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Does Katrina ‘Kat Tat’ Jackson Have Kids? Fans Want the Full Scoop – Distractify06.12.21

Baby on board!

Fans of Black Ink Crew: Chicago have long regarded Katrina "Kat Tat" Jackson as one of the best artists to come out of the entire franchise. A true and natural talent, Kat Tat has won over many viewers with her realism and portrait style of tattoos.

Not to mention, she famously tattooed herself on the show which is something not all artists can do and the results were amazing. In other words, Kat Tat is not one to play with on the tattoo front.

Since Kat Tat decided to bid Chicago farewell, a lot changed in her life. Not only is she the proud owner of Enigma Tattoos and Enigma Art Gallery in Beverly Hills, but she has also welcomed love into her life. And since she has been coupled up for quite some time, fans are wondering just how many kids Kat Tat has? Get comfortable as we spill all of the tea.

Love and motherhood are definitely in the air for Kat Tat. The tattoo owner first announced her pregnancy to fans via Instagram, on March 4, 2021.

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Fast forward to June 6, 2021, Kat Tat returned to the social platform to share a photo of her gorgeous baby boy, Jackson Frederick Collins. This marks the stars first child with her boyfriend, Detroit Lions player Jamie Collins.

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"Jackson Fredrick Collins, 8 lbs. 10 oz., she wrote along with blue heart emojis. Welcome to the world baby boy. I am so in love. Never knew happiness like this before. My world is complete!"

Fans, celebrities, and cast members of Black Ink Crew instantly flooded her comment section to share their congratulations.

OMG Kat. Congratulations guys, Donna Lombardi of Black Ink Crew: New York wrote.

Awwwwww so happy for you, radio host Kendra G commented.

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Things have changed for the better in Kat Tat's dating life. As a result, Kat Tat has opted to remain private about her relationship with Detroit Lions player Jamie Collins.

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In the past, Kat Tat has found herself in the midst of drama stemming from her Black Ink Crew: Chicago days. So, it makes perfect sense that she keeps her relationship with Jamie on the low.

If youve been paying attention to Kat Tats social media, she first introduced the world to Jamie in late July 2020. In the photo, Kat Tat can be seen tattooing him as she sits on his lap. In October 2020, she posted another photo of the couple on his birthday where she referred to the NFL baller as love bug.

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Since then, the star has frequently posted snaps of the pair on her Instagram stories. And it appears that the couple is still going strong and stepping into new territory with their birth of Baby Jackson.

We would like to send our congratulations to Kat Tat and Jamie on their beautiful bundle of joy!

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Does Katrina 'Kat Tat' Jackson Have Kids? Fans Want the Full Scoop - Distractify

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Mother of 3-year-old who was burned to death demands change in Family Court law – WPIX 11 New York06.12.21

JAMAICA, Queens A Queens mother whose 3-year-old daughter was burned to death by her ex-fiance two years ago shared her story on television for the first time, hoping to effect change in the Family Court system.

Everyone went on with their life, Cherone Coleman told PIX11, from inside her Jamaica apartment, where she was surrounded by reminders of her only child, Zoey Autumn Pereira.

Coleman, who called her daughter by her middle name, said the judge in the case was still working and that laws needed to be changed.

My daughters story needs to be told, Coleman said. And she needs a voice.

The story of how the toddlers life ended is horrific.

On Sunday, May 5, 2019, the girls fatherMartin Anthony Pereirawas finishing up his second, unsupervised visit with his daughter, an arrangement Coleman had tried to modify in a conversation with the Family Court judge in Queens.

I told her about him stalking me, Coleman remembered. I told her about me coming outside and hes parked right next to my car. He even scratched my car from the back trunk to the front fender.

But Pereira was allowed to take his daughter for a second, weekend visit on Friday, May 3, 2019. The visit ended with Pereira Facetiming the mom from his car near Baisley Pond Park in Springfield Gardens on Sunday.

And when he calls me, on video chat, I see a video of my daughter burning in the fking background, Coleman told PIX11 through tears, the unbelievable scenario still fresh in her mind. Burning in the background, she added. I saw that.

The relationship between Coleman and Tony Pereira, as he was known, had started out nicely in 2014.

Coleman, a long-time medical assistant, met Pereira, a construction worker from Guyana, near her job.

He was really kind, Coleman recalled. If I needed groceries, hed take me shopping. Definitely good company, good conversation.

Coleman said even though she was on birth control, she got pregnant fairly soon with Pereiras child, but miscarried. Then, in 2015, she conceived Autumn, and was later traumatized when she lost her fathera Marine who had served in Vietnamon the day of her baby shower.

On March 16, 2016, Colemans daughter was born given the formal name Zoey Autumn Pereira. Coleman had developed heart trouble during the pregnancy, but she rallied back to better health.

The grieving mother told PIX11 she was upset when she found out Pereiras niece had picked out the infants first name. She always called her little girl Autumn.

She went to school, she flourished, she knew the days of the week, said Coleman, who told PIX11 her daughter had turned 3 in March 2019. Very independent, very smart, knew how to count up to 13.

Yet while the toddler was developing well, Colemans relationship with Pereira was failing.Coleman complained he spent too much time at his familys home in Valley Stream, where he had contributed towards the mortgage.

He wanted me to move into their house, Coleman said. We would have no privacy.

Coleman said Pereira started yelling at her, claiming she was bringing their daughter around bad influences.

He would accuse me of letting people smoke weed in front of her, things like that, Coleman said. Nobodys smoking weed in front of my daughter.

Thats when Coleman decided to break up with her fiance in late March 2019, and she recalled Pereira was enraged.

Im going to make sure you dont see your daughter anymore,' she said Pereira threatened.

The case moved to Family Court, along with 50,000 other custody and visitation cases in New York City that year.

He would call ACS [Administration for Childrens Services] saying I was drinking, that I was doing drugs in front of her, Coleman recalled. I passed the drug tests because Im not on drugs.

Coleman asked or custody and for Pereira to have visitation.

I thought that he was basically a good dad, she said.

Yet Coleman was troubled that Pereira tried to move the proceedings to Nassau County, where he was staying with his family. The Nassau judge wouldnt permit it. The Queens judge granted Pereira unsupervised visitation every other weekend in April 2019.

The final weekend Pereira spent with his daughter had a bad start.Coleman said she braided the little girls hair, because the child had come home unkempt after the first visit.

And one of his family members took a picture of him taking her hair out, and he sent it to me Coleman recounted.

Coleman said she was at her local salon the next day, when she heard her daughters cries.

I open my eyes and see them trying to wash her hair. Shes crying and scared. So I walked over to her, and he picks her up and hes like, Get away from her,' she remembered. I couldnt do anything, because if I react, Im going to lose custody.

Coleman left the salon.

They cut my daughters hair, straightened my daughters hair, had her looking like a grown girl, she said.

Soon after, Coleman said Pereira called her and said the child was having abdominal pains and accused the mom of punching their daughter in the stomach. He took the little girl to Cohen Childrens Hospital in New Hyde Park and Coleman met him there, remembering the child wanted to sit on her lap.

He was very jealous of me and my daughters relationship, Coleman said. That was super clear.

The couple came to blows in the emergency room, but Pereira was allowed to take the toddler back to his family home for the rest of the weekend.

Then, on Sunday, May 5, Coleman recalled Pereira repeatedly tried to call her, in advance of their first child support hearing on Monday. Coleman didnt want to talk on the phone.

But then, she got a troubling call.

I get a call from my cousin in California, Coleman remembered. He said he [Pereira] was going to kill her and hes going to kill himself.

Coleman summoned the police to her house and received the horrendous video chat call.

Im like, I think hes burning her, theres a fire,' Coleman remembered.

Coleman was taken by police to a Queens hospital.

And the detective comes in and hes like Im really sorry about your daughter.your daughter passed away, the mom recalled.

Struggling to keep her composure through tears, Colemans mouth shook as she remembered that day.

After he set himself on fire, he jumped out of the car and tried to run into the pond, she said. Left my daughter burning in the fking car.

Pereira was charged with his daughters murder in the hospital, with burns over 60 percent of his body. He died nine months later.

I wanted to see how he looked, Coleman said. And I cant even give you a real reason why.

Coleman said a clinical social worker from Brooklyn, Emma Hare, reached out to her after her daughters tragedy and offered to counsel her for free for a full year. She accepted the offer.

She was comforted by the football team at August Martin High School, which honored her daughter.

They dedicated their whole season to her, Coleman told PIX11. And all of their jerseys had Autumns name on the back.

Visiting Coleman in her apartment, we noticed all the tributes to her daughter that surrounded her in the living room: autumn leaves frame a beautiful photo of the little girl on the coffee table; theres an angel statue next to a portrait of Colemans daughter and a candle burns near a lovely poster of Autumn Pereira thats close to the girls baby picture.

The mom also had Autumns name tattooed on her back with the leaves of fall. Theres another tattoo on her arm, and one on her neck.

Its an autumn leaf, with her bending, blowing bubbles, Coleman said, showing us the childs birth date tattooed on the nape of her neck.

Coleman keeps the front page headline from the New York Post called Monster Dad among her belongings.

She also has the Family Court Order of Protection and the request for modification of the custody arrangement.

I tried to sue the city, Coleman told PIX11, and they told me I couldnt.

Coleman is now in contact with another mom who lost her young daughter to violence, Jacqueline Franchetti, who is working to change Family Court law on the training of forensic evaluators who make custody decisions.

Jacqueline, to me, is like a motivating force, Coleman said.

It was Franchetti who encouraged Coleman to share her story with PIX11and the joy she received from her little girl, who was so loving to me. She just made me feel so happy.

Coleman also shared the last cell phone video she took of her daughter: all dressed up, with her hair braided, leaving her Jamaica building to meet her father for the last visit.

The final image is Autumn Pereira turning back to her mother and blowing a kiss.

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Mother of 3-year-old who was burned to death demands change in Family Court law - WPIX 11 New York

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What you need to know to become a tattoo artist – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle05.31.21

Alan Morrell, Special to the Democrat and Chronicle Published 4:39 a.m. ET May 24, 2021

A Vermont tattoo artist is offering a free service to people who want to remove hateful skin art by erasing or covering up offensive images. (June 25) AP Domestic

Tattoo artists use needles and pigments to apply permanent designs to a clients body, by injecting ink under a layer of skin. The job involves scheduling appointments and discussing pricing and advising clients on the size of the tattoo, suitable placement and more.

Artists spend a lot of time with the prep work and have to maintain strict sanitation rules. We were wearing masks before COVID hit, said Joseph DiProjetto, who owns Love Hate Tattoo on State Street in Rochester.

Simple tattoos might take an hour or so. DiProjetto said his longest job took 20 hours. As for artistic preparation, DiProjetto said I go to bed drawing. When I wake up, I finish what Im drawing. Theres a lot of research and composition (work) for body placement.

You might think artistic flair would be needed. DiProjetto said not necessarily. If you dont have the skills, you have to have the ability to be trained, he said. You have to be good with people. This is a people job.

DiProjetto said he prefers to hire would-be tattoo artists who have not done tattoos previously. He said artists have to be neat and clean and be flexible with clients. Some just want to do their own art, and thats frustrating, DiProjetto said. You have to give the customers what they want.

Tattoo Artist Zack Hunter talks about working through the pandemic Wilmington StarNews

For starters, would-be tattoo artists should have tattoos of their own, DiProjetto said. Show me some kind of art and let me know what makes you want to put permanent stuff on people, he said.

The best way to get started, he said, is through an apprenticeship. This is a trade think of it like being a mason or an electrician. If I like you, Ill offer you an apprenticeship.

There are some tattoo-artist schools out there, but DiProjetto said that background isnt needed. Most tattoo artists, this is a lifestyle, its not like a job, he said.

Nathan Kendall has a tattoo of a Felco No. 6 pruning shear.(Photo: Max Schulte / Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

The amount varies greatly, depending on experience, talent and reputation and, of course, the number of customers. (In New York state, the minimum age to get a tattoo is 18.)

New artists might expect to make between $20,000 and $40,000 annually, DiProjetto said As long as youre not hit with a pandemic. Love Hate Tattoo was forced to close for several months in 2020 after the Coronavirus struck. For experienced artists, DiProjetto said, Im sure there are (some) who are making six figures.

Government agencies offer little guidance regarding salaries specifically for tattoo artists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the median salary for craft and fine artists is about $49,000, but that includes a wide variety of occupations.

Again, this is hard to calculate. For craft and fine artists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states employment growth for artists depends largely on the overall state of the economy and whether people are willing to spend money on art. DiProjetto said demand for tattoos has been steady but said the profession is like a roller coaster, with peaks and valleys.

I have three grandkids who wonder why theyre not tattooed, DiProjetto said with a laugh. Everyone in the family is tattooed. (The grandchildren) think youre born with tattoos.

DiProjetto said the best place to learn is through tattoo artists. One website he suggested is

How to become an IT support and security technician

Job opportunity: How to become a home health aide

How to become a substance abuse counselor

How to become a meat cutter

How to become a veterinary technician

How to become an HVACtechnician

Alan Morrell is a Rochester-based freelance writer.

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What you need to know to become a tattoo artist - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

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Meet the New Jersey tattoo artist who has big inking dreams – Yahoo News05.19.21


Fresh off their tropical vacation (filled with sexy swim looks) for a new series set to stream on Peacock, Kenya Moore and Melissa Gorga had another stylish meetup. On May 16, both ladies attended celebrity makeup artist George Miguel and Charles Arnone's New York City wedding. Naturally, each 'Wife served up a unique and fabulous take on wedding guest style. Kenya looked like springtime personified in a black and pink floral-print dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. She paired the sleek frock with black and clear strap heels. The Real Housewives of Atlanta entrepreneur styled her hair into soft, voluminous waves, and she topped off her look with a bright pink pout. Melissa, on the other hand, opted for some shimmer. The Real Housewives of New Jersey boutique owner shone in a multicolored sequin minidress paired with metallic stilettos. Her hair was styled into a high ponytail, and she sported a soft, glam makeup look. Melissa was accompanied by her husband, Joe Gorga, who looked sharp in a gray blazer, which he wore with a white button-up shirt and black pants. Full Episodes Catch Up on RHONJ Season 11 in the Free Bravo App! Photo: Kenya Moore/Instagram View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) "Oh, look who I found. I found the ATL in New York City," Melissa shared in an Instagram Story while smiling and posing with Kenya. Photo: Melissa Gorga/Instagram Melissa isn't the only RHONJ 'Wife Kenya has become friendly with. Last week, the Atlanta mom took to IG to share that her daughter, Brooklyn Daly, had received a "surprise gift" from her new pal, Teresa Giudice. Want more RHOA? Catch up through the Bravo app.

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Meet the New Jersey tattoo artist who has big inking dreams - Yahoo News

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Shanna Moakler Says Its Worth It After Getting Tattoo of Ex Travis Barkers Name Removed – Us Weekly05.19.21

Closing the book! Shanna Moakler finished removing her ex-husband Travis Barkers name from her body after divorcing him more than 10 years ago.

Its my exs name, Moakler, 46, told her followers via an Instagram video on Friday, May 14. Dont tattoo names on your body, kids.

The former Miss New York USA winner explained that she came to Nurse Jamie to get the remaining tattoo erased from her wrist following the exes split in October 2008. The pair were married for four years before calling it quits.

Bye-bye, tattoo, she said in the clip. I think well probably only need one more session on this tattoo, and I think Ill be good.

When the laser treatment was done for the day, Moakler added, That is intense, but its worth it!

The model, who shares son Landon, 17, and daughter Alabama, 15, with the Blink-182 musician, 45, fired back at trolls on Friday shortly after she uploaded the video to social media.

To my new-found haters, to clarify since everyone seems to know my personal life, my ex put a skull tattoo over our initials on his hand while his new girl [Kourtney Kardashian] lovingly looked on, she wrote via her Instagram. That was done with purpose and intent along with posts to try to insult me and my happiness with my new man [Matthew Rondeau]. Once again weird!

She concluded: This was my final session on a tattoo of his name Ive been removing for some time..

While Moakler has moved on with fellow model and actor Rondeau, 28, her ex-husband has been dating Kardashian, 42.

Us Weekly confirmed in January that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the drummer were together after years of their kids being close. Kardashian shares Mason, 11, Penelope, 8, and Reign, 6, with ex Scott Disick.

In February, the Poosh founder became Instagram official with Barker after spending their first Valentines Day as a couple. Moakler exclusively told Us at the time that she hasnt met the reality TV star, but she harbors no ill will toward the new couple.

Im not very close with Travis. Were more acquaintances and coparents, and I dont know her from a hole in the wall, so its not really for me to say [if theyre a great match] in any capacity, she said in February. All I can say is if theyre happy, Im happy for them. Those two can run off into the sunset together. Im good!

The pairs relationship appears to be going well, with a source telling Us in April that Kardashian and Barker are so happy together. The insider added that the duos friends think they absolutely will be getting engaged sooner rather than later.

Earlier this month, Kardashian declared her love for Barker by tattooing, I love you, in cursive on his lower right arm.

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Shanna Moakler Says Its Worth It After Getting Tattoo of Ex Travis Barkers Name Removed - Us Weekly

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Who is Krystal? Black Ink Crew New York stars boyfriend and 2021 return! – Reality Titbit – Celebrity TV News05.19.21

Krystal is a cast member who makes up one part of VH1s Black Ink Crew: New York, which shows the reality of working in a tattoo shop.

The Black Ink brand is known for its regular visits from high-profile clients, such as hip hop stars and pro athletes and Krystal is on hand to ink them.

She is one of several staff members who work at the Harlem-based tattoo empire, underneath the owner Ceaser, who employs his close friends.

So, who is Krystal Kills? Whats her background and hows her love life? Find out all you need to know about the Black Ink star below.

Krystal Kills became a new tattoo artist two years ago, after being hired to work in the shop by co-star Tati.

The reality TV star is said to be Puerto Rican, and often catches the eyes of her male co-stars, especially Ted, who is usually drawn to Spanish girls.

Born in Washington DC on February 28, 1992, the tattoo artist is currently pursuing a rapping career, and hopes to be signed to a music label.

She has been described by her co-stars as talented. Those who want a tattoo done by her will be charged a $300 hourly rate.

Rok and Krystalwere secretly dating for six months, as they found a special bond with each other during quarantine.

The exclusive couple recently went public about their relationship. Since then, the majority of fans have been supportive of them.

It comes after Krystal revealed her ex-boyfriend died after getting Covid.

She was told to leave the shop by co-owner Paul Puma Robinson in October 2019, but Mike told Puma that he made the wrong decision.

However, Krystal told Mike that she would not return to the tattoo shop unless she received an apology from Puma.

Claiming that she never started the fight and was defending herself, she later re-joined the store this season. So, it looks like they made amends.



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Celine is a journalist with over five years of experience in the media industry and the chief staff writer on Reality Titbit. After graduating with a degree in Multimedia Journalism degree she became a radio newsreader and reporter, before moving into her current role as a reality TV writer.

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Who is Krystal? Black Ink Crew New York stars boyfriend and 2021 return! - Reality Titbit - Celebrity TV News

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Chasing down Friends sites and other shamelessly touristy pursuits in NYC – The Boston Globe05.19.21

Normally, for the sake of coolness, we try to avoid touristy things when we come to New York. Not this time! We signed up for the On Location Tours NYC TV & Movie Tour (, a two-hour tour of spots where famous scenes were shot. Our guide, Amadeo Fusca, is an actor himself, so he made our private tour (because of COVID) fun. Friends, Seinfeld, and Sex and the City are to NYC as Cheers is to Boston. Everybody loves those shows, Fusca says, but people get the most excited about Friends. Even though the last episode of Friends aired in 2004, the Friends apartment building at Bedford and Grove streets in the West Village draws gawkers daily. In fact, most of the filming occurred on a soundstage in Burbank, Calif., the guide told us; only the establishing shots were filmed in New York. That said, Fusca would make sure we saw lots of them. Friends is one of those shows with true New York spirit, he said.

In the Friends zone

As we rode around Manhattan, Fusca pointed out Friends hot spots: Over there is the Pierre Hotel, where Monica and Chandler got married, he pointed out. And thats the Pulitzer Fountain, the inspiration for the one in the shows opening credits. We popped out to take some photos. Our Inner Fangirls were delighted to see the Solow Building, where Chandler worked; Saks Fifth Avenue, where Joey was a cologne spritzer; Morton Street, where Phoebe lived, and the Lucille Lortell Theatre, where Joey performed in a play. These locations were pretty fresh to us, as recent Friends watchers, but it wouldnt have mattered: as we cruised the city, Fusca played a video of film and TV clips that corresponded with the sites we were seeing. Our only disappointment: Central Perk, the Friends coffee shop, does not exist. (Theres a fake one, but dont be fooled.)

As movie fans, it was fun to see famous locations from Men in Black, Spider-Man 3, Home Alone 2, the original Ghostbusters, and dozens of other made-in-New York classics. Last week, we saw Denzel shooting a movie in the West Village while on our tour, Fusca said. If you want to see movie shoots in progress, will give you an idea of whats shooting where, he offered.

New Yorks chic West Village is prime territory for celebrity spotting. Ive seen John Mulaney walking his dog a million times, Fusca noted. Residents Julianne Moore, Jake Gyllenhall, and Nathan Lane are often seen coming and going. In Tribeca, you might encounter Taylor Swift or Billy Crystal. New Yorkers are pretty blas about this and we like to think we would be too, if Denzel crossed our path. The tour took us around Greenwich Village, Chelsea, SoHo, Columbus Circle, Midtown, and Tribeca, and past iconic spots like the marble arch at Washington Square Park and the Empire State Building. If youre a TV or movie buff, its a great way to sightsee.

Going Totally Tourist in Times Square

Being a tourist in your own city is actually kind of fun, Charlotte confessed. And so, she did something no New Yorker would ever dream of doing she ventured to Times Square. We were staying at the Moxy Times Square (, a lively hotel where its possible to get a haircut (at Blind Barber) or a tattoo by artist Jonboy (at Bar Moxy). What attracted us, though, besides the great rates, is the Pink Rose Garden at Magic Hour, Moxys rooftop bar and lounge. This pop-up event (running through October) is a frou-frou girls dream bedecked in 10,000 roses, with a rose-themed carousel, and fabulous girly drinks like the Moira Rose, even pink desserts. Definitely fun, and Instagram-worthy.

The rooms, available in several configurations, arent huge, but theyre comfortable and playfully designed. Our favorite element: No Diving spelled out in tiles in the shower. Dial the in-room phone to hear a bedtime story.

But we were mostly out and about. Times Square is springing to life; even Elmo, Super Mario, and Mickey Mouse are back on the scene in their disheveled costumes, mugging for tourists. Most folks wore masks, even outdoors, and kept their distance indoors.

Polka dots and prosciutto in the Bronx

Given that, we felt confident about visiting a popular exhibit: the Yayoi Kusama show at the New York Botanical Garden (, located in the Bronx. Exclusively at NYBG, the contemporary Japanese artist reflects her fascination with the natural world (and a childhood spent in her familys seed nursery) in Kusama: Cosmic Nature, showing through Aug. 1. Its so happy and uplifting! Charlotte said, as we toured the exhibit. Ascension of Polka Dots on the Trees is a great introduction, and it only gets better as you encounter Dancing Pumpkin and I Want to Fly to the Universe (both 2020), making their debut here, and more. This show is a wonderful excuse to visit the 250-acre garden, the largest in the United States, where the daffodils and azaleas were in full bloom, and the peonies were ready to pop. The rainforest gallery was like a visit to the tropics, so heady, we pulled down our masks for a quick second to take deep whiffs of the greenery!

You know whats in this neighborhood? Charlotte said. The real Little Italy Arthur Avenue. And the best sandwich place in the city! Sold! We joined a line that snaked out the door at tiny Casa Della Mozzarella for the stuff that lunchtime dreams are made of, a fat, soft roll stuffed with prosciutto, sun-dried peppers, and a thick pillow of house-made mozzarella with a slick of balsamic glaze. So big was this sandwich, we saved half for dinner. Definitely in the Hall of Fame of Sandwiches! she declared. No argument here.

Eating your way around the city is one of the true joys of a New York visit, and this trip was no exception it was simply more complicated since we wanted to eat outdoors. Thankfully, New York City dining has moved to the sidewalks due to Covid; outdoor tables and dining cabanas (some adorned with plants and fairy lights) are everywhere, lending a Parisian vibe. Wed never spent much time in Chinatown, so we happily joined friends at Nom Wah Tea Parlor (, c.1920, the oldest dim sum palace in the city (and one of the few that serves dim sum for dinner.) The pork buns were wondrous, but the real treat was walking around the neighborhood, streets festooned with lanterns and lined with vendors selling an array of gorgeous produce (dragonfruit!) and fresh seafood.

Since this was a girls getaway, we knew where our final meal would be: at Melbas in Harlem, for Melba Wilsons famous brunch ( Fried chicken and buttermilk waffles with strawberry butter, in a festive cabana on West 114th Street? Perfection. And if you need dessert, an outpost of Levain Bakery ( is just down the street.

Love of Friends may have inspired our visit, but the real lesson here is, its OK to embrace your touristy side. Theres a reason that people do this stuff its fun. And it definitely helps to have an actual friend along for the ride. Especially one who will watch the Friends: The Reunion with you.

If You Go: The drive to New York is never fun, and parking can cost you around $150 for the weekend(!) So public transportation is worth considering. We werent keen on buses during the pandemic, so we went with Amtrak (, since we could see in real time how crowded the train was likely to be (25 percent booked, when we rode it.) Wed never taken the Acela before, but it was the fastest option, about 3.5 hours, and super comfortable. We read, got work done, and arrived in New York fresh, not frazzled. Book at least two weeks in advance to get the best fare. Amtraks Northeast Regional train goes to New York, as well. It makes more stops so its a longer ride (around four hours typically), but its less expensive. To stay: In the heart of the action, the 612-bedroom Moxy Times Square (; from $135) is a fun choice. The hotel has its own restaurants, along with a bazillion eateries just outside the door. And roaming around Times Square is a trip. Not feeling NYC but love Friends? On Location Tours ( has also launched a Friends Virtual Tour Package featuring 18 locations. For more things to do and see, visit

Diane Bair and Pamela Wright can be reached at

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Chasing down Friends sites and other shamelessly touristy pursuits in NYC - The Boston Globe

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Ceaser Emanuel On Black Ink Crew New York Season 9 And Expanding His Tattoo Business In 2021 – Exclusive Interview – Nicki Swift04.22.21

We were going to ask about your original shop, 113th in Harlem, which recently shut, because the rent skyrocketed.

Because in New York, there's no renting law, the landlords could basically put whatever rent they feel is justified. Not what is around the community, what's it like. None of that. And for me to go from $5,000 a month to $25,000 a month for rent, it was just, especially for that area, it just was ridiculous. I just had a slumlord that was basically just trying to get over. And to this day, he's still trying to get over. I gave up the property. He's trying to sue me, bring me back to court saying I didn't surrender it. I was just dealing with a slumlord. I'm just happy that I'm out of that situation.

In a recent interview, you said that the closure of 113th was a blessing in disguise, because it meant that you could move on to new things. You've talked about expanding Black Ink. Is there anywhere you're hoping to open next?

Yeah. Like I'm not going to lie, 113th was, I didn't realize it, but 113th was like my ball and chain. It always kept me in one position, in one spot and I think releasing it and letting it go, it freed me up. So now I'm opening up shops everywhere. I just opened up in Houston. I'm about to open up Milwaukee. I'm working on Dallas. I'm working on Boston, I'm working on the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia], Tampa, and one other town that I'm kind of keeping under wraps, but it's in New York.

You've got so much going on then.

Yeah. I try to keep busy, idle time is the devil's playground. So I like to stay busy, busy, busy, busy until I have to sleep, get up and be busy again.

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Ceaser Emanuel On Black Ink Crew New York Season 9 And Expanding His Tattoo Business In 2021 - Exclusive Interview - Nicki Swift

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How Alisha Gory’s Passion For Art Paved Her Way To Become A Leading Tattoo Artist – Gotham Magazine04.22.21

Tattoos have become more than a fashion statement. Research says that right after getting inked, both genders have higher self-esteem because they feel more exclusive and they are likely to get another tattoo in the future. We dont know about that but heres a candid interview with popular tattoo artist Yoo Jung Ha known as Alisha Gory talking about her journey and the world of tattoos. Lets dive in.

Ask Yoo Jung Ha why she chose this career and she says, Ive always been good at art. And I wanted to be a thriving artist in New York City. Something about creating art on a live canvas always inspired me. Tattoos are a form of art, a beautiful means of expressing the self. Marking up ones body doesnt take away ones beauty or value. In fact, Yoo shares, tattoos allow individuals to turn their own bodys into a personal art gallery of sorts.

Yoo came to America alone, swimming against the current of her parents disapproval. Becoming a tattoo artist wasnt easy for her because where she comes from in Korea, tattooing is considered a taboo. Through art, she sought to break out from such inane, obstructive primordial traditions.

Its not only her passion for art that fueled her propensity to become a tattoo artist but also the drive to break the stereotypical beauty standards of how women should look. Alisha Gory encourages women to never compromise their authentic self, even if that means one will have to face a lot of challenges. She talks about her challenges on the path to becoming a successful tattoo artist. She shares that as an Asian woman and being from a very conservative republican family, she had no support from friends and family to pursue art, which veered from the so-called established set of societal norms. But that didnt hold her back. She set forth to America alone without any money, breaking stereotypes within the Asian community and inspiring women to pursue what they truly want. Alisha advocates the fact that every body is unique and beautiful and every woman has the right to represent her body the way she wants. And tattooing is one of the means to do that.

Ask Yoo what does she love the most about her profession and she said, I can travel wherever I want, wear whatever I want, and create beautiful body art that will stay with people for the rest of their lives.

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How Alisha Gory's Passion For Art Paved Her Way To Become A Leading Tattoo Artist - Gotham Magazine

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Donna Lombardi Of Black Ink Crew Talks Pausing On Tattooing, Being A Businesswoman And More – MadameNoire04.22.21

MadameNoire Featured Video

Source: VH1 / VH1

Donna Lombardi has always fought to be taken seriously amongst her peers onBlack Ink Crew. When she wanted to become a tattoo artist, she was laughed off but it never deterred her. After all, she did move from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to the Harlem section of New York City with her sights set on that tattoo shop. So no one was going to get in the way of her living her dream. Being on the shops reality show wasnt a part of her vision but she took it in stride. Now she is one of the shows favorite cast members and she even accomplished her goal of becoming a tattoo artist, which now she is taking a step back from so she can explore other ventures and talents.

Besides being an artist she is an entrepreneur. She has her own line of CBD juices, called SuperCBDs, which has been deemed relaxation in a bottle. She also has a hair line called Muva Unii, which will be lauching soon. MadameNoire recently caught up with her to chat about the shows new season, why she is taking a break from tattooing and her future with the show. Read below.

MadameNoire: How is the upcoming season of Black Ink Crewdifferent from the past seasons?

Donna Lombardi: This season is very different. Its been difficult for me. We went all went through COVID. So the world is a whole new world. Our shop at 113th is closed so we are in a new space. So we even took our talents down to Atlanta for a little bit. So it was definitely different not being in the same location that weve been in for the past eight seasons. I know everybody saw in the super trailer that I am going to be taking a break from tattooing and that decision has left me with a lot of anguish this season. Finding my way outside of tattooing has become a little difficult.

MN: Why has it been difficult?

DL: I just feel like this past 2020 has really shown me [that] things can stop at any moment and I want to cease life and grab it by the rings. Everything I wanted to do for the past couple years, I am just like the time is now. I can tattoo later in life but there are certain things I want to get done now.

MN: Tell me about the ventures you are exploring outside of tattooing.

DL: Right now I am focused on my hair line that is coming out [that includes] bundles, lace front and wigs. Then, secondary to that I love food and I love cooking so Ive been doing infused dinners, CBD infused dinners. Where its legal [Im selling] THC-infused dinners. Im looking to broaden that part of my journey. Eventually I want to have a lounge and restaurant but the main focus is launching my hair line, Muva Unii.

MN: How do you handle your co-stars coming down so hard on you about your tattoo skills? I know it must be tough for you.

DL: It is tough. That is a part of why I paused from tattooing because I had f******* major mistake which I was able to fix. Me and client are still really close. She is the sweetest. But its like everybody just wants to dwell on that and when I say everybody I mean Ceasar mostly Ceaser. But for me it was a blessing in disguise and I trust God every step of my journey. Im just taking it as a sign that maybe I should take a step back from tattooing and explore the other many talents that God gave me.

MN: With any of the businesses you want to open, are they going to be in New York City or your hometown of Cleveland?

DL: Im not ruling anything out. Obviously, New York is a first choice but New York is so very different after COVID. I feel like New York is one the cities impacted the most especially with businesses. That is really the toughest question right now because me and Alex have a shop that we have a business license and plan for and the only missing part of the plan is location.

MN: You and Alex have a shop opening?

DL: Its been in the works for at least a year now.

MN: Whats the name of the shop?

DL: Its called Claws-N-Ink. Itll be a combined nail and tattoo shop.

MN: With you pausing on tattooing what does that mean for your future with the show?

DL: I dont know. Of course I am Black Ink to the bone but hey, Im in spinoff mode right now. So if we stay on the show or me and Alex venture off into our own thing, itll still be love.Ive supported the shop for so many years. Hopefully I get the same support when it is time for me to leave the nest.

MN: How is you and Alexs relationship going?

DL: Were good. Weve been tried through2020 like Im sure a lot of people have but weve learned a lot about each other. Were still rocking out.

MN: Do you both hear wedding bells in the future?

DL: I think we took a step back from our wedding plans and just more so enjoying life and trying to establish something. We are together all the time. We work together, we host together, we live together, we travel together and its a lot. But we are each others best friends. Things arent as care free as they were two, three years ago.

MN: Who do you want to come back on the show?

DL: Skyy. I miss Skyy. Shes f****** hilarious. I miss my sis.

MN: Why did she leave the show?

DL: I think it was just her time to go and do different things.I been comment watching and she is already missed.

MN: You and Sky have definitely had your own ups and downs in your friendship.

DL: Thats family though. I appreciate that type of relationship. Im not trying to get into every day but disagreements will happen and the ability to bounce back is what shows me whether or not we have a real friendship.

MN: When you get back to tattooing, who would be your dream client?

DL: Hmmm.Im so lesbian a fat a** popped into my mind. Blac Chyna honestly. Amber Rose! I love both of them.

MN: Lastly, what was a highlight or favorite moment from this season?

DL: We are half way through [filming] the seasonI threw a whole CBD-infused dinner for the crew. Im really excited about people getting to see the side of me. I got all good reviews from the crew so hopefully business will be booming.

Black Ink Crewpremieres on April 19, 2021 at 8:00 p.m EST.


Donna Lombardi Of Black Ink Crew Talks Pausing On Tattooing, Being A Businesswoman And More - MadameNoire

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