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Hand Tattoo Healing: Information on Finger and Hand Tattoo Aftercare – Allure11.27.20

One of my favorite things about getting tattooed is that it never really feels the same way twice. Different parts of the body (and different people as a whole) have differing levels of pain tolerance, and the healing process can go so many different ways depending on where a tattoo is located, too. Hand tattoos are a perfect example of this.

As Los Angeles tattoo artist Johnny Dagger will tell you, the process of healing hand tattoos can be vastly different from ones on other areas of the body. Depending on the exact area of the hands, it can heal completely different, he explains to Allure. The best bet for hand tattoos are the top of the fingers and top of hands those two areas will heal well and will not fade quickly. When you tattoo other parts of the hands, it can definitely be a roll of the dice to see if the tattoo stays or not. In other words, some parts of the hands have lots of joints and creases so they can bend and move properly those will be more prone to patchiness and fading.

The palm, side of the hand, or in-between the fingers are good examples of that, New York City tattoo artist Ron Mor explains further. "Ive found that this type of skin doesnt hold the ink as well in the long or short term," he says. "It might look good when freshly tattooed but much of the tattoo can fall out or disappear [or] there can be a shadowy appearance to the tattoo. Theres also a chance that it could fade much quicker over the years compared to a tattoo on a bicep or thigh, for example."

Think about it this way: If you were painting a canvas that had a bunch of big, moving crinkles, it'd be hard to effectively get paint in them. And that's only the half of what makes hand tattoos so different. Compared to the rest of our bodies, hands get a lot more daily wear and tear because we use them so much and they're almost always exposed to the elements.

Movement of the hand over decades causes exaggerated skin lines over joints, and laxity over the back of the hand increases as we lose fat volume and underlying tendons and vessels become more prominent, explains San Diego board-certified dermatologist Melanie Palm. All of these can affect how the tattoo ages and appears over hands underlying anatomical structures.

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Hand Tattoo Healing: Information on Finger and Hand Tattoo Aftercare - Allure

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Easily Get Through Barred Doors and Catch Floating Pages – ComicBook.com11.27.20

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has its share of challenges, though a few have come to stick out above the rest. Granted, these aren't your typical story-based challenges, but rather challenges in general gameplay and exploring the world. Two of the most frequent frustrations involve getting into buildings with barred doors and chasing down floating pages, which hold tattoo designs. The good news is that two Valhalla fans have presented some easy solutions to both challenges, so your frustration may be eased a bit going forward.

The first is from Reddit user msgkar03 who revealed that one of the abilities you get earlier on in the game can be used to knock these barred doors down instantly. though there's also another way for dual wielders.

Msgkar03 wrote "Barred Doors. Who doesnt LOVE barred doors?! I dont feel we see enough of them! Anyways one way to get through one is dual wielding 2-handed Dane Axes and a strong attack or the use of the ability Dive of the Valkyries (Rank 2) to bust through. Dont have the abilities? Heres Rank 1 - Heres Rank 2 -"

The second tip on doors was revealed by Reddit user CDProjektIvory, who revealed another ability that can destroy the door in one hit, and even a possible workaround if you don't have it yet.

CDProjektIvory wrote "So I'm not sure how many people may know this or if this was actually a post someone else may have made before, but I thought I would just share it anyways since it was a discovery I made a while ago and thought it could help some people 🙂

So if you have the Incendiary Powder Trap ability you can use that to shoot an explosive arrow at the barred door and the explosion should cause it to break and open for you.

If you don't have the ability however you can also use explosive jars as long as you set it next to the door and shoot it or get a good throw at the door!

Hopefully this helps some of you if you may have been in a rush to get certain things without having to wait :)"

Now, that's all well and good you say, but what about chasing those infuriating floating pages? Well, Msgkar03 has you covered there too, this time with another ability.

Msgkar03 wrote "Floating Pages Having trouble catching up with those floating pages? Use the Blinding Rush ability to slow everything down then just walk up and grab it before it even starts moving."

The ability is found by discovering the Book of Knowledge in East Anglia, specifically at the Ruined Tower.

Those should help a bit in your quest, and we'll keep you posted on more tips and tricks as we spot them.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X, PS5, Stadia, and Luna.

What are you having the most trouble with in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Assassin's Creed!

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How To Easily Get Through Barred Doors and Catch Floating Pages -

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Maxwell’s Lights Up Amarillo with nearly one half million lights as it launches its first Magical Christmas Festival – Pampa News11.27.20

Opening on Black Friday, Nov. 27, Maxwells welcomes everyone to its inaugural Magical Christmas Festival. Folks can park their cars, ride to the entrance

on our Grain Trains and experience Christmas lights and seasonal fun throughout our farm, said Larry Borger, owner of Maxwells Pumpkin Farm and Country Family Fun.

Ive always had quite a bit of Clark Griswold in me, said Borger. Weve been working on this concept for five years and 2020 is the year we flip the switch! added Borger.

Families will be greeted with a 30-foot tall Christmas tree featuring 20,000 lights in the middle of the Green Acres area, explained Borger. Well also have a 50-foot tall Light Tree with 20,000 pixels dancing with designs and colors. Its topped off with an 8-foot, 3-dimensional star. Folks should be able to see the tree from I-27, added Borger. A walk-in trail of lights and 100 foot tunnel of lights offers an immersed, holiday experience to get you in the spirit, said Borger.

SANTA CLAUS will be at Maxwells Magical Christmas every night with a Grand Entrance at 6pm. Folks can take their own photos with Santa at no additional charge and Saint Nick will be joined by a Reindeer and Snowman, said Borger. In addition, there will be a nine-foot tall snowflake, nine-foot tall star and seven-foot tall candy cane all lit up and perfect for taking your own family Christmas photos, added Borger.

Christmas music will be played throughout Maxwells Farm to keep you jolly, said Borger. In addition, Christmas Movie Clips will be played all evening from your Holiday Movie favorites on a large screen.

Special Activities for kids include Reindeer Fun. For $6.00, kids can create their own bag of Reindeer Food with five different ingredients, plus receive a pair of Reindeer Antlers, and a Reindeer Temporary Tattoo.

Many of Maxwells Fall Activities will return with a holiday, seasonal twist including:

Apple Cannons

Jumping Pillows

Jump Pad

Tube Swings

Green Acres Games

Abominable Snowman Paintball Shooting Gallery

Mountain Slides Bunnyville

Ducky Derby with Christmas Ducks

Pedal Cars


Maxwells Christmas Market will feature a variety of Christmas Gifts and foods.

Concessions will be open with all of your favorites and feature Smores Kits for $6.00 with fire pits provided to cook them right at The Farm, explained Borger.

Enjoy Hot Cocoa, Hot Cider and Coffee too, Weve got so many neat things to do at Maxwells and were excited to offer something new and special for everyone in the Panhandle this Christmas Season! said Borger.

Covid-19 precautions are taken with hand sanitizers provided throughout The Farm and disinfecting services performed regularly. Although The Farm has acres and acres to spread out, per State Guidelines, all individuals must wear a face covering wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing.

Price: Buy online $12.95 + tax

Gate: $15.95 plus tax

Kids 2 and under are Free

No charge for photos with Santa

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Maxwell's Lights Up Amarillo with nearly one half million lights as it launches its first Magical Christmas Festival - Pampa News

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The tattooist who breaks taboos and challenges conservative Afghan society – Inspired Traveler11.27.20

Kabul, 25 Nov (EFE) .- Afghan tattoo artist Suraya Shahidi is used to receiving hundreds of petitions every time she shares her latest work on social media and, in Afghan conservative society, she also threatened by a practice that some consider taboo in Islam.

This 27-year-old is the first Afghan woman to challenge conventions and dedicate herself professionally to tattoo, which in Afghanistan remains an art restricted to a handful of people, especially young men, in big cities like Kabul.

Tattoo practice is on the rise among Afghans, especially among young people, he explains to Efe Shahidi. Many want to inscribe the initial of a loved one in their body, and there is also no shortage of those who opt for animal reasons, especially in hands and arms.

This is the Afghan youth that has grown over the past two decades, marked by the relentless conflict, but also by progress following the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

I receive hundreds of requests every time I post one of my new designs on my Instagram account, says Shahidi, who started working as a professional tattoo artist two years ago and learned the craft in Iran and Turkey.

Tattoo salons are still limited to a few Afghan cities and still seems a strange and even prohibited practice for many, especially in rural areas, and more so in the case of women, seen as second-class citizens in conservative Afghan society.

In much of rural areas, women are not allowed to leave the home without covering themselves with a burka or full veil and, although almost 40 per cent of all students are women, their education and other freedoms are still limited.

But in a country where women are strictly prohibited from sitting near unknown men, Shahidi comfortably tattoos both males and females.


There are many conservative Afghan men who hate tattoos as much as girls and boys love them, says Shahidi, who explains that this section of the population believes they are banned by Islam. A statement that the tattoo artist hurries to deny.

You can never find a reference in Islam or Afghan culture that says tattoos are prohibited, he says.

Shahidi sees tattoos as a modern version of the khalkobi, the traditional dotted decorations that women once made on the face with plant extracts and sewing needles. Far from disappearing, brides still wear them on their wedding day and often appear in romantic poetry.

Now women use tattoos to express themselves, says Shahidi.

It may be something meaningless or strange to many, but for me a tattoo is something special. It is the symbol of my love, and I feel proud when I am with my friends, recognizes Efe Lila Ahmadi, 25, and who shows her fiancs initial on his left hand.


Shahidi has seen Afghan society, especially as far as women are concerned, break taboos over the years, from female education to the arrival of women in positions of public responsibility, in front of the 1990s under the Taliban government.

The tattoo artist feels part of that change.

Im working to change society; when I started tattooing it was something that seemed unthinkable but now, day by day, people around me have become accustomed and now it seems normal, he says.

His effort to break barriers also goes through its mode of transport, a motorcycle that drives freely through the streets of Kabul, although until now he has not yet crossed another biker.


Shahidi acknowledges that he is the subject of frequent criticism and threats on social media, although he does not attach much importance to them.

I dont care what people like or not, I just want to enjoy my life, says the tattoo artist, who is currently directing all her energies to inaugurate her new tattoo salon, located in a western neighbourhood of Kabul inhabited by the Shi Hazara minority and which has been the scene of several deadly attacks by the Islamic State in the last years.

Im not scared by security threats, this is our country and we should try to work for positive change, Shahidi concludes.

Baber Khan Sahel

(c) EFE Agency

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The tattooist who breaks taboos and challenges conservative Afghan society - Inspired Traveler

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Best Bets: Highlights of this weekend’s local entertainment calendar for Nov. 20, 2020 – Ocala11.21.20

Ocala Star-Banner

"A Christmas Carol": Enjoy the Charles Dickens timeless tale onstage through Dec. 20 at theOcala Civic Theatre, 4337 E.Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala. Tickets and information at 236-2274 or

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicle Vol. 1: Experience Classic Albums LIVE as they perform the music of Creedence Clearwater Revivals Chronicles at the Reilly Arts Center, 500 NE Ninth St., Ocala, Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets and details at or 351-1606.

"In Willowbark Woods": This production from the College of Central Floridas Musical Theatre Department will be online only at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at In promotional materials, the show is described as "a theatrical cycle of songs and monologues exploring the people found on a very small speck somewhere on the map of the Deep South called Willowbark." The show was "conceived and written during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Glass Onion: Local band Glass Onion, known for pop, rock and funk, will play at the Marion Theatre, 50 S. Magnolia Ave, Ocala, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. Enjoy tunes from The Beatles, Doobie Brothers, James Brown and Morris Day. Tickets and details at or 351-1606.

More: Ocala Symphony Orchestra takes on reimagined 'Seasons'

"Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi The Four Seasons": Max Richter (composer for "Ad Astra" starring Brad Pitt and HBOs "The Leftovers") offers a 21st century view of Vivaldis The Four Seasons. Ocala Symphony Orchestras concertmaster, Stewart Kitts, plays the role of soloist in a hauntingly familiar, yet surprisingly fresh take on Vivaldis 'Four Seasons.' The performance will be at 3 p.m. Nov. 21 at the Reilly Arts Center, 500 NE Ninth St., Ocala. Tickets and information at or 351-1606.

Inked at the MAX: Celebrate a showcase of the oldest form of artistic expression -- tattoos -- at the Magnolia Art Exchange, 531 NE First Ave., Ocala, Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. This one-night event will feature tattoo-inspired art from local artists putting their own spin on traditional tattoo designs and flash sheets. Visit or call 629-8414 for details.

The Visual Artists Society'sBest of the Season exhibition: This annual show begins Nov. 23 atthe College of Central Florida Webber Gallery, 3001 SWCollege Road, Ocala. This year's theme:Your (COVID) Best.The exhibit will continue through Dec. 16. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday.For additional information, call 873-5809.

Megan Welch's "Hinterlands": Free art exhibit at Ocala City Hall, 110 SE Watula Ave. " 'Hinterlands' is an exhibit of portraits in oil and graphite," the city said in a news release. On display through Jan. 8. Viewing available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Brick City Center for the Arts: "Paint What You Love! A Collective Art Exhibit" is on display through Nov. 28 at the center, 23 SW Broadway St., Ocala.

Dan McCarthysFlorida: Explored: Free exhibit, City of Ocala Recreation and Parks Administration, 828 NE Eighth Ave. " 'Florida: Explored' is an exhibit of select pieces created during (McCarthy's)exploration of a hidden gem in Marion County:Indian Lake State Forest," the city said in a news release.On displaythrough Jan. 15. Open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Appleton Museum of Art: The museum, 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,is openThursdays-Saturdays, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.,andSundays, noon- 5 p.m. Capacity is monitored. Exhibits includeThe Spaces Between from mixed-media artist Christian Duran;The Art of Adventure, serigraphs by Clayton Pond; and Mid-Century Tourism on the Silver River, photographs by Bruce Mozert.Call 291-4455 or visit

Astronaut Academy: Following a period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Discovery Center at 701 NE Sanchez Ave., Ocala, has re-openedwith a hands-on exhibit where participants can virtually drive a Mars rover or even navigate the International Space Station. Hours range; tickets and details at 401-3900 or

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Best Bets: Highlights of this weekend's local entertainment calendar for Nov. 20, 2020 - Ocala

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Don’t miss these 6 things – CNET11.21.20


Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a big game. Not only does the Viking saga stretch all across Anglo-Saxon England, the story itself is around 70 hours long. It's also one of the best entries in the Assassin's Creed franchise-- thankfully for Xbox Series X|S owners, since its arguably the top launch game on the new platform -- and it's one of the few games I've been happy to sink that much time into.

The story itself goes to interesting places -- so many Saxon puppet kings to install on thrones, so little time -- and it can be easy to get caught up in the drama of it all. However, the world of Valhalla is teeming with worthwhile encounters, valuable collectibles and fun things to do.

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Here are some must-dos as decided by me, a person who has done nothing but play this game for two weeks straight.

Note: Light spoilers below.

Side quests have been replaced by "Mysteries." These are shown as glowing blue dots on your map and in HUD. There are many different types -- so many that I'll just list them for you here:

World Event:World events are "chance" encounters initiated by NPCs that add another dimension to Valhalla. You may stumble across a Norseman with an axe stuck in his head, complaining about a bit of a headache. Other times, you'll have to convince a father not to sacrifice his daughter to the gods or recreate the sensory experience of a viking raid so a couple can, err, reconnect. (Yes, this is the first known instance of a battle kink.)

Offering Altar:Sometimes you'll stumble upon an altar that requires an offering. It could be coins, material or a specific fish. Completing one of these altars unlocks another World Event.

Flyting:This is essentially a rap battle, but Medieval. Make sure to identify rhyming patterns to help you pick the right answer. Winning will increase your charisma, which unlocks extra dialogue options in quests.

Legendary Animals:I'm too much of a baby to complete these but, hey, if you're a fan of hunting animals, this one's for you. If you build the Hunter's Lodge in your settlement, you can unlock cool schematics and skill points for killing these beasts.

Lost Drengr:Oh no, it's an old Norse warrior and he's survived every battle in his life so far. That's not good at all -- this man needs a ticket to Valhalla ASAP. This is an easy fix: Simply kill him in battle. Except it's not so easy, as these warriors put up difficult fights. The XP is worth it, though.

Daughter of Lerion:The three daughters of a cult leader who practiced dark magics but was killed by the powerful families of England. His daughters now roam the country, itching for combat with any poor soul that comes too close. Sometimes that's you! They're challenging miniboss fights, but there's a good reason to find them: Each sister carries a piece of Thor's armour set and you need to defeat all three to unlock the final piece of the set. Worth it.

Standing Stone:These are visual puzzles found on stone circles (like Stonehenge). Using Odin's Vision will highlight a pattern on the stones, and it's just a matter of looking at them from the right angle for it to form a complete image. Solving these grants XP and 1 skill point.

Cairn:Stacking stones. You just stack stones. It's surprisingly calming and always features a charming view.

Mysteries are voluntary and can be easily ignored. At the beginning of my playthrough, I often did ignore them out of sheer laziness. But there are some real treasures hidden in these Mysteries (both literally and figuratively).

This is how side missions should be. With a game as massive as Valhalla, the quest log and map can become overwhelming. And in 2020, who has the energy to put effort into things? We're just trying to get through the days. Mysteries are brief, interesting glimpses into Valhalla's world that carry real challenges as well as funny or even touching moments.

If the conquering business gets a bit tiring, these Mysteries will pep you up.

And you may find yourself with an axe sticking out of your head,

And you may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here?"

One aspect of the game that deserves a special mention is the Treasures of Britain Mysteries. On your map, they appear to be little doors with anchors on them. Why? I don't know. It took me far too long to understand what they were -- 11 tablets scattered throughout England. If you find all these tablets, you can unlock the legendary blade Excalibur, one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Another Mystery in the game are Animus anomalies. These glitches in the space-time continuum are identified with a triangle icon on your map or a literal glitch in the world. Once you investigate these glitches, the present day protagonist Layla is pulled into the world. To get back to the present, Layla has to finish a glitch-tastic parkour course like a time-traveling Sonic the Hedgehog.

They're a nifty little puzzle to play with, and completing each one unlocks a cool mystery about the Assassin's Creed universe. Hell yeah, lore.

Yeah, you're gonna want to visit Asgard.

Valka is the clan seer. She's also your friend and confidant. A bit into the game, Valka joins you in England and asks you to build her hut right away. You'll think: All right, diva, everyone needs a hut built. We're living in tents. Why are you so special?

Well, it turns out that building Valka's hut opens a quest line that takes you to literal Asgard -- as in "home of the Norse Gods" Asgard. As you can imagine, it's beautiful and fun. That's all I'm going to say.

That was a lie, I will say one more thing: In Asgard, your horse is an elk. An elk! You're like Santa Claus.

In order to build Valka's dream hut -- and the rest of your settlement, as it's the main goal of your England adventure -- you must find supplies and materials. When in your longboat, you can stop by military camps, bandit camps and abbeys to have some jolly good fun. Get ready to slice and dice soldiers while setting fire to thatched roofs.

These raids serve a purpose beyond pure chaos, however. It's the best way to find the supplies needed to build the buildings in your growing settlement. Look for the golden barrel icons on your map, And here's a hint: Hit the abbeys for the best stuff.

One of the things I love most about the world building is the sense of history blending together. Sure, the Romans haven't been in England for a couple of hundred years, but their presence is still very much felt.

You're not a fearful dregnr (warrior) without some powerful tattoos and armor sets. You can buy tattoo designs in shops, but you can also find some cool designs in the wild. You find them by catching flying papers, usually in high places. You'll realize that once you approach these mysterious flying papers, they'll fly away. You have to chase them.

Good luck, they're pretty tricky. If you manage to catch one, don't tell me because I haven't and they're a source of constant frustration.

Armor sets and Roman artifacts are easier to find. Armor sets are the golden armor icons on your map. Collect all five pieces of the set to unlock special bonuses. There are 10 sets to find in total, so get hunting.

In Ravensthorpe, a man in Roman garb (which is weird to see at first) opens a little museum under the Roman ruins of your settlement. Now, it's just up to you to fill it with Roman treasures. They're usually just mask-looking collectibles. It's a little feature that's easy to ignore, but hunting for these artifacts can lead you to some cool places -- like Jorvik (York), an expansive sewerage system that hides a good amount of treasures. Look out for easily breakable wooden planks on the ground of the cemetery next to the Jorvik theatre and a breakable wall at the water's edge to the side of the big bridge.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Don't miss these 6 things - CNET

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Fans try to figure out what Carrie Bickmore got tattooed on her –

On Thursday, Carrie Bickmore surprised her radio co-host Tommy Little with a fresh tattoo, of one of his own designs.

Speaking on the HIT radio show, Carrie and Tommy, the 39-year-old mum-of-three explained: Ive always wanted to get a tattoo, but Ive been too scared.

This morning, Chris (Walker) and I, together, went to your tattoo artist, Ben, and got a tattoo done.

One of them was a nod to my family, and the other, which I was excited about that I thought you wouldnt believe I would get, Carrie told Tommy.

It was liberating theres something about this year thats just making me do stuff that people dont expect to do, so I got a yeah dog tattoo.

RELATED: Carrie in tears over evil story on The Project

Carrie explained how Tommy has always joked about getting the word yeah with a dog face underneath for a long time, so she decided to beat him to it.

No you didnt, Tommy laughed.

I dont believe thats real Its great. Maybe Ill go out and get a matching one in the same spot.

While Carrie was only joking about the dog tattoo, she actually tattooed the vowels, A, E, O and U as a tribute to her children, Oliver, 13, Evie, five, and Adelaide, two.

RELATED: Star shuts down The Project question

Its not the only physical alteration the host has made either.

In a column in Stellar magazine last weekend, she explained how she cut off her hair at the end of Melbournes strict lockdown, and said it felt like she was cutting away the heaviness of 2020.

Just the simple act of cutting it felt liberating. Like a physical and mental weight off my shoulders. Like I had cut away the heaviness of 2020, she wrote.

She first debuted her new haircut on Instagram, thanking her hairstylist for holding my hand and the scissors as I cut away 2020 today! Yay lockdown is over.

RELATED: Carrie's cringe-worthy undies gaffe

She also thanked Channel 10 celebrity hairdresser Julie Bekiri for pushing me to do something different with my hair. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday and there hasnt been many holidays this year!

At the time, Bickmore celebrated the end of lockdown with her panellists on The Project.

Just seeing everyone smiling this morning everyone was happy! she said.

If you havent been to a cafe or a pub yet, youre going to one Im going to a restaurant tonight with my wife, said Peter Helliar.

And you went to brunch this morning, Bickmore said to Waleed Aly. Not that I was stalking you I saw your wifes Instagram. That was weird!

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Fans try to figure out what Carrie Bickmore got tattooed on her -

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US : Elsa Pataky shares her love of tattoos with her children – Explica11.21.20

Elsa Pataky.

Photo: Carlos Alvarez / .

Elsa Pataky He has not hesitated to briefly document on his social networks the process of composing his latest tattoo, a small design that already appears on one of the fingers of his right hand and for which he has turned to his trusted artist, Eduardo Bernal , in the Australian city of Byron Bay.

At the moment when one of her friends points her camera at the interpreters face to get to know the sensations she was experiencing, the Madrid artist has expressed herself with absolute sincerity and, with a face of circumstances, has acknowledged to her interlocutor that the task it was not being exactly pleasant: Yes, this one too PicaElsa has assured about a drawing that might not be the first one made on the same day.

Even more surprising have been the two short recordings that feature her two young children, the twins Tristan and Sasha, who wanted to follow in the footsteps of their famous mother and enthusiastically made themselves available to the tattoo artist. Lest anyone be misled, Elsa herself has clarified that, in the case of her children, the striking designs that they wear on their respective arms have been made with marker and not with indelible ink.

Having fun with the kids! Do not worry, they are not real, Explained the Madrid star, who also has her first-born India Rose with her husband Chris Hemsworth, in her space on the platform.

(Swipe to see the content)

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US : Elsa Pataky shares her love of tattoos with her children - Explica

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D&D: All 11 Magic Tattoos In Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, Explained – Screen Rant11.19.20

The D&D book Tasha's Cauldron of Everything has a section on Magic Tattoos. Here's how to get them, what they do, and all of their powers explained.

Magic Tattoos were originallyimplemented in theDungeons & DragonsUnearthed Arcana playtest material, but have become an official part of theD&Dworld in the latest sourcebook,Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Here's all there is to know about these wondrous skin-infused items.

Like a normal tattoo, these magical ink imprints are customizable in Dungeons & Dragons, but do have guidelines for appearances depending on the type of tattoo. These unusual marks come in many forms which can look like a brand, a scarification, or any other cosmetic alteration.They're produced with a special magic needle which is pressed to skin to initiate the attunement process. After the attunement is complete, the needle actually turns into the ink that becomes the tattoo on the wearer's skin.

Related: All 30 D&D Subclasses In Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything

The Lead Rules Designer for Dungeons & Dragons- Jeremy Crawford - elaborates onthese items in aScreen Rant interview. He states that if the attunement ever ends, the Magic Tattoo inDungeons & Dragons "actually slinks off your body and that needle reforms and the tattoo goes back into it."If desired, it can "then be applied to somebody else." He also confirms Dungeons & Dragons' Magic Tattoos count towards the number of magic items a player can be attuned to.

The rarer a Magic Tattoo in Dungeons & Dragons, the more space it'll cover on the wearer's body. Common tattoos cover a small area, such as one hand or a quarter of a limb. Uncommon tattoos cover half a limb or even the bearer's scalp. RareDungeons & Dragons tattoos take up an entire limb, and very rare tattoos can cover two whole limbs, the chest, or the upper back according to Tasha's Cauldron of Everything's lore. Finally,Dungeons & Dragons Legendary Magic Tattoos can cover an entire half of a character's body,like both arms and torso. Tasha's Cauldron of Everything lists 11 different types of Magic Tattoos:

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D&D: All 11 Magic Tattoos In Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything, Explained - Screen Rant

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Sophie Turner Shows Off Some New Chic Ink in Honor of Her Daughter Willa – Us Weekly11.19.20

Courtesy of Sophie Turner/Instagram

The sweetest! Sophie Turner reveals a new tattoo in honor of her daughter, Willa, and its as chic as ever.

In an Instagram Story on Wednesday, November 18, the Game of Thrones alum, 24, debuted the fresh new ink in honor of her and Joe Jonas first child. While displaying a cool black tee that reads Get Your Emotions In Motion, she holds her wrist up to showcase a little letter W underneath the J she got in honor for her hubby.

Its no surprise that its as sleek as her other designs. After all, Turner is no stranger to sentimental body art. Last July, she and the Jonas Brother got matching tats to commemorate their late dog, Waldo, just days after his accident. The tattoo was of an intricate, detailed rendering of the pups face.

The couple has gotten many tattoos together. Sometimes theyre matching and other times, theyre not! For instance, they both got designs in honor of their grandfathers, but while his was a picture of his grandpas face, hers was just the letter G written on her pinky. Probably our favorite joint one theyve done is a Toy Story reference. On Jonas wrist reads, To infinity, and on Turners, & beyond.

At this rate we wouldnt be shocked if Jonas soon showed off a W tattoo to match Turners!

The new ink debut comes just days after Willas birth date was revealed via a piece of Jennifer Fisher jewelry. On Sunday, November 15, the English beauty shared a selfie on Instagram, showcasing a gold necklace with 22.07.20. engraved on it. Thank you @jenniferfisherjewelry, she captioned the post.

Turner and Jonas announced that they welcomed their baby girl on July 27. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby, the couple told Us Weekly in a statement at the time.

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Sophie Turner Shows Off Some New Chic Ink in Honor of Her Daughter Willa - Us Weekly

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