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Carytown tattoo shop owner auctioning off George Floyd mural to benefit nonprofit – wtvr.com07.09.20

RICHMOND, Va - Local tattoo artist Jesse Smith, who owns Loose Screw Tattoo in Carytown, knew his usual style would not match the mood or the moment when he set out to paint a mural of George Floyd more than a month ago.

My style is kind of a goofy, cartoony style, he said. George Floyd's face has become more than just George Floyd... its a representation of something bigger.

The plywood board that Smith placed over the front door of his shop in June has displayed the face of the Minneapolis man, whose killing under the knee of a police officer sparked global protests, including Richmond.

Smith is now partnering with a local organization to auction the work and raise money to help low income Richmonders.

I have a lot of friends who are in pain over that situation, Smith said.

After an initial round of protest that saw the destruction of property in downtown Richmond, many businesses boarded up windows and doors in response. Since then, plywood and walls have transformed into canvass for artistic expression in many parts of downtown Richmond.

Much of the public facing artwork that has come following Floyds killing, more than 1,200 miles from Richmond, illustrates the deep set pain in the Black community caused by systemic racism and a call to action to change them.

Phrases like we need to talk and truth to power are painted on boards up and down Broad Street in the Arts District.

Its just this innate feeling that we have to decorate, but also communicate, Smith said of the artistic community in Richmond. You know, art is a visual communication of the times that are happening right now.

Smith and local organization MAD RVA are partnering to auction off the mural, and all of the proceeds would go to the group. MAD RVA provides mutual aid, like food and supplies, and mini-grants to help out low income residents in Richmond.

At this point in my career, I dont keep any of my art after I finish it, I typically sell it. But obviously with this one, I felt like it was distasteful to sell it and keep the money, Smith said. Its good to know you can take your art and transform it into helping other people.

Loose Screw Tattoo has faced backlash since the mural has been very public facing in front of the Carytown shop. Smith says he sees the mural as his contribution to the scope of deeper conversations at play right now.

When we started to promote this online, we lost a lot of followers, which I was really surprised about. Its really unfortunate, he said. We should all be able to agree that Black Lives Matter. But I think people have this thought in their head as what Black Lives Matter represents, other than Black Lives Matter... Black lives do matter, and we should definitely work to support them.

The auction for the mural is live and runs through July 17. Anyone can place a bid by visiting this website.

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Carytown tattoo shop owner auctioning off George Floyd mural to benefit nonprofit -

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East Lansing tattoo shop reopens after months of being closed – WLNS07.09.20

After months of being closed, Splash of Color Tattoo & Piercing Studio, in East Lansing is back in business.

Despite getting the green light from Gov. Whitmer back in June, Kris Lachance owner of Splash, says she didnt want to rush any safety precautions.

I was just hesitant to rush into anything and I wanted to make sure that we had a plan in place, she said.

Lachance said took several months to get the PPE needed to make sure her staff and guests could be kept safe. Were all trying to get the same PPE thats necessary in the medical and dental communities, she said.

Despite the long wait, Lachance says she is confident in her decision to choose safety over dollars.

Were in a college town. I really wanted to see how things played out for a couple of weeks, because all of us businesses share clientele, Lachance said.

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East Lansing tattoo shop reopens after months of being closed - WLNS

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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Open Tattoo Shop, Invite 90 Day Fiance Fans to Work There! – News Lagoon07.09.20

Since their most recent reconciliation, it has been clear that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have big plans together.

One of those plans is making Jays American dream come true. He now has his very own tattoo shop.

This week, Ashley Martson took to Instagram to make a very special announcement.

And just like that, she begins, @jay_smith_ja is a business owner!

The 90 Day Fiance alum gushes: So proud of you and all the hard work you have already put in!

But what manner of business could it be? Those of us who know Jays interests do not have to guess.

Tattoo shop on the way in York, PA! Ashley teases.

She even includes a job offering, writing: Contact either of us if you are local and are looking for a job!

Two businesses coming in August, Ashley teases.

Wait, is this one of them or does she mean that theyre launching two more projects? Is one of them that lingerie store project?

Hang on babe, Ashley concludes her excited caption, this is gonna be a wild ride!

Jay Smith also shared the good news with an Instagram post of his own.

As much as I enjoyed my time at Ego Ink with some amazing co-workers and boss, Jays caption begins.

He reveals: I have made the decision to branch off on my own!

I am so excited to announce that Jay Skinz Tattoo is coming to York, Pennsylvania, Jay announces.

He acknowledges that This process has not been easy at all.

Jay put in a lot of work, but my shop is now under a complete renovation and will hopefully open in a little over a month.

Thanks to my wife and family for supporting me in this decision, Jay writes in tribute.

It is unclear if he means financial or emotional support, but fans conclude that it is likely both.

And, Jay raves, I cant wait to see what the future holds.

I appreciate all the love and support from everyone, Jay writes.

Jay has his own very devoted fan base, like many 90 Day Fiance stars.

And, Jay says, he can not wait to begin this journey as a business owner.

I will be hiring 5 tattoo artists, Jay reveals.

So, he writes, if youre in the area and looking for a job please send me a message.

Jay concludes his post with the tags: #tattoo #jayskinztattoo #york #bossman #90dayfiance.

As we reported back in March, Ashley and Jay are really back together, and they dont seem to care if fans understand why.

After months of giving their marriage another shot, they are embarking upon business ventures together.

Whats remarkable is how very different things were for them just one year ago.

After Jays third (of four) cheating scandal, Ashley went on vacation in June of 2019 with her family.

During that time, Jay allegedly broke into her home and removed some items.

Upon her return, Ashley discovered this and sought a protective order to prevent Jay from coming near her or her home.

In early July of 2019, Jay for some reason mentioned the protective order in his Instagram Stories, violating the order and getting himself arrested.

As a result, he spent the vast majority of July of that year behind bars, in ICE custody because he is not a US citizen.

Jay was only released when his then boss the owner of Ego Ink paid thousands of his own money for Jays bail.

We should note two things:

One, cash bail criminalizes poverty in the guilty and the innocent alike, and must end if we are to have a just society.

Two, the woman running up to Jay and leaping into his arms at this moment from late July 2019 is not Ashley, but Jays then-mistress.

Ashley and Jay actually ended up getting back together after that, before Jays fourth cheating scandal included a side piece claiming to be pregnant.

She did not turn out to be pregnant, but it was enough for Ashley to beg him for a divorce.

Jay finally signed divorce papers in the final days of 2019 only to write the wrong date, invalidating the documents and putting Ashley back in square one.

Jay refusing to grant Ashley the sweet release of the divorce for which she begged and pleaded appears to have paid off well for him.

He is now a business owner, and it appears that this wont be their only venture.

But will their two other businesses be the lingerie line that Ashley teased weeks ago?

Apparently not, as Ashley revealed in the comments that she will be opening a salon and a makeup line.

We wish the best of luck to Ashley, to Jay, and to their future employees.

Tattooing is Jays passion, and we cant wait to see how this business turns out!

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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Open Tattoo Shop, Invite 90 Day Fiance Fans to Work There! - News Lagoon

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After Their City Hall Wedding, Model Aweng Ade-Chuol and Alexus Ade-Chuol Commemorated the Day With Tattoos and Pizza – Vogue07.09.20

While were all currently social-distancing and committed to mask wearing, this wedding took place in the months before the coronavirus pandemic began. We hope it will bring some joy to your reading list.

Model Aweng Ade-Chuol and nail-artist entrepreneur Alexus Ade-Chuols first encounter was completely by chance, at a business meeting. I knew of her, of course. I had even messaged her a few years prior to tell her how beautiful she was, Alexus says. She never answered! (When Aweng is not on the runway, the New Yorkbased model spends her time studying for her law degree through the University of New England, where shes on track to graduate in the winter of 2021.)

Once they started dating, Aweng and Alexus saw each other for nine months before they were engaged. The proposal was beautiful and straight to the point, Alexus says. Aweng and I have always been very transparent with each other, so we talk about everything. It was a very simple and mutual decision. We were in Paris and just completely overwhelmed with how much love we shared for each other and, at the time, how long wed been apart.

We had been apart for two months, Aweng remembers. Id gone back to London for work, and at the time, Alexus was based in New York City.

She asked me if I would marry her [in our hotel room], Alexus says. And I said, If you asked me, without question I would.

At the time, Aweng took to Twitter to inform her fans of the happy news, writing: Popped my engagement to my angelic, intelligent, and beyond perfect [fiance].

The wedding was held at City Hall in Manhattan. I love my now wife so much that all of my childhood dreams of what a wedding should be went out the window, Alexus says. I just wanted to be with her and a few people that meant something to her and myself.

But the night before the wedding, there was a wardrobe crisis, and the couple were up until 5 a.m. working to solve it. I was originally supposed to wear something completely different, Alexus says. That option fell through the night before. I was so distraught, but I knew if I had to, Id marry Aweng in sweats. Pyer Moss pulled through for us, with the help of Nate Hinton. I couldnt thank them enough. Meanwhile, Aweng wore a beautiful suit and flared pants with heels by Kwaidan Editions and earrings by Panconesi.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. The officiant was so nice to us, Alexus says. I will never forget her, actually. She was a part of my happiest day. Adding to the very intimate, personal feeling of the day, the couple wrote their own vows. My vows will probably be my greatest piece of written work for a very long time, Alexus says. I cant even describe my feelings during the ceremony. It was like taking the first steps into my destiny.

During the ceremony, I felt at peace, as if all of the flights, the tears, and sweat leading up to the ceremony was beyond worth it, Aweng says. I felt although we almost missed our big day, we had each other and were finally eye to eye in front of our loved ones, and nothing in the world could top that.

After the wedding, the newlyweds went to get matching XII tattoos on their ring fingers at Tattoo ShopAlexuss favorite tattoo and piercing shopin commemoration of the day, December 12. What better way to end a NYC wedding than at a tattoo shop? Alexus notes. Then, after getting inked, they were off to Penn Station to grab pizza at Roses Pizza and Pasta. Shes not a huge fan of pizza, Aweng says. But when she craves it, she would stop here as its always good!

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After Their City Hall Wedding, Model Aweng Ade-Chuol and Alexus Ade-Chuol Commemorated the Day With Tattoos and Pizza - Vogue

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Global Tattoo Studio Software Market Projected to Reach USD XX.XX billion by 2025- BookedIN, Kitomba, Baxus, GoReminders, Offshoot, Punchey, etc. -…07.09.20

This research report studies and gauges through the current market forces that replicate growth trajectory and holistic growth trends.

Aligning with changing market scenario in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak , this in-depth research offering shares a clear perspective of resultant output that tend to directly impact the overall growth trajectory of the Tattoo Studio Software market.

This thoroughly compiled research output shares relevant details on overall industry production chain amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.Besides assessing details pertaining to production, distribution and sales value chain, this detailed research output on the Tattoo Studio Software market specifically highlights crucial developments across regions and vital countries, also lending a decisive understanding of the upcoming development scenario likely to be witnessed in the Tattoo Studio Software market in the near future.

This study covers following key players:BookedINKitombaBaxusGoRemindersOffshootPuncheyTacremMilano SoftwareEnnoviewREV23 DevelopmentSimple InkedInksaneNoShowITattooInkbook Software

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In this latest research publication on the Tattoo Studio Software market, a thorough overview of the current market scenario has been portrayed, in a bid to aid market participants, stakeholders, research analysts, industry veterans and the like to borrow insightful cues from this ready-to-use market research report, thus influencing a definitive business discretion.

The aim of the report is to equip relevant players in deciphering essential cues about the various real-time market based developments, also drawing significant references from historical data, to eventually present a highly effective market forecast and prediction, favoring sustainable stance and impeccable revenue flow despite challenges such as sudden pandemic, interrupted production and disrupted sales channel in the Tattoo Studio Software market.

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Market segment by Type, the product can be split into Basic?$24-39/Month?Standard($39-54/Month?Senior?$54-69/Month?

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The report is targeted to offer report readers with essential data favoring a seamless interpretation of the Tattoo Studio Software market.Therefore, to enable and influence a flawless market specific business decision, aligning with the best industry practices, this specificresearch report on the Tattoo Studio Software market also lends a systematic rundown on vital growth triggering elements comprising market opportunities, persistent market obstacles and challenges, also featuring a comprehensive outlook of various drivers and threats that eventually influence the growth trajectory in the Tattoo Studio Software market.

Some Major TOC Points:1 Report Overview2 Global Growth Trends3 Market Share by Key Players4 Breakdown Data by Type and ApplicationContinued

The report also incorporates ample understanding on numerous analytical practices such as SWOT and PESTEL analysis to source optimum profit resources in Tattoo Studio Software market.

Besides presenting a discerning overview of the historical and current market specific developments, inclined to aid a future-ready business decision, this well compiled research report on the Tattoo Studio Software market also presents vital details on various industry best practices comprising SWOT and PESTEL analysis to adequately locate and maneuver profit scope.The report in its subsequent sections also portrays a detailed overview of competition spectrum, profiling leading players and their mindful business decisions, influencing growth in the Tattoo Studio Software market.

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Global Tattoo Studio Software Market Projected to Reach USD XX.XX billion by 2025- BookedIN, Kitomba, Baxus, GoReminders, Offshoot, Punchey, etc. -...

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Confused about reopening in the Bay Area? Here’s the latest on the status of each county – San Francisco Chronicle07.09.20

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, most of the Bay Area was in sync with shelter-in-place and other health mandates. But as counties began reopening, theyve taken divergent paths, especially smaller areas and those with fewer cases, which were able to reopen businesses earlier and more quickly.

But a surge in cases statewide has led some counties to halt or even reverse their reopening plans in hopes of quelling the outbreaks. In a news conference Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the percentage of positive coronavirus test results in California has increased to 6.8%, and hospitalizations increased by 50%.

The states coronavirus watch list now has 23 counties listed, including three in the Bay Area: Contra Costa, Marin and Solano. Santa Clara County was removed Monday. The state places counties with significant infection rates and concerning virus trends on the list, helping them develop action plans to address the issues.

To help you navigate the fluid situation, The Chronicles Reopening Tracker provides a detailed county-by-county breakdown of what is and isnt allowed in the Bay Area, and where each of the nine counties stands in the reopening process. It also explains the phases of reopening in California, details how progress is measured, and maps the current stage of all counties statewide. The tracker is constantly updated with the latest developments.

Related Stories

The tracker includes the following information regarding where the nine Bay Area counties currently stand:

Expanded child care and camps, limited personal services and social bubbles were allowed on June 8. On June 19, the county allowed outdoor dining, retail, religious services, outdoor museums, outdoor fitness and summer schools to resume.

Bars, breweries and wineries can serve alcohol only with outdoor sit-down meals. The next step of reopening, involving indoor dining, hair salons and barber shops, pools and professional sports without fans, has no specific date set yet.

On June 5, outdoor dining, outdoor swimming pools, dog parks, outdoor religious services and overnight single family camping were able to resume. Hair salons and barber shops, and indoor religious services followed on June 17.

On June 28, the state ordered bars in seven counties, including Contra Costa, to close. The next day, the county announced it would delay reopening plans for July 1, which would include bars, indoor dining, gyms, indoor museums, massage services, nail salons, tattoo studios and hotels.

On May 29, Marin County allowed the reopening of outdoor dining, office space, outdoor retail, child care, summer camps, beaches and parks. On June 29, campgrounds, hair salons and barbers could reopen, and restaurants were allowed to resume indoor dining. But on Sunday, officials announced indoor dining would be suspended for at least three weeks after the county made the state watch list.

A number of other businesses and activities were supposed to resume on June 29, including tattoo and piercing studios, gyms and fitness centers, massage and esthetician services, nail salons, hotels and short-term rentals, but those are postponed indefinitely.

Both outdoor and indoor dining were allowed to resume in Napa County on May 20. Other businesses that have reopened include indoor retail, wineries, bars, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, tattoo studios, massage services, gyms, hotels, places of worship with limits, family entertainment centers, museums, casinos, and professional sports with no fans.

The state reversed course Tuesday and approved Santa Clara Countys request for variance, allowing it to move faster to reopen parts of its economy. Starting July 13, activities that can resume include gatherings of up to 60 people outdoors and up to 20 people indoors.

The approval also OKs outdoor dining, settling some confusion between state and county guidance. Indoor operations of restaurants and bars are to remain closed.

On June 5, in-store retail, child care and summer camps, religious activities were allowed to resume. Low-contact services such as shoe repair and pet grooming, in-home services, outdoor museums, state parks and golf courses are also open.

On June 1, outdoor museums and historical parks, dog parks, golf and tennis, parks, and beaches and state parks could reopen. The county allowed restaurants to reopen for outdoor dining on June 12. Indoor retail, private household services, summer camps, outdoor fitness and non-emergency medical appointments could resume.

Officials originally pushed the next phase of 2B up to June 29, which included hair salons and barbershops, nail salons, tattoo studios, outdoor bars, indoor museums and zoos. But those are now on hold. Indoor dining and outdoor bars were originally scheduled to resume on July 13, but on Tuesday, Mayor London Breed announced that step has also been paused.

The countys reopening timeline is further ahead than most other Bay Area counties. Activities and businesses including outdoor recreation, vehicle-based gatherings, curbside retail, outdoor museums, offices, and indoor and outdoor pools were allowed to reopen in May.

On June 1, places of worship, in-store retail, all beach access and activities, and child care and summer camps for sessions lasting at least three weeks could reopen. Outdoor dining was allowed on June 6.

Indoor dining could resume on June 17, along with hair salons and barber shops, gyms, hotels, campgrounds, zoos, museums, family entertainment centers, day camps and gatherings of fewer than 50. Personal services including nail salons and tattoo studios resumed on June 19.

The final step to be announced is the reopening of concert venues, live theater, nightclubs, festivals, theme parks and other high risk businesses and activities.

Solano County was also ahead in reopening, with many businesses allowed to reopen in May and June. But after the county landed on the state watch list, indoor operations for restaurants, wineries, breweries, museums, family entertainment centers, movie theaters and card rooms were ordered closed on July 1 by state order. Bars were closed completely.

Businesses and activities currently allowed include outdoor dining, gyms, places of worship with limits, hair salons, barber shops, offices, child care, day camps, hotels, short-term rentals, campgrounds, racetracks and professional sports without fans.

On May 22, outdoor operations of restaurants, wineries, bars, breweries and tasting rooms could reopen in Sonoma County if sit-down meals were offered. On June 6, indoor dining, hair salons and barber shops could resume service. Wineries, breweries and tasting rooms were able to reopen on June 12 without the food requirement.

On June 19, gyms, hair salons and barber shops, campgrounds, movie theaters, tattoo studios, museums, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, hotels, short-term rentals and campgrounds were allowed to reopen.

Kellie Hwang is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email:

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Confused about reopening in the Bay Area? Here's the latest on the status of each county - San Francisco Chronicle

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Tattoo Artists Don’t Think Tattoo Culture Is Going Anywhere – HYPEBEAST07.09.20

COVID-19 has severely impacted lives and businesses across the globe. In the United States, there were over two million confirmed cases of the virus as of July 1, along with over 100,000 deaths. For those in the tattoo industry and personal care services, the risk of reopening amid the ongoing health crisis is high. According to the Centers For Disease Control, the novel coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets from an infected individual, which makes close human interactions like tattooing especially hazardous. Although many states have begun lifting their lockdown measures, tattoo artists are still questioning whether or not its safe to get back to work.

The tattoo industry brings roughly $2 billion USD into the U.S. economy annually. Moreover, 30 percent of the American population have tattoos with millennials making up 50 percent of Americans with tattoos. Its clear that Americans love getting tatted, but those who are itching to get new body art will have to wait until shops are officially counted in reopening plans depending on where they live.

Some states, like Oregon and Virginia, have included tattoo shops in their phase one reopening plans, others are taking a more cautious approach. In New York, tattoo and piercing facilities have been given the green light to open for the states phase three reopening this July alongside personal care services such as appearance enhancement practitioners, therapy services and spas, among others. Although independent contractors which many tattoo artists are may qualify for unemployment benefits, many practitioners still worry about what their businesses will look like after the pandemic.

The health crisis has not only left artists thinking ahead to new safety precautions, but also ways in which they can help out their communities. Since my involvement in the coronavirus initiative Protect Angels for the homeless at Skid Row, Ive partnered with the largest tattoo supply company in the industry, TATSoul, to increase PPE supply chain efforts to aid first responders, police, shelters and hospitals, said LA-based private tattoo artist Jun Cha. Since our industry is already equipped with PPE we were able to leverage our relationships to streamline production from both overseas and domestic resources to these high risk areas.

HYPEBEAST spoke with Cha, Mark Cross of Rose Tattoo Parlour and Kiku Punk of Invisible NYC to discuss how theyve been coping during COVID-19, what sort of preparations they have in place for their business reopenings, and how theyre maintaining income amid the ongoing health crisis.

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

How have you been coping with the COVID-19 lockdown?

Jun Cha: Ive never been more inspired, focused and healthy in my life. Ive always led a disciplined schedule working on several projects before the lockdown, so in terms of my work in painting, sculpture and design Ive been extremely productive. The biggest change is adapting my schedule to devote extra time to protect my family, checking in on friends and contributing to the coronavirus initiative in the homeless population in Skid Row, Downtown L.A.

Mark Cross: We closed Rose Tattoo Parlour and Muddguts in March, and are doing our best to stay socially responsible. I occasionally will Lysol the bench in front of the shop and say hello to my neighbors as they pass. I am working in remote ways to continue to aid the organization and distribution of arts and entertainment for those in isolated containment through various virtual platforms, and adapting the structure of arts facilities to hopefully better assist its immediate constituents.

Kiku Punk: Ive taken this time to work on side projects that I finally have time for. It also has given me more time to spend with my wife and two dogs. Ive wanted to work on getting my merch set up, so this has given me the opportunity to really focus on that. Ive always just been painting every day which has been really fun since Im always so busy with tattooing.

Having a clear purpose beyond myself has kept me focused and thankfully before the pandemic Ive prepared financially to endure worse case scenarios Jun Cha

How has the health crisis impacted your workflow? How are you maintaining your livelihood at the moment?

Cha: Since March, Ive been involved helping the frontlines secure PPE to Skid Row, so a chunk of my day has been consumed with organizing supply chains and unifying the team. Having a clear purpose beyond myself has kept me focused and thankfully before the pandemic Ive prepared financially to endure worse case scenarios. Ive adapted the business to focus on online sales, product development and optimizing the studio to mitigate risks in preparation to get back to tattooing.

Cross: I am taking this time where I am not physically in the tattoo shop to adjust the business models for both Rose Tattoo and Muddguts. Since gathering en masse for tattoos, art and music shows appears to be an ominous and distant future, it is important to devise new systems which can both pay artists and successfully stimulate thought. I see this as an opportunity to restructure the oppressive stronghold capitalism has over the art world, and re-imagine some tired old modus operandi.

Punk: Im lucky because I have my home studio where I do all my painting and anything to do with art. Ive been painting and recently launched my online store that includes all my prints, originals, apparel, etc.

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

What are your thoughts on the state of the tattoo industry now? How will it change once this crisis is over?

Cha: The crisis wont be over until vaccination and by then humanity will be fundamentally changed and we will never go back to the way it was whether people like it or not. From the macro to micro at every level of society it comes down to leadership: how effectively we as both individuals and as a society adapt and overcome adversity is whats going to determine the future. For tattooing this is a critical time to not get complacent and kill the victim mentality. Its time to raise a higher standard of excellence in all areas of our craft to serve a greater purpose in preserving the sacred art of tattooing as one unified community.

Cross: Humans have always existed amongst the flux, evolving and adapting to the situations around us as they present themselves to us perpetually. While the previous structure of the tattoo industry is now in question, we are afforded an opportunity for redevelopment. These unfortunate circumstances present us with an unusual pause, a chance to think about the nature of the tattoo, tattooing and all arts industries alike. We can rebuild, not only our shop structure but shop culture and incorporate diversity, inclusivity, and empathy within its artistic practices.

Punk: I think, unfortunately, things are definitely going to change. Friends and clients wont be able to just come by and hang out, which is always so fun. Precautions are going to be taken a lot more seriously. Masks are going to be the new norm. Luckily, I dont do walk-ins, so I wont have to worry about it being too crowded in the shop. Safety is always going to be the number one priority.

People were getting tattooed long before shop culture was conceived, and will continue to do so once it dissipates Mark Cross

Do you think that most people are less likely to get tattoos because of hygiene fears? If not, why?

Cha: For established artists and shops there will never be a shortage of clients as long as we are operating with intelligence and discipline to maintain a high standard of excellence. Being concerned about client intake is short term thinking what really matters is seeing the bigger picture and preparing a foundation for the long term. Globally for the tattoo industry the top priority is optimizing our practices to ensure the health and safety of our clients with the utmost precaution, while paying close attention to the science and proactively adapting to constant change. The artists and shops who dont operate at this level and proceed carelessly will not survive.

Cross: For me, tattooing is about building relationships, and now I will have to focus on feeding this innate desire in different, more distant ways. When its safe to do so, people will always want to decorate their bodies, and when the time comes, I will be here with my needle waiting to draw pictures on your skin. Tattooing holds a nihilistic ambivalence about the relevance of your own body and its existence, beautifully decorating our bodies as they begin to decay. People were getting tattooed long before shop culture was conceived, and will continue to do so once it dissipates. Tattoos will surface outside tattoo shops, as I am sure people are giving themselves some beautiful quarantine tattoos right now.

Punk: Well, I think Im lucky because I get emails all the time from clients asking when they will be able to come in. We work very hard to always maintain a very sanitary environment and I believe our clients are comfortable knowing that we are doing that for them and us as well.

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

Courtesy Jun Cha

In what ways are you preparing to go back to your own practice once the lockdown is lifted?

Cha: Ive formed a team of experts from my clients who consist of lawyers, physicians and scientists who are both on the frontlines and act as general counsel to secure legal protection to mitigate all risks and reinforce my foundation from a business standpoint in preparation for this wave and the next to come. Since my studio is a private one-on-one practice it allows me to control my environment, so as an operation weve implemented new health protocols supplying PPE to my staff, while temporarily restricting international clients to domestic as well as performing onsite rapid diagnostic and antibody testing.

Cross: Ive been applying the same principles of avoiding the cross-contamination of blood borne pathogens to that of airborne pathogens. We are beginning to design a retrofitting model which would eliminate the risk of exposure during a tattoo, essentially using half-walls and plexiglass to isolate each workstation as well as implementing our own specific variety of personal protective gear (for tattooer and client). Its exciting for me and I look forward to sharing with our clients the extent to which we have given thought and taken great care in their own safety and comfort.

For anybody interested on how exactly that will look, Ill be sharing updates on my Instagram as things come to fruition. Muddguts will be eliminating its physical space (temporarily) and continue community building activities remotely, amidst the ether. The record label, virtual gallery project, and magazine are all facets of this collective endeavor, moving ever forward.

Punk: Im going to make sure every precaution has been taken. Every supply that is needed is available to make sure the shop is clean and safe.

Staying productive for me during this crisis has been the most important, so I definitely recommend doing that Kiku Punk

Any advice or tips for fellow tattoo artists during this crisis?

Cha: Success is earned not given and youre entitled to nothing. Do not allow external circumstances to dictate your inner mindset regardless of how hard times get and they will get harder. You have to make a conscious decision to see this crisis as an opportunity, take full ownership of your life and push yourself to become the best you can be. Every single day work harder, iterate, innovate, train to be better than you were yesterday and empower those around you to do the same. Stay focused, stay disciplined and get after it.

Cross: Take it easy or dont take it at all.

Punk: Staying productive for me during this crisis has been the most important, so I definitely recommend doing that. Also, keeping in touch with family and friends. Knowing we are all in this together also helps me.

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Tattoo Artists Don't Think Tattoo Culture Is Going Anywhere - HYPEBEAST

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"If you don’t want to wear a mask, your tattoo can wait": Toronto tattoo artists on what it’s like to reopen their business – Toronto Life07.09.20

If you dont want to wear a mask, your tattoo can wait: Toronto tattoo artists on what its like to reopen their business

Alongside hairdressers, tanning salons and restaurant patios, Toronto tattoo studios now have the go-ahead to reopen. But tattooersartists who use blood and skin as their canvaswill be working in a wildly different climate than the one they used to have. We spoke with Toronto tattooers about their new cleaning protocols, limiting walk-in appointments, and the raging market for under-the-table tattoos.

Anwar Cushnie, independent tattoo artistTattooing has always been an underground industry, so when Covid happened, a lot of people started treating it like Prohibition. I looked at my Instagram feed and saw people talking about shutting down their shops, and then posting fresh work. I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of tattooers choose to stay independent now. The profits are so highmost shops charge $70 or $80 for anything that takes less than 30 minutes, but during Covid some people were charging $200 for a tiny tattoo. You could make double and triple what you normally could if you went into a persons home instead of working out of a shop.

I ran Harbourview Tattoos in Etobicoke for four years and built it pretty much from the ground up. It was supposed to be my baby forever, but it got way too expensive way too quickly. I was averaging $6,000 a month in costs, and the shop was losing $500 every month. I didnt want to take money out of the artists cut, so I closed the shop last November. It was bittersweet. After that I became an independent artist. Ive worked at around eight tattoo shops, and Ive encountered racism throughout my careerpeople have used racist slurs, and Ive had to listen racist country music about lynching while Im trying to tattoo. Ive had clients ask, Are you any good, though? Whenever I meet any other Black artist, I tell them, Dont do this job. You will not be a happy person.

When Covid hit, I went 63 days without making a penny. I didnt qualify for CERB because I owe too much in back taxes. Eventually I took a job as a delivery driver. That lasted about three days. It had been a long time since Id had someone telling me what to do and how to do it, so it ended quickly.

I do private calls, but theyre stressful because you have to ensure the persons home doesnt have any porous surfaces or pets. Cleaning up after a tattoo is all about preventing the spread of infection. I use cavicide wipes to disinfect the area before and after I tattoo a client, and once Im finished, I dispose of the needle and ink tube. Theres not much to clean after each tattoo because the industry has gone disposable for the most part. Post-pandemic, Im hoping to transition into working at a proper studio, because theyre much cleaner and safer than peoples homes. Im going to see how other shops handle the reopening, and then hopefully go work at the place thats doing it best. Id like to get back into a controllable environment.

The biggest change I make is no longer allowing people to bring their friends to an appointment. Tattooing has always been a social thingpeople like to come as a group. Thats going to be very hard to change with rules like social distancing.

Lizzie Renaud, Speakeasy TattooAt Speakeasy in Harbord Village, weve always had separate rooms and a pretty big space, so we have ample room to practise distancing. I know some places are putting up plexiglass, but we dont have to, thank goodness. Normally we have between between five and seven tattooers who might work on a given day, but now we will bring that number down to two.

We havent dismantled our waiting room, since its the entrance to the shop, but we have removed any extra decor or knick-knacks that might encourage customers to touch. Clients arent allowed to sit in the waiting room anymorewhen they show up, theyll have to give us a call and wait outside until their appointment time. Everybody who comes in is be pre-screened: we have signage posted at the door instructing people to stop and check for symptoms of Covid and not to enter if they feel even one symptom. We also run through the symptoms during reminder calls in the days before, and ask folks if they have travelled or been exposed to anyone who has Covid. Everyone from the shop must also confirm in a group chat daily that they have performed that check on themselves. You just cant come in off the street.

Clients are no longer able to bring guests, and everyone has to wear a mask. If somebody doesnt want to wear a mask for whatever reason, the tattoo can wait. Its not going anywhere. Yes, I need money right now, but people have to play by the rules. For our tattooers, weve got face shields ready as well.

We work in an environment where cross contamination is something you have to be constantly aware of, so were always careful about keeping a clean environment. The government mandates that we have to disinfect all surfaces, fixtures, handles, and heavy traffic touch areas twice a day, but were going above and beyond and doing it on the hour.

Tattooing was already a challenging industry in this city because theres so much competition. Now that were working at a third of our capacity, its going to be very difficult to recover lost income. Weve already suffered significantly, but we are lucky that our landlord has given us rent discounts and applied for the commercial rent loan. Im hoping the rent will stay at the reduced rate for a while. With this time off, Ive had the opportunity to look at my life in a rearview mirror. I realize Im a much healthier person when Im getting a lot more rest.

When Covid happened, we froze everything. Now we can just rewind our books back to March 18 and start calling people in order. For people whove shown interest in an appointment since then, we its first come, first served. Most of my artists are booked up until August or September. But its tricky because were rebooking people according to current standards, which could change. They might be fully booked two days of the week for four months, but if we no longer have to social distance in September, suddenly the schedule will open up significantly, and rescheduling will be a bit of a puzzle. Currently, my wait list is about eight to 10 weeks out.

Im a bit anxious because it seems a bit early to open things up. The government is not imposing consequences for not wearing masks, which I think a lot of people translate to, Were done with this pandemic now.'

Thaila Dixon, Vegas InkI work out of Tapestry Collective at Dupont and Ossington. When Covid first hit, we were one of the first tattoo shops to shut down, because we have immunocompromised folks working there. The plan moving forward is to be slower and more intentional about opening up. Theres a rush to fix the economy by opening businesses back up, but that also puts peoples lives at risk. Even though weve had the go-ahead, were trying to hold off and wait a while if cases keep going down. The earliest tentative bookings I have are for mid-July.

The shop is in a warehouse, so its a big open space with eight stations total. When we reopen, were only going to have three or four artists working at a time. Ill be working a lot less than I was before, taking three or four appointments a week instead of three or four a day. To supplement that loss of income, Im more keen to take on larger piecesanything $400 and up, instead of a $200 piece there, a $150 piece there. Ive had a lot of requests, so Ill be okay.

In tattooing, we already have a leg up on the health and safety requirements because we already have to be sterile. A good tattoo shop is always sterilizing the surfaces where we work, but now we also have sterilize doorknobs, light switches, and bathrooms more often. The biggest new precaution is wearing a mask, both for clients and tattooers. Im not opposed to wearing a face shield and goggles as long as they dont obstruct my vision.

By reopening the province, it feels as though folks are forgetting that were still in a pandemic. I do think the government is prioritizing the economy over safety, which is why Im still cautious and staying at home as frequently as possible. Im not super-excited to go back to a capitalist society. Im looking forward to seeing my colleagues again, but I dont want to go back to business as usual.

Andres Merrill, TCB Tattoo ParlourWe pretty much have to operate with locked doors from now on. You cant just walk on in. People are going to have to make an appointment, come in, sanitize their hands and wear a mask. Then well take their temperature, document that, then they fill out the regular old release forms and we can get to work. Well be limiting the amount of people in the shop to 10 at a time. But otherwise its business as usual.

Weve added a bunch of privacy screens that can be moved around depending on who is working and how many people are in the shop. They have acetate on both sides so we can wipe them down between appointments. TCB is a pretty small shop, so we dont really want a permanent structure right away. If we can figure out a configuration that works, then well have acrylic screens made and suspend them from the ceiling.

Most days there are usually only two or three tattooers working. The only day when the shop gets a bit crowded is Saturday. Well see how the first Saturday goes and then adjust protocol from there. This is all kind of unknown for us. Until we get bodies in the space and figure out how to use it properly, its tough to say exactly how things are going to go.

Weve always tried to operate in a sterile manner, but now we just have to up the procedures and be more cautious. Instead of just cleaning up our area and equipment, were going to start cleaning the things that we never used to have to deal with before, like wiping down the pictures frames and the walls.

We had a few requests from people wanting to get black market tattoossome people were pushier than others. It eventually comes down to the fact that people are bored and they want to get tattooed. They figure were broke and want to do something as well. I mean, Ive seen people posting work on social media, so its apparent some people have continued to tattoo. But the people I work with have been using this time off as a break and focusing on other things, like their artwork.

Im a little concerned about reopening because I see whats happening in the States, with the numbers of Covid cases rising, and I certainly dont want that to happen here. But at the same time, at some point we have to get back to work. So I dont know how to feel.

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"If you don't want to wear a mask, your tattoo can wait": Toronto tattoo artists on what it's like to reopen their business - Toronto Life

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Justin Bieber Takes Fans on an Intimate Tour of His Tattoos – Billboard01.03.20

Justin Bieberlet fans get up close and personal with him when he flashed all his tattoos in an extended Instagram Story on Monday (Dec. 30).

A shirtless Bieber panned his phone around his body to showoff his more than50 tattoos, all the way from his pastel-colored Crocs to his chest, while splayed out poolside on a tropical vacation. His motivational "Better at 70" above-the-knee ink from 2017 was one of the first in the sequence, followed by hisleft arm's assortment of a joker, boombox, the words "Trust" and "Love,"rose, ancient clock, various caricatures, diamond, 8-ball, two hashtagsand two pistols pointed toward each other with the phrase "Make Em Pay" written underneath.

He later pointed the front-facing camera at his completely adornedchest, a fierce display notably depictinga bear and lion on each pec with a cross in the middleand the words "Sonof God" and an eagle stretched across his upper abdomen.

On the other arm, his collection consists of a cross with the world wearing a crown of thorns, a knight pulling a sword out of a stone (presumably King Arthur and Excalibur), ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (which he tried to cover up in the past), fish, owl, roses, tiger, eagle, the cursiveacronym "LL" for "Low, Lift" (according to his 2015 interview with Men's Health),the word "Believe" (the title of his third studio album), eyeand compass.

Bieber made a quick pit stop back to his legstofocuson his religious tattoos, including praying hands and Jesus from the cross on his left calf. He didn't exhibit his latest ink from earlier this month: a giant neck tattoo of a bird with the word "Forever" written in cursive underneath.

And, of course, the 25-year-old pop star had a playlist to go along with the tattoo tour. He played "No Idea" by Don Toliver, "Con Altura" by RosalaandJ Balvin featuringEl Guincho,"Session 32" by Summer Walker,"Highest in the Room" by Travis Scott, "EARFQUAKE" byTyler, the Creatorand "Best Part" byDaniel the background of his continuous video clips.

Check out Bieber's full tour of tattoos below (videos not in order).

Justin Bieber Takes Fans on an Intimate Tour of His Tattoos - Billboard

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Trilogy To Rule Them All – Screen Rant01.03.20

Peter Jacksons big-screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a huge gamble for the studios, because they had to finance three mega-budget fantasy epics before even releasing the first one. If the first movie wasnt a hit which, thankfully, it was; a big one! the studio still wouldve had two movies in the can that were ready for release.

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Fortunately, Jacksons movies were too big to fail. With groundbreaking visual effects, brilliantly paced scripts, and a carefully selected cast of actors, The Lord of the Rings trilogy was destined to be successful. So, here are 10 behind-the-scenesfacts about The Lord Of The Ringstrilogy to rule them all.

Before the final design for Gollum was created, the character went through a few different looks. One of the earliest concepts had skeletal nostrils in place of Gollums nose. However, when the artists at Weta Digital rendered this look, Gollum came off as unsympathetic and inhuman, more like a zombie than a person. Another idea that was scrapped was giving Gollum a little potbelly.

Gollum was initially supposed to be 100% computer-generated, but when Andy Serkis was cast, Peter Jackson decided to use performance-capture technologies so that Serkis could actually play the character. This forced the Weta team to redesign the character yet again, having worked on it for three years.

Eight out of the nine actors who played members of the Fellowship got a tattoo with the word nine written in J.R.R. Tolkiens Elvish script Tengwar, to commemorate their time working on The Lord of the Rings trilogy together. They all headed down to a tattoo parlor in Wellington, where the movie was shooting, to get the tattoos done.

John Rhys-Davies was the one who refused to get a tattoo, and his stunt double stepped in to complete the nine. Sean Astin and Billy Boyd got their tattoos on their ankles in honor of the many hours they spent having the hobbit feet makeup applied.

When Peter Jackson was making the first Lord of the Rings movie, he wanted to open it with a prologue narrated by Cate Blanchett, but New Line Cinema executives were reluctant to let him do it, and pushed him to cut the prologue.

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Ironically, when it came to making the second movie, The Two Towers, New Line executives were pushing Jackson to open the movie with another voiceover monologue by Blanchett, and Jackson was hesitant to include it. Its common for directors of Hollywood blockbusters to clash with studio executives, but they rarely clash twice over the exact same issue.

Viggo Mortensen was never supposed to play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Initially, during pre-production, Stuart Townsend was cast to play the role. However, after four days of shooting, Peter Jackson realized that Townsend was too young and the part required an actor who was older.

So, Mortensen was brought in to replace Townsend. Mortensen wasnt sure about taking the role, because hed never read J.R.R. Tolkiens books or met Jackson before. However, his 11-year-old son was a fan, so he was the main proponent of Mortensens eventual decision to take the role and join the production.

After Viggo Mortensen signed on to play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he insisted on doing his own stunts, like Tom Cruise does in the Mission: Impossible movies. When Aragorn kicks a helmet and cries out in anguish, thats because the helmet was really heavy and Mortensen broke two of his toes when he swung his foot into it.

Most of the stunt performers in the battle scenes used aluminum swords, which are lighter than the real ones, or rubber swords, which are safer, but Mortensen insisted on using an actual sword made of steel in all of his scenes. Veteran sword master Bob Anderson said that Mortensen was the best swordsman Ive ever trained.

Peter Jackson is a huge arachnophobe in real life, so he based the design of Shelob on all the types of spiders he grew up hating in New Zealand. The Shelob sequence in The Return of the King is filled with practical effects.

When Frodo is wrapped in Shelobs web in a comatose state, Elijah Wood is actually staring into space without blinking, because for whatever reason, hes able to do that. And when Shelob pierces Frodo, the white foam that dribbles out of his mouth came from a couple of Alka-Seltzers hidden in Woods mouth. The webbing was created using a flexible, latex-type material.

When Andy Serkis got a call from his agent about the role of Gollum, he was only being asked to do voiceover work for three weeks in New Zealand. The character was going to be created entirely using CGI, with the actor providing just his voice. However, when Serkis auditioned, Peter Jackson was so blown away that he decided to use performance-capture technology so that Serkis could play the character on-set.

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Serkis based his performance on the actions of heroin addicts, while the voice was inspired by cats coughing up hairballs. Before shooting, Serkis drank Gollum juice (a mix of honey, lemon, and ginger) to prepare his throat for the intense voice work.

Pippins song arose from co-writer Philippa Boyens stumbling upon Billy Boyds hidden talent for singing. In the middle of shooting, some of the cast and crew went for a night out at a karaoke bar. There, Boyens was surprised by how great Boyds singing voice was.

Boyens remembered that in the book, Denethor asked Pippin to sing him a song as Faramir was heading off to war, and so she knew there was an opportunity to show off Boyds singing talent within the story. She dug up the lyrics from the original text and let Boyd come up with his own tune to sing it to.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, after Gandalf arrives at Bilbos home, he bumps his head on a ceiling beam. This moment hilariously sells just how small Bilbos hobbit-hole is, and how tall Gandalf is in comparison. But as it turns out, Gandalf bumping his head wasnt in the original script.

Ian McKellen actually bumped his head on the ceiling beam by accident in the middle of a take and didnt let it ruin the scene. He kept acting through the blunder and finished the take. Peter Jackson decided to leave in the mistake, because McKellen did such a good job of incorporating it into his performance.

All three movies in The Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed back-to-back. Before the trilogy went into production, the record for the worlds longest film shoot belonged to Francis Ford Coppolas Apocalypse Now, which was in production for a whopping 274 days across 16 months. And technically, Apocalypse Now still holds that record.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy tied with it with the exact same number of filming days. Shooting sequels back-to-back is a commonplace practice its been used for the second and third Back to the Future movies, the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the second and third Matrix movies but rarely before the first movie has hit theaters.

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Ben Sherlock writes about movies, TV, and comics for Screen Rant and CBR. He also directs short films (when he has the money), performs standup comedy filled with pop culture references, and bores people with Star Wars trivia.

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Trilogy To Rule Them All - Screen Rant

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