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Demi Lovato is well known for her music, but also because she has made tattoos with very inspiring messages.

Demi, despite being a girl who at a young age has fought against several addictions, self-destructive behaviors, diseases, has taken advantage of adversity.

In addition to promising to make more music, Demi Lovato surprised fans with his new and emotional tattoo, Alessandro Capozzi who is a tatatuador based in Los Angeles, California and owner of Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery, posted a photo on his Instagram account tattooing Demi.

The name of the new tatoo is Femininity divine, as Demi baptized it, the Instagram post has more than 24 thousand likes.

In the artists publication you can read the meaning and explanation of Demis new tattoo:

We create this piece together to represent a rebirth of the spirit.

The dark wings represent the bad times, her fading is how she advanced.

The interior light represents the inner force necessary for change and the pigeons, when raised, symbolize the reach of a higher state of consciousness

Congratulations on your inspiring journey, Demi, honored to have represented this for you.

Demi is a girl who gives more power to the voice of the Body Positive movement, to love your body as it is, Demi always embraces her defects, because she knows that they make her unique.

Demi is fabulous.

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Tattoo artist to stars reveals why she was forced to cover up her ink to make a living – Infosurhoy01.01.20

A popular celebrity tattoo artist has revealed she was forced to cover up her ink to score office-based jobs while completing her tattooing apprenticeship.

Sydney woman Lauren Winzer, 31, has amassed more than 200,000 Instagram followers online and opened her own business in Alexandria, showcasing her work -all in the space of a few years.

Known for her use of colour and one-off designs, the skin decorator has become well-renowned in her field, inking the likes of Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Post Malone and DJ Tiger Lilly.

But as she worked her way up to becoming a sought-after artist for the famous, the creative admits she hid her body art to increase her chances of gaining employment.

I had tattoos on my arms and leg and when I went for interviews I would wear long sleeves because I knew otherwise, I definitely wouldnt have got the job, or even be given a chance, Ms Winzer told

Ms Winzer said she was eventually offered a job at a company and soon realised that covering up had been vital to her securing the position after seeing her bosss reaction to her coloured hair.

She said the woman continually criticised her hair to the point she felt pressured to dye it a more neutral tone- which was met with a standing ovation by her boss when she returned to the office.

She definitely wouldnt have given me the job if she saw my tattoos. I was a really hard worker, my commitment to my job never changed, I was still the same person, doing the same amount of work, the star

It bothered me a lot at the time and still does, especially talking about it now.

The tattoo artist, originally from NSWs south coast, said she noticed people would stare at her as they walked past when she first moved to the city six years ago.

She said over the years the attention has decreased, which she believes comes from reduced stigmas over tattoos.

Ms Winzers works often feature pop culture icons, glitter, florals and galaxies.

Five years ago, while Miley Cyrus was touring the country, her assistant procured Ms Winzer for a tattoo after seeing her work on Instagram.

Once it was complete, Miley requested to have some done too, adding to her collection a cat, watermelon, alien and an eyeball.

The popstar fell in love with the tattooists work, Ms Winzer said, and told her she would only go to her from then on for pieces requiring colour.

The two women became good friends and the Hollywood local often flies her overseas when she would like a new design.

In January, the Australian tattooed a playboy bunny on Post Malones face.

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Tattoo artist to stars reveals why she was forced to cover up her ink to make a living - Infosurhoy

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Art as therapy for Veterans – week.com01.01.20

Self expression has long been regarded as a form of therapy, but for service members experiencing PTSD it can be life changing.

That's the philopshy behind 22 VA or 22 Veterans Art.

It was founded by Michael Ragan who reminds people that 22 Veterans take their own lives every day.

Ragan said he wanted to open an art avenue for creative veterans who did more than paint, but enjoyed things like welding, performance arts, wood carvings, sculptures, tattooing and more.

It's meant to be an outlet to help them heal, bond, and be appreciated.

"It's the Christmas season. It's a good time to reach out. Holidays are hard on veterans. Holidays are hard on everyone. One of the installations I did here was a Christmas tree with 154 ornaments on it. That's how many veterans commit suicide in a week." said Michael Ragan, the founder of 22VA

The show continues at the Downtown Peoria Public Library until January 26th.

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Art as therapy for Veterans -

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In pictures: Auckland visual journalists’ photos of the year –


Auckland musician Benee photographed not long before her success at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards, eating a Korean feast during a photo shoot.

A portrait of a former rough sleeper, a series of protest shotsand a bird's eye view of a dam are among Stuff Auckland photographers' favourite pictures of the year.

Visual team leader Jason Dordaysaid the photos, from visual journalists Ricky Wilson, Lawrence Smith, Abigail Dougherty and Chris McKeen, were the "out takes" or the ones that didn't make it into print.

The demands of daily news determined which pictures were published, and many were only ever seen on photographers' Instagrams, he said.

"It can be frustrating for the photographer but that's the nature of being a professional photojournalistsometimes you have to shoot to order rather than present your personal style."

READ MORE:* SkyCity fire: All the best photos*Ihumtao protest: meet the 'protectors' still occupying the site* Public get first ever look at south Auckland dam* Auckland royal tour in pictures

Dougherty's photos were alltaken atIhumtao, a tract of disputed land in south Auckland.


Prince Charles is welcomed to Government House during his royal tour with the Duchess of Cornwall.

She said it was the little details that spoke to her in each shot from the colours of a sunset to a woman's head scarf to the size of a cooking pot.

Dorday said his advice to photographers was to have faith in their own vision.

"Sometimes you might have to put that aside, but as a working photographer it will always be your strongest asset."


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the scene of the SkyCity Convention Centre fire with Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, NZ First MP Tracey Martin and Fire and Emergency NZ Auckland regional manager Ron Devlin.


A bird's eye view of a a car towing a boat in Kawakawa Bay, southeast of Auckland, shot on a Mavic Pro.


Watercare staff walk on a portion of the Upper Mangatawhiri Dam structure in Auckland's Hunua Ranges.


The Blue Lake in Biei, Hokkaido is one of a number of ponds that were created in order to protect the nearby town from flooding.


A bird's eye view of a lone palm tree and a shed in Kawakawa Bay.


The Upper Mangatawhiri Dam in Auckland's Hunua Ranges.


A man is arrested by police outside a framing store in Greenlane.


British actor Timothy Spall.


Keith, a former streetie who featured in a Stuff/NZ On Air video project called The K Rd Chronicles.


Clarke Gayford, broadcaster, presenter and partner to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


Two women carry kai towards the protest point at Ihumtao.


A protester at Ihumtao.


A protester watches a crane truck drive through a crowd.


An Ihumtao protester, holding a flag, evades police in a cattle paddock.


The sun sets over the disputed land at Ihumtao.

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In pictures: Auckland visual journalists' photos of the year -

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The best health advice from 2019 – The Week01.01.20

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Napping may boost your heart health. That's the finding of researchers in Switzerland, who tracked 3,462 healthy adults for five years. Those who dozed for five minutes to an hour once or twice a week were 48 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure than those who never snoozed in the daytime. Napping longer or more often didn't deliver any additional health benefits. Lead author Nadine Husler says it's still unclear how napping might influence heart health. "Our best guess," she says, "is that a daytime nap just releases stress from insufficient sleep."

Eating mushrooms could lower your chances of developing memory problems in later life. A study involving 663 Chinese men and women found that those who ate one or two 5-ounce portions of mushrooms a week had a 43 percent lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment a precursor to Alzheimer's than participants who consumed less than one. Those who ate more than two portions had a 52 percent reduced risk. Lead author Lei Feng says the most likely explanation for this "dramatic effect" is that the fungi contain antioxidants that protect neurons from damage.

Having kids makes you happier once they've grown up and moved out. Previous research has shown that, earlier in life, people with children are less happy and more prone to depression than childless peers, partly because they get less sleep and experience more stress. But a study of 55,000 Europeans found that parents were more likely to be happier when they got older, provided their offspring had flown the nest. Researchers say grown kids can offer parents more social and emotional connection, as well as care and other support. "There is no simple answer on whether children bring happiness," says lead author Christoph Becker. "It depends on which stage of life your children are at."

Running just once a week could significantly cut your risk of a premature death. Researchers in Australia looked at 14 studies that tracked the health of some 230,000 people for up to 35 years. Those who did any running at all were 27 percent less likely to die early. Surprisingly, the runners who ran longer distances or at a faster pace didn't see their risk decline any further just 50 minutes of jogging a week was enough. "If you are physically inactive and don't have much time on your hands for exercise," says lead author Zeljko Pedisic, "running might just be the right activity for you."

NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen may help relieve depression. In an analysis of previous studies, researchers in China found that a daily dose of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) was 79 percent more effective than a placebo at eliminating depressive symptoms. Several studies have linked depression to brain and body inflammation, leading to speculation that an overactive immune system which can cause inflammation could be a factor. Alan Carson, who edited the study, says depression "may simply be the price we pay for having an immune system."

Northern Irish soil could have healing properties. Residents of the Boho Highlands have been using the alkaline dirt from a local churchyard as a folk remedy for 200 years. An analysis of this "sacred clay" revealed that it contains a previously unknown strain of Streptomyces bacterium that can halt the growth of four of the top six superbugs resistant to conventional antibiotics. Scientists believe such traditional medicines may prove to be a useful source of new antibiotics. "Some of these cures might have been perfectly effective," says co-author Gerry Quinn. The people "just didn't have any knowledge of the scientific principles or biochemistry behind them."

High-fiber foods can shrink your risk of dying early or developing a chronic condition. A scientific review commissioned by the World Health Organization noted that people who ate the most fiber found in fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals, pasta, and bread were 15 to 30 percent less likely to die prematurely than those who ate the least. Heavy fiber consumers were also 16 to 24 percent less likely to suffer a stroke or develop heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or colorectal cancer. The optimal fiber intake was 25 to 29 grams a day; American adults consume an average of 15 grams.

Playing soccer may increase your risk of neurodegenerative disease. Researchers in Scotland compared the deaths of 7,676 male former pro soccer players with those of more than 23,000 people from the general population. The ex-players had a longer life expectancy overall, but a 3.5 times higher risk of dying from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. While soccer players don't endure the same kind of crashing tackles that can cause degenerative brain disease in football players, frequent heading of the ball can alter the makeup of the brain. "It is not just the 'big hits' resulting in symptomatic concussions that increase the risk of neurologic disorders later in life," says neurologist Robert Stern.

Aspirin could significantly raise the chance of dangerous bleeds in the gut and skull. A daily dose of the blood-thinning drug can help prevent heart attacks and strokes for those with existing cardiovascular issues. But a review by British scientists of 13 previous studies found that for people with no issues, the cons outweigh the pros. Overall, aspirin reduced the risk of cardiovascular problems by 11 percent but was linked to a 43 percent increase in significant bleeding events. Co-author Sean Lee Zheng says that before prescribing the drug, physicians should weigh "any small potential cardiovascular benefits [against] the real risk of severe bleeding."

Ultraprocessed foods can shorten your life. A French study found that every 10 percent increase in consumption of these foods such as chicken nuggets, potato chips, and ready-to-eat meals was linked to a 14 percent higher risk of early death. The researchers say some additives in ultraprocessed products are carcinogenic and that chemicals from packaging may leak into the foods. Co-author Mathilde Touvier recommends people "avoid these foods as much as they can."

Getting a tattoo can put toxic metal fragments in your body. German scientists examined 12 new steel tattoo needles with a high-powered microscope, both before and after use. They found that chromium and nickel particles break off during the tattooing process and become embedded in the skin. Those metals can travel through the body and build up in lymph nodes, potentially triggering an allergic reaction. Anyone thinking of getting inked, says lead author Ines Schreiver, should be aware they could be exposed to "impurities that might be allergenic or carcinogenic."

Vaping may damage blood vessels. Using MRI scans, University of Pennsylvania scientists monitored blood flow in 31 nonsmokers. After participants had several puffs on an e-cigarette without a flavor or nicotine, their blood flow was noticeably worse. Overall, vaping temporarily constricted arteries in the legs, heart, and brain by more than 30 percent. The researchers believe glycerol and propylene glycol, the core ingredients of vape fluid besides water, can irritate the lining of blood vessels. More than 2,400 people have been hospitalized over the past year for vaping-related lung illnesses, and at least 52 have died. Scientists suspect many had vaped illicit liquids containing THC the psychoactive compound in marijuana that had been cut with vitamin E acetate, a sticky oil that can cling to the lungs.

Also from The Week: The best things you didn't watch, read, and listen to in 2019

Doctors' coats are often contaminated with dangerous bacteria and other pathogens. A review of previous studies found that up to 16 percent of the garments tested positive for MRSA, and up to 42 percent for Gram-negative rods antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause skin and blood infections, sepsis, pneumonia, and other health issues. Researchers found that stethoscopes, phones, and digital tablets can also be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Previous studies have found that most American physicians wash their coats less than once a week; up to 17 percent go more than a month between washes.

White meat may raise your cholesterol levels as much as red meat. Researchers put 113 adults on three rotating monthlong diets: one centered on lean cuts of beef, the second on lean cuts of chicken, and the third on plant proteins. Half the participants' diets irrespective of their main protein source were high in saturated fats, while half were low. Overall, white meat raised levels of LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol that clogs arteries, just as much as red meat even when saturated fat levels were equal.

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The best health advice from 2019 - The Week

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A look back at 2019 and the Herald stories that made an impact – College Heights Herald01.01.20

2019 was a big year for the College Heights Herald. Before the new year, we've reflected back on the stories that left an impact or remained important to this campus. Read our top picks in news, life, sports and opinion below.

During the last weeks of the Spring 2019 semester, campus erupted after Potter College Dean Larry Snyder's resignation was announced. Students protested the decision outside administrative buildings and within a week faculty members passed a vote of no confidence in former Provost Terry Ballman which resulted in her resignation. Read more here:

WKU students and activists brought global climate issues to campus this year by holding two climate strikes in the Fall 2019 semester. These were inspired by the global wave of climate strikes. Read more here:

Campus discussion and activism was alive after two videos showing sorority members from Alpha Xi Delta and Chi Omega singing a racial slur were reported on by the Herald. After we reported on the videos some students, including SGA senators, held a protest calling for the removal of AXiD from campus. A third video showing members of Alpha Tau Omega was reported on later in the semester, which prompted action from the administration to evaluate Greek organizations. Read more here:

Through WKU President Timothy Caboni's 10-year strategic plan the university held a Comprehensive Academic Program Evaluation for all programs. At the end of the evaluation, programs were suggested to be maintained, grown or enhanced, transformed or suspended. By the end of the process101 out of 380 programs were recommended for suspension. Read more here:

After a long and heated campaign season, former Attorney General Andy Beshear unseated former Gov. Matt Bevin in the gubernatorial election. However, the election process was not so simple. The day before the election President Donald Trump held a rally in Lexington encouraging attendants to vote for Bevin and a straight Republican ticket. On election night as many news sites were calling the election in Beshear's favor, Bevin refused to concede and requested a recanvass. Read more here:

On the day former President George H.W. Bush died, WKU alum Evan Sisley was by his side. Sisley went from photographing the White House as a photojournalist, to working on an ambulance in Bowling Green, to serving with the Marine Corps, to finally working as the personal aide to H.W. Bush. Read more here:

We've all driven in a Lyft or Uber before, but how many drivers have tried to have a real conversation with you? We reported on WKU alum Larry Duncan who has created an instagram page and podcast dedicated to the passengers he meets as a Lyft and Uber driver. Read more here:

For the first time, the Herald published a story entirely in Spanish. Two Herald reporters attended Bowling Green's Fiestaval and wrote about their experiences, one in English and the other in Spanish. Read more here:

We all have probably seen WKU police officer Tim Gray on campus. We wanted to know what it was like to workout with him. One reporter woke up for a 6 a.m. workout and conversation with the officer. Read more here:

One of our reporters told the story of Jonathan Fowler, one of the six award-winning artists at the State Street tattoo shop, Solid Gold Gallery. In 2019, Fowler celebrated his 20th year tattooing and attributes his success to the way he interacts with customers and the people he meets. Read more here:

Former WKU mens basketball head coach Ray Harper and former WKU basketball player Marlon Hunter were mentioned in a lawsuit that alleged Hunter was expelled from WKU over sexual misconduct, and that Jacksonville State University covered up a sexual assault committed by Hunter.

After a rocky start to the 2019 season, WKU emerged victorious againstWestern Michigan in the First Responder Bowl and picked up its ninth win thanks to a 52-yard field goal attempt from freshman kicker Cory Munson, who'd posted an up-and-down campaign to that point. Read more here:

After an incredible 2019 season, the WKU volleyball team fell toin-state rival Louisville for thesecond time during its record-breaking campaign in the NCAA Volleyball Tournament Second Round. Still, the team and head coach Travis Hudson remained optimistic. Read more here:

WKU men's basketball center Charles Bassey dominated headlines throughout the 2019 calendar year, racking up honors from Conference USA and several national entities. After becoming just the second player in league history to winboth C-USA Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in the same season, the NBA Draft prospect returned to WKU for his sophomore season. Bassey was off to a great start once again, but he suffered a season-ending injury. Read more here:

Former WKU right fielder Jake Sanford was the 105th overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, as the New York Yankees added the C-USA Player of the Year to their farm system in the third round. Sanford's selection was the the fourth-highest Hilltopper ever taken, and only the fourth WKU player ever drafted in the top three rounds of the MLB Draft. Read more here:

In the Fall 2019 semester WKU announced a partnership with an institution of higher education in China, Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU), that will allow WKU and SNNU students to transfer between universities and complete degrees in psychology, education and/ or journalism. Considering the suppression and governmental control of media, the editorial board argued WKU should not share the same ideas and values, and should not endorseprograms backed by an authoritarian government. Read more here:

After the sudden resignation of Potter College Dean Larry Snyder, students and faculty expressed their dissatisfaction through protest and a vote of no confidence in the former Provost Terry Ballman. This led to Ballman's resignation and Snyder's reinstatement as dean. However, Ballman would remain at WKU for a year makingaone-year salary of $255,000, with no responsibilities or potential benefits for the university. The editorial board argued this was a "irresponsible" decision considering the university's budget crisis. Read more here:

After the Herald's coverage of two videos showing sorority members singing a racial slur the editorial board argued it is never tolerable for white people to use this slur, no matter the context, because of the history of violence and oppression associated with it. Read more here:

On the Herald's 94th birthday, our editorial board recognized the strengths of student press and the remaining barriers young journalists face, focusing on the two-year anniversary of WKUs lawsuit against the Herald over access to public records involving faculty sexual misconduct. Read more here:

Following WKU's decision to end it's relationship with the Confucius Institute, the editorial board came out in favor of the decision while also criticizing the original 50-year lease signed by former WKU President Gary Ransdell. Read more here:

See the article here:
A look back at 2019 and the Herald stories that made an impact - College Heights Herald

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Amanda Bynes’ Possible New Face Tattoo Has the Internet Talking – E! NEWS12.31.19

Xposure / AKM-GSI

Amanda Bynes, is that you?

The star is known for rocking a rainbow of hair colors, but her seemingly latest look features a different kind of addition. On her apparent Instagram account, the 33-year-old appeared to debut a face tattoo on Monday night.

In a selfie, the actress looks into the camera with what appears to be heart-shaped ink on her cheek. The photo also shows a septum piercing, which she's featured in multiple other photos on the Instagram account.

Of course, the photo has not gone unnoticed online with fans and websites pointing out the new lopsided ink.

While the account is not verified on Instagram, it appears to belong to Bynes as she tweeted about it from her verified Twitter account. "Hey guys! I'm on instagram now! Check me out," she tweeted in September. That same day, she posted a series of photos, including one of her at graduation. "Fidm graduation 2019 !" Bynes captioned a selfie of her and another woman in a cap and gown.

"Amanda is doing great, working on herself, and taking some well-deserved time off to focus on her well-being after graduating FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising] in December," Bynes' family's attorney, Tamar Arminak, said in a statement to E! News in April.

"She's spending time reading and exercising, sketching for her new line and mostly making sure this time around she puts her needs first," the lawyer added.

The month before, reports claimed she was beingtreatedbymental health professionals and addiction counselors after an alleged relapse.

In June, the star tweeted a photo of herself and another person in a cap and gown, captioned "FIDM graduate 2019."

E! News returns Monday morning, Jan. 6 at 7 a.m.!

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Amanda Bynes' Possible New Face Tattoo Has the Internet Talking - E! NEWS

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Justin Bieber Gives Full Body Tour of All His Tattoos – TMZ12.31.19

Justin Bieber's showing off the countless hours of artwork he's accumulated -- all over his body -- in a series of up-close and personal vids.

Bieber just shared the tattoo shots while chillin' poolside with his shirt off ... revealing his ink starting from his colorful Crocs and working his way up his legs to his torso covered in majestic animal art.

He pays extra attention to his arms, flaunting a "Make Em Pay" tat with a couple of six-shooters ... along with some religious symbols and other messages.

JB ends his full-body tour with a focus on JC -- the Jesus tattoo on his left calf.

Interestingly -- Bieber's extreme closeups don't include a good look at the tat he got earlier this month -- a giant bird plastered on the side of his neck ... but he does give a quick glimpse of the new piece.

Still, with 2019 coming to a close ... it looks like Kylie Jenner's not the only one getting in one last thirst trap.

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Justin Bieber Gives Full Body Tour of All His Tattoos - TMZ

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Meet the tattoo artist who wants to change beauty standards for women – AOL12.31.19

When Alisha Gory moved to the U.S. from South Korea when she was 18 years old, she didnt know what she was getting herself into.

It exposed me to a lot of different culture and it opened my mind, Gory toldIn The Know.The real world really hit me, pretty much, it was a tough time.

As Gory tried to find her footing being an immigrant, Gory says she struggled with not having any family or friends close by during those first few years she worked a lot of crazy jobs all over New York City. Gory loved art but knew she didnt want to be a starving artist, which is when tattooing came into the picture.

Gory is covered in tattoos herself. It came from wanting to be different. I come from a culture where everybody looks the same, they dont really celebrate a lot of individuality, and Ive always been very different.

According to Gory, South Korea has a very established ideal beauty standard thats hard to deviate from. Its all about natural beauty, and tattoos directly conflict with what Korean women are expected to look like.

[Tattoos] are normally related to gang members,yakuza,things like that, Gory explained. [Getting tattoos] is illegal. Thats a big problem because its illegal, a lot of people feel like they cant accept it.

When Gory goes back to visit family in South Korea, she has to cover up. She says her parents disagree with her tattoos and career choices because it goes against what their wishes for how Gory, as a Korean woman, should look.

It is hard having to hide yourself in some ways, but I do know that its a different culture and I have to respect different cultures.

But this is why Gory fell in love with tattooing in the first place. Shes always wanted to be different and after traveling the world and living in New York City, she wants to help shatter the stigma surrounding women with tattoos.

We are all just humans, we feel the same, we want the same things, Gory said. Were no different because were covered in tattoos. And I dont have to look like every other woman in order to be beautiful.

Watch the full episode ofIn The Know: Extreme Lengthsabove to learn more about Alisha Gory and the lengths she goes to, to break down idealized beauty standards for women.

More to watch:

Go here to read the rest:
Meet the tattoo artist who wants to change beauty standards for women - AOL

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This Steelers-Browns brawl is the worst tattoo of 2019 – SB Nation12.31.19

Normally Im a firm proponent of the core concept of do whatever you want, so long as it doesnt hurt anyone else, which will make the following statement sound hypocritical: There are some innate rules to sporting tattoos that should be followed for the good of humanity.

This tattoo breaks all these rules.

When we look at this tat through the lens of these basic rules we see the gaping problems with celebrating a moment like this. Firstly, it celebrates early while also celebrating late. I mean, its not like the Browns had a good year or anything. As Im writing this, only one team out of the Steelers and Browns fired their coach, right? Rule No. 1 failed.

This was a huge letdown of a season for Cleveland. Remember that a significant number of people thought theyd make the playoffs, potentially even challenge for the AFC North title. Look how that turned out. Rule No. 2 failed.

Nobody wants to remember this moment. Especially Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph. Best to just let this fade from memory if youre a Browns fan. You dont see Pacers and Pistons fans walking around with tattoos of The Malice at the Palace, right? Rule No. 3 failed.

Now look, its early in both careers but I think its safe to say Rudolph wont make Canton. Garrett has a chance, sure. Hes phenomenal, but its still very, very early. Why remember a player like this at his worst? Wouldnt it be better to wait for an iconic sack and celebrate him actually playing football, not swinging his helmet into an opponent? Rule No. 4 failed.

Ive always been taught not to criticize unless you offer an alternative, so ...

Thats it. Thats the list.

See the original post:
This Steelers-Browns brawl is the worst tattoo of 2019 - SB Nation

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