125 Adorable Bird Tattoo Designs For The Bird Lover

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Dec 27, 2018

If you are looking for a bird tattoo, then you have come to the right place. Bird tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos designs available. They have been around for a hundred years in various forms for people to choose from.

Back in the day the only time you ever saw bird tattoos were on the arm of a sailor or a fisherman but times certainly have changed. Both men and women are sporting bird tattoos in many different forms. They are becoming more popular because of their artistic design. They come in many shapes and styles and can be implemented into any tattoo design. If you are looking for something spiritual or inspirational, then the bird tattoo is perfect as its always been seen as a strong metaphor for human life and human emotions. They symbolize the many phases of our lives.

Human feelings and emotions are often depicted through bird designs. Divine love, faith, devotion, and humanity are things that are often depicted through a bird tattoo. The dove is a popular bird choice that often depicts all these sentiments. The cockerel and the partridge are also popular bird choices for tattoos.

If you are looking for the kind of tattoo that symbolizes marital bliss than the goose is an excellent choice for that. The reason the goose is often a great choice is because these birds are known to mate for life, and thats exactly what we want when we enter into a marriage. If you are focusing more on a nautical design but you want some bird elements to it them a swallow or a parrot would be a good choice for a tattoo. The thing we love most about birds is their natural ability to fly. Its something that we are jealous of because we cant do the same thing. Many people believe that there is some symbolism to the birds ability to fly. They believe that its a symbol of a humans soul journeying from their current life to their afterlife.

A flying bird is symbolic that life should not be taken too seriously because anything is permanent in the world, there is always something to it. A flying bird is a symbol that souls are free spirits that transcend. They are beautiful examples of divine beauty and eternal hope. Many cultures and religions use the bird design as symbols for their own beliefs.

Whether you want a bird tattoo because of some symbolic meaning or just because it looks really cool, its all up to you. There are many different bird designs that you can choose from that come in many shapes and sizes.

1. Gorgeous Peacock

This stunning peacock design leaves you with a rather large bird. It makes a great ribcage tattoo though the bird itself looks a little ruffled.

2. Peacock Love

Another example of a peacock design, this one is on the arm. Peacocks are classically great choices because they are beautiful birds, even without color.

3. Bird on a Wire

These three silhouette birds are sitting on a wire. Its a different image if you want something like that.

4. Geometric Designs

This is an unusual design as it appears as if the bird is dead in the design. There could be some meaning behind the design, but its unusual nonetheless.

5. Blue Birds

These stunning birds look great together; the color is dazzling.

6. Crazy Crow

An unusual design that has a crow trapped within some puzzle pieces.

7. Tree of Life

In this tattoo design, there are birds flying away from the tree of life.

8. Flying Away

Birds flying is symbolic of life transferring to another place. This tattoo could be about remembering a loved one passing away. The personal message is also a nice touch.

9. The Hummingbird

A sleeve design that has the hummingbird as a focal point.

10. The Owl

This owl looks like an abstract painting; even the one eye is just a screw. Its an unusual design with a lot of colors.

11. Toucan Sam

If you like Toucans, then you are sure to love this colorful design. The bright colors are the best part of the design.

12. Unique Birds

I cannot say enough good things about this unique tattoo design. Its original and creative and the colors just blow you away.

13. Birds in a Line

These four birds are flying together in a line. Its a unique design that is a simple creature.

14. Geometric Bird

This insane design is really remarkable. If you want a really cool tattoo design that is going to make people speechless than look no further than this tattoo. Its amazing in detail and doesnt require any color.

15. Colorful Peacock

This beautiful peacock looks amazing in all the bright colors. Its a large tattoo if thats what youre looking for.

16. Fierce Eagle

If you are looking for a strong design, then check out this fierce eagle with talons bared.

17. Jeweled Owl

A great owl with a lot of detail. The colors are extraordinary, and it is personalized with a name.

18. Mysterious Image

This image of the woods is a little creepy, something you might imagine seeing in a horror movie. Between the forest and the flying birds it gives you a strange feeling.

19. Birds of a Feather

These birds are literally coming apart from feathers. Its a creative design for someone who is looking for something different. I love the beautiful design because of its originality.

20. A Sparrow

This sparrow fits nicely on the foot.

21. Flying Phoenix

Another example of a phoenix tattoo, this one looks as if its ready for flight.

22. Bird Scratches

A simple design that is made up of a few scratches. A simple design for someone who wants a small tattoo.

23. Painted Crow

This stunning crow is not only fierce, but it looks like it was painted on. I love the striking purple color of the tattoo; it really pops off the skin.

24. Beautiful Birds

These beautiful birds look great together amongst the flowers.

25. Origami Birds

These birds appear as if they might be kites flying in the wind. They are great designs if you are looking for something different.

26. Blue Bird

This stunning blue bird has an old-fashioned feeling to it. A great design for the shoulder.

27. Four Birds

A simple design and yet a beautiful one.

28. Shoulder Birds

This is a great tattoo design for the shoulder as it just sits nicely on top. A small tattoo but a beautiful one.

29. Detailed Bird

I love this sketch of the bird as it doesnt even look like a tattoo. There is a lot of detail to the design which makes for a great tattoo.

30. Stunning Painting

I love these splattered designs because they resemble splotches of paint. The colors are always amazing as well.

31. Like a Drawing

This drawing of a bird was made into a tattoo. There is an amazing detail to it and makes a great sleeve.

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