Fans try to figure out what Carrie Bickmore got tattooed on her –

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Nov 21, 2020

On Thursday, Carrie Bickmore surprised her radio co-host Tommy Little with a fresh tattoo, of one of his own designs.

Speaking on the HIT radio show, Carrie and Tommy, the 39-year-old mum-of-three explained: Ive always wanted to get a tattoo, but Ive been too scared.

This morning, Chris (Walker) and I, together, went to your tattoo artist, Ben, and got a tattoo done.

One of them was a nod to my family, and the other, which I was excited about that I thought you wouldnt believe I would get, Carrie told Tommy.

It was liberating theres something about this year thats just making me do stuff that people dont expect to do, so I got a yeah dog tattoo.

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Carrie explained how Tommy has always joked about getting the word yeah with a dog face underneath for a long time, so she decided to beat him to it.

No you didnt, Tommy laughed.

I dont believe thats real Its great. Maybe Ill go out and get a matching one in the same spot.

While Carrie was only joking about the dog tattoo, she actually tattooed the vowels, A, E, O and U as a tribute to her children, Oliver, 13, Evie, five, and Adelaide, two.

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Its not the only physical alteration the host has made either.

In a column in Stellar magazine last weekend, she explained how she cut off her hair at the end of Melbournes strict lockdown, and said it felt like she was cutting away the heaviness of 2020.

Just the simple act of cutting it felt liberating. Like a physical and mental weight off my shoulders. Like I had cut away the heaviness of 2020, she wrote.

She first debuted her new haircut on Instagram, thanking her hairstylist for holding my hand and the scissors as I cut away 2020 today! Yay lockdown is over.

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She also thanked Channel 10 celebrity hairdresser Julie Bekiri for pushing me to do something different with my hair. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday and there hasnt been many holidays this year!

At the time, Bickmore celebrated the end of lockdown with her panellists on The Project.

Just seeing everyone smiling this morning everyone was happy! she said.

If you havent been to a cafe or a pub yet, youre going to one Im going to a restaurant tonight with my wife, said Peter Helliar.

And you went to brunch this morning, Bickmore said to Waleed Aly. Not that I was stalking you I saw your wifes Instagram. That was weird!

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Fans try to figure out what Carrie Bickmore got tattooed on her -

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