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Eiza Gonzlez’s Kissing Portrait Is the Newest Addition to Her Roster of Tattoos – POPSUGAR01.12.22

Image Source: Getty/Pierre Suu

Eiza Gonzlez just added a new tattoo to her collection. Yesterday, tattoo artist Daniel Winter, also known as Winter Stone, took to Instagram to unveil her latest design: an abstract line-art portrait of two figures kissing. While this is not the star's first tattoo she has a total of seven that we know about this is one of her larger pieces to date.

Gonzlez is not the only celebrity adding to their roster of tattoos. Just this week, Demi Lovato debuted a new spider tattoo on their head, Romeo Beckham unveiled his new massive gothic winged cross tattoo on his neck (that just so happens to match his dad's), and Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne got matching rose friendship ink. If these designs are any indication of what's to come, 2022 will definitely be the year of tattoos that make a statement.

Gonzlez joins stars like Miley Cyrus, Mandy Moore, and Joe Jonas as some of Winter's loyal celebrity customers, and he has cemented himself as an artist who specializes in incredibly precise and minimalistic designs. Thankfully, we've been blessed with endless inspiration from both Gonzlez and Winter, so it shouldn't be too hard to start thinking about what our next tattoo designs will be. Take a closer look at Gonzlez's design below.

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Eiza Gonzlez's Kissing Portrait Is the Newest Addition to Her Roster of Tattoos - POPSUGAR

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Demi Lovato Debuted a Spider Tattoo on Their Head – POPSUGAR01.12.22

Demi Lovato got some new ink, and there's a beautiful story behind it. Over the weekend, the singer took to Instagram to debut their new "Grandmother Spider" tattoo done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo. The design, which they got etched onto the left side of their head, features a simple, albeit quite large, black spider. For the portrait, Lovato had to cut their hair, which they recently shaved into a buzz cut. However, it doesn't seem that they will be keeping the look as they jokingly called on their hairstylist to "come fix my hair please."

After sharing the design, Lovato posted the inspiration behind the piece. "It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things," Lovato wrote. "She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web each of us having our place in this world." The quote comes from a Cherokee folktale called "Grandmother Brings The Light" in which a spider is finally the one to bring fire to her community and light to the world.

Lovato has been getting tattooed since they were about 16 years old, with their first piece being the phrase "You Make Me Beautiful." Since then, they have amassed an impressive collection of over 23 tattoos, with the pieces ranging from script to portrait designs in various locations. With the latest design sure to turn some heads, we can only hope that Lovato continues to share their tattoo designs with us. See the design up close ahead, and then join us in immediately calling our tattoo artists to secure an appointment.

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Demi Lovato Debuted a Spider Tattoo on Their Head - POPSUGAR

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Mum unrecognisable after extreme tattoo transformation which left her feeling vile and had HER mother in… – The Sun01.12.22

A MUM, who said people used to avoid her because of her extreme face tattoos, says she was left feeling vile after she had them covered up.

Aimee Smith, who has has been getting tatted since the tender age of 13, recently agreed to have her extensive tattoos covered up as part of an experiment as part of the TV programme Hooked on the Look.




But Aimee wasnt a fan.

The mum, 23, from Oakham, East Midlands told The Daily Star: I was trying so hard not to cry.

I know it's a strong word but I felt vile and horrible in myself. I felt so uncomfortable and it was like looking at someone who I didn't know.

While Aimee was unimpressed by her transformation, her own mother was moved to tears by her dramatic new look.

Aimee added: "I was shocked to hear her say how beautiful I looked but at the same time because Ive had face tattoos for so long and they are such a big part of my life she was like, thats not my daughter.

Miles, Aimees stepdad agreed, adding: I prefer her with the tattoos, just because thats Aimee.

Speaking at the end of her makeover, Aimee added: Today has just made me realise that I really am happy with the choice I made to be heavily tattooed despite being told not to.

Aimee has always been supported by her parents, who gave her her first tattoo gun at 13.

However, the public is less understanding.

The alternative model is mum to two boys, Elijah, 6, and Remy, 1, but she says other mums and dads judge her for her heavily tattooed skin.

Amy claims security guards follow her in shops, and other parents cross the road to keep her away from their children.

She said she feels extra pressure from people who believe women should look stereotypically feminine, especially as a mum.

She said she has even been told she "shouldnt look like that".

Her oldest son, Elijah, is particularly protective over his mum, and notices when strangers comments upset her.

The six-year-old even draws his own tattoo designs for his mum to cheer her up.

She said: "Now, I have two children, Elijah and Remy, and my tattoos attract a lot of attention.

"Parents my own age can be very judgemental some parents cross the road to get their children away from me, and I tend to get followed by security in shops that dont know me.

"My kids have witnessed the negative comments and they see the way that it makes me feel I feel like my kids are far more accepting than most people because of it.

"However, it can also be really heart-warming. I get spoken to a lot on the school run or at school events, and parents have even turned round and told me that they would love to be able to have tattoos like mine.

"I know that as a parent, I shouldnt be scared to be who I want to be."

Amy hopes to continue using her experience to show her children and other parents how important it is to be yourself and let other people do the same.

She said: "Sometimes people tell me, youre a parent or youre a woman, so I shouldnt look like this Ive had my fair share of backlash.

"Still, some of the responses Ive had make me feel really great Ive had messages on Instagram with people telling me that Ive inspired them to get a tattoo that they wanted.

I really am happy with the choice I made to be heavily tattooed

I dont regret a thing my tattoos have changed my life. Its brought so many opportunities to do some really amazing things.

"Im comfortable with who I am, and I want to encourage my children to feel the same way."

And the people who actually know Amy are incredibly supportive.

She says that her tattoos are a conversation starter on the school run, and some parents do chat to her, even asking for advice about getting their own tattoos.

Now, Amy wants to use her platform to show that tattoos can be a great art form, and have opened many doors for her, including her modelling career.

She hopes to raise her sons to be open and accepting of others no matter how they look or dress.

Amy said: "Ive always been interested in tattoos.

"I remember watching Miami Ink when I was around ten, and from then, my heart was set on getting tattoos and learning how to do them.

"I got my first tattoo at thirteen a stick-and-poke, but because I was so hell-bent on learning how to do tattoos, I was bought a tattoo machine for my fourteenth birthday.

"That really helped me to get the practice I needed to get into the industry.


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Mum unrecognisable after extreme tattoo transformation which left her feeling vile and had HER mother in... - The Sun

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Selena Gomez Finally Reveals the Meaning of Her Giant Back Tattoo: Ive Always Wanted a Rose – Us Weekly01.12.22

Selena Gomez at The Dead Dont Die premiere and opening ceremony at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in France on May 14, 2019. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

About time! Selena Gomez finally revealed the meaning behind her massive rose tattoo and the significance is honestly really sweet.

The 29-year-old actress, who got the same design as best friend Cara Delevingne, gave a glimpse at her ink in December 2021, but the message behind the intricate tattoo has been kept on the down low until now.

It means a couple of different things, the Only Murders in the Building star revealed on a Monday, January 10, episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Me and Cara, one of my best friends she calls me Rosebud. So its a nickname. Ive always wanted a rose and now I got one and I love it.

Gomez, who is starring in Hotel Transylvania, first teased her ink via tattoo artist Bang Bang NYCs Instagram account. He shared a photo of the Rare Beauty founder standing in a graffiti-filled room with a large, abstract design on her back.Try as they might, fans werent able to guess what the art depicted. From dream catcher predictions to suspicions that the picture was tied to an upcoming album, the guesses were plentiful.

Fast forward a week and Bang Bang NYC revealed a close up of the pink and black watercolor rose design. One day later, he surprised fans with an image of Delevingnes torso, which had the same exact design.

Matching for @caradelevingne. I had so much fun making these tattoos thanks for always trusting me Cara. FYI I didnt tell them till the end that these were my first watercolor tattoos ever, Bang Bang NYC captioned a video of the Puma ambassadors ink.

While the rose might be one of Gomezs largest designs to date, she does have multiple matching tattoos with people whove left a significant mark on my life.

In 2019, Gomez got a matching arrow tattoo on her hand with Julia Michaels. Its tatted, she captioned a photo of her ink, which was shared via Instagram Stories. My arrow points to you forever.

The Rare Beauty founder also has a series of numbers on the back of her arm that represent the day of her kidney transplant. In an interview with CapitalFM, she revealed that friend and donor Francia Raisa has the same ink.

Thats not all though. Gomez and three of her best friends also have matching tattoos of the number four. 4, because you are my 4 for the rest of my life, she captioned a 2018 Instagram post debuting the ink.

In addition to matching tattoos, Gomez also has tattoos that represent her musical career, mental health and loved ones.

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Selena Gomez Finally Reveals the Meaning of Her Giant Back Tattoo: Ive Always Wanted a Rose - Us Weekly

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Ive spent 20 years covering my house in giant tattoo mosaic I might be a neighbour from hell but I lov… – The Sun01.12.22

A WOMAN who has spent 20 years covering her beloved home in a giant tattoo-style mosaic says others may feel she's the "neighbour from hell".

Carrie Reichardt, 55 and of posh Chiswick, London, has used her house as an artwork to tell the story of her life.



And while the property is the most colourful on her street, those living nearby love her designs, she says.

The artist said: "The mosaics on my house are like tattoos that people get on their body.

"It's autobiographical and every bit tells a story of my life at a specific time."

She first used mosaic in her garden in 1997 - and in 2000, decided to begin working on the outside of her house.

"I first started with my doorway and carried on from there," she said.

"I joked that it would take me 20 years to do, and it really has.

"Covering my house in mosaics would give me the ability to make a large piece of public art that wouldnt be censored by anyone else."

All of the tiles used by Carrie on her home were either salvaged from skips or given to her by tile merchants who no longer wanted them.

"I'm a big believer in recycling and upcycling, so I have a look in skips and tips to see what I can find and I can also make use of tiles that would go to waste," she said.

"I have a huge collection of tiles in my garage now.

"I had scaffolding on the front of my house for years while we were doing the top section of my house.

It's like giving my house an autobiographical tattoo of my life

"It probably made me the neighbour from hell, but when the scaffolding was taken down and the art was revealed, it was such an amazing moment.

"That was one of my favourite moments of my whole journey of mosaicing my house."

Among the scenes depicted on the property are letters written by Carrie to a prisoner on death row. The pair became good friends before his execution.

"My house essentially has an autobiographical tattoo of everything that has happened to me," she said.

"I was writing to a man on death row for five years and we became really good friends at that time.

"I went over to visit him before he was executed. I dedicated the back wall of my house to him and it even has his ID card embedded into it."

She said neighbours like her work - adding: "If they didn't, I would never have gotten away with it.

"I have people that come past the house every single day to take a look at it. I've had to cover my windows so people can't stare in because there are groups of tourists outside every day taking pictures."





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Ive spent 20 years covering my house in giant tattoo mosaic I might be a neighbour from hell but I lov... - The Sun

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Finding Harmony in Tension with Fai Khadra – officemagazine.net01.12.22

office had the opportunity to visit the elegant new space and speak to Mark Shami ahead of the store opening this past weekend. Read on toreallyget to know The M Jewelers.

How did your story with The M Jewelers begin?

I started the company around eight years ago. I have a background of jewelers in my family; my dad was in the jewelry industry. He had a little mom-and-pop shop in the Diamond District and then my two uncles were both in the industry as well. I was always working with all of them and it was kind of a summer job at the time, or, you know, whenever I wasn't in school. So I learned all different aspects of the jewelry industry from them. And then later down the line, after working in the Diamond District for so long and working in their offices, I started to build a little bit of the website and take photos of things that were in my dad's shop. Growing up, I was making a lot of nameplates with my father and he taught me how to make name rings and all that from start to finish. That was the side of the business that I really enjoyed, so I started developing what would be The M Jewelers in my head, early on. And at that time, the Instagram-era was starting to brew. We started making nameplates and sending them to different people. And there wasn't any paid promo at the time either. So all these people were posting things and it was starting to brew. We kind of built a community online first, and it started funneling in customers and customers. And then about two years later I had my partner join and we started really going after the marketing angle of the business and started gifting a lot. We were making about one-hundred to 150 nameplates a day and sending them out to everybody we could. And it was kind of crazy at the time because we didn't really have any money and we were just going and going. Since then, it's just been a big snowball effect of us taking what we built in the Diamond District and opening up the variety and selection of our products and getting better as a company. But I mean we're eight years in now and we've definitely learned a lot, and tomorrow we open our first actual store. We've done so many pop-ups all over the country and collaborations, like Nike, Kith, Adidas, Converse a bunch of beauty brands and things like that. In the past year, we've really honed it in and thought, 'Okay, what really represents the brand? What makes sense?'

In what ways is this new storefront an ode to your first store that opened in the Diamond District?

The whole ethos of the brand is always going to be the Diamond District store; it's embedded in me and the brand for sure. And we still make all our personalized pieces there. But the cool thing is our staple items that are still our number one best sellers were our number one best sellers from the first day. So our product assortment is still the same product that we've been doing for eight years now but with the new store, it's kind of a new rendition of those old products over time. The Diamond District and Mulberry Street to me are very, very similar in their own way though. The Diamond District is like its own country its own world. When you go over there, it's super different; you feel like you're not even in New York. And then Mulberry is such a close-knit community and there's so much history here. So we want to take a little bit of both and kind of tuck into the street and not be super flashy or anything like that. We want it to feel like, 'Oh, the store's been here for 50 years already.'

I think the cool thing about the simplicity of the store is that it also lets the things that you guys do shine through. On a more personal note, looking back to that store in the Diamond District and then seeing what you have now, how does it feel to be experiencing this new growth for the brand?

Oh, it's amazing. I mean, when we opened that store, I felt like a totally different person. I was a lot younger. I feel like I'm a hundred years old now. That store was only 150 square feet super tiny. But we were actually recently all looking back at all the photos and things we had from there. We used to pack all our initial orders there and now we have a team of 20 plus people. It's cool to see us grow into a space that's one thousand plus square feet and to let people come in and experience the brand for real here, the music we like to listen to, and to see the product. We created our own scent with a New York-based brand for the store too. So we've done all these things to really capture what the brand is all about, where in the Diamond District, it was just a really little booth and you came in and there could probably be a hundred different things happening at once. But here, it's going to be such a comforting, unique, clean experience. But we'll still have those nitty-gritty Diamond District products that we've always been showcasing.

Why did you decide to collaborate with interior designer Samantha Cullari for the new store?

The cool thing is, everyone who's worked on the store are really close friends of ours. We did it all just with our group. So my partner, Anthony, built the entire store literally. And that's why it took us so long, but we built everything. It's all custom. It's really, really wild how long it took us because everything is in the details. And then Sam has been an old friend for about 10 years at this point. I always really liked her style. She's design-trained and she has really great taste and we always saw eye-to-eye on everything as far as design. She even built her own house. She said to me, 'Hey, if you're ever designing a store, let me know.' So right when we signed the lease here, I thought, 'Oh, let me go talk to her.' And we started talking and she had the right vision for it. So it really already feels like a community, like even tonight, we have a bunch of people that are dropping off stuff and it's really cool because it's everyone from around the area. It's cool to see everybody come in already and show their support. I feel like it's going to be a really special moment this whole week.

I love how you added these personal touches to the new store. Can you tell me more about that scent you created?

Yeah, it's with a brand called Sidia. We developed this scent called 'Mulberry' in candles and essential oils for the past couple of months and it's really nice. It's kind of woody; it's calm.

Aside from some of the personal elements you guys added in, what are you most excited for others to see when they enter into this new space?

We have a bunch of surprises. We even built a whole custom flower cart that's going outside tonight and it'll be out for tomorrow. The bouquets are all ribbon-tied with our logo. So we're gonna create a cool experience with that. And even that company is a florist from Jersey City that we grew up with too. They're a little mom-and-pop shop and we're bringing them in to do all the flowers and arrangements and things for people. But what we're really excited about for tomorrow is that we've merchandised so well. We spent so much time on this place so we're really excited for people to understand the brand for the first time, you know? It really feels like it's the first day we're starting because everyone's always looked at us as, 'Oh, this is a really big online company. Is it real? Is it not real? What is it?' So I think tomorrow will solidify that.

Totally. I've known The M Jewelers for a long time but, I agree, a lot of it was on that basis of social media. I think putting a visual aspect to this name that everyone knows has to be something super, super rewarding for you guys.

One-hundred percent.

What about this particular location made you jump at putting the store there?

Our office is a couple of blocks away and I live a few blocks away too. We spend a lot of time in this neighborhood. The big thing here is that it feels like home for us and everyone around us all the neighboring brands, stores, restaurants, and even wine shops we know everybody. It just feels kind of perfect. And it was a blank canvas when we came in here, so it really feels like ours now. The moment we walked into this spot, we were like, 'Okay, this is it.

The new store acts as an immersive shopping experience that travels beyond just shopping it will also be a space for the community to come together and celebrate. Are there any events you are hoping to host there in the new year?

We have a lot stacked up for the store. One thing we're doing we have a collaboration coming out with an artist named Mr. K; he's a tattoo artist at Bang Bang. He designed a whole collection by hand and he's going to be doing tattoos in the shop, in a few weeks when we release the collection. We've collaborated with artist and model Alexander Roth twice at this time. We're having him do a night, along with a wine company, where they come and do pairings of things. We're going to be activating very, very frequently. We are also going to do a friends and family night, where everyone from the neighborhood, everyone even outside of the city that we're friends with, will come in. We're playing it safe with COVID right now. But in the future, we're going to have a lot of stuff happening here. I would say every few weeks on a monthly basis and especially in the summer. I run all the time and every time I would run past this area, I would think how much fun it is in the summer when there are people hanging out outside. We want to make everybody feel like they're a part of it. Everyone's welcome.

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Finding Harmony in Tension with Fai Khadra -

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226 Best Forearm Tattoo Designs EVER (For Men & Women …12.28.21

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo, but werent sure where to start the forearm might be a good place. Forearm tattoos are very popular, especially among men, and are more cost-effective and less time-consuming than having a full sleeve done. The forearm is a favorite location for tattoos because of the all the blank space it provides for creating. Also, because the forearm is such a prominent part of the body, any tattoo that you put there has maximum visibility.

Although forearm tattoos are usually associated with men, women are also jumping on the forearm tattoo bandwagon lately as well. Gone are the days when women sat meekly by, turning their noses up at tattooed men. These days, women are getting just as many tattoos as men and proudly showing them off! Not just on their forearms, but all over their bodies as well.

Today, forearm tattoos are a method of creative self-expression. People get all kinds of things tattooed on themselves that usually have some special meaning to the wearer. The names of loved ones, important dates in their lives and tributes to live and love are some of the things that people choose to immortalize in their ink art. However, this used to not be the case. Throughout history, forearm tattoos were used as affiliation markings or and brands of sorts not just for creative self-expression. Some tribal people would get forearm tattoos to signify being a member of a certain social class or group while others were tattooed with their specific trade in life, like a baker or carpenter. Tattoos were an integral part of certain cultures and just about everyone had one.

The fact that you do not see too many older people with tattoos says a lot about how the tattooed lifestyle used to be portrayed by society. Many people in the early twentieth century believed that only the rough crowd got tattoos so if you had one, you must have been some sort of rebel or outcast because no decent person would get them. Well, there might be a bit of truth to that, seeing as how tattoos have always been popular with bikers, sailors and other traditionally (back then) unsavory types. It is possible that the same mindset still exists in some parts of society today, but it is also just as likely that less people care what other people think of them and choose to live their lives on their terms without conforming to socially acceptable norms.

What ever the case may be, forearm tattoos are still one of the most popular types of tattoos out there today and there are lots of reasons why. First, the forearm is a part of the body that is least likely to change as we age. This is partly because the skin in that area does not sag or stretch in a way that a tattoo would get distorted over time. The forearm is almost never exposed to direct sunlight, which helps to preserve the integrity of the tattoo as well.

Another reason that forearm tattoos are popular is because those who lift weights and body build like to draw attention to their efforts. Lets face it. Guys (and girls) like to show off their muscles. What better way to do that than to slap some eye-catching ink art right on top of those ripped bodies? On the other hand, forearm tattoos can easily be covered up with long-sleeves, if the situation warrants. For instance, just because forearm tattoos are okay with the management where you work now doesnt mean the boss you have five, ten years down the road is going to feel the same way. Tattoos are never going to be acceptable to some people so it is a good idea to have them in a place where you can conceal them when the need arises if you care!

Heres a look at some of the absolute BEST forearm tattoos for both men and women, along with a brief overview of their meanings. Check em out.

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226 Best Forearm Tattoo Designs EVER (For Men & Women ...

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250+ Leo Tattoo Designs (2021) Zodiac Sign Symbol and …12.28.21

Leo tattoo designs are for people born in the Leo Zodiac Sign. If you are born between 23 July to 22 August then you are born under the Leo Zodiac Sign. Leo is considered a creative person. But they are also criticized for being self-centered and egoist. They do achieve their goals within a given time frame but they love to take all the credit for it.

Popular Leo celebrities such as Mick Jagger and Alfred Hitchcock have proved that they do not follow the social norms. They can produce content that is timeless and can live on forever.

The sign for Leo is a Lion. The horoscope symbol also is similar to the Lion shape.Here we present you 250+ Leo tattoo designs that can be tried by both men and women

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250+ Leo Tattoo Designs (2021) Zodiac Sign Symbol and ...

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Tattoos Book: +2500 FREE Tattoo Designs12.28.21

** Check out more Medusa Tattoo Designs HERE

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a female Gorgon. Medusa has a monster face and her hair is made up of snacks. It is said that anyone who makes eye contact with her would be turned to stone. Medusa was the child of Ceto and Phorcy. Medusa is considered an emblem and inspiration for art, films, cartoon, games and even books.

Hot and Stylish Medusa Tattoo Designs:

Medusa tattoo has many meanings and many different designs that you can choose from

1. Traditional image of Medusa:

This traditional tattoo shows all the details of her at a glance. Her devious eyes are ready to pounce on you and the head of the sneak with the crown and jewelry around her neck. This traditional Medusa tattoo looks like a beautiful girl or a terrified witch.

2. Powerful Medusa Tattoo Designs:

The more power and amazing art of tattooing is this Medusa chest tattoo. This tattoo shows that the person is not easily approached and you should stay away. This Medusa tattoo on the chest shows the strength of the person.

3. Stunning Medusa Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo can be beautiful or horrified. With this tattoo you can show yourself both sides good and bad. This beautiful Medusa tattoo shows off a good part of your personality with an attitude. Her bold nature is to face the world.

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Tattoos Book: +2500 FREE Tattoo Designs

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40+ Awesome Breast Tattoo Designs – New Collection 202112.28.21

Did you know breast tattoos are quickly gaining popularity among women? Yes! Women are not afraid of experimentation with the location, size, and shape of their tattoos, and this is why we can find an increase in the number of women getting inked. The breast area is one of the popular locations for female tattoos. In this article, we have presented you with some of the best breast tattoo designs you can look into before finalizing one for yourself.

The breast area is a desirable area of a womens body, and the curves can handle simple tattoo designs to complicated ones giving you an elevated finish. Let us see if any of the breast tattoo designs pique your interest enough to get it inked.

The area under the breast is quite curvy and can be an excellent spot to get a tattoo. This beautiful stem of leaves represents the cycle of life and can give an in-depth meaning to the wearer. Although this tattoo looks beautiful in monochrome, you can add colors to add a unique finish to the design.

Are you looking for a sleek design in the area that makes it look more attractive? The combination of dark and thin lines of the design works wonders for the wearer and the onlooker. It is a trendy design and looks lovely on women of all ages.

This is a lotus flower tattoo that shows us that the growth of the soul and mind is a never-ending process. The addition of few curves and dotted lines all around the flower add a modern touch to it. You can add colors as per your choice as an alternative to the monochrome tattoo.

If you are looking for cute breast tattoo ideas, this one can be an ideal choice. Although it seems pretty straightforward, the design looks exceptionally well on the side of the boob. Suitable for women of all ages, you can flaunt this tattoo in all types of clothes.

This is a female breast tattoo design with a combination of lines and dots, elevating the design beautifully. The design is initiated thin and then spread broad, coming downward, giving it an umbrella effect. The beads and lines of the tattoo make for a striking visual.

Getting a tattoo on your cleavage can be an ideal choice if you plan to do something erotic. This tattoo has sexy and charming written all over it and can be an attention seeker. The tattoo looks more sensual since it is engraved on the personal space.

Your imagination is the limit when you are looking for a design for your tattoo. If you want the design to remain unique, try adding a factor tied up to your background. This can be a simple and beautiful addition to the intimate area of your body, and you can personalize it to add a sentimental value to the design beautifully.

Quotations can be a personal yet strong pillar of support when you are feeling low and can be pretty charming. Starting from cute quotes to quotations related to breast cancer can be considered for this kind of tattoo. Make sure you choose a selection that represents your personal belief since tattoos are a permanent affair.

This is a small and dainty breast tattoo option that screams classy and delicate at the same time. This tattoo adds a crescent moon at the bottom and has a few curves starting from the center, impersonating a traditional pattern. You can either use it as is or elaborate it as per your personal choice.


If you are bored of monochrome and want to experiment with colours, a floral breast tattoo design can be an exceptional choice. The bright red outlines of the flower look beautiful and give the wearer a lively appearance. Women are not shy of breaking boundaries and expressing their love for their bodies freely.

If there is a go-to tattoo for girls, especially in the sternum region, it is a rose tattoo design. The dark black outline with intricate detailing gives the tattoo a lively look. You can also use color options with black as an outline as per your personal preference. Nailing the details will make the design look more realistic.

Personal choice plays a vital role in determining the size and beauty of any tattoo. If you are a tattoo virgin and want to start with a small yet beautiful tattoo, this breast tattoo design can be an ideal choice. The use of color lines makes the design more appealing. You can either opt for a single flower or intercrossed flowers; both look beautiful.

Women are breaking boundaries and expressing themselves more freely. This is an attractive and elaborate breast tattoo that exemplifies femininity. Whether it is single or a bunch of them, flowers are bound to look exceptional in the form of a tattoo. If you are more of a color person, go for a splash of colors instead of monochrome.

The association between beauty and the depth of meaning makes floral tattoos one of the commonly seen tattoo elements for women. You can represent your spirit and personality depending upon the choice of your flower. This breast tattoo designs design and color combination make it unique and sexy, making you stand out.

Though the flowers are very feminine, it depicts boldness too. You could get small blooming flowers or flowers with thorns or anything related to flowers and nature. Today, more celebrities preferred to get this tattoo as this will add beauty and make them stylish. If you want to follow your celebrity, then go ahead with the favourite tattoo designs on the breast.

If you want to write something then you could always ask your tattoo artist to inscribe them on your breasts. And since this is a private place for getting inked, you get to select your audience for viewing your special tattoos. Getting tattooed like this will make you stand ahead of the crowd as this will differ from the usual tattoos. Be sure to choose the design before starting the process of tattooing.

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Well birds flying out of a cage or birds flying in a distance or something relevant can also be used to get inked on your breasts. This is one of the excellent breast tattoo designs for girls who fly like a bird. If you dont like a specific bird, you can opt for your style and this will become possible only through hiring a tattoo professional. Before hiring, search through the sites which will list the various persons across the world.

Well, we all know where our heat is located so you could make it interesting by getting hearts on your breasts. If you search the internet, you will find so many different versions of hearts to select from. This can be tattooed as a dedication to someone who might have gone away from you. You can also get breast tattoo designs for men in remembrance of someone who stayed close to your heart.

Undoubtedly, stars are very popular among women. While others get stars inked on their backs or shoulders, you could get it on your breasts. This tattoo will be unique. People from ancient times believed that having a star in a tattoo will bring them more luck and happiness by lighting up their life with good luck.

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If you want to portray someone very close to your heart or something that you have a lot of faith in such as the Almighty then you could ink something religious between your breasts and on your heart. Having such a tattoo will really be a great idea as this will provide different meanings and these can be designed using different colors.

Some women have names for each of their breasts. You could ink the names on your breasts too. No matter what the design or the size of your tattoo is, it is vital that you get inked by a good tattoo artist otherwise it is not only expensive to get retouched or removed but can also harm your skin. You are getting inked to look beautiful then why ruin it with a bad artist.

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If you are willing to have a 3D pattern done, then you can choose something like the above image. This tattoo on the breast can be a very classy choice and you can add fun elements to these styles too. You can have these customized accordingly with added choices for writings and other symbols. The thing about these styles is that they can be extended later on. If you want, you can add more flowers, birds, or other scenic forms to this to make it look realistic.

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If you are looking to get fonts along the side, you can try out something like a tattoo on the breast. Just below or over the rib cage might not be an option for most girls. You can try out something like this so that it stays in the area but still does not do many problems. Later on, you can have extended and associated designs to go with this. These can be given some shadowing and some needed colouration.

If you are looking to have a scenic format then you can try out designs like this. These have to be custom-made. You can talk out what types of things you want in your pattern and your artist will help you out with choosing that. You can also get this custom made and hence it will be as per your taste. If you like you can have clouds and other things added to it.

Try out girly floral things for the frontal. This is a floral and girly style that you can try out. If you are looking for something a bit different than normal designs then instead of going for other girly ones, you can do some geometric objects. This is one such example. You can try colored patterns or do something similar to this design with black or pink-coloured ink.

If you do not want something that looks too clumsy, you can try colorful ink patterns like this. This is one of the most fabulous breast tattoos for every girl which surely allures you. Butterfly tattoos done in blue colour will look damn pretty especially when they are designed on the upper breast area. This type of tattoo will be most suitable for women rather than men.

You can try small artistic patterns like this and do these horizontally or vertically. One can easily flaunt this breast tattoo on their body without hard work. and getting this tattoo on the breast will look different and this will be suitable for persons who like to have a tattoo in a hidden area. Some people feel shy to expose the tattoo and this will be the best choice for them.

If you want then try out simple fonts like this. These can be quite cool. Most of the women show interest in tattooed on their breast and below beast also. Of all the other tattoos, this will be more attractive.

If you want then try these types of small tattoo writings and these can be quite fashionable. It will be one of the coolest ever with easiness. Today, this type of tattoo is loved more by ladies as these may make them more fashion-oriented giving a trendy look.

This is another writing style and these halfway writings can be very trendy to look at. Who likes to inspiration quotes those who are ready to get inked this type of smart breast tattoo. If you are a person wanting a cool design, go with this simple but cool pattern of breast tattoos for women.

Looking for a feather style? These styles can be for your rib cage and look quite extended and lovely. The tattoo professional artists said that it is one of the perfect breast tattoo designs for women who like reality.

You can try writing which runs below the rib cage and have fun sporting these with tank tops that are short and show off the portion. These are easier to sport. These tattoos are loved by people who were sports lovers.

This very small tattoo on the breast is a fashionable trend these days to sport these types of small butterflies. No one can say No to this tattoo art. Though their a huge variety of tattoo designs available, having a butterfly tattoo will be most beautiful.

These are custom-made abstract styles and you can look quite fashionable with these. The girls like this type of modern breast tattoo to display their taste.

This is one of the best and one of the cutest breast tattoos of all time. We have seen a number of floral tattoos already but compared to those, this one is pretty small but very beautiful at the same time. Here, the girl flaunts the small red rose on her breast. The tattoo is very attractive and anyone would want to get it after being impressed by the allure of the design.

Looking for tattoos in breasts? This nerdy owl tattoo might be the perfect tattoo in the under-breast portion. The tattoo shows off an impressive work of art and it can also be said by looking at the design that it is the work of a true tattoo artist. This tattoo will be suitable for those people who admire the feeling of ink on their bodies.

This is yet another beautiful tattoo for the breasts, The tattoo design is totally different from what you have seen till now. Tattooing on breasts is a common habit among female tattoo lovers. Here also, the breasts have been inked with paw-like tattoos.

This is a small and extremely cute elephant tattoo design done on the breasts. In this b&w picture of breast tattoo designs, we can see a really small tattoo done on the left breast. These types of tattoos are mostly done by teenagers. One can easily sport this tattoo as there is not really much in this design. It is a simple design of an elephant that has been done so effectively that it looks divine.

If you want to write something then you could always ask your tattoo artist to inscribe them on your breasts. You can write anything like quotes, names of your loved ones, and this tattoo is also a type of memorial tattoo. But, using the best quotes that describe you will be the best as that will portray your character and outfit. Referring to the sites, you will get plenty of tattoo designs on the breast.

While deciding a tattoo design on breast, a woman should consider a few things such as

If you were looking for tattoos in intimate areas such as breasts, we hope the breast tattoo designs mentioned in this article have piqued your interest. The plethora of designs not only elevates the curves of your breast and beautify the area further. In addition, you can slightly modify the tattoos according to your personal choice giving them a warm touch. Finally, dont forget to let us know if the article has been helpful!

Disclaimer: In this article, few images are taken from various internet sources as inspiration. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding any of the images. Thank you!

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