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Impatient driver hits cyclist after rushing overtake…but it’s not his fault (apparently); Doull’s ink-redible tattoo mishap; What’s Cav scared of?;…11.30.21

Right, let's kick off the afternoon with some reaction to our big story of the day...THAT video of a motorist colliding with a cyclist before making some questionable claims in the argument that followed...

Stuart Spencer said the Merc driver's logic is the perfect example of "the sense of entitlement that has invaded so much of society today."

On Facebook, Jackie Fraser said she had experienced something similar..."I once had a driver complete a high speed u turn into me, and then berate me about his paintwork."

Seems a decent time to pull up this exchange between the driver and cyclist in the clip..."Bro, that's my property..."..."Yeah, this is my life..."

Liam Pike commented: "He knows he is too close and just wants to have a pop at the cyclists. You don't rush a overtake like that and spend sixmins arguing about."

Plenty of discussion under the live blog too...

BigE said: "Surely if driver gives 1.5m as in Highway Code cyclist would not be able to touch the car!"

Mungecrundle added: "Mercedes Man - The old 'It's your own fault, you forced me to overtake when it was dangerous to do so'routine. I'm not sure if this is some sort of Vulcan mind link thing that cyclists use to force bad driving or some sort of remote control over vehicle steering and speed functions."

And one final thought from wycombe wheeler, "I'd hateto be a delivery driver if people react like this to people knocking on their doors. Or is it just car doors that are super sensitive?"

The rest is here:
Impatient driver hits cyclist after rushing overtake...but it's not his fault (apparently); Doull's ink-redible tattoo mishap; What's Cav scared of?;...

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Unauthorised tattooing continues to flourish – The Hindu11.30.21

The State Governments bid to regulate unauthorised and unhealthy tattooing in public places seems to have not hit the target. People not trained in tattooing continue to do the job using unhygienic needles, exposing their clients to serious infectious diseases.

It was on April 29 this year that the Health and Family Welfare Department issued an order making a licence mandatory for those engaged in tattooing. It was pointed out that unauthorised tattooing was prevalent on temple premises and festival grounds, and in street corners and shops.

The order had said that because of the use of same needle that is not disinfected and same ink on many people, there is a chance of infection and serious illnesses that could also spread among others. The order quoted a report of the Director of Health Services that said there was a possibility of allergic reactions, swelling on where the needle injected, skin tuberculosis, and cancer. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis V, HIV and tetanus may spread because of the use of unhygienic needles and syringes, the report said.

Magician Shiju Manohar Kottiyam, on whose complaint the Government had issued the order, claimed on Saturday that no attempt was being made to enforce it.

The order said that only licenced agencies were now allowed to engage in tattooing. The ink used should be approved by the Drugs Control Authority. Those who do the job should wear gloves and remove it after the job.

The needles and the tubes containing ink should be in disposable or sealed labelled packet. All non-disposable equipment should be disinfected. Those who do the job should take Hep-B vaccine and the body part should be thoroughly cleaned before and after. Cleanliness should be ensured in the place where tattooing is being done.

Local bodies were asked to set up a committee comprising their secretary, medical officer, health supervisor or health inspector, food inspector, district drug analyst, and an officer from the pollution control board to issue licences.

But many officials are blissfully unaware of this order itself. Untrained people are still seen engaged in tattooing in street corners and some major beaches. Rarely steps are being taken to inspect if all the tattooing shops have the required licence.

See more here:
Unauthorised tattooing continues to flourish - The Hindu

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You’ve Gotta Hand It to These Hand Tattoos – INKED11.30.21

It wasn't all that long ago that hand tattoos were known as "job stoppers," which was a way to say that most employers wouldn't even consider hiring somebody with visible ink on their hands. While tattoos have become more accepted in society at large and in the workplace specifically, that doesn't mean that all prejudice against it has been eradicated. As such, getting hand tattoos is a pretty big deal.

You can't really hide your hands. Unless you live in the most northern reaches of Alaska wearing gloves all year long isn't really an option. Hand tattoos require dedication and commitment. We always talk about how getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and that's true, but especially so with hand tattoos.

Thus there are three really important things to consider when you get your hands tattooed.

1. Make sure you're ready for your life to change. Yes, we've been harping on this for three paragraphs already, but it is something you do really need to consider.

2. Really, really, really make certain that you are going to a reputable artist and that you're in love with the design. Beyond all the social ramifications, you're going to be looking at that hand tattoo for the rest of your life. Have you ever considered how many times you look at your hands on any given day? It's constant. I'm staring at my hands as I type this sentence because despite decades of writing on a daily basis, my typing accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. I gots to check in on those digits and make sure they're mashing the right keys or else my editor is going to chew me out. I cannot think of a single place on the body where your tattoo will be more visible, not necessarily to others, but definitely to yourself.

3. You're going to have to earn this one. Hand tattoos are brutally painful. It doesn't matter if it's the palm, the top of the hand or the fingers, that shit is spicy. A couple of months back we made a video of a gentleman getting both of his hands tattooed at the same time and with no exaggeration it was the toughest thing I've ever seen a person endure.

As long as you consider those three things, getting a hand tattoo can be a truly beautiful thing. We've collected a gallery of some of our very favorite hand tattoos down below for your viewing pleasure. Have fun!

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You've Gotta Hand It to These Hand Tattoos - INKED

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People Are Tattooing The Late Ismael Grima’s Face And Name On Them In Beautiful Tribute – Lovin Malta11.30.21

As the island comes to terms with the shocking news with the death of Ismael Grima, his friends and loved ones are tattooing his image and name on their bodies in tribute to him.

Ismael, better known as Iz-Zy, was beloved by many over the island, with many paying tribute to the 21-year-old in various ways.

Now, photos and videos are surfacing of close friends getting Iz-Zys name, face, and dates tattooed on their bodies as a way of remembering him.

A beautiful portrait of this angel in heaven.

Some are even creating portrait artworks of the late Ismael.

Just last week, Ismael received a beautiful final farewell, which was characterised by a massive crowd of loved ones, flowers and colours that celebrated his entire life.

His Facebook profile has also since been transformed into a remembrance page, which his loved ones continue to flood with lovely memories and respect.

Just today, police confirmed that the 19-year-old passengerwho was accompanying him at the time of the accident has been released from the ITU and is recovering well.

In memory of Ismael Grima

Continue reading here:
People Are Tattooing The Late Ismael Grima's Face And Name On Them In Beautiful Tribute - Lovin Malta

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How Ralf Rangnick’s stance on tattoos could affect Rashford and other Manchester United players – Manchester Evening News11.30.21

Manchester United players that have tattoos could be affected by Ralf Rangnick's arrival at the club.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked after United's 4-1 defeat to Watford last weekend and the MEN revealed on Thursday that Rangnick had agreed terms to succeed Solskjaer on an interim basis, with a two-year consultancy role to follow his spell on the touchline.

The German was the mastermind behind RB Leipzig's sensational rise and he's influenced some of the world's most elite coaches.

His opinion in football is highly respected, but his stance on tattoos might not go down well with United's players.

We want your views, Reds. You can become even more involved with our Man United coverage by signing up. This will unlock a whole host of things - including joining the comments and taking part in our special Q&As, where you can speak directly to our reporters about whats happening at Old Trafford this week and beyond.

Click here to get started.

United have multiple players at the club that have tattoos, including Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes among others, and Rangnick has previously outlined his controversial stance on the matter, as per the Daily Mail.

If I say its a coincidence, this is not quite the truth. For the style of football we play, we need team players," Rangnick said.

They should at least celebrate with the guy who gave the assist. Of course this has not necessarily to do with tattoos. But then we need to discuss why do people have tattoos all over their body? Its got to do with being exceptional and trying to attract attention.

Im not asking a player before we meet, show me your body whether you have any tattoos. Maybe some of them have tattoos. At least they dont have them where you can see it everywhere.

Here is the original post:
How Ralf Rangnick's stance on tattoos could affect Rashford and other Manchester United players - Manchester Evening News

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Tattoo 2022: Tickets for Edinburgh Castle spectacular to go on sale this week – The Scotsman11.30.21

The revamped event, the first for three years at Edinburgh Castle esplanade, will be the first staged under a new chief executive and creative producer.

It emerged last month that the Tattoo, which has been worth more than 77 million to the economy in recent years, was set to shed its tartan and shortbread image in a bit to attract a younger, more Scottish audience in future.

New sound and lighting systems will be deployed to transform the look of the castle and light up the esplanade itself for the first time.

Ahead of ticket sales launching on Wednesday, organisers have pledged that next years show will evoke the emotions and stir the senses like nothing youve seen before.

They say the 2022 production will draw inspiration from people around the world who onnect and share their voices creatively through spoken word, song, writing, music and dance.

Last month, Major General Buster Howes, who was appointed Tattoo chief executive last year, said next years show would mark a new era for the event, saying that people will absolutely notice a difference when we return.

The 2022 production which is entitled Voices is being masterminded by Michael Braithwaite, who was appointed the first dedicated creative director in the history of the event, which was first staged on the esplanade in 1950.

The New Zealanders CV includes working on the Harry Potter movies and with Muppets creator Jim Hensons company, producing an outdoor festival for then London mayor Boris Johnson to coincide with the 2012 Olympics and working for Legoland operators Merlin Entertainments around the world.

Mr Braithwaite said: Through the challenges and separation of the last two years, people of every culture have used their voices to remain connected.

These voices can be found in many ways the piper through music, the dancer with movement, the poet through words and the drummer with a beat.Voices is our desire to make next years Tattoo not just a reunion, but a celebration of the connections, cultures and languages that bring us together at the unique setting of Edinburgh Castle.Im hugely excited to play a part in the history and spectacle of the Tattoo, helping it return to the global stage, re-energised and invigorated for a new era.

The 2020 was cancelled along with Edinburghs other summer festivals. Efforts to revive the event this summer were scuppered by the late lifting of Covid restrictions in Scotland and the time needed to build the events temporary auditorium.

Performers from more than 50 countries have taken part in the Tattoo so far, which the event has staged overseas five times, in Australia and New Zealand.

The event, which has been a complete sell-out in modern times, is staged before an overall audience of around 220,000 every year, with highlights shown on TV to a further 100 million people.

Standard tickets for the 2022 range in price from 30 to 95. Hospitality packages cost up to 640 each.

See more here:
Tattoo 2022: Tickets for Edinburgh Castle spectacular to go on sale this week - The Scotsman

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This Week In Black Love: Summer Walker And Her Beau Get Face Tattoos, Keshia Knight Pulliam Is Thankful For H – Essence11.30.21

Theres nothing like the holiday season to bring people together, including some of our favorite Black celebrity couples. Some snapped it up for the gram while enjoying Thanksgiving, others just shared sweet moments, traveling, dancing and showing off matching tattoos together (you read that right). Check out all the love on display this week below!

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

You know the love is real when your man writes a whole blog about you! The singer gushed over the hard work Berry put into bringing her film Bruised to life on her site rspin the day the film was released on Netflix. She was more than grateful: when your man writes the MOST amazing article about you on such a special day @vanhunt

Shaunie ONeal and Pastor Keion Henderson

The newly engaged couple are already traveling the world together. They recently took a trip to three completely different places in less than a week: North Carolina, Ghana and Chicago, Illinois. What jet lag? They certainly look good and in love.

Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine

These two are still going strong and enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday together with good food and good photos to capture their memories.

Summer Walker and LVRD Pharoh

While the singers sophomore album Still Over It might be all about moving on from a complicated breakup, these days, Summer Walker has found love again. She and rapper LVRD Pharoh, or Larry, are going strong, so strong that they decided to get tattoos of each others names on their faces.

Cardi B and Offset

In a sweet video, the couple gave thanks ahead of the holiday for one another with Cardi saying he makes her feel safe and Offset saying his wife has made him a better man.

Hamisa Mobetto and Rick Ross

The rapper has a new lady in his life: Tanzanian model and singer Hamisa Mobetto. The two danced the night away (and promoted Belaire sparkling wine) while on a trip to Dubai.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

The actor spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Harveys family, eating good, playing games (a Louis Vuitton foosball table!?) and sneaking away to share kisses in the bathroom.

G Herbo and Taina Williams

The rapper, his partner Taina Williams (daughter of Emily Bustamante) and their very cute and chunky son Essex took photos together for Thanksgiving looking like quite the happy family.

Ayesha and Steph Curry

When hes not leading the Golden State Warriors to one of the best records in the NBA right now, Steph Curry makes time for date night with wife Ayesha. The two looked cozy while enjoying each others company during a stop in New York City.

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Brad James

The newlyweds and their daughter Ella took a sweet family photo on Thanksgiving. Pulliam shared it and gave thanks for her brood saying, Today and every day I am eternally grateful for these two amazing human beings!!

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This Week In Black Love: Summer Walker And Her Beau Get Face Tattoos, Keshia Knight Pulliam Is Thankful For H - Essence

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Family of 8 shares adoption story, marks bond with matching tattoos – ABC News11.30.21

Six years ago, Mike Brostowitz received a phone call that would change his family's life. A social worker called about a group of four siblings who needed a forever home.

Mike and his wife, Dawn Brostowitz, who live in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, had just started the formal process of getting a foster care license with the intent of adopting. At the time, their biological sons, Austin and Leo, were 10 and 12.

"We were very, very open with our social worker that we wanted to adopt," Dawn said.

When Mike called Dawn to share the news, he asked if she was sitting down.

"And I instantly asked, 'What did you break or buy?' Because I knew he did something," Dawn said.

Despite the surprise of four siblings, the couple spoke with two of their former foster moms and immediately felt there was something special about the kids. That feeling was confirmed when they met the four siblings -- Bruce, Autumn, Annissa, and Atlantis -- for the first time on a short weekend visit.

After gaining a temporary license, the siblings moved in nine days later, according to the couple. In that time, Mike said he rearranged the entire house and even started to build an additional bedroom to make them feel at home.

"When they showed up for the weekend visit, they saw the house under construction, and the kids got to go with us that weekend and pick out the colors for the rooms and all their bedding. So when they would show up, the rooms were together, everything was there," Mike said.

The following June, in 2017, the Brostowitzes officially adopted the four siblings and their family of four doubled to a family of eight. While the Brostowitzes said they were overjoyed, having six children comes with challenges, from schedules to finances and adjusting to the new family dynamic.

"All of a sudden we get a whole new family added to ours and that adjustment period was really interesting," said their son, Austin.

However, with a supportive network of family and friends to help, they family created balance. They even had other foster children come live with them for periods of time, including at one point an additional group of five foster kids, filling their home with eleven kids, at some points.

"I'm happy to have a great family that took us in and is able to give us a loving home that we never thought we would have," said Autumn, 16.

The Brostowitzes say the years have taught them something meaningful about family.

The Brostowitz brothers pose with their new tattoos celebrating the day they officially became family.

"When we started prepping for fostering, we said that any kid that comes into our house is going to be treated the exact same as our biological children," Mike said. "They were loved equally, they got to do and experience the same things as our biological children and I think that was a very strong building point for our family."

Family isn't blood. Family is the people you choose to be around.

"The ... four [children] that we adopted are my kids, no matter what, they're my kids, I may not have given birth to them. But they are 100% my kids," Dawn said of their bond.

The Brostowitzes say they also have their own ways of celebrating each other. One way is through a "family-versary" dinner in February to mark the day Bruce, Autumn, Annissa and Atlantis first moved in.

To commemorate becoming a legal family, this year, Mike and their sons all got tattoos of the day -- June 23, 2017 -- in Roman numerals.

"We all got the adoption date tattooed on our bodies as a sign of family isn't blood. Family is the people you choose to be around ... who you choose to be with," Austin said.

Dawn and their daughters, Autumn, 16, Annissa, 13 and Atlantis, 10, have plans to follow suit when they're older.

"When the girls get older, I said I would get one with them. And it's something they all agreed on," Dawn said.

In November, to mark National Adoption Month, Dawn said the family shares their story to show the importance of foster care and adoption in hopes to inspire others.

"I tell anybody who will listen our story, because if we can do it, anybody can," she said. "Even if you think you can't do it, you really can. It's all about changing your priorities, changing your lifestyle."

"I'm happier with my siblings in my life than without them. I can't imagine how different everything would be if I didn't have them," Austin said.

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Family of 8 shares adoption story, marks bond with matching tattoos - ABC News

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Man with upper respiratory tract infection unlawfully left home for tattooing session – The Straits Times11.30.21

SINGAPORE - A man who was issued a medical certificate (MC) after he was diagnosed with acute upper respiratory tract infection in a clinic last December decided to skip his Covid-19 swab test and took a bus home.

Instead of staying indoors the next day, Tan Fu Yu left his Ang Mo Kio flat and took a private-hire car to a Sin Ming Road tattoo studio to get his chest inked.

Tan went for a polymerase chain reaction test for Covid-19 only on Sept 19 this year and tested negative for it.

Court documents did not disclose why he took the test about nine months after receiving the MC last December.

On Friday (Nov 26), the 20-year-old Singaporean pleaded guilty in a district court to leaving his home without a reasonable excuse despite being given a relevant MC.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jane Lim said that Tan went to Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic at around 3pm on Dec 8 last year to seek treatment for a dry cough and an itchy throat.

A doctor later diagnosed him as having an acute upper respiratory tract infection and told him to undergo a swab test for Covid-19.

The doctor also issued Tan with an MC, excusing him from work or school for three days.

The MC also stated that Tan was required by law to stay at home until his swab test showed a negative result.

Tan acknowledged the doctor's explanation, collected his MC and left the consultation room.

The DPP said: "Instead of going for his Covid-19 swab test and collecting his medications, the defendant left (the polyclinic) and returned to his residence by bus.

"The nurse tried to contact the defendant at his mobile phone multiple times, but the calls were unanswered."

The next day, Tan left his home and reached the tattoo studio at around 1.40pm.

After the session, Tan left the studio at around 3pm and took a bus home.

On Friday, DPP Lim urged the court to give him to a short jail sentence, stressing that he had left his home for a "frivolous reason" - to get a tattoo done.

Tan, who was unrepresented, pleaded for a second chance and said: "(There was) no excuse for whatever I did."

He will be sentenced on Dec 9.

For committing the offence, he can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $10,000.

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Man with upper respiratory tract infection unlawfully left home for tattooing session - The Straits Times

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Behind House of Gucci’s Beauty Looks: Tattoo Cover-Ups, Prosthetics, and Perms, Perms, Perms – POPSUGAR11.30.21

On one particular day, when Lady Gaga spun her makeup chair around, she caught a glimpse in the mirror. It had been two, maybe three hours, and she looked intentionally tired. It wasn't just her lips, thinned out with concealer, or the wrinkles drawn on with precision. Earlier, her many tattoos had been covered up, and a wig one of 10 she wore throughout the film had been laid. She was ready. "Oh my god," she said to her hairstylist Frederic Aspiras. "This is almost . . . creepy."

It was during those nine months of filming the newly released House of Gucci that Lady Gaga became Patrizia Reggiani, the glamorous socialite charged with arranging the murder of her husband and Gucci fashion heir Maurizio Gucci, in 1997. "She transformed before my eyes," Aspiras told POPSUGAR. "As soon as we put on that wig, it was like hitting the play button."

The film, by nature of most biopics, required meticulous planning and research deep into the archives of wedding photos, past interviews, documentaries by the cast and crew to ensure each character's most accurate portrayal. Lady Gaga, for example, had "over 50 different looks in the movie," said her makeup artist Sarah Tanno, that followed her character from the 70s through the 90s. "The prep work started way before the film," she added. "She would do fittings with [the film's stylist], and Frederic and I would be trying on [wigs] or throwing on makeup with her looks and taking notes."

Yet, Lady Gaga served only one piece of the transformation pie in the amalgamation of House of Gucci beauty looks. In fact, the movie's hair and makeup team put in countless hours to transform the entire cast into the real-life Gucci family and acquaintances, including a decidedly unrecognizable Jared Leto. There were tattoo cover-ups! Chin prosthetics! Enough perms to fill a marble bathtub in (one of) their Italian mansion!

Keep reading as Aspiras, Tanno, and makeup department head Jana Carboni break down the behind-the-scenes beauty secrets from all the bronzing products they went through on set to the hidden detail to look out for with Lady Gaga's hair color ahead. Just be forewarned: unlike the story's fateful ending, these secrets are dangerously good.

The rest is here:
Behind House of Gucci's Beauty Looks: Tattoo Cover-Ups, Prosthetics, and Perms, Perms, Perms - POPSUGAR

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