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What are Trey Songzs tattoos and what do they mean? – The Sun02.04.21

TREY Songz, who has become caught up in a sex-tape scandal, is most recognised for his singing and rapping abilities.

But the 36-year-old, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, also has an interesting collection of tattoos.


An alleged sex tape of the R&B artist has reportedly surfaced online.

According to reports, a nude video of Songz has leaked online, however there is no confirmation that it is in fact Trigga, as he is also known, as the man's face is not shown.

However some fans allegeSongzis the man in the video based on the tattoos.

Here's the inkings the rapper has:


The first tattoo Trey got was of a cross on his upper right arm.

It features the word "only God can judge me", inspired by Tupac, who has a tattoo saying the same thing.

Trey says he was just 16 or 17 when he had this done.

In an interview with GQ he said: "I knew that if I had a cross my mom could only be but so mad."


Trey hails the tattoo on the left side of his chest as his "favourite".

The writing is a prayer which he penned himself, and it reads: "To God I pray may Aprils showers rain on her Forrest and grow the strength that started with one Rose."

April is is mother's name, Forrest is his brother's name, and Rose is the name of his grandmother.

The poem means that he hopes his younger brother will be raised as strong as his grandmother, Rose, raised his mom to be


On his left forearm, Trey has a depiction of himself as a child which he got at the age of 18.

The tattoo is of a small boy wearing a cap and diaper, sitting on top of the world.

Trey told GQ: "I'm sitting on top of the world because I had these big dreams for myself, I always felt like I would accomplish great things."

Above that, it says "April's boy", which is actually the name of one of his companies.


Also on his left arm Trey has a tattoo of a storm, which features a tornado and the sun shining at the end of it.

He said: "It kind of means that if you can make it through the storm, the sun will shine."


On Trey's right wrist he has the letters "T" and "H" along with an infinity sign.

Trey actually got this done when he was with his ex-girlfriend.

He told GQ: "I haven't covered it up yet so I guess that means something within itself.

"In order to cover it up it will have to mean something more powerful than the love that we shared at that moment."


According to Trey, the two angels he got tattooed on his back in 2008 are "the most recognisable to his fans".

He added: "Every time I left the house my grandmother would say 'watch your back', and because of that I got angels on my back.

"Their wings are kind of weathered from fighting off so many storms."


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On the right side of Trey's chest appears to be a sign - but its actually the initials of the important women in his life combined.

The most visible letters are "A", for his mother April, and "R", for his grandmother Rose.

Trey says he was "mostly raised by women" and the tattoo also features the initials of his aunts.

He added: "I love that one a lot."

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What are Trey Songzs tattoos and what do they mean? - The Sun

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Woman horrified after getting the tattoo of her dreams then discovering she copied the fridge logo without r – The Sun02.04.21

A WOMAN is horrified after finally getting the tattoo of her dreams, only to discover she copied the fridge logo without realising it.

The ink fan, called Phoebe, shared a clip to TikTok showing off the delicate waves she had tattooed on her wrist.


She revealed she had wanted the tattoo for years, and would draw it on her skin while she waited to get it done permanently.

Eventually Phoebe got the design inked on her arm, but a year later to her horror she suddenly realised where she got the inspiration from - her fridge.

In a clip she opens up the fridge door revealing some waves, then holds up her wrist and shows off a near-identical design.

She said: A year ago today I got this tattoo.


I love it so much. I wanted to get it for literally years and Id draw it on my wrist and dream of the day I had it.

I realise now where I got the idea from.

Its the design from the inside of the fridge weve had for basically my whole life .



Her hilarious mishap, which has seen her now twinning with the appliance, has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, as people were in stitches over the similarity.

One person pointed out: Really shows were influenced by things we dont even notice.

Another wrote: You and that fridge are bonded for life.






A third commented: I laughed too much at this.

Someone else thought: The fridge probably feels special.

While this person added: Thats actually really cute, youve got your childhood house with you forever now.

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And these are the most basic tattoos artists secretly hate as they reveal the one inking they will NEVER do.

Meanwhile,tattoo fans share what dodgy body art REALLY means and fresh spring rolls has to be the winner.

Plusthese daring celebs all got tattoos later in life can you guess the stars from their surprising inkings?

Woman horrified after getting the tattoo of her dreams then discovering she copied the fridge logo without r - The Sun

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‘Basic’ tattoos artists secretly hate doing – and the ones they’ll refuse to do – Mirror Online02.04.21

Getting a tattoo is a big decision - they are for life after all.

Before you commit to it, it's important to do your research - and we're not just talking about what design you want.

As well as choosing your studio wisely, you should also do a little digging into the artist before you sit down to get permanently marked.

Every artist has a different style and preference on what they like to ink so you want to make sure that you're picking the right one for you.

Whilst some like black and white photorealist sketches, others might prefer to ink watercolour designs or mandalas.

But there are a few designs that tattoo artists can't stand - here's the top six.

Tota Volpe-Landi from Happy Sailor Tattoo in London told The Sun that most tattooists - herself included - prefer big tattoos over small, dainty inks.

She said that although she has a few smaller tattoos that mean a lot to her, she prefers to tattoo designs with thicker lines over super fine lines as they last a lot longer.

Tiny tattoos also do not heal as well as their larger counterparts, something that Naresh, a London-based artist and owner of Flamin' Eight explained.

He said that even if they survive the initial healing stage, they tend not to age well.

And more often than not, after the dressings are removed and lines fade and blur, people regret their choice.

The infinity symbol is one of the most commonly-seen tattoos around, so it's not a surprise that artists get bored of doing the design.

Stefan Dinu, from Inkaholics in London, went as far as to say it's the design he hates the most purely because of "the volume of inquiries we got throughout the years, it's a design that makes you roll your eyes and say 'not again!'"

Although feather and bird tattoos are a popular choice, it's not a firm favourite with artists as Stefan thinks it lacks originality and inspiration.

With so many people with the same tattoo, Stefan doesn't understand why anyone would pick it.

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Roses, pocket watches and roman numerals are also some of the most commonly seen tattoos on people up and down the country.

Now, lions with crowns are becoming increasingly popular but Tota absolutely "loathes them".

While she acknowledges that everyone seems to love this new lion craze, she thinks it looks "weird".

Explaining why she doesn't like them, she says it's probably how the crown sits on the lion's head.

Stefan added that getting a tattoo that is fashionable is risky as "fashion comes and goes."

Instead, he suggests getting something unique and meaningful - something that will still be representative of you when you've grown old.

For Stefan, name tattoos are his pet peeve - especially if it's a partner's name.

He said: "After 17 years as a tattoo artist I still don't understand why people get their partners' names on them, especially at the beginning of a relationship."

In his experience, most often than not, these people are the ones who are the first to get a tattoo removed.

In place of your loved one's name, he suggests thinking of something that represents the love each person has for the other.

Whether it be celebrities like Post Malone, Amber Rose or Lil Wayne with face tattoos, or Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, and Lana Del Rey with hand designs, there's always a flurry of admiring superfans wanting to get the same ink as their favourite celebs.

But Tom Abbott, founder of IYNK, said that you might find it hard to find a studio that will tattoo on your hands, face, or feet as a lot of places have policies against these areas.

Avram Nikolic-Parry, a tattoo artist available through IYNK, says the Cheryl Cole-style hand tattoos are some of the most "basic."

The issue with tattooing in this place is that the lines always fade over time.

Artists will rarely convince a customer not to get a design that they've set their heart on - but they will try and guide them in the right direction.

Although Tota will do her best to give the customer what they want, she will turn down any work she doesn't feel comfortable taking on, for example, tatting people who are either intoxicated or who are underage.

She'll also turn away customers who want very visible tattoos on their neck, hands and face.

Stefan said he doesn't encourage people to have ink in these places, and will often book these appointments months in advance in the hopes the customer will change their mind.

If people ask for hand or finger ink, he'll also politely decline.

"We try to put things in perspective and ask them, 'how would it be if you had to wear your favourite baseball cap all your life...?' And that's when they started having second thoughts and really sleep on it," he said.

Naresh from Flamin Eight said he'll also refuse to do a design that could be seen as offensive.

Do you have a story to share? We want to hear all about it. Email us at

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'Basic' tattoos artists secretly hate doing - and the ones they'll refuse to do - Mirror Online

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From cultural appropriation to Sanskrit tattoo, times when Rihanna created controversies – DNA India02.04.21

Rihanna created a huge uproar in India after she tweeted on farmers' protests on Monday.

Rihanna has become a topic of discussion across the nation after her tweet on farmers' protest where she lent support to them. This is not the first time, the pop icon became a topic of discussion, her list of controversies are known to the world. Rihanna, multiple times have found herself in a tongue-tied situation and even issued an apology for a few.

Meanwhile, "Why arent we talking about this?!" Rihanna said in a Twitter post, sharing a CNN article on the demonstrations with her 100.9 million followers on the platform, using the hashtag #FarmersProtest.

Check out a few of Rihanna's controversies which created headlines below:

1. Rihanna's photoshoot at Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque


Back in 2013, Rihanna did a photoshoot at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in Abu Dhabi. However, as per reports, the pop star was asked to leave after she clicked a few 'inappropriate photos'. A statement issued by the Grand Mosque Centre read as "She was confronted by the mosque officials and directed to the appropriate entrance to the mosque, to carry out a visit under the normal conditions."

2. Rihanna and Chris Brown's ugly breakup


Just before the Grammys in 2009, the then-couple Rihanna and Chris Brown had an ugly fight in which the latter physically assaulted her. In a documentary, Chris had narrated the incident by stating, "Like I remember she tried to kick me, just like her beating shit, but then I really hit her. With a closed fist, like I punched her, and it busted her lip, and when I saw it I was in shock, I was fu*k, why did I hit her like that? So from there, shesspitting blood in my face, it raised me even more. Its a real fight in the car, and we driving in the street."

Her photos after the assault emerged on the Internet and their ugly breakup became a topic of discussion across the globe.

3. When Rihanna apologised to play an Islamic song at Savage X Fenty lingerie show


During the launch of her brand Savage X Fenty lingerie show, the event had song 'Doom' being played which has a Muslim text called Hadith in it. This did not go well with people and they called her out immediately.

Soon after, Rihanna issued an apology with a statement which read as "I'd like to thank the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight that was unintentionally offensive in our Savage x Fenty show. I would, more importantly, like to apologise to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and I'm incredibly disheartened by this! I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our project was completely irresponsible! Moving forward we will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding."

4. Rihanna's controversial music video 'Love The Way You Lie'


Many people thought Rihanna and Eminem's 'Love The Way You Lie' glamourised domestic violence. People slammed the singer after she became the victim of physical violence in the hands of her ex-beau Chris Brown.

5. Rihanna's Sanskrit tattoo


Rihanna's tattoo inked in Sanskrit is on her hip and is a text from Bhagavad Gita which roughly translates to 'forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control'. However, many pointed out that the tattoo is spelt wrong.

[All photos via File Photo & Instagram (@badgalriri)]

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From cultural appropriation to Sanskrit tattoo, times when Rihanna created controversies - DNA India

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Lifestyle Weekend Picks Podcast: Inking tattoos with just needle and hand – The Straits Times02.04.21

Lifestyle Weekend Picks Ep 113: Inking tattoos with just needle and hand

15:15 mins

Synopsis: Every Thursday, The Straits Times recommends lifestyle and food picks for the coming weekend in Singapore.

On this week's Life Weekend Picks, we learn more about hand-poked tattoos and review a film that has just earned four Golden Globe nominations.

Travel correspondent Clara Lock shares more about hand-poked tattoos and their growing popularity in Singapore.

Food editor Tan Hsueh Yun tells us where to find the best artisanal pizzas in town, from classic to wild and unexpected combinations.

Journalist Jan Lee gives her take on Promising Young Woman, the film gaining major buzz ahead of the award season.

Produced by: ST Life desk & ST Video team

Edited by: ST Video team & Penelope Lee

Subscribe to Life Weekend Picks Podcast for new episodes every Thursday and rate us on your favourite audio apps:


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Lifestyle Weekend Picks Podcast: Inking tattoos with just needle and hand - The Straits Times

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Denver tattoo artist goes viral for her take on the wildly popular Bernie Sanders meme – The Denver Channel01.26.21

DENVER Bernie Sanders is popping up just about everywhere memes show him on a chairlift in Aspen and on the patio of local restaurants.

Memes might be fleeting, but a tattoo is forever.

"I just dont think all tattoos need to be the most significant profound deep thing youve ever thought of. Lets be silly. I like to be silly, why not? Especially in todays world, you find your happiness where you can," said Sam Kuhn, the artist behind a now viral tattoo of the meme.

The tattoo is instantly recognizable, depicting the Vermont senator wearing that blue surgical mask and mittens made out of a recycled sweater.

Its a good, silly, little tattoo," Kuhn said. "You cant hate it. You can not like Bernie, and thats fine. Its just fun."

What ended up as a viral tattoo started off as a joke. Kuhn works at Copperhead Tattoo Parlor, which is located next to a barbecue restaurant.

"My neighbors at Owlbear Barbecue asked me to print out a meme for them to put into the window," Kuhn said. "I made the joke that, 'one of yall should get this.'"

James McFaul took a break from his job running the smoker at the barbecue joint, and in less than an hour, he had a brand new tattoo. Kuhn was so pleased with the work that she posted a picture on her Instagram account, and it took off almost immediately.

"Im almost at 10,000 likes, which is about eight times the likes that Ive received on any other picture," said Kuhn.

McFaul has been friends with Kuhn for about three years. She has done other tattoos for him in the past, but they continue to be surprised by the reaction of his latest tattoo.

"Yeah, that doesnt make any sense," McFaul said. "I mean, I figured people would like it, and people would hate it, but I didnt think it would get as much attention as it has."

When asked if he was a Bernie fan, McFaul said, " I mean, it would be a weird thing to get otherwise."

Kuhn said it's not at all political for her, but, then again, she's not one to take things too seriously.

"Its an old guy in some mittens. Everybody is arguing in the comments in my Instagram, and its hilarious 'cause its just silly," Kuhn said. "Im still able to draw silly stuff for a living, so I couldnt be more stoked."

She said most of the comments have been positive, and she's already received a few requests from others who want the Bernie meme to live on with their own tattoos.

Oh, its a great tattoo," McFaul said.

Although, you could say he's feeling the 'Bern,' McFaul wonders what Sanders himself would think of the new ink.

"What did he say? He was like, 'Im happy that we know they make good mittens in Vermont,' or something like that thats pretty cool," McFaul said. "Well now they know we make good tattoos in Denver."

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Denver tattoo artist goes viral for her take on the wildly popular Bernie Sanders meme - The Denver Channel

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Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression – CBC.ca01.26.21

Tattoos are popular for people of all ages and genders even on the face but for Indigenous women, it's not about being trendy. It's about reclaiming atraditional form of self-expression.

A few years ago, Stacey Fayant, a Regina artist, decided to explore the art of traditional tattooing because it piqued her interest.

"All my art is centred around my identity and culture and exploring how trauma from colonization has affected our identities," said Fayant. "I never knew that my people tattooed, so when I found out, there was a real strong pull to find out more about it and I knew I had to be involved in reawakening it here in Saskatchewan."

Fayant, who is of Cree, Saulteaux and Mtis descent, was professionally trained in the stick-and-poke and skin-stitch methods. These two forms of tattooing existed on this continent prior to contact, which is why she wanted to learn these specific techniques.

Initially, Fayant thought she would share her knowledge with just her family, but has been overwhelmed by the response from the Indigenous community. Waiting lists for her tattoos, prior to the pandemic, were at least six months long.

"People seem to know that they need this and it's for the right reasons," she said. "They are coming to me specifically for a traditional tattoo that connects them to their identity and their culture."

Fayant said face tattoos such as chin and temple tattoos are not viewed as taboo among Indigenous cultures around the globe, so she's not surprised Indigenous women are choosing to get such markings.

For Nina Wilson, a Saskatoon resident and co-founder of Idle No More, the decision to get her forehead tattoo seemed natural.

"I was always a part of [Indigenous ceremonies]for at least 25 or 30 years and we always had paint," she said. "Indian paint was always used to mark us for certain things we were about to do, certain things we did, certain things we were known for."

Traditional paints are extracted from the minerals in rocks, soil and plants and are mixed to createhues.

"What I chose to do was permanently mark my face, so I wouldn't have to keep putting it on and taking it off and putting it on," said Wilson.

She has recently added a chin tattoo.

Wilson realizes such markings are considered unconventional in today's society, but says they are rooted in a history older than Canada.

"They are not your average tattoo.They make people stop and stare," she said.

Wilson believes these ancient markings serve a purpose and has no regrets about getting them. Most times she forgets she has them because they are a part of her now,until she notices the stares or when someone stops her and asks about them.

Wilson saidthe tattoos are there to remind people of the old customs and rituals, which were deliberately erased through colonialism, so they shouldn't be feared.

"The way it was explained to me by different ceremonial people, it's almost like a protection that you wear different," she said.

Kat Worm, wholives inPunichy,north of Regina,had her own reasons for deciding to get a chin tattoo, and like Wilson, she felt like it was meant to be there.

She waited almost two decades before getting her tattoo last year. Initially, she wanted to get the tattoo after she graduated from university, but at that timeface tattoos were rare. Worm did some research, but said there was limited information available.

"I found out that some Cree women did have face tattoos and always below the chin," said Worm. "I was brought up on the reserve so I was raisedalways looking at my Indigenous side. So I started looking at my Celtic side and [found out]they would use face paint that also went below the chin."

Born to a Cree father and Irish mother, she embraces both bloodlines equally, so when she did get her tattoo, she wanted it to symbolize that identity and chose to get two parallel lines down her chin.

"Physical appearance is the first thing you notice about somebody, I've never been a big makeup person so I think I needed this type of statement for my own individuality," said Worm.

Although her family supported her decision, the reaction she receives from strangers varies. While many Indigenous women admire her tattoo, strangers in the small town where she lives are more apprehensive towardher now, she said.

Worm takes both reactions in stride because she knows face tattoos can carry a negative stigma for some people.

However, she believes this is not a trend and it will become more common among Indigenous women.

For TashaBeeds, the decision to get a traditional temple tattoo is complex because ofwhat it symbolizes for her.

Beeds is a university professor at two Ontario institutions the University of Sudbury and the University of Windsor college of law.Sheis also a water walker.She takes both roles seriously, and they are interwoven in her decision to get a face tattoo.

Water walkers, who are also known as water protectors, are a group of primarily Indigenous women who prayfor the health and preservation of water, embarking on walks to do that and celebrate the resource.

Prior to a walk a round Lake Superior in 2017, Beedshad a dream of impending doom. Although frightened, Beeds said, the water spirit she heard in her dream told her she would be helped. "In my dream, she gave me a marking."

Once the walkers crossed the Canada-U.S., border Beeds fell severely ill and sought medical attention.After a series oftests at hospital in Baraja, Mich.,doctors discovered a tumour in the middle of her chest.

Although she was both shocked and worried, she remembered her dream. Against thedoctors'advice to go home and seek treatment, she continued the walk.

While on the walk,Beedsand the otherwomen were joined by Indigenous artists ChristiBelcourtand IsaacMurdock.

"They were just starting to do the ceremonial tattoos and Isaac was going to have one done and I said, 'I want one, too, and I shared with them my dream.' "

BelcourtandMurdockimmediately agreed to do the tattoo.

Although it was a painful experience, Beedssaid sheknows it was meant to be.

Today, she said,her face tattoos spark curious questions from students and she uses those conversations to educate others about the importance of protecting the water.

Fayant has also recently added a temple tattoo and like other women with facial markings, she believes they are powerful because they provide a connection to the past.

Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression -

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Cowboys Fans Have Fewer Tattoos Than Fans Of A Super Bowl Team – mix931fm.com01.26.21

Is your newest tat a Cowboys star? You've really got to be a fan to be inked with your team's logo or colors, and some NFL fans have gone all out this season. Cowboys fans are in the top half for having the most tattooed fans in the NFL.

Getting a tattoo in honor of your favorite NFL team takes fandom to a whole new level. You can throw a Cowboys jersey into the washing machine and blue andsilver facepaint washes off, but a tattoo is a commitment. There will be no switching to cheering for theGiants once you ink yourself with a Cowboys star. And which body part gets it? The hip is a popular spot, but then no one sees it at the game (at least as far as we know). There's so much to think about.

Pickwiselooked at Instagram to come up with its list of the most inked fans in the NFL, and it wasn't a Super Bowl team that came out on top.

The Philadelphia Eagles have 5764 posts by dedicated fans showing off team tattoos, and there are two main reasons for it. The things that move a fan to get a team tattoo, according to Pickwise, are recent and historic success, along with a general following.

Team Name, followed by Number of Posts showing tattoos

Philadelphia Eagles -5764

Chicago Bears -5638

Las Vegas Raiders -4797

New England Patriots -4343

Denver Broncos -4268

Buffalo Bills -3671

San Francisco 49ers -3634

Kansas City Chiefs -2300

Minnesota Vikings -1921

Dallas Cowboys -1791

Pittsburgh Steelers -1236

Green Bay Packers -1075

Cleveland Browns -724

Seattle Seahawks -611

Houston Texans -377

Washington Football Team -367

Los Angeles Chargers -265

Los Angeles Rams -233

Arizona Cardinals -205

Carolina Panthers -186

Jacksonville Jaguars -92

Atlanta Falcons -90

New York Giants -74

Miami Dolphins -63

Cincinnati Bengals -44

Indianapolis Colts -43

Detroit Lions -32

Baltimore Ravens -26

New York Jets -17

New Orleans Saints -15

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9

Tennessee Titans -7

It's surprising that Buccaneers fans don't have more team ink, but after a season like this, give them time and new fans might logo up. And February 8th -- the day after the Super Bowl -- might be a big day for tattoo artists in the winning team's city.

Would ya? Maybe you've already done it andhaven't hashtagged yet. That thought puts a whole new twist on the list! Maybe theCowboys are actually number 1.

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Cowboys Fans Have Fewer Tattoos Than Fans Of A Super Bowl Team -

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Sight of devil horn tattoos on Devaughn Johnson causes disruption of Zoom hearing for man charged in connecti – MassLive.com12.31.20

The Zoom hearing for a man charged in the connection with the stabbing death of a 26-year-old Haverhill man quickly fell into disarray after the defendant appeared on video revealing devil horn tattoos on his forehead.

The Eagle-Tribune reports Devaughn Johnson had been allowed to be shielded from view during his arraignment last month in connection with the stabbing death of 26-year-old Jose Vasquez of Haverhill. But when he appeared on video Tuesday, revealing devil horns tattooed on his forehead and a cross tattooed between his eyes, some observing the hearing electronically began disrupting the hearing, prompting the judge to ask the court clerk to mute attendees.

Johnson is one of three defendants being held in connection with the Nov. 21 stabbing death of Vasquez, who - along with Johnson, police say - had been involved with gangs in the past.

Johnson has been charged with accessory to murder after the fact. David Trongeau, 19, has been charged with stabbing Vasquez to death. Kaiden Henderson is also charged in connection with the stabbing and is scheduled for a court appearance on Jan. 14, the newspaper reported.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, Johnsons appearance caused a stir, with one observer using profanity and a racial slur to describe other observers. Another shouted at a woman on the call, calling her dog food.

Several times, the judge had to ask the clerk to put observers on mute, the paper reported.

A judge has ordered the impoundment of all police and court reports connected to the stabbing.

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Sight of devil horn tattoos on Devaughn Johnson causes disruption of Zoom hearing for man charged in connecti -

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is little without its two leads – The Spool12.31.20

Every month, we at The Spool select a filmmaker to explore in greater depth their themes, their deeper concerns, how their works chart the history of cinema, and the filmmakers own biography.With his latest, Mank, now on Netflix, were spending December rifling through the cold, exacting details of David Fincher and the ways his music-video-inspired aesthetics changed American filmmaking.Read the rest of our coveragehere.

David Finchers 2011 adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is both a quite good movie and a deeply frustrating one. At its best, it thrillingly delves into the art of investigation through the eyes of two well-crafted and well-performed protagonists. At its worst, it falls flat on its face and takes its sweet time to get up, dust itself off, and get back into a groove.

When Rooney Maras relentless investigator Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craigs driven journalist Mikael Blomkvist are working together to crack a decades-old mystery, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is magnetic. Fincher and screenwriter Steven Zaillian (The Irishman) grok the enthralling and infuriating the act of searching, of finding threads waiting for a pull, of pushing back against obstinate gatekeepers, of putting everything together so that a scribble becomes a spiral towards the end of play. And thanks to Mara and Craig, Dragon Tattoo has a pair of particularly compelling investigators. Whether theyre working the case alone or together, Salander and Blomkvist are fascinating to watch.

Salander, the Millennium series anti-heroine and iconic character, approaches the investigation as a researcher. She gathers all the data she can and digs into it. She finds connections and brings them together. But she doesnt just assume that she has found the answers because one possible timeline of events checks out. She doesnt stop until shes certain. And then she acts. And when Lisbeth Salander acts, she acts.

Blomkvist, Dragon Tattoos viewpoint character, isnt as prone to thorough, merciless violence as his friend and part-time sexual partner. He is, however, a great deal more comfortable directly interacting with other people. His wide range of contacts provides him with perspectives hed otherwise miss. He can draw answers out of everyone from an elderly, unrepentant Nazi to a big-hearted critical witness who had no idea she had witnessed anything.

Mara plays Salander as cautious, guarded and lonely. Early into Dragon Tattoo, her legal caretaker, one of the few people shes comfortably close to, is incapacitated by a severe stroke. His successor proves to be a sadist and a rapist. Salander exacts vengeance on him and breaks his power over her, but shes still down a friend. And as comfortable as she is alone, she cherishes the friendships she does have.

Craig plays Blomkvist as sweet, disenchanted, and lonely. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opens with a slimy billionaire successfully framing him for libel, destroying his reputation. Blomkvists efforts to shield his magazine from the fallout drive a wedge between him and his long-time lover and business partner, Erika (Robin Wright). He and his daughter, Pernilla (Josefin Asplund), love each other but hold vastly different views on the world. Blomkvist is adrift, rattled by his loss in court. Blomkvist taking Henrik Vangers (Christopher Plummer) offer to investigate the vanishing of his grandniece, Harriet (Moa Garpendal), in exchange for info on the billionaire is as much an attempt to get himself back together as it is a shot at clearing his name.

Fincher and screenwriter Steven Zaillian grok the enthralling and infuriating the act of searching, of finding threads waiting for a pull.

Together, Mara and Craig build Salander and Blomkvist an odd, close relationship. Theyre wildly different people, but they share a mission, a passion, and a need. They want to find out the truth behind Harriet Vangers disappearance. They want a man whos spent decades viciously murdering women to answer for what hes done. And theyre lonely. These commonalities create space for the performers to build trust and, ultimately, intimacy and friendship.

Plus, for fans of Craig, its a bit of a treat to see him poking at the publics perception of Daniel Craig, James Bond. Blomkvist is heroic and good. Hes also a stressed-out dude in early middle age whos decidedly freaked out by the increasingly horrible turns the Vanger investigation takes. Consider this scene, where an unseen assailant takes a shot at him. Blomkvist braves the head wound and makes it home, but hes not someone who can just shrug off pain, nor is he a fan of impromptu surgery.

While Fincher handles Salander, Blomkvist, their investigation and their relationship with aplomb, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo struggles with adapting the additional pieces of the story. This is plainest in the sequences dealing with the extended Vanger clan, who range from a decent person whos estranged herself from the clan (Joely Richardson) to the earlier mentioned Nazi to Blomkvists grieving employer. The cast does good work, but a fair few of their scenes feel more like time marked than progress made.

Likewise, if Dragon Tattoo finds its stride once its protagonists begin working together, then the hour it takes them to meet up crosses from necessary set-up to over-extended delay. Once Fincher gets to the verb, it clicks, but it takes a long, long time and some frustrating creative choices to get there. At its worst, parts of Dragon Tattoo feel completely detached from one another. Blomkvists framing by the slimy billionaire is narratively important, but the potential thematic connections between his actions and the killers crimes are ignored. The same goes for Swedens unresolved history with the Nazis and their successors in bigotry.

When it focuses on its leads and their craft, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an enthralling film. When its scope broadens, it flails. Its beautifully shot and well-acted flailing, but its flailing, nonetheless. Outside of folks who love the Millennium series, itll do the most for folks who dig Mara, Craig, and the not-so-simple art of solving murders.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is little without its two leads - The Spool

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