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Posted in Tattoo Designs on Oct 25, 2020

A pair of twins share the same love for body art.

Aline and Alena are covered from head to toe in colourful tattoos.

Their inkings, which are mainly inspired by nature, sprawl across their legs, chest and even their faces.

The identical siblings are originally from Stuttgart in Germany but were drawn to Hollywoods bright lights.

They now live in Los Angeles and manage to stand out in the celebrity hotspot thanks to their jaw-dropping body modifications.

As well as attracting glances on the street, the duo have garnered more than 36,300 followers on Instagram.

The 25-year-old twins spoke about their tattoo journey during an interview with Truly.

Alena said: We got our first tattoos at 17.

It was lettering but its not there anymore we covered it.

The sisters interest in ink increased when they started experimenting with art.

They were encouraged to try out tattoo artistry and havent looked back since.

Aline said: We thought about studying art after school.

But then when I met my husband he was like you are so talented, you should be a tattoo artist.

So then we studied tattooing.

The pair wanted to do something crazy with their lives so decided to move to Los Angeles.

They tattoo people in Hollywood and have even drawn out designs for each other in the past.

The twins are likely to grow their ink collections even more in the future.

Alena admitted: This is an addiction. We always want new stuff.

And Aline added: The hand was a big step, and then the neck, and then the face.

But now its like what? Its nothing.

They dont care about any negative opinions people may have about their body art.

The sisters are proud of their tattoo journey and plan to keep celebrating their individuality.

Aline said: We are very proud of us and that we live out here in Los Angeles, California.

We just enjoy standing out.

And Alena added: Its not for other people its for me. And for us.

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Meet the tattooed twins of Hollywood who have inked each other from head to toe - Daily Star

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