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Lisa Kimball and Lauren Kimball Reese are one of the new mother/daughter duos featured on the current season of TLCs sMothered reality series. However, Laurens wife Laura Leigh Reese looks to be the real breakout star from this Louisiana family!

Given Laura Leighs popularity after the Season 3 premiere, I thought I would do a little research on her relationship with Lauren. The result is a pretty accurate timeline and TONS of amazing photos from what looks to have been one helluva fun wedding! I even found a wedding video montage! I will start with some background info.

Lauren and her family are from Metaire, Louisiana, which is basically New Orleans. Laura Leigh is from Clinton, Mississippi. The two first started dating on January 21, 2016, and it appears as though the courtship went down mostly in and around New Orleans. It was a bit of a whirlwind romance, as Laura Leigh would propose in Gulfport Beach, Mississippi in September of 2016.

The couple had an engagement party on their one-year anniversary, but they didnt actually tie the know until more than a year later.Lauren Kimball and Laura Leigh Reese got married on February 24, 2018 in Kenner, Louisiana.

Laura Leigh wore pants, a vest, and a bow tie while Lauren played the part of bride in a full-length white gown. Laurens dad Kenny walked her down the aisle.

Here are a couple photos to start with, including Kenny walking Lauren down the aisle and Laura Leigh letting loose and showing off her Orange Crush forearm tattoo!

And here is a fantastic video from the couples wedding day:

Im going to wrap up this post with TONS of embedded images and galleries from the wedding, but before I do that I thought I would share a wonderful message posted by Lauren on Instagram on her and Laura Leighs one-year wedding anniversary:

Happy Anniversary Laura Leigh. This first year of marriage has taught me so much. Together weve accomplished so many goals like purchasing our first home, welcoming a new addition to our fur babies, and other big things that are in motion. Lets be real though, I dont always like you, but Ill always love you. You push my buttons and you know what annoys me but you make me laugh and knows what makes me smile 1000x more. Today my gift to you was simple. I wrote the same vows I made 365 days ago on a piece a paper. As I wrote them I remembered waking up in the middle of the night when the words came to me. And your face as you heard them. I was able to reflect on the words I wrote/said and the promises I made. I think its something Ill continue to do each and every year on our Anniversary. Tonight I look forward to recreating our first date of bowling, eating some very old cake, and watching our wedding video together in our home. One year down, a lifetime to go.

Lauren and Laura Leigh may very well be my favorite reality show couple of 2021! Thats a difficult title to hold onto though, especially with a brand new season of Love After Lockup around the corner.

Anyways, here are all those Lauren and Laura Leigh wedding photos Ive been teasing. be sure to follow along with their story (oh, and Laurens mom Lisa) with new episode s of sMothered airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC. Or you can stream the episodes on discovery+.

UPDATE I managed to track down the wedding photographers Facebook page and theres a gallery of 170 professionally shot wedding photos! Mad props to Belle Amour Photography! Heres an embed of the gallery:

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TLC sMothered Lauren and Laura Leigh wedding photos and video - Starcasm

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