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Posted in Tattoo Designs on Apr 25, 2019

Were told New York is a state of mind, and anyone who has set eyes on the skyline understands the sentiment tenfold.

Many of our ancestors gave up everything on the hopes of starting a new life in the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and some of historys finest minds put down roots and created literary, political, and entertainment masterpieces among those high rises.

New York was at the heart of all that Frank Sinatra found life worth living for, and a New York skyline tattoo is an eternal reminder to do it your way.

A New York skyline tattoo is a dramatic love letter to the Big Apple, at once both classy and unmistakably masculine. Worn like a pair of fine gold cufflinks, this is a tattoo for the unwavering soul who sees the stars even from the gutter. Stretching like the East River across the shoulder blades or running the length of the arm like the Hudson, the New York skyline is the finishing touch on a masterpiece in the making: you.

In the deep blues and blacks of night or golden hours of dawn, this skyline has seen triumph and tragedy, and refuses to be leveled. And so it goes with the man who inks it on his body, and rises to greet a new day. Not just a mere style statement or tourist trend, the New York skyline tattoo is a testament of what man can do with a lot of faith and a little luck.

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60 New York Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men - Next Luxury

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