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Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 26, 2017

A new tattoo and piercing studio which prides itself on its customer service will open in Brackley next week.

Manhattan Ink had a soft opening on Wednesday for consultations and they are already fully booked for their first days work on Monday, August 28.

The parlour will be the third to open since August last year with other branches in Winslow and Rushden.

We work really, really hard to maintain our customer service and our reputation, said owner Jamey Bowles.

So many people have converted and wanted to come to us because weve given them a personal life experience.

He added: Were very open, very fresh, very modern, very comforting - Id like to think - towards people and what theyd like.

Jamey has hired two members of staff so far and he anticipates more once things are fully up and running.

Tim Bottoms will be the resident manager and piercer, and Scott Langford will be the studios head artist. Both have an extensive background in the industry, said Jamey.

As well as delivering excellent customer service, Jamey is also aiming to help break the stigma he feels surrounds tattoo studios.

He said: A lot of people still have the stigma that a tattoo shop is very dark, very grungy and not a very inviting place for everybody and anybody.

And that is the case sometimes with some tattoo studios, however, with the way its moving forward that is changing a lot. Peoples attitudes are changing a lot.

Our main priority is to ensure that our studios reflect our passion and are inviting to anyone 18 and over. Weve tattooed people in the eighties as well people with their first tattoos so it does go to show were doing something right, in an inviting way.

The shop on Draymans Walk occupies what used to be a butterfly shop, which sold handmade items. Because the space is quite small, inside Jamey has tried to make it feel as big as possible.

The building was damp and neglected so work was done to rebuild the walls. Once finished it was decorated with a modern, classy, open feel and has a 1968 American Mercury car front on the wall of the waiting room.

But above all the customer is king for Jamey, and with many returning to his studios after their first experience of Manhattan Ink, he hopes those who visit the Brackley branch will do the same.

Once they have a tattoo from us they enjoy the environment and of course they build a rapport with our team members and staff, and for that reason they come back.

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New Brackley tattoo parlour has designs on changing perception - Buckingham Advertiser

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