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Hairline Tattooing and What You Need to Know – menshealth.com07.25.21

Knowing that hair loss is something most guys will go through at some point in their lives doesnt make it any easier to deal with when it starts happening to you. For the record, two-thirds of men notice thinning by age 35 and by age 50, around 85% show significant loss, according to the American Hair Loss Association. But whether it's a slight recession of your hairline or actual bald spots popping up, the biggest question is always, "What do I do about it?"

There are plenty of options out thereclassics like minoxidil and finasteride to newfangled treatments like PRP and high-tech hair transplants. Hell, there are even hair systemsfancy words for wigs and toupees. But there isnt a one-size-fits-all solution, and not every treatment works for every person. Matt Iulo, Director of Scalp Micro USA, knows this all too well. He tried everything short of a hair transplant before discovering scalp micropigmentation on an internet hair loss forum. After getting the treatment himself, hes helped thousands of men through the scalp micropigmentation process. Could it be right for you, too? This is what you need to know.

While the process is similar to tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is actually the more correct term, according to Iulo. When someone says head tattoo, they think of a skull and crossbones on the scalp, he says. Were using a microneedle, pigment, and a pointillism technique to create the illusion of hair, or, more specifically, tiny hair follicles. A trained technician can match the pigment to your hair and can use this technique to camouflage thinning areas, completely bald spots and completely reconstruct a hairline. The finished result typically has the look of a very short buzz cut.

The ideal candidate is someone who has lost anywhere from a bit of hair to a significant amounteither is totally bald or in an advanced stage of hair loss, says Iulo. However, this technique creates the illusion of a buzzed haircut, so whatever hair you do have should ideally be kept very short. If youre a guy who needs long flowing locks, this is not the solution because its not going to grow, he says.

The short answer is yes. Scalp micropigmentation can work on any amount of thinning and if you only have one bald spot (or a few), the technique can create the illusion of more density underneath the existing hair you have. Depending on how much hair you have, you may even be able to keep it longer to get the density effect. But to get the best look, if you dont have much hair up top, you should plan to keep the sides short to blend the look, says Iulo.

The scalp micropigmentation process should always start with a consultation with a licensed professional. In most states, theyll need to have a tattoo license and Scalp Micro USA also has a specific scalp micropigmentation certificate program, so thats good to look for, too. During the consultation (in-person or virtual), the artist will look at your hair, scalp and hairline and ask you about your expectations. Theyll also advise you on what they think the best solution is for you. Then follows two to three pigmentation sessions (on average) spaced two weeks apart. During the first session, the artist will cut your hair and spend time mapping out your hairline and plan of action. Then we micropigment the entire bald area to replicate follicles throughout, says Iulo. With each session its going to get a little darker and a little fuller. And as for pain, Iulo says hes never had any complaints. Unlike a traditional tattoo, were only going about two millimeters deep, he notes. He classifies it as slightly annoying more than painful, and it doesnt linger after the session ends. You can go to work afterward if you need to, he says.

Over time, the pigment is designed to lighten and soften, says Iulo, which is why scalp micropigmentation is classified as semi-permanent rather than truly permanent. But it doesnt turn other colors or fade drastically like old tattoos. Usually, clients need a touchup no more frequently than every four to six years.

The real benefit to scalp micropigmentation is that there is very little maintenance. Most clients need to cut their hair once or twice a week, says Iulo, to keep it short enough to blend with the pigmentation (remember, this looks like a really short buzz cut). Iulo recommends using a trimmer with no guard to keep it looking tight. And then, apart from moisturizing and sunscreen (good skincare is good scalp care, says Iulo), theres nothing else you need to do.

There arent many risks to the actual procedure if youre working with a trained professional, but if you have underlying skin conditions like heavy psoriasis or severe dandruff that can affect your scalp, make sure to disclose that to your artist. Depending on the condition, this may not be for you.

The ultimate price is specific to the hair loss level, how much area needs to be covered and if there is any additional scarring that needs to be camouflaged, says Iulo, but generally the cost falls between $2,500 and $4,000.

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Hairline Tattooing and What You Need to Know -

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Olympic star Adam Peaty has a lion tattoo he got after winning gold at Rio 2016 and securing a world record… – The US Sun07.25.21

ADAM PEATY celebrated his Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016 with a tattoo.

The swimmer won the 100m breast stroke with a world record time of 57.13 seconds five years ago.


Peaty then took to Instagram to show off the new lion image engraved on his arm.

"Be Your Own King. Thanks to @andyradfordtattoo for the amazing tattoo, detail is insane. What do you guys think? ????" he posted.

The swimmer won Britain's first gold medal in Rio after twice breaking his own world record at the Games.

In hisheat he made a statement by setting a record time of 57.55 seconds before going faster again in the final.

And the greatest swimmer of all time was in awe of Peaty's performance in the 4 x 100m medley relay.

Peaty unofficially took a second off his world record to help Britain to a silver medal behind Michael Phelps' USA.

He was swearing and said, 56.5 is mad. He was pretty impressed, Peaty said of Phelps.

Tattoo artist Andy Radford posted his own photo Instagram with the Staffordshire-born athlete.



"Not every day you get to have the pleasure of tattooing an Olympic Gold Medalist, Silver Medalist and World Record holder!

"Adam Peaty, you should be so proud, what an achievement! You've put Uttoxeter on the map and done your friends, family and country proud! Such an honour! Thank you! See you soon brother for round 2 ????????" he wrote.

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Olympic star Adam Peaty has a lion tattoo he got after winning gold at Rio 2016 and securing a world record... - The US Sun

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Len on tattoos: ‘They give me strength’ – MLB.com07.25.21

WASHINGTON -- While collecting plenty of Major League experience over his 10-year career, Sandy Len has amassed something else: tattoos.

The 32-year-old Marlins catcher sports ink on both forearms and behind each ear. They are visible when he catches, bats and, as was the case on July 19, pitches.

Each tattoo has a meaning. Most are reminders of his motivation: his family and his faith.

Len got one of his first tattoos back in 2016. The almond tree on the inside of his left forearm was inspired by the Bible verses Jeremiah 1:12 (and 1:11), which say, And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Jeremiah, what do you see? And I said, I see an almond branch. Then the Lord said to me, You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.

Im a Christian, and I like Bible verses a lot, Len said last week at Nationals Park, where he began his career in 2012. I think they help me, they give me strength.

Noting his most meaningful tattoos, Len pointed to the words scrawled in cursive on either side of his neck. On the left, faith, which he got in 2017. On the right, Noah and Nahomy, the names of his children. He penned that tribute in 2019, the year his daughter was born.

Theyre very small ones, but for me, theyre more important, Len said. I feel like theyre always with me. Every time I look in the mirror, I see the sides of my neck and I see my kids, and the faith, it reminds myself about my kids and the faith I have to have, especially in baseball. You go through a lot of stuff in baseball -- good things, bad things -- always try to stay positive and have faith in God and then just keep doing the right thing.

Len spends most of the year away from his family. His children, ages 2 and 3, are too young to travel, so they stay at home in Florida with his wife, Liliana. But when youre on the road for upwards of seven or 10 days at a time, there are things you miss.

You go back and see theyve grown a lot in only 10 days, Len said. Having this on my neck, I feel like theyre always with me. You always remember your kids, theyre your kids, but I feel like theyre always with me and, like, close to me.

Like many who have multiple tattoos, Len stays loyal to his tattoo artist, who is from Bogot, Colombia. During the 2020 offseason, the artist flew to Miami and stayed with Len for a few days to complete another tattoo. This one, a portrait of his son on his right forearm.

In the coming offseason, Len has plans to add a portrait of his daughter, just like the one he already has of his son, to his chest or forearm. He also wants to cover his back in Bible verses.

Ive got a whole lot, Len said. Its more than 20, so its going to be big ones. It might take a couple of years, but thats my plan.

Lens wife also has a few tattoos: their childrens names, and their wedding date. Shes a big fan of Lens tattoos, which she helps pick out.

My wife, she wants two more [kids], Len said. So I dont know where Ill put those.

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Len on tattoos: 'They give me strength' -

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I quit my corporate job to become a tattoo artist at 29 years old. Here are 7 things that surprised me most. – Insider07.25.21

After majoring in fine art and fashion design, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I worked in social media and marketing as a content creator for most of my 20s. But after years of anxiety in the corporate world, I wanted to find a career I genuinely enjoyed.

So when my sister-in-law sent me an Instagram post from a Los Angeles tattoo shop, June Jung Art, that was looking for an apprentice, I threw together a portfolio that got me accepted.

I immediately left my corporate job and committed to being a full-time apprentice and eventually a tattoo artist. Here are seven things that surprised me most about the switch:

Working in marketing as an introvert was mentally draining I hated the meetings, presentations, events, and open offices and thought it was something I had to deal with for the rest of my life.

Now, I mostly work with other introverts who feel the same way.

As a tattoo artist, I work one-on-one with my clients and do all of the listening. I never thought I'd enjoy meeting new people, but every experience is so unique and rewarding.

I currently prefer to ink micro-realism tattoos. Alissa Jung for Insider

Before you're taught about actual tattooing, you have to learn about blood-borne pathogens and cleanliness.

But despite the steep learning curve, the most difficult thing for me was finding my tattoo style and niche.

I'm currently into micro realism, but I'm sure that'll shift as my interests change in the future.

There's more to being a tattoo artist than just the art. Most tattooers have to market themselves to get clients, especially when they're just starting.

My experience in the corporate world has carried over as a large part of my current job. From email etiquette to social-media best practices, everything I've learned has given me a head start in growing a clientele.

I started posting TikToks at the start of my tattoo journey, which has given me a huge advantage as a new artist.

I'm a perfectionist and my own worst critic, so every little thing will keep me up at night, from a design that's not "good enough" to a tiny "mistake" that's only visible to me.

Especially when you're new, the permanent aspect of tattooing adds a lot of pressure. Plus there are so many talented artists that it's impossible not to compare yourself to others.

Physically, your back and neck ache from the weird positions you have to sit in, and your hand cramps from constantly drawing and holding the machine.

I learned to ink on practice skin. Alissa Jung for Insider

Although apprenticeships differ based on the studio and mentor, most of them initially focus on learning how the shop runs, cleaning, and setting up or breaking down stations.

You also work on daily assignments from your mentor, which mostly consist of tracing shapes and drawing.

I lucked out at my apprenticeship and started learning to ink on practice skin after about four to five months.

Outside of my appointments, I'm constantly drawing for my upcoming clients, doing consultations, replying to emails, and going through my request sheet.

Plus I have to keep up with social media and constantly create new content to market myself.

Before working at June Jung Art, I'd only been to intimidating street shops. But now that tattoos are now more mainstream, I think the industry is changing to make clients feel comfortable and welcome.

Because of my past experiences at tattoo shops, I was initially terrified to go to my apprenticeship interview. To my surprise, the shop was clean, airy, and relaxing, plus everyone there was very friendly.

All of the artists are incredibly talented, kind, and helpful. There's no rivalry or drama, just tattooers who love what they do.

I quit my corporate job to become a tattoo artist at 29 years old. Here are 7 things that surprised me most. - Insider

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23 Celebrities Whose Faces Are Tattooed On Other Celebs’ Bodies – BuzzFeed07.25.21

I didn't realize so many celebs got tattoos of their famous exes!

He told GQ, "I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know."

She made the decision to remove it in 2011.She told Amica, "[Marilyn] was a negative person...I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

She called the portrait, which was taken from Bowie's Aladdin Sane album, "the image that changed my life.

After their breakup, he had it covered up with a rose design.

He got the tattoo soon after performing an RBG-inspired rap on Saturday Night Live. The comedian also got a Hillary Clinton tattoo in 2017.

On Instagram, she said she got the tattoos because she "hopes to be as badass as them."

Amber is a notorious Guns N' Roses fan.

A friend chose the design for him in a game of "tattoo roulette." He told theLas Vegas Review-Journal, "We blindfold each other: You get to pick a tattoo for me, and I get to pick a tattoo for you. And you dont get to see it till theyre both done.

She told Latina, "Frida inspired my personality, my strength, and my artistic side."

He told Soul Culture, "I just found comfort in all of Aaliyahs music and her melody choices and the things that she talks about and how she always conveyed these amazing emotions but never got too sappy."

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23 Celebrities Whose Faces Are Tattooed On Other Celebs' Bodies - BuzzFeed

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Fish Tales: Josiah Dodge deals in lobsters and tattoos – theday.com07.25.21

Editor's note: Today we profile the captains of Stonington's fishing fleet, whose occupation, arguably one of the most dangerous, is steeped in tradition. Some of their families have been fishing for generations, and some of their ancestors' names are listed on the Town Dock memorial of those lost at sea. Some augment their income with other jobs. All of them have a calling, and a love for the open water.

StoningtonWhen he was 17, Josiah Dodge learned he was about to become a father. He left high school and went to work.

Having grown up in Westerly and on Block Island as the descendant of fishermen, he began working on a lobster boat. After the environmental impact of the 1998 North Cape oil spill in South Kingstown, R.I., he began driving a truck.

"But I got tired of being locked in a truck all day, and I went back to fishing," he said one day last month on his lobster boat, the Edrie and Logan, named after two of his children.

The 43-year-old Dodge,who hasworked on all types of fishing boats, has another profession: He ownsIrish Rose Tattoo and Piercingin downtown Pawcatuck.

"I'm the weird Rhode Island guy," he joked.

He lobstersoff Watch Hill, Weekapaug and Block Island. Because Westerly has no real commercial fishing infrastructure, he's been at the Town Dock the past three years. He sells most of his catch to a group oflocal customers anduses Facebook and word of mouth to build his customerbase.

He said he's working with someone on a plan to create a processing facility and community kitchen that can showcase the catches of local fishermen.

"People want to know where their food comes from," Dodge said, adding that seafoodis "clean, healthy and the real deal."

"We catch the best protein you can get," he said.

Like many fishermen,he cites the freedom of the job as its attraction.

"When I go out and fish, it's the hunter-gatherer complex. You're feeding your community. That's the ultimate goal," he said.

And like other Town Dock fishermen, Dodge has problems with the wind farm projects.He saidthe payments being offered to fishermen are only a fraction of what the financial impact on fish and fishermen will be.

"I'm all for anything that can help the environment, but I don't want to leave a toilet to my kids," he said. "At some point people have to take priority over profit. But unfortunately that's not happening in this day and age."

Fish Tales: Josiah Dodge deals in lobsters and tattoos -

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Brazilian Tattoo Artist Transforms Physical Appearance To Be An Orc – mit inc07.25.21

Extreme body modifications have long fascinated people. Seeing others change their body structure to look like over people or even animals usually make it to the news and that is the case with Brazilian tattoo artist Fernando Franco de Oliveira.

Over the course of several years, the tattoo artist, who owns a tattoo shop in Tatu, So Paulo, Brazil, has been working to transform his physical appearance. Through surgeries and tattooing, de Oliveira, has transformed his appearance to be that of an orc from the Lord of the Rings franchise.

De Oliveira admitted to Daily Mail that the nose procedure was the most painful and drastic change he made to his appearance. The surgical procedure to reshape his nose required a lot of care for it to heal properly, but it has had no impact on his ability to breathe normally.

I have a forked tongue, an orc ear, vampire teeth, and horn implants in my head, de Oliveira told Daily Mail. The last one I did, to make me look completely frightening, was my nose. I mutilated it to look like a skull.

According to Daily Mail, the tattoo artist still wants some more work done so he can fully transform into the orc he wants to see. De Oliveira, who was awarded the title of Most Tattooed Man in Brazil in 2014, wants some more horns implanted on his head.

De Oliveira has had about 99 percent of his body tattooed and has had his ears shaped into orc ears. As he considers more procedures to continue on his physical evolution, de Oliveira admits it is about more than the final product.

I really like the pain of needles, I am addicted, he tells Daily Mail. Every now and then I get the need to touch up the tattoos because I dont have enough space on my body.

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Brazilian Tattoo Artist Transforms Physical Appearance To Be An Orc - mit inc

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‘Prison Break’: Why Wentworth Miller Begged to Have Some of Michael’s Tattoos Removed – Showbiz Cheat Sheet07.25.21

Dedicated fans of the fascinating TV series, Prison Break, know that Wentworth Millers character, Michael Scofield, entered incarceration with elaborate tattoos over much of his body. However, by the start of season 4, the tats were gone. Why did Miller beg to have the tattoos removed? Heres what we know.

From the first frame of Prison Break, Scofields tats were featured almost as prominently as the character himself. Comprising two dozen tattoo designs, the complex image provided a virtual blueprint of the Fox River Penitentiary along with additional info Scofield and his brother, Lincoln Burrows, used to plot their eventual escape.

In real life, English-born actor Wentworth Miller sports no tats of his own. Nonetheless, he sat for nearly five hours in the makeup chair every time his characters tattoos were applied. Once they were no longer crucial to the plotline, Miller strongly requested the tats be removed from Scofields body and every script thereafter, explained Screenrant.

Even before they became irrelevant to the story, Scofields tats were a problem for Miller, who explained that filming seasons 2 and 3 in 100-degree Texas heat in long sleeves that supposedly covered up his still-remaining tats was unbearable, according to Digital Spy.

The detailed prison map on Scofields back was not the only mysterious message in his fake ink. Screenrant did a deep delve to discover the secrets embedded in Millers Prison Break tattoos. Here are a few of the things they found out:

If theyd been decoded before he busted out of Fox River Penitentiary, Scofields tats could have caused him a world of trouble. In fact, law enforcement has used tattoos to identify and apprehend numerous criminals, including 20th-century mass murderer Richard Speck.

After Specks conspicuous Born to Raise Hell tattoo was published in local newspapers in 1966, it was recognized and reported by a Cook County doctor who treated the killer for injuries sustained during an attempted suicide, explained History. According to AP News, Speck was then sentenced to eight consecutive life terms and died of a heart attack at Stateville Correctional Center in 1991.

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'Prison Break': Why Wentworth Miller Begged to Have Some of Michael's Tattoos Removed - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Tattoo artists from around the world gather for Chicago’s largest tattoo convention – Columbia Chronicle07.25.21

People getting tattoos in all styles and sizes and on all body parts, tattoo and piercing artists, psychic readers, painters and other vendors and performers highlighted the 11th Annual Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention.

About 900 vendors, along with 1,500 local, national and international tattoo artists, came together for one of the largest events Chicago has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

Chicagos Villain Arts Tattoo Convention was postponed several times and eventually canceled in 2020.

But from July 16-18 thousands of artists and tattoo fanatics were finally able to gather at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road in Rosemont, for a weekend of tattooing, art, magic, performances and more.

Carl Murray, better known in the tattoo community as Doctor Carl Blasphemy, the host and master of ceremonies for the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention, said people were more enthusiastic about coming to this years event after last years cancellation.

The convention also provided COVID-19 testing and the Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

We brought in the vaccinations the Johnson & Johnson, really because its a one and done, Murray said. We sat home for over a year not being able to do our jobs, so the more people get vaccinated, the more were going to have a better chance to do a trade show in the city.

Murray said face masks were required for those who are not vaccinated.

Joey Sherman, owner of Famous Street Tattoo Studio, 1365 N. La Fox St. in South Elgin, said all the artists look forward to the convention, as it gives them a reason to come together.

All the shops come together, say whats up, hang out; its a big event for everybody here, Sherman said. It gives us an opportunity to show our talent as artists, to the land that were on, brings more clientele for the shops around, and it generates more revenue for everybody.

Tattoo and piercing artist Randy Candy Pizza, a former Columbia fashion and stage makeup student, said he noticed the stimulus and unemployment checks given to United States citizens enabled more people to get tattoos.

A lot of those people are coming to us because now they have money to get that luxury item, Candy Pizza said.

Nina Flomp opened her own tattoo studio in Pilsen called Cry Baby Tattoo in September 2020. She said every day without wearing a face mask is still weird, but she is staying positive.

To have a convention this size with this many people and people coming in from all over the place to work and come together for the weekend, its really exciting, and I think its a really important milestone for the pandemic, Flomp said.

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Tattoo artists from around the world gather for Chicago's largest tattoo convention - Columbia Chronicle

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Ed Sheeran reveals meaning behind new Orca tattoo – News-Herald.com07.09.21

Ed Sheeran's new Orca tattoo is a tribute to his daughter Lyra Antarctica.

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker has revealed the Killer Whale inking on his inner arm is for his 10-month-old baby girl - whom he has with his wife Cherry Seaborn - as they can be found swimming in the continent's seas.

Ed is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizzare column as saying: I got some vampire teeth on my shoulder for the video and an orca for Antarctica.

I am completely covered in the weirdest, most colourful tattoos and that is the thing no one can get their head around, apart from my wife. Everyone says I look like a melted crayon.

But I love them. I love that any time something random happens, I put it on my body.

The flame-haired pop star is said to have more than 60 tattoos, but the 30-year-old musician admitted he can no longer stand the pain for more than two hours at a time.

He added: In my twenties, I would sit for 18 hours and just blitz it.

"Now Im like two hours in, just do it in a month kinda thing.

However, a few years ago, the 'Bloodstream' hitmaker was so comfortable in the tattooist chair that he fell asleep.

Ed got Kevin Paul to create a collage of inkings on his chest in 2016 and he spent over 40 hours in the chair to get his unique collection.

The Grammy-winner had confessed that he "passed out" when he was getting an image of the Sagrada Familia, an elaborate Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, etched onto his stomach because the pain was so excruciating.

Despite his admission, Kevin insisted that out of all his celebrity clients Ed was the most "hardcore" when it comes to taking the needle and he even dozed off for a short snooze as he was marking his skin with a design.

Kevin - who has worked on a host of stars such as Rihanna, Harry Styles and James Arthur - said at the time: "Ed is amazing for taking the pain. For a little geeky ginger kid - which was what he was like when I first met him - he used to take seven or eight hours at a time, he was proper hardcore he would proper go for it. Nowadays I probably do three or four hours on him at a time. The last time I did a tattoo on him he fell asleep, he was proper snoring, he fell asleep for about 20 minutes!"

Ed has had his entire chest covered in tattoos that relate to his loved ones and the songs from his album 'Divide'.

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Ed Sheeran reveals meaning behind new Orca tattoo -

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