120 Breast Cancer Tattoos Ideas for Man and Woman 2019

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F*CK cancer

The strongly-worded quote F*CK cancer is written in typewriter font, with the letters C,K anda replaced with the symbolic pink breast cancer awareness ribbons.

The pink ribbon is used as the body of a blue butterfly. In Christian symbolism, blue butterflies stand for the resurrection and rebirth of Jesus Christ, or transformation.

A female with a decorated bullhead headdress has a cancer ribbon wrapped around her neck.

The above breast cancer tattoo design features white anemones. In the language of flowers, they symbolize protection against ill will and evil.

Nautical symbols, such as lighthouses for guidance, and anchors for stability, are good choices in creating your breast cancer tattoo design.

The word Survivor written in script is overlaid the pink ribbon among flowers.

Robin birds symbolize renewal and rebirth; consider adding them when thinking up cancer tattoo ideas.

On the wearers forearms are breast cancer tattoos featuring a heart-shaped ribbon with pink and purple pastel butterfly wings.

In the image above, the pink cancer ribbon is rendered among spring-themed symbols such as a blue butterfly, a white anemone, and a purple stargazer lily.

The cancer ribbon is depicted as the stalk of a red rose. Together they form an infinity symbol.

This tattoo design features the death anniversary of a lost loved one on the pink cancer ribbon trailed by black butterflies. In many countries, butterflies are known as symbols of death.

Over a 3d pink ribbon is the word Survivor to show that the wearer has recovered from their illness.

Wrapped around an anchor is the breast cancer ribbon with the words MOM MY HERO written on. Anchor tattoos mean stability.

One popular cancer tattoo idea is combining quotes and dates, like the one above, where a strongly worded quote is combined with the date of death of a loved one.

It would be wrong to say that pink ribbon can only be worn by women; I can show you some amazing ideas for both sexes and a variety of styles to please every customer. Talk to your artist about the creative ideas that you have and you will together come up with a concept and a design that you will be proud of.

Cancer can run in families, as can be gleaned from the tattoo design above, where both the mother and daughter had different kinds of cancer, as signified by the different colored ribbons.

A red cancer ribbon is being carried by two robin birds, with roses for added details.

Pink is a very feminine color. About 100 different companies worldwide have some kind of campaign to support the cause. Charity events like that are very popular, require little investment and have a great outcall among customers.

A cross is paired with a ribbon carrying the bible passage Philippians 4:13, which reads I can do all things through Him who strengthens me, which shows how their belief gives the wearer strength.

A cartoon-style four-winged angel dances with the cancer ribbon on as if wearing a scarf.

A cancer ribbon tattoo done in a 3d-style made to look as if the ribbon was among torn flesh.

The wordlive was drawn to look like ribbons on her back.

Red hearts and cancer ribbons were done in watercolors and designed to look like rough brush strokes.

A cancer ribbon seems to disintegrate into cherry blossom petals scattering in the wind.

A yellow cancer ribbon, for sarcoma/bone cancer, wraps around a gray anchor.

The wearer commemorates his grandmothers life and passing with a purple ribbon with an attached feather, and her dates of birth and death written on.

A heart with orange flames spewing from a spout above wrapped in a red ribbon over blue flames is done in the traditional American tattoo style.

A cancer ribbon and the word faith are positioned to make an infinity sign.

A pink to purple ribbon is shown over a pink-purple-orange watercolor wash background.

An emerald green liver cancer ribbon goes around a cross and adorns the wearers front.

The name and date of death are written on a water-themed blue cross in this cancer tattoo idea.

This cancer tattoo idea is done in watercolors to give the blue-to-purple butterfly wings a gradient effect.

A dark blue colon cancer ribbon is drawn with shaded angel wings.

The above memorial tattoo had a winged cancer ribbon with a small heart in the loop. The quote Dad I was your angel, now you are mine is written above, with the fathers birth and death dates below.

A pink cancer ribbon with a rough sketch outline and done in watercolor is featured in this cancer tattoo.

The quote This Too Shall Pass is written in black script and cuts across a pastel gradient-colored cancer ribbon.

Filigree-style red and black line butterfly wings are added to a red cancer ribbon in this cancer tattoo idea.

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120 Breast Cancer Tattoos Ideas for Man and Woman 2019

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