Scented tattoos are a thing and we are very intrigued –

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Sep 05, 2017

Bittaparsley anyone?

There are plenty of non-conventional tattoo trends doing the rounds these days.

From watercolour ink to glow-in-the-dark designs, the humble tattoo is not what it used to be.

We're (mostly) enthralled by the clever and creative ways that people have been deciding to decorate their bodies, but now, there's a new kind of tattoo trend that we really weren't expecting to take off.

Not only can you ink yourself up to add a bit of colourto your skin, but as it turns out, you can also add smells too.

Or rather, the guys over at Tattly can.

The temporary tattoo company are busy designing tattoos that are stunningly beautiful that also smell like your fav herbs and flowers.

Fancy a bit of parsley on your shoulder? No bother, Tattly's got the design just for you.

Think a hit of a strawberry scented lollipop would brighten up your day? It absolutely would so stick it on your thigh ASAP.

Unlike regular tattoos, Tattly's designs aren't permanent which means that everyone from kids to people who don't really want to smell like thyme for the rest of their lives can avail of them.

According to their website, all of the tattoos are safe and non-toxic.

Designed primarily by French artist Vincent Jeannerot, they transfera "sensibility and emotion which he feels when he paints the tiny details or a delicate shadow."

Sounds decent to us.

Tattly's scented tattoos come in sets of two of eight and are all printed using vegetable based ink.

Jeannerot's latest set of perennialfloral themed tatts will set you back about 15 quid for a pack of eight, which isn't bad for a solid two to four days of smelling like roses.

Images via Tattly.

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Scented tattoos are a thing and we are very intrigued -

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