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World Champion Boxer Gets Jake Paul Tattoo, Paul’s Team Responds To Fight Offer – TMZ01.12.22

9:44 AM PT -- Jake's Most Valuable Promotions got wind of Briedis' ink and fired back on Tuesday ... saying, "This man is the IBF Cruiserweight Champion of the world, 28-1 and has been fighting professionally for 13 years ... and he tattoos Jake's name on his leg in the hope of fighting JAKE."

"Now tell us again who is a bigger breakout star in boxing? Clowns."

MVP doesn't necessarily say no to Briedis' fight offer ... so maybe it worked??

A world champion boxer is the latest fighter to call out Jake Paul ... and the dude's so serious about making it happen, he got the YouTuber's name tattooed on himself!!

The man calling out Jake is Mairis Briedis -- he's a 28-1 (20 KOs) Latvian pro who is a 3-time cruiserweight champ and the current #6 pound-for-pound boxer, according to BoxRec.

36-year-old Briedis showed how badly he wants the bout by revealing the ink job on his left thigh on Monday ... saying, "Hey Jake, I got something for you."

MB then showed off the big black and red tat of a bull's head featuring a message, "Jake's Bad Karma" ... a direct nod to Jake's "Karma" tattoo on his collarbone

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Now, it's your turn!" Briedis said.

This isn't the first time MB has challenged the 24-year-old boxer ... Briedis' promoter, Kalle Sauerland, made a fight offer last May with one condition -- Jake would have to retire from boxing if he lost.

Paul ignored the offer and went on to fight ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley instead ... so, it seems MB felt the need to take it up a notch by getting the ink done.

"Time to collect your bad karma Jake Paul," Briedis said in the video, "Pick up the phone."

Paul has yet to respond -- he's been calling out more UFC fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz recently -- but the tat will certainly get his attention.

Originally Published -- 8:13 AM PT

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World Champion Boxer Gets Jake Paul Tattoo, Paul's Team Responds To Fight Offer - TMZ

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Queensland tattoo enthusiast on how body transformation changes her life, boosted OnlyFans career earning $17k a month – 7NEWS01.12.22

Amber Luke has splashed out more than $190,000 on transforming her look from head to toe.

The 26-year-old, from Queensland, has covered 99 per cent of her body with tattoos - including blue ink injected into her eyeballs during an excruciating 40-minute procedure that left her blind for three weeks.

Watch video above of Ambers body transformation

Over the years, Amber turned to extreme body modifications like getting her tongue split and earlobes stretched - and even going under the knife to get a Brazilian butt lift and breast implants.

And while she looks worlds apart from her younger years, Amber tells 7Life: I have no bloody regrets. I love myself for who and what I am and look like now.

With nearly 600 tattoos covering every inch of her body, Amber says she turned to OnlyFans after struggling to find a stable job.

Fast forward two years, shes now in the top 0.03 per cent of OnlyFans earners in the world after making $307,660.

Amber says she wasnt coping financially at all when she was working in hospitality, retail, promotional events and modelling.

It has always been extremely difficult for me to maintain and enjoy a normal nine-to-five work hour job, she says.

Because of my individual image, I decided to monetise on it.

I absolutely hated the way I used to look

The self-described blue eyes white dragon said she has since been able to give herself financial stability.

The platform gave me the empowerment that is supposed to come with being a boss a** woman, the sexual liberation is incredible, she says.

At my peak which was March to July 2020, I was on five figures a month. I was varying from $15,800 to $16,845 every four weeks.

While creating exclusive content for the adults-only subscription service, Amber says she also works as a topless waitress and an escort.

I work very hard, at the moment, sometimes up to six days a week, she says.

These days, I dont really fixate on my OnlyFans. I do other sex work like topless waitressing and escorting. As my income has sky rocketed, my independence is sparkling and raised - its my happiness.

I understand my image is not for everyone

Shes hoping to save enough money for a house deposit by the end of December, with plans to buy her dream home in January 2023.

Before embarking on her 10-year transformation, Amber says she struggled with mental health after being diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 14.

I attempted my first take on my life at 16 years of age - so I guess you could imagine how I was feeling - since then - I have have had 19 other attempts, she says.

Her battle with depression inspired her body art, which she says has since made a huge impact on every aspect of her life.

My life has changed drastically since finding who I am and my aesthetic comforts me in my everyday errands, she says.

I truly believe I would still be trying to drastically take my own life if I hadnt taken the steps and journey I did.

My transformation came from wanting to be happy

Reflecting on old pictures of herself, Amber says she absolutely hated the way she used to look because she thought she appeared boring and plain looking.

I fought with a dark demon called body dysmorphia from a young age, she says.

My transformation came from wanting to be so happy with what I saw in the mirror, but also as a human being.

I have learnt tolerance, kindness and how to inform people about something unusual and simply, well... beautiful.

Her body art obsession started at the age of 16 before she dabbled with extreme body modifications.

Over the past decade, she went on to completely alter her face and body.

Her extensive makeover has included face and lip fillers, pointed implants placed in her ears and piercings all over her face and body.

I am at about 99 per cent covered. I only have the soles of my feet, the very top of my head, small gaps left on my body left to get tattooed, she tells 7Life.

My favourite features about myself are my striking, blue eyeballs which counteract the natural colour of my hazel iris.

I am at about 99 per cent covered in tattoos

Despite loving her blue ink eyeballs, Amber says it was hands down the most dangerous procedure.

They got botched and I experienced the inability to see for three weeks, she says.

If I had to put a feeling to the eyeball tattoo - it would be the equivalent of thick pieces of crushed glass being rubbed and injected into your eyeball.

Her family and friends have been very supportive of her body art.

My mum has been my biggest supporter since day one. She did cry when she found out I tattooed my eyeballs, but then she came around, she says.

Since sharing her body transformation on social media, Amber says shes been met with cruel remarks from strangers.

I tend to ignore those that are nasty towards me, she says.

I am so resilient and strong-minded now

If I give them fuel to add to the fire, it only gives them what theyre looking for - a negative reaction. I understand my image is not for everyone.

But do let me say this one thing... it is totally okay for you to have your opinion of what beauty is - but it is not okay to project your negative emotions and non-understanding onto me while I am trying to live my everyday life.

Despite the criticism, Amber says shes feeling fantastic about her life.

I am so resilient and strong-minded now - it has taken a little while to gain that understanding, but now its powerful, she adds.

If you need help in a crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For further information about depression contact beyondblue on 1300224636 or talk to your GP, local health professional or someone you trust.

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Queensland tattoo enthusiast on how body transformation changes her life, boosted OnlyFans career earning $17k a month - 7NEWS

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Brother duo takes family pride in tattoo parlor – Daily Inter Lake01.12.22

Anyone with a tattoo knows the temporary suffering is worth the long-term satisfaction. Thats how Ryan Swindler feels about Swindler Ink, the tattoo shop he runs with his younger brother Mike.

The brothers set up business in South Kalispell, next to Vintage Technologies motorcycle shop, in fall 2020.

Its been a wild ride, said Mike.

Weve turned it into something not negative, agreed Ryan. We didnt take the easy route.

The wild ride started when both brothers were working as heavy equipment operators. Ryan did a little tattooing as a hobby, but he never envisioned he would own a tattoo parlor.

I wouldnt have believed it if eight or nine years ago, you told me I would own a tattoo shop, said Ryan. Its crazy the path life takes you.

Ryans path took a jarring turn when he was rear-ended by a semi-truck in Whitefish approximately 14 years ago. The accident left him with a back injury that prevented him from continuing to work as a heavy equipment operator, so he turned his hobby into a profession.

Lets take this seriously, Ryan decided.

He started his first professional tattoo stint at Bad Rock Tattoo in Columbia Falls.

That was cool, Ryan said of his time at Bad Rock. Im super appreciative. It took off from there.

After a few years, he had built up his skill and his client base to the point that he could go out on his own. He ran a shop in Bigfork and a mobile tattoo truck for a while before the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to tattoos.

Ryan waited eagerly for quarantine restrictions to lift before he finally had the chance to open Swindler Ink in Kalispell.

We had to restart, Ryan recalled, lamenting the challenges his shop endured due to the pandemic. It seems to be going uphill now.

Ryan remodeled a break room that was part of the former Habitat for Humanity store and turned it into a small, intimate shop with fish tanks to help him and his clients feel comfortable and relaxed.

A few months after getting set up in the new shop, Ryan brought on his brother, Mike, as his apprentice.

Ryan showed me a different way to make money, Mike said. Its honest, fun work.

THE BROTHERS said the shop, which is open until 10 p.m., stays consistently busy. Mike said hes still honing his individual style, while Ryan prides himself on his versatility.

I like being well-rounded in all the categories, Ryan said. If the customer is happy, Im happy.

He said cleanliness and customer service are also points of pride at Swindler Ink.

Its somewhere everybody can come, said Mike.

Ryan said hes given tattoos to paramedics, policemen, teachers, and even a woman in her 70s who wound up coming back for a second piece of art.

We built a lifetime relationship, Ryan said. Thats when I knew it wasnt just about the money.

It kind of choked me up, said the heavily inked, long-haired tattoo artist from beneath his leather cowboy hat.

Swindler Ink is located at 2610 U.S. Hwy 93 South, Kalispell, MT 59901. Hours are 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays.

Reporter Bret Anne Serbin can be reached at 758-4459 or

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Brother duo takes family pride in tattoo parlor - Daily Inter Lake

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BJ Betts Standard Issue Tees French Terry Collection | HYPEBEAST – HYPEBEAST01.12.22

Jimmy Goreckis Standard Issue Tees apparel imprint is wasting no time in 2022 to kick things into high gear. Collaborations appear to be of focus in these first couple of weeks of the new year as it has just revealed team-ups with the Brooklyn Museum and the tattoo artist B.J. Betts of State Street Tattoo Gallery. The collection with the latter has finally been brought to life and is representative of the relationship between Gorecki and Betts and their deep rooted love for their hometown of Philadelphia.

The idea of the two working together first started back in late 2020 and after plenty of conversations about the admiration of each others design languages, the two landed on the idea of crafting a full apparel capsule. In this assemblage, Betts takes his signature custom lettering and emblazons it on various Standard Issue Tees french terry silhouettes. There are two sets of garments in this launch, one that is dripped in Rust while the other is styled with a clean Caramel hue. Leading the the way are the pullover hoodies which come embroidered with tonal Standard hits across the front along with the tees that come furnished with an oversized JS graphic on the back. Sweatpants and shorts that are equipped with creamy drawstrings are also tossed into the collection, the latter of which also features Standard branding near the left pockets.

Parties interested in copping can find the pieces available now via B.J. Betts website. Retail for the items is as follows $120 USD for the hoodies and sweatpants, $95 USD for the shorts and $40 USD for the tees.

In other news, Valentino brought back its 1967 tiger motif for its latest Lunar New Year capsule.

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BJ Betts Standard Issue Tees French Terry Collection | HYPEBEAST - HYPEBEAST

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Test-drive your tattoo idea before you fully commit with this innovative device – Mashable12.28.21

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of Dec. 26, get a Prinker S Tattoo Device with Black + Color Ink Sets for just $379.95 instead of $448 that's a discount of 15%.

You might think you have a great tattoo idea, but... you could be wrong. Like, remember that time you wanted to get a butterfly tattooed on your lower back? Or that other time you almost had your partners name tattooed on your neck, only to break up a month later? Arent you glad you didnt go through with that?

Now, theres a way to take your idea for a test drive before you fully commit with permanent ink: the Prinker S Tattoo Device with both black and color ink sets. Its regularly $448, but you can snag it on sale for just $379.95 for a limited time.

The Prinker S is a handy device that pairs with an app and prints any tattoo of your choice in a few seconds. There are over 5,000 preset designs to choose from, but if youre especially set on an idea, you can create the design yourself on the app. Then simply prep your skin with the included primer, rub the device across the area you want it, and voila! Youve got a chance to take your tattoo idea out for a spin before you really pull the trigger.

Theres a reason the Prinker won the 2020 Red Dot Design and iF Design awards. It lets you actually see and experience how a tattoo looks and feels before making a huge commitment (or mistake). The Prinker S uses FDA-compliant cosmetic ink thats waterproof and lasts for at least three days, but if you really hate it and want it gone before that three days is up, you can scrub it with a little soap and say goodbye.

Along with the Prinker S Tattoo Device itself, youll also get a black ink cartridge, a left and right color ink cartridge, and a bottle of skin primer. So, youre ready to go right from the get-go. Each cartridge is good for about 1,000 tattoos.

Regularly $448, you can snag this regret-averter for only $379.95 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Prinker

Visit link:
Test-drive your tattoo idea before you fully commit with this innovative device - Mashable

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Angels, Stars, and Goats: These Capricorn Constellation Tattoos Will Inspire Your Next Design – POPSUGAR12.28.21

Think about the most responsible friend you have. They're a Capricorn aren't they? We figured. Known as the one of the most hardworking and responsible signs of the zodiac, Capricorns are diligent in the pursuit of their goals and are extremely practical in every aspect of their lives.

Born during the period of Dec. 22 and Jan. 19 and as the last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are symbolized by the sea-goat, a creature that is half goat and half fish. The creature's duality is said to represent the Capricorn's ability to navigate both sides of their personalities, with one side being more grounded and practical and the other being more sensitive and emotional.

Like many others who share their astrological sign i.e. Michelle Obama and David Bowie Capricorns are high achieving and extremely graceful individuals. They also make extremely loyal friends and partners. Typically seen with a tight-knit group of longtime friends, Capricorns love to take care of those close to them and would do anything to see their loved ones happy. So if anyone were to convince them to get a tattoo it'd be a trusted loved one who helped them to tap into their creative side.

Because we know you would have to come fully prepared with references to convince the Capricorn in your life to get a tattoo, ahead are a few of the best Capricorn constellation tattoo designs we've seen on Instagram. From small, dainty, and easily hidden tattoos to designs that are more bold and adventurous, there's inspiration ahead for every type of Capricorn to consider before they make their appointment.

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Angels, Stars, and Goats: These Capricorn Constellation Tattoos Will Inspire Your Next Design - POPSUGAR

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Mans rose tattoo mocked for looking much ruder that he intended… – The US Sun12.28.21

WHEN it comes to inkings, getting a tattoo of a flower is a popular choice.

The classic rose in black and white has never gone out of style but it's key to fully research your design and artist before booking in.


If you get the wrong tattoo artist it could be pretty disastrous - which one flower fan learned the hard way.

A bloke showed off his new rose design only to get roasted by Redditors who said it looked very rude.


The image was uploaded to the forum's "bad tattoos" page where people were quick to jump in and share their thoughts.

Plenty of commenters thought that the floral design resembled a man's privates far more than the rose it was intended to be.

One person said: "Can you make it look like a wilted daisy but if it was an old man's scrotum?"

While another said: "Ball sack rose."

For more tattoo fails, read about this woman who wanted semi colon tattoo on her neck the artist did it backwards, when they tried to fix it it ended up huge.

Meanwhile, thisman who got his girlfriends name tattooed to prove his love then regretted it immediately when she dumped him the next day.

Plus, a woman tattooed freckles on her face thinking they'd fade - they havent, now she's got littledots all over her cheeks.

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Mans rose tattoo mocked for looking much ruder that he intended... - The US Sun

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I try tattooing on fake skin and now know why I never became a tattoo artist – AsiaOne12.28.21

Not many of us would ever consider the niche career path of becoming a tattoo artist. Besides the insane skill required, tattoos are still quite stigmatised in our conservative Asian society.

But if you've ever been curious about what it's like to ink out a permanent design on flesh, there's a new art studio whereyou can try your hand attattooing fake skin.

Currently, art studio State of Shiok, which opened its doors in November, is the onlyplace in Singapore offeringpseudo tattoo workshops for the general public.

The brand's co-founder, Jerome Ang, 23, tells us that the inspiration for State of Shiok came after he heard about Forever Ink Bar in Brooklyn, New York. It's one of the first few tattoo bars in the world where customers get to use actual tattoo machinesto ink designs onto fruits like melons while sipping oncocktails.

Apart from bringing the experience to Singapore and letting people try their hand at pseudo tattooing, Jerome tells us that he hopes to change the mindsets of those who view tattoos in a negative light.

"It's getting better, I would say, for the younger generations. But the older generation [feel that] if you have a tattoo, you're considered as someone affiliated with gangsters or bad people," he explains.

"What we try to do here is to open up tattooing as a new form of medium for art."

Think of it as art jamming, but with a tattoo machine instead of a paintbrush.

While pseudo tattooing seems rather similar to actual tattooing especially since you get to use an actual tattoo machine Jerome emphasisesthat the workshop barely scratches the surface of what a real tattoo artist does.

For one, many aspiring tattoo artists have to go through around three years of tedious apprenticeship before they are allowed to ink a person and there's a high probability that they won't get paid during this period.

Jerome also describes actual tattooing as "a service" that will affect the receiver for the rest of their life. Additionally, professional tattoo artists have to be very strict when it comes to hygiene because the process involves needles, skin and blood.

In comparison, pseudo tattooing is more of an art experience that has "no consequences" and "is more lenient".

I never imagined that I would having the opportunity to hold a tattoo machine in my hands, so you bet I was excited (and a little nervous) to try my hand at pseudo tattooing.

The workshop costs $68 per pax for a three-hour session and all the required materials like the ink, gloves, faux skin and tattoo gun areprovided. Do note that walk-ins are not allowed and you have to book yourself a slot between 12pm to 9pm.

As of now, in line with Covid-19 restrictions, only two to four people are allowed at one table per session and safe distancing measures will also be in place.

Prior to your session, you get to select and send over your preferred stencil design that will be prepared for you a day before you come down to the studio. However, if you're talented enough, you can also freehand your own drawings on the faux skin.

Before I began, I was thoroughly briefed on how to use the tattoo machine.

Additionally, I was told that if I were to accidentally stab myself with the tip of the tattoo gun, it would leave a permanent mark. That definitely added an element of fear, especially since I am a careless person by nature.

Once I was briefed, I was passed a scrap piece of faux skin to practise on before I was given the actual one that had the design of my choice printed onto it.

Fun fact these are stencilled on the same way as real tattoos are. The only difference is that for real tattoos, the stencil ink transfers and dries onto the skin almost immediately, but for faux skin, it takes about half an hour.

I initiallyexpected the faux skin to be made of pigskin, butat State of Shiok, they prefer to use siliconeas it is more sustainable. This is also a material used by actual tattoo artists to practise on, so it's as realistic as it can get.

As I took art in secondary school, I was half expecting the experience to be similar to that of sketching, just with a tattoo gun instead of a pencil. But boy, was I wrong.

For one, it was quite hard to draw on the faux skin and there was some friction between the tattoo gun and the material, especially whenever I angled the gun wrongly. Additionally, I was instructed to avoid inserting the needle too deep and to hold the gun at 45 degree angle, but I kept finding myself making mistakes.

This resulted in some pretty ugly, jagged lines. To fix these eyesores, I had to go over the same lines a few times.

Another issue I ran into involved the ink. I was constantly using too much of it on my outline and the excess liquid would harden like unsightly blood clots, making it shiny. Scrubbing this off was also extremely tedious because once Iattempted to wipe off any excess, it would smudge.

I had initially thought that the outlining would take me less than half an hour, but I actually took over two hours. And unfortunately, by the time I was done, there was not much time left for me to do the shading.

However, I can't deny that the experience was both eye-opening and fun. While I struggled with the tattoo machine, I still thoroughly enjoyed trying my hand at inking the faux skin and even found it rather therapeutic.

The session also gave me a newfound respect for all the tattoo artists out there. Their jobis definitely no walk in the park and involves plenty of patience, skill and talent.

I also can imagine how much more stressful it is for them since they're drawing on actual human skin instead of a flimsy piece of silicone. If I were put in their shoes, I probably wouldn't last a day.

With that being said, I'm already itching to return for another session to polish up my skills.

Address: 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #03-69, Singapore 168976Opening hours: Daily, 12pm to 9pm

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I try tattooing on fake skin and now know why I never became a tattoo artist - AsiaOne

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Hailey Bieber Just Revealed the Cutest New York-Inspired Neck Tattoo – Allure12.28.21

If Hailey Bieber says the proper way to show your love for the Empire State is to get "New York" tattooed onto your body, then, by all means, I'm doing it. Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo revealed the model's and (soon-to-be beauty brand owner's) new ink in an Instagram post on December 19.

Bieber's tattoo tribute to New York was not as elaborate as you may think it would be. The name of the city was written in a small, lower-case, cursive font on the side of her neck, right below a tattoo of what appears to be a diamond. According to Woo's caption, the model got this tattoo "awhile back," so we're not exactly sure how recent it is.

What's also quite interesting and ironic is the fact that this new tattoo is in the exact spot that she asked her husband, Justin Bieber, not to get tattoos in anymore, according to his YouTube special.

Woo's comments section was showered with admiration for Bieber's new ink, primarily in the form of heart-eye faces and heart emojis. The model has yet to share any of the details behind the tattoo with her almost 40 million Instagram followers or in a video via her YouTube channel, but it comes as no surprise that the model is now being barraged with questions from fans about it. So, considering that she sometimes answers questions from fans in her YouTube videos, we wouldn't be surprised if one of her videos in the coming months will be dedicated to telling the story behind this new tattoo.

Bieber's New York ink isn't her first foray into the world of tattoos. She proudly displays her tattoos every chance she gets. In fact, the model showed off her back tattoo (also written in a cursive font like her New York tattoo) and the tattoos that decorate her hand in a 2020 photoshoot for Vogue India. And because she's a certified fan body art, we're already wondering what her next tattoo will be.

More on celebrity beauty:

Now, see how tattoos have within the past 100 years:

Don't forget to follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter.

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Hailey Bieber Just Revealed the Cutest New York-Inspired Neck Tattoo - Allure

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Jade Thirwall reveals new and unusual tattoo to commemorate 10 years of Little Mix – swiftheadline – Swift Digital news agency12.28.21

Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall shared a snap of the mysterious design which has massive significant meaning to both her, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards

Video Unavailable

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Little Mix announce break after 10 years in Instagram post

Jade Thirwall has had a tattoo to commemorate a decade of Little Mix but dont worry if you cant decipher it, its written in code.

The singer, 28, revealed the discrete new design on Instagram, tagging in celeb tattoo artist Danny Robinson, who found fame on Just Tattoo Of Us.

She wrote over the black and white Instagram story: To commemorate 10 years of @littlemix.

To the untrained eye, the stunning tattoo looks like a series of geometric shapes and mysterious letters, but in fact represents 19th August 2011, the day that the band were formed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor.

Could you decipher the tattoo? Tell us in the comments below!





Jade, along with other mixers Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and ex-member Jesy Nelson, all originally auditioned as solo artists before they were merged in to a girl band.

Mentored by Tulisa Contostavlos the foursome went on to win the series, and became one of the most successful girlbands in British music history.

This year not only marked their tenth anniversary but also a line in the sand for the band as they announced they would be going on a break after their next tour so they could focus on other projects.

The cryptic tribute isnt Jades only tattoo and last summer she showed off design on the side of her upper torso when she stripped topless to show off her tracksuit range.



The Geordie babe ditched her top for the at home photoshoot, giving fans a glimpse of her rarely seen side-boob tattoo.

She struck a fierce pose as she gazed seductively down the camera lens.

The singer penned in the caption of the snaps: wow litter everywhere has been awfully quiet since I dropped my TRASH tracksuit with @skinnydiplondon.

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Piers Morgans subtle dig at Meghan Markle as he praises proper Duchess Kate

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David Beckham throws savage dig at wife Victorias singing while roasting chestnuts

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Jade Thirwall reveals new and unusual tattoo to commemorate 10 years of Little Mix - swiftheadline - Swift Digital news agency

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