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Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 10, 2017

Masters of Inkis a Konbini original introducing you to a whole spectrum of tattoo artists from all over the world. Custom designers specializing in everystylefrom moderndotworkto traditionalAmericanatattoos tune in for something new every week!

Andrey Volkov is a traveling artist from Kiev, Ukraine. His work is characterized by singular contemporary aesthetics that he defines by the term "abstract graphic." But if his designs seem minimalistic and cold at first sight, Volkov's artistic philosophy is all about human emotions.

He tells Konbini: "I think we constantly need to listen to our heart, to be sincere and honest in art and in life."

Andrey's tattoos look like the spiritual offsprings of modern painting masters such as Matisse or Picasso, but they dont belong in museums. Indeed, the artist enjoys the living canvas status of his clients:

"Abstract art brings a completely different vision into tattooing. It is not only about body decoration anymore, the client is the carrier of a complete artistic expression.

They deserve our respect as they are collecting art on their body, and allows their individuality and philosophy to speak up through tattoo."

Andrey believes that abstractart, in general, makes youlook at things from a different angle and helps us to learn not only to see and think, but also to feel. The same philosophy is applied to his sources of inspiration:"Everything that surrounds me is inspiring me, things that I see on the street, people, stories, conversations," Volkov says.

This humanist approach is certainly what makes his tender tattoos so good at expressing one of the mankinds deepest emotions love. Indeed, lovers of all kinds are pictured in Andrey's art, but, most importantly, they also depict love that we can have for ourselves.

Follow Andrey Volkov on Instagram and discover more of his work below:

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Masters Of Ink: Andrey Volkov's Tattoos Represent The Many Aspects Of Love - Konbini US

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