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The famous House of the: Why Celia Laura wants to leave the Telemundo Reality Show | tattoos | Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame – Amico Hoops09.04.21

reality showfamous houseIn which international entertainment personalities participated, it attracted the attention of all its followers after Celia Laura, the daughter of the famous leader and singer of the El Tree group, Alex Laura, made an announcement that would involve the production of the aforementioned program for Telemundo.

more information: Veronica Montes in The House of the Famous Know If Its True He Changed Rafael Amaya to Jorge Aravena

Laura was very uncomfortable and even threatened to leave the show, arguing that the production of the reality show came to her house without her consent, and that at that time they got some of her clothes from her.

We must remember that famous house Is it new reality show who which Telemundo It premiered on August 24, in which 15 celebrities from different countries were forced to live under one roof, unable to communicate with the outside world. Each week, participants reveal their most intimate side as they try to survive in order to coexist to reach the final.

more information: This weeks schedule from Celebrity House on Telemundo

Similar to Big Brother, contestants will be monitored at all times during the 7 days of the week and everything happening inside the building will be recorded under the lens of more than 50 cameras and 60 microphones.

In the program in addition to Celia Laura Gabriella Spanic, Pablo Monteiro, Kimberly Flores, Tiffy Valenzuela, among others are also involved.

The rockers daughter spoke out at the end of August 2021 where she noted that the production of Telemundo entered her home without her consent. In addition, he confirmed that he was asked to hide his tattoos and change his clothes.

She added that the networks lawyers asked her not to wear the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt, but she says the production didnt tell her at any point and that they werent happy about it, so they decided to go to her house to get more. clothes.

What many will ask is how Celia Laura Did you ever find out? The answer was that she realized when they gave her the clothes she had left at home.

more information: How and when to watch The House of the Famous LIVE on Telemundo

During the confession period, Celia wanted to speak with the production and they suggested that she cover her tattoos because they were reading high-pitched words.

What they made of my clothes has no mother, and they also told me what you think, to wear long sleevesCelia crossed. you know what? I want to go to my house, I note.

The artist, who was very uncomfortable about the actions of the Telemundo production, is a lover of tattoos, and therefore, some of them are on different parts of her body.

She hinted that she had on her arm the phrase: You are *** with me, you are ** with the best.

After expressing his annoyance and explaining the whole thing, he was not seen during the broadcast of the program. Nor was she seen during the party the television network held for the homes tenants.

What caught the eye is that after the ceremony, Celia was seen with tattoos on her arms covered in two stickers.

Celebrity House Broadcasts Monday through Friday at 7:00 PM (Eastern time) on Telemundo in the US.

In addition, through the official Telemundo page, users can follow LIVE and LIVE every detail of The House of Famous thanks to the continuous transmission of four cameras installed in the house.

The participants in La Casa de los Famosos are: Celia Laura, Pablo Monteiro, Anahi Isali, Kimberly Flores, Kelvin Renteria, Jorge Aravena, Daniel Vargas, Gisela Abumrad, Veronica Montes, Gabi Spanic, Christian de la Campa, Aurel del Toro and Roberto Romano, Christina Eustace and Alicia Machado.

La Casa de los Famosos celebrities will be seen at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, they would not be able to communicate with the outside world.

The reality show Telemundo premiered on Tuesday 24 August and is hosted by Hector Sandarte.

The model used her social network (Instagram) for the pronunciation after being excluded from the program, although it was a favorite.

Thank you a million times for your support, we know you cant vote from a country other than the United States, but everything possible has been done, even if most of you are not in that country. Im so sorry for not staying home because I love you all. I will miss them so much, but Tefi has a long time to come. I love you so much. Thanks. always positive, via Instagram.

The House of the Famous It is a reality show on Telemundo that brings together 16 television personalities, such as Alicia Machado, Gabriela Spanic, and Vernica Montes, so that they are isolated from the world and live together. They will not have contact with their families or friends.

They will not have access to cell phones, the Internet, social networks or television, while cameras and microphones record everything that happens in the house 24 hours a day. In addition, viewers will be able to see what is happening live through the programs live broadcast. Program prize of $200,000.

more information: The House of the Celebrity See who the contestants are in the new reality show

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The famous House of the: Why Celia Laura wants to leave the Telemundo Reality Show | tattoos | Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame - Amico Hoops

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83-year-old hospice patient’s last wish was for a tattoo and it’s a great lesson for everyone – Upworthy09.04.21

Each year, an estimated 1.8 million people in the United States are affected by cancer most commonly cancers of the breast, lung, prostate, and blood cancers such as leukemia. While not everyone overcomes the disease, thanks to science, more people are surviving and for longer than ever before in history.

We asked three people whose lives have been impacted by cancer to share their stories how their lives were changed by the disease, and how they're using that experience to change the future of cancer treatments with the hope that ultimately, in the fight against cancer, science will win. Here's what they had to say.

Photo courtesy of Celine Ryan

In September 2013, Celine Ryan woke up from a colonoscopy to some traumatic news. Her gastroenterologist showed her a picture of the cancerous mass they found during the procedure.

Ryan and her husband, Patrick, had scheduled a colonoscopy after discovering some unusual bleeding, so the suspicion she could have cancer was already there. Neither of them, however, were quite prepared for the results to be positive -- or for the treatment to begin so soon. Just two days after learning the news, Ryan had surgery to remove the tumor, part of her bladder, and 17 cancerous lymph nodes. Chemotherapy and radiation soon followed.

Ryan's treatment was rigorous but in December 2014, she got the devastating news that the cancer, once confined to her colon, had spread to her lungs. Her prognosis, they said, was likely terminal.

But rather than give up hope, Ryan sought support from online research, fellow cancer patients and survivors, and her medical team. When she brought up immunotherapy to her oncologist, he quickly agreed it was the best course of action. Ryan's cancer, like a majority of colon and pancreatic cancers, had been caused by a defect on the gene KRAS, which can result in a very aggressive cancer that is virtually "undruggable." According to the medical literature, the relatively smooth protein structure of the KRAS gene meant that designing inhibitors to bind to surface grooves and treat the cancer has been historically difficult. Through her support systems, Ryan discovered an experimental immunotherapy trial at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD., and called them immediately to see if she was eligible. After months of trying to determine whether she was a suitable candidate for the experimental treatment, Ryan was finally accepted.

The treatment, known as tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, or TIL, is a testament to how far modern science has evolved. With this therapy, doctors remove a tumor and harvest special immune cells that are found naturally in the tumor. Doctors then grow the cells in a lab over the next several weeks with a protein that promotes rapid TIL growth and once the cells number into the billions, they are infused back into the patient's body to fight the cancer. On April 1, 2015, Ryan had her tumor removed at the NIH. Two months later, she went inpatient for four weeks to have the team "wash out" her immune system with chemotherapy and infuse the cells all 148 billion of them back into her body.

Six weeks after the infusion, Ryan and Patrick went back for a follow-up appointment and the news they got was stunning: Not only had no new tumors developed, but the six existing tumors in her lungs had shrunk significantly. Less than a year after her cell infusion, in April 2016, the doctors told Ryan news that would have been impossible just a decade earlier: Thanks to the cell infusion, Ryan was now considered NED no evaluable disease. Her body was cancer-free.

Ryan is still NED today and continuing annual follow-up appointments at the NIH, experiencing things she never dreamed she'd be able to live to see, such as her children's high school and college graduations. She's also donating her blood and cells to the NIH to help them research other potential cancer treatments. "It was an honor to do so," Ryan said of her experience. "I'm just thrilled, and I hope my experience can help a lot more people."

Photo courtesy of Patrice Lee

Patrice Lee got into scientific research in an unconventional way through the late ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.

Lee never met Cousteau but her dreams of working with him one day led her to pursue a career in science. Initially, Lee completed an undergraduate degree in marine biology; eventually, her interests changed and she decided to get a dual doctoral degree in physiology and toxicology at Duke University. She now works at Pfizer's R&D site in Boulder, CO (formerly Array BioPharma), leading a group of scientists who determine the safety and efficacy of new oncology drugs.

"Scientists focused on drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry are deeply committed to inventing new therapies to meet unmet needs," Lee says, describing her field of work. "We're driven to achieve new medicines and vaccines as quickly as possible without sacrificing safety."

Among the drugs Lee has helped develop during her career, including cancer therapies, she says around a dozen are currently in development, while nine have received FDA approval an incredible accomplishment as many scientists spend their careers without seeing their drug make it to market. Lee's team is particularly interested in therapies for brain metastases something that Lee says is a largely unmet need in cancer research, and something her team is working on from a variety of angles. "Now that we've had rapid success with mRNA vaccine technology, we hope to explore what the future holds when applying this technology to cancers," Lee says.

But while evaluating potential cancer therapies is a professional passion of Lee's, it's also a mission that's deeply personal. "I'm also a breast cancer survivor," she says. "So I've been on the other side of things and have participated in a clinical trial."

However, seeing how melanoma therapies that she helped develop have affected other real-life cancer patients, she says, has been a highlight of her career. "We had one therapy that was approved for patients with BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma," Lee recalls. "Our team in Boulder was graced by a visit from a patient that had benefited from these drugs that we developed. It was a very special moment for the entire team."

None of these therapies would be available, Lee says without rigorous science behind it: "Facts come from good science. Facts will drive the development of new drugs, and that's what will help patients."

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Kuk

Cynthia Kuk was just 10 years old when they had a conversation that would change their life forever.

"My mother, who worked as a translator for the government at the time, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and after her chemotherapy treatments she would get really sick," Kuk, who uses they/them pronouns, recalls. "When I asked my dad why mom was puking so much, he said it was because of the medicine she was taking that would help her get better."

Kuk's response was immediate: "That's so stupid! Why would a medicine make you feel worse instead of better? When I'm older, I want to create medicine that won't make people sick like that."

Nine years later, Kuk traveled from their native Hong Kong to the United States to do exactly that. Kuk enrolled in a small, liberal arts college for their Bachelor's degree, and then four years later started a PhD program in cancer research. Although Kuk's mother was in remission from her cancer at the time, Kuk's goal was the same as it had been as a 10-year-old watching her suffer through chemotherapy: to design a better cancer treatment, and change the landscape of cancer research forever.

Since then, Kuk's mission has changed slightly.

"My mom's cancer relapsed in 2008, and she ended up passing away about five years after that," Kuk says. "After my mom died, I started having this sense of urgency. Cancer research is such that you work for twenty years, and at the end of it you might have a fancy medication that could help people, but I wanted to help people now." With their mother still at the forefront of their mind, Kuk decided to quit their PhD program and enter medical school.

Now, Kuk plans to pursue a career in emergency medicine not only because they are drawn to the excitement of the emergency room, but because the ER is a place where the most marginalized people tend to seek care.

"I have a special interest in the LGBTQ+ population, as I identify as queer and nonbinary," says Kuk. "A lot of people in this community and other marginalized communities access care through the ER and also tend to avoid medical care since there is a history of mistreatment and judgement from healthcare workers. How you carry yourself as a doctor, your compassion, that can make a huge difference in someone's care."

In addition to making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ patients, Kuk wants to make a difference in the lives of patients with cancer as well, like their mother had.

"We've diagnosed patients in the Emergency Department with cancer before," Kuk says. "I can't make cancer good news but how you deliver bad news and the compassion you show could make a world of difference to that patient and their family."

During their training, Kuk advocates for patients by delivering compassionate and inclusive care, whether they happen to have cancer or not. In addition to emphasizing their patient's pronouns and chosen names, they ask for inclusive social and sexual histories as well as using gender neutral language. In doing this, they hope to make medicine as a whole more accessible for people who have been historically pushed aside.

"I'm just one person, and I can't force everyone to respect you, if you're marginalized," Kuk says. "But I do want to push for a culture where people appreciate others who are different from them."

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83-year-old hospice patient's last wish was for a tattoo and it's a great lesson for everyone - Upworthy

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Gregory Sotos tattoos reveal another side of the Tigers bullpen virtuoso – The Athletic09.04.21

It is hard to begin a Gregory Soto story any other way. Think Soto, and you think of the flame-throwing fastball, the emphatic strikeouts and the frightening wild pitches, the dreadlocks and the fist pumps and the general theater of watching one of baseballs best emerging relief pitchers.

Soto, who is 26, commands an imposing and entertaining presence, no doubt. He arrived at this years All-Star game pitching with a shining silver glove with his stats sewn into the back of the leather. He had colorful cleats, studs in his ears, a thick chain around his neck, a flair and fashion fitting of a dynamic bullpen presence.

But as Soto blossoms into the Tigers go-to leverage relief pitcher no, A.J. Hinch still isnt using the word closer we are also slowly learning more about the man behind the image.

And so if you want to know Soto, what he carries in his heart, what drives him down to his soul, look no further than the ink that covers his right arm and much of his body. His tattoos are another part of the image. They also serve as a roadmap into the deeper parts of what makes Soto tick.

Tuesday in the Detroit Tigers dugout, Soto held up his forearm, pulled up his sleeve and showed off the markings that help make him who he is.

Sotos first tattoo was his 4-year-old sons name, Yadiel. He has the name tattooed in large, striking letters across the outer part of his right forearm. He says it is the one that means the most to him. Family and faith are common themes.

On Sotos right shoulder, he has a tattoo of his mothers face, complete with her name, Yomari.

Near his right biceps, Soto has Psalm 23 tattooed in Spanish.

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Gregory Sotos tattoos reveal another side of the Tigers bullpen virtuoso - The Athletic

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Tattoo model takes snaps 5 years apart to show how much inking has changed her – Daily Star09.04.21

A lot can change in five years.

And this is certainly the case for Briana Todd, who has undertaken a dramatic transformation in this timeframe.

In pictures shared with her 537,000 Instagram followers, the alternative model showed how much her tattoo collection has grown over the years.

The first snap, taken in 2016, shows the fresh-faced influencer with inkings on her arms and hip bone.

In comparison, the image taken in 2021 reveals Briana has completed her arm sleeves and added countless intricate tattoos to her body too.

The 26-year-old, from Connecticut, US, opted for calligraphy and colour on her arms.

Briana has incorporated more dainty designs on her hand and striking patterns on her neck.

She also got swirls, flowers and a bold centrepiece on her stomach.

Pleased with her transformation, the star posted the side-by-side snaps on Instagram with the caption: 2016 vs 2021.

More than 47,800 people have liked the post with many gushing over Brianas unique appearance.

One commenter said: The difference in tattoos is so badass.

Another gushed: This is goals! Id love to be a walking piece of art.

A third wrote: I dont know how you get thousands of dollars of art in just six years but holy damn. Get it girl.

A fourth commented: You look cute in both pictures.

And another added: This is art.

Brian isnt the only Instagram star to undergo an extreme tattoo makeover in recent years.

Tattoo model Amber Luke, from Australia, has covered 98% of her body in ink over the last decade.

Meanwhile, German tattooist Mara Inkperial has transformed herself with bold designs.

You can also read about a burns survivor who celebrates her scars with ink.

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Tattoo model takes snaps 5 years apart to show how much inking has changed her - Daily Star

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Love Island girls have secret pact to get matching tattoos after they leave villa – The Mirror08.23.21

Love Island 2021 star Abigail Rawlings, who left the villa two weeks ago, let slip that she and her fellow contestants are thinking about getting the same inkings to remind them of their time in the hit ITV2 show

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Love Island: Abigail Rawlings discusses girls' tattoo plans

Abigail Rawlings has revealed that she and the other girls who starred in Love Island this year will be getting matching tattoos as a reminder of their time in the villa.

The tattoo artist made the announcement on her Instagram stories today during a question and answer session from fans.

When she was asked, "Would you ever consider getting a tattoo dedicated to Love Island?" by one of her 200,000 followers, the 27-year old let slip about a pact she made with the girls.

Abi admitted several of the female contestants have made a pact to have a symbol of their time together in Majorca etched on their skin.

The brunette, who left the ITV2 show earlier this month when she and Dale were dumped, replied, "A bunch of the girls and myself all agreed that we wanted to get a little memento from our time in the villa.

"So we will all be getting the same matching tattoo I believe."

But she couldn't say much more, until after the series reaches its finale on Monday 23 August, adding, "I cant tell you when that will be, but sometime soon I reckon."

Abi, who comes from Bournemouth, is a tattoo artist and could actually take care of the girls' inkings herself.

Discussing her career, she was asked: "Will you still be tattooing full time or will you be looking at other opportunities from your time on TV?"

The telly star then confirmed she'll definitely be going back to her day job now she's home from Spain.

She replied, "Yes I still will be tattooing. It's my absolute passion so I literally couldnt not do it. However, I will be doing a few other things, so I will be part-time both.

"Ive had a lot of messages about the tattooing, I just wanna confirm yes, Im still a tattooist, yes, that is my number one occupation. I will be coming back 100 per cent, no doubt about it," he added.


However, she was vague about when that moment will be, continuing, "I cant tell you when Ill be like back to normal

"I'm just getting used to getting back to life, readjusting. " Abi reassured her fans and future clients by concluding, "Don't panic, just bear with, thank you so much for your patience guys, honestly."

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITV Hub tomorrow night at 9pm.

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Love Island girls have secret pact to get matching tattoos after they leave villa - The Mirror

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Woman mortified to be told her guardian angel back tattoo looks like something VERY rude & now she cant u… – The Sun08.23.21

AN ILL-THOUGHT out tattoo can haunt you for life, as a permanent reminder etched onto your body.

Now one woman has been left mortified, after she was told her guardian angel ink looked like something MUCH ruder.



Posting on TikTok, Bekah Milly showed off her new tattoo, which spans the entire space between her two shoulder blades.

In it, a woman is hugging an empty space - her guardian angel.

But the unfortunate addition of a line near the woman's mouth completely transformed the meaning.

Many soon drew parallels between the design and a sex act - leaving Bekah red faced.

She captioned her TikTok vid, which showed her sobbing over the revelation: "When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a**."

It's now been viewed more than 6 million times in just two days, as well as racking up 400,000 likes.

Commenting on the post, people said: "Can't unsee it now. Just. Can't" and "You need to go get that touched up ASAP!!!!"

Others wrote: "Yeah...pretty much burned in my eyes" and "didn't see it at first - now that's all I see".

Another dissed: "Wow, that is really bad. Guess anyone can be a tattoo artist if this was paid for."

But one helpful commenter suggested: "She should put a halo and some Angel wings!!!!!"


In more awkward tattoo news, this woman got an inspirational quote tattoo in tribute to her dad and was mortified when she twigged the VERY sexual meaning.

While this lass' family pointed out the VERY rude meaning of upper thigh tattoo and her alteration only made it dirtier.

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Woman mortified to be told her guardian angel back tattoo looks like something VERY rude & now she cant u... - The Sun

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Bill Murray meets a fan at Druid’s Glen who has a tattoo of the Hollywood star on his arm – Independent.ie08.23.21

Bill Murray had the singular experience of encountering his own face in tattoo form this week, on a visit to Druids Glen Golf Resort.

staff member, who would prefer to remain anonymous, is such a big fan that he has a tattoo of his heros likeness and proudly showed it to the man himself.

The employee also has the likeness of Christopher Reeves as Superman on his arm.

The actor was at the course between Kilcoole and Newtown to film the golf travel documentary The Links Life.

Also while playing golf in north Wicklow, Murray came into possession of the belt of John Byrne who works at the resort shop.

Finding himself without a belt, Murray thought he might be able to buy one in the shop where John works. Unfortunately, they dont sell belts. But John wouldnt see the man go on camera belt-less, and handed over his own!

Johns son James Byrne, who also works in the shop, was one of the people to meet the actor.

James said that there was a lot of excitement ahead of the visit. I only found out the day before, he said. I caddied for one of his brothers and his nephew.

Murray was with a group of about 16 family members. They had breakfast at the clubhouse before hitting the course.

It was almost the dream to find out you would be interacting with someone like that, said James. He was up for a laugh, making jokes every chance he got, and very friendly.

Druids Glen golf manager Marcus Doyle said that the day was a pleasure. We were all a little star struck, he said. We were unsure if it would go ahead or not with the pandemic so when it came to fruition we were delighted.

He and his family were so understated and nice and such a pleasure to deal with.

He had no issue stopping to have his photo taken or sign autographs, and signed a pair of shoes for one fan.

It was an incredibly surreal day, said Marcus. Hes definitely an A-lister all the way, but doesn't behave like it at all.

The Links Life includes presenter Tom Coyne and will air on YouTube and other major streaming platforms and will highlight some of our top golf courses.

Druids Glen was his first of a number of courses around Ireland including the OMeara course at Carton House, Carne Golf Links, Portsalon, the new St Patricks Links course at Rosapenna, Cruit Island, Narin & Portnoo, Enniscrone, Connemara, Galway Bay Golf Resort and Ballybunion. Filming for the series is supported by Tourism Ireland and Filte Ireland.

Niall Gibbons, chief executive of Tourism Ireland said that the documentary is a great way to showcase Ireland and its golf courses.

Our aim is to remind viewers that Ireland offers some of the very best golf in the world, as well as spectacular scenery and fantastic experiences. The episodes filmed here will help ensure that Ireland stays top of mind among golfers in the US and elsewhere.

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Bill Murray meets a fan at Druid's Glen who has a tattoo of the Hollywood star on his arm -

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Stoke-on-Trent’s first tattoo convention set to be ink-credible – Stoke-on-Trent Live08.23.21

Tattoo artists from across the country will show off their skills at an event in Stoke-on-Trent.

Two tattoo studios from the city have teamed up to hold the first Potteries Ink Unleashed convention later this month.

The event, which is billed as a family day out, will bring together some of the UK's best artists who will compete against each other to win prizes in various categories.

It has been organised by Scott Campbell and Kevin Hanks from Incredible Ink in Milton, and Stefan Hanks of New Image Tattoo Studio in Burslem.

Stefan, aged 42, of Stockton Brook, said: "It's going to be a great day out. These artists are coming from all over the country to be here.

"It will support and give a platform for organisations and businesses from Stoke-on-Trent to help shine a light on the great work done by all involved.

"Nothing has really been happening because of Covid and we wanted to have an event to get people back out enjoying themselves. It will be family friendly, with entertainment for the kids, live music, dance performances, food and other stands."

Want to keep up-to-date with events happening on Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire?

Sign up for our daily newsletter and not only will receive updates on entertainment, but also breaking news and the hottest talking points straight to your inbox. For more information about how - and why - to subscribe, click here.

Decide later that you no longer wish to receive the emails? No problem - you can just follow the unsubscribe link.

The event will also be championing local organisations and campaigns including Men Unite, Ruff & Ruby and knife crime awareness, and helping raise funds.

The event takes place on August 28 and 29 at Fenton Manor Leisure Centre. Adult tickets cost 12.50 for one day or 20 for both days. Under 16s go free with full paying adults.

A weekend family ticket for two adults and three children is also available for 30. Tickets are available from Incredible Ink and New Image Tattoo Studio.

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Stoke-on-Trent's first tattoo convention set to be ink-credible - Stoke-on-Trent Live

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It may be time to get another tattoo drilled into my hide – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal08.09.21


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It may be time to get another tattoo drilled into my hide - Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

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Where Is ‘Tattoo Redo’ Filmed? A Candid Look at the Hit Show – Distractify08.09.21

Since it first aired on Netflix on July 28, 2021, Tattoo Redo has become a hit amongst subscribers to the platform and has proven that there are still new and fresh ways to go about making a television show about tattoos.

The show's basic formula, which follows a group of artists redoing old and unsightly tattoos on clients, gets a new twist in Tattoo Redo.

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In this formula, the show stipulates that the redone tattoo is selected by a friend of the person having the cover-up done and that they don't know what that idea is until it is permanently inked into their body. Sounds like a bit of a gamble, doesn't it? Well, it sure is, and those who have participated in the show have certainly had mixed reactions to what was inked on their body after the job was all done.

Beyond the hilarious escapades that ensue when you're tattooing random things on another person, the shop where the work is done has raised a bunch of questions from fans who can't seem to figure out where exactly it is located.

So, where exactly is Tattoo Redo filmed, and can just anyone go there to get some work done? Here's what we know.

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Fans of Tattoo Redo might have noticed when they watch the show that there aren't any distinguishing marks identifying the parlor where all of the tattoos and consultations take place. That isn't just a coincidence, as the show doesn't exactly call a real tattoo parlor home.

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Unfortunately, if fans want to go to have work done at the parlor featured in the show, they can't. Some social posts from the show's stars have seemed to reveal that the "tattoo parlor" is actually set up on a soundstage or a warehouse in Orange County, CA, and is just a TV set.

Tagging the location as "Dreamland" in her post rollerblading around, show star Jessi Peluso gave fans the most candid look at the "shop" outside of highly edited episode scenes.

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Whether it be the high warehouse-style walls, the lack of a shop name, or just the overall TV set vibe the video gave off, it's clear that the work is not being done at an official shop.

It's not clear if Netflix was unable to secure an actual shop willing to take part in the show or if they decided that this was just the better option. Nonetheless, from the info we know to the seemingly staged tattoo parlor, things are certainly not what they seem on Tattoo Redo.

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Where Is 'Tattoo Redo' Filmed? A Candid Look at the Hit Show - Distractify

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