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What is South Dakota’s Most Popular Tattoo?01.12.22

So maybe 2022 is the year you've chosen to finally get a tattoo. Or perhaps you're going to add to your already existing collection of body ink.

Either way, now you've got another monumental decision to make.

Exactly which tattoo is right for you?

For some, the choice is deeply personal. Something unique to your world, your family, or your imagination.

For others, it's all about following trends.

Well if going with the popular choice is in your comfort zone, then in South Dakota, you're getting a cat tattoo. has been combing over data from Google Trends and they've determined that tattoo seekers in the Mount Rushmore State are first and foremost cat lovers. Ditto for our neighbors in Minnesota.

Images of animals, creatures, and beasts are quite popular as well in Rhode Island (Lion), New Hampshire (Spider), Ohio (Whale), Indiana (Sheep), Georgia (Dolphin), Delaware (Dragon), Iowa (Pink Elephant), Washington (Fly), Wisconsin (Fox), Kansas (Crow), and Missouri (Monster).

The search for the most popular tattoos also uncovered a ton of state pride.

In Arkansas, Idaho, New Jersey, and North Dakota outlines of the state border reign supreme, while in Maryland people use their tattoos to show off their love for the state's biggest city, Baltimore.

Two other states extend their pride to sports. In Louisiana, it's the logo of the NFL's New Orleans Saints; while in South Carolina, it's the beloved Clemson Tigers.

As for the oddest tattoos of choice, Maine and Wyoming are keeping it current with COVID images.

Meanwhile, folks in New Mexico are having commitment issues. They're in the market for fake tattoos.

Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? Why do they have whiskers? Cats, and their undeniably adorable babies known as kittens, are mysterious creatures. Their larger relatives, after all, are some of the most mystical and lethal animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Heres a look at some of the most common questions related to kittens and cats, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.

Does your loyal pup's breed make the list? Read on to see if you'll be bragging to the neighbors about your dog's intellectual prowess the next time you take your fur baby out for a walk. Don't worry: Even if your dog's breed doesn't land on the list, that doesn't mean he's not a good boy--some traits simply can't be measured.

From grazing Tibetan antelope to migrating monarch butterflies, these 50 photos of wildlife around the world capture the staggering grace of the animal kingdom. The forthcoming gallery runs sequentially from air to land to water, and focuses on birds, land mammals, aquatic life, and insects as they work in pairs or groups, or sometimes all on their own.

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What is South Dakota's Most Popular Tattoo?

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The Righteous Gemstones returns for Season 2 with more absurdity, but cast prefers to play it straight – Yahoo News01.12.22

The trick to the ridiculousness of HBOs The Righteous Gemstones, the cast says, is to play it straight.

And that may seem tough to fans of the comedy series about a famous over-the-top televangelist family, which began its second season Sunday,

The key is to never, as the characters, be aware that anything is ridiculous or larger than life, to think that everything just is true and everything just is, Edi Patterson, who plays middle child Judy Gemstone in the show, told the Daily News. Then you have the benefit of it landing in a ridiculous way.

If all we know is that we just mean what we say ... then we can say and do the most ridiculous, asinine things and it will, hopefully, come off as really funny. But our job is just to mean what we say.

When the second season picks up, the Gemstone family has settled back into their old habits after last years blackmail scandal threatened to blow up their megachurch and their legacy. Patriarch and widower Eli Gemstone, played by John Goodman, is trying to keep everyone together.

His daughter Judy and BJ (Tim Baltz) are in newlywed bliss. Elis oldest son Jesse (show creator Danny McBride) and wife Amber (Cassidy Freeman) are picking up the pieces after their sons betrayal. And Kelvin (Adam DeVine), Elis youngest son, is fighting for his fathers love.

He, in his warped mind, thinks that if he has a group of muscular men follow him around and form the Kelvin Gemstone God Squad, where he does powerlifting routines in front of elementary school children at church functions, that will gain the respect of his family, DeVine told The News.

This season, the chaotic forces come from the outside. Elis old friend Junior, played by Eric Roberts, has a money grab on the mind. A reporter (Jason Schwartzman) is looking to stir up trouble. And a megachurch power couple (Eric Andre and Jessica Lowe) is trying to raise $10 million to start a Christian resort.

Andre agrees that the goal is to play it straight while the world around them gets bigger and more ridiculous.

Story continues

I think if youre hamming it up and winking at the camera, this thing would unravel quickly, he told The News. The more heightened and insane the premise, the more you have to hunker down and really play it genuinely and earnestly.

Sometimes thats harder than it sounds, like when Kelvins friend Keefe (Tony Cavalero) rips off his shirt to bear a giant 666 tattoo from his days as a satanist, or when Elis brother-in-law Baby Billy (Walton Goggins) does pretty much anything. In real life, Cavalero once forgot to scrub off the 666 makeup before taking a job on the South Carolina beach near their set, he told The News, scaring the locals.

At the heart of The Righteous Gemstones, though, is a father and his three children, just trying to get by.

You could turn it 15 degrees this way and its a pretty sad drama, DeVine said.

Junior, who Roberts described as a country bumpkin who got tall, represents what could have been for the Gemstones if they hadnt struck it rich with God.

What you see is what you get with Junior. Junior has no panache, he has no finesse, has no style, Roberts told The News. Everything is about money, where this whole world is concerned. Its about money. Its about security. Its about valuable knowledge about other people.

Just like you cannot separate the Gemstones from the church, you cannot separate them from their money either. As the money grows, so too does the absurdity.

As long as our touchstone is the truth of these people, then I dont know (if there can be) too much, Patterson told The News. The kernel of it all has to come from the truth of the characters.


The Righteous Gemstones returns for Season 2 with more absurdity, but cast prefers to play it straight - Yahoo News

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History of Skin: Winston-Salem’s Tattoo Archive | News | – Yes! Weekly12.28.21

Tattoos were never just for sailors, convicts, and carnies. Dorothy Parker, Teddy Roosevelt, George Orwell, Winston Churchill, and his mother Lady Jenny, all had them.

Chuck Eldridge and his wife, Harriet Cohen, owners of the Tattoo Archive and Book Mistress, located at 618 W. 4th Street in Winston-Salem, also have them, untattooed tattooists being rarer than skinny chefs.

Besides inking his patrons, Eldridge preserves the history of those decorations in his museum. Cohen, the Book Mistress, sells beautiful volumes of historical and modern body art.

Born in Elkin, NC, in 1947, Eldridge first wanted to get tattooed when he was eight but had to wait another decade.

There were no tattooists in Elkin, he said. The only tattoos I ever saw there was on my dad, my uncles, and my older brother, who got theirs in the Air Force, even though thats the least-inked branch of the Armed Forces.

Eldridge took to sea rather than the air, but continued his familys tradition of service and ink, entering the San Diego Naval Training Center 1965. With both the boot camp and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot next to each other, the streets full of uniformed men jostling shoulder to shoulder, those shoulders (and arms and chests) getting inked 24 hours a day.

After 13 weeks at NTC-SD, Eldridge had several hundred bucks in his pocket and 12 hours of liberty. He got four tattoos that day. He also started his tattoo scrapbook that would eventually become his museum.

First assigned to the Naval Air Station in Beeville, Texas, he regularly traveled to Corpus Christi to increase his collection. In 1967, he served on the USS Oriskany in the Gulf of Tonkin. That aircraft carrier took him to Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Hawaii. At every port, he added to both his scrapbook and his skin.

When his enlistment ended in 1969, he studied welding on the GI Bill at Forsyth Tech.

Thinking I wanted to build bicycles, I went back to California to apprentice with a frame builder in Oakland and was also getting tattooed by D. E. Harvey in San Francisco. He offered me an opportunity to learn the art of tattooing, and I realized that was my true calling.

Eldridge opened his first shop in Berkeley in 1978. I had had a tattoo archive there, sort of a miniature version of this because of the cost of rent. History and archiving were always part of my tattoo business.

But he eventually found himself missing North Carolina. I knew I was going to burn out on the big city thing, and Harriet and I came here in 2007, and opened this shop.

Showing off his collection, he talked about the central irony of his specialty and the history of tattooing in America.

As a commercial profession, it was brought here by Irish and Germans, even though Native Americans had been doing it for millennia. It took that first big immigration push, as professional tattooing had gone on in those counties for a long time, and they brought it with them.

The art also has a long history in Asia. Particularly in Japan, less so in China. But its all over Asia now, and walk-in street shops, which didnt use to exist there, have become common. Tattooing is in its Golden Age all over the world now.

Eldridge is aware of the social opprobrium the art once suffered, which included the denunciation my grandfather used in front of a tattoo parlor in Fayetteville back in its Fayettenam days when he caught me ogling the sexy lady designs in the window and said, the only civilians who wear that trash are carnies, crooks, and floozies.

I never experienced much of that snobbery myself, as I never traveled in the circles where it was looked down on as disreputable. But of course, I knew the pressure was there for other people and other groups.

I asked him who his tattoo heroes are.

All the classic American guys. Theres Charlie Wagner, who worked the New York Bowery from the 1890s until his death in 1953. That he was in the media capital of America for over 50 years might explain his popularity, but his skill deserved the fame. Percy Waters was basically the same in Detroit. A lot of them are on the walls here. Our goal is to keep those names alive. You know how technology is. Everything pushes forward, and a lot of important history gets left behind by the latest sparkling gadget.

One of Eldridges displays is of the electric pen patented by Thomas Edison in 1876 for cutting stencils to make multiple copies of a document. A. B. Dick, the big supply company, bought the patent from Edison and started selling them. Irish Tattoo Artist Samuel OReilly saw this and went I fucking think I can tattoo with this. So, he modified the tube assembly and turned it into the first tattoo machine.

Eldridge is also an expert on Norman Rockwells paintings of tattoos. The most famous is The Tattooist, a 1944Saturday Evening Postcover depicting a sailor with the names of six women marked-through on his shoulder, and a tattoo artist writing the seventh one, Betty. Eldridges museum contains a reproduction of that cover, but when the original was on tour from the Rockwell Museum and displayed at the Reynolda House in 2014, he was invited to lecture about it.

I made friends with the curator of the Rockwell Museum and got to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, including the photographs Rockwell took for reference. You cant really see the tattoo machine in this painting, but he went down to the Bowery and befriended a tattooer named Al Neville, who loaned him a machine. Rockwell elaborately posed photographs that he used as reference, in order to get it correct. Rockwell did his homework so thoroughly.

The walls of the Tattoo Archive are also decorated with hundreds of examples of historic flash art, designs tattooists displayed on signs, or on paper in their shops windows. He pointed to 19th-century flash depicting the transition from sailing ships to steam as perhaps his oldest exhibit. I got it from Singapore John Anderson, an old carney tattooer in San Antonio, who was a collector like me. A lot of tattooers arent collectors, as they travel a lot and its difficult to take stuff with them. Thats why I preserve their heritage.

That preservation remains crucial even as society increasingly takes tattoos for granted, a cultural evolution made poignant by one of his friends. This was Captain Don Leslie, also known as Mister Circus Sideshow, a famous sword-swallower and fire-eater from the 1950s until he died in 2007.

Leslie was also a Tattooed Man, a sideshow attraction that dates back before the dawn of commercial tattooing, when sailors who had been gotten full-body tattoos, usually in the South Pacific or the East Indies, would retire from the sea to circuses and carnivals, where they became popular attractions.

Captain Don told me he first realized everything was changing when he was standing on the sideshow platform and looked into the crowd, and the people in the crowd had more tattoos than he did.

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History of Skin: Winston-Salem's Tattoo Archive | News | - Yes! Weekly

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You Are Here, 2021 Edition: A Year of Moments Captured Around Charlotte – Charlotte magazine11.30.21

Each month, writer Cristina Bolling throws a dart at a map and writes about where it lands. The result isCharlotte magazines backpage column, You Are Here. From January to December, here are 12 short stories Bolling found this year. (Read 2020s edition here.)

Clarks Creek Greenway, 9729 Mallard Creek Rd.

Good heavens, the squirrels are lucky. They seem almost giddy as they jump between branches, chase each other up trees, and race through leaves at Clarks Creek Greenway on a Sunday afternoon.

For Charlottes oak trees, this is a mast year, when the trees synchronize and overproduce nuts. It happens every two to five years, and here, you cant miss it. Acorns carpet the ground on either side of the paved trail, ensuring a months-long feast for the squirrels.

Whoa, mama! yells a preschooler walking with his mom as an acorn drops from the tree canopy and lands on his shoulder. They hear a rustle overhead and look up. Did a squirrel drop it, or did it simply fall?

New housing developments and businesses constantly sprout from the ground in University City, as in so many areas of Charlotte. This greenway begins at Mallard Creek Elementary School, which as of early November had come alive again on weekdays with kids back in classrooms.

But on this serene, winding trail, with a babbling brook as a soundtrack, its fun to forget all thats out there and think of yourself as just another creature on the squirrels playground.

3321 Freedom Dr.

Chef Willie Walters cooked his first meal at the tender age of 8, standing on a lard bucket to reach the stove. The oldest of three kids (11, eventually), he began cooking out of necessity in his native Loris, S.C., a low country town about 30 miles inland from Myrtle Beach.

Mom started training me because she had to go to work in the fields, Walters says. I wanted to please her and let her know I could do it, so one day she came home for 12 oclock lunch, and I had rice, sweet peas, and fried chicken ready for her. The one thing I did wrong was, I cooked the chicken too fast. It was real pretty, but when you bit on the inside, she wasnt quite ready.

His mom, Sandra Lee Walters, wasnt bothered one bit. She was so in awe. Very proud that I wanted to help her like that. Thats what inspired me to be a chef.

Today, Walters, 48, serves customers at his food truck, Sandra Lees Country Kitchen, in the parking lot of a Boost Mobile store on Freedom Drive, where he sets up every Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On this lunch hour, a steady stream of customers orders wings, shrimp, and chicken bog, a distinctly low country dish of slow-cooked smoked chicken and beef sausage blended with yellow rice.

Sandra Lee Walters died in 2018 at 63, and when Walters moved from his catering business into the food truck last fall, it just seemed right to name it after his mom. He had her photo painted on the truck, with a slogan that honors her memory: Love in every bite.

11100 Monroe Rd., Matthews

PLANTED IN A STRIP MALL on Monroe Road in Matthews is a patch of businesses that, together, are as Brazilian as Charlotte gets.

The sweet and savory smells of Brazilian specialties like po de queijo (cheese bread) and coxinha (fried chicken croquettes) waft from the open door of Tropical Bakery & Caf. Next door, shoppers pop into the Supermercado Brazileiro for Guaran fruit soda, big bags of Brazilian rice, pressure cookers, herbal teas, and shampoo and lotion that offer the comforts of home. A Brazilian Assemblies of God church, Asemblea de Deus, sits on the corner. Beside it, Buy Brazil Jeans & Fashion sells dozens of styles of leather shoes, jewelry, and form-fitting jeans and shorts, tops, bikinis, and dresses in eye-popping colors.

Brazilian-born Alaide Ramos and her husband, Randy Sturm, moved the clothing shop from Stallings to the Monroe Road shopping center about five years ago to be near other Brazilian-owned businesses and their customersalthough they sell briskly to people from elsewhere who have found them online.

More than 7,300 Brazilians live in Mecklenburg County, according to 2018 Census data, and this stretch of Monroe Road is their gateway to products from home. Another market, A Taste of Brazil, is right across Monroe from the strip mall, which is just a few miles west of a Brazilian bakery and restaurant.

As I visit on a weekday afternoon in December, Ramos steams a customers floor-length floral dress. COVID-19 forced the store to close for several weeks in the spring, and people are spending less than they used tomany come in seeking one item for $20 to $40 instead of multiple pieces or outfits.

But she and Sturm hope business will rebound when the virus eventually fades away and people travel and partylivelike they used to. The Brazilian population is growing, Sturm says, just like the rest of Charlotte.

168 N. College St.

You could play kickball in the middle of the 100 block of North College Street on this cloudy weekday afternoon uptown. Thats how little traffic passes a nondescript, metal-ringed, glass double door behind the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. But for theatre lovers, this is sacred groundthis door has seen the comings and goings of some of the biggest names in theatre and music.

Stage doors are big deals in cities like London and New York, where on any night (barring a pandemic), audience members dash outside and around to wait for the chance at an autograph and a selfie. You seldom bump into big-name entertainers in Charlotte. But as the city has grown, so has the roster of A-list performers whove traveled here to take the stage.

Broadway stars Audra McDonald and Kristin Chenoweth have crossed this threshold to greet fans after showsMcDonald after singing with the Charlotte Symphony in 2008, Chenoweth after a solo show in 2016. Classical music luminaries Joshua Bell and Yo-Yo Ma have strolled through it. The casts of national touring shows like Hamilton and Aladdin have spilled out after their curtain calls to find a bite to eat and head back to their hotels.

Performers become mortals at stage doors. Theyre where we can catch a glimpse of their handbags and scruffy sneakers, where we can see who takes off their stage makeup in the theater and who wears it out onto the street. If were fast and lucky enough, we score an autograph, a quick conversation, and a lasting memory.

7400 S. Tryon St.

The forest behind Rod of God Ministries, on South Tryon Street in the Olde Whitehall neighborhood, is peaceful, thick with pine trees, and pocked with hoofprints. Every few minutes, the deafening rumble of an airplane drowns out the bird chirps and serves as a reminder of something horrific that happened here nearly 47 years ago.

Just after 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 11, 1974, the pilots of an Eastern Airlines flight from Charleston were distracted by conversation, hit patchy fog, and missed the runway at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. They crashed into a cornfield in whats now this forest.

Sixty-nine of the 82 aboard died at the scene. Three more died in the days that followed. It remains the deadliest aviation accident in Charlotte history. Three of the victims were the father and two brothers of comedian Stephen Colbert, host of CBS The Late Show. Colbert was 10 at the time, and he has said his deep grief at such an early age led him to a career in comedy.

A decade after the crash, the Rev. Larry and Bonnie Allen, co-pastors of Rod of God Ministries, bought a big piece of land that included the overgrown cornfield and forest where the Eastern plane went down. On a recent, warm afternoon, Bonnie Allen gazes into the woods from the parking lot. Theres nothing left back there, she says. Still, people still come by periodically to tromp through the overgrown brush and weave through trees to see if they can spot the wreckage, she says. A few times, family members of those who died in the crash have come through. Last year, a group of pilots showed up.

Bonnie Allen turns her head toward the traffic whizzing by on four-lane South Tryon Street, which was just a small country road surrounded by fields and farmland in 1974. Can you just imagine the mayhem that took place when that happened? she asks. The fire trucks? The police? Can you imagine the dirt that just sucked up blood? That was right here.

5101 Monroe Road

The namesake oaks in the Oakhurst neighborhood are just starting to bud on a spring morning. Cars zip to and from a long string of businesses on Monroe Road in southeast Charlotte, where tax preparers, hairstylists, counselors, and tattoo artists work.

This is a commercial corridor. But unlike so many other business districts in a city obsessed with the shiny and new, these businesses occupy single-family homes that date back to the 1920s and 30s.

Their break rooms are family-style kitchenssome renovated, some not. Office bathrooms are still outfitted with tubs.

Holly Kimsey Evans and her wife considered South End and uptown three years ago when they hunted for a new headquarters for Evans real estate business. But a corporate setting just didnt feel right.

They pulled up to a 1928 Georgian fixer-upper at 5101 Monroe, at Eaton Road. The pair looked past the wood rot, overgrown hedges, and half-buried swimming pool and instantly saw the possibilities.

Now, its the stately, gleaming-white headquarters of the Kimsey Evans Team, with refinished hardwoods, a second-floor training room that holds 20 in non-COVID times, and a parking lot in the backyard where the swimming pool used to be. Evans says buyers and sellers are more relaxed during closings at her office than in a commercial office building.

When people walk into a commercial space, it just seems so serious. You feel like you have to whisper, she says. Here, they usually walk in and theyre like, This is so beautiful! And they talk and enjoy the moment.

9813 South Blvd.

Tranquility and transportation are rarely uttered in the same sentence. But both apply to this spot, where the Little Sugar Creek Greenway kisses the Carolina Pavilion shopping center and winds past two of Charlottes most-traveled thoroughfares: South Boulevard and Interstate 485.

Bird chirps compete with the whoosh of cars and trucks that pass at 70 mph. Walkers, bikers, and joggers leave their cars in the massive suburban parking lot and set out toward a red metal bridge that connects to the greenway. A towering highway retaining wall drowns out the sound of traffic.

Once over the bridge, a riot of yellow wildflowers blooms along the creek in brilliant juxtaposition to the chaos on the asphalt. This is the southern terminus of the 2.2-mile greenway section that runs from Huntingtowne Farms Park to 485, so all the action is headed in one direction: north.

A biker pulls over to examine a sign that shows the next phase under constructionan extension of the greenway to the south, toward the President James K. Polk Historic Site in Pineville. He turns his bike around as a truck driver blows his horn on the other side of the highway wall. Two dogs bark as their owners walk past each other. Each gives the other (and the dogs) space.

A blind man with a walking stick strolls silently alongside his partner. What sounds does he focus on in this moment, in a space whose dimensions and diversions he cant see?

4227 Statesville Road

Mahmoud Al-Wardat bags penny candy in Jerrys Market on a Monday morning. A customer named Patty approaches from the butcher counter. She carries delicacies that distinguish this neighborhood grocery store and butcher shop, a staple on Statesville Road for nearly a half-century: garlic-flavored Genoa bologna that Patty says she can find only at Jerrys and a special treat for her daughter, whos visitingsouse meat, or hogs head cheese, a gelatinous spread made from pig scraps. Al-Wardat walks around to the register to tend to her.

Al-Wardat, 33, is a Jordan-born engineer who grew up around his familys butcher shop in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He jumped at the chance to buy Jerrys last year, but it seemed right to keep the name the markets had since the late Jerry Wike opened it with his wife, Patricia, in the mid-1960s. A wallet-sized photograph of Jerry and Patricia is tacked to a post near the register.

His head butchera friendly man named Aaron Gaddy, whom customers call A.G.worked for Harris Teeter for 35 years before Jerrys hired him four years ago. A.G. slices up favorites like oxtails and beef neckbones and wraps up short ribs and chicken straight from local farms. Up front, Al-Wardat stocks throwback candy like sugar cigarettes, Sugar Daddy lollipops, and old-fashioned coconut slices.

Soon after he bought Jerrys in September 2020, Al-Wardat had an artist paint meat-themed murals on the exterior. But inside, it hasnt changed much over the decades. If I want to make it look shiny and have nice floors, the place will lose its flavor. Itll be just like any shopping center, he says. I wont let that happen. I want to keep it as old-school as possible.

15300 Black Farms Road, Huntersville

The Brown family of Davidson was out for a Sunday drive in 2000 when they passed a piece of pastoral property off Black Farms Road in sleepy Huntersville. It was 3.95 acres with an old barn in the middle, which the Browns assumed had been used for boat storage or repair.

Over the years, as the three Brown kids grew from tykes to teenagers, the land was the familys release valve for activities that were hard to pull off in their downtown Davidson homes modest yardThanksgiving Day flag football games, family bonfires, four-wheeling in the winter snow.

They created a baseball field there for local rec leagues, and when Julia, the youngest of the Brown children, started getting serious about volleyball, they put in a sand volleyball court. It was the site for Christmas parade float assembly, weddings, and graduation parties. We have so many memories there, Julia says.

Her older brothers, Daniel and Miles, were students at the Cannon School in Concord in 2009 when they used the property for a music fundraiser, where bands from local schools played and ticket proceeds went to charity. The idea grew into an annual event, Barnstock, which eventually expanded to five stages and bands that traveled from other Southern cities. After a two-year hiatus, last year because of COVID, Barnstock returned in July with a four-band, one-day event to benefit the local digital-inclusion nonprofit E2D.

Today, the land isnt as out-in-the-country as it was. Its less than 6 miles from Birkdale Village, and a new Publix is going up less than a mile away on Sam Furr Road. But you cant tell from farther down Black Farms Road, where a big sign announces the music festival and, on the Brown family land, the old boat barn has Barnstock painted on the roof.

3100 Central Ave.

The first thing you notice when you step into 24 Hour Laundry on Central Avenue is the colorful mural of a clothesline with shirts that proclaim welcome in more than a dozen languagesArabic and Somali, Thai and Vietnamese. The mural encircles the room. Owner Marc Fuller commissioned a local artist to paint it after he bought the laundry in 2016. It seemed right for the laundromat to reflect one of Charlottes most culturally diverse neighborhoods, Commonwealth Park.

This is often a first stop for people who come to this countryand you feel that excited energy, Fuller says, gesticulating with both hands to make his point. The dryers spin, and oscillating fans attempt to take the edge off the oppressive afternoon heat.

Fuller owned three laundromats in Charlotte, but he sold the other two on South Boulevard just before COVID, after development scattered the neighbors who had been his customers. This laundry, the only 24-hour laundromat in Charlotte, was always his favorite. Before the virus, Fuller hosted English classes here and distributed donated school supplies. When the pandemic hit, he passed out kits with hand sanitizer, vitamin C, and face masks.

Fuller is a lifelong traveler whos visited about 90 countries, and he always choosing to eats and stays where the locals do. So its natural for him to want to know the cultures of the people who live in his cityand to respect that many of them can find time to wash clothes only at night.

Thats one thing I want to contribute to the citya place you can go to get your laundry done at any time of the day. The way that Charlotte is growing, that kind of service is needed, Fuller says.

Who are we to tell someone when they can and cannot do their laundry?

6345 Sample Road, Huntersville

Two toddlers giggle as they dip their hands in the water-cycle table at Quest, the new environmental education center at Latta Nature Preserve in Huntersville. They zoom across the room to check out the gar that swooshes through a tank that takes up an entire wall. Then their dad coaxes them with something else to see: feathers under a microscope.

The 13,000-square-foot center opened in July as a kind of doorway into the natural world. Later today, kids ages 8 to 14 will take a class here on how to build a fire outdoors. Tomorrow, the staff will lead a nature scavenger hunt.

Quest educates children inside the walls, but the real fun happens just outside. Some 16 miles of walking trails weave through the nature preserve, and those who want to see aquatic wildlife in its natural habitat can take in 6 miles of Mountain Island Lake shoreline.

Starting as soon as next year, theyll be able to hear even more birdsong. The Carolina Raptor Center, a beloved feature at Latta since 1984, moves ahead with plans to build a replacement behind Quest as part of a partnership between the nonprofit and county Park and Recreation, which owns and oversees the property. The new raptor center is at least a year away, but signs already show where the peregrine falcons, barred owls, and even bald eagles will one day call home.

188 N. Trade St., Matthews

When it comes to small-town downtowns, its hard to out-charm Matthews.

Theres the Carolina Beer Temple, which operates out of a former post office, built in 1939 on North Trade Street. Theres the locally famous 121-year-old Renfrow Hardware across the street, where you can get live chicks or bags of dried Kritter Korn to feed the squirrels and chipmunks.

On the bustling corner of North Trade and John streets, you can check for bargains at the ZABS Place thrift store, staffed by young people with special needs. If you cross the intersection and browse baseball cards at AAA Collectibles, two guys named Jim will help you.

Matthews downtown has that walkable urban vibe that people crave these days and a mix of shops and restaurantssome of which have been around for decades, others that bring a brand-new buzz. It floods with produce buyers who come every Saturday to the Matthews Farmers Market.

A 1988 Charlotte Observer headline posed a question that, 33 years later, seems laughable: Can Matthews keep its charm? It reads, in part: Other Matthews town leaders and merchants also have become concerned, enough so that the town council is considering spending $29,500 to study ways to preserve the downtowns historic flavor.

Archives dont reveal whether the council greenlit the study. If it did, it was money well spent. If they didnt, perhaps Matthews charm could not be stopped.

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You Are Here, 2021 Edition: A Year of Moments Captured Around Charlotte - Charlotte magazine

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Police Hunt Man With Neck Tattoo After 3 People Shot Dead at Home in South Carolina – Newsweek08.09.21

A manhunt is underway for a suspect with neck tattoos after three people were killed in South Carolina.

On Monday, officers responded to a shooting that took place in Greenwood County. Jeffrey David Powell is suspected of shooting dead one man, two women, and injuring a child.

"The status of the victims is unknown at this time as well the motive for the shooting," a release from the sheriff's office said.

The Greenwood County Sheriff's Department released the following statement on the ongoing manhunt that's underway for Powell.

"Be on the lookout for a thirty-six-year-old white male, six-feet tall, two hundred fifty pounds. The male suspect has a large tattoo on the front of his neck. This suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you see anyone who fits this description, do not approach. Please call 911."

Powell's tattoo includes a star in the middle of his neck and lines that accompany each side of the star.

The announcement of the manhunt brought upon a number of comments and reactions from people on social media.

One Facebook user said, "Praying for all involved."

Another user said, "God heal our Nation and allow people to turn away from their wicked ways."

WYFF 4 News spoke with a resident who lives in the area where the crime took place.

"I'm trying to stay around the house until they catch this guy because you never know," said Furman Greene. "Praying for all the families, victims, everybody. I just hope they catch this guy. They need to catch him."

Greenwood County Sheriff Dennis Kelly told WYFF 4 News that there's a relationship between all parties, but more information is being gathered regarding the incident. Police have not yet released a motive for the violent crime.

South Carolina has seen a surge in violent crimes since 2020. "We're seeing an unprecedented level of violent crime," Deputy Chief Stan Smith with the Richland County Sheriff's Department said to WLTX News. "Our murder numbers, if we keep on track, will be substantially greater than they've ever been, which is alarming to us."

Between the months of January and June in 2020, the Richland County Sheriff's Department reported that there were 42 shootings, with 10 casualties. During the same period this year, there were 68 shootings, with 18 people killed.

Lexington County, which is a nearby city, had 11 shootings take place between the months of January and June in 2020. So far in 2021, there have been 16 shootings, with four dead.

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Police Hunt Man With Neck Tattoo After 3 People Shot Dead at Home in South Carolina - Newsweek

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College Football’s best coaches of the last 25 years – Stay Alive In Power 507.09.21

It all dates back to the 1996 season.

These coaches have accomplished some amazing feats, built dynasties and cemented their legacies. Some are Hall of Famers and their coaching journeys have ended. While others are still going strong. A couple even have statues enshrined at their respective programs.

Longevity is all about adapting. However, it all comes down to turning teenage boys into grown men, on the field and in the classroom. Victories, respect, accountability and a lot of guts separates these coaches from the rest when it comes to College Football lore.

20. Joe Paterno: Its unfortunate that his legacy will be marred by a heinous scandal, but theres no denying what he brought to the sport and accomplished on the field. Paterno won 131 games from 1996 through 2011. Penn State went 76-49 against Big Ten opponents, played in two BCS bowls and had seven AP top-20 finishes during that span. He fielded some of the best linebackers to ever play in the conference, including LaVar Arrington, Sean Lee and Paul Posluszny. Paterno had a shocking moment on the sidelines when he chased down an official after a call didnt go his teams way. He also displayed toughness when his leg got injured on a play that extended out of bounds against Wisconsin. Fans have mixed emotions on how his tenure ended, but Paternos teams bought unforgettable memories.

19. David Shaw: Hes a coach that flies under the radar, but has had a ton of success with Stanford. Shaw compiled a 86-34 record during the 2010s, making him one of the winningest coaches over the past decade. Not to mention he won three Pac-12 Titles and two Rose Bowls during a four-year span. Stanford is a school known for having high academic standards, but Shaw continues to lure in the smart athletes, who are highly-touted prospects. The Cardinal has been one of the best recruiting programs in the Pac-12 under Shaws watch. Stanford ended 2019 on a four-game losing streak, which was Shaws first non-winning season. However, Stanford bounced back in 2020 and won four-straight on the road to close out the year. Now Shaw has his team back on track and primed for another run at a Pac-12 Title this fall.

18. Chris Petersen: In 2006 he navigated an undefeated season in his first rodeo, which included a memorable BCS Bowl win over Oklahoma and a top-five finish in the final AP rankings. Petersen gained notoriety for dialing up successful trick plays. Not to mention he later led Boise State to a second unblemished campaign in 2009, which also included a BCS Bowl victory and a top-five finish. Kellen Moore became the games all-time winningest quarterback. Boise State beat Power Five programs such as Oregon, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Arizona State and Washington during his tenure. Petersen proved that his success with Boise State was no fluke when he accepted the Washington gig. He led the Huskies to two Pac-12 Titles and a Playoff berth in 2016, which was the leagues last appearance.

17. Bill Snyder: His name is synonymous with Kansas State football for a reason. Snyder built the program from the ground up and hes the only individual on this list to come out of retirement to coach the same team for multiple seasons. During his first stint from 1996 through 2005 the Wildcats won 90 games, including a Big 12 Title. Kansas State compiled six double-digit win campaigns during that span, appeared in three Big 12 Championship Games and had seven AP top-20 finishes. After the program went through a three-year failed tenure with Ron Price, Snyder returned in 2009 for a second stint. He coached the Wildcats for 10 additional seasons and won 79 games, including a share of the Big 12 Title and they had three AP top-20 finishes during that span.

16. Barry Alvarez: He literally built Wisconsin from the ground up. By the time the late 90s rolled around, the Badgers had emerged as a Big Ten heavyweight. Alvarez gave the team an identity and they gained notoriety for their physical rushing attack and mammoth-sized offensive linemen. He led Wisconsin to a share of the Big Ten Title in 1998 and 1999. During that span the team compiled a 21-3 record, Ron Dayne won the Heisman, the Badgers were back-to-back Rose Bowl Champions and Alvarez was named the Big Ten Coach of the Year. Alvarez won 85 games from 1996 until he retired after 2005. He later became Wisconsins Athletic Director and added more credibility to his legacy. When Bret Bielema and Gary Anderson left the program, it was Alvarez who filled in and coached the team in their bowl games.

15. Frank Beamer: Virginia Tech came to prominence in the mid 90s under his watch, and he introduced the College football world to Beamer Ball. His success came from a physical running game, hard-nosed defense and aggressive special teams. Beamer won 187 games and never suffered a losing campaign from 1996 through 2015. The Hokies were conference champions six times during that span and played in six BCS Bowls, including the Sugar for the Natty in 1999. He also groomed quarterback Michael Vick into the games most electrifying player. Beamers longtime Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster helped his longevity, and he fielded some of the best units of this century. Beamer is a Hall of Famer and Thursday night games at Lane Stadium was must-see television for College fans during his tenure.

14. Phillip Fulmer: Tennessee became the No. 1 power in the SEC in the late 90s with star players like Peyton Manning, Jamaal Lewis and Tee Martin. After they left Fulmer was able to keep the program relevant several years later with effective recruiting. Fulmer won 119 games from 1996 through 2008, including two SEC Titles and a National Championship. The Volunteers played in five SEC Championship Games during that span and went a jaw-dropping, 75-28 against conference opponents in the regular season. Fulmer and longtime Offensive Coordinator David Cutcliffe were a great tag team in the SEC. What hurt Fulmers legacy was suffering two losing seasons during the last four years of his tenure with Tennessee. Regardless, he still finished with winning records against rivals Alabama and Kentucky.

13. Lloyd Carr: If theres any coach on this list that was underappreciated, its Carr. From 1996 through 2007 Michigan racked up 113 victories, won or shared five Big Ten Titles and a National Championship. The Wolverines also played in five BCS Bowls during that span, including four Grandaddys and had four AP top-10 finishes. Not to mention cornerback Charles Woodson became the first-ever defensive player to win the Heisman in 1997. The Wolverines gained notoriety for annually fielding elite quarterbacks, wide receivers and offensive linemen under Carrs watch. Carr went 76-20 against the Big Ten over his last 12 seasons with Michigan. However, Carrs success was overshadowed by his 5-7 record against Ohio State. Still, he beat Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow in his final game.

12. Steve Spurrier: Hes the only individual on this list who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player and a coach, plus hes a Heisman winner. The Ol Ball Coach made the vizor his trademark, especially when he threw it to the ground in frustration. Spurrier was an innovator with his Fun N Gun offense. He led Florida to an SEC and National Title in 1996. The Swamp was the SECs most intimidating venue in the late 90s. From 1996 through 2001 Spurrier went 61-14 with Florida. During that span quarterback Danny Wuerffel snagged the Heisman, the Gators won four of their six bowl games and had four top-five finishes. After an unsuccessful NFL stint, Spurrier returned to the SEC and made South Carolina respectable. He won 86 games over 11 seasons, including a berth in the 2010 SEC Title Game.

11. Brian Kelly: Hes a coach that has had success at three different FBS programs. Kelly led Central Michigan to nine wins in 2006. In three seasons with Cincinnati, Kelly compiled a 33-6 record, including two Big East Titles. Not to mention he led the Bearcats to an undefeated regular season and BCS Bowl berth in 2009. However, Kellys legacy was just beginning when he took the Notre Dame job. In just his third year with the Fighting Irish, Kelly led the team to an undefeated regular season and a National Championship Game appearance. The 59-year old has also been a great recruiter and put several of his players in the NFL. Kelly has stockpiled 102 wins in 11 seasons with the Fighting Irish and theyve made the Playoffs twice. At this rate Kelly continues to be one of the most consistent coaches in the FBS.

10. Bobby Bowden: Hes an icon in the sport and considered one of the greatest coaches of all time. Bowden never suffered a losing campaign over his final 14 seasons in Tallahassee. During that span Florida State won 130 games, five ACC Titles, and a National Championship. Not to mention the Seminoles played for all the marbles in 1996 and 2000, when quarterback Chris Weinke won the Heisman. Theres no denying that 25 years ago Florida State was what Alabama has become in todays game. Bowden knew how to lure in the best talent the country had to offer and had 78 of his players drafted from 1996 through 2009. The Seminoles established notoriety with the rate they annually produced All-ACC caliber players, plus Bowden made the sunshine state a national recruiting hotbed.

9. Mack Brown: Hes a coach that handles himself like a politician and has a remarkable resume over the past 25 years. Brown became a hot commodity during his first stint with North Carolina. Over his final two seasons with the Tar Heels, he led the team to two double-digit win campaigns and two AP top-10 finishes. Brown became a household name at Texas. In his first year with the program he snapped Nebraskas 47-game home winning streak, coached a Heisman Trophy winner and the Longhorns finished in the top-15. However, the 2000s were Browns decade. Texas won 121 games, including two Big 12 Titles and a National Championship. The Longhorns also had four BCS bowl appearances and seven AP top-10 finishes during that span. Browns back with the Tar Heels and they finished in the top-20 in 2020.

8. Tom Osborne: Although Dr. Tom only coached two years over the past 25 seasons, he led Nebraska to back-to-back double-digit win campaigns, which included two Orange Bowl victories. Osborne molded former walk-ons into studs and Academic All-Americans. He concluded a perfect season in 1997, with a Big 12 Title and a National Championship. Nebraska shared the crystal ball with Michigan, but several fanatics believed Osborne had the better team. Despite the option offense trending down in the sport during the final year of his tenure, the Huskers still averaged 46.7 points per game, which ranked first in the FBS. Osborne went out on top when he retired after 25 years, and he made the Huskers the team of the 90s. The Sea of Red was a house of nails for visitors, but Osborne always handled himself with class.

7. Jimbo Fisher: Hes arguably Nick Sabans best protege. Fisher took over a Florida State program that needed a boost after the last few years of Bobby Bowdens tenure. In year one he led the Seminoles to 10 wins and an ACC Championship Game appearance. In year three his team won 12 games and were champions of the league. Fisher completed a perfect season in 2013, with an ACC and National Championship. Not to mention quarterback Jameis Winston won the Heisman. Fisher followed up that season with a third consecutive ACC Title, plus the Seminoles crashed the Playoffs. The 55-year old won 83 games in eight seasons in Tallahassee, including a 48-16 record in ACC play. Now Fisher has Texas A&M trending up the same way he did at Florida State, which solidifies hes an elite coach.

6. Jim Tressel: Ohio State had an amazing run during his era. Tressel took the Buckeyes to a bowl game every year of his tenure, including eight BCS clashes. Ohio State won 106 games from 2001 through 2010, including the National Championship in 2002. Not to mention the Buckeyes played in three National Championship games under his watch and won or shared a Big Ten Title on six occasions. Quarterback Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy and Ohio State had eight AP top-10 finishes during that span. Tressel ruled the Big Ten with an iron fist and went a jaw-dropping, 66-14 against conference opponents. He was also a great recruiter and lured in super prospect Terrelle Pryor. The Buckeyes were the No. 1 team approaching the 2011 season, but a tattoo scandal ruined Tressels tenure and any momentum.

5. Bob Stoops: Hes one of three individuals on this list whos from the Hayden Fry coaching tree. At Oklahoma Stoops ruled the Big 12 with an iron fist for nearly two decades. In his second year with the Sooners, Stoops won a Big 12 Title, a National Championship and completed a perfect season. It was all just the beginning for an amazing run with the program. From 2001 through 2016 Oklahoma won a jaw-dropping, 170 games, including nine additional conference titles. Stoops coached two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks, made three more National Championship Game appearances and finished in the AP top-10 eight times during that span. In 18 seasons with Oklahoma Stoops compiled an impressive record of 127-29 against Big 12 opponents. Stoops will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this December.

4. Dabo Swinney: After he kissed Howards Rock for the first time as Clemsons interim coach, fans knew he was the real deal. Swinney is a rock star coach in todays game, with a personality young men can relate to. When it comes to recruiting he knows how to spot, lure in, and develop talent. Its why Swinney has been consistent at being successful. The Alabama native has won 136 games over the past 12 seasons, including seven ACC Championships and two National Titles. Its mind-boggling the Tigers have been in the Playoffs for six-straight years. Swinney owns the ACC, with a 83-15 record in conference play since 2009. He also has the best assistant coach in the game in Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables. The cherry on top is the 69 players the Tigers have had drafted in the Swinney era.

3. Pete Carroll: Hes one of the few NFL coaches with major success at the Collegiate level. USC was in bad shape when he started in 2001. However, it only took Carroll less than two years to bring the blue-blood program back to life. He basically made the Trojans the team of the decade. His squad won back-to-back National Championships in 2003 and 2004. Not to mention USC was riding a 34-game winning streak until Texas snapped it for the 2005 National Title. Carroll also coached three Heisman Trophy winners during that span. He was dominant in the postseason and won seven of his eight bowl games. Carroll has four Rose Bowl victories under his belt and USC finished in the top-five in seven of the nine seasons he coached. His 2004 squad was one of the best teams assembled this century.

2. Urban Meyer: All he does is win. Meyer is a master of the spread offense, a quarterback guru and has a coaching journey thats second to none. He showed his worth when he stockpiled 17 victories in two seasons at Bowling Green. Meyer then took his services to the Mountain West and led Utah to a perfect season during his second year with the program. He eventually landed at Florida and took the SEC by storm. In his second season with the Gators Meyer led the team to an SEC Title and a National Championship. A year later his quarterback Tim Tebow won the Heisman. Meyer followed that up with a second SEC and National Title in 2008. Meyer accepted the Ohio State job in 2012 and led the team to perfect season in year one. By season three he won a Big Ten Title and his third Natty.

1. Nick Saban: Hes the most influential individual in the sport. Saban owns the almighty SEC and several of his proteges are head coaches around the league. His seven total National Championships are more than any other coach in the AP era. Saban has also won a National Title with two different programs. Over the last 25 years Saban has a combined record of 246-58 at Michigan State, LSU and Alabama. The man recruits like a monster and has put a plethora of his players in the NFL. The West Virginia native has coached a Heisman winner in Derrick Henry. The SEC has become the baby NFL because of his presence. He even take coaches who want to rejuvenate their careers under his wing. Saban has made the Crimson Tide the No. 1 power in College Football, and thats a scary thought considering hes not slowing down anytime soon.

Honorable Mention

Larry Coker: He won a National Title in his first season with Miami and played for another the following year.

Gary Patterson: Hes the second-longest tenured coach in the FBS with 178 wins at TCU, including a Rose Bowl.

Lincoln Riley: The 37-year old has led Oklahoma to four-straight Big 12 Titles and coached two Heisman winners.

Mark Richt: He won 145 games in 15 seasons with Georgia. Richt also led Miami to 26 victories in three seasons.

Kirk Ferentz: Hes the longest-tenured coach in the FBS, with 168 wins at Iowa, which should account for something.

Tommy Tuberville: The politician led Auburn to an undefeated season in 2004 and went 7-3 against Alabama.

Chip Kelly: He won three-straight Pac-10 Titles and led Oregon to the National Championship Game in 2010.

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College Football's best coaches of the last 25 years - Stay Alive In Power 5

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Drive for Good: How fostering dogs led this Savannah woman to her new best friend, and new tattoo – WJCL News06.29.21


Drive for Good: How fostering dogs led this Savannah woman to her new best friend, and new tattoo

Gianna Orrechhio has been fostering dogs with the Humane Society for Greater Savannah for the past three years and doing what she can to try and help find these animals their forever home. But that changed when she met Rocket Man.

Updated: 8:18 AM EDT Jun 22, 2021

Meet Rocket Man, better known as Rock. He spent a year of his life between the Humane Society for Greater Savannah and another shelter in South Carolina before being fostered by Gianna Orecchio. I decided to foster him because we were going into quarantine, my last semester of school was online," Orechhio said. It didnt take long for Orrechio to officially make Rock a part of her family. Obviously, I failed miserably at my fostering because hes mine now," she said. Orrechhio has been fostering dogs with the Humane Society for Greater Savannah for the past three years and doing what she can to try and help find these animals their forever home. The humane society has been probably one of the best parts about Savannah. It wasnt until I got involved with them that I really started to enjoy my time here. they have a lot of great programs," Orrechhio said. She and Rock go just about everywhere together and their love is everlasting. I got a tattoo of him, its his face with his little paws hanging out of a rocket ship on my leg," Orrechhio said. Permanently, the best of friends.For more information on the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, including information on how to foster, adopt and donate, click here.

Meet Rocket Man, better known as Rock. He spent a year of his life between the Humane Society for Greater Savannah and another shelter in South Carolina before being fostered by Gianna Orecchio.

I decided to foster him because we were going into quarantine, my last semester of school was online," Orechhio said.

It didnt take long for Orrechio to officially make Rock a part of her family.

Obviously, I failed miserably at my fostering because hes mine now," she said.

Orrechhio has been fostering dogs with the Humane Society for Greater Savannah for the past three years and doing what she can to try and help find these animals their forever home.

The humane society has been probably one of the best parts about Savannah. It wasnt until I got involved with them that I really started to enjoy my time here. they have a lot of great programs," Orrechhio said.

She and Rock go just about everywhere together and their love is everlasting.

I got a tattoo of him, its his face with his little paws hanging out of a rocket ship on my leg," Orrechhio said.

Permanently, the best of friends.

For more information on the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, including information on how to foster, adopt and donate, click here.

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Drive for Good: How fostering dogs led this Savannah woman to her new best friend, and new tattoo - WJCL News

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The Real Housewives: The 100 Most Unforgettable Moments – Vulture05.19.21

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

Sign up now for The Housewives Institute Bulletin, a new newsletter by Brian Moylan that breaks down all the Housewives drama and gossip, on- and off-screen, for dedicated students of the Reality Television Arts and Sciences.

Its been 15 years since the screaming, scheming, and hardly redeeming women of the Real Housewives franchise first burst onto our screens in 2006. Weve been through so much with these women in that time, and so much of the appeal of these shows for fans has been the accumulation. There have been births, deaths, marriages, breakups, and plenty of vow renewals (which are kind of like a birth and a death at the same time). There have been countless reunions, countless cast trips, countless vanity projects, countless wig pulls. If the memory of a Bravoholic were a house, it would look less like Villa Rosa, Lisa Vanderpumps abode that looks like a duty-free store in the Singapore airport, and more like something out of Hoarders. Its stuffed with moments and memes. There are catchphrases and clapbacks strewn everywhere. There are funny moments and serious ones, all jumbled together in a messy pile. There is also that time Teresa Giudice almost knocked out Andy Cohen.

Today, Housewives fandom is so much about that pileup, the sharing of an amassed experience with other fans, the sense that were all speaking the same secret language. But what exactly are the building blocks of that language, the signifiers that every Housewives stan knows backward and forward? In honor of 15 years of this grand and ongoing display of outrageous behavior, I set out to answer that question, sifting through the hoarder piles of Housewives episodes to excavate the 100 most glittery moments, the most shining examples of the Reality Television Arts and Sciences put into practice. Yes, its a lot, but if there is one thing Housewives fans cant resist, its excess.

It was a hard second season for Taylor. After being egged on by Camilles friend Deidre, Taylor went ballistic at a belly dancing party hosted by Brandi Glanville. It was so crazy Brandi asked her to leave her party. Girl, when Brandi thinks youre unruly, your shit is busted. This will also go down in history as giving us the picture that became the Woman Yells at Cat Meme.

When Sonja Morgan has been hitting the sauce, oftentimes she becomes the self-appointed straw that stirs the drink. This is one time when things went in the other direction. During a trip to Dorindas in the Berkshires, she took everyone to one of the houses owned by the Morgan family, which has been turned into a museum of sorts, and Dorinda put her paws on some of the real correspondence that was on one of the desks. At dinner that night, out of nowhere, a very drunk Sonja started screaming and reaching across the table telling everyone not to touch the fucking Morgan letters! She then burst into tears. If anyone is having an oversized reaction to something menial, this is the GIF to send them.

The highlight of the season 11 cast trip to Japan didnt happen at a shrine or a sushi restaurant, it happened on a bus. As she had all season, Marlo Hampton came for Eva Pigford about her style. Unlike other instances during the season, Eva did not take this one lying down, sparring with Marlo about her cheap wig, her weight, and her not being a mother. As Marlo tried to strike, Eva struck back twice as hard in a verbal sparring match for the ages, and bested Marlo at every turn. Damn, I wish I was on that bus.

Teresa Giudices second youngest has always stolen the spotlight, but there was nothing more hilarious than when she demanded pizza from her father using this name. Lets call it a term of endearment.

The way that Erika Jaynes choreographer and creative director Mikey Minden explained this dance move where a hand hovers near a rather obvious erogenous zone became a meme for rather obvious reasons.

What started as a fight about whether or not Joanna and her sister Marta slept with Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis somehow ended with Joanna stalking Adriana de Souza down a hallway, and Adriana turning around and socking her in the jaw. How did we, as Americans, fail by letting this show get cancelled?

A day-drunk Dorinda Medley tried to shut up her nemesis Sonja Morgan at a Bronx restaurant by inexplicably shouting Clip! and closing her hands in the universal gesture for shut your mouth. Shockingly, the tactic worked.

If theres one thing that any Real Housewife should know its that bad things happen on boats. Just ask Lisa Vanderpump, whose friend-turned-enemy Brandi gave her what she thought was a playful tap but ended up being a full-on backhand.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

When she started in season 12, new Housewife Leah told everyone she didnt drink. The first time she got wasted on the show, we all saw why. She tied one on at Ramona Singers house, which led to her getting naked in the pool with Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan (as if Sonja needs a reason to get naked), and then she started throwing around the tiki torches that dotted Ramonas backyard while still only wearing a pair of nude-colored briefs. She wrapped up the night by showing Dorinda the tattoo on her vagina and, for some reason, putting her vibrator in the chicken casserole. Yeah, it makes sense why Leah doesnt drink, but were so glad whenever she does.

When Kandi wanted to give Cynthia a bachelorette party shed never forget during a cast trip to South Carolina, she had no idea it would turn out like this. That is all thanks to the stripper Bolo, who turned out to not only be memorable but also, ahem, member-able. After giving the ladies an X-rated show, he stayed until the next morning, and may or may not have gotten it on with a couple of women behind closed doors.

Waking up in the morning / Thinking about oh so many things, has become the Sad Song that is TikToks go-to when sharing an embarrassing story from ones youth. Ironically, Gia is now 18 and probably feels the exact same way about the clips newfound internet ubiquity.

Kelly had a bumpy first season with the other ladies, and it didnt help when she lit into Miss Fancy Pants herself at a Japanese dinner. But what well really remember is when Heather then went and talked shit about Kelly to the producers. Now Heathers gone and Kelly is several seasons in. How times have changed.

The first season of this shockingly diverse iteration, the franchises eighth, was a fan favorite right out of the gate, and the center of the action was a feud between Jen Shah and Mary M. Cosby, a possible cult leader who married her grandmothers husband after she passed. Yeah, its that crazy. But what is even crazier is what started the fight, a comment not even heard on camera where Mary accused Jen of smelling like hospital after Jen had gone to visit her ailing aunt. This line is impossible to get lodged out of your head because it is at once so visceral and so petty, like so much of the Real Housewives.

Ive never been to a dry-cleaning party in my life, but the one thrown by Dorinda Medleys boyfriend John, who owns famous dry cleaner Madame Paulette, makes me want to go to one. Rey, Luann de Lessepss ex-boyfriend, crashed the party and started talking trash with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, which led to them and Rey all getting thrown out of the party. Weve never heard from Rey again, but someone really needs to get his side of the story.

One of these moments could definitely be when Porsha Williams thought that the Underground Railroad was an actual train. The reason thats not on the list is we have forgiven Porsha in light of her getting arrested while protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor in the summer of 2020. Her release from jail and continued work in the BLM movement was part of the shows 13th season. We have never seen, nor been so proud of, a turnaround like this in Housewives history.

There could be an entire article devoted to Michael Darbys 100 Most Memorable Scandals. There was the time he grabbed Katie Rosts boyfriends butt in season one, the time he said he wanted to get it on with Robyn Dixons once-and-future husband Juan, and of course the time he possibly got caught on Grindr. But there was only one instance when charges were actually filed. Apparently during a gathering at Monique Samuels house during the shows fourth season Darby grabbed the rear of a cameraman, something that became a plot point on the show. The charges were later dropped, but it makes all of these other claims about Darby sound that much more right on target.

It might have been a panic attack, an awful hangover, or maybe just a bad case of jet lag. It wasnt a heart attack like she feared, but Vicki made the hotel call an ambulance and covered herself in a towel while being carted out to it. At least when she returned, she finally got the casserole shed been hoping for.

When the former model was introduced in the second season of the show, she marked her presence by doing something inexplicable: jogging in the middle of Fifth Avenue. No one does this, but Kelly did it, with a smile plastered on her face, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

The first indication that this would be a humdinger of a series was when Camille took all the girls to New York to see her husband Kelsey in a Broadway show. At dinner the first night, Camille accused Kyle of saying no one would want to hang out with her without Kelsey. Kyle said, Youre such a fucking liar, Camille, and oh, girl, it was officially on.

Kenya has proven herself to be the queen of shade during her tenure as a Housewife, but nothing will ever equal when she crashed rival Marlo Hamptons wig launch with a marching band chanting Kenya Moore Hair Care! and wearing sandwich boards for Kenyas own brand of hair products. There is stealing the spotlight, and then there is totally obliterating it.

Everyone knew when Tom DAgostino got engaged to Luann de Lesseps (the third Housewife hed dated) that it wouldnt end well. The inevitable finally happened when Bethenny Frankel got proof of his cheating while the girls were in Miami. When she asked Luann to talk, Luann said, Tell me its not about Tom, to which Bethenny said, Its about Tom. Lots of crying, shaking, and vomiting followed for both women.

We quickly learned this Real Housewife had a previous career as a Club MTV dancer, and she showed off her dropping-it-low sexy moves during the ladies first trip to Las Vegas. She has since busted those moves out almost as often as Kyle Richards busts out the splits.

On a group camping trip, Marlo Hampton asked Kandi Burruss if shes a lesbian because someone in the group is saying that. Immediately a chorus of Who said that? echoed around the table like some kind of hilarious mating call.

When Tamra Judge took all the girls to Glamis Dunes for some riding around in the sand, she didnt think everything would go as badly as this. After Tamras reckless driving, the vehicle rolled over, injuring Vicki and sending her to the hospital. At least she got to wear a sympathy neck brace for a couple of episodes, but she never got a casserole.

She was the victim of the original Weavegate, but Danielle Staub is not above some hair-pulling of her own. After Teresa got her friend together with the rest of the women who were over the psychopath and her duplicitous ways for a day of shopping, things went off the rails when Margaret poured a bottle of water on Danielles head. She took revenge by emptying Margarets purse out onto a table and destroying a $500 Fornasetti candle. But even after things had calmed down she came back to grab Margarets fake ponytail and drag her around the room. After this the rest of the women refused to film with Danielle and she retired from the show. Hair-pulling is never classy, but its always exciting.

Obviously the thing everyone remembers from the womens season-ten trip to Cartagena is the Boat Ride from Hell, but there was a fight the episode before that is almost as memorable. While at a restaurant, Bethenny and Carole are fighting about the dissolution of their friendship on one end of the table. At the other end of the table, a newly sober Luann asks Dorinda, How are the margaritas? When Dorinda slurs her answer, Luann says, Shes startin, leading Dorinda to launch just the sort of drunken rant that Luann was referencing. The action then toggles between two different but equally consuming fights unraveling in real time. Yes, its no Boat Ride from hell, but when talking about Cartegena, a lot of people will think first of this. Or Luann shitting the bed. Or Ramona pooping on the floor. Or Scott sending Tinsley funeral roses. Damn, a lot happened on that trip!

I cant remember what this fight was even about, but I will never forget that it ended with Sheree and Marlo just making strange noises at each other rather than using their words to communicate.

Even though he already asked for a divorce because he was sleeping with a much younger stewardess, Kelsey still asked Camille to accompany him to the Tony Awards, where he was nominated. She hoped they could fix their marriage, but over the course of a very awkward limo ride, it was clear he had no intention of doing that. And just like that Camille, the villain of the first season, started to gain some sympathy.

Kelly and Bethenny Frankel did not see eye to eye in the second season. Kelly invited Bethenny to the Brass Monkey (and arrived 30 minutes late) to tell her that they are not and will never be friends. She illustrated this by saying, This is you, and putting her hand out, And this is me, raising her hand far above the first one. Yeah, look at how that turned out, Kelly.

Shannon and her husband, David, tried a lot to save their marriage, including this stunt at a couples therapy retreat where they each had to read a eulogy for the other. That seems like a good exercise, but forcing their partner to lie under a tombstone with their name on it seems a little bit macabre. And, you know, it still didnt save their marriage.

When the women attended Pandora Todds engagement party, they were greeted by a woman dressed as a mermaid splashing by the pool, gyrating erratically, and spouting off all sorts of nonsense. We all remember Camilles deadpan wow, shes really flopping around way more than Pandoras wedding.

Theres been lots of drama concerning people coming out of the closet, but never has there been so much fuss about people going into a closet. During a Bye Wig party (at which no one could wear fake hair) at NeNe Leakess house, Shamari DeVoe puked on Eva Pigfords shoe, which drove the action up to NeNes bedroom. While up there, Kandi Burruss and a very pregnant Porsha Williams decided they were going to go check out NeNes closet, which shes always bragging about. NeNe told them no because it was a mess and when a cameraman tried to follow the pair into the closet, NeNe grabbed him by his T-shirt and ripped it clear off of him, and he reportedly ended up in the hospital. Also there was some speculation that she might have pushed Porsche. What could have been in that closet? The mummified body of DeShawn Snow?

The season 11 cast trip to Ireland was fraught with tension, but the cast snapped on a 3 a.m. ride to the airport where an attack by Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow against Kelly Dodd turned into Kelly turning on Vicki Gunvalson. Kelly told the whole crew that Vicki said that Shannons husband beat her and that Tamra Judges husband was gay. There are multiple highlights to this fight, including Kelly telling Shannon to shave her beard, Heather calling Kelly trash, and Tamra shouting Fuck you! directly into Vickis face.

Dorit bestowed a pair of lacy underthings to Ms. Jayne as a reminder to wear panties because at a previous event Dorits husband PK, a thumb masquerading as a human, caught a glimpse of Erikas nether regions (and then bragged about staring at them). In the moment, Erika said, The more you talk about things, the worse it gets, which turned out to be true, because they had to talk about Pantygate for the rest of the season.

Sure, the ostensible attention-grabber here is the fight on the phone with Jill Zarin about the dismantling of their friendship, but the haunting image of Bethenny in her red coat crying on the pavement because she just lost a friend is what really sticks with you.

Everything about the preparations for Kims daughters prom date was nuts, from the fact that she was making such a huge deal of it to her staring out the blinds after her daughter left the house. But the thing well never forget is Kim mixing up an enormous bowl of chicken salad with her hands.

Weve seen Karen flip her wig plenty of times, but nothing like the time her hairpiece was literally slipping off of her head. What made it better was that every time she tried to fix it, she only made it worse. If NeNe Leakes is the glue for her wig and her family, as her tagline states, maybe Karen needs to schedule a visit.

NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield have had some killer fights over the years, but there is nothing as wonderful, succinct, and crushing as this reunion exchange where NeNe tells Sheree to fix that body and Sheree immediately retorts fix that face. You really just have to watch it, because the hand motions are such a part of what makes this legendary.

During the acrimonious divorce between Tamra and her ex Simon, former Housewife Jeana took Simons side. At the finale party at Vicki Gunvalsons house, when Jeana tried to serve Tamra a letter from her attorney, Tamra responded by serving her glass of wine right into Jeanas face. Housewives are always characterized as throwing wine, but this is one of the few times it actually happened.

At a family summit between the Gorga, Giudice, Pierri, and Wakile clans, things erupted when Joe Gorga called his sister Teresa Giudice scum and her husband Joe Giudice wrestled with him. If theres a funny part of this moment, its that Joe Gorga got his spray-on hair all over everyone he rubbed up against.

During a trip to San Francisco, things came to a head between Porsha Williams and NeNe. While they were shouting at each other, NeNes pile of hair on top of her head came loose, so Marlo stepped in to help and pinned the hair right back into place, and NeNe and Porsha didnt stop cussing each other out the entire time. Thats what friends are for.

Just watch the GIF.

While getting into a heated exchange on the patio of a restaurant, this pair of frenemies were interrupted by a mime. Yes, an actual mime. He didnt say a word, of course, but neither of these lippy ladies were a match for him.

Beverly Hills tenth season would be dominated by the rumors that Denise Richards had an affair with former castmate Brandi Glanville, rumors that were public before the premiere. But the first episode kicked off in spectacular fashion, giving us a preview of Denise leaving filming multiple times and delivering her famous Bravo, Bravo, fucking Bravo line to get them to cut some footage. Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna talk about how well probably never hear from Denise again, but then she sits down in front of a green screen ready to talk about it and gives the camera a smirk that says she is not here to play. A truly remarkable start to a fourth-wall-shattering season.

When Luann de Lesseps premiered her cabaret show, all the women were excited for her except Dorinda Medley, who was peeved her boyfriend, John, didnt get an invite. During Luanns set, Dorinda heckled every costume change by screaming the name of this designer, who Dorinda arranged to outfit Luann for the big show. And just like that, a catchphrase was born.

When Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Peggy Sulahian, and Lydia MacLaughlin went to dinner at this bistro down the street from Kelly Dodds house, they had no idea shed be there getting drinks. What resulted was a huge altercation between Shannon and Kelly. But what makes this really memorable was Kelly doing a blowfish on the front door as the other women tried to flee the premises.

If beauty queens Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard were in a beauty pageant together, neither of them would win Miss Congeniality, but things got especially fraught during this fight at Candiances (mothers) house. After Candiance brought up allegations that Ashleys husband Michael was into other dudes, Ashley retorted by bringing up the fact that Candiaces mother pays her mortgage. Candiace took the butter knife she was holding and started brandishing it in Ashleys face. Sure, its a butter knife, it wasnt going to do much damage, but, damn lady, dont let the situation get out of control.

When the samples for Sheree Whitfields fashion line She by Sheree arrived from China they were bizarre, ill-fitting, and cheap. So instead of an actual fashion show, she decided just to show her sketches of what the line should look like. In the words of Dwight Eubanks, A fashion show with no fashions? How dreadful. But the name of the line would live on in infamy, even if it took the clothes almost a decade to finally materialize. You know. Joggers.

The most memorable part about this fight between Danielle Staubs husband Marty Caffrey and Margaret Josephs husband Joe Benigno isnt that Margaret and Joe pushed Marty into the pool. I mean, weve all seen Melrose Place. What makes this a moment for the ages is that as Margaret and Joe were walking back into the party and Danielle was walking outside to see what the ruckus was about, Margert looked at Danielle and dismissively, matter-of-factly, said, Your husbands in the pool, and just kept on walking. Lets just hope for Martys sake that the water wasnt nearly as cold as Margarets delivery.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

No one wanted to go to Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, the off-brand show Alex McCord was sponsoring in her home borough. But its something Ramona Singer will never forget, thanks to the bug-eyed waddle and weird side ponytail that made her appearance on the catwalk instantly legendary.

When Lauri Peterson tried to make a comeback to the show, she used allegations that Vicki had a threeway at an insurance conference to give her some screen time. The plan backfired because all we remember is an enraged Vicki, in full ski kit on the slopes, shouting this unforgettable line.

The ladies season-four trip to Morocco had a lot of drama see: Jill crying on her bed; Alexs Herman Munster shoes but the small moment that will stay with us forever was Luann almost getting bucked off her camel. Between her crazy posture and whooping noises, its a comedy for the ages, even if it did scare the crap out of her.

The problem with Housewives having costume parties is that when a fight erupts they look totally ridiculous screaming at each other. Take this 80s-themed altercation between Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, and Slade Smiley, which ends with Vicki and Gretchen shouting at each other dressed like Flashdance rejects.

At a dinner in Amsterdam, Kim spewed venom at nearly every woman at the table, but especially Lisa, Eileen Davidson, and her sister Kyle. But when she insinuated there was something going on with Lisas husband, Harry Hamlin, Lisa literally lunged for Kims throat and then broke a glass on the table. Why doesnt this ever happen at my dinner parties?

In season one, Kim Zolciak wanted to be a country singer and had someone write this song for her. In season two, No Scrubs songwriter Kandi Burruss showed up on the scene and turned that song into a total club bop. Well never forget Kim trying to sing off-key or the fights this song spurred between Kim, Kandi, and Nene Leakes. But what is most memorable about this song is that it launched a 1,000 imitations, from Money Cant Buy You Class to On Display.

This wannabe housewife thought she would impress the women with a pair of very expensive shades. Problem is, she had to brag about the price and they werent even all that impressive. Shes since been found guilty of fraud, so yeah.

The thing no one will ever forget from the Miami branch of the franchise is Housewife Marysol Pattons mother, Elsa (RIP). A Cuban immigrant, possible psychic, and font of abundant wisdom, Mama Elsa was visited often, so often she even got a spin off on Bravos website.

Aviva Drescher has such anxiety about flying she had to bring her husband, Reid, with her on a girls trip to St. Barts. Ramona didnt want his presence to change the dynamic and things got heated between her and Aviva, which led to this classic rejoinder by Ramona, which she bellowed repeatedly while Aviva continued to sputter.

The ladies of Atlanta are known for their explosive reunions, but none was more explosive than the one where Porsha, tired of Kenya yelling in her face with a bullhorn, grabbed her co-star by the hair and dragged her to the ground. Not only was Porsha ejected from the reunion, Kenya actually filed charges against her.

The second season of New Jersey was mostly about all of the women teaming up against Danielle. When matriarch Caroline tried to meet her to set things straight, they instead devolved to a point where Caroline gave this classic speech about Danielle being a clown and then dismissing her.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

When Kenya wanted everyone (especially her arch nemesis Porsha Williams) to know just how good she was she said she was Gone with the Wind fabulous. At the time, it made no sense, but it sure resonated. When someone asked Beyonc how she felt after her Super Bowl performance she said, of course, Gone With the Wind fabulous.

If anything can sum up all of Beverly Hills ninth season the dissolution of Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richardss friendship, Lisa refusing to film with the rest of the group, the whole drama surrounding Dorits dog Lucy Lucy Apple Juice and whether or not she adequately returned itits this two-word bellow issued by Ken Todd as he and his wife Lisa kicked Kyle out of their house Villa Rosa, a perfume counter that grew into an entire domicile. It is also a perfect joke among fans anytime someone leaves a room.

On a group trip, Heather Thomas and Carole Radziwill were none too pleased when they woke up to find a naked man in their bathroom. When they confronted Luann de Lesseps, who brought the guy home the night before, about it, an obviously hungover-and-totally-over-it Luann said what might be her most famous catchphrase of all.

At the season-nine reunion, it finally came out who told Porsha Williams that Kandi and her husband, Todd, tried to drug and rape her: Phaedra Parks had started the rumor that was flying around all season. This reveal resulted in all of the women clearing off their couches in tears and Phaedras subsequent firing from the show.

Things hadnt been going well between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga for some time, but things really took a turn at the Christening for Joes son, when Joe Giudice started a massive melee that had the family at odds for years.

When LeeAnne was at the doctors office talking to Brandi Redmond, she might have forgotten that her microphone was still on when she launched into a diatribe about Cary Deuber and her husband Mark and how he gets his dick sucked at the Round Up. It ended with her making a veiled threat about how theyre not knives, theyre just hands but they work very well. Its the kind of thing Tennessee Williams couldnt have written, but really wished he could have.

In the very first episode, Teresa pulls out a wad of hundreds in order to pay $120,360 for some furniture for her enormous house. This moment told us immediately that this was a different kind of Housewives show, and that something really wild was going on with Teresas finances. Oh, if she only knew then how it would all end.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

Aviva arrived at Cipriani that day to prove to the women that she couldnt go on a vacation because her doctor wouldnt let her. She also threw her prosthetic leg across the room. She wanted it to seem wild and in the heat of passion, but it was more premeditated than anything ever shown on Dexter. But, hey, it was pretty great television.

At the tail end of the Dont Be Tardy for the Party tour in season three, Nene and Kims tumultuous friendship finally came to an end on the road to Miami beach. The reason for the fight (whether or not Kim and Kandis assistants were allowed to hang out with the girls) is ancillary to how vicious these two became in an enclosed space.

It was your standard reunion fight about whether everyone thinks that the uber-Christian Alexis Bellino is a bad person. But it really took a turn when Tamra called the buxom Housewife Jesus Jugs, a name shell never be able to get rid of.

After a long day of confrontations with Dorit Kemsley in Hong Kong, Erika finally lost her temper, but at the wrong person. When Eileen made a stray comment about peoples kids dying, Erika erupted into tears, telling the women they dont know what she deals with at night worrying about her son, who is an L.A. police officer. She later apologized to Eileen for the misplaced anger, but it was Lisa Rinna who really took things in another direction when she immediately accused Dorit of doing cocaine at a party. Way to change the subject!

Tamra hated Gretchen as soon as she started on the show, so one night, at a dinner party near the beginning of her tenure, Tamra hatched this plan to get Gretchen so drunk she would make a fool out of herself. She told Vicki she was going to get Gretchen naked wasted, and seemingly even pimped her adult son Ryan out to get him to hook up with Gretchen. All Tamra really achieved with this plan, however, was making herself look bad.

Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams both started on the show in season five and took an almost immediate dislike to each other. But none of their epic feuding was as entertaining as this lunch, where they both left the restaurant mid-meal and shouted at each other on the walk to their cars. But Porsha got the last word when she yelled, repeatedly, Bye, Ashy! as Kenya stomped away.

It was hyped in the press and it was hyped in the season-ten trailer, and when the episode arrived, for once, it really lived up to the hype. On a trip to Colombia, the cast was quickly escorted off a private island when the weather took a turn. However, the boat ride home was so bumpy that the boats anchor got stuck, the boat nearly capsized, the engine caught on fire, several of the women got seasick, and the cameramen even had to put their equipment down. Well never know the full extent of the carnage, but Luann de Lesseps literally shit her bed that night, so it had to have been pretty bad.

As a peace offering to end their longstanding feud, Lisa Rinna bought a stuffed bunny for Kim Richards to give to her new grandson. Then we found out at the reunion that Kim never gave him the gift. In fact, she brought it back to Lisa because it had bad vibes. Holding that cellophane-wrapped stuffed animal in her lap, Lisa used her soap opera skills to coax one solitary tear down her cheek.

While the women were in the Virgin Islands, they all wanted to party, but none of them more than Ramona Singer. She wanted them all to go to a bar called The Turtle, but they were instead hanging out on a boat belonging to the owner of Hooters. Then Ramona declared it Turtle time and did a slurry dance, like a sorceress stirring a cauldron. Of all of the moments the infamous Scary Island trip gave to us, this is one of the most innocent.

There have been plenty of failed marriages on Housewives, but rarely do we get to see the exact moment that one ends. Tamra Judge (then Barney) was finally fed up with her controlling ex, Simon, and told him she wanted a divorce in an expletive-laden screed. It doesnt get any more real than this.

Fights have long been a part of the Real Housewives, but there is only one instance that I can think of that qualifies as a beatdown. At a wine tasting during the fifth season, the long-simmering tension between former friends Monique and Candiace came to a boil. After Candiace told Monique to drag her and Monique flicked Candiaces hair, things quickly escalated, with Monique grabbing a hunk of Candiaces hair and banging her head into the table. Later Monique would say she thought Candiace threw a glass at her, but the attack seemed somewhat unprovoked. When the pair filed charges against each other, both of their cases were dropped, but not before the aftermath took up a whole seasons worth of drama. Personally, my favorite part of the drawn-out battle is when Ashley Darby, who was in the bathroom for the entire fight, comes back and says, What did I miss?

When the ladies were in St. Barts they met up with a guy named Thomas who was dressed like a pirate and looked just like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. Luann brought him home to their villa that night (even though she had a boyfriend at the time) and got caught calling her friend Cat and telling her in French not to let the ladies know about her liaison. She might have wanted to inform Sonja Morgan, who ended up hooking up with the guy the next night.

What a curious thing to happen in such an empty, echoing house. Dana Wilkey tried to have the ladies over for some board-game fun, but Kim Richards stole new Housewife Brandi Glanvilles crutches so she couldnt get around and all of the women ostracized her. When Brandi accused Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom, both Richards sisters hopped off the couch and pointed their fingers in Brandis face and Kim called her a slut pig. And to think, the only former castmate that Brandi still regularly talks to is Kim.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

They say truth is stranger than fiction, but often reality is funnier than comedy. See: when a very drunk Luann got so inebriated on a trip to Mexico she fell into the bushes, not once but twice. There were tears, make-ups, and a fully naked Sonja Morgan on this trip, but this moment is twigs and branches above the rest.

This was a refrain that NeNe Leakes used against her enemy Kim Zolciak during the shows first reunion special. But the best iteration of it is in this Watch What Happens Live aftershow where Kim called Andy Cohens talk show while NeNe was a guest to set some things straight. What happened is nearly 10 minutes of the women screaming various and sundried insults at each other. Never has Andys show been more electric.

There is a list of Housewives no-nos: never renew your vows, never get on a boat, and never get a psychic. But this one time, a psychic turned out to be a good idea. Tamra invited Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds to lunch with her psychic, who told them Vicki Gunvalsons boyfriend Brooks might not have cancer like he claims. Brooks had been wreaking havoc in the OC for several seasons, but it was the digging that resulted from this claim (mostly by Meghan) that eventually sent him packing.

Hot on the heels of her controversial divorce, Luann wound up in the clink for threatening a police officer on Christmas Eve in Palm Beach, Florida, the very town where she was married less than a year earlier. Bravos cameras werent there for the event, but they were sure there for the aftermath and the rehab stint that followed. Even those who barely regard the Housewives heard about this, but for Bravoholics, this news was earth-shattering.

The New Jersey star is the first Housewife ever to go to prison, and the story of her and her husbands conviction for bank and bankruptcy fraud has been an ongoing thread over the years. Even while she was in the slammer, there was a series of specials about how her husband Joe, who was deported back to Italy after serving his sentence, dealt with life at home without her.

After the shows second season filmed but before it aired, Taylors husband, Russell, died by suicide, an event fans knew about as they watched a story of Taylor being abused by Russell unfold onscreen. She had talked to her castmates about Russell hitting her off-camera, but it was Camille who finally exposed it during filming at a tense afternoon tea. Suddenly so much about what went down made that much more sense. And now we said it.

The fourth season of the show got off to a bang when Sheree confronted NeNe about supposedly going behind Sherees back to make more money. NeNe answered by saying she was off cashing a check, a Trump check, because she had just appeared on a season of The Celebrity Apprentice, but she really put the nail in Sherees coffin when she shouted, I am very rich, bitch. Little did we know that every government employee would be cashing Trump checks for four years. NeNe is always ahead of the curve

After Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps shouted at each other, Ramona Singers dog crapped on her carpet, and Sonja Morgan cursed her out for not being invited, Dorinda had finally had enough of these ladies antics in her Berkshires home and shouted for all of them to leave. I cooked. I decorated. I made it nice! she excoriated them, as all the women wilted guiltily around her. This lives rent-free in the mind of every Housewives fan.

In one of the first blow-ups ever in the franchise, Vicki called up the transport company that was supposed to send her and her family a limo to take them to their cruise ship, but instead sent a minivan, or a family van as Vicki shouts into the phone. Of course, they just made it work, but this showed everyone else how to have an on-camera freak out. They dont call her the OG of the OC for nothing.

Illustration: Lyne Lucien

The only memorable moment of this otherwise dreadful entry into the franchise is one of the biggest Housewives moments of all time. Michaele and Tareq Salahi told the producers of the show they were invited to President Obamas first state dinner. However, as the nation soon learned, the two actually showed up without an invitation and snuck their way into the White House. What ensued was a conversation about how reality TV was ruining America and a literal congressional inquiry. What they really should have been talking about is how something so momentous could be on a show so boring.

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Amis helped to keep Festival International alive over its long history. Here’s how you can, too – Daily Advertiser04.22.21

Buy Photo

Neysha "Swirl Girl" Perry spins to display the Festival International symbol on her dress during Festival International de Louisiane in 2015. Perry has been involved with Festival for more than a decade and has attended for most of her life.(Photo: Leslie Westbrook, The Advertiser, Leslie Westbrook, The Advertiser)

Looking down Jefferson Street toward Vermilion Street, Phil Lank watching as tens of thousands of people swayed and danced to the Master Drummers of Rwanda in July of 1987.

It was Festival International de Louisiane'sfirst year. After months of planning, trips to Quebec, and a $125,000 budget,downtown Lafayette had created what would become one of the world's largest francophone festivals.

Festival International was a culmination of things Downtown Alive!,Herman Mhire, and a dying downtown.

At the time, Lank was the director of Lafayettes Community Development Department. He and a few others had been working hard for the past year to create a new festival for Lafayette, part of a larger project to revitalize downtown.

Phil Lank holds the International Achievement Award he received during a ceremony before the second night of Festival International in downtown Lafayette April 21, 2016.(Photo: LEE CELANO/THE ADVERTISER)

In the early '80s, downtown had a60% vacancy rate and the community development department was working to correct the damage from the oil glut.

At the same time,Mhire, who was director of the University Art Museum, had an ideato organize an annual visual and performing arts festival in Lafayette, Mhire said in a 2016 Daily Advertiserarticle.

More: Since day one, festival keeps city marching to a different beat

"I was familiar with the world-class Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, and my hope was that Lafayette could host a world-class arts festival of its own," he said.

After visiting Festival d'ete International du Qubec, an expansive summer festival in Qubec City,Community Development organizers knew how to design Festival International de Louisiane.

"The whole concept fit perfectly with us," Lank said in 2021.

The freeevent tookplace in downtown Qubec City using multiple open-air stages to displaymusic, art, food, theatre, film, street performances. And it was funded through private and public donations, a large part of Festival International's success.

Throughout the years, Festival has evolved. There was originally ahospitality program for musicians calledFestival Bubbas whowere male volunteers thatcooked for performers.

"It wasnonstop chaos and nonstop fun," Lank said.

A poster from the first Festival International, signed by African musicians, at the home of Phil Lank, co-founder of the festival in Lafayette March 31, 2016(Photo: LEE CELANO/THE ADVERTISER)

But some features have been around since the beginning.The Festival swirl came out before the first Festival, used on flyers to bring attention to the upcoming Festival International de Louisiane in 1987. The meaning of the swirls has severalinterpretations, with Lank seeing it as "the world spinning into Lafayette."

Festival International 2021: Music lineup released with 51 performances over three days

Now the swirl can be seen hanging from homes, stickers on cars, even tattoos on dedicated supporters. This year, a black swirl flag has been released. As usual, all proceeds go back toward Festival toensureits future.

"Its just magical. Its hard to put into words what festival is," Neysha 'Swirl Girl' Perry said. She has been volunteering for a decade and attending her entire life.(Photo: Submitted)

Founders say volunteers, who fuel the festival's daily tasks, numbered about 400 at the first event according to a 2016 Advertiser article. Now, volunteers number in the thousands.

The first decade of Festival was run by volunteers and part-time coordinators. Ami du Festival, a tier system of donors, was created in the late 1990s after Festival hired staff.

Now, Ami, volunteers and staff work to make Festival International happen.

More: Festival International de Louisiane announces three artists for 2021 pin and poster

Neysha "Swirl Girl" Perry has only missed two Festivals when she was one and two years old. In total, the 32-year-oldhas been to 30festivals, having volunteered for over a decade.

"Its just magical. Its hard to put into words what festival is," Neysha 'Swirl Girl' Perry said. She has been volunteering for a decade and attending her entire life.(Photo: Jill Bonar Gaspard)

"In my entire living memory, I've gone to Festival International," she said in a 2020 interview.

Festival has always beena big deal in her family. She has a cousin on the Festival board and her stepdad was at one of the first meetings when the idea for the festival was thought up and pitched it to Mhire.

"I feel like, even though hes my stepdad, its in my blood. Its like the torch has been passed on," she said.

Perryhas also fully embraced the Festival International swirl, hence the nickname'Swirl Girl.' Perry has been makingswirl-inspired outfits and accessories since 2010, thesame year she got her Festival tattoo.

Neysha 'Swirl Girl' Perryhas also fully embraced the Festival International swirl, hence the nickname'Swirl Girl.' She has been makingswirl-inspired outfits and accessories since 2010, thesame year she got her Festival tattoo.In this 2021 photo, Perry is decked out in swirls in preparation for the upcoming Festival International.(Photo: Neysha Perry)

On a regular year, Festival is a year-long event for Perry figuring out flights, where to stay, and monthly donations to Festival International, granting her Magnifique Ami status.

Since the beginning of Festival, volunteers and donors have been the life support of Festival. This year, Amis look a bit different but have the same effect.

French for "Friendof Festival," Ami du Festival has five tiers of donorship. Donations range from $10 to $500 and each ensures the future of the festival.

Become an Ami here. All proceeds help keep Festival alive and thriving.

This year's event is virtual, starting April 23 thru April 25,and can be found here.

ContactVictoria Dodge or on Twitter @Victoria_Dodge

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Amis helped to keep Festival International alive over its long history. Here's how you can, too - Daily Advertiser

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What We Saw at the Capitol Hill Insurrection – VICE01.15.21

We are part of a team of researchers at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and Columbia Universitys Engineering and Journalism schools that has been developing a tool called VizPol, which helps journalists identify unfamiliar political symbols, since April 2019. Nina had the idea to help improve journalists understanding of visual political symbols at a right-wing rally in 2018 after she saw a TV journalist fail to point out a contradiction between what an interviewee was saying and what a symbol she had tattooed on her forearm suggested about her political beliefs. As part of keeping the apps database up-to-date with the constantly evolving landscape of symbols, we have paid close attention to the various symbols appearing at political rallies across the political spectrum in the United States.

At the January 6 Save America rally, and the subsequent violent storming of the Capitol, Donald Trump followers telegraphed their ideologies through a variety of familiar and unfamiliar flags and logos. Some of these, particularly many well-known right-wing symbols and groups including the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, the Gadsden Flag, and 2nd Amendment references, have already been chronicled by other journalists, so there is no need to delve into every symbol photographed at the Capitol. However, after scanning over a thousand photographs and hours of video from the event, we identified characteristics unique to the event, distinct from its antecedents, that were evidenced by the presence of some specific symbols.

Christian imagery

In addition to group prayers and Jericho marches, which are ritualistic prayer walks, notable Christian symbols appeared at the January 6 rally.

Jesus Saves signs and an enormous "Jesus 2020" banner could be seen on the east side of the Capitol shortly before it was breached.

The 20th-century Christian flag was flown by many attendees.

Below we can see a symbol of the cross on a mans T-shirt under a sign reading In God We Trust, transplanted from a cross that was popular during the Crusades.

This evokes a reading of the pro-Trump movement as a white, Christian war on the other. Steve Bannon, Trumps former advisor, has often been quoted saying the West is in the beginning stages of a global war against Islamic fascism, which he places within the long and selectively chosen history of Christian-Muslim conflict going back to the Crusades. As demonstrators climbed on government vehicles and cheered from the Capitol steps, one supporter read a message on his phone saying, Yahweh let good prevail over evil in your mighty name. Praise you for your army. Put your badge of protection all around them. Amen.

While Christian imagery at right-wing demonstrations is not a new phenomenon (demonstrators at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017 flashed some Crusades symbols), the overwhelming presence of it at the Capitol suggests the importance of this event in particular to the religious right.

As a complement to overt Christian imagery, some demonstrators flew the Straight Pride flag, designed by Super Happy Fun America, a far-right pro-Trump organization known for organizing the 2019 Straight Pride Parade in Boston. They chartered six buses to transport about 300 agitators to the Capitol on January 6.

The presence of QAnon symbols has been growing at right-wing rallies, but on January 6th QAnon clearly took center stage.

QAnon supporters with their T-shirts and flags were a visible presence throughout the rally and in the storming of the Capitol. This was to be a day of reckoning in their violent cosmology, which involves a deep state populated by human traffickers, pedophiles, bloodsuckers, and cannibals led by Democrats, including Joe Biden and others who are burrowed into the bureaucracy of government. Adherents believe that Trump is waging a secret war against these people, which will culminate in the day of reckoning, or the storm, when prominent Trump foes will be brought to justice and executed.

Proponents of QAnon include disgraced Lt. General Michael Flynn and newly elected Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. QAnon in its current form began in October 2017 when someone called Q, claiming to be a high-level government operative with Q-level clearance, began posting anonymous intel drops on a 4chan thread titled The Calm Before the Storm. In recent months, Trumps lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who have become heroes to QAnon adherents, unable to find any true evidence to support their allegations of voter fraud, released almost 200 pages of documents, mostly containing conspiracy theories. When interviewed about these documents, Powell said their contents would release the kraken, a reference to the gigantic sea monster from Norse mythology. At least one demonstrator carried an Unleash the Kraken flag.

We found many images of people brandishing Q imagery, slogans with the hashtag #SaveOurChildren, flags with Where We Go One, We Go All, and messaging asking other Q supporters to Trust the Plan (a call to still keep faith in Q even after Q incorrectly predicted that Biden would lose the election).

The Blue Lives Matter flag

In the last days leading up to the election, pro-Trump rallies were awash in Blue Lives Matter flags hoisted by law enforcement and its supporters and indicative of nationwide police union support for Trump. Back the Blue'' was chanted as enthusiastically as We want Trump. On January 6, the Blue Lives Matter flag, while present, was vastly reduced in number. That is not to say that pro-Trump law enforcement did not particpate in the march or in the storming of the Capitol, and clearly there were individuals with Blue Lives Matter patches and some with flags. But their density had markedly reduced. The reason for the decline is unclear. One theory is that recent conflicts between militant Trump supporters such as the Proud Boys, who recently clashed with D.C. police, have made some reconsiderat least temporarilyan alliance with law enforcement. Insurrectionists storming the Capitol could be heard screaming Fuck the blue as they attacked Capitol Police.

America First Groypers

Photographs and videos of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017 prominently show the symbols of white supremacist groups like Vanguard America, the Detroit Right Wings, the National Socialist Movement, Identity Evropa, the Traditionalist Worker Party, and the League of the South, among others. From our perusal of photographs and video, the symbols and logos these groups use appeared to be mostly absent at the Capitol on January 6. In large part because of the actions of antifascist activists and lawsuits, these groups have dwindled in visibility since 2017, with some disbanding entirely and others rebranding themselves with new identities. Whether because these groups are no longer as active or because their members have assumed different affiliations, their symbols were notably not visible on January 6. Instead, we saw a robust presence of America First (AF) flags. America First is an organization led by 22-year-old far-right activist and Trump supporter Nicholas J. Fuentes, who sees himself as a contemporary Patrick Buchanana white nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, conservative Catholic who believes the Republican Party isnt far right enough. His followers fashion themselves the Groyper Army or just the Groypers." Fuentes himself was present at the Save America rally and his followers were seen storming the Capitol.

Revolutionary War-era imagery

The refrain of needing to fight to preserve a mythical "real America has pervaded all aspects of right-wing politics. One of the ways it manifested on January 6 was through references to the American Revolutionary War, seen as the ultimate example of when Americans took it upon themselves to break their chains and claim their rightful homeland from the British. Flags like the Betsy Ross and Bennington Flags (representing the 13 original colonies) and the pre-Revolutionary Gadsden flag popular among gun-rights advocates have been steady presences at right-wing rallies, from Trump rallies to the anti-lockdown rallies of mid-2020 to countless conservative rallies before them. However, at the Capitol on January 6th, other flags and symbols from this era, not as common at other right-wing rallies we have studied, were prominently flown.

We saw many Pine Tree flags with the words An Appeal to Heaven written on them. This phrase, excerpted from John Lockes argument against the divine right of kings in his Second Treatise on Civil Government, is an expression of the right of revolution in the face of tyranny. The flag itself was reportedly first used by a squadron of six cruisers under George Washingtons command in 1775. It is sold on as Washington's Cruisers Flag. It was flown over the Illinois State Capitol in March 2019 to draw attention to the upcoming National Day of Prayer. Illinois GOP state representative Chris Millerhusband to recently elected Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller of Hitler was right famewas photographed with it.

Neo-Confederate and state rights imagery

In addition to Revolutionary War Era imagery, symbols of the Confederacy, which take the idea of fighting for the homeland into a more overtly white nationalist context, were abundant. Much has been written about the symbolism of the Confederate flag being paraded within the halls of the Capitol. However, other symbols of the Confederacy, not as popular at previous right-wing demonstrations, littered the crowd outside the Capitol on January 6th.

Two historical South Carolina flags were flownthe Revolutionary War-era Moultrie flag, and the Revolutionary- and Civil War-era South Carolina navy ensign.

At a demonstration featuring speeches by Trump loyalist Roger Stone and far-right activist Ali Alexander at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. the night before the violent storming, a demonstrator carried an 1860s South Carolina secession flag, which flew over Charleston shortly after the state seceded from the Union.

The flag of Taunton, Massachusetts, adopted in 1774 to commemorate the Sons of Liberty (a revolutionary organization founded in 1765 to fight taxation by the British) driving American Loyalists out of Taunton was also flown. A militia-like organization branding itself the Sons of Liberty, New Jersey was present at the rally.

There was a variant of the Texas flag with the words Come and Take It, a popular expression among gun-rights activists emblazoned upon it.

These words were written on a flag dating to the 1830s and the Texas revolution against Mexico, and are themselves a reference to the epigram, first used by Spartan king Leonidas in 480 BC, to defy the Persian king Xerxes demand that he lay down his arms. White nationalists have exalted Sparta and Spartan ideals of battle to preserve the European purity of their homeland against the brown, Persian invaders. In a similar vein, white supremacists put great stock on Norse symbols. Like the Nazis in the 20th century, they see Nordic symbols as a symbol of an imaginary pure white European-descenced society. Jake Angeli, perhaps the poster child for Wednesdays attempted coup, was wearing Viking horns and had a tattoo of a Valknot on the left side of his chest. According to the ADL, though non-racists use the Valknot too, white supremacists, particularly racist Odinists, have appropriated the Valknot to use as a racist symbol. Often they use it as a sign that they are willing to give their life to Odin, generally in battle. He also has what appears to be Thors hammer tattooed onto his stomach.

Several flags flew the cartoon lion logo of a supposedly new Continental Army flag designed by VDare, an anti-immigrant organization, SPLC-designated hate group and website known for publishing many well-known white supremacists. One had superimposed the lion onto a map of Minnesota. Others simply flew a flag featuring a lion. This could be related to the VDare lion or to Lion Guard, a group of vigilantes that patrol Trump rallies.

We also saw logos promoting the Patriot Party of Mississippi and what appears to be a new entity called the Great American Patriot Party, both using similar lion-themed iconography.

Finally, we saw several current flags of U.S. states, including but not limited to North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Idaho, and Kansas. Taken together, and especially seen among the historic Revolutionary- and Civil War-era versions of other state flags, the state flags echoed the historic American conservative commitment to federalism and states rights.

The Epoch Media Group

The Epoch Media group, a pro-Trump disinformation media company used the rally as a branding opportunity. Giant flags with photographs promoting Epochs NTD.TV journalists could be seen waving in the wind amid the crowds at the Washington Monument. Started in 2000 in New York City as The Epoch Times, a free newspaper which advocated for Falun Gong dissidents and against the Chinese Community Party, the Epoch Media Group now counts billions of social media views annually. It has emerged as a full-on Trump PR machine promoting conspiracy theories including the patently false claim that antifa operatives were behind the Capitol breach.

Along with Epoch Media branding, Trump voters displaying anti-China propaganda were present with large banners and posters. The narrative being peddled is that under the Democrats, Americawill turn into communist China.

Though it is also popular among Vietnamese-origin immigrants as a symbol of identity, the flag of South Vietnam, seen at the Capitol could be interpreted as a symbol of a fight against Communism, as South Vietnam fought against Communist North Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Along with antifa, fake news, and libtards, the expression Chicom has entered the Trump ecosystem of insults.

In all

Law enforcement efforts to identify insurrectionists following the storming of the Capitol may deter protesters in the weeks and months ahead from publicly signaling, through flags, patches, logos and the like too much specific information about their personal affiliations like what militia theyre in, for instance, or what state they come from. Weve already seen how the Proud Boys discarded their signature black and yellow Fred Perry shirts and their patches on January 6th in favor of a more generic look, in an effort to operate more stealthily.

By doing so, however, political actors lose out on the visual promotion of their brand identity, which is a large reason they show up at political rallies in the first place. The rallies provide a perfect broadcast stage to be seen, to livestream, to spread their message, and to gain followers.

Moving forward, while examining right-wing rallies well be looking at the proliferation of groups using patriot-branded signaling and advocating for a return to states rights or employing secessionist messaging, and the presence of the Epoch Media Group as a welcome amplifier. While security restrictions may limit the size of crowds and potential disruptors at the Inauguration, protests will no doubt continue at state capitols, as they have been for the last several years. As the FBI warns, some of these might evolve into potential attempts at armed incursions. We will also be paying attention to the intersection of symbols seen on January 6thparticularly the religious and Q symbolsand the symbols that appear at the annual Right to Life March in D.C., which will take place on January 29th this year and always brings thousands of marchers. January 6 was not the beginning of anything; it will not be the end of it, either.

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