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There are few franchises that have seen as many changes and distinct themes as Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed. Each game very much does its own thing; bound mainly through their action-stealth qualities and historical-fiction settings.

Because of this, every game in the series tends to excel and stand out in different ways. Some are certainly more successful than others when it comes to motifs and gameplay.

And while it has its share of weak points, the latestViking-tinged rendition, Valhalla, islargely considered to be one of the best in the franchise.

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But just what is it about this AC epic that makes it so distinctly appealing?

The level of customization in this latest version ofAssassin's Creedis impressive, especially when compared to past games in the series. Aside from being able to pick one's gender - and swap it on the fly - you can also pick from a wide variety of hairstyles, facial hair, and tattoos. The latter is even cleverly incorporated into the gameplay, as new tattoo designs can be found in the world and affixed to your avatar for added flair.

Even recruited fighters for raids can be decked out with different cosmeticstyles and accessories, allowing you to get creative with your Viking uniforms.

On top of this, your boats can be personalized with various styles and designchoices. Settlements can be decorated with different assets and figures too - like anawesomestatue of Odin to add more Viking pizazz.

TheAssassin's Creedgames have captivated gamers with their blend of historical fiction and mythology - with a dark conspiratorial twist. Yet,Valhallathrives with a narrative that's more focused and simple, while still proving emotionally gripping.

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Eivor's yearning for vengeance and a desire to explore makes for a story that's palatable, but also easy to get invested in. The dialogue exchanges tend to be more nuanced and interesting, and the narrative generally takes on a deeper, darker tone.

TheAssassin's Creedseries has explored a wide range of compelling settings as a whole. Yet,they've scarcely touched the amount of detail and atmosphere ofValhalla's vast, lavish environments.

The cold, icy wilderness of Norway sets the tone early on, while the gorgeous English kingdoms provide a sense of wonder and invoke a yearning to venture forth. Further adding to this is the ruined, decaying structures of Ancient Rome scattered about, giving a feel of depth and authenticity.

The diversityand distinct feel of the locales are likewiseimpressive, providing a sense of scale as Eivor travels far and wide.

Valhallacontinues - and partly expands upon - Odyssey's dabbling in RPG terrain, and much of this comes in the form of the town settings. This game offers many amusing side activities to have fun with when you're looking to take a break frombashing foes and sneaking about.

You can chat it up with NPCs and take on side quests, go hunting, beef up your gear at the Blacksmith, or kick back with some fishing.

You can take part in a surprisingly addictive dice game called Orlog, engage in a sort of Medieval version of freestyle rapping, and even clash in a rhythmic drinking game.

This feature truly stands out when it comes to depth and customization. With Valhalla's settlements, Ubisoft seems to have found that balance of accessibility and depth, and you'll soon find yourself with a flourishing Viking habitat with little sweat involved.

The game interweaves this sim-like feature into the gameplay itself, as you'll be encouraged to collect additional materials to construct various buildings. These buildings will then open up more avenues and allow you to gain power, which in turn yieldsmoreupgrades.

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It's a well-crafted system of progression and customization that's nuanced and rewarding.

Assassin's Creedhas largely become more open-world as the series has evolved over the years - but this has really culminated withValhalla.

The flexibility allowed in the gameplay and the path Eivor takes allows you to carve out your own experience. Assuming you're strong and well-equipped enough, you can venture as far as you want and take on raids in any order of your choosing. You can seek to take out Zealots scattered about, gather riches and collectibles, or focus on settlement building.

Even within the more linear campaign missions, there'soften some freedom allowed inhowa task can be knocked out. Should you emphasize stealth and sneak in through a back entrance? Or rely on pure muscle as you and your crew go in swinging?

You'll be given a number of "forks in the road,"which prompts you topick a task or area to focus on next - by way of the "Alliance Map."

ThoughValhalla's combat system has brought mixed reception, there's much to appreciate about the fun, versatile fighting mechanicson the whole.

You've got a normal and heavy attack, stealth kills, shield-aided blocks, dual wielding, and a long list of neat skills that can be collected and added to Eivor's move set.

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And this doesn't even include the satisfying bows, each of which hasits own distinct feel and attributes. One nice development touch - arrows can even be set on fire, turning them into flaming torches of death.

Another neat aspect ofthe game is its unique system of upgrades for armor and weapons. Ubisoft further encourages exploration with its thematically-fitting Rune Slots, which are often affixed to gear. Throughout the game, Runes can be found and used to enhance weapons and armor that allow for them.

This is on top of the unique stat boosts and buffs some have, which further adds to the unique nature of each piece of equipment. Gear can also be juiced up and expanded upon by upgrading them on the Inventory screen, as well as at the Blacksmith.

These features, while subtle, go a long way in adding more RPG-like depth and versatility to the gameplay.

Pound for pound, this is the largest, most content-dense rendition ofAssassin's Creedwhen it comes to its main campaign. In fact, players have noted that the core experience alone can take close to 50hours to burn through. And whileOdysseybarely edges it out in overall content, Valhalla's122 hours of extra content is nothing to sneeze at.

Its map size is also particularly large, edging out Odysseywith its vast two countries encompassing all of England and some of Norway.

Similar to the sailing and pirate ship battles serving as the lynchpin for AC4, this game's "ace in the hole" is almost undeniably the thrilling Viking raids. It's the exhilarating sailing, raiding, and plundering that truly make this fun Viking romp shine.

It's hard to match the excitement and fun of charging a battering ram through a reinforced gate of enemy territory, then slicing and dicing your way through a couple dozen foes. These portions offer ample action and put your fighting skills to the test. At the same time, the wealth of riches that can be found in these raids add to the rewarding gameplay.

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