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Meghan Patrick Smoked Some Geese In South Dakota | Whiskey …11.13.21

Of all the women in the country music world, probably none of them are as passionate about the great outdoors asMeghan Patrick.

Shes a dedicated hunter, and it doesnt matter if its deer, turkey, or waterfowl; she takes advantage of every opportunity she has to get outside and get after it.

Earlier this Spring, Meghan celebrated the release of her new song Mama Prayed For by getting out into the woods and bagging a big turkey. She posted more than just a picture of her with a dead bird, though. Instead she shared a story about the hard work, dedication, and commitment that goes into making a hunt successful, which in turn provides some context to why hunters always look so happy in their grip and grin photos.

As her country music career has grown, she has also grown into a tremendous ambassador for the hunting community.

Her social media presence around her adventures oftenrepresents everything good about hunting.

The amazing amount of respect she has for the first buck she ever shot is showcased by the tattoo she got on her arm as a tribute to the deer. She also unabashedly shows off pictures from her hunts while other people in a similar spotlight tend to shy away from being openly proud about hunting for fear of social media backlash. Shes also not scared to admit that she started hunting later in life and still has a lot to learn, but she also understands the conservation value of hunting and often shares that message along with her hunting stories.

She hit the woods hard this turkey season, but as the hunting action slowed down this summer, she still kept busy by releasing her third studio album, Heart On My Glass,this past June.

Its arguably her best project yet, and the album includes a variety of songs that can resonate with any music fan.

The title track and other songs like Never Giving Up on You, Better Story,and Liar Too are more emotionally serious, while other songs, like Belong In Boots and Goes Good With Beerare more in line with the upbeat, have a good time vibes her music is best known for.Then, of course, the song My First Car encapsulates her appreciation for both hunting and Busch Light, two things that go great together.

Beyond just releasing her new album, she also had some other notable musical achievements this summer, like playing her first show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

Her big summer shows no signs of slowing down as the calendar turns to fall, though. With the arrival of another hunting season, shes already back outside and getting after it again.

She recently teamed up with Ducks Unlimited and Browning Firearms for an early-season goose hunt in South Dakota and didnt leave empty-handed.

The hunt took place atFlatland Flyways, one of the premier outfitters in all of the Dakotas, an area well-known for some of the best waterfowl hunting opportunities in North America.

Like most hunters, she seems most excited about filling her freezer with some fresh meat, and the fact that Ducks Unlimited was involved further highlights her commitment to the conservation aspects of hunting.

Ducks Unlimited is the world leader in wetland conservation and one of the premierconservation organizationsin the world.

The organization has conserved more than 15 million acres of wildlife habitat across the continent. Their conservation efforts have made an enormous impact not only in the United States but also in Patricks home country of Canada. If you believe in clean water, healthy aquatic ecosystems, support the epic migrations of millions of waterfowl all over the continent, and love to hunt ducks and geese then you should join Megan andteam up with Ducks Unlimited by signing up for a membershiptoday.

The region of South Dakota where this hunt took place is part of whats known as the prairie pothole region, also known as the duck factory of North America.

According toDucks Unlimited, the prairie pothole region is the core of what was once the largest expanse of grassland in the world.

Its name comes from a geological phenomenon that left its mark beginning 10,000 years ago when glaciers from the last ice age receded, leaving behind millions of shallow depressions that have since filled with water and turned into a chain of wetlands, known as prairie potholes.

The potholes are rich in plant and aquatic life and provide some of the most critical waterfowl in the world. Agricultural development caused widespread wetland drainage in the area and as a result, the Great Plains and Prairie Pothole Region are now number 1 on the list of the continents 25 most important and threatened waterfowl habitats.

By buying a hunting license and a duck stamp, and by supporting organizations like Ducks Unlimited, folks like Meghan and the crew she hunted with are leading the charge when it comes to conserving habitat in one of the most ecologically valuable regions of North America.

Huge thank you to Browning & Ducks Unlimited and Flatland Flyways for an amazing goose hunt in South Dakota this past weekend. Got to hunt with an amazing crew, learned a lot, ate exceptionally well including the meat Im bringing home and stayed in a beautiful lodge.

The staff there absolutely spoil you and make it feel like home, 10/10 would recommend. Also, how bout that new vintage tan camo from Browning.

Shout out to Meghan, only for the excellent new album and musical achievements this summer but also for her successful hunt and continued commitment to representing everything good about hunting, including eating what you shoot, a commitment to conservation, and most importantly, having fun.

Just a little Browning Firearms family appreciation post one of my fav people to be in a blind with.

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Meghan Patrick Smoked Some Geese In South Dakota | Whiskey ...

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Canadian border trouble, July job numbers, women of Team USA: 5 things to know Friday – USA TODAY08.09.21

US travelers to Canada may face 'lengthy delays' as strike looms

Strikes set to beginat Canadian airports, land borders andcommercial shipping portson Fridaycould cause long lines and delays when Canada's border with the U.S. reopens next week.Nearly 9,000 Canada Border Services Agency employees are set to begin strikes, arguing that unionized employees have worked without a contract for over three yearsand should get "greater parity with other law enforcement agencies across Canada."Two labor unions, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Customs and Immigration Union, warned that the strikes could have a "dramatic impact" for U.S. travelers on Aug. 9and could affect Canada's supply chain by slowing down commercial travel.

US extends border travel restrictions to Mexico, Canada through Aug. 21

The United States has extended Mexico, Canada border restrictions on nonessential travel until August 21.


Prefer to listen? Check out the 5 Thingspodcast:

U.S. hiring surged again last month as the economy continued to reopen, with employers adding 943,000 jobs despite a spike in COVID-19 cases and persistent worker shortages. The unemployment rate, which is calculated from a different survey of households, tumbled from 5.9% to 5.4%, the Labor Department said Friday.

The coronavirus triggered a brief but intense recession last spring, forcing businesses to shut down and consumers to stay home as a health precaution. The economy lost more than 22 million jobs in March and April 2020. Since then, it has recovered nearly 16 million jobs, leaving a 6.8 million shortfall compared to February 2020. U.S. hiring accelerated in June as employers added 850,000 jobs.

Fed notes improving economy, eyes easing support

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that the U.S. economy is strengthening and making progress on the Fed's employment and inflation goals, a small step toward dialing back its ultra-low-interest rate policies. (July 28)


The U.S. women have been golden Friday at the Tokyo Olympics. Americans April Ross and Alix Klineman, known as the "A Team," cruised to the women's beach volleyball gold medal, beating Australia's Mariafe Artacho del Solar and Taliqua Clancy in straight sets. They became the first American women to win gold in the event since Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings in 2012. The dominance in volleyball wasn't limited to the beach either as the U.S. women won their indoor volleyball semifinal, grabbing a victory over Serbia in straight sets. The U.S. will to try to win the gold medal Sunday. On the basketball court, the U.S. women jumped out to a big lead early and never looked back, defeating Serbia 79-59. They will play for the gold medal in their seventh consecutive Olympics. Later sday, track and field fans will get to see the finals of some key events, including the women's 400-meter, 1500-meter, and 4x400-meter relay.

Saying, "This is not our proudest moment and we know that," Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie publicly addressed this week's operational meltdown for the first time Thursday, blaming the more than 1,700 flight cancellations on a variety of factors that left it short on staff as August began. Bad weather at the end of July, a time when flight crews start to run out of eligible hours to work, caused cancellations and "tipped us over, Christie said. Pilots and flight attendants timed out, leaving the airline with no slack in its system and forcing cancellations. Things began falling aparton Sunday, Aug. 1, and have gotten worse as the week's dragged on. Spirit has canceled more than half of its flights for three consecutive days. The bad news for Spirit passengers: the mess isn't over. As of 4:15a.m. ET, the airline has already canceled 253Friday flights, or one in three flights, according to FlightAware.

Spirit Airlines flights: Thousands of flights canceled since Sunday

Spirit Airlines has been canceling flights around the country due to summer storms, technology outages and staffing shortages.

Staff video, USA TODAY

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a massive annual gathering of bikers in South Dakota, is back on Friday with the highly infectious delta variant threatening to turn the event into a superspreader of huge proportions. About 700,000 people are expected to attend the weeklong event, which has become a haven for people eager to escape coronavirus precautions. Those hardly deterred participants last August, when roughly 460,000 attended. Masks were mostly ditched as bikers crowded into bars, tattoo parlors and rock shows. Contact tracers reported 649 infections from every corner of the country linked to the 2020 rally, including one death. A team from the CDC concluded in a published study that the gathering had many characteristics of a superspreading event.

Contributing: The Associated Press

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Canadian border trouble, July job numbers, women of Team USA: 5 things to know Friday - USA TODAY

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COVID-19 pandemic in South Dakota – Wikipedia07.25.21

Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in South Dakota, United States









No confirmed new cases or no/bad data








No confirmed infected or no data


The COVID-19 pandemic in South Dakota is an ongoing viral pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a novel infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The state of South Dakota reported its first four cases and one death from COVID-19 on March 10, 2020. On June 15, 2021 South Dakota public health authorities reported 25 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the state's cumulative total to 124,377 cases.[1] The state's COVID-19 death toll is 2,026, with no new deaths reported over the previous 24 hours.[1] The state ranks 9th in deaths per capita among U.S. states (with New York City counted separately), and 3rd in cases per-capita, behind only North Dakota and Rhode Island (14,042 cases per 100,000).[2]

The state has not utilized mitigation strategies such as stay-at-home orders or mandating face masks in public spaces, with Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem citing a desire to respect residents' personal freedoms and responsibilities, and disputing studies demonstrating their efficacy. In October 2020, amid record cases and hospitalizations in the state, Noem told her Legislature that she had received praise from a "prominent national reporter" for not imposing a lockdown. The absence of state-wide action has faced criticism from local officials, and prompted health orders to be issued at the municipal level instead of statewide.

The first major outbreak in the state was centered upon at Smithfield Foods processing plant in Sioux Falls in April 2020, causing Minnehaha County to have over 3,000 confirmed cases alone by May 11. In August 2020, a major spike in cases was induced by several superspreader events, including the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (which has officially been tied to at least 290 cases in South Dakota and other states), concerts, and other forms of community transmission. The state peaked in new cases by mid-November 2020; by December, the average rate of new cases in South Dakota had begun to decline. But as of June 2021 South Dakota still has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 hospitalization and death among all U.S. states.[3]

As of June 15, 2021, South Dakota has administered 674,054 COVID-19 vaccine doses, providing 55.92% of the state's population with at least one dose of vaccine.[1]

On March 10, 2020, Governor Kristi Noem's office announced the first four cases, and one death in a man in his 60s with underlying health conditions; all patients had recently traveled outside South Dakota.[4]

On April 9, 2020 over 80 employees at a Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Sioux Falls were confirmed to have COVID-19. The plant announced it would suspend operations beginning April 11.[5] By that day, Smithfield employees accounted for the majority of active cases in South Dakota. Some activity continued at the plant on April 14, as it planned to shut down completely.[6] On April 15, 2020 438 Smithfield employees tested positive for COVID-19.[7]

On June 4, Noem announced that Mount Rushmore's Independence Day festivities on July 3 would go on as originally scheduled and planned, with no additional reduction in ticketed capacity (beyond the number of tickets having already been lowered to 7,500, in a decision that was made prior to the pandemic) or "enforcement" of social distancing, and with President Donald Trump expected to attend. Secretary of Tourism Jim Hagen stated that "we're doing everything we can to work diligently to make this a safe and fun event for all attendees." Noem downplayed the possibility that the event could lead to new outbreaks, arguing that the state "[hasn't] even come close to reaching the capacity of the amount of people that we can take care of."[8] The majority of the audience did not practice social distancing or wear face masks.[9]

After the event, it was reported that Noem had interacted with Kimberly Guilfoylea Trump aide who later tested positive for COVID-19, and flew back to Washington, D.C. on Air Force One. On July 7, Noem stated that she had tested negative, stated that Guilfoyle was asymptomatic, and claimed that "the science of the virus tells us that it's very, very difficult to spread the virus when you're asymptomatic". Noem added that it was "incredibly important that we do what we can to mitigate the spread of this virus, but we also know that we can't stop it."[10][11]

On August 3, 96 out of 328 people who attended Camp Judson, a Christian summer camp near Keystone, tested positive for COVID-19, with an average age of 15 years old.[12]

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held as scheduled from August 716, with an estimated 250,000 expected to attend.[13] Although the rally itself was classified by infectious disease professor Carlos del Rio as being of a relatively lower risk due to it being an outdoor event, concerns were raised that attendees would engage in indoor gatherings at bars and restaurants, and that travelers could potentially export COVID-19 cases back to their home states. Mayor of Sturgis Mark Carstensen questioned why the event still went on, admitting that "we cannot stop people from coming."[14][15] Attendees were encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask.[13][14] A week after the rally, three days of mass testing were scheduled in Sturgis for local residents.[16]

Footage of a concert at Buffalo Chip Campground as part of the festivities showed wide defiance of mask-wearing and social distancing, and Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell telling the audience to "fuck that COVID shit".[17][18] Public health notices were issued regarding possible exposures at a bar and a tattoo parlor in Sturgis, and a restaurant in Hill City, recommending that visitors monitor for symptoms.[19][20][21] By August 26, the number of cases attributed to the rally had reached 70, including 35 cases in Minnesota, 17 in North Dakota, and seven cases in the Nebraska Panhandle.[22] By September 2, the number had increased to 260, and Minnesota reported the first known COVID-19 death among an attendee.[23][24]

The Sturgis Rally and other public events, including concerts at the Sioux Empire Fair, the return to school, and exposures at local businesses, resulted in a surge of new COVID-19 cases in South Dakota. A single-day record of 623 new cases were reported on August 27.[1] On August 30, it was reported that there had been over 2,000 new cases over the past seven days.[25][21][26] The next day, Governor Noem downplayed the surge, arguing that "none of this was a surprise", hospitalizations were low in comparison to models, and deaths had trended downward. She also claimed that most of the new cases were among younger residents with a higher chance of recovery, despite cases in people over 70 having increased since the 27th.[27]

In September, a non-peer-reviewed study was released by San Diego State University's Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies, which projected that up to 260,000 COVID-19 cases were tied to the rally nationwide. The estimate was based on case trends following the event in the regions from which its attendees originated, as determined by cellphone data, rather than contact tracing which an author of the study considered unfeasible due to the scale of the event.[28]

The study was criticized by state officials, including Governor Noem, Secretary of Health Kim Malsam-Rysdon, and state epidemiologist Josh Clayton, who felt it was an overestimate in comparison to case totals reported locally and by the Associated Press (which, by then, had projected 124 in-state cases tied to Sturgis, and 290 across multiple states), and noted that the study was not peer-reviewed. Noem also criticized media outlets for reporting on the study, describing it as a "fiction" based on "incredibly faulty assumptions that do not reflect the actual facts and data here in South Dakota."[28]

From August 16 to September 26, 2020, the seven-day moving average quadrupled from an average of 95.6 cases per-day to 384 cases per-day.[1] On September 16, a single-day record of eight new deaths was reported.[1] By September 23, the state's number of new, active, and hospitalized cases reached new peaks.[29] Along with North Dakota, South Dakota saw the largest per-capita increases in new cases nationwide.[30] On October 1, the state set a single-day record for new deaths, with 13.[31][1]

On October 7, the South Dakota Department of Health (SDDoH) began to identify test positives on antigen tests (which are faster, but less-accurate than PCR tests)[32] in its statistics as "probable" cases.[33] For health care and contact tracing purposes, they are handled the same as those that are confirmed via PCR test. If a probable case is tested via PCR as a follow-up by a clinician, they will be reclassified as a "confirmed" case. However, probable cases might not necessarily be retested.[33]

On October 13, Noem attributed the present spike in cases as "expected" due to increased testing, despite a case positivity rate of over 10%.[34] On October 15, the state set a single-day record for new cases, at 876, surpassing previous peaks experienced throughout the month.[35]

Cases continued to rapidly increase into November; on November 5, the state surpassed 51,000 cases, with the South Dakota Department of Health (SDDoH) reporting that the state's test positivity percentage had increased to nearly 17%, and its 14-day rolling average was at 19.5%.[36] Test positivity increased to nearly 24% by November 10, with the SDDoH reporting a rolling average of 19.9%.[37] By mid-November, the state's 7-day rolling average per-capita peaked at 165 cases per-100,000.[38] On December 1, the number of active cases in South Dakota fell to its lowest total since early-November, after the state reported a single-day record of 3,542 newly-inactive cases.[39] During the first week of December 2020, South Dakota had the highest mortality rate per-capita among all U.S. states.[38]

By December 7, the state's seven-day average had begun to decline, with South Dakota ranking third behind Rhode Island and Minnesota in new cases per-capita nationwide.[40] On December 21, Avera Health reported that South Dakota had the highest mortality rate of all U.S. states over the past week, second-highest test positivity, and was 14th in new hospitalizations.[41] On February 22, 2021, the state recorded its fewest new daily cases since July 2020.[42]

It has been suggested that personal impacts of the pandemic on residents had led to increased use of masks in South Dakota. Both of the Dakotas had seen noticeable declines in the rate of new cases since December, albeit slower in the South due to the lack of formal mandate.[43]

On March 13, 2020, Governor Kristi Noem declared a state of emergency. Schools were closed beginning March 16.[44][45] An executive order was issued to encourage social distancing, remote work, and following the CDC guideline of capping enclosed spaces to 10 people at a time.[46] On April 6, Noem ordered vulnerable residents of Lincoln and Minnehaha counties who are 65 years of age or older or have a chronic condition to stay home until further notice.[47] The order was lifted May 11.[48]

In contrast to the majority of states (but in line with other rural, Republican-led states such as Nebraska), Governor Noem resisted imposing a mandatory, state-wide stay-at-home order, having argued that "the people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety", and that she wanted to respect their rights to "exercise their right to work, to worship and to play. Or to even stay at home".[49][50] Following the lead of President Donald Trump, Noem also promoted the unproven efficacy of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 symptoms.[50] In late-April 2020, Noem unveiled a "Back to Normal plan", which contains guidance for migrating from the previous recommendations in areas where the rate of new cases had lessened.[46][51]

In late July, Noem ruled out a state mandate on the wearing of face masks in public spaces. Noem disputed studies that had determined face masks to be an effective means of reducing spread of viral particles, arguing that the research was "very mixed" and that "science has not proven what's effective and what isn't and what type of mask. We have to stay objective when we look at it". Noem claimed that studies recommending the use of masks did not use "reliable data sets", and that asymptomatic spread was rare.[52][53]

Noem declined to participate in a federal scheme providing enhanced unemployment benefits, citing a low level of unemployment in the state.[54] In late-August, Noem stated that she would not change her guidance on masks, despite an intensifying surge in new cases.[27] On September 8, despite the continued surge, Noem announced plans to spend $5 million of relief money on an advertising campaign for state tourism.[55] This included an $819,000 buy on Fox News.[56]

During a special session of the South Dakota Legislature on October 5, Noem stated that a "very prominent national reporter" had praised her for "[standing] against" lockdowns and proving they were "useless".[57] On October 7, President Trump posted a clip of the session on Twitter captioned "Great job South Dakota!"; Noem replied, thanking Trump for giving her government "the flexibility to respect Freedom and personal responsibility", and arguing that they made decisions "based on science, facts, and data". This praise came despite South Dakota having recently set new records for active cases and hospitalizations.[58]

On December 7, 2020, Noem published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, which defended and addressed criticism of her approach by comparing South Dakota to larger states with stricter mitigation measures.[59] She argued that Illinois presently had a higher number of new cases per-capita than South Dakota had at any point during the pandemic, and had reported a record 238 new deaths on December 2 (the result of backlogged reports from over the Thanksgiving holiday),[60] despite their use of "harsh lockdowns" and mask mandates.[38] She also stated that despite having mandated masks in June, New Jersey "still has had the most deaths in the country per capita", and that "over the last two weeks of November, its hospitalizations increased by 34 percent, a six-month high".[38]

Aaron Blake of The Washington Post questioned the validity of some of the statistics Noem quoted, noting that South Dakota's mortality rate per-capita on the specified date was "more than twice" that of Illinois, and that Illinois's seven-day average per-capita at the time of writing (79 per-100,000) was lower than South Dakota's peak (165).[38] In regards to New Jersey, Blake noted that the state had the highest mortality rate per-capita overall, but that the majority of these deaths took place in the early stage of the pandemic prior to the mask mandate. In addition, he pointed out that while New Jersey did have a recent spike in hospitalizations, South Dakota had multiple two-week spikes in hospitalizations over the past few months that were higher than 34%, and presently had the second-highest number of hospitalizations per-capita nationwide, 58 (behind only Nevada), as opposed to 38 in New Jersey, and 28 in California (another state singled out in the op-ed).[38]

On April 21, 2021, Governor Noem issued an executive order banning government entities from issuing "vaccine passports", arguing that they are "un-American" and used to justify the discrimination of citizens who are not yet vaccinated.[61][62][63]

Noem has faced criticism from residents, as well as other city and county leaders, for her lack of state-wide actions to control local spread of COVID-19. The resistance forced municipalities to implement their own ordinances to enforce social distancing, including Sioux Fallswhich enacted a "no lingering" ordinance on March 26 to restrict all non-essential businesses to only serving a maximum of 10 customers at a time.[64][65]

Mayor of Sioux Falls Paul TenHaken introduced a proposal for a municipal stay-at-home order on April 14,[66] but it was rejected by city council.[67][49][7][50] On May 8, the "no lingering" ordinance was eased ("no mingling") to allow restaurants to expand to capacity (subject to six-foot social distancing between patrons), and fitness, entertainment, and recreation facilities to expand to half of their licensed capacity, or 10, whichever is greater.[68] On May 19, TenHaken tabled a proposal to sunset the ordinance, citing a slowing in new cases in the city since the new ordinance was implemented. City Health Director Jill Franken also reported that the number of hospitalizations in the area was lower than projected. On May 26, Sioux Falls City Council voted in favor, with the ordinance officially repealed on May 29.[69][70]

Medical responses to the pandemic have largely been coordinated by South Dakota's Avera Health, Monument Health, and Sanford Health systems, including testing, vaccination, and public awareness.[43]

On September 8, the city of Brookings became the first in the state to mandate the wearing of face masks in public spaces.[71] The mandate has been credited with lowering the rate of new cases in Brookings County; by late-November, it had the lowest number of cases per-100,000 among South Dakota's 10 most populous counties, at 74.[72][73]

The Cheyenne River and Pine Ridge Sioux reservations have established highway checkpoints to regulate access to their territory.[74][75] On May 8, Governor Noem sent letters to the two tribes' leaders, declaring the checkpoints illegal for "interfering with or regulating traffic on US and state highways" without permission, and threatening a federal lawsuit if not removed.[76][77]The Oglala and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes maintained their checkpoints due to safety concerns.[78]

On May 12, Noem sent a second letter to the leader of the Cheyenne River reservation, clarifying that it was within their rights of tribal sovereignty to establish checkpoints on roads leading into their reservation (rather than the highway itself) to help protect their populations, as long as they provide "reasonable access" for essential goods, emergency services, and access to private property situated on the land.[79] On May 20, after the tribes continued the checkpoints, Noem sought assistance from the federal government in resolving the dispute.[80] On June 24, the Cheyenne River Sioux filed a lawsuit against the federal government.[81]

The Indian Health Service has worked with local tribes on vaccine distribution.[43]

On August 25, it was reported that the University of South Dakota had 61 active COVID-19 cases, and 300 students self-quarantining.[82]

Since August 26, the South Dakota Department of Health has released case numbers for universities on a weekly basis, including data for individual schools.[83]






# of cases

# of deaths

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COVID-19 pandemic in South Dakota - Wikipedia

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James Brian Chadwell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know – Heavy.com06.12.21

FacebookJames Brian Chadwell

James Brian Chadwell II is a 42-year-old Lafayette, Indiana, man who is accused of attempted murder after police found an injured, missing 9-year-old girl in his basement on April 19, 2021.

Authorities in nearby Delphi only 15 miles away are investigating him as a possible suspect in the notorious unsolved 2017 murders of Delphi teens Abigail Williams and Liberty German. The information has obviously been shared with us, and our investigators are looking into him, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby told the Lafayette Journal & Courier. According to Good Morning America, the sheriff says there are several factors causing authorities to look into Chadwell for the Delphi murders, but he didnt specify what they were. He told ABC News detectives are exploring whether there might be a connection but stressed there is no specific link as of yet.

Abby and Libby were murdered after going for a hike near an old bridge in February 2017. They were discovered near the Monon High Bridge Trail, Fox59 reported, which is part of the Delphi Historic Trails. Authorities have released two crime scene sketches of a possible suspect, one in which he looks far younger than the other. They also released Snapchat video from Libbys phone of a man walking on a bridge toward the girls before they were killed. Libby also captured audio of his voice saying, Down the hill, according to WRTV. How exactly they died has not been released by authorities. In the intervening years, other people have been investigated as suspects with nothing coming of it.

Jim Piwowarczyk to HeavyA memorial near where Abby and Libby died.

Chadwell is a felon with an extensive criminal history. Some have noted that he has chilling tattoos of girls faces on his arms.

Heres what you need to know:

FacebookJames Brian Chadwell.

The probable cause affidavit says that a missing child was subsequently located in the residence of James Chadwell on Park Avenue in Lafayette, Indiana.

According to the affidavit, officers were dispatched regarding a missing child report near Park Avenue in Lafayette on April 19. Upon arrival Officers took a report stating a female child approximately ten years old had left her residence at approximately 6:30 p.m. and could not be found. While officers were searching the neighborhood, they made contact with James Chadwell, who told officers the girl had been at his residence earlier but had left, the affidavit states.

Officers continued their search but later returned to Chadwells home and asked him for permission to check his residence. He allowed them in and the officers checked the basement, which they said was secured with a chain lock, according to the affidavit.

There they found a young girl who was visibly distraught and crying, with her clothing on the floor beside her, the affidavit states. She was identified as the missing girl and said Chadwell tried to kill her. She was injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The girl described going into Chadwells residence and petting his dogs. While inside the home, Chadwell attacked her, she said.

The girl said Chadwell hit her in the head multiple times because she was fighting back. Victim 1 said Chadwell was also choking her with his hands on her neck and also using his arm in a headlock, to the point where she passed out. Victim 1 said most of her clothes were off when she regained consciousness and Chadwell took her into the basement, according to the affidavit.

He attempted to have sexual intercourse with her and then made her perform oral sex on him, the affidavit alleges. At one point, Chadwell got dressed to go answer the door and then the police found her, it says. Across her neck were lateral strangulation marks, and she had broken blood vessels with black eyes, bruising to her head, arms and legs, and bite marks, according to the court document.

The girl also had a dog bite, according to WLFI.

Court records show that Chadwell faces the following charges: attempted murder, attempted intentional killing of another; child molesting where def. is at least 21 years of age; kidnapping where victim is less than 14 years of age; criminal confinement resulting in serious bodily injury; battery resulting in serious bodily injury; and strangulation.

A post on Facebook from a woman who said she was related to the 9-year-old victim claimed Chadwell strangled her so bad blood came out of her eyes! Her trachea is damaged to where all she do is eat through a straw!!! If it hadnt been for the speed of the Lafayette Police Department arriving on the scene, she would be dead!!She was only 9 hes punching her and his pit bull is biting her!! She praised first responders.

FacebookJames Brian Chadwell.

Astute observers noted that Chadwell has tattoos of two girls faces on his arms in which they appear to be crying blood. Some people on social media believe one of the faces looks like Libby German; however, authorities have not publicly connected Chadwell to the murders of Libby and Abby other than to say they are looking into him.

FacebookJames Brian Chadwell.

Some people argue that Chadwell had at least one of the tattoos before the slayings, saying this is a picture of him before that point.

However, his brother Ashley Chadwell told Inside Edition of the tattoo resembling Libby: I really dont think he had that tattoo when he got out of prison.

Ashley Chadwell told Inside Edition, Hes a monster, exactly. Hes an absolute evil person. Do I think that hes capable of that kind of crime? Absolutely, absolutely. Hes shown numerous times not only to his friends, but his family as well that he has that kind of evil streak to him.

His stepfather told the show he thought Chadwell was capable of being the killer of Abby and Libby. Is he capable? Probably. And you know, should they let him back out on the street? Not ever. Throw away the key this time, James stepfather said to Inside Edition.

In one post on Facebook, Chadwell wrote, Im in love with a lil redhead. You make my soul smile.. Ill chase you til I cant walk, then Ill chase you in my wheelchair.

He also shared numerous posts and photos showing he had an affinity for the woods and outdoors, as well as a picture of a railroad bridge.

In a June 2020 post he wrote, Sleeping under a bridge for a while til work starts. Only ten days. Cool, dry, no neighbors, and the bridge is only six minutes from work. Be thankful for the little things.

Below are images released by police in relation to the 2017 murders.

FacebookThe suspect in the 2017 murders of Libby German and Abby Williams shown in a video from Libbys phone and a police sketch.

Over the years, others have been considered suspects in the girls deaths. You can listen to the chilling audio in the Delphi murder case here.

FacebookAbby Williams and Libby German.

Heres a photo of the bridge near where the girls were abducted and murdered.

Jim Piwowarczyk to HeavyThe bridge near where Abby and Libby died.

Named as a possible suspect in the past was an Indiana man, Paul Etter, 55, who was killed in a standoff with police after being accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman who pulled into his driveway with a flat tire. However, nothing ever came of it. No one has ever been arrested or charged or publicly accused in the murders.

Imagine, if every time someone sent me a picture or a name of a person I got my hopes up thinking that could be him. Id still be sitting here heartbroken but with no hope left and even more devastated, Libbys sister, Kelsi German, wrote on Twitter. Please no more side by sides. No more names. Turn them in. Let law enforcement do THEIR job!!!

On April 28, she wrote, Theres a resemblance. Okay. There was a resemblance with DN, CE, PE, TB, and several others you can see these people in a simple google search of the girls. They all did bad things but they werent our bad guy.

Someone looks like somebody, that obviously does not mean that is the person, the sheriff cautioned to ABC News.

In one of his voluminous posts on Facebook, Chadwell wrote, Sometimes Im up, sometimes Im down. Everything was going so well but I had to wreck it, because I dont understand easy. I wrecked it now Im here again at the beginning. I cry a lot because I know there are people dealing with worse. Ill survive, but a lot wont. We need to come together and help everyone. Especially the ones that are struggling. Its up to us to make a difference. Its not about skin color or religion. Its about loving one another. We are all in this together. Lets make this monumental. I support this movement. Back me and smile.

He wrote that he was a Welder-Fabricator at Wabash National who lived in Lafayette, Indiana, but was from La Follette, Tennessee. He described himself as single. He showed an obsession with pitbulls.

Stormed Area51 last night. The aliens are real he wrote in one post.

Tuesday night bonfire. F*** society. I do what I want he wrote in another post.

Stuck in Gary IN for a week of work. Dirtiest city ever. Sometimes beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places tho..

I love all of lifes creatures. Big, small, hairy, or just plain creepy. If they dont threaten my life, I wont threaten theirs.. Thats good parenting skillz.

OMG!!! Took me forever to see the faces in this. See if you can find the angel and the demon Wow.

Ive had this school boy crush on this girl since the car wash and train trussle. Im not what she deserves but Im trying to be something. Even if she never talks to me again, at least Ill know I was a part. Baby. Please dont make me keep searching for you, when I know exactly where you are. You will always be my dream girl. Can we just skip all the formalities?

I just want a woman thats willing to put in the same effort I do. I know thats probably too much to ask in this day and age, but a boy can still dream. If I cant have true love, I have Pornhub

FacebookA stock photo on Chadwells Facebook page.

So many women talk a good game but actually have no game. They talk about forever and happily ever after, but dont wanna do s*** to keep it. Getting it is the baby steps. Keeping it is being called a committed adult who is truly in love You all need to get your s*** right and quit blaming good guys for where youre falling short We dont need you.

So, my life is going really well, but I wanna wreck it. I dont know whats wrong with me. I just know what is. This life just seems so lack luster. I dont need more. I wanna be more.

So this is probably not gonna be politically correct, and will probably sound worse than I want it too. But I just wanna say thank you to my darker skinned friends. Whatever your background. Thank you for helping me grow. I love the flavor that all of you bring to my vanilla world. Thank you.

I dont have a social circle because I dont like people. Im trying.

Im dying inside because I feel like I have nothing. But I have everything. I will make it. I dont need your approval. Crazy weekend. Came home after work on Friday to find someone had broken in and was sleeping in my extra bedroom. Took me about 15 minutes to wake him up. He woke up trying to tell me this was his house. I Hurt him pretty bad, drug him to the sidewalk and called local law. They arrested me for assault. Went to jail, told them what happened. They dropped charges against me and charged him. Still cost me $400 to get out then today, I was walking in to work and slipped and fell on the ice. Broken right wrist, six stitches in my head, and back issues. So now Im stuck on light duty for a while and spent all day at the hospital. Im still smiling. Without the bad we wouldnt appreciate the good. Blessings come in many shades. Be thankful for what you have.

Trump You still have my vote.

No valentines = no drama.

Turned myself in to a 90 treatment facility. Im gonna beat this.

I was locked up for 13 1/2 years because I assaulted a prison guard and a cop. Never imagined it would be so difficult coming back out here. Im a good guy, just made some mistakes. The world holds it against me Now Im doing better, and still get judged Cops need assholes like me to keep them in line. We still have rights.

FacebookJames Brian Chadwell.

The probable cause affidavit says that Chadwell has an extensive criminal history. He was convicted of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, a felony, in Miami County.

He was convicted in 2000 in Pennington County, South Dakota of assault-aggravated, a felony, and was convicted of stolen property. He was convicted in U.S. District Court, South Dakota of being a felon in possession of a firearm, a felony, in 2001. He was convicted in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, of assault-aggravated, a felony, in 2003.

He was convicted in Cass County, Indiana for receiving stolen property, a felony, on June 9, 2016. He was convicted of OWI with a prior, a felony and resisting law enforcement, a misdemeanor, in February 2020 in Miami County. In October 2020, he was convicted of criminal trespass and criminal mischief and was still on probation. He was convicted of criminal trespass and was wanted on warrants.

Court records show that when he was convicted of criminal trespassing in 2020, a charge of public intoxication was dismissed. He received a 90-day jail sentence.

Court records also show he used to live in Peru, Indiana. His father filed a notice of claim to evict him from that address in 2020.

In 2020, when he was convicted of resisting law enforcement, he received a 124 day jail term. A theft charge was dismissed. His probation was revoked. In 2020, he was also convicted of drunk driving with a prior conviction and resisting law enforcement. A charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person was dismissed. He received 365 days in jail. That was a felony case.

He had an ongoing court case in 2017 for receiving stolen property and probation violation, but no hearings in February 2017. However, there were hearings in that case in the months after that time frame. At that time, his address was given as Kokomo, Indiana. Thats about 34 miles from Delphi. He was sentenced in June 2016. In August 2016, he allegedly violated probation. In November 2016, he was taken to jail and held without bond, but a few days later, the state and probation officer agreed to an OR release of the defendant from the CCJ. A hearing was scheduled for April 2017 in the case.

The Delphi murders occurred in February 2017.

He was found guilty of battery resulting in bodily injury in 2000 and criminal recklessness resulting in serious injury. Charges of illegal consumption of alcohol and battery resulting in serious bodily injury were dismissed. He was accused of violating probation.

In a chilling TikTok video recorded on April 18, Chadwell said, So to all you little kids out theremy nose doesnt look like this because I cut myself shaving. If you want some, come get some. Quit preying on the little people. Theres more than enough to go around. Come find me or I will find you. He had an injury to his nose in the video.

His TikTok page has now been deleted. Heres a compilation of all Chadwells saved TikTok videos.

In another TikTok video on April 16, he said, So this national rape thing. Its a bunch of young a** kids starting some bullsh*t. Theres not really doing that. Nobody does that. If they do, we f***ing kill them. Thats all. They know. Dont be a lamb. Be a lion. If you fall into that trap, thats your fault because youre a f***ing dumb a**. Get over it.

On April 18, Chadwell recorded a TikTok video in which he said, All you chicks on Tiktok trying to sling your booty or sling your taco, whatever youre trying to do, you need to wrap that s*** up. It aint workingwe got porn hub for that s***. We dont need your little extras, so take that s*** somewhere else. Were looking for a real woman. Over age of 30. And confident. And you know who you are.

That was the day before the girl was reported missing in Lafayette. Chadwell uses the TikTok handle Outlaw313.

Heres the audio clip police released of the suspects voice in the Abby and Libby case.

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James Brian Chadwell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

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Most states now require face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. These are the ones that don’t – WDJT12.11.20

By Leah Asmelash, Nakia McNabb and Amanda Watts, CNN

(CNN) -- While health officials agree face masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19, state and local governments have varied widely on implementation of mask rules. Now, President-elect Joe Biden wants to change that.

Biden's office has released plans that his administration intends to implement in the beginning of his term, and one is a national mask mandate "by working with governors and mayors."

Most states already have some type of mask mandate, but some have no statewide rule -- either leaving it as a recommendation or giving the authority to local officials.

Here are the states with no statewide mask requirement.


Alaska does not require the use of masks, limit group size or business operations. All the state does is encourage Alaskans to do their part to limit the spread of Covid-19, recommending that residents practice social distancing and wear a mask, without any mandate.

The mayor of Anchorage, though, has signed an order requiring people to wear face coverings in public.


Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, allows individual counties to mandate a mask, but does not have a statewide initiative. Scottsdale was the first to make masks mandatory starting June 19. Other major municipalities with requirements include Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff.


There is no statewide mask requirement, yet some local municipalities have their own mandates.


Statewide, masks are required for some essential employees, including restaurants and personal care services employees.

Meanwhile, several counties and cities have mask mandates.


The state does not have a statewide requirement, but several local municipalities do, including Boise.


On September 4, Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, lifted the state face covering requirement.

Just over a month later and amid rising case numbers, Reeves signed an executive order requiring face coverings in counties with higher Covid-19 case numbers. The "Safe Recovery" executive order is in effect through December 11 and includes 22 of the state's 82 counties.


The state does not have a statewide requirement, but several local municipalities do.


There is no statewide mandate, but clients and staff in barbershops, salons, tattoo parlors and massage parlors must wear masks, as part of the current Directed Health Measure requirements.


The city council in Oklahoma City voted in a special meeting in July to approve an emergency public safety ordinance requiring face coverings in indoor public places throughout Oklahoma City.

South Carolina

Several counties and cities, including Charleston and Columbia, have mask mandates.

South Dakota

Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican, has taken a hands-off approach to Covid-19. In October, she wrote in an op-ed that the government should not mandate a mask requirement.

"As I've said before, if folks want to wear a mask, they should be free to do so," she wrote. "Similarly, those who don't want to wear a mask shouldn't be shamed into wearing one."

South Dakota is second -- only to North Dakota -- in the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people.


Though there is no statewide mandate, Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, signed an executive order granting the mayors in 89 counties the authority to issue mask requirements.

The-CNN-Wire & 2018 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.

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Most states now require face masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19. These are the ones that don't - WDJT

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