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Lowrider tattoos designs are part of the Chicano culture. These designs are named after lowrider cars, which are often depicted in the designs. Lowrider tattoos are often done in grayscale meaning theyre only in black and shades of grey. These tattoos shows off the Latin culture of life, death, and catholicism through symbols and sayings.

Half Clown Girl

Below the girl is a clown rolling dice. The girl is trying perhaps to be a clown on the outside but her emotions are showing through.

Angel meets Saint

On the bicep you can see the image of the grim reaper and above him a beautiful angel looking down on him.

Whisper in Your Ear

This lowrider tattoo is in traditional grayscale with various shading. Its of a child whispering in the persons ear.

Women on Bicep

The women on this tatt is shown crying and bloodied. Its not really a traditional lowrider tattoo because of the use of the red for blood. However, it is a great design.

Saint on Bicep

This is a traditional catholicism design of a saint. The greyscaling and detail are done very well. It is a fine example and shows that you need to have a tattoo artist that has experience.

Sweet Sally

A detailed tattoo of character Sally from the movie a Nightmare Before Christmas on the upper arm.

Drama Masks

Depicted are the traditional Chicano drama Masks of the comedy and the tragedy. Usually this is a symbol about life and how there is moments of laughter and moments of sorrow.

Roman Male

A beautiful design of a male inspired by the roman period. Done in grayscale it shows detailed shading, although not a traditional lowrider tattoo.

Shogun Warrior

This Tattoo done in grayscale is of a shogun warrior. Japanese shogun warriors were men of honor much like knights in Britain.

Ancient Greece

This tattoo artist was inspired by ancient Greek art. It shows a women being held back by a male, while the other male looks on in fear. Another great example of an experienced tattoo artist.

Butterfly Girl

This tattoo is of a girl with a rose in her hair and butterflies around her on the bicep of this client.

Medieval Dragon

This is a great example of a very detailed medieval dragon on the gentlemens back. Not a true lowrider tattoo because of the use of the red for the tongue.

Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael is a classic use of Latino tatts featuring symbols in catholicism. Archangel Michael is a warrior angel and is a patron saint for people in the military.

Decorative Skull

This embellished skull on the bicep has great detail and shows the Aztec inspired design by this tattoo artist.

Name Across Back

Traditional lowrider tattoos also have names of family, friends , and loved ones emblazed often across chest or in this case the shoulders.

Drive By

This shows a masked woman aiming a shotgun in a lowrider on the upper chest. The artist used great shading and the use of grayscale.


Koi fish are a symbol of luck. Although not a traditional lowrider tattoo there is great detail and color of the fish on the womans leg.

Clocks and Skull

Awesome detail and grayscaling of the clocks and skull. You can tell the tattoo artist is quite skilled with shading.

Eye and Barren Tree

Another example of great shading and the use of grayscale. The eerie eye looking through the dead tree.


Another depiction of the warrior Archangel Michael conquering the demon. This is an excellent design on the upper bicep/shoulder.

In Memoriam

A traditional tribute of a loved one that has passed on. This portrait was done exceptionally well with the added detailed rose below the portrait.

Classic Car

A detailed lowrider classic car design done in grayscale and shading on the mans belly and chest.

Sad Beauty

Tattoo on bicep of a beautiful woman holding a gun whose emotions can be seen thought the clown mask. Another good example.

40s Era

This lowrider tattoo shows a man smoking a cigar and on the right two women and two classic cars on the bottom back. This shows a great scene that looks like it was taken out of a classic movie.


This is yet another example of a lowrider tattoo that pays tribute to famous icons and loved ones that have passed. A perfect example of Marilyn Monroe with a rose at the bottom.

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100 Amazing Lowrider Tattoo Designs Ideas - All Teens Talk

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