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Posted in Skin Art on Sep 15, 2020

Because staying in doesnt mean skipping your beauty regimen

Beauty and skincare will always be a personal thing. One womans moisturizer may not do well on others, just as ones certified acne-removing toner may cause facial breakouts on other women. That is why brands under this industry invest so much on personal service in their shops and stores. Customers looking for a beauty antidote can consult skin experts real-time and try on the products even before purchasing them.

This has been a long practice for skincare brand Kiehls. With over 150 years of history, the brand gained trust all over the world thanks to its try before you buy ethos. Kiehls Customer Representatives (KCRs) continue the tradition started by founder Irving Morse in the early 20th Century. An ubiquitous sight in any Kiehls store, KCRs guide customers to ensure that every item bought is a reflection of a direct personal need.

But with our health situation today comes new sets of problems and limitations, not only for people in need of beauty fixes, but also for the ones that supply it. Just like many businesses, the beauty brand finds refuge online to keep its social commerce going.

This September, Kiehls PH expands this very tradition with the launch of an online store in Lazada, one of the countrys largest digital retail platforms, to help consumers who are faced with restrictions to get their skincare needs.

Our Lazmall store will allow both Kiehls newbies and loyal friends of the brand to customize and create a routine for themselves through our tailored shop-in-shop, which echoes an informative yet quirky and fun experience that we offer in-store, says Lerizze Tan, product manager for Kiehls PH. Plus, trained e-KCRs are also available to address their specific questions or concerns.

Now, if you are new to skincare (were talking about the dudes) or just lost on what to do with your WFH-induced skin problems, weve got you covered. Kiehls education manager Yricka Dela Pea shares what your new normal skincare regimen should include to keep your skins wellbeing at its peak while staying indoors.

With the health stress and maskne scare brought by the pandemic, it is becoming a must to have beauty products that double as disinfectant. While most skincare items have antibacterial features, some have harsh effects on the skin. Yrickas advice is to use toners with mild formulation but still have a potent germ-killing power. The brands Calendula alcohol-free toner does just that with the help of marigold petals. That specific ingredient helps battle inflammation and treats skin sensitivity thanks to its soothing and calming effects while maintaining hydration, she says.

Serums are beauty concentrates that elevate anyones skincare routine. Sadly, many are skipping it. Applying serum after the use of toner gives the skin its much needed boost, whether for combating aging, removing dark spots, or just to have that morning glow. She recommends the Midnight Recovery concentrate for ladies, and the Powerful Strength Line Reducing concentrate for gents. Just a few drops should do the trick.

One womans moisturizer may not do well on others, just as ones certified acne-removing toner may cause facial breakouts on other women.

If youre still hesitant to go outside and visit your fave derma clinics, Yrika says that deep facial cleansing is the easiest way to boost skin radiance achieved in a facial session. The Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming face wash removes impurities with its flower extract and glycerin formulation. All it takes are simple massages and rinsingno pricks and injections required. For the guys, it is best to use the Facial Fuel Energizing face wash. It has a minty effect on the skin. It is so refreshing and the scent is very manly, she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

While staying indoors makes you think you can ditch some steps in your skincare, then youre wrong. Your skin may have escaped the perils of UV rays, but not the blue light emitted from your devices. Also, staying inside an air-conditioned room for a long time may cause the skin to be dry and parched. These may cause hyperpigmentation and age your skin faster. Protect it by applying a coat of SPF and moisturizer before work, and make it a habit. Not only will they add hydration to the skin, but they also create a protective layer on it as you accomplish your daily tasks at work.

If youre in dire need of happy hour, then you are in for a treat as Kiehls and Lazada are hosting the best skincare party this month. On Sept. 17, join hosts and digital natives Alodia Gosiengfiao, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, and David Guison as they kick off the brands digital store opening, bringing beauty to your doorsteps with just a tap on your phone.


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