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Michigan woman gets tatted at 103 years old, already thinking about her next ink – fox4kc.com08.14.20

HOLTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. Dorothy Jo Pollack isnt the average 103-year-old woman.

She sunbathes inside her brown picket fence, shops with her granddaughter and recently got tatted.

When I showed it to my grandson, he said, I cant believe you did that!' Pollack said.

Pollack said she never imagined shed get a tattoo at 103. She garnered national attention after CNN shared her story.

Of all the ink she could get on her body, Pollack chose a frog. Its her favorite animal.

I didnt pull my arm back or anything, Pollack said. I just let him do what he had to do.

Beyond Pollacks contagious personality, tattoo artist, Ray Reasoner, of AWOL Custom Tattooing, LLC in Muskegon, said hell remember her for her grateful spirit.

Its hard to explain or put it into words, but you can look into somebodys eyes and theres a depth of joy versus surface happiness, Reasoner said. Thats going to stick with me forever.

The tattoo is just as permanent as the great impression Pollack left on her artist.

He was very careful, too, Pollack said.

Until they meet again, she said she gives him her stamp of approval.

Im happy with what I got, Pollack said.

Pollack told News 8 she is considering getting another tattoo in the fall.

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Michigan woman gets tatted at 103 years old, already thinking about her next ink -

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Free tattoos and cash offered to find arsonists who targeted Axminster tattoo studio – Devon Live08.14.20

The owner of a Devon tattoo studio which was targeted by arsonists is offering free tattoos and a cash reward in a bid to help police find the culprits.

Chris Williams, who has only recently reopened Chriss Tat Shack tattoo studio on Lyme Road, Axminster, due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, was called in the early hours of Sunday, August 9, to say police and firefighters were outside his premises.

It is believed that an accelerant was used to aid the spread of the fire which appears to have started from the letterbox and a window which was smashed in the incident.

Damage was caused to the door frame and curtains inside. No damage was caused to the residential flats above the shop.

Threatening graffiti was also daubed on the shops exterior, and spray paint was used to obscure CCTV at the front of the building.

As the fire didn't take hold and was out within seconds the damage was minimal, and Chris was able to open the studio as usual later that day.

He is now putting in place extra safety precautions and says his main concern was not for the shop but for the family living above it.

Chris, who is already fully booked up with appointments until the end of September, said: "We were very lucky, but it is still very worrying for myself, staff and occupants of my property. Its reckless endangerment. I really hope the two who did it are caught and punished.

"I received a phone call from one of the firefighters at 1.50am and was told the studio was on fire. My first thought was the family living above. I didn't know but their child's bedroom is above my front door where the fire started.

"When I got there the fire was out so it was not as bad as what was running through my head. I have a fire retardant door and curtains so luckily the damage was minimal. It could have been a lot worse.

"I'm looking at getting roller shutters and more CCTV cameras arrived yesterday. It's a listed building so I have had to ask permission.

"The CCTV footage we were able to get shows it looks like it was done by a couple of young kids.

"I'm offering a cash award and free tattoos for any information that leads to their arrest."

The suspects are described as being white males in their late teens, wearing tracksuits, possibly grey in colour, wearing masks and hoods.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 or via email at quoting CR/065418/20.

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Free tattoos and cash offered to find arsonists who targeted Axminster tattoo studio - Devon Live

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Jutes on ‘Bad Dream,’ Quarantine and Stick-and-Pokes – INKED08.14.20

Jutes is a rising star in the music industry, having debuted several singles over the last several months, including "Where Are You Going?" He's currently on the precipice of releasing his EP, "Overrated" and as a tease for fans, he's just dropped his newest single, "Bad Dream." Take a look at our interview with Jutes about his music, his quarantine and his tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on his new music in the comments section on social media.

Growing up, I was around music really early. My dad was a drummer in a rock band so I would go to shows and band practice wearing little ear plugs to jam out. But it genuinely never occurred to me that I could or would end up making music. I was obsessed with basketball and was set on going pro. That dream died out when I discovered film in my last year of high school and ended up getting a scholarship to one of the top film schools in Canada. I ended up hating it because the school element of it sucked the fun out. This is where I started writing little raps in my dorm room while skipping class, and I guess finally something stuck.

Red Hot Chili Peppers is my all-time favorite band. I was always obsessed with them, Anthony Kiedis is my hero. I also loved Third Eye Blind and obviously blink-182. My basketball homies got me into hip-hop and I kind of went away from rock music and became obsessed with it. My favorites were Outkast, Ludacris and later on Kid Cudi.

"Overrated" is a product of me moving from Toronto to LA. I mostly recorded in my bedroom, just getting inspired by the crazy shit and the crazy people I was getting into. Mostly toxic people. But I learned a lot about myself making that project. I was finally pushing my voice and finding parts of it that I didnt know existed. I never thought I would be able to pull off singing rock music or pop punk. I really wasnt a singer growing up, I had to teach myself how (thanks autotune). These songs really just came together effortlessly, and I felt it was a nice little sampler of where I was at mentally and emotionally at that point in my life.

This changes almost as much as my genre. I started off writing and recording everything alone in my room. Then gradually I started recording in front of friends who I trusted. Then moved to LA and launched myself into studio life, working with new people in new places daily. When you arent 100% confident in your voice that can be nerve wracking. But I love throwing myself out of my comfort zone so I can level up again. Now, because of COVID, Im back in the bedroom and kind of loving it. Theres magic that only happens when Im alone that cant really happen in a room full of people. I get inspired by my emotions mainly. When I feel anything intensely, I cant stop it from coming out when I write.

The quarantine made me lock in and get weird again. Made me try shit without anyone watching. I kind of lost some of my Jutesy secret sauce in the midst of working in studios with other people with their own opinions and music taste. When Im alone I fully trust myself and I just dive into a whole other world and I think thats when I make my coolest stuff. Content has been more difficult with the social distancing stuff, but even that made me get creative and figure out how to shoot a video on my own. I like being challenged and I like things to change and force me to adapt. I bitch about it but always come out of it feeling better than I was.

"Where Are You Going?" is my favorite sounding record. It was me finally making a song that felt like the music I loved growing up. It made me feel like, "Damn, so I can just make the shit I love now." The record that means the most to me though is "Im Not Ready." Its about my uncle who died out of nowhere. That song came pouring out of me and was crazy emotional to record. It means a lot to me and my family.

I think I was 17 or 18. Its a quote on my forearm that says, Even when theres nothing to do, theres no time to waste. I made it up in the shower and my friends and I kind of used it as our motto. We were in this small little hick town with essentially nothing to do, but we were always getting into weird/funny/cool shit.

It's so hard to say, I definitely get asked this often and generally I say the bear on my shoulder done by Mike Storey in Toronto. It makes me think of my grandpa because he loves bears and always asks to see it when I see him. He will say Do you still have the bear? I love the suicide king on my hand too, that ones by Matt Vanasse who is also in Toronto.

Ive done over 10 of them now. My homie Sleestak from Toronto was in LA and pulled up to my place to give me some tattoos. He left me needles and ink, so I started messing around and give myself stick-and-pokes. It wasnt until quarantine that I was going stir crazy and decided to start tattooing myself. They are all pretty simple and random, like a heart, some cross hairs, 613 (Ottawa area code), some dice, stars, a big LA, a skull, leaves, etc. Nothing too deep, just fun stuff.

Ive got a bunch of really cool records Im rolling out. Different vibes than the last EP. More hip-hop again and shooting videos however I can. And Ive designed lots of dope merch coming soon too. Oh, and huge radio hits and millions of dollars.

Hang tight for the official music video of Jutes' "Bad Dream," coming 8/20.

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Jutes on 'Bad Dream,' Quarantine and Stick-and-Pokes - INKED

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Deganwy man revealed his chest and tattoo and terrified a mother and her daughter in Bangor shop – North Wales Pioneer08.14.20

A drunk man revealed his chest and dragon tattoo when he terrified a mother and her young daughter in a Bangor shop, a court heard.

Foul-mouthed Richard Crane, aged 49, of no fixed address, but from Deganwy, licked a 5 note, pushed it on the girls forehead, and kissed her mum during their ordeal, a district judge was told.

He admitted two common assaults and a public order offence in March.

But Crane appeared in custody after being released from Berwyn prison at Wrexham on Tuesday and then becoming abusive and spitting at a glass screen at Colwyn Bay probation service offices.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said a worker had been petrified and police were called.

But Crane, who admitted breaching a criminal behaviour order, used the back of a police vehicle as a toilet.

Andrew Hutchinson, defending at Llandudno court, said Crane wished to apologise for his behaviour and accepted he was a nightmare when drunk.

Judge Gwyn Jones jailed him for six months and made a five-year restraining order to protect the assault victims.

The judge said they would have been terrified.

At the probation service offices Crane had been offensive and totally out of control.

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Deganwy man revealed his chest and tattoo and terrified a mother and her daughter in Bangor shop - North Wales Pioneer

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UK weather: Flash flooding hits Wallington | Your Local Guardian – Your Local Guardian08.14.20

FOOTAGE shows the moment a van driver was trapped under Wallington Bridge as parts of the UK was hit with flash flooding yesterday.

The van driver was left stranded until a worker helped him escape from the shocking flash flood at around 4.20pm.

The good samaritan encouraged the man to come down from the top of his van after he was apprehensive about getting in the water.

The flash flooding comes after sweltering conditions which saw parts of the UK rise totemperaturesof over 30 degrees.

The Met Office has since issued yellow thunderstorm warnings for the next five days, with the potential of flash flooding or damage to buildings from lightning and hail.

John Dudley, of Lovett tattoos and Piercing on Woodcote Road, recorded the footage.

"I thought the weather was beautiful.

"I havent seen rain like it since I was in Malaysia!

"We popped outside the front of our tattoo shop to watch it when all the commotion started.

"I just felt so sorry for the man stuck in his van- his vehicle is possibly unusable now."

Have you been hit by flash flooding? Send us your pictures to

UK weather: Flash flooding hits Wallington | Your Local Guardian - Your Local Guardian

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Shelby County announces $2,000 grants to help salons, barber shops stay open and safe – WREG NewsChannel 308.12.20

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Nail salons and other personal care businesses were forced to close during a part of this year, and even with most back open, they still cant operate at full capacity. As a result, Shelby County officials have said theyre offering grants worth $200,000 up to $1 million to support 500 qualifying business owners through a new grant program called Our Beautiful Comeback.

In March, the county was forced to shutter many close contact businesses, including nail salons, barber shops and tattoo parlors, for five weeks. Since theyve reopened, it hasnt been the same.

We have implemented fairly stringent restrictions on those businesses, said Dr. Alisa Haushalter with the Shelby County Health Department. Everything from wearing masks, to staggering schedules, limiting access to waiting rooms and having increased sanitation.

For these businesses, it means more costs and fewer appointments.

Officials announced the Our Beautiful Comeback program Tuesday. It offers businesses the opportunity to apply for $2,000 grants.

But the money isnt just to replace profits. Officials say businesses should use it to ensure theyre following the rules, including buying protective and sanitary gear.

We want to do what we can to keep those businesses open. We also want to keep these businesses safe, County Commissioner Mickell Lowery said.

Thats why theyre offering this money, and because its in the form of grants, they wont have to pay anything back.

Businesses can apply on the countys website:

Shelby County announces $2,000 grants to help salons, barber shops stay open and safe - WREG NewsChannel 3

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From piercing to pediatrics; Fargo doctor takes an inspiring career path – INFORUM08.12.20

I asked, before I even talk to your son, what are his triggers? Can he be touched? Can I do a physical exam? If he allows me to listen to his heart and lungs, will the cold metal be a trigger? Smedshammer says.

He continued asking whether the boy was bothered by loud sounds and if he should turn the lights down in the exam room.

She started crying, Smedshammer says. She said in all of the years of doctoring for him, no one ever asked that.

Even early in his career, Smedshammer seems to grasp that bedside manner is as important as medical knowledge. Caring for others seems like something he was born and destined to do. But his road to residency was far from smooth and straight. It was full of detours, a few potholes and even a real life Wheel of Fortune. But the tale of his journey should be required reading for any student feeling pressured to know exactly where their education and career path is headed.

Smedshammer was born and raised just north of Fargo to a mom with a masters degree in nursing and a Master Sergeant dad. He had two older half-siblings and one younger sister.

I had a phenomenal childhood, Smedshammer recalls. My parents were remarkable people.

At Fargos Shanley High School, he says he was interested in technology and figured after graduation in 2002, hed pursue a degree in computer science at North Dakota State University. That summer he got into the subculture of music.

Im a kid of the '80s. I was raised on Nirvana, Soundgarden, those kinds of 90s grunge bands, he says. I was 18, it was my first taste of freedom. I got a tattoo and I was all rebellious.

He even took on apprenticeship doing piercings at a tattoo shop in Fargo. Once school started, he found his entry-level college computer classes less than challenging. He says he became disenchanted after about a month and decided to quit school. When he told his parents they said okay but he was 18 and he should move out of the house.

Without any argument or fanfare I packed my bags and moved out without a game plan as to what I was going to do, he says.

He says he wasnt really scared about the uncertainty because hes always had confidence in himself to figure things out.

For the next year and a half he lived on tips from his unpaid apprenticeship and relied upon the generosity of friends who, when he wasnt sleeping in his car, let him sleep on their couch.

I like to call it the couch circuit, he says.

He says when he went home at the holidays with ever-increasing tattoos and piercings, his parents didnt say much.

As supportive as they were, it wasnt really their jam, Smedshammer says.

But as the year-and-a-half went on Smedshammer says he was starting to build a strong clientele.

I love people. Im very outgoing and very social. I would talk to a wrong number for an hour if I had the opportunity, he says. So people were starting to come back for repeat services.

At that same time, Smedshammer put his love of music to work, forming a band with some friends.

Metal, screaming, loud stuff. We had a wonderful, affectionate name, Necktie Suicide. The kind of thing where you cringe when your grandma asks, he says with a big laugh.

They put out two albums and toured the Midwest, all while Smedshammer continued his piercing work. But it was an interaction he had with a woman who came in for a nose piercing one day that would change the course of his life. The woman, impressed by Smedshammers people skills during the piercing, asked if he ever considered becoming a doctor because he already had an impeccable bedside manner.

I kind of laughed and said, no, Im pretty happy with what Im doing. Shes like well, you gotta think about what youre going to do when you grow up. I was in my mid-20s at this point so I was a little burnt by that, he says.

Nonetheless, he says, that conversation struck a nerve and that next weekend he found himself applying to go back and get his undergraduate degree at the University of Mary in Bismarck. He says he felt like becoming a doctor was a little outside his scope, but he thought nursing would be an option. But that changed after a lecture one day in a nursing class.

The lecturer was putting up images of people of various walks of life and having us shout out what our stereotypes or gut reactions to the people were, he says. She said something like, Steve, youre going to love this one. It was a photo of some guy with a huge septum ring and ears stretched like mine were. She asked what the incorrect perceptions were and they said things like dirty. I was like hey, Im right here. Im kind of offended.

Smedshammer, who at his peak had about 23 piercings and close to 100 tattoos, said he immediately left nursing for pre-med where he felt he might be in more of a position to change perceptions.

I have a ton of respect for the nursing world, but something about that moment put a bad taste in my mouth, he says. Im the one that always fought for the marginalized. I met people from all walks of life, especially when I was with the band. They were down on their luck and I always felt like you shouldnt judge anyone. I felt like I needed to do something to curb this. Help make more of a systemic change in perceptions.

In other words, if patients walked in and saw a doctor with tattoos and piercings it could have a greater impact to affect change.

So why not aim for the fences and go for doctor. And it worked I guess, he says.

By 2010 he was seeing his now wife, Christine who was living in Fargo. He transferred to Concordia College in Moorhead, where he says as a scrawny, bearded, tattooed guy he never felt judged.

I felt accepted. Its a very accepting, progressive kind of environment, he says.

And the acceptance of his alternative look extended once he graduated and attended medical school at the University of North Dakota.

I was the oldest person (32) in my class. On the flip side we had a girl in our class who was 19 - a homeschooled prodigy. But we all respected each other and took care of each other, he says.

By this point, Smedshammer was also taking care of a family. He had married his amazing and supportive wife Christine and they had one daughter, Sloane, who is now 6. (Son Saint, 4 and daughter Stevie, 1 , came along a little later).

Raising a family while going to school can be a costly affair, but Smedshammer got help from an unexpected place, the Wheel of Fortune game show where he was chosen to be a contestant.

The Wheelmobile was in Fargo and my wife said, you watch the show as a kid and youre awesome. You should go do it, he says.

He competed against hundreds of others in town to get a chance to be on the show where he eventually won, $33,150 - money that helped the Smedshammers buy a house.

After a series of interviews and applications for residency programs which Christine describes as The Hunger Games meets Tinder, Smedshammer was accepted in the University of Minnesota pediatrics program, with the eventual goal to be a pediatric oncologist. Hes currently working at Childrens Minnesota in St. Paul.

He says medicine, for him, is the perfect marriage of the people skills his dad instilled in him with the compassion his mom brought to the table. His father died a few years ago, but he says his mom is proud of where he is now.

Hes come a long way since sleeping on peoples couches and driving around in a stinky van with a bunch of smelly guys playing music.

Not only is Smedshammer pursuing a medical career, hes also using his less than traditional career path to mentor undergraduates and medical students about their own goals - teaching them how to evaluate themselves and learn how to trust their own instincts.

And what about Smedshammers own children? What would he tell them if they chose a less than traditional career path like his?

Like a lot of dads, he says he just wants his kids to be happy.

If it makes you happy, thats what I want, he says. I dont want somebody toiling away at a job that they hate because they felt that was the track theyre supposed to do. I dont want regrets. And Id encourage people to look at life the same way.

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From piercing to pediatrics; Fargo doctor takes an inspiring career path - INFORUM

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United States Tattoo Stickers Market share forecast to witness considerable growth from 2020 to 2028 | By Top Leading Vendors Tattoo Warehouse,…08.12.20

The Tattoo StickersIndustry market study now available at Grand View Report, is a detailed sketch of the business sphere in terms of current and future trends driving the profit matrix. The report also indicates a pointwise outline of market share, market size, industry partakers, and regional landscape along with statistics, diagrams, & charts elucidating various noteworthy parameters of the industry landscape.

The Tattoo Stickers Market research report offers an exhaustive analysis of this business space. The key trends that define the Tattoo StickersIndustry market during the analysis timeframe are mentioned in the report, alongside other factors such as regional scope and regulatory outlook. Also, the document elaborates on the impact of current industry trends on key market driving factors as well as top challenges.

A tattoosticker is a temporary form ofbodymodificationwhere a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, into thedermislayer of theskinto change thepigment.

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Covid-19 pandemic affects most industries in the globe. Here at Grand View Report we offer you comprehensive data of related industry which will help and support your business in all possible ways.

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The study also provides with a summary of the competitive spectrum as well as an in-depth assessment of the raw materials and downstream buyers.

Under COVID-19 outbreak globally, this report provides 360 degrees of analysis from supply chain, import and export control to regional government policy and future influence on the industry. Detailed analysis about market status (2015-2020), enterprise competition pattern, advantages and disadvantages of enterprise products, industry development trends (2020-2028), regional industrial layout characteristics and macroeconomic policies, industrial policy has also been included. From raw materials to end users of this industry are analyzed scientifically, the trends of product circulation and sales channel will be presented as well. Considering COVID-19, this report provides comprehensive and in-depth analysis on how the epidemic push this industry transformation and reform.

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For More Details On this Report:

Read more here:
United States Tattoo Stickers Market share forecast to witness considerable growth from 2020 to 2028 | By Top Leading Vendors Tattoo Warehouse,...

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4 wanted after over $18,000 worth of merchandise, laptops stolen from Virginia Beach stores – wtkr.com08.12.20

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Virginia Beach Police are seeking the public's help in locating four people who allegedly stole approximately $18,000 worth of merchandise between two stores.

According to police, Office Supply Store on First Colonial was performing their inventory check and discovered six laptops, still in the box, were missing. The laptops were valued over $3,000. After reviewing the security camera, the items were stolen the previous day on August 5.

According to police, the suspects in the incident match with the suspects of a larceny case that happened hours before at Sporting Goods Store on Independence Blvd. The suspects took approximately $15,000 in store merchandise.

In both cases the suspects opened locked cabinets to get access to the items inside. The items were then placed in the baby stroller and covered, police say.

Police describe the first suspect as a possibly Hispanic woman, weighing around 140-160 pounds, and was seen wearing an Adidas shirt with leggings. The second suspect is a Hispanic man with a tattoo on his right calf. The third suspect is described as a Hispanic man that was wearing a white shirt and pants. The final suspect is described as a possibly Hispanic woman that was wearing a hat and seen pushing a stroller.

Police asks if anyone can identify these suspects to call the Crime Line at 1888-LOCK-U-UP. Tipsters may remain totally anonymous, never have to testify in court, and are eligible for a reward up to $1,000 with information leading to an arrest.

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4 wanted after over $18,000 worth of merchandise, laptops stolen from Virginia Beach stores -

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Chicago tattoo artist and rapper Phor talks mental health on Self Love – Chicago Reader08.10.20

In October 2015, VH1 launched Black Ink Crew: Chicago, a reality show chronicling the intertwining lives of tattoo artists working at 9 Mag, a Black-owned and -operated tattoo parlor in Pilsen. Black Ink Crew turned the shops regulars into celebrities, but cast member Phor Robinson already wanted to make a name for himself as a rapper before the first episode even airedhed dropped the full-length Sacrifice in early 2015. Since then, Robinson has put out four more albums as Phor, averaging nearly one a year. The new Self Love (NMOL) mostly concerns mental health, though a few of its 16 tracks focus on demonstrating Robinsons steely skills. Hes got a knack for powering up the bounce in his cadence by fitting his rubbery lines into the pocket of a songs beat, and he can make his flow feel simultaneously fluid and hard-edged. On Mind Over Matter Robinson marries depressive angst to seesawing verses, delivering his lyrics so gently and thoughtfully that even his shortest lines communicate emotional complexity. v

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Chicago tattoo artist and rapper Phor talks mental health on Self Love - Chicago Reader

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