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Posted in New York Tattoo on Dec 21, 2020

While talented tattoo artists hail from every corner and crevice of the globe, some of the best of the best work in New York City. New York is one of the major art capitals of the world and artists of every style create masterpieces within the city that never sleeps. Whether you're a fan of black-and-grey realism, micro tattoos or American Traditionalyou will find a high quality artist within these five boroughs. Take a look at our top 25 picks below and let us know if we missed one of your favorite tattooers from our list in the comments section on Facebook.

Realism tattooer, Yomico Moreno, frequently works at Paul Booth's Last Rites tattoo.

Originally from Turkey, Eva KRBDK creates some of the most incredible micro portraits in NYC.

Want a beautiful tiny tattoo? Hit up Trudy at Bang Bang.

Oscar Akermo may be born and raised in Sweden, however, he now calls New York home.

Ink Master winner Ryan Ashley creates stunning art at Inkology in Midtown.

Looking for an artist in NYC who specializes in color realism? Look no further than Ruben Barahona.

One of the most famous tattooers in the world, Megan Massacre, owns and operates Grit N Glory in Soho.

NYC's Joice Wang specializes in stunning flower tattoos.

Alisha Gory creates stunning goth ink at Grit N Glory.

Ink Master's Nikki Simpson is creating neotraditional masterpieces in NYC.

Poland's Marek Pawlik owns and works out of Inkology.

Black-and-grey realism tattooer TeeJ Poole now works primarily in NYC.

Seeking out a badass neotraditional artist? What about Krish Trece?

Mark Wade creates painterly pieces in Manhattan.

Sarah Herzdame splits her time tattooing between Berlin and Brooklyn.

Neotraditional and color illustrative artist Matt Truiano creates art at No Idols.

Pete Davidson enlists the artistry of Jon Mesa in NYC.

Keith "Dez" Hernandez has inked up more athletes than any other tattooer in New York.

Mr. K is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of micro tattooing.

Michelle Santana is creating a powerful reputation in the New York tattoo community.

American Traditional artist Bert Krak is one of NYC's finest.

Takashi Matsuba of Behind the Circle creates beautiful tebori tattoos in Brooklyn.

Becca Genn-Bacon crafts gorgeous art at Kings Avenue Tattoo.

Originally from New Zealand, Rose Hardy now works primarily at Kings Avenue Tattoo.

Lastly, Rods Jimenez is a black-and-grey badass working at Sacred Tattoo in Chinatown.

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25 Best Tattoo Artists In New York - Tattoo Ideas, Artists ...

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