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The Rolling Stones to Expand 40th Anniversary ‘Tattoo You’ Reissue with Several New Tracks – American Songwriter07.25.21

As The Rolling Stones prepare to release a 40th anniversary box set for Tattoo You, the band have also written several new tracks to go along with the reissue of their 18th album.

Me and Mick [Jagger] have done nine new tracks for the [40th anniversary] re-release of Tattoo You, revealed guitarist Ron Wood during a recent interview.

Originally released in 1981, Tattoo You was initially a collection of studio outtakes recorded during more than a half dozen sessions throughout 1970s, with new vocals and instruments added on to finish off the tracks later on for the album, which featured the Stones hit Start Me Up and other favorites like Waiting on a Friend and Neighbours.

The new Tattoo You box set will feature some previously unreleased music, in addition to some of the newer tracks. For the bands 2020 expanded edition of the 1973 release, Goats Head Soup, the band included three unreleased tracks, while the 2010 re-release of Exile on Main Street had 10 additional tracks from the bands archives.

Wood, who is working on a tribute album for the late blues musician Jimmy Reed, also revealed that he, along with Rod Stewart and drummer Kenney Jones (the surviving members of his pre-Stones band Faces) are also recording new music and that the Stones hope to continue their No Filter tour, which originally kicked off in 2017.

Ive had a front-row seat on some amazing rock n roll projects these past couple of weeks, said Wood. Im making every day count.

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The Rolling Stones to Expand 40th Anniversary 'Tattoo You' Reissue with Several New Tracks - American Songwriter

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Abigail Rawlings: Who is the Love Island star? – The Independent07.25.21

Love Island is back, with the villa finally playing host to drama after far too many weeks of tedium. A major part of that has been tattoo artist Abigail Rawlings, who joined the villa on 21 July.

Heres everything you need to know about her...

Abigail is 27 and from Bournemouth though she was born in Beaconsfield and confessed in her official bio to always stirring things up whether she means to or not.

She also pledged to steal Toby from Chloe at the first chance she has, but also admitted to having her eye on both Teddy and Aaron.

As for the girls, she thinks Liberty is amazing, Kaz is a vibe and Faye is cool.

The Love Island newbie has a number of tattoos in keeping with her profession and tattooed her own leg with a portrait of her dog. She added: Ive got loads of little stamps on my ankle of things which are memories of things that have happened in my life where I want to dedicate the moment.

Abigail added that she tends to be a relationship girl and never stays single for very long. She says that shes looking for a serious relationship in the villa, but also friendships.

When people ask what is your goal in life?, one of mine is to meet as many people as I can and make as many friendships and connections with people and not necessarily just here but all over the world, she explained.

Love Island star Abigail Rawlings


She also revealed that she was once a professional gymnast. I wouldnt say Im confident enough to do back flips now but I can still do an awful lot of that stuff ... Im super bendy.

Abigails personal Instagram can be found here, while her work as a tattoo artist has its own Instagram here.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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Abigail Rawlings: Who is the Love Island star? - The Independent

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Piercing and Tattoo Parlor to Open in Edgecomb – The Lincoln County News07.09.21

Edgecomb will soon be home to Lincoln Countys only body piercing and tattoo studio.

The Edgecomb Planning Board approved a land use application for Kats Piercings and Tattoosat 17 Dodge Road, next to Twisted Iron Customs on the evening of Thursday, July 1.

The owner, Kat Stewart, has worked as a piercing practitioner since 2013, and has been an employee at True North Tattoo in Augusta since 2017.

According to Stewarts application, the studio will feature a full-time body piercing practitioner and two full-time tattoo artists.

In a phone interview on Friday, July 2, Stewart said that she and Twisted Irons owner, Michael Benner, have been friends since they were children, and he had urged her to pursue the business venture as a way to turn Twisted Iron into a destination on the Midcoast.

During her time working in Augusta, Stewart noticed many of her clients were traveling all the way from the Midcoast for piercings. Six months later she decided to try opening her own piercing studio in earnest. With most tattoo artists and piercing practitioners booking out into November, Stewart plans to capitalize on the high demand in the Midcoast.

The building itself is a former residential space off of Route 1, which Stewart had completely gutted, from the wiring to the plumbing.

Stewart said that she is eager to become part of the community as a business owner, and intends to use her business to benefit local nonprofits like Midcoast Humane as well as local food pantries.

Stewart expects to open her studio by the end of July and will be accepting applications for tattoo artists as well as apprentices.

For more information, call the shop at 687-8046. A Facebook page for the business will soon be active.

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Piercing and Tattoo Parlor to Open in Edgecomb - The Lincoln County News

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Ed Sheeran reveals meaning behind new Orca tattoo – The Times Herald07.09.21

Ed Sheeran's new Orca tattoo is a tribute to his daughter Lyra Antarctica.

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker has revealed the Killer Whale inking on his inner arm is for his 10-month-old baby girl - whom he has with his wife Cherry Seaborn - as they can be found swimming in the continent's seas.

Ed is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizzare column as saying: I got some vampire teeth on my shoulder for the video and an orca for Antarctica.

I am completely covered in the weirdest, most colourful tattoos and that is the thing no one can get their head around, apart from my wife. Everyone says I look like a melted crayon.

But I love them. I love that any time something random happens, I put it on my body.

The flame-haired pop star is said to have more than 60 tattoos, but the 30-year-old musician admitted he can no longer stand the pain for more than two hours at a time.

He added: In my twenties, I would sit for 18 hours and just blitz it.

"Now Im like two hours in, just do it in a month kinda thing.

However, a few years ago, the 'Bloodstream' hitmaker was so comfortable in the tattooist chair that he fell asleep.

Ed got Kevin Paul to create a collage of inkings on his chest in 2016 and he spent over 40 hours in the chair to get his unique collection.

The Grammy-winner had confessed that he "passed out" when he was getting an image of the Sagrada Familia, an elaborate Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, etched onto his stomach because the pain was so excruciating.

Despite his admission, Kevin insisted that out of all his celebrity clients Ed was the most "hardcore" when it comes to taking the needle and he even dozed off for a short snooze as he was marking his skin with a design.

Kevin - who has worked on a host of stars such as Rihanna, Harry Styles and James Arthur - said at the time: "Ed is amazing for taking the pain. For a little geeky ginger kid - which was what he was like when I first met him - he used to take seven or eight hours at a time, he was proper hardcore he would proper go for it. Nowadays I probably do three or four hours on him at a time. The last time I did a tattoo on him he fell asleep, he was proper snoring, he fell asleep for about 20 minutes!"

Ed has had his entire chest covered in tattoos that relate to his loved ones and the songs from his album 'Divide'.

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Ed Sheeran reveals meaning behind new Orca tattoo - The Times Herald

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6ix9ine Trolls Blueface Over Head Tattoo – Rap-Up.com07.09.21

After trolling Lil Durk, 6ix9ine has turned his attention to Blueface.

The Thotiana rapper recently got a new tattoo on his head featuring the name of a celebrity jeweler, NYC Luxury. The tattoo went viral as social media clowned him for displaying the jewelers logo on his skull.

Nahhhh idk what kinda deal he made with yall shit, Hitmaka commented, while a fan added, He must get free jewelry for life.

Tekashi also couldnt resist the urge to chime in on Bluefaces new tat. He commented on a post on DJ Akademiks page, implying that Blueface got the tattoo in lieu of paying for the jewelry.

He definitely owed them money for unpaid jewelry, he wrote along with a series of laughing emojis, adding the jewelers name, NYC Luxury, in another comment.

Blueface clapped back, writing, @6ix9ine you literally trying [too] hard to stay relevant.

Tekashi continued to mock Blueface in a video where he pretended to get a head tattoo because he couldnt pay for his chain. One hit wonder problems, he captioned the clip.

In an interview with Rap-Up last year, Blueface blamed 6ix9ine for the demise of the internet. 6ix9ine fu**ed up the internet. Its his fault, he said. Its his fault all these fake motherfu**ers and everybody just talking just to get a reaction and response. Everything is a meme. Its his fault.

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6ix9ine Trolls Blueface Over Head Tattoo -

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24 Of The Most Stunning Hand-Poked Tattoos – elle.com07.09.21

The pandemic rendered most of us unable to fulfil our ink insatiability, but one type of tattoo has been enjoying a resurgence across social media: hand-poke, or stick-and-poke tattoos, as you may have come to know them.

While most of us were baking (or in our case, burning) banana bread, others took their boredom to the next level and decided to get experimental with a needle and ink, turning their hand to the oldest method of tattooing. Needless to say, this isn't a hobby we recommend trying at home. The uptick in hand-poke tattoos across social media did however bring the intricate method and style to the forefront of our attention and we've been Pinterest-ing and pining for a professional one ever since.

For those who might be considering getting a hand-poked tattoo, we've got the low-down on what to expect when booking your first appointment.

Hand-poked tattoos are pretty much exactly what the name would have you think. 'Hand-poke is tattooing without electricity,' says Grace Neutral, who creates epic hand-poked tattoos at Femme Fatale Studio in London. 'Its the original way they tattooed back in the day.'

Rather than using an electrically-powered machine (aka a tattoo gun), the design is applied dot by dot using a single needle to push the ink under the skin. Slower than your average tattoo, yes, but also a great technique for achieving extremely delicate designs.

'It was something I was drawn to when I first started working in tattoo shops when I was 18,' says Neutral. 'When I tried it there was no going back. I knew this was the way I wanted to work.'

Unsurprisingly, the loud buzzing noise and look of a tattoo gun can be enough to put people off, which is where hand-poked tattoos gain an advantage. The process is a lot calmer and quieter, and generally makes the experience less uncomfortable.

'Everybody is different when it comes to pain, but from my experience the majority of people I've tattooed say its less painful than a machine tattoo,' says Neutral.

While you might have seen some questionably faded stick-and-poke tattoos doing the rounds, their longevity is more a consequence of the skillset of the amateur hand-poker than the technique itself. 'Hand-poke tattoos done well will last forever, just like machine tattoos,' explains Neutral.

Aftercare can't be avoided for any type of tattoo (you're putting ink into your skin here people!), so you should keep your new tattoo well moisturised with a fragrance-free, hydrating lotion, such as the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, avoid immersing the newly-inked area in water and keep it well away from the sun. So basically no sun, no sea, and definitely no dodgy tattoos on your hols.

The good news is that you might not have to wait so long for your design to heal. 'Its basically the same healing process but usually because hand-poke causes less trauma to the skin it has a quicker healing time,' explains Neutral.

If that doesn't sell you on these majorly cool tattoos, from elegant herons to cutesy flowers, we've rounded up the most swoon-worthy hand-poked designs.

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24 Of The Most Stunning Hand-Poked Tattoos -

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Justin Thomas honors grandfather with tattoo – pgatour.com07.09.21

Justin Thomas has a tiny tattoo on his left forearm, just below the elbow, as a tribute to his family. It has three vertical lines that represent his father, mother and himself, with a horizontal line above the middle one to form a "T" for Thomas.

He added a new one at the start of the year that is equally meaningful though rarely seen.

It's the signature of his late grandfather, Paul Thomas, the first in a generation of golf professionals. That one is on the inside of his right upper arm. Thomas said he had the tattoo done shortly before his grandfather died in early February at age 89.

Getting the signature was the tricky part, so he called his grandmother.

"I said, `This is weird, but can you have grandpa sign something?'" Thomas said. "His signature is very Arnold Palmer like, and I always remembered that. I asked her to send me a picture of it. She said, `Should I even bother asking?' I told her no."

Thomas said he sent a picture of the finished product, which was shown to his grandfather.

"He called me and said he would be charging me residuals every time he saw it on TV," Thomas said with a laugh.

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Justin Thomas honors grandfather with tattoo -

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Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum is sporting a new tattoo on his hand – Celtics Wire07.09.21

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Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics All-Star small forward Jayson Tatum is evidently sporting some new ink, rocking a novel tattoo on his hand to complement several other tattoos he has picked up in recent years.

Tatum is no stranger to his body art making the news after a hefty back piece reading Gods Will caught the attention of fans and haters both for its lack of proper punctuation (it was missing the apostrophe to distinguish the s as possessive rather than the plural). Now, the St. Louis native is sporting a tat that reads Big Deuce on his left hand (h/t Forbes Sports Chris Grenham for the find), an image of which he recently shared on social media.

It is unclear whether Tatum is giving himself a nickname to match his sons who goes by Deuce or what exactly the new ink means. Take a look for yourself in the image below:

Jayson Tatum now has Big Deuce tattooed on his left hand:

Chris Grenham (@chrisgrenham) July 6, 2021

This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook!

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Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum is sporting a new tattoo on his hand - Celtics Wire

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‘We’re ready to go’: Hair salons, tattoo shops, malls thrilled to reopen on Monday – CTV Toronto07.09.21

WATERLOO -- Business owners in Waterloo Region say they're ecstatic to reopen come Monday when the area moves in to Step 2 after being closed for more than three months.

"Great news, fantastic," said Mark Muia, co-owner of Luxe Appeal Salon. "We're excited to be open again."

Places like hair and nail salons and tattoo parlours can reopen their doors at 25 per cent capacity come Monday. Masks are required at all times.

"It's definitely been a long wait that's been mentally and obviously financially stressful, said Tristan Everett, co-owner of Iron Horse Tattoo. "It's been a pretty substantial loss for us."

Personal care services, like tattoo shops, have only been open for six weeks this year.

In other changes, malls in the region can also reopen and patios can now seat tables of six.

Outdoor social gatherings increase to 25 people, and five people can gather indoors.

"This is a great day for all of our personal care, like our hair, our nails, our beauty salons, our tattoo shops, and for businesses that are actually inside Waterloo town square that didn't have outdoor access," said Tracy Van Kalsbeek, executive director of the Uptown Waterloo BIA.

Van Kalsbeek is hoping Waterloo Region residents support local, adding the road to economic recovery will be a long one.

At Luxe Appeal Salon, stylists are preparing for a busy summer.

"We're probably going to have to open every day and not have any days off, extended hours," Muia said. "The capacity issue is going to be an issue, because 25 per cent is a low amount, but we'll work it out."

Some businesses owners said phones were ringing off the hook once Region of Waterloo officials made the Step 2 announcement Thursday morning.

"Everybody is excited to get back to work," said Andrew Bojdani, co-owner of Luxe Nail Bar. "A lot of our clients are reaching out to us saying, 'hey, can we please get in,' so we're ready to go."

For some Waterloo Region residents, the move to Step 2 can't come soon enough, while others are still feeling hesitant.

"I'm thinking we should wait a little longer, but that's a moot point now it looks like," one person said.

"I'm really excited for things to open up," another resident said. "I need a haircut, I miss the haircut, I miss my barber. So yeah, I'm really excited."

A full list of what reopens in Step 2 is available here.

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'We're ready to go': Hair salons, tattoo shops, malls thrilled to reopen on Monday - CTV Toronto

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Pete Davidson Is Getting All of His Tattoos Removed and Itll Take 2 More Years – Us Weekly07.09.21

Pete Davidson. Mary Cybulski/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock

Erasing his ink! Pete Davidson revealed that he has embarked on a very lengthy process to remove each and every one of his tattoos.

Ive made lot of questionable choices, and a couple of them need removing, the 27-year-old comedian said in a new commercial with Smartwater. The clip aired in promotion of the brands first ever Rehydration Day, which appropriately falls on July 5, the day following partying that comes along with Independence Day.

But now Im trying to make smarter choices, hydrating with Smartwater and stuff like that, Davidson said while an actress playing a technician started to laser away a design on his arm.

While the SNL star was getting his ink zapped for the purposes of his partnership, filming the commercial actually got in the way of his real life treatments. In fact, he had to take about four or five months off.

Were shooting some stuff and it takes like a month for it to heal. But like its pretty much off this hand, he told People TV. I get my next treatment [in] like a month or so.

Even though his next laser treatment is in the books, dont expect his body full of designs to vanish in a snap its going to take a decent amount of time.

They said by the time Im 30, they should all be gone, he revealed. So they got like two more years left of this.

Davidsons decisions to remove some of his ink stems from a place of practicality. In May, the star revealed that hes removing many of his tattoos to make his growing acting career a heck of a lot easier.

I honestly never thought that I would get the opportunity to act and I love it a lot, he said during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. You have to get there three hours earlier to cover all your tattoos, because for some reason, people in movies, they dont have that much.

As a result, he decided to start burning them off. But to say its an unpleasant experience would be a gross understatement. In fact, Davidson says its worse than getting them in the first place. But with more than 100 tattoos, its safe to say the doctor has a lot of ink to zap off.

Davidsons extensive tattoo collection includes everything from a Hillary Clinton portrait and a quote from Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore to a drawing of Winnie the Pooh and multiple tributes to his father, a firefighter who died responding to the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

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Pete Davidson Is Getting All of His Tattoos Removed and Itll Take 2 More Years - Us Weekly

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