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Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 30, 2017

The Final Friday events at the Grayson Gallery & Art Center have become known for their art exhibits, but the most recent event shook things up a little bit. There was still work from the artists hanging on the walls of the gallery, but it could also be found on the skin of those walking around the show.

Flash art is the name for the designs that tattoo artists display in their shops for patrons to choose from. It was also the theme for the most recent show, but if you're thinking Sailor Jerry style anchors and hearts with the word mom emblazoned across them, you're not getting the full picture. The Final Friday Flash Art show, the Art of the Tattoo, highlighted more than just tattoo designs. It featured a wide variety of work from tattoo artists, everything from oil paintings to watercolor to pencil sketches, even photography. The unifying theme was that every piece of art featured, or was created by, a tattoo artist. It also demonstrated just how much art actually goes into creating unique and compelling tattoo designs.

Tattoo artists, after all, are artists first, explained Garrett Carroll, owner and artists at Ashland's Midnight Society Tattoo. Carroll, who took home the Brandon Click Art Appreciation Award for an untitled piece featuring clocks and rose buds, said that he appreciated the opportunity to focus on that art angle of his work, and hopes that getting his shop moved into a new location will offer both more opportunity to work with oil paints as well as greater opportunity to display his and other artists' work.

Getting into the bigger location in Ashland, I'm hoping that will help focus more on my painting. Which I've gotten to do more paintings. I've started more, he said.

While he's been working in acrylics for a while, he has found his passion for painting reignited by experimentation with oil paints.

I've discovered oil, Carroll said, And I really enjoy it over acrylic.

Each medium is different, he explained, and that includes skin.

With oil, you can work it and work it. You can work it to death, really. On skin, you don't have 20 passes, he chuckled. You get one, maybe two tops.

Carroll was also quick to point out the work of other artists in the show as well. Including his mentor, Shane Messer, and his apprentice Krystal Kelly, whose watercolor work on a fairy design garnered a number of audience votes.

There is so much talent here, though, man. Like everywhere, he said. It's awesome.

David Cantrell, who has featured art in previous gallery shows, showed up to pick up some items and stayed for the show. He said that he was also impressed with the work on display, as well as the lack of pretense that you can often find in other art galleries.

This is such a neat concept, Cantrell said. I love this concept. I've been in galleries from Charleston, West Virginia to Louisville, and just the whole way this was done, it's very progressive.

In addition to Carroll's art appreciation award for his untitled piece, awards were presented to Jame Hutchinson, whose work Geisha took both the Gallery Board Choice and People's Choice Awards, and to Rebecca Dearfield for Best Tats of the Night.

The Grayson Gallery & Art Center hosts art events the final Friday of each month. For more information you can visit them on Facebook, in person at 301 Third Street, in Grayson, or call at (606) 474-7651.

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