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Dalton Police Department Investigating Shoplifting Of 2 iPads – The Chattanoogan11.25.20

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the publics help to identify a man who shoplifted two iPad tablet computers earlier this month. The suspect was recorded by store surveillance.

The incident happened at the Shugart Road Walmart on Nov. 13. Shortly after noon, the suspect entered the store and picked out two iPads, an iPad Pro 12 and an iPad 8, along with food and other items. The suspect then went to the self-checkout area and the clerk working in that area began to check out his items for him at one of the kiosks. When the clerk put the two iPads in bags and began to scan the rest of his items, the suspect then picked up the bag with the two iPads and walked out of the store. He bypassed all payment areas and did not attempt to pay for the computers. The suspect then left the store in a silver Dodge Ram pickup truck with no license tag. The iPad Pro 12 was priced at $949 and the iPad 8 was priced at $299.

The suspect is a white man with close cropped dark hair and a sleeve tattoo on his upper right arm that was barely visible under his short-sleeved T-shirt. He wore a pair of jeans and a gray Nike baseball t-shirt with a large swoosh log over a home plate icon on the chest.

Anyone who recognizes this suspect is asked to please contact Detective Clinton Travis at 706 278-9085, ext. 9-231.

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Dalton Police Department Investigating Shoplifting Of 2 iPads - The Chattanoogan

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The movies & shows to watch on Netflix in December 2020 – Looper11.25.20

As far as original films go, Netflix has no shortage of exciting new projects hitting the platform throughout December 2020.

Right at the beginning of the month, Mank, the newest film from acclaimed director David Fincher, arrives on December 4.Manktells the story of famed screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (played by Gary Oldman) as he, alongside Orson Welles (Tom Burke), wrote the classic drama filmCitizen Kane. It also detailsMankiewicz's personal battles with Welles asCitizen Kane was in production and up to its theatrical debut in 1941.With a supporting cast that includes Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Charles Dance, and more as well as a new original score from frequent Fincher collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross there's no doubt that Mank will be a movie to watch as awards season begins.

On December 11, musical theater fans will be able to stream Ryan Murphy's The Prom, adapted from the award-winning Broadway musical of the same name. Featuring megawatt stars like Meryl Streep, James Corden, and Nicole Kidman, The Prom centers around Broadway actors longing for the illustrious days of their past who journey to a small Indiana town to help a high school student be allowed to take her girlfriend to prom.

A few days later, on December 18, Chadwick Boseman's final film will arrive on Netflix. The world was stunned in August 2020 when the Black Panther star passed away from stage IV colon cancer, and his final performance will come in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, the true story of a music legend and one difficult day in the recording studio. The film stars Viola Davis as Ma Rainey, an iconic blues singer, and Boseman as the aspirational and determinedtrumpeter Levee.

Finally, just before Christmas, George Clooney's post-apocalyptic thriller The Midnight Sky will hit Netflix on December 23. It tells the tale of a scientist namedAugustine Lofthouse (Clooney) and a group of astronauts in the Arctic who face aglobal disaster upon their return home.The Midnight Sky alsofeatures stars like Felicity Jones (as Sully), Kyle Chandler (asMitchell),David Oyelowo (as Commander Tom Adewole), and Demin Bichir (as Sanchez).

Other Netflix original movies arriving in December 2020 includeJust Another Christmas, Leyla Everlasting, Bombay Rose, Fierce, andCanvas.

December 1

Angela's Christmas Wish

December 2


December 3

Just Another Christmas (Tudo Bem No Natal Que Vem)


December 4

Leyla Everlasting

Christmas Crossfire (Wir Knnen Nicht Anders)


Bombay Rose

December 8

Cops and Robbers

December 9

Rose Island(L'Incredibile storia dell'Isola Delle Rose)

December 11

The Prom


December 14

A California Christmas

December 18

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

December 23

The Midnight Sky

Your Name Engraved Herein

December 26

Asphalt Burning (Berning 3)


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The movies & shows to watch on Netflix in December 2020 - Looper

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Modern-Day Tattoos And The Law Of God – Modern Ghana11.23.20

Once upon a time, I encountered a preacher man on the bus preaching about tattooing. Associating the act to evil spirituality, he condemned the act holistically. Listening to the preacher man that morning, I felt so bad and guilty even though I had none on my body, knowing very well as a Ghanaian that; some individuals have their names and addresses tattooed on their bodies by no fault of them.

Well, maybe I was being compassionate considering the fact that I have a couple of friends who had tattoos on their bodies. As a student of history then, I went back to my civilization notes to consult. In fact, archaeological findings indicate that the first tattoo was found on an Egyptian mummy around 2000BC which is believed to symbolize rejuvenation and fertility in women.

At the time, tattoos served as forms of identification with respect to tribes, families, social status and so on. Considering the level of superstitious beliefs during that era, the practice to a large extent was aimed at creating barrier against various forms of evil and harm that may come their way.

Even in many societies today, some individuals especially children and babies with regular health complications are cut deeply on the skin to create scar tissue, after which herbs and ash are rubbed into the wounds. As the wound heals, it leaves scars in a form of tattoos on the body. This process is known as cicatrization. As a matter of fact, this process is used as a ritual within various tribes in sub-Saharan Africa today.

What the does the Bible say about tattoos? In Leviticus 19:28, the Lord God said: Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord (KJ21). I felt like the most sensitive part of my soul had been touched after a dear one who had tattoos on her body narrated her ordeal with a preacher during church service.

To me, it is a miracle that this dear one still worships in that congregation I must say. Unlike this dear one of mine, many souls have been lost due to how they received the message of this law (Leviticus 19:28) from some preachers at church. The background of this law backed by archeology and the biblical text was that the Canaanites would customarily slash their bodies for ritualistic purposes specifically to mourn their dead and honor their gods (see 1 Kings 18:28).

Therefore, these events in ancient Egypt and Canaan suggest that God was forbidding scarification, not tattooing as we all know- my candid opinion. Homowo for instance today is a festival celebrated by the people of Ga in Ghana. During the festival, Kpokpoi (made from corn and palm oil) is sprinkled on the streets by the chief with the belief that the ancestors would be pleased by the offering which is equated to sacrifice.

This does not make the consumption of Kpokpioi evil. However, eating it in honor of the gods as a Christian is where the problem lies. On the other hand, tattooing the body in honor of a god or a spirit is where the problem lie as Christian.

It is interesting to know that the purpose of tattoos today is quite obscure to even those who have them on. To some; it is ignorant and to many; it is fashion. My dear ones who have tattoos on your bodies, the bible is not necessarily against your tattoo. The tattoos on your body do not make you a sinful person. Just make sure all that you do is done in love for God.

However, if your tattoo was motivated by ritualistic purposes, do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9). Seek Him, and He will refresh you (Matthew 11:25). For those who intend to wear tattoos; consider the health implication, and spend time to discern before you ink, if you are a Christian. Above all, make sure all that is done is done in love (1 Corinthians 16:14).

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Modern-Day Tattoos And The Law Of God - Modern Ghana

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University of Missouri System grant investment program funds research and creative works at UMSL – UMSL Daily11.23.20

UMSL faculty members (clockwise from top left) Lindsay Athamanah, Anne Austin, Adriano Udani and Bettina Casad will receive a combined $98,000 in funding from the University of Missouri System to further their research. The funding comes via the Research and Creative Works Strategic Investment Program. It is meant to provide seed money forpreliminary work, which can then be used to generate external funding from federal agencies, foundations and donors. (Photos by August Jennewein)

Top University of MissouriSt. Louis researchers in the areas of arts, humanities and social and behavioral sciences received a boon to their work last week thanks to the University of Missouri System.

The UM Systems Research and Creative Works Strategic Investment Program will provide a combined $98,000 in funding to four UMSL faculty members Anne Austin, assistant professor of anthropology; Lindsay Athamanah, assistant professor of special education; Bettina Casad, associate professor of psychological sciences; and Adriano Udani, associate professor of political science.

As part of the program, UMSL will provide 25 percent in matching funds.

Overall, the strategic investments total more than $630,000, with more than $512,000 contributed in research awards from the UM System and a match of approximately $118,000 coming from the UM universities. In total, 23 innovative projects at the four universities will receive funding.

The goal of the program is to provide seed money for preliminary work, which can then be used to generate external funding from federal agencies, foundations and donors.

As a land-grant university, research is at the very core of our mission, UM System President and MU Chancellor Mun Choi said. Despite the financial challenges presented by the pandemic this year, were proud to make these strategic investments in the kinds of projects that delve into the intellectual and cultural ideals that help us better engage in and improve our society.

Athamanah and Udani won the largest awards at UMSL with each receiving $30,000.

With her project, Promoting Equity and Inclusion with Peer Mentoring, Athamanah will explore the experiences, perspectives and social networks of participants in a peer mentoring program in a postsecondary education programs for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I am honored to receive this grant because I will be able to create an inclusive peer mentoring program for the UMSL Succeed students and UMSL undergraduates, Athamanah said. My research focuses on exploring inclusive social opportunities and the potential impact these opportunities have on awareness, knowledge and friendships between young adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In addition to her own research, Athamanah is part of the team in the College of Education that recently secured a $2.1 million Department of Education grant to expand the UMSL Succeed Program.

Udanis research project, Latino Asylum Seekers as Policy Research Partners, aims to develop a shared policy agenda and action plan among Latino asylum seekers in St. Louis. The project will partner with Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project and the Interfaith Committee on Latin America in addition to asylum seekers.

This project has important contributions bybuilding processes and systems that centeroppressed groups in decision-making and systems change, Udani said. IFCLA, MICA and I are extremely excited and grateful for UM System support for this project that will directly and equitably pay asylum seekers for their time, creativity and problem-solving to co-produce knowledge with us.

Marginalized groups such as asylum seekers have had minimal opportunities to address policies that affect them. To change that, Udani will treat asylum seekers as expert partners co-authors and co-investigators rather than subjects of a study.

Typically, in political science, immigrants are often positioned as participants in studies or respondents to surveys that are designed by researchers, he said. In immigrant service ecosystems,asylum seekers are also often positioned only as service consumers or storytellers of oppression, which can perpetuate acommon misperception: Immigrants and migrants should just be grateful that they receive any assistance at all.

Casad received $25,000 for her project, Improving Minority Health by Inducing Empathy. It will examine the role empathy might play in bridging racial health disparities due to prejudice and discrimination. She posits that inducing empathy can increase intergroup cooperation and reduce implicit racial bias.

The University of Missouri Research Board previously awarded Casad funding to investigate the effects of threatening intellectual environments in STEM classrooms.

Austin was awarded $13,069 for her project, Revealing the Tattoos of Ancient Egypt. The goal of Austins work is to the reveal the practice of tattooing in ancient Egypt through the study of mummies in tombs at Deir el-Medina. By identifying the age, sex and health of the mummies and symbolism present in the tattoos, she hopes to interpret the tattoos meaning and purpose.

This grant will fund my teams work in Egypt as we explore and identify tattoos that have been hidden from the world for thousands of years, Austin said. Receiving this grant means so much to me. It not only represents the support of the UM System for my research, but also the collective accomplishments of the UMSL community. From grant writingto mentorship to fieldwork support, UMSL has shown their dedication to making our students and faculty top researchers in our fields. Im excited to represent UMSL internationally as I work to understand tattooing, both in the past and today.

This project is an extension of her previous research in Egypt where she used infrared cameras to identify more than 30 distinct tattoos on a female mummy. The discovery garnered interest from news outlets around the world after she presented the findings at a professional conference in 2019.

Strategic Investment Program Awards:

Lindsay Athamanah, special education, Promoting Equity and Inclusion with Peer Mentoring, $30,000

Anne Austin, anthropology, Revealing the Tattoos of Ancient Egypt, $13,069

Bettina Casa, psychological sciences, Improving Minority Health by Inducing Empathy, $25,000

Adriano Udani, political science, Latino Asylum Seekers as Policy Research Partners, $30,000

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University of Missouri System grant investment program funds research and creative works at UMSL - UMSL Daily

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An inmate wrote to a famous photographer. Their letters, and friendship, became a collaborative project – CNN11.23.20

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN

This past January, photographer Alec Soth received a letter in the mail at his studio in St. Paul, sent from the Minnesota Correctional Facility just north of him in Rush City.

It was from an inmate and self-taught artist, Christopher Fausto Cabrera, asking to start a dialogue.

"Please forgive the audacity of this letter. I reach out in great admiration and respect," wrote Cabrera. He said he was reaching out to local artists, hoping to connect. "By no way am I absolved of my past -- but I seek to pay something forward through my art and writing..."

Intrigued, Soth replied, forming the first link in a chain that would bond the two men.

Alec Soth (left) and C. Fausto Cabrera (right) Credit: Bade Turgut/Emily Baxter

Nearly a year later, Cabrera's initial outreach has turned into innumerable letters, emails and phone calls, set against the backdrop of tumultuous world events, from the coronavirus pandemic taking root in the US to the Black Lives Matter protests that took place throughout the country following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. A portion of their conversations has been published in a recent book, "The Parameters of Our Cage" published by Mack.

"The physical nature of a letter in the mail is touching, just because there's so little of that," Soth said during a video interview. He is a photographer who works primarily with tactile media, shooting 8x10 film and publishing photography books that attempt to gaze into the interior lives of his subjects. Cabrera, meanwhile, has cultivated his own creative side while in prison.

Cabrera's first letter to Alec began an ongoing exchange now published as the book "The Parameters of Our Cage." Credit: Courtesy of MACK

In their letters, Soth and Cabrera grapple with complex topics that reflect larger undercurrents running within the country: the inequity of the criminal justice system, the effects of isolation, how polarization sows discord between people. They confide deep personal truths and discuss photography and art through a critical lens.

And though their friendship may be unexpected due to the physical limitations inherent to it, Cabrera doesn't necessarily find it any different from a friendship that could blossom under more ordinary circumstances.

"We meet people all the time that change our trajectories with their presence due to this 'otherworldly' bond that seems to develop on its own," he wrote to CNN over JPay, a corrections service that includes email.

A surprising bond

Cabrera first reached out to Soth to expand his creative community beyond what he had carved out for himself while in prison. Following his convictions of second-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder for committing a drive-by shooting in 2004, he spent over a decade at another correctional facility in Stillwater (Cabrera is due for release in 2030). He had worked in the art department there, teaching and "developing a path for future students to follow," he said.

"There is a function to art in here: tattooing, portraits of kids and family members, memorial pieces and even original greeting cards can quickly establish a reputation for you as an artist," Cabrera said. "But I still wouldn't have identified as an artist; it was just something I did. Our identities are seeped in negativity here, not only because of the condemnation of the conviction but because of how the system is set up to maintain and perpetuate a certain stigma."

The two artists have kept up through letters, photographs, emails and phone calls over the course of the year. Credit: Courtesy of MACK

After having his art published on the cover of the Washington Post Magazine -- an illustration of his younger self holding his mugshot for a special issue on incarceration -- Cabrera felt "a different level of validation," he explained. "This was a major impetus in reaching out to Alec."

Soth was curious about Cabrera's perspective on photography, and in one of their first exchanges, he asked Cabrera to choose only eight images he would bring if he were stranded on a desert island. Cabrera described them in intricate detail, some real, some imaginary: a real portrait of his mother laughing, just before she became too ill from cancer; an imaginary photo of his aunt and uncle's farm in the summer, with their family present. Cabrera's aunt and uncle raised him after his mother died, and he was incarcerated before he could see the work they put into their new land.

Cabrera also described an imagined image of singer Demi Lovato in her room, writing a song among all of her ephemera. Two of her songs had stayed with him for their sense of solitude. In response, Soth decided to hold an Instagram contest to bring the image to life, asking followers to make a composite based on his description. In his next letter to Cabrera, he included five finalists out of 40 submissions.

"Man, the Demi challenge is awesome," Cabrera wrote back. "I am honored and so impressed by the extent of your effort to make my words tangible. There is a certain magic of possibility in this gesture."

Early on, Cabrera sensed that Soth struggled with depression and felt a kinship between them. Despite coming from two disparate backgrounds, and being in two very different places in life, they were simply two people who saw one another.

"We meet people all the time that change our trajectories with their presence due to this 'otherworldly' bond that seems to develop on its own," said Cabrera. Credit: Courtesy of MACK

"I don't have a lot of friends, so it's just been really valuable to have (this)," Soth said. "And it's the most unexpected form of friendship."

After months of correspondence, Soth said he would be "prone to forget" that Cabrera has a criminal background. But Cabrera reminds him and doesn't evade responsibility for his actions.

"I know him only in the version of himself that he is now," Soth said. "I'm much more aware of his incarceration than (of) his crime. But he doesn't let me forget about the crime."

"I now take on the responsibility of owning my past fully," Cabrera wrote to Soth in one letter. "I know that my incarceration in and of itself has done little to solve any of the issues of crime, but it has molded me into the person I should have been all along."

Responding to restrictions

Soth and Cabrera often return to the idea of restrictions and how they can influence creativity and connection. Restrictions abound in their lives and their relationship, from Cabrera's incarceration, to the new reality of the pandemic, to the very limitations that shape their friendship. (Soth once had a photograph intercepted because guards interpreted something in the image as a gang sign; another time, he said, a letter was returned to him a month later because he included 21 sheets of paper instead of 20.)

The title of the book is drawn from this recurring theme. In a letter, Cabrera recounts to Soth about the time when he was transferred to the Rush City facility from Stillwater -- his allowable personal inventory was reduced two a 2-foot locker. The library of books and DVDs he had amassed for his art classes at Stillwater were gone; so were many of the art and photography clippings he had spent years collecting. Yet under the new stringent rules at Rush City, Cabrera saw improvements in his creative practice.

In an early conversation, Cabrera described an image that he would take to a desert island: his aunt and uncle's farm in the summertime, with his family present. It was a picture he had only imagined, as he had not seen the farm since his incarceration. Credit: Courtesy the aritst and MACK

"It all boils down to limits, huh?" he wrote. "Whether enforced by nature -- biologic(al) or social, tangible or abstract, we all confront the parameters of our cage eventually. What we do when we reach those bars helps define us."

During the pandemic, much of the world has had to confront those parameters. "I'm no stranger to having to adapt to an adverse environment. It's a culture shock to most of the rest of the world..." said Cabrera (to CNN) over JPay. "The pandemic has exposed our character and circumstances on an unprecedented level ... adversarial mentalities can be the strongest bonding adhesive across cultural divides, yet we are turning on each other.

But Cabrera hopes "The Parameter of Our Cages" can show a meaningful connection formed under constraints, and during a time of deep polarity.

"These are trying times for everyone, for different reasons," Cabrera said. "This project can do something to build and galvanize an expanded sense of community as we move forward towards a place with a newfound love (and) respect for 'other' people. That isn't limited to inmates. Anyone we consider an 'other' threatens our understanding of 'self.'"

Though the book has been published, the project is indefinite as Soth and Cabrera continue to send letters to one another. But Soth found a fitting end to "The Parameters of Our Cage."

He drove to the farm owned by Cabrera's aunt and uncle, which Cabrera had described in detail as one of the eight images he would take with him to an island. He had only intended to pick up a few photographs of Cabrera, but while he was there, he recalled a conversation the two had about poker, and photographs that he could take began to take shape in his mind.

"And somehow it all popped into my head," Soth said. "Wouldn't it be great to be out there and have this dreamscape of a poker game?"

Soth joined Cabrera's family at the farm and surprised him with photographs. "The whole thing was like a dream," Soth said. Credit: Courtesy the aritst and MACK

Soth returned and photographed Cabrera's extended family by a pond, the sunlight glittering on the water. They sit at a picnic table, with playing cards while photographs of Cabrera are strewn around the table. Though Cabrera isn't physically there, his presence is etched into the scene -- as is Soth's. It recalls an early discussion the pair had, when Cabrera said while studying landscape images, he had a realization about photography.

"It dawned on me one day that photos without people captured the solitude of a single viewer; that there is always someone 'in' the picture," he wrote to Soth.

Cabrera is present in the pictures on the table, through the memories of his family, and through the connection they share with Soth. He was there in other ways, too: "The whole thing was like a dream, because he called his aunt while I was photographing," said Soth. "And I was there and his family was sad, but (it was) beautiful. And it was a perfect end to the book."

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An inmate wrote to a famous photographer. Their letters, and friendship, became a collaborative project - CNN

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Megan Fox Reveals New Tattoo At The AMAs. Here’s What It Means – The List11.23.20

Many Twitter users seem to think this tattoo is just the most adorable thing ever, dropping comments like "IS THIS TRUE OMG WTFF THATS SO CUTE I????," "omg maybe it's Spanish cause they met in puerto rico," and "They like have to get Married at this point." A few cynics still lurk among the starry-eyed romantics, however. One tweeted: "I cannot believe these two are together lol...," while another simply reacted with a row of eye-rolling emojis.

Well, whether Fox comes to regret that tattoo sooner or later, she's no stranger to the removal process. While she once expressed a wish that there would be a magic pill that could make all unwanted tattoos simply vanish (including the name of her ex-husband), she told Esquire that she actually went through the procedure of having a Marilyn Monroe tattoo erased. Easy come, slightly less easy go ... with ink and with boyfriends, as well. But maybe next time, Megan, you might want to consider coming up with a generic nickname for all the men in your life that way, you could just move from "pookie bear" to "pookie bear" without the need for anyink removal.

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Megan Fox Reveals New Tattoo At The AMAs. Here's What It Means - The List

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International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) made history launching largest beauty, fashion and wellness event graced by celebrity pros from all around the…11.23.20

ISOB 2020 online was a tremendous success with massive attendance from attendees as well as star professionals from Hair, Beauty, fashion and wellness industries.

Atlanta, GA - November 20, 2020 -The International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) Hair, Beauty, and Wellness Trade Show 2020 recently concluded on a glorious note after a bustling 2-day virtual event. The 2020 edition will always remain a special milestone for ISOB as this is the year in which the prestigious show made history as the largest virtual beauty, fashion and wellness event. Organized by leading educator and speaker Dr. Robyn S. Joppy, ISOB Virtual 2020 was graced by celebrity professionals from fashion, beauty, hair and wellness industries from all across the globe.

The ISOB Hair, Beauty, and Wellness Virtual Trade Show 2020 occurred on November 6-7, 2020 and was hosted online, via Hopin, at Salon Pennae Buckhead Atlanta, GA. More than 60 educators, inspirational speakers, panelists, and entertainers from Australia, Portugal, Canada, Africa, Turkey, UK, UAE, and the USA joined the platform this year for the 2-day event.

We are thrilled with the immense success of ISOB Virtual 2020 this year. It was slightly challenging for us to organize and host such an esteemed international event given the vulnerable situation this year due to COVID-19; however, we are amazed and honored with the awesome cooperation we received from all our attendees and guest educator professionals, speakers, panelists and entertainers from all across the world. Moreover, we are glad to note that ISOB Virtual 2020 has created history by launching the biggest virtual beauty, fashion and wellness event of its kind this year, stated Dr. Robyn S. Joppy, Visionary behind the ISOB Hair, Beauty, and Wellness Trade Show.

(In Frame:Dr. Robyn S. Joppy)

The ISOB Virtual 2020 was graced by some of the Whos Who of the beauty, hair, wellness and fashion industries. There was the famous Derrick Rutledge, known for painting some of the most beautiful faces in the world such as Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Michelle Obama, Yolanda Adams, and is currently Oprahs personal makeup artist for the past 10 years Then, the event invited make-up pro Toni Acey who is renowned for her incredible works with some of Hollywoods hottest celebrities, including names like Megan Good, Kelly Price, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland, actress Lisa Raye and more. Star hair stylist Pennae Akpuru, who celebrated 40 years in the hair and beauty industry this year, also joined the virtual red carpet and main stage of the ISOB Virtual 2020.

ISOB is founded on three pillars, one with the mission to foster economic development and empowerment for professionals in the beauty, hair, fashion and wellness industries. In that light, ISOB Virtual 2020 witnessed the launch or feature of 4 new product lines this year. While Derrick Rutledge featured his new eyelash collection, Toni Acey launched her new lip gloss collection. Additionally, Pennae Akpuru launched her new hair care system called Lyfe, and Lynne C. Parker launched her new haute couture design business, LCP Couture.

An amazing experience. Elated to add to the Global wellness imprint with International Shades of Beauty at the helm. - Shani Brinkley, Founder of Feed Your wellness

International Shades of Beauty is impacting this industry on many levels. It was a wonderful and exciting event. Well done Dr. Robyn and Team. - Betty R. Clawson, Gold Sponsor and Owner of Dudley Beauty College Chicago.

Professional workshops have always been a major part of ISOB and this year was no exception. The 2020 event hosted several cutting-edge workshops by industry pros in various subjects in the field of beauty, hair, wellness and fashion. There was a long list of courses on - tattoo removal, transition from chemically treated hair to natural, latest eyebrow shaping trends, makeup for movies and television, the importance of certifications when working abroad, building your brand while building your business, tips and techniques for barbers, importance and usage of right make-up brushes, beauty inside out, beauty starts at the cellular level, and many more.

The final day of the event (International Shades of Fashion Show) was dedicated to fashion and featured fashion designers from around the world before an international audience. The show was hosted by celebrity fashion and style consultant Rita Nicolas and Passionista Creative Designers.

The event included a talent show performed by 40 girls from Nairobi, Kenya as part of Project Cultivate, ISOBs Virtual 2020 community service project.

Upcoming Events

Additional networking and educational opportunities will be available at ISOB 2021. Visit for more information.

About International Shades of Beauty

International Shades of Beauty Hair (ISOB) is the vision of Dr. Robyn S. Joppy and supported by a group of powerful, multi-racial, entrepreneurial women who desire to give anyone connected to the hair, beauty, wellness, and fashion industry, domestically and internationally, the tools, resources, and exposure needed to be successful.

About Pearls Management

Pearls Management, a business management company, and our astounding team of professionals work in partnership with our clients to offer the best professional experience that delivers tangible results.

For more information, please visit

Media ContactCompany Name: Pearls ManagementContact Person: Dr. Robyn S. Joppy, CEOEmail: Send EmailCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) made history launching largest beauty, fashion and wellness event graced by celebrity pros from all around the...

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Aesthetics Market 2020 |Global Industry Analysis By Trends, Size, Share, Company Overview, Growth And Forecast By 2026| Latest Research Report By…11.23.20

DataIntelo has published a latest market research report on Global Aesthetics Market. The global report is prepared in collaboration with the leading industry experts and dedicated research analyst team to provide an enterprise with in-depth market insights and help them to take crucial business decisions. This report covers current market trends, opportunities, challenges, and detailed competitive analysis of the industry players in the market.

The published report explains about the current supply and demand scenario and presents the future outlook of the market in a detailed manner. DataIntelo has applied a robust market research methodology to bestow the new entrants and emerging players with 360 wide-view analysis on the latest advancements and their impacts on the market. It has congregated massive amount of data on the key segments of the market in an easy to understand format. The research report has laid out the numbers and figures in a comprehensive manner with the help of graphical and pictorial representation which embodies more clarity on the market.

You can buy this complete report @

Report Covers Impacts of COVID-19 to the market.

The on-going pandemic has overhauled various facets of the market. This research report provides the financial impacts and market disturbance on the Aesthetics market. It also includes analysis on the potential lucrative opportunities and challenges in the foreseeable future. DataIntelo has interviewed various delegates of the industry and got involved in the primary and secondary research to confer the clients with information and strategies to fight against the market challenges amidst and after COVID-19 pandemic.

Market Segmentation:

Few of the companies that are covered in the report.

AllerganCynosureLumenisMentor WorldwideSolta MedicalApax PartnersGalderma

Note: Additional companies can be included in the list upon the request.

By Product Type:

LiposuctionCellulite & Fat ReductionSkin TighteningBreast ImplantsBotoxDermal FillersTattoo RemovalThread LiftLaser Hair Removal

By Applications:

Clinics & Medical SpasBeauty Center

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Aesthetics Market 2020 |Global Industry Analysis By Trends, Size, Share, Company Overview, Growth And Forecast By 2026| Latest Research Report By...

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These businesses will close if parts of Staten Island become a red zone – SILive.com11.23.20

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that due to the increasing coronavirus (COVID-19) positivity rate, Staten Island -- most of which has been designated a yellow zone -- could become more restrictive red and orange zones by the end of the week.

During a press briefing, Cuomo said several communities across the state are in a warning track this week, including parts of Staten Island that will go into an orange zone and parts of Staten Island that will go into a red zone if the trend of coronavirus cases continues at this rate, he said.

A red zone -- the most restrictive of the designations -- has been feared by many small business owners and restaurants since they were able to reopen during various phases after being shuttered in March.

Im really concerned about the viability of local businesses, said Linda Baran, president and CEO of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. In the last couple of weeks, business owners were worried about these closures. This is the time of year when a lot of these entities make their money, during the holiday season.

She said shes concerned these businesses -- from hair salons to retail stores -- wont be able to sustain another shutdown.

I dont know if businesses will be able to make it. ...Staten Island is different than the rest of the city. To say one part of the Island is red and the other is orange, may not work. I dont know how effective that is going to be. I think individual businesses should be able to run on their own merit as long as they are having no issues, said Baran.


In a red zone, all restaurants would shutter and only be allowed to accommodate pick-up and delivery orders. In addition, all non-essential businesses, including malls and retails stores, would close -- possibly at the busiest time for holiday shopping -- Black Friday week.

Restaurants are disproportionately affected by these edicts, said by St. George attorney Mark Fonte, who is one of the lawyers representing a contingent of Island-based restaurants who have dubbed themselves, I.R.O.A.R. (Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue).They have complied with every mandate placed on them. If they are following the guidelines, there is no reason they should be shut down.

Said Louis Gelormino, fellow St. George attorney representing the restaurant owners: Cuomos policies are ensuring that the restaurant industry will cease to exist in the near future. We are clearly not all in this together.

However, Cuomo said the designations are warranted to help stop the spread of the virus.

We have several communities that are in the warning track. I hate sports analogies. For those people who dont know them, the warning track is the track just before the fence when you run to catch the ball its going to be a home run, a warning track turns into dirt so you dont run into the wall, he said.

I always ran into the wall anyway. Parts of Staten Island will go into an orange zone. Parts of Staten Island will go into a red zone at the current rate. Staten Island is a serious problem. Staten Island is also a problem in terms of overburdening hospitals, and were running into a hospital capacity issue on Staten Island that we have to be dealing with over these next few days, he added.

Red zone regulations:

Orange zone regulations:


According to Cuomos executive order, non-essential businesses -- those that are considered a higher risk associated with the transmission of the COVID-19 virus that would close in designed orange and red zones include gyms, fitness centers, barbers, hair salons, spas, tattoo and piercing parlors, nail technicians and nail salons, cosmetologists, estheticians and laser hair removal and electrolysis companies.

If gyms must close, not only will it cripple the fitness industry and small businesses alike, but more so devastating to New Yorkers who rely on fitness for health purposes, said Chris Pacifico, who owns Crunch Fitness in St. George and just opened a 32,000-square-foot Crunch gym in the former New York Sports Club space in Travis that shuttered during the pandemic.

Red zones would see the closures of even more businesses -- anything deemed non-essential, said a state spokesperson.

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These businesses will close if parts of Staten Island become a red zone -

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Friday the 13th still happens safely amidst pandemic – FSView & Florida Flambeau11.23.20

Nicole van der Sommen, Staff Writer Published 9:32 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2020 | Updated 9:41 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2020

Some examples of Friday the 13th tattoos offered at Studio B Tattoos and Fine Art Gallery.(Photo: Courtesy of Studio B Tattoos and Fine Art Gallery)

On Nov. 13, which fell on a Friday this year, hundreds of excited members of the Tallahassee community waited in line for a discounted tattoo or piercing. This holiday, which already happened once this year in March, is a time where tattoo fanatics, or newbies, can add another tattoo to their collection or get their very first one for only $13.

This tradition, which has been around for more than 20 years, started at a little tattoo shop in Dallas, TX, called Elm Street Tattoo.

Co-owner Oliver Peck said, I definitely wasn't the first person to do it, the number 13 tattoo on Friday the 13th, in an interview with The Sun. But, I definitely made it an event.

Peck also states that his shop expects around 1,200 people each year at the 24-hour event. It has grown from a wild free for all to a record setting event where nearly a thousand people line up to get tattooed in one day, Peck said.

A few days before the event starts, parlors will post on their social media whether they will be doing a flash sheet, which is a list of chosen tattoos that they are doing, or they will let their followers know if they are letting guests bring in their own design. No matter the time of year, Friday the 13th flash sheets always include the number 13, designs incorporating the number or some Halloween-themed designs.

With COVID-19 still looming over the world, people were unsure whether the Tallahassee parlors would be participating in the tradition.

Ive been looking forward to getting a tattoo for a while, Florida State student, Claire Flemister said while waiting in line for tattoo shop Studio B to open. But I was nervous about COVID-19 and the lines during the Friday the 13th tattoo events. I was really surprised how considerate everyone was with wearing masks and keeping distance and sanitizing.

In the line, there was an unspoken rule between participants that there should be at least six feet between them and the person in front of them. Strictly following CDC guidelines, tattoo shops heavily regulated the amount of people in the shop at the time and highly encouraged people to sit in their car while they waited. They gave everyone in line a raffle ticket and took their phone number to call them when they were next. Once they got that call, they had 10 minutes to check-in or they would lose their spot in line.

Many shops, who have participated in the past, refrained from the event this year. Popular tattoo parlor Capital City Tattooz was one of the shops that did not participate.

Normally, we love seeing everyone get excited for Friday the 13th flash tattoos and discounted piercings, the company posted on their Facebook page. In order to keep everyone safe, we are not offering any Friday the 13th deals this upcoming Friday and won't be planning any events either.

The shops that participated made sure that their artists cleaned and sanitized their stations after each guest. They also informed people beforehand that they reserved the right to turn people away who were not wearing a mask or had come in contact with COVID-19 within the last few weeks. This pandemic has taken away so much, but these people made sure that it could not take this fun tattoo tradition too

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Friday the 13th still happens safely amidst pandemic - FSView & Florida Flambeau

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