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10 Of The Best Real-Life God Of War Tattoos | TheGamer – TheGamer01.03.21

Some of the most passionate God of War fans have commissioned amazing tattoos. Here's a look at some of our favorites.

God of War has become a hallmark in the Playstation history of games. In turn, Kratos and the cast of characters along with him have become a favorite of gamers all over the world. Nevertheless, the fandom has gone to another level.

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Many people have become so inspired by these characters that they have gone to the next step: getting these individuals inked on their bodies. The tattoos below are some impeccable pieces of art. It's pretty cool to see how dedicated gamers are to their favorite franchises, and the tattoos below reveal how fans truly value the God of War series.

If you want to get a feel for the plot of PS4's God of War, look no further than this tattoo from SideQuestNoRest. This fan's entire sleeve is dedicated to the Spartan warrior and his son, Atreus. Many of the game's key moments are represented here, even the interactions with The World's Serpent. The tattoo artist who did this artwork put some exceptional into this tattoo. This artwork brings home how epic Kratos is and that he can go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

This one depicts the old school Kratos from his PS3 days. This scene was so epic it couldn't just be shown on a sleeve or a leg; it had to be represented on the individual's back. The vibrant colors and Kratos' facial expression shows how epic this scene really is. He is fighting a giant monsterwhich is customary of Kratos to doand is giving the creature a run for its money. Moscow tattoo artist Roman Kuznetsov did this artwork. This person surely did this anti-hero justice and highlights his brutality.

Mimir is one of the coolest characters in God of War for the PS4. He is essentially a guide to Kratos and Atreus. However, he doesn't always get a lot of shine. Well, someone felt that this guy deserves a place on their arm.

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An asymmetrical design of Mimir, clad in Nordic runes, is shown. This image is a perfect rendition of Mimir. It accurately showcases him, but it also references the game itself through the runes and design.

Wow, whoever put this one together seriously knows how to make skin their canvas. Here, we see a close-up shot of Kratos (with accurate wrinkles and face blemishes, which adds to the realism) and the iconic rune symbol from the game, father and son inside. One could also make the argument that the image is outlined in blood. It is hard to imagine how long this piece of artwork must have taken, but this is a genuinely excellent homage to Kratos and the God of War franchise. This tattoo was featured on a Playstation website collection of God of War fanart from @Mitch.tattoos.

The characters of God of War are a common thing that the tattoos include, but the designs and runes are also the subjects of many tattoos. In this tattoo by Mercural on Reddit, the artist puts the spotlight on the runes used in God of War. This tattoo is detailed and truly embodies the artwork and design used within the game. It is clear to see that this is an exceptional rendition of many of the Nordic cultural aspects of the game.

One of the coolest things about Sony's Playstation Showcase this year was their announcement of God of War: Ragnorak. The teaser didn't include any gameplay, interviews, or gaming experiences.

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However, you knew exactly what was happening by the use of the God of War symbol. It has become synonymous with the game, and this Imgur user got it placed on his right arm. It's bright, vibrant, and artistic.

For some reason, things just look better in black and white. There is a classic-like nature to artwork in this format. Well, the tattoo artist of this fantastic piece captured all the right details of Kratos in an excellent light. From his intense eyes to the strong outline, this artist has gotten it all right with their representation of Kratos in black and white. It's powerful artwork that can stand on its own.

Most of these entries have been about the new and improve Kratos. However, it's important to show the OG Kratos some love. In this throwback to the Kratos of the PS3, tattoo artist Felipe Rodrigues brings the original God of War to life. His iconic grimace and scarring truly addto the character and personality fans of the series are used to. This artwork is such an accurate representation of the character, and it's pretty cool to see him portrayed this way.

Now, you cannot talk about Mr. Kratos without discussing his most recognizable weapon: The Blades of Chaos. First, these weapons have to have the coolest name in all of gaming. Additionally, they are just a fun weapon choice to play with.

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In this tattoo by Daniel Chashoudian, one lucky gamer got a chance to represent the God of War fanbase by getting these iconic blades inked on their back. How cool is that?

Kratos has been through a lot, and his choice of clothing and armor reflect this. One of the most noticeable things on Kratos is his armbands wrapped in chains. For years he hides the scarring under these bands (until we see him let them go in the most recent game), and they are definitely a part of his character story. In this tattoo by Gone Tattoo, this fan takes up the mantle and dons Kratos' armbands.

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Chanell Turner is a content creator and digital marketing strategist with a love for all things gaming. She writes about topics ranging from art to business. On her downtime, she enjoys watching the latest video game walkthrough or planning to attend the next comic convention.

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10 Of The Best Real-Life God Of War Tattoos | TheGamer - TheGamer

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Liam Payne Confirms That He Smells Really Great Now, but Maybe Not When He Was in 1D – POPSUGAR01.03.21

For the last 10 or so months, most people's lives have seriously slowed down. With shelter-in-place and lockdown orders mandated around the world, it's no surprise that many celebrities's once-busy and hectic public lives have come to a startling halt, but this hasn't necessarily been the case for Liam Payne.

Besides churning out new music, the singer has been very busy this year. Not unlike most of us, he's joined TikTok and discovered the benefits of sustainability, but he's also gotten engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry and even held a livestream concert series. Long story short, Payne's life hasn't changed pace, so it makes a lot of sense that he's updating his rsum with yet another accomplishment: being the face of a sexy new fragrance.

The partnership itself isn't new Payne has been an ambassador for Hugo for the last few years but the presence of Payne's smoldering stare in the latest campaign for Hugo Man seems fitting. After all, 2020 was the year of significant anniversaries for both the brand and Payne: Hugo Man not only celebrated its 25th birthday, but July 23 marked the 10th anniversary of One Direction. While 1D fans didn't get exactly what they'd hoped for (i.e. a band reunion), even the most soured superfans can feel a sense of pride for Payne's personal evolution.

Ahead, Payne shares what he's been up to while staying home, his plans for 2021, the tattoo he loves (now), and how an unlikely TikTok collaboration came to be.

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Liam Payne Confirms That He Smells Really Great Now, but Maybe Not When He Was in 1D - POPSUGAR

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14 clever COVID-19 design solutions from around the world – Los Angeles Times01.03.21

There is no silver lining to a pandemic that has killed more than 1.5 million people globally. But as COVID-19 barraged us with new challenges, it also forced adaptation that in the design world translated to faster, lighter, cheaper and more flexible buildings and landscapes. This kind of grass-roots change has been called many things: ad hoc architecture, guerrilla architecture, pop-up architecture, tactical urbanism.

Such ideas devised by world-class designers and amateur enthusiasts alike emerged immediately in the form of modular hospitals, mobile treatment centers and tented drive-through COVID testing sites, but they have since spilled into streets and other public spaces, taking advantage of the relative safety of the outdoors. They offer not only utility but also hope and inspiration in a supremely dark time. The quick, flexible thinking behind them has begun seeping into architecture, construction and urban design, worlds that are known for permanence, red tape, slow change and a limited sphere of practitioners.

Here are some of the best ideas that have emerged from around the world this year. They are clever and sometimes astonishing solutions from all types of creative people, solving new challenges beautifully, effectively and quickly.

Perhaps the field most affected by this wave of ad hoc architecture has been restaurants, which by necessity have expanded onto sidewalks, parking lots and even streets a move enabled by quick adjustments by municipal governments worldwide. (New York, for one, made its Open Restaurants program permanent.)

The Page, San FranciscoSan Francisco has long been a hub for parklets, those small parks built on street parking spots and sidewalks. The citys dining parklets are some of the best and most plentiful in the country. Some have bamboo-clad walls, intricate murals, planted dividers or A-frame structures. Thanks to designer and tattoo artist Mattie Breen, who goes by Mattie B, this dive bar and pool hall in the citys Divisadero neighborhood essentially re-created its interior outside. Breen and owner Bob Wait installed faux brick walls, fireplaces, old-time paintings, photos and plastic taxidermy. Much of the haul was taken from salvage yards, Breens and Waits personal collections, and the restaurants interior. Breen, who learned to build from his grandfather, a carpenter, sees the surge in creative projects as a lifeline for artists like him who are struggling during the pandemic. When things start to get tight you really start to think about what you can do to survive, he said.

When COVID-19 closed indoor drinking and dining in San Francisco, Mattie Breen collaborated with Bob Wait, owner of the Page, to re-create the bar and pool halls interior vibe in a new outdoor space.

(Jacquelyn Warner)

Setaara, Atlantic City, N.J.Afghan French restaurant Setaara in the summer took the extraordinary step of building a temporary two-story structure around a rear courtyard inspired by a Moroccan riad. Tiered plywood arches, supported by a steel frame, ring a fountain filled with rose petals and lighting imported from Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. Restaurant co-owner Abdullah Panah, whose family hails from Afghanistan, is a building enthusiast (and also a medical student at Rowan University). The design, he said, was inspired by his trips in the Middle East, particularly to Morocco and Iran. Once he gets planning approval, he and his team of builders will layer in stucco and tile cladding and add a second-floor dining space and a third-floor rooftop terrace, with views of the Atlantic City strip. So far, Panah said, the restaurant which has installed heat lamps and fire pits for winter is busier than its ever been.

The restaurant Setaara in Atlantic City, N.J., responded to demand for outdoor dining spaces by building a two-story, Moroccan-themed open-air structure around a dining courtyard.

(Abdullah Panah)

Caf Galleria, Midway, UtahAs the winter sets in, restaurants have taken to employing globes, igloos, greenhouses, yurts, tents or cabanas equipped with blankets, fire pits and space heaters to help diners stay warm and safe. The city of Chicago even held a competition to encourage winter dining ideas. But none is quite as beautiful as Caf Gallerias Alpenglobes, polycarbonate spheres built with curved, stained timber frames and timber flooring, and equipped with tables and benches, integrated heating, music and lighting. Reservations to dine in the so-called reverse snow globes on the patio are booked through February, while the restaurant and its designers, Insight Exhibits, have started a business building Alpenglobes nationwide for restaurants, hotels and even private residences.

Alpenglobes started as an outdoor dining solution for a Utah restaurant, but they may start popping up in other parts of the country.


Dine Out, New York

Melbas, one of the Dine Out participants with open-air seating in New York.

(Rockwell Group)

Relatively early in the pandemic, restaurant and hospitality specialists Rockwell Group devised free of charge a modular kit of parts that included flooring, barriers, shading, lighting and furniture as well as space for sanitation and equipment. The system, now being fitted with wind shields and heaters for the winter, has been employed in restaurants in all five boroughs of New York, and the outline of components is available for free download. We never see anything like this up in Harlem. This only happens downtown, a woman told the New Yorker, referring to Melbas, one of Dine Outs restaurant partners.

Another pro bono hero is Design Advocates, a New York group of affiliated architects and designers whose Test Fits initiative has assisted local businesses and communities adapting their spaces to COVID using simple materials, bold colors and unusual patterns.

The low-cost Design Advocates approach to outdoor dining in New York.

(Alan Tansey)

Civic spaces are more important than ever, and many are being used in new ways. Plazas have become skate parks, green spaces have become marketplaces. A few have been dramatically, and quickly, transformed with social distancing in mind.

Domino Park, New YorkOne of the most photographed outdoor spaces during the pandemic has been Brooklyns Domino Park, hugging the East River in Williamsburg. It was transformed in May with about 30 8-foot-diameter white circles spray-painted on the artificial grass, delineating space for social distance. Park director Michael Lampariello, a landscape architect, came up with the idea after the city had threatened closure of parks, which were becoming overwhelmed by those escaping quarantine. We thought that keeping the park open was one of the most important things we could do, said Lampariello, who noted that the initial implementation using a line-laying system jury-rigged for use as a compass took about three hours. Thanks largely to social media, parks around the world followed this lead.

With a little spray paint, Domino Park became a pandemic Instagram star.

(Marcella Winograd)

Checkerboard Park, Elblag, PolandA similarly simple but elegant solution was the strategic mowing of the overgrown garden of Elblags Centrum Sztuki Galeria EL, an arts center that occupies a cavernous Gothic church. Gallery director Adriana Ronewska-Kotyska, who trained as an architect, devised the checkerboard concept to help visitors picnic on the grass. After measuring space for blankets, she realized that most were the same size (6 feet long) as social distance requirements. She made a sketch, and her only investment was paying a gardener $50 to mow the squares. The gallery moved its summer concerts, usually held inside the church, to the lawn, which became a sensation on Instagram and other media.

In Elblag, Poland, the grass outside the Centrum Sztuki Galeria EL art gallery was mowed in a checkboard pattern to provide an outdoor space where people could hang out while still maintaining social distance.

(Lukasz Kotynski)

Cathedral Gardens Play Park, Belfast, IrelandMost of us associate pop-ups with shopping, but COVID has prompted cities to open pop-up parks on parking lots, underused green spaces and abandoned properties. Thanks to an emergency allocation from the Belfast City Council, Cathedral Gardens Play Park rose in less than two months to a square next to the University of Ulster and St. Annes Cathedral. Designed with input from local toddlers, the park features imagination-friendly equipment like a giant spinning hamster wheel, bendy benches, outdoor musical instruments, a swinging bridge and colorful mushrooms on a carpet of rainbow-colored sod called Unicorn Grass. The park is expected to be up as a trial for about two years.

Cities worldwide have opened miles of thoroughfares to pedestrians, providing badly needed public space thats often enlivened with art, play facilities and bike lanes. Others have transformed streets into green spines, exhibition spaces and town squares.

Common Ground, Jackson, Miss.

A detail of the giant mural on Duling Avenue in Jackson, Miss., including its blue grid of 8-foot squares.

(Travis Crabtree)

This vibrant street mural lining Duling Avenue in Jacksons Fondren neighborhood created by local designers Scott Allen and Casey Jennings and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies Fertile Ground Project invited a hesitant public to use the street for dining and recreation. Originally created for the Dining on Duling event in June, the grid of blue 8-foot squares clarifying social distance and leaving room for tables and activities is still in use. Between each square are colorful, playful shapes: Squiggly forms represent the Mississippi River, staggered lines represent chair legs, asterisk shapes represent plants, and circles represent plates. Our community was eager to get out of their houses and socialize after three months of lockdown, said Rebecca Garrison, executive director of the Fondren Renaissance Foundation. We wanted to amplify the message that we were still a strong community, even though circumstances dictated a detour from the things that typically defined us.

A giant mural on Duling Avenue in Jackson, Miss., gives the public another outdoor space, with the design and placement of chairs clarifying safe social distance.

(Travis Crabtree)

Tactical Urbanistas, LondonThis collective of artists, founded in April in Londons Hackney area, has used colorful art to enliven closed streets, reclaim parking spaces for pedestrians and encourage social distancing. Using acrylic paint, bollards and tires, the group blurs the line between open and closed space. Londons streets are not safe for social distancing, and a disproportionate amount of space is given to cars at the expense of other road users, a member of the group told BBC.

For those wishing to energize their own streets, Baltimore-based pavement mural specialists Graham Projects have created an online toolkit called Make Place Happen. The designers promise to carry out some of the proposals, working with local authorities.

State Street Promenade, Santa Barbara

Downtown Santa Barbara closed 10 blocks of State Street to cars in May, transforming it into the State Street Promenade. The move followed an emergency ordinance giving businesses more space for outdoor social distancing. The street and its sidewalks have since been enlivened with outdoor restaurant and bar seating, planters and music. Side streets added their own parklets, and establishments have entered into a kind of design one-upmanship to stay competitive, said Robin Elander, president of the community organization Downtown Santa Barbara. It had been spoken about for many years, but there was never enough consensus to do it, said Elander, who expects the street closure to continue next year and, in some form, permanently. The City Council is investigating new lighting and bike lanes.

A street view in Santa Barbara, which moved cars off the main drag downtown and used the road for outdoor dining.

(Tim Persson)

Not everyone has spent the pandemic binging Netflix. Drive-in movies have made a comeback, and some of the best in California include Cinemauto in L.A.s Chinatown, featuring film, dining and shopping; and Electric Dusk in Glendale, where you can watch flicks on the roof of a Sears parking lot, providing for great views. But these are just the beginning of the creativity thats been spawned for those who need to get out for a mental break from home isolation.

The Flaming Lips, Space Bubble ConcertsPerhaps the most on-the-nose response to the pandemic came from the Flaming Lips, who have performed concerts with band members and their fans encased in human-scaled plastic bubbles. The first performance, a test run at their hometown Criterion theater in Oklahoma City in October, featured about 100 inflatable orbs, and they kicked off space bubble concerts at the Criterion this month with even more more orbs. You just cant infect the person next to you, no matter what you forget about, how excited you get, Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne told CNN. Coyne has long been a bubble aficionado. He and his wife, Katy Weaver, were married inside one last January.

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips performing in a bubble in 2019, before the pandemic. This year the bands audience got bubbles too.

(Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Cinema sur lEauOn July 18, Paris popular Paris Plages series which transforms the banks of the Seine and the Canal St. Martin into temporary beaches opened with Cinema Sur Leau. Viewers watched a movie, Le Grand Bain, while floating on electric boats in the Bassin de La Villette. An audience watched from 38 boats while others were socially distanced in beach chairs on land.

People on boats get ready for the start of Le Cinema Sur LEau, or Cinema on the Water, in Paris.

(Associated Press)

Educators have long advocated for outdoor learning, ushering students out of their claustrophobic classrooms to get fresh air and a new perspective. The COVID crisis has made this concept more attractive particularly in warmer months, and creative designers have responded with ingenious ideas.

The third grade sukkah at Prairie Hill Waldorf School in Pewaukee, Wis.

(Brian Slawson)

Prairie Hill Waldorf School, Pewaukee, Wis.

To make in-person learning more feasible, every class at Prairie Hill Waldorf School has an outdoor space for learning. Designs, devised by each class teacher, include indoor-outdoor tents (first grade), sukkahs (third grade) and, for fourth grade, a 12-sided outdoor classroom walled in plywood, supported by a central column and topped with a tarp like a circus tent for learning, with large openings for fresh air to flow in and out. Learning opportunities, first-grade teacher Stanlee Maliszewski said, have widened substantially.

Every leaf that falls, every caterpillar, every butterfly, you have to learn to make that a part of your lesson that day, she said. The hearty Wisconsinites plan to continue using the outdoor spaces through the winter.

One of Curl la Tourelle Head Architectures early tent projects for schools was at Manorfield Primary School in London, where the design provides some protection from the elements but still has large openings for fresh air.

(Killian OSullivan)

Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture, LondonThis firm has worked with tent manufacturers who normally make structures for weddings, conferences and other events; during the pandemic, theyre creating outdoor learning spaces for British schools. The architects, who are veterans of educational design, advise the schools on how to organize the new spaces, where to put them and how to keep them safe. They started with a plasticated fabric classroom at the Manorfield Primary School in Londons Tower Hamlets neighborhood, then moved to a solid-walled tent topped with cone-shaped roofs that acts as an outdoor dining hall for the Elsley Primary School in Wembley. (Large openings allow for natural ventilation.) Theyve developed solutions for a half-dozen schools and drawn up proposals (so far not executed) to create entire outdoor campuses. The work, senior architect Richard Taylor said, has encouraged the firm to focus on better integrating outdoor space into its future schools. The company is working with a modular builder to create timber-framed pop-up facilities that would be far better designed than most of the countrys so-called education porta-cabins.

A rendering of Curl la Tourelle Head Architectures concept for a pop-up outdoor school.

(Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture)

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14 clever COVID-19 design solutions from around the world - Los Angeles Times

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The transformative buildings set to shape the world in 2021 – Myjoyonline.com01.03.21

Thepandemicmay have brought work to a halt on projects around the world, but next year is nonetheless set to welcome an exciting array of new buildings.

Commissioned and designed years ago, these structures are unlikely to reflect the new design priorities that will emerge from Covid-19. Yet, they are very much in keeping with the civically generous and sustainable spirit of the worlds best contemporaryarchitecture.

From museums to performing arts venues, these are CNN Styles most anticipated buildings opening or completing in 2021.

Far Rockaway Library, New York

This striking public library in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, New York, will replace a small but popular library previously on the same site. But at 20,000 square feet, the new facility doubles the size of the space provided to the community.

Light will pour in through a triangle of glass at the entrance as well as through the striking translucent shell. According to the project architectsSnhetta, the Norwegian firm behind thegroundbreaking underwater restaurantUnder, the buildings golden hue reflects the color of the Long Island sky.

Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taipei

Eight years after construction began, the unmistakable Taipei Performing Arts Center is finally set to complete by the middle of 2021. At an estimated cost of5.4 billion New Taiwan dollars (about $192 million), the eye-catching building with its planet-like sphere protruding from one side will undoubtedly serve as a contemporary landmark for the Taiwanese capital.

But its not just the exterior that intrigues. Hoping to upend the norms of designing venues or their conservative internal workings asarchitecture firm OMAputs it the scheme features three theaters that operate independently but plug into a central cube, where a flexible backstage area can be configured to serve them all.

Aquarela, Quito

More than 10 years after winning the Pritzker Prize, the so-called Nobel of architecture, French architectJean Nouvelcontinues to astound. Among his latest projects is Aquarela, a 650-unit residential complex in the Cumbaya neighborhood of Ecuadors capital, Quito.

Although composed of several separate nine-story structures, a series of long balconies wrap around and between them to give the project a monolithic quality. The stone cladding, wooden shutters and exterior greenery are intended to help the building both reflect and assimilate with the regions verdant, mountainous topography, while offering residents a tangible connection with nature.

Phase 1 is set to complete in early 2021, though the second phase may yet spill into 2022, according to Nouvels firm.

Hotel Green Solution House (GSH), Ronne

Denmark will soon welcome whats being described as its first climate-positive hotel, meaning the building is designed to save more carbon than it emits over its lifespan.

Serving as a new wing of the existing Hotel GSH on the eastern island of Bornholm, the structure is made almost entirely of wood much of which has been upcycled using offcuts from the construction and furniture-making industries. Elsewhere, debris from local granite quarries has been used for decoration and insulation.

The two architecture groups behind the design, 3XN and GXN, have also looked to the buildings future: Its individual components are connected using reversible joints, and thus can be put to new use after the hotel reaches the end of its lifespan.

House of Hungarian Music, Budapest

Designed by celebrated Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, this museum, music venue and education center is one of the standout designs from the Liget Budapest Project, a radical overhaul of the Hungarian capitals largest public park.

Located near the picturesque Vrosliget Lake, its undulating roof will feature trees reaching through some of the larger perforations.

The building is intended to celebrate the countrys rich musical traditions, but also serves to lure park visitors into the public facilities at ground level, where a largely translucent design helps erode the distinction between inside and out.

It will eventually be joined by a number of other new cultural destinations on the sprawling site, including the Museum of Ethnography and a 50,000-square-meter (538,000-square-foot) New National Gallery.

OurDomain Student Housing, Amsterdam

The idea that students have to settle for soulless, utilitarian housing is outdated. Indeed, this new residential campus in the Netherlands, which contains about 1,500 apartments, offers Amsterdam students the kind of shared amenities and green landscaping that perhaps their parents generation could only have dreamed of.The 90,000-square-meter (969,000-square-foot) residential complex is divided into three aesthetically distinct buildings, the most striking of which dramatically parts in a pixelated burst of color. OZ Architect, the design firm behind the project, also hopes the introduction of student residences can enliven a commercial area that has, until now, been dominated by office buildings.

Floating Music Hub, Sao Vincente

For the past decade, architecture and urbanism group NL has experimented with innovative ways to build quickly and cheaply on water. The firms self-styled Makoko Floating System which allows local builders to assemble prefabricated timber modules into floating A-frames has already been used to construct schools in Nigeria and Belgium.

The systems latest iteration is a performance and arts hub in Cape Verde. Sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean, three lightweight structures will house a live performance hall, recording studio and bar, demonstrating that easy-to-assemble floating architecture can offer an affordable alternative to traditional cultural venues.

Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Guangzhou

Designed by London-based Steven Chilton Architects, this 2,000-seat theater in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou was inspired by the flowing texture of embroidered silk. It also nods to the citys history as a trading hub and the tattoo-like drawings of artist Zhang Hongfei, whose golden illustrations adorn the bold red cladding.

Comprising thousands of aluminum panels, the exterior shell appears to gently fold, revealing ground-level entrances and lending the building a soft, sculptural quality despite its bulking size. Inside, a circular arena has been configured to host immersive 360-degree performances when the now-complete building opens in 2021.

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The transformative buildings set to shape the world in 2021 -

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101 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men (2020 Guide)12.18.20

If youre searching for a new tattoo, youll love our collection of the best tattoo ideas for men. These cool designs make up the best tattoos weve seen. But with so many different types of creative and unique tattoos, it can be tough choosing the perfect artwork for you. From our experience, the best tattoos for men stem from timeless, classic ideas.

For example, getting a meaningful family, quote, name, cross, tribal, lion, skull, phoenix, or wolf tattoo can be a great decision. Plus, guys have the option of picking any part of the male body to get tattooed, including their arm, chest, shoulder, back, leg, wrist or hand. Ultimately, the choice to get inked can be an easy one, but finding a badass design and determining where to get it may require some inspiration.

Whether youre getting your first tattoo or want to add-on to existing drawings, check out this guide to the top tattoo designs for men!

Awesome tattoo ideas can range from small and simple to creative and meaningful. Designs can be black and white, all black, or every color of the rainbow for a beautiful watercolor affect. When it comes to the best tattoo designs, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are the coolest tattoos to inspire you.

Small tattoos are great for working professionals or guys who dont want their tattoo to define them. The best part is that you can get a small tattoo absolutely anywhere on your body.

Whether you choose a tiny design on your arm, hand, wrist, or chest, you can always conceal the artwork when you want. In the end, small tattoos make for good first and easy tattoo for men.

Simple tattoos are proof that designs dont have to be intricate or complicated to be cool. A simple idea can provide more meaning and allow for creativity and style. Generally, small and simple tattoos have been very popular for men.

Religious tattoos come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some of the most popular religious tattoo ideas include the cross, bible verses like John 3:16, and phrases like Only God Can Judge Me.

Naturally, the Christian religion isnt the only one that can be immortalized in ink; other tattoos can represent Greek, Roman, and Norse gods. These tattoos are perfect for guys who want to show their devotion for a lifetime.

Crucifix and cross tattoos are by far the favorite Christian designs youll see. Symbolic of God, Jesus, and your faith, the cross tattoo provides plenty of styling options.

Quote tattoos are continuing to gain traction with men due to their ability to accurately represent a life philosophy or belief. When looking at quote tattoo ideas, important factors to consider include the meaning, size, location, and font all of which play a crucial role in emphasizing the message.

Its also good to remember that a longer quote will require more space and a font or script that is too small can be difficult to read.

Ideally, a single sentence or phrase is best, and most guys choose powerful quotes from their favorite songs or authors.

If youre looking for designs that represent strength, courage, and family, the lion tattoo is an excellent option. The lion is among the fiercest of all the predators on Earth, and it can serve as a symbolic reminder of your own strength.

Lion tattoo ideas can stand alone or be surrounded by other images in a gorgeous collage, which makes them perfect centerpieces for artwork on the sleeve, chest, or back.

The wolf tattoo is one of the best animal tattoo ideas for guys. Because it symbolizes family, strength and loyalty, it can immortalize your relationship with family members and friends.

Guys may choose wolf tattoo designs that illustrate the full body or just the head howling at a moon.

Skull tattoos are by far one of the most badass tattoo ideas. Talented artists have reinvented the skull tattoo designs in thousands of different and unique ways. So whether you want a small drawing for your hand or forearm, or a fiery 3D version on your back, chest or shoulder, there are endless possibilities.

Though the skull has traditionally been used to represent death, this is not always the case. Skull tattoos for guys can symbolize rebellion, power, passion, rebirth and mortality.

Though rose tattoos may look feminine, roses are often incorporated into many designs for guys. Although the traditional red rose tattoo is the most common, artists can turn a traditional rose into a masterpiece by making it look realistic or 3D.

The rose represents a fresh start, growth, potential, peace, and even a tribute to loved ones. Much of the meaning depends on the color of the rose and the specific art.

Owl tattoos symbolize intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Designs can be drawn realistic or more in a traditional tattoo style, and they can even be added into other images. Small owls are perfect for wrists, ankles, and even hands.

But larger ones can be located on your back, chest, thigh, or upper arm. If you want an unique tattoo that doesnt conform, get an owl tattoo.

The phoenix tattoo is all about new beginnings and rebirth. Sometimes a new lease on life is the best way to move forward, and thats exactly why many guys get phoenix tattoos. A phoenix rising from the ashes can symbolize transformation, virtue, and potential.

Its incredibly common among recovering addicts and those who have dealt with great loss but continue to move forward in life.

The dragon tattoo is another powerful mythical creature and design idea. Dragons represent strength, power, greed, intellect, wisdom, and rebellion. There are dozens of different types of dragons, and each has its own meaning.

Horned dragons are the strongest, celestial dragons are protectors, and earth dragons are much like kings and rulers. Dragon tattoos make for amazing designs, especially stretched as a full sleeve tattoo or extending from your arm, shoulder, back and chest.

The compass tattoo is often underappreciated, but offers a classic idea for men who want a small, simple design with deep meaning. Traditionally, a compass is a travelers icon, but some guys like to extend the representation to the journey of life.

The compass symbolizes good fortune and guidance as we navigate our own paths, helping us decipher between the right and wrong so we can achieve happiness, health and success.

3D tattoos represent our favorite designs and can be truly captivating. Only the most exceptional artists can create cool 3D tattoos.

The best 3D tattoo ideas include optical illusions, mechanical gears or robotics as body parts, carved-out sections of skin, and more. Its vital to find a reputable artist for this type of tattoo, but other than that, the designs are unlimited.

Tribal tattoos are derived from ancient history and cultures. As a symbol of family, strength, power, and courage, tribal designs are bold and beautiful. For an intricate and timeless tattoo, get tribal patterns.

Star tattoos have trending in recent years. The star can be small and simple as standalone ink, or big and stylish for a masculine look. In the end, the star tattoo can look good on any guy.

Angel tattoos can represent your faith, your belief in angels, or just the beauty of the design. Your angel tattoo idea can be beautiful and serene or badass and edgy. Either way, angels make for excellent body art.

A music tattoo is an excellent idea for guys who are either musicians or simply have a deep appreciation for music. Share your passion for music with artistic notes, instruments, lyrics, or any other representation.

Arrow tattoos look great anywhere on your body. In fact, arrow tattoo ideas make for the best first tattoos because they are simple and stylish. Popular spots include the wrist and forearm.

Feather tattoos are rich with symbolism and versatile enough to fit anywhere. While you may think feather tattoo designs are straightforward, consider a creative approach to stand out.

The crown tattoo for men is meant to signify that you are a king. Crowns are often part of matching couple tattoos, where a boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife get a king and queen tattoo design to celebrate their relationship. For this reason, crown tattoos can be very powerful symbols.

Family tattoos are an expression of love and unity. Some of the best family tattoo ideas include quotes like Family First, Family Is Forever, and Family Over Everything or names, portraits, and family trees.

The family tattoo is very meaningful and special, and few men ever regret this type of ink.

Scorpion tattoos can celebrate the Scorpio horoscope or represent passion, sexuality, intimidation, power, perseverance, evil, and death. As a powerful piece of artwork, choose the scorpion tattoo carefully.

Meaningful tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and styles, all depending on the message you want to convey. Whether you pick a quote, symbol, name, or another really cool design that speaks to your soul, guys are always searching for unique tattoos with meaning.

The name tattoo can be an awesome way to show love for a family member or close friend. Whether you want to celebrate your love for a spouse, sibling, child, grandparent, or best friend, name tattoos are all about the styling of the design.

Now that you have some different tattoo ideas when it comes to the location on your body, its time to think about the actual design. Sometimes, you may see a piece of artwork that you love for no apparent reason, and this is just as acceptable as a date or something symbolic. Here, youll learn the best tattoo design options that are popular among men.

A sleeve tattoo covers the arm, and can be a great canvas for large, powerful messages and drawings. While a full sleeve covers the entire arm, and a half sleeve can cover either the upper or lower arm. Many guys wrap a sleeve tattoo into the shoulder, back and chest for a truly badass piece of work.

While the pain factor varies, areas closer to the bone, such as elbow and wrist, may feel more tender than larger areas such as the forearm, back of your arm and shoulder.

When it comes to choosing artwork for a full or half sleeve tattoo, just about any design you can imagine can come to life. Some men choose a single image that wraps around all or part of their arms.

Others choose to turn their sleeves into a collage of images that may reflect their hobbies, accomplishments, or even pieces of artwork they admire.

Arm and forearm tattoos are a bit different in that they are single pieces of artwork that do not cover your entire arm like a sleeve. The forearm is a great location for a variety of tattoos, and for the most part, any pain you might experience is minimal.

If youre a professional working in an office, you can cover an arm tattoo with a long sleeve shirt, but its far easier to hide ink on your upper arm.

If you want a tattoo on your arm, anything goes. The arm can accommodate the best tattoo designs and ideas.

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101 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men (2020 Guide)

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701+ Eye-Catching Cool Tattoo Ideas (Trending 2020)12.18.20

Undoubtedly the tattoo is one type of lifelong commitment. After all, a tattoo is your personal signature, so you definitely want a stylish cool tattoo that will you through the decades in style. To get eye-catching cool tattoo ideasjust maintain our following lessons.

Always teenagers are trying to find out new ways to make them more good looking to others. Because the tattoo is one of the stylish ways to break the mold for the teenagers who are 18 and up a crowd. Moreover, a tattoo is a unique way to carry out your favorite art with you all the time.

Indeed the cool tattoos are the one that may speak about you like who you are, what you value for and what you like to take into the future. However, it does not matter what walk of life you pursue, a cool tattoo will stay true to you.

If you are just thinking about getting a new tattoo for the first time, then our list of cool tattoo ideas will help you to choose the perfect designs for you. Usually, cool tattoo conveys the deep meaning which can be suavely extrapolated in casual conversation.

You may have one question that what actually makes a tattoo cool? Then by scrolling ahead, you will find out its answer and will get amazing cool tattoo ideas.

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Tummy Tuck Tattoo What Factors Should Take into Consideration?

Tummy Tuck Tattoo Cover Up What You Need To Know?

You need to invest in your tattoo, so before ink up your body, you should consider your tattoo very carefully. Before getting a tattoo, you should make several important considerations.

1st consideration

Finding tattoo artists who have reasonable rates and also does excellent art that perfectly matches your personality. So to find the artist who will be right for you, you may visit several artists website and tattoo shop and you may also ask a friend or your near one who have the idea about a tattoo artist.

2nd consideration

Select the place of your body where you like to have your tattoo. It may choose your open place or also may be a personal place because your body is your canvas. So, it is a very important decision to choose a part of your anatomy that will be appropriate for your tattoo.

3rd consideration

Measure your pain tolerance level, because the whole process of tattooing is painful, everyone cannot handle it perfectly. If you have a lower tolerance level, then you may go with a small tattoo for the very first time. Otherwise, you may go with any types of designs. In this situation, you may select feet, clavicles, and hands.

4th consideration

Select a meaningful tattoo design with your favorite color. You should research a tattoo to find a perfect meaningful tattoo and also get help from different sources of tattoo inspiration like art, books of mythology, art galleries, anthropological text featuring body arts, gardening, and crafts from other culture. Apart from this, you also may get inspiration from everywhere from nature to water, human to animal, science to sky etc.

In this article, you will find more breathtaking talent with the paired of top-notch creativity. Here we collect almost 200+ different types of cool tattoo designs with different patterns and sizes.

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Tummy Tuck Tattoo What Factors Should Take into Consideration?

Tummy Tuck Tattoo Cover Up What You Need To Know?

To place a tattoo, forearm, neck, chest, upper arms and back are the best part for men. Because tattoos on these different body parts are normally concealed when needed. And for women belly, back, wrist, leg, ear are the best place.

The right tattoo would significantly enhance your appearance.

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Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

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Hawaiian Tattoo Gallery

Impressive Dragon Tattoo Designs

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Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

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Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

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701+ Eye-Catching Cool Tattoo Ideas (Trending 2020)

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28 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women in 2020 – The Trend Spotter12.18.20

Tattoos are so on-trend, but you want them to either have a special meaning or to be creative. It can be hard making the decision of what to get. After all, its going to be there for the rest of your life (unless you get it lasered), therefore, placement is also a big consideration. Just to help you out, weve put together the best tattoo ideas for women and some advice to guide you through the process.

If youre looking for inspiration for fresh new ink, you may want to consider a butterfly. Although butterfly tattoos have been popular for decades, there is a timelessness about them, and the wide variety of designs have ensured that each piece remains unique to the wearer. Butterflies can be delicate and beautiful, but they can also represent transformation, resilience, hope, and even love. There is also a feminine element to the design, which is why it is such a popular choice among women.

Dragon tattoos can make a powerful statement, and they symbolize wisdom, fearlessness, and protection. The stories of these mythical beasts are foundin many cultures around the world. They have featured heavily in both European mythologies, as well as in East Asian cultures. Often, a dragon is considered to be a fierce and powerful creature, something to be respected, but also feared. When deciding to get a tattoo, you can draw from the many inspirations and interpretations, but ultimately choose what you want the ink to represent to you; whether that be passion or mystery, or something more profound.

The lion is considered the ruler of the animal kingdom, or the king of the jungle, and it is a creature that is both well respected and feared. When deciding to ink this powerful predator, many people choose to do so because of the traits associated with it; courage, bravery, royalty, and wisdom. There are many variations of the tattoo design, with some individuals opting for a super realistic approach, and others choosing to combine various elements, such as flowers and shapes, to create a unique and more feminine finish.

Tattoos can have deeply personal meanings, and the semicolon tattoo design is one of them. It has become a symbol for those suffering from mental health and depression and reminds the wearer that their story is not over yet. Their journey has not come to an end, and their lives will continue, despite their struggles. It is for this reason that these tattoos work best in places where they can easily be seen, like on the wrist, so that they can serve as a daily reminder of the obstacles that the individual has overcome and how they are capable of dealing with them in the future.

If you want to ink something that represents love and loyalty, then consider a wolf tattoo. These beautiful animals live in packs, and their strength and survival depend on their numbers. It is for this reason that this design often symbolizes family, suggesting there is power in unity, and it encourages the wearer to remember the importance of these close familial bonds. The wolf also has special significance to specific cultures, namely the Native Americans, who have a deep respect for the animal.

Elephants are majestic animals, and they also represent power and prosperity. These gigantic mammals are often associated with a fantastic memory; you may have heard the saying an elephant never forgets, which is why they also symbolize wisdom. What you may not know is that the head of an elephant herd is always a female, and thus, this can be a fantastic piece for a woman who wants to celebrate her femininity. You can choose a large, intricate design, or something small and simple, the great thing about this ink is it works in a variety of sizes.

If you want a more edgy tattoo, the scorpion is an excellent choice. These predatory arachnids are often considered to be dangerous because of their ability to inflict pain, and those who choose a symbol like this often want it to serve as a warning. The design can be incredibly powerful and a show of strength and intimidation. It can also remind the wearer of the need to protect themselves from those who want to cause them harm.

Snake tattoos represent many different things; for some, they are considered to be an evil creature, for example, in the Christian Bible story of Adam and Eve, the snake was the tempter and resulted in sin. However, for others, they are mythical and powerful. A Japanese snake tattoo can represent strength, protection, and even good luck, and in Native American cultures, the rattlesnake is of great importance. Other traits associated with serpent ink is the idea of transformation or rebirth because snakes shed their skin. They can also symbolize danger or fertility.

The heart is one of the most popular tattoo choices, and for a good reason. It is a universally recognized symbol across all cultures and holds deep meaning for the wearer, including love, loss, and heartbreak. Individuals can choose from a wide range of heart tattoo designs, some simple, like an outline, and others more detailed, like a sacred heart. Color also plays an important role when choosing what is right for you; for example, red ink can celebrate friendship and love, while black represents sorrow.

Skull tattoos are often intricate and take time and skill to complete. It is a recognizable image across many cultures and is typically associated with death or mortality. These pieces can take on a wide range of meanings, depending on the design, and have remained a popular choice of ink for decades. If you are looking for a way to make the tattoo more feminine, consider bold colors or floral details. Regardless of what you choose, though, there is no denying your ink will stand out.

Standard black ink works well for some designs, but if you want something more daring, you will love watercolor tattoos. The style is relatively new, although it is quickly gaining popularity, and the technique creates a finish that looks as though someone has expertly painted a masterpiece onto your skin. Many designs lend themselves well to watercolors, but flowers tend to be the most popular, creating a bold, vibrant finish. Tattoos like this work exceptionally well when combined with a black base, which helps to keep the ink from fading quickly and creates a more recognizable outline.

Tattoos can represent sorrow and warn about danger, or they could be uplifting and inspiring, like an angel design. Angels are associated with heaven and are seen as pure beings, determined to protect all that is good and sacred. For this reason, these tattoos can be a fantastic choice for those who are religious and want to honor their faith. Alternatively, they can serve as a tribute to a loved one, or as a reminder that the wearer has a guardian watching over them.

If you are a passionate traveler and want a design that inspires direction, then look no further than a compass tattoo. The symbolism dates back to sailors, who are believed to have inked their skin with these images to help them navigate while at sea, and it is for this reason that these designs often represent guidance and protection. When choosing a compass piece, the wearer may also want to remind themselves of the hard times that they have overcome; the navigational instrument can guide you through rough patches and help you to remember where youre going in life.

Without the sun, we would not be able to survive. It is a source of light and energy but can represent the truth, or serve as a symbol of hope; someone has overcome a dark period in their lives and found a way out of it. Others may be inspired by the sun because it reminds them of the beauty of life. There are many sun tattoo designs, and its meaning can be somewhat ambiguous, allowing the wearer to customize their ink to suit their personal preference.

Time is a precious commodity, and we are all living each day on earth, not knowing when our time will be up. It is for this reason that clock tattoos often represent the balance between life and death. Individuals can tailor their ink to make it unique and personal; some of the ways this can be done is by including flowers, to honor the living. Alternatively, you could take a darker approach by adding skulls or fire. The position where the hands of the timepiece have stopped can make the piece even more personal.

When you think of a crown, images of royalty will automatically come to mind, but thats not all that this tattoo can represent. The design can have powerful symbolism, with typical attributes including victory, self-control, and authority. A woman who chooses to get this inked on her skin may feel she wields her own destiny, or that she demands respect and equality. In terms of placement, crown tattoos are incredibly versatile. They work well as small designs and outlines, which can be inked onto the wrist, but also as bigger, more detailed pieces on the forearm or thigh.

Individuals who want a meaningful tattoo should consider this beautiful piece. A dreamcatcher, originally a hand-woven product which is meant to replicate a spiders web, has roots in Native American culture. It is a symbol of protection, hung to guard against evil thoughts, and a way of filtering out the negative experiences to focus on the good. The design is often incredibly detailed, and because of this, it tends to work better on larger areas of skin, with the thigh being a popular choice.

When you think of an eye, the gift of sight comes to mind, right? Well, this the fundamental concept of this tattoo. The eye can symbolize something that is all-seeing; for example, in Christianity, it can represent God watching over you. Alternatively, it could be interpreted as a symbol of guidance or protection. There are many different choices with regards to the placement of this design; you can choose to go small and ink it onto your finger or opt for a more detailed piece on your thigh.

Many people dream of having wings and being able to fly away from their troubles, and bird tattoos are a way of showing that. These beautiful winged creatures symbolize many things, including freedom and independence. They can also serve as a reminder that we do not need to adhere to certain earthly constraints. There are many different bird designs; for example, a raven could represent death, while a goldfinch or canary are species that typically associated with happiness.

Getting a tattoo is not a decision that should be made overnight because it is meant to be a piece that will be with you forever. Many people think long and hard before choosing a design that is meaningful to them, but if you are not ready for a long term commitment, you may want to consider something more temporary, like a henna tattoo. It is created using a plant-based dye, and these intricate pieces can be made using various shades, including red, orange, brown, and blue-black. Henna is popular at Indian weddings or festivals and is known as mehndi, but it is also traditional in Morocco and Egypt. Another pro to this form of tattooing is that the dye fades naturally over time.

Depending on the person, unique tattoos can vary. A unique tattoo can be something personal or some sort of interesting design. Whatever it is, this kind of tattoo is probably going to be special to you, or may even be a conversation starter.

Who said your tattoo had to be huge? As long as you find an artist who specializes in small designs, you can easily get something rather detailed, in a much smaller, cuter version. Little dainty tattoos are always a good idea if youre wanting a tattoo but arent looking for something too bold and noticeable.

Small tattoos are generally kept quite conservative and simple. They dont take more than ten to twenty minutes to get done depending on the style. Though just because its small, that doesnt mean you cant make it personal.

Cross tattoos can be as simple as two lines or two words in cursive, intersecting. If you want to get more creative, you could add something wrapped around it, such as a flower design. Theyre a great choice if you have a religious background and it gives you the option of intertwining two ideas into one design.

Simple tattoos are normally something like a heart, a moon, the sun, or the basic outline of a flower or animal. Theyre a great choice if youre struggling to come up with a design. Usually, you can explain to your artist what youre after and theyll show you an option very quickly of something they may have already stenciled up.

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28 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women in 2020 - The Trend Spotter

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10 Real-Life Tattoos In Honor Of The Vikings That Should Be Added To Assassins Creed Valhalla – TheGamer12.18.20

These real-life tattoos are so amazing that they seriously should be added as options in the latest Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is based on the era of the Vikings, and this fact alone is what has made it so popular. Fans have been obsessed with these warring people for ages as they love the culture and mythology associated with them. Some have even gone as far as to have themselves inked with tattoos that relate to them.

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Valhalla gives you the opportunity to equip Eivor with a multitude of tattoos, but there are even more that should be added. Let's see a few of the fan tattoos based on the Vikings that you will wish were in the game to be used by your Eivor!

This arm sleeve employed the use of Viking runes, as well as some classic symbols and designs that your character should display on their body. It is so cohesive with the various bands that help separate the various designs while still allowing it to look like a single unit. The use of shading by Jay Quinn within this tattoo only adds to its appeal which is why fans crave for it to be added into the game.

This tattoo inspires fear in the hearts of any Viking's enemy as the bear's open jaws across his chest are ready to bite anyone who comes to close. The design on the arm is even more incredible as the Viking looks so real and fierce on this person's arm. Dimon Taturin created this masterpiece and it is so good that fans of Assassin's Creed Valhalla are asking their tattoo artists to ink this on their own personal bodies.

Some tattoos use patterns or relate to animals or people, but this one employs the use of an artist's eye. It features a multitude of lines with symbolic meaning intermixed throughout its design. This tattoo made by Broken Art Tattoo Shop would look great on Eivor's back as he heads into battle against a number of mythological creatures.

This back tattoo takes fine detail to the next level as it features a multitude of tiny dots in its design. The big circle created by snakes catches the eye, but the dot shading around the patterns is what has viewers in awe of Iceland Tattoos' handiwork.

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The lack of color only adds to its appeal as it stands out against their pale skin. This would be perfect for the male version of Eivor as seeing the entire tattoo is what truly brings out its innate beauty.

One of the cosmetic features for your longship is from the Reindeer Clan, which is why this tattoo should be added to the game. It looks so clean cut and would stand out on Eivor's pixelated skin in the game, unlike other tattoos that are too busy to see clearly. It is obvious this is a reindeer and Uffe Berenth is the tattoo artist behind this amazing design that used shading and pattern to make it look like it belongs on a real-life Viking.

The tattoos in the game are fairly devoid of color, besides the silver and bluish gray paint used on some, which is why this tattoo is so unique. They outlined the symbol called The Helm of Awe and Terror with some runes painted in red, and it allows this circle to be the focal point of their arm sleeve. The ferocious wolf only adds to the design by Dimitriy Tkach and fans are in awe of his ability to ink with such detailed precision.

Odin is the primary subject of this tattoo and he appears as powerfuland all-knowing as the God in Viking mythology. The use of various symbols scattered around the tattoo, like the snake at the top and the Valknut at the bottom, really give it the vibe it deserves.

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The choice by Pablo Almeida to leave Odin's eyes blank brings him to life, and the detail of his beard and hands makes him more realistic. It would be the perfect thing for Eivor's arm as it works as a secondary half sleeve tattoo when a more intricate full sleeve is used on the other.

This tattoo looks as if a mysterious mist has descended over this person's arm which gives it an effect unlike any other tattoo on this list or in the game. The pattern is detailed and the smoky edges only add to its appeal. Ida Morbida is the tattoo artist behind this piece and it proves why tattoos are one of the best parts of the game.

Vikings focused a lot on symbolism and meanings behind their drawings, which is why this tattoo should be in the game. The bottom half of the reondeer serves as a reminder of death, while the top half filled with flowers speaks of growth and new life. This is why the tattoo byValentina De Sinis-Tudor is so incredible as it serves as a reminder of these people in several different ways.

Odin only has one eye, and the shading within this tattoo speaks to that part of his appearance. The addition of his face below the symbol on their arm is extraordinary and adds texture as the two different designs vary in their construction. Eivor would look amazing walking around with Odin on his arm and the artist named Void is who brought this tattoo to life.

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Next Cyberpunk 2077: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Rebecca O'Neill is a reader and writer based in Ohio, near the heart of the CLE. She enjoys starting fires in her kitchen and collecting pins when she's not writing for Valnet, Inc, as an Organic List Writer. She writes for her blog, Creative Measures, and works towards the completion of her fantasy novel.

10 Real-Life Tattoos In Honor Of The Vikings That Should Be Added To Assassins Creed Valhalla - TheGamer

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A Korean Artist Creates Delicate Tattoos and They’re the Embodiment of Tenderness – – The Nation Newspaper12.18.20

For many people, tattoos seem togodeeper than just skin deep, psychologists say. They create adeep personal change, which makes aperson mentally stronger. Sion Kwak isatattooist from South Korea whose works will not beconfused with any other artists, because ofher signature style. Red laces, beads with intricate ornaments, and colorful animals all these elements are united tocreate meaningful pictures onpeoples skin.

WeatBright Side take our hats off tothe genuine skill ofthis tattooist, and wed love for you toadmire some ofher work together withus.

Inher interview with Bright Side, Sion says: Iwas strongly inspired bymymother, who isalso atattoo artist, whenI was achild. Icarefully watched her work and learned afew things, starting from basic skills inthe beginning. But because our drawing styles are different, Icreated myown style mostly bymyself after learning those basic skills.

Many ofSions works include red strings that have aspecial significance for the artist. Asshe explains, they represent the flow oflife and Yin-Yeon the ties and bond between people. The beads and pendants that are threaded with strings show different pictures: from flowers toanimals, and these elements have aspecial meaning for the people who ask Sion todotheir tattoos.

Sometimes, she combines the pictures with phrases, and these tattoos have adeep philosophy behind them. One ofher recent works depicts the sun and moon inside anorigae with the phrase which means where noone knowsme inKorean.The square pendant with the sun and the scenery ofavast mountain and nature was designed byenvisioning the unknown place, which holds the meaning ofthe phrase. The moon isexpressed inasimple way, hanging onthe black and gray strings.

Sion tries toget asense ofthe life her clients live and her inspirations are the life stories that she hears and the people that she meets, who are also the ones sharing those stories. Bylistening tothem and communicating thoroughly, she can get creative and come upwith different ideas for her drawings. Sometimes her clients are her partners increating unique tattoo designs.

Heres atattoo she made for one ofher clients which expresses conflicting self. "Its hard toface itsometimes, but its all part ofwho weare and the emotions weneed," says the artist.2strings that are bright and dark represent the 2sides ofthe conflicting self. The overall strings are expressed asalong flow and the pendants depict 2different girls, who turn out tobe2sides ofone personality.

The artist spends alot oftime learning about the symbols that will soon become apart ofher work. Bydoing this, she wants tocreate unique designs for every person who comes toher. The tattoos are meant tobecome peoples talismans, this iswhy its soimportant for the artist touse the proper language ofsigns and pictures, and show that each person asaunique place inthe Universe.

Sion has afew tattoos onher body aswell. These were done bypeople who she likes and respects, and also bythose who were probably not meant tostay inher life for along time. Each tattoo islike apage from afamily album for her and she cherishes every one ofthem.

While being asked about what her special message toher clientsis, Sion didnt hesitate tosay: Through mywork, Ihope people can appreciate not only the aesthetic beauty but also the intrinsic beauty oftraditional Korean culture all around the world the norigae, fan, Hanbok, and knots that symbolize Koreas native spirit ofties between individuals, all hold strong messages that Id love toshare with everyone!

What idea for atattoo doyou have inmind for yourself ormaybe you already have one onyour body? Whats the story behindit?

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A Korean Artist Creates Delicate Tattoos and They're the Embodiment of Tenderness - - The Nation Newspaper

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We talk to Gert-Johan Coetzee about that custom gown he made for Cardi B – in a week! – News2412.18.20

On Tuesday, rapper Cardi B wore a beaded gown and corset by Gert-Johan Coetzee to husband Offset's birthday celebration in Atlanta. We talk to the South African designer about how it all happened and crafting the gown in a week!

Speaking to Channel24, Gert-Johan says that he was contacted by Cardi B's stylist Kollin Carter, who took notice of his 2020 Kraal Couture collection.

This specific look formed part of Gert-Johan Coetzee's 2020 collection titled "Kraal Couture". It was showcased on the runway in a milk blue version, during SA Fashion Week. Shortly after the collection was revealed, Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida was also seen boasting it in a photoshoot.

"He ordered the custom beaded skirt and corset with a few accessories in chocolate brown," he says. The entire gown was completely custom-made of bronze glass pearls and African beads."

About the inspiration behind the one-of-a-kind garment, he says: "The inspiration was a modern twist on African baroque and I just really love to show the world what African couture is at its best, and it is really something that we can offer the world as an African take on high-end fashion."

The entirely handmade gown was meticulously crafted over a period of a week. "The skirt is completely hand made, and it is a combination of different types of beads, including pearls, crystals and traditional African beads. So it's a mixture to create a beautiful texture of the skirt that drapes and flows along the hips," Gert-Johan explains.

Gert-Johan says that as a designer, he generally designs for women with curves and "Cardi B has such beautiful curves that need to be celebrated".

"I think it suited her so well because she has the body and the confidence to rock such a beautiful garment. My happiest moment was even seeing her tattoo peek through the beads, and I thought that it was such a cool touch," he says.

Gert-Johan hopes that this marks the starts of a beautiful working relationship but says "only time will tell".

About the attention, the gown has received on social media (79 million followers, just on Instagram alone!), Gert-Johan says: "It's insane!"

"I'm a really big fan of Cardi B's music and also Offset's music, so it was so special that she chose to wear a Gert-Johan Coetzee piece to such a milestone event for them.

"I just love the chocolate brown and how it was dripping off her, and it is amazing to have your work seen on such a beautiful platform to such a wide audience, and I can't wait to see the snowball effect to come from this," he says.

This is not the first time the South African fashion designer has made waves internationally. He has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Lauryn Hill, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia and Tiwa Savage - a force to be reckoned with.

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We talk to Gert-Johan Coetzee about that custom gown he made for Cardi B - in a week! - News24

Posted in Tattoo Designswith Comments Off on We talk to Gert-Johan Coetzee about that custom gown he made for Cardi B – in a week! – News24

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