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Where Is ‘Tattoo Redo’ Filmed? A Candid Look at the Hit Show – Distractify08.09.21

Since it first aired on Netflix on July 28, 2021, Tattoo Redo has become a hit amongst subscribers to the platform and has proven that there are still new and fresh ways to go about making a television show about tattoos.

The show's basic formula, which follows a group of artists redoing old and unsightly tattoos on clients, gets a new twist in Tattoo Redo.

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In this formula, the show stipulates that the redone tattoo is selected by a friend of the person having the cover-up done and that they don't know what that idea is until it is permanently inked into their body. Sounds like a bit of a gamble, doesn't it? Well, it sure is, and those who have participated in the show have certainly had mixed reactions to what was inked on their body after the job was all done.

Beyond the hilarious escapades that ensue when you're tattooing random things on another person, the shop where the work is done has raised a bunch of questions from fans who can't seem to figure out where exactly it is located.

So, where exactly is Tattoo Redo filmed, and can just anyone go there to get some work done? Here's what we know.

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Fans of Tattoo Redo might have noticed when they watch the show that there aren't any distinguishing marks identifying the parlor where all of the tattoos and consultations take place. That isn't just a coincidence, as the show doesn't exactly call a real tattoo parlor home.

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Unfortunately, if fans want to go to have work done at the parlor featured in the show, they can't. Some social posts from the show's stars have seemed to reveal that the "tattoo parlor" is actually set up on a soundstage or a warehouse in Orange County, CA, and is just a TV set.

Tagging the location as "Dreamland" in her post rollerblading around, show star Jessi Peluso gave fans the most candid look at the "shop" outside of highly edited episode scenes.

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Whether it be the high warehouse-style walls, the lack of a shop name, or just the overall TV set vibe the video gave off, it's clear that the work is not being done at an official shop.

It's not clear if Netflix was unable to secure an actual shop willing to take part in the show or if they decided that this was just the better option. Nonetheless, from the info we know to the seemingly staged tattoo parlor, things are certainly not what they seem on Tattoo Redo.

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Where Is 'Tattoo Redo' Filmed? A Candid Look at the Hit Show - Distractify

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Old Town to have its first tattoo shop – Elk Grove Citizen08.09.21

The Elk Grove City Council on July 28 unanimously approved an amendment of the Old Town Special Planning Area (OTSPA) to allow tattoo and body piercing studios, upon their approval of a conditional-use permit.

The Old Town Special Planning Area regulates land uses in that area, and had previously prohibited such businesses from operating in this historic section of the city.

In 2009, the council designated those types of businesses as having a restricted use, based on an interpretation of the OTSPA. The amendment allows for two conditional-use permits for tattoo and piercing studios in Old Town.

With the councils approval of this amendment, tattoo artist John Laurent, who attended Elk Grove High School, plans to open Old Towns first tattoo shop in a business space above Bobs Club at 9039 Elk Grove Blvd.

Laurent expressed his desire to join Old Towns business community.

I cant wait to work with neighboring businesses to help Elk Grove, Old Town especially, and just work together to create an even better town and city, he said.

Laurent also addressed concerns shared by some people regarding tattoo and piercing businesses.

I know people are concerned about the health and safety of individuals, as well as minors, he said. My business will only run and operate with adults. I will not have piercings in my shop, but tattooing, most definitely, for all individuals over 18.

Laurent mentioned that he intends to bring positive change and diversity to Old Town.

I can bring that, he said.

Prior to the councils deliberation on this matter, Angela Perry, president of the Old Town Elk Grove Foundation, told the council that the foundation supports conditional-use permits for this type of business in Old Town.

City Council Member Pat Hume mentioned that he believes that Old Town is turning a corner, and that Laurents business adds to that progression.

I really think that this (shop) brings in a different clientele that will support Old Town businesses, will stop in Bobs (to) get a drink, will go over to Dust Bowl (brewery to) get something to eat, whatever it is. And I just think its about time.

Vice Mayor Stephanie Nguyen recalled how Laurent referred to his shop as a dream for him and his brother, Sam, a tattoo artist who died in 2019 of sudden cardiac arrest related to epilepsy.

Nguyen followed that comment by moving the motion to approve of the amendment of the Old Town Special Planning Area to allow tattoo and piercing studios.

Congratulations and I look forward to swinging by (Laurents tattoo business), she said.

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen summarized the amendment as an action that will go a long way toward revitalizing our Old Town also known as our historic district.

I, too, enthusiastically support this (amendment), she said.

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Old Town to have its first tattoo shop - Elk Grove Citizen

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Woman pays hundreds for ram skull tattoo then bitterly regrets it when people point out what it really l… – The US Sun08.09.21

WHEN Crystal Ship Kelly got an elaborate new tattoo earlier this year, she couldn't wait to show it off on social media.

The TikTok star - who boasts over 200,000 followers - had a ram skull tattooed on her midriff which completely covered her belly button and went right down to her bikini line.



However, it was only when she shared it online that the social media star realised the VERY rude design flaw.

In a video that's been seen by over 189,000 people, Crystal addressed one viewer who claimed the ram's horns could be seen as a pair of women's legs splayed out.

Rolling down her jeans so fans could see the whole thing, she said: "I don't get it.

"You can tell that it's a skull?"

But as she looked at it closer, she realised the viewer had a point.

Crystal hitched her jeans up under her belly button - which, we have to admit, does make it look a bit like a woman's crotch.

"For f*** sake," she said. "I can see it."

She then captioned the clip: "I mean they would be some UGLY a** legs but I see it, thanks for that!"

They would be some UGLY a** legs but I see it, thanks for that.

The clip has racked up over 6,000 "likes" and people in the comments said she should probably just stick to VERY high-waisted or low-rise jeans in future.

One replied: "Only wearing low-rise jeans from now on!"

Another added: "Wait. So it's a granny in stockings? Or a goat's skull?"

"I'm dead," a third joked. "Your realisation reaction."

"Once you see it, you can't un-see it," a fourth wrote.

Earlier this year, we revealed how this woman accidentally got the most hilariously unfortunate pre-Covid tattoo and had to hide it for a year.

For more viral stories, these are the hidden dangers of cleaning revealed as expert warns vacuuming and even IRONING wrong could leave you wracked with pain.

And this bloke complained to Bumble when app breaks then is mortified when he realises the real reason hes getting no matches

Plus this man claims his wife ruined their wedding by not wearing makeup she wanted to look natural but he says the photos are terrible.

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Woman pays hundreds for ram skull tattoo then bitterly regrets it when people point out what it really l... - The US Sun

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Woman left mortified as family point out VERY rude meaning of upper thigh tattoo & her alteration only… – The Sun08.09.21

WHEN you're still in the stage where you're just thinking about getting a tattoo, it makes sense that you wouldn't consult your loved ones.

After all, getting too many opinions is only going to leave you confused and questioning whether you even want it anymore.



That said, we bet Maria Avery is regretting not running her empowering tattoo by her family before she had it inked on her body FOREVER.

Earlier this year, the TikTok user responded to a viral challenge where people have been sharing the "dumbest tattoos they've ever gotten".

In a viral video that's racked up over 166,000 "likes", Maria joked that it was finally her "time to shine".

"I've been waiting for this moment," she said. "Let's get into it."

When she was 18 years old, Maria was scrolling through Pinterest when she found a stumbled upon a dainty empowering tat reading "keep going".

She continued: "I thought it was such an inspirational quote, I should just get a tattoo of it."

However, it wasn't necessarily the tattoo that was the problem - but where she put it.

At the time, the teen posed for a photo proudly showing off her new inking - which had pride of place on her upper thigh.

My family saw it and said what the f*** is that? It looks so sexual, get it removed.

But needless to say, her family weren't too pleased when they saw it.

She added: "My family saw it and said what the f*** is that? It looks so sexual, get it removed.'"

As Maria couldn't deny that the tattoo could be interpreted in a sexual way, she decided to get an alteration to make it more innocent... but it only made it much, much worse.

She added: "So I figured I could fix it.

"A year later, I put forward after it. 'Keep going forward...

"It only gets dumber at this point. Literally so stupid.



The tattoo guy literally said when putting the forward on it, I was hoping you didnt want me to put keep going harder on it."

At this point, it dawned on Maria that she either needed to go through the painful process of having the tattoo removed or cover it up.

Opting for the later version, 22-year-old now has a pretty rose trio tat where the sexy inking used to be.

She added: "This is it now, its covered up, its beautiful, but dont get dumb tattoos anybody."

The video has now racked up thousands of comments too - and people still liked the original tattoo but, like Maria's family, took issue with the placement.

One replied: "It's not a bad tattoo - it was just unfortunately placed."

Another added: "When I was 17, I wanted a tattoo that said 'don't stop' in the same place."

A third wrote: "I didn't even think anything until you said it was inappropriate."

For more viral stories, this woman was in hysterics over mums iconic QR code fail and shes been getting it wrong for MONTHS.

And this couple who didnt pay for homebuyers survey for dream home stunned by terrifying find under walls.

Plus this is the sound that only people under 25 can hear so can YOU?

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Woman left mortified as family point out VERY rude meaning of upper thigh tattoo & her alteration only... - The Sun

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Fish Ladder Tattoo Company, Eclectic Tattoo cut ties with artists after allegations of misconduct – WSYM-TV08.09.21

LANSING, Mich. Fish Ladder Tattoo Company cut ties with star tattoo artist Cameron Pohl earlier this year after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced on social media.

Pohl was a contestant on season 12 of the reality show "Ink Master." He's also one of the region's most sought-after artists.

The move came after a group called the Detroit Solidarity Movement shared social media posts accusing him of making unwanted passes, asking for sexual favors, body shaming and making inappropriate jokes.

The activist group has been working to spread the word about people they consider harmful, ranging from photographers to tattoo artists.

Fish Ladder declined to sit down for an interview, but in an Instagram post on June 16, the company said "In the best interest of all parties involved, Fish Ladder Tattoo Company and Cameron Pohl have parted ways."

Two days later they made another post issuing an apology to their clients, saying they were embarrassed and ashamed to have facilitated Pohl's behavior.

Pohl says he doesn't think Fish Ladder did the right thing.

He also says people aren't getting the entire story and that lot of what was said was taken out of context.

Cameron Pohl shares where he believes these claims are really coming from

The allegations come from "basically a lot of ex-girlfriends and a lot of people that I was romantic with in the past," he said, "and it's like, how many people have had their feelings hurt. And it's like that, that does happen. I'm not saying that they're not entitled to feel how they do, but rather than work through feelings maturely and openly and have an open discussion with someone, they choose to hold on to this rage and this anger inside. And essentially, you know, let it all out in the most destructive way possible."

He says he's taken the situation into his own hands and apologized to people about how he behaved in the past.

He says he's taken the situation into his own hands and apologized to people about how he behaved in the past.

"I have no problem admitting that. My personality can certainly be very abrasive. It can be a lot to deal with for a lot of people, and I've always been told that I have a very polarizing personality, but that's just been me as a person," Pohl said. "It's like, I am genuinely sorry if I made a joke or remark in a way that you didn't approve of, but if nothing is said to me in that moment, who's to say I can even take care of it."

And when it comes to accusations of him causing physical harm Pohl says they're untrue.

And when it comes to accusations of him causing physical harm Pohl says they're untrue.

"That's insane to me that someone would accuse me of something like that, especially, like I said, in the professional work environment," he said, "and if there was ever anything that I did outside, and that would be in the hands of the law. And it's like, clearly, I don't behave in that way, I don't conduct myself in that way."

This situation isn't just happening at Fish Ladder Tattoo Company.

Over in downtown Lansing, Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery cut ties with tattoo artist Levi Hatch.

They declined to sit down for an interview but also posted on social media, saying they made the move after they became aware of allegations and misconduct against Hatch.

They also apologized to anyone who had experienced discomfort.

Hatch declined to talk about the situation.

FOX 47 also reached out to organizations working with survivors but they advised us that most of the survivors who have spoken out have been advised not to give any more public statements for legal reasons.

"We believe these stories are coming out now because survivors feel safe. And they feel like there's a platform for them to be heard. And that people will believe them," said Alecxis Dumond, director of healing at Survivor Strong.

Survivor Strong is a non-profit organization that got involved once they recognized that there was a need for healing services for survivors impacted by gender-based violence in the Lansing body art community.

They got in contact with the Detroit Solidarity Movement around the end of June. They say Fish Ladder reached out to them shortly afterward, seeking ways to practice accountability and to do better in the future.

"So we've been working with them since around then on some shop policy, as well as having representatives from the organization present for these fundraisers. We want anyone that wants to come and support this fund to be able to go there, even if they maybe have some sort of negative association with going to tattoo shops," said Maddy Corbin, director of social media and communications at Survivor Strong.

The organization also created the Lansing Body Art Fund, which helps to pay for services such as therapist-facilitated healing circles and one-on-one cognitive-behavioral therapy for survivors.

"The purposes of the fund and what the fund will cover was directly dictated by the stories and needs that were being expressed and shared on social media, and the fund looks the way it does today, to directly address those needs from the survivors themselves," said Morgan McCaul, director of advocacy at Survivor Strong.

It also covers tattoo removal and cover-up for survivors who are looking for that.

"Tattoos are a very, very permanent thing. So it is something that you have on your body forever. And you don't necessarily want a reminder of someone that harmed you or someone that harmed other people around you. So we thought that providing funding for tattoo removal and cover-up and giving that option as well would be a really beneficial service," Corbin said.

So far, they've received money from Fish Ladder's walk-in Wednesday and book auction, Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery's walk-in fundraiser, and Anaheim-based artist Lex Kenney's Flash Tattoo Fundraiser.

"I think if they're reaching out, that's the best first step because they're realizing there's a problem, or that something needs to be addressed. And they're making an effort to be better and to be better for their clients," Dumond said.

And as for the industry as a whole, they believe it's a move in the right direction.

"There's definitely a movement towards creating a safer and more trauma-informed, more aware I practices into shops. So definitely like just making sure that everyone is comfortable making sure that they're practicing ongoing consent throughout the process," Corbin said.

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Fish Ladder Tattoo Company, Eclectic Tattoo cut ties with artists after allegations of misconduct - WSYM-TV

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Man with unique tattoos arrested after break-in at Antioch drive-thru – WKRN News 208.09.21

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) Metro police have identified and arrested the man suspected of breaking into a Dunkin Donuts in Antioch through the drive-thru window last month.

Officers responded around 2 a.m. on July 15 to a burglary at the business on Cane Ridge Road.

Police said the burglar, now identified as 23-year-old Robert Mace, was seen on surveillance video, smashing the drive-thru window with either a rock or brick, then prying it open.

He reached through the window and tried to grab the register, but there was no money inside, according to investigators.

Mace has unique tattoos on his wrist, as well as the top of his hand and fingers, which helped to identify him as the burglar when he was later arrested on unrelated charges, police said.

He was charged Thursday night with felony burglary and his bond was set at $6,000.

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Man with unique tattoos arrested after break-in at Antioch drive-thru - WKRN News 2

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Who Are the Artists on Netflix’s Tattoo Redo? You’re Probably Already Familiar With a Few – POPSUGAR08.09.21

Tattoo removals and coverups specifically those among celebrities have been a big source of interest for us lately, so you could say that Netflix's latest reality series Tattoo Redo debuted at just the right time. The brand-new show follows five established tattoo artists tasked with taking some of their clients' most embarrassing or regrettable pieces of ink and working their magic to transform them into masterpieces.

According to the trailer, the tattoos in question range from incorrectly translated foreign language tattoos that are (somehow) still extremely common these days to others that have simply faded or lost their meaning over time. The big twist of the show is that each coverup design will be chosen, not by the clients receiving them, but by their loved ones and even though that sounds like a recipe for chaos, the show's cast of trusted tattoo masters managed to make each new design work well.

Before you dive the episodes, which are now available to stream on Netflix, read ahead to get to know each of the tattoo artists featured on Tattoo Redo. Spoiler: you may already be familiar with a few of them.

Excerpt from:
Who Are the Artists on Netflix's Tattoo Redo? You're Probably Already Familiar With a Few - POPSUGAR

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TikTok star shows off new tattoo before its very rude design fault is pointed out – The Mirror08.09.21

Crystal Ship Kelly unveiled her new tattoo of a ram's head before it was soon noticed that depending on how high up her jeans are pulled, the horns can look women's legs

Image: crystalshipkelly/TIKTOK)

A TikTok star was impressed with the artistic detail of her new tattoo but was then shocked as it was pointed out on social media that there is an extremely rude design fault.

Crystal Ship Kelly, who has over 200,000 followers, decided to have a ram skull inked onto her midriff that went right down to her bikini line.

She took to social media to show it off and very soon people were laughing at the design that could be seen to depict something very different.

It was pointed out to her that the rams horns could easily be seen as a pair of women's legs spread wide.

Crystals video has certainly proved popular with over 189,000 people viewing it but not exactly for the reason she anticipated.


To begin with she said how she didnt get what people were laughing at, until it dawned on her.

She pulled down her jeans and said : I dont get it. You can tell that its a skull, no?

The user replies: "Obviously he meant that the tattoo looks like legs and the belly button is where the *cat emoji* would be."

But as she pulled her trousers up so that part of the skull was removed and the horns looked like legs she realised how it now looked like a female groin.

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She said: For f*** sake. I can see it.

Crystal then labelled the video: I mean they would be some ugly a** legs but I see it thanks for that.

It has been a cause for jokes while more than 6,000 people have liked the clip.

One person wrote: Once you see it you cant un-see it.

Another put it: Wait. So its a granny in stockings? Or a goats skull?

A further person joked: Only wearing low-rise jeans from now on!

Go here to read the rest:
TikTok star shows off new tattoo before its very rude design fault is pointed out - The Mirror

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Healing Ink offers free tattoos to those affected by Tree of Life shooting – thejewishchronicle.net08.09.21

Craig Dershowitz is an ardent Zionist. He doesnt eat pork or shellfish, runs a successful nonprofit and plans to move to Israel next month. But for the tattoos that cover his entire body except his face, palms and the bottom of his feet, he is what your bubbe might call the perfect Jewish boy.

Dershowitz is the co-founder and president of Artists 4 Israel, an organization that works to prevent the spread of anti-Israel bigotry through art and aims to help communities and people affected by terrorism and hate. The nonprofit was created during 2009s Operation Cast Lead, or the Gaza War, when Dershowitz was alarmed by anti-Israeli forces using modern contemporary artforms, particularly in marginalized communities, to talk about Israel in a negative light, he said.

When he met with leaders of various Jewish legacy groups to explain there was an antisemitic problem in artforms like hip-hop and graffiti, he said, they laughed us out of their offices.

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So, Dershowitz, a Brooklyn-born, Los Angeles-based Jew, launched Artists 4 Israel, bringing graffiti and street artists to paint murals on bomb shelters in Israel. The project found its place, he said, by collaborating with non-Israeli artists on humanitarian aid projects.

That became the entry point for them to learn about and advocate for Israel, he said.

In 2016, Artists 4 Israel launched another, more controversial, project Healing Ink, which provides free tattoos to cover the scars of survivors of terrorist attacks, and of IDF soldiers injured in combat. Dershowitz said the tattoos help survivors reclaim their bodies and continue to heal physically and mentally.

On Oct. 3 and 4, Artists 4 Israel is bringing Healing Ink to Pittsburgh, offering free tattoos to those affected by the massacre at the Tree of Life building. Approximately 15 different Pittsburghers will receive tattoos on each of the two days. The location for the event is yet to be announced, but tattoo artists may be available to visit someones home should an individual prefer to receive a tattoo privately.

Participants dont have to be Jewish, but they must apply for a tattoo in advance. In addition to members of the Jewish community, Dershowitz said he has a soft spot for first responders and a passion to help them.

Sharon J. Serbin is a longtime member of Congregation Dor Hadash, one of the three congregations attacked in the Tree of Life building. She has deep roots at the congregation, including as a teacher in its religious school, and although she wasnt in shul on Oct. 27, 2018, she said the attack affects her tremendously.

I knew some of the people who died and others who were injured, Serbin said. I was in that building every week, teaching my students the joy of being Jewish. This was personal. This was home. This was an invasion and attack on my community.Serbin wrote in her Healing Ink application that she was surprised to discover that she is still traumatized by the massacre.

I knew how I felt for the first year after it happened, but I thought I had boxed it up and moved forward, she said. I hadnt.

The Pittsburgh project will use local artists as well as a few heavy hitters in the tattoo world, Dershowitz said. All the artists donate their time.

Despite his confidence in the benefits of Healing Ink, Dershowitz, 44, understood the project would have its critics. Prior to launching the initiative, representatives from Artists 4 Israel spoke with several Conservative and Orthodox rabbis and the group has featured conversations with various rabbis about tattoos and Jewish tradition on its Facebook page.

According to Jewish law, tattooing is unacceptable, said Rabbi Danny Schiff, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburghs Community Foundation scholar.

The prohibition against tattoos, Schiff said, can be found in Leviticus 28: You shall not make a laceration for the dead in your flesh. And the imprint of a tattoo you shall not place upon you. I am the Lord.

Placing permanent markings in the flesh is forbidden and the inverse of holiness, Schiff said.

Our bodies, he added, dont belong to us, therefore we have a duty to keep them whole, unblemished and intact.

Rabbi Alex Greenbaum, a Conservative rabbi and the spiritual leader of Beth El Congregation of the South Hills, agreed with Schiff that tattoos are forbidden according to the Torah and still a no-go in the Conservative movement but noted that there is a misconception that someone with a tattoo cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

We bury people that eat cheeseburgers, and we bury people that have tattoos, Greenbaum said.

Despite the positions discussed by Schiff, Greenbaum and other rabbis, Dershowitz came to a different conclusion. He recalled the Talmud precept, Whoever saves a life, it is considered he saved the whole world. In his opinion, that salvation isnt strictly physical.

We knew we were entering provocative territory, but we said, if this is a healing modality that can help, who would have the chutzpah to tell someone that jumped on a terrorist bomber as he entered a public space that he cant get a tattoo if its going to heal him?

Were not out there with a gun protecting people from terrorists, but were saving them, he said. Theyre coming out of their houses some of these people havent left their houses alone, they havent worn shorts, as silly as that might sound, in 10 years. They cant hold their children because of PTSD, theyre afraid theyll drop them if they hear a loud sound. These stories are horrific. I dont want to seem immodest, but Im proud that weve helped turn peoples lives around.

In some ways, Dershowitz sees Healing Ink as a religious calling.

I feel like Im doing the best work Im capable of and the organization is doing as close to Gods work as we can find, he said. When we get up to the Pearly Gates, I dont think anyone is going to doubt what we did and that our intentions were right.

Anyone interested in applying for a tattoo through Healing Ink can do so at PJC

David Rullo can be reached at

More here:
Healing Ink offers free tattoos to those affected by Tree of Life shooting -

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Coventry tattoo artist leaves mother and daughter trapped in car after 60mph smash – Coventry Live08.09.21

A tattoo artist had been drinking before he got behind the wheel and ploughed in to another car at twice the speed limit, leaving a daughter and mother badly injured and trapped in the other car.

Scott Roe had got "bored of waiting" for the car in front of him to speed and swerved around it on to the wrong side of the road and was travelling at 60mph when he hit an Audi coming the other way head-on.

The 19-year-old Audi diver suffered a host of injuries including a fractured knee and ankle, while her mother had to have metal plates inserted into her shattered pelvis and was then unable to move for three-and-a-half months after her release from hospital.

READ MORE: Woman jailed for exposing herself in public

Roe, 39, of Turbine Hall, Electric Wharf, Coventry, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two charges of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol.

He was given a 16-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, ordered to take part in a rehabilitation activity and an offending programme, do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay 535 costs, and was banned from driving for four years.

Prosecutor Sally Cairns said that on July 13 day last year, 19-year-old Chelsea Sidwell was driving her Audi car along Heath Road, in Bedworth, with her mother Kelly Merridew next to her before they were met with Roe driving a Mercedes CLA220 Sport.

Roe overtook the car in front of him and was heading towards the Audi at twice the 30mph speed limit, in wet and rainy conditions.

Miss Sidwell put her brakes on as she saw the oncoming car, but Roe did not pull in and smashed head-on into the Audi, spinning it 180 degrees.

Mrs Cairns said the bonnet of the Audi, which ended up on the grass verge, was crushed, and Miss Sidwell and her mother were trapped inside.

The front of the Mercedes was strewn across the road as petrol and oil spilled out.

Mrs Cairns said: The emergency services attended and found Miss Sidwell and Mrs Merridew trapped and in considerable pain, and Miss Sidwell was stuck for two hours before being released and taken to hospital.

She had a fractured left knee, ankle and toes, as well as ligament damage, and was in hospital for four days, after which she had to rely on a wheelchair and then crutches for seven weeks.

Miss Sidwell said she has only driven once since the crash because she is too nervous and has been having counselling as a result and suffers from nightmares.

As well as this, she has had to give up her job working with children, and her social life has also been affected, pointed at Mrs Cairns.

Her mother had a shattered pelvis, resulting in an operation to have metal plates inserted, a dislocated right knee and an injury to her shoulder which meant she had to stay in hospital for two weeks with no visitors due to the pandemic.

Mrs Merridew was not allowed to move for three-and-a-half months after her release and continued to be on morphine for the pain.

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Roe, who had two previous convictions for excess alcohol, was also taken to hospital where a blood test showed he was over the legal alcohol limit.

He told the police he had been driving behind a car which was doing 20mph, and that he was bored of waiting behind it, so overtook but lost control and could not pull back in.

Andrew Wilkins, defending, said: Its a case in which it is a cascade of things that go wrong.

It all starts to go wrong when he makes the decision to drive after drinking. Once he had done that he then, perhaps as a consequence, makes the decision to overtake a vehicle thats moving too slowly for his liking, and he does so at speed.

He did try to turn back after the overtake, but his vehicle simply did not respond.

Mr Wilkins said Roe, who had visited his mother who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and had been drinking with her, admitted being at fault to the police, and has made the decision not to drive again.

Mr Wilkins added: Mr Roe is horrified at the consequences of his actions.

Sentencing Roe, Recorder Francesca Levett told him: This was a seriously dangerous manoeuvre executed in the briefest of moments, and no doubt your judgement was clouded by the amount of alcohol you had consumed.

Your speed was excessive, estimated to have been twice the speed limit in that area.

What followed was the consequence of your decision to overtake when it was clearly dangerous to do so, and the injuries caused to Miss Sidwell and her mother were extremely serious.

I have to balance whether the offences really are so serious that only prison is justified. I am just persuaded that I can suspend this sentence.

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Coventry tattoo artist leaves mother and daughter trapped in car after 60mph smash - Coventry Live

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