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30 Astonishing Facts About Tattoos | The Fact Site09.04.21

Love them or hate them; theres no denying that tattoos have a fascinating history.

It is believed tattooing stemmed from a form of healing similar to acupuncture and evolved into the art form it is today.

When it was introduced into the Western world, it was mainly popular among sailors but gained popularity in the 1970s.

No longer a form of rebellion, the art of tattooing has become more widely accepted than ever.

Whether you have a tattoo or not, here are some facts about tattoos that you might not know!

The oldest known tattooed human skin to date is found on the body oftzi the Iceman, who was estimated between 3370 and 3100 BC. His body was found in the Alps and had 61 tattoos of simple dots and lines using carbon ink.

In 1891, the first electric tattoo machine was invented and patented by Samuel OReilly. The tattoo gun stemmed from Edisons electric pen when OReilly added needles and an ink reservoir.

Only 5% of Americans have had one tattoo covered up by another tattoo.

A tattoo gun can puncture the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute, penetrating the skin about one millimeter deep in the skin to the dermis.

58% of women have at least one tattoo, while only 41% of men have one. However, women are twice as likely to get their tattoos removed as men.

One of the oldest recorded tattoo ink recipes consists of Egyptian pine bark, corroded bronze, vinegar, vitriol, leek juice, and insect eggs.

The word tattoo is one of the most misspelled words in the English language. It is commonly spelled as tatoo.

Gregory Paul McLaren holds the Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed person. He is 99.9% covered, including the inside of hiseyelids, mouth, and ears.

When having a tattoo laser removed, black is the easiest color to remove because it absorbs more laser waves, while green and yellow are the most difficult to remove.

A survey in 2012 revealed that 59% of people with tattoos are women, with the most popular images being hearts and angels.

Tattooing was illegal in South Carolina until 2004. Until 2006, it was illegal to get a tattoo in Oklahoma.

Theworlds richest tattoo artistis Scott Campbell, who charges $1,000 for the first hour and only works on the weekends.

In 2005, Kimberly Smith tattooed on her forehead to pay for her sons tuition, making her thefirst person to have a tattoo for advertisement.

Musician Tommy Lee set a Guinness World Record when he became the first man to be tattooed mid-air (on a plane) in 2007.

Tattooing is illegal in three countries: Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The record for the longest tattoo session is 56 hours and 30 minutes. The artist, Krzysztof Barnas, finished 11 tattoos, and he was only allowed 5 minutes after every hour to rest.

It only takes 3 days for inner lip tattoos to heal due to the rapid regeneration of the cells. Because of this, they will also fade and disappear in 1-5 years.

23% of people regret their tattoos, with the biggest regret being a tattooed name.

When starting an apprenticeship, aspiring tattoo artists usually practice on fruit. Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons are the closest texture to human skin.

Unsanitary tattooing practices can transmit diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV; however, there has yet to be an actual case of HIV being transmitted via a tattoo application.

Tattoo numbing cream helps with pain; however, it may disturb the inking process on the skin and affect the designs visual result because it can make the skin swell and deform.

Government jobs have the most tolerant tattoo and piercing policies, but only 8% of government employees have ink or piercings.

States with the highest percentage of tattoo discrimination are South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Florida. States with the most tattoo-friendly public opinion are Montana, Colorado, and California.

The U.S. spends $1,650,500,000 annually on tattoos, with 14% of all Americans having at least one tattoo.

The part of the body tattooed the most among women is the ankle area. Among men, the most common spot is the arm.

In the United States, Miami has the most tattoo shops, with about 24 shops for 100,000 people. The city with the least is Salina, Kansas, with 2 shops for every 100,000 people.

Themost expensive tattoo in the world costs $924,000. It is done with half a carat diamonds encrusted into the skin instead of ink. No one has ever had it done.

The average cost of a small tattoo is $45, while the average cost of a large tattoo is $150 per hour.

New Zealanders are the most tattooed people in the world. This is mostly due to the islands Mori, who still get traditional Polynesian tattoos.

In Soviet Russia, some prisoners would get tattoos of Lenin and Stalin. This was not a form of support, but in case they were sentenced to death, guards would not shoot them because it was illegal to shoot at images of their national leaders.

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30 Astonishing Facts About Tattoos | The Fact Site

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Stephen Baldwin – Wikipedia09.04.21

Actor, and filmmaker from the United States

Stephen Andrew Baldwin (born May 12, 1966)[1] is an American actor, producer, director, and political activist. He has appeared in the films Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Posse (1993), 8 Seconds (1994), Threesome (1994), The Usual Suspects (1995), Bio-Dome (1996) and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000). He also starred in the television series The Young Riders (198992) and as himself in the reality shows Celebrity Big Brother 7 (UK) and Celebrity Apprentice. In 2004, he directed Livin' It, a Christian-themed skateboarding DVD. He is the youngest of the four Baldwin Brothers.

Baldwin was born in Massapequa, New York, the youngest son of Carol Newcomb (ne Martineau) and Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr., a high school social studies teacher and football coach.[2] Baldwin's elder brothers are actors Alec, Daniel and William, collectively known as the "Baldwin brothers". He was raised in the Catholic Christian faith.[3] In high school, Baldwin participated on the varsity wrestling team, along with William.[4] Baldwin has two sisters, Elizabeth Keuchler and Jane Sasso.[5] Baldwin attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.[6]

Baldwin began acting on television and made his film debut in The Beast. He starred in the western television series The Young Riders and in Threesome (1994).[7] Baldwin landed a breakthrough role in The Usual Suspects (1995) and played Barney Rubble in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000). He participated in Celebrity Mole Hawaii, the first celebrity edition of The Mole in 2002. ABC broadcast the program in early 2003. Later that year, he returned for Celebrity Mole Yucatn, which ABC aired in early 2004. In 2006, Baldwin played a villainous thug in the television film Jesse Stone: Night Passage. In August 2007, Baldwin returned to television, when CMT cast him in Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge, one of nine celebrities cast.[8] In the first episode, Baldwin was injured in a bad fall from a wooden pontoon, breaking his shoulder blade and cracking a rib. Under doctor's orders, he left the show in the second episode. From January to March 2008, Baldwin appeared on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. He finished fifth out of the 14 celebrity contestants. He and Trace Adkins became friends while competing on the show. In October 2008, Baldwin appeared in Adkins's music video, "Muddy Water". In March 2013, Baldwin returned to compete in All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. He was a contestant on the 2009 NBC reality show, I'm a CelebrityGet Me out of Here!.[9] Baldwin quit the show mid-season. On the second episode, he baptized The Hills actor Spencer Pratt. In 2019, Baldwin starred in a Filipino film, Kaibigan[10]

Baldwin resides in the village of Nyack, New York, with his wife, the Brazilian graphic designer Kennya Baldwin (ne Deodato), whom he met in 1987 and married in 1990. They have two daughters, Alaia and Hailey Baldwin; both are models. His father-in-law is Brazilian composer Eumir Deodato, and Canadian singer Justin Bieber is his son-in-law through marriage to his daughter Hailey.

In 2006, Baldwin launched a campaign to prevent an adult bookstore from opening in Nyack.[11] He has a tattoo on his left shoulder of the initials "HM" for Hannah Montana. He got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus that he would be allowed to cameo on the show if he had the initials tattooed on him. He revealed the tattoo to Cyrus at a book signing in Nashville on November 10, 2008.[12] He was never given the opportunity to appear on the show and has since said that he regrets getting the tattoo.[13]

In June 2009, Baldwin's foreclosed $515,000, 1.4-acre home in Rockland County, New York was publicly auctioned after he and his wife defaulted on more than $824,000 in mortgage payments.[14] In July, Baldwin filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection claiming more than $2.3 million in debt. Court papers showed he owed $1.2 million on two mortgages on a New York property valued at only $1.1 million, more than $1 million in taxes and credit card debt.[15]

Baldwin was the first person to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house on January 3, 2010. The theme for this series was "Hell", with a devil head on the front door. He frequently taunted the head by saying "you're a loser". During his stay in the house, he frequently read passages from the Bible to his fellow housemates.[16] He failed to win many fans and was evicted on January 22, 2010, becoming the fourth housemate to be evicted. In a three-way voteagainst Ivana Trump and Sisqhe received 50% of the public vote.[17] After his eviction, the website, unsolicited by him, began soliciting cash donations to improve Baldwin's career.[18]

In December 2010, Baldwin filed a $3.8 million lawsuit against Kevin Costner over oil-separating technology that was used to help solve the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.[19] In June 2012, a jury sided with Costner and awarded Baldwin no damages. In March 2013, Baldwin pleaded guilty to failing to file income taxes for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. He stated that he never intended to avoid paying taxes and that he had received bad advice from lawyers and accountants. Baldwin agreed to pay $300,000 within a year, or he would be sentenced to five years' probation and have five years to pay the money.[20][21]

In September 2006, Baldwin released his book titled The Unusual Suspect, which details highlights from his personal life, career, days of drug abuse and his turn to becoming a born-again Evangelical after the September 11 attacks in 2001.[22][23] In the same year, Baldwin, Mario D'Ortenzio and Bobby Brewer founded Breakthrough Ministry, which was designed to use extreme sports as a ministry via arena tours, called AsSalt Tours. The tours featured extreme sports celebrities, including Christian Hosoi. In 2007, Daniel Southern joined Baldwin as president of his ministry.[24]

In late 2008, Baldwin formed a for-profit organization called Antioch Ministry, which exists "to facilitate the gifts and calling of Stephen Baldwin."[25] In 2009, Baldwin and Southern launched a third ministry called Now More Than Ever, designed to reach enlisted men and women in the military around the world. In 2008, Baldwin teamed up with conservative talk-radio host Kevin McCullough to put together a Saturday radio show called Baldwin/McCullough Radio. As of April 18, 2009, the show aired on 213 stations and in more than 400 cities across the US and worldwide on Sirius 161 and XM 227.[26] Baldwin appears weekly on the show from the broadcast studios in New York City and from various locations around the country when he is traveling for other business purposes.

In 2007, Baldwin endorsed Sam Brownback for U.S. President.[27] After Brownback ended his campaign, Baldwin switched his support to Mike Huckabee.[28]

Baldwin was an outspoken advocate of the John McCainSarah Palin presidential ticket after Huckabee dropped out of the 2008 presidential election. The same year, Baldwin threatened to move to Canada if Barack Obama was elected and challenged the candidate to box for charity.[29]

In June 2011, Baldwin mentioned the possibility of entering New York City's 2013 mayoral election as an opponent of his brother Alec, who had suggested that he may run himself.[30]

Baldwin endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.[31]

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Tony Montana – Wikipedia09.04.21

Character in Scarface

Antonio Montana is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 1983 film Scarface. He is portrayed by Al Pacino in the film and is voiced by Andr Sogliuzzo in the 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. Embodying the rise from the bottom to the top, Tony Montana has become a cultural icon and is one of the most famous movie characters of all time. In 2008, Montana was named the 27th Greatest Movie Character by Empire magazine.[1] He is partly based on Tony Camonte, the protagonist of the original novel and the 1932 film adaptation. According to Oliver Stone, Tony's last name was inspired by former NFL quarterback Joe Montana, Stone's favorite player. A prequel novel, Scarface: The Beginning, written by L. A. Banks, was published in 2006.[2][3] Montana also has a large scar on the side of his face, which explains why he is known as Scarface. Toni Montana is also mentioned as a strong fighter in Ali Sorena's album "Deer".[4]

Pacino insisted on taking the lead role as Tony Montana, although Robert De Niro had been offered it and had turned it down.[5][6] Pacino worked with experts in knife combat, trainers, and boxer Roberto Durn to attain the body type that he wanted for the role. Durn also helped inspire the character, who had "a certain lion in him", according to Pacino. Meryl Streep's immigrant character in Sophie's Choice (1982) also influenced Pacino's portrayal of Tony Montana. His co-star Steven Bauer and a dialect coach helped him learn aspects of the Cuban Spanish language and pronunciation.[7]

In May 1980, Tony is one of the 125,000 Cubans who after seeking refuge in the Peruvian Embassy, wound up on the Mariel boatlift to Miami. When he gets there, he is questioned by U.S. officials; he says that he was a "political prisoner" and that because he had an American father, he has the right to a green card. However, because of a trident-style tattoo on his right hand, which indicates that he was an assassin in prison, his request is denied.

Tony and his friend Manolo "Manny" Ribera are sent to "Freedomtown", a refugee camp that holds Cuban immigrants without green cards. After one month in the camp, Frank Lopez, head of a Miami drug cartel, offers to obtain green cards in return for murdering Emilio Rebenga. Soon after Rebenga arrives at the camp, Manny, Tony, and Angel Fernandez take advantage of the August 11 riot, where Tony stabs Rebenga. Tony and Manny are granted green cards and released, and the two get jobs as dishwashers for a small food stand in Little Havana. In August 1980, Frank sends his right-hand man, Omar Suarez, to offer them a job which pays $500 to each of Tony and Manny for a few hours work unloading a boat of its illegally smuggled marijuana cargo. While Manny is impressed with the offer, Tony demands more pay, and he and Omar quarrel. On the advice of his compatriot, Omar then offers Tony and Manny $5000 to buy cocaine from a new supplier, which is riskier than the marijuana deal but will pay much more, as it is dealing with violent Colombians.

A few days later, Tony, Manny, and their associates Angel and Chi Chi drive to a hotel in Miami Beach to make the deal with a group of Colombians. The deal goes bad; a couple of Colombian enforcers handcuff Tony and Angel to a shower pole at gunpoint, threatening to kill them with a chainsaw if Tony does not reveal the location of the drug money. Tony refuses to talk, and Hector, the enforcers' leader, dismembers Angel. Before Hector can do the same to Tony, Manny bursts in the room, shooting a machine pistol. A short gunfight ensues in which Manny is shot in the arm, and Tony kills the Colombians. Tony, Manny, and Chi Chi escape with the cocaine and the money. Tony, who no longer trusts Omar, takes it to Frank personally. Frank is impressed, and he and Manny end up working for him, during which time Tony takes an interest in Frank's girlfriend, Elvira Hancock.

Three months later, Tony pays a visit to his mother Georgina and younger sister Gina, neither of whom he has seen for five years. Gina is excited to see Tony, but his mother is ashamed of him, having long ago learned of his life of crime. When he gives his mother $1,000, his mother angrily rejects the gift and throws him out. Tony leaves, but Gina runs after him and hugs him, telling Tony she has been going to hairdressing school and helping out Mama. Tony says that a poor girl like Gina deserves to have a little fun; he slips her the $1,000 secretly and orders her not to tell Mama about it, only that Mama gets a little bit of it from time to time, through using some of it for grocery shopping or paying a utility bill.

Later, while in Bolivia, Tony and Omar go on Frank's behalf to see drug cartel lord Alejandro Sosa. Sosa has Omar killed for being a police informant and makes Tony his business partner. At The Babylon nightclub, Tony is shaken down by corrupt narcotics detective Mel Bernstein, who informs him he has evidence linking Tony to the murders of Rebenga and the Colombian drug dealers. Bernstein proposes to "tax" Tony on his transactions in return for police protection and information. Tony is convinced Frank sent Bernstein because only Frank would know details about the murders. While talking to Bernstein, Tony sees Gina dancing with a low-level drug dealer. Enraged, Tony beats the dealer and slaps Gina, stopping only after Manny calms him down. Manny drives Gina home and tells her she can do better than those lowlifes and that Tony is only looking out for her. However, when Gina admits an interest in Manny, he freezes, fearing Tony's wrath.

That night, two men attempt to kill Tony. He escapes and becomes convinced that Frank ordered his death. Armed with silenced pistols, Tony and Manny track Frank down to his car dealership, killing him and Bernstein. Afterward, Tony goes to Frank's house, telling Elvira that her lover is dead and that he wants her. Over the next year-and-a-half, Tony makes $75 million off of 2,000 kilograms of cocaine that he brings to America, and is soon making $1015 million every month in profits from his business relationship with Sosa. He marries Elvira and takes over Frank's empire, purchasing a large mansion as well as ornate luxuries such as a pet tiger. Tony also creates many legal businesses as fronts, including a hairdresser's managed by Gina. However, cracks in Tony's "American dream" begin to form as both he and Elvira become addicted to cocaine. Meanwhile, Manny and Gina begin dating behind her brother's back, afraid of Tony's wrath should he find out.

In February 1983, Tony is arrested for tax evasion and money laundering. Tony's lawyer, George Sheffield, tells him that although he can plea bargain away most of the time Tony faces, he will still end up serving at least three years in prison. Sosa calls Tony down to Bolivia and asks him for help assassinating a Bolivian anti-government activist, who is exposing Sosa's dealings with Bolivian leaders. In exchange, Sosa will use his contacts in the U.S. Justice Department in Washington, D.C., to keep Tony out of prison. After returning to Miami, Tony does not tell Manny about the hit, although Manny tries to talk Tony out of going to New York, simply citing a bad premonition he has about it. Not long after, Elvira leaves Tony for good after he insults her in a local restaurant. An intoxicated Tony starts yelling at the patrons: he tells them that they need people like him to blamea "bad guy".

Tony and Sosa's associate Alberto travel to New York to assassinate the activist. Alberto plants a bomb under the activist's car and is ordered to detonate it before the activist can implicate Sosa's criminal network in a speech at the United Nations Building. On the day of the assassination, a woman and two children are unexpectedly seen getting into the target's car. Tony now objects to carrying out the hit, preferring to only kill the intended target. Alberto reminds Tony of Sosa's demands and Tony reluctantly begins to tail the target. Tony's disgust at the idea of killing an innocent woman with her two kids grows, however, while Alberto concentrates on activating the explosive. Before Alberto is able to detonate the car bomb, Tony shoots and kills Alberto, thus double-crossing Sosa.

On December 9, 1983, Tony returns to Florida and receives a telephone call from a furious Sosa, who admonishes him for the hit's failure. Tony attempts to locate Manny, and finds him and Gina together, both wearing nothing but bathrobes. Tony shoots and kills him in a cocaine-fueled rage before Gina reveals that they had just married and were going to announce their matrimony to Tony. Tony and his men take a distraught Gina back to his mansion. Meanwhile, a large group of assassins sent by Sosa surround the mansion. While a distraught Tony sits in his office, snorting vast quantities of cocaine, the gunmen begin killing his guards outside. Gina enters Tony's office wielding a Smith & Wesson Model 36, accusing him of wanting her for himself, before shooting him in the leg. Tony attempts to calm her down before one of the assassins enters the office through the window and opens fire, killing Gina. Tony immediately kills the assassin, creating a commotion.

Deprived of the element of surprise, Sosa's gunmen directly attack Tony's mansion. Tony bursts from his office wielding a M16 rifle with a M203 grenade launcher attachment. He yells "Say hello to my little friend!" and opens fire on the henchmen, killing dozens of them, despite being heavily wounded himself by return fire. The carnage continues until Sosa's top assassin ("the Skull") sneaks up behind him and shoots him in the back. Tony falls from his balcony into a fountain in the lobby below, floating face-down dead in a pool of blood and water beneath a statue of the globe carrying the inscription "The World Is Yours".

The 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours is a pseudo-sequel to the film, which features an alternate ending wherein Tony kills the Skull and manages to escape from his mansion before it is overrun by Sosa's men and the police, though he loses all his money and drugs. Presumed dead, he goes into hiding in a small shack near Virginia Key Beach, where he laments the deaths of Manny and Gina, curses himself for not listening to the advice of others due to his stubbornness, determines to quit cocaine, and plots his revenge against Sosa. Three months later, Tony comes out of hiding to rebuild his criminal empire and makes $10,000 in a single day of selling drugs, which he uses to bribe several undercover police officers, who have seized his mansion, to allow him to move back. From there, he goes on to expand his empire and eliminate multiple rivals who are eager to take over. He still faces opposition from Sosa and Gaspar Gomez, who have teamed up to form a drug monopoly and set their prices unreasonably high. Tony is also betrayed by his lawyer, George Sheffield, who is in a secret alliance with Sosa and Gomez and leads him into a trap, from which he barely escapes. Eventually, Tony is able to eliminate all his competition in Miami and reestablish his empire, before travelling to the Caribbean to help a cocaine producer called "The Sandman", who in turn sells him his plantation. During this time, Tony also meets The Sandman's ex-girlfriend Venus, with whom he enters into a relationship. Now the most powerful drug lord in Miami, Tony sets out to exact his revenge on Sosa, Gomez, and Sheffield, and attacks the former's mansion, where he kills all three of them. On his way out, he stumbles upon one of Sosa's surviving goons, whom he spares and hires as his butler. The game ends with Tony married to Venus and living in luxury, feeling that he finally got what was coming to him: the world.

Tony also appears in the 2006 video game Scarface: Money. Power. Respect.

Tony appears in the video game Payday 2 as a playable character named "Scarface", included in the Scarface Character Pack released in 2016. He is voiced by Andr Sogliuzzo, who previously voiced him in Scarface: The World Is Yours. The DLC also included a heist that takes place at Tony's mansion in Miami.[8]

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Why I Tattoo | Support People Living with Lupus09.04.21

Please note: All fields are required.

Which of the following statements best describes you? Please select an answer I have been diagnosed with lupus. I think I may have lupus. I am a family member or friend of someone diagnosed with lupus. None of the above statements describes me.

What type of lupus do you have? Please select an answer SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) Discoid lupus Medication-induced lupus I'm not sure

Lupus has affected my (select all that apply) Kidneys Mouth Muscles/Joints Skin None of the above

First name

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Select Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas US Virgin Islands Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

ZIP code

Don't forget to click submit to get your free butterfly tattoos AND digital butterfly surprise!

By completing this form, you certify that you are at least 18 years old.

By providing your personal information, you are giving GSK and companies working with GSK permission to market to you across multiple channels, or contact you for market research, regarding the medical condition(s) in which you have expressed an interest, as well as other health-related information from GSK.

For additional information regarding how GSK handles your information, please see our privacy notice.

Visit link:

Why I Tattoo | Support People Living with Lupus

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Missoula’s 15TH Annual River City Roots Fest | 827-282021 – Grateful Web08.23.21

The 15th annual River City Roots Festival brought to you by First Interstate Bank and 26 other Missoula businesses will take to the streets Friday and Saturday, August 27-28, 2021 in Downtown Missoula in celebration of the city we love.As Missoulas Signature event, Roots Fest offers an admission-free, accessible, and family-friendly music and art festivalthat showcases all the things we love about where we live. Produced by the Missoula Downtown Association, thefestival opens Friday, Aug. 27 at 11 am and runs through Saturday, Aug. 28 until 11 pm on West Main Street, Ryman andCaras Park.

We are so incredibly happy to bring Roots Fest back to life after a long and difficult year for many in our community,said Ellen Buchanan, Chair of the Roots Fest Committee and member of the Missoula Downtown Association Board ofDirectors. This festival personifies who we are as a community: an artistic and musical city that cares about each otherand supports locally-owned businesses. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we get to welcome our community back tothe streets of Downtown Missoula. We look forward to reconnecting with our neighbors and welcoming UM students tothe heart of the city.

The Art Show will open the festival at 11 am both days and features 25 local and regional artists selling hand-madegoods, including jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, cards, dolls, leather, wood, paintings, soap, clothing and more.One of the highlights of the Art Show is the opportunity to work with Missoulas own Clay Studio. Regional artiststravelling for Roots Fest this year include a printmaker from Durango, Colo., a henna tattoo artist from Aurora, Colo.,and a photographer from Sioux Falls, S.D.

Music on Main sponsored by Big Sky Brewing, Blackfoot Communications, Dick Anderson Construction and Bob WardsSports & Outdoors - commences at 12:30 pm both days. This years lineup features a wide variety of local and nationalroots music with five bands playing each day. Local highlights include The Lil Smokies, Saturday nights headliner, as wellas The Timber Rattlers. Super Chikan is Friday nights headliner. Hot Buttered Rum, Sol Driven Train and Rapidgrass arereturning bands with a first performance by Sally & George. It has become a tradition to open Main Stage on both dayswith music by and for Missoulas youth. This year is no exception with music from kids rock bands in Missoula openingon Friday and Cowboy Andy & the Salamanders kicking off Saturday.

The Roots Run will commence Saturday, Aug. 28 at 8:30 am at Kiwanis Park. Produced by Run Wild Missoula andsponsored by Runners Edge, DJ&A Engineers, and Dorsey & Whitney, the Roots Run is a unique four-mile distance andhas a new route this year around the river corridor and the University of Montana. Run Registration is Open!

The Family Fun Fest sponsored by Childrens Dentistry of the Rockies and Opportunity Bank has a condensedschedule this year from 10am-2pm on Saturday only. Missoula Parks & Recreation staff have assembled an awesomeexperience for all ages with more than 30 local kid-friendly organizations offering activities and performances

As a showcase of Green Initiatives, Roots Fest has several sustainability practices that are standard - thanks to HDREngineering, Mountain Line and WGM Group. A carbon-neutral stage, compostable materials required for all vendors,reusable drink cups, recycling and composting are all part of the festival. Zero-fare bus service and bike valet parkinghelp reduce the impact of driving and parking and the Green Team provides immense support for the festival.

New in 2021 is the Unseen Missoula Music Tour. This Town is Full of Ghosts guided walking tour will highlight severaldestinations in Downtown Missoula that have played a significant role in Missoulas musical history. Guided by UMHistory Professor Leif Fredrickson, the tours will be offered both days at 1:30 pm and will be limited to 12 people pertour. Registration for the Music Tour is Open!

Almost 150 Volunteers are needed to help set up, staff and clean up the festival. All volunteers receive a free Roots Festt-shirt, wristband, cup and complimentary snacks. Roots Fest Volunteer Sign-up is Open!

Food & Beverages will be offered throughout the festival. Badlander Catering will have a variety of adult beverages, andall who choose to imbibe will need a Roots Fest wristband and cup.Nearly a dozen food trucks will be open on RymanStreet from 11am-10pm both days. New vendors this year include Empanada Joint, Dreamys, Taco Guy, Bahn and more.

About a dozen Downtown Missoula businesses will be participating in the Support Our Roots Sidewalk Sale Friday andSaturday, including 25% off Paint-Your-Own Pottery at the ZACC, 50% off float tubes at Ace Hardware Eastgate, and end-of-season sales throughout Downtown.

Roots Fest is admission free and accessible for all. As the signature celebration of the city we love, all attendees areencouraged to be kind to one another and thoughtful of the needs of others. This means be aware that we have COVIDin our community, stay home if you have any symptoms, practice social distancing and masking, and use the hand-sanitizing stations throughout the festival. Be kind to the volunteers and servers, dont bring your pets, and enjoy all thewonderful things this festival offers our community. While folks are encouraged to bike, walk and bus to the festival,parking will be free throughout Downtown on Friday, Aug. 27, thanks to the generosity of the Missoula ParkingCommission.

The full River City Roots Fest schedulefollows. For more information, visit or contact theDowntown Missoula Partnership office via phone (406-543-4238), email( or in person(218 E. Main St).

Music on Main:

FRIDAY, AUG. 27Kids Rock Bands .......................................12:30-2 pmSally & George..............................................2:30-4 pmHot Buttered Rum.........................................4:30-6 pmSol Driven Train............................................6:30-8 pmSuper Chikan ...............................................8:30-10:30 pm

11 am-7 pm................ART SHOW............................ Main Street11 am-10 pm..............FOOD COURT OPEN ............Ryman Street2-10 pm......................STREET BARS OPEN........... Main Street

SATURDAY, AUG. 28Cowboy Andy & the Salamanders ..........12:30-2 pmThe Timber Rattlers ..................................2:30-4 pmGrowling Old Men......................................4:30-6 pmRapidgrass.................................................6:30-8 pmThe Lil Smokies..........................................8:30-10:30 pm

8 am-1 pm .................Saturday Markets.......................................... Downtown Missoula8:30 am ......................FOUR-MILE RUN......................................... Kiwanis Park10 am-2 pm................FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL................................ Caras Park11 am-7 pm................ART SHOW.................................................... Main Street12-10 pm....................FOOD COURT & STREET BARS OPEN.......Ryman Street

The rest is here:

Missoula's 15TH Annual River City Roots Fest | 827-282021 - Grateful Web

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start, How to Watch, Everything You Need to Know – Illinoisnewstoday.com08.09.21

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley at a recent press conference.

Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images

Jake Paul Im fighting Tyron Woodley this month. Yeah, it came soon.

This year was a big year for the Paul brothers. Back in June, Logan Paul fought boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.What was it There are few battles of the century.. By the way, August 29, Jake Paul will fight mixed martial arts Tyron Woodley. And if you need a strange reason to see, the loser Need to get a tattoo Declare love for the winner of the battle. Whats happening here in the name of Mike Tysons face tattoo? I will explain.

Entertain your brain with the coolest news, from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games.

Both the Paul brothers Logan and Jake have turned from YouTuber to boxers. This looks like a weird career path, and thats exactly what it is. For one thing, they are young. Jake Paul is only 24 years old and Logan Paul is 26 years old, so they can taste the youth. Plus, with YouTube cash, you can do whatever you want in your free time. And what they want is clearly to hit people and be beaten in return.

These battles are not necessarily for record books, but for bank books. (Logan Pauls June match against 44-year-old Mayweather was just an exhibition.) Jake Paul fought three professional matches and won all, but his opponent was their prime. I wasnt a professional boxer. Paul defeated YouTuber AnEson Gib, former professional basketball player Nate Robinson, and retired MMA fighter Ben Askren. (Or The last one was fast.. And all the battles of Brother Paul draw headlines and chatter, balancing their fame and banking.

Woodley talked about some trash about Jake Paul at the Battle of Asklen, which led to the planned Paul-Woody battle. The easiest fight of my career and the biggest purse of my career are all overnight, Woodley said of Pauls match. According to ESPN.. Basically, they brought me to get rid of the trash.

Mark the calendar for August 29, 8 pm (Pacific Standard Time) / 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time). The big event will take place at Pauls hometown of Clevelands Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

The battle is Showtime pay-per-view broadcastThat is, you dont have to be a regular Showtime subscriber to pay and watch the fight.

Showtime Sports President Stephen Espinosa I told MMA fighters on August 2nd The fight will cost viewers $ 59.99. Not cheap.

It reflects a few things, Espinoza said of the price. Its in the stadium where there was a similar fight. Its at the point under many other higher priced PPVs, but especially in this regard, you have a full boxing card for an exciting young fighter. I think it was the key.

Keep an eye on Showtime Battle Page, Eventually need to be updated with how to buy the battle. Once published, Ill add a link here as well.

The Cleveland Arena also has a live audience. Tickets start at $ 10 Released It will be open to the public on July 22nd.

The fighter weighs 190 pounds. This is the weight when Paul managed to defeat Ben Askren in April. Two minutes fight. Woodley fought at the UFC for 170.

Paul stands 6 feet -1 and Woodley stands 5 feet -9. Paul is listed Woodleys 74-inch reach with 76-inch reach.

Fighters wear 10 ounce gloves and fight in 2020 rings, ESPN reports. The battle is scheduled for 8 rounds.

Whatever the outcome, Woodley already believes that one fight is not enough.

To be honest, Im probably going to fight twice. He said..

Paul is not very sure about the second battle.

Im not going to fight Woodley after defeating Woodley, Paul said. According to the LA Times.. It doesnt make sense, you know. There are no two fights because Im going to end him hard.

The two fighters Creepy bet Riding on the result. If Paul loses, he must have a tattoo of I love Tyron Woodley somewhere, and if Woodley loses, he must have a tattoo of I love Jake Paul. Hmm. (Both fighters are already tattooed, so the other isnt a whole new concept.)

Anyone who has a tattoo knows that there is a lot of publicity about the actual tattoo itself, not to mention the final embarrassing product photo. (Paul-Woodley Circle smart tattoo artists are probably already thinking about ways to ultimately hide or disguise their messages.)

That nights Showtime card has another big battle and three small battles. Featherweight World Champion Amanda Serrano (40-1-1) will face 18-2-0 Super Bantamweight World Champion Yamileth Mercado.

Not many people want to fight me. It will be a great fight, Serrano said. According to World Boxing News..

Mercado said he was excited to start his career in featherweight before turning to bantamweight and fight again in the old weight class.

Well leave it all in the ring and women will steal the show, she said, according to a World Boxing News report.

The Serrano-Mercado battle is billed as a joint main event, but there are also three battles on the undercard. Ivan Barancyhk fights Montana Love, Daniel Dubois fights Juiseppe Cusumano, Tommy Fury fights Anthony Taylor.

Jake Paul is the youngest of two Paul brothers, and in addition to his internet video, he is known to play Darkman at the Disney Channel show. Bizaardvark.. He started his boxing career in 2018 and won all three professional matches.

Like his brother, he is controversial. In July 2020, he Throw a huge party It is in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic in Calabasas, California.Asked about the party, he I told The Daily Beast reporter that COVID-19 is a hoax, see you later Denied to say that, Leaded to a reporter posting a voice proving that Paul made a hoax comment.In that same interview, Paul also insisted 98% of the news is fake, misleadingly claiming that medical professionals do nothing to protect the mask from the virus.

He doesnt just make headlines at his events. Jake Pauls brother, Logan, fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June, and in May, at a promotional event for the fight, Jake Paul spoke to fighters. Snatch Mayweathers hat..He then Sales start A black baseball cap with the words Gotcha hat printed on it.

Woodley, 39, started in MMA in 2009, became the UFC Welterweight Champion in 2016, lost four titles in 2019 and defended the title.

Like Paul, he also has an entertainment career. He has appeared in many films in a small role and Host a podcast When TMZ web show..

Woodley says this may be his first boxing match, but its not his last.

At the end of the day, Im boxing now, he said. According to ESPN.. My first opponent (of Paul). This is your first and the first chance everyone else sees my box.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start, How to Watch, Everything You Need to Know

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Start, How to Watch, Everything You Need to Know -

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More often than not, Drew Pearson answered the Cowboys prayers – The Dallas Morning News08.09.21

Editors note: The following story is included in Legends of the Hall, a premium magazine for our home delivery members. To subscribe to The Dallas Morning News, click here.

Drew Pearson sits in a coffee shop and talks about his greatness. Hes wearing a white baseball cap, dark colored sweat suit, a Super Bowl ring on his right hand and a silver chain around his neck.

At 70, the former Cowboys receiver looks like somebodys father or a cool granddad. Pearson has a casual walk about him, like hes the neighbor walking to the mailbox in the late afternoon.

A closer look reveals hes one more thing: a Pro Football Hall of Famer. You would never really know unless you recognized the Super Bowl ring.

Pearsons long, bumpy road to become a Hall of Famer is well documented. However, one of the main reasons hell be inducted with the Class of 2021 this summer is written on his left wrist.

Yep, the 70-year-old wide receiver from the Dallas Cowboys has some tats. Two of them, actually.

On his left hand is a grey tattoo on his brown skin that reads HAIL MARY above the outline of a star with 12 to 88 12/28/75 written inside. Thats the date of the biggest catch in franchise history. Its the catch that symbolizes why Pearson is one of the best clutch performers in Cowboys, and maybe NFL, history.

This is the one, he says proudly of the Hail Mary tattoo. The most famous. My kids freaked out. I got them once I got in. I did this. I was inspired by my quarterback.

His quarterback was Roger Staubach, who wore No. 12. Pearson wore No. 88. Together, they made magic when the game was on the line. Pearson also made clutch catches with quarterback Danny White, who eventually replaced Staubach, and he caught a famous pass from a guy named Clint Longley.

The Hail Mary was it for Pearson.

It occurred on Dec. 28, 1975, in the NFC divisional playoff against the Vikings in Bloomington, Minn., in an old baseball stadium that no longer exists. Dallas trailed 14-10 in the closing moments of the fourth quarter when Pearson caught the 50-yard touchdown pass from Staubach with 32 seconds left to win the game.

Pearson, covered tightly, used a swim move to free himself from a defender. The ball went through his hands and landed on his right hip. Touchdown. An orange came flying from the angry crowd, which was in disbelief. The Vikings wanted a penalty called for offensive pass interference.

There was no deliberate push, Pearson said. You cant see that on any film or anything like that. Actually the only ones that say that are damn Vikings fans. I never had a Cowboys fan say, Did you push off on that Hail Mary?

There were more clutch plays. On the play before the Hail Mary, the Cowboys faced a fourth-and-16 from their 25 with 44 seconds left and no timeouts. Staubach found Pearson for a 25-yard completion to the sideline to keep the drive alive.

After Pearson fell out of bounds a security guard standing on the sideline kicked him in the ribs.

I didnt feel it, Pearson said. I was fired up with emotions.

It was just another clutch play by Pearson. He had more.

In a Thanksgiving Day game in 1974, Staubach was knocked out of the game with an injury. Dallas, which was trailing Washington 16-3, turned to Longley, who rallied the Cowboys to a stunning victory.

Longley threw a 50-yard bomb to Pearson, who beat double coverage then made a subtle move on safety Ken Stone after the catch to give the Cowboys a 24-23 victory.

You get in those kinds of situations, I dont know if anybody caught more clutch passes than I did, Pearson said.

Gil Brandt, who as the Cowboys vice president of player personnel signed Pearson as an undrafted free agent from Tulsa in 1973, had a sense of what he was getting.

When we signed guys, we look for traits that made them great, Brandt said. And Drew is a guy, we look at his traits, he made big plays at the right time.

It continued after Staubach retired.

On Jan. 4, 1981, in the NFC divisional playoff at the Atlanta Falcons, White and Pearson hooked up twice.

With the Cowboys down, 27-17, in the fourth quarter with about seven minutes left, Pearson caught two touchdown passes to seal the victory. He cut Atlantas lead to three when he caught a touchdown pass as White scrambled from pressure with 3:40 left.

When the ball is coming to him, there are six Atlanta Falcons [in the end zone] in the picture and Drew, White said. And you talk about throwing into coverage, that ball should never have been thrown.

White remembers pointing to the corner of the end zone to move Pearson, but with several Falcons defenders running to where White was pointing, it made it easy.

When he pointed, I stayed right there and he put it in there, Pearson said. And I caught it, and Bam! I got hit on that and mobbed.

Before the game-winning play during a timeout, coach Tom Landry told White one thing: Danny, dont do anything stupid, White recalled.

The Cowboys could have settled for a field goal but instead elected to go for the win. When the Falcons blitzed White off the edge, he fired a pass to Pearson in the end zone.

If you look at my entire career and picked out passes, interceptions that I should not have thrown, this one would be right at the top of the list, White said. We were three points down, in field goal range, [wed get] a tie. I go out and made maybe the stupidest throw I made in my career.

Pearson made the catch after taking a hit in the end zone and was again mobbed by his teammates.

It was 88, White said. It was a blitz, and I threw off my back foot and lobbed it up there, and it ended up being a perfect throw right into 88s hands.

There are more.

Take the Dec. 23, 1973, NFC divisional playoff against the Los Angeles Rams. The Cowboys had a 17-16 fourth-quarter lead when Staubach pump-faked and threw to a double-covered Pearson, who made an 83-yard reception and high stepped into the end zone from about 10 yards out.

There are certain guys that make special plays and other guys that dont make special plays, and Drew Pearson made plays, Brandt said.

Sometimes people stopped Pearson from making great plays.

The Catch is the one of the most famous plays in 49ers history. Dwight Clarks leaping grab of a pass thrown by Joe Montana eventually beat the Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 10, 1982.

The Clark catch, however, was made with time remaining on the clock, and the Cowboys had two opportunities to win the game.

On first down, White completed a 31-yard pass to Pearson. It was post corner route where Pearson forced two players to run into each other. All that stood between Pearson and a touchdown was cornerback Eric Wright.

I was in the right place, in the right time to grab his collar, Wright said. It was one of those plays that if I didnt make it, it was six. I just reacted, and its one of those plays you teach kids to always go to the end of the whistle. "

Wright grew up a Cowboys fan in St. Louis. He knew about the Hail Mary. He knew about Billy Joe Dupree. He knew about Calvin Hill and Duane Thomas. And he definitely knew Drew Pearson.

We beat the team that I idolized growing up, thats what I got out of it, Wright said.

After the catch, White fumbled on the next play, ending the game and giving the 49ers the 28-27 victory.

Pearson played in an era when the running game was the focal point of the offense. Yet, he was a three-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl performer. He was named to the 1970s All-Decade first team and led the NFL in receiving yards with 870 in 1977.

Pearson was bypassed for the Hall of Fame several times, being voted in earlier this year by the Senior Committee. He waited more than 30 years for his moment, having to watch some of his contemporaries with fewer catches and yards (Lynn Swann of Pittsburgh) or with second-team status on the all-decade squad (Harold Carmichael of Philadelphia) be elected before him.

Drew should have been there a long time ago, said Brandt, who was inducted into the Hall in 2019.

Yet hes here now, with the tattoos reminding everyone of his accomplishments.

On the inside of the right wrist, the tattoo reads DP 88 HOF 2021 Canton, Ohio confirming his Hall of Fame status.

Pearson was a clutch player for one of the most marketable and winning franchises in NFL history. Its something you cant take from him.

You dont go in and say, Im going to be that guy, Pearson said of being clutch. It happens naturally, and it happens getting opportunities to do things in those situations. And then if you have success and perform in those situations, then bam, now youve got confidence of the coach calling your number. If he dont call it, then youve got the confidence of your quarterback, and when youre in the huddle then youve got the confidence of the rest of the team.

Find more Cowboys coverage from The Dallas Morning News here.

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What To Watch This Week For Boxing August 6th-7th, 2021) – Inside the Ropes08.09.21

Your one-stop guide to all the boxing and MMA that is on television this weekend, with times, networks, and realistic breakdowns of fights.

Instead of sending a detailed schedule of the Olympic matches in boxing, I will simply say the Olympic bouts are in full swing, and next week I will have bios on the gold medal winners, and fighters who might be under the radar.

Remember I have daily recaps of each day of Olympic Boxing on, which will also be a good resource for history and context.

Boxing Gossip

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley PPV Undercard announced.

Showtime announced three additional bouts on the Paul-Woodley PPV undercard.

The card is scheduled for SundayAugust, 29th for Showtime PPV, at 5 PM PST at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, and will see Ivan Baranchyk coming off his fight of the year performance against Jose Pedraza in a fight he lost via a brutal knockout, taking on Clevelands own, undefeated Montana Love in a super lightweight bout.

Heavyweight Daniel Dubois, a heavyweight who recently lost via TKO to 2016 Olympic silver medalist Joe Joyce, will look to march towards the WBA heavyweight title as he faces regional talent, Joe Cusumano. If Dubois wins look for a bout between himself and Trevor Bryan in the future.

Rounding out the card is Tommy Fury, the half-brother of Tyson Fury, who will face Anthony Taylor, out of the Bay Area, who is originally an MMA fighter, who spent time sparring Jake Paul in a six-round bout.

The co-main event will see undisputed featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano taking on Yamileth Mercado.

Not featured on the PPV will be junior middleweight and 2016 U.S. Olympian Charles Conwell (15-0, 11 KOs), a Cleveland Heights resident who trains in Toledo, Ohio, at Soul City Boxing Gym, who will face Lucas Bastida in a 10-round fight. Conwells original opponent Mark DeLuca couldnt make it to the fight date as an injury forced him out of the bout.

Saturday, August 7th, 5 PM PST | FOX

2016 Lithuania Olympian Eimantas Stanionis will headline the FOX card facing former world champion, Luis Collazo. Stanionis, the Freddie Roach-trained fighter, should be heavily favored.

I want to prove that Im going to be the next great welterweight champion, so I know that I have to look impressive and come out victorious against Luis Collazo on August 7, said Stanionis. Collazo has faced the best of the best, so this will be a great chance for me to show where I stack up. I always like to bring an exciting fight for the fans, and this fight on FOX is going to be no different.


Venezuelan Gabriel Maestre, a man who wouldve been favored to medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, decided to turn pro at the age of 34-year-old, and in only, his fourth pro fight will fight for WBA interim welterweight title, against Mykal Fox, a very good fighter who has already beaten one unbeaten prospect in his career, thus far, and was in camp with Gervonta Davis.

Maestre is a big-puncher with a great pedigree, who is training in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Ismael Salas. Maestre is a two-time Olympian.

Maestres original opponent, Cody Crowley was unable to make the bout due to a positive COVID-19 test, so a longtime friend of, Myke Fox will take the fight on short notice.

I am very happy to make my U.S. debut on August 7, said Maestre. This is a wonderful opportunity for me, said Maestre. I have the chance to show the whole world what class Im in and that Im a great boxer. Im excited to begin this journey in the U.S. on my way to becoming a world champion.

Devon Alexander vs. Lucas Santamaria

Devon Alexander is training in Cincinnati with coach Mike Stafford, as Alexander has lost his last two bouts with his very last one being a KO loss to Ivan Redkach, and needs a win badly. Santamaria is a high-volume fighter, who gave 2016 Olympian Paul Kroll an honest fight and beat very good fighter Mykal Fox, who now fights in the co-main event. Santamaria is a very dangerous fighter, who always comes to win. This is a crossroads bout for both fighters.

Friday, August 6th, 10 AM PST | ESPN+

Michael Conlan, the 2016 Olympian, is looking to land his first world title, and in order to do that, he has to beat the former world champion, TJ Doheny. Conlans career has never really got going as a pro, as he is struggling to adapt to the pro-style, thus far, which was seen in his last bout against Ionut Baluta, which was a majority decision.

Doheny lost to Ionut Baluta in March of 2020, but even with that loss, Doheny has the most pedigree of any Conlan opponent.

As Conlan is in his fourth year as a professional fighter, it is about that time he starts his climb to a world title, and this will tell us a lot about what he can do at the super bantamweight division.

notable undercard bout Lee McGregor vs. Vincent Legrand

Scottish boxer Lee McGregor, a training partner of Josh Taylor, is a 24-year-old bantamweight who is 10-0 with 8 knockouts. McGregor is being fast-tracked and has beaten good fighters like Ukashir Farooq and Ryan Walker. Vincent Legrand is currently 32-0, and the biggest test of his career, with a win here, McGregor should have a massive 2022.

Saturday, August 7th, 11 AM PST | DAZN

Kid Galahad vs. Jazza Dickens

A rematch of the 2013 bout that saw Galahad stop Dickens in the tenth round. A lot has changed since, as in 2015 Galahad was suspended for PEDs, with Galahads only career loss being a split decision to Josh Warrington in 2019. Dickens has since been stopped by Guillermo Rigondeaux and regional act Thomas Patrick Ward. Dickens is undefeated since 2018 and has a win over current featherweight world champion, Leigh Wood.

A solid bout, but not anything to stop plans for either.

Fabio Wardley vs. Nick Webb

Heavyweight Wardley is a decent heavyweight contender who might get a crack at a world title one day, but doesnt stand out to me as Capital G Guy. Wardley is a work-in-progress being properly promoted as a domestic fighter, most notable about Wardley is he is managed by Dillian Whyte, a current heavyweight world title contender.

Ebanie Bridges vs. Bec Connolly

Ebanie Bridges is a popular female fighter, who was once a ring card girl, and now is a prizefighter earning her respect in her last fight against Shannon Courtenay. Bridges should do well in this one in a bout against Connolly, who has a record of 3-9 as a pro.

Sacramento, Friday night, DoubleTree

The card will feature local favorite, David Melgoza, who is a big ticket-seller who is facing undefeated Elias Diaz, who had an amateur career. 2019 Olympic Trials participant, featherweight Kevin Montano will make his pro debut in his adopted hometown of Sacramento, Ca, Sacramento local Will Villa, who trains with pro boxer Brandon Gonzales, will be back in action, David Minter will be on the card. The best bout of the evening will be Dreamlands Mark Salgado versus Cmaje C.J. Ramseur in a battle of undefeated fighters, and Joeshon James will be fighting for the first time in America.

I am really looking forward to make my pro debut in Sacramento, said Montano earlier this week. I cant wait to put on a great performance.

One of my favorites from the Olympic Trials 2019, Brandon Moore, will fight for the WBC United States (USNBC) Silver heavyweight title in Verite Social Venue, Monterrey, Nuevo Len, Mexico on Friday. Moore will be fighting for the ninth time as a professional and is currently undefeated.

Former world title challenger Sharif Bogere will fight in a stay-busy fight in Mexico on Friday, on a different card.

Vacaville, CAs Ivan Vergara is listed as fighting this week, though no venue is set per BoxRec, so we will update you if he fights. Vergara only has one loss, hed be facing undefeated Luis Reynaldo Nunez.

Logan Holler returns to action against a very experienced opponent. Holler will be fighting for the first time in 2021 as her opponent fell out on the Claressa Shields PPV, which she was booked on earlier this year. Also on this Florida card is Valle Brothers, Marques, who fought at the Olympic Trials in 2019, and Dominic.

Saturday, August 7th, | ESPN+ PPV undercard | ESPN

Derrick Lewis, who is a Houston native, where the card is taking place at will face Ciryl Gane, a lesser-known UFC heavyweight, for the UFC interim title, as current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is currently trying to come to terms with a financial agreement with the organization, the main event fighter will fight for a form of the title.

Lewis is a big-puncher, known for his funny one-liners, and use of humor that has made him a social media star. Gane has a notable win over former UFC champ Junior Dos Santos, and former Bellator heavyweight champ Alexander Volkov.

Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo will face Pedro Muhnoz in a battle of two good strikers who are capable of getting a knockout with one strike.

Womens strawweight Tecia Torres and Angela Hill will do battle in a battle of not just talented fighters, but two fighters who have grown big social media platforms. Interesting bout.

On ESPN, you will see Bobby Green, who is sporting a Bam Bam Bigalow head tattoo, who is one of the fighters in the UFC you should always watch if you get a chance as you never know what will happen, as well as popular Polish strawweight Karolina Kowalkiewicz will face former world title contender Jessica Penne. The two are both notable fighters, though Kowalkiewicz should have the edge starting in size, and skills. This bout will be on regular ESPN

Triller Fight Club Results from Tuesday night on FITE.TV

Hunter, Algieri win

Michael Hunter picked up a brutal fourth-round KO of former Olympic Trials rival, Mike Wilson in a bout he controlled from start to finish. Hunter, a 2008 Olympian, now holds the WBA Continental Americas heavyweight title, which should give him a high world ranking in the WBA, which currently and laughably has four world champions, Anthony Joshua (super), Trevor Bryan (world), Robert Helenius (gold), and Mahmoud Charr (regular). It is not unreasonable to think Hunter should fight one of these four fighters in his next bout with the odds being Charr or Bryan.

Chris Algieri returned to the ring after a two-year layoff with his last fight being a win over Tommy Coyle. Algieri had a vintage performance against fellow New Yorker, Mikkel LesPierre, as Algieri just outworked him en route to a ten-round decision. I would like to see Algieri face the winner of Montana Love & Ivan Baranchykin in his next fight.

Undercard Results


The event sold well as the TrillerVerz set for Tuesday, August 3 in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden, between popular rap groups, Dipset and The Lox was the talk of New York.

The event feels like DiBellas Entertainments beloved Broadway Boxing series, with a bit more marquee fighters at the top of the program. I hope to see these cards continue as it could fill the void that has been left in this space since 360 Promotions stopped having high-level club show bouts, that bring exposure, as well as dignity and respect to fighters looking for a big fight in the near future.

Obviously, the rap battle-concert thing brought people to the dance, but fighters having an ability to build their record is never a bad thing, as it gives them a chance to grow, and get a chance to compete at the top of the sport.

My only problem was I had trouble finding the undercard bouts to revisit them.


Decorated amateur boxer Christina Cruz made her pro debut at womens flyweight winning her fight by way of a dominant decision, Ivan Golub dropped Eric Walker twice in rounds five and nine to win a ten-round decision at welterweight,in a mild shocker junior middleweight Guido Emmanuel Schramm picked up a six-round decision over Nikoloz Sekhniashvili, unbeaten super lightweight prospect Aaron Aponte stopped undefeated Gerardo Contreras Gonzalez in two rounds, as a over the top right and over Gonzalez guard was his weapon of choice. Joseph Ward got a six-round decision as well.

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What To Watch This Week For Boxing August 6th-7th, 2021) - Inside the Ropes

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5 Surprising Facts About ‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver That Will Floor You – Showbiz Cheat Sheet08.09.21

If youre among the dedicated Bosch fan base, it shouldnt surprise you that star Titus Welliver is as multi-layered as his character Harry Bosch. The Amazon Prime video series follows an unshakable Hollywood homicide detective as he tries to solve some of Los Angeless grittiest, most disturbing crimes including that of his mother. In real life, Welliver has a story just as interesting. Heres a fast-five rundown before the Bosch spinoff arrives.

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As the star of Bosch, it makes sense that Welliver also narrates the audiobooks by Michael Connelly. Thats not the only one of Connellys projects Welliver can be heard on. Hes also narrated The Crossing, The Burning Room, and The Wrong Side of Goodbye for the author.

As for other books, Welliver narrated Robert B. Parkers American Western novels, Appaloosa, Brimstone, Blue-Eyed Devil, and Ironhorse. That said, if youre missing Harry Bosch and his smooth-as-butter voice, download one of these to get your fix.

Much like his Bosch character, Wellivers relationship department had a few dings. The star has been married a total of five times. Three of those to Heather Wielandt, Dani Sexton, and Joanna Heimbold (with whom he shares two sons) ended in divorce. Wellivers fourth wife, Elizabeth Alexander, died from breast cancer. The two share a daughter.

Two years after losing Alexander, Welliver wed Jose Stemkens. The two made it to 2019 before that, too, ended in divorce. They share one daughter together.

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NBCs Good Girls utilized faux tattoos for cartel member Rio (Manny Montana) but all that ink on Welliver is real. The star has more than 30 pieces of art on his body with his latest in early July. Welliver also added that hes been going to Sunset Strip Tattoo since 1990.

Each one represents something personal, he told Inked in 2018. Some of them are the names and birth dates of my children, and others relate to my Irish and Native American background.

Harry Bosch carries a lot of weight. Its something viewers can feel through his mannerisms and conversations without having to explain in explicit detail whats bothering him. Welliver can relate as hes been dealt plenty of tough cards throughout his life.

Seven months later my stepmother, who I loved dearly, and my younger brother, Eli, was killed in Thailand at the age of 21, and my older brother, Silas, died from a form of muscular dystrophy, Welliver told the Toledo Blade in 2015. He died at 45. When one sustains that kind of loss I think its very difficult to trust happiness. So I think in many ways it formed not always the best parts of myself.

After the death of Eli, Wellivers father Neil a famed landscape painter hired private investigators to look into it, but received death threats and had to go into hiding.

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If youre a Bosch fan and think Welliver looks familiar, its likely because the star has appeared in a ton of projects over the years. Aside from some of his more famous projects like Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife, hes also appeared in every Ben Affleck-directed movie between 2007 and 2016. Those films include Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo, and Live by Night.

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5 Surprising Facts About 'Bosch' Star Titus Welliver That Will Floor You - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Celebs react to Bennifer – The Independent05.19.21

- Advertisement -

Montana Singer Jennifer Lopez, 51, and actor Ben Affleck, 48, were reported last week to have reunited after 17 years and celebrity friends could not help but lap up the story. Known as Bennifer in the early 2000s, the couple was seen on a romantic getaway to an exclusive ski chalet in Montana over the weekend. Last month, Lopez split up with former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, as known as A-Rod. The couple was known as J-Rod. In January, Affleck broke up with actress Ana de Armas, 33.

In 2004, Lopez and Affleck called it quits after starring in the romantic comedy Gigli (2003), which bombed at the box office. Lopez also had a minor role in an Affleck movie, Jersey Girl (2004), which was directed by Kevin Smith, 50, according to The Straits Times.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez started dating again after 17 years. Picture: Instagram

Comedienne Michelle Collins, 39, reposted a photo of Lopez and Affleck in a car during their trip and wrote: JLos been with him for like two weeks and hes hot as s*** again. I bet his phoenix back tattoo is slowly disappearing like the photo in Back To The Future.

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Actress-singer Bette Midler, 75, took to Twitter to say: #BenAffleck and #JenniferLopez might be back together? Aww. Thats nice, but I was hoping that if we could bring anything back from the early 2000s, it would be my pelvic floor muscles.

Afflecks good friend, actor Matt Damon, 50, was asked on the Today show about the ski trip but professed not to know anything about it or the alleged romance.

Its a fascinating story. I hope its true. I love them both. That would be awesome, he said.

Comedian Chris Rock, 56, also cracked a joke about it on the breakfast show Good Morning America on Tuesday: Im so happy Jennifer and Ben are back, so happy. Gigli 2. Are you guys excited?/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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