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Inside MS-13: Sick initiations, tattoos and depraved crimes of savage, evil street gang – Daily Star09.14.20

This week El Salvador President Nayib Bukele reportedly met leaders of the MS-13 street gang inside one of his country's toughest jails to plead with them to put a stop to brutal killings by their members.

He denied such a meeting had ever taken place, but the reports served as a reminder of the power, influence and savagery of one of the world's most violent street mobs.

Having originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1970s, the Mara Salvatrucha's (MS-13) initial purpose was to protect immigrants from El Salvador - the small Central American country - from other gangs.

Since then, the posse has grown significantly, with a presence in Canada as well as the US and Central America - the region which dominates members' ethnic composition.

Boasting a reported 50,000 members worldwide, the gang is now said to resemble a paramilitary organisation and has been likened to a "virus" which needs to be killed.

According to FBI statistics, there are between 6,000 and 10,000 members across the US alone.

The gang is said to be involved in drugs, human trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping and robbery across the US, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Members commonly cover themselves in tattoos, and it's not unusual for them to even get ink on their faces, although they are said to be moving away from face tattoos to make it easier to go under the radar while committing their depraved crimes.

Frequent markings include "MS", "Salvatrucha", the "Devil Horns", and the name of their clique.

A detention affidavit released in 2016 as a part of the federal case against more than 50 alleged MS-13 members and affiliates of the gang revealed exactly what anyone hoping to get into the savage gang has to do.

Members of the FBIs task force were able to record and videotape MS-13s initiation rituals, according to the affidavit.

It says prospective members "must commit at least one murder of a rival gang member.

Once voted in by members of a clique, leaders would slowly count to 13 while gang members beat the prospective member.

"Afterward, members would say welcome to the Mara and hold up the devil horn hand signs, according to the affidavit.

Mara is the Spanish word for gang.

Once a fully-fledged, members only encounter even more depraved violence, and almost nothing is off limits to MS-13.

On December 23, 2004, one of the most widely publicised MS-13 crimes in Central America occurred in Chamelecn, Honduras.

Gang members apparently ambushed an intercity bus and sprayed it with automatic gunfire from assault rifles, killing 28 and wounding 14 civilian passengers.

Most of their victims were women and children.

MS-13 is unlike any street gang that we have dealt with before, said Curtis Sliwa, founder of anti-crime foundation Guardian Angels.

They are organised and behave like a paramilitary organisation. And the violence is incredibly brutal.

Last year police in El Salvador found the remains of 20 of the gang's victims at a mass grave.

At least 128 gang members were arrested as part of a major police case into the murders.

According to the General Attorney's Office in San Salvador, 12 skeletons were initially found in a residential area known as Vista al Lago in May this year.

A further eight skeletons have now been dug up in the area, which was used as a mass grave by the gang.

With it's international spread, MS-13 has also been wreaking havoc in the US, with President Donald Trump calling it "a vile and evil gang of people."

In July, President Trump revealed the US has arrested more than 2,000 members of MS-13 in just the last three years.

He also revealed the Attorney General Bill Barr is seeking the federal death penalty for MS-13 gang member Alexi Saenz, who faces multiple murder changes including for the 2016 killings of two New York teenage girls.

High school students and best friends Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were both found dead, with federal officials later saying they died by "swinging baseball bats and machetes".

Mickens' brutally beaten body was found on a tree-lined street a day before her 16th birthday. A day later, the beaten body of Cuevas was discovered in the wooded backyard of a nearby home.

In 2017, two alleged MS-13 gang members, Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, - also known as Diabolico - and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, were arrested and charged with kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and murdering a second victim, who was found shot to death at the side of road.

The 14-year-old told cops she ran away from school and ended up being held against her will at two apartments in Houston, Texas, for 18 days where she was drugged, tortured and raped by another gang member.

The court heard how at one point during the ordeal Alvarez-Flores tattooed an image of the grim reaper on the girls lower leg.

The second victim - an unidentified woman known only as Genesis - was also being held against her will at the apartment, according to the teen.

Genesis apparently angered the men by insulting a shrine dedicated to Satan, which they worshipped.

Alvarez-Flores offered the statue a cigarette as an offering before declaring that the Beast demanded a soul sacrifice following the outburst, the court heard.

The next day Genesis had disappeared, according to the kidnapped teen.

Accusations of murder are not uncommon for MS-13 gang members.

In 2019, MS-13 was accused of murdering the son of a British tycoon in a targeted hit in California.

The body of Adrian Bonar, 34, was found butchered and dumped in the boot of an abandoned car.

MS-13 regularly uses fear and violence to control the streets so they can peddle drugs and commit their sickening crimes.

If a father doesnt want to cooperate with us, they will do something to his daughter, an unnamed former member told the New York Post.

I never raped anyone, but others did. If a gang member was interested in a girl he saw, he would rape her and claim her as property.

MS-13 is a virus. And like every virus you have to figure out where it comes from and you have to kill it.

More here:
Inside MS-13: Sick initiations, tattoos and depraved crimes of savage, evil street gang - Daily Star

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Man tattoos his entire body black with Evil plastered across him and now wants to slice off his nippl – The Sun09.12.20

A MAN has spent over 9000 tattooing his entire body black and now plans to cover his tongue and remove his nipples.

Yannick Rick, 25, from Chur, Switzerland, underwent three days of painful tattooing and now has the words 'Evil' plastered across his back.




Yannick says he was inspired by seeing a man on a beach with full body tattoos.

He originally committed to covering a single arm in 2016 but was so happy with the outcome and fascinated by the pain, he vowed to continue.

I decided I wanted to have a fully black arm. A friend of mine introduced me to a tattoo artist who could do this and within three sessions, my arm was black, he said.

I was fascinated by the pain and the healing. I knew I wanted to do something more extreme so I underwent a further three days of blackwork.

He visited a tattoo parlour known as the Brutal Black Project, and spent a further three days undergoing tattoo work on the rest of his body.

Since the project started, Yannick has spent 400-hours under the needle.

Fortunately, his tattoos have not affected his job as a although residents at the care home where he works have told him to wash his dirty hands or asked if the tattoos will shower off.




My friends and family were a little bit surprised at first but they knew it interested me so its normal to them now. So many people are fascinated by what I do and want to know the meaning behind it.

Online I get the odd negative comments from people.

Some people think its shocking or ugly, as theyll ask if Im mentally ill. Funny looks tend to be the main response.

Yannick says that dating hasnt changed despite his unusual appearance.

Sure, there are women who dont like this extreme look but some find it interesting.

For Yannick, his weekly tattoo sessions have made him feel much more in touch with his body.

They also provide him with a sense of invigoration claiming its his version of retail therapy.

I feel so much more in touch with my body. I know which areas are more sensitive and which are not, and Ive learnt how to make certain areas of my body feel better.

Its the greatest thing Ive ever done to my body.

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GUNNED DOWNNorth Korea 'executes 5 Ministry workers after they slammed Kim's policies'

Hes since developed an interest in body modifications and now has several scars too.

Known as scarification, the decorative scars are created with a scalpel, and plastic wrap is used to delay the healing process to increase the effect.

If I feel bad or down, Ill go and get a new scar or tattoo, he said.



See the original post here:
Man tattoos his entire body black with Evil plastered across him and now wants to slice off his nippl - The Sun

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Justin Bieber Unveils a Newand Totally RomanticTattoo – Vogue09.12.20

Choosing a tattoo is an art form in and of itself. From image to style, placement to execution, even the simplest concept can take infinite formsand striking the right balance is often the key to some truly noteworthy ink. For an example, look to Justin Bieber, whose latest tattoo is a visual representation of the power of juxtaposition.

Celebrity-favored tattoo artist Doctor Woo shared a black-and-white capture of Bieber on Thursday, the Instagram share centered on a delicately traced rose placed vertically on the pop star's neck. Collaged alongside the word Patience," Bieber's newest addition acted as a study in contrast, with the decidedly romantic symbol offering edge through its positioning. Coupled with the year's characteristic grow-outhis slightly shagged blonde calling to mind the skate culture of the early aughtsthe rose lent an aesthetic refresh, a new note to the myriad of words and images that adorn Bieber's body. The takeaway? Once the novelty wears off, a thoughtful carry-off (and a classic red rose) is forever.

Justin Bieber Unveils a Newand Totally RomanticTattoo - Vogue

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Dirt-bike bullies, who-are-you tattoo and a noxious cocktail – The South Bayview Bulldog09.12.20

Assault suspects and their dirt bikes

Recognize this tattoo?

Niki Shakeri

Police occurrences in recent hours include (left) a serious assault on a jogger in the Meadowvale Conservation Centre in Peel Region. Four men on dirt-bikes wanted him off the trail and proceeded to punch and kick him. He was also sprayed with animal repellant. Descriptions of the four are here. At the centre is a heart-shaped tattoo that Toronto police hope will help identify a woman killed as she walked on the track of the UP Express September 7 near Weston Rd. and Black Creek Drive. Read more on this unfortunate woman here.

Met through a dating app

At right is Niki Shakeri, 32, charged with mischief and administering a noxious thing. Toronto police say a woman, 24, met a man through a dating app. They met downtown for a drink but when she returned from the washroom other patrons told her that her friend had put something in her drink. She went home and complained the next morning

Other releases


Read the original post:
Dirt-bike bullies, who-are-you tattoo and a noxious cocktail - The South Bayview Bulldog

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76 new flats, a tattoo studio, a refused 5G tower and more – this week’s planning roundup – Reading Chronicle09.12.20

Welcome to this weeks planning roundup of the most interesting decisions made in Reading.

This weeks edition includes the approval of 76 new flats in the town centre, a new tattoo studio, a 5G tower being refused, a proposal at a butchers and an unauthorised two-flat development.

Offices at the site of a former nightclub in the town centre will be converted into 76 flats.

The building, on Duke Street, includes former nightclub Po Nah Nah, which closed in 2008, and riverside offices on the basement, ground and four upper floors.

Developer Lipman Properties will replace the offices at Dukesbridge House, with the disused nightclub area of the building unaffected by the plans.

The developers planning consultant said: The new flats will provide a much-needed range of housing for first time buyers or downsizers in Reading in a highly accessible and sustainable location.

READ MORE: Road closures outside schools could be introduced by Christmas

There will be 70 one-bedroom flats, along with four studio apartments and two two-bedroom flats.

The change of use of the site from offices into flats was approved by Reading Borough Council (RBC) under prior approval legislation created by the government in 2013.

A vacant former bicycle shop in the town centre will become a tattoo parlour, after plans were approved this week.

Plans were submitted by Mystic Lounge Tattoo Ltd to change the use of the vacant unit at 133 Friar Street, Reading, from a retailshopto atattoostudio.

The unit which is on the corner of Union Street or Smelly Alley has been vacant for around six months having most recently been occupied by SCUK Co Bikes as a bicycle shop.

There will be a reception and seating area on the ground floor level, tattooing space on the first and second floors and the basement will be used for storage.

Plans for a 20 metre 5G tower next to Royal Berkshire Hospital has been withdrawn after heritage consultants raised concerns about the impact on Grade II listed buildings.

Hutchison 3G UK Ltd had planned to erect the metre mast next to the hospitals Craven Road Car Park.

Matthew Burns, an historic buildings consultant, said: The proposed installation of a 20m telecoms mast and associated infrastructure in this location would harm a number of designated heritage assetsincluding four Grade II Listed Buildings and the settings of two Conservation Areas.

The proposed location is therefore considered to be unsuitable to this type of development and refusal is recommended.

He said the setting of Grade II listed buildings at Reading School would be affected:

An application to turn a 100-year-old butchers which closed in March into a flat in Caversham has been withdrawn.

It is not yet clear why or what the intention is now for the closed-down Whitings Butchers at 20 Coldicutt Street.

The family-run Caversham butchers stopped trading at the end of March because of owner Martin Howarths health.

Mr Howarth has the rare immune condition pyoderma gangrenosum which forced him to undergo a double amputation and the family decided to close the shop in March.

An application to rectify unauthorised works which converted basement storage into two basement flats has been refused by the council.

The developer initially converted the building at Eldon Terrace into two flats without seeking approval from the council and his retrospective application was refused by both RBC and a planning inspector on appeal.

READ MORE: Revealed - The cost of failed chaotic Caversham walking and cycling scheme scrapped after one week

The planning officer said: It is not considered that the amendments proposed would fundamentally alter the issue that these are basement units which suffer from unacceptable outlooks and generally poor light levels.

A resident who lives in the building slammed the developer for building the flats without consulting the council first.

He said: There is insufficient lightwell to the front and the rear of the property and this has not been addressed.

There are currently serious waste issues at the development, caused by there being eight flats rather than six.

There are also major parking problems on site, due to the additional two basement flats being occupied, and the occupants trying to park on site, rather than being used for storage.

We would welcome RBC taking the appropriate action to ensure these two units are changed back to storage units and kitchens and the bathrooms removed at the earliest opportunity.

Read the original post:
76 new flats, a tattoo studio, a refused 5G tower and more - this week's planning roundup - Reading Chronicle

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5G-connected robot used to perform a remote tattoo session – The Burn-In09.12.20

Most people instinctively associate 5G with smartphones. Thats because its predecessor, 4G LTE, is used almost exclusively for mobile devices. The same wont be true of 5G.

As the faster network rolls out it will enable a host of new technology applications that simply werent possible before. T-Mobile researchers wanted to demonstrate 5Gs usefulness in a unique way.

They used a 5G-connected robot to perform a tattoo session with the client and artist in two separate locations. The stunt, dubbed The Impossible Tattoo, shows one of the many ways that 5Gs low-latency, high-speed capabilities can be used.

Dutch actress and TV personality Stijn (pronounced like stein) Fransen volunteered to be a lab rat for the experiment. A Dutch tattoo artist named Wes performed the inking. However, the two werent seated next to each other in person.

Instead, they sat in different locations, miles apart. Fransen had her arm situated next to a robotic arm while Wes held a tattoo gun inside a high-tech tracking contraption in a lab.

The robot and tracking system were built by The Mill, with creative engineer Noel Drew leading the way. Discussing the process, he says, Firstly, we needed to work out how to track the tattoo artists movements and detect when he was making contact with the surface of a fake practice arm and transmit this data over the 5G network.

This is possible because 5G has virtually no latency. In other words, movements as small as a millimeter can be accurately transmitted in real-time from any distance.

Secondly, we had to develop a robotic platform that could receive this data in real-time and control the robots movements in relation to the human arm, Drew says.

While the arm itself isnt particularly novel, it is one of the first operational robots to feature 5G connectivity. For that reason alone, it is impressive.

Before Fransen sat down for her tattoo session, the robot was tested on an army of heroic vegetables and prosthetic skin samples to ensure that the system was safe. Initial trials created some frightening resultssuch as the tattoo needle driving itself into the skin. Fortunately, the final product came out perfectly.

Stijn shared a photo of the tattoo after it healed on Instagram.

Although 5G tattoos are certainly cool, this experiment shows that a more important application will soon be possibleremote surgery.

Imagine having one of the best surgeons in the world performing your surgery remotely through a robot. Operating rooms are already robot friendly. The rise of 5G will make it possible for surgeons to perform operations from anywhere.

Of course, this is far from the only change that 5G will bring. Things like always-connected cars and high-powered AR applications are also just around the corner.

Although the 5G rollout has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the network will continue to grow around the globe. As it does, the tech industry will be ready for a host of new innovations.

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5G-connected robot used to perform a remote tattoo session - The Burn-In

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Michael Jackson Daughter Paris Shows Off Her Van Halen Tattoo For The First Time – Metalhead Zone09.12.20

Michael Jacksons daughter and one of the most-talented indie-folk musicians of the era, Paris Jackson, has taken to his official Instagram account today and amazed her fans with her little-known Van Halen tattoo.

As Paris showed off her friendship bracelet with her lovely friends Isabelle and Caroline, she also showed his Van Halen tattoo on her index finger. As you will check out the photo, Paris has tattooed herself with the original logo of Van Halen which was modified back in 1986.

She also did not forget to tag American businesswoman, fashion model, and also known as the co-owner of DAmores Pizza and a long-time buddy of Paris, Caroline Damore on the caption of the photo.

Almost 20K people have pushed the like button on the post. However, Paris has restricted the comment section to the people she is not following. For that reason, no one has commented on the photo yet.

Here is what Paris Jackson wrote:

Friendship bracelets with my girls.

Isabella DAmore Alt and Caroline DAmore.

You can check out the post right below.

Read more:
Michael Jackson Daughter Paris Shows Off Her Van Halen Tattoo For The First Time - Metalhead Zone

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Haryana: Muslim man claims brothers hand was chopped off for 786 tattoo in Panipat, police deny claim and say he was a child abuser – Free Press…09.12.20

For the last few days, social media has been abuzz about a 28-year-old man named Akhlaq whose hand was reportedly chopped off because he had the numbers 786 tattooed on his hand. Haryana Police have however denied the claim and said he was accused of sodomoy according to a report in Indian Express.

A story was published on the portal, which claimed that the barber left his home in Nanauta, near Panipat, Haryana.

The man, called Akhlaq claimed that his hand was chopped off by two men who started beating him upon hearing his name and left him on the road.

The Two Circles report quoting, Aklaqs brother, that after he knocked on a nearby door for water, the same men who were beating him dragged him inside and his sawed off his right with a chainsaw.

Ikram, Akhlaqs brother also claimed that he was later thrown on the railway track to portray as if he was injured in a train accident. They claimed the assailants were from the Saini community.

The story was widely shared on social media.

The rest is here:
Haryana: Muslim man claims brothers hand was chopped off for 786 tattoo in Panipat, police deny claim and say he was a child abuser - Free Press...

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Frozen: 10 Tattoos That Fans Will Want Inked On Their Bodies ASAP – Screen Rant09.09.20

Frozen inspired these 10 tattoos that fans will surely want to get.

A Disney film called Frozen introduced the world to characters such as Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff who sang their hearts out on screen. Fans have been obsessed with the film, and the sequel, ever since as they continue to cherish the beauty of these two films. Many fans have even gone out and had tattoos inked on their skin in honor of this franchise.

RELATED:Disney: 5 Greatest Quotes From Frozen (& 5 From Frozen 2)

The tattoos these fans have obtained are something that every fan of Frozen will appreciate. They capture the essence of the film, as well as depict it in an artistically appealing way.

A massive amount of detail is not always necessary to make the perfect tattoo, and this Elsa tattoo proves it. It is basically an outline of her form, but the mixture of colors and various patterns helps bring this Disney princess to life. Ovenlee.Tattoo inked this masterpiece that other fans are sure to want for themselves based on simplistic, yet very artistic, nature.

Frozen II introduced fans to a salamander named Bruni who was found in the Enchanted Forest and had the elemental ability of fire. This tattoo captures his essence as he looks up with an adorable expression on his face. The various blues used in his creation help him pop off the person's arm and Roryriot is the tattoo artist behind this creation.

This person loved the sequel so much, despite its poor rating on IMDb,that they just had to have a few things from the film inked on their body. Elsa is front and center with her hair flowing around her, but it also features Bruni and the majestic water horse. Blcoledavis was the artist behind this piece who has inspired others to contact their local tattoo parlor in order to obtain something similar.

Read more:
Frozen: 10 Tattoos That Fans Will Want Inked On Their Bodies ASAP - Screen Rant

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Ireland Baldwin Shows Off a Tiny Face Tattoo and Even Mom Kim Basinger Wonders If Its Real! – Us Weekly09.09.20

Courtesy of Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Is Ireland Baldwin another celebrity with a face tattoo?!

On Tuesday, September 8, the 24-year-old took to Instagram to share a set of beautiful selfies featuring a tiny black heart on the outside of her right eye. This left many to wonder whether it was real or not including her mom, Kim Basinger.

You better not had the L.A. Confidential star commented. Thats all I can say.

However, the model clarified in a series of Instagram Story posts. Everyone thinks this fking st is real, she says at the start of the first video. Like as if!

She then zooms in on the design to reveal a bit of smudging that would only come from a fake tat likely drawn on with a pen. Its fking dripping you aholes.

In the next video she continues, Everyone is like dont get a face tattoo. Dont get a face tattoo. She then licks her fingers and wipes it every more. Look at this.

Well Basinger sure will be relieved!

Though this would have been Baldwins first face tattoo, she isnt a body art newbie. She has at least 24 other tattoos. On her forearms alone she has a skeleton, a bra and a Hello Kitty. Not to mention, face tats are all the rage amongst celebrities.

This year alone weve seen A-listers like Amber Rose, Chris Brown and Presley Gerber get designs on their face. In February Rose debuted ink on her forehead that reads Bash Slash, courtesy of artist Jacob Ramirez, as a tribute to her kids. Brown got a Nike Air Jordan 3 Sneaker on the right side of his face while Gerber stirred up all kinds of backlash when he got misunderstood inked on the right side of his face. He is definitely going through something bigger and more than that, the insider told Us back in March after the 20-year-old debuted the design. Its hard for his parents to see.

Listen on Spotify to Get Tressed With Us to get the details of every hair love affair in Hollywood, from the hits and misses on the red carpet to your favorite celebrities street style dos (and donts!)

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Ireland Baldwin Shows Off a Tiny Face Tattoo and Even Mom Kim Basinger Wonders If Its Real! - Us Weekly

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