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‘I’d been avoiding looking at myself’: Breast cancer survivors reveal how mastectomy tattoos changed them –

In the portrait series Reclaim women in diffuse pink lighting reveal delicately tattooed designs inked across their chests, unfurling over scar tissue in explosions of color or in black and gray.

Nude, with nothing else in the frame, the women embody a sense of openness.

The series, a collaboration between British photographer Kate Peters and art director Gem Fletcher, which began in 2018, illustrates the beauty of mastectomy tattoos, a practice that offers breast cancer survivors the opportunity to transform their skin after theyve healed from their surgeries.

Its a way to find new confidence, to take control of ones body after what can be a traumatic experience and, as medical journal JAMA has published, a way to promote psychological healing.

One of the women in Reclaim is Kerry, who was diagnosed with cancer three days before her 40th birthday. She opted for a total mastectomy of her left breast, but declined plastic surgery to reconstruct it after.

Ahead of each shoot, Peters and Fletcher interviewed the women about their experiences.

None of the methods for reconstruction that the medical team could offer me were suitable for me, my physique, my lifestyle and the sports I played, Kerry told them.

It left me with a feeling of being incomplete and I found that really upsetting. You sort of get chewed up, spat out and off you go on your own.

Two years later, when Kerry discovered mastectomy tattoos, she felt she finally had an option that suited her.

She had irises tattooed across her chest as a tribute to her grandmother Iris, who survived breast cancer over six decades earlier.

The practice has risen in popularity in the US since 2013, when the program, part of the nonprofit F*** Cancer, began coordinating an annual day of gratis tattoos.

Each October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they work with tattoo parlors around the country to open their doors to survivors looking to be inked.

In 2018, Peters happened upon images of mastectomy tattoos on Instagram and realized that these were mostly shared within the tattoo community and did not have a wide audience.

In her home country of the UK, which does not have a coordinated program like, she wasnt sure many women knew about these tattoos at all.

Peters and Fletcher, who often collaborate, began finding women for the shoot through social media and photographed them in the privacy of Peters home.

Many of them had never been tattooed, but going through the process had given them a sense of closure - particularly since they had to wait at least a year to be tattooed following their surgeries - and comfort in their skin.

Hearing the womens stories when we were photographing them was a very humbling experience, and seeing how the tattoos had changed their perception of their own bodies, Peters said.

They were really keen to share how positive it had been for them.

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'I'd been avoiding looking at myself': Breast cancer survivors reveal how mastectomy tattoos changed them -

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Tattoo fans share what dodgy body art REALLY means and fresh spring rolls has to be the winner – The Sun11.05.20

GETTING tattoos in a different language may seem like a creative idea at the time - but you could live to regret it.

This hilarious collection shows the inkings that have extremely different meanings when translated.


One woman has had fresh spring rolls added to her back, while another tattoo actually means miso.

Another tattoo from the Bored Panda collection ironically means taken advantage of.

One person shared how they thought they were getting a design that means appreciate life, but it actually translates as Im rotten.

Here are some of the most awkward tattoos that may cause you to think twice before committing....












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We previously shared 12 of the most hilarious tattoo fails of all time, including misspellings and terrible drawings.

And a woman gets a tattoo of Pot Noodle declaring its the thing she loves most and instantly regrets it.

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Tattoo fans share what dodgy body art REALLY means and fresh spring rolls has to be the winner - The Sun

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Irezumi, the art of japanese Tattoo | Galerie &CO119 – Artsy11.05.20

Irezumi, horimono, bunshin: While the first term is the best known, it is one of many used to designate thepractice of Japanese tattoos. Irezumi is by definition a craft, practiced entirely by the hand of a master horishi,who usually signs his work.In Japan, tattooing has been closely linked to criminality, although this was not always the case. Beginning inthe early centuries of the second millennium, criminals were tattooed as part of their punishment. But beforethat, the first traces of tattoos appear to have been of a spiritual or religious nature. For example, funerary andfertility statuettes of the prehistoric Jomon era with designs all over the body have been uncovered. Later theAinu indigenous people of northern Japan developed a tradition of decorative tattoos.The aesthetics of irezumi today originate in art. At the end of the 17th century, with the development of techniquesand tools used in engraving, woodblock printing (ukiyo-e) gained wide popularity. Anti-heroes frompopular literature, their bodies covered in dragons, tigers, flowers, etc. appeared in Edo era homes. One ofthe theories put forward is that woodblock engravers turned to tattoos, using the human body as a canvasfor their art.While criminals may use ornamental tattoos to camouflage their penal tattoos, they are not alone in appreciatingthe designs inspired by woodblock prints. In the 19th century, irezumi became the fashion amongcertain trades, such as firemen and craftsmen. Famous foreign visitors, including the future King George Vof England and Czar Nicholas II of Russia had their skin inked as a souvenir of their visit to Japan.IREZUMI,THE ART OF JAPANESE TATTOO4.11.20 - 23.01.21The gap between Western and Japanese perception of irezumi nonetheless persists today.Unlike its Western cousin, Japanese tattoos are not intended to be shown, or even seen. I never tattoo abovethe neck or on the hands. I believe the beauty is in what you cant see. Japanese culture is about being in theshadows, the horishi Horiyoshi III confided to Vice media group in November 2017.Irezumi is intimate. It tells a lot about the person who wears it, of who he is or who he wants to become.Each element of a tattoo takes on a very personal and symbolic dimension. Where a koi carp evokes determination,the dragon is a symbol of wisdom, and the lion a protective figure. Tattoos are shown only at carefullychosen times, to carefully chosen people.For this exhibition we have brought together five artists from varied backgrounds to help us understandJapanese tattoo art. Men and women of different generations, Japanese and Western, tattooed or not, bringtheir own distinctive visions of irezumi. Whether via symbolism, family links, criminality or even entertainment,Japanese tattoo art is revealed from all angles, from prejudice to reality, as an element of living culture.These photographs, some of which have never before been seen, open the way for dialogue as they recountJapans complex connection with tattoo tradition. Between art and criminality, between shame and pride,between legality and illegality, we discover living canvases which speak of a thriving subculture, evolvingboth on the margins and at the heart of Japanese society.In the era of globalization, the much more positive view of tattooing in the West and the fascination of therest of the world for irezumi are slowly but surely changing things. Voices are raised to urge Japan to recognizethis entirely hand-drawn tattoo tradition (part of the countrys long and varied craft tradition) as a trueart form. A generation of Japanese tattoo artists has in recent years begun to speak out against restrictionsthe government has imposed on tattoo artists. But while their movement seems to be gaining ground, muchremains to be done before laws and ideas deeply anchored in Japanese culture can be overcome.

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Irezumi, the art of japanese Tattoo | Galerie &CO119 - Artsy

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David Beckhams Son Brooklyn Is the Latest Celebrity Kid to Reveal a Face Tattoo – SheKnows11.05.20

Kids these days, who can understand them? One day theyre taking over the world on TikTok and fighting for climate change the next, theyre debuting the startling new trend of face tattoos, embraced recently by young adult icons Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Cindy Crawfords son Presley Gerber. Now, it seems that Victoria and David Beckhams oldest son Brooklyn Beckham may be getting in on the fun too, thanks to some steamy pics shared by both Brooklyn himself and fiance Nicola Peltz. We can see a face tattoo that says true love on 21-year-old Brooklyn Beckhams forehead (at least a more positive message than Presley Gerbers misunderstood tat?), and while fans have sounded off their approval in the comments, we dont yet know whether its real or just for a Halloween prank.

Punk baby , is all Brooklyn writes under the sexy pics of him and Nicola with pink streaks in their hair, a plunging black bodysuit on Nicola, and a dragon tattoo curling down her arm. His own tat is just above his right brow and has true love written out in loopy cursive.

Some light investigation does seem to reveal the tattoo isnt permanent in an earlier pic from the same day, Brooklyn posted a pic of Donatella and her muse (AKA Donatella Versace, who herself commented with her approval). In that pic, his forehead is clearly tattoo-freeso, they likely slapped some temporary ones on later that night.

Still, Brooklyns got quite a bit of support for the ink in his commentswe wonder how David and Victoria will feel if this one ends up going permanent.

Before you go, click here to see more celebrity sons who look like their famous fathers.

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David Beckhams Son Brooklyn Is the Latest Celebrity Kid to Reveal a Face Tattoo - SheKnows

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Global Tattoo Ink Market Overview With Detailed Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Emerging Trends , Future Prospects during 2020-2029 – TechnoWeekly11.05.20

The Tattoo Ink Market study describes the current market size and market forecast, market prospects, main drivers and constraints, regulatory scenario, industry trend, PESTLE analysis, PORTER analysis, new product approvals / launch, promotion and marketing campaigns, pricing analysis , competitive environment to assist companies in decision-making. The data from the study is focused on current and historical market dynamics that assist in decisions related to investment.

Tattoo Ink offers fundamental industry overview representing market trends, company profiles, growth drivers, market scope and Tattoo Ink size estimation. The valuable Tattoo Ink industry insights, type, application, deployment status and research regions are studied. A thorough analysis of gross margin view, trade news, industry plans and policies, constraints are explained. A complete Tattoo Ink industry scenario is explained from 2014 to 2019 and forecast estimates are presented from 2020-2029. The productions, industry chain analysis, gross margin structure and deployment models are stated in detail. Top regions analysed in the report include North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and the rest of the world. The Tattoo Ink industry presence and maturity analysis will lead to investment feasibility and development scope.

Get A Free Sample Copy Here:,-region,-type,-application-and-sales-channel/152617#request_sample

Tattoo Ink Market Leading Players (2019-2029):

Intenze Tattoo InkElectric InkTommys SuppliesKuro SumiMillennium ColorsEternal Tattoo SupplySkinCandy Tattoo InkAlla PrimaDynamic Tattoo InksFantasia Tattoo InksPanthera Black Tattoo InkRadiant Colors Tattoo InkDragonhawk Tattoo

Market Segment Analysis

By Types:

Black & Grey Tattoo InkColor Tattoo Ink

By Applications:

Age Below 18Age 18-25Age 26-40Age Above 40

By Region

North America




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Tattoo Ink Industry Report addresses different regions like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. The production value, gross margin analysis, development trend, and Tattoo Ink market positioning is explained. The industrial chain study, potential buyers, distributors and traders details are explained. The challenges to the growth and market restraints are explained. The market maturity study, investment scope and gross margin study are profiled. The production process structure, market share, manufacturing cost and Tattoo Ink saturation analysis is covered. This will helps the industry aspirants to analysis growth feasibility and development plans.

A special highlight on cost structure, import-export scenario and sales channels of Tattoo Ink industry is presented. The benchmarking products, dynamic market changes, upstream raw material and downstream buyers analysis are presented. The business trends, key players analysis and product segment study are explained. The regional SWOT analysis, gross margin analysis, application analysis and industry barriers are explained. The value, volume and consumption from 2019-2024 is portrayed. All the essential details like pricing structure of raw materials, labour cost, sales channels and downstream buyers are presented.

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In the next segment, the forecast Tattoo Ink industry perspective is covered. Under forecast statistics, the market value, volume and consumption forecast from 2019-2024 is explained. Tattoo Ink regional analysis for major regions and countries in this region is stated. The study of new Tattoo Ink industry aspirants and analysts opinions for this industry is presented. The limitations to the industry growth, market risks, Tattoo Ink growth opportunities and market trends are viewed. The revenue, Tattoo Ink market status, past market performance and product details are presented.

Salient Features Of The Report:

The Tattoo Ink report serves as a vital guide in portraying present and forecast industry statistics and market size. The supply/ demand situation, gross margin view and competitive profile of top Tattoo Ink players are presented. The Tattoo Ink market breakdown by product, type, application and regions will provide sophisticated and precise analysis. Recent developments in Tattoo Ink industry, growth opportunities, constraints are studied completely. Also, new product launch events, mergers & acquisitions of Tattoo Ink, and industry plans and policies are covered.

The revenue estimates of Tattoo Ink market based on top industry players, their product type, applications and regions is studied. The cost structures, gross margin view, sales channel analysis and value chain is explained. In the next segment, the SWOT analysis of players, cost structures, traders, distributors and dealers are listed. The forecast study on Tattoo Ink industry will be useful for business plans and growth analysis.

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Contact Us:

Name: Alex White

Phone: US: +1(806)4400782/ UK: +44 33 3303 4979

Email: [emailprotected]

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Global Tattoo Ink Market Overview With Detailed Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Emerging Trends , Future Prospects during 2020-2029 - TechnoWeekly

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Justin Bieber Says He Thinks He’s ‘Done’ Getting Neck Tattoos: ‘That’s a Hailey Request’ – Yahoo Entertainment11.05.20

Justin Bieber is running out of room for tattoos and wife Hailey Baldwin is perfectly okay with that.

Following the success of his 10-episode original docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons,the 26-year-old singer released a 30-minute YouTube special on Friday entitled Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, during which he explains the meaning behind one of his new tattoos and reveals he's finished getting ink on his neck.

"I think the thorns symbolize the rough spots in my life. The flower is such a representation of beauty," Bieber says of the rose neck piece he debuted in September. "I think I'm done on my neck. That's a Hailey request."

Justin Bieber/instagram

RELATED:Justin Bieber Gives Fans an Up-Close Look at All of His Tattoos

He continued: "My back is still pretty open, and I don't have kids yet. So, I'm thinking of getting their portraits on my back."

Despite wanting her husband to slow down on the tattoos, Baldwin recently got some new ink on her ring finger in honor of the "Intentions" singer.

Justin Bieber/Youtube

Earlier this month, celebrity tattoo artist Mr. K shared a post on Instagram, highlighting the two new tattoos he did for the 23-year-old model.

"It was PLEASURE for your trust on this meaningful piece @haileybieber #haileybieber #justinbieber #mrktattoo," he shared with his followers.

RELATED:Justin Bieber Debuts Large New Neck Tattoo by Celebrity Artist Dr. Woo

According to Mr. K, the first tattoo the supermodel requested was the word "beleza," which means "beauty" in Portuguese on her neck. She also got the letter "J" with a star on her ring finger in honor of Bieber.

Baldwin's romantic new ink came just two weeks after the couple celebrated the 1-year anniversary of their extravagant wedding ceremony in South Carolina.

The supermodel commemorated the special day with some sweet throwback photos from the wedding. "1 year ago we had the best wedding. Wish I could live this day over and over ," she wrote.

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Justin Bieber Says He Thinks He's 'Done' Getting Neck Tattoos: 'That's a Hailey Request' - Yahoo Entertainment

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Even as traditional globalisation has slowed, a new kind has sped up – The Economist11.05.20

HAIRPORT, A BARBER SHOP, could be anywhere in the world. A smart logo on its doors shows a pirate in a tricorn, flanked by crossbone-style scissors. Giant photos of tattooed and bearded hipsters cover its walls. Two stylists trim the beards of jeans-clad customers. The owner, Ahmed Zia, a 31-year-old who founded the place in 2018, explains the logo, which he designed himself. I was a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, he says, I like the idea of a team of pirates. Hence the crossbones-style theme. He settled on the name because it sounds like airporta portal to the rest of the world.

What makes Hairport striking is its location: in Kabul, the embattled capital of Afghanistan. The city is no stranger to beards. A couple of decades ago, sporting them was compulsory, a rule enforced with beatings by the Taliban. But in the past few were so well maintained, nor were they accompanied by tattoos or earrings.

Today, however, Hairport is one of many such barber shops to have opened in Kabul. Walk around Shahr-e-Naw, a neighbourhood in the citys centre, and you stumble across half a dozen, with names like New York barber or West Style barber. Some offer tattoos, too. The market has completely changed, says Mr Zia, who sports carefully clipped facial topiary. The youth now are very interested in new styles. They get their ideas from Instagram and Pinterest, he says, and happily pay 200 Afghanis ($2.60) for a trim. As for skin ink? It is prohibited in our religion, he says, but the youngsters, they do not care.

Globalisation in the traditional sense has slowed in the past couple of decades. Even before covid-19 smashed it, global trade had stagnated for a decade. By last year, foreign direct investment (FDI) as a share of GDP had fallen by two-thirds compared with its peak in 2007. The globalisation of brands, which once seemed unstoppable, has slowed. From the 1970s to the early 2000s, the number of countries in which you could get a McDonalds soared, from just two to over 100. But no new country has welcomed the firm in over four years. Indeed a few places, such as Bolivia and Iceland, have demolished their golden arches. Big expansions of other brands have failed. In January Walmart, an American retailer, began laying off people in India and wrapping up its business there.

And yet in recent years a different type of globalisation has accelerated. A new design aesthetic is taking over the world, spread not via brands or FDI, but through social media and the internet. Even as formal trade slows, the globalisation of taste is rampant. Starbucks may not have reached large chunks of the world, but there are very few large cities in the world now in which a visitor cannot order a latte surrounded by exposed wood and vintage light bulbs. Kabul boasts no McDonalds, but you can get a decent burger and fries at Burger House, a restaurant that would not be out of place in San Francisco.

A global hipster index drawn up by MoveHub, an international shipping company, in February, did not include Kabul in its calculations of the worlds 446 most latte-soaked metropolises. The firm ranked cities by the number of coffee shops, record stores, tattoo parlours, vegan restaurants and vintage boutiques. At the top were predictable spots such as Brighton, in England, and Portland, Oregon, on the west coast of America. But the hipsters have spread much farther afield.

At the Lion Caf in West Kabul, young trendies slurp coffee beneath paintings by local artists. Sometimes you need a break from your own culture, says Karim Karimi, a 22-year-old law student, who takes his laptop there to work. It is joyful when you can find that in your own country, he says. Even Goma, a city in conflict-ridden eastern Congo, boasts Le Petit Chalet, which serves quinoa protein bowls as well as latte macchiatos. In Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, a place at least as war-torn as eastern Congo, Le Grand Caf features exposed brickwork (the caf does still rely on freeze-dried Nescaf; global gentrification has its limits).

The style, all raw wood tables, exposed brick, and hanging Edison bulbs, has been termed AirSpace by Kyle Chayka, an American writer. Sajith Pai, a venture capitalist in Delhi, describes it as the bastard child of IKEA, Starbucks and Apple. Its purpose is to communicate to potential customers that there will be a certain level of quality; that the coffee or haircut will meet some global standard. You can call it reassurance design, he says.

Wealthier Indians decorate their own homes with slightly old furniture, hand looms, that sort of thing, not spartan brick and stripped-down wood, says Mr Pai. But they seek out hipster design in the bars and cafs of places such as Delhi and Mumbai because it signals their membership of a global elite. Mr Pai reckons the biggest consumers of this style are not the super-rich but the class just beneath themthe upper-middle class, who cannot stretch to Bentleys or private jets, but can afford plane tickets and posh coffees.

Both the rich and middle class are growing in numbers. According to the World Bank, the share of the worlds population living on more than $10 per day (at 2011 purchasing-power parity)enough money to buy things other than food and shelterhas swelled from less than a quarter two decades ago to almost two-fifths in 2017. The bulk of the growth has been in East Asia, but the figure increased in every region (see chart). The Brookings Institution, a think-tank, estimated in 2018 that the number of rich people (those living on more than $110 a day) will grow by 50%, or 100m people, by 2030. The global middle class (which it also defines as those on more than $10 a day) will increase to almost two-thirds of the worlds population.

Such people are more likely than they were to be urbanites. Over half the worlds population now live in cities, according to the World Bank. Not everyone in poor-world cities (or even those in rich ones) will be able to afford regular flat whites or visits to craft-beer bars. But cities create high-paying specialist jobs, so some will. That allows specialist tastes to flourish. In Kenya, Eoin Flinn, the Irish CEO of 254 Brewing, a craft-beer company (named after Kenyas dialling code), says that his firm has experimented with beers from a Mexican pineapple sour to a Nitro Stout. The buyers are middle-class Kenyans bored with of the bog-standard lagers that were until recently the only option.

This class of people is more global literally, too. There are 272m migrants worldwide, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), a UN body. That figure represents just 3.5% of the worlds population. But it is at an all-time high. And it is already higher than the IOMs predictions for 2050 made in 2003. Some are refugees. Many morenearly two-thirdsare economic migrants.

Both groups contribute to the globalisation of hipsterism. While abroad they acquire new tastes and money which they then bring home. In Afghanistan many of the hottest new businesses, such as the Lion Caf, are founded by Afghans who previously fled their country. The same is true in Somaliaa country with a population of 15m, but a diaspora of 2m. Mogadishu is not an easy place to get a posh coffeebut it is now possible, thanks to Somali returnees.

With travel comes education and thus exposure to a global culture of trendiness. Between 1975 and 2017 the number of students studying outside their home country increased from 800,000 to almost 5m. Their ranks have swelled even faster this millenniumthe figure increased by a fifth between 2012 and 2016 alone.

But it is not just travelling abroad for education that has increased. Global education options at home have, too. The American University of Afghanistan, inspired by the American University of Beirut, was established in Kabul in 2004. Its professors include foreigners and Afghans educated abroad. Courses are taught in English, not Dari or Pushtu, Afghanistans two predominant languages.

Yet the biggest driver of late has surely been the internet. It enables would-be trendsetters to access information about the latest fashions free of charge, at least those who can read English and afford mobile-phone data. Worldwide, the proportion of people with a broadband subscription has nearly doubled since 2010. In only a few countries, such as Eritrea and North Korea, is fast mobile internet not widely available in big cities. Restaurant designers and hair stylists from Kabul to Bangui can take inspiration from Instagram; so can their consumers. In Afghanistan a fast-growing sector is e-commerce, mostly of Chinese drop-shipped goods, which retailers order straight from the factory and sell via Facebook. Where commerce spreads, so does culture.

What does the rise of this class mean? A class of people who buy into a common cult of mid-century furniture and banal contemporary art do not always endear themselves to their fellow citizens. Even in rich countries, they cluster in cities which tend to vote for left or liberal-leaning parties. And even in those placeswhere they are accused of gentrification or worsethey are not always welcome. The rise of such a style hints at an urban-rural divide that is growing all over the world.

Yet in rich countries these days being a hipster is hardly a rebellionthe culture has spread so relentlessly in big cities it is practically conformist. A somewhat tongue-in-cheek mathematics study published last year by Brandeis University found that even pure anti-conformist[s] systematically taking their decisions with a tendency to oppose the majority can end up making the same decisions as everybody else. These days it would be far braver for an entrepreneur in New York or Copenhagen to start a business with plastic tables and staff sporting chinos and polo-shirts.

That is not true in many poor countries, and especially not in Kabul, where universities and schools are frequent targets of attack, most recently on November 2nd. At Hairport, the barber shop in Kabul, Mr Zia says that the Taliban returning to power is his greatest fear. Before getting into his own business, he studied English in Pakistan and then worked with the American army. He likes the idea of the rest of the world. But he says, I love my country, and does not want to leave. Afghanistans future is uncertain. If the Taliban come back, I am planning to run away. Not everyone with a beard is a good omen.

This article appeared in the International section of the print edition under the headline "Flat-white world"

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Even as traditional globalisation has slowed, a new kind has sped up - The Economist

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atmos And UBIQ, Two Iconic Sneaker Boutiques, Merge To Form atmos USA – Sneaker News11.05.20

Across Japans thriving sneaker culture, atmos has decisively taken the reigns as one of the most prolific boutiques on that side of the world; comparatively, their US presence is far more quiet as they only have one New York store to their name. But little did we know, the retailer long had plans of growing further stateside, a goal that is much closer in sight as they join forces with UBIQ under the umbrella of atmos USA.

Well-acquainted, atmos and UBIQ founders Hommyo Hidefumi and John Lee have fostered a relationship more than two decades in the works. Like-minded in their love of sneakers and vintage clothing, the two originally collaborated on Chapter World before founding their own respective imprints. Together once again, well see both of their skills give way to the growth of atmos USA in America by way of a further refined e-commerce channel and an extensive calendar of collaborations.

And though much of the latter is still under wraps, the label was able to celebrate their merger with the release of their Puma Suede. Similar to UBIQs past Vans offerings, the silhouette dons a print of heavy Eastern influence and a fitting Three Tides Tattoo title. See-through logos are almost invisibly layered atop the profile, partially tinting a mosaic of toonified folklore, geishas, and further cultural figures. Elsewhere, black suedes wrap the toe upwards, dyeing the laces, heel tab alongside.

As of right now, is live now. Down the road, you can expect special marketing activations, new product, and much more at the Philadelphia, D.C., and New York stores.

atmos x UBIQ x Puma Suede Three Tides TattooAvailable$180

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Where to Buy

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atmos And UBIQ, Two Iconic Sneaker Boutiques, Merge To Form atmos USA - Sneaker News

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Piercer gains APP certification in Morehead – The Trail Blazer11.05.20

A local piercer will soon hold the only body piercing APP membership in Morehead.

Kebrie Skurski, a piercer at Back Alley Tattoos, is working towards earning a membership from the Association of Professional Piercers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and safety of body piercings, making her the first piercer to earn the title in the area.

Kebrie Skurski poses for a portrait at Back Alley Tattoos on Monday, November 2, 2020 in Morehead, KY. Photo by Sarah Mitchell | The Trail Blazer.

They generally go above and beyond what the health department and stuff like that want you to do, said Skurski. We just want to ensure that its safe for everybody and that youre going into a sterile environment so that you dont have to worry about getting infections.

She decided to take the steps to her an APP membership to bring respect, professionalism and a higher standard to the industry in small communities.

I think its really important that areas like this, small towns, are able to have places where they can get professional quality piercings, said Skurski. They can feel confident coming down and knowing that theyre in good hands and theyre not with somebody who really has no idea what theyre doing.

Skurski, who has been in the industry for 10 years, said shes always adhered to APP standards to ensure her customers health and safety.

Kebrie Skurskis work station at Back Alley Tattoos on Monday, November 2, 2020 in Morehead, KY. Photo by Sarah Mitchell | The Trail Blazer.

Ive always felt really passionate about my job anyways, said Skurski. I always wanted to do the best that I possibly could in the industry, so this was kind of the next step.

The rules set by the APP regulating the shops layout prevented her from previously earning the certification. Now that Back Alley has moved locations, the opportunity to reconstruct and install the necessary features to meet the APPs criteria.

Requirements include eight-foot tall walls for booths, installing a hepa filtration system and hands-free equipment.

Skurski is anxious to earn the membership.

Its just one of those things where you feel respected in the industry, you feel like youve worked really hard to try and be the best at your job and getting my certification would just solidify that for me, said Skurski.

Once construction and installments are completed, Skurski will send videos of the shop and documentation of her blood borne pathogen, CPR and first aid certifications.

Her APP membership will be determined afterwards.

Piercing selections at Back Alley Tattoos on Monday, November 2, 2020 in Morehead, KY. Photo by Sarah Mitchell | The Trail Blazer.

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Piercer gains APP certification in Morehead - The Trail Blazer

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UFC fighter Kevin Lee just tattooed his head and … holy st – MMA Mania11.05.20

Im not a tattoo guy, which has more to do with a fear of commitment than any anti-ink sentiments, but I do appreciate artistic style. Thats why I stand in awe of what UFC veteran Kevin Lee has done with his head.

I dont know what you call it, but it's pretty epic.

Lee (18-6) is currently ranked No. 10 at 155 pounds, despite losing three of his last four. The Motown Phenom was last seen tapping to Charles Oliveira at the UFC Fight Night 170 event back in March.

Heres another look at the planning stage:

The feedback on Lees social media platforms has been mostly positive and thats a credit to his tattoo artist Noelin Wheeler, who fans may recognize from the Ink Master series on Spike TV. Ive only seen Tattoo Nightmares, which is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

As of this writing, the 28 year-old Lee remains unbooked.

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UFC fighter Kevin Lee just tattooed his head and ... holy st - MMA Mania

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