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Mum-of-five mortified after husband gets tattoo of her snoring face on his thigh – The Sun12.25.19

JOKER James McGraw got a tattoo of his wifes face on his thigh showing her snoring with her mouth open.

Wife Kelly, 37, was horrified when window cleaner James showed her his new artwork.




The couple love playing pranks on each other and James got the tattoo to pay Kelly back for a dodgy haircut she gave him.

Dad-of-five James, of Portsmouth, based the tattoo on a photo he took of Kelly sleeping.

He said: Weve been playing pranks on each other for 24 years. Im one up at the moment but Im also scared because I dont know what shes now planning.

Kelly said: Theres a line and hes crossed it big time. Were just a normal family but our banters got out of hand.

Its still really raw. We do mess about anyway but this is on another level.

I was horrified. I couldnt believe it. I hated the photo so much.


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I just cant look at it properly without laughing. Its horrific and hes added more chins.

He needs to watch his back because karmas a b***h.

"Ill think of something to get him back, but its going to have to be really, really bad to top that.



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Mum-of-five mortified after husband gets tattoo of her snoring face on his thigh - The Sun

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Alice Cooper Reveals The Most Astonishing Tattoos He’s Ever Seen – Metalheadzone12.25.19

The iconic rock star and fronting member of Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper has shared some special photos of the fans via his official and verified Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Some fans of Alice Cooper had lots of interesting tattoos that influenced by Alice Coopers face, eyes, and hairs. After seeing that photo, Alice Cooper has shared all of the photosof his fans on social media account, and he didnt say anything, added just a hashtag.

Heres what he captioned:


A fan named rusmith78 commented:

I got to show you the tattoo that I have of you. Its in the back of my arm. Alice, youre my favorite artist of all time.

Another user named miss_kitty_ny wrote a long comment to Alice:

You know I thought about getting roses on a vine tattoo for myself with Harley Davidson on it for Christmas but I realized I need a folding treadmill for traveling.

Happy Holidays to You Alice The Hard Cider knocked me for a loop last night & swear it was white lightning.

You can see the Instagram post of Alice Cooper right below.

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Alice Cooper Reveals The Most Astonishing Tattoos He's Ever Seen - Metalheadzone

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Ryan Reynolds and his EXO tattoo – Honk News12.25.19

Ryan Reynolds, a star from the hit movie dead pool loves to play pranks and always has a good laugh.

Many of his fans know this about him. When the star appeared on a Korean show he talked about having an EXO themed tattoo on his lower back.

This joke did not only affect his fans but also the biggest and growing fanbase the EXOls.

These fans are known to be very loyal to the idol group. With the growing influence of Kpop and Drama in the world, many Hollywood celebrities have taken initiative towards this global phenomenon.

One among these stars is the Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. According to sources, Reynolds had paid a visit to Seoul to promote his new movie when he crossed paths with the world-famous group.

When he did he candidly joked around about beings a member of the boyband.

About the tattoo on the lower back, He jokes about having one in an interview in with his co-star Adria Arjona.

He also appeared on a famous Korean reality show Running man and said the same thing.

Ryan Reynolds and Adria Arjona on Running man When his co-star was asked if she had any knowledge about Korean music, Reynolds joked about her having a BTS tattoo as well.

With other questions and a fun time, He added that he has an EXO tattoo on his lower back with a poker face.

The next thing that Reynolds did was getting up of his seat and pulled his shirt up to give a sneak peek to one of the stars of the show named Yoo Jae Suk, who was seated beside him.

Yoo Jae Suk did not see it coming and could not wait but burst out with laughter saying that a worldwide star just showed him his skin which was a bold move to make by the star.

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Ryan Reynolds and his EXO tattoo - Honk News

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Inside Dolly Parton’s mysterious marriage and the secret tattoos that cover her body – Mirror Online12.25.19

Rumours about Dolly Parton have been doing the rounds for years - her husband doesn't exist; her marriage is a sham; she's actually gay; she's covered in tattoos and has had a slew of affairs.

But Dolly's rarely-seen husband Carl Dean is very much the real deal, having hidden quietly in the background of Dolly's glitzy life since their first meeting outside Nashvilles Wishy-Washy laundromat when she was just 18.

Carl, then 21, caught her attention by joking that she was going to get sunburn in her revealing outfit.

And he knew from the second they met that Dolly, 73, was The One.

My first thought was Im going to marry that girl, Carl once said. My second was, Lord shes good lookin.' And that was the day my life began.

She signed with Monument Records soon after and married Carl in a small ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia in 1966, with only her mother as a witness.

But fame wasn't something Carl wanted or enjoyed and he instead chose to live a quiet life on their sprawling farm, running his paving firm until his recent retirment.

Listen, hes a homebody and doesnt like to go out in public, Dolly previously told The Mirror.

"We have a farm and hes more than happy keeping the fields mowed, the barns painted and working away on his farm equipment."

In fact, the singer - whose 1973 song Jolene was inspired by a woman trying to steal Carl - describes her husband as a "loner".

"He doesn't particularly care about being around anybody but me. He's just always asked me to leave him out of all this. He does not like all the hullabaloo," she explained.

Over the years she's been accused of having affairs with everyone from Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds and her lifelong friend and personal assistant Judy Ogle.

The speculation only intensified when Dolly once innocently admitted that they had shared the same bed.

But I have never in my life had a relationship with a woman or had a desire to be with a woman," she previously said.

Weighing in on why she believes the rumours started, Dolly continued: We both went through high school together. She went into the military and when she came out of the army she never married. She dates and she has had several boyfriends. The fact that they never see my husband, they make it out that we are in a relationship.

It doesnt upset me but it upsets and embarrasses Judy and her family. I say to her which would you prefer being called an old maid or a lesbian? She says lesbian every time!

As for the affair rumours with some of Hollywood's biggest leading men, Dolly admits she's "never met a man I didn't like", and explained that she has an "open" relationship with Carl - but not in a physical sense.

She explained: "Hes not jealous and Im not jealous of him. He knows I flirt. He flirts too. Yes, its an open relationship, but not sexually and I would kill him if I thought he was doing that. He would shoot me too. At the end of the day we love each other madly.

To keep the love alive, she makes sure her off-duty clothes are still "cute and sexy" and says Carl is a hopeless romantic who likes to shower her with gifts.

From picking her buttercups to writing her poems, the couple recently marked their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.

As for the key to their longevity, Dolly says they love to make each other laugh.

The humour has kept us together over the years, she said.

Carl has a crazy, warped sense of humour. He is extremely funny and I suppose I am pretty funny too.

Even if we get p**sed off with each other, we have never said anything that we would regret if one of us died. We usually laugh our way out of it.

Another long-standing rumour about Dolly is that she's secretly covered in tattoos.

Indeed, she always wears long sleeves which has only served to fuel the gossip.

Jennifer Saunders once said she'd seen Dolly's mysterious inkings over dinner is Los Angeles.

"It was 9.30 in the evening, which meant that the restaurant was empty, because that's what happens in LA, everyone goes home, no one stays out drinking late," Jennifer once recalled.

"And so the restaurant was empty and she just opened her jacket and showed us, can I say, the most beautiful tattoos."

And earlier this year Dolly finally confirmed that she does indeed have a secret collection of pretty pastel-coloured tattoos which she uses to hide her scars.

She told CNN: "If I have to get a scar for any reason, I never can kind of get rid of that purple look. So I thought, 'Well, I'm going to kind of decorate these with some flowers or little butterflies or whatever.'"

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Inside Dolly Parton's mysterious marriage and the secret tattoos that cover her body - Mirror Online

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Every Tattoo On Israel Adesanya and The Stories Behind Them – Essentially Sports12.25.19

After the rise of Conor McGregor, UFC was waiting for its next global superstar who could entertain the fans on the mic, who has an appealing persona, and who can fight like a world-beater. Well, UFC 243 saw a superstar being born when Israel Adesanya danced his way into the octagon in front of sold-out Marvel Stadium, went complete Super Saiyan and destroyed Robert Whittaker in his backyard to become the UFC middleweight champion.

They call him the Last Style Bender for nothing. Easily the most stylish fighter in UFC roaster at the moment, Adesanya does not shy away from rocking funky wardrobes while other fighters stick to custom made suits. Another aspect of Adesanyas style game is his tattoos. How many fighters can you find in UFC roaster who has a giant Deadpool tattoo on them? So lets take a look at all the intriguing stories behind the tattoos on the Last Style Blender.

People normally

Its not a surprise anymore that Israel Adesanya is a super fan of anime and comics. He coined his name Stylebender from the comics character, the Last Airbender. Well, nothing says he is a fan of comics more than the giant Deadpool tattoo he has on his body.

There are some similarities between Marvels iconic character, Deadpool and Adesanya. He is witty and charismatic on the mic, and he can fight. Talking about why he got the giant Deadpool tattoo on his body, Adesanya stated:

Its a picture on a cover of the comic I saw one time. For whatever reason, I thought that looks cool, I want to put that on my body. I have always wanted Deadpool. He is funny, he is effeminate, he is a badass, also heals fast which I do as well.

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Adesanyas passion for the anime can be seen on the tattoo on his abdomen that takes inspiration from two different anime series. The Tattoo is a Ying and Yang in a Kurama Seal.

Yin and Yang inside the Kurama Seal represent the Ocean Spirits and Moon spirits from the animated series, The Last Airbender. Meanwhile, the Kurama Seal is inspired by another anime character, Naruto who has the exact tattoo on his abdomen, better known as Naruto Seal.

If you have followed Izzy long enough then you might have seen him dancing in the octagon after his wins. And of course who can forget his electrifying entrance at UFC 243. Adesanya made his entrance with a small performance along with his friends from childhood.

Broken Native was the name of the dance crew Adesanya was part of when he was young. However, Adesanya got the tattoo since he found a striking resemblance with the term Broken Native.

Over the years I just realized that will be my whole life story. I have always been like the odd one out. The bat among the dogs. The pebble among the stones. As a native, I am broken.

This was the 2nd tattoo of Adesanya along with the map of Nigeria that he go on his chest.

On his right inner forearm, Adesanya has a tattoo of Toph Beifong, a character from Avatar. Adesanya has the tattoo since its his favorite character from the show. According to the show, Toph Beifong is one of the most powerful earth bending masters of her time.

Adesanya has an intriguing reason to become a werewolf. Adesanya is a dog lover. He also had a dog named Millionaire with whom he shares a special bond. He also believes that being a werewolf allows you to be the animal you love the most and be a human at the same time. Adesanya has the tattoo of a werewolf on his left shoulder.

Latest: Conor McGregor Controversies

Izzy has a tattoo of his dog whom he named Millionaire. Though Millionaire is no longer with Adesanya, Izzy pays the due respect by putting its tattoo on him with pride.

We have been through much. if he could talk he will know way too much about me. He showed me loyalty throughout his life, so the best way I could show him loyalty is by putting him on me.

Adesanya has a Japanese dragon that he designed on his back. Adesanya wanted to do the best one on his back and it seems he has found it. Though the tattoo is not completed Adesanya has a clear vision of how it should look in the end. Adesanya wanted it to be a bit African and hence he made it look like a crocodile.

Israel Adesanya rarely has a clear vision before getting a tattoo. However, there is a subconscious reason that forces Adesanya to get a particular tattoo. A lot of my tattoos dont really have meaning. They just look cool. But the meaning kind of makes itself known to me later on after I get them. says Adesanya about his tattoos. However, when it comes to the octagon he has a clear vision of what he wants and when he wants. And thats what he did in the Marvel Stadium, he converted his visions into reality.

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Every Tattoo On Israel Adesanya and The Stories Behind Them - Essentially Sports

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Maine mans giant Jar Jar Binks tattoo lands on Buzzfeed list of 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2019 – The Boston Globe12.24.19

But it was much sooner than that.

The two-foot tall, black-and-gray tattoo that Ouellette paid roughly $1,600 to have permanently etched onto his back was name-dropped on Buzzfeeds 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2019 listicle earlier this month, clocking in at number 11 right below the dreaded clam chowder popsicle.

Ouellette, 42, said he didnt mind so much that the website took a slight jab at the subject matter on his body, which he will live with for the rest of his existence. What irked him, he said, was that the tattoo was lumped in with some truly bizarre and too explicit to be shared in this family newspaper images that sprouted up online this year; ones that he saw as considerably worse than getting a tattoo of a reviled character from the Star Wars prequels.

I think I got to number 14 on the list and then just stopped, said Ouellette, who owns a screen printing and graphic design company with his wife, Jessica. Theres things where its like, its a blurred-out photo, and says, Contains graphic content.' And then when you click on it, it shows... (Editors note: sorry folks, youll have to Google it for yourself.)

He added, "My tattoo is not that bad. The idea might be bad, but the tattoo itself is beautiful.

Ouellette, who has two full arm sleeves dedicated to the intergalactic Sci-Fi franchise the Dark Side on the left, the Light Side on the right got the Jar Jar Binks tattoo more than a year ago. People would always ask him, because of his other tattoos, what he thought of Jar Jar Binks, the goofy, long-eared Gungan creature that has long been the target of jokes amongst fans.

People have always asked me, jokingly, Wheres your Jar Jar tattoo, thinking that as a 42-year-old, I must hate the prequels and hate Jar Jar, he said. But I love the prequels, and I love Jar Jar.

After awhile he decided, 'Ok, I have to get a Jar Jar tattoo ... and it had to be a crazy tattoo."

Besides being a Star Wars" fan, Ouellette is also into the Jackass movies in particular Steve-O, who has a giant self-portrait on his back, giving the thumbs-up.

Ouellette thought getting Jar Jar Binks in a similar pose, tattooed on his own back, would be the perfect way to pay tribute to the character.

As soon as I thought of that, I said I have to get that. Thats it," he said. I texted my tattoo artist, [Chris Dingwell], and he was so excited.

It took three, seven-hour sessions to complete the mural of Jar Jar Binks. Beneath the portrait it says Oie boie, mesa bombad," the Gungan equivalent to Yeah dude, I rock!, which appears on Steve-Os back.

This May, around a year after it was actually finished, Ouellettes wife shared an image of the artwork on Twitter. Her post was in response to a comedians comment about how people with back tattoos rarely ever get to see them.

Her tweet quickly swept the Internet, leaving some people flummoxed and still others enamored.

Fast-forward to December, and the widespread attention to his wifes post on social media was enough to land him on Buzzfeeds year-in-review list.

One might think that some of the negativity surrounding his tattoo would make Ouellette reconsider his choice to get the portrait inked in the first place. But thats not the case at all. Ouellette still loves Jar Jar Binks. And he still loves his tattoo.

Im not bothered by [the list] at all," he said. "Its kind of like, its the reason why I got it I know that its an absurd tattoo and I know that its going to make a lot of people go, What the [heck].' So being on these lists, I knew it was coming.

The one thing he does agree with, however, is the point made by the comedian that prompted his wifes tweet.

I never get to see it, he said. The only time I get to see it is when people take a photo of it.

But that happens often these days.

Steve Annear can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @steveannear.

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Maine mans giant Jar Jar Binks tattoo lands on Buzzfeed list of 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2019 - The Boston Globe

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The Tale Behind This Crazy NFL Tattoo – INKED12.24.19

In the waning seconds of the November 14th clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns something happened that caused jaws to drop all over the country. It was an act of violence that stood out, even within the context of an NFL game. Myles Garrett, a defensive end for the Browns, ripped off the helmet of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and slammed it into Rudolph's head. We'd show you the video of the incident, but why not just show you a tattoo instead?

That's insane. There are so many crazy sports tattoos out there, but there aren't many that are as well done as this one. We spoke to Mike Hamill, of Supernova Tattoo Studioin Forney, Texas,about the piece.

"I actually posted that I wanted to do this tattoo for free," Hamill explains. "I was trying to think of something that would grab a lot of people's attention and also showcase some of my color realism. A friend of mine actually suggested this idea, Im a huge sports fan and this was a current event I figured may have the potential to get a lot of views and shares."

Hamill's instincts were 100% correct, the tattoo has been garnering attention all over the interwebs. Naturally, since the piece is immortalizing a moment where Garrett tried to smash the head in of a fellow player, the tattoo has been pretty polarizing. Some folks love it, others, not so much. "It is and has been problematic with a ton of negative comments about players assaulting one another," Hamill explains. "However, it was a good opportunity for me to get my name out there. Controversial sports moments make for good tattoos. Ive also done Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista."

Whether or not you think that it is a great idea to get a tattoo celebrating a moment that led to an indefinite suspension for Garrett, one can't deny that the tattoo is very well-done.

"Ive been tattooing for 10 years now," Hamill says. "I fell in love with color realism when I started tattooing, I guess its just what personally impressed me most and when I see good pieces from the greatsNikko, Steve Butcher, Paul AckerI told myself I wanted to steer my art in that direction."

This is yet another example of whenever something blows up in pop culture, it is only a matter of time before somebody gets a tattoo of it. What a time to be alive, eh?

Excerpt from:
The Tale Behind This Crazy NFL Tattoo - INKED

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Man Refuses To Remove Tattoo Of Transdaughter – Instinct Magazine12.24.19

Image via Pixabay

A Father Is Refusing To Remove A Tattoo Of His Transgender Daughters Birth Name

Chances are if youre a member of the LGBTQ community, youve empathized with one of our transgender brothers and sisters. Some of us are unable to understand the pain that comes with coming to terms with gender identity. While we can realize the struggle the transgender community faces, occasionally the loved ones of someones life may become ignored. While one essentially gains a new life, it becomes difficult to not remember the life of a transgender loved one before their transition. A new Reddit thread showcases just this situation.

According to PinkNews, an inked father is asking if he is in the wrong for not wanting to remove his transgender daughters birth name from his arm. The father tells that he has the names of all three of his children tattooed on him and his oldest son has recently transitioned into a transgender woman and is asking for him to remove her birth or dead name from his body. The mans wife is in support of the removal. The man states his entire family supports his transgender daughter and he is making the appropriate changes to address her correctly. However, the father doesnt want to remove the tattoo and feels his transdaughter is making a bigger deal out of this than it should be.

The Reddit thread has thousands of comments in support of both parties. Some are arguing that deadnames are detrimental to transgender people and he should remove the tattoo. On the flip side, others are claiming his transgender daughter is a hypocrite and is telling him what to do with his body.

In this situation, do you believe the father should remove the tattoo? Does removing the tattoo essentially erase the memories and love he shared with his son prior to transitioning? What would you tell him?

Writers Note: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine itself or fellow contributors.

H/T: PinkNews

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Man Refuses To Remove Tattoo Of Transdaughter - Instinct Magazine

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‘Ink Master: Turf War’ Season 13: Release date, trailer, tattoo artists and more that makes this season even m – MEAWW12.24.19

'Ink Master' is back with its 13th season on Paramount Network and it's only going to get better. This year, the format is a tad different as much as it is interesting. It's a turf war. If you'd like to know more about what the show has to offer, read on!

'Ink Master: Turf War' season 13 is all set to premiere on January 7, 2020, at 10/9C on Paramount Network.

The show features America's top 20 tattoo artists who will battle it out among themselves to win the title of Ink Master, a grand cash prize of $100,000 and an editorial spread in the Inked Magazine. The twist here is they are not going to be contesting head-to-head but in teams of four representing the four regions of America - East, West, Mid-west, and South. This makes it even more interesting because one can expect variety in the process of tattoo designing, including approach and aesthetics. Each of the artists will have multiple chances to highlight their strengths. While some specialize in watercolor, neo-traditional, black-and-grey, there are artists who are pro at color realism, surrealism, fine line, and more. The talent is huge and therefore, there's going to be a lot of ego clashes. The contestants will have to remember that even though there's only one winner, the initial stages will require them to play as a team and therefore, the overconfidence, and ego have to be kept at bay.

'Ink Master: Turf Wars' season 13 returns with 20 tattoo artists -- (Team West) Angel Rose, Bob Jones, Raul Ugarte, Hiram Casas, Arlene Salinas, (Team Mid-West) Frank Ready, Jake Parsons, Jordan Allred, Kelly Severtson, Jerrel Larkins, (Team South) Jason Elliott, Money Mike Thornton, Nychelle Elise, Patrick Flynn, Jordi Pla, (Team East) Jimmy Snaz, Jessa Bigelow, K Lenore Siner, Emac, Andrew Hicks -- and host Dave Navarro. At the judge's table are Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck.

This competition series is produced by Truly Original with Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, and Andrea Richter as executive producers.

Artists from the East, West, South and Midwest will fight to rep their region and win $100,000 on Ink Master: Turf War, premiering January 7

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago'

Love and Hip Hop New York

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

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'Ink Master: Turf War' Season 13: Release date, trailer, tattoo artists and more that makes this season even m - MEAWW

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Joe Rogan Hates Post Malone’s Face Tattoos But Thinks He’s A "Really Talented Guy" – HotNewHipHop12.24.19

Each episode of the Joe Rogan Experience is entertaining for different reasons. Usually, you can expect a learning experience from Rogan's wide array of guests. If not, you can certainly anticipate a good laugh or two. Closing outlast week, Rogan brought on Bryan Callen to chat for three hours about a myriad of topics but when they started discussing face tattoos at the 2:20:00 mark, things truly got interesting.

The two began speaking about tattoos in general when Joe Rogan questioned if anyone has ever gotten a penis tattoo. They discussed that for a moment before bringing up the topic of face tats with Post Malone as a focus. Clearly, Rogan is a fan ofthe man's music but his face tattoos don't put a smile on his face. "Post Malone in the 1970s, they would just lock him in jail, there's something wrong with this kid. Why are you drawing on your face?" asked the comedian. Callen chimed in by saying his facial markings are the "dumbest craziest shit" he's ever seen in his life. "'Always Tired' on his face... great musician though. Really talented guy but, like, hey, cut that out," added Rogan.

The duo goes on to discuss penis tattoos in grander detail directly afterwards before discussing social media's censorship of Jason Derulo's bulge in recent weeks. They also speak about the size of The Game's member in case anybody is looking for that...

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Joe Rogan Hates Post Malone's Face Tattoos But Thinks He's A "Really Talented Guy" - HotNewHipHop

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