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Butter Gritty exists because of lobbying by PA’s tattooed lieutenant governor – Billy Penn01.03.20

Shaping 1,000 pounds of butter into a sculpture is interesting enough. Molding half a ton of butter into a replica of Gritty? Nothing short of brilliant.

When the PA Farm Show unveiled its annual churned cream masterpiece on Thursday, the intricate diorama got even more attention than usual. Starting with Ben Franklin in 1991, past editions have featured lifesize WWII soldiers, football players and chocolate cows.

But for 2020, sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton upped the game considerably.

This time around, the duo from Montgomery County fashioned their dairy-clay into the familiar form of the Flyers hairy orange mascot and its partly thanks to Pennsylvanias reigning maestro of amusement, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

To be clear, [Agriculture] Secretary Redding could have not done it, Fetterman told Billy Penn, noting the show is run by the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture, so Im grateful. But in terms of lobbying for it being a Butter Gritty, yeah. That was my office.

Like many ridiculous concepts, Butter Grittys origin story can be traced to social media.

Fetterman regularly engages in Twitter banter with members of the media, among them Philadelphia reporter Brian Hickey. He and I would talk stuff online, Fetterman explained. It became a running joke.

Sure enough, theres a relevant tweet from Fetterman to Hickey on Jan. 12 of last year, just after the 2019 Farm Show ended.

Oh hey look whos running their mouth like they dont want ButterGritty 20 farm show, the LG teased.

To be fair, Fetterman may not have been the first to post about it.

Hickey had written about a couple who created Cheese Gritty for their holiday party. Playing off that idea, Twitter user @balancedDonna posted about a potential Butter Gritty back in November of 2018.

Fetterman and Hickeys banter continued throughout the spring and the idea began to crystalize in the lieutenant governors mind.

I thought, wouldnt it be amazing to have a butter statue of Gritty as a way of encouraging people in Philadelphia to come to the Farm Show, Fetterman explained over the phone on Thursday.

The Farm Show, in Fettermans words, is like the Dept. of Agricultures Super Bowl and prom and homecoming all rolled up into one.

Hosted each January in Harrisburg, the expo is a chance for some of the 580,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the industry to showcase their work, which contributes upwards of $135 billion to the states economy annually. Livestock farmers trot out their best cows, poultry breeders operate a duckling slide, and theres the very popular food hall with plenty of local produce and dairy.

The American Dairy Association North East is the sponsor of the butter sculpture, so representatives from that organization had the final hand in coordinating the Gritty likeness, according to association spokesperson Christina Crews.

For the final form of the butter donated by Land OLakes, Phillys favorite orange hellion was paired with two other mascots: Swoop, of the Eagles, and Steely McBeam, of the Steelers.

What are they doing together? Tailgating, of course.

Theyre united around a celebration of things we love: good food, pro sports and life in Pennsylvania, said Agriculture Dept. spokesperson Shannon Powers.

Whether or not a Philadelphia sports fan would actually be caught partying next to a Pittsburgh sports fan, the camaraderie depicted is enough to melt a stone-cold heart. (The sculpture is kept in a refrigerated box, btw, until the show ends and it gets melted down as biofuel.)

As of this writing, Gritty himself hasnt yet tweeted about his fat-soluble likeness and Fettermans not sure he ever will.

Grittys so cool that he may not even acknowledge it, the lieutenant governor said. He might be so subversive [that] he may not recognize what a tribute being rendered in pure Pennsylvania butter is.

Either way, hes glad the idea is attracting the attention of Philadelphians.

Come for the Gritty, Fetterman said, stay to learn where your food comes from.

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Amanda Bynes Tattoos a Heart on Her Face | Photo – STYLECASTER01.03.20

New ink. New Year. Amanda Bynes tattooed a heart on her face, and the photo is low-key cute. The former Nickelodeon star, 33, took to her Instagram on Tuesday, Dec. 31, to post a selfie of her with a septum piercing a new heart tattoo in the middle of her cheek. The picture also shows the Easy A star with pink hair and on the couch as some family and friends sat at a table behind her. She captioned the selfie with an Alien emoji.

Its unclear if the Amanda Show alums tattoo is permanent or temporary, but regardless, were into Bynes spending some quality time with her loved ones. The former child star has had a tumultuous decade. In July 2010, after she was mysteriously recast in two films, Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting. In 2012, she was charged with a DUI in West Hollywood, California, which was later dropped. A year later, she was charged with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after she was found smoking in the lobby of a New York apartment building. The judge later dismissed her case.

In July 2013, she was hospitalized under a 72-hour mental-health evaluation hold after claims that she set a fire to a strangers driveway in Thousand Oaks, California. Her mother was granted conservatorship over her affairs. In the years that follows, Bynes accused her father of emotional and sexual abuse and announced that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2018, she broke her silence on the ordeal on Twitter. She revealed that she had been sober for four years and apologized for her past behavior. Im really ashamed and embarrassed with the things I said. I cant turn back time but if I could, I would. And Im so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me, she wrote at the time.

Entertainment Tonight reported in early December that Bynes checked out of a sober living facility and is staying with her parents as she looks for a home of her own in Los Angeles. Were happy that shes taking the right steps toward a healthy and happy life. Not everyone is going to be a fan of her tattoo, but if she likes it, so do we.

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Amanda Bynes Tattoos a Heart on Her Face | Photo - STYLECASTER

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Visit THESE tattoo parlours in Fort Kochi to get yourself inked – Republic World – Republic World01.03.20

The body is like a canvas crafted with scars, marks and more. Many people choose to paint their body canvas with meaningful tattoos that stay with them forever. Tattoos are a form ofself-expression, self-identity, memorabilia, celebrations of milestones or simply a way to express freedom. Tattoos have been a part of human society for ages. In places near Fort Kochi, there are several professional tattoo artists that can make amazing designs. Here is a list of some of the many tattoo studios in Fort Kochi.

Fernz Shadow tattoo studio located in Chirattapalam Junction in Fort Kochi is amongst the most popular tattoo studios in the city. They offer several types of tattooing methods such as Modern Tattoo, Old School Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, UV Night Glow Tattoo, Temporary Tattoo, and Customized Tattoo. So, with these many options, one can visit and get their favourite designs inked to look rugged and cool.

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Body Art Estudio is known for its effectiveness and smooth designing ways. They provide a relaxing environment when a person gets themselves inked. The studio is popular in Kochi for its graphical designs and portraits. A person can visit this place from Tuesday to Friday, and it is opened from 10 am to 6 pm. One can find this place in Oberon Mall in Kochi.

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Known for their excellence, Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio only offers permanent tattoos to their customers. The place is bombarded by customers as they are very well-known foreffectively comforting their customers and providingthem with better services. The people who work for this art studio only provide services to people who take appointments beforehand.

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Visit THESE tattoo parlours in Fort Kochi to get yourself inked - Republic World - Republic World

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BWW Interview: Suzy London Talks About TATTOOS ON MY HEART – Broadway World01.03.20

Actress/singer Suzy London loves her work with a passion. She is one of those gifted performers who can do a role brilliantly in a play onstage and ... perform equally well in cabaret. In our conversation she tells our readers about how different one arena is from the other. She will do her brand new cabaret show Tattoos on My Heart at Sterling's Upstaris at the Federal on Sunday January 19, 2020. The show is described as an evening of country, bluesy, jazzy tunes. London relates to us with great humor about singing country.

Tell our readers about your new cabaret Tattoos on My Heart. Is it different from you other cabaret shows? If so, how?

SL: It is different, first of all because of the venue for one reason. And...anytime you do a cabaret, you can't just take a show as it is and put it into a place where it's not going to fly. You have to look at the kind of audience you're going to have and what that's going to be like. For instance, there are people in the audience who are drinking and sometimes eating, and so that limits their attention span. If they're there with a group of people, maybe they're talking, so what you do is you have to grab them and keep them or you're not going to be listened to.

I did this show specifically for the Federal. I've never done this show before. I had had great success at the theatre (Group Rep) doing the theatre version of my previous show Around the World with Suzy London. That's where I sang in twelve different styles of twelve different languages. It was sort of autobiographical of my experiences around the world. When I went to the Federal and looked around, I realized it was not the right place for that show, because it had slides and it was a more theatrical production.

How did your musical director play into all of this decision making?

SL: I talked about it with him - Robert Brandzel, and this place lends itself to something light, something fun and something funny. I have had some funny experiences with singing country music because I am a classically trained singer.. Yet, I ended up writing country jingles for a while when I was in Las Vegas. I knew nothing about country but, hey, I got the job. I did a lot of demos for country singers.

Also, right now, you have to take into consideration what is happening in the city you're in, the world you're in, and it's very strifeful. There's a lot of strife going on, a lot of unhappiness going on. I think the number one thing about entertainment is just sort of take people out of the drudgery and misery and upset. So, I wanted to do something that is light and fun. There's a lot of comedy in this show. I do a couple of novelty numbers and a couple of comedy numbers. A good laugh goes a long way.

Robert Brandzel is a joy to work with. I've worked with him for years. I met him when I was hired to do Buttercup in H. M. S. Pinafore. Even though I'm very thin, we did a very thin, skinny Buttercup with humongous breasts. We've done many shows together around town since. We don't even need to speak, we know exactly where we need to go with the music. He listens to me and says, "This isn't feeling right to me. We need to change this." He's a joy...everything about this show has been lighthearted and fun. I think when you get up to perform it, that carries across to the audience and becomes infectious. We need that right now. I'm very excited. There are several songs that I wrote. I put together the flow of the show with the stories. I do have funny stories about ending up singing country songs in foreign countries. They had no idea what they heard; it's just American to them. (we laugh)

What is your goal with this show?

SL: This show is meant for a place where people are having some food, drinks and fun. Just the experience of doing it is a joy for me.

It sounds like it may be perfect for cruise ships.

SL: It would be. That's a good idea. It is very self-contained. I don't need anything but me and the band.

What is the high point for you doing cabaret?

SL: It's much more personal. When you do theatre, you can hide in the character you're playing. and you can let your emotions come out as the other character. But in cabaret, that is not going to work. You cannot have that mask. You have to expose yourself. You have to expose your painful, hurting side, your laissez faire who gives a damn side...your soul, and get through it with a sense of humor. I get through life because I laugh about it.

That's great advice. Do you have a favorite cabaret performer?

SL: I love Liza Minnelli. I know her. Many years ago I met her at an AmfAR Aids Benefit

Man, she really puts herself out there, and I admire that. She just lets it show. And she's a very sweet person. I was taken to see a show of hers when I was a kid, and it was magical. That's I think one of the things that inspired me. And what a small world, Robert Brandzel worked with Liza as well in the beginning of her cabaret career. He thought she needed honing, but had something very special.

I love Liza too! Let's switch to acting. You are so good at doing big, bold, down.trodden characters, truly bringing them to life onstage. You cement the nitty.gritty of the role you are playing. Do you have a favorite role?

SL: I always enjoy doing musicals. I love singing and dancing, so of course I loved the role I played in The Ghost of Gershwin. I also enjoyed doing Steppin Out at Group Rep directed and choreographed by Stan Mazin. She was a character with a very interesting arc. I always like characters that have a really clear, distinct arc. I'll tell you right now I am working on a fabulous show about Tallulah Bankhead called Looped, in which she loops dialogue for the film Die Die, My Darling!

I saw that. You would bring a lot to that role.

SL: Thank you. I'm having such fun. I'm hoping to do it somewhere. Bankhead is so outrageous. As I've been working on Looped. I've found something very interesting. I wondered why Tallulah made such a religious reference and then I saw the film Die Die, My Darling! that the looping was about. In it she's a religious fanatic in that role. Then I got it about her as a person and as an actress. She was the type who became the person and let it influence her, and let it influence her in her private life ... and it came out in the recording session. By the way, a lot of Looped is taken from the actual recordings of that day when she went to loop that line. It has told me a lot about her as a person, how she sort of becomes the character and imbues everything in her life.

Do you have a mentor? Someone that inspired you, other than Liza?

SL: You know who I also admire because I have seen her work on film and onstage...Annette Bening. She is amazing. You see the kind of vocal skill and control that she's got. You have to be able to project onstage without it looking like you're projecting, and withoiut affecting the tone of the character or what you're trying to say. She's brilliant. She's definitely an inspiration.

What would you like audiences to say about you? She was...

SL: Fun. She was so fun. That was such a great night.

Remember Suzy London in Tattoos on My Heart, Sunday January 19 at 7 pm. Sterling's Upstairs at the Federal is located on the second floor at 5303 Lankershim Blvd in NoHo.

For tix call (800) 838-3006 or go to

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Trilogy To Rule Them All – Screen Rant01.03.20

Peter Jacksons big-screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a huge gamble for the studios, because they had to finance three mega-budget fantasy epics before even releasing the first one. If the first movie wasnt a hit which, thankfully, it was; a big one! the studio still wouldve had two movies in the can that were ready for release.

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Fortunately, Jacksons movies were too big to fail. With groundbreaking visual effects, brilliantly paced scripts, and a carefully selected cast of actors, The Lord of the Rings trilogy was destined to be successful. So, here are 10 behind-the-scenesfacts about The Lord Of The Ringstrilogy to rule them all.

Before the final design for Gollum was created, the character went through a few different looks. One of the earliest concepts had skeletal nostrils in place of Gollums nose. However, when the artists at Weta Digital rendered this look, Gollum came off as unsympathetic and inhuman, more like a zombie than a person. Another idea that was scrapped was giving Gollum a little potbelly.

Gollum was initially supposed to be 100% computer-generated, but when Andy Serkis was cast, Peter Jackson decided to use performance-capture technologies so that Serkis could actually play the character. This forced the Weta team to redesign the character yet again, having worked on it for three years.

Eight out of the nine actors who played members of the Fellowship got a tattoo with the word nine written in J.R.R. Tolkiens Elvish script Tengwar, to commemorate their time working on The Lord of the Rings trilogy together. They all headed down to a tattoo parlor in Wellington, where the movie was shooting, to get the tattoos done.

John Rhys-Davies was the one who refused to get a tattoo, and his stunt double stepped in to complete the nine. Sean Astin and Billy Boyd got their tattoos on their ankles in honor of the many hours they spent having the hobbit feet makeup applied.

When Peter Jackson was making the first Lord of the Rings movie, he wanted to open it with a prologue narrated by Cate Blanchett, but New Line Cinema executives were reluctant to let him do it, and pushed him to cut the prologue.

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Ironically, when it came to making the second movie, The Two Towers, New Line executives were pushing Jackson to open the movie with another voiceover monologue by Blanchett, and Jackson was hesitant to include it. Its common for directors of Hollywood blockbusters to clash with studio executives, but they rarely clash twice over the exact same issue.

Viggo Mortensen was never supposed to play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Initially, during pre-production, Stuart Townsend was cast to play the role. However, after four days of shooting, Peter Jackson realized that Townsend was too young and the part required an actor who was older.

So, Mortensen was brought in to replace Townsend. Mortensen wasnt sure about taking the role, because hed never read J.R.R. Tolkiens books or met Jackson before. However, his 11-year-old son was a fan, so he was the main proponent of Mortensens eventual decision to take the role and join the production.

After Viggo Mortensen signed on to play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he insisted on doing his own stunts, like Tom Cruise does in the Mission: Impossible movies. When Aragorn kicks a helmet and cries out in anguish, thats because the helmet was really heavy and Mortensen broke two of his toes when he swung his foot into it.

Most of the stunt performers in the battle scenes used aluminum swords, which are lighter than the real ones, or rubber swords, which are safer, but Mortensen insisted on using an actual sword made of steel in all of his scenes. Veteran sword master Bob Anderson said that Mortensen was the best swordsman Ive ever trained.

Peter Jackson is a huge arachnophobe in real life, so he based the design of Shelob on all the types of spiders he grew up hating in New Zealand. The Shelob sequence in The Return of the King is filled with practical effects.

When Frodo is wrapped in Shelobs web in a comatose state, Elijah Wood is actually staring into space without blinking, because for whatever reason, hes able to do that. And when Shelob pierces Frodo, the white foam that dribbles out of his mouth came from a couple of Alka-Seltzers hidden in Woods mouth. The webbing was created using a flexible, latex-type material.

When Andy Serkis got a call from his agent about the role of Gollum, he was only being asked to do voiceover work for three weeks in New Zealand. The character was going to be created entirely using CGI, with the actor providing just his voice. However, when Serkis auditioned, Peter Jackson was so blown away that he decided to use performance-capture technology so that Serkis could play the character on-set.

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Serkis based his performance on the actions of heroin addicts, while the voice was inspired by cats coughing up hairballs. Before shooting, Serkis drank Gollum juice (a mix of honey, lemon, and ginger) to prepare his throat for the intense voice work.

Pippins song arose from co-writer Philippa Boyens stumbling upon Billy Boyds hidden talent for singing. In the middle of shooting, some of the cast and crew went for a night out at a karaoke bar. There, Boyens was surprised by how great Boyds singing voice was.

Boyens remembered that in the book, Denethor asked Pippin to sing him a song as Faramir was heading off to war, and so she knew there was an opportunity to show off Boyds singing talent within the story. She dug up the lyrics from the original text and let Boyd come up with his own tune to sing it to.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, after Gandalf arrives at Bilbos home, he bumps his head on a ceiling beam. This moment hilariously sells just how small Bilbos hobbit-hole is, and how tall Gandalf is in comparison. But as it turns out, Gandalf bumping his head wasnt in the original script.

Ian McKellen actually bumped his head on the ceiling beam by accident in the middle of a take and didnt let it ruin the scene. He kept acting through the blunder and finished the take. Peter Jackson decided to leave in the mistake, because McKellen did such a good job of incorporating it into his performance.

All three movies in The Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed back-to-back. Before the trilogy went into production, the record for the worlds longest film shoot belonged to Francis Ford Coppolas Apocalypse Now, which was in production for a whopping 274 days across 16 months. And technically, Apocalypse Now still holds that record.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy tied with it with the exact same number of filming days. Shooting sequels back-to-back is a commonplace practice its been used for the second and third Back to the Future movies, the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the second and third Matrix movies but rarely before the first movie has hit theaters.

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Ben Sherlock writes about movies, TV, and comics for Screen Rant and CBR. He also directs short films (when he has the money), performs standup comedy filled with pop culture references, and bores people with Star Wars trivia.

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Trilogy To Rule Them All - Screen Rant

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Justin Bieber Takes Fans on an Intimate Tour of His Tattoos – Billboard01.03.20

Justin Bieberlet fans get up close and personal with him when he flashed all his tattoos in an extended Instagram Story on Monday (Dec. 30).

A shirtless Bieber panned his phone around his body to showoff his more than50 tattoos, all the way from his pastel-colored Crocs to his chest, while splayed out poolside on a tropical vacation. His motivational "Better at 70" above-the-knee ink from 2017 was one of the first in the sequence, followed by hisleft arm's assortment of a joker, boombox, the words "Trust" and "Love,"rose, ancient clock, various caricatures, diamond, 8-ball, two hashtagsand two pistols pointed toward each other with the phrase "Make Em Pay" written underneath.

He later pointed the front-facing camera at his completely adornedchest, a fierce display notably depictinga bear and lion on each pec with a cross in the middleand the words "Sonof God" and an eagle stretched across his upper abdomen.

On the other arm, his collection consists of a cross with the world wearing a crown of thorns, a knight pulling a sword out of a stone (presumably King Arthur and Excalibur), ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (which he tried to cover up in the past), fish, owl, roses, tiger, eagle, the cursiveacronym "LL" for "Low, Lift" (according to his 2015 interview with Men's Health),the word "Believe" (the title of his third studio album), eyeand compass.

Bieber made a quick pit stop back to his legstofocuson his religious tattoos, including praying hands and Jesus from the cross on his left calf. He didn't exhibit his latest ink from earlier this month: a giant neck tattoo of a bird with the word "Forever" written in cursive underneath.

And, of course, the 25-year-old pop star had a playlist to go along with the tattoo tour. He played "No Idea" by Don Toliver, "Con Altura" by RosalaandJ Balvin featuringEl Guincho,"Session 32" by Summer Walker,"Highest in the Room" by Travis Scott, "EARFQUAKE" byTyler, the Creatorand "Best Part" byDaniel the background of his continuous video clips.

Check out Bieber's full tour of tattoos below (videos not in order).

Justin Bieber Takes Fans on an Intimate Tour of His Tattoos - Billboard

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Rollercoasters and tattoo parlours: All the amazing features on 2020’s cruises –

The year ahead brings some exciting cruise options (Picture:

Cruise ships have introduced some wild and wonderful attractions in the last few years, including dodgem cars, ten-storey slides, skydiving simulators and go-kart racing tracks.

But 2020 will reach new heights with the first rollercoaster at sea on Carnival Mardi Gras.

Another hotly anticipated ship will be Scarlet Lady, the first launch from Sir Richard Bransons new brand Virgin Voyages, featuring a tattoo parlour, drag queen breakfasts and champagne served at the shake of a smartphone.

But if you prefer the Antarctic to the Caribbean, luxury expedition ship Crystal Endeavor will have two helicopters, two submarines and an underwater scooter.

Heres whats on the horizon in 2020

Line: Carnival Cruise Line

Tonnage: 180,000

Passengers: 5,282

Debut: November

Special features: Buckle up for the first rollercoaster at sea an 800ft-long ride that will take you 187ft above the waves at speeds of up to 40mph.

Guests will control how fast the ride goes, from thrilling spins round the funnel down to a gentle sightseeing pace.

On the green front, 20-deck Mardi Gras will be the first cruise ship in North America powered by liquefied natural gas, which is much more environmentally friendly than diesel.

The ship, being built in Finland, will begin sailing from Port Canaveral after a European season was cancelled following delays at the shipyard.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

Line: Virgin Voyages

Tonnage: 110,000

Passengers: 2,770

Debut: February in Dover and Liverpool

Special features: The first cruise ship from Sir Richard Branson is bound to shake up the industry in the same way he did with airlines.

The adults-only Scarlet Lady will have RockStar suites, a tattoo parlour and a vinyl record shop, as well as more than 20 eating venues but no buffet.

All the restaurants, soft drinks, tips and WiFi are included in the fare.

Every voyage will call into a new resort, the Beach Club on Bimini island, where celebrated record producer Mark Ronson will occasionally guest-star as a DJ.

Line: Celebrity Cruises

Tonnage: 129,500

Passengers: 2,900

Debut: April in Southampton

Special features: After the launch of the pioneering Celebrity Edge in 2018, Celebrity Cruises is following up with a sister ship, Celebrity Apex, to be named in Southampton in April.

Like its predecessor, Apex will have infinite balconies electric windows that wind halfway down to give sea views and fresh air while making the living space bigger.

Another key feature is the tangerine-coloured Magic Carpet restaurant that moves up and down between decks on the outside of the ship. The Eden three-storey venue at the stern of Celebrity Apex is just one of the 29 places to eat on board.

Line: Crystal Cruises

Tonnage: 20,000

Passengers: 200

Debut: August

Special features: Fitted with two helicopters, two submarines and an underwater scooter, Crystal Endeavor will be the first expedition ship from the luxury Crystal Cruises brand.

The German-built ship with all-suite, butler-serviced rooms, will take guests to the Arctic, Northeast Passage and Antarctica, as well as warmer places such as Indonesia, the Great Barrier Reef and the Canary Islands but the first voyage will be in Japan.

As well as six restaurants, the ship will have a variety of elegant public lounges.

Line: MSC Cruises

Tonnage: 177,000

Passengers: 4,888

Debut: November

Special features: The sixth ship to be launched by MSC Cruises in three-and-a-half years, Virtuosa will be a twin to Grandiosa, which became the biggest ship in the fleet in 2019. Like its sister, Virtuosa has a spectacular 305ft-long LED dome over its shopping and dining promenade.

Entertainment includes two new Cirque du Soleil At Sea productions in a specially equipped theatre.

As well as five speciality restaurants, the ship will have an English pub and French bistrot plus the signature crystal-encrusted staircases.

Guests can use Formula 1 simulators, play on full-sized bowling alleys and shoot zombies in a virtual cinema. One striking feature on deck is a hot tub that arches round in a semi-circle to fit more people in.

Line: P&O Cruises

Tonnage: 184,000

Passengers: 5,200

Debut: Southampton in May, christening in July

Special features: This widely anticipated new ship will be the largest ever for the British-based line.

A four-screen cinema, fun food options and pop-up performances will all feature on Iona, which will be launched in May and christened in July with a week-long festival starring the likes of Clean Bandit, Jo Whiley, Sara Cox, Trevor Nelson and Alex James.

The ship, powered by more environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas, will also feature a three-deck atrium and SkyDome, a space for relaxing in all weathers which will also host entertainment such as aerial performers and a wealth of live acts.

Line: Princess Cruises

Tonnage: 139,000

Passengers: 3,660

Debut: Christening in Southampton in June

Special features: Enchanted Princess will be the cruise lines first ship to be named in Britain since Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, smashed the bottle on Royal Princess in 2013.

Like many of its sister ships, Enchanted Princess will offer the Ocean Medallion, a wearable device the size of a 10p coin, which opens your cabin door as you approach, lets you track friends and family around the ship and also allows you to order drinks, food and things like suntan lotion to any location on the ship.

After the naming ceremony, Enchanted Princess will head to the Med for the summer.

Line: Regent Seven Seas

Tonnage: 55,000

Passengers: 750

Debut: February

Special features: The ship that could be even more opulent than the one dubbed the most luxurious ever built will take to the seas early in 2020.

Seven Seas Splendor, a sister ship to Seven Seas Explorer, launched in 2016, features a $10,000-a-night top suite that boasts its own spa retreat with sauna, steam room and massage area. The rooms pampered guests even have access to a private dining room.

The rest of the 750 passengers dont miss out, either, as they have the choice of seven restaurants. No expense is spared, with almost 500 crystal chandeliers and more than an acre of marble used around the ship.

Supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley will christen Seven Seas Splendor in Miami on February 21.

Line: Ritz-Carlton

Tonnage: 26,500

Passengers: 298

Debut: June

Special features: The first of at least three ultra-luxury yachts from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group will launch in June.

The 298-passenger ship will be all-suite with private terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings some rooms will be two-storey loft suites.

Guests will be able to dine at the speciality restaurant Aqua, enjoy the spa and go on immersive excursions.

Every suite has a personal concierge and the yacht will have one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios at sea.

The ship will sail voyages of between seven and ten nights to the Med, northern Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and north-eastern US.

Line: Royal Caribbean

Tonnage: 169,000

Passengers: 4,200

Debut: November

Special features: Whether you want to drive bumper cars, soar from a flying trapeze or battle your friends at glow-in-the-dark laser tag, the SeaPlex arena on Odyssey of the Seas is the space for you.

Elsewhere theres a skydiving simulator, a surf machine, a 40ft rock wall and a trampoline experience with a VR headset.

There is also the North Star a glass pod that lifts passengers 300ft above sea level.

Sun lovers will enjoy a two-level pool deck while foodies will lap up the selection of restaurants, including teppanyaki, Italian and Far Eastern food.

Odyssey will be based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sailing to the Caribbean before heading to Europe in 2021.

Line: Sea Cloud Cruises

Tonnage: 4,000

Passengers: 136

Debut: August

Special features: For those that enjoy the authentic side of cruising, Sea Cloud Cruises is adding a third tall ship to its fleet. It claims to be the only cruise line in the world where the sailing is still done traditionally by hand.

The new 450ft three-masted sailing ship, carrying up to 136 guests, will join its two sister vessels, one dating back to 1931.

The small luxury ship will have balcony suites, a spa, fine and casual dining, and be able to visit smaller, lesser-known ports. For the first time on a sailing ship, there will be a lift connecting the different decks. Sea Cloud Spirit will also have a choice of fine dining in the restaurant and or casual food on the lido deck.

Line: Silversea Cruises

Tonnage: 40,700

Passengers: 596

Debut: August

Special features: Silver Moon is a sister to the luxurious Silver Muse, launched in 2017 and a third ship, Silver Dawn, is already on order for 2021.

A new feature will be Silverseas new culinary programme, S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste), that aims to showcase food cultures from around the world. Guests will be able to enjoy fine cuisine in eight restaurants, from hot rocks at The Grill to Japanese fare in Kaiseki, before dining in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen, with a constantly changing menu reflecting the destinations.

Silver Moon will spend her inaugural season in the Mediterranean before moving to Central and South America.

Line: Saga Cruises

Rollercoasters and tattoo parlours: All the amazing features on 2020's cruises -

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Holocaust Survivor is Named ‘Texan of the Year’ – – Breaking Israel News01.03.20

If, however, there is a needy person among you, one of your kinsmen in any of your settlements in the land thatHashemyour God is giving you, do not harden your heart and shut your hand against your needy kinsman.Rather, you must open your hand and lend him sufficient for whatever he needs Deuteronomy 15:7-8 (The Israel Bible)

Holocaust survivor Max Glauben, a longtime Dallas resident, was named 2019 Texan of the Year. Source: Screenshot.

(December 31, 2019/JNS)Max Glauben, a longtime Dallas resident and Holocaust survivor, was declared the 2019 Texan of the Year by The Dallas Morning News on Sunday.

Glauben, 91, and his family survived the Warsaw Ghetto only to be taken to the Majdanek concentration camp, where his mother, father and younger brother died. By 1943, he was orphaned, and in the two years since his familys killing, he was a prisoner at five concentration camps: Majdanek, Budzyn, Mielec, Wieliczka and Flossenburg.

Glauben, who last name in German means believe, has shared his experiences during the Holocaust at many speaking engagements over the last 40 years, sometimes even two or three events per day, including at United Nations in New York City.

And every summer for the past 14 years, he has led a group of teens on March of the Livinga tour of Holocaust sites, including the place where his family members died.He was in the U.S. Army for two years, served in the Korean War and attained the rank of staff sergeant.

He helped create the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, and earlier this year was one of the first Holocaust survivors filmed for a program called Dimensions in Testimony, sponsored by the Shoah Foundation created by filmmaker Steven Spielberg to record testimonies from Holocaust survivors.

Theres a word in the Torahshalom. It means an Edenic reality under Gods benevolent reign where swords become plowshares, hate gives way to brotherhood, and upstanders guard the rights of the other, wrote The Dallas Morning News.

Perhaps shalom is why a man can endure Europes darkest atrocities and emerge as Texas brightest light. Perhaps shalom is why a man who still carries a tattoo that marked him for destruction can put his mark of good-natured tolerance on so many other lives. Perhaps shalom is why generations of young Texans will learn the value of justice and fairness in a Dallas museum. In an age of division, in a time of suspicion and in a culture where we worship the newest, emptiest viral bling, perhaps the wrinkled, smiling wisdom of shalom can show us a better way.

Shalom marks the kind of world Glauben is working to create. And for that, Max Glauben is the 2019 Texan of the Year.

And although Holocaust survivors like Glauben seemed to have finally found a happy ending to their unimaginable experiences, others are not so fortunate.

But you can help

Thats because many survivors suffer from physical and mental ailments like dementia. And although dementia is a terrible condition to have, for Holocaust Survivors its much worse.

Most people dont realize that aside from short-term memory loss, the dementia of Holocaust survivors is a very different experience than that of regular patients.

Thats because when a survivor suffers dementia, the horrors of the Holocaust are fresh in their minds as if they are still reliving it to this day!

According to Shoshana Lichtman from the organization Melabev, these survivors not only have nightmares about their horrible past, but many of them also daydream about it on a daily basis as well.

Lichtman recalls one survivor who enjoys writing. But no matter what she writes about, her memories keep going back to the ghettos in Warsaw, where she spent her youth.

What you can do

Although there is no actual cure to this unique type of dementia, there are ways to contain it.

Shoshana Lichtman from Melabev breaks it down into two separate treatments.

One is to let them vent.

These Holocaust survivors have a lot of pent up trauma from their experience. Therefore, its important that they just let it out and get it off of their chest. Melabev provides an open ear encouraging them to say whats on their mind. The organization is there for them, enabling the survivors to get everything off thir chest either by either writing or just by talking.

Some of them are unable to talk and therefore opt for art therapy.

The other way to treat Holocaust Dementia is by keeping the survivors busy with fun and engaging activities.

These activities keep their minds occupied preventing them from reliving their horrid past. They include:

All of these activities give the survivors a much-needed sense of purpose in their final years on this earth explains Lichtman.

This is your unique opportunity to show them that the nations are no longer their enemies. Donating today is the least you can do to help these people restore some iota of faith in the nations. But dont take our word for it, just see what is written in the Book of Deuteronomy:

If, however, there is a needy person among you, one of your kinsmen in any of your settlements in the land thatHashemyour God is giving you, do not harden your heart and shut your hand against your needy kinsman.Rather, you must open your hand and lend him sufficient for whatever he needs (Deuteronomy 15:7-8)

This is your chance to open your hand from the comfort of your home. Let these poor survivors know that many among the nations have changed.

Donate to this incredible organization today.

The rest is here:
Holocaust Survivor is Named 'Texan of the Year' - - Breaking Israel News

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The Best Theater Of 2019: Broadway And Beyond – Forbes01.03.20

Larry Owens and company in 'A Strange Loop'

Its been a weird, watery year on the Rialto. Broadways hit-or-miss output over the last twelve months seemed to reflect the distorted nature of our national discourse. If the stage is meant to hold a mirror up to reality, attending the theater in 2019 indeed felt like playing Russian Roulette in a busted-up funhouse.

Marquee shows, in development for a decade, set premature closing dates and hemorrhaged money - unless they were Moulin Rouge! or To Kill a Mockingbird. Meanwhile, uncompromising underdogs broke box office records - that is, when they didnt crash and burn. Some producers even managed to have a foot in both worlds; the Beetlejuice team brought necromancy back in a big way, rescuing their D.O.A. show and turning it into one of the falls biggest hits...until they ran afoul of Broadways own grim reaper.

The industry at large is undergoing a long, slow market correction. Since 2015, Broadway has broken its own box office record each year. Then came 2019: depressed grosses, an unusually large number of premature closures, and investor losses tallying well over $100 million. According to numbers provided by the Broadway League, box office receipts shrank by about 4% in 2019, a difference of $67 million.

What do we make of that? Honestly, not much. (At least not in the way of ominous trends and portent; $67 million is still a tidy sum to leave on the table). While mavens do love reading tea leaves, Broadway is reliant on fresh content as much as old hits, and this years crop just didnt wow buyers. It also came on the heels of a historic parade of megahits like Hamilton, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hello, Dolly! and Bruce Springsteens residency, which amped sales past reasonable expectations.

With its liberal patina, high cost barrier, and the sheer amount of flawed content up for consumption, Broadways most direct national corollary may be the Democratic primary field. Just as Democratic voters seem unable to rally behind a single candidate, so too did creative teams struggle to produce coherent visions in 2019. For every satisfying whole, there appeared half a dozen others with stand-out elements but no binding spine. Other critics have noted this disparity, and found more consummate satisfaction, as I did, in the wilder world of Off-Broadway theater.

(This may be where the metaphor falls apart - I dont know where Off Broadway fits into the Democratic debate. One wants to suggest the unregulated fringe of Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson, but the best of Off Broadway is, you know worthwhile.)

2019 was also a weird one for me as a journalist, at least when it comes to a year-end roundup. Turns out pursuing a Masters on nights and weekends cuts into ones time at the theater, so I missed several of the years most ballyhooed productions, which occupy spots on many other Best Of lists. And as always, I omit from mine any production in which I have a financial stake. (Sorry, The Inheritance you know I love you, boo).

Also of note: two of my favorite 2019 Broadway productions were on my list last year, when I saw them downtown, so I wont include them here but that doesnt mean they arent stellar. Slave Play and What The Constitution Means to Me managed to transmute radical passion into mainstream cred (not to mention box office gold).

If they are any indication, perhaps theres still hope for those voters, er, audience members looking for the full package. With that in mind, and in no particular order, here are my thoughts on the bestbang for your theatrical buck.

Karen Kandel, Ismenia Mendes, Quincy Tyler Bernstine in 'Marys Seacole'

Fairview and Marys Seacole

A double whammy from one of the best writers in the biz. Jackie Sibblies Drury won the Pulitzer for Fairview, an extraordinary, subversive exploration of race and appropriation in America. But Marys Seacole is, if anything, even more moving: a phantasmagoric look at domestic and emotional labor through the centuries, and the women especially those of color responsible for it all. One of few playwrights to whose shows I will buy tickets sight unseen.

Derren Brown: Secret

Maybe the sole Broadway show here that defies description, if only to keep the mind-blowing surprises unspoiled. You really do have to be there. Catch it before it closes this weekend.

A Strange Loop

Where does one even begin? At once impossibly solipsistic and wonderfully accessible, this musical about one lone black gay boy who chose to turn his back on the Lord (written by said boy, about his experience writing said musical) is unlike anything that graced New York this year. The scores intricacy and lyricism call to mind Sondheims best, but Michael R. Jackson is in a league of his own when it comes to challenging power structures, whether they be Broadway producers or Tyler Perry.

Jeb Kreager, John Zdrojeski, and Zo Winters in 'Heroes of the Fourth Turning'

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

If the theater industry is the Democratic Primary, Will Arberys Heroes of the Fourth Turning is the candidate many feel is missing: one that grapples, uncompromising, with the most virulent elements of the far-right and shows that humanizing your demons doesnt mean ceding victory to them. Bracing, terrifying, satisfying.


Hannah Gadsby has autism. We know this because she tells us over and over during Douglas, a fab follow-up to her sensational Nanette. The show is omni-faceted: a dizzying deconstruction of boundaries, categories, and expectations, fueled by anger at those who maintain them. A favorite target is the anti-vaxx movement, and its claim that vaccines cause autism. I happened to be seated beside a person who, it became clear, was an anti-vaxxer, and did not realize what shed signed up for. The tension in the room as Gadsby took the movement to task was the most delicious sensation I experienced all year.

Danny Burstein in 'Moulin Rouge!' on Broadway

Moulin Rouge!

I love me a titular exclamation point, even if it creates a nightmare for copy editors. I also love me a show that delivers on Broadways glitziest promise: consummate, dazzling spectacle. The 10-minute opening number alone is worth the price of admission. Also, Tam Mutu, who plays the villainous Duke, is so damn good that youll likely find yourself rooting against the heroes - and loving it.


Another exclamation point! And in service of an entirely different brand of enthusiasm. While Moulin Rouge! delivers big mainstream pizzazz, Oklahoma! offers the equally necessarily evisceration thereof. Director Daniel Fish took a classic piece of Americana and, without altering a single lyric, used it to expose the dark underbelly of our nations history. At once a celebration of community and an excoriation of tribalism, it set a new standard for revivals.

Alfie Fuller and Antoinette Crowe-Legacy in MCC Theater's BLKS


Aziza Barness playwriting debut is funny, humane, sexy, and unapologetic in its love for its characters. To paraphrase one of them, it's queer, black as f**k, and magically surreal. With its productions of BLKS, The Light, School Girls, and others, MCC Theater is doing real work to change what New York theater is "supposed" to be, and for whom.

Individual Standouts

Much of the excitement this season came in bursts: standout performances, great scores, beautiful lyrics not always at the same time. Adrienne Warren is the reason to see the Tina Turner bio-musical. Adam Driver and Marisa Tomei both towered over solid revivals of Burn This and The Rose Tattoo. Julie White was immaculate as a traumatized clown in the divisive Gary, upstaged only by a fabulous kickline of undead penises. (Yes, really). The Wrong Man had one of the decades best scores in search of a book to match it. And Jagged Little Pill is great fun, but Lauren Pattens You Oughta Know is such an ecstatic high point that the rest of the show feels like a launch pad designed to spring her right into her first Tony.

Amber Gray in Best Musical winner 'Hadestown'

Also Excellent

A quick rundown of some other shows that moved me throughout the year, and are surely featured in the top spots of other 'Best Of' lists:

Hadestown: Sumptuous and poignant, with some of the best performances on a Broadway stage. (And that very much includes the Tall Chorus Guy.)

True West: A terrific revival of a claustrophobic fraternal duel. Paul Dano and Ethan Hawke balanced Sam Shepards innate menace with deep, necessary humor.

Freestyle Love Supreme: By nature difficult to pin down, as its improvised fully each night. But the talent involved especially standout Utkarsh Ambudkar is unimpeachable.

Choir Boy: Never have I been more upset that a show did not make a cast recording. The play is great, but the score by Jason Michael Webb is truly astonishing.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Lee Seymour is also a co-producer of The Inheritance on Broadway.

Read more from the original source:
The Best Theater Of 2019: Broadway And Beyond - Forbes

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21 new B.C. craft breweries to watch out for in 2020 – Vancouver Is Awesome01.03.20

Theres no shortage of new breweries in the works all over British Columbia. Heres a look at some of the ones were keeping an eye on for in 2020.

Chilliwack (spring 2020) Agassiz couple Megan McDonald and Kris Schmidt are bringing their take on modern craft styles with a heavy focus on sours to the newly redeveloped Five Corners neighbourhood of downtown Chilliwack.

Port McNeill (2020) Craft beer is coming to the North Island as three local homebrewing brothers plan to convert the former Shell gas station into the regions first brewery using the brewhouse from the now defunct Forbidden Brewing in Courtenay.

Salmo (early 2020) This 126-seat craft brewery is being built in a former bank/church, with seating right in the former vault. Live music, full kitchen and six taps of traditional craft and Belgian-style abbey ales.

Chilliwack (early 2020) Downtown Chilliwack is suddenly the place to be for awesome craft beer, with Field Houses second location set to join Flashback and Bricklayer. Housed in a historic brick building, it will feature a 125-seat tasting room, an outdoor patio, full kitchen and its own dedicated brewhouse.

Grand Forks (summer 2020) You know the craft beer revolution has been fought and won when eve Grand Forks is getting into the act. This new craft brewery and tasting room is set to open downtown on Market Avenue any month now.

Victoria (spring 2020) Work is progressing at Victorias most hotly anticipated craft brewery, a collaboration between the people behind Steel & Oak and The Drake Eatery. Word is there will be a rooftop patio in time for summer.

Hornby Island (2020) This aspiring nanobrewery is already contract brewing out of Small Block Brewing in Duncan and hopes to open a modest brick-and-mortar on its namesake island in 2020.

Victoria (early 2020) The owners of the Yates Taphouse are behind this 300-seat neighbourhood brewpub in the new Hudson District development thats currently being held up by permitting delays.

Kelowna (early 2020) Kettle River Brewings former brewer Brad Tomlinson is opening his own metal-themed brewery right next door and its gonna friggin rip.

West Kelowna (early 2020) Test batches are already being brewed at this new West Kelowna brewery that plans to highlight the bounty of Okanagan fruit in its beers.

Langley (spring 2020) This farm-to-glass brewery is growing all its own ingredients on-site, and will even be malting its own barley.

Victoria (2020/2021) Yet another victim of the City of Victorias red tape nightmare. This massive 12,000-sq.-ft. facility planned for Vic Wests Dockside Green development will include a brewery, distillery, pizzeria, rooftop bistro and even an art gallery. Itll be amazing, if the city ever gets around to approving it.

Hope (early 2020) The thirsty denizens of Hope are no doubt anxiously awaiting the arrival of the towns first craft brewery, which will give travellers another reason to visitother than filling up their gas tank.

Penticton (summer 2020) Construction has begun at Pentictons soon-to-be newest brewery, brought to you by the good folks behind Yellow Dog Brewing. Neighbourhood will be one of the few purpose-built breweries and tasting rooms in the province. Beers are already being contracted brewed around the corner at Bad Tattoo Brewing.

Port Coquitlam (early 2020) The former mayor of Port Coquitlam is partnering with the owners of Orrange Kitchen + Bar to bring a brewery and barbecue joint to downtown PoCo.

Nanoose (spring 2020) This farm-based brewery and restaurant has been navigating all manner of bureaucratic red tape hell for the past year, but it looks like its brewery application has been approved, so expect a new for this beloved local

Kelowna (summer 2020) Unfortunately construction delays have pushed back the opening of Shorline, located across from Gyro Beach on the groundfloor of the massive new Shore development. Expect seating for close to 100 people in its tasting room, with another 100 on its expansive patio.

North Vancouver (2020?) The award-winning contract brand got its start at Callister and is currently based out of Container Brewing. Word on the street is that a brick-and-mortar brewery is on the way, with North Vancouver as the likely destination.

North Vancouver (2020?) Named after Lynn Valleys original moniker, Shaketown is coming to Lower Lonsdale and features the great David Varga (formerly of 33 Acres Brewing) at the helm. More great news for the North Shore.

Qualicum Beach (2020?) This craft brewery will be the centerpiece of the new East Village development in downtown Qualicum Beach.

Burns Lake (spring 2020) Not to be confused with Minnesotas Ursa Minor Brewing, this tiny farmhouse brewery is located 60 km south of Burns Lake on Ootsa Lake, roughly in the middle of nowhere, and will be growing many of the ingredients it uses in its beers.

Read more from The Growler B.C.

See the article here:
21 new B.C. craft breweries to watch out for in 2020 - Vancouver Is Awesome

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