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These Color-Changing Tattoos Monitor Your Health, No Wearable Needed – Co.Design (blog)06.03.17

What if tattoos werent just decorative, but could conveyreal-time data about your body?

Thats the vision of theMIT Media Lab researcher Katia Vega, whose project DermalAbyss explores the possibilities of tattoos inked with biosensorsinstead of traditional ink. In collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Vega created three different types of biosensor inks that measure the shifts in interstitial fluid in your skin, changing color based on the levelsof glucose, sodium, or pH in your body.

[Image: Xin Liu/Katia Vega]Vega, who is a computer scientist by training and is currently opening a computer science department at Perus University of Engineering and Technology, believes the skin can act as a new kind of interface. Shes been researching what she calls beauty technology for seven years, combining cosmetics and electronics to create things like smart fake eyelashes, conductive makeup, and RFID-enabled nail polish.

But while these former projects enable wearers to interact with the outside world through different types of cosmetic interfaces, injecting biosensors below the skin allows Vega to connect internal biological processes with external interfaces.I wanted to go deeper, not just on the top of your epidermis, she says.

The applications are particularly intriguing in the area of health care. A diabetic patient with a biosensor tattoo that told them their glucose levels by changing between blue and brownwould eliminate the need for multiple dailyfinger-prick tests that are usually used tocheck blood sugar levels. A sodium biosensor tattoo that glows under UV light could be used to inform the wearer of the amount of water in their body, which could be particularly useful for dehydration and overhydration. pH levels might indicate general health, which might be of interest topeople who enjoy tracking their biodata. That tattoos could also provide a quick means of diagnosis when shown to a doctor.

Researchers are getting closer to turning the skin into an interface, while designers imagine what these interfaces might look like. Do they come in the form of a tattoo, like Vega suggests, or a temporary tattoo that doubles as a circuit? Do they act like a second skin? Will we use them to control our devices, or to better understand our bodies? Either way, theres a whole lot more to explore on the surface of our skin.

Katharine Schwab is a contributing writer at Co.Design based in New York who covers technology, design, and culture. Follow her on Twitter @kschwabable.


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These Color-Changing Tattoos Monitor Your Health, No Wearable Needed - Co.Design (blog)

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Manchester tattooist in Colchester, AK Alexander, hopes to raise … – Gazette06.02.17

A MANCHESTER tattooist who works in Colchester is inking people with the city's iconic bee to raise funds for the terror attack victims.

AK Alexander, based at Art & Soul Tattoo Studio in Crouch Street, has so far etched the Manchester worker bee on nine clients including herself.

Since the tragic events of May 22, it has become a symbol of solidarity.

Having joined the Manchester Tattoo Appeal, AK has raised 450 of her 1,000 target - and has just Saturday left for tattoos.

She said: "I was just about to go to bed when I saw the breaking news on my phone but they didn't know what it was.

"When the full news came out the next day, I just felt sick.

"I'm originally from Manchester which makes it all the more important to me.

"But on a human level we hear about these things all the time and I want to do something to help.

"Last week I did the tattoo on a lad from Manchester who was visiting relatives here and he took that back with him."

Ink- AK Alexander at work in Colchester

AK, 29, grew up in Sale, a town in the Trafford area of Manchester.

She left aged ten with her parents but still remembers the devastating June 1996 bombing carried out by the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

Hundreds of people were injured when the political group detonated a 1,500kg truck bomb in the city centre.

She said: "I heard the rumbling and felt the ground shake. It was terrifying.

"I was going to school football training on a Saturday morning.

"So to be anywhere near Manchester Arena when the explosion happened would have been horrific and I just need to do my bit."

AK Alexander will start working at 10am this Saturday.

To contact her for a booking, call 07850435502.

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Manchester tattooist in Colchester, AK Alexander, hopes to raise ... - Gazette

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Roughriders counting on Mighty Mouse to make big impact – CBC.ca06.02.17

Mighty Mouse was an animated character created in the 1940s.

He superpowers included flight, super strength, and invulnerability.

Chad Owens actually possesses none of the above, but he can do everything on a football field and he is only five-foot-eight, so the nickname fits.

"Mighty Mouse was my first tattoo and that was my nickname in high school,"said Owens, whose body is covered in tats from near head to toe.

If it takes a mouse to help the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2017, so be it.

"His ability to be both a returner and a main part of our offense is vital," said Riders' head coach and general manager, Chris Jones.

Perhaps Owens' presence on the field at Riders' training camp in Saskatoon has been overshadowed by quarterback Vince Young.

Even though Owens is considerable smaller and even older, his impact in the Riders' lineup could be enormous, provided the 35-year-oldisn't too far beyond his best before date.

"The guys say I look 25. I try my best to stay in shape, you look at Robbie Bagg, same thing right, take care of your body, eat right, exercise, be a pro in everything you do."

Owens is five years removed from a season untouched in professional football history

He set a record for all-purpose yards in 2012.

That's 3,863 yards worth of catching the ball, running the ball and returning the ball.

He was Mr. Everything for the Argos in a season they won the Grey Cup and Owens was named most outstanding player in the CFL.

But Owens hasn't played a full season since. Last year in his one and only season with Hamilton he played in twelve games.

"We all know there comes a point in time in every professional athlete's career that he's going to be done, but mentally and physically I still feel I'm not there yet."

The 'Mighty Mouse' tat was the first of many for Chad Owens. His brother-in-law is a tattoo artist in Hawaii. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

His commitment to being a pro applies to how he approaches a game as well.

"He has been there and done that so many times, he has almost a coach on the field mindset,"said special teams coach Craig Dickenson.

Dickenson saidhaving Owens as part of his unit allows him to focus on the other 11on the football field.

"Whatever guys are back there returning kicks (Owens) is talking about how to read the punter and tell if he's punting left or he's punting right, he's coaching those little details only experience gives you."

But with experience comes the mileage.

"He's not a kid anymore, he's got great experience but also his body has taken a lot of hits and a lot of wear and tear."

Dickenson saidthe plan to start the season will be to use Owens primarily as a returner and if there are injuries they will use him a little more on offense.

"We're taking it easy on him,I know he's kind of champing at the bit to get out there more, but we're going to be smart about how much we use him early and make sure he's playing his best football as the season goes," said Dickenson.

Owens said the hardest part of training camp was leaving his family in Mississauga, Ont.He will miss his youngest daughter's birthday. She turns nine on June 4.

"It was hard leaving, but once I got here you get into the swing of things at camp and all the guys, this is my new family, my mind is locked in,"said Owens.

"I'm just here to execute my role, whatever tha'ts going to be, to help this team. If that means being a full-time returner and a part time receiver I will be a full time leader."

Quarterback Vince Young had a better outing on Thursday putting himself back into the conversation about the backup job. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

After a poor showing on day four of training camp on Wednesday, quarterback Vince Young rebounded with an improved performance on Thursday.

"He just seemed a little bit more comfortable whether he woke up on the right side of the bed I don't know," said Chris Jones, who added Young looked very comfortable in the huddle and it may have been the play calling.

There was a collective gasp on the field late in Thursday's session when Brendon Labatte went down favouring his left ankle, but the veteran offensive lineman who missed most of last season due to injury was all smiles again after practice, saying he will be fine.

Day five of training camp is proving to be a painful day for Brendon LaBatte. He was also hurt on the fifth day a year ago. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

The Riders released one and added one prior to day five. Running back Daniel Thomas who was going through concussion protocol was taken off the roster. Jones didn't rule out the possibility of Thomas returning. The Riders also signed national defensive back Mike Dubuisson.

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Roughriders counting on Mighty Mouse to make big impact -

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The Secret To Becoming A Woman Leader In Medicine Involves Tattoos – HuffPost06.02.17

Back in medical school, I helped to organize a leadership retreat for women physicians-in-training. I had spent a tremendous amount of effort cold-emailing women doctors who embodied leadershipthrough vision, courage, influence, interesting career trajectoriesand to my amazement a good number had graciously agreed to join us.

On the opening day of the conference there we were: 20 or so female medical students, eager to inherit wisdom, sitting in a conference room just outside of DC where the buzz of (mostly male) politicians vibrated through the apparatus of our democracy, when the first speaker of the day arrived and started in on her talk. Gathering us around conspiratorially, she explained how she persevered to attend medical school over forty years ago, back when it was genuinely remarkable for a woman to do so. As a result of all her hard-won successes she had some advice for us. Advice that we were unlikely to hear from the establishment but that would help propel us as leaders in medicine to the upper echelons, where few women seemed to dwellto wherever it was that we wanted to go in our careers.

Advice like: Get your make-up tattooed on your face. It saves so much time!

I remember thinking that this advice, drawn out over the next ten horrifyingly animated minutes that covered topics including whether blush could realistically be achieved by tattoo technology, was almost Shakespearean in its refraction of issues related to the theater of gender and to the palpable undercurrents in all our lives related to resource allocation, power, and performed identity.

On the one hand, this advice represented a kind of repudiation of gender norms: if this is what society tells me I have to look like, well fine, Ill do it, but you cant make me really give a fuck.

Yet obviously, on the other hand it was a tacit, maybe even celebratory, acceptance of expectations around normative female beauty. Otherwise, why not just go without make-up? (Saves just as much time, and money too.)

Back then, as now, the double bind of gender struck me. Like most women (and many men too), I experience daily the ways that I modulate my tone, my language, my dress, my stance, even my internal sense of identity to fit into the varied professional landscapes that a woman with any interest in power and influence might navigate. These are issues taken up of late in Lean In type circles and long subject to feminist thinking historically.

But whats interesting to me now is that six years into being a physician and reflecting back on that advice I received maybe 10 years ago, Im struck by a far more prosaic fact, which is: tattooing your make up on is about time. Specifically, about saving it.

Time is not a quandary unique to women; we all labor, some would say quite equally, under its constraints. Yet it is fair to say that my own experience of timeand the demands upon itreflect problems that many women in medicine face uniquely. And these are problems born of and shaped by the sexism that is more broadly a product of patriarchy, and more specifically a product of the systems of Western medicine and medical training which traditionally have excluded women from their ranks.

The story of time, for me, has a lot to do with the fact that the period in my life requiring an extraordinary dedication to my training was also the period when I was desirous (and biologically capable) of generating a family.

I am not alone in this predicament; it turns out that your twenties and thirties are a really great time for women to have kids. I was blessed (a word I use in absolute seriousness, but also a hint of mom-sarcasm) to get pregnant in my intern year of residency, a child I then delivered in my second year. In my third year of residency I had another child. In my fourth year, I rested. By which I mean I worked full-time to finish residency and double-time to take care of my kids before and after those working hours. Altogether from maternity leave and a 3-month period of being at half-time status, my graduation was delayed by 6 months.

Hence time became my Shiva, the creator and the destroyer of my life. And the resting place of my soul came to be my google calendar, where it still resides.

For me, management of time came in many forms. It came in the form of my best friend in residency bringing me breakfast every morning for two months when I returned to work after my ten (generous!) weeks of maternity leave when my first child was born. These were the months that I would frantically, several times a day, run across the hospital and up two flights of stairs to the call rooms to pump, just hoping my let down would wait until the right moment when everything was precariously strapped on, while I typed notes on the computer to keep up with my work on the inpatient units. (This period didnt last long because, not unsurprisingly, its hard to keep up milk supply under these conditions.)

It came in the form of a thousand big and little choices, like where I shopped for food (the more expensive store that was on the way home), how I bought clothes (on Amazon or at Costco), what I read for fun (haha, nothing), whether I fell asleep or watched TV (fell asleep), or how often I took a shower (for posterity, I am withholding this information). Decisions about proximity of work, housing, and daycare were crucial: time commuting between the three cut into any morning preparations for the day or into evening family dinners, and represented countless potential lost snuggles.

Time is money, the saying goes. And while it is sometimes said that you cant buy time, this is both existentially true and pragmatically false. We were in the privileged position to buy time in myriad ways, by shopping at the more expensive store, by eventually hiring a (more than) full-time nanny, by using meal delivery services or ordering our food out, by living close to the university where I trained, by having someone clean our apartment once a week. These were luxuries afforded by my husbands salary, since my resident income was essentially taken up by childcare expenditures.

I often hesitate to tell this story, for several reasons. One is that privileged people exclaiming their challenges can be irritating; Id rather use my voice to highlight issues of more pressing need and voices that are under-emphasized. But also, its because I dont really want this issue of time and parenting and money to be a womans issue.

This was a point made persuasively by the president of the Association for Academic Surgery, Dr. Caprice Greenburg, in her recent lecture on the widespread biases and discrimination against women that remain in surgery. Conversations about the advancement of women in medicineand in spheres of power and influence more generallyneed to go beyond issues of childcare and maternity leave because these are actually needs that apply to men and women who jointly occupy roles as parents.

I agree with this, and I yearn for this post-gender, pro-parent world. But I also know that my own story of struggling to balance life and work (the most overemphasized calculus about which working women are interrogated ad nauseum), a story essentially about the management of my time and attention (or emotional energy), is a common one.

My solution to this problem, or at least my attempts at a solution, involved throwing money at it (see above) but also co-opting any hospital-wide survey as an opportunity to fill the free-text box at the end with some version of an all-caps rant explaining how WE NEED MORE INSTITUTION-SUPPORTED CHILDCARE SOLUTIONS THAT ARE CLOSE TO THE HOSPITAL, AFFORDABLE, AND FLEXIBLE!!! The poor people who were collecting answers to their survey about the parking structures on campus Im sure had a good laugh.

But I wonder sometimes if the solution is actually to have my make-up tattooed onto my face. I havent tried it yet, so it could be the thing thats holding me back. Ive definitely considered the proposition favorably in recent months after my three-year-old got into my cosmetic bag and turned my bathroom pink.

While a part of me begrudges the advice to make permanent the double standard of gender performance on my own face, another part of me feels the deepest of empathy toward all the women who invoke their big and little hacks to maximize their greatest resource: the time weve been given to be on this earth, and how we distribute that time among our many loves, passions, and values. I salute you. I, for one, plan to use the time I save in not showering every day toward getting one more snuggle in with my kids in the morning, and then going to work and changing the culture of medicine for the better.

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The Secret To Becoming A Woman Leader In Medicine Involves Tattoos - HuffPost

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Are you eligible? Met Police announces Londoners with no experience can apply to be a detective – News Shopper05.31.17

For the first time in UK policing history, Londoners entering the force can become a detective constable immediately after initial training.

People who want to get straight into solving criminal cases can now skip the two-year probation period when officers are assigned community duties in their area.

Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman, lead for the detective recruitment programme, said: London continues to change and so do its criminals.

Increasing complex crimes such as cyber-criminality and the pressing need to protect vulnerable people mean our investigators need to develop new expertise.

To meet these challenges and to face future threats, the Met will need to equip its officers, present and future, with the right skills and capabilities. We will need to ensure we are even more innovative in the way we recruit, and that we look and feel like the Londoners we serve.

Heres what you need to apply:

Academic qualifications

You will need to hold a degree level qualification and pass the National Investigators Exam within 12 months of joining.

You will also need to complete a two-year development programme before becoming a substantive detective constable- not a trainee.


You must be over 18 to apply and 57 or under.

Cautions, convictions and vetting

Ideally, you should not have any criminal convictions but depending on the offence and age you were at the time, it may not be an issue.

If you do not state you have a conviction and you do, the application may simply be refused.

Substance misuse

This is an absolute no-no. According to the Met: This contradicts everything the role of a police officer stands for - if you are currently using any illegal drugs, this will rule you out of the recruitment process automatically.

Health and fitness

The Met state you do not need to be an Olympic athlete to apply but you must be able to cope with the physical and mental demands of the job. Applicants will be individually assessed for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, stress, anxiety, depression, or severe allergy.

No visible tattoos

Anyone will a face or hand tattoo will not be accepted. Anyone who has a tattoo which could be offensive to any religion or belief, or is in any way discriminatory, violent or intimidating, will not be accepted.


You will need to have lived in London within the geographical area covered by the Met for at least three of the last six years to be eligible to apply.

Other applications

Unsurprisingly, you can only serve on one police force at a time and if you have applied to another and were refused in the last six months, your application will be rejected.

Eyesight Requirements

The standard you need to meet either with or without spectacles or contact lenses is:

Distance vision

6/12 or better with either your right or left eye

6/6 with both eyes together

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you also need to reach 6/36 without your spectacles or lenses.

Near vision

6/9 with both eyes together [aided].

Colour vision

The use of colour correcting lenses is not acceptable. Severe colour vision deficiencies (monochromacy) are not acceptable. Mild anomalous trichromacy is acceptable. Severe anomalous dichromacy or trichromacy is also acceptable but you will need to be aware of the deficiency and make appropriate adjustments.

Financial Position

You must not be under pressure from debts or liabilities and should be able to manage loans and debts sensibly.


If you're from outside the EEA, it is essential that you have leave to enter or to remain in the UK for an indefinite period.

Business interest

You must declare any other employment or business interests you intend to maintain.

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Are you eligible? Met Police announces Londoners with no experience can apply to be a detective - News Shopper

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Local body builder training for world championships – San Antonio Express-News (subscription)05.31.17

San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
Local body builder training for world championships
San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
You may not want to look like the guy with thighs bigger than your torso or the women with biceps big enough for a tattoo of the entire Spanish Armada, but you have to appreciate their dedication. A successful bodybuilder isn't muscular and nothing else.

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Local body builder training for world championships - San Antonio Express-News (subscription)

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For Anthony Brown, chip on shoulder will live on forever – ESPN (blog)05.31.17

FRISCO, Texas -- The Instagram post has since been deleted, but if you Google Anthony Brown and tattoo, the photo can be easily traced.

The Dallas Cowboys cornerback opted to symbolize the chip he carries on his shoulder as a sixth-round pick in 2016 with a tattoo of a potato chip and the number 189, his draft slot.

The reaction was not what Brown was expecting. Perhaps he could have come up with a different sort of visual. Maybe just the 189 would have been a more suitable reminder. But he has no regrets.

Man, that was over a month and a half ago, Brown said. Im over that.

While somewhat anonymous internet posters had their fun saying things online they likely never would have said directly to Brown, the tattoos message was to remind himself of where he came from.

If I got it tatted, Brown said, Im going to carry it forever, so of course Im going to carry it. Always.

Thats what should be remembered most about Browns journey. Hes far from the only player to use his draft status as motivation.

Orlando Scandrick was a fifth-round pick in 2008 by the Cowboys. He still plays with a chip on his shoulder as he enters his 10th season. Jason Witten can recite the exact order of the tight ends selected before the Cowboys took him with the 69th pick in 2003: Dallas Clark (No. 27, Indianapolis Colts), Bennie Joppru (No. 41, Houston Texans), L.J. Smith (No. 61, Philadelphia Eagles), Teyo Johnson (No. 63, Oakland Raiders).

Witten is entering his 15th season.

As for Brown and the tattoo, the corner said, It was just something that came in my head."

A year ago, few people knew who Brown was other than the basics: played at Purdue, grew up in Florida as a Cowboys fan, ran a 4.32-second 40-yard dash. The Cowboys felt fortunate to be able to select him in the sixth round; they had him graded higher than Round 6. In his first training camp practice, he intercepted Tony Romo. He ended up playing in every game and starting nine, with Morris Claiborne and Scandrick battling injuries.

Brown finished with 56 tackles, two tackles for loss, one interception, eight pass deflections and a forced fumble. He played outside cornerback. He played in the slot. He hardly played like a sixth-round pick.

Part of the reason the Cowboys opted to not make big bids to keep Claiborne or Carr was their belief in Brown.

A year ago at this time, Brown found himself swimming in information and wondering where he was going.

OTAs from last year and this year, its much different, Brown said. Its slowed down so much for me. I went from rookie to veteran like overnight, and Im going to embrace the role and make the guys look up to me.

The Cowboys selected three cornerbacks in the draft:

awuzie">Chidobe Awuzie in the second round, Jourdan Lewis in the third and Marquez White in the sixth. But Brown has the experience from last year and the confidence of the coaches.

I knew they were drafting corners, Brown said. I mean, we didnt have any corners. I knew corners would come sooner or later. Im glad the guys are here so we can get better. Get those guys up to speed, and well be ready.

This year, Brown said, the game has slowed down for him. He understands route concepts better. He knows how to play with better leverage and knows where his help is. He said he can breathe.

But not so much that the chip on his shoulder will disappear.

Not when the Cowboys selected three corners.

It brings more competition, he said. It brings more depth. It brings everything we need. You need competition to get better, so, I mean, I embrace it.

Excerpt from:
For Anthony Brown, chip on shoulder will live on forever - ESPN (blog)

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NDA cadets’ daredevilry on display at tattoo show – Pune Mirror05.30.17

The National Defence Academy held its 132nd convocation ceremony on Monday, where the cadets displayed their skills at Bombay Stadium on the NDA campus.

The tattoo show involved cadets displaying combat skills and techniques followed by an infantry platoon in assault mode. The show was also supported by skydiving carried out by the Akashganga team of the Indian Air Force (IAF) consisting of parachute jump instructors from the Parachute Training School in Agra who displayed combat freefall. This year, the institute tightened the academic threshold by keeping five final grade point average (FGPA) as the passing limit compared to the earlier three FGPA.

Addressing the cadets, Maharashtra Governor Vidyasagar Rao said, The institute has provided with more than 35,000 personnel who have served the nation till now. The cadets are well worthy of the appreciation today after three years of relentless efforts.

A total of 308 cadets passed out this year

See the article here:
NDA cadets' daredevilry on display at tattoo show - Pune Mirror

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Rare footage of Vernon Army Camp, 1956, uncovered – Vernon Morning Star05.30.17

This screen shot showing cadets marching up 32nd Street past the old Graces Dairy Drive-In (now Jims Pizza) to the Vernon Army Camp is taken from a recently discovered 1956 colour film about the camp. (photo submitted)

Christmas came early for Francois Arsenault.

The Vernon resident is the volunteer museum curator at the Vernon Cadet Training Centre (Vernon Army Camp) as well as the volunteer historian for the Army Cadet League of Canada.

On a recent trip to Ottawa for the Army Cadet Leagues annual general meeting, Arsenault discovered a box of 16mm film. The markings on the films were vague but two of the reels said Vernon in 1956.

The hair on my neck stood up, said Arsenault, 54, a documentary cameraman who attended the Vernon Army Camp as a teenager. The footage was a major surprise to me. We know the majority of it is shot at the army camp. It is absolutely the most amazing footage.

The silent film was digitized and edited into one quality film that totals one hour and 13 minutes in length, and covers the summer of 1956 at the Vernon Army Camp, where the Western Command Trades Training Camp had been operational since 1949.

In 1956, some 1,700 cadets from B.C. and Alberta attended for the six weeks of annual training.

The film begins with a couple of cadets saying goodbye to their families in Vancouver. Two CPR cadet trains transported the cadets, one from Vancouver, the other from Alberta. It shows a convoy escort by military police happening through the streets of Vernon to the army camp; cadets being fitted and getting their dress kits and making their cots.

It captures the Saturday morning weekly cadet parade at Dieppe Square; lunch being served by camp staff in one of three mess halls; training life featuring drills and calisthenics.

The film shows competition among cadets at the North Okanagan Regatta on Okanagan Lake, at Paddlewheel Park, where theres an actual diving board (with diving events), and lanes roped off for swimming races. It shows cadets at Kal Lake, where you can clearly see the old diving tower at the end of Rotary Pier, and also at Fraser Lodge at Sugar Lake near Cherryville.

It also captures some spectacular footage of what Vernon looked like in the mid-1950s.

Views from the camp show no homes in what is now the Foothills, as well as the Coldstream Valley and Middleton Mountain; some bare land on East Hill.

In-town shots feature legendary Main Street hangout Nicks Kandy Kitchen, Nolans Drugs and the old Allison Hotel, on the corner of 30th Avenue and 30th Street, which had a sign on the 30th Street side of its building plugging events at the Civic Arena complete with a northbound pointing neon arrow.

In the film, the sign promotes the Cadet Farewell to take place at the arena.

There is also footage of a cadet track meet and parade at Polson Park, featuring the old wooden grandstand, and the practice of the Searchlight Tattoo, an event held south of the camp at a natural amphitheatre setting near what is now the Allan Brooks Nature Centre.

And everything on the film is shot in glorious Kodachrome colour.

Its (film) 61 years old and its meticulous, said Arsenault. Theres no fading. This film needed no fixing. Theres no scratches.

Theres maybe been a half-dozen showings. This has never been seen in public.

So who shot the film?

There are no credits. No clues in the box. Arsenault believes the film was shot by either local photographer Doug Kermode, or Capt. Campbell (Cammie) LeBlond, the man who inspired Arsenault, as a teen, to pick up a camera. Arsenault is leaning towards LeBlond, the official camp photographer from 1951-1981.

I recognize his style, and its shot at the barracks where he would have had access, said Arsenault, a native a of Calgary who attended the Vernon Army Camp in the summers of 1978, 1979 and 1980 as a member of the #1955 Service Battalion Army Cadet Corps out of Calgary.

Im still friends to this day with friends I made at the army camp, said Arsenault, who, along with his wife, moved to Vernon four years, buying a lot and building a home in the Foothills with a view of surprise the army camp.

Arsenault produced annual documentaries on the army camp from 1994-2007, save for 1997 when he was in Bosnia, and taught military history at the camp from 1998-2007.

The 1956 film can be viewed above.

Continue reading here:
Rare footage of Vernon Army Camp, 1956, uncovered - Vernon Morning Star

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Andy Burnham hails Manchester’s ‘phenomenal’ spirit as Victoria rail station reopens after bombing – Evening Standard05.30.17

Andy Burnham hailed Manchester's "phenomenal" spirit as a rail station close to the scene of last week's terror attack reopened for the first time since the blast.

Mr Burnham and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling were among those who laid wreaths at Victoria station as trains resumed on Tuesday morning.

The station, which is attached to Manchester Arena where Salman Abedi killed 22 people in a suicide bombing, shut to allow a forensic search of the area.

Mr Burnham said: "The response has been truly phenomenal from everybody.

Commuters at the station, which reopened today (Owen Humphreys/PA )

"We've seen the best of our people, the best of our public services, the whole place has pulled together and helped everybody through what has been our darkest week.

"You do see the best of people at moments like this and I think that gives us all something to cling on to in what is a very difficult time and remains so."

He added: "What's been extraordinary for me is to see the true character of the place and the people at its most intense way and it's made me so proud actually.

"I want to capture this spirit we have had in the city, this togetherness, and use that to pull communities together to then do a better job of tackling extremism."

Mr Burnham said he will not be joining thousands of others ingetting a bee tattoo inked in a symbol of solidarity.

Asked if he would get the tattoo, Mr Burnham said: "Not just yet and (it's) possibly unlikely to happen.

"But I think that's been one of the defining moments of the week.

"Even the tattoo artists have played their part in rebuilding the spirit, and that's fantastic."

British Transport Police Chief Constable Paul Crowther said he was "incredibly proud" of the police response at Victoria station in the immediate aftermath of the blast.

He said: "Like many others, their first instinct was to go into the scene - they did a fantastic job.

"It never ceases to amaze me how police officers and others in public service step forward into danger when others are fleeing.

"I know they did their very best for the people they tended to."

Liam Sumpter, managing director of Northern Trains, which run out at Manchester Victoria, said 15 members of staff were among those first on the scene.

He said: "They provided first aid and comfort to those victims without any thought to their own safety and without any training in that sort of response.

"When they first got there the scene they described was foggy, but with walking wounded.

"There was some suggestion there might be a secondary device or at least [police] wanted to make the area safe, so they instructed everybody to leave the area.

"But my team refused to do that. Their dedication and bravery in doing that was solely because they couldn't leave people who were injured.

"Many of them had been on shift for 10 or 12 hours before that, and they stayed on shift providing support to the many dedicated emergency service personnel who arrived on scene.

"I'm very proud of everyone. It's just indicative of how everyone responded."

Meanwhile, hundreds of mourners paid an emotional tribute to the victims of the terror attack on Monday night, exactly a week after the attack.

People of all ages stood alongside each other in quiet contemplation shortly after 10.30pm at St Ann's Square, the site that has become the unofficial memorial site for those killed and injured in the blast.

The vigil, illuminated by the gentle light from hundreds of tea candles, was a moment of quiet reflection for a city united in grief.

At a vigil earlier in the day, an impromptu rendition of Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis broke out.

The Oasis classic has become an anthem adopted by the public in response to the bombing at Ariana Grande's concert Manchester Arena on May 22.

Mr Burnham said it was the people and their songs, rather than politicians and "people in suits", who would define Manchester's response to the tragedy.

But the former Labour MP ruled out being the next of the city's citizen to get a bumblebee tattoo.

Tattoo parlours across Manchester have been deluged by people asking for inkings of the city's distinctive insect emblem since the bombing.

Artists have offered free tattoos of the bee with a minimum donation of 50 to a JustGiving page set up to support victims' families.

But the 47-year-old politician said he was "unlikely" to be among the growing numbers to proudly display the body art.

He joked: "Not just yet and [it's] possibly unlikely to happen.

"But I think that's been one of the defining moments of the week.

"Even the tattoo artists have played their part in rebuilding the spirit, and that's fantastic."

The history of the insect as a motif for Manchester dates back to the Industrial Revolution, when the city was at the centre of textile manufacturing. It is believed the busy workers in the mills were commonly compared to bees in their hives.

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