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Serving with STEM – Federal Bureau of Investigation11.09.19

During an investigation involving the Aryan Brotherhood gang, Hernandez received a photo of a suspects writing in an unfamiliar language. She analyzed the writing but discovered nothing nefariousit was simply Elvish script featured in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. She has also leaned on her love of science fiction to decipher messages in fictional languages like Aurebesh from the Star Wars movies.

I evaluate submissions related to tattoos and graffiti or any related symbol, Hernandez said. Its interesting work because every case is different, and you really get to use your critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Deciphering coded communication requires significant analysis, including identifying the language and determining if it uses any coded systems. Cryptanalysts then restructure and translate the language for investigator use.

Tattoo analysis is critical to the FBIs work because a tattoo can help identify a criminal or a victim, and members of certain gangs and criminal groups have similar tattoos. Tattoo analysis can help investigators connect individuals to particular gangs or narrow down a suspect list.

Hernandez, who is Seneca and Navajo, was raised on the Cattaraugus Reservation near Gowanda, New York. Her mother was a sheriffs deputy, and her father was a nurse. As a child, Hernandez attended college classes with both of thema perfect blend of the law enforcement and science of her future profession.

She grew up to become a tribal police officer. She loved the work and planned to make a career of it, but her mother pushed her to continue her education. After earning a masters degree, Hernandez worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration before moving to the New York State Gaming Commission. She later worked for the National Indian Gaming Commission, where she received FBI forensics training. In 2003, Hernandez transitioned to working for the FBI full time.

Hernandez is one of two Native American forensic examiners in the FBI Laboratory, and she estimates shes one of only about four in the United States. Thats something shes working to change.

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Serving with STEM - Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Autism and Tattooing: How This Artist is Changing the Game – INKED11.07.19

In the tattoo world, most artists are their own bosses. The profession itself allows for people to circumvent traditional workplace expectations and in turn, this industry opens itself up to people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and expectations. One of these artists is Charl Davies, a black-and-grey tattooer in South Wales who stars on the show Just Tattoo of Us. In recent years, Davies discovered that she was on the autism spectrum and has since become an advocate for the community. We sat down with Davies to learn about her unconventional discovery process, how autism impacts her work as an artist and why women with autism are significantly under diagnosed.

I always felt different growing up and I didnt really understand how or why, but it really started to impact me when I was around 10 years old. I realized that I was different from other children in terms of the way I think, feel and respond to things. I copied and mimicked other childrens behavior but wasnt aware of what I was doing or why. I never really fit in at school. It wasnt until I turned 25 that everything made sense and I was diagnosed with Autism.

But I always made sure I had goals that would keep me busy. My artwork has been my solace and comfort throughout and its actually what eventually led me to my diagnosis. After graduating from University, I started training as a tattooist. A few years later, I was approached by MTV and literally fell into the TV industry filming Just Tattoo Of Us, not really knowing what to expect. I really love my job, I love being in front of the camera and just making the most of it and enjoying all the craziness. But, despite being the positive and optimistic person I am, it didn't stop me from crying most days while filming the first season and there were days where I physically couldnt speak for hours at a time. I just couldnt understand why. I was left unbelievably frustrated and felt isolated. It really was bizarre and I just couldnt explain it.

By the time the third season started, I was struggling to cope with pretty much every aspect of filmingthings like lighting, noise levels and being social. I felt exhausted from just being in the presence of others. One evening, some of the cast members and I went for a meal and I just remember feeling massively overwhelmed. I ended up having a huge meltdown and became hysterical. I didn't know why or what was happening to me.

I stopped saying yes to joining in on any social activities because in all honesty, I felt inadequate and a total freak.

MTV put me in touch with a psychologist and a few months later, I was diagnosed and it was a huge relief. I was finally able to help myself and help others understandit felt great to know I wasn't crazy. I started to embrace the fact that I was different and it felt awesome. Now I love to help others embrace who they are, but not everyone is as fortunate as I am to get a diagnosis.

Women are generally more socially aware and are prone to masking, which is hiding behavior that may be viewed as socially unacceptable. Because we are socially aware, autistic traits like avoiding eye contact for example may be disguised by masking, as we force ourselves into uncomfortable situations in an attempt to fit into society. We will go to many lengths to make sure that the other person does not suspect that we are strange or weird in any way. Masking can also include scripting which is using learned quotes and phrases in conversation. This can be problematic with the diagnostic process because masking isn't yet widely recognized due to there being little research. Women are often under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed and then there are individuals like myself who are diagnosed very late in life or sometimes not at all.

I love my job. I love the different processes and technicalities that go into drawing and tattooing, as well as the satisfaction of making my clients happy. Although autism can often make overcoming daily obstacles and the smallest of tasks seem impossible, its also given me a coping mechanism. Being undiagnosed meant that I was left to my own devices and had to find my own way of coping, but drawing has always been my sanity. I rely heavily on my routine and it's difficult for me to adapt to sudden change, like a cancellation or last minute amendments to a design. It can stop me functioning properly for days at a time and even lead to a meltdown. Being autistic means that sometimes being in the presence of others is too much and even ringtones. I find consultations to be very difficult and meeting people for the first time, especially when a client I barely knew once hugged me. Thankfully I have my support network to help me, otherwise my life would be an absolute mess.

Being in full time employment leaves me feeling burned out a lot of the time, but I dont consider being autistic a negative thing and I often view it as my superpower. It gives me the ability to focus intensely on the smallest of details for long periods at a time and has definitely made me a perfectionist, which I wouldnt say is a bad thing in this industry, But for the sake of my sanity, I always try to remind myself that theres no such thing as perfection, only progression.

Ive never been to a tattoo convention, as I dont think that its something Id cope well with but its something Ive always wanted to do. Im hoping that with more awareness raised, there will be autism-friendly conventions so that people like myself can feel more included. There are a lot of artists in the autism community that would love to experience more in this industry.

A lack of understanding from employers and co-worker's, as well as a failure to make adaptations to the workplace means autistic people are often overwhelmed in the workplace. At the best of times things are difficult. Sometimes leaving the house due to poor executive functions can be difficult without throwing employment into the equation.

I chose to be my own boss because it means I can make changes to my workplace that help me cope. For example, I have over sensitivity to noise and light, so Im able to dim the lights, reduce the noise levels and remove myself from a stressful situation whenever I need to without having to justify myself to an employer. Its less pressure which helps me to function better and focus on the artistic side of things.

These small changes can make a world of difference to someone like myself. If employers could learn to look past our autism, then they would be able to see our potential and utilize our skills. But sadly a lot of the time, this is never the case. I find that being my own boss is the only way I can survive in the working world, but I do consider myself one of the lucky ones.

People bizarrely think that because Im on TV or sometimes wear make-up that I cant possibly be autistic. They couldnt be more wrong and invalidating. Some of the biggest names out there are on the autistic spectrum, but Im totally used to these statements being thrown my way, which is why I work hard to raise awareness and stomp out any misconceptions. The spectrum is huge and no two people the same. A diagnosis is so important because not only is it validation, its a key to opening new doors to self-help and helping others to understand.

Autism makes me obsessive in nature and being the perfectionist that I am, I often find that autism can have a very positive impact on my job. Sometimes, the need for everything to be perfect can drive me a little insane because I am constantly striving to better myself with the contradiction of perfection being an impossibility. It's a bit of a battle but it makes me the person I am, I'm constantly improving.

Although autism it can make the social aspect very difficult, my creativity outweighs the negatives. Im very focused, driven and hard-working. Im relentless and tend to overcome any obstacles that come my way because I stop at nothing to get to where I want to be. I want to give hope to other autistic people and encourage them to not give up.

Autism allows me to be focused and to tune my senses but a good day at work means a very exhausting next few days. Socializing is hard but I feel less pressure to talk when I am distracted and since opening up about autism, my clients have been very understanding. This means putting in noise cancelling headphones or sometimes not being able to speak isn't being interpreted as ignorance.

Since becoming part of the autism community, have you been contacted by anyone whos been inspired by your story? For so long, I hid away hoping that I would one day turn invisible because I felt like I didn't belong.

Since Ive opened up about it, I have been inundated with messages of support, positivity and love from people who reached out. Its good to finally know that Im not alone and there is a community out there of like minded people. Establishing connections with others is hard, but I have met so many amazing people in the autism community. For now, my mission is to keep raising awareness women on the spectrum.

It's so important that people recognize that some disabilities are invisible. The world wasn't built with autism in mind, so we have to keep sharing our stories to make positive changes and the world a better place.

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Autism and Tattooing: How This Artist is Changing the Game - INKED

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Viewpoints: ‘Live it while you have it’ – Monadnock Ledger Transcript11.07.19

You can either walk out with your mother or you can walk out in cuffs, your choice. Those were his options that moment.

I was working in Mason, cleaning Jeanne and Denniss home when I got the call. It was Ed, Ryans dad, which was unusual. Amy, somethings going on with Ryan at school. You can get there faster than I can, and I cant leave work. Jeanne would graciously understand, I sent her a text saying I had to leave, packed my things and headed to Mascenic Regional High School. At the time, Ryan was 18 and a senior. He stayed home in the morning, began to drink, started texting an ex-girlfriend threatening to commit suicide and other things. Then he took his Dads truck and drove to school. Intoxicated. His ex-girlfriend called the school and told them what he was doing, what he threatened, what he wrote to her. Ed filled me in on the details.

He was sitting in the office with the principal, vice-principal, school counselor and a police officer. Yes, my thoughts were Oh s#$t. I was spoken to before I got a chance to see Ryan, to talk to him, to find out what the hell he was thinking ... Mrs. Wood? No, Ms. Wood, were divorced. Well, Ryan may be under the influence but were not certain. He was texting threatening messages to a local girl. Suicide. We dont believe hes been drinking - this coming from the school counselor, who looked way too inexperienced, young and fresh to have a clue. I walked into the room and looked at Ryan. His eyes were bloodshot. When I gave him a hug, yes, hes still my son, yes I still love him even though I was screaming What the hell were you thinking? in my head. I needed to keep everything, every emotion, every thought clear and precise. I didnt know what could or would happen if I didnt. I saw his eyes. I smelled his breath. We dont believe hes been drinking... Jesus girl, how old are you? ran through my head. What kind of training do they give you to not know whether someone is under the influence of anything? Jesus. Ryan cant stay at school. We feel he could be a danger to himself or someone else. He needs to go to the hospital. He needs to be evaluated. He is threatening suicide. If you take him home can you stay with him? What hospital should he go to? Theres one in Massachusetts or Keene has a psych/mental ward for evaluation. Holy s#$t. H-O-L-Y s#$t! Why am I here alone? What do I do? Ms. Wood, either you can take him or we can take him in cuffs. Either way, he has to go... If he goes with you it would be a voluntary check-in, if we take him its involuntary. All of these thoughts. All of this conversation.

Ryan, do you understand what theyre saying?

Yes mom.

What do you want to do? Walk out with me or with the police?

I want to go home. I can drive. Im okay. No, that wasnt one of the options. Arguing. Fighting. Explaining the severity of his actions.

Ryan - you can walk out with me or with them. Cuffed, put into a police cruiser in front of the school. What is your choice? After what felt like an eternity, he agreed to go with me, voluntarily. I think I called Ed to let him know what was happening before I left with Ryan. The police officer escorted us to my car. I was going to Keene to the hospital with my 18-year-old son in the car ... drunk, suicidal, angry at everything and everyone. Thats when the battle began.

It was about a 30 to 40 minute ride to Keene. What the hell were you thinking, Ryan?

I wasnt Mom. Texting threatening, suicidal messages to your ex? Drinking before school? Driving your Dads truck to school, drunk? You could have killed someone Ryan! I know Mom. I was angry. I was upset. And then, Please dont take me to the hospital. I wont do it again. I just want to go back to Dads. Ill be okay. Stop the car Mom and let me out Ill walk home. You dont have to take me. I can walk. Just stop the car. Please dont take me to the hospital. Im fine. Im okay.

I heard him loud and clear. Within my head though I heard Just keep driving. Just keep driving. A continuous loop of those three words. It was like someone put the two of us in a groundhog day type of loop. Ryan kept repeating and battling with me while all I heard was just keep driving. So, I did. It took everything for me not to look at my blue-eyed, beautiful son and want to stop, to turn around, to take him home and forget about the past few hours. But, I couldnt. I didnt. He needed help, help that I couldnt give him. Help that grounding him wouldnt cure. Help that was above and beyond his Dad, me or anyone else no matter how much we loved him. Those feelings and that awareness became stronger with every repetition of Just Keep Driving within my head.

You see, Ryan had expressed to me before that he had a plan, never executed, but had a plan. It involved a rope and a tree in the front yard of our house on Ridgefield Drive. Hanging himself to end his life. But he hadnt acted on it. He battled for years. He would cut himself to alleviate some of the internal emotions deeply seated within. He would take an eraser and rub his wrists with it until they burned a mark into his skin. He didnt want to be him. If I remember correctly, the only reason he didnt act upon the hanging was one person. Grammie B. He didnt want her to drive by and be the one to see him or find him. He couldnt do that to her. So many years had built up to this moment, this day. Total disregard for himself and anyone else in his path. Part of me wanted to believe that hed be okay, but something deep within me said No, not this time.

We arrived at the hospital and there was quite a check-in process with a brief evaluation. Ryans BAC level was over the legal limit. It had been hours since he last had anything to drink. A counselor was brought in to assess Ryan. He told me what his thoughts were, the weirdest part was he seemed to be prodding me to ask a specific question ... which he couldnt answer without my asking it of him. I couldnt figure out what the question was though, even to this day. It baffles me. Ryan, because of his age - 18, but because he was still in high school could be admitted involuntarily by me or could be admitted voluntarily by his own choosing. When I went in to talk to Ryan about the choices, he chose to stay voluntarily, to get help for himself. God, I hope Im remembering this part right. He was admitted into the teen ward, not with the adults. We didnt know for how long. 48 hours? A week? 10 days? How long would it take for him to be ok? Did it matter? That was my son and I wanted him on this planet and feeling better about himself, about life, alive! Ed was pissed because he stayed. Ryan didnt have insurance, wasnt covered at the time. Whos going to pay the bills? What the hell does that matter? He could be dead. Someone else could have died. I went with Ryan up to the psych ward - Mental Health Ward - whatever you want to call it. They showed us his room and we were able to hug again before I had to leave. Had to walk away. Had to leave my son behind locked doors and hope to God that he would be okay.

I hugged him hard. Harder than Ive ever hugged anyone.

I love you Ryan.

I love you Mom.

Six feet away were the doors that would close behind me and I couldnt go back in to get him. I felt frozen. He stood there as I walked away. My heartbreaking with every step. My son. My baby. My boy. He needs help, hopefully, hell do the work and come out better for it. That was what I heard in the moment. I opened the doors and stepped out. They closed behind me, Ryan on one side and me on the other. I raised my hand - mouthed I love you and walked away. Outside to the night air. I got to my car and tears flowed like a giant dam had burst through my eyes. I didnt think they would ever stop. Looking up at the hospital I tried to see the room he was staying in, to see if he was at the window looking down. I so wanted to run back in and say Its a mistake! I made a mistake. Hes ok. Let me take him home. Hell be ok. Well get him help. Please let me have my son back, Im so sorry Ryan, please forgive me. I dont want to leave you in this place. I love you. We can fix this together. But, I couldnt. I knew that. If he was going to have a shot, its now or never. So, I prayed that hed do what he needed to do to get through, to work on himself, to find himself.

He was released after a week. His treatment was never discussed with his father nor myself as far as I know. Ryan was 18, legally an adult, but admitted not into the adult area because the counselor/assessor felt that wouldnt be good for him. Hes never shared with me what the psychologist reviewed with him before he left. His dad picked him up from the hospital. He called me to let me know that he had been released from the program. Alive.

Before Ryan graduated, I took him to get his first tattoo. The rules were he had to remember and ask me about getting a tattoo, he had to wait until he was 18, it had to mean something to him (not a smiley face or cartoon character off a wall), be able to explain its meaning and Id pay for my kids first tattoos. Nick was 15, Ryan was 11 when I got my first one at 35 and ... they both wanted one. So, I set up those rules. Yup, they both remembered. They both came up with such amazing ideas for their first tattoos. Ryans was simple ... Live it while you have it is inked on his forearm. Not so simple, is it? The day Ryan graduated I whispered into his ear Im so glad youre here. He knew then what I meant and he knows to this day.

Amy Wood is sharing her sons story with his permission to raise awareness about the importance of mental health services and care.

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Viewpoints: 'Live it while you have it' - Monadnock Ledger Transcript

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Strykers hand Rovers first loss | Guam Sports – The Guam Daily Post11.07.19

The Bank of Guam Strykers edged the defending champion NAPA Rovers 3-2 to hand them their first loss of the season and take sole possession of first place in Budweiser Soccer League Premier Division Saturday at the Guam Football Association National Training Center.

The Strykers, finishing runner-up to the Rovers last season, overcame an early 2-0 deficit the claim the victory and remain as the lone undefeated team in the division.

Jehn Joyner, Jason Cunliffe, and Isiah Lagutang each scored once for the Strykers and Min Sung Choi and Devan Mendiola scored one each for the Rovers.

Quality Distributors 3, Islanders FC 2: Quality Distributors handed the Islanders FC its first loss of the season with a 3-2 win. Ernest Baah led all scorers with two goals for Quality and teammate Marvin Redona also scored. Edward Cho and Kioumars Rizaie scored for the Islanders.

Lots of Art Tattoo Heat 4, Guam Shipyard 1: Lots of Art Tattoo Heat picked up a 4-1 victory over Guam Shipyard with all four goals from Seth Surber. Donald Weakley scored Shipyards lone goal.

Sidekicks SC 1, University of Guam Tritons 1: The Sidekicks SC defeated the University of Guam Tritons 1-0 with a goal from Tevin Santos.

The Strykers Marcus Lopez still leads the Golden Boot race with 10 goals from his first two matches, followed by Qualitys Ernest Baah with six goals in three matches. Tied for third place are the Rovers Michael Crowley, Min Sung Choi, and Devan Mendiola, as well as the Strykers Isiah Lagutang and LOA Heats Seth Surber.

Amateur Division

Islanders FC 5, Crushers FC 1: Islanders FC II claimed a 5-1 win over the Crushers FC in the battle of undefeated teams. Kyle Legozzie scored twice in the win and teammates Aaron Blaz, Todd Pangelinan, and Patson Haimin also scored. Dietrich Weathington scored for the Crushers.

NAPA Rovers II 4, Pago Bay Disasters of Sidelines 0: Janeson Quitano added two goals to his teammates Andrew Kilgore and Angelo Cortez to take home the win.

The Islanders FC IIs Todd Pangelinan is now tied for first place with the GWM Bombers Eugene Hayes in the Amateur Divisions Golden Boot race with five goals. Aaron Blaz and Kyle Legozzie are tied for second place with the Bank of Guam Strykers IIs Joseph Green for second place with four goals scored.

Information was provided in a press release.

Updated schedules and league statistics are online at:

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Strykers hand Rovers first loss | Guam Sports - The Guam Daily Post

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Pantera: Survival of the Fittest Our 1992 Interview – SPIN11.07.19

This article originally appeared in the July 1992issue ofSPIN.

Geography has a lot to do with it. The members of Pantera are Texans, first and foremost, and personify the bluster and directness of the more rugged residents of the Lone Star State. They pile it on like a pack of amphetamine-crazed cowboys pumped with the adrenal fury of early Black Flag.

Audaciously calling their new album Vulgar Display of Power, they play it like they say itlike a Metallica stripped of all excess, fronted by the equivalent of Henry Rollinss angrier kid brother. Hard to believe that in 1983, Panterabegan as just another bar band playing Van Halen and Judas Priest covers (peppered with a few originals), six nights a week.

The guys looked pretty silly back then, employing the standard teased-hair-and-bandana regalia and releasing independent albums with titles such as Metal Magic, but their past hardly makes them blush.

That was the best training a band could get, declares drummer Vinnie Paul, who formed Pantera with guitarist-brother Diamond Darrell when the two were 17 and 15, respectively. Play like we have for the past nine years, and you get to be one hard bunch of motherfuckers!

This is precisely the ethos Pantera sums up with Vulgars anthemic A New Level. Judging by the monumental rhythmic structures of Rise or the wiry guitar skronks of Live in a Hole, the bands a whole different animal now. With the new album, it steps out of the claptrap of pass thrash bands to become what lead singer Philip Anselmo modestly describes as the heaviest band in the world.

Respect is key with Pantera. Earning it has been a driving force for the group personally and professionally.

The way I am today has a lot to do with growing up as a scrawny, insecure kid, always gettin eaten alive by dumb-asses with big-muscles, snarls Anselmo, who displays a tattoo reading Strength on the side of his bald headand, coincidentally, who grew up with crooner Harry Connick, Jr., as a schoolmate. Without respect, you get walked on.

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Pantera: Survival of the Fittest Our 1992 Interview - SPIN

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Police officers share their tattoo stories – The Nation’s Local News –

The police's new recruitment campaign - The Ink beneath the Blue - invites the public into the lives of some of officers who literally wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Its the stories and very personal experiences behind why they got their unique tattoo combined with the training provided by police, which equip these officers to police more effectively and empathetically in diverse communities.

All police staff were invited to participate in the campaign and an unprecedented number put their hand up to tell their stories.

The seven staff chosen to be in the campaign, all have different personal experience and cultural backgrounds.

This recruiting campaign targets 18-30 year-olds from the Upper North Island area to join the police.

While the great majority of recruits already have a tattoo, it's still one of the most commonly asked questions of the recruitment team.

I believe this is one of the most powerful and emotive recruitment campaigns we have done. I think our video speaks for itself and I hope that it resonates with our key audience and encourages them to join," says DCE Media and Communications Jane Archibald.

"This campaign focuses on the importance of bringing your authentic self to policing and shows how someones own personal experiences can be valuable to their work.

Police has set itself a target of transforming its workforce so that it fully reflects the communities it serves.

Constable Angel Pera is a recent graduate of the Royal New Zealand Police College and is a young single mother, with T moko about her whanau, whenua and whakapapa.

All of which contributed towards her journey and career with the New Zealand Police.

I carry the mana of my Tupuna (ancestors) wherever I go, this is where my strength and determination comes from," she says.

Many tattoos have cultural meaning, showing strength or mana, or life experiences, bringing whanau together, with a connection to heritage.

Constable Tephui Rudolph has memories of his family, a sister who died of cancer tattooed as angel wings on his body.

I moved away from my parents at a young age and the tattoo in relation to that talks of courage, independence and strength.

"I have a new one in progress which brings both my mum and my dads side together. It also tells the story of the beginning of a new career as a police officer and the hurdles I had to finally graduate.

Constable Leanne Benjamin, Diversity Liaison Officer in Dunedin, has a rainbow bird which showcases strength.

I have several tattoos with various meanings and through age and experiences I have a number of stories to tell. This bird represents my freedom to express myself and be my true self, at work and home, the colours represent our rainbow communities, she says.

Maori Responsiveness advisor Sergeant Juanita (Whiti) Timutimu thinks she is the only serving police officer with a moko kauae.

Amber is currently serving as a police officer in Opotiki.

"This is only given to wahine. Two of my kuia had kauae and it was a great privilege to receive it. Police are people too and we want the public to know that our staff sometimes make a connection with the people due to their tattoos not in spite of them."

It was a first for the Police, with the Maori responsive advisor becoming the first female officer to have a moko kauae.

In our role as Maori police officers, we bring everything to our mahi. Its not just about our reo (language), its about everything that encompasses being Maori including moko.

I hope that our young ones with moko kauae, who want to come into the Police Force can feel that they can.

If you are interested in joining police, whether you are tattooed or not, and have some more questions about tattoos or any part of the recruitment process, contact to find out more.

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Police officers share their tattoo stories - The Nation's Local News -

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Racing! How about 45-1, 28-1 and 39-1 – Los Angeles Times11.02.19

Hello, my name is John Cherwa and welcome back to our horse racing newsletter as the Juvenile comes up as longshot heaven as Storm the Court wins.

Lets get right to the Breeders Cup races. These capsule were done by Jay Posner of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Believe me, as a former turf writer, you way better off him writing these than me.


What happened: The 10th Breeders Cup at Santa Anita began with a race that a year ago likely would have been run down the hill at 6 furlongs, but that portion of the course has been closed to sprints for safety reasons. Four Wheel Drive ($5.00), sent off as the 3-2 favorite on the basis of two stakes wins in two career starts, jumped to the lead out of the gate, opened up on Chimney Rock on the turn, then held that one safe throughout the stretch run to win by three-quarters of a length. It was the sixth Cup win for jockey Irad Ortiz Jr. and the third for trainer Wesley Ward.

Did you know? The winner was sired by American Pharoah, who was last seen at the Breeders Cup in 2015 completing racings Grand Slam the three Triple Crown races and the Breeders Cup Classic. This is the first crop of Pharoah horses to make it to the races; in addition to the winner, he also sired the third-place horse.

Quote: American Pharoah, from what Ive seen, was a very docile horse. He could go anywhere and took everything in and he was almost like a stable pony. And this guys the same way. Ward

You can watch the race here.


What happened: Any thoughts it might be a favorites-only day ended when Structor, the 5-1 third choice, burst clear in the stretch to win this one-mile grass race by a half-length over 50-1 Billy Batts, with Gear Jockey third at 60-1. Jockey Jose Ortiz took over when his brother Irad opted to ride Decorated Invader and made it an Ortiz double with his third Cup win. Toward the back of the pack, Hit the Road and jockey Flavien Prat were disqualified from a dead-heat for seventh and placed last for interfering with Deviant.

Did you know? The victory was the 13th in a Cup race for trainer Chad Brown, but his first in 12 tries in this race. He said he will consider running Structor on the dirt leading up to the Kentucky Derby. Owners Jeff Drown and Don Rachel paid $850,000 for the son of Palace Malice and this was their first Breeders Cup starter.

Quote: I have been here before with other horses that have won these Juvenile Turf races, and I dont think Ive ever said Im going to run one on the dirt. So this horse, he gives me the feeling like hell take to it, but well see. But well enjoy this. Brown

You can watch the race here.


What happened: Donna Veloce was trying to become the first horse to win a two-turn Breeders Cup dirt race with just one prior start and she almost pulled it off. The daughter of Uncle Mo swept to the lead with a quarter-mile remaining but was run down with about 100 yards remaining by British Idiom ($7.40), who prevailed by a neck to remain unbeaten in three career starts for trainer Brad Cox. Donna Veloce had won her only career start by 9 lengths at 6 furlongs on Sept. 28 at Santa Anita. British Idiom had won a maiden sprint at Saratoga and then the Grade I Alcibiades around two turns last month at Keeneland. It was the second Cup win for Cox, who captured the Distaff last year with Monomoy Girl. Jockey Javier Castellano earned his 11th Cup win.

Did you know? While Donna Veloce cost owner Kaleem Shah $800,000 at a 2-year-old sale earlier this year, the owners of British Idiom picked up the daughter of Flashback for only $40,000 at a yearling sale last October.

Quote: We put these 2-year-olds through a lot, we want to put them through a lot in order to build a tough horse mentally and physically. So I didnt think it would be an issue at all as far as coming out here. Cox

You can watch the race here.


What happened: The first big upset of the Breeders Cup came as Sharing ($29.60) outfinished favored Daahyeh by 1 lengths to give jockey Manny Franco his first victory in this event. Sharing took an unconventional path to the race, prepping in the ungraded Selima Stakes at Laurel, but she won easily that day and had no trouble Friday, either. She broke well and Franco got her from the No. 11 post to near the rail entering the first turn. Either third or fourth through the middle part of the race, she made her move on the turn and passed Sweet Melania less than 100 yards from the finish.

Did you know? Trainer Graham Motion won his fourth Cup race; his second came nine years ago with the dam of Sharing, Shared Account, in the Filly and Mare Turf. Sharings sire, Speightstown, won the Breeders Cup Sprint in 2004.

Quote: What I like to do is find athletic fillies with big pedigrees and track them through the [sales] ring and hope that we get them within our budget. And this filly was no bargain at $350,000 at the time, but I thought that there was plenty of upside and a lot of inherent residual value. And she has just been a dream. Aron Wellman, president of Eclipse Thoroughbreds, which bought the filly last year at Saratoga.

You can watch it here.


What happened: In a race that played out in a way no one could have expected, Storm the Court led a long-shot parade to give trainer Peter Eurton his second Cup victory. The top three finishers went off at odds of 45-1, 28-1 and 39-1, with the winner returning $93.80 as the second-highest price in the field. Dennis Moment, the 4-5 favorite, stumbled at the start and trailed the entire race. Eight Rings, the 3-2 second choice, tracked Storm the Court early but faded to sixth. The runner-up, Anneau dOr, looked dangerous the length of the stretch but could not get past Storm the Court, who won by a neck under jockey Flavien Prat (third Cup win). Wrecking Crew was third for trainer Peter Miller.

Did you know? Storm the Court has long shots in her equine and human family. Her sire, Court Vision, paid $131.60 for his win in the 2011 Mile the third-highest payout in Cup history behind Arcangues $269.20 in the 1993 Classic and Bar of Golds $135.40 in the Filly and Mare Sprint in 2017. Also, Eurtons other Breeders Cup victory came in 2016 at Santa Anita in the Juvenile Fillies with Champagne Room, who was 33-1.

Quote: I dont know what to say except Im so proud of this little horse. He never stops trying. Eurton

You can watch it here.

And you can read more about it here.

Breeders Cup Saturday previews

$1 million Filly and Mare Sprint (Post 11:55 a.m.): This seven-furlong race for fillies and mares is headed by Covfefe, named after one of President Donald Trumps tweets. No one actually knows what the word means. She has won four of her last five races, including a Grade 1 at Saratoga. Joel Rosario rides for trainer Brad Cox.

Come Dancing is the 5-2 second favorite for Carlos Martin and Javier Castellano. She has won four of five this year including a Grade 1 at Saratoga. She has also won four of her last five races. Its a nine-horse field.

$1 million Turf Sprint (12:33): Local runner Eddie Haskell is the 9-2 favorite in this five-furlong race. He finished second his last two races and won the two races before that. He just recently moved to graded stakes company. Mark Glatt trains and Rosario rides. Hes won 10 of his 24 lifetime races.

There are two horses at 5-1, Totally Boss (George Arnold, Jose Ortiz) and Pure Sensation (Christophe Clement, Paco Lopez). Totally Boss has won four his last five races including a Grade 3 at Kentucky Downs. Likewise, Pure Sensation has won four of last five including two Grade 3s. There are 12 starters.

$1 million Dirt Mile (1:10 p.m.): This is one of the more anticipated races with Omaha Beach making a bid for 3-year-old Horse of the Year. Omaha Beach, at 8-5, has won four in a row, the most impressive being the Santa Anita Sprint Championship after a six-month layoff. He was the Kentucky Derby favorite before scratching with a throat problem. He is trained by Richard Mandella and will be ridden by Mike Smith.

Improbable, for Bob Baffert and Rafael Bejarano, was placed fourth in the Kentucky Derby and was sixth in the Preakness. He has shown some gate trouble which is his biggest negative. Hes four-of-nine lifetime and is the 3-1 second favorite. He won the Shared Belief at Del Mar in August. There are 10 horses in the race.

$2 million Filly and Mare Turf (1:54 p.m.): Sistercharlie is the 8-5 favorite in this 1 1/4-mile race. She is a perfect three for three this year and has won her last six races in a row, all Grade 1s. She is in the conversation for Horse of the Year. She is trained by Chad Brown and will be ridden by John Velazquez.

Its a big drop to 6-1 to find the horse with the next lowest odds. Fleeting is making her U.S. debut after running in Britain, Ireland and France. She is winless this year, running mostly Group 1s. She is trained by Aidan OBrien and ridden by Ryan Moore. There are 12 horses in the race.

$2 million Sprint (2:36 p.m.): This six-furlong race is probably the most competitive on the card. Mitole is 9-5 favorite for Steve Asmussen and Ricardo Santana, Jr. This 4-year-old has won eight of his last nine races, including three Grade 1s. He beat McKinzie in the Metropolitan Handicap.

Morning-line maker Jon White has three horses at 4-1: Catalina Cruiser (John Sadler, Rosario), Shancelot (Jose Navarro, Jose Ortiz) and Imperial Hint (Luis Carvajal, Castellano). Catalina Cruiser has won seven-of-eight lifetime, his only loss coming in last years Breeders Cup Dirt Mile, where he finished sixth. Shancelot won his first three races but finished third and second in his last two. Imperial Hint won his last two races, both Grade 1s. He has won 14 of his 23 lifetimes races. Its a 10-horse field.

$2 million Mile (3:20 p.m.): The favorite at 3-1 is Circus Maximus for OBrien and Moore. This is his first race in the U.S. after running in France, Britain and Ireland. He has won three of his six starts this year, including two Group 1 wins.

Got Stormy, at 7-2, is the second favorite for Mark Casse and Tyler Gaffalione. This is a 4-year-old filly running against the boys. She has a Grade 1 win at Saratoga, second back. She was second in the Woodbine Mile to El Tormenta, who is also in this race. There are 14 starters.

$2 million Distaff (4 p.m.): Midnight Bisou seems almost unbeatable in this at 6-5. She has won all seven of her races this year, three of them Grade 1s. Her last loss was in last years Distaff, where she finished third to Monomoy Girl. Midnight Bisou is in the conversation for Horse of the Year. She is trained by Asmussen and ridden by Smith.

Paradise Woods is the 5-1 second choice. Last out she won the Zenyatta Stakes at Santa Anita for trainer John Shirreffs, who trained Zenyatta. Abel Cedillo took over from Smith riding this mare. She also won the Santa Margarita this year at Santa Anita. Its an 11-horse field.

$4 million Turf (4:40 p.m.): This is the race for the likely Horse of the Year if he wins. Bricks and Mortar, at 9-5, is the favorite. He has won his last six races, five of them this year. Four of those were Grade 1s. He runs for Brown and will have Irad Ortiz, Jr. in the saddle.

Anthony Van Dyck, making his first U.S. start is the 3-1 second favorite. He has won five-of-12 starts, all in Britain and Ireland. His connections are OBrien and Moore. Its a field of 12 going on 1 miles on the turf. The race starts on the hillside course.

$6 million Classic (5:44 p.m.): This is the 1 feature of the two-day event. McKinzie for Baffert and Rosario is the 3-1 favorite and Vino Rosso (Todd Pletcher, Irad Ortiz, Jr.) and Code of Honor (Shug McGaughey, Velazquez). Weve got a complete advance on McKinzie and the race. Just click here.

Santa Anita review

Of course, five of the races were Breeders Cup, but there were still three stakes races. Heres the summary of those races.

Grade 2 $200,000 Marathon Stakes: Its not often you see 1 -mile races on the dirt but that was the first race on Friday at Santa Anita. Zestful had the lead for the first 1 miles but thats when the running started. Itsinthepost, after running just of the pace, made his move and took a half-length lead into the stretch. He held on to win by three-quarters of a length. Campaign, the 3-5 favorite, was eased in the stretch but walked off.

Itsinthepost paid $8.80, $4.80 and $4.00. Zestful was second and American Tattoo finished third.

Heres what the connections had to say.

Jeff Mullins (winning trainer): It was the distance [that helped him win]. He ran a good second to [John] Sadlers horse (Campaign in the Cougar II Handicap on July 24). We had him really fit [Friday] and Drayden [Van Dyke] have him a good ride.

Drayden Van Dyke (winning jockey): I didnt want to get in his way too much, so I just let him go. Jeff [Mullins] had him super ready. We have been working on the training track and getting ready for this race. I looked back to see Campaign because he was my main concern. I didnt see him. I guess he was way back.

$200,000 Golden State Juvenile Fillies: Favorite Been Studying Her ran strong on the far turn, took a three-length lead going into the stretch and won by 3 lengths. She was trained by Dan Ward, which means she used to be in Jerry Hollendorfers barn.

She paid $5.00, $3.60 and $2.80. Smiling Shirlee was second and Warrens Showtime finished third.

Heres what the connections had to say.

Dan Ward (winning trainer): Shes out of a great mare (Maddies Odyssey by Kittens Joy) that produced Grecian Fire and Sneaking Out. She got a perfect ride, a Hall of Fame ride. Mike [Smith] kept her in the clear and she ran great. She trained great and ran great.

Mike Smith (winning jockey): She absolutely cruised. I dont think she took a breath. We left the gate well and relaxed and got into her rhythm. Stayed out of her way. I ticked her on the turn and she took off. It got me to thinking maybe we should have run her later in the day.

$200,000 Golden State Juvenile: This seven-furlong race for Cal-bred colts and geldings was pretty much a runaway as Tap Back went to the lead and never gave it up winning by six lengths. Cali Dude, the favorite finished second.

Tap Back paid $30.00, $13.80 and $9.40. Papster was third.

Heres what the connections had to say.

Jeff Bonde (winning trainer): Hes got a lot of natural speed and weve been really and weve been really working hard to break off behind other horses and get him to relax. He was just a little too keen in his early races, and in between them, we had time to really work with him and he responded. I just told Victor [Espinoza], Dont let him do too much early. Try to get him in a rhythm. I know were going to be in front. Just dont let him burn himself up.

Victor Espinoza (winning jockey): I wasnt sure about him. He ran well for me the first time and then didnt seem the same horse when we ran third. [Friday] when we were warming up on the backside, he felt like he was back to normal, just like the first time I rode him. We got a good break. I didnt want to go head and head with the speed. When it was time to run, we took off.

Santa Anita preview

Every race on Saturdays 12-race card is a stakes race. The first three non-Breeders and then the nine Breeders races. First post is 10:07 a.m.. Not 10:05. Not 10:10, but 10:07. Heres a very quick look at them.

Grade 3 $100,000 Ken Maddy Stakes: This is for fillies and mares going 5 furlong son the turf. This race is usually held at 6 furlongs but the downhill course is shut down for sprints. Girl Knows Best for Eddie Kenneally and Jose Ortiz is the favorite at 9-5. Just Grazed Me (Phil DAmato, Geovanni Franco) is the 5-2 shot.

$100,000 Damascus Stakes: This is a seven-furlong race for horses 3 and up. Its a small field of five. Flagstaff (Sadler, Espinoza) is the 6-5 favorite with Roadster (Baffert, Irad Ortiz, Jr.) close by at 7-5.

Grade 2 $200,000 Twilight Derby: Its a race for 3-year-olds going 1 1/8 miles on the turf. Its a big field of 13 with Nolde (Shirreffs, Espinoza) the 7-2 favorite and Neptunes Storm (Richard Baltas, Santana) is at 4-1.

Ciaran Thorntons SA pick of the day

RACE FIVE: Shekky Shebaz (12-1)

Breeders Cup Turf Sprint: He is trained by Jason Servis who is winning 29% on the year, 35% shipping, 28% turf starts and Ortiz who wins 33% for him rides. The horse is two-for-two at the distance. Ran second in the prep race at Belmont as the favorite but this trainer wins 34% after his favorites are beaten. That race was six furlongs. This horse has speed. Big jump in class. 12-1 is great value.

Fridays race: Crystalle broke last and was in Del Mar before making a too late move to finish off the board.

Ciaran Thornton is the handicapper for, which offers daily full card picks, longshots of the day, best bets of the day.

Big races review

A look at graded stakes or races worth $100,000 or more on Friday.

Santa Anita (1): Grade 2 $200,000 Marathon Stakes, 3 and up, 1 miles. Winner: Itsinthepost ($8.80)

Santa Anita (3): $200,000 Golden State Juvenile Fillies, Cal-bred fillies 2-years-old, 7 furlongs. Winner: Been Studying Her ($5.00)

Santa Anita (4): $200,000 Golden State Juvenile, Cal-bred colts and geldings 2-years-old, 7 furlongs. Winner: Tap Black ($30.00)

Santa Anita (5): Grade 2 $1 million Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint, 2-year-olds, 5 furlongs on turf. Winner: Four Wheel Drive ($5.00)

Aqueduct (9): $150,000 Tempted Stakes, fillies 2-years-old, 1 mile. Winner: Maedean ($6.50)

Santa Anita (6): Grade 1 $1 million Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf, 2-year-old colts and geldings, 1 mile on turf. Winner: Structor ($12.60)

Santa Anita (7): Grade 1 $2 million Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies, fillies 2-years-old, 1 1/16 miles. Winner: British Idiom ($7.40)

Santa Anita (8): Grade 1 $1 million Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf, fillies 2-years-old, 1 mile on turf. Winner: Sharing ($29.60)

Churchill (9) $120,000 Dream Supreme Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 6 furlongs. Winner: Mia Mischief ($3.60)

Santa Anita (9): Grade 1 $2 million Breeders Cup Juvenile, colts and geldings 2-years-old, 1 1/16 miles. Winner: Storm the Court ($3.60)

Big races preview

A look at graded stakes or races worth $100,000 or more on Saturday. All times PST.

10:07 Santa Anita (1): Grade 3 Senator Ken Maddy Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 5 furlongs on turf. Favorite: Girls Know Best (9-5)

10:42 Santa Anita (2): $100,000 Damascus Stakes, 3 and up, 7 furlongs. Favorite: Flagstaff (6-5)

11:17 Santa Anita (3): $200,000 Twilight Derby, 3 and up, 1 1/8 miles on turf. Favorite: Nolde (7-2)

11:55 Santa Anita (4): Grade 1 $1 million Breeders Cup Filly and Mare Sprint, fillies and mares 3 and up, 7 furlongs. Favorite: Covfefe (2-1)

12:33 Santa Anita (5): Grade 1 $1 million Breeders Cup Turf Sprint, 3 and up, 5 furlongs on turf. Favorite: Eddie Haskell (9-2)

1:10 Santa Anita (6): Grade 1 $1 million Breeders Cup Dirt Mile, 3 and up, 1 mile. Favorite: Omaha Beach (8-5)

1:30 Aqueduct (9): Grade 3 $100,000 Turnback the Alarm Handicap, fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 1/8 miles. Favorite: Golden Award (5-2)

1:36 Churchill (5): $105,000 allowance/optional claimer, 3 and up, 1 1/16 miles. Favorite: Pioneer Spirit (5-2)

1:54 Santa Anita (7): Grade 1 $2 million Breeders Cup Filly and Mare Turf, fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 miles on turf. Favorite: Sistercharlie (8-5)

2:20 Woodbine (8): Grade 3 $125,000 Maple Leaf Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 miles. Favorite: Lift Up (2-1)

2:36 Santa Anita (8): Grade 1 $2 million Breeders Cup Sprint, 3 and up, 6 furlongs. Favorite: Mitole (9-5)

3:20 Santa Anita (9): Grade 1 $2 million Breeders Cup Mile, 3 and up, 1 mile on turf. Favorite: Circus Maximus (3-1)

3:42 Churchill (8): Grade 3 $200,000 Chilukki Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 mile. Favorite: Mylady Curlin (5-2)

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Racing! How about 45-1, 28-1 and 39-1 - Los Angeles Times

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Derek Owusu: Mental health issues that people find scary arent being talked about – The Guardian11.02.19

Derek Owusu was born in London in 1988. His new book, That Reminds Me, is published by Stormzys #Merky Books and is a novel-in-verse that explores identity, belonging, his experience of growing up in foster care, and his mental breakdown last year. Owusu edited the anthology Safe: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space (2019) and is a marketing executive for audio at Penguin Books.

How did That Reminds Me come about?I started writing it when I was in a mental health facility last year and I created the character of K to try to understand going through a breakdown. I started writing fragments of memory and initially it was going to be a poetry collection, and then it turned into something different. I sent it to Stormzys manager and she loved it. I wanted to convey the symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD). Before my BPD diagnosis, I just thought I was strange. My emotions were always fluctuating. I was often angry. When I was diagnosed it was a relief. Its important to share awareness with the people around you so they know what youre going through. The NHS have been amazing. They saved my life a couple of times.

Do you feel attitudes towards mens mental health are being destigmatised?I think were destigmatising particular mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. But then you dont get many men talking about personality disorders or schizophrenia. The mental health issues that people find scary arent talked about thats where the conversation needs to go.

The book explores memory through the form of novel-in-verseI wanted to make sure that memories were represented in the way I see them in fragments. I was reading Freud to try to understand memories, including The Uncanny. I did a lot of thinking and reading about psychoanalysis.

What are your early memories?I have happy memories of seven years in foster care in a village in Suffolk. It was a lot of fun. But when my mum collected me and brought me to live with my aunt in Tottenham that was traumatic. I remember starting to write stories in year 4. I wrote a 10-page story and the teacher looked at it and said your handwritings terrible, then she said it in assembly, and I stopped writing. I did a school talk in east London recently and said, stand up if you know anyone who has been affected by mental health, and 200 people stood up and I thought: Wow, I really needed to write this book.

You write about unconventional familiesFamily is very important to me as a Ghanaian but I wanted to turn what we know as a conventional family on its head. I think its hard for parents to see their children as three-dimensional, but I wanted to show how troubled children need to be treated like people. My mum is now 60 and trying to be my friend, which is great. Ks mother and my mum are quite similar in that the tenderness develops over time.

I was absolutely obsessed with the gym, now Im absolutely obsessed with reading.

How did you discover your love of literature?I didnt go to uni when I was 18. I thought I wasnt clever enough. I became a fitness instructor and then a personal trainer. I was training my cousin and he asked me why I didnt go to university. Then one day he came around to my house with his sister who got on my laptop and started writing my personal statement. A couple of weeks later, he packed my bags and drove me to Manchester where I studied at Manchester Met. I was studying exercise science but discovered literature I started going to the uni library and read the classics. I went through obsessions from Dickens to Maya Angelou. I fell in love with reading. I couldnt afford to change degree so used to sneak into English literature lectures at the University of Manchester. They were amazing. I would ask questions and people would look at me and think: who the hell is that? It was great fun.

Do you find reading and writing a form of mental exercise?Yes! I was absolutely obsessed with the gym, now Im absolutely obsessed with reading. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby. I even have a Gatsby tattoo. I also love Invisible Man. Its like a verse novel. I think my most natural form is the verse novel. I write poetry as well. For the past year, in my spare time Ive been doing the poetry circuit around London and Im hoping to release a poetry collection at some point. I have also started writing a full-length novel.

That Reminds Me is rich in Ghanaian folktale cultureI really wanted to incorporate a lot of that. Anansi is the god of stories - Im telling Anansi my story. I remember my aunt telling me some Anansi stories when I was 9 or 10, but I didnt take them in. In my 20s, I bought loads of Anansi books. History, folklore, and culture gives you pride and happiness through a sense of connection.

Tell me about the anthology you edited, Safe, and black British men reclaiming spaceIts about space to be human and let all of your multitudes shine. Black men are often seen in two-dimensional ways as historical racist ideas have been passed on, and the media doesnt help reinforcing these ridiculous stereotypes. We often conflate black British men with African men, and it was important to get nuances on paper.

How do you feel about space for black men in the literary world?I think more needs to be done. Theres Benjamin Zephaniah and Courttia Newland. But theres not enough. A lot of new writers are coming through independent publishers, not enough big publishers are publishing them. Who was the last black British male literary sensation in this country? Probably Caryl Phillips, and that was ages ago. I hope that this novel inspires other writers, and I hope it will encourage other publishers to take on writers who are more experimental. Because publishers are scared of being experimental.

Your next book, Teaching My Brother to Read, sounds fascinating could you tell me more about it?It was initially an idea for a podcast where I could spend some more time with my brother, whos 19, and pass on my love of literature. Ive tried to get him into books before, but he ended up crying after the first few pages of To Kill a Mockingbird not because he was moved, but because he was so angry that I was making him read! This time around Im offering him 50 per book and promised him no book will be more than 300 pages. The books Ive chosen are ones I feel he can benefit from. I raised my brother to the age of around 12. But I left to go to uni for three years and when I came back, he was a different person. I feel I have a responsibility to better his life and I truly believe literature is the way to do that.

That Reminds Me by Derek Owusu is published by Merky (12.99). To order a copy go to or call 020-3176 3837. Free UK p&p over 15, online orders only. Phone orders min p&p of 1.99.

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How the Boks coped with the nerve-wracking weirdness of final week – BizNews11.02.19

As the seconds tick by to the kick-off of the big game in rugbys ultimate contest, with the trophy tantalisingly within grasp, being a Bok means training, planning, and a quiet quest for distraction.

By KevinMcCallum

In the week before the 2007 Rugby World Cup final against England, Victor Matfield, Danie Rossouw, Fourie du Preez and Schalk Burger wanted to play golf. It had become their tradition during the tournament on their day off in the build-up before each of their matches.

They liked to get away from the bustle of Paris, out on to a course where they would not be disturbed and could spend a gentle four or five hours by themselves. But with the pressure of the final intensifying and stress levels high, Jake White, the Springbok coach, wasnt happy about it and told them on the Thursday before the final that they could not go.

He did not want the master of his lineouts, the general of the backline and two of the hardest loose forwards in world rugby to do anything that might risk their performance on Saturday.

But Boks being Boks, they decided that they would go anyway. They did not, said Matfield, want to break with tradition, and so they planned an escape to play the golf course at Disneyland. They got dressed in their golf clobber and headed down the passage to the lift of their hotel. A door opened. White walked out.

Matfield, Burger and Rossouw managed to hide around a corner, but Du Preez had no time. White saw his scrumhalf dressed in his golf kit, smiled and said nothing.

He probably didnt want to create unnecessary friction by making a big issue out of it, remembered Matfield in his autobiography. For some of us, a round of golf was an important way of preparing for a big game. It was an opportunity to get away from the pressures of training and it helped calm the nerves.

Read also: Kevin McCallum: The veteran Bok who could hold the key to victory in Yokohama

Tournaments, World Cups specifically, create a natural rhythm for all involved, from players to journalists to the fans. You build your days and weeks around matches, prepare to sneak out from work for the day to catch games. Braais and parties are planned not to interfere with match days. World Cups become part of our lives and we become part of the World Cup.

For those of us sportswriters who have been on tour with the Springboks, you search for a space and rhythm that will become your home away from home, your safe space that will allow you to deal with the intensity of ever-present deadlines.

In Paris at the beginning of the 2007 tournament we spent two weeks in Paris, at a budget hotel in Montmartre, 200-metres around the corner from the Moulin Rouge. There was an Irish bar close by called Corcorans and for a few days that became our place to shake off the day.

On a morning run up to the Sacre Coeur, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, from where you have the most magnificent views of the City of Lights, I jogged past a closed bar on the Rue Lepic. It was called the Lux Bar. It promised a happy hour of two hours where beers would cost just 3 for two, but only if you drank them standing up at the bar. You paid an extra 2 if you wanted a seat. The actor, Peter Ustinov, drank there.

Read also: Ancient score to be settled in Boks arm wrestle with England

The barman sported a tattoo of Elvis and played 50s and 60s rock n roll from his iPod. It was two hours away from the tournament, a place to recharge and smile. I missed it when we followed the Springboks south to Montpellier and Marseille.

But you can never totally break away from the rhythm and soul of a World Cup when you are in a country far from home. The final week is the strangest time, when you can see the end of it approaching fast and hard, and you arent entirely sure you want it to stop. It consumes you, fills you with a sense of being part of something great and wonderful.

The final week is one of nerves, anticipation and anxiety, when you seek some normality and distraction away from thinking what might be in the final. It is a week for golf at DisneyLand and beers at the Lux Bar.

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How the Boks coped with the nerve-wracking weirdness of final week - BizNews

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Furniture store of 45 years set to be transformed into health club – Somerset Live10.30.19

Plans have been submitted to open a health club in part of a building where a large furniture store traded in Bath for 45 years.

Applicant James Campbell is looking to open a 'health and wellness centre' at 73 Lower Bristol Road - where KK Bed and Furniture Centre sat until May.

Mr Campbell, a personal trainer and coach, is looking to change its use from a shop or financial service to 'leisure use'.

As part of his plans for Results Training (Bath) Limited, the health club will include physiotherapy, sports massage, Pilates, holistic treatments and other forms of coaching, such as nutrition, lifestyle and physical training.

On his application form to Bath and North East Somerset Council, it states: "The centre is based on providing educational services that will improve an individual's overall health both physically and mentally.

"Our environment will be inviting and promote relaxation, therefore, there will be no noise that interferes with this.

"Our hours of opening would primarily be 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, however, there will be private bookings for certain services that will extend these hours.

"As we are catering for individuals the footfall for our business and the use of this location will be minimal.

"The location is walking distance to Bath's cbd (central business district) and has several major public transport links nearby (Bath Spa and Oldfield Park train stations as well as the bus).

"There are also a number of public car parks within walking distance.

"The location will provide our customers with private parking that is to the rear of the property, however, we will also be looking to attract local businesses within walking distance as well as reconnecting with the local community we used to provide services for when (we were) located at Wansdyke Business Centre.

"There will be positive impacts on other local businesses and there may be some crossover in services we offer."

This application comes soon after Mr Campbell withdrew, without any explanation, an earlier incarnation of these plans last week.

Those less detailed plans for 'leisure use' were withdrawn and the details at the foot of the page on the application were blacked out for both the developer and the agent.

Now this newer, more detailed application has been submitted by Mr Campbell.

Tattoo artist, Jonathan Rawlingson, has applied to open a tattoo studio at 76A Lower Bristol Road - which is in the same building as 73.

After Philmark Estates Ltd successfully applied toreconfigure the retail spaceto encourage a variety of businesses to lease it, Mr Rawlingson, who runs J Rawlingson Tattooing LTD, has applied to do just that.

The planning application number for Mr Campbell's proposal is 19/04589/FUL.

The last day to have your say on these plans is November 18 and BANES has set a target decision date for December 20.

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