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Posted in New York Tattoo on May 19, 2021

Krystal is a cast member who makes up one part of VH1s Black Ink Crew: New York, which shows the reality of working in a tattoo shop.

The Black Ink brand is known for its regular visits from high-profile clients, such as hip hop stars and pro athletes and Krystal is on hand to ink them.

She is one of several staff members who work at the Harlem-based tattoo empire, underneath the owner Ceaser, who employs his close friends.

So, who is Krystal Kills? Whats her background and hows her love life? Find out all you need to know about the Black Ink star below.

Krystal Kills became a new tattoo artist two years ago, after being hired to work in the shop by co-star Tati.

The reality TV star is said to be Puerto Rican, and often catches the eyes of her male co-stars, especially Ted, who is usually drawn to Spanish girls.

Born in Washington DC on February 28, 1992, the tattoo artist is currently pursuing a rapping career, and hopes to be signed to a music label.

She has been described by her co-stars as talented. Those who want a tattoo done by her will be charged a $300 hourly rate.

Rok and Krystalwere secretly dating for six months, as they found a special bond with each other during quarantine.

The exclusive couple recently went public about their relationship. Since then, the majority of fans have been supportive of them.

It comes after Krystal revealed her ex-boyfriend died after getting Covid.

She was told to leave the shop by co-owner Paul Puma Robinson in October 2019, but Mike told Puma that he made the wrong decision.

However, Krystal told Mike that she would not return to the tattoo shop unless she received an apology from Puma.

Claiming that she never started the fight and was defending herself, she later re-joined the store this season. So, it looks like they made amends.



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Who is Krystal? Black Ink Crew New York stars boyfriend and 2021 return! - Reality Titbit - Celebrity TV News

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