50 Best Feather Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Apr 25, 2018

There are lots of designs in tattoo art. Feather is one from them. Feather tattoos have different meaning. A feather tattoo present the meaning like loss, luck and birth. Normally feather tattoos are used to show freedom like a bird.Feather tattoos are the famous tattoo designs for both men and women. Feathers are the oldest tattoo ideas. Feather tattoo also represents positive attributes, beauty. Feather tattoos are available in all sizes like small, medium, and large. Even feather tattoos are available in different colors. You can have these feathers tattoo on the ribs, hands, lower back, upper back, shoulder, feet. Its depends on you where you want to get these tattoos on your body. There are various feather tattoo designs which can mix with other tattoos. You can mix these feathers with quotes , words, infinity, rose, birds and many other tattoo ideas. There are many birds whose feathers can be one of your tattoo choice like Phoenix, peacock, eagle, dove, and many more. Feather tattoo is one of the best choice to get inked. If you want Feather tattoos on your body parts then you can get these tattoos on wrist, ear, behind ear, ribs, rib cage, thigh, under arm, upper arm, you can also get feather tattoo under your eye, on foot on side, ankle. If you want feather tattoo in large size then you can get it on your back. It is belief that small tattoos are meant pay respect for native American culture. Peacock feathers has its own meaning of beauty ,renewal, pride, kindness. You can click images and show to tattoo artists at tattoo shop what exactly you want to have on body. You may find many tattoo designs wallpaper, pictures, images which can be one of your tattoo choice. Many celebrities also having tattoos on their body. Zac Efron is one of the celebrity who has feather tattoo and he upload images of tattoo on Instagram. He got many likes on tattoo pics, which he uploaded on Instagram.

So here we are with 50 Best Feather Tattoo designs for Men and Women in our gallery. Hope you will like these tattoo designs.

1. Black colored Feather Tattoo on shoulderfor girls. This feather tattoo is very small and best for the women.

2. Different types of Feather Tattoos are available for men and women. This feather tattoo on arm looking very awesome.

3. Pictures of Feather Tattoos which are covering the shoulder and biceps. This is one of the best tattoo ideas for male who want to have tattoo on shoulder and biceps.

4. Small Feather Tattoo looking cool on chest. Small tattoos are best ideas for wrist also.

5. Black color Feather Tattoo on leg. You can also get some words written along with feather tattoos.

6. Cute behind ear Feather Tattoo is getting more popularity among women. This enhance the beauty of women.

7. This is peacock Feather Tattoo which is very famous design. On thigh this is looking cool. You can get this design on your back also.

8. One of the most stunning from all pics. Tattoo machine is laying down, this Feather Tattoo design on ankle is best who want tattoo on foot.

9. Birds are flying and Feather Tattoo is looking good with quote. Feather tattoos with quotes are best ideas who want quotes and feather tattoo together.

10. Small feather tattoo with sayings are also famous. This tattoo can be inked on yor neck.

11. Men who want to have tattoos on chest can get this Feather Tattoo. Most of men refers to havephoenix feather tattoo on chest.

12. Watercolor tattoo is a new invention in tattoo art. These watercolor tattoo contains many colors. This feather tattoo is looking great in watercolor.

13. Under arm Feather Tattoo is also best choice for women. Under arm feather is one of the best tattoos for girls.

14. This one is religious Feather Tattoo. This is places on the back, it giving some look of henna tattoos.

15. Birds are flying combination with Feather Tattoo on upper back. Some of these tattoos are temporary. If you are a girl then then you can get this on you waist also.

16. Feather Tattoo on finger. You can get feather tattoos in tribal art also. Tribal feather tattoo is also cool idea to get.

17. Small birds with black feather tattoo under neck. Eagle tattoo can be done on neck , and behind ear.

18. Cute girl with Feather Tattoo on collar bone looking cool. You can also get tattoos on collar bone in different color.

19. Wrist is the best place to show your tattoo. Black color feather givesawesome look. You can also get peacock feather tattoo to have awesome and attracts most of your friend around you.

20. Colorful Feather Tattoo on shoulder with butterfly and with cute boy. This tattoo is giving a 3d tattoo look. This is one of the best 3d tattoo design.

21. Watercolor Feather Tattoo on arm looking awesome.Specialtiesof watercolor is they are available in many colors.

22. Quotes are best matching with Feather Tattoo. There are lots of quote ideas which can be matching with different feathers.

23. One of the best 3d Feather Tattoo idea for thigh. These 3d feather tattoos are also available in temporary version.

24. Colorful Feather Tattoo on side rib cage. These are best tattoos for girls.

25. This feather is similar to phoenix feathers. This kinds of feather tattoos are one of the best ever choice by the girls. This feather tattoo is cool for girls.

26. Small feather tattoo ideas for girls. This tattoo is similar to eagle feather. This feather tattoo helps in representation ofstrength.

27. There are different types of feathers. You can also have this tattoo on waist, ribs and leg.

28. Girls who want upper back tattoo then this is best for them. Birds and feather is the great matching.

29. This eagle feather tattoo can be look good if it is inked with some quotes.

30. Birds and quotes are the best tattoo ideas for waist. Feather tattoos with sayings are getting popularity.

31. Colorful phoenix Feather Tattoo with black birds on rib cage. This is best tattoo design for girls.

32. Under arm Feather Tattoo on girl. This feather tattoo design can be doneon ankle.

33. Tribal tattoos are very famous. This tribal feather tattoo on rib can be done on both men and women.

34. Arm blue color feather tattoo design is best for men. These kind of colorful tattoos are available in temporary version at many tattoo art shops.

35. Rib cage tribal black feather tattoo is one good design for girls. This under armTribal tattoos looking cool.

36. Small feather tattoo ideas for girls who want to have tattoos on wrist. This can also done on neck.

37. Double Feather Tattoos on arm. These can be done on your ribs if you are looking for rib cage tattoos.

38. Black and white color feather tattoo on wrist is one of the cool and best tattoo design.

39. Small hand feather tattoos designs for girls. You can get this tattoo on your shoulder also.

40. Arm feather tattoo looking awesome. You can mix these feather tattoos with infinity tattoo also or you can get feather in the form of infinity.

41. Foot feather tattoo is the best design for the girls who want tattoos on foot.

42. Peacock feather with quote tattoo is the best design. You can set this tattoo as wallpaper on your PC.

43. Shoulder feather tattoos on shoulder are famous ideas for girls. Some of these kinds of feathers tattoo can be done on thigh.

44. Peacock feathers with lion and quote tattoo design on rib cage. This is one of the best tattoo designs for girls.

45. Matching double feather tattoos on chest looking cool. You can get this tattoo design on your upper back.

46. Blue phoenix feather and butterfly tattoo. Dove feather tattoos are famous ideas for girls.

47. Upper back and shoulder feather tattoo ideas for girls. You can mix up this tattoo design with rose. Feather Tattoos

48. Birds with feather tattoo ideas for girls. It is looking cool. There are many images of feathers tattoos which are very famous on instagram.

49. French sayings in french also famous. Girl with feather and sayings looking cool. This is one of the cool tattoo idea for girls.

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50 Best Feather Tattoo Designs And Ideas

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