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‘The Sopranos’ Cast Members Say Rewatching the Show Was a ‘Revelation’ – Newsweek11.30.21

The Sopranos aired its last episode 14 years ago. George W. Bush was still in office, streaming platforms weren't a thing and Britney Spears' conservatorship ordeal was only just beginning.

But amidst a rapidly changing society and constantly evolving pop culture landscape, The Sopranos has remained relevant and revered, routinely upheld as one of the finest examples of prestige television of all time.

The beloved series has found new relevance in 2021 with the release of the prequel film, The Many Saint of Newark, led by the late James Gandolfini's son in his place.

But the show has also found popularity with a new generation of fans, many of whom were too young to watch it the first time around.

And with its continued popularity, The Sopranos is being experienced through a new medium in 2021podcasts.

Michael Imperioli and Steve Schippra who played Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Baccalieri on the show respectively, have relived the show for their Talking Sopranos podcast and now, subsequently a book, Woke Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of The Sopranos.

The guide to the series is filled with interviews that get up close and personal with the cast (Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler), series creator David Chase, various directors, and a host of others who worked on The Sopranos during its six-season run.

Newsweek sat down with the pair to discuss the podcast, the book, and the show that made it all happen.

Michael Imperioli, Steve Schippra Q&A Interview [MI, SS]Some answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: Can you talk about the experience of reliving the show on the podcast and with now the book?

MI: I've found it to be amazing. Steve and I, we hadn't seen the show since it went off the air in 2007. And rewatching it for the podcast for me has been a revelation to really just see how great it is.

How great the performances the writing the filmmaking. You know, I guess in the midst of it when we were doing it, maybe took it for granted a little bit because we were in it but with some distance. I'm just really, really amazed at the level of quality and how good the show is, to be honest.

SS: I enjoyed every moment of watching it. I always knew it was funny. I didn't realize how funny and some performances that I thought were mehnow, just fantastic.I couldn't see anyone else in these roles except for the people that play them.

The show is a masterpiece and David Chase. They throw that name around a lot 'genius' but he is a genius.

Q: Can you tell me some favorite scenes that really stood out to you that may not have stood out here the first time around?

MI: The "Funhouse" episode is great. I love that. That's the last episode in season two, when Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero gets killed. And I think it was monumental because you have this major character being killed off the show, which very rarely happened on television but I think that almost overshadowed the rest of the episode, which is very weird, and really very groundbreaking.

SS: I enjoyed "Whitecaps"this scene with Carmela and Tony, when they have a big argument. I thought that was some of the finest acting ever anywhere between the two of them. I also enjoy tremendously the intervention scene. Laugh out loud, funny, and also the Pauley walnut scene where he goes to the psychic. Oh yeah, that is all really incredible stuff.

Q: How did working on the podcast lend itself to creating the book?

MI: There was so much material the podcast is going to end up being like close to 300 hoursit's just immense.

So to have something a little bit more condensed I think is a good thing. What we realized, that there was a lot more he wanted to even talk about a lot of the guests.So the book, there are people we didn't talk to for the podcast and then we went back to the people we already talked to unless further with them.

There has been several soprano books, but there's never been one that from the mouths of the people who made it and this is that book and I think it makes it.

SS: I mean it's the podcast plus 50 percentit's so much more. For the podcast we went scene by scene in the book, we're going season by season and talking to all the actors and producers, directors, the crew people that we spoke to, their journey on the show. You've got you know, as many different people we interviewed as many different stories. Which is fascinating to me. I love hearing their stories.

MI: We have photographs from Steve and mine's personal collection that have never been seen by anybody.

Q: How do you feel the sort of younger generations now still seem to have an appetite for the show? Like why does it resonate so strongly with people who maybe wouldn't have watched on the first time around?

MI: None of us could have ever predicted this in a million years. The introduction to the book talks about how about two and a half years ago, right around the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the first episode, I was shooting a pilot in Central Park and this kid from Scotland who was here on vacation, walked up to me, he was like 20 and showed me a tattoo of Christopher Moltisanti on his leg.

I was like 'Whoa,' first of all, he was 20. He was from Scotland and he's got a tattoo you know. And right around that time I went on social media, on Instagram, it was the first time I was ever engaged in social media and I became aware of just how much this younger generation social media generation has embraced the show.

And it was one of the reasons we decided to do the podcast, because the podcast is really a new media that a lot of younger people are into. And I think it's just a testament to the quality of the show.

I can't put my finger on the formula. There was definitely magic that happened on The Sopranos that you know, lightning striking and this group of people come together at this point in time with this great material. I think it's just a testament to the quality of the show. I don't know how else to figure it out. I think it's amazing and makes me really happy.

SS: I think the show holds up every bit as well as it did. It could have been written yesterday besides the computers or cars, you know, maybe the phones the material holds up every bit as if it was written yesterday.

Q: And on that note, are there any like current shows that are on right now that in your opinion live up to The Sopranos?

MI: I don't know of anything. I'll be really honest. And this is very, kind of a little biased, I don't think anything will ever come close to The Sopranos. I'll be flat out honest with you. My favorite showit's about to come on soon. I think for the third season is Afterlife.

Ricky Gervais is a friend of ours. He was a guest celebrity superfan on our podcast and visited the set of The Sopranos. He's someone I think is doing amazing things in television. He's one of my favorites.

SS: Brilliant. Afterlife is absolutely brilliant. And listen, there are some great shows. I mean, I don't watch them all. I watch what I watch, but there's some great stuff out there but I don't think it touches The Sopranos. And yeah, I'm biased, you know, we were part of it. But after watching it again and hopefully I'm a little smarter than I was 20 years ago, it is absolutelyI can't even imagine. I mean honestly.

Q: The podcast is coming to an end on December 20 and that episode is going to examine The Sopranos' cliffhanger ending. Many people are going to be excited about that. And I'm wondering if you're able to kind of give us a bit of a preview and on your takes about Tony's fate and what listeners can look forward to.

MI: Well we're going to have David Chase on for the finale and we're going to ask him some very direct questions, not just about the last episode, but about those last nine episodes last season seven as we call it, and what he was trying to do, and what was on his mind.

I've been going back and forth between anything Tony's dead and Tony's not, you know, but we're gonna get into it for sure. And that's for the finale.

SS: I think Tony Soprano was alive and well and living in New Jersey. That's what I think. Eating onion rings as we speak.

Q: With the release of The Many Saints of Newark, which Michael you narratehow did that come about and what was it like? Getting back into the character Christopher for that and almost in this abstract way as the narrator, because as we know, he's already dead. Spoiler alert.

MI: I know that they tried a couple of ways to connect the series to the movie.

[The director] Alan Taylor talked about it, they shot something with Edie [Falco], as Carmela, maybe telling people a story about back in the day for The Many Saints of Newark basically, but it might have been a little distracting to see one of the characters from the series.

I'm not really sure why they didn't want to do it, or why they decided not to use it, but I imagine they wanted something a little more abstract, which was why you don't see Christopher you see a photo of him and his voice from beyond the grave, which is obviously very abstract and strange, but for me, it was really fun to play him not as we left him.

So now he's in hell apparently. What does that mean? He's the older well not necessarily chronologically, but something's different. Something's changed. He's not the Christopher we saw in the last in the "Kennedy and Heidi" episode. And what is that and that's what I tried to bring to it.

Q: If the timeline would have allowed in 'Many Saints' who do you think would have played a young Bobby?

SS: Who would have played the young Bobby? I don't know any fat kid!

MI: Cate Blanchett is very versatile...

SS: Christian Bale! He would have to put on 100 pounds to play the young Bobby Baccalieri!

"Woke Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of The Sopranos" is available at bookstores now.

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'The Sopranos' Cast Members Say Rewatching the Show Was a 'Revelation' - Newsweek

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Missing Bloomfield Teen May Be In Nearby NJ Towns, Police Say – Patch.com11.13.21

BLOOMFIELD, NJ Police are still searching for a Bloomfield teen who was reported missing almost a year ago, authorities announced Wednesday.

The Bloomfield Division of Public Safety rebroadcast a missing juvenile report for Xamavi Wilson, 16. She went missing from Bloomfield on Dec. 6, 2020.

"According to her foster parents, she is known to run away, but normally returns the same day or the following day at the latest," police said. "The [New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency] has guardianship of her, and stated that she is known to run away for months at a time [from previous foster families], and feel this time she is not coming back."

Police said Wilson was last seen getting into a white Jeep, and that she didn't have a cell phone at the time. She is known to frequent Irvington, Newark, Passaic and East Orange.

Police described Wilson as 5 feet 7 inches and 160 pounds. She is known to wear color eye contacts; her natural eye color is dark brown. She has a small tattoo by her left eye, and was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants and black sneakers.

Anyone with information about Wilson can call the Bloomfield police 24-hour dispatch at 973-680-4141.

To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to

Reply to this articleReply

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Missing Bloomfield Teen May Be In Nearby NJ Towns, Police Say -

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Teen hitchhiker killed in 1961 Alabama crash identified after 60 years: Its really a shocker – AL.com11.02.21

More than 60 years ago, a young teen boy ran away from home, hitchhiking his way to freedom from a home life fraught with strife.

On March 27, 1961, the boy was picked up on Alabama Highway 25, just south of Wilton in Bibb County.

A short time later, the driver and the boy were involved in a crash on River Bend Road.

Authorities said not long after picking up his young passenger, the driver struck a guardrail near River Bend bridge and the vehicle plunged into the Cahaba River below.

The driver survived, but the boy didnt.

The boy had told the driver he ran away from home after his parents separated, but he wasnt in the car long enough to give the driver more details.

The boys identity was a mystery for 60 years. Until now.

Bibb County Coroner CW West said a team of genealogists, using DNA from a 2016 exhumation of the body, confirmed the remains to be those of 15-year-old Daniel Paul Danny Armantrout.

According to Identifinders International, Dannys identification represents the oldest case of a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children subject ever solved by genetic genealogy.

Unknown in life but recognized in death.

West said the announcement is made with a joyful heart.

Its really a shocker to all of us. I had my doubts at first just because of how long its been, West said, speaking about the possibility of finally identifying the young victim. I am very relieved and excited and overwhelmed.

When the boy, now known as Danny, was killed, there were few clues to identify him.

He had light brown hair and blue eyes. He was approximately 5-feet, 6-inches tall and had a homemade tattoo on his left arm that read love or R+Y in Love.

He was wearing a Timex watch and carrying a suitcase full of clothing. He also had a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes with a South Carolina tax stamp on it.

According to Identifiers International, it is believed that Danny hitched rides with at least three different motorists prior to his death.

One claimed that the traveler had stayed with relatives as he moved between Montevallo and South Carolina trying unsuccessfully to find work.

Another good Samaritan claimed that he might have connections to the military service or have been an inmate at some kind of institution.

There was little else to go on.

Bibb County authorities at the time kept the boys body in the morgue for about two weeks and exhausted all efforts to identify him and find his family. He was eventually buried in the Centreville Memorial Cemetery on Mill Street with money raised and donated by the community for the funeral.

The headstone reads, unknown in life but recognized in death.

Known only as "Unknown Boy," from 1961 until 2021, Danny Armantrout was buried in Centreville with a headstone paid for by the community. (Identifinders International)

In 2016, however, authorities were contacted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and learned the agency was providing money to pay for the exhumation of the body to examine the remains in hopes of using modern technology to now identify him.

The exhumation began about 7 a.m. June 9, 2016, and workers reached the vault about 7:25 a.m.

The story of Danny

The remains were taken to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science in Montgomery to obtain parts of the remains to send to researchers at the University of North Texas in an attempt to get DNA.

The boys body was then reinterred in Centreville later that afternoon.

West said a pathologist took bone fragments and teeth to send to Texas.

Experts did tests around the perimeter of the bone to try to extract DNA.

They couldnt find any DNA on the outside perimeter of the bone, he said, so its been sitting in north Texas all this time.

The exhumation stirred interest in the community and in the news but things then went silent again, as the case had so many times before.

Just a month after West was elected Bibb County coroner in October 2020, he was contacted by Colleen Fitzpatrick of Identifinders International.

Fitzpatrick is a pioneer in the use of forensic genealogy applied to cold case violent crimes.

In November 2020, Fitzpatrick contacted West, and they talked about again exhuming the boys remains. It was, however, a costly task.

It was then that West remembered that former Coroner Scott Cox has sent what samples they had to the University of North Texas, and Fitzgerald turned her sights on obtaining those samples, with help from West.

The samples were returned to West, and then sent to Salt Lake City.

West said experts there carried out a TissueLyser process where the bone fragments and teeth were pulverized and then sent to another lab in California.

They did extensive work there to extract DNA, West said. They had a lot of complications, but they did not give up.

The body of an unidentified teen killed in a 1961 car crash is exhumed in 2016 in hopes of obtaining DNA to identify him. (Bibb County Sheriff's Office/

It was a lengthy process, but ultimately, they were able to obtain the DNA.

From there, West said, Fitzpatrick and her team of genealogists took control of the search which eventually led them to the identification of Danny.

West said they learned Danny was born Dec. 28, 1945, in Miami.

His parents, father Alfred Valentine Armantrout and mother, Virginia Leocadie Berner, had divorced when Danny was young and Berner had remarried another man with the last name Hamilton.

Fitzpatrick and team then tracked down a cousin who is currently living in Germany. He remembers him, West said, but its been such a long time.

Eventually they found one of Dannys brothers, 77, who is living in Florida.

Investigators learned Dannys mother and stepfather had moved to Tennessee with her three sons including Danny. It wasnt the happiest home for the boys.

The older brother now living in Florida was in the U.S. Army at the time Danny ran away.

When he came back home, he realized Danny had run away, West said. He didnt know where he went or how to find him.

Shortly after Danny ran away, West said, the third brother did the same. He has never been heard from by family since then. If hes still alive, he would be 79 years old now.

The surviving brother believes Danny was trying to hitchhike from Tennessee to California to enlist the Army as well when he was picked up in Alabama and then killed in the crash.

The surviving brother, West said, was very emotional at learning what happened to Danny. He and his wife are planning to travel to Alabama.

He wants to come up and have a memorial service and meet some of the people who worked behind the scenes to locate his brother.

Dannys father, investigators learned, was born in 1910 in Georgia and died in 1973, also in Georgia.

Dannys mother was born Sept. 2, 1921, in New Jersey and died in Florida on Feb. 22, 2011.

The formal announcement identifying Danny was made Saturday on Gray Hughes Investigates.

Gray and his YouTube audience of Freaks funded the expensive and time-consuming investigation that required almost a year of work to gain viable DNA for a SNP profile, according to Identifinders International.

Identifinders International now plans to help try to find Dannys other brother who ran away.

In the meantime, West said, a headstone bearing Dannys name will be added to his grave site in Centreville.

Its really amazing, he said. I cannot express enough how grateful I am, as well as many others, to finally be able to put his name on his headstone. Thank you all for the ones that never gave up on him.

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Teen hitchhiker killed in 1961 Alabama crash identified after 60 years: Its really a shocker -

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Atlantic Health Systems Morristown Medical Center Only Hospital in New Jersey To Offer AlignRT Heart-Protecting and Tattoo-Free Breast Radiation…10.20.21

Newswise Atlantic Health Systems Morristown Medical Center is the only hospital in New Jersey to offer AlignRT heart-protecting and tattoo-free breast radiation treatment. The new technology protects the heart when radiating the left breast and eliminates the need for permanent tattoos that help guide the radiation therapist in positioning a patient for treatment.

Morristown Medical Center was recently ranked by Castle Connolly as the top hospital in the state with more than 350 beds, and the #1 ranked hospital in New Jersey for breast cancer treatment. The Castle Connolly results are based on votes of more than one thousand physicians and reflect Atlantic Health Systems strong reputation among physicians across the state. Morristown Medical Center is also ranked #1 in the state by U.S. News & World Report and has been recognized as one of Americas 50 Best Hospitals by Healthgrades.

We have long been at the forefront of breast cancer treatment, with the same capabilities as many of the worlds leading academic medical centers, said Mona Karim, MD, vice chair, radiation oncology, Morristown Medical Center. Our patients can rest assured that we have the best cancer treatment team, and the most forward-looking therapeutic modalities. AlignRT provides the latest example of the evidence-based, patient-centered technologies we are able to offer breast cancer patients at a time when they need assurance that they are receiving the best care available. This new precision technology enhances both patient care and comfort.

AlignRT uses 3D camera units to monitor a patients skin surface in real-time and compare it to the ideal position with no loss in accuracy when compared to tattoos and marks. This technique is called Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) and it ensures that radiation is delivered only when a patient is correctly positioned, enhancing their safety and comfort.

I am fortunate my cancer was detected early, said Colleen, a patient at Morristowns Carol G. Simon Cancer Center. But I have a pacemaker and I needed radiation to the left breast and that concerned me.

Radiation can be a highly effective treatment for breast cancer, but the left breast is very close to the heart. This leaves the heart vulnerable to radiation exposure, which has been shown to sometimes lead to cardiac complications. Atlantic Health System radiation oncologists use a technique called Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) to move the heart away from the breast during therapy. With the addition of AlignRT, breast cancer patients now have additional assurance that their hearts are protected.

Dr. Karim assured me that she could safely provide radiation treatment while protecting my heart and pacemaker using the Align RT system and DIBH, said Colleen. The treatments were easy and painless.

Atlantic Health Systems Hackettstown Medical Center also offers AlignRT tattoo-free breast radiation and will offer DIBH by the end of the year.

At Morristown Medical Center and throughout Atlantic Health System, our priority is providing the highest quality breast care services in a safe and caring environment, added Dr. Karim. We have implemented vigorous health and safety standards to ensure the care you receive is evolving for todays needs.

To learn more, visit or call 973-971-5328.

About Atlantic Health System Cancer Care

Atlantic Health System Cancer Care offers an unparalleled network of cancer specialists and resources for more than 70,500 patients annually through its flagship Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at Morristown and Overlook medical centers, as well as its comprehensive oncology programs at Chilton, Hackettstown and Newton medical centers. With more than 250 cancer specialists and medical professionals, all five hospitals and Atlantic Medical Group have been recognized nationally for their role in advancing the fight against cancer.

Atlantic Health System Cancer Care is the lead affiliate of Atlantic Health Cancer Consortium (AHCC) - the only National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) based in New Jersey. Atlantic Health System is affiliated with the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) of Phoenix, Arizona, and together they have created the Breakthrough Oncology Accelerator, a pioneering research and clinical collaboration designed to improve patient access to the most innovative and sophisticated therapies for cancer.

About Atlantic Health System

Atlantic Health System is at the forefront of medicine, setting standards for quality health care in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the New York metropolitan area. Powered by a workforce of more than 18,000 team members and 4,800 affiliated physicians dedicated to building healthier communities, Atlantic Health System serves more than half of the state of New Jersey including 11 counties and 4.9 million people. The not-for-profit system offers more than 400 sites of care, including seven hospitals: Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ, Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ, Newton Medical Center in Newton NJ, Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, NJ, Hackettstown Medical Center in Hackettstown, NJ, Goryeb Childrens Hospital in Morristown, NJ, and Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute in Madison, NJ.

Atlantic Medical Group, comprised of 1,000 physicians and advanced practice providers, represents one of the largest multi-specialty practices in New Jersey and joins Atlantic Accountable Care Organization and Optimus Healthcare Partners as part of Atlantic Alliance, a Clinically Integrated Network of more than 2,500 health care providers throughout northern and central NJ.

Atlantic Health System provides care for the full continuum of health care needs through 16 urgent care centers, Atlantic Visiting Nurse and Atlantic Anywhere Virtual Visits. Facilitating the connection between these services on both land and air is the transportation fleet of Atlantic Mobile Health.

Atlantic Health System leads the Healthcare Transformation Consortium, a partnership of six regional hospitals and health systems dedicated to improving access and affordability and is a founding member of the PIER Consortium Partners in Innovation, Education, and Research a streamlined clinical trial system that will expand access to groundbreaking research across five health systems in the region.

Atlantic Health System has a medical school affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University and is home to the regional campus of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Morristown and Overlook Medical Centers and is the official health care partner of the New York Jets.

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Atlantic Health Systems Morristown Medical Center Only Hospital in New Jersey To Offer AlignRT Heart-Protecting and Tattoo-Free Breast Radiation...

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‘We all need a Souls show’: Bouncing Souls bring Stoked for the Summer back to Stone Pony – Asbury Park Press09.04.21

The Bouncing Souls' annual Asbury Park throw-down, Stoked for the Summer, finally returns to the Stone Pony Summer Stage this weekend, andonly one word can appropriately capture how the band is feeling as the big day approaches.

Not to overuse the word, but were pretty stoked," said bassist Bryan Kienlen."Were all really stoked, this is us in our truly natural state, to be together doing something fun and productive like playing a show.

After being put on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stoked for the Summer is back in a big way on Sunday, Sept. 5, for a sold-out show with the Menzingers, Sick of It All, Suicide Machines and Soul Glo sharing the bill with the Central Jersey punk legends.

The band ofBasking Ridge natives who got their start in the New Brunswick scene before relocating to the Asbury Park areahas multiple days of festivities planned at the Shore.

'I can let art guide me': RZA talks Wu-Tang Clan series and return of Bobby Digital

There's the "Bouncing Souls Family Art Show" on display from Wednesday, Sept. 1, through Sunday, Sept. 5, featuring art by Kienlen, Souls singer Greg Attonito, T. Eric Monroe and Rob Santello at Fresh Life, 1200 Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park.

Kienlen's tattoo shop, Anchors Aweigh at 712 Main St. in Bradley Beach, will host its "Stoked for the Tats" walk-in flash tattoo event on Friday, Sept. 3, and Saturday, Sept. 4.

The Vansaders headline a free after-party show at 10 p.m. Sunday at the Asbury Park Yacht Club, 1000 Ocean Avenue.

Cheers!:Bouncing Souls, Last Wave Brewing Co. teamed up for 'Summer Vacation' benefit beer

Kienlen referred to the pandemic as "the elephant in the room."

Its the obvious question. How do you feel about COVID and your shows? and its obviously mixed emotions," he said."This is our favorite thing to do, so were so happy, and we also feel like its so overdue for everyone involved.

"I think Bouncing Souls fans and members equally sort of need a show. I think we all need a Souls show. So I think thats the overriding feeling and thats pretty much first and foremost on my mind and people coming to the show.I think thats whats on everyones mind.

Go:The Bouncing Souls' Stoked for the Summer featuring The Menzingers, Sick of It All, Suicide Machines and Soul Glo, 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 5,Stone Pony Summer Stage, 913 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park, sold out. Call 732-502-0600 or more information.

Alex Biese has been writing about art, entertainment, culture and news on a local and national level for more than 15 years.

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'We all need a Souls show': Bouncing Souls bring Stoked for the Summer back to Stone Pony - Asbury Park Press

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Musician with hemophilia: Dont hide behind pain, use it to inspire | Testa – NJ.com08.23.21

Most musicians have a muse; Max Feinstein has a mission.

Over the last decade, the well-liked Jersey City musician found a home in the local music scene, performing and recording with the Latest Noise collective and the ALEO Productions ensemble, as well as pursuing a solo career as a singer/songwriter (and recording other artists at his Silver Horse Sound studio in Hoboken).

But in 2019, Feinstein opened up in an interview for the first time about his lifelong battle with hemophilia. In so doing, he found a new purpose for his art. Feinstein allied himself with the bleeding disorders community, leading him to become a spokesman who raises money, lobbies for legislative change, and creates musical programming for those suffering from hemophilia and similar diseases.

His latest single, Dear Anxious, being released next Friday, Aug. 27, speaks directly to that passion.

Using the guitar-driven alt-rock of the 90s and grunges soft/loud dynamics as a template, Dear Anxious serves as a love letter from Feinstein to the bleeding disorder community, although it just as easily might be addressing mental health patients or the immunocompromised.

The message couldnt be clearer: Dont hide behind your affliction; use it to inspire yourself and others.

The interior rhymes and roiling percussion combine to create a powerful groove for the songs heartfelt entreaty: At your hand you command power should you ever choose / to reframe all your pain as a better kind of truth / Get a clue, a tattoo, a lesson learned and heres the proof / self aware, now you care, youre on the hook to follow through.

A mellow, almost psychedelic bridge offers a short respite before the track builds to its impassioned crescendo: It goes further than you know, share the word, Dear Anxious, share and watch it grow ... lead the way, theyll follow.

Reflecting on the musical roots of the song, Feinstein noted, I love the Mars Volta and Zappa and Primus, who can be compelling but challenging bands to appreciate for many people, but what really spoke to me when I first picked up the guitar in 2000 were grunge and alternative rock.

He continued: I loved the uplifting energy and hefty jangle of bands like Incubus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That kind of music soothed my heart with intimate verses while pushing my internal aggression towards an uplifting catharsis with soaring choruses.

But this single represents more than paying homage to Feinsteins influences.

I think Dear Anxious represents the side of me that wants to relate to other people through my music because its attempting to be earnest and uplifting without complication, but with an undercurrent of sternness to sort of counterbalance and ground the sentiment, he said. Being a Zappa fan, I believe in being earnest about my emotions without being hyperbolic. Frank Zappa detested love songs for their hyperbole of human emotion, and I resonate with that sentiment heavily. In todays climate of aggressive, flavorless uplifting content and toxic positivity, I wanted to be authentically uplifting and had to choose my words carefully so that I could reflect my sentiment without breaking into hives at the thought of something overly saccharine.

The end result, he said, is a summery alt-rock song that encourages listeners to appreciate their capabilities and reminds that everyone is accountable for growing and keeping your promises to oneself and others.

For me, thats a sentiment directed at my interactions with the hemophilia community as I vie to be one of its spokespeople, he said.

In celebration of his 33rd birthday, Feinstein set up a fundraiser to benefit the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey. Hes already surpassed his original goal by 400% and donations can be made through mid-September at

Dear Anxious will be available at and all major streaming platforms.


Back in April, North Jerseys Ruby Bones delighted listeners with Laser Tooth Tiger, one of 2021s most buoyant and enjoyable albums.

Ruby Bones has put a new B-side, "Faster," on "Press Rewind."

With Hobokenite Matt Cohen on lead guitar, the group recently rocked Washington Streets Farside, and now Ruby Bones graces us with a radio single for Press Rewind, which comes with the non-LP B-side, Faster.

The A-side typifies the albums frothy, uplifting spirit, which segues from a catchy pop-rock melody reminiscent of 90s radio hits to a humming organ buildup and sizzling sax solo straight out of Bruce Springsteens Rosalita.

Faster both slows and quiets things down.

Built on a bed of acoustic guitar and harmony vocals, the summery, romantic tune finds lead singer Chris Fox drinkin and soakin up the sun, getting lonelier as my day goes on. Both the tempo and the narrators fortunes pick up when he meets that special someone, and the rest of the song celebrates that moment and its possibilities.

Mint 400 Records will release the single to radio and all streaming platforms on Friday, Aug. 20.

Call your favorite station and ask them to play it. It will feel like a four-minute vacation.

Jim Testa can be reached at

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Musician with hemophilia: Dont hide behind pain, use it to inspire | Testa -

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29 Hoboken + Jersey City News Stories You Missed This Week – hobokengirl.com08.09.21

A week of life in Hoboken + Jersey City means there is plenty of news to catch up on. Among the local headlines Jersey City named in Top 10 most walkable cities, iconic records store in Woodbridge closes, new accessible shuttles introduced in Hoboken, and so much more. Keep reading for all the news you missed this week in Hoboken, Jersey City, + beyond.

Jersey Citys Mural Arts Youth Summer Program is slated to reveal its main project from this summer, a 100-ft tall mural at Ferris High School. Artists ages 14-24 worked together to beautiful their community through this painting which features the theme Jersey Citys Sister Cities. On Monday, August 9th at 10AM the artists, mentors, and local officials will hold an unveiling ceremony at the school located at Christopher Columbus Drive between Merseles and Brunswick Streets.

#FamilyDayNJ prompts all New Jerseyans to go out with their families, spend time together and see and do all the best things New Jersey has to offer. It can be any day you choose, anywhere in New Jersey, doing whatever you love to do together.

The cornerstone of #FamilyDayNJ is emphasizing communication and family time as a vital component to encouraging substance-free and healthy living. PDFNJ research has shown that parents who talk to their children for at least 15 minutes a day have children who are 67 percent less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Before the summer ends, find time to connect with loved ones!

The largest film studio in New Jersey is now located in Jersey City, thanks to Cinelease Studios, located at 21 Caven Point Avenue. On the Set Locations tweeted the news on Saturday, August 7th. Cinelease Studios has six locations in five different states across the country including New York and California.

Jersey City made Expedias Top 10 Most Walkable Cities in the country, according to Instagram. From the 1200+ acre Liberty State Park and waterfront walkways to the inclines of the Heights and Journal Square, to the slopes of Westside and Greenville, Jersey City has terrain that will suit everyone.

Our Annual Hoboken Wellness Crawl Event is back in person happening September 19th from 11AM to 4PM in Hoboken. This year, we are focusing on brick-and-mortar businesses all around Hoboken as a celebration of all things wellness think of it like a bar crawl but for wellness businesses in our area. Youll get a map, bracelet, bag, and then walk or bike all around Hoboken at your leisure to visit different wellness businesses locally that all are giving away freebies, class passes, samples, and more.

We have a huge lineup of awesome businesses and a portion of every ticket sold goes to @hobokencommunitycenter food pantry more info and tickets can be found on

Jersey City celebrates Hudson County Pride month in August. The Hudson Pride Center posted, We collaborated with @corgispiritsfor an exclusive cocktail called The Realness. A portion of each sale will go to@hudsonpridecenter for all the great things they do in our community. Come try our Tazo Passion Tea Martini and support a local organization. Available all of August.

For those who have yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the farmers market in the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall in Jersey City will now host a mobile unit each Thursday. The Instagram post reads, The Covid Vaccine Mobile Unit will be back THIS THURSDAY at the farmers market! Get your vaccine from 10AM to 6PM on the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall. No appointment necessary, free to the public!

On Wednesday August 11th, City Bistro will host a hot yoga event at 7PM in Hoboken. The post says, Were SO excited to announce the RHY Hoboken Yoga Social, as tradition would have it, on the @citybistrohoboken rooftop! Join us in kicking off the 6th Year of our Hoboken location, for a little mixing and mingling off our mats. Always a blast and we cant wait to see you! So grateful to be able to do this again and cheers with our Yoga Fam!

A new vegan restaurant, Nurish, is opening soon at 346 Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City. The Instagram post says, The shop will offer premium coffee, delicious food, juices, and other vegan-friendly options.

Mega Fitness is coming to Jersey City this Fall. Home to some of the most advanced fitness equipment on the market, Mega Fitness trainers guide clients by the principle of Lagree. This means dynamic core stability training, muscular endurance training, and strength training all combined to give you the most effective and efficient workout each session.

Rob Roth, owner of the iconic record store in Woodbridge is retiring. announced via Instagram: This past Friday we said goodbye to Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge, New Jerseys premier record store. Owner Rob Roth, who is retiring after 42 years in the industry, is shown here outside the shop.

City Councilwoman Vanessa Falco has been selected to head the new Division of Housing in Hoboken, per Tap Into. The Division of Housing is designed to provide easier access to resources that will address the Citys affordable housing needs.

While most of the rest of the world celebrates LGBT Pride in June, Jersey City hosts its festival in August, per This year is the 20th anniversary of the festival, and there will be events leading up to the actual celebration on Aug 21st. These events will be hosted by the Hudson Pride Center and the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival.

In January, Jersey City implemented a new fee intended to pay for residents garbage and recycling pickup, the cost of which is assessed based on their water usage, reports Several months later, residents have made their grievances known, mostly due to how the fee was introduced. The fee has recently been suspended for a reevaluation.

Plans for a 27-story tower could be approved next week, according to Jersey Digs. The Jersey City Planning Board is expected to hear a proposal for the tower created by Delancey Development. This building would include 584 residential units, 1,925 square feet of retail space, 44,975 square feet of office space, and a parking garage.

Jersey City has been fighting over the Embankment in the citys Historic Downtown, envisioning a walking park where there was formerly a rail line, per Railroad company Conrail is trying to unload the spot to a private developer. The outcome of this battle could be decided by an upcoming ruling by the Surface Transportation Board, a federal agency located in Washington, D.C. The Surface Transportation Board has jurisdiction over railroad transactions, including mergers, line sales, line construction, and line abandonments.

Hoboken teen Dylan Zajacs program for fixing up donated computers and giving them to those in need held a fundraiser this week at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten. Zajac founded the non-profit Computers 4 People in 2019 at the age of 15. So far, the program has donated 900 computers to others. The group is looking to donate 1,000 more in the upcoming year.

Eat This, Not That recently named the best chicken parmesan in every state, and the Jersey City restaurant Laicos made the list. According to its Instagram post, Laicos, which opened in 1972, was the chicken parmesan representative for New Jersey. Best known for its large portions, the Italian salad, and the fresh bread at every table, Laicos is a local staple.

The Jersey City Housing Authority received one of the five AARP Community Challenge grants awarded to New Jersey, intended to bring better digital access to their residents, per Hudson County View. The grant consists of $12,623 to provide WiFi, smart home devices, a computer lab, and digital literacy programming to improve the lives of residents during these difficult times. This grant will help 50 low-income JCHA households to get connected so they can access online education, use telehealth services, connect with people during social isolation, and do other tasks that may be difficult without reliable internet.

LawnStarter recently released its Best Cities for Hipsters rankings, and Jersey City ended up placing fifth, Jersey Digs reports. The ranking is measured by 23 anti-mainstream factors like biker-friendliness, urban gardening, and record stores per capita. Jersey City scored particularly high in the fashion category, based on the availability of thrift stores, vintage clothiers, and tattoo parlors.

30-year-old Felicia Stewart of Jersey City was fatally shot just before 1AM on Tuesday, August 2nd, marking the 16th homicide in Jersey City in 2021, according to Stewart was attending a vigil for Raquan Bass, a victim of a shooting in the same location just days earlier. Stewart was struck when someone fired into the crowd.

Goatchella is one of the Harsimus Cemeterys fundraisers to help maintain the grounds, and it made its return on Saturday, August 7th, per The festival will run from 3PM to 10PM and will be at the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery. While the bands play, the goats will graze.

Numerous residents posted to Facebook recently, concerned about a conspicuous pool of blood on a residential street at a Hoboken corner, according to Patch. Police responded, saying the blood was from a medical call where a drunk man fell and hit his head. The man was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center.

Hoboken has ordered all city employees to be vaccinated by Aug 9 or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing, per Mayor Ravi Bhalla signed the executive order Friday, in whats believed to be the first municipality in the state to order its workers to be vaccinated. New York City will soon follow suit. The order comes in an attempt to slow down the rate of new cases, which is beginning to rise once again.

Hoboken recently upgraded its fleet of Hop shuttle buses and introduced new wheelchair-accessible shuttles, reports The new shuttles come equipped with a wheelchair lift, making it easy to get in and out of the buses. The Hop service is free for Hoboken residents and is part of the citys mass transportation network.

A plan for an 18-story tower in Hoboken recently got shot down, putting a twist into the battle over Western Edge redevelopment, per The Hoboken Planning Board rejected a site plan application, based on how the structure would affect views of New York City. The Board voted 5-4 to reject the plan, citing concerns over lot coverage, how it was calculated and what it may look like. Plans will need to be redeveloped and proposed again at a later date.

Hoboken emergency workers rescued a child from the Hudson River on Friday, Patch reports. The child reportedly went into the water to retrieve a soccer ball and wound up struggling. The Hudson River near the Hoboken waterfront has a notoriously strong current, and many unsuspecting people have been swept away. Thankfully the child was rescued and is well.

The Cookie Connect, a New Jersey bakery is expanding to two more locations, Hoboken and Morristown, according to Both stores are expected to open this fall. The bakery is known for its cookies, cereal-topped soft-serve ice cream, shakes, and cookie cups.

The Hoboken and Jersey City Light Rail elevators will be closed for the next few weekends to replace window parts, per Patch. The elevator and footbridge will be closed every Saturday and Sunday until September in order to fix the louvers. Shuttle buses will be available for those who need them.

Passersby encircling the area underneath the bridge on 14th Street in Hoboken will notice the Bow Tie Cinemas theater is currently closed. There are no alerts on the front doors, the movie posters outside the theater remain empty, and wallpaper covers the glass doors and windows blocking the view inside. So whats going on with the theater? Will it be opening any time soon? It turns out that there are plans for the theater after all and its not looking good for theater-goers. Click here to read about the future of Bow Tie Cinemas in Hoboken.

Local officials announced this week that Vision Zero pedestrian safety improvements and traffic signal upgrades have been completed and are now in effect at the intersection of 11th Street and Willow Avenue, according to a press release. The intersection now has four new concrete curb extensions in order to reduce pedestrian crossing distances. The improvements also come with ADA-compliant curb ramps with detectable warning surfaces at all surfaces, high-visibility crosswalks with new pedestrian countdown timers, and new traffic signals with 12 LED signal faces.

Originally from North Carolina, Ainsley became a proud Hoboken Girl years ago. As a freelance journalist she has written about everything under the sun for the past six years. She works from her home office in uptown Hoboken or sometimes from Choc-o-Pain, because nothing says freelancer like working from a caf with a fresh croissant nearby. As the mother of one very fast toddler, she has a passion for self-care, parenting hacks, and discovering all the fun things the Mile Square has to offer.


29 Hoboken + Jersey City News Stories You Missed This Week -

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Localized Design Projects Springing to Life in New Jersey, Nantucket and Sag Harbor – WWD08.09.21

Design is coming to life in different forms in New Jersey, Nantucket, Mass., and the Hamptons.

A mission-driven design magazine, student-sourced exhibition and festivals are a few of the ways different organizations are trying to drum up design-driven action. Instead of making design all about observation and admiration, a few East Coast communities are trying to spur people into action.

New Jersey has been the brunt of endless jokes through the years, thanks largely to out-of-state travelers cruising down the New Jersey Turnpike en route to somewhere else. The upcoming launch of a design magazine aims to help change that 65 mph view.

Called Dense, the name is a riff on the state being the second most densely populated one in the U.S. (only to be outdone by the District of Columbia). Rather than spotlight people, places or objects as several other design magazines do, Dense will examine 10 events that happened or are expected to occur, while highlighting the larger contexts of each event. The mission-driven magazine, which will be published 10 times annually, has a $43,000 Kickstarter campaign that had raised $27,300 as of Wednesday afternoon.

Dense is a project by DesignShed, which was started three years ago as a year-round organization with programs that celebrate the communitys creative capacities and to mobilize them for a more equitable future. Denses Petia Morozov and Lune Ames will roll out the first of Denses 10 issues on Oct. 1. The launch date coincides with the start of Montclair Design Week, which will run through Oct. 10. The events theme of If Not Now, When? is meant to relay a sense of urgency in that the future we want wont design itself.

Dense will highlight the interconnectedness between culture, education, public space, history and environmental justice. The first edition will have 148 pages with essays, interviews, visual inserts, fictional accounts and original works by contributors from New Jersey and other states. There will also be archival material featured that is meant to make readers consider What if? scenarios.

Localized design initiatives are underway in other areas of the East Coast, including Nantucket. The three-day Nantucket by Design festival kicks off Thursday with a keynote by interior designer Nate Berkus. Renowned interior designer Alexa Hampton will sit down with former Chanel brass Arie Kopelman, who is the Nantucket Historical Associations board chair, to discuss incorporating antiques into modern interiors. He and his wife are honorary chairs of the Nantucket Summer Antiques Show preview party.

Nantucket by Design has also lined up Isabella Rossellini to chat with her architect friend Pietro Cicognani, as well as Corey Damen Jenkins who will speak with Chesie Breen. Non-islander or vacationing ticket holders can access the discussions virtually.

Through Saturday, a selection of small businesses, artisans and designers including fashion ones will have their goods sold in a pop-up shop at The Poppy Caravan. And through the 2021 New York School of Interior Design Student Project, students have developed narratives about design concepts to reconsider modern life in some of the islands historic properties. Nantucket has one of the largest concentrations of pre-Civil War-era buildings and homes in the country 800-plus, according to the Nantucket Preservation Trust.

One of this years winning designs is an immersive gallery space at the Thomas Macy Warehouse. Created by third-year graduate students Sheng Wei Yang, who has a background in fashion design, and Nelson Sanchez, the old warehouse space is reimagined as a meeting place for tourists and locals to explore history, art and entertainment.

The Greek Revival buildings namesake was an enterprising whale oil merchant. R.H. Macy, who was born on Nantucket in 1812, was among Macys descendants. During a brief stint as a whaling ship crew member, Macy got a red star tattoo, according to local lore. That emblem reportedly inspired the red star logo that Macys Inc. still uses today.

The Envision Resilience Nantucket: Designs for Living Seas exhibition is on view at the warehouse through December. The show spotlights student design proposals for how local businesses and residents can deal with rising sea levels. It was created to inspire the community and other coastal towns and cities to be more adaptive. Five universities took part in the project, which was opened by ReMain Nantucket. That organization and ReMain Ventures are funded by Wendy Schmidt and her husband Eric (who served as Googles chief executive officer until 2011) to support the islands economic, social and environmental vitality.

In Sag Harbor, the inaugural Galerie House of Art and Design debuts this weekend. Hudson One Media is trying to bring its Galerie magazine to life via a shingle-style estate set on six acres. Following Thursday nights VIP preview, the show house will open to the public Aug. 7 on Fridays through Sundays with an end date of Sept. 7. An assortment of designers, artists and galleries are pitching in. Jack Pierson and designer Billy Cotton are working on a mural for the downstairs living room, Jim Lambie is creating a custom staircase art installation in the entryway, and designer Mark Cunningham is bringing in a work by artist Vik Muniz from Nara Roesler. Designer Leyden Lewis is collaborating with the Marianne Ibrahim gallery to highlight works by Raphael Barontini, Florine Demosthenes and Zaharia Opoku, as well as Salon 94 for works by Lyle Ashton Harris and Luis Flores. The event will benefit the Stony Brook Southampton Hospitals East Hampton emergency department.

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Localized Design Projects Springing to Life in New Jersey, Nantucket and Sag Harbor - WWD

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Most area towns outlaw the retail sale of marijuana – Community News08.09.21

Marijuana might be legal in New Jersey, but residents of most area municipalities will have to travel to another town if they want to buy some.

Only four communities in Mercer CountyEwing, Lawrence, Pennington and Trentonare set to allow the retail sale of cannabis within their borders. Also on that list is Bordentown City in Burlington County.

Meanwhile, Bordentown Township, East Windsor, Hamilton, Hightstown, Borough, Hopewell Borough, Hopewell Township, Princeton, Robbinsville and West Windsor and Plainsboro have either passed, or are in the process of passing, measures that ban the retail sale of the drug.

A law approved earlier this year by the state Legislature and Gov. Phil Murphy mandates that municipalities must vote to opt-out of allowing businesses to operate under six newly-created licenses by Aug. 21.

The licenses that businesses can seek in connection with the recreational cannabis market are:

Class 1Cannabis cultivator (growing cannabis);

Class 2Cannabis manufacturer (preparing and packaging);

Class 3Cannabis wholesaler (selling to other wholesalers and retailers);

Class 4Cannabis distributor (selling between cultivators/establishments);

Class 5Cannabis retailer (selling to retail customers); and

Class 6Cannabis delivery from retailers to retail customers)

If a municipality does not specifically prohibit each class of license by the Aug. 21 deadline, they will automatically be allowed in the municipality for five years. The state law does allow towns that are currently banning the drug to allow cannabis sales at a later date.

Also under the law, towns cant stop the use of cannabis or cannabis products within the municipalities or the delivery of recreational marijuana from outside of town.

Officials in most towns banning marijuana have cited the Aug. 21 deadline and uncertainty about how the state will implement legalization as reasons for passing the bans.

Our residents are in support of (the new cannabis legalization legislation), but I know they are also in support of this town, and they dont want us to make any rash decisions when it comes to this very vague law the way that it reads, said Robbinsville Township Council President Mike Cipriano.

Officials in other towns echoed Ciprianos sentiment.

We are not banning anything. We are taking a pause, said Hopewell Mayor Paul Anzano in a statement. In passing this ordinance we are saying we are reviewing our master plan right now, which will flow to a review of the zoning ordinance, and we will make a determination about which of the six categories we may or may not want in the borough and how much of them.

Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin said the town is banning all retail sales, but will allow certain cannabusiness operations in town.

Hamiltonians voted overwhelmingly last year to approve adult-use cannabis, said As we take our first steps in listening to their voices, we do so cautiously by banning retail locations and limiting other types of licenses to a maximum of two and to only certain zones that would be away from our schools, parks, churches and homes.

Hamilton is also banning the use of marijuana on any public property, including parks.

The township is opting to allow two Class 1 cultivation businesses, which will be limited to industrial, manufacturing, or research and development zones. They would be prohibited from locating within 1,000 feet of a school, and 500 feet of either a childcare center, residential zone, house of worship or public park.

Princeton decided to ban all cannabis businesses after appointing a task force to study the question of legalization. Princeton Councilwoman Eve Niedergang, who served as chair the Cannabis Task Force, said the group was unable to fully research the issue and recommended the town ban cannabis for now to allow for further exploration. She said that the task force hopes to craft a limited opt-in ordinance in the near future that would allow some retail sales in town.

Towns allowing retail marijuana businesses have all limited such establishments to certain zones.

For example, Pennington Borough would only allow cannabis retailers, cannabis delivery services and medical cannabis dispensaries to locate in the towns business highway zone and the office business zone.

Lawrence Township municipal manager Kevin Nerwinski said that a number of cannabis businesses have expressed interest in locating in town and officials there are willing to allow them in certain areas.

We want to situate these businesses (most notably, cannabis retailers) in zones as far away from residential areas as possible to preserve the quality of life of our residents, he said.

The town is limiting cannabis retailers and delivery businesses to the Regional Commercial and Highway Commercial zones. Those areas include Quakerbridge Mall and Route 1 between Franklin Corner and Quakerbridge roads.

Ewing township is taking a similar approach. Now that the recreational part has passed, Ive had three developers already saying, Hey we want to come into town, and were looking at it, said Mayor Bert Steinmann. We took the same approach with this that we did with tattoo parlors (limiting them to certain commercial areas in town). Were zoning in such a way that theyre not on top of one another and that theyre limited to the number that can be in town.

Last November voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana, with 2,737,682 (67.08%) voting in favor and 1,343,610 (32.92%) voting against. In Mercer County, the vote was 119,390 (71%) to 48,171 (29%) in favor of legalization.

After the referendum, Gov. Murphy signed a package of laws that established rules and regulations for the states legal cannabis business. The package includes three separate bills. One established a new legalization system, and the other two overhauled the states massive drug control regulations.

The governor also appointed the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which has been meeting since April to establish specific guidelines regulating new dispensaries and grow facilities.

The CRC must establish rules and regulations governing the personal-use cannabis industry by Aug. 21.

Once the initial rules are established, they will be effective for up to one year. At that point, the CRC must readopt, amend or adopt more permanent regulations for the industry.

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Most area towns outlaw the retail sale of marijuana - Community News

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Springsteen on Broadway: Boss in spotlight of COVID comeback – Asbury Park Press06.29.21

Springsteen on Broadway

'Springsteen on Broadway' debuts at the Walter Kerr Theatre

Chris Jordan

The lights of Broadway are bright.

Right now, theyre shining on Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss is reprising his hit Springsteen on Broadway starting Saturday, June 26, at the St. James Theatre. It's the first full-capacity post-COVID outbreak show on Broadway. The show was a sensation during its initial run from Oct. 3, 2017, through Dec. 15, 2018.

Its scheduled to run through Sept. 4 with a lengthy break in late July and early August.

I think Bruce is the perfect person to have the first show back on Broadway, said Amy Elinski, an administrator of the All Things Broadway Facebook group. For his entire career he has been a storyteller. He crafts these marvelous characters and the stories of their lives around his music, so to have him bring the stories back to Broadway post-COVID I think is really special.

Get tickets: Everything you need to know Bruce Springsteen on Broadway

Springsteen on Broadway and beyond: E Street Band tour, new music coming

Audience members will be required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend.

Theres a psychological barrier to overcome, said David Cote, playwright,librettist and critic who reviewed Springsteen on Broadway for the Village Voice. We've all gone through this for a year and half and people have died and its been such a tremendously hard time psychologically and emotionally for everybody. What I think Bruce Springsteen is doing is like helping to break the wall of grief and sorrow that were all going through.

The vaccine requirements have been altered in the last few days. Initially, only U.S. Food & Drug Administration-approved vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, were OKed for entry. This has been expanded to include World Health Organization-approved vaccines. That includes AstraZeneca-Oxford, which is being administered in Canada and Europe.

Following amended New York State guidelines, we are now permitted to welcome guests who are fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO approved vaccine to Springsteen On Broadway, tweeted Jujamcyn Theaters, owners of the St. James.

Its going to take people a while to get comfortable in the way we were pre-COVID, Elinski said. I think people are going to worry little bit the theaters are small spaces, but I think people are so excited to have life return. Theyre so excited and people are really trying to do everything they can to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Freehold:Bruce Springsteen 'His Hometown' exhibit relaunches

The St. James Theatre, with a capacity of 1,710, is considerably larger than where the music play was originally staged, at the Walter Kerr Theatre, which has a capacity of 975.

A handful of tickets in the $400-plus range for Springsteen on Broadway are available forshows via from the Official Box Office and the secondary market. Tickets are bit more readily available for fans than the first run ofSpringsteen on Broadway, which were sold through Ticketmaster's Verified Fan system.

For Bruce or the big Broadway shows its going to take a little time, frankly, Cote said. We're going to have to have two weeks, or three weeks, or a month of performances and people will be like, 'OK, nobody died, so its possible to do this.

What will fans see? Springsteen said he'd like to present the show as it was originally when it debuted in 2017. The show grew in length over the 236 performances of its original run at the Walter Kerr Theatre, he said.

I'd like to tighten it up a little bit, if anything, Springsteen told Jim Rotolo of SiriusXMs E Street Radio on Thursday, June 10. I would like to sort of get it closer to what it was when I initially debuted it on Broadway than the way it was toward the end.

'Dustland': Bruce Springsteen, Killers collab started with a text from the Boss

It did not get longer due to additional songs or dialogue.

The tone and cadence of his speech, he would take pauses for jokes and take his time (later in the run), said Caroline Madden of Springsteen on Broadway. Madden is the author of Springsteen as Soundtrack: The Sound of the Boss in Film and Television, from McFarland & Company.

When I saw it early in the run you got a sense of, I don't want to say rushing, but not letting it breathe as much, she said.

Madden, a Toms River native,met her husbandStephen Bonevitchnext to the stage door outside the Walter Kerr Theatre where Springsteen on Broadway originally played.

We were waiting to get things signed, Madden said. I just randomly went there that night and he was there trying to get Bruce to sign his arm and he did. I was trying to get Bruce to sign a poster and he signed mine. So it was good night.

Concerts after COVID: Where, and when, are your favorite Jersey artists playing?

Bonevitch got a tattoo of the signature, and the two later got married in Asbury Park. There has been no word from the St. James Theatreif fans will be able to congregate around the state door after the show, and a request for more information was not returned by press time.

There were lots of fans from all over the world and you got to meet a lot of people and that was great, Madden said. But yes, there were the autograph hounds and they would be super pushy and they actually caused Bruce to stop it for a while.

Proceeds from opening night will be donated to a group of local New York and New Jersey charities, including the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Food Bank for New York City, Fulfill (formerly the Monmouth and Ocean Counties Foodbank), Long Island Cares, NJ Pandemic Relief Fund and The Actors Fund.

Broadway is about storytelling, Elinski said. No one tells a better story than Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen on Broadway, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 26, through Sept. 4, St. James Theatre 246 West 44th St., New York City. $75 to $850.

Subscribe to for the latest on Bruce Springsteen and the Jersey music scene.

Chris Jordan, a Jersey Shore native, covers entertainment and features for the USA Today Network New Jersey. Contact him at @chrisfhjordan;

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Springsteen on Broadway: Boss in spotlight of COVID comeback - Asbury Park Press

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