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Alley Cat Tattoo and Body Piercing celebrates 20 years – The Breeze10.08.21

Nick handles the business side of Alley Cat. He said he lets his tattoo artists use their creativity to the highest caliber possible theyre the ones who understand the tools theyre using and tattooing basics, he said. However, Nick and all of his tattooers are knowledgeable about tattooing and the origins of all their designs, he said, because of their respect for the culture. He said the current crew at Alley Cat is the best its ever been, and the only hardships the business could possibly experience would be if one of the crew members decided to leave.

We are practitioners of a craft that is respectful of a culture, Nick said, and that culture sustains us.

In their free time, Nick said, most of his tattoo artists indulge in painting and drawing to help elevate their game and practice the style and role they want to maintain in their discipline. This practice, Nick said, helps to diversify the type of tattoos the artist is capable of doing.

Alley Cat puts a major emphasis on originality and discourages copying art that someone else has on their body already. Tattoos are unique to the person they embody, he said.

Some people will ask us what the difference is between getting a tattoo from our provided sheets and from getting one from a picture they show us that they found off the internet already on someones body, Nick said. The sheets are made for everybody, the picture of the tattoo on someones body was made for that person.

Tim Sorensen, a senior international business and German double major from Ashburn, Virginia, got his Japanese dragon tattoo at Alley Cat in June. Prior to going, Sorensen said, he scrolled through Alley Cats Instagram to check out their work and ended up seeing designs that aligned with what tattoo he wanted to get.

After consulting with his tattoo artist, Trevor Smith, he helped bring Sorensens tattoo to life. Sorensen decided on a Japanese dragon for his leg to match the Japanese-inspired tiger he had gotten previously on his arm. Trevors own additions and mock-ups helped make the finished product something Sorensen said he was incredibly proud of. Breaking up the appointment into two sessions was essential, Sorensen said, as the total time to complete this particular piece was nearing nine hours.

Being able to see an artist like Trevor doing his work was incredible, and the compliments I get have only made me love it even more, Sorensen said. I always tell them, Go to Trevor.

Alley Cat has five tattoo artists who take appointments and walk-ins on Fridays, leaving a line curling around the shop and into the parking lot with eager customers anticipating getting new ink or a piercing on their body. Generally, these artists are completely booked, so the Friday walk-ins fill up quickly. Each artist typically serves four to five customers a day, but this varies depending on the size, type and intricacy of the tattoo and whether there will be multiple sessions. On the other hand, piercings dont take nearly as much time as tattooing does, so the wait for those appointments isnt as long.

For its 20th anniversary Sept. 1, Swartz invited roughly 120 tattoo artists from across the country to join the celebration at Alley Cat.

Abigail Lambert, a fifth-year biotech major from Richmond, Virginia, went to Alley Cat about a month ago to get her daith pierced. The daith piercing goes through the ears innermost cartilage fold and is performed using a straight, hollow needle.

Ive never gone to a tattoo shop to get a piercing done; in the past Ive only ever gone to Piercing Pagoda or the places in the mall, Lambert said. My piercer [at Alley Cat] made me feel very comfortable considering I was a first-timer.

Nick said students are typical piercing customers, while tattoo customers range from locals and students to newly turned 18-year-olds coming to celebrate. He does rounds at everybodys station each day to see what theyre working on and to talk to clients he wants to be an ambassador for tattoo culture, he said.

I want people to understand that its a viable art form that is a unique trait as well, Nick said. Weve tried to introduce tattoo culture to this community, and as a result, its been well-received, and a lot of people are getting bigger stuff.

Nick keeps busy outside of Alley Cat. His role as a father to two young children and involvement with his family are important to him, he said, as well as keeping up with No Lies Just BS, a storytelling podcast he hosts that he said has kept him busy the past five years. He currently has 263 episodes and has consistently published weekly since starting it in October 2016. He said he enjoys inviting people he meets to ask them questions about their lives and to learn their stories, ranging from tattoo artists to local characters the most recent being his seventh-grade teacher.

One stand-out guest was an unforgettable 70-year-old woman named Mary Jane, Nick said, who came into Alley Cat asking to get her ear tattooed. Usually, Nick said, hed discourage tattoos in this area because of its likelihood to expand with age, but this woman was different. Nick Swartz said shed also had one of her breasts removed and decided to get a hawk tattoo in memory of her late husband, as a hawk had begun visiting her after his death.

You always meet people that you have appreciation for outside of the job or outside of what youre doing, Nick Swartz said. Mary Jane proceeded to tell me this rich story about her life, and weve started inviting her to shop functions ever since.

Alley Cats 20th anniversary was on Sept. 1 a major milestone Nick said hes proud of. The crew celebrated by closing down the shop for three days. Mary Jane was one of the invitees to this event, alongside roughly 120 other tattoo artists from across the country.

Im grateful that coming from welfare, Im able to now take care of my family in a way that Im happy doing it, Nick said. I dont know what I wouldve done otherwise, but I dont think I wouldve been this happy.

After 20 years, Nick has no intention of retiring and the spark that lit inside him at a young age is still going strong.

Tattooing is a culture that is deeper than just what is hot right now, Nick said. The richness of that is what really keeps me excited about tattoos to this day.

Contact Christina Butchko at For more on the culture, arts and lifestyle of the JMU and Harrisonburg communities, follow the culture desk on Twitter and Instagram @Breeze_Culture.

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Alley Cat Tattoo and Body Piercing celebrates 20 years - The Breeze

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‘It’s an expression.’ Award-winning tattoo artist in Livonia uses ink to show personality – Hometown Life10.08.21

Tattooing someone is a high stakes thing. Antonio Rucker thinks of it as performing an operation.

"This is close to cosmetic surgery almost," he said."It can change your complete outlook, seriously. Its super precise."

Rucker, one of three full-time artists at HeART Synergy Studios in Livonia, recently won best in show at Flint's Tattoo City Tattoo Convention. Rucker received a trophy and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

He inked a friend with an illustration of DC Comics characters The Joker and Harley Quinn that won the top prize. Rucker most enjoys having a level of trust with his clients that affords him creative freedom when creating a tattoo.

"I like that fact that you can take the idea somebody has and create it for them from nothing," he said."A lot of times, as an artist, you have slumps in the creative process. But with tattooing, you have something brand new everyday because somebody is always coming to you with an idea."

HeART Synergy Studios,16332 Middlebelt Road,opened in late 2020and has two apprentices along with the full-time artists. Rucker, who's been tattooing since 2011, said he enjoys mentoring and learning from the less-experienced artists.

"The whole thing is based on creating more together," Rucker said of the shop."When I was just doing my own thing tattooing, I was reaching a plateau and I couldnt get past it. Coming here and working with them, its just back and forth everyday, and were all getting better. We just piggyback off each other."

The staff appreciates that a tattoo becomes a permanent part of someone's bodyand often comes with a degree of meaning. Ruckersaid nobody is perfect, but he tries to get close.

"Its an expression," he said."Sometimes its hard for us to express certain things, but through a tattoo you dont have to tell your whole story you can have something to show it."

Suicide prevention: Schools add life-saving information to school ID cards for middle and high school students

Novel pursuit: Farmington Hills author finds success with novels exploring corruption, justice in Detroit

Deer overpopulation: Farmington Hills faces decision on what to do about deer overpopulation

The shop has a soft spot for veterans, too. Judith Rice, one of the co-owners, is a U.S. Army veteran who served between 1984 and 2007. Rice hopes the shop can be a place veterans can express themselves and get old tattoos touched up.

"Whenever we get the opportunity with veterans, we put our best foot forward," Rucker said."They put the work in, and we want to give them something they can have to display or remember what they did."

Rice doesn't have many tattoos the irony of which isn't lost on her. But, she recently got a semicolon tattoo to help cope with her own post traumatic stress disorder, commonly called PTSD. Many use semicolon tattoos as a way to show solidarity with those struggling with mental health.

"Its on my pulse point," Rice said."I have PTSD, and when youre struggling as a veteran you just feel numb. When I feel my pulse, I know its good and I can feel something."

Contact reporterShelby Tankersley at or 248-305-0448. Follow her on Twitter@shelby_tankk.

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'It's an expression.' Award-winning tattoo artist in Livonia uses ink to show personality - Hometown Life

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Dave Bautista reveals ‘really bad’ first tattoo that he regrets – Fox News10.08.21

Dave Bautista is looking back at the beginning of his journey with tattoos.

The 52-year-old actor is famously covered in ink, requiring some extra time in the makeup chair when he's filming movies.

During Tuesday's edition of "Late Night with Seth Meyers," he was pressed about his first tattoo and whether he regrets it. The star began his answer with a hearty laugh.

"Yeah. My first tattoo, it was when I was really young and I didn't want anybody to see it I especially didn't want my dad to see it, I didn't want to get in trouble for getting a tattoo, I was pretty young it was on my a--," he recalled.


Dave Bautista revealed that he regrets his really bad first tattoo. (Getty Images)

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star said the ink was "really bad" and "cheap."


"I got it from this old redneck in Arlington, Virginia," he continued. "He shaved my butt and then he's sitting in a little rolling char and he rolls up to my face and he goes, Man, are you sure you want this on you a--?"


"A week or two" after getting inked, Bautista said he "regretted it."

Bautista said that his first tattoo was a stone heart with the words heart of stone around it. (Getty Images)

"I lived with it for years and I got ragged on so much throughout wrestling in the shower, it was like, Whats that on your a--?'" he remembered. "I finally got it covered up I think around 2007."


When asked what exactly that tattoo was, Bautista began his explanation by reminding audiences that it was the 1980s and that he was "very young."

Dave Bautista famously has a large collection of tattoos. (Getty Images)

"It was this cement-looking heart and around it, it said, Heart of stone," he revealed. "When I saw it, I was like, Man, thats tough.'"


He added: "I'm still living it down, man."

Bautista can be seen in Apple TV+'s "See" and will appear in "Dune" when it hits theaters and HBO Max on Oct. 22.

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Dave Bautista reveals 'really bad' first tattoo that he regrets - Fox News

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8 Best Places To Get A Tattoo for Both Men and Women – TheTealMango10.08.21

The latest trend when it comes to fashion around the world is tattooing. People, youngsters in particular are going crazy to get tattoos inked on their bodies.

However, the tough question is to decide the best place for the tattoo on your body?

Some choose to have a tattoo honoring a memory or a loved one whereas some get it done just for artistic reasons. Moreover, a number of individuals are preferring to have permanent tattoos too on their bodies. As such, it becomes a more challenging job to decide where to get the tattoo done as once it gets inked, you wont be able to undo it.

Speaking about the best places for tattooing, there are many. The commonly preferred places to get the tattoo inked by the young boys and girls include on the wrist, ankle, fingers, neck, lower back, and shoulders.

It is needed to discuss your preferred design with the tattoo artist too so that he/she can suggest the ideal place for the tattoo depending on its design. The best place for girls to get a tattoo done is on the ankle, wrist, and lower back whereas boys usually prefer tattooing on their neck, chest, or biceps.

We are sharing the 8 best places which you can consider before getting a tattoo inked on your body. So, here we go!

The wrist is one of the most common and best places to get a tattoo for women. Even, men can get a tattoo done on the wrist. You can get a simple and small design inked on your inner wrist. You can even get the name of your loved one or a few words tattoed on your inner wrist. A tattoo on a wrist looks classy as well.

However, one thing to be kept in mind before getting a tattoo on your wrist is that this area is very sensitive as it has a number of nerve endings. As such tattooing here could be a little painful. Once tattooed, let it heal for some time before wearing any jewelry on that area.

Women mostly prefer to have a tattoo done on the back of their neck. Well, even men are considering this area to get a tattoo inked on their neck. The back of the neck can act as a nice canvas to get tattooed a design.

The good thing about getting a tattoo on the back of the neck is that you can even hide it if you want to, either with your hair or collar. Also, this area is less painful to get a tattoo done.

Well, this place is preferred by women to get a tattoo and as such, it is considered as a feminine place for a tattoo. One thing to be kept in mind before thinking of getting a tattoo inked on your ankle is that it could be quite painful as it is near to the bone. However, if you feel you have good tolerance levels, you can definitely get your favorite tattoo inked on your ankle.

One can opt for a small and simple design or even a bit bigger one for the tattoo. However, do not forget that whichever tattoo you get inked cannot be hidden always, like during hot weather days. So, choose the design wisely.

Also, one can easily hide this place by wearing a shirt as at workplaces you need to be covered. Those who can be bare-chested are free to flaunt their tattoo to the world!

However, one thing to be noted is that men need to clean their body hair (chest hair) regularly either by shaving or waxing to get the tattoo design to give that perfect look.

Shoulders are one more popular place preferred by both men as well as women for a tattoo. A shoulder is another ideal place where you can get a tattoo of your choice comfortably as it is not a much painful place.

Also, a tattoo on the shoulder looks quite catchy. This is the best place if you have a tattoo to flaunt among your friends or the world like some elegant design or some loved ones name. But just in case, you dont want to show off, then you need to go with some other place as it would be tough to hide a tattoo on the shoulder always.

Just like chest / full front, the back is another ideal place to get a large tattoo of your choice. Also, this place can be opted by both men as well as women for tattooing. The advantage of this place is that one can even hide the tattoo if one wants to.

Also, there wont be much pain in that place, however, you need to bear a little when done around the spine area. After the tattoo is inked on your back, some care has to be taken while sleeping until it heals.

Well, this is one unique place preferred mostly by women. You can get a tattoo done on your fingers when you want to get a special and a small delicate design inked. Also, the tattoos which you want to flaunt can only be done here as you cannot hide your fingers for sure.

However, the downside of getting a tattoo on fingers is that it is certainly a painful process. But as the tattoo would be small on fingers, your pain would also be short-lived.

This is another ideal place to choose if you want to flaunt your beautiful tattoo to the world. Both men, as well as women, can get a tattoo inked on this place. Also, it could be a bit painful to get a tattoo here, so have little tolerance.

So, what would be your preferred place before you get a tattoo inked on your body? Do share your feedback in our comments section.

8 Best Places To Get A Tattoo for Both Men and Women - TheTealMango

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Janhvi Kapoor gets a big new tattoo on her arm, here’s the secret behind the ‘Labbu’ it mentions – Hindustan Times10.08.21

Janhvi Kapoor took to Instagram on Tuesday to share some unseen pictures. She even revealed her new tattoo, which appears to be dedicated to someone special.

The first picture in her post is a selfie, clicked during the golden hour. Other photos showed her at a temple, enjoying views of the mountains from an infinity pool and practising yoga in the sun. She also shared a video of herself wincing in pain as a tattoo artist worked on her arm. Another picture gave a better look at her tattoo, which read, I love you my labbu.

Fans were curious about the identity of 'labbu'. Labbu kon h (who is Labbu), asked a fan. A disheartened follower guessed that it's the name of the person she is dating right now. She has someone. Let's go somewhere else, they wrote.

However, Labbu is what her late mother Sridevi used to call Janhvi. On Sridevi's third death anniversary this year, Janhvi had shared a note written by her on Instagram. It read, "I love you my labbu. You are the best baby in the world."

In a chat with Neha Dhupia on her show BFFs in 2019, Janhvi had said that Sridevi didn't approve of tattoos and that she, too, was too chicken to get inked.

Janhvi was earlier rumoured to be dating Akshat Rajan but they are said to have split up. On his birthday last month, she shared a picture with him and wrote, "Happy birthday to the world's best human I love you.

Also read: Janhvi Kapoor reveals what she bought with her first-ever paycheque; hint, it involves New York

Janhvi was last seen in horror comedy Roohi and her next release will be Good Luck Jerry. After wrapping up the film's shoot, which was interrupted by protesting farmers a couple of times, Janhvi wrote in a post, I cant believe its a film wrap. So many things have happened, changed, evolved, been learnt and unlearnt during the course of and because of this shoot. But through all of it I used to be so excited to come to set and see all these faces and trouble them and laugh with them and work tirelessly and unitedly to create something that was exciting all of us. Ill miss all of you - is a massive understatement. And thank you for everything."

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Janhvi Kapoor gets a big new tattoo on her arm, here's the secret behind the 'Labbu' it mentions - Hindustan Times

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Jake Paul convinced Tyron Woodley has found loophole to change I love Jake Paul tattoo on finger… – The US Sun10.08.21

JAKE PAUL believes rival Tyron Woodley has found a loophole in his tattoo as the UFC legend demands a rematch.

The former welterweight champion, 39, was outpointed against the YouTuber in their boxing bout in August.



Following the dust-up in Ohio, Paul declared that he would fight the MMA icon again as long as Woodley had 'I love Jake Paul' inked on his body.

The pair had made a bet prior Paul's split decision victory in their contest thatthe loser would get a tattoo of the victor's name.

And Woodley finally got the tattoo at the end of September, where he instantly called for a rematch after getting it done on the inside of his middle finger.

But Paul, 24, has stated that Woodley may cover up the tattoo, and has explained his theory of why he got inked.

He told talkSPORT: "Lets see what happens. He was like three or four weeks late on the tattoo, he let the hype die down.

I think he had a call with his accountants and he saw how much taxes he had to pay and he was like oh, man, I need to get this tattoo right now.


The weird thing about it, and Im saying this on record right now, is the tattoo is on his middle finger and its done in a way where he can change it to say f*** Jake Paul.

"He did it so the I looks like an F or could be changed to that, so I think personally hes going to change it to say 'f*** Jake Paul' on his middle finger.

It goes perfectly with that, so Im calling it out right now.

"Hes trying to find loopholes and be slick but hes not as smart as he thinks he is."

Paul has also been heavily linked with a fight against Tommy Fury, with the unbeaten Brit rejecting a $1million offer from the American.

And Fury's brother Tyson has urged the pair to 'get some balls' and agree to a bout.

Asked for his thoughts on the potential fight between the feuding youngsters, Fury toldBehind The Gloves: "Hopefully it happens.


"I hope they can both get some balls and sign the f***ing contract.

"Make this fight happen and give the world the fight they want to see.

"I want to see it. Everybody wants to see this fight."

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Jake Paul convinced Tyron Woodley has found loophole to change I love Jake Paul tattoo on finger... - The US Sun

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I was young, dumb and got a tattoo of my ex’s name. My current guy can’t seem to get over it. – Anchorage Daily News10.08.21

By Wayne and Wanda

Updated: 5 days ago Published: 5 days ago

Dear Wayne and Wanda,

Please help settle a debate between me and my significant other. Years ago, in my early 20s, I got the name of a boyfriend tattooed on my arm. It was a dumb decision on a Mexico vacation. We stopped hanging out not long after and even though I see him around still, I wouldnt even call him a friend. We are polite when we run into each other, and every now and then hell jokingly ask about the tattoo and we laugh it off with a fist bump.

This was not my first tattoo and is one of many tattoos I have. My current significant other hates tattoos in general, and I know hes not a fan of my ink. But he especially hates the name tattoo. The first time we hung out, he zeroed in on it. He had a million questions about my ex. He had a hard time believing I was over him. He said if I really was, I would have gotten the tattoo removed.

Tattoos are expensive to remove, and time-consuming, and frankly its never mattered to me enough. To me, this particular tattoo represents youth, my inexperience at the time, and its a good reminder of where Ive been thats it. But my boyfriend wont let it go. Ive suggested lately we get more serious, maybe move in together, and he seriously keeps coming back around to that tattoo and saying until I deal with it he has a hard time taking us seriously.

Wanda says:

Despite being increasingly mainstream and more broadly accepted, tattoos can still be so divisive. On one hand, the people who have them generally love them, and carry them as symbols full of meaning, memories and artistry. People who dont like or understand them may see them as unattractive, poorly thought-out, or as hard-to-erase mistakes that one will surely regret in time.

Being an inked-up person whose love interest is tat-free, you may face an uphill climb aesthetically, if tattoos are something your partner finds particularly unattractive. That said, youre in a particular pickle with the inked name of an ex in full display. This goes beyond someone simply not liking your body art. Your current person probably sees this tattoo as an affront, a constant reminder of others youve been with, and a symbol of someone you once were someone younger and possibly a little more wild, not exactly the version of yourself that he is presently attracted to.

Getting a tattoo removed is a huge deal, but if youre serious about finding some kind of compromise, why not consider a cover-up? A good tattoo artist can assess your current design and offer all kinds of creative suggestions for layering more ink on top of it, so your exs name is transformed into something cool and unique and less offensive to any love interests moving forward. Added bonus: you still know its there and while the tattoo retains its meaning, it also reflects your evolution.

Wayne says:

What happens in Mexico stays in well, it can stay in or on your body for days, weeks, months, years or even the rest of your life. And thats livin la vida loca, baby!

First of all, you two arent debating. This is a potential dealbreaker in your relationship or at least for getting serious with your boyfriend. Keep the tattoo. Remove it. Cover it up. If he hasnt gotten past the tattoo by now, hes probably always going to have a hang-up when he sees it. Im trying to appreciate his There is always something there to remind me perspective the dedication ink job is a pretty obvious indicator that you were tattoo-crazy in love with someone once and, depending on where that tat is located, your ex likely spent a lot of time at that spot. Then again, you all should be reasonable adults now and realize that we all have stories, journeys and pasts that led us to where we are, and who we are with, today. You certainly are comfortable with and understand that, which is great; the big issue here is getting your boyfriend to that space.

I would love to know if this is the only sticking point in your relationship for him or you. Id also wonder if he obsesses over other things about you, your life, your past, your quirks or anything else. These answers could reveal red flags for a difficult relationship road ahead. You sure you want to take that ride?

But if you do want to move in with him and youre willing to make a sacrifice to make that happen, meet him halfway and just cover up the tat. Hopefully your exs name is easily converted to Carpe Diem! or No regrets! or can be covered by a Baby Shark or something fun and fitting like that.

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I was young, dumb and got a tattoo of my ex's name. My current guy can't seem to get over it. - Anchorage Daily News

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Tattoo artist receives share of 12000 funding to help ‘decolonise’ Trinidad governor –

A tattoo artist has been given a share of 12,000 of museum funding to ink people in a project to decolonise a contentious portrait of colonial governor Sir Thomas Picton.

Picton, a Welsh lieutenant-general, was remembered as a war hero after being killed at the battle of Waterloo, but his harsh governorship of Trinidad has been reassessed in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests.

The National Museums Wales has put up 12,000 of funding for a project to reframe the colonial narrative about the governor, whose portrait hangs in the National Museum Cardiff, by recruiting a tattoo artist to ply her trade.

Trinidadian tattooist Gesiye said she will offer tattoos in a ritual, a healing opportunity for Black Trinidadians as part of her commission-winning project.

The National Museum of Wales had advertised the commission, also awarded to four-piece art collective Laku Neg, as a project which centres and positively celebrates Black consciousness.

Picton was governor of Trinidad in the 1790s and early 1800s, and was accused of executing slaves during his tenure.He caused controversy when he ordered the torture of 14-year-old Louisa Calderon, which led to his recall to London and a conviction, which was later overturned.

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Tattoo artist receives share of 12000 funding to help 'decolonise' Trinidad governor -

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Justin Thomas Tattoos: Where Is He Inked and What Do They Mean? – EssentiallySports10.08.21

Justin Thomas is one of the most successful and popular golfers right now. Of course, along with his incredible PGA Tour journey, fans are also interested in learning more about the golf icons personal life. This includes everything from his family and the house he owns to his tattoos, which have their own meaning behind them.


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The 28-year-old star has two tattoos made, both of which have a deep meaning to them. Lets take a look at both of those tattoos, and why the golfer decided to get them.


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Thomas first tattoo is on his left arm, just below his elbow. This tattoo is meant to honor Thomas and his family and represents Thomas, his mother, and his father. The tattoo is three lines (or roman letters) that have a line on the top to make it look like a T for Thomas.

Thomas had explained the reason behind his tattoo on Instagram, revealing that the line meant his family, including himself.

Sometime after his first tattoo, Thomas decided to get a second one this time to honor his grandfather, Paul Thomas. Justin Thomas comes from a family of golfers, and Paul was the first professional golfer from the family.

His grandfather, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year in February. He was 89. Thomas apparently got the tattoo done before his grandfather died.

This particular tattoo can be seen on the inside of his right upper arm. This tattoo is actually the signature of his grandfather. Thomas even spoke about how he got the signature and had to involve his grandmother in the process.


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I said, `This is weird, but can you have grandpa sign something?' Thomas said. His signature is very Arnold Palmer like, and I always remembered that. I asked her to send me a picture of it. She said, `Should I even bother asking? I told her no.

Thomas added that he ended up sending a picture, which was then showed to his grandfather. Paul even joked about the tattoo, telling Thomas that he would be asking him for residuals every time he saw it on TV.


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Already having two tattoos, one can only wonder if Thomas might get a few more tattoos over the years.

WATCH THE STORY: How Many PGA Tour Titles Has Bryson DeChambeau Won?

Justin Thomas Tattoos: Where Is He Inked and What Do They Mean? - EssentiallySports

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John Whaite Reveals Plans For New Strictly Come Dancing-Inspired Tattoo – HuffPost UK10.08.21

Strictly Come Dancing star John Whaite has revealed he hopes to get a tattoo to commemorate his performance in last weeks live show.

John and his dancing partner Johannes Radebe found themselves in joint second place on the leaderboard on Saturday night, having already made history as the first partnership made up of two men to compete on Strictly.

Speaking on spin-off show It Takes Two, the former Great British Bake Off winner shared his hopes to mark the occasion with a brand new tattoo.

I had the best night and even though we had a little gag, I am going to get one of those little planets tattooed because that night I felt like I had been born, he said.

Explaining why dancing the Cha Cha with Johannes meant so much to him, John explained: All my life Ive had that voice saying, Dont be too flamboyant, dont be too camp.

And then we went and we were camp and flamboyant and people loved it so I have to get a tattoo. Its going to appear. Its going to be there.

BBC/Guy LevyJohn Whaite and Johannes Radebe performing on Strictly

John and Johannes are the second same-sex pairing to compete in Strictly, following in the footsteps of Nicola Adams and Katya Jones, who performed last year, but had their time on the show cut short when Katya tested positive for Covid-19.

Ahead of his dance floor debut last month, John said: If Id seen two lads or lasses dancing together on Saturday night TV and nobody made a fuss about it, I dont think Id have grown up with quite so much shame for being gay.

I just hope there are kids out there watching who dont even question it, who watch it and think, I am who I am and Im comfortable with that, and Im accepted and loved and can be loved for who I am. Its a massive privilege.

Strictly continues on Saturday night at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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John Whaite Reveals Plans For New Strictly Come Dancing-Inspired Tattoo - HuffPost UK

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