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Mandy and Brian’s NYC Love Story Is Rom-Com Worthy, and It All Started With a Pastrami Sandwich – Yahoo Lifestyle09.04.21

Mandy's career was thriving and she loved her life in New York City, but there was one thing missing: love. At 36, Mandy was ready for a committed relationship, and despite the pressure society pushed on her to date, she wasn't ready to commit to just anyone. One night under a full moon in 2020, Mandy wrote down all the things she wanted in a partner: someone who is generous, kind to waiters, and even specific details, like "a New Yorker with a New York accent." Two weeks later (was it fate?), Brian slid into her messages. "Hi. I like sandwiches. What's your favorite sandwich? And, what would your last meal on earth be?" It turns out his answer was a classic pastrami sandwich from the iconic Katz's Delicatessen (of When Harry Met Sally fame).

"What's for you will never ever miss you and, believe me, the stuff that does miss you was never ever meant for you because something else is ahead."

After a few negative PCR tests and rescheduled dates, Mandy and Brian finally met, and sure enough, Mandy had Brian's favorite sandwich from Katz's waiting on the table. "To come into your apartment and see the exact sandwich I had been craving that I mentioned in our first conversation waiting for me from Katz's Deli, I knew this was it." Brian told POPSUGAR. The pair's connection only deepened from there, and a mere six months later, Brian proposed to Mandy surrounded by 40 of their friends on a rooftop in Manhattan (on his birthday weekend!). ". . . because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

"I was shocked," Mandy said. "It took about a minute of 'WTFs' and really ugly crying before he could get an answer." The pair sealed their love with an engagement shoot at Katz's Deli, where it all started. "I wouldn't have changed a thing. Being surprised was priceless (and a rare occurrence) and something I will always cherish."

Story continues

While her happily ever after may sound like a literal rom-com come to life, Mandy is open about how her road to love wasn't an easy one. She shared some encouraging words for anyone out there struggling with where they're at in life right now:

"When the best day of my whole life happened, I immediately wanted to scream about it off of every rooftop, not to brag, but because I've been right where someone you know, or you yourself, might be right now. It really does get better when you hold on and refuse to give up. What's for you will never ever miss you and, believe me, the stuff that does miss you was never ever meant for you because something else is ahead."

Keep reading to see Mandy and Brian's NYC engagement photos at Katz's Delicatessen, which even includes a peek at Brian's When Harry Met Sally-inspired pastrami sandwich tattoo.

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Mandy and Brian's NYC Love Story Is Rom-Com Worthy, and It All Started With a Pastrami Sandwich - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Doctor’s Orders’ On Discovery+, A Docuseries About A Biker Gang, A Drug Dealing Doctor And His Murdered Wife – Decider09.04.21

Doctors Orders is a 3-part docuseries about the murder of radio talk show host April Kauffman, who in 2012 was shot in her home in a tony suburb of Atlantic City, NJ. Most of the series is told from the perspective of Andrew Glick, a former member of the Pagans (or as their jackets say, Pagans) biker gang, which dealt drugs and violence through South Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

Opening Shot: An animated shot of tattooed arms holding a rather large bunny rabbit.

The Gist:Glick tells much of the story as hes getting his Pagans (er, Pagans) tattoo covered over by a New York tattoo artist. Through his testimony and animated reenactments, he talks about his initiation into the Pagans revolving a late night at a biker bar and the leader threatening to cut off his nipple and how Ferdinand Fred Augello became his mentor.

As the drug dealing empire the Pagans were operating got bigger, they found out about an endocrinologist named Dr. James Kauffman, who was prescribing oxycodone pills as part of a pill mill operation. Fred, wanting to continue to deal the oxy for Dr. Kauffman, gets wind that the good doc will pay them $50,000 to kill his wife April, a salon owner and local radio talk show host.

For his part, Glick thought this was a bad idea; the Pagans dont kill random women, for one, and for two, she posed no real threat to them at all. The doc just wanted her silencedjust in case she ratted him out. Kim Pack, Kauffmans daughter, details how domineering James was after the two of them entered a relationship and got married. To say she mistrusted her stepfather was an understatement.

Glick talks about how Fred was going to get a junkie and wannabe gang member to do the killing, seeing that no one in the Pagans would touch the job with a ten-foot pole. Are they that dumb? Glick asks the camera. He knows that the first people the police will be looking at will be James Kauffman and Fred Augello. But the money that is being thrown off by the pill mill is too good for Fred to resist.

After a worker at the Kauffman house finds Aprils body face down, and James calls it in, Kim goes to the house and tells the cops that the first person they should look at is her stepfather. But no one in Atlantic County even comes close to questioning him or finding him a person of interest. Pack files a wrongful death suit against Dr. Kauffman, and he cries during his deposition, but Kim finds those to be crocodile tears. Finally, a new DA is elected in the county, and Kauffman and others start to be investigated.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Because most of this story is told from Glicks perspective, we get moreTiger Kingvibes than anything else. And the animated recreations that make biker gang funerals and cocaine-fueled sex romps look like an Archie cartoon dont help allay that feeling.

Our Take: Sometimes a case is just way too straightforward to be given the docuseries treatment, even if that docuseries is only a few episodes. Thats the case withDoctors Orders. April Kauffman died because Dr. James Kauffman got greedy, and he thought he could bend the bikers in the Pagans to do his bidding. The reason why Glick is giving most of the information in this documentary and the reason why hes a former Pagan is that hes the one who sold Fred and everyone else out to the police.

To be honest, this is more a story about Glick, whose Pagan nickname was Chef and who went on to become the executive chef at a retirement community, than it is about the Kauffman murder. And there isnt enough about Glick and hes not a compelling-enough storyteller to cover the near-three-hour runtime. So the filmmakers, Billy Shebar and David C. Roberts (Joe Berlinger is an executive producer), have to resort to tricks like the scenes in the tattoo chair and the animated reenactments in order to gin up some momentum.

The biggest pieces of drama in the story are how authorities at first didnt look at Dr. Kauffman despite him being the most glaringly obvious person of interest, and how Glick escaped prison by becoming a rat and an outcast. Either one of those might have made for a better docuseries, but by combining the two neither is given enough room to really breathe, and all we have is mostly Glick with his right arm out, either showing his Pagans tattoo or getting it covered up.

Sex and Skin: None.

Parting Shot: Police surround the entrance to Dr. Kauffmans office. Because its a hot day, theyre not wearing bulletproof vests. And as we see on a body cam, that came back to haunt them when Dr. Kauffman exited his office holding a gun.

Sleeper Star: Kim Pack felt like the only person on the show with a level head. How she recounts being around her stepfather during her mothers funeral made us really feel for her.

Most Pilot-y Line: We werent really sure that Glick was actually getting a tattoo in those scenes where hes telling the story to the tattoo artist.

Our Call: SKIP IT. There is a compelling story in the murder of April Kauffman, butDoctors Orders finds the most boring way to tell it by centering the story on its least compelling character.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting and tech, but he doesnt kid himself: hes a TV junkie. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company and elsewhere.

StreamDoctor's Orders On Discovery+

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Stream It Or Skip It: 'Doctor's Orders' On Discovery+, A Docuseries About A Biker Gang, A Drug Dealing Doctor And His Murdered Wife - Decider

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Rolling Stones Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Tattoo You’ With 9 New Tracks – NBC New York08.23.21

The Rolling Stones are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their album Tattoo You with a remastered collection that includes nine previously unreleased tracks.

The newly-remastered 11-track album is out on Oct. 22, including songs Hang Fire, Waiting on a Friend and the opening track, Start Me Up. The deluxe formats will also include the albums Lost & Found: Rarities and the 26-track Still Life: Wembley Stadium 1982.

The Lost & Found: Rarities album includes the original Living in the Heart of Love, a version of Jimmy Reed's Shame, Shame, Shame, a cover of Dobie Grays soulful Drift Away and a reggae-tinged version of Start Me Up.

The release comes as the rockers prepare 13 new dates on their No Filter tour in the United States. The new itinerary starts Sept. 26 in St. Louis and extends into November.

Released on Aug. 24, 1981, Tattoo You was a collage of songs from the band's sessions stretching back several years.

The Grammy-nominated Tattoo You remains the last Stones album to hit No.1 in the U.S. charts, peaking at the top spot on Sept. 19 and remaining there for some 10 weeks.

The Rolling Stones received their first Grammy nomination for album of the year for Some Girls in 1978. The bands albums also include Beggars Banquet in 1968, Let It Bleed in 1969, Sticky Fingers in 1971 and Exile on Main St. in 1972. Their singles Honky Tonk Women and (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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Rolling Stones Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Tattoo You' With 9 New Tracks - NBC New York

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Tiny Love Stories: Every Relationship Has Its Hiccups, Yet – The New York Times08.23.21

Thanks, I Needed That

My sister is younger than I am fiercer and more mercurial, too. She lives in a city 200 miles north of mine. We text regularly but still miss and mystify each other. One night this June, home together for the first time in six months, our parents asleep, she whispered my name: Come see the stars. I got out of bed and joined her underneath the infinite sky, our necks craned in reverence. I needed a reminder that they existed and thought you might too, she said. I did. Star-struck, we went to bed. Amy Guay

Naked beneath a sheet the morning after we first made love, I asked when he got the tattoo of a tree with broken roots on his back right shoulder. When I was 17, he said, after my parents divorced. I glanced at the Buddhist self-help books he had picked up after his own divorce a few months earlier. In the tattoos severed roots, I recognized the longing to connect, to be a part of something greater than oneself. Six years later, when our daughter was two weeks old, he came home from a tattoo shop with his roots inked back together. Stevie Trujillo

Every relationship has its hiccups, yet nothing prepared my husband and me for that first flurry of hiccups over spaghetti. Initially, the rapid-fire hic sound was amusing. Hours later, bothersome. The next day, when Richard was still hiccupping, alarming. Its been 10 years now. We have desperately sought diagnoses; Richard has endured draconian treatments. Hes still hiccupping. On and off, for hours. One could see these spasms of the diaphragm as a nagging reminder of what can go wrong with our bodies, and our lives. We try to accept them as a persistent assurance that our marriage can weather anything. David Hubbard

Three inches of rain fell in a day in Michigan recently, and I kept expecting an excited call from my mother. She loved tracking my weather from hundreds of miles south in Ohio, calling whenever it was, or would be, extreme. Gardening and her great-grandchildren were also good topics for us. Politics and cigarette smoking were not. She hasnt been gone long, but Ill always think of her when the weather gets intense. Mary Beth Lewis

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Tiny Love Stories: Every Relationship Has Its Hiccups, Yet - The New York Times

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Who Is Blueface’s Baby Mama? Get to Know the Thotiana Rapper – Distractify08.09.21

Between his baby mama drama, his body count boasts, and his bizarre reality show, Blueface has racked up quite the reputation in the three years that hes been a viral phenomenon.

Now the Thotiana performer is angling to face Tekashi 6ix9ine in the boxing ring amid the two rappers escalating feud, per TMZ Sports.

He aint gonna take that, bro, Blueface told the site this past week. He wouldnt take that if his mom was on her deathbed and it was her last breath and she said, Tekashi, just fight Blueface, and theyll give me a new heart. He still wouldnt do it.

While wait for updates on that front, heres more about Bluefaces headline-making life so far

The mother of Bluefaces son, Jevaughn, is a woman named Jaidyn Alexis, according to HotNewHipHop. On Instagram, Jaidyn identifies herself as the CEO of a business called Babyface Skin & Body.

Article continues below advertisement

A 2019 New York Times profile revealed more about Bluefaces family life. He became a stay-at-home dad after coming home from college, watching over Jevaughn while Jaidyn worked.

His time as a stay-at-home dad also gave him time to work toward his rap career. I would be at home with my son, write lyrics, rap on the Gram, come up with ideas, he told Fader in 2019. When he get tired of me, I get tired of him, I had time to come up with st.

The site AceShowbiz covered some of Bluefaces drama with Jaidyn: In 2020, he filmed her banging on the doors and windows at his place with a metal pooper scooper, and she later claimed that he found her with another woman at his house.

Article continues below advertisement

This April, Blueface made headlines for a video in which he goes around a house, waking up women sleeping in bunk beds women who appear to be his girlfriends, as TMZ observed to tell them theyre going to get tattoos if theyre going to keep living in the house. Tattoo or go home. Which one is it? he said in the clip.

On Twitter, he clarified that the stunt was for an OnlyFans reality show titled Blue Girls Club in an apparent riff on the Oxygen reality show Bad Girls Club, according to XXL.

Article continues below advertisement

For those who are curious, my show is a three-week series, he tweeted. I move women in from all over the [United States], fly them out to Cali, put them under one roof. I own two homes. I dont stay there. I take care of all their financial needs while they are here, I promote their brands, etc. We film all day. Tune in.

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Who Is Blueface's Baby Mama? Get to Know the Thotiana Rapper - Distractify

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Lady Gaga Steps Out in Dizzying Platforms and Baby Blue Athleisure – MarieClaire.com08.09.21

As the world has started to slowly open up over the past few weeks, many of us have felt conflicteddo we really have to give up our WFH loungewear for a pair of stilettos? But for Lady Gaga, there's no need to choose. The star recently stepped out in a baby blue sports bra and matching bike shorts (so far, so relatable) paired with white lace-up platform boots so high they're basically stilts (so far, so Gaga).

The singer stunned in the bold outfit on her way out of New York City's Radio City Music Hall, per the Daily Mail. She had ostensibly been attending rehearsals for the second night of her show with singer Tony Bennett. The pair also recently announced that they would be releasing an album together, a Cole Porter tribute to be released on Oct. 1, as reported by Variety.

Gaga accessorized the look with gold hoop earrings, cat eye sunglasses and a mini white handbag, and wore her hair in a tight bun. By waving purposefully at the camera, she also showed off the tattoo on her right bicep, which Billboard incidentally dubbed "the Tony Bennett trumpet." That's because Gaga got this tattoo as a tribute to her collaborator, who also just happened to actually design it for her. How touching is that?

Speaking on stage for the first night of their joint show, Gaga reportedly declared, "He's my friend. He's my musical companion. He's the greatest singer in the whole world." Just lovely.

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Lady Gaga Steps Out in Dizzying Platforms and Baby Blue Athleisure -

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The Top Tear-Jerking Moments of the Tokyo Games – NBC New York08.09.21

The Olympics are such a happy time. Nations and cultures come together in a festive atmosphere to witness and celebrate the achievements of the worlds greatest athletes.

So, then whats with all this crying?

Tear-jerking moments and the Olympics go together like medals on ribbons. For every moment of jubilation, there are those that stir deep emotions. Maybe its a sense of loss, a farewell or a new beginning. Or sometimes its the realization of a goal, the culmination of a lifes work and an opportunity to share a most special moment with family, friends, teammates and countrymen.

So, grab the tissue box and prepare to bawl with this top tear-jerking moments of the Tokyo Games:

With a chiseled physique and an eagle tattoo across his shoulder and chest, Caeleb Dressel cuts an imposing figure in and out of the pool. But that all melted away when Dressel was greeted via video by the folks back home. During an emotional post-race interview following his 100m gold medal victory, the 6-foot-3 swimmer was brought to tears at the sight of his wife, parents, friends and family. Love you too, an otherwise speechless Dressel managed. Thank you, guys.

SEE MORE: Caeleb Dressel sets Olympic record in 100 free, wins first individual gold

Watch all the action from the Tokyo Olympics live on NBC

Unless you speak Spanish, you might not have realized what was happening during an interview with Argentine fencer Mara Beln Prez Maurice. But it didnt take long to figure out. Standing behind BelnPrez Maurice was her coach and partner Lucas Saucedo with a marriage proposal scrawled on a sheet of paper. Saucedo went down on bended knee and, thankfully, she said yes.

SEE MORE: Mara Beln Prez Maurice gets surprise marriage proposal

Something clearly was not right with Simone Biles after she got lost in the air during an uncharacteristically shaky vault to startthe womens team final. After meeting with her coaches and trainers, Biles stunned the Games by withdrawing from the finals with a case of the twisties, and concerns over her mental health. "I love you guys, but you're gonna be just fine," Biles is heard telling her teammates.

SEE MORE: Biles exits women's Olympic team final after vault

So touching was the farewell for Olympic diver Ken Terauchi of Japan, it brought NBCs Cynthia Potter to tears. Making me cry, she said as Terauchi, 40, saluted his well-wishers. Minutes later it was Rommel Pacheco of Mexico who made his final Olympic dive and enjoyed another emotional moment.

SEE MORE: Divers Terauchi, Pacheco get standing ovations in farewell

Seventeen years ago, at the 2004 Games in Athens, Luis Scola helped the Argentina mens basketball team make history with a victory over Team USA en route to a gold medal. In Tokyo, in what is expected to be his last international game, Scola received an emotional and deserving farewell.

SEE MORE: Argentina's Luis Scola receives standing ovation in Tokyo finale

Oksana Chusovitina got the Olympic farewell she deserved in Tokyo. At 46, the eight-time Olympian from Uzbekistan failed to qualify for the final in the womans vault and said goodbye to the Games to a standing ovation from her fellow competitors, coaches and others in an other empty arena. She formed a heart with her hands and said a simple bye-bye as her Olympic career came to an end.

SEE MORE: Oksana Chusovitina gets farewell standing ovation

In 1920, Karel Capek wrote the ground-breaking play R.U.R. about robots taking over the world and dominating the human race. Fast forward 100 years and heres a robot sinking free throws and three-pointers at the Tokyo Games.

Capek was right the human race is doomed!

SEE MORE: Our robot overlords are better at basketball than we are

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The Top Tear-Jerking Moments of the Tokyo Games - NBC New York

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Here’s how the pandemic inspired a fresh wave of new ink – KUOW News and Information07.25.21

The pandemic has been brutal, the loss staggering. Family members, neighbors, beloved community members everyone has a story. Some people are telling theirs with a new tattoo as Covid has spurred a fresh wave of ink.

Nikki Stoops is a Seattle-based tattoo artist who had the opportunity to observe the pandemic through the people that sought out her art.

"I have had a lot of clients come in for tattoos, whether it be good tattoos because of [a] big change that they've realized during the pandemic, but also quite a handful of memorial tattoos due to Covid," Stoops said.

One of the aspects of tattooing Stoops loves the most is the connection she gets to share with her clients. Her customers can come in with an idea, and Stoops turns it into a piece of art that they'll have on their body forever.

"Being able to be the one that got to give that to them was pretty awesome. But also, of course, it was heartbreaking."

Stoops found herself crying with some of her clients. She also lost a loved one to Covid.

She remembers one customer in particular who reached out for a memorial tattoo of his father.

"His father was working on a 1970 Chevy, I believe, just like his whole life, but never quite finished it," Stoops said. "And it was kind of an illustrated version of his dad, chillin in the car with like, Cubs hat on and some palm trees behind him, just like a super beautiful tattoo."

While the pandemic may have fueled the demand for more tattoos, the artform has been around for at least 5,000 years. Scientists have even found tattoos on Egyptian mummies.

Dr. Deborah Davidson is a tattooed sociologist at York University in Toronto. She says the permanence of a tattoo gives people the opportunity to have a physical reminder of the human experience.

"A 20 year old might get a tattoo related to the pandemic and then 60 years later, be able to share that living history with their grandchildren," Davidson said.

And Davidson says there is a relationship between tattoos and traumatic events, like a pandemic. Survivors of Hurricane Katrina got memorial tattoos of hurricane swirls and the names of loved ones who died; semicolon tattoos have become a popular symbol for awareness and de-stigmatization of suicide and mental health issues.

Brittany Rios is a registered nurse at Virginia Mason. Before the start of the pandemic, Rios was working on a general surgery floor. Most of the patients she cared for were recovering from surgeries that were planned in advance, and not urgent.

But as coronavirus cases jumped, Rios found herself becoming a pandemic first responder.

"We changed our entire patient population from you know, the things that I was used to and knew and saw, to wearing masks, getting fit tested for N95s and having to work with that," Rios said.

None of the places Rios normally went felt safe. What if she got sick at the store? What if she got sick at work?

"You know, we took a lot of precautions, and we still have those in place, and they've only gotten better and stronger with time. But it was terrifying. You know, you didn't know what was going to happen," Rios said.

Rios says she didn't intentionally plan on getting a pandemic tattoo. But while scrolling through Instagram, she saw a design from a tattoo artist who had tattooed her before.

It was a woman, dressed like a Puritan settler. She says the image spoke to her.

"She's got like long skirts and a bonnet on and she's carrying a woven basket. And the basket is full of skulls and bones," Rios said. "I saw it and I was like 'this is it.' I call her my Covid death nurse, her name is Adelaide."

Adelaide became a meaningful and therapeutic way for Rios to process the challenges and trauma that came with working as a nurse during the pandemic.

"It's kind of a grounding reminder that I'm still here," Rios said.

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Here's how the pandemic inspired a fresh wave of new ink - KUOW News and Information

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Thinking of a tattoo? Here are the most and least painful spots to get inked – Insider07.25.21

Getting a tattoo involves an ink-filled needle repeatedly puncturing your skin. Consequently, it's not unusual to wonder how much pain you should expect when considering a tattoo.

As it turns out, pain is a highly subjective experience, and how much discomfort you feel while getting tattoed can depend on a couple of factors including your biological sex, pain tolerance, and most importantly the area of your body getting tattooed.

Most of the data on tattoos and pain is anecdotal, but some general rules apply. The most painful places to get tattooed are typically bony and have very little fat covering them, says Gianna Caranfa, a New York-based tattoo artist.

Quick tip: Caranfa says a simple "pinch test" can help you understand how pain can vary based on where you're getting tattooed: "Imagine the areas that hurt when you are pinched. The inner biceps would hurt more from a pinch versus the top of your forearm, this relates to tattooing too."

The most painful areas for all people include the:

Less painful areas to get tattooed include parts of the body with thicker skin and more fat, including the:

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much pain you'll feel when getting tattooed. But if you're wondering what type of pain to expect, Caranfa says the experience is comparable to the feeling of a cat scratch or a sunburn.

"Long periods of irritation and tenderness are what make you feel any discomfort," Caranfa says. "The sensation of a tattoo needle is very dull compared to a syringe [and needle], it isn't the needle that causes discomfort as much as it is prolonged tenderness of being tattooed."

Importantly, different people will report varying experiences of pain based on their individual nervous systems and pain thresholds, says Channelle Charest, a California-based tattoo artist and Co-founder of tattoo scheduling platform Tatstat.

Other factors that could affect pain during tattooing include:

Important: People might experience increased sensitivity to pain during menstruation.

Fortunately, most of the discomfort you feel while getting tattooed will end when your tattoo artist puts down the tattoo gun.

"The sensation is only when the needle is in you," Caranfa says, adding that while it's typical to experience some soreness, swelling, and itchiness in the days after getting tattooed, it's "not debilitating."

It's natural to feel nervous about pain when getting tattooed, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself and make the process a more pleasant experience.

"Make sure you eat an hour before you go, drink plenty of water, and wear comfortable clothes," Charest says, and always be communicative and honest with your artist if you need to take a break while getting tattooed.

If you're really worried about pain, you might opt to use a numbing cream. Remember to avoid NSAIDS or drink alcohol prior to being tattooed as they can thin your blood and cause excess bleeding, making it harder for the tattoo artist to do their job.

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Thinking of a tattoo? Here are the most and least painful spots to get inked - Insider

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Destination Salem: Explore Salem Like The Real Housewives Of New York – Patch.com07.25.21

July 23, 2021

Did you tune in to watch Leah, Luann, Ramona, Sonja and Eboni travel to Salem? If you missed it, The Real Housewives of New York City spent several days exploring Salem for three episodes of the popular Bravo series.

Here's your guide to what they did and how you can create your own RHONY Salem experience.

The Hawthorne Hotel was home base for the Housewives. General Manager Claire pulled out all the stops for the women, and Catering Manager June Jennings cast a spell upon their arrival. (June also does readings at the new Maison Vampyre, Salem's first vampyre parlour!) The group gathered in Nathaniel's Restaurant for their welcome champagne, and we saw frequent clips of the beautiful hotel lobby. After their dinner in the second episode, the women gathered (for cocktails, of course) in The Library of the hotel, which is a lower-level function room.

The RHONY cast stepped across Essex Street to have dinner at Bella Verona. This snug Italian restaurant has been a local favorite for decades. They currently have expanded outdoor dining, which increases their capacity. Indoors or out, we don't recommend dancing on the tables at Bella Verona!

The sance was held outside of Salem at the 1640 Hart House in Ipswich. This historic restaurant was a perfect setting for the sance, which was organized by Omen Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium on Essex Street in Salem. You don't have to be a Real Housewife to participate in an Omen sance, they host them nightly in their Sance parlor in Salem.The awkward 40-minute drive in the third episode took the Housewives to Newburyport where they dined at The Black Cow.

On their first night in Salem, the Housewives had a catered dinner at Black Veil Tattoo. A couple of the women did get tattoos to remember their grandmothers. This unique space is located on Boston Street, a short drive from the Hawthorne Hotel.

The women got their Puritan on at Pioneer Village: Salem in 1630. The oldest living history museum in the country, we watched the women explore the Governor's house and the wooded property. Pioneer Village is a popular location for filming and Hocus Pocus fans may have recognized Thackery Binx's house in the background!

Visitors don't usually get to wear Puritan clothes as they explore Pioneer Village. If you want to dress up for a portrait session, take your lipstick over to Witch Pix on Essex Street! The Housewives stopped by Witch Pix during their visit. It didn't make the final cut, but it made their Instagram!

We didn't see our RHONY gals shopping in the episodes, but we noticed gift bags in their hotel rooms from local shops Hex and VampFangs.

We think the RHONY cast would have enjoyed the fashion exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, shopping at Die with Your Boots On, dining at Sea Level, and soaking in some of Salem's history at the Salem Witch Museum and on a historic walking tour.

To learn more about the locations RHONY visited outside of Salem, visit

You can learn more by clicking through this site or our app, but if you've visited Salem, you know there's always more to do on your next visit!

This press release was produced by Destination Salem. The views expressed here are the author's own.

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Destination Salem: Explore Salem Like The Real Housewives Of New York -

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