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The Least Painful Spots to Get a Tattoo, According to Doctors and Tattoo Artists – Yahoo Lifestyle10.10.20

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Depending on who you speak to, getting a tattoo is either super painful, or doesn't even register on the pain scale. The reality is, getting inked will likely never be completely pain-free, and that's for a very obvious reason. "There are needles being poked deep enough into the skin to draw blood," Amanda Wendel, MD, dermatologist at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, told POPSUGAR, noting that getting a tattoo will be somewhat uncomfortable in any location. That being said, there are painful spots on the body you can avoid if you're concerned about the experience, like areas where the skin is thin, there are a lot of nerve endings, or there's less fat, according to Dr. Suzanne Friedler, board-certified dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology PC and Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. The hands, rib cage, feet, and face are especially sensitive given this criteria.

On the other hand, while in the tattoo artist's chair, there are points on the body that will cause less discomfort than others. "Optimal locations for less pain include areas like the outer arms and legs, where skin is thicker, more fat is present, and nerves are less plentiful," Dr. Friedler said. Dr. Wendel agreed, saying that "in general, the most painful places to get a tattoo are areas of the skin that are thin or have less subcutaneous tissue for cushioning." She explained that a tattoo on the ankle or overlying the rib cage "would be much more painful than a tattoo on the buttock," for example, because the latter has more fat.

Still, doctors and tattoo artists alike told POPSUGAR the pain experienced during inking can depend greatly on the individual. Matt O'Baugh of Black Cobra Tattoos in Little Rock, Arkansas has seen clients react very differently to being inked in the same spot. Jimmy St John of Skin Kitchen in Des Moines, Iowa also told POPSUGAR that "everyone's pain tolerance is different." But in his experience, the least painful places are going to be the outside of the arms. The truth is, you never know how the pain will affect you until you're in the tattoo artist's chair, even if you've had a tattoo before.

All things considered (like the potential pain you may endure), it's worth putting a lot of thought into where on the body you want to get your tattoo. Because, as Dr. Wendel notes, "laser tattoo removal is very expensive and time intensive, so I recommend if you are on the fence, don't do it!"

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The Least Painful Spots to Get a Tattoo, According to Doctors and Tattoo Artists - Yahoo Lifestyle

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I like to think that its traditional art its just the Black representation of that – Marketplace10.08.20

My Economy tells the story of the new economic normal through the eyes of people trying to make it, because we know the only numbers that really matter are the ones in your economy.

Debbi Snax, a tattoo and mural artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been giving tattoos for nearly eight years. Shes observed that tattooing in Atlanta is cliquish [and] its segregated.

While she says that the pandemic and the protests over the summer have been opening peoples eyes a bit and allowing them to see the lack of representation in tattoo spaces, Snax says theres often an expectation for Black tattoo artists to specialize in Afrocentric art.

But Snax says, Thats just not my style. When describing her own work, she says, I like to think that its traditional art its just the Black representation of that.

During the pandemic, Snax has found her books pretty full. And at one point, she realized she needed a break. Snax recalls one client who told her that she didnt quarantine at all and that she had been at the club, not wearing a mask. After that experience, Snax says, she decided to step away from Atlanta.

Snax spent about a month in New York, where she gave tattoos to people she already knew, and worked on her artistic practice. She also used the time to mentally prepare for a job at a new tattoo shop when she returned to Atlanta. Snax is used to having co-workers of color, and the new job is her first time working at a shop with an all-white staff.

Fortunately, she says, the new job has been going well. She appreciates how the shop has been really on top of it when it comes to COVID-19-related safety, and doing things like taking peoples temperatures.

Still, shes thankful she took the time to prepare for it, because it helped her feel ready to move forward. The new job, she says, isnt just a new environment as far as the color of people, or what their race is, but its a push for my art.

Whats the latest on more pandemic relief aid from the federal government?

President Donald Trump first tweeted that hes cutting off negotiations on big pandemic relief funding until after the election. Then, later the same day, he called for piecemeal stimulus, including $1,200 pandemic checks for families to be signed by the president and arrive before election day. So, some whiplash here. Karen Petrou, managing partner of the Washington-based economic consulting firm Federal Financial Analytics, said, the president is always negotiating. I mean, hes just trying to make a deal. Thats the only way I can explain this.

Are people still waiting for unemployment payments?

Yes. There is no way to know exactly how many people have been waiting for months and are still not getting unemployment, because states do not have a good system in place for tracking that kind of data, according to Andrew Stettner of The Century Foundation. But by his own calculations, only about 60% of people who have applied for benefits are currently receiving them. That means there are millions still waiting. Read more here on what they are doing about it.

Whats going to happen to retailers, especially with the holiday shopping season approaching?

A report out Tuesday from the accounting consultancyBDO USA said 29 big retailers filed for bankruptcy protection through August. And if bankruptcies continue at that pace, the number could rival the bankruptcies of 2010, after the Great Recession. For retailers, the last three months of this year will be even more critical than usual for their survival as they look for some hope around the holidays.

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I like to think that its traditional art its just the Black representation of that - Marketplace

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tattoos aiding in recovery – NBC Right Now10.08.20

PASCO, WA - Getting a breast cancer diagnosis can be scary. Having a mastectomy can be scary. A local woman can help with recovery, though, by bringing back a sense of normalcy.

"When I'm doing it I'll map and measure and draw out the shape so that they can see it," said Lizz Tapia who leases space at Wright Surgical Arts in Pasco. "I let them be involved in that. As far as the color, I let them also be involved in that. We try to match it to the other areola if they have it."

Tapia does 3D areola restoration tattooing.

"So it's used for men or women that have undergone some sort of surgery," said Tapia. "Mostly used for women after breast cancer full reconstruction."

The procedure is often the last step after a major breast-related surgery; anything from reductions to reconstructions to mastectomies.

"Idon't let them see it until the end. Then I usually let them see it," said Tapia. "It's a huge surprise because it does give the 3D replication of the other. They cry. They're happy. They are in shock. A lot of them don't say anything. It just depends on the person."

Tapia said she feels blessed to be able to help people like this. She also stays quite busy. Lately she has worked with a couple of clients a week.

A lot more than you would even think. I always stand behind: everybody has a story and oftentimes they're in a different chapter so when you're looking at them always be kind because you never know," said Tapia.

According to one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tattoos aiding in recovery - NBC Right Now

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20 Capricorn Tattoo Ideas and Designs in 2020 – Best Astrology Tattoos – Cosmopolitan10.08.20

You know that saying that goes, "If you need something done, call a Capricorn"? JK, no one says this except for mebut that doesn't mean that it's not 100 percent true. As someone who basically collects Capricorns as BFFsour intense energies vibe wellI can say with total confidence that you guys are workhorses. And while getting shit done is great and all, sometimes you guys send up working harder than you play. There's nothing wrong with putting your five-year plan aside for a sec and doing something getting a tattoo.

I know you're a little wary when it comes to tattoos, but I promise these aren't trendy design ideas that you'll regret in a few months. I rounded up 20 Capricorn tattoo ideas that are classic, tasteful, and thoughtful. These picks are so good, I won't be surprised if you end up wanting all of them.

1This Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

This small, fine-line symbol design is a great Capricorn tattoo option for anyone who wants their ink to look dainty.

2This Capricorn Ankle Tattoo

The variety in line thickness, plus the light shading, instantly levels up an otherwise basic Capricorn tattoo. Plus, the placement of this ink means that you can hide it when you need to and show it off when you're in the mood.

3This Anatomical Heart Capricorn Tattoo

Want a heart design for your Capricorn tattoo that you haven't seen all over your IG feed? Opt for this anatomical renderingit shows off your analytical and calculated side.

4This Geometric Capricorn Tattoo

The sharp and structured lines in this mountain goat design turn this Capricorn tattoo into a legit work of art.

5This Dotted Constellation Capricorn Tattoo

The delicate string of dots in this Capricorn tattoo make the constellation design feel airy and whimsical.

6This Watercolor Capricorn Tattoo

The soft watercolor hues combined with the minimalist dots in this Capricorn tattoo add a customized vibe to an otherwise meh look.

7This Floral Capricorn Tattoo

Um, who said floral designs were played out? The attention to detail in this Capricorn tattoo reflects the level of diligence you apply to everything in your own life. It's a match made in tattoo heaven.

8This Simple Crown Capricorn Tattoo

Art lovers will be smitten with this Basquiat-inspired Capricorn tattoo, especially since your zodiac sign considers itself royalty.

9This Wing Capricorn Tattoo

TBH, your wing tattoo can mean whatever you want it to, but the common interpretations of freedom and perseverance definitely complement your personality, Capricorn.

10This Detailed Crown Capricorn Tattoo

Small designs can make just as big a statement as bold ones, and this detailed crown tattoo is proof. The heavy shading in this Capricorn tattoo adds an unreal amount of detail.

11This Art-Inspired Capricorn Tattoo

You're a super hard worker who loves to take on any and all responsibility. And even though you won't let anyone forget it, this artistic Capricorn tattoo design will be a constant reminder to all your friends and family.

12This Self-Love Capricorn Tattoo

A quote tattoo about self-love is way too cheesy for you, Capricorn. Go for this unique design, instead, to get the message across.

13This World Map Capricorn Tattoo

As an Earth sign who also loves a vacation, this map design should def be at the top of your list for Capricorn tattoos. The crisp line work is also *chef's kiss*.

14This Ram-Inspired Capricorn Tattoo

Okay, so technically you Capricorns are represented by the goat, but rams are in the same family (I think) so this design idea still works. Anyways, this hyper-realistic Capricorn tattoo somehow manages to be graceful and strong at the same time.

15This Galaxy Capricorn Tattoo

It's no mistake that Saturn is at the center of this galaxy tattooit's your ruling planet, making this design an obvious choice for any Capricorn.

16This Capricorn Finger Tattoo

The shading and subtle white-ink detailing make this Saturn finger tattoo pop. Who needs a ring when you've got this Capricorn tattoo?

17This Book Capricorn Tattoo

This cheeky little design showcases your love of books. The empty space and neat lines make this Capricorn tattoo feel tender and airy.

18This Bee Capricorn Tattoo

Highlight your worker bee tendencies with this Capricorn tattoo ideathe ultra-fine and playful design is lowkey in both form and meaning.

19This Saturn Capricorn Tattoo

How freakin' cool is this Capricorn tattoo? The vivid detailing gives the planet design a 3D-like quality.

20This Abstract Earth Capricorn Tattoo

The lines in this Capricorn tattoo give it a simple and polished look. There's also more to the design than meets the eyesort of like you, right?

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20 Capricorn Tattoo Ideas and Designs in 2020 - Best Astrology Tattoos - Cosmopolitan

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Cancer survivor views tattoos as another recovery technique – Leader Publications10.08.20

Although breast cancer survivor Sarah Penberthy still faces several challenges, walking past a mirror is no longer one of them, thanks to tattoo artist Eric Catalano.

Penberthy, 40, of Festus underwent a double mastectomy in late 2014 and breast reconstruction a few months later. Throughout her healing period, she was troubled about her appearance.

I felt like an alien, she said. Its hard to explain, but I didnt want to look at myself. I didnt even feel like my real self.

After a tattoo session with Catalano, however, she felt better able to face chemotherapy and other difficulties. She got a decorative tattoo featuring a ships anchor and the words I refuse to sink on her chest, as well as areola and nipples tattooed on her breasts.

Eric is amazing an amazing artist, an amazing human, she said. He is very passionate about his work.

Catalano has developed an international reputation as an artist in the field of paramedical tattoos, the term given to tattoos that cover scars or mimic missing body parts.

He does the work free of charge, completing several each week for people who come from as far away as Ireland to visit his Eternal Ink shop in Hecker, Ill., about 30 miles east of St. Louis.

He said I didnt choose to have (cancer), and he feels guilty charging when God gave him the talent to do this, Penberthy said.

Penberthy, who grew up in the Arnold area and graduated from Seckman High School, already had several tattoos when she and a friend met Catalano at his shop in 2014.

He was doing a $13 tattoo as a Friday the 13th promotion, so we each got a little infinity symbol with the number 13, Penberthy said. It was something kind of fun and silly.

Penberthy, a longtime dance teacher and assistant director of the Dynamic Edge Dance Center in Fenton, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014, and she underwent a double mastectomy in January 2015.

Penberthy decided she wanted a good-luck tattoo, so she went back to see Catalano.

I love elephants; the legend is that if the trunk is up it means good luck, she said. I told my husband I wanted to get a tattoo on my finger.

After checking with her doctors, who gave a cautious green light, she went to Eternal Ink and explained what she wanted.

Eric was really sympathetic, Penberthy said. He said if I ever need anything to call him.

She had eight rounds of chemotherapy and 28 radiation treatments over the next six months, and underwent breast reconstruction surgery in September 2015.

When Penberthy was diagnosed with breast cancer, she learned she carried the BRCA2 genetic mutation, known to significantly increase the risk of developing not only breast but also ovarian cancer.

She opted to be proactive about her cancer risk by having a complete hysterectomy just three months later.

If I wouldnt have (already) had kids, it would have definitely been a tough decision. But it was really a no-brainer for me.

Penberthy and her husband of 17 years, Tony, and their daughters Alex, 15, and Makenna, 12, gradually returned to their normal lives.

Troubling self-image

As time went by, Penberthy healed physically but felt like she needed something more.

I told my hubby I wanted to get something beautiful so that when Id look at myself, Id see that instead of scars.

She explored surgical options but didnt like the risks involved.

I talked to someone who had nipple reconstruction, and she said she wouldnt recommend it, Penberthy said. She said it was complicated, and I didnt want to go through more surgery that might not even work.

I knew you could do 3D nipple tattooing instead of surgery, so we asked Eric, and he said he would be happy to do it.

Once she was healed well enough, Penberthy headed back to Catalanos shop in the spring of 2016 and got the tattoos on her chest.

The difference in her self-image was immediate and profound.

We have a picture Eric took of me when I got to look at it for the first time, and it was so awesome, she said. I felt normal again. I look like myself again.

Back in the fight

In May, Penberthy began to have stomach issues.

I felt a lot of pressure; I couldnt eat more than a few bites at a time, she said. I started running a fever.

She was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and underwent a battery of tests that turned up suspicious nodes, cancerous lesions on the spine and a mass in her abdomen.

The breast cancer had metastasized, she said. I was admitted to the hospital and they found the mass was blocking my small intestine. I had a section of it removed and was in the hospital for another 12 days.

Recovery was going well until a second mass was found blocking her bile ducts.

I have a drain on the outside of my body, she said. Now we are just waiting for chemo and radiation to shrink the mass enough so they can put a stent in so it drains internally, like it should.

Penberthy finally caught a break, though.

I just found out last week my numbers are going down; my tumor marker is going down, she said on Sept. 9. So, after three different treatments. I am finally responding.

While Penberthy still does some work for the dance studio from home, she has not been able to teach, and her children have had to opt for virtual-only school to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Its been a big adjustment for them, she said. They completely understand, but I know its hard. I feel so sorry for them.

Penberthy said she tries to stay upbeat and be a role model for her children and dance students.

I get a little tired, but Im trying to stay in a good place mentally, she said. Having so many girls look up to me has pushed me to stay positive and to fight and continue to be strong. I work with so many young kids predominantly females and I wanted them to see me handle everything thrown at me in a positive way.

Even though her paramedical tattoos are not visible to most people, Penberthy emphasizes they are not a frivolous gesture.

It might not be for anybody else, but for me it was absolutely necessary, she said. Until you have something taken away that makes you feel not whole, you cant understand.

Cancer took so much away from me. This was something that gave back what I was lacking: the confidence, the feeling that I had at least some control over the situation.

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Cancer survivor views tattoos as another recovery technique - Leader Publications

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Kat Von D says liking punk music and tattoos got her sent to an institution – Alternative Press10.08.20

This week, Kat Von D revealed that she went to the same school as Paris Hilton where they both experienced abuse and trauma.

In a lengthy video, the tattoo artist says that the traumatic six months she spent at the Provo Canyon School in Utah eventually led to PTSD and addiction.

Hilton recently released her tell-all documentary This Is Paris. In the film, Hilton details the physical and mental abuse she experienced as a teenager at the Utah school. Now, Kat Von D is also speaking out about her experiences at the very same institution.

In a nearly 24-minute video on Instagram, Von D says she spent six months at the Provo Canyon School when she was 15 and 16.

I spent those six traumatic months of my teenage years, only to leave with major PTSD and other traumas due to the unregulated, unethical, and abusive protocols of this school,' she says. And cannot believe this place is STILL OPERATING.

She starts the video off by saying that Provo Canyon isnt actually a school, but more of a fucking lockdown facility. Von D shares that she grew up in a conservative household and her interests and appearance soon began to concern her parents.

I was brought up in a pretty conservative household, she says. And I think my parents were very worried about me once I started listening to punk rock music and started to look a little bit different than the other kids at school or at church. It just raised a lot of red flags for them. I think that they were just terrified that I was going down the wrong path.

Around that time, she had dropped out of high school to start tattooing full-time. Her life decisions and interests eventually led to a family therapist recommending that she be sent to Provo Canyon.

You know, I started tattooing and dropped out of high school and I think they just didnt know what to do with me, Von D continues. Someone, I am pretty certain it was a family therapist that recommended they take me to this place and commit me to Provo Canyon and obviously this was without my knowledge.

She goes on to say that three people entered her room one night and ordered her to get dressed. After being threatened to be handcuffed, she was eventually blindfolded, put on a plane and taken to the school without warning.

When she arrived, she gave blood, stool and urine samples. Soon after, she was told by a counselor that she had contracted HIV from her tattoo work, which her 15-year-old self believed at the time. Von D later says that she felt the diagnosis was a scare tactic to get her to stop tattooing.

Although Von D suffered intense trauma and mental abuse, she says she was spared of the sexual abuse and the physical abuse that others endured. As well, she says she definitely saw others being force-fed medication and dealing with other types of the abuse.

Following her six months at Provo Canyon, she experienced severe PTSD and her time there was the root of her future alcoholism and drug use. Despite all of this, Von D says she is now 13 years sober.

Von D urges everyone to watch Paris Hiltons new documentary and also followBreaking Code Silence on Instagram. Breaking Code Silence is a movement dedicated to ending institutional child abuse.

Kat Von Ds full video is available to watch below.

Hilton has since reshared Kat Von Ds video and thanked her for her courage to tell her own story.

Have you watched This Is Paris yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kat Von D says liking punk music and tattoos got her sent to an institution - Alternative Press

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New Nipples, New Outlook Local artists provide 3D nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors, helping restore a sense of wholeness and normalcy. -…10.08.20

There were three tumors, all on the right breast. Once doctors confirmed they were cancerous, Kristyn Bova actually felt a little better: Not knowing was worse than having a diagnosis and a path forward. She didnt want to risk leaving any cancer behind, so she opted for a full, double mastectomy.

The girls did their job, says Bova, who was 51 at the time, in early 2012. I nursed three beautiful babies. Theyre no longer needed now. They tried to kill me, and its time to go.

Bova said focusing on the good things she did have (a supportive family), and on the bad things she didnt (uncertainty about her diagnosis) helped her immensely during this period. The day before her mastectomy, she spoke on the phone with a close friend whod recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. She died while Bova was recovering from surgery, so two-and-a-half weeks post-op, Bova and her father drove from Sierra Vista to San Antonio, Texas, for the funeral.

I was so lucky, she says. I had these extra appendages that I could cut off and move on with life, but she couldnt get rid of her brain. That was so eye opening. If Id ever thought, Poor me, poor me, [I realized then], its not Poor me.

Her reconstructive surgery was just a week after she got back from the service. She opted for a procedure called Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator, which involves taking fat from the abdomen and using it to reconstruct the breasts. (Bova had heard about the procedure years ago, on Oprah, and remembers thinking, If I ever get breast cancer, thats what Id want to do.)

The recovery was long and exhausting, but she was excited to have a new pair of breasts that looked and felt almost normalnot to mention that she had a chance to donate some of her abdominal fat to the cause. But there was still something not quite the same: She didnt have any nipples. Her surgeon asked her about her plans to do something about it during her follow-up appointments. For example, she could have her nipples reconstructed to make her breasts look more like normal breasts, and even have a tattoo artist add pigmentation and areolas.

Every time I went in, he would say, What are we doing about nipples? Bova says. I said, Nothing! I dont need them anymore. Nobody needs to know that Im cold.

Like many people, Bova didnt spend a lot of time consciously thinking about her nipples before this. Like she said, theyd served their purpose, as far as she was concerned. But theres a wide body of research about how the reconstruction of nipples after mastectomies can lead to increased psychosocial wellbeing.

A 2016 study in the International Journal of Surgical Reconstruction, for example, found that the reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex (NAC) improves patients psychosocial and sexual wellbeing. Women reported feeling more confident, emotionally healthy, attractive and of equal worth to other women. Other studies have even found that, after NAC reconstruction, many women even report higher satisfaction with the size, softness and sexual sensitivity of their reconstructed breasts as a wholeeven though the addition of a nipple doesnt physically change any of these things.

Bova wasnt particularly interested in nipple reconstruction. Another surgery sounded like a hassle, and shed heard that maintaining new nipples might even require further surgeries. Her surgeon gave her a pamphlet for a local permanent cosmetics artist named Elaine Pichet, who does work ranging from permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing to paramedical work, such as camouflaging scars, repigmenting the scalp after hair loss, and nipple tattooing. While Pichet does tattoo pigment onto reconstructed nipples, she also creates hyperrealistic 3D nipple tattoos onto reconstructed breast mounds.

Bova looked at the pamphlet, and with continued encouragement from her doctor, reluctantly made an appointment with Pichet, who runs Artistic Touch, Inc. with her daughter. She sat down and looked through photos of work Pichet had done for other clients. She didnt need them, and she wasnt sure she wanted them, and her insurance didnt cover the procedure but they looked good. After what she describes as a bizarre tornado in the head, Bova eventually decided to go back to get new nipples tattooed. When she stood up to see Pichets handiwork on her body, Bova gasped. Before, she jokes, she could have walked down Oracle Road topless and no one would have made a big deal out of it, because the mounds on her chest didnt look like breasts without nipples. Now, they did.

What I found after they did the tattooing was that she gave me my privacy and my femininity back, Bova says. It was very odd. It was not something I ever expected, but they became private again. They werent just flaps of skin; they were breasts, and they looked like breasts. And even though they didnt have a 3D nipple attached to them, they were totally different than what I went in with.

Its not an uncommon reaction. Pichet, who has been tattooing for 23 years and doing realistic nipple tattoos for almost as long, has tattooed hundreds of nipples onto clients. She likes to share a story she heard at a breast cancer event one year. A woman who had gone through breast cancer and finished her mastectomies and reconstructions kept returning to her doctor, insisting that something was wrong. Her lab results were all healthy, but she was worried and depressed, so eventually she met with her plastic surgeon again. Thats when they realized what the problem was: She hadnt gotten her areolas and nipples repigmented. That was what had been bothering her so much, without her even realizing it.

Its very, very emotional, Pichet said. Thats what Ive noticed with all the clients. Its kind of the last thing they do to bring back a little bit of the normalcy. Its never going to be the way it was, of course. But at least by doing this, it looks a little bit normal.

Pichet didnt start tattooing until she was 35, but she felt right away like she was meant to be doing it. When COVID-19 hit and they had to close up shop temporarily, she says she sat and stared at a wall for two days, totally unsure what to do. Shes much happier now that shes back working in the office with her daughter, helping women feel beautiful. In fact, Bova has gone back to her a few times, for lip pigmentation, permanent eyeliner and a touchup of her nipples. Elaines office was one of the very first places Bova visited once she began venturing back out into the world after the lockdown.

Lucky for Tucsonans, Pichet isnt the only tattoo artist in town who provides this service: Kari Cadenhead of Marigold Tattoo does nipple tattoos for cancer survivors, trans individuals post-top surgery and anyone else in need of a nipple tattoo. Shes certified in the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing, a style of 3D nipple tattooing which uses a specialized permanent ink. Cadenhead has been tattooing for 15 years (she also does traditional tattoos, stick-and-pokes, and scar coverups) and began A.R.T. tattooing in 2017.

Having a foundation in traditional tattooing meant shed had lots of experience covering up scars and, of course, being careful with making permanent marks on peoples bodies. But she learned quickly that A.R.T. was a technique all its own, due to factors ranging from tattooing on irradiated skin to the sheer emotions of the process.

I dont want to say my average tattooing is not important or heavy, but, at the same time, the nipples tend to be an extremely emotional, personal process, Cadenhead says. When you go through that, youre not taught that its an amputation. Doctors dont consider it that, insurance doesnt consider it that. But, like, what if you cut your dang nose off? You would need a new nose, or you would want to look like you have a nose.

Cadenhead says some of her favorite pieces to do are corrections, for people who got nipple tattoos or scar covers from another tattoo artist who did a terrible job. The long road it took for her clients to get to her for a job well done makes the work extra rewarding.

She used to have her own studio in town, but it closed down due to the pandemic. While she does traditional tattooing at Church Ink Tattoo Parlor, she also works out of the Village Salon, in midtown, for clients who may not feel comfortable in a tattoo shop setting. She also offers her services on a sliding scale, depending on what clients can afford.

Cancer patients often survive not only cancer, but chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries that leave them feeling sick and exhausted. At the end of such a long, hard roadeven if the road only involves one of those thingsnipples might not seem like such a big deal. Indeed, nipples are not physically very big, so what business do they have taking up so much space in our psyches? Think about how a single cancer cell can metastasize across organs and limbs and lives, and youll see how a cancer patient understands, perhaps better than anyone, how much room small things can take up in your head and your heart and your body.

2020 hasnt been kind to Bova, just like it hasnt been kind to anybody else. She lost her husband in February, and her mother later in the year. Shes now living with her daughter in San Antonio. But shes finding the bright side, as usual, enjoying the extra time with her daughter and practicing gratitude. She wonders if her cancer would have been found so early if this all happened in the 1950s. She wonders if shed still be here.

Im so grateful for all the advancements in medicine that mean Im still here, and Im only 60I just turned 60 in February, and Ive got a lot of stuff to do, she says. I still feel like Im in high school. I still have art I want to do and pieces I want to make and flowers I want to plant, and I want to be with my daughters as long as I can. Im just profoundly grateful that I live now.

For more information about Elaine Pichet and Artistic Touch, Inc., visit or @artistictouchaz on Instagram.

For more information on Kari Cadenhead and Marigold Art AZ, visit or @marigoldartaz on Instagram.

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New Nipples, New Outlook Local artists provide 3D nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors, helping restore a sense of wholeness and normalcy. -...

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Bella Poarch has offensive tattoo covered up following backlash – PopBuzz10.08.20

7 October 2020, 11:38

The Japanese rising sun is deemed offensive by South Koreans.

Bella Poarch has finally had her offensive tattoo of the Japanese rising sun flag covered up following backlash.

On Tuesday (Oct 6), the TikTok star shared a video of herself from the tattoo chair and getting her tattoo covered up on Instagram Stories. The tattooist later shared photos of Bella's new design on Instagram. Bella now has a two-headed snake partially covering the rays of the rising sun, which is still slightly visible.

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Last month, Bella apologised for getting the controversial tattoo, which is regarded as offensive to South Koreans because of its association with oppression and Japanese imperialism. Some compare it to the swastika symbol used by the Nazis.

Bella, who only got the tattoo earlier this year, insisted that she didn't know the history before getting inked.

On Twitter, she said: "I apologize to Koreans because 6 months ago I got a tattoo of the red sun with 16 rays. At that time, I didnt know the history. But when I found out, I immediately had it covered and scheduled for removal. I am ashamed of myself for not doing my research. I sincerely apologize."

She continued: "I live in Hawaii and I see a lot of people using the red rising sun symbol in clothing, cars and jewelry. Please educate yourselves and learn more about it because it came from a terrible history. It is very offensive to a lot of people. Please learn from my mistake."

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Bella Poarch has offensive tattoo covered up following backlash - PopBuzz

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Sophie Turner Reveals Three New Tattoos on Joe Jonas – INKED10.08.20

In the midst of being a brand new parent, Joe Jonas collected some new ink. On Monday, October 5th, Jonas's wife Sophie Turner posted a photo of her husband and fans were quick to notice some new tattoos. The tattoos in question are three small faces on his forearm, which many have suspected symbolize see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

While the time frame of this new tattoo is still up in the air, the pieces look fresh and based on Jonas's past work, we can narrow down that these tattoos were likely inked by either Eva Krbdk or Dragon. Eva inked Jonas back in 2018, creating "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali on his bicep. Dragon has done several pieces on Jonas (as well as Turner) in recent years, including a portrait of his late dog Waldo in 2019.

Both Eva and Dragon are known for creating stunningly realistic micro tattoos, plus they're both incredibly familiar with the artist referenced in Jonas's piece. These tattoos are inspired by Italian artist Piero Fornasetti, who was one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century. Although he's known for jumping around to several different styles, he's often remembered for his artistic obsession with Lina Cavalieri. Cavalieri was an Italian opera singer who was born in 1874 and passed away in 1944. In 1952, Fornasetti came across her picture in a magazine and proclaimed her to be the most beautiful woman in the world, replicating her face for years to come. His Cavalieri collection became known as tema e variazioni and have been applied to numerous canvasesfrom plates to furniture to tattoos.

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Sophie Turner Reveals Three New Tattoos on Joe Jonas - INKED

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10 Gilmore Girl Tattoo Ideas That Would Earn Lorelai and Rory’s Stamp of Approval – POPSUGAR10.08.20

It's been 20 years since the first episode of Gilmore Girls aired and we were first introduced to the unforgettable duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Now, even a decade after the seven-season show wrapped, we're still just as enchanted with the witty mother-daughter pair as we were in the early aughts.

If you're someone who rewatches Gilmore Girls often (like me) then you know that the series is packed with memorable not to mention quotable moments. Phrases like "Oy with the poodles already," "Coffee, coffee, coffee," and "You jump, I jump, Jack" not only make for good T-shirt and coffee mug slogans but also great fandom tattoos.

From the iconic Stars Hollow gazebo that needs no further explanation, to more abstract yet still quintessential symbols like a beautiful dragonfly for the Dragon Fly Inn or a delicate snowflake (because we all know it's one of Lorelai's favorite things), these Gilmore Girls tattoo ideas will showcase just how much you love the show.

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10 Gilmore Girl Tattoo Ideas That Would Earn Lorelai and Rory's Stamp of Approval - POPSUGAR

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