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Musician tattoos | Tats inspired by their own music – Alternative Press01.26.21

Despite the complaints from our parents, it seems like tattoos really will never go out of style.

Having tattoos is the norm now, with everyone from teenagers with stick-and-pokes to A-list celebrities sporting their own unique ink.

And musicians are no different either, sometimes even getting tattoos to represent their own music.

We decided to round up 10 artists who got tattoos inspired by their own bands to give you some inspiration for your next pieceor to at least give you a fun trivia fact about these musicians.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of My Chemical Romances legendary return show, Frank Iero got a tattoo that reads California 2019 to commemorate the gig. And while the band didnt get to embark on their massive comeback tour in 2020, its cool to see that the return meant as much to the band as it did to the fans.

While Travis Barker doesnt appear to have any overt blink-182 tattoos, he does have a massive gas mask piece to represent Transplants on the back of his head. The mask was one of the bands logos, and Barker has released music with them for about two decades.

Machine Gun Kelly has a few tattoos that represent his music and his hometown Cleveland roots, with the biggest one being a large MGK back piece in graffiti font. He also got the words Hotel Diablo on the back of his head when he was releasing the studio album in 2019.

Post Malone is probably the rapper most synonymous with tattoos, and he has plenty on his body that represent his music career. He has Patient and Stoney inked on him to commemorate his 2016 studio album and a self-portrait of himself riding a horse.

Halsey has several tattoos to represent her music. In fact, she typically gets a new tattoo every time she introduces a new era to her fans. She has hopeless on her butt and nightmare on her upper back to represent her albums hopeless fountain kingdom and Manic, along with a few others.

blackbear has the letters for BEARTRAP across his fingers to represent a record label. His body is covered with dozens of tattoos, once acquiring 23 in a single day, so he might have a few more we dont even know about hidden somewhere.

The Panic! At The Disco frontman has a burning gospel tattoo to represent the band reinventing themselves and burning the Panic! gospel, he revealed during a livestream. Brendon Urie also showed off his killer Every Time I Die tattoo, which we have to shout out.

Roots Picnic 2018 from r/liluzivert

In case Lil Uzi Verts face wasnt recognizable enough for you, the rapper tattooed his name across his torso so you never forget who he is.

While the twenty one pilots duo are known for having tattoos with a lot of meaning behind them, their tattoos that are an ode to each other are a bit simpler. Each of them has the other persons first name tatted across their leg in a simple font after they tied in a Twitter poll, where people voted on which band member had to get some ink of the others name. It basically solidifies that they are the cutest bromance of all time.

The All Time Low frontman, like his three other band members, has the groups skull-and-crossbones logo tatted on his body. For Alex Gaskarth, its right behind his ear. Its the perfect symbol that physically labels them as members of the veteran scene band.

Do you want one of these musician tattoos for yourself? Sound off in the comments below!

My Chemical Romance - "Welcome To The Black Parade"

Musician tattoos | Tats inspired by their own music - Alternative Press

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Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch’s positive Instagram post as she prepares to undergo radiotherapy in breast cancer fight – Kent Online01.26.21

Kent MP Tracey Crouch is preparing to undergo radiotherapy - the next step in her fight against breast cancer.

The Chatham and Aylesford representative channelled "positive vibes" as she shared the news in a characteristically upbeat post on Instagram this evening.

The 45-year-old mum has already undergone a lumpectomy and gruelling chemotherapy since she was diagnosed with cancer in June, and has regularly kept well-wishers up-to-date with her treatment on social media.

This evening, she took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie of herself in a yellow hospital gown, writing: "Pre radiotherapy measure up and tattooing today.

"The whole appointment was super efficient & painless. My oncologist tells me compared to chemo it will be a breeze! Zapping starts next month.

"I rather liked the gown which coincidentally matched the yellow jumper I wore to the appointment.

"A sunny colour for positive vibes."

The Conservative MP, who lives in Aylesford, first noticed a lump measuring 33mm in her right breast in June, and had gone to the doctors the following day.

She paid to go to Kims private hospital near Maidstone and was given a mammogram, ultrasound scan and biopsy the same day which confirmed her worst nightmare.

Speaking previously to KentOnline, Ms Crouch said: "I was lucky because I paid, but I firmly believe this should be standard to everyone.

"Otherwise, I would have to wait six weeks for results and it's the waiting that is the terrifying bit."

Since then, she has been under the NHS care of Maidstone Hospital's top-class oncology department.

She had the lump removed on July 24, her birthday, and has since undergone chemotherapy, with radiotherapy set to begin next month. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation, usually x-rays, to treat cancer cells.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Ms Crouch spoke out about her experience with the disease which claims the lives of 11,500 a year in the UK - and urged women to regularly check their breasts and not put off seeking medical attention.

She is calling for the breast screening age to be lowered from 50 to 40, and for more medical professionals to be aware of the increasing number of younger women developing the disease.

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Read more: All the latest news from Maidstone

Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch's positive Instagram post as she prepares to undergo radiotherapy in breast cancer fight - Kent Online

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"Your womb belongs to me" Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia Shares Years Of Being Harassed & Stalked – WORLD OF BUZZ01.15.21

Theres so much that one can go through when theyre part of a particular hall of fame.Celebrities, artists, idols, and public figures face this almost every day once they have reached the peak of their careers, where now eyes are constantly on them.

However, is it just a fine line that differentiates a harmless adoration from a fan and what seems to be a toxic obsession?

After almost 8 years of staying quiet, Former Miss Universe Malaysia, Sabrina Beneett, finally breaks the silence. She shares her horrific story of being harassed and stalked by a man that, what she assumed at first, was a well-wisher.

How It All Began

The harasser was not exactly a stranger to the 2014 pageant winner.

He was someone who used to date a girl that studied with me so there were instances that I have seen him around college staring from afar while waiting for his then girlfriend, she said.

Sabrina explained that they never interacted before that until one night, back in 2013, after she had won one of the titles in a local pageant, the harasser came up to her to congratulate her. He shooked her hand and told her that he had been rooting for her.

It started off harmless; he added me on Facebook, and I accepted given that he was an acquaintance and a well-wisher. Eventually, he asked me out for coffee to which I declined politely and explained to him that I was not interested to meet or connect further, she explained.

The Harassing and Stalking

After being turned down the first time, the harasser became incredibly persistent.

He started professing words of love and how he is the only man I should ever consider being with, Sabrina said.

Several messages turned into hundreds of messages a day although she had sternly said no. Hence, she blocked him on social media.Thinking that would be the great solution, Sabrina thought wrong.

The harasser created fake accounts on Instagram and Facebook. He even re-shared pictures she had posted on her social media; thinking they were coded messages just for him.

Sabrina said, If I posted a picture of myself on a night out with girlfriends wearing a slightly revealing top; he would be excited by it, thinking I wore it for him.

He also reached out to her sisters, circle of close girlfriends, friends, colleagues and acquaintances on social media; carving a story of how Sabrina, being an alleged characterless scarlet had given him hope and misled him and thus deserved to be punished.

Once the harasser tormented a close friend of mine by calling into his workplace to threaten the staff about burning down their premises and left ill commentary about his character and business to customers that follow their business page, she tells us.

If that were not bad enough, this entire experience turned into a nightmare when he began stalking me, she added on.

The harasser would name the places he saw her at and could also name the friends she was with and what she was wearing, despite being cautious not to tag her location whenever she is out.

He showed up at a restaurant where I was having lunch with a girlfriend, by stalking our movement, to beg us to befriend him, Sabrina tells us.

They insistedhis presence was not at all welcomed and asked him to leave, he stayed on, begging, and insisting until other customers at the restaurant started noticing something was wrong. Eventually, he got uncomfortable and left.

That was when I made my second police report immediately after the incident and was told by the authorities that they could not act on it as he had not committed any physically assaulted on me, she said.

In another incident, the harasser sent her multiple videos of himself speaking about made-up fantasies of having a future together with Sabrina.

He would say things like; your womb belongs to me and give names to potential children he would imagine having with me, Sabrina tells World of Buzz.

As much as the beauty queen tried her best to ignore his messages, he never gave up. He even got a tattoo of her name!

He has claimed to have gotten a tattoo of my name on it saying that since he is certain that his love would last forever the tattoo is a constant reminder of that.

The harasser has been relentless and persisted over the course of more than four years and I do not see a sign of him stopping, she tells World of Buzz.


I want to tell my story and seek the justice I deserve. It is not right that our laws do not do enough to protect our women from harassers, abusers, stalkers, cyberbullies, and sexual predators, she said.

Sabrina has made 3 separate police reports against the harasser over the years as well as an additional report made by her friend who was also threatened by him.

I was told by the authorities that until a physical assault had been committed onto me, there was nothing else they could do but to just call the accused in for a statement and let him go, she explained.

I cannot be the only woman in this country who has been disadvantaged by our system and I aim to use my voice to raise awareness and impact real change on this matter, for my own sake and safety. It will be the only way I will be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing I have done everything in my power to not be a victim anymore even if the law and enforcement in this country are not able to perform its function and protect me, she added on.

Sabrina also said she is worried for her safety once the media hype dies down.

Everyone will forget about my story, but I will have to continue living with caution and anxiety. It is not right that the law and enforcement in this country is not able to perform its function to protect me. Since I have chosen to go down this path, I cannot stop my pursuit of justice until this matter is given light by lawmakers and enforcers alike, she tells us.

It is reprehensible to live in a nation that pays so little attention to the laws protecting the vulnerable and does so little to protect its women.

If you know someone who can help me bring about real change on the matter, please reach out to me, she pleaded.

We hope Sabrina Beneett will get the justice that she deserves.

Let us know your thoughts on this story. Drop a comment in the comment section below.

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"Your womb belongs to me" Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia Shares Years Of Being Harassed & Stalked - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Art Shows and Gallery Openings in Denver January 13 to 19, 2020 – Westword01.15.21


Support the independent voice of Denver and help keep the future of Westword free.

Inklings of change, regrowth and the still-remote coming of spring are all alive in Denver galleries this week, where youll see new works, new collections and lots of color.

Give your brain a break, and enjoy the view at these shows.

Megan Morgan, Deer, tusche wash painting.

Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan, Embody, January 13 through February 7Resident Artists Show, January 13 through February 28Valkarie Gallery, 445 South Saulsbury Street, Belmar, LakewoodOpening Reception: Saturday, January 16, 5 to 8:30 p.m.Artist Megan Morgan depicts woodland creatures, portraits and deeply textured still lifes. She uses the medium tusche wash, which she describes as painting with confectioners sugar," in the works in her show Embody at Valkarie. The gallery is also hosting a show for resident artists, and Aria Fawns guest exhibition continues. Cant (or wont) make the opening on January 16? You can also view all current shows online.

Dart Members Show: New Beginnings.

Courtesy of D'art Gallery

Dart Members Show: New BeginningsJean Pless and Serge Goldberg, 78"x 90," in the East GalleryDart Gallery, 900 Santa Fe DriveJanuary 14 through February 7Dart co-op members share the walls for New Beginnings, a hopeful group show with an eye toward expectations for the new year. The gallery is still forgoing opening receptions, but it's open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday and Saturday, noon to 7 p.m. Friday, and 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday; works are also available to see online. Jean Pless and Serge Goldberg have reserved the East Gallery for a show focusing on large works.

Tiana Graves, New WorksJames C. Jones, RetrospectEthan Schultz, Trial and ErrorSync Gallery, 931 Santa Fe DriveJanuary 14 through February 13A trio of members have new shows up at Sync Gallery: Tiana Graves offers haunting photographs shot at an estate sale, James. C. Jones mixes digital and traditional mediums with wood-grain imagery, and Ethan Schultz shows jewelry and paintings influenced by art deco and Bauhaus design. The gallery is open for limited hours, Thursday through Sunday.

Chloe Hedden, Salt Spring Peony 8, oil on canvas.

Chloe Hedden, Walker Fine Art

Upon Closer ReflectionWalker Fine Art, 300 West 11th AvenueJanuary 15 through March 6Opening Reception: Friday, January 15, 5 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, January 16, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.RSVP in advance for a timed-entry slot at the reception Walker Fine Art turns over a new leaf for 2021, with Upon Closer Reflection, a show that foresees the blooms of spring in luscious floral and still-life imagery from Jane Fulton Alt, Angela Beloian, Brian Comber, Chloe Hedden, Bryan Leister and Eileen Roscina. Its one of those plain-beautiful shows that will give you the illusion of sitting in a summer garden, though it might be snowing outdoors.

The artist Love Pulp hits the street in paintings for Under My Skin, opening this week at ILA Gallery.

Love Pulp

Love Pulp, Under My Skin ILA Gallery, 209 Kalamath StreetJanuary 15 through January 29Opening Reception: January 15, 6 to 10 p.m. The street writer and artist known as Pulp (or Love Pulp), who started out in Pittsburghs alleyways and is now a resident of Denver, brings a body of atmospheric, gritty street-minded paintings to ILA Gallery for the rest of January.

DU shows off a newly acquired painting by Vance Kirkland at the Vicki Myhren Gallery.

Courtesy of University Art Collections, University of Denver

Coming HomeVicki Myhren Gallery, 2121 East Asbury AvenueJanuary 16 through February 28The new year starts with a bang at the University of Denvers Vicki Myhren Gallery, with a fresh batch of recent acquisitions made by the schools University Art Collections. The spread of work by former faculty and distinguished alumni ranges from a body of black-and-white photography by Duane Michals, just in time for Month of Photography 2021, to some explosive canvases by Vance Kirkland. Visit the gallery Thursday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.; reserve a time to visit by emailing

Capturing the culture of Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

Flags of Hope

Flags of Hope (Banderas de Esperanza)January 15 through February 15Art District on Santa Fe, 500 to 1200 blocks on Santa Fe DriveWhat does hope look like? Flags of Hope (Banderas de Esperanza), a project jump-started in Boulder by University of Colorado Boulder MFA candidates Alejandra Abad and Romn Anaya, will show you. It launches January 15 in Denvers Art District on Santa Fe, where an ever-changing display of fluttering flags bearing hopeful, community-sourced slogans will fly up and down the street for a month. In addition, Lighthouse Writers Workshop will host a Flags of Hope community workshop on January 28 (details here), and to cap the bilingual displays run, the district is planning a COVID-safe motorcade event at 2 p.m. on February 13, before the flags return to Boulder for a second display at Boulder One Plaza; learn more about the Denver events on Instagramand Facebook.

Trey Egan, Cumulus Rising, 2020, oil on canvas.

Trey Egan, K Contemporary

Trey Egan, Immersion K Contemporary, 412 Wazee StreetJanuary 16 through February 27Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16, 2 to 6 p.m.RSVP in advance for a timed-entry slot for the receptionTrey Egans thickly impastoed oils brighten the walls at K Contemporary with visual fireworks to start the year. Egans compositions derive energy from the electronic music he listens to as he paints in synesthetic harmony, a process that will make more sense as you eyeball and perhaps listen to the work in person. Jody Guralnick, Prima Lingua: First Words of the Earth , through March 14Tony Ortega, Races y Ramas | Roots and Branches, through February 28Freyer-Newman Center, Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York StreetA couple of shows at the Denver Botanic Gardens have been languishing behind closed doors in the DBGs new Freyer-Newman Center galleries because to heightened COVID measures. But those doors will now swing back open for viewers on Sunday, January 17. In Prima Lingua: First Words of the Earth, Aspen artist Jody Guralnicks work a blend of science and art teeming with imagery borrowed from the microscopic world of fungi and microorganisms in the natural world will fit right in at the gardens. And Tony Ortegas Races y Ramas | Roots and Branches brings rich color and scenes from the close-knit Chicano community to brighten visits to the gardens in winter. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, and the use of masks and distancing protocols will be enforced.

Interested in having your event appear in this calendar? Send the details to

Keep Westword Free... Since we started Westword, it has been defined as the free, independent voice of Denver, and we would like to keep it that way. Offering our readers free access to incisive coverage of local news, food and culture. Producing stories on everything from political scandals to the hottest new bands, with gutsy reporting, stylish writing, and staffers who've won everything from the Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi feature-writing award to the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. But with local journalism's existence under siege and advertising revenue setbacks having a larger impact, it is important now more than ever for us to rally support behind funding our local journalism. You can help by participating in our "I Support" membership program, allowing us to keep covering Denver with no paywalls.

Susan Froyd started writing for Westword as the "Thrills" editor in 1992 and never quite left the fold. These days she still freelances for the paper in addition to walking her dogs, enjoying cheap ethnic food and reading voraciously. Sometimes she writes poetry.

See the rest here:
Art Shows and Gallery Openings in Denver January 13 to 19, 2020 - Westword

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The Truth About Why Armie Hammer Is Turning Heads – Nicki Swift01.12.21

How is the internet reacting to Armie Hammer's wild text messages?Between those andpurported leaked audio of Hammer describing a recent "kink-based relationship" (perDaily Mail),people are seeing red. "When i log off of Facebook for a day, all I miss are photos of my cousin's kid and a guy from high school's new tattoo. When I log out of Twitter for a day, Armie Hammer's now a cannibal,"one Twitter user quipped.

One Twitter skeptic pointed out "how easy it can be for someone to fake DMs etc. Took me 2 minutes using a free app I downloaded. Imagine if someone had 20 minutes to make it even more realistic?" they wrote.

But other commenters were quick to defendpotential recipients and note details that do connect, including Hammer's history with extreme BDSM. In addition to exJessica Ciencin Henriquez co-signing the legitimacy of the screenshots, other women have come forward with claims that they too have received "uncomfortable" messages from Hammer, perPaper magazine. And perDaily Mail, Paige Lorenzo, another woman rumored to have been involved with Hammer, tweeted, "Anyone got a good therapist?"

While 2020 was dreadful, 2021 feels like its even worse, more bizarre sibling. Armie Hammer, whose 2020 split from Elizabeth Chambers resulted in strange behavior includingdrinking a beer while driving, has yet to release a statement on thedistressing matter as of this writing.

If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, you can call 1-800-799-7233 and go to the @ndvhofficial #NationalDomesticHotline

See the original post here:
The Truth About Why Armie Hammer Is Turning Heads - Nicki Swift

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David Fincher, the Unhappiest Auteur – The New York Times01.09.21

For nearly three decades, David Fincher has been making gorgeous bummer movies that in defiance of Hollywoods first principle insist that happy endings are a lie. Filled with virtuosic images of terrible deeds and violence, his movies entertain almost begrudgingly. Even when good somewhat triumphs, the victories come at a brutal cost. No one, Fincher warns, is going to save us. You will hurt and you will die, and sometimes your pretty wifes severed head will end up in a box.

Long a specialized taste, Fincher in recent years started to feel like an endangered species: a commercial director who makes studio movies for adult audiences, in an industry in thrall to cartoons and comic books. His latest, Mank, a drama about the film industry, was made for Netflix, though. Its an outlier in his filmography. Its violence is emotional and psychological, and theres only one corpse, even if its self-destructive protagonist, Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman), can look alarmingly cadaverous. Set in Hollywoods golden age, it revisits his tenure in one of the most reliably bitter and underappreciated Hollywood tribes, a.k.a. screenwriters.

Part of the movie takes place in the early 1930s, when Herman was at Paramount and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; the other section focuses on when he was holed up in 1940 writing Citizen Kane for Orson Welles, its star, producer, director and joint writer. Like that film, Mank written by Finchers father, Jack Fincher kinks time, using the past to reflect on the present. Its flashbacks largely involve Hermans boozy, yakky days and nights at Hearst Castle in the company of its crypt keeper, the newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and his lover, the actress Marion Davies. There amid the waxworks, Herman plays the court jester, as a few intimates unkindly note.

Hollywood loves gently self-flagellating stories about its horrible, wonderful doings; theres a reason it keeps remaking A Star Is Born. The lash stings harder and more unforgivingly in Mank than it does in most of these reflexive entertainments, though Finchers movie also sentimentalizes the industry, most obviously in its soft-focus view of both Herman and Marion (Amanda Seyfried), a poor little rich dame. In narrative terms, Marion is Hermans doppelgnger: a self-immolating avatar of decency thats otherwise missing in their crowd. Their real tragedy, at least here, is that theyre in the movie business, and, as punishment, each must endure the unhappy patronage of a great man: Marion under Hearst and Herman with Orson.

The two narrative lines in Mank never make coherent, interesting sense, no matter how Fincher jams them together. The big news during Hermans MGM years is the industrys (and Hearsts) propagandistic drive to torpedo the writer Upton Sinclairs 1934 run for governor of California. The real Herman Mankiewicz doesnt seem to have had much of anything to do with this chapter in American cinema, but Hollywood has rarely let fact get in the way of a juicy story and Mank fully commits to its chronicle of events. But it doesnt just stop there: It tethers Mankiewiczs nonexistent role in this disinformation campaign to his role in Citizen Kane, a fascinatingly self-serving flex.

FINCHER WAS 27 when he was hired for Alien 3, his first feature. Welles was 25 when he began filming Citizen Kane, the most famous directorial debut in cinema history. Theres little to connect the men other than cinema. Welles had a background in radio and theater; Fincher had worked in postproduction before he started directing commercials and music videos. The Hollywood each man worked in was also different, though by the time Fincher made his first film for 20th Century Fox, the industry had weathered multiple existential threats beyond the coming of sound, including the end of the old studio system and the introduction of television and, later, home video.

By the time that Fincher was working on Alien 3 (1992), the Hollywood that had warily welcomed and then turned on Welles was gone and the studios were part of multinational conglomerates. If only they could get rid of these actors and directors, then maybe theyve got something, dreams a film executive in Robert Altmans satire The Player (1992), an acid summation of the industrys corporate mind-set. Fincher had a tough time with Fox during Alien 3, and with many others involved in its creation, partly because it wasnt his to control. But the film established his directorial persona as prodigiously talented and uncompromisingly meticulous. David wants it to be perfect every second, Michael London, a Fox executive, told Premiere.

The entertainment industry loves the word genius as much as it hates its actual geniuses, as Welless history illustrates. Fincher had already been anointed a wunderkind when he was directing videos, back when his production-company colleague, Michael Bay, was known as the little Fincher. Sigourney Weaver, the star of the Alien series, called Fincher a genius, and so did Charles Dance, who played a doctor in Alien 3 and Hearst in Mank. Whether Fincher thought he was or not, he did repeat some wisdom that his father had once dropped on him: Learn your craft it will never stop you from being a genius.

It was already clear from Finchers music videos that he knew where to put the camera, when to move it and, crucially, how to make all the many different moving parts in his work flow together into a harmonious whole. Theres a reason that Martin Scorsese met him early on and that when Steven Soderbergh was preparing to make his caper film Oceans Eleven, he studied Finchers work. I realized that its all instinct for him, Soderbergh said of his friend in a 2000 L.A. Weekly interview. I was breaking it down, but hes going on gut. Fincher had also been developing his skill set since he was young: when he was a teenager, he worked at Industrial Light & Magic.

Alien 3 bombed and, for Fincher, remains a wound that has never healed. His resurrection came a few years later with Seven (1995), a brutal thriller that turned him into Hollywoods Mr. Buzzkill, and put him on the path toward fan devotion bordering on the cultlike. Its Grand Guignol flourishes were attention-grabbing, yes, but what knocked some of us out was Finchers visual style, with its crepuscular lighting, immaculate staging and tableaus. Striking too was the visceral, claustrophobic feeling of inescapable doom. It was as if Fincher were trying to seal his audience up in a very lovely, very cold tomb. It was an easier movie to admire than love, but I was hooked.

It can be foolish to try to read directors through their movies, though Fincher invites such speculation, partly because he isnt particularly expansive on what drives him. While promoting Seven, Fincher told the journalist Mark Salisbury that he was interested in movies that scar. And when Salisbury noted that the end of Seven was unusually depressing for Hollywood, Fincher laughed. Excellent, he said, most movies these days dont make you feel anything so if you can make people feel something He didnt finish that sentence; he didnt need to. He finished it with his movies, with their bruises, despair and, unusual for today, insistently feel-bad endings.

Most of Finchers protagonists are nice-looking, somewhat boyish, WASP-y white male professionals, kind of like him. Even when they dont die, they suffer. Notably, whatever their differences, they engage in an epistemological search that grows progressively obsessive and at times violent. These are characters who want to know, who need to know even when the answers remain elusive: Where is my wife? Who is the murderer? Who am I? Their search for answers is difficult and creates or exacerbates a crisis in their sense of self. In Alien 3, the heroine, Ripley, realizes that she will give birth to a monster. In Fight Club (1999), the heros split personalities beat each other up. Always there is a struggle for control, over oneself and over others.

Fight Club centers on an Everyman, Jack (Edward Norton), who unwittingly develops a split personality he calls Tyler (Brad Pitt). Together, they create a mens movement that swells from bare-knuckle fights to acts of terroristic violence (they enjoy better production values). The movie flopped and several executives at Fox, which had backed it, lost their jobs. The Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch apparently hated the film, which helped solidify Finchers reputation as a kind of outsider, if one whom other studios continued to give millions. Its the paradigmatic Fincher movie, a gut punch delivered by a dude in a baseball cap. I am Jacks smirking revenge.

IN 1995, A FEW WEEKS after Seven opened, I interviewed Fincher at Propaganda Films, the production company hed helped found. He was funny, chatty and spoke fluidly about movie history and the technological shifts affecting the art and industry. If you can dream it, he said of digital, you can see it. He talked about the silent era, John Huston and Billy Wilder. And then you have Welles walking into the thing going, OK lets turn the whole [expletive] thing on its ear, Fincher said. We know it can talk, can it move, can it be opera? Welles was already a touchstone for Fincher, whose 1989 music video for Madonna, Oh Father, alludes to Citizen Kane with snowy flashbacks. Fincher also mentioned Mankiewicz in passing.

He talked about being crucified for Alien 3, and how hed known that his next movie would need to use genre to get people in their seats and deal with some of what interested him, namely a certain fascination with violence. He was, he said, someone who slowed down on the freeway to look at accidents. When I was a kid, literally from the time I was about 5 years old until I was about 10 years old, Fincher said, I could not go to sleep, I would have nightmares. Years later, when he made Zodiac (2007), he told interviewers about growing up in Marin County, where the killer had threatened to shoot schoolkids. It was easy to wonder if this was why the young Fincher couldnt sleep.

Two years after Seven blew up the box office, the trades started running items about Mank, which Fincher was interested in directing with Kevin Spacey in the title role. Fincher said Mank would be a black-and-white period piece about the creation of one of the greatest screenplays ever written and the man who did it in almost total anonymity. Instead, he triumphed with The Social Network (2010) and baffled with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011). By the time he managed to direct Mank, it was for Netflix and Murdoch had sold the Fox studio to Disney, which killed it. He hadnt made a movie since Gone Girl, a pulpy hit, six years earlier.

Fincher has directed only 11 feature movies; since Gone Girl, he has been busy making television. These include the Netflix shows House of Cards, about D.C. power players, and Mindhunter, about criminal profilers. Each is of a thematic and visual piece with Finchers work, but neither feels worthy of his talent. Maybe he doesnt care. He made what he wanted and, perhaps more important, the way that he wanted. He might care more if he wrote his movies, but like most old-studio directors, he doesnt. Mostly, I think, he just wants to work. Netflix has been incredibly respectful, he told the DGA Quarterly in 2013. I wonder if he feels that respect when you hit pause, as I did during Mank, and a Netflix pop-up asks if youre enjoying the program.

There are all sorts of ways to look at Mank as a vindication of Mankiewicz, as an assault on Welles. Its both, its neither. In truth, the two characters are fundamentally in service to a movie that, in its broadest strokes, enshrines its own loathing of the industry, partly through its strained relationship to the truth. It was Herman Mankiewiczs filmmaker brother, Joe (All About Eve), who did his bit to help sink Upton Sinclairs campaign. By bending the facts, though, Mank does give Herman Mankiewicz an ostensibly righteous excuse for putting what hed picked up at Hearst Castle into Citizen Kane. In Mank, he sells out a friend to stick it to the industry.

Theres nothing new about movies taking liberties with the truth, and the canard that Herman Mankiewicz was the main architect of Citizen Kane has been rebutted by prodigious scholarship. The movies insistence on heroizing him, though, is a puzzle, particularly because Welles was the more persuasive outsider. Hollywood is a gold-plated suburb suitable for golfers, gardeners, assorted middlemen and contented movie stars, Welles said in 1947. I am none of these things. Its no wonder that Hollywood and its birds in their gilded cages hated him. They kept flapping while Welles made his movies, becoming an independent filmmaker before Sundance existed.

I cant shake how eulogistic Mank feels. Maybe it would have felt different on the big screen, but because of the pandemic I watched it on my television. As I did, I kept flashing on Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilders grim 1950 satire about another studio writer adrift in the waxworks. During that film, a forgotten silent-screen star famously says that the pictures have gotten small, a nod both to TVs threat and Hollywood itself. I wondered if Mank was Finchers own elegy for an industry that increasingly has no interest in making movies like his and is, perhaps relatedly, facing another existential threat in streaming. Not long after, I read that hed signed an exclusive deal with Netflix. The pictures would remain small, but at least he would remain in control.

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David Fincher, the Unhappiest Auteur - The New York Times

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Whats Coming to Netflix in January 2021 – What’s on Netflix01.05.21

Welcome to your comprehensive look at whats scheduled to hit Netflix throughout January 2021. This will be the list of Netflix Originals and non-Netflix Original titles scheduled for release in the United States throughout the first month of the year.

This list includes all the additions but remember Netflix always loses titles too and January 2021 will be a bumper month for Netflix removals. Big licensed titles like When Calls the Heart, The Office and Gossip Girl are all due to depart throughout the month.

Although this list now includes the full list provided by Netflix for whats coming in January 2021 it will still grow over time with titles unannounced ahead of time.

Note: If youre looking for We Can Be Heroes, it got moved from January 1st to December 25th. 53 new arrivals landed on Netflix on January 1st.

What are you looking forward to watching in January 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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Whats Coming to Netflix in January 2021 - What's on Netflix

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The Funniest Tweets About the Next Round of Stimulus Checks (If Theyre Ever Coming) – Mandatory01.05.21

Remember back in spring of 2020 when we all got stimulus checks and felt flush with cash for a hot minute? That was when we naively thought the pandemic would be over in a matter of weeks. Well, here we are, a whopping 10 months into this COVID-19 nightmare and normal is still months away.

Meanwhile, the government has been dangling the carrot of a second round of stimulus checks. The figure of $600 was finally packaged in a bill approved by the House and Senate, only to be scoffed at by Trump when it hit his (tiny) desk. In an unusually generous turn (which was probably just for optics sake), Trump demanded stimulus checks be bumped up to $2K. Democrats said, Bring it! but Republicans wouldnt budge. After a holiday standstill (because nothing says Merry Christmas like withholding funds people need for basic survival), Trump signed the original bill that included the paltry $600 checks.

Americans are understandably bummed. But they havent lost their sense of humor. Pass the time until your government breadcrumbs arrive laughing at these hilarious tweets about the $600 stimulus checks.

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Ink Master Season 1: Where Are They Now? Ink Master Season 1 Winners Today – The Cinemaholic12.31.20

Ink Master introduced fresh talent in the world of permanent ink and other related artistic skills. Spike, later rebranded as Paramount Network, released its unique reality tattoo competition series on January 17, 2012, and has remained a hit show ever since. It pits professional tattoo artists against each other in various competitive rounds to test their overall creative vision and talent. Judged by masters of the craft like Dave Navarro, Chris Nuez, and Oliver Peck, the stars who emerged from the shows first season have been busy establishing successful careers in the industry. So exactly what have they been up to?

The University of the Arts (Philadelphia) graduate, Shane ONeill, championed the iconic shows debut season in 2012 and won the whopping $100,000 prize along with a feature inInked Magazine. The same year, he sat as a jury member for the Chaudesaigues Award that acknowledges the talent of the masters of body art. Renowned for a realistic vision that he showcases through permanent ink, his independent shop, Infamous Tattoo, located at 26 W. Main Street in Middletown, Delaware, continues to be a profit-generating business since 2010.

Even after his artwork featured in illustrious tattoo magazineslike Tattoo Society and Rise Tattoo Magazine, Shane wholeheartedly focused on honing his skill set. The self-taught tattoo artist has progressed so much so in his career that he is now available by appointment only. In addition to being the owner of two tattoo studios in 2012: one in Middletown, Delaware, and the other in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, Shane has further expanded his enterprise.

He has launched his own company, System One Tattoo Product, which deals in tattoos and piercing aftercare products. He is renowned asone of the best portrait and realism tattoo artists in the US. The recognition is not only within America but global. His clients hail from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Shanes signature style has won him over a hundred accolades for his flawless wildlife and horror artwork as well.

Tommy Helm was one of the fan-favorite contestants on season one, and his almost-win did not slow him down even a tad bit. After finishing in second place, he was cast with Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez on Spikes Tattoo Nightmares. On the three-season reality show, the professional tattoo artists attempted to ink decent cover-ups for some of the worst tattoos on people.

With over 259kfollowers on his Instagram account, the famous tattoo artist often has months of waiting, which his clients patiently abide by. Tommy owns the Empire State Studio, a tattoo shop in Amityville, New York. The proud father and husband keeps his personal life veiled from the prying eyes of the media but does occasionally share pictures of his beautiful wife, Michele Gonzalez-Helm.

Much like the other winners of season 1, James Vaughn continued to build his career as a tattoo artist after landing in third place on Ink Master. He then made a comeback on the seventh season of the reality show, which concluded on May 24, 2016, but finished in fourth place this time. The television personality also appeared on the Christmas special, Ink Master: Merry Ink, in 2014 and coached another contestant on season 12 (2019).

Despite not winning the title of Ink Master, he did not let it dampen his spirits and went on to specialize in neo-Japanese traditional tattooing styles. With a tattooing experience of over two decades, he is one of North Carolinas most awarded and famous custom tattoo artists. James is one of the many gifted artists who showcase their talent at the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash, the largest tattoo convention in the Jersey Shore. But before he began globe-trotting to attend such world-class conventions, he successfully ran two NC tattoo parlors, namely Straight A Tattoo in Asheboro and Emerald City Tattoo & Piercing in Greensboro.

My crazy babies

James Vaughn (@Mrjamesvaughn) September 2, 2014

He has even been published more than 20 times for his ingenious creativity. Though James does not actively use his social media accounts, his Twitter handle states his residence as Mount Pleasant in Charleston County, South Carolina, where the award-winning artist has settled with his wife and two children. In October 2020, the artist worked at the grand opening of the first-ever tattoo shop on a military camp but decided to slow down a bit shortly after. As of now, James works as an Artist Manager at the American Tattoo Society, a tattoo shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Read More:How Much Does it Cost to Get Tattoos From Ink Masters Chris Nez and Oliver Peck?

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Ink Master Season 1: Where Are They Now? Ink Master Season 1 Winners Today - The Cinemaholic

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Family beg dad who disappeared after saying he was ‘going away’ to call this Christmas – Liverpool Echo12.25.20

A missing man's partner has said that hearing from him and knowing he is safe would be the "perfect Christmas gift".

Marie Comber had been with Trevor Farthing for 30 years when he disappeared in 2017 and was never heard from again.

Trevor, who would now be 55, called his long term partner, who he had three children with, on the last day he was seen to tell her he was "going away".

On June 21, 2017, Trevor left his home in Newton-le-Willows wearing a khaki green T-shirt and blue denim jeans.

He was last seen on Marshalls Cross Road, St Helens, at around 9.30am and Merseyside Police have repeatedly appealed for information about his whereabouts.

And his devastated family say the ordeal of losing him "is a nightmare" that is just as tough now as it was three years ago and Christmas without him will never be the same.

Marie said: "It's a nightmare. Living without him is never something I thought I would have to do.

"We were together 30 years and we did everything as a pair. We decorated together and did crafts, went out on our bikes and I just don't know how to do any of those thing without him.

"I'm just a bit lost without him."

Marie said she is often urged to "move on" by those around her as Trevor remains missing over three years later.

The shop worker told the ECHO: "People say to me 'Marie it has been three years, time to move on with your life' but how can I?

"How can I move on or even begin to try until I know he is safe and okay. I just need to know that."

Marie spoke to Trevor on the day he went missing and said she will never forget what he said to her.

She said: "He called me and said he was "going away" and I wasn't really sure what he meant.

"Trevor didn't like how the world was going, he didn't know how to use a cash machine and he only wanted to use a phone with buttons.

"He was old fashioned like that and he struggled with the way things were changing."

A few days after Trevor disappeared, police issued an appeal for a woman who had previously brought him home concerned for his welfare.

It is believed Merseyside Police are keen to trace one woman who met Trevor on Sunday, June 18 in 2017 in the Bradley Road area of Newton-le-Willows, near the Sankey Canal.

Since he went missing, his partner and three daughters, Gemma, 35, Megan 27, and Faye 18, have continually begged for him to come home or get in touch.

He now also has three grandchildren.

Marie said: "The girls miss him terribly and are still hopeful we will hear from him.

"We can't move on until we know he is alright.

"The girls and my grandkids keep me going but it's not knowing for us."

Trevor is described as 5ft5 with a sleeve of tattoos on his left arm.

He has a large black scorpion tattoo on the top of his left arm.

When he was last seen, Trevor was wearing a green tshirt, blue denim jeans, walking boots and a Nike cap.

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Marie also wanted people to know that he had a 10p sized birthmark under the left side of his chin which may help to identify him.

The family have issued repeated appeals for information and a number of people have been in touch with Marie with possible sightings.

One man messaged on Facebook two years ago to say that he believes Trevor is living in Warrington and may now have grey wavy hair and a beard.

But Marie said there is little anyone can do to locate him unless Trevor gets in touch himself.

Marie and her family face their fourth Christmas without Trevor and would love nothing more than to hear from him.

She added: "It would be the perfect gift, to know he okay and happy and safe.

"We love and miss him so much and always will. Having him back would mean the world but even hearing he is alright would be everything to us."

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Trevor Farthing please contact Merseyside Police by calling 101 or on Twitter @MerPolCC.

You can also contact the Missing People charity by calling 116 000 or by emailing

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Family beg dad who disappeared after saying he was 'going away' to call this Christmas - Liverpool Echo

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