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Dolly Parton Finally Puts Longtime Tattoo Rumors to Rest – Consequence of Sound09.26.20

For years, Dolly Parton fans have speculated that the country legend always wears long-sleeve shirts because shes actually covered in tattoos. On Wednesday, Parton finally put the widely circulated, juicy rumor to rest.

In an exclusive interview with People, the Queen of Nashville confirmed that she does have some ink; however, its not exactly everywhere. I do have some tattoos, thats true, the 74-year-old said. But theyre tasteful. Im not a tattoo girl.

So, no, Parton doesnt look like a Soundcloud rapper beneath those gingham tops, contrary to the gossip making the rounds. While she didnt provide photographs of the tats shedoes have, the Grammy winner did describe some of them, as well offered their backstories.

My tattoos are pretty, theyre artful and they usually started out to cover some scar, not to make a big statement, explained Parton. Ribbons and bows and butterflies are the things that I have. I was very sick for a while and I had to wear a feeding tube. It left a little indention in my side and I didnt like it because Im so fair that scars turn purple on me.

In typical inspirational Dolly Parton fashion, she decided to turn that reminder of an unpleasant health scare into something beautiful. I like to make positives out of negatives. I had a little beehive tattooed over it a little yellow-and-brown beehive with a tiny little bee on top of the hive, she continued. The mouth of it is that little sinkhole.

Additionally, Parton confirmed that she doesnt have any ink dedicated to her husband of 54 years, Carl Dean. No, hes tattooed on my heart, she stated. However, she didnt rule out the possibility of getting more down the line, just to give fans what they were hoping for. Who knows, I may get some more later. I may just have to get covered with tattoos just so everybody could be right!

Outside of putting rumors to bed, Parton has been a vocal political commentator in recent months. Over the summer she threw her full support behind Black Lives Matter, posing, Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? And last week she offered a touching tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maybe a #BLM tattoo is on the horizon?

On the music front, her first Christmas album in 30 years,A Holly Dolly Christmas, is out October 2nd.

Editors Note: If youre thinking of getting some sweet ink this season, stay safe by picking up one of our custom face masks. A portion of the proceeds will benefit MusiCares COVID-19 Artist Relief fund supporting independent musicians.


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Dolly Parton Finally Puts Longtime Tattoo Rumors to Rest - Consequence of Sound

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GEN Z: Ill-advised tattoo for Generation Z – Leavenworth Times09.26.20

Chloe Berg


Last week we visited how little Gen Z knows about the Holocaust and World War II. This week, we have another incident between Gen Z and World War II. On the Gen Z-filled app TikTok, a user named Jordan Joann Williams recently shared a video encouraging other members of Gen Z (people born between the mid-late 90s and early 2010s) to get a tattoo of the letter "Z" with a strike through the middle. She wrote: "Okay Gen Z listen up!!! What if, now hear me out We all got a matching tattoo as not only a symbol of unity in our generation but also as a sign of rebellion."

What she did not know is that the symbol is a Nazi symbol. The symbol is called the Wolfsangel and was used by white supremacist groups and was once adopted by the Third Reich.Appropriated from an ancient runic symbol that was believed to be able to ward off wolves, the symbol has been used by a number of neo-Nazi organizations since World War II. Public exhibition of the symbol is actually illegal in Germany if its in connection with a white supremacist group.

Sadly, a few members of Gen Z have already gotten the tattoo who failed to do research about the symbol. The original video has been taken down by the user who then put out a statement saying that she was sorry and did not know the meaning. She has agreed to change the symbol into an equal sign instead of the previous symbol.

Chloe Berg is a Leavenworth native and student at Benedictine College.

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GEN Z: Ill-advised tattoo for Generation Z - Leavenworth Times

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Texas Democrat Hegar Says GOP Using Her Tattoos To Make Her Look RadicalBut They Conceal Battle Scars – Forbes09.26.20


Texas Democratic U.S. Senate candidate MJ Hegar said Thursday that a conservative super-PAC is using an image of her prominently displaying her tattoos to make her seem radicaltattoos that Hegar said she has to help cover shrapnel wounds received after her helicopter was shot down during military service in Afghanistan.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate MJ Hegar bares her tattoo for supporters during her election night ... [+] party in Austin, Texas, Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

In a tweet Thursday, Hegar said she was damn proud of her tattoos and found it pretty funny that a conservative super-PAC was using an image featuring them to claim that Hegar is a radical liberal.

The image appears at the top of the webpage, which is paid for by the Texans for a Conservative Majority Super PAC.

Hegar is challenging three-term Republican incumbent John Cornyn for his U.S. Senate seat.

Cornyn has won each of his past three U.S. Senate elections by at least 11 points and defeated his Democratic challenger in 2014 by more than 27 points.

You think Im ashamed of them? They cover my shrapnel wounds from when my helicopter was shot down. Theyre a mark of my service to our country. Im damn proud of them, Hegar said.

Hegar was awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross in 2009 after a helicopter she was co-piloting in Afghanistan was shot down by the Taliban. Hegar would be wounded by shrapnel in the attack but managed to return fire. Hegar views her military service as a major advantage she has over previous Democrats that have run for office there, saying at a Texas Tribune event in 2019 that, We have not fielded a combat veteran as a Democrat in a statewide election in a state like Texas that is so pro-military and patriotic.

Polling shows an even tighter race at the top of the ticket this November, with President Donald Trump holding a slim lead of usually just a couple of points in most polls. If Biden carries Texas, he would be the first Democrat to do so in a presidential election since Jimmy Carter in 1976. Texas Democrats believe Biden has a real shot to win the state, where Democratic efforts have stepped up since Beto ORourke fell just short of unseating U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018. The states population is also growing quickly, especially among young and Latino demographics, groups that typically vote Democratic.

Texas Senate candidate MJ Hegar plays the combat veteran card and did she mention shes a disrupter'? (The Dallas Morning News)

Biden Now Leads Trump In Texas, Poll Finds (Forbes)

Texas Democrats Claim Unprecedented 1 Million Voter Registration Blitz, Where Trump And Biden Stay Close In Polls (Forbes)

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Texas Democrat Hegar Says GOP Using Her Tattoos To Make Her Look RadicalBut They Conceal Battle Scars - Forbes

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‘Mr Snake’: Meet the teacher who is France’s most tattooed man – The Jakarta Post – Jakarta Post09.26.20

By night he is Freaky Hoody, the most tattooed man in France, whose tongue and even eyes are inked.

By day he is Mr Helaine, primary school teacher.

"There is always a moment of stunned silence" when he first meets the children and the parents, Sylvain Helaine admitted.

"But when I introduce myself and they see that I am a teacher like all the others, it's cool," he told AFP.

No part of the 35-year-old's body has been left untouched by a tattooist's needle.

"Mr Snake", as some pupils call him, had to travel to Switzerland to get his eyes done -- something that is illegal in France.

French primary school teacher and tattoo enthusiast Sylvain Helaine, known as Freaky Hoody, poses during a photo session in Palaiseau, south suburb of Paris, on September 22, 2020. (AFP/Christophe Archambault)

"It was torture. They hold your eyes open and you feel the needle pierce" the white of your eye, he said.

Read also: Myanmar's last generation of tattooed headhunters

'Don't do it!'

"And you never know what will happen, which is why I say to people, 'Don't do it!'

"But for me, I felt incomplete without it," said Helaine, who has spent 57,000 euros ($66,000) on his body art over the last eight years.

Having his tongue tattooed wasn't the most comfortable of experiences either.

"It was so sore, it tripled in size. I was drooling and I couldn't speak afterwards. I couldn't drink for 20 hours and it took two days for me to be able to eat."

Known as Freaky Hoody on social media, where he has nearly 60,000 followers, Helaine insists that he does not regret any of his tattoos, from the colored flowers on his shaved head to the demon head on his back.

"I am probably going to end up completely black at 80," he added.

Beyond his school in the suburbs of Paris, Freaky Hoody is something of a star on the tattoo scene.

Rather than doors being closed in his face, his tattoos have opened them for him.

"Model agencies have taken me on for films and television series. I've met (The Matrixdirector) Lana Wachowski as well as Mathieu Kassovitz," the star of The Bureauand director of the classic French film, La Haine.

'His eyes are scary'

Helaine "came out" as a body art icon at school three years ago when he was still living with his mother, the only way, he said, he could finance his tattoos "on a teacher's salary".

His appearance, he argued, was a good lesson for his pupils in accepting and respecting others.

"Children who see me learn tolerance of others. When they are adults they may be less likely to be racist or homophobic, and they will not look at disabled people as if they were something from a circus."

And his pupils seem to agree.

"You should not judge him because of his appearance," said nine-year-old Gayane.

"It is just his eyes which are scary, but he is very nice."

Loic, one of his former pupils, said it was "worrying that people get stuck on physical appearance. It is mostly the parents who react because today young people are more educated about respecting all appearances."

Read also: From Bali to Berlin: The art of putting ink to skin

Teaches tolerance

Helaine said the only problem he has encountered was with "parents of children who were not in my class".

Some sent a letter to the authorities with pictures of him they found on the internet, and he was "sidelined" for seven weeks before being given the green light to go back to his class.

"I have nothing against tattoos but I think a teacher should be neutral when everyone is talking about what girls are wearing," said one father, Farid, 45, referring to the controversy in French school about some girls being sent home for wearing "inappropriate" dress.

"What he does in his private life is none of our business," insisted Lydie Songo, the mother of another child.

"My children call him 'Mr Snake', but I am going to talk to them about that. They have to accept him as he is.

"Still it must be annoying for him to have all this attention."

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'Mr Snake': Meet the teacher who is France's most tattooed man - The Jakarta Post - Jakarta Post

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What You Need to Know Before Tattoo Removal – – RushPRnews.com09.26.20

Do you have some regrettable ink on your body? Dont lose hope; the tattoo can be erased through laser tattoo removal. Before technology revolutionized the cosmetic industry, tattoos were removed surgically or peeled away with chemicals.

Laser tattoo removal is a technique of erasing a tattoo virtually. From small black tattoos to big colored tattoos, laser removal gets the work done quickly and effectively. Here are things you should know before getting tattoo removal.

1. It takes time

It is a long process to take out a tattoo. The anticipated change will not happen overnight. When getting a tattoo in your skin, the artist must have told you whether it is permanent or temporary. If the answer was permanent, then you have to be patient since removing it isnt easy. It can take several months for a tattoo to fade away. How long it will take you to heal depends on the color, size, and design of the tattoo. It takes time for the skin to regeneration new particles of pigments.

2. Its expensive

Its cheaper to get a tattoo in your skin than to remove it. Several sessions characterize the removal process, and each session can cost you hundreds of dollars. But if you have made up your mind to erase it, then its worth it.

3. All ink is removable

Contrary to misconceptions that colored ink is daunting to take out, dermatologists assure that all types of inks can disappear with time. However, a laser is more attracted to dark ink, and hence it takes a shorter time to remove a dark-colored tattoo. In the past, it was troublesome to remove yellow and green colors, but with PicoSure technology, all ink can be removed.

4. Expect several sessions

It will take several sessions for your skin to heal completely. It takes an average of 8-12 sessions to erase a tattoo safely and effectively. The age of the tattoo, ink quality, skin pigments, and the tattooists skill level will determine how long it will take to heal.

Additionally, it depends on whether you want to erase the tattoo completely or intend to have the area tattooed again. It is imperative to visit a qualified dermatologist when considering tattoo removal. Some unqualified people may promise to do it faster and up permanently damaging your skin.

5. The removal may alter your skin

Getting a tattoo in your skin leads to uneven skin texture, but the effect is rarely noticed since its hidden by ink. Laser removal may leave a mark that resembles a sketch of your old tattoo. If you have a tattoo on top of another one, the doctor will schedule more sessions.

6. Sunscreen can help

Laser treatment may lighten or darken the skin pigment around the tattooed area. If the area is exposed to the sun, you may end up sustaining blisters, and they can have a detrimental effect on the healing process. Apply sunscreen to the area before and after laser removal to prevent changes in skin pigmentation.

7. Its a little bit painful

You have to prepare yourself mentally for needles. One session may take around 45 minutes. The doctor will start by cleaning the area, inject lidocaine to freeze the area, laser the tattoos, ice them, and then bandage them. You might experience an intense sensation when the laser hits the lidocaine. The pain doesnt stop when you leave the clinic. You will experience discomfort for about five days. It is normal for the site to depuff, peel and regenerate.

8. You dont have to remove it all

If you dont want to take out the whole thing, consider removing the undesired part only. Fortunately, laser removal is precise so that you can remove a small part of your tattoo, which is quicker and cheaper than having the whole thing removed.

Before undergoing the cosmetic procedure, schedule an appointment with a renowned doctor and be ready to disclose your medical history.

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What You Need to Know Before Tattoo Removal - -

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Meet the teacher thought to be France’s most tattooed man – Euronews09.26.20

He is thought to be the most tattooed man in France.

Sylvain, 35, a schoolteacher in Essonne, south of Paris, has spent nearly 60,000 having his body covered in designs.

He has tattoos on his face and skull. He even has black ink in the whites of his eyes.

"Its torture, youre keeping your eye wide open, you can feel the needle piercing it, said Sylvain. "We don't know if it's going to be okay. That's why I tell people: 'don't do it'. But I felt like I was incomplete."

He insists the tattoos are not an issue for the children he teaches, who range in age from six to 11.

"I always cause a moment of amazement in the children and the parents. But when I introduce myself and they see that I am a teacher like the others, everything goes well," he said.

"The children who see me learn tolerance and respect for others. When they are adults there may be more chance that they are not racist, homophobic."

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Meet the teacher thought to be France's most tattooed man - Euronews

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Global Rotary Tattoo Machines Market 2020 Global Industry Size, Recent Trends, Demand and Share Estimation by 2026 with Top Players – Crypto Daily09.26.20

Latest Research Report: Rotary Tattoo Machines Market2020

Global Marketers newly added a research report on theRotary Tattoo Machines Market, which represents a study for the Forecast period from 2020 to 2026. The study provides a near look at the market set-up and dynamics impacting its growth. This report highlights the vital developments along with other events happening in the market which are marking on the enlargement and opening doors for outlook growth in the coming years. Furthermore, the report is built on the basis of the macro- and micro-economic factors and historical data that can influence the growth.

This report also researches and evaluates the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the Rotary Tattoo Machines industry, involving possible prospects and challenges, drivers, and risks. up to date the impact evaluation of Covid-19 effects on Rotary Tattoo Machines Market growth predict based on the different scenarios (optimistic, pessimistic, very optimistic, most likely, etc.).

GetASample Copy,-types,-applications,-countries,-market-size,-forecast-to-2026-(based-on-2020-covid-19-worldwide-spread)/156680#request_sample

Major Companies Included in Report are

Superior TattooDragonHawkMagic MoonEikon DeviceDongguan HongtaiKingpinBarber DtsRevolutionYYRTexas TattooCAM SupplyBody ShockPowerlineCheyenneSunskinBellaVictor PortugalMithraElementKwadronTommy`s SuppliesWorldwide Tattoo SupplyTrendyHildbrandt

GlobalRotary Tattoo Machines Market: Regional Segmentation

To know the altering political scenario, analysts have regionally segmented the market. This gives a summary of the political and socio-economic status of the regions that are predicted to impact the Rotary Tattoo Machines Market dynamic.

The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt)

North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada)

South America (Brazil etc.)

Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)

Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia)

Segment by Type:

Commercial UseTeaching UseOthers

Segment by Application:

Double MachineCombine Machine

Ask For Discount:

The report answers key questions such as:

What will the Rotary Tattoo Machines Market size be in 2026 and what will the growth rate be?

What are the key Rotary Tattoo Machines Market trends?

What Driving this Rotary Tattoo Machines Industry?

What are the challenges to Rotary Tattoo Machines Market growth?

Who are the key vendors in this Rotary Tattoo Machines Market?

The report covers in-depth analysis on:

Enquiry More About Rotary Tattoo Machines Market Report:,-types,-applications,-countries,-market-size,-forecast-to-2026-(based-on-2020-covid-19-worldwide-spread)/156680#inquiry_before_buying

In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Rotary Tattoo Machines:

History Year: 2014 2018

Base Year: 2018

Estimated Year: 2019

Forecast Year: 2020-2026

Table of Contents: Rotary Tattoo Machines Market

Chapter 1: Overview of Rotary Tattoo Machines Market

Chapter 2: Global Market Status and Forecast by Regions

Chapter 3: Global Rotary Tattoo Machines Market Status and Forecast by Types

Chapter 4: Global Rotary Tattoo Machines Industry Market Status and Forecast by Downstream Industry

Chapter 5: Rotary Tattoo Machines Market Driving Factor Analysis

Chapter 6: Rotary Tattoo Machines Market Competition Status by Major Manufacturers

Chapter 7: Major Manufacturers Introduction and Market Data

Chapter 8: Upstream and Downstream Market Analysis

Chapter 9: Cost and Gross Margin Analysis

Chapter 10: Marketing Status Analysis

Chapter 11: Market Report Conclusion

Chapter 12: Research Methodology and Reference

Click to view the full report TOC, figure, and tables:,-types,-applications,-countries,-market-size,-forecast-to-2026-(based-on-2020-covid-19-worldwide-spread)/156680#table_of_contents

Read the rest here:
Global Rotary Tattoo Machines Market 2020 Global Industry Size, Recent Trends, Demand and Share Estimation by 2026 with Top Players - Crypto Daily

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18 Out-of-the-Box Tattoo Ideas That Are the Real Bee’s Knees – POPSUGAR09.23.20

You can get just about any part of your body tattooed, so long as there's an artist out there who's willing to draw it. There are sternum tattoos for people who want ink that's relatively easy to hide, finger tattoos for the more delicate designs, and spine tattoos for people who want to make backless tops look even sexier. When it comes to your legs, though, there's one area that's often overlooked: your knees.

Considering there's not much separating your skin from your bone in this particular area, knee tattoos are said to be pretty painful. Still, that doesn't mean there haven't been some daring people out there who've braved the pain and decked out their knees with some true works of art. (Like Halsey, who got one that reads "Poor Thing.") When done right, this area can be quite an unassuming and surprisingly chic placement.

From tiny tattoos to complex designs, read ahead to take a look at some of our favorite knee tattoo ideas.

18 Out-of-the-Box Tattoo Ideas That Are the Real Bee's Knees - POPSUGAR

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Trends Of Tattoo Removal Market Reviewed For 2020 With Industry Outlook To 2026 – Crypto Daily09.23.20

The Global Tattoo Removal Market analysis report published on is a detailed study of market size, share and dynamics covered in XX pages and is an illustrative sample demonstrating market trends. This is a latest report, covering the current COVID-19 impact on the market. The pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected every aspect of life globally. This has brought along several changes in market conditions. The rapidly changing market scenario and initial and future assessment of the impact is covered in the report. It covers the entire market with an in-depth study on revenue growth and profitability. The report also delivers on key players along with strategic standpoint pertaining to price and promotion.

Get FREE Exclusive PDF Sample Copy of This Report:

The Global Tattoo Removal Market report entails a comprehensive database on future market estimation based on historical data analysis. It enables the clients with quantified data for current market perusal. It is a professional and a detailed report focusing on primary and secondary drivers, market share, leading segments and regional analysis. Listed out are key players, major collaborations, merger & acquisitions along with upcoming and trending innovation. Business policies are reviewed from the techno-commercial perspective demonstrating better results. The report contains granular information & analysis pertaining to the Global Tattoo Removal Market size, share, growth, trends, segment and forecasts from 2020-2026.

With an all-round approach for data accumulation, the market scenarios comprise major players, cost and pricing operating in the specific geography/ies. Statistical surveying used are SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, predictive analysis, and real-time analytics. Graphs are clearly used to support the data format for clear understanding of facts and figures.

Customize Report and Inquiry for The Tattoo Removal Market Report:

Get in touch with our sales team, who will guarantee you to get a report that suits your necessities.

Primary research, interviews, news sources and information booths have made the report precise having valuable data. Secondary research techniques add more in clear and concise understanding with regards to placing of data in the report.

The report segments the Global Tattoo Removal Market as:Global Tattoo Removal Market Size & Share, by Regions

Global Tattoo Removal Market Size & Share, by ProductsLaserSurgicalCreamsOthers

Global Tattoo Removal Market Size & Share, ApplicationsHospitalsClinicsOthers

Key PlayersCuteraCynosureLumenisSyneron Medical

Avail the Discount on this Report @

Dataintelo offers attractive discounts on customization of reports as per your need. This report can be personalized to meet your requirements. Get in touch with our sales team, who will guarantee you to get a report that suits your necessities.

About DataIntelo:DATAINTELO has set its benchmark in the market research industry by providing syndicated and customized research report to the clients. The database of the company is updated on a daily basis to prompt the clients with the latest trends and in-depth analysis of the industry. Our pool of database contains various industry verticals that include: IT & Telecom, Food Beverage, Automotive, Healthcare, Chemicals and Energy, Consumer foods, Food and beverages, and many more. Each and every report goes through the proper research methodology, validated from the professionals and analysts to ensure the eminent quality reports.

Contact Info: Name: Alex MathewsAddress: 500 East E Street, Ontario, CA 91764, United States.Phone No: USA: +1 909 545 6473 | IND: +91-7000061386Email: [emailprotected]Website:

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Trends Of Tattoo Removal Market Reviewed For 2020 With Industry Outlook To 2026 - Crypto Daily

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Chinese Taxi Drivers Ordered To Remove Tattoos – INKED09.23.20

Plenty of jobs have a dress code in regard to visible tattoos. Hand and face tattoos aren't called "job stoppers" because it's a clever name, it's because there can be very real implications for people sporting such visible ink. Here in the United States, more often than not people are told that they need to simply cover their tattoos at work. The government in the Chinese city of Lanzhou took things to a next levelordering taxi drivers to remove their tattoos.

Transportation officials from the city in northwestern China issued the order in August under the guise that passengers, particularly women and children, would be uncomfortable riding with a tattooed driver, according to The New York Times.

The order stated that drivers who already have tattoos should remove them through surgical procedures to the greatest extent possible. This means hours of painful and very expensive laser removal, a process that can often leave the skin scarred.

Unsurprisingly, many drivers were upset by the order. One driver made reference to the stereotype linking tattoos with criminality while posting to a government forum.When applying for our driver permit, we submit documents showing that we have no criminal records, wrote the anonymous driver, according to The New York Times. Our tattoos dont turn us into bad guys and criminals.

Tattoos are still quite taboo among the older generations in China, with many still associating tattoos with the criminal underworld. Attitudes toward tattoos have shifted in recent years, particularly as China opened up in the years running up to and following the 2008 Beijing Olympics. People with visible tattoos aren't common in China, but there are far more people showing ink than there used to be.

However, recently the pendulum appears to be swinging back towards a more conservative stance regarding tattoos. Recently some players on the Chinese National Soccer Team were told they needed to wear long sleeves to cover their tattoos despite the oppressive heat during the Asia Cup tournament taking place in the United Arab Emirates. Chinese television has also censored tattoos during broadcasts.

While they aren't illegal anymore, tattooing falls into a grey area in Chinese law. Tattoo parlors aren't licensed by the government, but they aren't specifically forbidden either. This puts tattoo artists in the precarious position of constantly looking over their shoulders in fear that the government is going to change their position and shut everything down.

Where many places are becoming more open to tattoosJapan formally legalized tattooing just last weekthis draconian order in Lanzhou moves things in the opposite direction. Let's hope that it's not a sign of things to come.

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Chinese Taxi Drivers Ordered To Remove Tattoos - INKED

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