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Why Are SNAP Benefits So Confusing that Even Social Workers Can’t Figure Them Out? – TalkPoverty07.09.20

Youll hear people say, that violated HIPAA. Actually, it violates Part 2, and its now gone, lamented Zac Talbott, president of the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery (NAMA Recovery) about a recent change made to addiction treatment patient privacy protections. The change took place quietly, passed as a rider to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act); or, as Talbott described it, under cover of darkness, in the midst of a national crisis, with a stimulus bill that no one could vote against.

The rider is named after Jessica Grubb, a Michigan woman who died at age 30 after being prescribed oxycodone for postoperative pain while only a few months into recovery from a seven-year heroin addiction. The Protecting Jessica Grubbs Legacy Act was sponsored by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin III and Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito, both from West Virginia, one of the states hit hardest in recent years by an influx of illicitly manufactured fentanyl. Currently, under 42 CFR Part 2, patients engaged in substance use disorder treatment programs that fall under federal purview which essentially includes any program that utilizes opioid agonist pharmacotherapy like methadone and buprenorphine must provide informed consent each and every time their records are shared. So when a patient authorizes a methadone program to share medication information with their primary care doctor, that provider cant disclose the information to a specialist unless the patient signs a new, specific consent. When the act goes into effect in 2021, patients will only have to provide consent once. After that, their records can be re-shared in perpetuity by any health care entity who receives them.

The changes reflect the way privacy and consent are handled for most of health care. The act is effectively changing records disclosure consent rules to match those of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), except that it still preserves the initial consent required by 42 CFR Part 2.

Despite popular belief, HIPAA allows health care workers to share patient records without their consent for a number of reasons related to health care operations. HIPAA is not a [patient] privacy protection. Its actually an authorization to share your info as broadly as a health care payor believes they need to share it, which I will tell you is very broad, explained Danielle Tarino, president and CEO of Young People In Recovery, who previously worked at the Department of Health and Human Services and, while there, drafted the 2017 revisions to 42 CFR Part 2.

Now, instead of special protections for patients undergoing addiction treatment, these programs will have the same privacy standards as all of health care.

The fight for privacy rights has divided key players in the addiction treatment community, many of whom are otherwise aligned. Proponents of the changes include the National Council of Behavioral Health, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Shatterproof, and several other prominent treatment and health care voices. Those who oppose it, a group that includes the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery, Legal Action Center, Young People In Recovery, and Faces and Voices In Recovery, have successfully thwarted similar proposals in the past.

Its just really disappointing to see that bill go through when the political will was, year after year after year, its not going to pass because people dont want it to pass, said Tarino.

Those who favor the changes say that not only will this make it easier for health care providers to share patient records, it will also allow these programs to be used in the electronic health records programs that are currently designed to meet HIPAA standards. Senators Manchin and Caputo argued that this kind of care coordination would prevent patients like Jessica Grubb from being thrown back into the nightmare of addiction, and insinuated that these privacy changes could have prevented Grubbs death by ensuring all of her caregivers were informed about her addiction history. Theres emergency glass that could be broken if someone was not able to disclose, countered Talbott. The notion Part 2 could cause what happened to Jessica Grubb to happen is outrageousShe disclosed [her addiction status], as most people do with their treatment providers.

42 CFR Part 2 said if you go to treatment, we will give you the security and confidence to work on your issues, said Westley Clark, Deans Executive Professor in the Department of Psychology at Santa Clara University and the former director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) within SAMHSA. Why would I go to treatment if they are going to blab my business all over town? We have a conundrum: We want people to go to treatment, but we are going to discourage people from seeking treatment by telling them your privacy is irrelevant.

Part of what made these protections so strong was the re-disclosure rule eliminated by the Jessica Grubbs Legacy Act. If a patient signed a consent so that their treatment provider could share pertinent care records with their insurance a requirement in order to have insurance pay for treatment then those records could only be shared with the insurance provider. Now, a patients insurance can re-disclose those records in perpetuity for a number of reasons, including for the vague and effectively ubiquitous use of health care operations. This likewise applies to anyone to whom a patient has granted consent.

The language of the new law explicitly states that patients have the right to revoke consent at any time. The problem is that patients must know they need to do this, and also, once records have been shared widely enough, it becomes virtually impossible to communicate and enforce that revocation. Privacy proponents worry that this re-disclosure license will deter patients from seeking treatment, and could lead to harm for those who decide to engage anyway.

Some insurers have discriminated against substance use disorder patients, and substance use disorder patients have not gotten life insurance or other key insurance like that because they found out, said Deborah Reid, senior health policy attorney with Legal Action Center, emphasizing the fact that discrimination against substance use disorder patients is not a thing of the past, but a very real problem her office deals with regularly. She argued that lessening privacy regulations for these patients is likely to increase the problem. Other examples of potential bad case scenarios resulting from the relaxed consent rules that she and her co-worker Jacqueline Setz provided were child custody cases, information spread through small town communities, and law enforcement gaining access to the records.

The new law includes anti-discrimination language, which proponents like Shatterproof say is a big win. Certainly the illegal nature of using drugs should never be a barrier to someone accessing emergency help or medical care when they need it. Thats something we should hopefully all be working toward. This legislation is consistent with existing federal protections around the treatment of addiction, said Kevin Roy, chief public policy officer at Shatterproof. Currently, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers discrimination against substances use disorder patients but only if they are not currently using illegal substances. If a patient is engaged with treatment but struggling to maintain total abstinence or does not seek total abstinence as a goal, they are not protected against discrimination by the ADA. But opponents say that the new anti-discrimination language wont be enough to offset the dangers caused by allowing this sensitive information to move more freely. Its in there, you cant discriminate, but if you do whos gonna be able to enforce that? With no patient first right of action, patients cant stand up for themselves unless they have resources to retain counsel and sue in civil court, said Talbott, adding, even the parts that sound good, upon further reflection and digging, seem to be paper tigers.

Although those who have been involved in the fight for years were disappointed that these changes were slipped through alongside the unrelated coronavirus stimulus bill, they say the fight isnt totally over yet.

We still have initial consentit didnt remove the complete foundation of Part 2, but it will be a different struggle now, said Talbott, explaining some early-stage strategies NAMA-R and other groups are discussing in order to ensure addiction patients can still have robust privacy protections in the future.

Then, with a note of sadness, he added: The 10 year battle to preserve privacy protections in Part 2 is over.

These are peoples lives we are talking about, summarized Tarino. There are very deep implications to people losing rights and privileges because of their participation in something that was supposed to help them.

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Why Are SNAP Benefits So Confusing that Even Social Workers Can't Figure Them Out? - TalkPoverty

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Halsey’s Tattoos – Photos and Meaning of Halsey’s Tattoos – Cosmopolitan07.09.20

Taylor HillGetty Images

Much like Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson, Halseys entire body is covered with tattoos. But unlike theirs, Halseys tattoos will not cause you to gouge your eyes out and scream WHY, GOD, WHY at your computer. Her ink is actually coolin contrast to me saying the word inkand almost all the designs have a fascinating backstory, including her brand new knuckle one that pays tribute to Juice WRLD. And yes, there are a few breakup-related cover-ups coming atcha.

1 of 37

Her 929 Knuckle Tat

Kay, so this is either a reference to Halseys birthday (September 29, in case that isnt clear) or a reference to the 16th track on her upcoming album. Either way, fans are spiraling in the comments, so feel free to join in with your Very Important Thoughts.

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Her Knee Band-Aid

This is one of Halseys newest tattoosand while she hasnt explained its deeper meaning yet, I think we can all agree it was probably pretty painful to get.

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Her Juice WRLD Tribute

In honor of the late Juice WRLD and their new "Life's a Mess" song, Halsey inked the title across her knuckles and wrote, "Juice was one of the greatest people I have ever known, and one of the most brilliant artists we will ever live to witness."

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This 'SNL' Tattoo

True story: Lil Wayne wrote this out for Halsey right after her Saturday Night Live performance. Like, thats literally his handwriting. In case youre wondering how many of my tattoos Lil Wayne designed, the answer is zero.

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Her Casual Face Tat

A bold move, to be sure. Halsey has said this Queen of Hearts will hopefully be her only face tattoo in a since-deleted Instagram post. So, like, dont expect her to pull a Lil Xan.

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Im a Loser Baby

This is pretty clearly a reference to Becks 1994 song Loser, but as for why Halsey felt the need to get it scrawled across her neck? _()_/

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Marilyn Mansons...Face

You might be Apparently, Halsey is just a Manson fan, which she explained on Twitter, writing, Got Manson tatted on my ribs. I love Adelaide so much already. Marilyn. Not Charles. Sheesh lol.

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Halsey revealed this tattoo in May 2019, and I think its safe to assume its a reference to her song of the same name. But, ya know, feel free to @ me with any elaborate theories.

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Her Butt Tattoo

Two things: (1) Yes, Halsey has a butt tattoo and (2) yes, its a reference to her album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

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Her Brat Tat

Halsey got this one because her parents lovingly call her a brat. Wow, same, except not lovingly.

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These Violent Delights...

This quote probably sounds pretty familiar if you read Romeo and Juliet in high school watched Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet in high school. Anyway, Halsey got it tattooed after signing her record deal as a reminder to pace herself.

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Her Outlined Shoulder Roses

Halsey has had these since her 16th birthday, and she got them purely for aesthetic reasons. I went and got something that meant absolutely nothing and just looked beautiful, she said. Its still one of my favorite tattoos because Ill never dislike it. It just is cool-looking. Its really simple. I think its really elegant.

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This tattoo is also rumored to be a shout-out to Halseys ex, mostly because Everything is the name of his album. But who knows, maybe its just a self-portrait! Calm down, everyone!

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The Anchor on Her Foot

This was Halseys first tattoo and features her moms initials, NFC. And turns out, Halseys mom actually has a matching tattoo, which, cute! My mom was like, We anchor each other, Halsey told iHeart. I was like, Thats beautiful, Mom. Just let me get a tattoo. I dont care what it is. I just want to be cool.

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Her Terrifying Dagger

IDK what this is, but Im scared, moving on.

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Heaven in Hiding

Real ones know this is the name of one of Halseys songs on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. No further explanation necessary!

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Her FEROX Tattoo

To quote ya girl: It means fierce in Latin and it was given to me with a sewing needle, India ink, and a lot of vodka.

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~The Planet Mars~

I got Mars because I met a guy on tour that I became really good friends with, and his birthday is on my half birthday and Im a Libra, Halsey told iHeart. So my ruling planet is Venus and his ruling planet is Mars, which are also opposites. So its, like, opposite birthdays, opposite signs, technically opposite personalities in astrology but complete opposites, and we were really good friends. So I got Mars and he got Venus. We got each others planet.

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Her Little Prince Shout-Out

If youre a fan of The Little Prince, youll immediately recognize these four major themes of the bookespecially that cute fox! Halsey describes herself as a lover of literature, so this book clearly has a special meaning to her.

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Two Mouths Kissing

Not sure about the meaning behind this one, but in the immortal words of Paris Hilton, thats hot.

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Halsey rarely shows it off, but she most definitely has a tattoo that says baby riiiiight above her bikini line.

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Her Upside-Down Horseshoe

In tattoo culture, youre not supposed to tattoo a horseshoe upside down because it means all the luck is spilling out, so its actually bad luck, Halsey explained re: her boldest tattoo. I got an upside-down horseshoe to signify that I dont need luck. Bad. Ass.

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This is another tattoo Halsey got with her mom, and its super special to her. Serendipity is a word that means a happy accident, she told iHeart. Which is I think how my mom explains my existence, as a happy accident, because she was 19 when she got pregnant with me and it was definitely an accident. But one that I think she considers a happy one.

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The Crazy Kind

Awkward, but the crazy kind is most definitely a reference to lyrics from Halsey and her ex-boyfriend G-Eazys song Him & I.

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Her G-Eazy Cover-Up

And, um, she definitely covered it up with barbed wire after they broke up.

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Her 511 Elbow Tat

Get ready to awww, because 5/11 is Halseys little brothers birthday. Also, LOL @ this: It also used to be my password to stuff, and it occurred to me how awful it was that I was walking around with my password to everything literally tattooed on my body.

29 of 37

These Bomb Air Jordans

Halsey deleted this tattoo pic from Instagram but described it as chi town / hybrid baby in the caption.

*immediately checks to see if she has an endorsement deal with Nike*

30 of 37


Kay, so these Xs are both a reference to Halseys grandma and a reference to people viewing her music as explicit. Kind of a weird combo, but okay!

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Halsey's Tattoos - Photos and Meaning of Halsey's Tattoos - Cosmopolitan

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10 Tattoos That Were Popular & Regrettable In The 2000s – TheThings07.09.20

Tattoo trends come and go, and these were some of the most cliche and overdone of the 2000s.

Getting your body inked with a tattoo is a serious decision to make. The design and art have to be perfect, and in some cases the meaning behind it is important. In every generation, there area handful of tattoos that were the most popular.

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Who can forget the lower back "tramp" stamps or the famous tribal tattoos from the '90s? The 2000s also had their fair share of memorable tattoos that were specific to the era. Some of them weren't the best decision when it came to art that would be etched on the skin for a long time. Let's take a look at tattoos that bring back memories or will make you look down at your own in regret.

A tattoo on the upper portion of the finger was pretty popular in the mid tolate 2000s. Often times it was an animal and the most popular was a wolf's head. Wolves were a big deal and many resonated with its characteristics.

It wasn't uncommon to see a finger tattoo. Thankfully it's a tattoo that isn't regrettable as long as the wolf's details were superb. Alongsidethe wolf, people also got fingertattoos of minimalisticmandala-like designs.

During an era of Panic at the Disco, Paramore and pop/rock bands, anchor tattoos were highly sought after. It was a time of great emotional distress andemo phases. People wanted a tattoo that would "ground" them.

The anchor became a representation of that need. The anchor tattoo came in multiple forms between simple lines or drastic shading with a banner running through it. Sometimes the banner had inspirational lyrics on it too.

The dream catcher tattoo brings fond memories. This tattoo brings back moments to the Twilight era. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) gives Bella (Kristen Stewart) a dream catcher for her birthday to catch all her nightmares while she slept.

It's the Native American history behindthe dream catcher that people loved. It's meant to ward off evil spirits and bad dreams. Celebrities even loved it, like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

If you were a teenager in high school during this time, it's likely that this tattoo was on your list. There was a huge trend involving being set free and having the freedom to spread your wings like a bird.

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The tattoo was also popular for teens who had strict parents. It's minimalistic and a quick trip to the tattoo shop. The birds symbolized different things depending on the person. It could mean family, spiritual protection, or overcoming a crisis.

The infinity sign was easily one of the most tattooed images on young women. During this time, this well-known symbol signified a lot and it was aesthetically pleasing. The tattoo was everywhere and came in a variety of forms.

Some kept it small and well hidden, while others incorporatedmeaningful words into one of the loops. A popular one was combing the symbol and "love" or using the small birds previously mentioned.

Feathers were a trend back in this era. Many can recall the emo phase with the big hair and raccoon highlights. Many young teens also wore feather hair accessories. It was a clip-on in the hair that had big or small dangling feathers.

This trend also translated into tattoos. People found a spiritual meaning to feather as they can symbolize bravery, courage, or freedom. The feather also had Native American ties to spiritual protection.

Angel wings tattoo were either a hit or miss. The biblical wings of angels didn't always translate well in tattoos. This is due to the wing's natural extending structure. Some artists depicted the wings closed, taking up a majority of the person's back.

In other cases, artists tattooed the wings on the back followed through to thearms to look like they were opening. Angel wings were also popularon the wrists or ankles in a more abstract form.

There came a point in the 2000s where simplicity was best. What's simpler than a line around the arm? But for many, this simple tattoo meant much more than an aesthetic.

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The tattoo derived from the common representation of a black band worn around the bicep when losing a loved one. It slowly morphed into being a popular tattoo that could be adapted to thin lines or with a unique pattern. It can also derive from traditional tribal tattoos.

Alongside birds, stars tattoos were still popular in the 2000s. More so during the early years. It's one of those tattoos that were the first and satisfied the desire to get inked. It's also a tattoo that many people cover up.

Often times, they were in the form of an ascending cluster from small to big stars. The star tattoo did have an inspirational or spiritual meaning for some, but it's a tattoo that many people aren't fond of anymore.

One tattoo trend that shouldn't have occurred was the corset and bows. There was a fascination with tattooing real-life items on the skin instead of actually wearing them. One of them was the big bows on the back of the upper thigh. It sometimes came with a line running down the middle of the leg to resemble thigh-high stockings.

Along with bows came the corset tattoo. This was unusual. There was a trend of piercing rings into the skin of your back and threading ribbon to make it look like a real corset. For some, it was better to tattoo the illusion. The tattoo causes anyone to get a bad shiver and best to be forgotten.

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Gabriela is an Entertainment writer with experience in all things, Tv, Film and pop culture. She's more than happy to stay in and binge-watch new TV shows and movies on Netflix.

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Fantasy Island: Delivering dreams and nightmares – The Phuket News07.09.20

It is always a weird feeling when you like a film that other people seem to dislike. You always feel like you want to defend the film to the hilt, but the same time you cant help but wonder if you are horribly wrong. The best way to look at it is that you like what you like and as long as you like it it doesnt really matter what others think.

Portia Doubleday and Lucy Hale in Fantasy Island (2020). Photo: IMDB

This whole scenario recently happened with me when it came to Blumhouse Productions re-working of Fantasy Island. Now I am not going to sit here and say that it is film of the year or one of the best horror films ever made, but if youre looking for a horror film that will entertain you for a couple of hours then this is a film that will not disappoint.

For anyone who watched the original Fantasy Island television series the concept here may be a little strange. Fantasy Island never traditionally had a horror feel to it, but here director Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare) and his team give the story a warm welcome into the Blumhouse horror universe.

The film centres around the mystical island run by Mr Roarke (Michael Pena Ant-Man). It is an island where people go to live out their fantasies and the latest group to have arrived includes jaded youngster Melanie Cole (Lucy Hale Pretty Little Liars) who dreams about getting revenge on those who bullied her at school and two brothers Patrick Sullivan (Austin Stowell Whiplash) and Brax Weaver (Jimmy O. Yang Crazy Rich Asians) who dream of living the life of the rich and famous.

It is here where the film first runs into its major hurdle. See that list of characters above could have almost filled this page. Aside from the ones I have already mentioned there is Maggie Q (Divergent), a wannabe solider who wants to learn about his father and a crazy man who seems to appear out of nowhere but wants to warn everybody about the dangers of the island and even then that isnt everyone. Yes the problem here is that there are just way too many characters in this film, at times it even becomes difficult to try and keep track of who is where.

What is a shame is that when the film keeps to its horror roots it is ten times the film it is when it tries to do things a little bit differently. There are scenes that depict Melanie getting revenge on a high school bully that is reminiscent of a Saw movie and it times like that when the film works its best. When Fantasy Island sticks to the basics and remains a simple film about an island where peoples fantasies quickly become nightmares it is a film that captivates its audience and draws it in. However, when the film tries to get too smart and interweave stories while bringing in a convoluted supernatural plotline that I still cant get my head around it trips itself up and becomes a film that is simply trying too hard.

If the film had kept to the storylines involving Melanie, Patrick and Brax it would have been an absolutely brilliant horror film. Those are the storylines that you end up being drawn to the most and seeing those fantasies become nightmares for those involved is more than enough to have the audience wondering whether Mr Roarke has a hidden sinister, psychopathic side or if something supernatural is at work. The rest of the story threads that the writers have tried to infuse into the film are just unnecessary overkill.

Also enhancing the film are some of the acting performances at hand. Michael Pena is perfectly cast as Mr Roarke, and for all those naysayers out there who were taking swipes at the film before it was even released: no, he is not playing a character that is meant to represent Tattoo, the role made famous by Herve Villechaize in the original television series.

Also shining in their roles are Austin Stowell and Jimmy O. Yang who bring their A-Games to a film that you wouldnt expect it in. As actors they are put through a true wringer of emotions as at times they become the comedic relief for the film but then at other times they are called to do some action sequences and moments of horror as well. It is a well-rounded acting performance that you certainly dont expect in a film like this.

Last but not least there is the amazing performance of Lucy Hale. Grouped together with her performance in Truth Or Dare, Hale is now rightfully considered one of the best up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood. Like some of her co-stars here she is put through a range of emotions of this film and clearly shows why she is only a few steps away from becoming an A-Lister.

Fantasy Island does have some major weaknesses but there are times throughout the film where it is a genuine popcorn horror that has the ability to entertain its audience. While one of the weaker Blumhouse films from recent years it is still certainly a film that is worth a look.

Fantasy Island is now screening in Phuket and has been classified 15 in Thailand.

David Griffiths has been working as a film and music reviewer for over 20 years. That time has seen him work in radio, television and in print. You can follow him at

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Fantasy Island: Delivering dreams and nightmares - The Phuket News

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Holocaust Survivor is Named ‘Texan of the Year’ – – Breaking Israel News01.03.20

If, however, there is a needy person among you, one of your kinsmen in any of your settlements in the land thatHashemyour God is giving you, do not harden your heart and shut your hand against your needy kinsman.Rather, you must open your hand and lend him sufficient for whatever he needs Deuteronomy 15:7-8 (The Israel Bible)

Holocaust survivor Max Glauben, a longtime Dallas resident, was named 2019 Texan of the Year. Source: Screenshot.

(December 31, 2019/JNS)Max Glauben, a longtime Dallas resident and Holocaust survivor, was declared the 2019 Texan of the Year by The Dallas Morning News on Sunday.

Glauben, 91, and his family survived the Warsaw Ghetto only to be taken to the Majdanek concentration camp, where his mother, father and younger brother died. By 1943, he was orphaned, and in the two years since his familys killing, he was a prisoner at five concentration camps: Majdanek, Budzyn, Mielec, Wieliczka and Flossenburg.

Glauben, who last name in German means believe, has shared his experiences during the Holocaust at many speaking engagements over the last 40 years, sometimes even two or three events per day, including at United Nations in New York City.

And every summer for the past 14 years, he has led a group of teens on March of the Livinga tour of Holocaust sites, including the place where his family members died.He was in the U.S. Army for two years, served in the Korean War and attained the rank of staff sergeant.

He helped create the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, and earlier this year was one of the first Holocaust survivors filmed for a program called Dimensions in Testimony, sponsored by the Shoah Foundation created by filmmaker Steven Spielberg to record testimonies from Holocaust survivors.

Theres a word in the Torahshalom. It means an Edenic reality under Gods benevolent reign where swords become plowshares, hate gives way to brotherhood, and upstanders guard the rights of the other, wrote The Dallas Morning News.

Perhaps shalom is why a man can endure Europes darkest atrocities and emerge as Texas brightest light. Perhaps shalom is why a man who still carries a tattoo that marked him for destruction can put his mark of good-natured tolerance on so many other lives. Perhaps shalom is why generations of young Texans will learn the value of justice and fairness in a Dallas museum. In an age of division, in a time of suspicion and in a culture where we worship the newest, emptiest viral bling, perhaps the wrinkled, smiling wisdom of shalom can show us a better way.

Shalom marks the kind of world Glauben is working to create. And for that, Max Glauben is the 2019 Texan of the Year.

And although Holocaust survivors like Glauben seemed to have finally found a happy ending to their unimaginable experiences, others are not so fortunate.

But you can help

Thats because many survivors suffer from physical and mental ailments like dementia. And although dementia is a terrible condition to have, for Holocaust Survivors its much worse.

Most people dont realize that aside from short-term memory loss, the dementia of Holocaust survivors is a very different experience than that of regular patients.

Thats because when a survivor suffers dementia, the horrors of the Holocaust are fresh in their minds as if they are still reliving it to this day!

According to Shoshana Lichtman from the organization Melabev, these survivors not only have nightmares about their horrible past, but many of them also daydream about it on a daily basis as well.

Lichtman recalls one survivor who enjoys writing. But no matter what she writes about, her memories keep going back to the ghettos in Warsaw, where she spent her youth.

What you can do

Although there is no actual cure to this unique type of dementia, there are ways to contain it.

Shoshana Lichtman from Melabev breaks it down into two separate treatments.

One is to let them vent.

These Holocaust survivors have a lot of pent up trauma from their experience. Therefore, its important that they just let it out and get it off of their chest. Melabev provides an open ear encouraging them to say whats on their mind. The organization is there for them, enabling the survivors to get everything off thir chest either by either writing or just by talking.

Some of them are unable to talk and therefore opt for art therapy.

The other way to treat Holocaust Dementia is by keeping the survivors busy with fun and engaging activities.

These activities keep their minds occupied preventing them from reliving their horrid past. They include:

All of these activities give the survivors a much-needed sense of purpose in their final years on this earth explains Lichtman.

This is your unique opportunity to show them that the nations are no longer their enemies. Donating today is the least you can do to help these people restore some iota of faith in the nations. But dont take our word for it, just see what is written in the Book of Deuteronomy:

If, however, there is a needy person among you, one of your kinsmen in any of your settlements in the land thatHashemyour God is giving you, do not harden your heart and shut your hand against your needy kinsman.Rather, you must open your hand and lend him sufficient for whatever he needs (Deuteronomy 15:7-8)

This is your chance to open your hand from the comfort of your home. Let these poor survivors know that many among the nations have changed.

Donate to this incredible organization today.

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Holocaust Survivor is Named 'Texan of the Year' - - Breaking Israel News

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The Best Theater Of 2019: Broadway And Beyond – Forbes01.03.20

Larry Owens and company in 'A Strange Loop'

Its been a weird, watery year on the Rialto. Broadways hit-or-miss output over the last twelve months seemed to reflect the distorted nature of our national discourse. If the stage is meant to hold a mirror up to reality, attending the theater in 2019 indeed felt like playing Russian Roulette in a busted-up funhouse.

Marquee shows, in development for a decade, set premature closing dates and hemorrhaged money - unless they were Moulin Rouge! or To Kill a Mockingbird. Meanwhile, uncompromising underdogs broke box office records - that is, when they didnt crash and burn. Some producers even managed to have a foot in both worlds; the Beetlejuice team brought necromancy back in a big way, rescuing their D.O.A. show and turning it into one of the falls biggest hits...until they ran afoul of Broadways own grim reaper.

The industry at large is undergoing a long, slow market correction. Since 2015, Broadway has broken its own box office record each year. Then came 2019: depressed grosses, an unusually large number of premature closures, and investor losses tallying well over $100 million. According to numbers provided by the Broadway League, box office receipts shrank by about 4% in 2019, a difference of $67 million.

What do we make of that? Honestly, not much. (At least not in the way of ominous trends and portent; $67 million is still a tidy sum to leave on the table). While mavens do love reading tea leaves, Broadway is reliant on fresh content as much as old hits, and this years crop just didnt wow buyers. It also came on the heels of a historic parade of megahits like Hamilton, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hello, Dolly! and Bruce Springsteens residency, which amped sales past reasonable expectations.

With its liberal patina, high cost barrier, and the sheer amount of flawed content up for consumption, Broadways most direct national corollary may be the Democratic primary field. Just as Democratic voters seem unable to rally behind a single candidate, so too did creative teams struggle to produce coherent visions in 2019. For every satisfying whole, there appeared half a dozen others with stand-out elements but no binding spine. Other critics have noted this disparity, and found more consummate satisfaction, as I did, in the wilder world of Off-Broadway theater.

(This may be where the metaphor falls apart - I dont know where Off Broadway fits into the Democratic debate. One wants to suggest the unregulated fringe of Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson, but the best of Off Broadway is, you know worthwhile.)

2019 was also a weird one for me as a journalist, at least when it comes to a year-end roundup. Turns out pursuing a Masters on nights and weekends cuts into ones time at the theater, so I missed several of the years most ballyhooed productions, which occupy spots on many other Best Of lists. And as always, I omit from mine any production in which I have a financial stake. (Sorry, The Inheritance you know I love you, boo).

Also of note: two of my favorite 2019 Broadway productions were on my list last year, when I saw them downtown, so I wont include them here but that doesnt mean they arent stellar. Slave Play and What The Constitution Means to Me managed to transmute radical passion into mainstream cred (not to mention box office gold).

If they are any indication, perhaps theres still hope for those voters, er, audience members looking for the full package. With that in mind, and in no particular order, here are my thoughts on the bestbang for your theatrical buck.

Karen Kandel, Ismenia Mendes, Quincy Tyler Bernstine in 'Marys Seacole'

Fairview and Marys Seacole

A double whammy from one of the best writers in the biz. Jackie Sibblies Drury won the Pulitzer for Fairview, an extraordinary, subversive exploration of race and appropriation in America. But Marys Seacole is, if anything, even more moving: a phantasmagoric look at domestic and emotional labor through the centuries, and the women especially those of color responsible for it all. One of few playwrights to whose shows I will buy tickets sight unseen.

Derren Brown: Secret

Maybe the sole Broadway show here that defies description, if only to keep the mind-blowing surprises unspoiled. You really do have to be there. Catch it before it closes this weekend.

A Strange Loop

Where does one even begin? At once impossibly solipsistic and wonderfully accessible, this musical about one lone black gay boy who chose to turn his back on the Lord (written by said boy, about his experience writing said musical) is unlike anything that graced New York this year. The scores intricacy and lyricism call to mind Sondheims best, but Michael R. Jackson is in a league of his own when it comes to challenging power structures, whether they be Broadway producers or Tyler Perry.

Jeb Kreager, John Zdrojeski, and Zo Winters in 'Heroes of the Fourth Turning'

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

If the theater industry is the Democratic Primary, Will Arberys Heroes of the Fourth Turning is the candidate many feel is missing: one that grapples, uncompromising, with the most virulent elements of the far-right and shows that humanizing your demons doesnt mean ceding victory to them. Bracing, terrifying, satisfying.


Hannah Gadsby has autism. We know this because she tells us over and over during Douglas, a fab follow-up to her sensational Nanette. The show is omni-faceted: a dizzying deconstruction of boundaries, categories, and expectations, fueled by anger at those who maintain them. A favorite target is the anti-vaxx movement, and its claim that vaccines cause autism. I happened to be seated beside a person who, it became clear, was an anti-vaxxer, and did not realize what shed signed up for. The tension in the room as Gadsby took the movement to task was the most delicious sensation I experienced all year.

Danny Burstein in 'Moulin Rouge!' on Broadway

Moulin Rouge!

I love me a titular exclamation point, even if it creates a nightmare for copy editors. I also love me a show that delivers on Broadways glitziest promise: consummate, dazzling spectacle. The 10-minute opening number alone is worth the price of admission. Also, Tam Mutu, who plays the villainous Duke, is so damn good that youll likely find yourself rooting against the heroes - and loving it.


Another exclamation point! And in service of an entirely different brand of enthusiasm. While Moulin Rouge! delivers big mainstream pizzazz, Oklahoma! offers the equally necessarily evisceration thereof. Director Daniel Fish took a classic piece of Americana and, without altering a single lyric, used it to expose the dark underbelly of our nations history. At once a celebration of community and an excoriation of tribalism, it set a new standard for revivals.

Alfie Fuller and Antoinette Crowe-Legacy in MCC Theater's BLKS


Aziza Barness playwriting debut is funny, humane, sexy, and unapologetic in its love for its characters. To paraphrase one of them, it's queer, black as f**k, and magically surreal. With its productions of BLKS, The Light, School Girls, and others, MCC Theater is doing real work to change what New York theater is "supposed" to be, and for whom.

Individual Standouts

Much of the excitement this season came in bursts: standout performances, great scores, beautiful lyrics not always at the same time. Adrienne Warren is the reason to see the Tina Turner bio-musical. Adam Driver and Marisa Tomei both towered over solid revivals of Burn This and The Rose Tattoo. Julie White was immaculate as a traumatized clown in the divisive Gary, upstaged only by a fabulous kickline of undead penises. (Yes, really). The Wrong Man had one of the decades best scores in search of a book to match it. And Jagged Little Pill is great fun, but Lauren Pattens You Oughta Know is such an ecstatic high point that the rest of the show feels like a launch pad designed to spring her right into her first Tony.

Amber Gray in Best Musical winner 'Hadestown'

Also Excellent

A quick rundown of some other shows that moved me throughout the year, and are surely featured in the top spots of other 'Best Of' lists:

Hadestown: Sumptuous and poignant, with some of the best performances on a Broadway stage. (And that very much includes the Tall Chorus Guy.)

True West: A terrific revival of a claustrophobic fraternal duel. Paul Dano and Ethan Hawke balanced Sam Shepards innate menace with deep, necessary humor.

Freestyle Love Supreme: By nature difficult to pin down, as its improvised fully each night. But the talent involved especially standout Utkarsh Ambudkar is unimpeachable.

Choir Boy: Never have I been more upset that a show did not make a cast recording. The play is great, but the score by Jason Michael Webb is truly astonishing.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Lee Seymour is also a co-producer of The Inheritance on Broadway.

Read more from the original source:
The Best Theater Of 2019: Broadway And Beyond - Forbes

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Review of the Year 2019, Part 1: New projects, community spirit and celebrations – Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News01.03.20


- THE year was off to a generous start as a team of British divers - including several from Somerset - have been decorated for their part in the dramatic rescue of a boys football team stranded in a cave in Thailand.

The divers were among those named in the New Year Honours List, alongside a host of worthy Somerset names.

Joshua Bratchley was made an MBE, as was Lance Corporal Connor Roe, who hails from Axbridge. And Christopher Jewell, from Cheddar, and Jason Mallinson were given the Queens Gallantry Medal for exemplary acts of bravery.

Expat Vern Unsworth was also made an MBE.

Reacting to the announcement, Mr Unsworth said: This was a team effort and Im very honoured to have been recognised, particularly as you dont engage in a major rescue expecting this outcome.

For me, after saving the boys, this is the icing on the cake.

- TRIBUTES were paid to popular caravanner described as a true gent who was willing to help anyone.

Paul Edwards, 50, who was an active member of Brean Seasonal Caravanners (BSC), died suddenly at his home in Brynmawr in Wales on December 30.

After his death, Martin Mills, chairman of BSC, said: Paul was a true gent who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

He was one of the first to join BSC and was friendly and popular not just among the Diamond Farm caravan owners but Brean as a whole.

- A FATHER whose son nearly drowned after he left him unattended in a toddler swimming pool so he could go on a flume has was spared jail.

The man, who could not be named for legal reasons, was charged with causing unnecessary suffering of a child under 16 following the incident, in August 2018.

When sentencing the man, Judge David Ticehurst, said: This must have been any parents nightmare.

Judge Ticehurst sentenced the man to an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered 250 of public money be given to Mrs Harding and Emma Aims. He was also ordered to pay 250 in costs.


- TRUSTEES of a community hall in Highbridge have revealed their plans to transform it into a community hub for residents.

The groups 1.5million plan would see the Morland Community Hall in Pearce Drive torn down and replaced with an eco friendly, energy efficient building equipped with modern facilities.

Roger Keen, chairman of the halls trustees, said the building was only meant to be a temporary fixture in the town and it needed to be redeveloped as it had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Speaking after the plans were announced, Mr Keen said: We have looked at the costs of maintaining the hall and making repairs to it but we decided that knocking it down and introducing a new, modern building would be the best option for the Highbridge community.

- THE owners of a Somerset hotel thanked two men, staff and the emergency services for their help after a fire broke out in the bar.

Luke Sturman and Melanie Carr, owners of The Oak House Hotel, in Axbridge, said they could not thank the fire service and local community enough for their help after a candle caught fire to a picture and artificial flowers in the hotels bar area.

Luke said: The really fortunate thing in this incident was that Simon, the manager at the Lamb Inn and a gentleman delivering newspapers heard our alarms and came to the front of the hotel and were met by our duty supervisor, who was evacuating guests.

Their action in tackling the fire selflessly stopped the fire spreading further until the fire service arrived.

We will be eternally grateful to them for this.

- FORMER Mayor of Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge, Michael Clarke, urged young people to stay safe on the roads after he claimed he had seen a number of children cycling with no lights on around Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge.

Cllr Clarke, who is an avid cyclist, said he was concerned newsagents are not checking young peoples bikes to ensure they have the correct safety gear before they go on their paper rounds and said Somerset County Council needed to launch more campaigns to educate young people on road safety.


- A POPULAR Burnham-on-Sea jewellers shut up shop after more than 30 years in business.

Chris J Francis Gold & Silversmiths was based in Bridgwater in the 1980s and 90s before moving to Burnham-on-Sea, where they were based for 20 years.

Traditional jeweller Chris Francis, who is from Bridgwater, was retiring but said he and his wife Cheryl had enjoyed a fantastic 35 years in business.

Chris said: The business has changed a lot over the years but I am just glad we were able to enjoy 35 years in retail, meeting and speaking to people, before online shopping takes over.

- HIGH speed winds and rainy weather failed to dampen the spirits of volunteers who took part in a special beach clean to celebrate the Friends of Berrow Beachs first anniversary.

On March 9, around 30 volunteers took part in the groups third beach clean of the year and recovered sacks full of plastic debris and items including a gas canister and a lightbulb.

The clean-up was a special event for the group as they were celebrating their first anniversary and the groups founders thanked volunteers for their ongoing support and hard work.

Nigel Hoy, one of the groups founders, said: We are really pleased with how much of an impact this group has had on members of the public and would like to thank all of our volunteers who get involved in our beach cleans

- A DEVICE to measure the speed of passing vehicles bought by three parish councils recorded motorists travelling at up to 90mph along a Somerset road.

Burnham Without Parish Council, Mark Parish Council and East Huntspill Parish Council teamed up to buy the 3,000 speed indication device (SID) last year following complaints from residents that vehicles are travelling too fast through Mark Causeway towards Watchfield.

The SID recorded the number of vehicles and speed of traffic in different locations across the three parishes in the first few months of 2019 and the councils said they hoped it would encourage people to reduce their speed.


- HEARTLESS vandals left 10-year-old Ivy Meager feeling disheartened after they pulled down and burned several of her homemade dog poo bag dispensers.

The youngster hit the headlines earlier this year after she was seen putting dog poo bag dispensers made out of plastic bottles at different spots around Burnham and Highbridge in a bid to tackle dog fouling.

The ten year old inspired Burnham and Highbridge Town Council to install dog poo bag dispensers in the two towns and said she had no plans to stop making the dispensers following the incidents.

-A MAN who drove his car at a woman and her two-year-old son and then fled the scene and crashed into a parked car was jailed for 16 months.

Jacob Monaghan, 29, of Stretton Close, Bridgwater, admitted that in July 2018 he breached his suspended sentence after he drove his car dangerously towards a woman and her son, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in Highbridge and damaged a parked car after he fled the scene.

Judge David Ticehurst sentenced Monaghan to16 months in jail, disqualified him from driving for two years and ordered him to pay 107 in costs.

- THERE was drama in Burnham-on-Sea as emergency services worked together to rescue a horse stuck in the mud.

HM Coastguard received a 999 call reporting a horse and its rider stuck on the beach in Burnham-on-Sea.

The rider did not appear to be injured but the horse was stuck and the tide was set to rise.

Rescue units at the scene included Burnham-On-Sea RNLI, Burnham and Weston- super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Teams and BARB Hovercraft. Firefighters also joined to help rescue the horse.

The teams rescued the horse by using strops, lines, manpower, and a winch from the RNLI tractor.


- A CLUB was left devastated but has said it would rebuild after Storm Hannah destroyed their clubhouse causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Brean Land Yachting Clubs wooden clubhouse was blown apart as winds reaching speeds of up to 70mph from Storm Hannah hit Somerset.

The clubs shocked members worked to salvage items from the clubhouse but Derek George, chairman of Brean Land

Yachting Club, said it would cost thousands to rebuild the structure.

- THE Conservatives managed to cling on to power at Sedgemoor District Council to become the only Tory-controlled district council in Somerset.

While Somerset West and Taunton, South Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and Mendip councils all went to the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives at Sedgemoor fought off opposition to keep a majority of eight seats.

Labour made a couple of gains to make it to 12 seats overall, although the biggest shock saw Mick Lerry, the Labour leader on Sedgemoor District Council, lose his seat by a margin of just 10 votes.

- CANCER survivor Sam Scott opened a new tattoo shop in the heart of Highbridge.

Sam, who had been tattooing for more than ten years, had spent five months transforming a derelict shop in Church Street into Coping Studios and said he was inspired to open the store by his passion for art and a lack of business in Highbridge.


- POPULAR Burnham-on-Sea newsagent G W Hurley celebrated its 100th year in business with a party.

The newsagent, in Burnhams High Street, was originally opened as a bric-abrac shop in 1919 by Colin Morris grandmother, Florence Hurley, who later turned it into a newsagents after being approached by a publisher.

Speaking in June, Colin said: I cant believe we have been here for 100 years, its amazing that we have lasted this long.

- COUNCILLOR Andy Brewer was appointed as the new Mayor of Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge.

Cllr Brewer had been a town councillor for five years and said he was passionate about supporting local community groups.

He appointed his deputies as Cllr Peter Clayton, chairman of Sedgemoor District Council and Cllr Nick Tolley and said he was looking forward to meeting community groups from across the two towns and is keen to encourage young people to get more involved in their community.

- MORE than 100 people packed into Burnham-on-Sea RNLIs base to see the crews new Atlantic 85 lifeboat officially named.

Allison Reshad officially named the boat and handed it over to Burnham-on-Sea RNLI.

The boat was funded by avid sailor Brian Sigley, Allisons uncle, who sadly died and left the money for the boat in his will.

The Atlantic 85 named Doris Day and Brian was delivered to Burnham-on-Sea in February and joined the stations smaller B Class lifeboat.

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Review of the Year 2019, Part 1: New projects, community spirit and celebrations - Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News

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21 new B.C. craft breweries to watch out for in 2020 – Vancouver Is Awesome01.03.20

Theres no shortage of new breweries in the works all over British Columbia. Heres a look at some of the ones were keeping an eye on for in 2020.

Chilliwack (spring 2020) Agassiz couple Megan McDonald and Kris Schmidt are bringing their take on modern craft styles with a heavy focus on sours to the newly redeveloped Five Corners neighbourhood of downtown Chilliwack.

Port McNeill (2020) Craft beer is coming to the North Island as three local homebrewing brothers plan to convert the former Shell gas station into the regions first brewery using the brewhouse from the now defunct Forbidden Brewing in Courtenay.

Salmo (early 2020) This 126-seat craft brewery is being built in a former bank/church, with seating right in the former vault. Live music, full kitchen and six taps of traditional craft and Belgian-style abbey ales.

Chilliwack (early 2020) Downtown Chilliwack is suddenly the place to be for awesome craft beer, with Field Houses second location set to join Flashback and Bricklayer. Housed in a historic brick building, it will feature a 125-seat tasting room, an outdoor patio, full kitchen and its own dedicated brewhouse.

Grand Forks (summer 2020) You know the craft beer revolution has been fought and won when eve Grand Forks is getting into the act. This new craft brewery and tasting room is set to open downtown on Market Avenue any month now.

Victoria (spring 2020) Work is progressing at Victorias most hotly anticipated craft brewery, a collaboration between the people behind Steel & Oak and The Drake Eatery. Word is there will be a rooftop patio in time for summer.

Hornby Island (2020) This aspiring nanobrewery is already contract brewing out of Small Block Brewing in Duncan and hopes to open a modest brick-and-mortar on its namesake island in 2020.

Victoria (early 2020) The owners of the Yates Taphouse are behind this 300-seat neighbourhood brewpub in the new Hudson District development thats currently being held up by permitting delays.

Kelowna (early 2020) Kettle River Brewings former brewer Brad Tomlinson is opening his own metal-themed brewery right next door and its gonna friggin rip.

West Kelowna (early 2020) Test batches are already being brewed at this new West Kelowna brewery that plans to highlight the bounty of Okanagan fruit in its beers.

Langley (spring 2020) This farm-to-glass brewery is growing all its own ingredients on-site, and will even be malting its own barley.

Victoria (2020/2021) Yet another victim of the City of Victorias red tape nightmare. This massive 12,000-sq.-ft. facility planned for Vic Wests Dockside Green development will include a brewery, distillery, pizzeria, rooftop bistro and even an art gallery. Itll be amazing, if the city ever gets around to approving it.

Hope (early 2020) The thirsty denizens of Hope are no doubt anxiously awaiting the arrival of the towns first craft brewery, which will give travellers another reason to visitother than filling up their gas tank.

Penticton (summer 2020) Construction has begun at Pentictons soon-to-be newest brewery, brought to you by the good folks behind Yellow Dog Brewing. Neighbourhood will be one of the few purpose-built breweries and tasting rooms in the province. Beers are already being contracted brewed around the corner at Bad Tattoo Brewing.

Port Coquitlam (early 2020) The former mayor of Port Coquitlam is partnering with the owners of Orrange Kitchen + Bar to bring a brewery and barbecue joint to downtown PoCo.

Nanoose (spring 2020) This farm-based brewery and restaurant has been navigating all manner of bureaucratic red tape hell for the past year, but it looks like its brewery application has been approved, so expect a new for this beloved local

Kelowna (summer 2020) Unfortunately construction delays have pushed back the opening of Shorline, located across from Gyro Beach on the groundfloor of the massive new Shore development. Expect seating for close to 100 people in its tasting room, with another 100 on its expansive patio.

North Vancouver (2020?) The award-winning contract brand got its start at Callister and is currently based out of Container Brewing. Word on the street is that a brick-and-mortar brewery is on the way, with North Vancouver as the likely destination.

North Vancouver (2020?) Named after Lynn Valleys original moniker, Shaketown is coming to Lower Lonsdale and features the great David Varga (formerly of 33 Acres Brewing) at the helm. More great news for the North Shore.

Qualicum Beach (2020?) This craft brewery will be the centerpiece of the new East Village development in downtown Qualicum Beach.

Burns Lake (spring 2020) Not to be confused with Minnesotas Ursa Minor Brewing, this tiny farmhouse brewery is located 60 km south of Burns Lake on Ootsa Lake, roughly in the middle of nowhere, and will be growing many of the ingredients it uses in its beers.

Read more from The Growler B.C.

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21 new B.C. craft breweries to watch out for in 2020 - Vancouver Is Awesome

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The most gripping Coast stories of 2019: PART THREE – Sunshine Coast Daily01.03.20

March 1

SUNSHINE Coast man Brendon Johnsson was sentenced to five years and four months behind bars in Bali for possession of cocaine.

The sentence was less than the eight years demanded by prosecutors but just over the mandatory five years for possession of more than five grams of a class one narcotic.

Johnsson was convicted of possessing 11.6 grams of the drug.



March 2

TWO months after 21-year-old Chris Brace was hit by a car, he remained in hospital fighting for life. In the early hours of January 6, he was walking home from a mate's place on Aerodrome Rd, when he was struck by a passing car.

He suffered critical injuries and would have died if the motorist behind the wheel had not stopped and called emergency services.

His heartbroken father Dave said his son initially had spent 17 days in the intensive care unit and needed a "miracle" to make it.

21-year-old Caloundra man Chris Brace in a Brisbane hospital fighting for his life after a horrible accident on Aerodrome Road in Maroochydore in January.

March 4

CAMERON Toy was on the Coast for a boys' weekend but left the region as a hero after saving a teenage girl who was minutes away from certain death.

Mr Toy was walking on the popular Noosa National Park trail en route to Hells Gate when he saw a girl, who he believes was attempting to get a selfie, swept off her feet and out of sight.

Without a second's thought for his own safety, Mr Toy braved the high seas and came to the girl's aid.

He remained with the girl, who had sustained "horrific-looking" lacerations, until Surf Life Saving Queensland authorities and paramedics could assist.

March 5

TWO fishermen and a dog had a lucky escape after a massive wave sent them "beyond recovery" at the Noosa bar crossing.

A video posted by Fishing Noosa shows the tinnie heading out to sea through rough surf.

"They were almost out when a couple of waves stood up right out back," Fishing Noosa said.

"A smallish one set them up and a boomer took them beyond recovery point."

The footage shows the boat being blasted into the air, and then disappearing behind the huge swell.

The men are then seen floating alongside the overturned boat while drifting back to shore.

No one was hurt in the incident, and strong currents pushed the boat and its passengers on to the North Shore about 15 minutes later.

March 6

WHAT was meant to be a visit to see relatives in the United States turned into a nightmare for a Sunshine Coast woman after she was detained at Honolulu Airport on Oahu and then locked in a federal maximum security prison for two days before being returned to Australia.

March 7

A HORSE trainer was found not guilty of serious animal cruelty following a three-day trial in Maroochydore District Court. The jury returned the verdict in the case of David Ronald Gafa in the early evening of March 6. Mr Gafa's charges stemmed from the way a two-and-a-half-month-old foal named Bonny was treated at a veterinarian's Valdora property on November 18, 2016.

March 8

THE firm dealing with the liquidation of Rebl Corp's subsidiaries revealed how many staff were left without jobs after a shock closure the week prior. Rebl Corp, which included Media Rebl, Digital Rebl and Business Rebl, helped businesses "create and deliver engaging videos, social media content, digital marketing solutions, and extensive business systems".

Rebl Corp closed the doors of its Nicklin Way premises on February 28 and Digital Rebl and Media Rebl were put into liquidation under the care of Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants the next day.

Worrells' liquidator, Dan Hammond, said "40-odd staff" were terminated prior to his appointment.

March 9

KOALAS face extinction and southeast Queensland is on course for a Darling River-style ecosystem collapse until a halt is called to development, according to a leading academic.

Dr Frank Carrick, a University of Queensland Honorary Professor and one of Australia's leading koala experts, said the idea development could go on the way it had without limit was nonsense.

His concerns come as new data showed the SEQ region would grow by another two million people during the next 25 years.

March 11

ONE Nation's Fairfax candidate Paul Henselin launched an attack on Ted O'Brien over funding for the Buderim Men's Shed.

Mr Henselin called on Mr O'Brien to "please explain" claims he personally secured over a million dollars in Federal Government funding for the community group.

The attack was launched after Mr O'Brien erected a sign at the Men's Shed which said he'd delivered over $1 million for the organisation.

But Mr O'Brien, the LNP Member for Fairfax, refused to get into a slanging match, acknowledging the advocacy of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who he said had even announced the federal funding without him.

March 12

"KINKY sex" between a 48-year-old man and 19-year-old man was said to be at the centre of a deprivation of liberty case in Noosa bushland over the weekend of March 9 and 10.

The older man, his 16-year-old daughter and an unrelated 19-year-old man are all co-accused of holding the victim against his will and repeatedly assaulting him at an Eenie Creek, Noosaville camp site for two days until he escaped early on Sunday.

The trio appeared separately before the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on March 11, each charged with deprivation of liberty and assaults occasioning bodily harm.

March 13

THE girls were just toddlers, no older than three, when they were allegedly subjected to harrowing sexual abuse at the hands of their parents.

The details of the alleged crimes are of the most horrific and unforgiving nature - so horrific, we refuse to publish them.

It is not often, if ever, we choose to withhold accusations from court proceedings.

The trial of the couple - who can't be named to protect the identities of their respective children - started yesterday in Maroochydore District Court where the pair pleaded not guilty to a string of sexual abuse charges.

March 14

A POLICE investigation has been launched after a teacher allegedly struck a student twice in the head at a prominent Sunshine Coast high school on March 12.

The Year 9 student, who declined to be named, attends Kawana Waters State College and claims he was "punched" by the teacher on the school oval.

A source close to the student told the Daily that the student sustained swelling and bruising to his face and jaw in the alleged assault.

March 15

A MAN shot in the head at close range is lucky to be alive and his brother charged with attempted murder after an altercation at a Sunshine Coast property.

Mark Spencer, 36, was charged with more than 20 offences including the shooting of his 42-year-old brother in the mouth through the windscreen of a car on February 2. Sunshine Coast District CIB officer-in-charge Daren Edwards said it was a "matter of luck" the man had survived after being shot with a .22 rifle at a Curramore property.

March 16

LETTING her daughters ditch school was an easy decision for Jenny Oakley, who said it was time for them to stand up and ask the questions instead of answering them.

The proud mum-of-three was one of hundreds of parents, grandparents and family supporting students who walked out of class to strike for action against climate change.

The Sunshine Coast Schools Strike for Climate Change event at Peregian Beach linked with tens of thousands of students globally who used their voices to demand politicians take them, and the Earth, seriously.

Gympie State High School student and St Patrick's College student Shellie Joseph and Echo Hunter-Demecs.

March 18

HUNDREDS braved the rain in a candlelit vigil for the victims and families of the horrific terrorist attack at Christchurch.

The Stand Together for Christchurch event was held so people in the community could stand "united as one"to pay their respects to the 50 lives lost.

More than 200 people gathered at the top of Alexandra Headland under "crying skies" to remember the fallen and stand behind the Muslim community.

Vigil for the Christchurch Massacre.

March 19

A BIKIE with a violent, drug-riddled past was jailed after he repeatedly threatened two sisters who identified him as the driver in a police pursuit.

The "1%" tattoo behind Aaron Ryan's right ear was clear from the Maroochydore District Court dock as he pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice via a string of Facebook messages to one sister, and voicemails to the other.

The "1%" is often associated with outlaw gangs, and Ryan's Facebook intro states "Saturdrah MC", an outlaw motorcycle club whose Sydney chapter was shut down in January 2016.

The court yesterday heard police tried to intercept an unlicensed Ryan as he drove the two sisters, aged 28 and 29, following an evening out.

Ryan sped off and let the pair out when they pleaded with him to stop.

March 20

DRUG culture was the leading factor of "consistent" weapon crimes, according to a Sunshine Coast lawyer, in the wake of multiple horrific stabbings that have left people lucky to be alive. Smith Criminal Law senior solicitor Ben Rynderman represented a client "almost daily" for possessing a weapon, saying the offenders were often mixed up in a drug scene.

This comes after two serious stabbings in a matter of days, one where a teenager was left in an induced coma from multiple stab wounds to his chest and arms.

March 21

COMMUNITY consultation was due to begin on proposed new flight paths as part of the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion.

The new runway will be able to be used in two modes, dependent on wind conditions.

Airservices Australia had been tasked by council to finalise the flight paths and had put the proposed paths out for community feedback.

March 22

TRIBUTES are flowing for a popular Mooloolaba pilot who was killed in a tragic helicopter crash in remote South Australia.

Kieran Brown, 45, died in the crash, and was believed to be laying cables at the Carrapateena Mine near Woomera when disaster struck.

Mr Brown was the sole occupant in the aircraft - a Europcopter AS350 - but several of his colleagues witnessed the crash.

Kieran Brown, 45-year-old pilot from Mooloolaba, died in a helicopter crash, near Woomera in South Australia, 60 kilometres west of Woomera.

March 23

DOROTHY and Russel Summerfield's Golden Beach home suffered $100,000 damage when a young, inexperienced driver sped off the road, and knocked down two trees and their garage.

The Lamerough Pde couple were in their home at the time and grateful nobody was seriously injured or killed.

The Summerfields said the problem was not unique to their street, and wanted their experience to remind drivers that the speed limit in built-up areas was 50km/h unless otherwise signed.

March 25

AT FIRST glance REIQ's latest report painted a rosy picture for the Sunshine Coast's property market, but a real estate principal put the organisation on notice for playing down the real story.

John Stamp, of Belle Property in Noosa, Coolum and Maroochydore, said he spat out his Saturday morning porridge reading the Queensland Market Monitor report. He demanded a meeting with REIQ to discuss the report's findings.

The report noted that over the year ending December last year, Noosa posted an annual median house price growth of 11.7 per cent, but a deeper read showed the median house price actually dropped 8.2 per cent in the last quarter to $680,000.

March 26

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The most gripping Coast stories of 2019: PART THREE - Sunshine Coast Daily

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Finding common ground in a near-future nightmare – The Age12.31.19

Indeed, the darkest threads of the story are not big bangs, but little notes which underscore how much is compromised in a world where corporate power, financial disparity, resource shortages and dramatic climate shifts have taken their toll.

In this world, power outages mean more than overhead fans which slow to a stop, or television screens which blink off, but rather complete city shutdowns in which everything falls quiet and the rustle of the trees suddenly takes on a menacing feel. Here, human movement between resource-dead regions and overbuilt capital cities is near-overwhelming, and drones patrol the streets, scanning faces to distinguish between residents and visitors; that is, those who have permission, and those who do not.

Like most narratives in this genre, the material itself comes a little overcooked. In the hands of lesser actors it might all unravel. But Froggatt and Lyons give an emotional complexity to Eadie and Lloyd that quickly draws you into the heart of their pain. Lyons, in particular, is an actor of great nuance. And Herriman, one of Australia's most gifted talents, tears himself apart as a soldier, broken on the battlefield, who has returned to civilian life with his own shattered self barely put back together.

The Commons is a slow play. Earle Dresner's cinematography is rich and compelling, as is Tim Ferrier's production design, which captures sharply the fractured, near-future world. The story unfurls calmly, almost clinically, but smartly stays tight on the human notes - Eadie's fertility, Ben's sanity without losing its way in the political and social themes.

The CommonsStan, on demand

Finding common ground in a near-future nightmare - The Age

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