been.

Diggs has an uncanny nose for the ball. The NFC's Defensive Player of the Month in September, he has an interception in every game he has played in this season, five total. He has eight in his first 16 career games. Dallas has long sought an elite No. 1 corner. Whether it was Terrence Newman way back when or Morris Claiborne in 2012 or Byron Jones in 2016, the search has been long and difficult.

But now here's Diggs, the 51st overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, with five interceptions in four games. The most INTs a Cowboy has had since 1996 when Deion Sanders got there is six by Anthony Henry in 2007. Diggs can tie or break that record this weekend.

The Cowboys have had a lot of famous players over the past three decades. They now have another one in Diggs, at a position where they've long coveted one, too.

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3. Memphis: The new Running Back U?

You can have your University of Miami or Oklahoma or Ohio State. When it comes to finding the next great NFL running back, I'm looking no further than the University of Memphis. Now, the Tigers program has had a few great running backs in the past DeAngelo Williams, to name one but the past few years, Memphis has churned out one talented running back after another, perhaps more than any other school.

Antonio Gibson went 66th overall in the 2020 Draft and is now the clear-cut No. 1 RB for the Washington Football Team. Tony Pollard went 128th overall in the 2019 Draft and is half of what has been the best running back duo in the league through four weeks of the season.

Now, enter former Memphis star Kenneth Gainwell wearing the un-running-back-like number 14 who is tearing it up for the Philadelphia Eagles. Gainwell was selected 150th overall in 2021 and was so good in the summer that the team had him ahead of longtime NFL player Jordan Howard on the depth chart.

On Sunday, Gainwell came alive against the Chiefs, settingcareer marks in snaps played, targets, receptions and receiving yards. His nine touches went for 89 yards and opened the eyes of many around the league. The back from Yazoo City, Mississippi, got more touches than Miles Sanders down the stretch last week and showed he can block in the passing game, too.

You can have your Alabama or Wisconsin. Gimme the running backs from Memphis.

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4. Cleveland rocks

Lost in all of the hysteria over Justin Fields' forgettable NFL debut was a shockingly impressive effort from the Browns' defense. Fields didn't sack himself nine times. He didn't throw more than twice as many incompletions as completions against no defense. Actually, Cleveland's D caused him and his Bears offensive line fits.

Guess what? The Browns did the same exact thing in Week 4 against the Vikings.

Minnesota was riding high after a big victory over the Seahawks in Week 3, but Cleveland's D made the Vikings' offense look pedestrian at best. Kirk Cousins was pressured on 55% of his snaps, and guys such as safety John Johnson III and rookie linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah pounded Cousins on separate plays even as he got passes off.

The offensive lines of the Bears and Vikings have been solid in other games this season. They looked inept against Cleveland. The Browns' D might be the best unit in the league.

It's a group of talented guys with big names, many of whom are looking to prove something. Myles Garrett wants to be seen as the top defensive player in the sport. He has been unblockable this season. Malik Jackson, Takk McKinley and Jadeveon Clowney want to show why they were once all viewed as top talents at their position. Then there are the stories behind guys such as Malik McDowell, Greedy Williams and Grant Delpit three players who've had injuries interrupt their NFL careers.

This offseason, general manager Andrew Berry wanted to make sure the defense got faster, longer and smarter. With the additions, including rookies Owusu-Koramoah and Greg Newsome, this defense is significantly better than it has been in years prior.

The Chargers await the Browns. Or is it the other way around?

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5. Zach attack

Zach Wilson had three passes Sunday that showed exactly why he was the undisputed No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft.

The arm strength exhibited on the deep pass to Keelan Cole

the TD heave to Corey Davis

and the sideline beauty to Cole in OT were all truly impressive.

The Jets might not win too many more games this season, but this feels different than other years and other quarterbacks. None of the other young QBs before him have had the cannon that Wilson does.

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6. Sports fans are everywhere

Every NFL team has a list of "celebrity fans," and as someone who lives and breathes this league every day, I can be a skeptic when I hear that term used. Does the guy make sure every Sunday is open so he can watch the team? Is she really paying attention in March and April or just showing up to the games in October? Celebrity fans can be hit or miss.

Not the case with Blake Shelton. The dude is a die-hard Cardinals fan, and with Arizona having a moment at 4-0, he is loving it.

I got to know Shelton, who is fairly busy these days and currently on tour, a few years back. Our friendship if that's what you want to call it is solely based on Arizona Cardinals football.

With Kyler Murray the QB (Blake's a die-hard Oklahoma fan, too), it's easy to focus on that one player. But Shelton has thoughts on Budda Baker, feelings on Jordan Hicks and the linebacker group, and real love and affection for GM Steve Keim and coach Kliff Kingsbury so much so that he invited them on tour with him last offseason.

I shouted out Shelton on Tuesday's "The Herd," and sure enough, minutes later, got this tweet in return.

The Cardinals are the hot team right now. Their "celebrity fan" is soaking it all in.

Peter Schrager is an NFL writer for FOX Sports and a host of "Good Morning Football" on NFL Network.

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Peter Schrager's Cheat Sheet: These Chargers have a new feel, and that's good -

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Sorry in Advance Announces Plan to Open Spring 2022 in Rochester – KROC-AM09.04.21

If you are looking to get some new ink, try holding out until the Spring of 2022 because I'm hearingthat is when a new tattoo shop will be opening up in Rochester, Minnesota.

I noticed the other day that there was some conversation happening on a Facebook group called Spotted in Rochester about a new tattoo shop opening. I decided it was time to go on an adventure and see if I could find any new information out about this new tattoo shop coming to town...because, to be honest, I'm thinking it is time for some new ink myself.

Up in the giant window where the old Blackmon Gallery was located are a whole bunch of papers postedthat have the words "Sorry in Advance Tattoo Parlour". No one was around when I stopped by but the owner, Luke Austin, mentioned in one of his answers on theSpotted in Rochester chatthat the plan is to open in the Spring of 2022.

Are you still not sure where this new tattoo parlour will be? This spot used to be part of Refashion and if you drive by, you'll see the old signage up above the windows for theprevious store.

We have so many talented tattoo artists in our area andif you'd like to know more about Luke Austin and see his work, check out his Instagram page here for a whole bunch of amazing photos.

If you are looking to get some ink now, Luke Austin is currently working at Six of Swords in Kasson, Minnesota. If you are wanting something a little closer to Rochester, check the list below to find 7 tattoo shops nearby.

If you are looking to get some new ink and wondering where to go for the best tattoo, check out this list of all the tattoo shops in and near Rochester, Minnesota.

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Sorry in Advance Announces Plan to Open Spring 2022 in Rochester - KROC-AM

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New father Miguel Sano plays against Yankees before taking three days of paternity leave – Minneapolis Star Tribune08.23.21

NEW YORK - Miguel Sano was asleep in the Twins' hotel around 7 a.m. Thursday when his phone began buzzing. "Everybody calls me 'The baby's born! The baby's born!' " Sano said. "I thought people were joking with me."

It's no joke Sano is a father for the fourth time. Danea, his third daughter, was born overnight in Minneapolis, about a week earlier than her due date. Both Danea and Sano's wife Daniela are doing fine, he said.

Sano had planned to fly home Monday, a scheduled off day, to be with Daniela for the birth. Instead, Sano played Thursday and homered in the Twins' 7-5 loss to the Yankees and will return to Minnesota on Friday, taking a three-day paternity leave that will extend to four days on Monday. The Twins will add a player on Friday to replace him.

Sano has a tattoo reading "Angelica R.I.P" on his right forearm in tribute to his first daughter, who died a week after being born in 2014 because of a heart defect.

The Twins added two pitchers before Thursday's game after using eight pitchers in Wednesday's 11-inning victory over Cleveland at Target Field.

Lewis Thorpe, who started Wednesday before leaving because of a sore arm, went on the injured list and Edgar Garcia was optioned to St. Paul today.

Pitchers Andrew Albers and Kyle Barraclough were called up from the Saints.

Albers, 35, is in his third stint with the Twins, and has also pitched for the Mariners and Blue Jays.

Barraclough, 31, has pitched in the majors for the Marlins, Nationals and Giants.

Garcia pitched in four games for the Twins, including Wednesday.

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New father Miguel Sano plays against Yankees before taking three days of paternity leave - Minneapolis Star Tribune

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As Cowboys legend Drew Pearson enters the Hall of Fame, his signature afro is going with him – The Dallas Morning News08.09.21

Drew Pearson waited a long time to get inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. When he comes across the stage Sunday afternoon in Canton, Ohio, to take the cover off his bust, Pearson wanted to make sure his signature Afro is showcased.

Pearson, the Cowboys great wide receiver, said hell have the largest Afro on display in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Thats why I insisted on that. I didnt want a bust like this, Pearson said as he took off his baseball cap to show a bald head.

Nobody knows who this is. They know me from my playing days. When Tony Hill came into the league, he said, Man, I watched you on TV and you had the hair coming out of the back of your helmet. Your socks. That was a trademark. I was the first one to wear headband around the neck. Deion [Sanders] trying to claim that. I had to be cool out there. It wasnt like my neck was cold, it looked cold.

Numerous busts have similar trademarks, such as Kevin Greenes flowing hair, Warren Sapps cornrows and Ed Reeds large Afro.

When Sanders was inducted in 2011, he placed a dark-colored bandanna on his bust because he played with it the majority of his career.

Sculptor Blair Buswell looks at numerous photos of Hall of Fame players during their careers to start the process of making a bust. Buswell communicates with the subject throughout to make sure theyre happy with the finished product. But players dont actually see their busts it until the day they get inducted.

Buswell wont get to immortalize Pearsons two tattoos.

On his left forearm, theres a tattoo with the words Hail Mary 12 to 88 signifying his famous Hail Mary catch from Roger Staubach against Minnesota in 1975 NFC playoff game. The second tattoo, on his right forearm, is on getting into the Hall of Fame.

Waited 70 years to get a tattoo, he said. It was something to remind me of one of the greatest plays in Cowboys history and being a part of that and how the connection to my quarterback [Roger Staubach] to make it happen. I was going to get one before the induction and was able to get it right away.


Find more Cowboys coverage from The Dallas Morning News here.

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As Cowboys legend Drew Pearson enters the Hall of Fame, his signature afro is going with him - The Dallas Morning News

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700,000 Expected to Be in Sturgis for Annual Bike Rally – WJON News08.09.21

STURGIS, SD -- Crowds of bikers are rumbling their way towards western South Dakota. Officials in Sturgis say they expect about 700,000 people for the 81st annual bike rally.

The event officially kicks off Friday and runs through August 15th.

Some highlights for this year's events include Daredevil Cole Freeman jumping on Main Street on August 14th at 2:00 p.m.

Jody Perewitz is the Grand Marshal this year. She has become one of the most recognizable women in the motorcycle industry today.

Events planned also include a Mayor's Pub Crawl, Mayor's Poker Tournament, a Tattoo Contest, Military Appreciation Day, and a Beard and Mustache Contest.

Some top musicians performing concerts include: Kid Rock, Colt Ford, Stone Temple Pilots, REO Speedwagon, Tesla, Clint Black, ZZ Top, and Wynonna.

Earlier this week the Minnesota Department of Transportation cautioned Minnesotans headed out to the rally to be prepared for road construction along Interstate 90 in the southern part of the state.

10 Places in St. Cloud That Would Be Fun to Explore Once Abandoned

Take a Virtual Tour of the Gorgeous Murals in Sauk Centre

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700,000 Expected to Be in Sturgis for Annual Bike Rally - WJON News

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Twin Cities metro population to hit 4 million by 2050 – MinnPost08.09.21

A Star Tribune story by Jeff Hargarten says, Fast-forward three decades into the future: what will the Twin Cities look like? New projections describe a metro area population that will be larger, more diverse and older than today, a continuation of prior trends that have been transforming Minnesota as a whole. Thats based on thenewest Metropolitan Council regional forecast, which predicts the seven-county metro area will reach 4 million people by 2050 a jump of more than 800,000 residents from now. Populations of color are expected to be the main driver of growth over the next three decades. Black, Asian and Latino populations in the metro are already rapidly growing, and are expected to more than double by 2050, with people of color eventually comprising about 44% of Twin Cities residents a jump from about a quarter nonwhite currently, according to recent American Community Survey estimates.

KSTP-TV reports: Fairview Health Services and Allina Health are the latest Minnesota institutions to require COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees. Fairview is setting an Oct. 31 deadline for all employees and providers across all campuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine or an accommodation; the flu shot will also be required as a condition of employment. Fairviews vaccine requirements will extend to all providers, employees, students, volunteers, vendors and contractors who work with the health system. Allina Health confirmed to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS it is implementing a vaccine mandate as well, in response to the surge in cases fueled by the delta variant. Employees will be required to get a vaccine by Oct. 1.

Jay Gabler writes for the Current: First Avenueannounced Monday that effective immediately, all concerts and events at First Avenue and associated venues will require either proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the prior 72 hours.The policy applies to shows at First Avenues Mainroom and 7th St Entry, the Palace Theatre, the Fitzgerald Theater, the Fine Line and the Turf Club. The announcement came as part of a cascade of music-world reactions to a surge in coronavirus infections and illnesses fueled by therapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant. National artists like Japanese Breakfast areannouncing vaccination requirements for their tours, and local artists such as Monica LaPlante areurging caution.

In the Pioneer Press, Christopher Magan writes: Masks are now recommended for everyone visiting indoor public spaces in more than half of Minnesotas 87 counties including the entire seven-county Twin Cities metro. There are 45 Minnesota counties having what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers substantial enough or high levels of community transmission of the coronavirus that masks are recommended. There are just eight counties with transmission rates that are considered low and the rest have moderate rates. Wearing masks is only a recommendation for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Minnesota would likely need to declare a new state of emergency to once again mandate masks.

For the Forum News Service, Dana Ferguson writes: The Minnesota Department of Human Services heads agreed to expand restorative justice opportunities and incorporate more advocate perspectives at a Moose Lake Sex Offender Program facility as part of a deal to end a two-week hunger strike among detainees. Nancy Johnston, executive director of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, on Monday told a joint legislative panel that Department of Human Services leaders had accepted five of 17 requests from the hunger strikers, family members and others aiming to end the states sex offender program. Detainees at the facility engaged in a hunger strike for two weeks last month in an effort to highlight low release rates at the Moose Lake detention center.

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For MPR, Mark Zdechlich writes: According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, so far this year there have been nearly one-third more traffic fatalities in Minnesota compared to the previous year. Speed, officials say, is the biggest factor in deadly crashes and fatal crashes resulting from speeding, which are up more than 40 percent over last year. Mike Hanson the director of the Office of Traffic Safety said excessive speeding is a problem all over Minnesota . Public safety officials say the pandemic-related reduction in traffic allowed for more opportunities to speed on relatively open roads. But Hanson says theres more to it. He thinks self-centered, dangerous driving is part of a broader breakdown of civil society.

FOX 9 reports: The trial for the former Brooklyn Center police officer charged in the death of Daunte Wright has been moved up a week, according to multiple sources. Kim Potters lawyer confirmed to FOX 9 the trial will now start on Nov. 30. It had originally been scheduled for Dec. 6, but there were concerns the proceedings may run into the Christmas holiday. Potter is charged withsecond-degree manslaughter.

At KSTP-TV Jessica Miles reports, During this hot and dry summer, water is a hot commodity. At B&J Evergreen, the thousands of Christmas trees planted are thirsting for more. [owner Trent Johnson said] hes lost many of the seedlings he planted in April. Where we have planted new seedlings, we are probably at about a 25% loss, but thats better than a 100% loss, he said. Christmas trees take about eight to 10 years to mature and go to market, so any potential shortage wont be seen for several years.

A New York Times story by Kashmir Hill says, Mena Yousif wore dark clothing to the protest, with white sneakers and a blue hijab that she could pull over her face, perfect gear during a pandemic. Jose Felan, stocky and tall, wore a baseball cap and a gray T-shirt that showed off a distinctive tattoo on his forearm: Mena,,with a crown above the a. It was three days after George Floyd had been killed by a white police officer; the couple was part of a growing protest movement that would send people into the streets across America to express their anger, frustration and pain over Mr. Floyds death. Around 6 p.m., as captured on surveillance footage, he and Ms. Yousif entered a Goodwill next door and made their way into a back storage room where Mr. Felan allegedly took one of the diesel fuel canisters out of his bag, poured its contents onto a stack of cardboard boxes, and set them on fire. The surveillance footage from that day set off a nearly yearlong, international manhunt for the couple, involving multiple federal agencies and Mexican police. The pursuit also involved a facial recognition system made by a Chinese company that has been blacklisted by the U.S. government.

At Newsweek Daniel Villarreal reports, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has said that is losing about a million dollars a week since he pulled his ads from the Fox News network. Theyre disgusting, what theyve done to our country, Lindell said of the network while speaking on War Room, a show on Real Americas Voice, a right-leaning media network. The show is hosted by Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist under Republican President Donald Trump.

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Twin Cities metro population to hit 4 million by 2050 - MinnPost

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Sheriff: Missing man from LA County may be trying to get back to Minnesota – Bring Me The News07.25.21

LA County Sheriff's Office

A 24-year-old Minnesota native who lives in California has been reported missing and is believed to be at-risk, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

John Jack Stein was last seen at 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13, on the 3700 block of Kanan Road in Agoura Hills, California, where he lives. According to WCCO-TV, Stein is a Cretin-Derham Hall graduate and his parents still live in St. Paul.

His family believes Stein may be attempting to return to Minnesota without money or a cellphone.

The sheriff's department considers Stein to be at-risk because he suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

He is described as 6-foot-3, 180 pounds with blue eyes and shaggy, shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair. He has a tattoo of a sparrow on his right upper thigh and circle tattoos on his left pectoral.Stein was last seen wearing a Tommy Hilfiger navy blue hoodie, with black shorts and a gray t-shirt.

Anyone with information that could help locate Stein should call CrimeStoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477).

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Sheriff: Missing man from LA County may be trying to get back to Minnesota - Bring Me The News

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Removery Continues Global Expansion and Unveils New Headquarters In Austin, TX – PR Web07.25.21

Removery's new headquarters in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) July 21, 2021

Removery, the world leader in laser tattoo removal, change and fade services today announced that it has completed the acquisitions of GO! Tattoo Removal in Allentown, PA, Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal in Minneapolis, MN, Second Skin Tattoo Removal in Edmonton, Canada, Fade Away Tattoo Removal in Hamilton, Canada and Doff & Flux Tattoo Removal in Melbourne, Australia. The brand, which now has 57 locations across the globe, also moved to a new headquarters location in Austin, TX, on South Congress Ave, the former headquarters of Kendra Scott.

We are thrilled to expand our global presence as we continue to strengthen our position in the laser tattoo removal industry, said Tom Weber, CEO of Removery. It is clear that demand for tattoo removal and fade services continues to grow. We are eager to invest in people, training and technology to meet that demand and provide the highest quality services and the largest network of laser specialists across the globe.

Four New Locations in the United States GO! Tattoo Removal in Allentown, PA was founded by Mike Panic and Marcus Smurda in 2011 and has served over 4,000 clients totaling more than 15,000 laser treatments. Mike will transition to a studio manager and business development role with Removery and Marcus, will transition to a business development role focused on corporate and healthcare partnerships.

Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal, founded in 2013, is recognized as "Minnesota's Top Rated Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic with three locations including Roseville, St. Louis Park and Lakeland.

Four New Locations in Canada Second Skin Laser is located in Edmonton, Canada, and was established in 2007 by Ben Alway. Ben has 15 years of experience in tattoo removal and will continue with Removery leading relationship development in the Canadian tattoo industry.

Fade Away Tattoo Removal has three locations in South Western Ontario, Canada including Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Milton which will all become Removery studios. Fade Away also has a location in Minneapolis which will remain under its current ownership.

Australian Expansion in MelbourneDoff & Flux Tattoo removal was founded in 2012 by Paul Georgos. An optometrist by profession and senior laser practitioner at the clinic, Paul has been working with laser technology since the 1990s and provides a full suite of tattoo removal services. Paul is Australias leading provider of cosmetic eyeliner removal, drawing on his optometry expertise. He will remain with Removery and will expand eyeliner removal services across all Australian Removery locations.

Removery plans to have 200+ tattoo removal clinics across North America and Australia over the next five years

New HeadquartersRemovery recently moved into its new global headquarters located at 1400 S. Congress Ave. in Austin, TX. The former headquarter location of Kendra Scott, the 8,000 sq.ft. space will also act as Removerys flagship studio location and training facility. Removery will host a Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting event on August 18, 2021 to celebrate the opening.

About RemoveryRemovery is the largest specialized provider of laser tattoo removal services in the world with 57 locations across the U.S., Australia and Canada. Its laser specialists are highly trained in Candelas state-of-the-art PicoWay lasers. To learn more about Removery and tattoo removal, see before-and-after pictures, or schedule an in-person or virtual consultation, visit

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Removery Continues Global Expansion and Unveils New Headquarters In Austin, TX - PR Web

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Family Asks for Help in Finding Missing 24-Year-Old With Depression – NBC Southern California07.25.21

The family of Jack Stein, a 24-year-old man from Minnesota, was asking for the public's help in finding him after he went missing on July 13 at about 7:45 p.m.

Stein, who suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, was last seen on the 3700 block of Kanan Rd., in Agoura Hills.

Stein was described by the authorities as a male Caucasian, 603, and 180 lbs with blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. He was last seen wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt with the words Tommy Hilfiger down the arm, black shorts, and a gray t-shirt.

According to the LA Sheriff's Department, he also has a sparrow bird tattoo on the right upper thigh and circle tattoos on his chest.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Missing Person Unit, Detective S. Rincon at (323) 890-5500.

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Family Asks for Help in Finding Missing 24-Year-Old With Depression - NBC Southern California

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