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The Internet Has Drastically Conflicting Opinions About Post Malones Massive New Face Tattoo – Us Weekly01.03.20

Post Malone Courtesy Post Malone/Instagram

Post Malone, 24, stole the show at Dick Clarks New Years Rockin Eve celebration in more ways than one. Besides his awesome live performance of top hits, Circles and Congratulations, the singer also debuted a massive new face tattoo.

See All the Tattoos Miley Cyrus Has Gotten Since Her Split From Liam Hemsworth

The New York native visited tattoo artist Kylie Hediger in NYC before making his way to Times Square to perform for millions.

Hediger captioned a photo of Malones face with the fresh medieval-inspired ink: Last tattoo of 2019. Gauntlet on the baby boy@postmalone love u. 2020 is going to be next level. Love you all .

Celebrities That Covered Up Tattoos Linked to Their Exes: Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande, Angelina Jolie and More

Some social media users were less than thrilled by his new tattoo, which runs from his hairline all the way down his jawline. I love post malone but this new face tattoo aint it, said one of his followers. My mom was thinking of going to a Post Malone concert, but is too perturbed by his latest face tattoo, said a second.

Others were simply jealous of Malones ability to pull of the bold designs. A fan Tweeted, I wish I could pull off a face tattoo like#PostMalone does. He got a new one on NYE but just like short hair, I know it would never look good on me. Another said, I wish I could rock face tattoos, but then again we cant all be as effortlessly cool as Mr. Post Malone.

Obviously, this isnt Malones first face tattoo. The singer has several different designs, two of the most remarkable of which are the word always written in script under his right eye and tired in the same font under his left.

Celebrities With Food Tattoos: See Yummy Ink From Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and More

Malone got his first design while working alongside tattoo-obsessed Justin Bieber. He opted for Playboy bunny on his left forearm and later got a miniature version of the logo tattooed on his face, as well.

The hitmaker opened up about that first experience on an episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in 2018. He said, We were working on Stoney and then we had a tattoo artist come through, and I was like, You know what? Justin Biebers got some tats, and I love you, but I know Im way tougher than you.

Now, the stars covered in over 50 tattoos and fans are under the impression that hes not slowing down anytime soon.

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The Internet Has Drastically Conflicting Opinions About Post Malones Massive New Face Tattoo - Us Weekly

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Houses, memories gone in ‘blink of an eye’: Fires spark worry for Australian expat in Winnipeg – CBC.ca01.03.20

As the wildfires spreading across Australia inch closer to her hometown, Phoebie Peters is doing her part to help one koala at a time.

The apprentice tattoo artist at Rising Phoenix Body Art on Winnipeg's Sherbrook Street created a slate of six designs she's offering for $50 a piece koalas, wombats and kangaroos with half the proceeds going to an Australian organization working with animals affected by the fires.

"I really wish I'd be able to do more," said Peters, who is from Maryborough, Queensland, and has lived in Winnipeg for the past 15 years.

Since unveiling the newdesigns at the end of November, Peters said she's raised about $600 for the New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service and she's hoping to get that number up to $1,000.

She said she knows the tollthe fires are taking on her friends and family back home, and on other Australians living abroad.

"There's a lot of Australians here in Winnipeg that are absolutely devastated," she said.

"Houses are gone. Memories are gone. And it's [happened in] a blink of an eye."

This wildfire season has been deemed the worst in the country's history. Authorities say so far, about five million hectares of land have burned. Atleast 17 people have diedand more than 1,400 homes have been destroyed.

Peters hasn't lived in Australia for years but the smell of the wildfires that plague the country every summer is something she's never been able to forget.

"I have a very fond memory of being with my family, eating dinner, and just the smell of it sweeping through your home," she said.

"And it ruins that memory, because it just makes you sick to your stomach. Masks don't help. You can't breathe."

One Winnipegger who hasbeen living in Australia for the past decade said the fires are getting worse and for locals, so is the anxiety they bring.

"It's this real sense of danger, of not being able to protect your land or your family," said Duncan Rhoda, who works as a psychiatrist at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

"Lots of people could've been trapped in their homes [and] actually wouldn't have known that they were going to survive."

It's a sense of fear Rhoda said he learned about quickly. A month after he arrived in Victoria in 2009, the Black Saturday bushfires which were among the country's worst broke out across the Australian state.

"I had some roommates that were sort of really worried about their families and how their homes would be affected by those fires. But I just didn't really grasp the magnitude of it," he said.

"Being here now a decade, you can see that people have had this experience almost every summer and you can see that the magnitudes are getting worse and worse, as well."

Rhoda said while he was working as a psychiatrist for adults before taking hiscurrent job, he often saw people living with trauma after experiencing the country's wildfires.

"I've worked at times in the northern suburbs where they were most affected, and there even 10 years, nine years onwards you still see people that it's in their history," he said. "It came so close to either them or their family passing away."

Rhoda said where he lives in Melbourne, he's relatively safe from the fires but residentsstill sometimes see smoke from as far away as the area around Sydney, more than 700 kilometres away, cloudingthe skyline.

"There's definitely been a few days where you can just smell itin the air," he said.

For Rhoda, the smoke on the Australian horizon is a reminder that the blazes won't be put out any time soon.

And for Peters, it's a reminder to keep doing what she can to help people back home.

"We plan on doing this until Australia is no longer burning," she said.

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Houses, memories gone in 'blink of an eye': Fires spark worry for Australian expat in Winnipeg -

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Justin Bieber Gives Instagram Followers an Extensive Tour of His Impressive Tattoo Collection – Us Weekly01.03.20

Justin Bieber Courtesy of Justin Bieber/Instagram

Someone call Hailey Baldwin! On Monday, December 30, Justin Bieber videotaped himself stripping down on the gram to show off his remarkable tattoo collection.

Celebrities With Food Tattoos: See Yummy Ink From Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and More

It practically goes without saying that the 25-year-old has spent a solid chunk of his life under the needle. To prove it, he decided to give fans an up-close-and-personal tour of all his designs.

The singer posted a series of videos to his Instagram Story, showing off his body artwork. He did his best to capture all 60+ tattoos spanning all over from his neck all the way down to his ankles.

With Tyler the Creators Earthquake playing in the background, the singer started videotaping his left wrist and filmed all the way up to his shoulder, revealing his detailed sleeve. Social media followers may instantly recognize three of his biggest designs: an owl on his upper left arm, the word believe on his forearm and a compass on his bicep.

Celebrities That Covered Up Tattoos Linked to Their Exes: Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande, Angelina Jolie and More

Next, he pointed the camera towards the ground, giving fans a look at his colorful Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon Crocs. He then showed his calf to give viewers a glimpse of his designs of Jesus and praying hands, before moving on to his tattoo-laden chest. Two that are impossible to miss are the words son of god written across his abdomen and a cross in the center of his chest.

Bieber got his first tattoo in 2010, when he was just 16. The design was of a little seagull on his left hip, inspired by the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Just last week, the Sorry singer added yet another design to his already impressive canvas. He paid a visit to celebrity ink master Dr. Woo for the ultimate neck tattoo: a giant bird spreading its wings and the word forever written underneath in large script.

Celebrities With Food Tattoos: See Yummy Ink From Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and More

In the past, the stars admitted to regretting one of his tattoos. In an interview with GQ, the Canada-native revealed that he had to alter a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He said, This is my ex-girlfriend, I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know.

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Justin Bieber Gives Instagram Followers an Extensive Tour of His Impressive Tattoo Collection - Us Weekly

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Tattoo designs and ideas to try something new in the year 2020 – Republic World – Republic World12.31.19

Tattoos are so in-trend and every other person either wants a special meaning or wants to be creative. But for many of us, it can be hard making the decision what to get inked because it is going to be there for the rest of your life. You can have the most creative tattoos in the upcoming year on any part of your body, starting from ears to the neck and ending to ankles or fingers. So, just to help you out, we have put together the best tattoo designs.

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Anyone who loves adventure can opt for hot air balloon travel tattoo. This gorgeous hot air balloon is detailed with many different travel symbols. The designs include compass, map, birds, and suitcase and of them comes together to make this an amazing piece of art.

Hello there, little ladybug. Symbolising good fortune and prosperity, inking of the tiny red beetle will bring you luck as well as looking lovely. Add some good and small inspirational quote to make it more attractive.

Lovers and couples can go for a love boat tattoo. The symbolism here is so thorough and to the point, that there's wordplay without any words. She is his anchor and he is her guide, and no doubt it is the best way to express love.

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If you want to show your love of reading, and of books and literature in general, go for this tattoo. It is a fantastic way to show what books can mean to a person. Also, it is absolutely the best books tattoo we have ever seen.

Musical notes can be anything from a simple clef to an entire symphony. This would also be a good idea if you have a favourite piece of music. You can have this tattoo on your chest or ears, which actually looks amazing.

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ALSO READ:Tattoo: Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Your Body Inked

Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment.

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Tattoo designs and ideas to try something new in the year 2020 - Republic World - Republic World

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Meet Gunsmith And Mr Teeth From Batman #86 – With Punchline and The Designer to Come… – Bleeding Cool News12.31.19

Next week sees DC Comics publish Batman #86, the first issue of James Tynion IV, Tony S Daniel and Danny Mikis new run on Batman. On his mailing list, Tynion has been teeing up a couple of new characters, the assassins Gunsmith and Mr Teeth. And in his new mailing list, Tynion shares the script that introduces them in the new issue with the proviso that there will be more on their backstories in Batman #88 and later in May 2020

GUNSMITH should look a bit like a peak Wildstorm character He has an American flag Bandana covering the bottom of his face. His body is covered in ammunition, and he has three large assault rifles on his back. And its clear there are MORE guns all over his person. He looks tough and Military. Stocky build. A former soldier, and former Blackwater style mercenary. If hes showing any skin, he has a tattoo of a cross on one shoulder and a tattoo of a bald eagle on the other.

MR. TEETH should look like a fucking nightmare. I see his mouth being held open by hooks (NOT in a smile no Joker or Batman Who Laughs vibe to him), so his teeth are always showing. Its almost skeletal. He might also have a necklace of teeth around his neck. He is dressed all in strange white. Maybe hes albino, to boot. Honestly, Tony, just make the creepiest fucking character possible. He is an insane serial killer who realized he was good enough get paid for what he does.

These are two of four characters Tynion will be introducing to the run.

The next two characters who appear in my run are THE DESIGNER, who is the defacto big bad of THEIR DARK DESIGNS, and PUNCHLINE, who is operating in the shadows of this arc and will get her cover debut in the next round of solicits. Im really really excited for you to meet all of them, but Punchline is the one I am especially eager for you to meet.

I want to show you the Jorge Jimenez design for her, but I think DC Publicity would rise out of their holiday hibernation chambers and send its assassins to get me.

And DCs own assassins look even scarier than these four.

BATMAN #86(W) James TynionIV (A) Danny Miki (A/CA) Tony S. DanielIts a new day in Gotham City, but not the same old Batman. With Bane vanquished and one of his longtime allies gone, Batman has to start picking up the pieces and stepping up his game. Batman has a new plan for Gotham City, but hes not the only one. Deathstroke has returned as well, under a mysterious new contract that could change everything.Beginning a whole new chapter in the life of the Dark Knight, the epic art team of Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki are joined by new series writer James Tynion IV!In Shops: Jan 08, 2020 SRP: $3.99

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Meet Gunsmith And Mr Teeth From Batman #86 - With Punchline and The Designer to Come... - Bleeding Cool News

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Best of the Valley 2020 winners – Desert Sun12.31.19

About Town

Best Art Gallery

A Gallery Fine Art

Sophistication, impeccable taste, knowledge and understanding have come together at A Gallery Fine Art on El Paseo for two decades, featuring a vast collection of contemporary paintings, sculpture, functional art, jewelry and glass art to Palm Desert collectors and art admirers. Currently highlighting the creations of more than 30 glass artists from around the world, the gallery is showcasing the effervescent works of both established and emerging artists in memorable exhibits.

73956 El Paseo B, Palm Desert


Galleria Marconi Palm Springs

2668 Cherokee Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Palm Springs Art Museum

101 N Museum Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Best Auto Dealer

Fiesta Ford, Inc.

This family-owned and operated dealer in Indio is one of the largest full-service dealerships in the country, and you dont need to drive a Ford to make full use of their services. Both the Body Shop and Quick Lane services offer customers convenient complete car care on all makes and models, making it the reliable go-to drop-off for desert drivers.

78990 Varner Rd, Indio, CA 92203


BMW of Palm Springs

3737 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Honda of the Desert

68-025 Kyle Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234

Welcome to Honda of the Desert

Best Boutique Hotel (100 rooms or less)

ARRIVE Palm Springs

The first posh property to launch under the ARRIVE brand,this 32-room boutique hotel in Palm Springs Uptown Design District features a striking landmark design that honors the citys rich modernist legacy. Founded by Chris Pardo and Peter Karpinski, who met while working at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts in the late 1990s, the hotel is anchored by unique and locally oriented restaurants, bars, retail outlets and public spaces, and immerses visitors and locals in the style, tastes and lifestyle that define this desert playground.

1551 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs


Holiday House Palm Springs

200 W Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262


Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

100 W Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Best Cannabis Delivery

Flower Market Cannabis Delivery

Flower Market sprouts a curated selection of the best cannabis brands and products in the industry in order to offer a seamless shopping experience that ties into an on-demand delivery service. Order hand-picked selections to any location whether on vacation or coming home from work, shop the online menu and coordinate a delivery when its convenient for you.

19021 Ruppert St, Palm Springs


Atomic Budz

68415 Perez Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234


Leaf El Paseo

73740 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260

For what crystals and tuning forks cant cure, the owners of Palm Springs Crystal Fantasy offer something a little stronger: cannabis. At this family-owned, multigenerational dispensary, expert staff curate high-quality strains of specialty cannabis for both medical and recreational use, as well as offer guidance to each customer to help them find what buds are best suited for their needs.

142 W Oasis Rd, Palm Springs


Leaf El Paseo

73740 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Atomic Budz

68415 Perez Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234


Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Smiths Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning

Locally owned and operated, Smith's Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaningis a IICRC Certified Firm with more than 20 years of servicing the Coachella Valley. As a WoolSafe USA service provider, they guarantee that area rugs are treated with the utmost care and provide customers with a healthier living environment through cleaning all fiber types for carpet and upholstery, as well as a four-step cleaning process for tiles that leaves grout and stone looking like new.

31735 Thelma Ave. Thousand Palms


Sunny Hills Chem-Dry

74804 Joni Dr Ste 9A, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Rapid Dry Restoration

43695 Jackson Street, Indio, CA 92201

Best Caterer

Spencer's Restaurant

When you need to host a party, you want award-winning cuisine and an awe-inspiring ambiance. Check, check. This four-star establishment caters to the best, in one of the valleys best locations. Tucked in a quiet Palm Springs neighborhood, Spencers offers an innovative menu and can accommodate large parties in multiple settingseach accented by beautiful gardens or mountain views.

701 W Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262


Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge

849 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Cork & Fork

47875 Caleo Bay Dr, La Quinta, CA 92253


Best Charity

Animal Samaritans SPCA

Animal Samaritans believes pets deserve to be loved, respected and treated like part of the family. After 41 years of service, Animal Samaritans has grown to become the deserts largest, most comprehensive animal welfare organization by adopting out more than 10,000 homeless dogs and cats, rescuing more than 14,000 adoptable at-risk shelter animals, and spaying and neutering more than 200,000 pets. Theyve educated more than 250,000 school children on kindness to animals and responsible pet ownership and have made tens of thousands of pet therapy visits to people in need.

72120 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms


LGBT Center of the Desert

1301 N Palm Canyon Dr Suite 301, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter

4575 E Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Best Consignment Store

Angel View Resale Store - Palm Desert

When you shop at Angel View, you look good while doing good. The shops mission is helping children and adults with disabilities reachtheirmaximum potential. Each year, hundreds benefits from its three primary programs: Residential Care, Day Program and Angel View Outreach.

73468 CA-111, Palm Desert

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Best of the Valley 2020 winners - Desert Sun

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Celebrity tattoo artist forced to cover-up for job interviews –

Australian tattoo artist Lauren Winzer has literally made her mark on the industry.

In just a few years, the 31-year-old has built a loyal Instagram following with her uber colourful, quirky and one-off designs.

Shes also quickly attracted a long list of celebrity clients from Miley Cyrus to Joe Jonas and Post Malone, who were all eager to have the young artist colour them.

But before the Sydney local became one of the worlds most recognised tattoo artists, with an impressive client base to match, the working world wasnt always so nice.

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Ms Winzer told she was forced to cover up when applying for office-based jobs.

I had tattoos on my arms and leg and when I went for interviews I would wear long sleeves because I knew otherwise, I definitely wouldnt have got the job, or even be given a chance, Ms Winzer said.

She managed to secure a role at a company but quickly realised things could have turned out differently had she not covered up after seeing her boss reaction to her coloured hair.

She would always give me s***t with how I looked, Ms Winzer said. She would make me feel uncomfortable or weird, to the point where when I dyed my hair back to brown, she stood up and clapped as I walked into the office.

She definitely wouldnt have given me the job if she saw my tattoos. I was a really hard worker, my commitment to my job never changed, I was still the same person, doing the same amount of work.

It bothered me a lot at the time and still does, especially talking about it now.

Originally from the South Coast of NSW, Ms Winzer said when she first moved to Sydney about six years ago people would often walk past her and just stare.

Its definitely much better to when I first got tattoos. Peoples reactions are a lot less its not like what it used to be and I think thats because people are starting to realise its not just for rough people in jail.

After completing her tattoo apprenticeship, she left her office job and opened her own studio, which is now run by her friend.

I didnt know whether there was a market for the kind of art work I was doing until I began to upload my designs on my blog, she told

People were immediately drawn to her designs which often feature pop culture icons, glitter, florals and galaxies inundating her with requests.

I remember Miley saying to me once she will never get colour off anyone but me. No one gets colour like you, she told me.

Ms Winzer clearly remembers sneaking Miley into her workshop in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria in the early hours of the morning about five years ago.

Her assistant wanted to get a tattoo while they were in Australia for her concert and so my Instagram followers started to tag him in my work I guess it is because at the time especially there was nothing like my tattoos out there, Ms Winzer told

The next day after seeing her assistants quirky pineapple art, Miley also wanted to get inked.

She got a cat, watermelon, alien and an eyeball we became friends and she flew me over to Perth to surprise me at her live shows we ended up partying all night, Ms Winzer said, describing the experience as surreal.

The young artist went on to become good friends with the singer who often flies her overseas when she wants a new design.

Each of Ms Winzers tattoos are one-off designs.

I guess my colours stand out more I experiment with things some artists would normally be scared to do like creating glitter affects and other weird stuff.

Ms Winzer, who is collaborating with Tech21 to launch its customised range of phone cases, is personally covered with more than 150 tattoos equating to about $40,000.

I was always interested in art from a young age, then I began drawing and uploading them to my blog thats when people started to ask me to turn them into tattoos, Ms Winzer said.

Her breakthrough design was of a crystal tattoo.

Ms Winzer said her rapid success and Instagram popularity came down to good timing and doing things outside the box.

Her long list of celebrity endorsements also include Katy Perry and more recently Post Malone, who had some of his face tattooed by Ms Winzer in January.

It was a similar situation to Miley I got a message from Posts people saying he wanted to get a tattoo, but I was sick that day, she said.

I knew of him but didnt know much about him. Everyone was like you have to do it.

And she did tattooing the Playboy Bunny icon on his face and Beauty and The Beast dancing in a love heart on his leg.

He is literally the nicest person I have ever met for someone who is so young, it blew my mind how much of an old soul he has.

Ms Winzer said despite some ups and downs she is grateful to be in a position where she gets to do what she loves.

I think it was all good timing and the right opportunities.

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Celebrity tattoo artist forced to cover-up for job interviews -

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Doctor calls for terms ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ to be considered hate crimes – The Post Millennial12.31.19

Hating on Hallmark has become an annual right of passage for progressive journalists, and Amanda Marcottes Salon piece Hallmark movies are fascist propaganda absolutely does not disappoint. Instead of taking the usual tack of calling it basic and boring, Marcotte deems it discriminatorily heteronormative, and authoritarian.

She writes: Hallmark movies, with their emphasis on returning home and the pleasures of the small, domestic life, also send a not-at-all subtle signal of disdain for cosmopolitanism and curiosity about the larger world, which is exactly the sort of attitude that helps breed the kind of defensive white nationalism that we see growing in strength in the Donald Trump era.

I havent actually seen a Hallmark movie. But these are an odd handful of things to conflate. Its not authoritarian to want to live in small towns. Its not white nationalist to be happy to leave urban life. And its not Trumpian to plant roots in a locality and find a home there. He doesnt seem to be about that at all, in fact.

Hallmark movies are for that wacky, wild subculture that everyone loves to hate, white heteronormative women. Its super popular these days to hate women who want to fall in love and raise families, and if theyre white, we heap on the vitriolic icing even thicker.

The qualities that people cite when they defend Hallmark movies comforting, formulaic, soothingare all a result of the aggressively conformist impulse that drives them, Marcotte writes. And that impulse and fealty to the dominant culture stands in direct contrast to the values of diversity Hallmark facetiously claims to hold.

But Hallmark is a cable channel making saccharine movies for a niche audience. The only thing that the recent kerfuffle over a lesbian wedding shows is that Hallmark is anxious not to piss anyone off. First, they ran ads for online wedding registry Zola, which featured a lesbian wedding, then when they got blowback, they pulled them, and when that engendered hate, they tried to put them back. Does Hallmark Channel have integrity? Maybe, maybe not, but really they just want people to watch their cute little movies, have a good cry, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Thats the message I got, and as I said, I havent even watched the films. Marcotte takes issue with the typical Hallmark leading lady, a career woman in the big city who only realizes true values and happiness when she heads back to her small town and establishes meaningful relationships. But the thing is, and this is coming from a career woman in the big city, relationships are the most important thing in life. Love really matters, and pretty much nothing else does. Marcottes idea that finding compassion, companionship, and camaraderie in a familiar place, is authoritarian, is demeaning. In fact, its anathema to real-world experience.

Career and success are great and whatever, but finding understanding in another person is better, and creating a life into which you can bring a new human is probably the best thing of all. Yeah, I said that. I even think its true. Lots of people do, even if it never seems to turn out right or be what you expected. These movies are fantasies, after all, just the kind where learning from past mistakes is possible, and happiness is more than a fleeting, fickle emotion.

In hating on Hallmark, Marcotte takes aim at The Federalist (where I am a Senior Contributor). If you dont believe me, she writes, listen to authoritarians themselves. At The Federalist, which is ground zero website for generating frankly fascist culture war arguments, Hans Fiene argues that, culturally speaking, Hallmark Christmas movies are noticeably Christian. But what is her argument if not a frankly fascist one? Shes saying that the lifestyle represented in these Hallmark movies, fantastical and unrealistic though it may well be, is authoritarian simply because shes not into it, and finds it problematic with regard to her view of identity politics. She doesnt like the predictable storyline. But not everyones up for complex meta drama all the time. We dont need to watch Requiem for a Dream just to feel like were in touch with the dingy reality of things. And no, I didnt watch that movie either.

Its okay for people to live in different ways than Marcotte wishes them to. Her evidence of fascism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism, and she uses these terms interchangeably for purposes of degrading these films, is entirely symbolic. She claims that Hallmark movie harken back to Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahls work, that Goebbels would have approved of them because they emphasize a certain, dominant concept of normalcy. She doesnt define fascism, authoritarianism, or totalitarianism outside of 20th century symbols of them, and one wonders if she knows what the words mean. What is totalitarian is the Chinese governments burning books that dont align with the communist party line, and the crackdown on theaters by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Running down this years schedule of Christmas movie offerings is like a trip into an uncanny valley of shiny-teethed, blow-dried heteronormative whiteness, with only a few token movies with characters of color. Its like watching The Stepford Wives, but scarier, since the evil plot to replace normal people with robots is never actually revealed. None of this should be a surprise, because Hallmark movies, as cloying and saccharine as they are, constitute the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda, write Marcotte.

But what Marcotte forgets is that the heternormative concept of normalcy is not dominant anymore. Most televised offerings have plenty of alt lifestyle living characters, these heteronormative pumpkin spice latte storylines are pigeonholed onto a little cable network that is super easy to avoid. Plus there are heteronormative white people out there, and we shouldnt judge people harshly just because of their identifiers. Straight, white people with boring taste in movies dont deserve hate for it, and theyre not fascist for accepting who they are. And if theyre watching Hallmark, theyre paying for cablehavent they been punished enough?

Flimsy, guilty pleasure movies, that have an easily digestible story where the leading lady always gets her man, are just that. Many women and men would trade everything they have for that kind of real life storyline. Hallmark movies make going home again look easy, and we know its not, we know its excruciating, complicated and messy. Its okay to wish for true love outside the complex confines of independent films, and to want to watch a narrative that you can fall asleep to and still not miss anything. Theres nothing inherently bad about being a white woman who wants to fall in love and raise a family and live in the same small town where she grew up. No one has to want it, but we can all aspire to love if we want to.

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Doctor calls for terms 'nerd' and 'geek' to be considered hate crimes - The Post Millennial

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14 B- Town Celebs & their Tattoo Designs: Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar & others will inspire you to get an inked body this 2020! – Prokerala12.30.19

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Ohio State footballs Polynesian Pipeline helps West Coast Buckeyes feel at home on the East Coast – cleveland.com12.30.19

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The tattoos run through generations of history, culture and family, and eventually down the arms of Ohio State football defensive tackle Haskell Garrett.

Some are tribal designs, which speak to Garretts Polynesian heritage. Others tell a story still unfolding for the Nevada native, and four Buckeye teammates from similar backgrounds.

The tattoo on his inner left forearm features a palm tree-lined stream, with the phrase E lele le toloa, ae maau I le vai. The Samoan proverb translates to, A duck will fly all over, but will always return to the water.

Ohio Stadium may be far from Las Vegas, but Garrett will always find his way home.

Fans and alumni may not classify Columbus as the East Coast. More than one of Ohio States players of Polynesian descent used that phrase in reference to their college home.

Fifth-year senior Branden Bowen started the trend when he left Utah to become a Buckeye. When Garrett and defensive tackle Tommy Togiai and offensive lineman Enokk Vimahi followed, the entire group gained a new sense of community.

Bowen will play his final game as a Buckeye either in Saturdays Fiesta Bowl against Clemson or in the Jan. 13 national championship game. The other three will return to potentially bigger roles next season. They also hope to further what Garrett called the Polynesian Pipeline that brought them to Columbus.

I always preach to them, lets do something out of our comfort zone, Garrett said. Lets move far away from home and clear the path for other Polynesians. Were all showing all the other Polynesians that they can come to the East Coast and compete at the highest level.

Players such as the late Junior Seau and former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu brought national exposure to the Polynesian football legacy. In college football, that influence began spreading east as well. Tua Tagovailoa left Hawaii to become a star quarterback at Alabama. His brother, Taulia, eventually followed him to Tuscaloosa.

Bowens shoulders and arms tell a tattooed story similar to Garretts. He opened up late in his Ohio State career about how isolated he felt after leaving Utah for the Midwest. The arrival of the other three players of Polynesian descent helped him adjust mentally and emotionally -- especially through some of the injury hardships and other challenges of the past few years.

It just gave you a sense of home, Bowen said of Togiai, Garrett and Vimahi joining the program. Were all a big family, but having someone the same culture as you, the same race as you they understand you on a different level.

Togiai and Vimahi are planning their tattoos a word believed to have originated from the Samoan word tatau. It is a deliberate and serious process. The designs develop from conversations with their fathers or other trusted people around them.

Wyatt Davis, another West Coast Buckeye, hosted Vimahi on his official visit. Bowen, though, was at the first destination they visited in Columbus, and the connection was immediate.

Its kind of hard to explain with Polys, but once we see each other, we kind of have that vibe to each other we have to greet each other, say whats up, stuff like that, Vimahi said.

Bowen said that vibe even crosses the trenches to opponents. The Ohio State players already talk about the sense of brotherhood within their program. For the four players of Polynesian heritage, the connection runs deeper. They spend time together away from football as well, where their heritage can bridge the many miles back to their homes.

Togiai hails from Pocatello, Idaho, but one of his cousins from back home was a close friend of Vimahi, a Hawaiian. Togiai and Vimahi also learned they share a second cousin as well.

The way I was brought up with my family back home was just being together and having fun together and being close with your brothers, Togiai said. I think that just comes here and brings into our brotherhood that we always talk about. Its not just some fake thing its real. Were all close.

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The Polynesian connection that meant so much to Bowen will live on after he leaves. It could also grow. For instance, Ohio States 2021 offer list includes a pair of players with a Polynesian background: Orem, Utah, offensive tackle Kingsley Suamataia; and Sammamish, Wash., defensive tackle J.T. Tuimoloau.

Plenty of West Coast powers are pursuing those prospects as well. The four Ohio State players who found a common background together could have stayed closer to home. They all said they found something more valuable when they, like the duck in the proverb Garrett wears on his arm, chose instead to fly.

I knew I was doing something bigger, and my purpose is something bigger, Garrett said. I was clearing a path for other people and saying you can do this and you can thrive and you can compete at the highest level on the East Coast.

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