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Global Tattoo Inks Market – Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities During the Forecast period, 2018-2026 – – Yahoo Finance11.26.19


The "Tattoo Inks Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2026" report has been added to's offering.

Tattoo ink is a product that is used to make a tattoo. It generally comprises pigments, a dissolvent, additives, and contaminants. Pigments are micro- or nano-particulate elements, typically produced from a single chemical substance. A pigment imparts color to the tattoo ink. A dissolvent, also called a dispergent, is the medium in which pigments are dissolved. The dissolvent maintains the liquid consistency of the tattoo ink. Additives are chemical substances added to the tattoo ink and their purpose is to preserve the consistency of the tattoo ink.

The report analyzes and forecasts the tattoo inks market at the global and regional levels. The market has been projected in terms of volume (metric tons) and value (US$ Mn) from 2018 to 2026. The study includes drivers and restraints of the global tattoo inks market. It also covers the expected impact of these drivers and restraints on the demand for tattoo inks during the forecast period. The report also highlights growth opportunities for the tattoo inks market at the global and regional levels.

The report provides the estimated market size (in terms of value and volume) of the global tattoo inks market for the base year 2017 and forecast for the period from 2018 to 2026. The market size and forecast for each segment have been provided for the global and regional markets.

Key Takeaways

Key Topics Covered:

1. Preface

1.1. Market Definition and Scope

1.2. Market Segmentation

1.3. Key Research Objectives

1.4. Research Highlights

2. Assumptions and Research Methodology

2.1. Report Assumptions

2.2. Secondary Sources & Acronyms Used

2.3. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary: Global Tattoo Inks Market

4. Market Overview

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Market Dynamics

4.3. Porters Five Forces Analysis

4.4. Regulatory Landscape

4.5. Value Chain Analysis

4.6. Tattoo Inks Market: SWOT Analysis

4.7. Global Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2026

5. Global Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast, by Type

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Global Tattoo Inks Market Volume (Metric Tons) and Value (US$ Mn) Forecast, by Type, 2017-2025

5.3. Global Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness, by Type, 2017

6. Global Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast, by Pigment

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Global Tattoo Inks Market Volume (Metric Tons) and Value (US$ Mn) Forecast, by Pigment, 2016-2026

6.3. Global Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness, by Pigment, 2017

7. Global Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast, by Region

7.1. Key Findings

7.2. Global Tattoo Inks Market Volume (Metric Tons) and Value (US$ Mn) Forecast, by Region, 2017-2026

7.3. Global Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness, by Region, 2017

8. North America Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast

8.1. Key Findings

8.2. North America Tattoo Inks Market Overview

8.3. North America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Type, 2017-2026

8.4. North America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Pigment, 2017-2026

8.5. North America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Country, 2017-2026

8.6. North America Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness Analysis, 2017

9. Europe Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast

9.1. Key Findings

9.2 Europe Tattoo Inks Market Overview

9.3. Europe Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Type, 2017-2026

9.4. Europe Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Pigment, 2017-2026

9.5. Europe Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Country and Sub-region, 2017-2026

9.6. Europe Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness Analysis, 2017

10. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast

10.1. Key Findings

10.2. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Overview

10.3. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Type, 2017-2026

10.4. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Pigment, 2017-2026

10.5. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Country and Sub-region, 2017-2026

10.6. Asia Pacific Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness Analysis, 2017

11. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast

11.1. Key Findings

11.2. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Overview

11.3. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Type, 2017-2026

11.4. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Pigment, 2017-2026

11.5. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Country and Sub-region, 2017-2026

Story continues

11.6. Latin America Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness Analysis, 2017

12. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Analysis and Forecast

12.1. Key Findings

12.2. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Overview

12.3. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Type, 2017-2026

12.4. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Pigment, 2017-2026

12.5. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Forecast, by Country and Sub-region, 2017-2026

12.6. Middle East & Africa Tattoo Inks Market Attractiveness Analysis, 2017

13. Competition Landscape

13.1. Competition Matrix

13.2. Competitive Business Strategies

13.3. Company Profiles

13.3.1. Intenze Tattoo Ink

13.3.2. Eternal Ink, Inc.

13.3.3. Millennium Colors, Inc.

13.3.4. Alla Prima Ink

13.3.5. Bloodline Tattoo Ink

13.3.6. StarBrite Colors Tattoo Ink

13.3.7. Kuro Sumi

13.3.8. Radiant Colors

13.3.9. Sacred Color

13.3.10. Dynamic Color

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Global Tattoo Inks Market - Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities During the Forecast period, 2018-2026 - - Yahoo Finance

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Tattoos remind Cauley-Stein of what he’s trying to achieve – NBCSports.com11.26.19

SAN FRANCISCO In a season of lessons learned but not always remembered by the Warriors, Chris Paul dropped one on Ky Bowman Monday night that will stay with him forever.

With four minutes remaining and the Warriors leading the Thunder by 10, the game shifted into the finishing phase, signifying that its conclusion naturally dictated by the point guards.

The Warriors had Bowman, an undrafted rookie all of 22 years old.

The Thunder were riding with Paul, a nine-time NBA All-Star and veteran of 102 playoff games.

Even though much of the night Bowman held his own, sometimes getting the better of Paul, this is where experience matters. There is hoping, and there is knowing. There is getting there, and there is been there, done that. Even in Chase Center, home of the Warriors, the fourth quarter of a close game is Pauls turf.

Its hard with a guy like that, who knows the game and knows how to get late fouls, Bowman says after a 100-97 loss.

Chris has been closing games for a decade-plus, and doing it better than just about anybody, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

On cue, Paul nails a 3-pointer with 3:01 remaining to slice the Warriors lead to seven, 97-90.

Bowman misses a layup in traffic, with Paul getting the rebound, only to have Danilo Gallinari throw a pass out of bounds. Turnover, ball back to the Warriors.

With 2:23 remaining, Bowman misses a floater, again in traffic, the rebound again to Paul. He flips a pass to Dennis Schroder, who drills a triple. Assist to Paul. Its 97-93 with 2:17 remaining and the sellout crowd, so ecstatic two minutes earlier, is turning anxious and restless. They sense whats coming.

The Warriors commit two fouls in eight seconds, the first assessed to forward Eric Paschall and the second to Bowman. No matter. Paul misses a jumper, but OKC center Steven Adams snags the rebound and is fouled by Willie Cauley-Stein.

Adams makes one of two free throws, and its 97-94 with 1:32 remaining.

The next Warriors possession never materializes. Alec Burks tosses a lazy inbounds pass, intended for Bowman, that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander swipes and races to the rack for a bucket. Its a one-point game, 1:22 remaining.

Nerves are flaring up. Minds, at least some of them, are getting cluttered. This especially applies to the Warriors, who are learning on the job. Theyre the kids, and the Thunder is taking to them like men.

Enter Paul. As a former member of the once-detested Clippers, who then landed with even more abhorred Rockets, CP3 is a longtime enemy of the Warriors. Fans at Chase dont care that he is with the foundering Thunder and there are no playoff implications to this game. Theyre serenading him with boos every time he touches the ball.

Pauldrains a 19-foot fadeaway, giving OKC the lead, 98-97, for the first time since the first quarter and leaving 36.8 seconds on the clock.

The Warriors have two more possessions. Bowman has two more chances. Both fail, one crunched by the clock after considerable dribbling, the other a hurried 3-pointer by Jordan Poole that is sent away by Gilgeous-Alexander.

The Warriors leave the court in defeat.

Thats something we are going to look back on, just the last three minutes, Bowman says. We had it in our hands. Just knowing as a guard to try to get good plays, good shots. Some of the shots came on too fast.

There were quick shots. Poor shots. Contested shots. Dribbling that led to nothing. There were defensive miscues. This was a game the Warriors gave away.

More than anything, I just feel sick for our guys, because they continue to compete and work, Kerr says. They deserve better. But, on the other hand, we werent good enough to close the game out, so we didnt deserve to win.

Kerr adds that Bowman was brilliant, when he was for most of the night. Playing 39 minutes, he finishes with 24 points, five assists, three steals and one turnover.

Which doesnt mollify his despair.

It hurts, losing. Thats the hardest thing, he says. Going back to that locker room after being up by 10. Its just tough. Having to sleep on that loss is going to be a hard thing.

To know that we had it in our hands against veteran guys . . . just learning from experience. Were young. Were getting better each day. Were becoming more of a team as we go on.

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Tattoos remind Cauley-Stein of what he's trying to achieve -

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Why K-Pop Stars Cover Their Tattoos – INKED11.26.19

Korean Pop, better known as K-Pop, is taking over the world. It seems like every day that some group such as BTS or BlackPink is trending on Twitter, and even those who aren't into the genre tend to have some idea of who's who in the K-Pop world.

Korean pop groups are made for the consumer, and the consumers have a tendency to really love the artists. In fact, K-Pop stans can be kind of scary when they get upset, and traditionally have had a lot of say over what their idols can or can't do. Not only are K-Pop groups controlled by the wants of labels and fans, they're also controlled by strict Korean laws that dictate their physical appearance including their clothing and tattoos. Let's investigate some of the craziest rules K-Pop stars have to follow.

No Tattoos: While K-Pop stars are technically allowed to have tattoos, Korean television has yet to catch up with the trends and there are laws banning the showing of tattoos on screen. This is why you so often see K-Pop artists such as Block B's Taeil in oversized sweaters and covering their tattoos with tape. Not only that, but doctors are the only people who are legally allowed to tattoo, which makes getting a tattoo from an artist technically illegal in Korea, although there are still plenty of artists working underground.

Dieting: It's been documented that K-Pop stars have to adhere to strict and insanely intense diets. These diets have included being permitted to eat nothing but chicken, water and almonds, and having to work out on top of consuming such a small number of calories. It's been questioned by many whether or not these intense diets are healthy, and with names including "the deadly diet," it's easy to see why.

No Dating: Another strict rule is that there is no dating for some K-Pop stars, and not just no dating to avoid upsetting fans. No dating as in many stars have signed contracts explicitly prohibiting them from openly dating while signed with their label. Fans can have poor reactions to stars dating, and that can lead to poor sales, so labels do what they can to avoid this situation.

Changes: As K-Pop reaches further across the globe fans are beginning to see big changes in the industry. Body positive movements and the acceptance of tattoos are making it easier for stars to decide what happens with their own being, but until broadcast laws are changed it seems that the tape will still stick. As fans respect their idols more, they are also demanding labels to do the same and treat artists with respect and dignity.

Would you be willing to be a K-Pop star under these clauses? Or do you believe that the regulations on star's bodies is overstepping boundaries?

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Why K-Pop Stars Cover Their Tattoos - INKED

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Research well ahead of getting a Body art done, says renowned tattoo artist Aakash Chandani – Deccan Herald11.26.19

Tattoos are huge craze when it is concerned to millennials. Almost every other youth wants to get body art done. But most of the people generally follow simple rule that is either getting tattooed from where some of their friend has got it done or getting some interesting design somewhere from the internet and getting it done from nearest tattoo parlour.

But for all those, who want the body art done for the first time or for even those who already have, and going to have a new one, for right advice we recently met very well recognized ink artist Aakash Chandani and tried to understand what are the things one must take care of before getting this permanent marking on one's body.

Aakash has many valuable things to elaborate about the art, its impact and things everyone should take care of before getting inked.What are tattoosAakash says that, before getting inked one must understand that tattoos are permanent marking made on the second layer of the skin with the help of needles and ink, this marking will be there on your body for life time, removing it is actually very difficult and painful job, So decide well ahead before you actually get a tattoo. The decision should not be based on trends or just craze for few days.

Research well ahead:Ones you have decided that you really want this permanent marking, search the various types of designs that are available, scroll through the Internet and various social media app. Do not run after the trends, get the advice from expert and get a customized tattoo that suits your personality, Prefer not to tell the artist to imitate some other artist's work as each artist puts lots of effort to develop their own designs and none like their work to be copied or to copy someones work.

Aakash has a sincere advice to all the youngsters ' Please avoid getting name of your partner as tattoo' He further elaborates that please do not use any designs, which you might have to regret later,And moreover there are many other ways to express your love and dedication, You just dont need to show off by inking someones name on your body. He adds that most of the time it is difficult to remove or cover-up such tattoos.

Ones you have zeroed in on design, search a good tattoo artist, an expert. Aakash says 'Every artist has his/her specific forte, search social media , go through profile of various tattoo artist, and select the one who is an expert in type of theme or design you want. He further says that do not go to a random artist just to save little money, you might regret it later, as similar designs made by just another artist and an expert have very visible difference.

For beginners, he has a sincere advice Try to select the minimalist and small design for your first tattoo, as most first timers find it difficult to bear the pain and large sessions of bigger designs. A tattoo artist puts lots of hard work to put his piece of art on you, and if you tell him to leave his work in between, it could be quite demotivating for him/her.

Next most important point which is extremely important is deciding a tattoo studio, visit the studio before getting tattooed and observe their hygiene , the entire environment of the studio has to be very hygienic, as,if you dont take care of this aspect you may develop serious skin allergies or infections.

To go/Not to go for color tattoos:Aakash suggest that unless and until you have very fair tone of skin do not go for colour tattoos, as the design that you have opted might not look similar on brown or dark tones of skin, and moreover the colors' impact fades over the time, so go for a single color tattoo preferably.Work Or Profession:There are few profession where tattoos are not appreciate or even accepted, so if you are in any of such profession, get the tattoo in the covered area, such as t-shirt area, where it is not visible outside says Aakash. For youngsters my advice is do think before getting body art done specially if you are planning for a career in armed forces or airlines. Tattoos are prohibited in this profession, you can not join armed force if you have tattoo.

Forbidden Areas:If you ask for suggestion from me or any good tattoo artist, its same dont go for tattoos on area such as under the eye, forehead or neck or any of private area of body And if you are going to be inked for first time please dont go for areas like, Near elbow, knee or any area which has very less flash, as these are the area where it pains more.

Adhere to guidelines:Aakash says it is very necessary to follow all the guidelines before getting tattooed. Get your blood sugar level checked as tattooed are not allowed for diabetic person. Do not consume alcohol atleast for 24 hours before you are planning to get inked, as it may lead to excess bleeding and also have your stomach full. Apart from this there are many other guidelines that tattoo artist will inform you, Follow them strictly

Post Tattoo Care:Post Tattoo Care is as important as we following the guidelines before getting tattooed. Atleast for 15 days you need to take all the precautions otherwise you may get allergies or infectionsThese are few expert advice from Aakash, Everyone should follow them so that your first tattoo experience is a thing to remember for you rather than being a nightmare.

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Research well ahead of getting a Body art done, says renowned tattoo artist Aakash Chandani - Deccan Herald

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I travel the world getting tattoos and I’m Jewish – it’s not a contradiction – JTA News11.26.19

SAN DIEGO (JTA) Im lying on my side on the first floor of a nondescript low-rise residential tower in Tokyo meditating on the fact that pain is finite. Theres an odd sound in the air, reminiscent of blunt-edged safety scissors cutting into thick construction paper.

As an adult, my connection to Judaism has largely been a spiritual and cultural one rather than religious. Part of that is embracing other people and cultures from around the world, and understanding their own beliefs and traditions and theres no better way to begin understanding than to partake in something yourself.

Whenever I travel, I get tattooed, making for an incredible cultural experience not to mention a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

My first tattoo was a Star of David, received mere days after turning 18 while attending New York University. My thought process was that my parents couldnt be that mad at me if I got a Jewish tattoo, right?

Ah, the naivete of youth. Theyve since come around to the tattoo-touting tendencies of their son though as theyve come to understand more about what it means and why I pursue it.

Im well aware that religious Jewish law forbids tattoos, but my journey to getting inked actually has an intrinsic connection to my Judaism.

For 18-year-old me, the Star of David was a purposefully ironic call back to the tattooed numbers of identification forced upon prisoners in concentration camps during the Holocaust, as well as the yellow Stars of David that Jewish people were compelled to wear on their clothing as a means of persecution by the Nazis.

These Jewish badges were meant to shame the wearer, to mark them so that everyone could know who they were and could treat them accordingly. Some six decades later, I wanted to broadcast to the world that I was proud to be Jewish. Here it is on my body for all to see, and I dare anybody to take issue with what it means or who I am.

Traveling for tattoos to explore culture and traditions around the world

That rhythmic noise I was hearing in Tokyo was artist Horimitsu performing a traditional tebori, or hand-carving tattoo, along the upper half of my right arm. That would make my skin the construction paper in this analogy, and far from a pair of safety scissors, the tool hes wielding is a narrow wooden stick affixed with a tight grouping of needles.

Hori indicates that hes a master of this craft, having learned the trade by apprenticing under his master, Horitoshi, for many years. He gave me a tebori tattoo of the Amida Buddha, also known as Amitabha or the Buddha of Infinite Light.

This was the first time I had purposefully headed halfway around the world to come back with an irreplaceable keepsake, a memory I would keep forever emblazoned on my body. Traditional Japanese tattoos, called irezumi, are deeply layered with meaning, with Amida representative of traits such as compassion, wisdom and forgiveness, often paired with a lotus flower depicting purity and enlightenment.

These are all qualities I strive for, even if I often come up short, and those of the Amida also overlap to a great degree with what were taught it means to be Jewish. The tattoo, I hope, ties me to those ideals, while having it performed via tebori by a respected master of the craft in Japan helped me connect more deeply to the meaning and the process.

In another instance, my tattoo wanderlust took me to New Zealand. For the Maori, tattoos once were crucial social and familial indicators, but the art and ritual has largely been lost in the modern era. While in Auckland, I received a Maori ta moko tattoo with traditional wooden tapping tools from perhaps the only Maori artist still dedicated to a full-time practice of the ancient art.

The tattoo depicts two sets of sharks teeth, a revered animal to the Maori, and here representing protection and spirituality, enclosed around ocean waves, which for the seafaring Maori represent lifes journey and connection to the whole. Fitting, perhaps, not only for my own journey but for the Jewish Diaspora as well.

Most recently, last year in Cambodia, I received a sak yon tattoo performed by bamboo needle. Such tattoos are a spiritual practice predating Angkor Wat, replete with prayers and water blessings. The painful ordeal was performed in Phnom Penh and involved making an offering to the artist, a renowned tattoo master. The incantations essentially translate to strength of character and success in life two things any parent, Jewish or otherwise, would wish for their children.

Finding meaning with tattoos

The common thread through most of the tattoos I have gotten is an interconnectedness to the world at large, the billions of people living in it, the universe stretching beyond it and all of the many ways humanity seeks to both honor and make sense of it all.

A few years ago, I visited my parents in Arizona and found a framed wraparound photo of one of my tattoos my left arm is consumed entirely with an astronomy sleeve tattoo on a bookshelf. Shocked to see it, I asked my parents why they had printed and framed the photograph. They said, Well, its a part of you and we love you.

My parents may always express a bit of a surprise at the revelation of yet another recently acquired tattoo, but these days its usually met with a smile and questions about whether or not it hurt and who performed it.

The late Anthony Bourdain once discussed the subject of getting tattoos while on the road in Parts Unknown, saying Another tattoo is a reminder that youre still alive and lucky as hell.

Looking at my tattoos and what they mean reconnects me to the moments and places where I got them, to who I was and what I was going through at the time. It reminds me that Im still alive and lucky as hell and still a proudly Jewish, proudly tattooed person connecting to the world and finding spirituality wherever and however I can.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of JTA or its parent company, 70 Faces Media.

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I travel the world getting tattoos and I'm Jewish - it's not a contradiction - JTA News

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Post Malone’s face without tattoos has been revealed by Snoop Dogg – Capital XTRA11.26.19

25 November 2019, 10:47 | Updated: 25 November 2019, 13:50

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to show off a picture he took with Post Malone before his famous face tattoos.

After performing on stage with Ozzy Osbourne and winning the Best Rap/HipHop Album at the 2019 American Music Awards recently, Post Malone has become one of the most talked-about names in the music game.following

Whilst fans of the 'Sunflower' rapper who have been folowing him for a long time will remember Posty without his famous face tattoos, many people who are new to the rapper's works have been wondering what he looks like without them.

Thankfully for everyone, rap legend Snoop Dogg recently decided to share a picture of himself and Post Malone without his face tattoos on Instagram.

Captioning the picture 'Flackback. Friday.', Post Malone can clearly be seen without the now-iconic inking of 'Always Tired' underneath his eyes, as well as all his other face tattoos.

Speaking about his face tattoos to Capital XTRA's Tim Westwood at Wireless Festival in 2018, Post Malone explained I tried to do something thats relatively the same length of letters. I guess always is more letters than tired, but I was tired so I didnt realise.

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Post Malone's face without tattoos has been revealed by Snoop Dogg - Capital XTRA

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Bloke pays 80 for ‘piece of s***’ tattoo that looks like it was done by a CHILD – Stock Daily Dish11.26.19

Christopher Finch, 23, originally had a skull and crossbones on his left arm and decided he wanted rid of it.

He wanted a grim reaper over the old tattoo, so invited an artist with 20 years experience into his family home.

But when the work was completed, Chris says he was shocked to see the ink covering his arm which he claimed looked like the handiwork of a nine-year-old.

He has tried to track down the rogue tattoo artist since but has been told he was only an apprentice and shouldnt have carried out the work.

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TATTOO FAIL: Christopher Finch is gutted with the scribble (Pic: SWNS)

Itll look like a nine-year-old has scribbled over you. Thats what hes done to me it looks like a nine-year-old has drawn all over my arm

Christopher Finch

He now claims the man responsible is ignoring his calls despite promising to fix it.

Chris, of Plymouth, Devon, said: I am distraught, really distraught. I dont know what to do; I trusted him. He was all right, he seemed all right.

He said he had 20 years experience in tattooing; I let him come to my familys address. I genuinely thought he was legit.

I let him do the job, I gave him 80 up front and he buggered off and hes left me with that.

He said he would come back once it was healed. I spoke to the shop where he was supposed to be from and they said he wasnt supposed to be doing this, he was only an apprentice.

BEFORE: This is Christophers original ink (Pic: SWNS)

The amount of complaints this guy has had is unbelievable.

Chris said the tattoo artist spent four hours on the new ink, before abandoning the job halfway through.

Christopher says the guy assured him hed be back to finish once hed healed but he hasnt heard a word since.

My mum was good friends with him she said he did tattoos for a living, he had his own business. This is obviously what he told her.

Ive tried ringing him, each time he said hes busy and then he said he was busy opening a new tattoo shop. Thats when I thought something was wrong.

Now Chris has been left with a huge scribble that bares no resemblance to a proper tattoo and he fears it could cost up to 1,000 to get it fixed by a bona fide artist.

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SAD: Christopher said he cant afford to get it fixed (Pic: SWNS)

He continued: Hardly any tattooists in Plymouth will touch it, he said. If they do, it will cost me hundreds if not 1,000 to sort it.

Now Im left with something on my arm that looks a piece of s***.

I am so sad and angry about it. I dont know what to do or where to turn.

Im urging everyone to avoid this guy. Because if you do get a tattoo by him, it will be a bad one.

Itll look like a nine-year-old has scribbled over you. Thats what hes done to me it looks like a nine-year-old has drawn all over my arm.

Unemployed Christopher says his benefits have been stopped so hes broke and cant afford to get it right.

He concluded: Ive just had my benefits capped, Im not living anywhere permanent at the moment.

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Bloke pays 80 for 'piece of s***' tattoo that looks like it was done by a CHILD - Stock Daily Dish

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Best fan tattoos in sport, including inkings of Zidane, Schumacher, and Mayweather – The Sun11.26.19

WHEN you love someone THAT much, you'll do anything to salute them.

At SunSport, we're used to seeing football fans wearing tattooed crests of their favourite teams on their arms or legs.



But some sports buffs may go one further by getting their favourite star inked on their body.

Take Leeds supporter Hayden Kershaw, 27, who flew to Amsterdam to get an 850 tattoo done with renowned artist Auke of Marcelo Bielsa.

The self-employed gas engineer said he got the tat in honour of the Argentinian because he has "completely transformed" the Elland Road side.

And he's not the only one.

Arguably, the greatest boxer of all time - fans galore have paid tribute to 'Pretty Boy' with tattoos of his image.

One of the best we've seen includes a stunning close-up sketch of the boxer's face with his exemplary 50-0 record written across it.

God forbid though if Money Mayweather comes out of retirement.


Notorious is coming out of UFC exile and should be back in the Octagon soon.

And that should make this super fan happy - who has a stunning close-up image of a victorious Conor, mouth open, celebrating victory.

The image is complete with a gladiatorial scar running down McGregor's face - although we can't imagine the MMA star would be happy with that idea.


The F1 champ who won his sixth world title this month is one of the most recognisable sports stars on the planet.

That's why Robert Horgan, a Lewis Hamilton super fan, decided to get some body art on his back of the racing driver.

The lorry driver from Didcot enlisted the help of tattoo artist Ladislav Hacel at his studio to help transform the idea into reality.

And you can't argue with the results, it looks amazing.


Before Liverpool took on AC Milan in the Champions League final in 2007, one fan proudly showed off this laughable Jamie Carragher and Rafa Benitez effort.

In truth, they look nothing like the real deal - and this particular Liverpool supporter must've been cursing his tattoo at half-time with his side 3-0 down.

But, at the end of the famous penalty shootout win, he must've been relieved the Reds came through for him.


When French footballer Alain Bulteel lost a bet with pals who said that France would win the World Cup, he could only do one thing.

He got an inking of Les Blues and Chelsea hero N'Golo Kante inked on his lower back, that took hours.

The 21-year-old said: "I often make bets with my friends, but this is the craziest one yet. When you bet and lose you have to settle up.


In recognition of Mike Tyson visiting Scotland in the year 2000, Kevin Latto decided to get a tattoo of the former heavyweight champ.

Strangely, it featured the Scottish flag next to his nickname, 'Iron Mike' and the image itself made Tyson certainly look puny.

Latto actually got two famous faces for the price of one, because Tyson has a tattoo of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara on his stomach.


England and Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has never looked better than on the leg of diehard fan Rob Kennedy.

The Geordie hero was expertly inked on to Rob's thigh back in 1998.

The eight inch tattoo also features an image of Shearer slamming the ball home in a Newcastle jersey.


There must be something about petrol heads.

One F1 fan couldn't wait to show off his body art at the Brazilian Grand Prix earlier this year.

It featured legends Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher, and current champion Lewis Hamilton all in their respective cars on the track racing.

Just imagine if this lot could've all raced each other?


Everybody knows the legendary Juventus star's squad number.

But when he was at Real Madrid, one fan took his adoration for the Portuguese forward to new levels.

Inked on his back he had the famous No7, complete with the name Ronaldo above it.

It's a perfect idea if you want to play in 'skins' in the park with your mates.


Possibly the greatest player to ever play for France, and a legendary figure at Real Madrid as both playmaker and coach, Zidane is loved the world over by football fans.

This particular super fan paid tribute to 'Zizou' with imagery of him repping Los Blancos, as well as Les Bleus.

The Eiffel Tower is even thrown in there for good measure too.


To all fans of Newcastle, Kevin Keegan was the messiah.

He brought the Magpies closer to a Premier League title than anyone else which is why Denise Baggaley got a tattoo of his face on her thigh.

Looking sharp in a suit, the attention to detail on Keegan's mullet is exceptional.

Although, seeing it was done in 1996 could mean it's in dire need of a touch-up.


Not exactly the biggest sports star on the planet, but respect where respect's due.

The son of Nigel Benn was dead happy that a fan got this image of him on his stomach.

Conor, a man who has several tattoos himself, got wind of the inking and shared it on social media.

He wrote: "Respect for the tattoo bro, Im sorting you with two tickets for my next fight."

An astounding gesture from the big man.


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Best fan tattoos in sport, including inkings of Zidane, Schumacher, and Mayweather - The Sun

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Guardians of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista Shows Off Gnarly New Superhero Tattoos – Comicbook.com11.26.19

Dave Bautista has had a few life changes as of late and it's led him straight to the tattoo parlor. In a batch of images the Guardians of the Galaxy star shared to Instagram Sunday night, Bautista showed off a whole lot of pop culture-based tattoos. Naturally, he got the Ravagers star from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, plus Avengers and Wu-Tang logos. Surprisingly enough, his new knuckle tattoos also include nods to DC Comics' Superman and Batman, and the villainous SPECTRE organization from the James Bond franchise. Then, to round things out, the Marvel star even got a tattoo of the Jedi Order logo. You can see all of his new ink in the gallery below.

After returning from The Blip in Avengers: Endgame, Bautista will next likely have Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as his next MCU appearance. At one point, the actor revealed he'd love seeing a solo Drax movie, even if it meant he had to step out of the role. #Drax is funny as hell! Bautista tweeted earlier this year. Hes also The Destroyer which is terrifying as hell. His wife and daughter were murdered! He mourns them and craves revenge!! NO! No movie there at all. I literally would step out of this fucking role to see that movie! Which most likely would get it made.

Upcoming Marvel Studios projects include Black Widow on May 1, 2020, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in Fall of 2020, The Eternals on November 6, 2020, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on February 12, 2021, WandaVision in Spring 2021, Loki in Spring 2021, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 7, 2021, Spider-Man 3 on July 16, 2021, What If? in Summer 2021, Hawkeye in Fall 2021, Thor: Love and Thunder on November 5, 2021, and Black Panther 2 on May 6, 2022. Marvel Studios has yet to set release dates for its theatrical releases in Ant-Man 3 and Blade or the Disney+ shows consisting of Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista Shows Off Gnarly New Superhero Tattoos -

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All about the Benjamins: Drakes tattoo artist on his unique housewarming gift – CityNews Vancouver11.26.19

TORONTO Drakes tattoo artist wanted to give the Toronto rapperatruly unique housewarming giftto celebratehis move into a new multi-million dollar mansion. But what do you get a global superstar who seemingly can buy whatever he wants?

Its a question Inal Bersekov says he asked himself before embarking on a year-longvisual art project that turned 50 real U.S.$100 bills into a framed showcase ofentertainers, sports icons and politicians.

Drake revealed the piece he called The Many Faces of Benjamin Franklin to his fans through Instagram Stories on Friday, highlighting pencilworksketches of Whitney Houston, LeBron James andTiger Woods. Thepriceless giftalso includes drawings of Canadians Jim Carrey, disguised as his character in The Mask, and late Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

I was thinking what could I give him as a friend? You cannot buy just anything for that guy, Bersekov explained in a phone interview from Berlin.

I was like, maybe I should give him something done by my hands It means more than money.

He pitched the concept to Drake, who was immediately intrigued by the idea of replicating the faces of famous people who somehow influenced his life and career.

We talked about people who actually inspired him in a certain way, Bersekov said.

Hes pretty private about it. Hes never going to go like OK, this guy inspired me for this. He just randomly gave me a few names here and there.

The 30-year-old tattooist has a brief history behind the scenes with Drake and his entourage.

Bersekov said theHotline Bling performer contacted him throughInstagram about his work several years ago. After the two agreed to meet in Toronto he was hired in 2017 to expandon an existing tattoo of singer Sade across his torso.

From there, they hit it off andBersekov inked Drake with several other images using his trademark hyper-realisticsketch style.

Earlier this year, he inkedDrakes forearm with a sketch ofDrizzy waving as hecrosses the Beatles on Abbey Road a nod to passing the Fab Fours record for the most Top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drake revealed the tattoo in an Instagram post, drawing the ire of Beatles fans who felt it was an insult to the legendary English band.

But coming up with The Many Faces of Benjamin Franklin wasan entirely unique experience for Bersekov, who was born in Russia but moved to Belgium before he was a teenager. The whole idea rested on drawingthe portraits with pencil so it wouldnt destroy the bills,which he said absolvesany concern over it being illegal.

He then compiled Drakes pick of famous faces, which include the Queen, Lil Wayne, Hugh Hefner, Adele and Barack Obama.

Perhaps the most surprising choiceamong the names is Ford, who was elected Toronto mayor in 2010 and later became embroiled in a scandal over a video of him smoking crack.

Bersekov said he never questioned the choice.

I was just about to ask him, but I never usually ask questions, he said.

This is not something personal to me. I never go deep as:Why did you do it? Why do you want to(include) the mayor?'

Bersekov said a mutual friend gave the artwork to Drake earlier this month and he isnt sure where he plans to hang it.

His experiences with the Canadian rapper, and his Toronto hometown, have left a positive impression.

Hes even considering moving to the country with his wife. They havent started the application process yet, but theyve talked about possibly making the country the home base for his tattoo work.

Thisstory by The CanadianPress was first published on Nov. 23, 2019.

Follow @dfriend on Twitter.

David Friend, The Canadian Press

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All about the Benjamins: Drakes tattoo artist on his unique housewarming gift - CityNews Vancouver

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