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Tattoo Power Supply Portable Max 55% OFF B Professional11.13.21

Tattoo Max 67% OFF Power Supply Portable B Professional

$19 Tattoo Power Supply, Professional Portable Tattoo Power Supply B Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Piercing Tattoo Supplies $19 Tattoo Power Supply, Professional Portable Tattoo Power Supply B Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Piercing Tattoo Supplies $19,Professional,,B,Supply,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care , Piercing Tattoo Supplies,Tattoo,Supply,,Power,Portable,/heliotrope837724.html,Power,Tattoo $19,Professional,,B,Supply,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care , Piercing Tattoo Supplies,Tattoo,Supply,,Power,Portable,/heliotrope837724.html,Power,Tattoo Tattoo Max 67% OFF Power Supply Portable B Professional Tattoo Max 67% OFF Power Supply Portable B Professional


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For its first six decades, the inches-thick Entertainment Book, which offered coupons for nearly every trade and business, was a staple in many homes....

Carlos TavaresCEOTavares was appointed the first CEO and executive director of Stellantis in January 2021. Previously, he served as chairman of the managing board...


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Tattoo Power Supply Portable Max 55% OFF B Professional

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Best Tattoo Shops in Michigan | Elite Ink Warren11.13.21

Warren on Mound 1/4 Mile South of 14 Mile Rd. next to Harmon Glass

The Warren Studio features a comfortable modern studio that is very comfortable and inviting. The studio works mostly by appointment and is an intimate space of collective talent. The artists are usually busy and understand the magnitude of putting something on your body that will last forever. Featuring portraits, black and gray, color work, and traditional tattoos. The tattoo rooms are clean and private.

Also featuring the artwork of Ray Harris and Jason Parker.

Our Centerline tattoo shop gives you easy access to one of the best tattoo shops in Michigan. Our in-demand artists are trained in a variety of tattoo styles to help you get the look you want for your body art. When you want to get a tattoo, dont trust just anyone to get the job done.

Elite Inks Centerline, Michigan location has earned its reputation as one of the top tattoo shops in the state. Contact our team today to learn more about our artists and make an appointment.

At Elite Ink, we understand the importance of finding the right artist to provide you with body art that youll love for decades to come. At our Centerline location, our artists are here to help you find a tattoo design that youre sure to love. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or would like to collaborate with an experienced artist, our team is ready to help. Our studio in Centerline is one of the best tattoo shops in Michigan for the following tattoo styles:

For other art styles or to design a custom piece, our resident artists will be able to help. Elite Inks skilled artists have plenty of experience creating tattoos for clients and can help you design the best one for you.We work mostly by appointment, so be sure to schedule a time to meet with us.

Elite Ink is one of the best tattoo shops in Michigan thanks to our clean and private studio spaces. When youre getting your ink, you can rest assured that the equipment being used is clean, safe, and state-of-the-art. Whether youre getting your first tattoo or have lost count of how many tattoos you have, we want to offer you the best tattooing experience possible. Thats why our spaces are always private, comfortable, and inviting.

For more information on our shop or our artists, contact our Centerline, MI location at (586) 759-8446, or stop by the shop at 25543 Van Dyke Ave.

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Best Tattoo Shops in Michigan | Elite Ink Warren

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Virgin Voyages Adds Athlete Investment Group to Brand – Cruise Hive11.13.21

Virgin Voyages, the lifestyle travel brand focused on delivering irresistible cruise vacations, has announced an investment by Patricof Co. (P/Co), that brings a superstar roster of more than 40 entrepreneurial athletes as the brands latest group of investors and fans.

Following its recent successful launch in the U.S., this new athlete investor line-up will be an active part of shaping the future of Virgin Voyages and the experiences it offers.

P/Co will work with Virgin Voyages to establish an Athlete Advisory Council, which will play an active role in designing experiences to ensure the Virgin Voyages sailings are distinct from other cruise vacations.

The new all-star lineup includes Venus Williams, Blake Griffin, Kemba Walker, Travis Kelce, CC Sabathia, Xavien Howard, George Kittle, and Trea Turner, among other amazing athletes.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group,says, Launching Virgin Voyages has been an incredible journey and its exciting to align with superstar athletes who bring undeniable energy and ideas to Virgin Voyages as we expand our fleet globally. It was so much fun welcoming some of them on board Scarlet Lady earlier this year and sharing the wonderful experience on board the ship.

The athletes will work collaboratively with the brand to develop new on-board experiences in line with Virgins unique approach to cruising, as well as on sustainability initiatives given the focus brought by Richard Branson and Virgin globally on this important issue.

Venus Williams, tennis champion and entrepreneur,says, Im thrilled to be partnering with Virgin Voyages and helping to bring this incredible experience to the US. Traveling and taking in different cultures is so important to me and Im excited to work with this team to deliver that opportunity to more customers.

Designed for the ultimate in wellness and relaxation, Virgin Voyages is an adults-only luxury cruise line for travelers ages 18 and up. Each ship is designed to reflect a yachts sleek ambiance, offering the intimate, elevated experience of a boutique hotel and sanctuary at sea.

Onboard features include spectacular spa and sauna facilities, a salon, beauty parlor, and barber shop, a tattoo studio, and more. Michelin-starred chefs have curated the lines astonishing menus to be not just food, but to be unique dining experiences. Wellness experiences are a high priority as well, from sundeck yoga to state-of-the-art fitness equipment to personal training options.

Blake Griffin, forward for the Brooklyn Nets,says, Virgin and Richard Branson instinctively know how to do things the right way always leading with uniqueness and innovation. When Patricof Co brought this investment opportunity to me, I jumped at the chance to invest in Virgin Voyages in the early stages and Ive been really impressed with the brand ever since.

The first ship from Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady, set sail on her maiden voyage on October 6, 2021, from Miami. The ship is currently offering 4- and 5-night Caribbean sailings from PortMiami, with ports of call in Nassau, Bimini, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and the Dominican Republic.

The 110,000 gross-ton Scarlet Lady has space for 2,770 passengers and 1,160 crew members, with 86 percent of the passenger cabins featuring a balcony and 93 percent having an ocean view. Luxury features are prominent in each cabin, including rainfall showers, ambient mood lighting, and smart controls for ease and convenience when personalizing each cabin for every passengers desires.

Virgin Voyages second ship, Valiant Lady, will sail seven-night Mediterraneanitineraries out of Barcelona, Spain when she debuts in 2022. The third ship, Resilient Lady, is scheduled to be completed in August 2022, and a fourth ship has also been ordered.

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Virgin Voyages Adds Athlete Investment Group to Brand - Cruise Hive

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Volunteers save thousands of human and animal lives – newframe.com11.13.21

Devendra Bhosale, 37, never imagined becoming passionate about something that would nearly kill him twice. It started in early 2000 when a snake was spotted at his neighbours house in Kolhapur in Maharashtra state, India. Panic-struck, nearby residents phoned Bhosale assuming he would be able to rescue it. Everyone thought since I trek through jungles, I would know about snakes, he says.

Through sheer luck, Bhosale managed to catch the buff striped keelback, which is neither venomous nor aggressive, and the rescue was enough to give him the title of sarpmitra (snake rescuer).

Soon he started getting four to five snake rescue calls daily, but he realised that catching these reptiles without any knowledge of their species and behaviour was suicidal. Bhosale tried his best to learn more about them from books or on the internet, but it was difficult.

Coincidentally, a travelling caravan of wildlife researchers and volunteers made its way to Kolhapur and Bhosale met conservationist and herpetologist Amit Sayyed, who would become his mentor. For two years, I was talking to [Sayyed] on the phone, he says.

Slowly he learnt to identify and catch snakes safely and give people advice on snakebites. He also joined the Wildlife Protection and Research Society (WLPRS), a non-governmental organisation founded by Sayyed in 2000.

Today, Bhosale has lost a count of how many snakes he has rescued, but he says it must be over 20000. To pay for this, he works several odd jobs and is currently a security guard at a private university. Sometimes, he takes on extra work as a bouncer and wedding photographer to make ends meet.

It didnt take long for Bhosale to be hospitalised because of severe snakebites. I would touch the snake, or accidentally even their mouth, which is quite risky, he says.

In 2005, a Russells viper, one of the most venomous snakes in India, landed him in hospital for 15 days. Unaware of what needs to be done after a snakebite, Bhosale phoned Sayyed, who quickly guided him. It was the closest Ive come to death, he says. It was only because of [Sayyed] that I survived.

Sayyed has counselled and saved the lives of over 10000 snakebite victims across India in the past two decades. He shares his phone number on social media so that victims can reach him easily. I get at least five to 10 calls daily, he says.

Between 2000 and 2019, India reported 1.2 million snakebite deaths, the highest in the world. Farmers and agricultural workers are among the most-often bitten. The World Health Organization says there are an estimated 5.4 million snakebites globally each year that kill between 81000 and 138000 people, while the rate of amputations and other permanent disabilities in survivors is three times that. These deaths are reported mainly in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Few countries manufacture antivenins, which has led to a dire shortage of life-saving treatment.

For Sayyed, this has meant finding a different solution by reducing the number of snakebites as much as possible and getting volunteer rescuers in or near far-flung villages.

It was important to focus on the everyday people who are from the same community because rescuers cant always reach the village in time, explains Bhosale. So Sayyed began posting calls for volunteers on social media with one village, one rescuer as his goal. He got over 10000 responses and 1400 of them would become his team members across 10 states in India.

Only rescuing and identifying snakes is not enough, says Sayyed. One should also know about their behaviour. So first he trains volunteers to identify the different species and that is followed by a detailed analysis of each one.

Just like humans, every snake is scared too, says Ashutosh Suryawanshi, 34, a tattoo artist from Kolhapur who is a WLPRS volunteer. When someone tries to forcefully attack them, block their path or accidentally step on them, they bite, which is a personal safety response.

The WLPRS team members always ask people to go to hospital as quickly as possible in case of a snakebite. A big mistake people make is not identifying the snake, further making the treatment difficult, says Suryawanshi.

Therefore, WLPRS volunteers ask for a photo of the snake, if possible. If not, the victims or witnesses can use an archive of over 30000 photos taken by the volunteers and Sayyed to identify their problem snake. With photos, we make people aware of what a cobra or any wildlife creature looks like, says Bhosale.

If none of this works, Bhosale and Sayyed let themselves be guided by the symptoms of the snakebite victim. When WLPRS team members cannot reach a village, they use video calls to diagnose the types of bites and advise victims on treatment. They also help the community members rescue snakes via video calls.

The team has also made videos to teach people about bites and create awareness of how to avoid or treat them.

Sayyed and Bhosales diverse team includes members from more than 50 occupations and features street vendors, farmers, agricultural workers, mechanics, security guards, bouncers and martial artists. They all have three things in common: little money, a lack of formal education and a passion for wildlife conservation.

Lots of self-proclaimed snake rescuers end up doing more harm [than good], says Suryawanshi. He recalls a case in which a snake rescuer in Kolhapur falsely claimed a Russels viper was not venomous. The villagers remembered this and began assuming the viper isnt dangerous. Within a few months, this carelessness led to a fatality.

Bhosale and Suryawanshi have observed people trying to extract a snakes venom using a blade to cut into the sites of a bite. This has led to cases of gangrene followed by amputation. Severe blood loss has also resulted in deaths.

Bhosale and the WLPRS team have helped prevent several such instances of death. Two months ago, Pravin Babar, 17, from Rukadi village, was bitten by a Russels viper at around 8pm. Immediately, the family phoned local snake rescuer Sarfaraz Patel. It was a venomous bite that caused a lot of internal bleeding. The case was so severe that none of us expected the boy to survive, says Patel.

He phoned Bhosale, who guided him on the next steps and stayed in touch for eight days until Babar was discharged from hospital. Several villagers had suggested using a blade to extract the venom, but Patel helped them avoid it, saving his life, says Bhosale proudly.

Its about doing the basics right instead of coming up with costly solutions, he adds. For example, in his sessions with agricultural communities, Bhosale advises farmers and workers to wear gumboots in the evening and carry a stick and a torch. Though it sounds simple, it is life-saving, he says.

Similarly, villagers who sleep on the floor are advised that it makes them vulnerable to snakes who are active at night. Simple advice we give them is to start sleeping on cots or a heightened structure, which has saved several lives, says Bhosale.

A common belief that prevails across India is that snakebites can be healed by consulting religious pundits, who chant a few verses and do nothing else. This has resulted in several deaths, says Sayyed. To counter this, we hold awareness sessions with the younger generation, who not just dismiss the unscientific claims but take what theyve learnt to their homes.

Another problem is people who handle snakes to make videos and attract attention on social media apps such as TikTok. Unfortunately, this claim-for-fame mentality has cost several lives, predominantly affecting the rural communities, says Sayyed.

Floods are on the rise globally and 3254 flood events were reported from 2000 to 2019. In flood-prone India, as the floodwaters recede, people often find snakes, monitor lizards and even crocodiles. In the past, these animals would be killed out of fear, says Bhosale, but these days the WLPRS team can send volunteers to flood-affected villages to rescue them.

During the flooding in western Maharashtra in August 2019, the team rescued over 1500 snakes and crocodiles, and the same happened this past July. On average, we rescued at least 100 snakes daily for 15 days after the flood water receded, says Bhosale.

Rescue operations like these mean not just protecting the wildlife, but have helped spark a discussion on the conservation of these feared reptiles.

According to Ashwini Jadhav, a professional martial artist and WLPRS volunteer, her rescuing of snakes has even helped to dismantle some gender stereotypes. You are a woman. Will you be able to rescue snakes? is a question she has heard almost every time she comes to rescue a snake. She just laughs and ignores it, saying its more important to make communities aware of snakebites.

The biggest mistake people make is touching a snake while trying to rescue it, says Jadhav, who advises that if rescue equipment is not available, one can use available items like discarded pipes, sacks or plastic bottles.

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Volunteers save thousands of human and animal lives -

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Spray Covers Market Recovery and Impact Analysis Report Halcyon Solutions, WorldWide Tattoo Supply, Tommy’s Supplies The Host – The Host11.02.21

A2Z Market Research introduce new research on Spray Covers covering micro level of analysis by competitors and key business segments (2021-2028). The global Spray Covers report explores comprehensive study on various segments like opportunities, size, development, innovation, sales and overall growth of major players. The research is carried out on primary and secondary statistics sources and it consists both qualitative and quantitative detailing.

Sprayers are essential products for a wide range of applications in various industries such as automotive, chemicals, agricultural, electrical & electronics, domestic and others. In industries, sprayers are used with different chemicals and solvents which are sensitive and can readily react to the encompassing particles. Spray covers were introduced to prevent cross-contamination of sprayers.

Get Sample Report with Latest Industry Trends Analysis:

The top companies in this report include: Halcyon Solutions, WorldWide Tattoo Supply, Tommys Supplies.

As analytics have become an inherent part of every business activity and role, form a central role in the decision-making process of companies these days is mentioned in this report. In the next few years, the demand for the market is expected to substantially rise globally, enabling healthy growth of the Spray Covers Market is also detailed in the report. This report highlights the manufacturing cost structure includes the cost of the materials, labor cost, depreciation cost, and the cost of manufacturing procedures. Price analysis and analysis of equipment suppliers are also done by the analysts in the report.

This research report represents a 360-degree overview of the competitive landscape of the Spray Covers Market. Furthermore, it offers massive data relating to recent trends, technological advancements, tools, and methodologies. The research report analyzes the Spray Covers Market in a detailed and concise manner for better insights into the businesses.

The report, with the assistance of nitty-gritty business profiles, project practicality analysis, SWOT examination, and a few different insights about the key organizations working in the Spray Covers Market, exhibits a point-by-point scientific record of the markets competitive scenario. The report likewise displays a review of the effect of recent developments in the market on markets future development prospects.

Global Spray Covers Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation: By Type


Market Segmentation: By Application

Chemicals & FertilizersPharmaceuticalsAutomotiveBiotechnologyElectrical & Electronics

Geographic analysis:

The global Spray Covers market has been spread across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and the rest of the world.

Get Exclusive Discount on this Premium Report:

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The pandemic of COVID-19 has emerged in lockdown across regions, line limitations, and breakdown of transportation organizations. Furthermore, the financial vulnerability Spray Covers Market is a lot higher than past flare-ups like the extreme intense respiratory condition (SARS), avian influenza, pig influenza, bird influenza, and Ebola, inferable from the rising number of contaminated individuals and the vulnerability about the finish of the crisis. With the rapid rising cases, the worldwide Spray Covers refreshments market is getting influenced from multiple points of view.

The accessibility of the labor force is by all accounts disturbing the inventory network of the worldwide Spray Covers market as the lockdown and the spread of the infection are pushing individuals to remain inside. The presentation of the Spray Covers makers and the transportation of the products are associated. If the assembling movement is stopped, transportation and, likewise, the store network additionally stops. The stacking and dumping of the items, i.e., crude materials and results (fixings), which require a ton of labor, is likewise vigorously affected because of the pandemic. From the assembling plant entryway to the stockroom or from the distribution center to the end clients, i.e., application ventures, the whole Spray Covers inventory network is seriously compromised because of the episode.

The research provides answers to the following key questions:

Buy Exclusive Report:

Contact Us:

Roger Smith



+1 775 237 4147

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Spray Covers Market Recovery and Impact Analysis Report Halcyon Solutions, WorldWide Tattoo Supply, Tommy's Supplies The Host - The Host

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Huge Demand of Inverted Sugar Syrups Market by 2028 with Top Key Players DSM, EMNZ, Kusum Group The Host – The Host11.02.21

Inverted Sugar Syrups Market research is an intelligence report with meticulous efforts undertaken to study the right and valuable information. The data which has been looked upon is done considering both, the existing top players and the upcoming competitors. Business strategies of the key players and the new entering market industries are studied in detail. Well explained SWOT analysis, revenue share and contact information are shared in this report analysis. It also provides market information in terms of development and its capacities.

Get Sample Copy of this report with latest Industry Trend and COVID-19 Impact @:

Some of the Top companies Influencing in this Market includes:

DSM, EMNZ, Kusum Group, Rahul Sugar Products, Nordic Sugar, Ramkripa Agro Foods, Miranda Automation, AP Multiproducts, Shreekala Intermediate Pvt..

Various factors are responsible for the markets growth trajectory, which are studied at length in the report. In addition, the report lists down the restraints that are posing threat to the global Inverted Sugar Syrups market. It also gauges the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, threat from new entrants and product substitute, and the degree of competition prevailing in the market. The influence of the latest government guidelines is also analyzed in detail in the report. It studies the Inverted Sugar Syrups markets trajectory between forecast periods.

Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market research report offers:

Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation: By Type

Pharma Grade Invert Sugar SyrupsBakery Grade Invert SyrupsDistillery Grade Invert SugarsOthers

Market Segmentation: By Application

Baked GoodsConfectionsSeasoningsPharmaceuticalsOthers

Geographic analysis:

The global Inverted Sugar Syrups market has been spread across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and the rest of the world.

Get Exclusive Discount on this Premium Report:

The cost analysis of the Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market has been performed while keeping in view manufacturing expenses, labor cost, and raw materials and their market concentration rate, suppliers, and price trend. Other factors such as Supply chain, downstream buyers, and sourcing strategy have been assessed to provide a complete and in-depth view of the market. Buyers of the report will also be exposed to a study on market positioning with factors such as target client, brand strategy, and price strategy taken into consideration.

Key questions answered in the report include:

Table of Content (TOC)

Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market Report 2021 Growth, Trend and Forecast to 2028

Chapter 1 Inverted Sugar Syrups Market Overview

Chapter 2 Global Economic Impact on Inverted Sugar Syrups Industry

Chapter 3 Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market Competition by Manufacturers

Chapter 4 Global Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2014-2020)

Chapter 5 Global Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions (2014-2020)

Chapter 6 Global Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type

Chapter 7 Global Market Analysis by Application

Chapter 8 Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Chapter 9 Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10 Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders

Chapter 11 Market Effect Factors Analysis

Chapter 12 Global Inverted Sugar Syrups Market Forecast (2021-2028)

Chapter 13 Appendix

Buy Exclusive Report:

Contact Us:

Roger Smith



+1 775 237 4147

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Huge Demand of Inverted Sugar Syrups Market by 2028 with Top Key Players DSM, EMNZ, Kusum Group The Host - The Host

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This American WWII fighter plane was deadliest in the hands of the Soviets – We Are The Mighty08.23.21

Somewhere in southern Afghanistan, an explosive ordnance disposal technician spots a glint in the soft dirt. He moves deliberately, but steadily, as he tries to determine if its a harmless piece of trash or a bomb. In the back of his mind, the technician cant help but wonder if this will be the improvised explosive device that kills him.

Since 2003 similar missions have taken the lives of 20 Air Force EOD technicians, when Airmen began diffusing bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With combat missions winding down, EOD is now able to divert attention to its nine other mission sets: aerospace systems and vehicle conventional munitions, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear inventory, UXOs, operational range clearances, mortuary services, defense support for civil authorities, irregular warfare (where EOD teams serve as combat enablers for general forces or special operations), and VIP support.

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Queer wears a Med-Eng EOD 9 Bomb Suit. The EOD 9, the latest version of the bomb suit, was designed with direct input from bomb disposal technicians. Queer is the 325th Fighter Wing Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit non-commissioned officer in charge of EOD operations. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

As the career field shifts into a post-war posture theyre refocusing on these other skill sets. One of these they used to support the Secret Service when two teams from the 325th Civil Engineer Squadrons EOD flight at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, worked President Barack Obamas trip to Orlando, Florida, after the nightclub massacre where 49 people were killed in June. The Secret Service tasked EOD teams to sweep venues for explosives, areas en route to the venues, or on any person or object that could be used to harm the president or VIPs theyre protecting.

For so many years, we have been going 150 mph, said Senior Master Sgt. Robert K. Brown, 325th CES EOD superintendent, so when you slow down to 85 mph, you feel like youre crawling, even though youre still going faster than most other people on the highway. Wed been doing that for the 12 years of combat operations, and now I think we feel were at a snails pace.

Post-war life at the Tyndall AFB flight, one of 52 active-duty EOD flights Air Force-wide, ranges from responding to flares that wash up on the beach after being dropped by the Navy to mark items in the ocean to the occasional unexploded ordnance. The flight is responsible for assessing, rendering inert or safely destroying everything from small arms to guided missiles, although any EOD flight could be called upon to handle anything explosive in nature up to and including a nuclear incident.

The 325th EOD flights primary mission is flightline support for the wings four fighter squadrons, but it also provides counter-IED support for several tenant organizations.

Staff Sgt. Darius Bailey, 325th Fighter Wing EOD team member and liaison with the U.S. Secret Service. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

By the time EOD Airmen left Afghanistan in 2014, they had completed almost 20,000 missions, responded to over 6,500 IEDs, and received more than 150 Purple Hearts for their actions and service in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also deployed often, with a third of the services 1,000 EOD members overseas and another third in pre-deployment training preparing to replace them, Brown said. At times the pace was so heavy that EOD Airmen would often be replaced by the same person who replaced them on their last deployment.

For some of us old-timers in this particular generation, weve had a chance to kind of breathe, Brown said. In doing so, thats given us the opportunity to regroup, restock and prepare for the next iteration of conflict that may or may not be coming. So right now is the best time to share the experiences and prepare the next generation for the hard lessons that weve had over these past 12 years.

Fluid tactics

The two wars might be over, but EOD remains one of the Air Forces most dangerous jobs. In addition to the 20 EOD technicians lost in the two wars, about 150 have suffered extensive injuries. It is a continuing evolving because of the constantly changing tactics of the enemy.

The enemy is always going to try to continually be better than us, so we have to ensure that we never sleep in preparation for any force that were going to encounter, said Chief Master Sgt. Neil C. Jones, the EOD operations and training program manager with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center at Tyndall AFB. We dont have the opportunity to make a mistake, so we train relentlessly to never get it wrong.

325th Fighter Wing Explosive Ordinance Disposal team member Senior Airman Anthony Deleon (middle) carries a Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) into a simulated village to prepare for a training scenario. The man-carried system is compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 20 pounds. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

During the transition, which has begun gradually in the past couple of years, the focus has been on getting everyone back from deployments and training them in the other nine skill sets to reestablish pre-OIF levels of proficiency. But equally important is the challenge of reducing attrition rates during EOD technical training without lowering the standards, Jones said.

EOD students first attend a 20-day preliminary school at Sheppard AFB, Texas, before they go through the Naval School EOD at Eglin AFB, Florida. An average school day is more than 13 hours, and it takes several years for a student to become a fully functional EOD member and a couple of years longer to be a team leader. About 75 percent of students fail to make it through the course.

Two recent changes to reduce attrition rates are the use of computer tablets for rehabilitation training and the addition of a couple of wounded warrior EOD technicians to help students at the school.

Derrick Victor, a retired technical sergeant who was wounded in his last deployment to Afghanistan when a bomb blast killed one Airman and hurt four others, is one of the new instructors. Hes seen the career field evolve through the wars and is now part of its post-war transition.

Staff Sgt. James Vossah (Left), Staff Sgt. Brian Wirt (Middle) and Senior Airman Anthony Deleon configure a Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) to begin a training exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

Those two wars obviously changed the way that wars are fought as far as being on the ground and in third-world countries where they have to improvise, Victor said. It created a bit of a change from being based on supporting aircraft to things that were improvised. We got very good at that skill set, using robotics and working out all of that kind of stuff.

Even though those two wars have dwindled down, we know that threat is not going to go away, he continued. So, as a whole, the career field is trying to keep that skill set rolling through the generations from those of us for who all we knew was Iraq and Afghanistan to all of these young kids coming fresh out of school, so they dont have to learn on the fly like we did.

EOD leadership is also placing a priority on training when Airmen get to their flights after graduation. Because the consequences of mistakes are so severe, the goal is to have those mistakes made in training, Brown said.

I often refer to it as the good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid,' he said. That just refers to what went right, what went wrong, what worked that probably shouldnt have and what did we do that was just plain dumb, which happens in training. Thats OK as long as we learn lessons from it. But its not OK if its unsafe. Those are sometimes the hardest parts to learn. We want to make sure that if these guys (make a mistake) in training, they dont do it when its for real. Explosives dont care about peacetime or wartime.

Another factor thats evolving is the way the EOD field trains to recover from both emotional and physical trauma. More emphasis is being placed on instilling resiliency before something happens to an EOD technician in the field, Jones said.

The Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) is a unique and lightweight system that allows Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams and other tactical units to explore areas of interest and examine suspected explosive devices prior to sending in personnel. The approximately 20-pound robot is a man-carried system which can operate in all terrains and is controlled remotely by EOD technicians with a unit that includes a high-resolution screen and gamepad controllers for maneuvering. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

Tech advances

Along with the cultural shift from the war years, the field has also been making major transitions in technology. The robot EOD technicians used in Afghanistan has been replaced by, among others, the Micro Tactical Ground Robot. The worlds lightest EOD robot can be carried by a single Airman, travel at 2 mph, climb stairs and see beyond 1,000 feet. Airmen previously carried 100-pound robots attached to their rucksacks. The new 25-pound robot can be carried on their backs.

The technology advances that we have out there with the global economy, and more importantly, being able to make things lighter, faster and stronger, have allowed us to develop new tools and techniques and robotic platforms that are much smaller, lighter and leaner than what we had 14 years ago, Jones said.

Technological progress hasnt just been in robotics. There has also been a dramatic change in treating traumatic injuries downrange.

Staff Sgt. Guadalupe Corona, 325th Fighter Wing Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, wearing NCOIC EOD Equipment. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee)

I think one of the biggest things that weve seen as far as technology has been in the medical arena. We have changed the way we treat people for trauma, Jones said. If we can stop the bleeding downrange and get that Airman alive into a helo and back to a field surgical team, were running about a 98 percent success rate of saving their lives. So as our enemy continues to develop with technology to use against us, we will continually use our technology to develop a better way to take care of that threat.

As much as life changes after years of war, one area that remains constant is the role tragic events play in training new EOD technicians. As sobering as the memories are of losing members of the EOD family, their sacrifice provided important training lessons.

What our fallen have done is the same as our World War II EOD bomb disposal predecessors with very brave men going down and disarming German rockets and bombs, Brown said. If they made a mistake, we would then know not to take that step, that last step. Unfortunately, a lot of bomb disposal techs died that way, but our fallen have taught us how to be better at this craft; they have never failed.

AirmanMagazineOnline, YouTube

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This American WWII fighter plane was deadliest in the hands of the Soviets - We Are The Mighty

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Stratford tattoo studio, art gallery moving to a new location – CTPost08.09.21

STRATFORD A popular downtown art gallery and tattoo studio has plans to move to a well-known new location by fall.

Forest to Shore Gallery and Tattoo Studio, which is currently located above Acapulcos restaurant on Main Street, will be moving about a mile up the road to the property of the Little Red School of Art and Music.

The move represents a homecoming of sorts for owner George Perham, who originally got interested in art at the school, where he was taught by owner Carolyn West.

Perhams studio and gallery has been at its current location since 2011 and is ready to spread its wings, he said.

Its just a growth thing, he said Monday, Aug. 2 of the planned move. We kind of outgrew the space were in now.

Plans call for the business to occupy the 2.5-story red building that fronts 2965 Main St., with an art gallery on the first floor and space currently used for music lessons to become booths for tattoo artists.

The Zoning Commission approved the plans July 28 after a public hearing.

Perhams lawyer, Christopher Russo, told the commission that the business is a far cry from what people may have thought of in the past when they read the words tattoo studio.

Its not your girlfriends initials with a heart around it, he said. Its an actual piece of art that they spend a lot of time working on.

Patrons will make appointments, and will sometimes visit for an initial consultation with an artist before coming back to get tattooed.

Its not people coming in and out, Russo said. Its very controlled. Its not an intense use. This is frankly one of the least intense uses around in that area.

Perham told the Zoning Commission the tattoo equipment conforms to strict health and safety standards.

Everything that we use is disposable, so its all one-time use, he said. The local health department checks that its disposed of properly, he said.

Perham also displays art from local artists, hosts art shows several times a year, and partners with local charities and businesses like Two Roads.

He said there are also plans in the works for the studios artists to help teach classes at the art school on the property.

Zoning Commission members supported the plans.

In the tattoo world, theyve put Stratford on the map, Michael Henrick said.

Ive heard nothing but positive things, Dion Francis said.

Chairman Christopher Silhavey said he voted against the business when it was first proposed 11 years ago at its current location, but added that the feedback hes received on the business has been positive.

So I was wrong, Silhavey said. Im glad that I can admit that and glad to see the repurposing of the Little Red Schoolhouse. Its an asset in the community and a well-known landmark.

Perham said the move will be happening soon.

Were hoping the beginning of fall, he said. Its open-ended right now, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Stratford tattoo studio, art gallery moving to a new location - CTPost

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An Undocumented Chefs Menu of Memories – The New Yorker08.09.21

On the afternoon of the Puerto Rican Day Parade this year, Williamsburg was filled with the sound of salsa and the smell of rain, and Ivn Garcia was in the kitchen of his restaurant, preparing for dinner service. Im checking all the equipment, like the temperature of the walk-in downstairs, he said. Im testing the flavors, saying, This is too spicy, or This needs more salt.

Garcia, who has a Viva la vida! tattoo on a forearm and wears a silver ring in his left eyebrow, sat down at a long table in front of a burlap-lined wall and spread his hands. My grandmother has a table for twenty people, he said. Shes an amazing cook. She used to cook every day, three meals a day. The restaurant, Mesa Coyoacan, is named for such tables, and for the neighborhood in Mexico City where Garcia grew up. He opened it in 2009; a few years later, he opened Zona Rosa, a casual spot nearby, where he cooks out of a silver trailer. When Im done here, I move to Zona Rosa, he said. I try the mole, the salsa, the rice, the beansI go back and forth.

Garcia hasnt been in Mexico since 2000, when, at the age of twenty-eight, he and a friend trekked across the U.S. border south of Phoenix. They reached New Jersey, where Garcia worked at a car wash, then in construction, then at a garment factory. The friend, dispirited, returned to Mexico. Garcia got a job as a dishwasher at a Scandinavian restaurant in Tribeca. The chef was amazing, an incredible person, he said. He gave me the opportunity to go into the kitchen as a line cook. Soon, Garcia was the chef at Barrio Chino, on the Lower East Side. His boyfriend, Gerardo Zabaleta, had followed him to New York, and they wanted to open a restaurant together. But we had a little problem, Garcia said. We were undocumented.

Garcia and Zabaleta are still undocumented, and that obstacle pervades I Carry You With Me, a film about their lives, directed by Heidi Ewing, which opened in June. Garcia appears as himself; the actor Armando Espitia portrays him as a young man. At the start of the movie, the past and the present are enmeshed: Garcia is staring out a subway window, and Espitia is walking through a darkened field. I had that dream again, Espitia says softly, in a voice-over. Its so real. Im in Mexico. My home... And I realize I cant go back.

If Garcia were to go home, he would be unable to return to the U.S. His son, who is twenty-eight and lives in Puebla, was six the last time they saw each other; although Garcia has video calls with his granddaughter, he has never met her. When his father died, he couldnt attend the funeral, and he worries about his ninety-one-year-old grandmother. A few years ago, his mother managed to get a tourist visa to visit him in New York. You know how much I was crying, he said. When she came, I saw her in the airportI saw her from far away, and I thought, No, I cant believe it. It had been fifteen years.

During the pandemic, immigration status made Garcia and many other restaurant workers ineligible for unemployment benefits. At the same time, Garcias cooks had family members in Mexico who were losing their jobs, and remittances were more essential than ever. The staff at Mesa Coyoacan began cranking out meals for nonprofits, including Feed the Frontlines NYC, through which they sent four thousand meals to Elmhurst Hospital. Nobody left. I have people who have been working here since Day One, Garcia said. But, like many people in this country, we are working very hard, we are paying a lot of taxes, we are providing employment for American people, for immigrantsand were still with no papers, were still with no Social Security number.

Cooking is the only way Garcia can experience Mexico. I miss my gastronomy, he said, as waiters bustled around him. But I created a menu out of all my memories. The mole he serves is his grandmothers recipe, made less spicy for the gringos. Some dishes come from his mothers home town of Veracruz; others, from a trip he took in the nineties to Zabaletas family home, in Chiapas. In the film, the young Garcia woos Zabaleta with the Puebla specialty chiles en nogada: stuffed poblano peppers doused in walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. As Garcia tells it, he learned to cook the dish at a convent, where the nuns charged him a couple thousand pesos for the lesson. Its very, very complicated, he said, of the recipe, grinning. The poblano, we have to roast it, and peel it, and take out the seeds inside. But youd better be carefulyou cannot destroy the chili, because it has to be stuffed and look nice. He fills each one with chicken, pork, apples, peaches, toasted almonds, and raisins. The walnuts for the sauce must be peeled one by one. In Mexico, it took me hours to peel them, Garcia said. I remember seeing the nuns sitting, talking, peeling for hours. I was inspired by them. But here we are, like, poom-poom-poom-poomdone.

Continued here:
An Undocumented Chefs Menu of Memories - The New Yorker

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Tennis, Everyone? – The New York Times07.25.21

For every dismissal, there was someone willing to help. A tweet sent to Caitlin Thompson, the publisher of the independent tennis magazine Racquet, led to a meeting. We became hitting partners because I was really intrigued about the idea of new equipment in the space, said Ms. Thompson, who has used the Furi rackets, grips and bags.

She sees Furis opportunity in its positioning as a beginner-friendly option for recreational players, a rare direct-to-consumer brand (think of what Casper did for mattresses) in a market steeped in pro-shop culture.

So much of tennis is catered toward this notion of professional athletes, Ms. Thompson said. This is a racket that Roger Federer plays with. This is the racket that Serena Williams plays with. She said that Mr. Federers racket is so heavy, most recreational players cant lift it above their heads. Yet pro shops cant keep it in stock because he plays with it.

For Mr. Mathelier, Furi is a tool to reach kids growing up in circumstances similar to his own. Junior rackets will be coming for fall. Furi is sponsoring three junior tennis players Carter Smallwood, Olivia Medrano and Bode Vujnovich and donates grips, strings and rackets to youth programs, including Kings County Tennis League, which began in 2010, when its founder Michael McCasland posted a sign offering free tennis lessons on a dilapidated court near the Marcy Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant. It has since grown into a tennis program for kids living in Brooklyn public housing that serves more than 200 people.

You can use tennis to get out, Mr. Mathelier said. It is really good at creating structure, building strategy. A lot of former tennis players end up becoming successful businesspeople.

The lifestyle portion of Furi Sport draws on Ms. Spiros expertise. Luis Santos, a designer who has worked for Christian Lacroix, Kenzo and Paco Rabanne, created a collection of clothing that is not performance wear thats still in development but speaks to tenniss broader, off-court culture. T-shirt dresses, shirts with cutout shoulders and wide-leg, tapered khakis and cargo pants can be worn by anyone heading to a post-match drink. Or anyone who wants to be in Furis club.

The rest is here:
Tennis, Everyone? - The New York Times

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