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Happy Mew Year! Enjoy These Cat Tattoos – INKED01.03.20

Tired: New Years Day.Wired: Mew Years Day.

While it seems like every single day is a perfect day to spend hours looking at cat content on the internet, it turns out that today actually is dedicated to that glorious time-wasting hobby. The "holiday" was concocted back in 2016 to have a special celebration of the new year just for cats.

As it's a new holiday, there aren't a whole lot of traditions built into it yet. The possibilities are endless. For example, we could build a big ball of yarn to drop at midnight and toast with catnip cocktails served in saucers. We could spend all day wrapped up in blankets with our snuggly kitties while eating lasagna in honor of a certain, gluttonous orange cat.

We could pick this day as the perfect time to go out and get a cat tattoo of our own. You can get one of your own personal fur baby, a famous internet cat or the latest feline-related meme. Or go a slightly crazy route, like your humble author here, and get a tattoo of a demon cat swilling vodka, as portrayed in "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. It's all good.

The people in the following gallery have gotten a head start on Mew Years Day with their amazing cat tattoos. Or, as I often say to the chagrin of those around me, "Cattoos."

What kind of cat tattoo are you thinking about? Something cuddly? Something fierce? Something mischievous? Let us know on social media. Happy Mew Years!

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Happy Mew Year! Enjoy These Cat Tattoos - INKED

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Nearly one in three New Yorkers has a tattoo: survey – New York Post01.03.20

How about tat?

Nearly a third of New Yorkers have turned their famously thick skins into living canvases, with 31.4 percent of adults now sporting tattoos, according to a city Department of Health survey.

The body art-binge coincides with a surge in the amount of tattoo artists licensed to work in the city their numbers soared from 2,482 in 2014 to 4,332 by 2018, public records show.

Once you have one, youre like, Wow, I feel different now, said Britney Goodman, a 32-year-old artist at Brooklyns Allied Tattoo, explaining New Yorkers obsession with going under the needle. Its the addiction of evolving into who you are.

Of those getting inked, women outpace men, with 34.9 percent tatted up as opposed to 27.4 percent of men, the survey found.

I tattooed a woman who got a snake tattoo, recalled Goodman, describing how it is increasingly common for women to walk through the doors of her Bushwick parlor.

I think its cool that women come in and they dont care if something is considered feminine or not, she said. Less people [are] Googling tattoos for women, and more people [are] just getting what they want.

Despite its trendsetting reputation, Brooklyn ranks only third among the boroughs, with 32.1 percent of residents inked.

Staten Island leads the way at 36.6 percent, narrowly edging The Bronxs 36.4 percent, according to the tat stats.

Manhattan and Queens residents tend to opt for a more natural look, with tattoo rates of 30.2 and 27.5 percent, respectively.

Latino New Yorkers are the most likely to go under the needle, at 42.4 percent.

They are followed by black residents at 31 percent, whites at 27 percent and Asians at 17.2 percent.

New Yorkers between ages 25 and 44 are getting the most body art, with 43.5 percent tattooed, the study found.

Theres no such thing as a crazy tattoo, said Mel Nieves, owner of Norwinds Bar in Bushwick, who has five tattoos of his own, including a religious piece on his shoulder.

Its addicting, said Nieves, 40.

But it doesnt always work out 16.7 percent of those who have gotten a tattoo have ended up getting one removed, most often by laser, the study found.

Goodman who said shed have to stop and count the number of tattoos lining her body insisted that the best way to avoid regret is to consider a professionals advice before getting inked in the first place.

You do your best to educate them, try and tell them why it might look bad and give them as much information as you can, she said. At the end of the day, theyre wearing it, not me.

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Nearly one in three New Yorkers has a tattoo: survey - New York Post

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Does Amanda Bynes have a new face tattoo? – The Daily Dot01.03.20


Amanda Bynes broke her nearly month-long social media hiatus to post a new photo Tuesday.

The simple photo posted to Instagram shows Bynes sporting what appears to be a fresh tattoo on her left cheek. It is unclear whether the small heartabout the size of a thumbnailis the real deal, or if she accomplished the look through a filter or with non-permanent ink. Regardless, the new look has people talking.

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A post shared by Amanda Bynes (@amandabynesreal) on

The 33-year-old former Nickelodeon star has remained mostly out of the spotlight for several years now. She re-entered the public eye after a long break last year when she discussed her highly-publicized struggles with Paper. In the interview, Bynes noted that abusing drugs really messed up her brain and that now that she is sober, she feels like herself again. Those days of experimenting are long over, she said. Im not sad about it and I dont miss it because I really feel ashamed of how those substances made me act.

Bynes spent several years in and out of rehab, before transitioning to a sober living facility. In herPaper interview, Bynes noted that she had been sober for four years. Earlier this month, she reportedly left a sober living facility where she had been residing. While it was initially reported that Bynes fled the facility and her whereabouts were unknown, a source toldUs Weeklythat the reports were false. Amanda has never been lost or missing, the source said. She did leave the sober living facility but her parents know where she is. With Amanda, its not surprising that she would leave the sober living facility. Its not uncommon for anyone dealing with sobriety and mental health issues.

In the process of getting her life back on track, Bynes graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles in June. Fans of the actress have high hopes that a comeback is on its way. The news of her new tattoo has fans split and sharing their opinions online. If Amanda Bynes new face tattoo is real then Id say things are going really well for her, one fan wrote.

If Amanda Bynes new face tattoo is real then Id say things are going really well for her

amanda bynes got a face tattoo before the new decade can we discuss

been thinking about Amanda Bynes face tat since before I went to sleep last night

whoever did amanda bynes face tat should be given a life sentence immediately... no possibility of parole

Is Amanda Bynes okay? I ask because she got a messed up heart tattoo on her face and thats usually the first cry for help

Leave it to Amanda Bynes to put the cherry on top of this decade by getting a face tattoo. She wins.

While everyone else is busy discussing the new tattoo, other fans are prepared for Bynes big 2020 comeback. This decade simply must include a massive Amanda Bynes comeback, one user wrote.

2020 Predictions:

-Another war-Climate catastrophes -BIG Amanda Bynes comeback

This decade simply must include a massive Amanda Bynes comeback

Still waiting for Amanda Bynes return to acting

Bynes did not return the Daily Dots request for comment.


H/T Yahoo

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Does Amanda Bynes have a new face tattoo? - The Daily Dot

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Demi Lovato’s 3D Tattoo is Bound to Inspire – YouBeauty01.03.20

Demi Lovato loves to live what she preaches. The talented artist uses permanent ink to remind herself and her fans of the incredible strength she possesses. Living in the spotlight means scrutiny at all times, and Demi hasnt had the easiest time dealing with the fame.

She actively reminds those around her that sobriety is her number one priority. She openly spoke about her mental health issues in the past, her struggles with drugs and her eating disorder. The girl had a lot to deal with, but its not slowing her down. Shes determined to keep fighting for her health and wellbeing, and the latest tattoo seems to be yet another reminder.

While Demi hasnt publicly commented on her new ink, her tattooist, Alessandro Capozzi, took to Instagram to share the inspiration behind the cool 3D angel on the stars upper back. We created this piece together to represent a rebirth of the spirit. The dark wings represent the bad times, their fading away is how she moved forward, Capozzi commented in the photo.

The light from within represents the inner strength necessary for the change and the doves, pulling her up, symbolize the reach of an higher state of consciousness. Congratulations on your inspiring journey Demi, honored to have represented this for you.

Demi responded to his post with, Thank you so much its incredible and you are so extremely talented The singer often shares how grateful she is for her journey, despite the hard times. We stand with you, Demi. This is a beautiful reminder of the journey!

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Demi Lovato's 3D Tattoo is Bound to Inspire - YouBeauty

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Amanda Bynes Debuted A Lopsided Heart Face Tattoo & Fans Are Worried For Her Mental Health – Pedestrian TV01.03.20

Fans have voiced their concerns forAmanda Bynesmental health after the former child-star debuted a questionable face tattoo on her Instagram on Monday.

She shared a selfie on Instagram to show off her new ink, captioning with a simple alien emoji.

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A post shared by Amanda Bynes (@amandabynesreal) on Dec 30, 2019 at 8:58pm PST

TheAmanda Show actress disabled the comments on the photo, likely to avoid backlash from critics.

It is unclear whether the tattoo is real, or just temporary, but fans are concerned nonetheless.

Some Twitter users were quick to label her face tattoo a 2020 mood, but others voiced genuine concern for the actress mental health.

But all shitty face tattoo jokes aside, fans are convinced this could be a cry for help from the former child star.

The new ink comes just weeks after Amanda made headlines for checking herself out of the sober living facility shed been residing in since January 2019.

A source told ET Online that Amanda checked herself out of the facility to live with her parents, who maintain conservatorship over her assets and affairs until August of this year. Her parents have been her conservators since 2014, but a court recently ruled that Bynes was well enough to live on her own.

Just last year, Amanda said that she had aspirations of returning to acting and pursuing a career as a fashion designer in an interview for her cover of Paper Magazine. At the time, she was on the cusp of a comeback, four years sober after a rough past experimenting with alcohol and recreational drugs like MDMA, ecstasy and cocaine.

I started smoking marijuana when I was 16. Even though everyone thought I was the good girl, I did smoke marijuana from that point on, she told Paper Magazine. I didnt get addicted [then] and I wasnt abusing it. And I wasnt going out and partying or making a fool of myself yet.

Ive already branded 2020 as the year of the Lindsay Lohan comeback, but heres hoping Amanda Bynes can get the help she needs and she too can turn her life around in the new decade.

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673, Lifeline on 13 11 14, Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467, BeyondBlue on 1300 22 46 36, Headspace on 1800 650 890. If youre in immediate danger, call 000.

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Amanda Bynes Debuted A Lopsided Heart Face Tattoo & Fans Are Worried For Her Mental Health - Pedestrian TV

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Girl with target tattoo on face’got engaged then helped fiance shoot woman dead’ –

Jack Doherty and fiancee Shaylyn Moran are accused of murdering Cheryl Smith on Wednesday, hours after getting engaged (Pictures: Facebook/Pawtucket PD)

An 18 year-old woman with a target tattooed on her face helped her fiance shoot a woman dead hours after their engagement, police say.

Shaylyn Moran and husband-to-be Jack Doherty, 23, reportedly gunned down Cheryl Smith, 54, at Smiths home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Wednesday night.

Smith was found with multiple gunshot wounds to her chest.

Moran and Doherty were found in a Pawtucket hotel hours later, and are now charged with first-degree murder, and are due to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

A motive for the shooting is unclear, although multiple marijuana plants were seen being carried out of Smiths home after the shooting.

And Moran hinted at a fondness for the drug on her Facebook page on New Years Eve, writing: 2020 if it aint weed I aint touching it.

Shockingly, the pair appeared to brag about what they had done on Facebook Wednesday night, with Doherty posting: we some fighters and some shooters.

The status was accompanied by a photo of them in bed, with Moran showing off her engagement ring and forehead piercings.

Smiths murder happened just hours after Doherty popped the question to Moran, with her alleged killers then sharing a photo of her engagement ring on Facebook.

The alleged killer, who has his own face tattoo, posted a soppy update about the proposal, writing: She said yes, with a heart emoji.

But the gushing romance came just a day after Doherty shared a chilling photo of himself pointing a handgun at a mirror, and calling himself a bloody boy.

He then proceeded to react with a love-heart to replies calling him a gangster, and praising him for his nice piece.

TurnTo10 reported that Pawtucket Police nabbed Doherty with a 9mm handgun, although it is still unclear whether it is the same weapon used to kill Smith.

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Girl with target tattoo on face'got engaged then helped fiance shoot woman dead' -

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Amanda Bynes Tattoos a Heart on Her Face | Photo – STYLECASTER01.03.20

New ink. New Year. Amanda Bynes tattooed a heart on her face, and the photo is low-key cute. The former Nickelodeon star, 33, took to her Instagram on Tuesday, Dec. 31, to post a selfie of her with a septum piercing a new heart tattoo in the middle of her cheek. The picture also shows the Easy A star with pink hair and on the couch as some family and friends sat at a table behind her. She captioned the selfie with an Alien emoji.

Its unclear if the Amanda Show alums tattoo is permanent or temporary, but regardless, were into Bynes spending some quality time with her loved ones. The former child star has had a tumultuous decade. In July 2010, after she was mysteriously recast in two films, Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting. In 2012, she was charged with a DUI in West Hollywood, California, which was later dropped. A year later, she was charged with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after she was found smoking in the lobby of a New York apartment building. The judge later dismissed her case.

In July 2013, she was hospitalized under a 72-hour mental-health evaluation hold after claims that she set a fire to a strangers driveway in Thousand Oaks, California. Her mother was granted conservatorship over her affairs. In the years that follows, Bynes accused her father of emotional and sexual abuse and announced that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2018, she broke her silence on the ordeal on Twitter. She revealed that she had been sober for four years and apologized for her past behavior. Im really ashamed and embarrassed with the things I said. I cant turn back time but if I could, I would. And Im so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me, she wrote at the time.

Entertainment Tonight reported in early December that Bynes checked out of a sober living facility and is staying with her parents as she looks for a home of her own in Los Angeles. Were happy that shes taking the right steps toward a healthy and happy life. Not everyone is going to be a fan of her tattoo, but if she likes it, so do we.

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Amanda Bynes Tattoos a Heart on Her Face | Photo - STYLECASTER

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Butter Gritty exists because of lobbying by PA’s tattooed lieutenant governor – Billy Penn01.03.20

Shaping 1,000 pounds of butter into a sculpture is interesting enough. Molding half a ton of butter into a replica of Gritty? Nothing short of brilliant.

When the PA Farm Show unveiled its annual churned cream masterpiece on Thursday, the intricate diorama got even more attention than usual. Starting with Ben Franklin in 1991, past editions have featured lifesize WWII soldiers, football players and chocolate cows.

But for 2020, sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton upped the game considerably.

This time around, the duo from Montgomery County fashioned their dairy-clay into the familiar form of the Flyers hairy orange mascot and its partly thanks to Pennsylvanias reigning maestro of amusement, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

To be clear, [Agriculture] Secretary Redding could have not done it, Fetterman told Billy Penn, noting the show is run by the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture, so Im grateful. But in terms of lobbying for it being a Butter Gritty, yeah. That was my office.

Like many ridiculous concepts, Butter Grittys origin story can be traced to social media.

Fetterman regularly engages in Twitter banter with members of the media, among them Philadelphia reporter Brian Hickey. He and I would talk stuff online, Fetterman explained. It became a running joke.

Sure enough, theres a relevant tweet from Fetterman to Hickey on Jan. 12 of last year, just after the 2019 Farm Show ended.

Oh hey look whos running their mouth like they dont want ButterGritty 20 farm show, the LG teased.

To be fair, Fetterman may not have been the first to post about it.

Hickey had written about a couple who created Cheese Gritty for their holiday party. Playing off that idea, Twitter user @balancedDonna posted about a potential Butter Gritty back in November of 2018.

Fetterman and Hickeys banter continued throughout the spring and the idea began to crystalize in the lieutenant governors mind.

I thought, wouldnt it be amazing to have a butter statue of Gritty as a way of encouraging people in Philadelphia to come to the Farm Show, Fetterman explained over the phone on Thursday.

The Farm Show, in Fettermans words, is like the Dept. of Agricultures Super Bowl and prom and homecoming all rolled up into one.

Hosted each January in Harrisburg, the expo is a chance for some of the 580,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the industry to showcase their work, which contributes upwards of $135 billion to the states economy annually. Livestock farmers trot out their best cows, poultry breeders operate a duckling slide, and theres the very popular food hall with plenty of local produce and dairy.

The American Dairy Association North East is the sponsor of the butter sculpture, so representatives from that organization had the final hand in coordinating the Gritty likeness, according to association spokesperson Christina Crews.

For the final form of the butter donated by Land OLakes, Phillys favorite orange hellion was paired with two other mascots: Swoop, of the Eagles, and Steely McBeam, of the Steelers.

What are they doing together? Tailgating, of course.

Theyre united around a celebration of things we love: good food, pro sports and life in Pennsylvania, said Agriculture Dept. spokesperson Shannon Powers.

Whether or not a Philadelphia sports fan would actually be caught partying next to a Pittsburgh sports fan, the camaraderie depicted is enough to melt a stone-cold heart. (The sculpture is kept in a refrigerated box, btw, until the show ends and it gets melted down as biofuel.)

As of this writing, Gritty himself hasnt yet tweeted about his fat-soluble likeness and Fettermans not sure he ever will.

Grittys so cool that he may not even acknowledge it, the lieutenant governor said. He might be so subversive [that] he may not recognize what a tribute being rendered in pure Pennsylvania butter is.

Either way, hes glad the idea is attracting the attention of Philadelphians.

Come for the Gritty, Fetterman said, stay to learn where your food comes from.

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Butter Gritty exists because of lobbying by PA's tattooed lieutenant governor - Billy Penn

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Visit THESE tattoo parlours in Fort Kochi to get yourself inked – Republic World – Republic World01.03.20

The body is like a canvas crafted with scars, marks and more. Many people choose to paint their body canvas with meaningful tattoos that stay with them forever. Tattoos are a form ofself-expression, self-identity, memorabilia, celebrations of milestones or simply a way to express freedom. Tattoos have been a part of human society for ages. In places near Fort Kochi, there are several professional tattoo artists that can make amazing designs. Here is a list of some of the many tattoo studios in Fort Kochi.

Fernz Shadow tattoo studio located in Chirattapalam Junction in Fort Kochi is amongst the most popular tattoo studios in the city. They offer several types of tattooing methods such as Modern Tattoo, Old School Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, UV Night Glow Tattoo, Temporary Tattoo, and Customized Tattoo. So, with these many options, one can visit and get their favourite designs inked to look rugged and cool.

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Body Art Estudio is known for its effectiveness and smooth designing ways. They provide a relaxing environment when a person gets themselves inked. The studio is popular in Kochi for its graphical designs and portraits. A person can visit this place from Tuesday to Friday, and it is opened from 10 am to 6 pm. One can find this place in Oberon Mall in Kochi.

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Known for their excellence, Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio only offers permanent tattoos to their customers. The place is bombarded by customers as they are very well-known foreffectively comforting their customers and providingthem with better services. The people who work for this art studio only provide services to people who take appointments beforehand.

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Visit THESE tattoo parlours in Fort Kochi to get yourself inked - Republic World - Republic World

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BWW Interview: Suzy London Talks About TATTOOS ON MY HEART – Broadway World01.03.20

Actress/singer Suzy London loves her work with a passion. She is one of those gifted performers who can do a role brilliantly in a play onstage and ... perform equally well in cabaret. In our conversation she tells our readers about how different one arena is from the other. She will do her brand new cabaret show Tattoos on My Heart at Sterling's Upstaris at the Federal on Sunday January 19, 2020. The show is described as an evening of country, bluesy, jazzy tunes. London relates to us with great humor about singing country.

Tell our readers about your new cabaret Tattoos on My Heart. Is it different from you other cabaret shows? If so, how?

SL: It is different, first of all because of the venue for one reason. And...anytime you do a cabaret, you can't just take a show as it is and put it into a place where it's not going to fly. You have to look at the kind of audience you're going to have and what that's going to be like. For instance, there are people in the audience who are drinking and sometimes eating, and so that limits their attention span. If they're there with a group of people, maybe they're talking, so what you do is you have to grab them and keep them or you're not going to be listened to.

I did this show specifically for the Federal. I've never done this show before. I had had great success at the theatre (Group Rep) doing the theatre version of my previous show Around the World with Suzy London. That's where I sang in twelve different styles of twelve different languages. It was sort of autobiographical of my experiences around the world. When I went to the Federal and looked around, I realized it was not the right place for that show, because it had slides and it was a more theatrical production.

How did your musical director play into all of this decision making?

SL: I talked about it with him - Robert Brandzel, and this place lends itself to something light, something fun and something funny. I have had some funny experiences with singing country music because I am a classically trained singer.. Yet, I ended up writing country jingles for a while when I was in Las Vegas. I knew nothing about country but, hey, I got the job. I did a lot of demos for country singers.

Also, right now, you have to take into consideration what is happening in the city you're in, the world you're in, and it's very strifeful. There's a lot of strife going on, a lot of unhappiness going on. I think the number one thing about entertainment is just sort of take people out of the drudgery and misery and upset. So, I wanted to do something that is light and fun. There's a lot of comedy in this show. I do a couple of novelty numbers and a couple of comedy numbers. A good laugh goes a long way.

Robert Brandzel is a joy to work with. I've worked with him for years. I met him when I was hired to do Buttercup in H. M. S. Pinafore. Even though I'm very thin, we did a very thin, skinny Buttercup with humongous breasts. We've done many shows together around town since. We don't even need to speak, we know exactly where we need to go with the music. He listens to me and says, "This isn't feeling right to me. We need to change this." He's a joy...everything about this show has been lighthearted and fun. I think when you get up to perform it, that carries across to the audience and becomes infectious. We need that right now. I'm very excited. There are several songs that I wrote. I put together the flow of the show with the stories. I do have funny stories about ending up singing country songs in foreign countries. They had no idea what they heard; it's just American to them. (we laugh)

What is your goal with this show?

SL: This show is meant for a place where people are having some food, drinks and fun. Just the experience of doing it is a joy for me.

It sounds like it may be perfect for cruise ships.

SL: It would be. That's a good idea. It is very self-contained. I don't need anything but me and the band.

What is the high point for you doing cabaret?

SL: It's much more personal. When you do theatre, you can hide in the character you're playing. and you can let your emotions come out as the other character. But in cabaret, that is not going to work. You cannot have that mask. You have to expose yourself. You have to expose your painful, hurting side, your laissez faire who gives a damn side...your soul, and get through it with a sense of humor. I get through life because I laugh about it.

That's great advice. Do you have a favorite cabaret performer?

SL: I love Liza Minnelli. I know her. Many years ago I met her at an AmfAR Aids Benefit

Man, she really puts herself out there, and I admire that. She just lets it show. And she's a very sweet person. I was taken to see a show of hers when I was a kid, and it was magical. That's I think one of the things that inspired me. And what a small world, Robert Brandzel worked with Liza as well in the beginning of her cabaret career. He thought she needed honing, but had something very special.

I love Liza too! Let's switch to acting. You are so good at doing big, bold, down.trodden characters, truly bringing them to life onstage. You cement the nitty.gritty of the role you are playing. Do you have a favorite role?

SL: I always enjoy doing musicals. I love singing and dancing, so of course I loved the role I played in The Ghost of Gershwin. I also enjoyed doing Steppin Out at Group Rep directed and choreographed by Stan Mazin. She was a character with a very interesting arc. I always like characters that have a really clear, distinct arc. I'll tell you right now I am working on a fabulous show about Tallulah Bankhead called Looped, in which she loops dialogue for the film Die Die, My Darling!

I saw that. You would bring a lot to that role.

SL: Thank you. I'm having such fun. I'm hoping to do it somewhere. Bankhead is so outrageous. As I've been working on Looped. I've found something very interesting. I wondered why Tallulah made such a religious reference and then I saw the film Die Die, My Darling! that the looping was about. In it she's a religious fanatic in that role. Then I got it about her as a person and as an actress. She was the type who became the person and let it influence her, and let it influence her in her private life ... and it came out in the recording session. By the way, a lot of Looped is taken from the actual recordings of that day when she went to loop that line. It has told me a lot about her as a person, how she sort of becomes the character and imbues everything in her life.

Do you have a mentor? Someone that inspired you, other than Liza?

SL: You know who I also admire because I have seen her work on film and onstage...Annette Bening. She is amazing. You see the kind of vocal skill and control that she's got. You have to be able to project onstage without it looking like you're projecting, and withoiut affecting the tone of the character or what you're trying to say. She's brilliant. She's definitely an inspiration.

What would you like audiences to say about you? She was...

SL: Fun. She was so fun. That was such a great night.

Remember Suzy London in Tattoos on My Heart, Sunday January 19 at 7 pm. Sterling's Upstairs at the Federal is located on the second floor at 5303 Lankershim Blvd in NoHo.

For tix call (800) 838-3006 or go to

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BWW Interview: Suzy London Talks About TATTOOS ON MY HEART - Broadway World

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