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Unkindness of Ravens #2: Mysteries and Magic Tattoos – That Hashtag Show10.31.20

Not all the witches burned during the Salem witch trials. Now, generations later, their descendants protect their ancient secrets. An Unkindness of Ravens tells the story of Wilma, a teenage girl who gets caught up in the witchy ways of the Ravens.

Check out our review for issue #2 below. (Need to catch up? Heres the scoop on the first issue.)

Ravens #2 picks up right where the debut issue left off. After meeting with the Ravens, Wilma heads home. She falls into a heavy sleep plagued by a strange dream (which the Ravens may be responsible for).

When Wilma returns to school the next day, shes immediately confronted with her decision to meet the Ravens instead of the popular clique the day before. Queen Bee Scarlett Dansforth wont take no for an answer. Wilmas new friend Ansel encourages her to stay on Scarletts good side, so they agree to meet up in the library. In the ensuing conversation, Scarlett tries to convince Wilma theyre actually pretty similar. (The whole thing has a very Draco Malfoy initially trying to befriend Harry Potter for status in The Sorcerers Stone vibe.)

Oh, and the guy Wilmas taken an interest in is apparently Scarletts brother. Ah, high school drama.

Then things get witchy again when Wilma runs into the Ravens. They reveal a secret line tattooed on each of their hands then mark Wilma in the same way. One of us indeed. (The school principal also has the mark, but covers it up with makeup. Thats gonna be important later for sure.)

We also learn Wilmas connection to the missing Waverly. (Although Wilma herself doesnt find out.) Im not sure yet how I feel about this reveal happening in the second issue. On one hand, it seemed the most obvious explanation, so Im glad the story didnt draw it out for a long time. Revealing too late would have been anti-climactic. But was it too soon to reveal such a big part of the puzzle? Im not sure. I guess as long as this reveal happened so that Waverlys disappearance remains the greater mystery, Im fine with it.

Ill admit I didnt enjoy the second issue of Ravens quite as much as the first. It was definitely still good, but it was another exposition-heavy chapter. However, the setup work wasnt quite as well balanced as in the first issue. Still, I like the way Ravens weaves together its mystery with just enough magic to keep things interesting. When Im done reading, Im already wishing for the next issue. Its hard to ask for more than that in a good comic.

You can pick up An Unkindness of Ravens #2 from Boom! Studios now.

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Unkindness of Ravens #2: Mysteries and Magic Tattoos - That Hashtag Show

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I got my first tattoo at 57 and it has a very special meaning – Starts at 6010.31.20

When you think of people with tattoos, I guess grandmothers dont come to mind. Im proud of my tattoo though. It gets people talking and, with the inspiration behind my design, its a topic I could talk about to anyone who will listen.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 15 months ago, but I can safely say Im now cancer-free! I wanted to replace the dreaded July 25, 2019 diagnosis date with the date that gave me a new lease on life October 20, 2020 and I figured theres nothing more permanent than a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is liberating. Its like having one thing you can control amidst a world of complete lack of control from scheduled medications and doctor visits to invasive tests and worse, losing your identity physically and psychologically. I think the pink ribbon has become universally synonymous with strength, courage and resilience that breast cancer forces you to find, and I never want to let that fight in me go.

This marks both an end and a beginning for me. It really does signal to me that the tests, chemotherapy, losing my hair, and having a mastectomy and the added reconstruction surgeries are all behind me. My body belongs to me again!

Excerpt from:
I got my first tattoo at 57 and it has a very special meaning - Starts at 60

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6 Women Share the Tattoos Inspired By Their Breast Cancer Diagnosis – Yahoo Lifestyle10.31.20

While a breast cancer diagnosisor the treatment that followsmight make a person feel weak, breast cancer tattoos can be a celebration of strength and perseverance. And while you cant control the scars that come with breast cancer treatment, it might be comforting to take back some control over your changing body with a breast cancer tattoo. The women we spoke with said their breast cancer tattoos served as daily reminders of how far theyve comeand theyve sparked awareness-building conversations. (Some put a tattoo inspired by their breast cancer on their breast (or over a mastectomy scar) while others picked a more visible spot.) Scroll down to see their breast cancer tattoos, and read the powerful stories behind them.

Ive been living with metastatic breast cancer for three and a half years. In that time, Ive gotten five tattoos. Most are over divots or scarring from surgeries. Each one redeems or explains a part of my story. First I got a frayed ribbon that looks like the METUP logo over the divot in my left breast. Its all black, so its stark and stands out against my skin. It gave me the courage to keep going. Abigail Johnson

I also have a dragon that curves around my right hip, down to my knee, where I had rods surgically inserted into my femur to support my bones, where the cancer had spread; this hides the scars. To me, dragons symbolize spring, generosity, independence, free-mindedness, and creativity. Im also right-handed, so having the dragon on my dominant side is also significant. A.J.

My tattoos are part of who I am as a woman, kind of like my scars have become. As an artist and as a woman living with metastatic breast cancer, I have a story to tell, and I just happen to wear my story on my skin. Ive spent my 21-year career in the field of tattooing, so not every tattoo has an intention behind it. They do, however, all speak to me. They serve as reminders of where I was at any given moment, physically or mentally, over the last 20 years, as well as how far Ive come in life. Some of my favorites are my childrens names, my grandparents portraits, and the Hindu god Ganeshathe remover of obstacleson my throat, which I got just after my terminal breast cancer diagnosis. Beth Fairchild

Story continues

(Editors note: Read more of Beths storyand see more of her tattooshere.)

I was introduced to a group called Live a Great Story after my breast cancer diagnosis, and its message really resonated with me as I slowly worked toward acceptance: No matter what life throws at you, you can and should live a great story. It isnt over! One of my dreams was to take my family on a beautiful vacation. Last February, just before Covid, my husband and I took our three adult children and our husbands or significant others and grandkids on a dream trip to Hawaii. The palm tree and water represent that trip and the words speak for themselves: Whatever your story, make it a great one! Lynn Calhoun

Im living with metastatic breast cancer after being diagnosed at age 39. I had no family history and no previous cancer diagnosis. My cancer had already spread from my breast to my lymph nodes and into my spine and sternum. I got this tattoo because I finished 12 rounds of chemotherapy and I wanted to celebrate! My sisters also have versions of the same tattoo, which my18-year-old daughter designed. Theyre different, but the same. Mine has a triangle for each of us, and the METAvivor ribbon colors. Michelle Schwerdtfeger

My sister Krista was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer exactly three months to the day after my diagnosis.M.S.

Our sister Jean, whos happily married to a wonderful wife, has rainbow colors in her tattoo to show support for the LGBT community. M.S.

More than eight years ago I was about to face a double mastectomy and possible radiation when my friend sent me the song The Sun Will Rise by Kelly Clarkson. I knew I needed to keep believing that everything would be OK. It just had to be. And so the week before my mastectomy, I had the title tattooed on my forearm, where I could see it every day to remind myself to keep going. And while I recovered in the hospital, it became a conversation piece among the nurses. It still sparks a conversation every time another doctor, nurse, or technician sees it. Delilah Talbot

After two years of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and physical therapy, my body was finally ready to get back to real lifeso I decided I needed to complete a Spartan Race. Refuse to Sink became my mantra, and I knew I needed to have it inked onto my very tattered body. Getting the tattoo to mark the occasion was so therapeutic that my brain just completely relaxed and I fell asleep. I took that as a reminder to remain cool while in the thick of it on the race, and it worked. I crossed that finish line with more pride than I had ever hadand I wanted more. Every race Ive done since then, prove to myself that Im always capable of more than I was the day before. Ive found others with similar tattoos over the years, and we each have our own story of strength and perseverance. D.T.

Ive been living with metastatic breast cancer for four years. I was first diagnosed with earlier stage breast cancer in 1997 and spent the next 19 years thinking I was a survivor. When I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2016, it really threw me for a loop and I needed something positive to see on a daily basis. My brother-in-law is a tattoo artist and he did this tattoo for me. It serves as a reminder to live every day to the fullest even though I have this terminal disease. Every day, I persist. Corky Corley

*Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

Originally Appeared on Glamour

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6 Women Share the Tattoos Inspired By Their Breast Cancer Diagnosis - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Our seven favourite Halsey tattoos and the meaning behind them – Brag Magazine10.31.20

Image: via Halsey's Instagram

This week, Halsey debuted two brand-new tattoos. The sparkle emoji on her freshly-shaved head a reference to her 2020 albumManic, and an illustration by Bjenny Montero of small chick with a thought bubble reading I wonder if theyll remember me.

Halsey is no stranger to ink, her body is decorated with trinkets chronicling her life, inspirations, and other secret, sacred meanings. Were taking a look at seven of our favourite Halsey tattoos, and the meaning behind them.

The Matchstick

If anything were to symbolise Halseys undying connection to her fans this is it. In May 2015, ahead of the release of her debut albumBadlands, Halsey chose three fans on Twitter to get matching tattoos with her during a meet and greet.

I got match-ing [get it] tattoos with them, Halsey explained. And thats the joke.

She continued, I also told them that an unlit match represents not playing all your good cards like you have one. Its unlit and I think what that represents is potential. You can strike at any moment.

I told them that when they feel like theyve reached a point of potential in their life, or they feel like theyve done something that they wanted to do for a long time, I told them that they should go back, get a flame added to it, and then let me know when they do, because its a significant moment.

I told them I would do the same, so Im just holding out for that moment because I dont know when Im going to reach my potential. But hopefully one day something will be enough for me.

You can watch Halsey get tattooed with her fans below.

Sins Forgiveness

Back in 2018, Halsey and Lil Wayne shared theSNLstage. Before sharing the stage, the pair realised they both share an astrological sign. So, seconds before walking the stage, Halsey got Lil Wayne to sketch out a tattoo for her quoting lyrics from hisTha Carter IV track She Will On my Libra scale Im weighin sins and forgiveness.

These violent delights have violent ends

If you were a devotee at the chapel of Halsey during theHopeless Fountain Kingdomera, you might recall the intersection of the album with Baz LuhrmannsRomeo & Juliet.The influence of the 1996 film permeated through the DNA ofHalseys second album.

Halsey got this tattoo back in 2014, and we like to think that the seeds of the expansive, conceptualHFK were planted way back then.


Halsey got this tribute to her younger brother Sevian Frangipane, whose birthday falls on May 11th, inked back in 2013. Today is so special to me Ive had it tattooed on my body for years, Halsey tweeted in 2015. Happy Birthday @sevianfrangipane I love u 4ever

Le Petit Princeelements (cactus, volcano, fox, rose)

Childhood books have a habit of sticking with you. Halsey tattooed the four elements featured in Antoine de Saint-Exuprys 1943 classicLe Petit Prince.Its a beautiful homage to a perfect, forever book.


Im a sucker for a tattoo with a backstory, and Halsey has em in spades. Halsey and her mum got matching tattoos of the word Serendipity back in July 2014.

I have this tattoo that says Serendipity and my mom and I have it matching together. My mom and I have two matching tattoos which is funny because when I was 16 I hated her. But now that Im 21 Im like lets get matching tattoos! So things change, Halsey explained of the tattoo.

Its serendipity, and it sounds really sweet. Serendipity is a happy accident. Its something that happens that youre not expecting that ends up being so perfect, with so much synchronicity. And I think thats how my mother would explain my birth. So it sounds like a really sweet story until I tell you my mom calls me a happy accident.

Marilyn Manson

Finally, we have this portrait of the fantastical and bizarre Marilyn Manson. The portrait of the musical legend was done in Adelaide byCelia Dunne. Its the perfect, surreal Manson tribute.

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Our seven favourite Halsey tattoos and the meaning behind them - Brag Magazine

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Parents get tattoos to match the life-saving tubes on their son’s chest –

Patrick was feeling insecure about his feeding tube so his parents came up with a way to help(Picture: SWNS)

The parents of a little boy on the organ donation list have been inked with tattoos that look like their sons broviac line, to help him accept the way he looks.

Patrick Askham, five, was born with an illness called gastroschisis, a condition where the bowels and other organs are on the outside of the body.

He is in need of a bowel transplant, but in the meantime the only way Patrick can be fed is through a tube, called a broviac line, that goes directly into his heart.

His mum Michelle, 34, said as he has got older her boy has grown to realise he isnt the same as other children his age, which led him to hate his tubes.

Thats why her and husband Peter, 39, have had tubes exactly matching Patricks inked on their chests, in the same place his are fitted.

Mum-of-three Michelle said: It was so sad to hear Patrick say I dont want them anymore and I hate them.

So I thought, you know what why dont we get some just like his tattooed on our chests.

Michelle and Peter had the tattoos done three weeks ago in Leeds, where they live with Patrick and their other children, 11-year-old Carrick and Molly, eight.

Patrick loves the tatts.

Michelle added: Patrick is so happy we got them done.

His attitude towards his own tubes has changed completely since, he doesnt mind them so much anymore.

Peter and I are really pleased to be standing strong with him as well.

Theres nothing Patrick can do about his tubes and now theres nothing we can do about ours either.

There arent many items of clothes I can wear that dont show my tattoo so Ill be showing it proudly everyday.

When Patrick was born his bowels were so tangled and matted that after they were placed back in his body they had to be removed just weeks later.

The brave boy battled through countless hospital appointments and surgeries.

Due to his extremely short bowel, Patrick is unable to absorb any nutrients.

Patrick was placed on the donor registry for a bowel transplant in 2018 and by Christmas that year he received his first gift of life.

But sadly Patricks body went into severe rejection within nine days and developed PTLD post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder a type of cancer to lymph nodes.

He has now been left with no bowel due to his advanced condition, and is back on the donation list.

Do you have a story to share?

Get in touch by emailing

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Parents get tattoos to match the life-saving tubes on their son's chest -

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Nanaimo man with ‘Harewood’ tattoo wanted to face break-and-enter charge – Nanaimo News Bulletin10.25.20

An arrest warrant has been issued for Chance Nichol, 26, of Nanaimo, who failed to appear in court to face a break-and-enter charge. (Photo submitted)

Arrest warrant issued after Chance Nichol failed to appear for court date

An arrest warrant has been issued for a 26-year-old Nanaimo man who missed a court date.

The warrant was issued after Chance Nichol failed to appear in provincial court in Nanaimo to face a break-and-enter charge.

According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, Nichol allegedly broke into a compound surrounding Tuff City Power Sports, at 151 Terminal Ave., Oct. 9, and stole two motorbike tires. Police responded to the business alarm at about 10 p.m. When they reviewed video surveillance footage it showed an image of a male suspect entering the secure compound and walking away with the tires.

Moments later, officers on patrol located a suspect nearby matching the description of the individual seen in the compound, with the tires found nearby, so he was arrested for break-and-enter and identified as Nichol.

Nichol is Caucasian, 5-foot-8, 130 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. He has several tattoso including one on his left arm that reads Harewood, M.O.B. on his right hand, a diamond on his left cheek and a crown on the right side of his neck.

Anyone with information on Nichols whereabouts is asked to call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file No. 2019-40917.

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READ ALSO: Man seen with axe at Nanaimo park, numerous RCMP officers respond

photos@nanaimobulletin.comLike us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter


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Nanaimo man with 'Harewood' tattoo wanted to face break-and-enter charge - Nanaimo News Bulletin

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Ashley McBryde’s Tattoos All Have a Special Meaning to the Singer – Distractify10.22.20

Country singer Ashley McBryde has cultivated a large fanbase with her vulnerable and heartfelt lyrics. Additionally, the 37-year-old singer-songwriter is also known for her extensive tattoo collection. The award-winning artist has several large pieces adorning her body, including some hidden tattoos as well.

But, like most people, Ashley has some tattoos that she does regret, which she got when she was a teenager. Keep reading to find out more about Ashley's body ink.

Fans are used to seeing Ashley show off the large eagle inked on her chest, as well as the tattoos covering both of her arms. But, one piece of work that she doesn't showcase very often is actually her least favorite.

"It's a fat baby devil in a bikini, and it's a tramp stamp," she revealed in a 2018 interview on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show.

Ashley explained that she decided to get that tattoo when she turned 18 years old. "This is my 'I'm out of the house, I'll do whatever I want' tattoo," she revealed. "And even the tattoo artist was like, 'Are you sure? Are you sure?' And I was like, 'Yeah, put it on there.' And I was sober."

She added, "In all fairness, it has wings and a halo as well, so it has both. But it's really ugly."

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Well, that one tattoo didn't turn the singer off from collecting more pieces of art on her body, and Ashley has so many that she even lost count.

I stopped counting because they all kind of became one," she told One Country in 2018. At the time of the interview, Ashley told the outlet that since there was "still space" on her body, she would definitely be getting more tattoos in the future.

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She continued, "I think Im gonna start on the thighs next. I want a lion tamer. Id like to have three lions on stools Im a Leo. I would like to have a ringmaster pin up with three lions on stools because I had a friend in Little Rock who calls me Leo and she said youre not a Leo, youre the Leo. Putting lions on stools all day long. And Ill take that.

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While some people get tattoos because they simply like a certain design, every tattoo on Ashley's body has a specific meaning.

"Theres not anything thats not either an event, a person or a song," she explained to Belles and Gals. "Like this is my truck, my dads corvette is on the other arm."

She added, "My tattoos are mile markers and here I am with a record deal, about to be in this weird spot where I have to dress up for things, which Im no good at. So I went to Nancy [Miller] (Ashley's tattoo artist) and said, 'After all these milestones this past year have I earned anything that deserves to be on my chest?' ... She said, 'I think after eleven years of fighting it out against the odds youve earned an eagle.'"

And, Ashley's eagle tattoo is seemingly always on display, possibly as a message to fans (and herself) that she made it.

Ashley McBryde's Tattoos All Have a Special Meaning to the Singer - Distractify

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How COVID-19 changed the tattoo industry. – Newcity Design10.22.20

How does an artist socially distance when their job requires them to be within close range of another person? Most tattoo shops have reopened with protective precautions but how has that affected the tattoo industry? And ultimately, the artists? Hayley Osborn interviewed tattooist Cassandra Knox of Oleander Tattoo in Ravenswood about her experience and what ink enthusiasts can expect moving forward.

What was your experience with shelter-in-place?

I had just opened the studio in January, so it was new for me to have my own private space. Myself and my co-worker Sydney both decided early on to close up shop because all of my family is in New York. The more I was hearing, the more I knew that was going to be the turn of events here. So I was like, Lets just be safe because this is out there. And it was terrifying. I found the space, worked out a lease and started taking clients. But being a new business and being told two months in that you cant work was terrifying.

How is the tattooing experience different now?

We stagger appointments so its no more than two working at a time. In terms of people not being able to bring other people, we were already enforcing that before there was a pandemic. When I tattoo, I dont want anybody else in the area besides the person getting tattooed. Its more sterile that way. Its a very intimate thing that is happening between a tattooer and their client and its almost distracting to have another person around. Also the mask thing is so strange. Were just trying to do everything as safely as possible but its strange. When I have consultations with people Ive never met you cant even really see what your client looks like because they have a mask on the whole time. Thats why we rely very heavily on verbal cues here, we all check in on our clients periodically to see that theyre okay.

Have you seen any trends since you re-opened?

Just the sheer volume of people wanting to get tattooed right now is insane. Every tattooer that Ive talked to is having the same issue right now, everybody wants to get in at once. Folks have just gone a little stir-crazy being at home. So everybody wants a haircut, everybody wants to get their nails done, everybody wants a tattoo, because these are things that we havent been able to do for months.

Is there anything about the tattooing experience that you want readers to know?

Id like to touch on the whole intimacy thing. Part of what were seeing more of now is private studios that are inclusive, comfortable. Youre coming by appointment-only, youre not in a shop surrounded by a bunch of dudes ogling. People are starting to realize that with the tattoo and the permanence of it there also needs to be a good experience. I have tattoos on my body that are gorgeous and flawlessly done but the person was harsh or the experience sucked and I will always tie those experiences to that piece. We need to give people more comfortable spaces where they can get tattooed. That was part of my reasoning for wanting to open a studio, I was like, It doesnt have to be like this. Somebody can come in and have a really wonderful experience and not be bullied into getting a design they dont want, or body-shamed or talked to like a dummy. In Chicago, were super-fortunate because there are so many talented artists and so many cool queer, women-owned businesses opening up that are creating spaces that are comfortable.

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How COVID-19 changed the tattoo industry. - Newcity Design

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Think twice before getting that tattoo: It can cause your body to overheat – TheHealthSite10.22.20

Researchers from University of Texas (UT Southwestern) in the US have found that tattoos may impair natural sweating, potentially causing the body to overheat if it covers a large area of the body. In the study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, the research team outlined the connection between tattoos and damage to sweat glands. Their study of tattooed skin and adjacent non-tattooed skin on the arms of an evenly-divided group of men and women found that the inked sections of skin had reduced sweat rates. Thats a potential problem because sweating is how the body cools itself and regulates its temperature. Also Read - 5 times Ayushman Khurrana acted in movies that deal with health-related issues

According to researchers, any damage to eccrine (sweat) glands within the skin can impair sweating response and potentially increase the risk of overheating if the damage covers a large enough body surface area. Eccrine sweat glands, which are found in most skin across the body, produce sweat to cool the body. The human body must regulate its temperature for survival. In the study, the research team determined sweating rates in the upper and lower arms of people with tattoos by comparing at least 5.6 square centimetres of tattooed skin with adjacent non-tattooed skin. Ten people both men and women participated in the study. Also Read - Are you in your 20s? 8 fitness habits you need to inculcate

All the volunteers wore a special tube-lined suit that circulated hot water in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes to increase core temperatures and measure the level of sweating. Inked and non-inked areas of skin both began to sweat at around the same time. But inked areas ultimately produced less sweat than areas without tattoos. The findings suggest that even though nerve signals to sweat glands werent affected in tattooed skin, the sweat glands themselves were likely damaged during tattooing. Also Read - Experts says start talking about andropause, prostate cancer

Tattoos are made permanent by injecting ink through the thin layer of outer skin into the middle layer of skin known as the dermis, which contains connective tissue, hair follicles and sweat glands. Applying a tattoo typically requires puncturing the skin with needles 50 to 3,000 times per minute, at a depth of 1-5 millimetres which could result in sweat gland damage. These data indicate that the collateral effects of the tattooing process negatively impact eccrine sweat gland function and could be considered a potential long-term complication or side effect of this cosmetic procedure.

If you decide to get a tattoo, you must be aware that you may get some skin infections and other complications. Allergic reactions are common as are formation of scar tissues. Sometimes, if you get your tattoo in unhygienic surrounding, you may be at risk of bloodborne diseases like tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. It may also cause swelling or burning in the affected areas if you get an MRI done and can also interfere with the quality of the image.

In most cases, proper treatment can help you overcome these problems. But it is better t be safe than sorry. Getting a tattoo is risky business and it may be best to avoid it.

(With inputs from IANS)

Published : October 21, 2020 7:56 pm | Updated:October 22, 2020 9:49 am

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Think twice before getting that tattoo: It can cause your body to overheat - TheHealthSite

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BTS ARMY: Check out the best Jimin tattoo inspirations we could find – Film Daily10.22.20

BTSs Jimin already has four tattoos inked into his body. The first tatt he got was his Nevermind tattoo, which is displayed prominently on the right side of his ribcage whenever he performs shirtless. Jimin originally got the nevermind tattoo as a temporary style choice for BTSs Mnet Asian Music Awards according to Elite Daily.

The award show took place all the way in 2014 so when fans spotted the same tattoo looking crisp in 2018 during BTSs Good Morning America debut fans were very surprised. They started to realize that what had started out as a temporary display was permanently inked into Jimins body. Some were shocked and others were thrilled. The tattoo refers to lyrics, Nevermind. Its not easy but engrave it on your chest.

Clearly the K-pop idol felt so moved by these words he chose to take them literally. Jimin has two more tattoos speculated to be inspired by lyrics. When it comes to BTS and tattoos its always mere speculation because Big Hit Entertainment is never exactly proud of the members various inkage since tattoos are still a taboo thing in Korean culture.

The lyric-inspired ink were referring to on Jimins body are the words young forever. When Jimin showed up with bandages on his upper arm during BTSs M Countdown performance, the airwaves and internet were full of whispers and predictions about new tattoos. In June of 2020 Jimin finally put his fans out of their collective speculatory misery when he revealed one elbow was engraved with young and the other forever.

The last tattoo Jimin has that we know about is the 13 inked into his left wrist. It could stand for his birth date, the day BTS debuted, or just a lucky number. One things for sure, many fans really dig the tattoo look for Jimin.

ARMY likes the idea of Jimin and tattoos so much theyve even designed their own tattoo suggestions for him and gotten Jimin-inspired tattoos themselves. Whether youre photoshopping new tatts onto Jimins body or engraving a tribute to him on your skin, youre really a hardcore ARMY. Tell us which tattoos are your favorites in the comments.

This ARMYs tattoo was inspired by Jimins song Promise. Its a melancholy song with a gentle, earnest melody. Part of the lyrics translate: Even if you feel you are alone, oh, oh. Dont throw yourself away, oh, oh. Intertwine our pinkies and promise now. . . . We can understand why this fan might have a strong attachment to these lyrics. Jimin has always been transparent about mental health and this is just one good example.

This fan imagined what Jimin might look like with hand tattoos and a neck tattoo. Notice the decorative nose piercings too. He looks pretty cool with them.

This ARMY kept it simple with a small tattoo of Jimins name. It looks more like a temporary tatt than a real one but thats one surefire way to proclaim your bias.

Heres another fan tattoo inspired by Jimins Promise.

This ARMY went bananas with the tiny arm tattoo art. He almost looks like the personification of sketchpad but in a cute way.

Then theres this huge Jimin back tattoo.

This edit features a tasteful design peeking out behind Jimins collar.

Have you ever wondered what Jimin might look like with tatt sleeves? Well, feast your eyes.

This ARMY got her first tattoo as a tribute to both BTS and her ailing mother. Apparently its a lyric from one of her moms favorite BTS songs, Spring Day. This ARMY says that I miss you was the first thing her mother learned to say in Korean and that her mom would say this to her every day before chemo. BTS was one of the few things that kept their spirits up.

Its not an exclusively Jimin tattoo, but it was too much of a touching story not to share. This person posted this on their Tumblr back in 2017, so we hope her mother is doing well today.

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BTS ARMY: Check out the best Jimin tattoo inspirations we could find - Film Daily

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