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The Best New Movies and TV Shows to Stream This Week: July 23-29 – Observer07.25.21

Julys flown by in the blink of an eye, and that means another wave of highly anticipated streaming releases. From renewed seasons of shows such as Sky Rojo and Ted Lasso to reality shows perfect for binge-watching all day long such as Tattoo Redo, theres something for everyone. Observer Entertainment has you covered, so sit back, relax (unless youre watching The Walking Dead) and watch on.

Just as how Ted Lasso won over the initially skeptical professional soccer (football) team in England despite having no coaching experience in that particular sport, Ted Lasso has won over the hearts and minds of apathetic viewers who were not expecting much from the Apple TV+ show. Now, Lasso is back for a second season, proving that nice guys dont finish last and giving audiences a much-needed, refreshing boost of positivity that is bound to make your summer that much better. Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+.

Filmations classic cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is back for a sequel by filmmaker and He-Man superfan Kevin Smith. The series targets those who are familiar with the franchise, but the action and plotline are still magnetic, introducing new, welcomely modern spins on the initial story. Dedicated He-Man fans will find themselves taking a trip down memory lane with the beloved characters, and new He-Man fans will find themselves living vicariously through the adventures of He-Man and co. Watch Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix.

The title of this Spanish action-crime series translates to Red Sky, a title describing the red-hot sky of the desert after the sun goes down, as well as the sacrifices and bloodshed that three prostitutes make in their brutal fight for their freedom as they run from their pimp and his lackeys. From morally muddy dilemmas to illuminating the gruesome reality of prostitutions, the second season of this electric, gripping drama is one you dont want to miss. Watch Sky Rojo on Netflix.

Since its initial airing in late 2010, this gritty horror television series has captured the imaginations of everyone who has wondered, What would happen in an actual zombie apocalypse? Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the shows eleventh and final season, which is premiering on August 22, they can also look forward to the release of the tenth season on Netflix in the meantime. Whether you are watching this season for the first time or binging it again to prepare for the ending season, The Walking Deadis worth the watch. Watch The Walking Dead on Netflix.

Its a story many of us have heard before: Someone walks into a tattoo parlor, thinks they have the greatest idea for a permanent tattoo ever, time goes on, regret follows. Or, a dare goes too far and now someone is stuck with an embarrassing piece of body art that is constantly covered up out of shame. Where do they go from here? Netflix has the answer with Tattoo Redo, a reality show where top artists challenge their creativity and skill by transforming a tattoo disaster into a tattoo wonder. The cover-up designs are chosen by the clients loved ones, and from what the series trailer teases, the results are bound to be stunning. Watch Tattoo Redo on Netflix.

If youve ever wondered what happens during the happily-ever-after (or not-so-happily-ever-after) phase of a relationship that was forged in the context of a dating reality show, then look no further. Previous Love is Blind cast members will be coming together in a Netflix reunion special, showing audiences the aftermath of what happens when you agree to marry someone who youve never met before. Watch Love is Blind: After the Altar on Netflix.

In this charmingly familiar rom-com, Christina Milan stars as Erica, an aspiring pop star who is not as over her ex-fianc (Jay Pharoah) as she thought she was. It has all the elements of a classic rom-com, from misunderstandings and easily fixed problems that blossom into massive complications to characters who dont realize the one is actually closer to them than they think. Watch Resort to Love on Netflix.

Yogi Bear is a nostalgic television favorite, and now hes back, along with the familiar likes of Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Top Cat and Jabberjaw in the upcoming family series Jellystone! (a reference to Yogi Bears Jellystone Park). The show is aiming to tap into the nostalgic attachment of audiences to these characters while modernizing them in a way that presents them in an expanded, reimagined view. Watch Jellystone! on HBO Max.

Keeping Watch is a regular endorsement of TV and movies worth your time.

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The Best New Movies and TV Shows to Stream This Week: July 23-29 - Observer

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Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS and LEATHERS Shares Her Best Work as a Tattoo Artist – Exclaim!07.25.21

"I worked as a graphic designer for over a decade before I became a tattooer, so my tattoo work has a bold, pop art-influenced style"

Published Jul 19, 2021

In addition to churning out dark tunes,Hemmettis a busy visual artist and tattooer with a striking, classic-looking style. We caught up with the musician to ask her about her personal history with tattoos, her line of prints inspired by BOSS guitar pedals, and the best tats she's ever inked.

What first got you interested in tattoos and inspired you to get your own?

To my parents' dismay, I started getting tattooed as soon as I was legally old enough. I was completely fascinated by the process and the art form. I'm heavily tattooed now; pretty much covered from collar to knee, except for a few empty spaces on my arms.

How did you start giving tattoos to others?

I apprenticed with my amazing mentor Chris Hold in Vancouver, who now co-owns Palace Tattoo. As part of my apprenticeship, I tattooed myself and my mentor first, then a few trusting friends, and it took off from there.

How would you describe your tattoo style?

I worked as a graphic designer for over a decade before I became a tattooer, so my tattoo work has a bold, pop art-influenced style. I like to use a lot of black and bright colours in my designs.

Have you ever had any tattoo mishaps, either getting your own or giving tattoos to others?

Thankfully not! My attention to detail has served me well in this department. Always quadruple-check any spelling before proceeding!

Could you share photos of a few of the favourite tattoos you have given?

I love tattooing classic tattoo symbols like skulls and roses. This rose is on my ACTORS bandmate Adam [Fink who, full disclosure, is an Exclaim! contributor].

This spider tattoo worn by my friend Sharlena is a favourite too.

Hand tattoos are challenging because the skin surface is a bit different than the rest of the body. I love how this skull piece turned out on my ACTORS bandmate Jason [Corbett].

In addition to tattoos, what other visual work do you do?

During the first COVID lockdown in Vancouver, tattoo shops were closed, so I started doing custom guitar pedal artworks inspired by people's favourite bands. I've designed over 100 different ones now! I still offer art prints and t-shirts for those through my website. I also oversee all the album artwork, T-shirt design and photography for my bands LEATHERS and ACTORS.

What music have you been working on lately?

LEATHERS just released the Reckless EP on Artoffact Records. We're also fast at work on our debut full-length LP, which is due out in Spring 2022.

ACTORS is preparing the release of our second album, Acts of Worship, this fall. Once travel restrictions lift, we'll be touring in support of that. We're so excited to start playing shows again. The tour starts in early September and will take us all over the world: across the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe.

Visit link:
Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS and LEATHERS Shares Her Best Work as a Tattoo Artist - Exclaim!

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Topo Chico celebrates the art inspired by the favorite mineral water – FoodSided07.09.21

For many people Topo Chico is not just any sparkling mineral water. Whether it is that glass bottle or the distinctive flavor, popping open a cap opens a realm of possibilities. In the newest collaboration, that mineral water sets a new refreshing tone.

Having been bottled for centuries, Topo Chicos long, storied history is as rich as the Mayan legend associated with the brand. While the Mayan princess is said to have found her health from sipping the mineral water, the legend of the refreshing taste is just as vivid. As the brands cult following has grown over the years, people cannot get enough.

Many people are drawn to the brand for its effervescence. Often considered less abrasive than other sparkling waters and mineral waters, the flavor brings people back time and again. From drinking it on its own, with a touch of lime or even in a Ranch Water cocktail, the possibilities are too many to sip.

Now that Topo Chico is more readily available, even more people are embracing the legendary mineral water. More specifically, the brand even offers the mini bottles for sale online. Now, there are plenty of reasons to have several bottle chilling in the refrigerator.

Although every sip brings refreshment with its iconic taste, Topo Chico is more than just a beverage. As seen in its recent collaborations, the TopoLife celebrates art and artists who embrace their vision. For example, artist Bosco Gomez design the new packaging for the 12-pack, which is available online. In addition, Gustavo Jaimes tattoo-designs adorn a special bottle opener.

While many brands partner with celebrities or athletes, these collaborations give authentic voices their moment in the spotlight. It isnt about being splashy, en vogue or on trend. It is about staying true oneself and honoring traditions.

As Jaimes shared in his video, the brand has been part of his entire life. Even though many people might not have that bottle permanently on their person, that connection runs deep. One sip and more people will learn to appreciate the connection.

Topo Chico is available online at and at various retailers.

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Topo Chico celebrates the art inspired by the favorite mineral water - FoodSided

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6ix9ine Reacts To Bluface Tattoo His Jewelers Name On His Head – Urban Islandz07.09.21

6ix9ine theorized why Blueface gets a new head tattoo of his jewelers name.

Blueface has added another tattoo to his head, and fans are not really feeling it. The Thotiana rapper is making headlines after a video emerged on social media showing him getting his jewelers name inked. The finished design on the side of his shaved head, an all caps NYC LUXURY, joins a number of other logos, designs, and brands such as YSL, Mercedes-Benz, and Corvette.

In the video, which fans say is painful to watch, the rappers head is bent while the tattoo artist adds the crazy homage. Shout out my ni**a Big Mike, NYC Luxury. Support Black businesses, man, Blueface bellowed. For the culture. Ooh. That kind of hurts.

The video, which was posted by Akademiks and The Shade Room on Thursday (July 8), has fans wondering about the mental health of the 24-year-old rap star.

Are you okay? one person simply asked, while another questioned, He on drugs or something? One user compared his head to a billboard, Mans turned his head into a billboard sign. Advertise your upcoming album on Blueface head.

Meanwhile, fellow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine could not miss the opportunity to add his two cents in the comment section. The Gooba rapper, who has been beefing with Blueface for quite some time, commented that Bluefaces new head tattoo was to pay off a debt.

He definitely owed them money for unpaid jewelry. NYC Luxury [laughing emojis], he wrote.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been poking fun at Blueface in recent weeks since the Respect My Cryppin rapper announced he would be joining the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship on June 26.

6ix9ine taunted that he carries $20,000 in cash with him every day, which is close to what Blueface is allegedly supposed to pay to fight.

Speaking to someone on the phone in a video, Tekashi said, The only time people talk about Blueface is when hes not doing music, so I dont know what the f*ck you talking about. Like who the f*** is Blueface? Right now, I swear to my mom, I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with. Hes gonna pay $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money hes getting paid for. What the f*ck you talkin bout?

While the two have been at each others throats for some time, Blueface has not yet responded to his comments. He is also yet to respond to the comments about his new tat that currently has him in the hot topics section on social media.

Excerpt from:
6ix9ine Reacts To Bluface Tattoo His Jewelers Name On His Head - Urban Islandz

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Did Britney Spears Get Her Tattoos Removed? – Nicki Swift07.09.21

Britney Spears has gotten nine known tattoos, per Body Art Guru. They include a fairy on her lower back and a Kabbalah symbol on the back of her neck. According to Us Weekly, she got the latter removed in 2008. It was in Hebrew and reportedly translated to this: "Responsibility for everything in her life and accepting she can heal herself in all ways." However, what appeared to be the same tattoo popped up in a June 2021 Instagram post.Spears revealed that it was her "favorite" piece and shared a more succinct translation. "It's Hebrew, it's a language written backwards !!!! It says Mem Hey Shin and means healing !!!!" she wrote.

Some of Spears' followers suggested that the neck tattoo was simply covered up by her hairand that the body art on her back wascropped out of her recent pic. While the "Gimme More" singer seemingly didn't get her neck piece removed after all, she is open to having some of her ink erased. In March 2020, she revealed that she wasn't a fan of the pair of pink dice with seven pips on her left inner wrist. She and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, got inked with similar "Lucky" dice designs during a trip to Ireland in 2004 (via Page Six). "I don't even like ink .... guess I should remove it ?!?!!!!" Spearswrote.

Excerpt from:
Did Britney Spears Get Her Tattoos Removed? - Nicki Swift

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Best Wave Tattoo Ideas + Designs To Try In 2021 – Cosmopolitan Philippines06.29.21

When it comes to designs for your first-ever tattoo, there are just some ideas you can never go wrong with. Case in point: Wave tattoos. They're cool, timeless, and will always remind you of the waterperfect for all the beach babies out there!

Now there are hundreds and thousands of wave tattoo designs out thereespecially on the 'grambut I have taken the liberty of choosing 15 of the cutest wave tattoo designs from small, minimalist ones to intricate watercolors and oil pastels. You know the drill: Get ready to screenshot ALL your faves and show 'em to the tattoo artist. (You're welcome).

Let's start things off with something simple: This blue-colored fine line wave tattoo is simple but sweet.

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This wave tattoo almost looks like abstract art, right down to the moon on the upper left.

The combination of the black and blue ink in this wave tattoo just looks too good.

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Okay, now we'rereallytalking: This intricate wave tattoo combines blue, black, and white ink to create something that looks like it came straight out of a postcard.

Not a big fan of big, crashing waves? You'll love this more mellow design that contains calm blue waters and a moon and some stars.

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How clever is this heart-shaped wave tattoo, though?!

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The ribcageis a classic place for a wave tattoo. Your torso's movement can cause the design to almost look like it's ~alive~.

If you want to place your tattoo somewhere you can easily see it,your wrist is your best bet.

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Contrary to popular belief, you can actually havecouple tattoosthataren'tcringe-inducing. Case in point: These super cute wave tattoos. They're not completely the same, but they definitely complement each other. (Kinda like you and your S.O.!)

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If there's one thing I love more than watercolor tattoos, it's ones where they look like they were done with oil pastel crayons.

This simple wave tattoo may be small, but it's hitting all the right spots, TBH.

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Enclosing your tattoo in a rectangle immediately makes it look extra cool. (P.S.This would look great on your inner arm!)

Majorly obsessed with this almost abstract-looking wave tattoo!

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If you're not into black or blue ink for your tattoo, I'm here to tell you thatwhite ink is THE move. Do take note though thatwhite ink tattoos require extra special TLC!

Incorporating sea animals into your wave tattoo is a common move. (Also, it just makes a lot of sense, LOL!)

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Best Wave Tattoo Ideas + Designs To Try In 2021 - Cosmopolitan Philippines

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Teenaged Tadej Pogaar dreamed of lion tattoos – CyclingTips06.29.21

Tadej Pogaar holds aloft a stuffed toy LCL lion.

The internet can be a treacherous place, harbouring all sorts of embarrassing secrets. The bad music you used to listen to; your Myspace profiles from way back in the day; your LiveJournals of fan fiction.

Tadej Pogaar cycling revelation and winner of the 2020 Tour de Franceis young enough to dodge many of those indignities but he did have a Pinterest account.

With a massive tip-of-the-hat to VeloNews Sadhbh OShea, whose research methodology I am a big fan of, this secret of cyberspace is now out in the open:

You forget how young Pogaar is, such has been his dominance over the last couple of years. Back in 2018, he didnt even have a WorldTour contract.

Then just 19, he was riding for the popular Slovenian Continental team that weve definitely all heard of, Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum. And Pogaar, well, he was just a nice young kid from Komenda with dreams.

What were those dreams? Im glad you ask. Tattoos, mostly.

Pogaars fleeting dalliance with Pinterest shows that the future star really, really just wanted a tattoo of a lion on his arm. He wasnt sure which type of lion; he was eyeing off big ones and small ones. Male ones and female ones. Majestic Aslan-esque lions, dualling ones, roaring ones, and little ones with truncated manes so they fit into geometric shapes.

There seems to have been a fleeting interest in deer, bears, and wolves, too, although he would successfully dodge the bullet of joining the Deceuninck-QuickStep wolfpack.

Its mostly lions, though.

Theres just one cycling photo of Tadej Pogaar on his 2018 Pinterest board. Its of a rainy day in February, at that years GP Laguna Porec, and Pogaars crossing the line for fifth.

Thats not a race that most of the cycling world has heard of, but at the time it was clearly a result that meant enough to young Tadej Pogaar that he saved it to his digital mood board.

None of this means much, given the world-beating trajectory of his recent career, but it along with those teenaged dreams of an animalistic sleeve gives a fascinating glimpse into the person behind the cycling superstar.

Tadej Pogaar circa 2021 does not to the best of our knowledge have his lion tattoo. He does, however, have a few results on his palmares that wouldve seemed unfathomable to him back then, when he was just a gangly kid from Slovenia with a Pinterest page and a dream.

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Teenaged Tadej Pogaar dreamed of lion tattoos - CyclingTips

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These Celebrity Snake Tattoos Are So Sexy, You’ll Need a Glass of Water on Hand – POPSUGAR06.29.21

Fame isn't the only commonality that some of today's biggest celebrities share with one another; one scroll through Instagram will tell you that most of them are also big fans of tattoos and body art. Over the last few months, we've seen tons of celebrities add new pieces of ink to their (in some cases, already extensive) collections. There have been flower designs like the one Willow Smith got with her mom and grandmother during an episode of Red Table Talk, lightning bolts like the one Storm Reid got to celebrate her 18th birthday, and more recently, lots of snakes.

Snake tattoos are already popular among the masses, but they seem to be becoming a growing trend among celebs as well. Zo Kravitz recently got a snake wrapped around a heart as the 56th tattoo in her collection, while singer Elle King has a snake placed on the front of her neck. Actress Vanessa Hudgens is the most recent celeb to get a snake tattoo a boa on her ankle but there are more where that came from.

Ahead, check out the coolest celebrity snake tattoos we've seen so far.

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These Celebrity Snake Tattoos Are So Sexy, You'll Need a Glass of Water on Hand - POPSUGAR

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Where to get a tattoo that you can keep hidden when you want – Euro Weekly News06.29.21

DO you want to get a tattoo but dont want everyone to see it? This week well look at the best places to get tattoos that you can keep hidden when you want to.

There are many reasons why you may want to keep your tattoo out of sight, including work, and you may not want to have to constantly be making sure that your clothes cover them or putting on concealer all the time.

So where are the best places to have tattoos that you can keep hidden if and when you want to?

While you may love your ink, not everyone feels the same and there are some professions in which showing off your tattoos is just not acceptable.

This shouldnt put you off though, there are many places where you can get a tattoo and yet easily hide it under normal work clothes, such as the stomach, back, shoulder, upper arm, rib cage and legs.

Plus, if you are getting a tattoo which will be hidden from most peoples view, you dont need to feel that you should keep it discreet. Your design can be as big and bold was you want.

Upper arm

The biceps and triceps are very popular spots for tattoos and are easy to hide when you are at work. It can be a slightly painful area to get tattooed as it is mainly muscle, so if you want to go for a less painful place, then the inner arm is a better option for you. The inner part of your arm can be hidden even more easily and being soft tissue it will be easier for you to endure the tattooing and healing takes less time.


This may seem a strange place to get a tattoo but its hidden most of the time. It is an extremely sensitive area to get tattooed though and many tattoo artists will discourage it.

Chest and rib cage

The chest is a large area for tattooing and if placed carefully, the designs, however large, can be hidden by clothes at all times when necessary. It is an easy area to tattoo and not too painful. The rib cage, on the other hand, is quite painful, but also an ideal place to conceal a tattoo. For women, between the breasts, underneath them, or on the side of the breast are good areas for tattoos that you can hide or reveal as and when you want to.


Always covered unless you want to show it off, the stomach is another large area where you can let your and the tattoo artists imaginations run wild and the good news is that it is one of the least painful areas to get inked.


The back is a sensitive area due to the amount of nerves and tattooing there can be painful. However, it is the perfect place to hide a tattoo however small or large. The lower back can be less painful, while the spine is not for those with a low pain threshold. Keep going down and you might choose your buttocks for a tattoo. You may feel a burning sensation, but being a meaty part of the body it wont be overly painful. However, it could take some time to heal.

Hips and thighs

As these areas are also almost always covered up they are perfect for hiding tattoos and not painful to have inked. For men, any area of the rest of the leg and the ankle can be great places to get a tattoo if they generally wear trousers and shoes with socks. Women may be more restricted to just the upper leg if they are going to have to wear skirts, dresses and sandals or open shoes to work. Getting an ankle tattoo can be painful as it is a bony area, and tattooing the knee is also likely to be uncomfortable.


The same applies to upper part of the foot and heal, however, the bottom of your foot will not often be seen, and as the skin is toughened, it is not a painful place to get a tattoo.

Even more discreet

Other hidden areas, especially for small tattoos include:

Behind the ear or on the back of your neck: an ideal place where a small tattoo can be hidden with your hair or revealed when you feel like it. The same applies to your scalp, although sometimes the hair will not grow back properly. They are quite sensitive areas to get inked.

Fingers: between your fingers is a great place to hide a tattoo, or at the base of the finger, where it can then be hidden with a ring when you dont want it to be seen.

Lip: If you want to have a very minimalistic tattoo, the inner lip and even the tongue are areas where tattoos can be hidden although they can fade quickly because they are constantly moist and due to the friction in the mouth. Very painful to get done.

Chin: Underneath your chin is a good place for a small, discreet tattoo.

Beneath your underwear: Well leave the exact location to your imagination, but there are numerous places that will only be seen when you remove your underwear where you can get a tattoo. It may be a little daunting to ask the tattoo artist but it will definitely be your little secret. Well, yours and whoever you decide to show.

White tattoos are very discreet and can only be seen if looking carefully and UV tattoos can only be seen under the right type of light.

If you want to get a tattoo that can be hidden when you want on the Costa del Sol and you are looking for a reputable tattoo studio to advise you and do great artwork, then check out Jaganath Tattoos and Piercing, Calle Ramon y Cajal 42, Fuengirola

See designs by Jaganath Tattoos on Facebook and Instagram.

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Where to get a tattoo that you can keep hidden when you want - Euro Weekly News

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Mum with over 100 hundred tattoos strips down to show off multiple ink – Daily Star06.29.21

A mum who has over hundreds of tattoos all over her body showed off her ink in one of her latest Instagram posts.

Aleksandra Jasmin works as a tattoo artist in Finland where she has her own studio.

When she's not holding the gun, she's sat in the chair getting her own designs.

She has over 165,000 followers on Instagram where she shares snaps of her ink where her entire body is almost covered.

Now in one of her latest uploads, the tattoo artist stripped down in a white bikini to show off her work of art.

The mum wrote: "Work work," accompanied with the 100 emoji.

In the photo, Aleksandra wore the white garment with a pair of black sunglasses and black bottoms.

She's spent years on her incredible transformation where she has loads of flowers knocking about on her body.

Since she shared the photo earlier on Tuesday, the post racked up over 2,000 likes with hundreds of comments.

One wrote: "Stunning girl," another added: "Cutie pie."

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Previously, the mum shared photos of her wedding day as she and the groom had a pal on a leash.

Aleksandra was also rocking sparkly, silver nails to match her dress and nose ring, while wearing an ornate cream headpiece.

Fans were loving the snap, with it racking up more than 17,000 likes at the time of posting earlier this month.

One exclaimed: "Wow," as another branded her "beautiful".

Also in the picture was a tattooed pal of the couple who Aleksandra had on a leash.

She didn't seem like she minded at all though as she smiled widely while posing for the picture.

The wedding photos were followed by more snaps as the couple holidayed in Helsinki after the wedding.

Aleksandra was still wearing white as she sported a simple off-the-shoulder number teamed with a black hat and sunnies.

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Mum with over 100 hundred tattoos strips down to show off multiple ink - Daily Star

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