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North Carolina Governor Relaxes Outdoor Mask Mandate and Eases Mass Gathering Limit – JD Supra05.06.21

This week, Governor Roy Cooper issued a new Executive Order 209 relaxing the outdoor mask mandate and easing the mass gathering limit restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. The new Order is effective on April 30, 2021 at 5 p.m. and extends through 5 p.m. on June 1, 2021.

What are some notable changes under the Order?

What remains the same?

What are the business capacity limits under this Order?

This Order divides businesses into three general categories for occupancy restrictions:

None of the businesses are capped at a certain number of occupants; however, these establishments must ensure six feet of social distancing between guests.

Indoors and outdoors up to 100%, subject to six feet. social distancing

Museums and aquariums, retail businesses, salons, personal care and grooming businesses, tattoo parlors

Indoors up to 75% and outdoors up to 100%, subject to six feet social distancing

Restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, recreation (e.g., bowling, skating, rock climbing), fitness and physical activity facilities (e.g., gyms, yoga studios, fitness centers), pools, and amusement parks

Indoors and outdoors up to 50%, subject to six feet social distancing

Bars, meeting, reception, and conference spaces, lounges (including tobacco) and night clubs, auditoriums, arenas, and other venues for live performances, sports arenas and fields (includes professional, collegiate, and amateur), movie theaters, gaming facilities (movie theaters and gaming facilities may operate at 75% capacity outdoors)

Some Notable FAQs

FAQs for the new Executive Order may be accessed here.

The FAQs provide information on a number of topics including bars, sports, meeting spaces, receptions and outdoor events.

Brooks Pierce is dedicated to keeping our clients fully informed during the COVID-19 crisis.

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North Carolina Governor Relaxes Outdoor Mask Mandate and Eases Mass Gathering Limit - JD Supra

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A Man Steals His Fiance Ring to Propose to Another Woman in Florida – Al-Bawaba02.17.21

A convicted felon fromFloridais wanted for theft after he allegedly stole a diamond engagement ring from his fiance to propose to a second woman, after meeting both of them on the same dating website OKCupid using two fake identities.

Joseph Davis, 48, is wanted on a felony charge for reportedly stealing around $6,270 worth of jewelry from his girlfriend in Orange City including thering he gave to her when he proposed and a ring that belonged to her grandmother.

He is accused of using the engagement ring to propose to a second woman in Orlando, 30 miles away.

Now the women, who both ended their relationships with the man they knew as 'Joe Brown' and 'Marcus Brown' have teamed up with police to bring him for questioning.

It began when one unnamed partner in Orange City came forward to detectives after spotting the man she knew as 'Joe Brown' on Facebook with a woman she suspected was wearing her engagement ring, as reported byYahoo.

When she went to her jewelry box she found that several items, including the engagement ring and her wedding band from a previous marriage.

In a statement posted on Facebook Volusia County detectives wrote: 'Several other pieces of jewelry [were missing], including a diamond ring that belonged to her grandmother. The total value of property stolen was about $6,270.'

When the victim confronted 'Brown' about the thefts she also sent messages to the second fiance and recovered some of her belongings.

With both relationships over due to the alleged infidelity, the victims began cooperating with each other and with detectives.

Volusia police added: 'The Orlando fiance described to police how 'Brown' had fooled her, too even taking her to the Orange City girlfriends house while she was at work, claiming the house was his, and asking her to move in with him.'

They added: 'She told detectives she packed up her apartment, disassembled her furniture and was ready to move until one day, he told her the deal fell through.'

The Orlando fiance also reported a laptop and jewelry were missing from her apartment after 'Brown' moved out and disappeared.

Both women reported they met Davis on the same dating app, OKCupid, in 2015 and 2016.

When detectives searched databases and shared photos of Davis with other law enforcement agencies in hopes of identifying him, they came up empty.

However, one of the fiances remembered the name and address of a niece that he had in North Carolina.

With that information, detectives were able to track down a woman who turned out to be the sister of a Joseph Louis Davis, whose photos matched the photos provided by both victims.

Volusia police added that Davis 'had a record as a convicted felon out of Oregon and North Carolina, and has an active arrest warrant out of Oregon for a hit and run crash with injuries.'

They added: 'His prior arrests include possession of fictitious ID, filing a false police report, domestic assault and possession of cocaine with intent to sell. In one of his out-of-state booking records from 2014, the jail listed a tattoo described as a cross with "Only God can judge me" on his left arm identical to the tattoo both victims described their boyfriend/fiance as having.'

Anyone with information about Davis whereabouts is asked to contact the Volusia Sheriffs Office at 386-668-3830 and ask for Detective Wheeler. If you want to remain anonymous and qualify for a potential cash reward, you can contact Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at 888-277-TIPS, or via the P3 Tips app.

This article has been adapted from its original source.

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A Man Steals His Fiance Ring to Propose to Another Woman in Florida - Al-Bawaba

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Hunter Schafer on the Reverb of Euphorias Makeup and Her Road-Trip Beauty Essentials – Vanity Fair01.27.21

What have you been experimenting with lately in terms of makeup?

I've been playing with illustrating things near my eyes. I recently just did this Instagram post where I had done almost face tattoos, with a symbol for my community that I really love, and then a sword. I was able to get pretty precise, actually. I used this guy: the MicroLiner Ink from Shiseido. It was a lot of fun! Half-committing to a face tattoo without actually having to stick a needle in my face was good.

Its interesting that your first Shiseido campaign is for foundation, when weve come to associate you with experimental looks. How does it fit in with your own aesthetic?

I think Shiseido rides a really specific wavelength in that they have the right tools and sort of vibe as far as their brandthe looks they put out into the world that fall in line with being artistic. Since partnering with them, I'm learning a lot too. I wasn't that well versed in foundation before, but it's something I'm actually liking because it's a really good blank canvas. It feels like I'm literally wearing nothing, which is a major plus for me in that it feels airy and my skin can breathe. But then its also doing all this work with the light technology and the sort of glow that I'm going for.

This year was so much about rumination. How did that shape this Jules episode?

Ruminating was sort of consequential to the pandemic, and quarantining definitely influenced, if not brought forth, my involvement [in] the Jules episode. Being forced to kind of sit with yourself for that amount of timewhether you like it or notstarts bringing up stuff that you may have not had time or the capacity to confront before. As far as my involvement as a co-writer and a co-producer and having that deep artistic involvement in the episode, I was able to really channel the stuff that was coming up for me. It was actually really cathartic in that way.

With Jules being younger than you and less settled in herself, it's almost like you're rewinding in some way. How would your high school self have felt in these makeup looks?

I would love to give the younger me the possibility of exploring makeup in the way that I'm able to do nowjust because it's freeing in a lot of senses, to feel like you have that autonomy over your face. You can really do whatever you want. I don't think younger me completely understood that.

You mentioned the fake-tattoo liner. Are there other products that you would teleport back to your high school bathroom?

I think I was stealing whatever my sister had at the time, so definitely that eyeliner. They also have several colors of the Kajal InkArtist eyeliner and multicolored mascaras. I think little old me would have a blast pairing up designs with the eyeliners and then throwing on a different color of mascarataking a color-blocky approach.

You spent a lot of the past year on the road: buying a truck, driving cross-country, spending time in North Carolina. What were your handful of creative essentialsboth for art-making and makeup?

I definitely brought my watercolor, sketchbook, and ink. I also made the intention to have a bunch of disposable cameras on me. I got really into working with film over that trip, and I kind of photographed my way across the country, which was fun. As far as makeup goes, at night after being holed up in the car all day, I just got dressed upas a lot of us are doing during quarantine. You know, I was in my truck with my messy bun and just in a T-shirt driving, so to make myself feel a little more glamorous I had some eyeliner that I played with, some shadow. I even got into a little lipstick. I don't have much of a skin-care routine, but the one component that I actually truly use every time after I get out of the shower, every time after I walk outside and my skin feels dry or something, is this stuff: the Shiseido Essential Energy moisturizing cream. I live by it.

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Hunter Schafer on the Reverb of Euphorias Makeup and Her Road-Trip Beauty Essentials - Vanity Fair

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Here’s How North Carolina Politicians Are Handling Yesterday’s Insurrection Attempt – INDY Week01.09.21

Remember whenwe watched 21st century Confederates/Klansmen/Nazis break into the U.S. Capitol Buildingat the order of thesitting president who had been calling for it for days?

Oh yeah. That was yesterday.

Since thatweak attempt at insurrection, all of North Carolina's congressionallawmakers have released statements condemning the violence. Who they blameand how they think we should move forwardvaries.

The state's Democratshave all beenclear about what they think should happen.

RepresentativesDavid Price and Kathy Manning are co-sponsoring Articles of Impeachment, introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar, along with nearly 60other U.S. House members.

"President Trumphasengagedin conduct that is both criminal andimpeachable:his call onJanuary 2nddemanding that the Georgia Secretary of State 'find'over 11,000votesandhisencouragement of violent events yesterdaywarrant removal from officeand a ban on everholding public officeagain," Price said in a statement.

Reps. Alma Adams, Kathy Manning, and G.K. Butterfield have called for the presidential cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.Manning suggested impeachment as well, while Butterfield said they were short on time.

"The president is unstable, which should alarm his family, his cabinet, and supporters," Butterfield said in a statement."Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient time to engage in an impeachment proceeding.However, the Presidential cabinet should immediately discuss invoking the 25th Amendment."

Adams politely told Republicans to cut the shit after many of them abandoned Trump's side for the first time in four years.

"I will not cast doubt on the sincerity of their words; however, I will urge sincerity in their actions,"she said in a statement."I ask them to join me in calling on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25thAmendment and remove this cancer from the White House immediately."

Meanwhile, all seven Republicanswhosaid they were objecting to the Electoral College results could not reap what they sowed. Despite followingthrough with their objections, they allreleased statements condemning Wednesday's mob.

"Thankfully, my staff and I are safe at the moment,"Rep.Greg Murphy tweeted at 3:11 p.m. on Wednesday, less than four hours after he reaffirmed his decision to object."Americans have a fundamental right to protest, but I categorically condemn the violence taking place at the Capitol right now."

Rep.Virginia Foxx had even more impressive timing;at 1 p.m. Wednesday, she announced she would object to the election results. By 2:49 p.m., she was condemning theprotesters' violence.

"The brute force of the rule of law must be swiftly applied to the individuals who incited violence in the Capitol," Foxx tweeted later on."Their actions run contrary to the values we proudly hold as Americans. Justice must not be delayed."

Foxx does not seem to categorizeDonald Trump as someone who incited violence. She has, in the past, also criticized Democratsfor considering outrageous actions like "impeachment" and invoking"the 25th Amendment."

"Democrats apparently have the time to come up with baseless pursuits that are devoid of logic," she tweeted on October 9, a month before Joe Biden took Trump down in an election that the president baselessly insists was riddled with voter fraud.

While not explicitly blaming leftists, Rep. Dan Bishop retweeted a photo from Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas showing three men, including the weird viking dude, in the Capitol.

"Please people; no violence," Gohmert wrote."That only hurts our cause. Those leading the charge like the guy in yellow with the communist hammer & sickle tattoo: stopping the violence applies to you too."

Bishop responded: "Keen eye, Louie."

The tattoo they're talking about is actually from a video game.

GOP sweetheart Madison Cawthorn started out the day atthe Stop The Steal rally, where he also made a few remarks.

"Wow, this crowd has some fight in it!" he said at the Wednesday event, before the mob went to overtake the Capitol. "I am so proud of each and every single one of you!"

Later, whileobjecting to the election results, he had a different tone for the people he claimed to be so proud of.

"I want a new generation of Americans to be radicals," Cawthorn said early Thursday morning. "To be radicals for freedom and for liberty, but not radicals for violence."

The News & Observer reportsthat six of the 69 people arrested in D.C. Wednesday were from North Carolina. Three more were arrested the day before.

Senator Richard Burr joined the "Temporary Spine Club" along with, surprisingly enough, Sen.Thom Tillis yesterday, with both announcing theywould not object to the election results. Burralso was the only N.C. Republican to criticize Trump.

"The President bears responsibility for todays events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point," Burr said in a statement."It is past time to accept the will of American voters and to allow our nation to move forward."

Did he call for the presidentto be impeached? No. Did he ask for the invocation of the 25th Amendment? Also no. But he said something, which is a big stepfor a man who once climbed out a window to avoid talking to reporters.The bar is on the floor.

This article has been updated to show that Rep. Kathy Manning has co-sponsored the Articles of Impeachment, which she announced after the story's release.

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Here's How North Carolina Politicians Are Handling Yesterday's Insurrection Attempt - INDY Week

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Port City Playwrights’ Project launch first virtual production of the year, find ways to challenge their output in 2021 – Port City Daily01.09.21

WILMINGTON A group of local playwrights finished 11 original plays over the last year to showcase their first production of 2021, The Power of One: A Virtual Monologue. The writers are part of Port City Playwrights Project (PCPP), which usually hosts two productions annually, one in spring and one in fall, either at Cape Fear Playhouse or Thalian Halls black box theater.

The group staged six shorts in 10-Minute Miscelleny last February before Covid-19 put an end to mass-congregate events. However, the writers kept creating, and once PCPP applied for a grant from the NC Arts Council, they were able to fund a new way to get their works out as a virtual screening.

Related: The Year in Arts: A look back at music, film, art and theater through 2020

We needed to figure something out that we could do that was going to be safe, said Elizabeth Gordon, executive director of PCPP. And we knew we would not put actors together on a stage and have them breathing all over each other.

Gordon had been watching how writers, actors, directors and producers were reacting to the coronavirus shutting down live theater across the nation. She saw well-known performers like Adam Driver, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Andr De Shields take to the screen to produce monologues, and thought it would be a good approach for her 12-member group.

Weve always had outside jurors select which writings to stage, she detailed, but we were thinking, You know, were all stressed out right now. Its like the first pandemic in our lives. We need to write. We just figured everyone who writes a script will get in.

Through the summer they began workshopping plays via Zoom instead of meeting face-to-face. The writers assigned roles for the group to read the works aloud, then afterward they hosted formal discussions. Gordon said they asked four questions of every workshopped script: What is working? What is not working? Do the readers have questions for the writer? Does the writer have questions for the readers?

Theyre meant to be questions to elicit comments that are going to be helpful in the revision process, Gordon explained. We look at what is interesting, engaging what stands out. Were there parts too slow, where you lost interest? And why the whys are really important: Why did he choose to have the person say this at this point, why did she go there or do that? Its really all about revising, right? Making it better.

Once the scripts were tweaked, the filming process began. PCPP chose directors and actors, both of whom were paid, to work together remotely to rehearse and eventually film the monologues. Gordon said most were recorded on iPhones, though a couple directors used better equipment.

You can see a difference in the ones that actually used motion-picture cameras, she said. And some are a little bit grainy because some people would use their laptops.

Each short monologue, usually around 10 minutes or so, deals with modern-day issues. Lee Mehlers Alexa Play Hamilton takes on a sassy virtual assistant who questions its users taste in music and pop culture, as well as life choices. Rose Mary Harringtons Deeds Not Words centers on womens and mens roles from the view of a 1920s suffragette. Don Woods King of the Road follows an enlightened, Elon University-grad panhandler who fulfills more than a beggarly role on a street corner.

A couple of the writers chose to deal with Covid, and I thought it was interesting how differently they were handled, she said. Covid Incognito is about a bandit who suddenly finds that everyone is masked, so him being masked really makes it hard for him to be a bandit.

The other one, Yeah, I Was There, is less a comedy and more horror.

It is told from the point of view of the coronavirus, Gordon said. So Coronavirus speaks to us and tells us how she has been waiting all these thousands of years for someone to finally say her name. And now the whole world is saying it and facing her horror.

Gordon also has a piece in the show, Tell Me. Its her tenth play over the last five years, as she made the switch from poet to playwright. The story came from the social unrest over the summer after the George Floyd protests and manifested out of Gordons processing of the events.

I was writing at the height of all these horrendous police shootings, she said, and it was in my consciousness. I also have a friend who identifies as being neurodivergent. Basically, its someone whos on the spectrum and their brain works a little bit differently.

She started hearing a character among these life-threatening situations and the writing took off really. This character just came out, Gordon said. And I knew exactly who I wanted to do the role.

Gordon chose Katrina Hargrave to perform the monologue, and former PCPP executive director Susan Steadman directed it virtually from western North Carolina. Gordon admits the play tends to be dark and heavy, yet she said it adds to the variety of genres overall seen in the show.

I think its just like any kind of short play festival, she said of The Power of One. If you dont like one monologue, just wait 10 minutes. The next one is probably going to be your cup of tea.

Gordon and her tech adviser, Kayla Hager, handled all editing; Hager also did the lighting. Its been an eye-opening experience that is going to lead to another show in the spring, as the group has grant funds left over, with a stipulation that it must be used by May 31.

Even though our title is Port City Playwrights, our actual description is that we are a group of screenwriters and playwrights, and weve never done screenplays before until now, Gordon said. And, of course, even though this ends up being film, some of them look like plays on film.

Its an exciting, even unexpected and challenging shift for the group one that wasnt expected almost a year ago. For the writers, they get to learn a new format, which in turn will make their craft more comprehensive.

With a screenplay, youre running things like exteriors moreall these little nuances, Gordon explained. Theres different tools in the toolbox as a writer. One thing thats lost in theater are small details. But lets say a character has a very meaningful tattoo on the left shoulder. In a screenplay, you can write it and close in on it with a camera, so it makes you think differently about how you want to tell the story and what the audience gets to see. Were going to be really forced to grow, which I think is healthy. We have to always continue to grow.

Gordon predicted it could evolve their output even after the normalcy of live events picks up again. She already has her eyes on producing Port City Shorts a film festival: Maybe well even make each movie have some connection to Wilmington.

As part of PCPPs commitment to provide low-cost original works to the community, The Power of One: A Virtual Monologue, is free (though donations are welcome) to watch through Jan. 10. Registration is required.

To join the playwright group, dues are $24 a year to have works workshopped. However, anyone can sit in on meetings.

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Port City Playwrights' Project launch first virtual production of the year, find ways to challenge their output in 2021 - Port City Daily

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The Pinkerton Raid Has Brighter Dreams for the Coming Year – American Songwriter12.23.20

Despite major setbacks, the North Carolina-based psych-blues project, The Pinkerton Raid, feels hopeful for the future. The trio, like many emerging acts, had big plans for 2020.

It almost feels like this year has been a total loss, says lead singer-guitarist Jesse James DeConto. Surviving almost entirely on live music opportunities, the band has admittedly struggled. Theyve shared glimpses of those grapples with single selections this year and continue to look optimistically ahead.

Songs come from life, and life is a lot of mountains and a lot of valleys, the artist offers. Thats certainly true of being a musician.

The Pinkerton Raid, complete with bassist Jon Depue and drummer Scott McFarlane, was once a sibling band. DeContos sister, Katie, joined in 2011. The bands trajectory aligned with her new businesss growth, a grassroots, collaborative co-working space, and local arts market. The plans came into fruition as the band was also releasing and touring on its second album, A Beautiful World.

Pressure surmounted as she attempted to perfect both projects. Taking on the struggle of Durhams art community and her family band, she needed a reminder of her efforts eventual results. So Katie got a tattoo on her right shoulder, a simple line drawing of the sun underneath a mountain range before it rises.

This imagery inspired Dream The Sun, a radiant tune of comfort. DeConto composed the song as a blessing to his sister, wishing her freedom from the emotional complexity of leaving the band in 2017 and embarking on a new creative journey.

They teed up the original debut with the Spring Equinox at NorthStar Church of the Arts. The establishment is intimately tied to nature spirituality, so the band planned to perform springtime rituals to welcome in the new season. Instead, a global pandemic ensued.

Hopefully, after the year weve had, people will listen to this song with resonance, the band lead offers of their digitally released single. It is a metaphor for my experience as an artist, but also anyone. We all need hope. Its like food for our minds and hearts. If we dont think that the things that are wrong are going to get better, then its hard to move forward.

The Pinkerton Raid delivered a timely visual for the track earlier this month, illustrating this songs evolution within its current context. Rather than inviting in a blossoming spring, the video marks another turning pointthe close of an extended period of hurt. Wintery imagery places the listener within this moment of reflection. The lyrics follow the suns ceremonial dance, embedding a message of hope, and encouraging brighter dreams for 2021.

The bands original playbook involved a monthly release of new singles leading up to their fifth studio album. After deciding to do a full pushback, there was only one song that felt urgent.

In October, they released Rebel Mama Blues, a slow-burning anthem. Born in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election, the protest tune explored an entire generations susceptibility to perceived brainwashing following 1960s anti-authoritarian individualism.

I couldnt understand the appeal, especially to boomers, have lived most of their lives on mistrust, DeConto explains. He cited Vietnam and Nixon, the CIA in Latin America, and the Clintons, humorously adding, Just name your scandal. Real or manufactured, it almost doesnt matter anymore

I wanted to capture that idea in some compelling way, he continues. I started picking anecdotes close to me that symbolized that rebellious spirit, mistrust of authority and institutions, power, and hierarchy. I took a concrete narrative and blew it up on a grand scale.

The charged track plays into the paradox of authoritarianism in the United States. With persistent percussion and searing electric guitar solos, the band emphasizes the importance of compromise.

DeConto highlights Depue and McFarlanes sonic transformation from their characteristic psychedelic masterings, pushing a real rock n roll energy with Rebel Mama Blues.

The artist explains, It captures a collaborative giving up giving up on democracy, solutions, and working together.

With the future of live entertainment still up in the air, the band has laid a short-term plan for new music deliveries.

Next up from The Pinkerton Raid on January 22 is Cinnamon Sweet. The song grew from the Me Too movement that marked much of this last administration.

I wrote it while watching my wife navigate that period, DeConto shares. I was watching the sense of freedom and safety that came as they named the harassment and oppression she and other women had been suffering. The Womans Marches exhibited a lot of that emotion.

Sonically, the track mirrors the fierceness unwillingness of women to keep putting up with it.

While much has undoubtedly been lost, the band survives on continued engagement from fans and friends. They feel overwhelming gratitude for those watching videos, buying merch, commenting on social media, and showing up on the other end of their livestreams.

Its amazing how much of the little reaction emojis mean when youre so starved for human interaction and feedback, DeConto shares.

Watch The Pinkerton Raids New Years blessing, Dream The Sun, below. Pre-save their upcoming single, Cinnamon Sweet and keep up with the latest on their website.


The Pinkerton Raid Has Brighter Dreams for the Coming Year - American Songwriter

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Who are the Best North Carolina Tattoo Artists? | Shops …12.19.20

Featured North Carolina Tattoo Artists


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Mike Harkins is one of the best realism artists in North Carolina and if you check out some of his work, youll see what we mean. He has the ability to make these tattoos look like they are just going to pop off the page. No matter if its a color realism piece or black & grey, Mike is the guy for you. However, dont think that he cant handle other styles of tattooing, because he has a wide range. Our only suggestion is to email him to set up a time to come in because if you wait too long, you might be in line for a long time.


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Alicia Van Curen is a very talented tattoo artist in North Carolina. she is able to create intricate and delicate tattoos that compliment each persons style and unique personality. Alicia is able to create a unique style that is rooted in patternwork, floral and animal work. If you are interested in getting a tattoo by Alicia, dont wait long before reaching out.


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Kelly McGrath is a North Carolina based tattoo artist that also paints with oil and acrylic in her free time. In tattooing, her work is usually lighthearted and extremely colorful. Her goal in tattooing and creating art is to invoke joy and happiness. Kelly is a busy artist and she only tattoos around half the week. That said, if youre looking to sit down with her you should schedule a consultation as soon as possible.


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Hannah Mckee is a staple in the Charlotte area. She knows no bounds with her new school style and bright colors. Her tattoos are going to pop and draw the attention of anyone that is around. Her background in oil paint has given her the avenue to hone her composition and color work to make some of the be brightest and best tattoos in the area.


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Rene Estrada really knows how to knock out a beautiful black & grey tattoo. From realism to traditional tattooing, you can get it all from Rene. The shading, line work and saturation are second to none so if you are in the market for a new tattoo in North Carolina dont hesitate to reach out to Rene.


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The name is fitting for Andrew Black because he makes some really beautiful black & grey tattoos. While that is his specialty, Andrew has been known to create some one of a kind color tattoos as well. His realism is what makes him stand out. From portraits of animals and people to nature scenes, Andrew can handle any realism tattoo you can imagine. This is a very talented tattoo artist so if you are interested in getting inked by him, dont hesitate to reach out.


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Nicole Eveland recently moved from Denver and decided to settle in the Raleigh area after traveling all over for years. Nicole believes that tattooing is very personal and therefore, she wants to create a safe and clean environment for all of her clients. She tattoos black & grey, color and does incredible fine line work. She is capable of many styles of tattooing so if you have an idea, sit down with Nicole so you can figure out what will be best for you. She is great at talking and getting your creative side to come out. Email her today!


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Casey Burnett is an incredible tattoo artist in addition to being a shop owner. Casey does incredible realism work both in color and in black & grey. This includes floral, nature and portraits to name a few. Finding a great realism artist can be hard to come by, so if you are seeing this now and have been interested in getting a realism tattoo, reach out to Casey today!


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Brian Harris is a native of Durham, NC and has been tattooing in the Raleigh area since 2001. In his spare time, Brian enjoys gardening and being a DJ. His influences include posters from the 60s and 70s as well as Pop Art, Victorian Art Nouveau and Art Deco. He truly enjoys creating something that started with an idea in your head into a tattoo that will last you forever.


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Jasmine Waller was born in Canada and has recently relocated to the Charlotte area. Shes been tattooing for over 12 years now and she is able to take on most styles. While she can handle almost any style, Jasmines personal favorites are watercolor and portrait tattoos. She also enjoys tattooing anything from girlie to gruesome so dont be afraid to get creative with her.


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Ike Trimboli is an incredible tattoo artist. That said, there are a lot of great tattoo artists in the area. Ike, however, has a specialty that really helps people feel better about themselves. Ike handles scar cover ups and mastectomy tattoos. This all started back in 2011 when he bought his first tattoo gun, but in 2014, he started training in scar cover ups. From there, he has become known as one of the best on the east coast so if this is something youve been looking for, reach out to Ike. He would be more than happy to help.


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Conan McParland was born and raised in Meriden, CT by parents who were Scottish immigrants. Conans parents encouraged his early spark for drawing and painting which has grown into a skill of drawing tattoos freehand. Conan really loves the diversity in design. This means he is open to all designs and isnt limited to one style versus another. From crisp, clean traditional tattoos to super smooth portraits, Conan will do a great job on your tattoo. He is also great and coming up with completely original pieces so if youre not sure what you want to do, let Conan help you create it.


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When it comes to bright and bold colors, Joe Almquist is your guy. He specializes in traditional tattooing as well as Japanese. His crisp and bold lines leave little to be desired. These tattoos are aggressive and loud which is what you should be looking for in traditional tattooing. If you want to be noticed with your next tattoo, reach out to Joe.


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Jason Hassel is originally from Georgia, but has graced the great state of North Carolina with his tattooing skills for over 20 years now. Hes been drawing since he was a child and his infatuation with drawing sparked a career in tattooing. Jason continues to improve in tattooing every year. His specialty is in bold, crisp line work as well as bright colors. Reach out today if youre interested in being tattooed by Jason.


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Lee Green is a tattoo artist from the Tarheel state. He was born and raised in this state and has a been a fan of art ever since he can remember. His grandpaw would allow him to color in his old navy tattoos and thus, sparked the passion for tattooing. He tried tattooing in 2001 and never looked back. He found his way to Charlotte, NC and has learned from some of the best while here.

Lee loves to tattoo all sorts of styles but his favorite styles to work in would be Japanese and modern traditional. He also loves to come up with custom designs for his clients in both color and black & grey. Stop in to chat with Lee when you get a chance. You might walk out with a tattoo youre in love with.

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North Carolina tattoo studio owner arrested for reopening …12.19.20

A North Carolina tattoo studio owner was arrested Wednesday after opening his business despite statewide restrictions shuttering nonessential businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Matthew Jax Myers was arrested after opening his tattoo parlor, the Apex Tattoo Factory, in Apex, N.C., according to a post on the parlors Facebook page.

Meyers told The News and Observer that he knew defying the order would get him charged, but said he was losing money under states restrictionsand fearedlosing his house and being unable to feed his three children in a few months.

He told the newspaper that neither he nor any other small business owners he knows received small business loans for federal Paycheck Protection Program money.

He said he hopes his actions will inspire other people to do the same.

You can arrest one person, but you cant arrest all these people, he told the News and Observer.

Myers business, Apex Tattoo Factory, has been posting on Facebook for weeks criticizing the states stay-at-home order put in place to mitigate the spread of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

In one post from last week, Gov. Roy Coopers (D) stay-at-home order is compared to residents being herded into volunteering for slavery.

Myers has also been joining the ReOpen NC protests in downtown Raleigh, according to the News and Observer.

Four people, including the co-founder of ReOpen NC Ashley Smith, were arrested earlier this week during a protest in Raleigh.

Smith, who has since been released, vowed to continue leading demonstrations calling for thestate to lift the restrictions aimed at mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

North Carolinas health department reportedon Wednesday a statewide total of 9,949 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 354 deaths.

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North Carolina tattoo studio owner arrested for reopening ...

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