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OPINION: Tattoos are a way to express creativity – The Daily Evergreen11.15.20

As students build more independence than their teenage selves had, they begin to cultivate their own identities. Forming their own opinions about art and selfexpression is often one of the first steps to individuality.

Music, style, passions for school, political ideas theyre all a part of molding who we want to become.

For many, one aspect of this process is often shoved aside, labeled as shortsighted and inappropriate, getting tattoos.

Those who do have them view tattoos as a form of expression, a reminder of a lesson or a memory, or simply an appreciation for something cool. The time-old question What does your tattoo mean? doesnt always have an eloquent answer that untattooed people can understand.

Many young people work through these insecurities by leaning into their passions.

People get a draw to the things that they like, and its natural for people to have a natural draw to snowboarding or the ocean, WSU alumna Camden Clark said, and thats how I always felt about tattoos.

When she was growing up, Clark had a tough time figuring out exactly how she wanted to express herself and feel comfortable in her own skin. When she started getting tattoos, that changed.

I got a tattoo when I was 14, and then got a few more that I liked, Clark said. Then with each tattoo, I started to get more and more comfortable in my body feeling like it was my skin.

Since she was 14 years old, she has grown more and more confident in who she is because of her ability to carry around art, personal lessons, memories and reminders on her skin.

I personally think my tattoos should be appreciated because they are all like a story on my arm, Clark said. Each tattoo has a story to it has a meaning. And even if they dont, its an art piece that that person felt they loved and needed and connected with so much and even if it wasnt, I dont see how that affects other people.

Another popular argument against tattoos is that tattooed individuals are less likely to be hired in respectable jobs,but thats not always the case.

It shows I can sit through painful things, like a 12-hour meeting. It shows that I have money to sustain myself because tattoos are not cheap. It shows that I have passion about things, Clark said. I just think its funny that [tattoos] are seen as trashywhen tattoos to people are so meaningful and beautiful.

The reality is we have overlooked the artistry of tattooing because of the stigma of gangs and prisoners. Though it is true that many people in jail and many gang members have tattoos, it is not the tattoos themselves that lead to illegal or undesirable behavior.

Those who argue that tattooing is not an art in itself dont know the history nor do they understand the time and effort tattoo artists give to the profession.

Sarah Bailey, a tattoo artist finishing her apprenticeship at Blood Diamond Ink in Pullman, said that before she ever considered this field of art, she was a college graduate with an intermedia degree. She focused on video and sound, as well as painting, but nothing like tattooing.

[Tattooing] was a pretty foreign thing to me, and I have come to appreciate a lot about it, Bailey said. Its actually kind of nice approaching it from such a fresh view because theres a lot more room to experiment.

Her perspective of the art has grown since she began working at Blood Diamond Ink. Bailey spent time educating herself on the history of tattooing before ever touching a bottle of ink. She read about the origins of the art, as well as the roots of the stigmas mentioned earlier.

In the same way the stigmas around tattoos separate groups of people now, there was a separation within the field for years.

It was super, super rare for women to get tattooed or to be tattoo artists, Bailey said.

Though this might not come as a surprise, as we have definite statistics on the division between women and men in the workplace, this is a part of history we may not know without seeking the knowledge. By pursuing this career in tattooing, Bailey is learning about Americas history, not just tattoos.

Bailey also built a coil machine, which is an older, more basic tattooing machine. Tattooists use more modern designs now, but understanding the evolution of the job starts with the evolution of its tools.

She practiced drawing for hours, adding the weight of the pen to familiarize herself with that as well. When she finally started doing actual tattoos, she practiced on herself with water many times to perfect her technique.

The time she has spent in her apprenticeship is not just about perfecting the art of tattooing. Its also about understanding the depth of intimacy a tattoo artist and their client has.

I think its really cool the relationship between an artist and the person getting a tattoo because youre giving that artist the opportunity to translate that vision you have into something that will display it well, Bailey said.

This only solidifies my opinion that tattoos are a real, living art form. They are even better than paintings or music because we walk around with it displayed on our bodies. It is a clear connection between people, as Bailey revealed through her own experience getting and giving tattoos.

Because its their physical body, the way that you interact with them while theyre getting it really is important because making them feel safe, Bailey said. The way you treat their skin and them is really really important.

The ability for us to learn from artists like Bailey is the first step to understanding the depth of this art form. The permanence of a tattoo is many peoples arguments against its beauty. But for Bailey, that is what makes the art more impactful.

This is a profession that should be respected. Tattoos are a form of expression that is not likely to disappear any time soon. Just like music and fashion, it will only evolve again and again as we do. We should learn to appreciate its role in our society because it clearly has an important one.

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OPINION: Tattoos are a way to express creativity - The Daily Evergreen

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Friday the 13th tattoo deals in Gainesville – The Independent Florida Alligator11.15.20

Friday the 13th is a lucky day for tattoo lovers: As custom calls, cheaper tats lie in their fates.

Gainesvilles Anthem Tattoo Parlor, Addiction Tattoo & Piercing and Oasis Tattoo Collective will be continuing the tradition of offering discounted tattoos this Friday, Nov. 13.

With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting new challenges for many local shops, some locations have found ways to continue the deals safely.

At Anthem Tattoo Parlor, located at 230 NW Second Ave., four artists are offering 135 palm-sized tattoos for clients arms and legs, with prices ranging from $100 to $175. Most of the designs are in color, and the artists can alternate the colors but not the designs.

Appointments can be made at [emailprotected].

Addiction Tattoo & Piercing artist Julie Tast will be offering discounted designs including a fox and a heart outlining the word kawaii. For just line work, her tattoos will be $60 and $80 for color.

All appointments are booked for Friday, but the shops Friday the 13th deals will carry into the weekend, and they will be accepting walk-in clients Saturday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m at 12 NW 7th Terrace.

From painting and drawing to tattooing on fake skin, or silicone sheets, Tast began tattooing clients in January, and she aims to make her name known.

Having the opportunity to have a deal to get my name out there a little bit more, have a little bit more experience, Tast said. That's why I decided to go ahead and do it.

Oasis Tattoo Collective, located at 201 SE Second Ave. will be offering two flash sheets with 29 designs.

Clients can sign up for a time between noon and 9 p.m. on sign-up sheets outside the studio.

Each predesigned tattoo will cost $31 with a $9 tip, she said.

The tattoos are smaller than palm-sized and for the arms and legs. All of them are black and white, but one artist will do color tattoos, too.

Maria Arjona, the 27-year-old founder, said some people religiously get Friday the 13th tattoos, and tomorrow will be no different.

It's just a change of pace from your average day, and I think it's always fun to see familiar faces, she said.

The shop has only been open for about six months, and is one of the only bilingual tattoo spaces in Gainesville, Arjona said. ith 50 to 100 tattoos herself, Arjona said the feeling of the needle can be painful, but the sensation is exhilarating. She said as she tattoos people, she also wants to transmit happiness to them.

At the end of the day, we're beings in a human sack, she said. We have to wear this so we might as well make it look how we want.

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Friday the 13th tattoo deals in Gainesville - The Independent Florida Alligator

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Blind date: ‘We realised we have matching tattoos’ – The Guardian11.15.20

Lizzi on Junior

What were you hoping for?Love. Or, failing that, good conversation with someone outside my normal circle, tasty food and a break from the endless pile of washing-up that lockdown has created.

First impressions?Smiley, chatty, warm and welcoming. He had just had a haircut, so I appreciated the effort there.

What did you talk about?So much! Family dynamics, north v south London, BLM, Marvel v DC, E-sports, space

Any awkward moments?None.

Good table manners?Absolutely, couldnt fault them.

Best thing about Junior?His openness. We talked about some deep topics, and his ability to share his experiences allowed me to feel safe enough to talk about more personal subjects.

Would you introduce him to your friends?Yes, I think he would get on with all of them.

Describe Junior in three words?Interesting, sociable and confident.

What do you think he made of you?He probably thought I was a bit scatty. Hopefully he found my questions thought-provoking and not invasive.

Did you go on somewhere?We stayed at the restaurant until 10pm.

If it werent for physical distancing, would you have kissed?No, for me there were no romantic feelings.

If you could change one thing about the evening what would it be?A bigger table. Ours was tiny, and the main course felt like a high-stakes round of Jenga.

Marks out of 10?I cant mark Junior less than 10 as a person. However, there was no romantic spark on my part, so I would have to rate the date 7.

Would you meet again?Yes, but as friends.

Blind date is Guardian Weekend magazines dating column: every week, twostrangers are paired up for dinner and drinks, and then spill the beansto us, answering a set of questions. This runs, with a photograph wetake of each dater before the date, in Guardian Weekend magazine (in theUK) and online attheguardian.comevery Saturday. Its been running since 2009 you can read all about how we put it together here.

What questions will I be asked?Weask about age, location, occupation, hobbies, interests and the type ofperson you are looking to meet. If you do not think these questionscover everything you would like to know, tell us whats on your mind.

Can I choose who I match with?No,its a blind date! But we do ask you a bit about your interests,preferences, etc the more you tell us, the better the match is likelyto be.

Can I pick the photograph?No, but don't worry: we'll choose the nicest ones.

What personal details will appear?Your first name, job and age.

How should I answer?Honestlybut respectfully. Be mindful of how it will read to your date, and thatBlind date reaches a large audience, in print and online.

Will I see the other persons answers?No. We may edit yours and theirs for a range of reasons, including length, and we may ask you for more details.

Will you find me The One?Well try! Marriage! Babies!

Can I do it in my home town?Only if its in the UK. Many of our applicants live in London, but we would love to hear from people living elsewhere.

How to applyEmail

What were you hoping for?This was my first blind date so I was hoping it wouldnt be a disaster.

First impressions?Good! I liked her energy and found her attractive.

What did you talk about?The BLM movement and how it affected both of us over the summer. Bad dating stories (I told her about the time I was catfished). We talked about our tattoos and realised we actually have the same tattoo of the Basquiat crown, which is pretty damn cool.

Any awkward moments?All she knew about me from the matchmaker was that I like Craig David and the Spice Girls, so I had to explain that Im not obsessed with the Spice Girls I just used to be. When I was 10! Viva Forever.

Good table manners?Impeccable.

Best thing about Lizzi?Just her. She seems like a cool, level-headed person.

Would you introduce her to your friends?For sure.

Describe Lizzi in three words?Really good company.

What do you think she made of you?I think she liked me, we vibed all night, had good discussions and she got my sense of humour I think!

Did you go on somewhere?No, we spent ages at the restaurant.

If it werent for physical distancing, would you have kissed?Not gonna lie I would have tried.

If you could change one thing about the evening what would it be?That the government allowed people dating to eat inside.

Marks out of 10?8.

Would you meet again?I would like to. We exchanged numbers so lets see what happens.

Junior and Lizzie ate at Namaaste Highgate, London N6 before lockdown 2. They were photographed separately for this image. Fancy a blind date? Email

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Blind date: 'We realised we have matching tattoos' - The Guardian

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10 Tattoos Inspired By Tim Burton Movies | ScreenRant – Screen Rant11.15.20

From Edward Scissorhands to Corpse Bride, Tim Burton has produced a litany of iconic, quirky films, and these 10 tattoos commemorate them well.

Tim Burton's movies have had major cultural influence in terms of the genre of dark whimsy. While many of the movies have themes of death and loss, they are not so harsh that children cannot enjoy them. In fact, many of the films inspire children and adults alike. The movies often tell lessons about self-acceptance in a world that makes you feel like an outsider.

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Besides the themes, the movies are also incredibly creative. They have introduced worlds and characters that are unforgettable like Halloweentown from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Edward from Edward Scissorhands (1990). Not only that, but the gothic style in the animated films have been quite popular. With all of this cultural impact, tattoos inspired by Tim Burton movies are not uncommon.

This is a fan tattoo for Tim Burton's 1988 comedy fantasy movieBeetlejuice. The tattoo was done by Brian McCormick at Redbird Electric in Springfield, IL. The plot of the movie is about a recently-deceased couple that haunts their home to try to scare away the new buyers.

This tattoo has a prominent quote from the movie, "never trust the living," which is said by afterlife caseworker Juno when counseling the protagonists about how they are doing a poor job haunting their home. The tattoo also features the iconic sandworm, which chase and hunt ghosts that are stuck in limbo.

Besides ghosts and skeletons, Tim Burton films seem to have a thing for undead dogs. This tattoo, done by diabloxblanco, features undead dogs from Frankenweenie (2012), The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride (2005). While they are all from different movies, the dogs do look as though by belong together.

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All these dogs actually look like they can be the same character, but at different stages of the undead: from a zombie to a skeleton to a ghost.

When you cannot decide what Tim Burton movie to get a tattoo of, why not just get an amalgamation of them? This sleeve has all kinds of characters from Tim Burton films, such as Zero and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sparky and the Weird Girl from Frankenweenie, and, of course, the sandworm from Beetlejuice. The tattoo sleeve was done by Chaotic Ink Jen, an artist from California.

Sparky is the sweet undead dog from Frankenweenie. Like the creature in Frankenstein, the dog is brought back to life. However, instead of a mad scientist bringing it back, it is brought back by its loving child guardian.

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While the film is not known as Tim Burton's best work, a lot of fans were touched by the relationship between a boy and his dog. After all, many people have had the experience of the death of a beloved pet. This Tim Burton tattoo was done by Dayton Skuse

Jack Skellington is the most iconic Tim Burton character, and he's the protagonist of one of his best films, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This tattoo of Jack was done at Holy Trinity Tattoos Wigan. Not only does the tattoo have Jack, but it includes his ghost dog Zero and his dwelling in Halloweentown in the background.

Part of what made Jack such a special character is that he has a creepy design but has the personality of a child on Christmas day. He is curious, easily excited, and passionate.

Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride is a stop-motion musical fantasy movie. It never got quite as popular, but Corpse Bride is still beloved by plenty of fans. The story follows a groom who accidentally accepts to wed an undead bride.

RELATED: Sweeney Todd: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tim Burton's Musical

This tattoo of the movies' most popular character, Emily, was done in Italy by Ilaria Tattoo Art. Their preferred tattoo styles include portraits, abstract, black and grey, full color, and realistic.

Fans do not have to get an entire sleeve done to show multiple Tim Burton works in a single tattoo. This adorable tattoo has the man himself, Tim Burton, holding balloons that are in the shapes of his many memorable characters. Among the characters in the balloons are Jack Skellington, Beetlejuice, Sparky, the Chesire Cat, and Edward.

The tattoo was done by merry_tatooer. Like Tim Burton, they enjoy doing art of haunted houses, ghosts, skeletons, and graveyards.

Zero is the iconic ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is loyal to Jack, even to the point where he tries to be Rudolph for him when he tries to take over Christmas.

This photograph was taken by tattoosbyjaclyn, who actually didn't credit themselves for the Zero tattoo, but for adding the Oogie Boogie moon in the background. Adding new parts to an old tattoo is part of the fun of tattoos! Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist of the movie, and there is a scene where he is a shadow in the moon, just as is depicted in this tattoo.

This Beetlejuice tattoo references a couple of objects from the movie. Firstly, it features the house which the protagonists haunt and fight over with the living. Then, there is a photograph of the ghost couple with the note "no feet," which is from when Lydia takes a picture of them while they try to scare her away.

The tattoo was done by Adam Teitelbaum. A cute aspect of its design is it looks almost like a piece of fan scrapbook.

Edward Scissorhands' protagonist, Edward, is a popular tattoo choice. After all, the movie is one of Tim Burton's highest-ranked on IMDb. His character is quite memorable for having an innocent heart but being stuck with the fact that he has scissors for hands, which was both tragic and a littlebizarre.

The character was played by Johnny Depp. This tattoo of the character, done by Matthew Murray, does a great job showcasing what made the character unique without having to show his hands. Of course, a pair of scissors is included.

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Staff writer, author of The Awei Series, and cat foster parent. Her favorite films are in the fantasy, horror, and comedy genres. She is particularly a fan of animation.

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10 Tattoos Inspired By Tim Burton Movies | ScreenRant - Screen Rant

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Tattoos have been with us since time immemorial. However, as the years go by, the popularity of tattoos continues to reach sky-high. From celebrities to the girl next door, the number of people embracing tattoos has seen a steady rise.Every tattoo has a story even that one you got inked on a wild night out with friends. No matter the circumstances and despite some tattoos being mysterious, they bring forth a sense of identity.

Tattoo placement largely depends on preference. When deciding what part of your body to ink, some people will often consider how painful the tattoo can be. On the other hand, others will not have tattoos on specific areas on their body due to restrictions in their line of work.As you ponder on where to place your tattoo, here is an inspirational piece to help you make a decision.

Let us delve into specifics.

If you are looking to have two different images and stand out from the crowd, a tattoo behind the ear is an unusually great idea. Truth be told; this area is particularly sensitive since the ear has thin skin. You will feel some discomfort during the process, but in the long run, it is totally worth it.

The best thing is that if you are in the mood to show off your tattoo, a hair up-do will do you justice. On other days when you are at work and showing off your tattoo is not an option, letting your hair down will hide it.

If you are looking to have a sacred tattoo like a picture of a loved one or something that you hold dear, the heart area is the best place to get it. These tattoos are mostly personal, and having them in this specific area makes the tattoo bearer form deeper connections.

Do you keep up with the latest trends? If so, a tattoo on your ankle is an ideal way to be trendy. No wonder it is one of the most preferred areas for young girls. Show off the tattoo by wearing pants that are slightly above ankle length. For a sexy vibe, wear a midi-dress and high-heels.

If you are looking to make a statement, why not consider the top of your arm? Many people who love large tattoos mostly opt to get them at the top of the arm as it offers a larger surface area to get inked. Additionally, the skin around the arm is thick, making it less painful.

The back is another popular and trendy area to get tattooed. Go for the area around the shoulder blades as this area is least likely to be exposed to the damaging ultra-violet rays, ensuring the tattoo does not fade fast. Additionally, the skin at the back does not stretch easily, and the tattoo will hold up well a couple of years later.

Like Loading...

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‘Friday the 13th’: The best tattoos inspired by the movies Film Daily – Film Daily11.15.20

Little do most people outside of the tattoo world know, Friday the 13th is the day for tattoo specials. Some shops offer small tattoos for a discounted price and crank them out from sunup to sundown, first come, first serve!

However, these discounted Friday the 13th tats are usually little and easy to do. That way, your local tattoo artist can crank out little 13s, small 8 balls, and diminutive black cat outlines for tons of customers. Therefore, if youre looking to get a bigger piece done, todays not your lucky day.

Well let you in on a little secret, though: a lot of tattoo artists are horror movie buffs. Ask them to do a horror sleeve or a big Jason Vorhees portrait, and youll be sure to put a smile on their faces! Heck, you can even schedule an appointment with them to do a big, intricate tribute to Jason as youre getting a small Friday the 13th piece done (after all, the easiest way to talk to a tattoo artist is when youre in their chair).

As a testament to the tattoo worlds love of everything horror, here are some of the best Friday the 13th-inspired tats!

Well start off with a tattoo thats not too fancy. We love Sherlane Whites concept: a circular image of Camp Crystal Lake filled with some fine detail. Were more impressed with the knife in the front featuring Jasons infamous hockey mask.

We love the details on Jason, especially the solid work on the blood splatters. If you have a friend whos into their apprenticeship and just starting to tattoo skin, this is a good concept to give them (that is, if youre willing to offer yourself up as a guinea pig).

Were a sucker for packed color and this bright blue Jason Vorhees is no exception. The tattoo, done by Alan Aldred, surely adds a big splash of color to his clients growing sticker sleeve.

Aldred also enjoyed himself tattooing this one, saying on his page: I had a lot of fun tattooing this tiny Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, 9cm (3 1/2) tall, filling a small space on the side of a calf. The colour scheme is based off of the 80s video game and the varient of Jason released by NECA as a cool action figure!

Although its pink in the image because its new, were sure this Friday the 13th homage will look like a black & white photograph when it heals. Done by Richard Vega, we love the light & dark contrast in this black & grey piece.

The placement of this color portraits elements on the leg are spot on. It looks like you can reach into the tattoo and pull out Jasons mask! The artist, Jordan Baker @thebakery, is well-versed in tattooing characters, from Disney princesses to the Incredible Hulk. His color work and style, blending graphic novel and neotraditional, is to die for!

Are looking for a Friday the 13th piece, but dont want to be like everyone else with a Jason tattoo? This simple neotraditional piece by Nicole Reid could give you some inspiration. The simple but solid piece stands out for its unique design and use of color.

If you want a Friday the 13th piece that looks like Jasons going to jump up and hack your friends into bits, this Andrew Smith color portrait is the way to go. Were in love with the muted blues & greys, the silvery quality to Crystal Lake, and how the red on Jasons hockey masks stands out. Its the little details that count!

Just because it isnt realism doesnt mean it isnt cool! Take a look at this simple, American traditional Jason mask by Kenny Tea. The yellow flowers give it that nice, classic touch.

And we love the placement of this one! This Friday the 13th tattoo fits on the bicep incredibly well, and we love the concept of using the blackwork behind Jasons mask to create a forest behind him.

This piece by Marcelo Mack is super impressive, from the placement to the color. We love the red coloring in the detailed, illustrative black & white depictions of Jason. Also, using the big mask to cover the wider part of the calf and overshadow Jasons figure below? Chefs kisses!

This illustrative piece by Tom Taylor will turn heads with the color alone. Inspired by Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, this Friday the 13th piece does Jason justice with the cartoon, American traditional, and New School influence.

What if you dont want Jason without his mask? Heres an illustrative look at his handsome mug by Marty Riet McEwen. The decayed face makes the gruesome Jason piece more horrifying, and can we say we adore the yellow/purple contrast?

Marty Riet McEwens new school Jason is certainly a unique, solid take on Jason Vorhees. The exaggerated features make this cartoon Jason stand out from the rest!

What was your favorite Friday the 13th movie tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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'Friday the 13th': The best tattoos inspired by the movies Film Daily - Film Daily

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TikTok star reveals the heartbreaking reason she has so many tattoos: I had to cover up my scars’ – Yahoo Lifestyle11.15.20

Though shes one of TikToks top ten most-followed stars, Bella Poarch rarely speaks out about her personal life.

Shes so quiet, in fact, people arent even sure what her real age is. This has led to a number of questions about her identity. Aside from the fact she is the creator of TikToks most-liked video, we know very little about her for certain.

On Nov. 11, though, Poarch opened up about the surprising reason shes accumulated quite a bit of ink over the years.

Why do you have so many tattoos? They dont fit you, a user asked in the comments of one of her previous videos.

I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos, Poarch responded.

Commenters were impressed with her bravery in speaking out against alleged abuse.

This is the biggest reminder to everyone that you never know what someone is or has gone through, one user said.

You are so beautiful and resilient, another wrote.

I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing. You are so brave in so many ways, a third commented.

Poarch took to the comments of her post to explain why she opened up.

I wasnt comfortable posting this but if ur having a hard time rn, just know that ur not alone and youll make it through this. U r brave & strong, she wrote.

Poarch faced backlash over one of her tattoos an extremely offensive rising sun flag. To many, particularly residents of countries who fell victim to the atrocities of Japans imperialist past, the symbol is considered a hateful reminder of the human rights abuses.

She has since said shes getting the tattoo covered up.

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TikTok star reveals the heartbreaking reason she has so many tattoos: I had to cover up my scars' - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Tattoo artist obsessed with vampires explains sexy but strange body art – Daily Star11.15.20

A tattoo artist who is obsessed with all thinks dark and mysterious has explained the meaning behind his hundreds of inkings.

London, 27, from Montral, Canada, has loved tattoos and body modification since he was 13-years-old.

He became a make up artist at 18 before training as a tattoo artist when he was 20.

The creative also performs drag and is a scene artist.

Londons dark aesthetic is down to his love for horror and the macabre.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, London said: In my look, I try to expressly inner obsession for horror movies, demons, vampires and all things sexy and strange. I like to crate an aura with a mysterious and dark appearance.

Are you a fan of tattoos? Let us know in the comments below...

The young artist has enjoyed vampirism since he was very young.

London explained: I really like their aesthetic and the fantastic world that surrounds it!

I dont drink blood, but because I have a very dark side which admits to being attracted by this kind of practice I like that it mixes their sexuality and the strange.

I also love their morphology and dress aesthetic.

In art, for me, blood is a sign of beauty and creation!

London also enjoys the history and mythology surrounding vampires.

He said: If it was possible, I would become a vampire this moment, but for the now I take ownership of their aesthetic.

The tattoo artist also admits to being a taphophile someone who is attracted to the morbidity of cemeteries, horror movies and all things paranormal.

London said: I have a great fascination with occultism, magic and contact with the beyond.

Its my passion everything goth, or weird, or scary makes me feel good!

Londons extreme look gets a lot of comments both good and bad.

He told us team: I have as many good comments as I have bad.

My appearance attracts a lot of judgment, incomprehension and sometimes even violent behaviour, but I try to associate wth those who understand me and who encourage me."

London continued: Wherever I go, the looks are on me which can be a heavy burden, but I like it.

Speak good or bad, but talk about it!

Londons family didnt support him at first, but they have grown to understand and appreciate his art.

He added: The people and friends who know me very well were not surprised and still are not today!

Visit link:
Tattoo artist obsessed with vampires explains sexy but strange body art - Daily Star

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The minimalists: Why tiny tattoos are having a moment – Hindustan Times11.15.20

Tiny tattoos hyper-minimalist designs that are subtle and discreet are having a moment, as the trend in body art veers away from loud and elaborate to the kinds of ink prints youll only spot if the wearer wants you to.

Model Hailey Baldwin Bieber has 22 tiny tattoos. Her latest additions are the letter J, presumable for husband Justin, and the word beleza, Portuguese for beauty. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has about 13 tiny tattoos. And reality star Kendall Jenner is famous, among other things, for having gone to trouble to get a white dot on her middle finger.

Tiny tattoos are having a moment, and its not just celebrities that are enamoured by them. As Pinterest and the Gram will show you, tattoo enthusiasts across the world are tipping their hats to the #TinyTattoo trend.

Also called micro, minimalist or line-art tattoos, these are usually made with black ink. Fine lines, dots and white space give them their shape. The most popular forms of the tiny tattoo are alphabets, single words, numbers, glyphs, geometric shapes or the outlines of objects.

Amiya Bhanushali got a star anise on her chest. I connected with its qualities of being versatile and beautiful, says Bhanushali, a creative director with a design firm in Mumbai. (Photo courtesy Shomil Shah)

It helps that theyre cheaper and less painful. Actor and beauty influencer Malvika Sitlani recently got the outline of a camera on her forearm. When it comes to tattoos, I like symbols and keywords to tell my story, she says. Also, I have a very low tolerance for pain.

Shubhita Chawla, 25, a Mumbai-based advertising professional got an airplane tattooed to her wrist to celebrate her love of travel. Shreya Mathi, 26, an executive assistant with a software solutions company in Mumbai, got two infinity symbols tattooed on the inside of a finger a few weeks ago. She also has a triangle that marks the passing of a friend a few years ago.

To me, these tattoos are like the little notes or doodles you find between the pages of one of your old books. You chance upon them unexpectedly and think, This is a nice memory, she says.

Its a great gateway. A way for people to try out body art without committing to something large and obvious that theyll spend the rest of their lives explaining, says Vikas Malani, tattoo artist and founder of BodyCanvas. A lot of the young people I see also worry they may not want their tattoo in a couple of years and so feel its safer not to dedicate too much skin to a single design.

With tiny tattoos, you can get one or a constellation and still not feel overwhelmed. But the tiny tattoo is really quite ancient.

Shreya Mathi, 26, an executive assistant with a software solutions company in Mumbai, got two infinity symbols tattooed on the inside of a finger a few weeks ago. She also has a triangle that marks the passing of a friend.

Some of the earliest known tattoos were small and rudimentary in design, featuring lines, dots or squiggles. These sparse symbols invoked the healing powers of the gods, marked out tribesmen or censured a criminal outlaw. Sixty-one such markings largely lines, crosses and dots were found on the mummified remains of Otzi the Iceman, who is believed to have lived around 3000 BC and whose remains were found in the Otztal Alps on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. His remain the earliest tattoos ever discovered.

Since then, body art has gone from symbol of identity to symbol of rebellion, taken on colours and unexpected ingredients (cremation ashes, diamonds), won people awards and world records. Tattoo artists and their clients have pushed the limits of the art form in explorative journeys together.

In India, up until recently, you would step into a tattoo parlour and pick a design from a book or copy a design from popular culture, says Vibhor Pratap Singh Chouhan, creative director at Aliens Tattoo. Now they are a form of self-expression here too, with requests for customisation and an eagerness on both sides to have the art be distinguishable and stand apart from the crowd.

This is what drove Amiya Bhanushali, 23, to have a star anise inked on their chest. The artist was Shomil Shah, a self-taught hand-poke proponent who uses natural stencils like shells, leaves and seeds.

I decided to get the star anise because I connected with its qualities of being versatile and beautiful, says Bhanushali, creative director with a design firm in Mumbai.

Up next, it would seem, are tattoos that are even tinier. Carson J Bruns, chief of the Emergent Nanomaterials Laboratory at the ATLAS Institute of the University of Colorado Boulder, has been experimenting with smart tattoos by reinventing pigments.

Using nanotechnology, his lab has created an ink that changes colour when exposed to ultraviolet rays. We call them solar freckles because the ink is best used for tiny dots, says Bruns. These tattoos communicate to users when their skin is at risk of UV damage.

The solar freckles wont be on the market for a while yet, but Bruns believes this is the future. A tiny dot or mark could tell you when your blood sugar is low, your blood alcohol high or when your body is dehydrated, he says.

A tiny heart tattoo could then remind you to love yourself and that you havent put on your sunscreen.

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Tattoos Interfere With Sweating According To Study – Gilmore Health News11.15.20

A recent study confirmed that tattoos can inhibit the secretion of sweat by our sweat glands under thermal stress.


Although the harmful effects of tattoos in the short term are well known (discomfort, erythema, bleeding, and inflammation) and usually disappear within a few weeks, there are still questions about the long-term effects of tattoos. According to a recent study published in The Journal of Applied Physiology, tattoos interfere with the production of sweat from our sweat glands.

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Previous studies had already identified the phenomenon in conditions that were not free from limitations and methodological distortions that made it difficult to draw firm conclusions. For example, it was already known that tattoos induced a lower production of sweat and that this sweat was much more concentrated with sodium chloride. Therefore, there was a concern of adverse effects during physical activity or high temperatures, especially regarding thermal homeostasis and sodium absorption. However, in another experiment, during a 20-minute exercise, no difference was observed in the production of sweat between tattooed and untattooed skin.

But this type of approach has great methodological limitations, as the authors of the study explain: It is difficult to determine the magnitude of the thermal stimulus of this exercise since neither the internal temperature nor the skin temperature was measured. It is possible that the 20-minute exercise is not a sufficient thermal stimulus to distinguish possible differences in the sweat rate between tattooed skin and healthy control skin.

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Consequently, our experimenters have developed a method that is already used in the world of physiological research: passive heating of the whole body. The subjects of the study (5 women and 5 men) put on a suit and laid down on a medical bed. The suit was infused with 34C of hot water for 10 minutes, then the entire body is passively heated by injecting 48C of hot water through the suit until the participants intestinal temperature rose by 1.0C. Using this methodology, they were able to evaluate their initial hypothesis that reflex increases in sweating rate and skin vasodilatation would be impeded on the tattooed part of the skin compared to the adjacent non-tattooed part during passive whole-body heating.

In the experiment, intestinal and skin temperature, blood flow, and the sweat rate were measured during the reference phase at 34C and in the passive heating phase. The results showed that the sweat rate on the tattooed part of the participants skin was lower than on the untattooed part. However, the tattooed skin still sweats and the time it takes for sweat to appear is identical between the tattooed and untattooed skin.

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This suggests that the tattoo could indeed cause side effects within the eccrine sweat glands. Some researchers hypothesized that the tattoo could make our glands less sensitive to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter whose function is to signal our glands to start sweat production when faced with thermal stress. In fact, the hypothesis of a change in the neural circuit is questioned by the above experience, since perspiration is still present and time delays for the occurrence of perspiration are similar. If there had been a change in the neurological signal, different results would have been obtained.

The authors believe that these results have implications for the long-term risks of tattooing, especially for those that are more susceptible to thermal stress, such as professional athletes and military personnel. They concluded that the reduction in perspiration from tattooed skin may affect heat dissipation, especially if the tattoo covers a larger percentage of the bodys surface.

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Skin tattooing impairs sweating during passive whole body heating

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Tattoos Interfere With Sweating According To Study - Gilmore Health News

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