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Springsteen on Broadway: Boss in spotlight of COVID comeback – Asbury Park Press06.29.21

Springsteen on Broadway

'Springsteen on Broadway' debuts at the Walter Kerr Theatre

Chris Jordan

The lights of Broadway are bright.

Right now, theyre shining on Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss is reprising his hit Springsteen on Broadway starting Saturday, June 26, at the St. James Theatre. It's the first full-capacity post-COVID outbreak show on Broadway. The show was a sensation during its initial run from Oct. 3, 2017, through Dec. 15, 2018.

Its scheduled to run through Sept. 4 with a lengthy break in late July and early August.

I think Bruce is the perfect person to have the first show back on Broadway, said Amy Elinski, an administrator of the All Things Broadway Facebook group. For his entire career he has been a storyteller. He crafts these marvelous characters and the stories of their lives around his music, so to have him bring the stories back to Broadway post-COVID I think is really special.

Get tickets: Everything you need to know Bruce Springsteen on Broadway

Springsteen on Broadway and beyond: E Street Band tour, new music coming

Audience members will be required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend.

Theres a psychological barrier to overcome, said David Cote, playwright,librettist and critic who reviewed Springsteen on Broadway for the Village Voice. We've all gone through this for a year and half and people have died and its been such a tremendously hard time psychologically and emotionally for everybody. What I think Bruce Springsteen is doing is like helping to break the wall of grief and sorrow that were all going through.

The vaccine requirements have been altered in the last few days. Initially, only U.S. Food & Drug Administration-approved vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, were OKed for entry. This has been expanded to include World Health Organization-approved vaccines. That includes AstraZeneca-Oxford, which is being administered in Canada and Europe.

Following amended New York State guidelines, we are now permitted to welcome guests who are fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO approved vaccine to Springsteen On Broadway, tweeted Jujamcyn Theaters, owners of the St. James.

Its going to take people a while to get comfortable in the way we were pre-COVID, Elinski said. I think people are going to worry little bit the theaters are small spaces, but I think people are so excited to have life return. Theyre so excited and people are really trying to do everything they can to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Freehold:Bruce Springsteen 'His Hometown' exhibit relaunches

The St. James Theatre, with a capacity of 1,710, is considerably larger than where the music play was originally staged, at the Walter Kerr Theatre, which has a capacity of 975.

A handful of tickets in the $400-plus range for Springsteen on Broadway are available forshows via from the Official Box Office and the secondary market. Tickets are bit more readily available for fans than the first run ofSpringsteen on Broadway, which were sold through Ticketmaster's Verified Fan system.

For Bruce or the big Broadway shows its going to take a little time, frankly, Cote said. We're going to have to have two weeks, or three weeks, or a month of performances and people will be like, 'OK, nobody died, so its possible to do this.

What will fans see? Springsteen said he'd like to present the show as it was originally when it debuted in 2017. The show grew in length over the 236 performances of its original run at the Walter Kerr Theatre, he said.

I'd like to tighten it up a little bit, if anything, Springsteen told Jim Rotolo of SiriusXMs E Street Radio on Thursday, June 10. I would like to sort of get it closer to what it was when I initially debuted it on Broadway than the way it was toward the end.

'Dustland': Bruce Springsteen, Killers collab started with a text from the Boss

It did not get longer due to additional songs or dialogue.

The tone and cadence of his speech, he would take pauses for jokes and take his time (later in the run), said Caroline Madden of Springsteen on Broadway. Madden is the author of Springsteen as Soundtrack: The Sound of the Boss in Film and Television, from McFarland & Company.

When I saw it early in the run you got a sense of, I don't want to say rushing, but not letting it breathe as much, she said.

Madden, a Toms River native,met her husbandStephen Bonevitchnext to the stage door outside the Walter Kerr Theatre where Springsteen on Broadway originally played.

We were waiting to get things signed, Madden said. I just randomly went there that night and he was there trying to get Bruce to sign his arm and he did. I was trying to get Bruce to sign a poster and he signed mine. So it was good night.

Concerts after COVID: Where, and when, are your favorite Jersey artists playing?

Bonevitch got a tattoo of the signature, and the two later got married in Asbury Park. There has been no word from the St. James Theatreif fans will be able to congregate around the state door after the show, and a request for more information was not returned by press time.

There were lots of fans from all over the world and you got to meet a lot of people and that was great, Madden said. But yes, there were the autograph hounds and they would be super pushy and they actually caused Bruce to stop it for a while.

Proceeds from opening night will be donated to a group of local New York and New Jersey charities, including the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Food Bank for New York City, Fulfill (formerly the Monmouth and Ocean Counties Foodbank), Long Island Cares, NJ Pandemic Relief Fund and The Actors Fund.

Broadway is about storytelling, Elinski said. No one tells a better story than Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen on Broadway, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 26, through Sept. 4, St. James Theatre 246 West 44th St., New York City. $75 to $850.

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Chris Jordan, a Jersey Shore native, covers entertainment and features for the USA Today Network New Jersey. Contact him at @chrisfhjordan;

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Springsteen on Broadway: Boss in spotlight of COVID comeback - Asbury Park Press

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As Hudson conquers COVID, booming businesses and fear of ditching the mask may be the new normal – nj.com06.12.21

Business is booming again for many in Hudson County, even if its not exactly back to normal.

Take, for instance, Natasha Bonys new apothecary on Jersey Citys Grove Street, which opened after the state ended virtually all COVID-19 safety restrictions for businesses.

That was a coincidence, but what she has noticed since that first weekend is that nearly all of her customers continue to don face coverings despite no signs requiring masks. She wore one too, even though she is vaccinated.

While some stores and restaurants are seeing their best business since the pandemic started, many, intentionally or not, have not fully reopened. Some store managers say theyre not sure when, if ever, theyll operate in the same manner as they did pre-COVID.

Among customers and staff, there is still a wariness about being close together and maskless, business owners say. And staffing shortages are still limiting how fully many establishments can operate.

I personally think that this thing is not over yet, said Jorge Mendez, manager of Harrisons Jerzey Ink tattoo parlor, which hasnt lifted any of its self-imposed safety measures. Theres a lot of people that have family that are not vaccinated. Were still trying to protect each other.

While being vaccinated eased some minds, many are aware that COVID-19 is still present.

In Hudson County, that presence is dropping every day. In a streak that hasnt been seen since last summer, there were fewer than 20 new cases reported for six days in a row beginning June 1. Thats down from daily reports in the 300s just two months ago.

But transformative experiences like quarantining and losing loved ones in the past year will require time to progress from, suggested Nikita Malhotra, beverage manager at Halifax, a restaurant in the W Hoboken hotel.

I find some of our guests are really happy and kind of are normalizing really quickly and others are quite hesitant, Malhotra said. I still get guests that have not gone out to dine since this whole thing happened, since March 2020.

Her restaurant chose to add only a couple more tables after Murphy ended capacity and social distancing restrictions, partially because she knew many guests still dont feel comfortable closer than 6 feet apart.

She predicts that the hospitality industry will never be the same.

I think there is a sense of just being a little bit more protective of the staff, Malhotra said. Its been interesting in that respect, so it will never normalize.

The popular Ibbys Falafel, next to Bonys store Raine n River, used to crowd tables and chairs into its small interior. It may never return to that model, said owner Adnan Ibby Kwara. It has tables in the street now, which customers enjoy, he said.

At Jerzey Ink, which is continuing to see the same booming business it has welcomed since it reopened for business last summer, clients are still required to get tattooed alone and to wear their masks. Thats at least partially because only three of its seven staff are vaccinated, Mendez said. Theyre all working though.

Halifax and Ibbys Falafel, meanwhile, have staffing shortages and have had to adapt the way the operate.

Pre-pandemic, Kwaras falafel shop would do business late into the night. Now, hes sticking with the 10 p.m. closing time that the state lifted in February, simply because he doesnt have enough workers to add more hours.

Staffing challenges, which some have attributed to service workers looking for more stable jobs, are plaguing the entire dining industry.

We had that help wanted sign up for five, six months, Kwara said, gesturing toward his restaurants street front window.

Little changed for him when Gov. Phil Murphy lifted most of the remaining restrictions for businesses and said, Things are getting back to normal.

While he hadnt been enforcing the mask requirement even before the state lifted it, he plans to continue wearing his. He caught the virus in March, and it was scary, Kwara said.

Before heading into the pizza parlor across the street, three generations of the Herrera family dawned their masks. The employee tending to them behind the counter wasnt wearing one, and during the transaction, Alfredo Herrera removed his, citing the heat on a more than 90-degree Monday.

He feels comfortable not wearing one, but said he doubts that life will ever truly be the same as it was before the coronavirus arrived.

I think this hit us pretty hard, Herrera said. Nothings going to be the same.

Continued here:

As Hudson conquers COVID, booming businesses and fear of ditching the mask may be the new normal -

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I got weed delivered in N.J. The radio told me to! | Letter from your editor – nj.com05.31.21

So there I was, driving through one of those South Jersey Shore towns that just made a big show of banning cannabis-related businesses, and a commercial on the radio catches my ear.

In the pause between well-worn classic rock hits, two guys are talking up a company called Sky High Munchies. Over a looping clip from a Sublime song, they point out that Sky High cant actually sell you weed but can gift you up to an ounce of some of the finest cannabis in the state of New Jersey when you buy their snacks.

OK, you have my attention. is one of several cannabis gifting services operating in New Jersey, bringing a whiff of all-American entrepreneurial spirit to this weird twilight time between when we legalized it and when the state sets up a way to sell it. You buy some seemingly overpriced item like cookies, hoodies, hats or stickers, and the driver can personally choose to also give you the weed or withhold it if you look underage or sketchy.

Is it legal? According to this story by our Amanda Hoover, the answer is . . . maybe?

But hey, the weed folks were advertising on good, old-fashioned terrestrial radio -- the ads even play during Phillies games -- and theres nothing more Boomer Establishment than that!

And so it came to pass that on a recent sunny, suburban Saturday morning, between Swiffering the kitchen floor and finishing the grocery order, I answered the door to a cheerful young man with a sleeve tattoo and a face mask who handed me a green paper shopping bag.

Inside was the kind of stuff youd pack for a day of binge-watching or a trip to the beach: SpongeBob SquarePants fruit snacks, a Big Texas cinnamon roll, some Cheetos, a Twix bar, a bottle of water and some weed in vape and flower forms. (Actually, since so many beaches are going smoke free, maybe check out the edibles. Just saying.)

A friends delivery included Looney Tunes Space Jam 2 fruit snacks, a bag of chips, some Oreo cookies, infused gummies and a few disposable cannabis vapes. Neither order on its own amounted to more than a half-ounce worth of weed, but for novice or infrequent consumers or a hookup for your week at the Shore, its plenty.

The whole experience was as normal as the Whole Foods order that arrived a few hours later, and about as pricey. Total bill: A hefty $275, including $50 delivery fee. The transaction, confirmed by phone and with an emailed receipt, felt as safe as ordering a pizza. Best of all, Im not driving around with weed in the car, a risk I assume is factored into the delivery cost.

Upsides: Super easy online ordering and payment, good variety of products and strains for smokers and non-smokers, friendly and discreet delivery, and oh yeah, some dude will bring weed and Twix bars to your house. For medical marijuana patients far from a dispensary or people with limited mobility, the delivery aspect alone could be a game-changer.

Things to consider: It will show up on the credit card or cash app statement as SKY HIGH MUNCHIES, so if thats going to be a problem for you, use a prepaid cash card or actual cash.

Again: Some dude is going to bring weed to your house, so if you have kids around or an uncool landlord or boss (we dont), please use extra caution. They also offer infused candy products in packaging that mimics the real thing, so parents may want to avoid those items. And obviously, dont drive high.

Driving wasnt an issue the day of our delivery -- after the housework and cooking, I settled in with the green bag full of treats and the Citrus OG, giggling and snacking my way through several episodes of a BBC sitcom about William Shakespeare, then fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live.

The SpongeBob fruit snacks were exquisite.

Here in Jersey, more than 2.7 million people voted to let adults use pot recreationally, yet panicked local officials in towns are choosing to ban everything related to sales -- just in case. Of what?

The drunkest towns along the coast cant bear the idea of cannabis businesses squeezing into a storefront between bar and liquor store. Sea Isle thinks weed businesses are detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare of the City.

For folks in the weed business, our Cannabis Insider provides terrific coverage of the many issues at play in setting up the market. But when it comes to recreational, retail weed, its too often cops and elected officials who are leading the conversation. It cant just be the Weedman and Paul Mulshine, though I dig their back-and-forth.

My husband and I arent drinkers, and like many women, wine Mom culture isnt my thing. So if middle-aged, utterly mainstream dorks like me are ordering weed from radio spots, its clear the market isnt waiting around for Trenton.

Doesnt the state want our business?

Have you used a cannabis gifting service? Are you a weed consumer who feels stigmatized by the booze-industrial complex? If so, email me at and tell me whats up.

If youre someone who doesnt want weed businesses in your town, would a delivery service like this make the idea of legal weed more palatable? If youre anti-weed entirely, thats fine too, but Im not looking for a debate.

And most importantly, will my boss approve the expense report? Fingers crossed!

Also this week, a new decision in a 30-year-old murder case, why so many feel so anxious, mask mandate updates, this years prices for beach tags (or badges, I dont judge) and more:

Finally this week, it never feels right to wish someone a Happy Memorial Day, since the holiday is about honoring those who have given their life in military service. Instead, despite crappy weather in the forecast, I wish you and the folks you care about a safe, pleasant and extremely Jersey long weekend.

P.S.: This is now a Christopher Butcher (and Bigdog!) stan account. Way to go!

Amy Z. Quinn isNJ.coms Audience Editor, Newsletters and Briefings. To get a Letter From Your Editor every Saturday,add your email here.

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I got weed delivered in N.J. The radio told me to! | Letter from your editor -

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Breaking down the cost of East Hollywood’s ‘Sleep Safe Village’ – FOX 11 Los Angeles05.31.21

LOS ANGELES - "Safe Sleep Village" in East Hollywood is helping break up homeless encampments and the monthly cost of a space is fiscally equal to what many Angelenos would consider a months worth of rent, and the project is being funded with your tax dollars.

FOX 11's Phil Shuman explains the price tag of the homeless tents in East Hollywood.

A first for the city of Los Angeles, the parking lot has been turned into "Safe Sleep Village," and each person gets their own tent with services such as security, sanitation, food and counseling.

The tents cost about $2,600 a month per space, which includes site preparation fees and food services. LA City Councilman Mitch OFarrell considers the village a worthy investment in people.

"Safe Sleep Village provides people experiencing homelessness with a safe, secure environment managed by caring professionals and is a humane and thoughtful way to connect to unhoused individuals to resources, and ultimately, permanent housing," OFarrell said in a statement to FOX 11.

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The community currently has an estimated 70 residents and can accommodate up to 100. The plan is to convert the lot into a building with permanent supportive housing down the road.

"Its just a little spot to have my own stuff. I came here for treatment," said Matt Travaglione who moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey.

He was living on the streets when he saw the tents pop up and thought he would give it a try.

"Its a safe place to sleep," he added.

Joseph Gambino also lives in the community. The 44-year-old is a former tattoo artist from New York City. Despite falling on hard times, he has hope for a better tomorrow.

"Ive been here for three and a half weeks and me and my wife are on the list go to Tiny Homes and from there, we'll be on our way to get our apartment," Gambino said.


The pilot program could be expanded and has been done in other cities.

The community is run by Urban Alchemy SF, which is the same organization that provided outreach in Echo Park.

See more here:

Breaking down the cost of East Hollywood's 'Sleep Safe Village' - FOX 11 Los Angeles

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Meet the New Jersey tattoo artist who has big inking dreams: ‘I love being able to help people tell their story’ – Yahoo Lifestyle05.19.21

For Joey Jazz, the fact that people allow him to permanently mark them with his art is one of the most humbling experiences imaginable.

The 27-year-old counts his tattoos as a part of him. So for every client who visits his shop and leaves with one of his designs, theyre taking a part of Jazz with them too.

Somebody may forget your name, but they walk around with a part of you every day, he told In The Know.

Jazz started working at Handsome Devil Tattoo Company in Saddle Brook, N.J. three years ago but even years before then, he was always telling teachers and friends he wanted to be a tattoo artist.

After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to pursue an apprenticeship, I just didnt know when or how I was going to accomplish it, Jazz said. I would learn how to break down and set for the artists, a lot of drawing and watching my fellow coworkers tattoo this way, I could learn their process.

Apprenticeships are important within the tattoo industry because, well, obviously, giving someone a tattoo is a big responsibility.

Jazzs specific style is classified as neo-traditional or illustrative. While a lot of people think that art is something youre born with, Jazz never considered himself an artistic person growing up.

The only way to get better is practice. Even people who have natural talent still have to practice a lot, he explained. The second you think youve learned everything there is, is the second you stop progressing.

At the end of the day, Jazz just wants to make his customers happy with their tattoos.

I love being able to help people tell their story, Jazz said.

Small Harlem bedroom gets organized and artsy with only $1,000

In The Know is now available on Apple News follow us here!

If you enjoyed this story, read about other Gen Z changemakers real jobs.

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Phluid Project launches fabric face masks to celebrate Pride Month

The post Meet the New Jersey tattoo artist who has big inking dreams appeared first on In The Know.

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Meet the New Jersey tattoo artist who has big inking dreams: 'I love being able to help people tell their story' - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Arrest warrant issued for man in theft of Alabama Confederate monument | TheHill – The Hill05.19.21

Alabama police have issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of stealinga Confederate monument last month.

Selma police have charged Jason Warnick for the theft of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair that was stolen from a Selma cemetery in April, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said,according to The Associated Press.

The monument was found in Warnicks tattoo shop in New Orleans, and Warnick was already being charged with stolen property.

Previously, Stanley Warnick and Kathryn Diionno were arrested in connection to the theft.

This knowledge is very new, but we are in contact with the Selma Police Department and will be making plans over the next few days, Michael Kennedy, the attorney for Jason Warnick, said.

That being said, Mr. Warnick categorically denies any involvement with the theft of this memorial art installation and intends to defend himself and his reputation vigorously, Kennedy added.

After the chair was stolen, a group called White Lies Matter emailed news organizations taking credit for the theft.

Thegroup claimed it was not going to give the monument back unless the United Daughters of the Confederacy hung a banner with a quote from a Black Liberation Army activist outsideits headquarters. The activist is wanted for a 1973 murder of a New Jersey state trooper.

White Lies Matter threatened to turn the $500,000 monument into a toilet. The chair was found in New Orleans before that happened.

Go here to see the original:

Arrest warrant issued for man in theft of Alabama Confederate monument | TheHill - The Hill

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N.J. is seeking State Police recruits, but applications are historically low, officials say – NJ.com04.22.21

New Jersey is getting fewer applicants to apply to become police officers in the wake of nationwide protests and a global pandemic, officials said, even as leaders and activists agree departments need to diversify.

The problem is especially acute for the states largest agency.

In some years the State Police would field between 15,000 and 20,000 applicants, according to Col. Patrick Callahan, the departments acting superintendent. But they only had a historically low 2,023 qualified applicants as of Thursday, about a week before deadline, Callahan said.

Leaders have repeatedly asked more to apply.

I think the young men and women, when they look around the country and they see things that are going on and question it, I think its time for those to step up and be a part of igniting change, Callahan said during a recent press conference.

Current events have created strong headwinds.

Hundreds of officers statewide were sickened by the coronavirus, and several died, while police face increasing scrutiny since thousands of residents took to the streets in the wake of George Floyds death. The added stress has led officers to call helplines more in recent months.

Police leaders said those and other factors have left several local departments scrambling to find good candidates.

The atmosphere with police work right now is people just dont want to apply, said Robert Fox, president of the New Jersey State Fraternal Order of Police. Many are thinking, maybe Ill try later when things improve, he said.

For example, in the last year or so in Paterson, around one hundred people have told recruiters theyre not quite ready to apply, said Police Director Jerry Speziale. But they asked to stay on the list, he said.

Some are outstanding candidates, Speziale said. People used to fight for this job.

Everything from anti-police sentiment to changes to pensions have led fewer people to sign up statewide, said Pat Colligan, president of the New Jersey State Policemens Benevolent Association.

There will always be applicants, but whats the quality of the applicant? he said. The quality has really diminished in the last few years.

The problems arent new.

Even before the coronavirus, departments nationwide reported recruitment troubles, according to a 2018 survey by the Police Executive Research Forum.

Out of hundreds of agencies, more than 60% said the number of candidates applying for full-time positions had decreased in recent years. Many changed internal policies to widen the net, including making it easier for people who had used drugs to apply and relaxing tattoo restrictions, according to the survey.

Not everyone is feeling the same strain.

In Camden County, a spokesman said Voorhees department hasnt seen a dip in interest.

Further east in Ocean County, Barnegat is actually seeing applications rise. While around 200 people might have signed up for an application test a decade ago, that number was closer to 400 last year, according to Barnegat Police Chief Keith Germain.

He partially credited aggressive marketing Germain cited buying $200 Facebook ads that can reach large audiences but he thought more applications were mainly the result of increasing salaries.

Barnegat officers can now make $130,000 within five years, Germain said, and the current crop of recruits was their most diverse applicant pool ever.

To get people to commit to doing this, before anything else, were going to have to pay them well, he said. Especially in this climate.

Lawmakers have recently passed bills pushing departments to recruit more minorities, and agencies are still finding ways to hire. A spokesman for New Jerseys Police Training Commission, which oversees academies for local departments, said classes remained full.

The State Polices application deadline is midnight on April 23, for a class that will begin training next winter.

Callahan said he had hoped the pandemic would have drawn people to law enforcement, like the 9/11 attacks did, but morale was now low for even current officers.

Of the State Polices applicants, 1,734 are men and 268 are women, Callahan said Thursday. (A few didnt select a gender.) About 44% are white, 20% are Hispanic, 18% are Black and 5% are Asian, he added.

Officials will select a few hundred people out of the applications to train at the academy. Fewer than 150 new troopers recently graduated from the newest class, and another group will begin training in August.

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N.J. is seeking State Police recruits, but applications are historically low, officials say -

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Nessa Barrett and boyfriend Jaden Hossler get matching tattoos just days after going public with their… – The Sun04.22.21

TIKTOK stars Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler got matching tattoos just days after confirming their relationship.

Nessa, 17, and Jaden, 20 - who are both singers - got the number 3 inked on their bodies.


Nessa had the digit tattooed on her left thumb, while Jaden had it placed on the right side of his neck, according to tattoo artist Isaac Pelayo.

It is not clear what the number means in their relationship.

However, some fans on the Instagram account @TikTokInsiders theorized that it is "a magical number when it comes to love".

Nessa and Jaden got closer while working on the song La Di Die together and confirmed they are a couple to paparazzi on Monday night.



They told Hollywood Fix they're "the happiest [they've] every been," and are "really trying to be happy".

When asked how long they have been official, Jaden said: "I don't know anything about that, but we're just trying to enjoy ourselves."

Nessa shot to fame posting lip-syncing videos of popular songs on TikTok and her first video went viral with more than 250,000 views.

Now, she gets millions of views per video, racking up a couple hundred thousand likes each.



The New Jersey native dated TikToker Josh Richards for about seven months until they called it quits in June 2020 when cheating allegations surfaced.

"There comes a point in relationships where you realize maybe it isn't best to be together," Josh said in a YouTube video after the split.

We realized that we needed to mature and we needed to grow as people.

"We were in a very serious relationship but we weren't ready for as serious as it was."



H FOR HAPPYLine Of Duty villain Gregory Piper looks loved-up with girlfriend

steamed upChristine McGuinness poses topless for steamy shower putting fans in a lather

KATE ESCAPEKate Ferdinand suits up for first night out since giving birth to baby Cree

got bling?Katie Prices ex Kieran Hayler moans she didnt give his engagement ring back

'YOU'RE A NOBODY'Katie Price slams cheating ex Kieran after he lashed out at engagement

'URGENT'Ashley Cain rushes Azaylia to hospital as feeding tube fails to give medication

The two met on TikTok and would create content together.

Jaden previously dated internet personality Mads Lewis, who is wishing the new couple well.

"I love Jaden," she said, according to Seventeen.

"I wish him the absolute f***ing best. I want him happy. So if him being happy is being with Nessa. Be with f***ing Nessa."

See more here:

Nessa Barrett and boyfriend Jaden Hossler get matching tattoos just days after going public with their... - The Sun

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Owner of Newburgh tattoo shop arrested in connection with Capitol riots – News 12 Brooklyn03.09.21

News 12 Staff

Mar 09, 2021, 6:21am EST

Updated on:Mar 09, 2021, 6:21am EST

The owner of a Newburgh tattoo shop owner is among the latest from the area to be arrested in the U.S. Capitol riots.

Roberto Minuta, who lives in Hackettstown, New Jersey, was arrested this weekend and is facing a slew of charges for his alleged actions on Jan. 6, when rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Photos obtained from the criminal complaint show Minuta in tactical gear as he allegedly breached the Capitol.

His preliminary hearing was held virtually Monday afternoon in White Plains Federal Court.

Minuta has not been charged with anything violent, unlike some of the others who have been arrested in the Hudson Valley.

He's been charged with entering a restricted building, obstructing an official proceeding and destroying evidence in a case - charges that could still net him some significant jail time.

Minuta is out of jail, released on $150,000 bond.

Roberto Minuta also made headlines last May when he defied an executive order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo by opening his tattoo parlor before the governor's order permitted it.

Read the original here:

Owner of Newburgh tattoo shop arrested in connection with Capitol riots - News 12 Brooklyn

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Prosecutor: Union County Man On The Run After Shooting Girlfriend Dead – Rutherford Daily Voice03.09.21

Police are seeking a 20-year-old Union County man who shot and killed his girlfriend at his house over the weekend, authorities said.

Jamar I. Webber, of Union Township, is facing charges of first-degree murder and two related weapons offenses in connection with the death of 19-year-old Malikah Taylor of Newark, Acting Union County Prosecutor Lyndsay V. Ruotolo said Monday.

Police officers found Malikah Taylor on the 2100 block of Melrose Parkway with serious injuries early Sunday morning, Ruotolo said.

Taylor, of Newark, was rushed to University Hospital in Newark, where she was pronounced dead shortly before 8 a.m., Ruotolo previously said alongside Union Police Department Director Daniel Zieser.

Webber was later identified as a suspect by theUnion County Homicide Task Force and other local agencies.

He has been known to frequent the area of South 17th through South 20th streets along Clinton Avenue in Newark, authorities said.

After the photo was taken, Webber had a tattoo of the initials LV on his forehead.

Anyone who encounters Webber should consider him potentially armed and dangerous, and immediately call 911 instead of initiating contact.

Anyone with information about this matter or Webbers whereabouts is urged to contact Prosecutor's Office Sgt. Danika Ramos at 908-451-7739, Detective Charles Clement at 908-577-6489, or Union Police Department Detective Patrick Bradley at 908-851-5086.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously by phone at 908-654-TIPS (8477) or online

The Union Police Department, Union County Police Department Ballistics Unit, Union County Sheriffs Office Crime Scene Unit, and New Jersey State Police are assisting in the investigation.

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