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This Man Got A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Sipping A White Claw For Some Reason – Delish.com12.08.19


I consider myself to be pretty unhealthily obsessed with Baby Yoda. Ever since I first saw him on the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, he has consumed a large chunk of my time. So much so that a friend recently asked me if I am OK (I am not). But one man has seen mine and the rest of the internet's Baby Yoda obsession and said "hold my While Claw." Yes, the man got a tattoo of Baby Yoda...holding a White Claw.

Our hero's name is Brock McLaughlin, but he goes by the extremely good name Baby Yodas Baby Daddy on Twitter. He recently shared a photo of his ink and because it is chaotic as all hell, it has gone viral.

"Aint no laws when baby yoda drinking claws," he wrote, alongside a photo of the ginormous tattoo on his arm.

I have more than a few questions. Like, why White Claw? I get it's trendy but Baby Yoda is a baby. Like, I know he's actually 50 on the show (I dunno, look it up, it's weird) but there is no way anyone would let him drink! Also, what would possess you to get this without at least seeing the first season of the show in its entirety? Maybe Baby Yoda ends up being bad! Unlikely, but you never know!

People online, of course, reacted with a wave of confusion and mockery upon seeing the tattoo.

At least one person liked it: the person running White Claw's Twitter account. They wrote "Truly wonderful, this tattoo is." For his part, Brock seems to be loving all the buzz that has come from his tattoo, retweeting comments and even late night shows that have mentioned it.

Honestly, good for him! This whole year has made me feel like I have worms in my brain so I am all for this. Whatever! Do what you want! Lil Baby Yodes forever.

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This Man Got A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Sipping A White Claw For Some Reason -


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Angelina Jolie Meets Dear Evan Hansen Cast Member with Tattoo of Her Face and Signs His Ink! – PEOPLE.com12.08.19

Angelina Jolie Meets Fan with Tattoo of Her Face | Top Navigation Close View image

Angelina Jolie Meets Dear Evan Hansen Cast Member with Tattoo of Her Face and Signs His Ink!

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Angelina Jolie Meets Dear Evan Hansen Cast Member with Tattoo of Her Face and Signs His Ink! -


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BWW Flashback: THE ROSE TATTOO Takes Final Broadway Bow Today – Broadway World12.08.19

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, Roundabout Theatre Company will conclude its critically acclaimed production of The Rose Tattoo today, December 8, after having played 27 preview performances and 63 regular performances.

The Rose Tattoo stars Cassie Beck, Alexander Bello, Tina Benko, Andra Burns, Susan Cella, Emun Elliott, Paige Gilbert, Greg Hildreth, Isabella Iannelli, Jacob Michael Laval, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Carolyn Mignini, Portia, Ella Rubin, Jennifer Snchez, Constance Shulman, Burke Swanson and Marisa Tomei.

This is one Tennessee Williams woman you won't soon forget. Marisa Tomei plays Serafina, a widow who rekindles her desire for love, lust and life in the arms of a fiery suitor. Sharply directed by Cullman, Williams' lesser-known gem sizzles with humor and heart in sultry New Orleans. Serafina erupts from the depths of despair to the heights of passion in this Tony Award-winning Best Play.

Before the cast takes their final bows, we're flashing back through the show's journey on Broadway!

Before Broadway, Trip Cullman directed The Rose Tattoo, starring Marisa Tomei, at Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2016.

In May 2019, Roundabout announced that it would bring the acclaimed production to Broadway later in the season.

The company reunited in September 2019 to begin rehearsals for Broadway.

Previews officially began at the American Airlines Theatre on September 19...

And the company took their opening night bows on October 15.

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BWW Flashback: THE ROSE TATTOO Takes Final Broadway Bow Today - Broadway World


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Inaaya Kemmu and badiamma Sharmila Tagore get adorable matching temp tattoos on her 75th birthday – India Today12.08.19


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These Baby Yoda Tattoos Prove Star Wars Fans Are Crazy for The Mandalorian – MovieWeb12.08.19

The Mandalorian has barely been out for a month and there are already fans getting Baby Yoda tattoos. Ever since the end of the first episode, the little green alien has become the world's obsession. In order to keep Baby Yoda a secret, Disney and Lucasfilm delayed merchandising, which was a wise decision to keep the mystique of the show intact, but terrible for marketing since bootleg toys and clothing are flying off the shelves. However, there are some Star Wars fans who want more than just a toy or shirt.

Star Wars fans are currently paying tribute to Baby Yoda by having his image tattooed on their body. So far, there are dozens of people that have run out to get these tattoos, each one with its own creative spin. There are some that are extremely well-done and detailed, while there are more than a few that look like permanent regrets, or at the very least, a good story. Star Wars tattoos are nothing new, neither are tattoos of the original Yoda, but Baby Yoda holding a White Claw is pretty original.

Baby Yoda's big eyes look pretty amazing in some of the tattoos on social media. While the world didn't even know about his existence less than a month ago, it appears that The Child has become a popular number on a tattoo parlor wall since so many people are rushing out to pay tribute. While this is all well and good, what if Jon Favreau has some pretty ugly plans for the adorable little guy? What if he starts using his Force powers for evil and joins the Dark Side, helping out Emperor Palpatine and Snoke?

The Mandalorian probably won't do anything too drastic with The Child, but we still have no idea about his origins. We don't know where he came from or why so many people either want him dead or alive for experiments, though there have been plenty of fan theories floating around. For now, Baby Yoda is the king of memes and he dominates all pop culture, even eclipsing the show's star Pedro Pascal, who has yet to reveal his face on the show.

The world of tattoos is an interesting place. For some, they are full of stories and tributes to loved ones. For others, they are a way to show their Star Wars devotion. Baby Yoda is the big thing right now, but he more than likely won't be the big thing for too much longer, which may end up being better for the fans that got the tattoos. While we wait to see how the whole story pans out, you can check out some of the best, and worst, Baby Yoda tattoos below. As a warning, there is one tattoo listed below that is incredibly NSFW and it's pretty confusing. The Mandalorian airs Friday nights on Disney+ apps and

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These Baby Yoda Tattoos Prove Star Wars Fans Are Crazy for The Mandalorian - MovieWeb


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Tattoos Of The Mandalorians Baby Yoda Are Taking Social Media By Storm – We Got This Covered12.08.19

With people going absolutely berserk overBaby Yoda at the moment, it was only inevitable that fans would go the ultimate distance and have him marked on their bodies for life. Thats right, social media has been exploding recently with pictures of tattoos donning the green Jedi in all his adorableness.

Despite The Madalorian only being released just a few weeks ago, people have fallen absolutely in love with the little guy and have been expressing their devotion (or perhaps, dare we day, obsession?) to him via the medium of ink. Yes, tattoos have been appearing all over Twitter and Instagram recently, all of which are unique and charming in their own way.

Weve put together just a small selection for your delectations below (which is especially handy if youre looking for ideas). Some of these are magnificent in detail while some are a little more simple. Either way, though, they all capture the Baby Yoda cuteness.

And trust us, theres a lot more where those came from.

Its not just tattoos, either. Anyone whos spent any amount of time on the internet over the past month can attest to just how obsessed fans have become over Baby Yoda, turning him into something of a meme icon. Theres also a ton of Baby Yoda merchandise being released, but sadly, it seems that Disneys delaying the opportunity and wont be putting out anything worthwhile until after Christmas.

But we digress. If anyone reading this has their own Baby Yoda tattoo theyd like to share, feel free to let us know in the comments, or head over to the Twitter hashtag #BabyYoda for more cuteness overload.

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Tattoos Of The Mandalorians Baby Yoda Are Taking Social Media By Storm - We Got This Covered


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Stephen Curry’s Tattoos: What They Mean and Who Tattoos Them – Sportscasting12.08.19

Steph Curry is in the midst of a tough year with the Golden State Warriors, but hes still one of the most popular and recognizable figures in the NBA today. Currys story is a great one branded too small to compete on the highest level in college basketball, he went to Davidson and took the nation by storm. Now as a professional basketball player, hes won two MVP awards and three NBA championships.

Currys story is certainly unique, and another unique aspect of the player are his various tattoos. Each one has a different meaning to Curry. What are his tattoos and what do they mean?

Tattoos are a significant part of NBA culture a large number of NBA players have tattoos. Allen Iverson popularized the practicein NBA circles to the point where now its almost weird to see an NBA player without them now.

Some players like to go all out images of Dennis Rodman or Chris Birdman Anderson with their covered arms and neck tattoos come to mind but Curry has more of an understated approach. He doesnt get many tattoos, but the ones he does get are full of significance and meaning.

Curry is a big fan of tattoos to the point where the subject of his college thesis was about athletes and the tattoos they get. Curry currently has four. Each one has a deeper meaning to Curry and his family. Heres what each one means:

On his right wrist, Stephen Curry has a tattoo of a Hebrew passage from 1 Corinthians 13:8 in the New Testament translating to Love never fails. His wife, Ayesha, has the same tattoo. Curry isnt Jewish, but his mother reportedly studied Hebrew in college.

Curry has a tattoo that reads TCC 30 on his left wrist. The TCC stands for Trust, Commitment, and Care. The 30 is his jersey number with the Warriors.

On Currys left bicep, he has a tattoo of a greater than symbol next to a less than symbol, appearing like this: ><. It represents the verse from John 3:30 that reads He must become greater; I must become less. Currys wife Ayesha also has this tattoo, and here was her commentary on it:

My new little reminder is to be present. We get so wrapped up in what needs to happen next that we forget to enjoy the beauty of whats happening right NOW. Right here, right now. Enjoy the blessings you already have.

Curry has a tattoo on his right bicep of the letters WOE, which stands for Working on Excellence. For a player with the work ethic of Curry, the meaning of this should be fairly evident. His multiple MVPs and championships show that his work has paid off.

Stephen Curry received one of the tattoos listed above his right wrist tattoo, with his family in attendance. The Currys celebrated the Warriors 2017 championship with a family tattoo session, according to The Mercury News:

Stephen Curry reportedly celebrated the Warriors second NBA title in three years with a new piece of ink.

Curry and his family had a private tattoo session Tuesday night at his home,TMZ reported, and the Golden State superstar decided on another set of Hebrew letters. The meaning of the new tat is not known though considering the Hebrew he has on his right wrist, its easy to guess Curry chose another Biblical reference.

The tattoos were drawn by Bay Area tattoo artist Nino Lapid.Its clear that Currys faith and family drive his decision-making on what tattoos to get. He may not get a lot of them, but the ones he does get are clearly meaningful to him.

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Stephen Curry's Tattoos: What They Mean and Who Tattoos Them - Sportscasting


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Sheriffs in Ohio looking for a man with a distinctive tattoo – WWLP.com12.08.19

Marietta, OH (WTRF/WCMH)- The Washington County Sheriffs office is looking for a convicted sex offender with a pothead tattoo on his head.

The sheriffs office is looking for Douglas Perry Christopher.

The office warns not to attempt to apprehend and to call law enforcement immediately.

Christopher has a warrant on failure to provide a change of address charge.

Christopher is a registered Tier III sex offender. He was originally convicted of sexual battery. He is required to register with the sheriffs office every 90 days.

His last known address was in Belpre, OH.

Other tattoos include:

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Sheriffs in Ohio looking for a man with a distinctive tattoo -


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Turning the scars of terror into tattoos – Ynetnews12.08.19

Ten of the world's leading tattoo artists recently arrived in Israel to offer their specialist skills to "Healing Ink," a project that helps people cope with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to violence.

Among the Israelis suffering from PTSD who turned up at the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa for a tattoo was Leah Gavish Georgy, who on Passover 2002, lost her mother Rachel, father David, brother Abraham and grandfather Yitzhak when a Palestinian terrorist broke into their home at the Elon Moreh settlement.

Terror survivor Leah Gavish Georgy with tattoo artist Russ Abbott

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

Leah, then 17, hid in the attic with three other family members, which allowed her to survive the murderous attack.

Now, 17 years on, she is celebrating her survival with a special personalized tattoo of blooming flowers and pristine leaves.

Leah Gavish's tattoo

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

"It's a sign of growth and evolution for me, and that is something I wish upon myself for the rest of my days," she says.

"I decided not to tattoo something that relates to my parents or brother, but rather something that relates to my life."

Guy Mugrabi was serving in the Border Police in 2001, when during a routine patrol in the streets of Jerusalem, he and his partner spotted a suspicious-looking man wearing a yarmulke.

As they got closer, the man activated a bomb with a trigger he had hidden in his bag. Mugrabi's injuries were considered somewhat light, while his partner suffered critical wounds.

The tattoo Mugrabi designed with his wife is that of a clock pointing to the year 2001, with an open staring eye in its middle, a symbol of his struggle with PTSD.

"When you see people who struggle with PTSD you can usually see they have sad or blank eyes," says Mugrabi. "When I was injured you could see it in my eyes - that blank stare, that's what PTSD looks like."

Guy Mugrabi's tattoo

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

Chen Schwartz was a soldier in the Armored Corps when an unknown man tapped him on the shoulder in Jerusalem in August 2014, as Schwartz turned around, the man fired three rounds into his stomach.

Schwartz was critically wounded but was treated at the scene by a police paramedic. He later received lifesaving surgery at Hadassah hospital in the capital.

Schwartz's ink was designed by him and New York tattoo artist Megan Massacre.

"My tattoo is comprised of three parts," says Schwartz. "The first part is the tracks of the tanks depicted in my squad's emblem, which is meant to represent who I was at the time of the incident. The second part is phoenix wings meant to represent rebirth, and the third is a helmet, meant to signify the blood, sweat and tears I poured into my rehabilitation for the past five years."

Healing Ink was brought to Israel by the "Artists 4 Israel" organization, and the tattoos serve as a literal representation of the victims' ability to take back control of their bodies - forming an integral part of their mental recuperation.

Some of the project's participants choose to cover existing scars with tattoos, while others opt to amend an existing tattoo and give it a whole new meaning.

"The physical injuries are minor," says Mugrabi. "The real injury is the PTSD, and it's still as strong as the day after the incident. All the symptoms are still there, lack of sleep and so on."

Guy Mugrabi with Edith Ben Gida

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

Mugrabi says the tattoo he received helps him to accept the pain he's still feeling years after the explosion.

"I accept the PTSD and accompanying suffering with love, and my new tattoo is a symbol of that acceptance."

For Mugrabi's tattoo artist, Edith Ben-Gida, this is the second year she has participated in the Healing Ink project.

"It's a beautiful thing that grows out of the tattoo's pain," says Gida.

"I believe that if the process of getting a tattoo didn't involve pain, the whole PTSD healing procedure wouldn't be the same. A tattoo's pain signals something good, a change."

Gida says those who choose to cover scars with a tattoo usually find new appreciation for a previously disfigured body part.

"Their new tattoo carries a new memory with it, and so when they look at the tattoo, it brings them joy, and that's always a good thing."

Chen Schwartz receives a tattoo from Megan Massacre

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

Years after the incident, Schwartz still uses a cane in order to get around, and says his PTSD is present in every aspect of his life.

"Every second person you look at appears to be suspicious," he says. "It took me a month to be able to drive around my home town, and being able to sit with my back to the door took me another two years."

Schwartz says that even meeting up with his friends was a struggle.

"Going out with my mates took me years, you basically lose all control of your life, I'm even receiving psychological treatment five years on from the incident," he says.

"The tattoos we got here today represent a kind of a closure," Schwartz says. "Everywhere you go, the scars go with you, so at least now I have something on my body I'm proud of, something I chose to have."

Chen Schwartz's tattoo

(Photo: Yaron Sharon)

Russ Abbott, a tattoo artist from Roswell, Georgia, believes the element of choice plays an important part in the healing process.

"By choosing to get tattooed, the person goes through a process of mental healing," he says.

"Some people get tattoos because they simply love getting tattooed," he adds, "but healing via tattoos is a whole different story I believe."

Abbot says that from the very first time he participated in the Healing Ink project, he understood what the project meant to its participants.

"When I first took part in the project two years ago, I tattooed two women who had been through a traumatic experience," he says. "The very decision to get tattooed help them regain a sense of control over their bodies."

According to Megan Massacre, she first volunteered with the sole intent of making art.

"I initially just wanted to create cool tattoos, it never occurred to me I could give people tattoos that would help them change their lives," she says.

Artist 4 Israel CEO Craig Dershowitz says he's aware of how much of a difference the project makes to the participants.

"I'm talking to some of those that took part in the project, and it totally changed their lives to one degree or another," he says.

"The mother of one of the participants told me he never used to go out of the house, he was too shy and scared," Dershowitz says, "now he's an advocate for people who were injured under various circumstances."

Healing Ink also helps people around America, and according to Dershowitz, Israelis tend to deal with trauma a bit differently than others.

"Those in Israel are usually much younger, so they tend to deal with the trauma through humor," he says.

"I tend to tell my artists that when it comes to Israelis, the funnier the person, the deeper the trauma."

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Turning the scars of terror into tattoos - Ynetnews


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Does Tom Sandoval Still Have That Bacon Butt Tattoo? – Bravo12.08.19


Tom Sandoval's Bacon Song

There was a good reason that Tom Sandoval mooned Julia Stiles and Alanis Morissette during Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on December 5. The Vanderpump Rules cocktail savant was in the Clubhouse bartending with Ariana Madix that evening, when the topic of his infamous butt tattoo came up.

In case you're just hearing about this iconic ink, let us catch you up quickly. Inspired by his lovely girlfriend, Ariana, the Tom Tom co-owner decided once upon a time to get a tattoo of the letter A on his butt. (A touching homage.) Since he didn't want just an ordinary A, Tom opted to get a tattoo that featured a bacon-based rendition of his love's first initial. He even wrote a song about it see the clip above.

So, is said tattoo still intact? Indeed, Tom confirmed that it is and on WWHL, Stiles even asked to see it. Keep scrolling to see the clip. And, you know, to catch a glimpse of Tom's cheeks.

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Does Tom Sandoval Still Have That Bacon Butt Tattoo? - Bravo


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